Photo’s From Tuesday – with Comments

Starting with the morning views from the kitchenette:

Morning Views

Oh, how lucky I am to have such a fantastic view!
Taken from the mini-kitchenette window,
The lights were brighter than they show here, though,
Can’t keep my hands steady enough, which makes me feel blue,
Cause of the ailments I recently did accrue,
Neuropathy, the stroke, Shaking Shaun, to name a few,
But I have done my bestest, and that is true…
Determined they would be good enough to show you…
But there you, I’ll just continue…!

Bottles For Sister Jane and Pete

Amongst them, a newly discovered brew,
Highly rated by some of the Caring crew,
Easy opening, no need for a corkscrew,
Reported back to me as, as being taboo,
It is tangy and sweeter than honeydew!

19-hr slow-cooked potatoes!

I noticed them when I but my finger,
on the hotpots side, made me whinger!
I turned it off, I didn’t malinger…
I bit a spud; it was so much tastier,
And planned a meal hastier… (well, it’s all I find to rhyme!)

My Planned Recipe!

Microwave poached Eggs Included

My hunger was not controllable,
I needed something digestible…
And made this meal, it  was more than passable,
It came out absolutely delectable!.

What a feast yet again, most desirable!
I was in my eyeholes; it smelt indescribable…
Then rangeth out the doorbell… Oh, Hell!

Twas the Amazon Delivery

And the gits left all the parcels down in the lobby again! Boy did I have problems getting them up to the flat? Yes! The scumball had left about a dozen other packages on the floor and table, for other flats, too! Not too bad for them, there was only one small box or packet for each, Mugwumph here had a few more to collect.

One hell of a job, but somehow or other I managed to get them on the walker-trolley in one go – a bit dangerous, but still. The photo was taken as I got them inside the flat door.

I knocked over the carpet cleaner freshener and burst open as I struggled to carry the goods through to the kitchenette.

Did I swear, you ask? Oh, yea!

Sorry, had an Accifauxpas, I’ll have to stop.

Isn’t life a git! Innit?

Memories of Nottingham Slab Square

Above is how the Slab Square looked, even before my time.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I’d like to offer this ‘different’ blog topic today. Most of the following photos, all connected to the Slab Square, chronologically (I hope), they show the changes made since 1929, when they started pulling down the old Exchange Building, to be replaced by the new look concrete Lions, and the Little John bell, that booms out every quarter of an hour. Sometimes when I’m in Sherwood, even I can hear it, and that’s two miles away! With the hearing aids in, naturally.


I wonder if they would let folks on the roof nowadays? Hehe!

Nottingham City Council House was officially opened by the Prince of Wales on 22nd May 1929. My Dad was there, as he frequently told me; stuck in traffic, held up by the police to let the Princes cars through, trying to deliver his load of British Railway Parcels to a shop on South Parade.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

♫ Memories Are Made of This… ♫

I wasn’t there, Dad wouldn’t let me go. (Hahaha!)

I was only an ankle snapper then.

I remember this fair. I was working at Tesco at the time, and had to from the Radford Road store to the Maid Marion Way one to take some cash… or it might be the other way around? Either way, I got a jolley good rollicking of manager Derek Down when I got back late on the motorbike, due to someone opening the fair and the roads being blocked off, as I recall. Humph!

Ah, my romantic period, this was. Not that I had a lot of success!

Look at those taxis on the right, South Parade. All Morris Oxfords or Austin Cambridges, very rarely any other model of car. The fair showing on the meter would start at 6d (2½p). Happy times, although the shared physical jerks were at a premium around this time! Bit of a blue period.

Got arrested at the football match at the City Ground. Thrown in a gigantic black maria, and let out at the end of the match.

Doing a bit better with gals now… Hehehe! Met Grizelda and had four weeks of rampant, beautiful, gorgeous, constant… I nearly got carried away there!

First time I’ve been late for work in my life. Not surprising!

Tsk! Young, middle-aged, mature ladies, lying around with hardly any clothes on! Showing things that old men like wot I am shouldn’t be looking at… Oh dearie me! I was so embarrassed… And my missing the bus home three times meant I was forced to sit there in ogling mode, for four hours! Ahem!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So, there it is then.

If you want old buildings, a punch-up, be mugged, get arrested, or a face-full of cheap imitation Russian-supplied Parva-spray, the best place to visit, is Nottingham!

Bit, I must warn you, public toilets are thin on the ground here.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Robin Hood, Robin with his band of men…

Inchcock’s Photographicalsations taken as the New Year arrived…

Inchcock’s Photographicalsations taken as the New Year arrived…

Croatian: Inchcockove fotografske snimke uzete kao nova godina

May take this opportunity to wish the entire tellurian population, apart from the ‘Swines’ who are taking off my local bus service, Pavement Cyclists, Politicians, Royalty, Jeremy Clarkson, Jean Claude Juncker, the French for cheating to get the World Cup from Croatia, Pavement Cyclists, Anjem Choudary, Angela Merkel, Pavement Cyclists, Overcharging shop assistants, Snotty bankers, Alcoholics (but only the nasty ones), Pavement Cyclists and Street bedders and beggers who have more money than I do;

A Wonderful New Year!

Inchcock Today: Sat/Sun 29/30th Dec 2018: Wee-wee splash-back like a hosepipe! Depressed Weary and Poorly, and the body growing like Robert Morely! Tsk!

Saturday 29th December 2018

Punjabi: ਸ਼ਨੀਵਾਰ 2 ਦਸੰਬਰ 2018

23:25hrs. I woke, and the first thing that registered in my muddled brain was the unbitten tomato sandwich, squashed into the folds of my bloated stomach! The mind simply accepted this fact, without any expostulatory self-recriminations. Then it moved on to other concerns, and, with a degree of clarity in there too! This, I found surprising and worrying, such a rare stance for my grey-cells as I gain consciousness in a morning?

I removed the belly-dwelling sandwich and had a feel about of the legs. Again, I was surprised, to find that the fluid build-up seemed have gone down a little. Surely one-half of a Furosemide tablet, taken ten hours earlier, seemed to have made some effect already? Or, maybe, was being hopeful? The usual morning struggle out of the £300 second-hand rickety, rusty recliner was not as severe as usual, and I thought I might be right about the fluid retention going down a bit…

That was until I caught the swollen tibialis muscle against the corner of the Ottoman! I take it back, perhaps the fluid is not going down after all. Hehe! A decent purple-blue bruise appeared in seconds. Tsk! But, of course, the pain meant nothing to a man like me. (Lie Mode Adopted!)

I Iimped on, muttering to myself as I did so, to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done and the medications were taken. The legs seemed to swell up as I hobbled on, and were rock-solid again by the time I got the few paces to the kitchen.

My sphygmomanometer worked on the second attempt. The new thermometer which I was conned into buying worked, but I still can’t hear the ending beeps, even when the thing is in my ear-hole?

The readings for Sys, Dia, and pulse were all rather low this time. The weight, had gone down a bit? The temperature was looking good to me. 

I took one Furosemide with the other medications, and off for the usual SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee-wee): which after the Furosemide being taken last night and this morning, have now turned into LHBLWWs (Long Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-wee). Cor Blimey! I got splashback all over the place. You wouldn’t believe how much and how far it went – well, I can’t believe how much and how far it went!

I took me ages to get things cleaned up. I have now positioned three plastic bins, one in each room. Humph! No going out today, then. I do not think the Protection Pants would cope if another blast like that one comes along uninvitedly. As the paperwork that came with the Furesomide said: “…blocking the absorption of sodium, chloride, and water from the filtered fluid in the kidney tubules, causing a profound increase in the output of urine – never a more accurate statement read! Hehehe!

By the time I’d got the sorting outdone, another LHBLWW arrived! Forearmed with knowledge now, I made use of the grey bin in the kitchen and avoided the spray-back… well, most of it. Humph! I might run low on disinfectant and Germolene cream soon.

I went on an EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) search and destroy mission. I got the 5p coin ready on the kitchen towel to photograph any prisoners I caught.

Something else hard to believe – I didn’t find a single Weevil, dead or alive!

I set about updating the Friday post. Considering all the mayhem and overabundance of events suffered on this day, I was pleased with how the end product came out. Titivated it, and got it sent off to WordPress. During this process, I utilised the thin deep grey bin three times for an LHBLWW!

Emptied and disinfected the grey ‘Emergency bin’, and went to make a very small mug of tea.

While waiting for the kettle to boil, I took five photographs from the unwanted or liked light and view-blocking new window. I tried each one in a different option on the camera. To see how they compared to each other in taking nighttime shots of the same view.

Unfortunately for me, I forgot to make a note of each one’s mode it was taken in! What a Nebbish! Here the yare, anyway. Tsk!

Back on the computer and made a start on this blog. Just the one LHBLWW needed.

Checked the Emails, then went on the WordPress Reader. 

I spotted that the papsules on the back of the left hand were returning again? A mystery these are. I forgot to mention them to the Dr Vindla yesterday.

Still, I can get another chance on Monday when I go for another Warfarin INR blood test and my appointment with the doctor. I think the original meeting might have been about the memory blanks and forgetfulness? But I forget for sure. Haha!

I went on Facebook to update with the TFZers and get the latest photographs in the albums.

The legs seem to be filling up again now, far more than when I woke up… what’s going on here? Tsk!

I’ve decided to get some brekkie now.

I’ll go and have a forage around to see what fodder is available… Tomato sarnies, pickled gherkins, and chestnuts with a drop of hoisin and balsamic sauce, so I can try both of them out.

Not keen on the balsamic sauce, a little too sweet, but the Hoisin was tasty and tangy. As brekkies go, a Flavour Rating of 5/10 for this one.

I spent hours on CorelDrawing and making a few more page header graphics.

A Blank Spot followed. And I found myself waking up in the £300 second-hand recliner, in need of an SSWW, which again turned out to be an LHBLWW.

Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit as I got the meal prepared. I wish I hadn’t bothered now.

I think the taste-buds have gone off a bit again. Pork ribs with seasoned baked beans and a defrosted cob. To me, it all tasted horrible, not just not nice. I left most of it, and I usually would gobble up all of the seasoned beans.

I felt suddenly drained.

I got the pots soaking in the washing up bowl, had another LHBLWW and into the night attire and on the recliner. Despite my weariness, it took me ages to get off to sleep! No hobbles, you see?

Sunday 30th December 2018

Scots Gaelic: Didòmhnaich 30mh Dùbhlachd 2018

23:42hrs. I bestirred with the belief that I had been sleeping for so long like never before, and must have overslept by hours and hours! Then realised it didn’t matter in the least if I had overslept, no medical appointment today. Had grope of the fluid affected legs, they seemed in the same condition as they were yesterday, which was less solidly swollen than the day before… I waffled a bit making that statement didn’t I. Tsk!

As soon as I tried to move my pharaonically-stomached body from the £300 second-hand recliner, I realised I was wrong about the state of the legs. Fair enough, they did feel less filled with fluid, but, oh boy, the pain when I stood up! From the top of the legs down to the ankles were positively painful, every time any part touched against something… like the floor! Ah-Well, nil desperandum! No doubt now the blood’s starting to move, it will ease off in a while.

I shuffled slowly and carefully to the kitchen, when I saw the clock, I realised I had only been asleep for about four hours!

I was getting the Health Checks and medication taking things ready, when the innards erupted and despite the condition of my legs I hastened frantically, quicker than I had ever done before, to the wet room and the desperately needed Porcelain Throne! I did not make it in time! An uncontrollable liquified evacuation. No more details should be told. Nuff said! A lengthy cleaning up session took place.

Back to the kitchen and the Health Checks.

The flipping sphygmomanometer was not in the mood for playing this morning. It took four tries before it worked. Tsk!

I found a blobby patch of whatever it was on the lower right arm, and the papsules seem to have changed colour again?

I made a brew and took the medications… no sooner done, than the stomach rumbled and grumbled and it was back to the Porcelain Throne in another hurry!

I got there with a few seconds to spare this time (and was so glad that I did!) Splattering and spluttering, this evacuation was more liquified than ever. But, I could sense… well, I could feel squidgy activity, brewing in the innards still! So, expecting another wet discharge was imminent, I remained  where I was and had a read of the ‘Catastrophy – Europe goes to war’ book, having now finished the Clarkson biography, I thought I’d get back to this exact detail-filled massive (Hardback 628 page) history book, filled with so much delineation that, it is perfect for an opsimath like me.

And, I got it for only £10 reduced from £30, at The Works – discount store on Long Row in Nottingham City Centre.

As to whether I’ll live long enough to ever finish reading it, I don’t know. Hehehe! As I awaited the threatening onslaught of the third evacuation, I pondered on this thought. I decided that the cleverly manipulated changes in human behaviour, conduct, demeanour, outlook and accepted protocols, is of benefit to the elderly. Who surely must feel less bothered about snuffing it, seeing the madness of mankind, cruelty, lack of empathy and greed getting worse all the time? This train of thought, cheered me up a bit. I got side-tracked again there, sorry.

The third evacuation arrived, less of it, but even wetter than the first two of the day! Nuff said again!

The tummy continues to emit warning signals, even now. The odd rumbling session and occasional little stabs, of mild discomfort. I fear things may be on the move yet again soon. Where the heck is it all coming from! I hope I will be able to get to the surgery tomorrow for the blood test and doctors visit.

Went on the TFZer Facebook page.

Feeling peckish, so got a breakfast prepared. Chips, bits of Polish Pork Boczek, beetroot, tomatoes and onions.

Watched a YouTube Dvd while eating it. I nearly ate it all.

Went on CorelDraw to another try at getting some page header graphics done.

Managed to get a few done before Dizzy Dennis called again. I must mention this to the doctor in the morning.

Zombielike I just sat feeling sorry for myself…. fell asleep so early… but I needed it I think if only to escape the discomfort I was feeling.

Sister Jane rang. Not sure what was said. I do recall telling her of the side-effects of the Furosemide, I think.


Photographic Tour of Woodthorpe Grange Tropical House, enjoyed by Inchcock yesterday

I really did enjoy my hobble out to the Tropical Garden, yesterday

There were some plants and flowers without any signs of details on them of what they were called etc. But the beauty of them needed recording on on my camera, I thought.

I added some nature photographs taken on my walk to the park as well. Bootiful!

On the way there, I was pleased with this one. Catching the leaves in the wind!

Nearly lost my feet in the rain-soaked soft mud under the leaves. Hehe!

Entering the small garden


Unidentified plant?


Unidentified plant?

Unidentified plant?

Goldfish and carp in the pond

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. TTFN.

Winwood Heights Pictorial Progress Report – October 12th 2018

Frank, about to throw me out after letting me using his kitchen windows to take the photographs for this Pictorial Progress Report! Hehehe! – Joking.

Winwood Heights Pictorial Progress Report

The State of the Courts from out on Chestnut Walk today, when I nipped down and out into the wind.

From Jenny & Franks bedroom overlooking Woodthorpe Park

From Jenny’s Kitchen Window – Extra Care Unit

Thanks to Jenny and Frank for permitting me to bother them and use their windows in pursuit of my photographicalisationing!

Inchcock Today: Social Day Trip out to Skegness

Saturday 18th August 2018

Scots Gaelic: Disathairne 18 Lùnastal 2018

0330hrs: After laying awake for hours, I rose out of the second-hand £300 rattling vintage recliner. Got the medical stuff needed for today.

0645hrs: I started to update and finished yesterdays post.


Health Checks were done, not being able to do the midday one with being out in Skeggy, I’ll just repeat the morning one.

Went on TFZer Facebook for a while. Then got the things collated that I’ll need on the trip.

0905hrs: I was just leaving the flat with my bag, and the landline rang, it was Jenny to see if I was on my way to the bus, bless her.

On the way down, Hippy Hilda started to give me real jip, damn it. Got down and was greeted with the cram-packed minibus holding my fellow tenants and Jenny doing her organisationalisationing to her usual trusty high-standard.

I was positioned next to Jenny’s Frank and in a window seat. Much of the journey was taken up by my trying and failing to get into a position in the place that was less painful, but there was no escaping the agony of every sharp turn, braking, and pothole we went over, upsetting Hippy Hilda who let me know her displeasure. Tsk!

The observational and corrective powers of Jenny came to the fore when we stopped for a fifteen-minute-toilet break as we got close to Skegness. Jenny told me to move to her seat, a single one, where I would not keep catching Hippy Hilda and have more room to stretch my legs, and she would sit in my place next to Frank. A fantastic woman, she’d worked out what I was suffering with and arranged for it to be solved! ♥

A much less painful journey there now, and coming back. Thanks, Jenny.

The driver had brought the gal who was one of the L9 drivers along. Lovely to see her again. They dropped a couple of tenants off in Ingoldmells, and the rest of us in Skeggy on North Parade. Jenny organised the evacuation of the bus. 1600hrs return to the same spot to be collected. Hehe!

I followed Jenny and Frank, with the intention of using their knowledge of the best fish and chip shop to go to. But they soon lost me in the crowds. I could not keep up with them. Haha!

So, abandoned, I decided to go to the promenade and the beach instead. I saw an opportunity to try and do one of the panoramic camera shots of near the clock tower.

And what a mess it turned out to be. Hehehe! I suppose I should have known not to try it with all the moving traffic? Klutz! Rather a funny result though, don’t you think?

Thinking I had just taken a masterpiece of photography (Huh!), I made my way down on towards the beach.

Hippy Hilda was much more comfortable now, although the plates-of-meat had started stinging a little earlier in the day than I would have liked them to have done.

I spent a long time wandering around the beach observing the antics and actions of the other holidaymakers. I got pleasure from seeing the kids enjoying themselves, and the donkeys, of course, I always feel sorry for them, they always seem to be so sad?

An hour or so later, after my beach visit was completed, I struggled through the sand back to the promenade, where pony rides were returning.

I was impressed with how well looked-after, content and well shoed the ponies were. Their clip-clopping sounds took me back to my younger years when so many of these ponies and horses were still in use, and cobbled streets were still available.

Took the midday medications with some of the bottled water. Got some funny looks from the revellers as I put the so many tablets down my gullet. Hehehe!

I then went to go on a shopping expedition, determined to get some of the nougats I like so, but cannot seem to get in Nottingham anymore. And anything that took my fancy, too! Haha!

As I plodded down the road, I searched for some nougat in shops along the way. First one offered £2 each, three for a fiver. The next retailer, straight £2 a piece. The following retailer was charging at £2.50 each. So I trudged back the first shop and got three for a pound. That done, I could concentrate on finding other gems and bargains.

At Kirks Butchers and delicatessen, I went in for a muse around. They had some shop baked large Pork Pie with cheese and pickle at £4.50, I think it was. The pastry looked dark, crisp almost shortcrust-like. I risked it and bought one, along with a small loaf of sliced farmhouse bread. Read further on about the palatableness, savouriness, and enjoyability ratings after I’d had a nibble of a bit of the pie.

I spent an inordinately long time going into and searching shops, for no other reason but to forage and explore for a bargain.

As I eventually walked back, along the other side of the road, visiting many stores and got to the end of the street, I called in the last shop.

 Blow me down and fuddleplums! They were selling the same nougat bars at four for a fiver!

Naturally, this Putz here bought four of them.

So now, I’m taking enough nougat bars home with me, without the slightest chance of living long enough to get them all eaten!

To make things worse, I picked up a bar of Clotted Cream Fudge by mistake for a nougat bar. Tsk! Still, I can put it in the nibble box for when the Social Hours start going again. Plonker!

I went to look for a place to sit down and have a nibble and drink of water from my bottle. The benches along the roadway were occupied, so I went on the front toad and had a look down there. Aha! Spotted an old-fashioned divided cubicle seating box, without a single person sat in it!

Please note, that I didn’t take the photo above, I got it from the web the following morning when I came to make this blog. It did not look in the least bit like the above when I photographed it, this is what I saw, and decided not to take a seat there after all.

Skeggy has many similarities to Nottingham. The Street Art, the lack of Policemen (Didn’t see one all day) and dangerous disability scooter drivers and pavement cyclists!

So, I stood leaning on a balcony and got the water bottle and nibbled a bit of the pork pie crust. Blooming marvellous taste! This made me try a pieced of the inside. Even better! I have to admit, I have never eaten any pork Pie with a better tasting pastry. And this includes the Melton visit when I got a Melton Mowbray pie, and any Pork Farm Pies I’ve tried. By gum, I’ll have to come to the coast each week now when I fancy a pork pie and want the best! Hehehe!

I wandered down to the central amusement grounds and got some photographs of the people enjoying themselves.

This one looked like it was a bit scary to go on. I noted the way that the blokes tried to look nonchalant and calm to impress their partners. Haha!

Having seen enough of these young, fit people without hearing aids and with partners and family, I departed and went to the water chute, to take some photographs of the participants coming down the chutes.

I was tired out now and imagined the others would be the same. I was hobbling to the pick-up point and saw Jenny, Frank, and one of the trippers from our party sat at an al-fresco alcoholic imbibing table. I joined them, and we had a good old-fashioned chinwag.

I’d had a good day, and appreciated that Hippy Hilda had given me rest after a bad start. But that is because of Jenny’s thoughtfulness and planning.

The bus arrived, I got settled into the single seat allocated to me by Jenny, and commenced nodding-off and waking again, then off into napping mode.

I did get woken-up by just one stab from Hippy Hilda, but this helped me to take this, what turned out to be a decent shot of the sky as the minibus took us all on our way home.

I’m afraid, I had to say a quick cheerio to them all, as the wet warm sensation appeared in the lower regions. Boy, I was lucky the blood didn’t flow earlier on the bus, that would have been embarrassing! I felt a bit guilty rushing off after such a good outing.

When I got in the flat and wet room, oh, heck! Things must have been bleeding for hours to get the PP’s so drenched. Somehow I hadn’t noticed? I put this down to my being concentrating on Skeggy’s attractions? Had to do a bit of softening before I could remove the PP’s. Being so tired this got me irritable. But it was not as bad as I thought, and cleaning up, medicating and recovering went very well. Had a wash and then got the clothes off and jammies on.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. I had to consult with the notes I’d made about the change in dosages, and I very nearly stupidly injected a Clexane hypodermic into my tummy, it was close, but I realised in time. Phew!

Got some nosh hurriedly prepared, without any cooking involved, I was so weary.

A piece or pieces of the pork pie, gherkins and tomatoes. Bootiful!

Tired as I was, I ate the lot.

Gave this one Flavour Rating of 9.55/10!

Almost a free day too!

Got settled and no TV tonight, just sat down and drifted off to sleep! Ah, sigh!


TFZer Food Related Funny Graphics

TFZer Food Related Funny Graphics – Wot I dun

The first 2 are of TFZers who ar poorly and need our best wishes.

The next 20 or so are new, just completed. The other are old ones to view again and hopefully raise a smile or two for me and you! Hehe!

♥- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -♥

New Ones



Older Ones to smile over (I hope)