Inchcock Today: Friday 10th October 2014



St John’s graveyard

Woke a few times with stomach/lower abdominal pains.

At around 0400hrs I woke again, and set about trying o read me book thinking that would send me off again.

0510hrs: Many chapters later, I felt the warm wet sensation around me ‘Inch’ – but it was not as bad as I thought. So I cleaned myself up and put the cream on.


Walk into Sherwood

Came down about 0600hrs and started the laptop, made a cuppa and took me morning medications. Took some stuff out to the bin, and got the stuff i tried to deliver to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop yesterday in the bag for another try today. Added a few bits to it.

Did some blogging and graphics for facebook.

Went up to beautify missen, and then set off on me walk to Sherwood, going passed St John’s graveyard… St John’s foetus covered graveyard.

Onto Mansfield Road and down then up the hill to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop. It was still closed?

I decided to take the stuff to the Age Concern shop in town, thus I caught a bus.

It was busy in town, I suppose being a Friday I should have expected it.

I espied a poster for the Contemporary Gallery in town, telling of a BBC  special  show about the First World War – and thought yes, I’ll have some of that thank you.


Milton Street busy

I was going to walk through Milton Street, but the crowds were very thick, so walked to the Age Concern the long way around to avoid them.

Managing to avoid the mobility scooter drivers en route. I’m sure they must get bonus points for scaring or running into people yer know?

I hoped to take some pictures of the exhibition and was really looking forward to it too.


Puzzled youth

At this point, I’d like to point out and explain about me camera situation for you all. The Oldie Olympus is still working, but tends to turn itself off when it feels like it? But the screen is developing black patches and is becoming difficult to view.

I bought a Cannon camera which I really liked a lot, it was easy to use and download to the laptop.

Then I had me last burglary. I didn’t use it for a while then couldn’t find it anywhere and thought it had been taken with the other bits.

So, I went and got conned by the kind chap a Jessops Photography shop into buying a Sony camera I didn’t really feel comfortable with, and I had to get Pete me brother in law to assemble the ‘free’ case wot cum with it and show me some pointers on how it worked.

Yesterday I found the ‘new’ Canon camera and am tickled pink. So I used it today, apart from the disinfectant and cake photo that is, for that I used the old Olympus.

I’ve done a search a few minutes ago to try and find the new Canon camera… not to worry, I must have put it somewhere safe…


The mystery of the disappearing Poppy’s?

Then I poddled up Bridlesmith Gate and out to the Gallery, who had a sign outside 0509about the BBC exhibition… and another in the foyer area… then I saw this sign!

Ah well…

Off to the cheapo 99p shop in Broad Marsh. (Limping now)

There were very few people in the centre for a Friday, and the 99p shop shelves looked decidedly bare to me?

Took a photo, that cheered up the staff who descended upon me!

Still, I got a 2.5 litre Lavender disinfectant and a pack of ten Chocolate biscuits/cakes for 99p each. I got the cakes for the nurses at the QMC yer know. I might try one myself later.

A steady walk down the centre and up into town, stopping to listen to the Sax player and throw a bit into his collection box.


The Lord Mayors Jaguar

Took a photo of the Lord Mayors Jaguar, parked where in 2010 I was given a parking ticket when I was responding to an alarm activation when I was working in security. (Huh, blow and Tsk!)

Then up King Street, and while there were not many folk around I took a photo of Brian Clough’s statue.

Caught the bus to Carrington, and limped to the hovel, well tired and aching again.


Brian’s statue and Wot I bought

Updated this tosh, made a cuppa, and set alarm to remind me to take the penicillin capsule later.

I must remember to text sister Jane to see if it is alright for me to visit them in them tomorrow.

Tried to do some graphics, but Coreldraw9 kept freezing… oh dear… is this the end?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGot text back from Jane. Can’t visit them they are having flu jabs in the morning then going to meal in afternoon. Ah well can’t be helped.

Hello, yobs kurking in the middle of the street again.

Ah, they’ve moved on thank heavens.

Inchcock Today: Monday 6th October 2014


The clever photo of the inside of the bus header on top of this page was taken by my Brother-in-law Pete – Good innit? – His a clever lad he is yer know

Inchcock Today: Monday 6th October 2014

Up at 0435hr: Only a little blood from the ‘Inch’ this morning.

Cuppa and medications consumed.

Managed to get three posts done with graphics and posted before I had to get ready for the visit to the doctor and hospital for me INR tests.

I had to call the surgery to find out what time the appointment was for – Tsk!( Old age eh?)

I managed to get a couple of posts fininshed and onto LOMM (League of Mental Men) site, as Monday is my day to post on there.

Tried to get on the City Homes website: “There appears to be a problem with our connection – please try later” Fancy that.

I remembered to ring Dr Vinla’s surgery to find out what time my appointment is for -1030hrs.

Turned off the laptop nipped up and checked me ‘Inch’ put some more cream on. Had good wash and shave, did me teggies and creamed me various parts that needed them.

01M01Went out into the rain and wind (Taking a photo of the end of the road to compare with the earlier ones last week) and hobbled to the surgery for 1020hrs. Forgetting to take me camera with me.

Dr Vindla had a look at the ‘Inch’ declaring the lesion much improved.

She heard the wind coming up from me, and had a look down my throat saying that the Reflux valve was sticking again.

I told her about my haemorrhoids’ bleeding badly again.

She said “We’ve only just started to stop your lesion (Inch) bleeding badly, and now you start bleeding from the other end” and cracked a smiled. I like her for a doctor, she’s a good sense of humour.

Then she took me BP stating it was better than last week.

She prescribed me some Fluclaxacillin tablets to take for a week (Just what I needed more medications hehe), and some extra 30mg Codeine Phosphates.

She asked me to let her know if the Warfarin IRN level was above 4.0 again when I get the results from the QMC later.

She then told me to book in to see her next Monday.

So I did.

Out I went into the rain and wind again. Down to the chemist to get me Penicillin capsule.

Then caught a bus into town.

Then another bus to the Queens Medical Centre haematology for me blood tests. They were not busy and I was soon out into the wind and not so much rain now, catching a bus back into town.

Had a hobble into Tesco and got some wheatmeal bread thins, cooked chicken pieces and a pack of two cream cakes… hehehe!

Caught bus back to Carrington and saw from the bus some regular yobboes lurking near the bus stop I should have alighted from. So I went on to the next stop to get off and walked the long route back to the flea-pit.

01M02Got in and WC’d sharpishly and checked the ‘Inch’. Okay!

Put me things worra got from town away and took a Penicillin capsule (four a day) along with me late midday medications.

Made cuppa-rosie-lee and updated this tosh again.

Feeling a bit weary, but not as bad as I have been… Yahoooo!

On getting ready for me kip – the ‘Inch’ started bleeding again!