Inchcock – Thurs 20 Aug 2020: Ineffable improvements to today’s activities, with much soliloquizing!

Cool TFZer, at the Tree-Top Cool-It-Cabin

Thursday 20th August 2020

Italiano: Giovedì 20 Agosto 2020 

03:00hrs: I’d given up all hope of any sleep. I felt full of worries, apprehensiveness, and in a state of fearful confusion. The past few days have been a challenge, a fight, a struggle.

Now here I was, ashamed of how I’d handled, or instead coped, with the persistent ongoing, never-ending problems of recent days. Not so long ago, these Whoopsies and Accifauxpas would not have got me down in the manner they do nowadays. I approached my dilemma from another angle. Desperate to find a way of coping betterer. I had a chat with myself; “It’s not long before the end is nigh for you, so why fret over things, Inchy?” That’s as far as I got with the self-discussion, as a desperately urgent need for a wee-wee arrived!

Ever since I got up, the wee-weeing had been frequent, and every one of them was of the SSP (Short-Sharp-Painless) style and, free of any PMAD’s Pre Micturition Dribble, and Post-Micturition After Dribble. I’ll try not to mention them too often unless there are any changes in their style or mode.

I went to do the Health Checks, take the medications, and make a brew of Glengettie tea. The BP readings were up a tad, and the thermometer, that has miraculously started working again read 37.3°c. The tablets were taken, and I took the tea to the computer with me.

I pressed on with the updating of yesterday’s post, got it finished, and posted off to WordPress. Went on the Reader section. Then Pinterested some photos. Made another brew of Thompsons Punjabi tea. I could hear creaking noises all around, very strange, I couldn’t fathom what was causing them. The ‘Hum’ seemed weaker this morning. I’d sooner have the Hum than these worrying scrunching noises!

Then the computer mayhem started! I tried to post the links, but Google kept telling me that it cannot save each time I tried to put a contacts address on the Email!

I wasn’t sure if the problem was the internet connection or with Google. Or had I made a mega-cock-up somewhere? This is possible, it has been known in the past, you know! Humph! 

After an hour or so of faffing about and getting nowhere fast, I asked Google if they had any problems. This came up? It didn’t help me. Apart from I now knew the hiccup was with Google Gmail.

I tried to use the M Mail, but it needed so much time and effort to set up, I thought I’d leave it and hope it comes back on later.

I went and got the early ablutions done. A had a few dropsies and a cut or two when shaving, but it was a fairish session. The medicationalisationing was a smidge messy. Harold’s Haemorrhoids and the funiculus were bleeding and stinging somewhat more than usual.

I made a start on this blog for a while, then the Iceland delivery man arrived, and put the bags through the door for me.

I got them into the kitchenette and started to store them away.

I’d bought too much freezer stuff on this order, and struggled to get it all in, but it was no good. The big bag of chips, I can’t recall ordering at all?

I put it down to my funny moment come turn yesterday when I was placing the order.

The fridge was another mystery to me, why had I bought pork pies when I’d sworn not to again? Hehehe!

I made up some black waste bags to go to the chute, a recycling one to go down to the big bin outside, then I put a few frozen things in a carrier to take to Jenny’s flat. She will make sure they go to a deserving cause for me.

I meant to ring Jenny before going, but got all confused and forgot to! I am a Schlub!) Mainly, due to my battle trying to get all the bags fitted, so they stayed on the three-wheel walker guide. Tsk!

Got to the chute room and deposited the black bags. As I was coming out, I thought to myself, ‘I’m doing alright, here.’ Fate! I clouted my right shoulder on the edge of the door! And ever since, (up to now) I have been bothered by Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, so much, the whole joint is now aching. Gragglespitness!

 I was going to go down to Jenny’s next, but I felt the need of another wee-wee coming on. My fear of my urge incontinence, made me return to the flat first, and visit the wet room.

Boy, I’m so glad I did – what a wee-wee it was! A BOSASSA (Blasting Out-Spraying-and-Suddenly-Stopping-Abruptly) mode. But I didn’t leave after cleaning up, for I just knew somehow that the MAD (Micturition After-Dribble) was coming. And it did. Smugness-Mode-Grade 3-Temporarily-Adopted!

Back to the lift lobby, and caught the residents lift within seconds of pressing the button. Down to the ground floor and walked through the hall, saying my hello to Doris, who was sat in a chair and looking very fit and satisfied. ♥ Out to the skip, and back in again. When we had a natter, and I took her photograph. We both agreed that the Coronavirus isolationing had ruined our social lives. She kindly didn’t mention my jerking all the time shoulder, bless her. Ah, it’s Francis, not Doris! Sorry, Francis! ♥ Names, as with many other traits, are not my strongest point.

I got up to Jenny’s flat and left the carrier near her front door. 

As I got in the lift up to the flat, someone had been smoking in the cage. Eurgh! 

Back to the flat, and working on the updating again, and Jenny rang me, she’s worked out when she saw the Iceland carrier the things were in, that I’d made another cock-up and run out of room in the freezer again. Hahaha! I think I might rename her Sherlockski-Jenny. Hahaha! She’s made sure that the fodder was used for a good cause, Bless Her!

Sister Jane then rang, the link I’d sent was for the wrong day, Tuesday, not Wednesday! I was having another bad day! But we had a quick natter, and hubby Pete had gone out to town and was doing alright. Great news!

So, after the call and natter, I set about trying to find out what I’d done wrong. I clicked the Wednesday link, and it told me no such address is known! I was going crazy, trying to find out what I’d done wrong! I spent hours, and eventually, but I’m not sure, think I used a different blog name, GerryNottingham, not the usual tgc6244 one, and tried to resend with that one. I don’t know if it worked on Gmail, but eventually, after much anguish and a prayer, I clicked it, and it did connect? I sent the new link off, asking Jane and Pete to let me know if it was the right one. No responses yet, so my depression grew worse.

Pressed on with the diary, and the need for the Porcelain Throne became known. Off to the wet-room zone, alone. My bad poetry comes free! Hahaha!

Chrickus-shock-and-ouch! Another solid, excruciating session! Took ages, the crossword book was utilised. (Oddly, I got a few clues solved in mid-agony?)

I tried to catch-up on the Facebooking before the Firemen arrived. Had to stop, so I could sort things before they arrive. Back in a bit…

The intercom rang out, and two Firefighters seeked entry. Pressed them in, and they were soon at the door. The two chaps came in, and it became obvious to me, I was going to have difficulties in hearing what they said due to the masks they had on.

They were trying to be helpful, and I felt like someone was interested in trying to help. They question me as to what to do in the event of a fire, asked if I’d ever had one, etc. and then moved to support available.

I mentioned that the nurse had asked the falls team to contact me again, told and shown them Metal Mickey (the four=pronged walking stick), that the team had supplied me with on their visit after the stroke. They wanted to report my circumstances to the Falls Team again and explained why this is a good idea. Then asked if I minded if they contacted my Doctor, and Nottingham City Homes, which I agreed to.

The Brain Fog and fatigue started coming on, as is normal for me at this time of day, but with not getting any sleep last night at all, seemed more severe, and it was like turning off my concentration-box. Much of the memories of the last half hour of questions and suggestions went off into the ether.

I recall thanking them, and they said not to go with them to the door, and how odd it felt not doing so. The photographs I must have taken are the main-memory prompters, and I recall feeling a lot better, but a nuisance?

The nosh came out better than ever tonight. I recall being well-pleased with it. On the notepad on the Ottoman, I’d scribbled a tick, and 8/10! Getting to sleep was miraculously smooth this time, I was off within minutes, and that was despite the Though-Storms!

A minute or so into the kip and the landline flashed and rang. It was Jenny, bless her cotton socks. Nora had enjoyed the wine and battered fish she’s prepared for her. Jen was a little disturbed at waking me, but for Jenny, no problem.

I had no bother in getting back to sleep at all.

An hour or so later, and the landline burst into life again. This time it was a struggle, for I was in the deep-sleep mode to get to it in time. It was the Doctor’s surgery, with the new INR Warfarin doses (I’d written all this down on the small notepad). Tonight 2½, and then 2 a night until the next blood test, which is on Monday 24th August. (I found I’d put this in the Google calendar in the morning, but can’t remember doing it, Tsk!)

Sweet Morpheus soon returned, Blissfully!

Inchcock – Wednesday 19th August 2020: A zemblanity filled, sanity testing day. Argh!

Cool TFZers, at the Cool-It-Cabin

Wednesday 19th August 2020

Bulgarian: Сряда, 19 август 2020 г.

03:10hrs: I woke in a bit of a panic today. The need for a wee-wee has never been more urgent! Hehehe! Somehow I managed to get my flabby, obese-bellied, and skinny limbed body, free of the £300, second-hand, c1968, most-uncomfortable, no-longer working, heavy, yet tottery, rickety, rusty, rachitic, recliner. Got Metal Mickey (four-pronged walking stick), and waddled off to the wet room. Noticed some signs of nocturnal nibbling en route!

 Disappointingly, I cracked the right shoulder against the door frame. Somewhat off-putting, as I had been doing so well in the distance-reading the last two days. Ah, well! The wee-wee was of the JPASB (Jet-Powered-Achroous-Spray-Back) mode, which caught me out a bit. Haha! Cleaned up, and off to the kitchenette. Got the kettle on and had to make back for the wet room smartly, as the sudden bubbling, brewing, and rumbling from the innards kicked off.

 Oh, dear, what a session. Pure pain, lots of blood, but at least it wasn’t messy. Had a go at the crossword-book while waiting for the movement to restart itself, it stopped part-way again! The cistern did not clear the evacuated product and needed assistance from a few jugs of water manually deposited in the Porcelain Throne, and four, I say, four, flushes, and still there were bits of TP not cleared! It’s a challenge these days, going to the toilet! 

Back to the cold tea in the kitchen. (Tsk!) And I got the Health Checks done. The BP figures were reet-grand. The thermometer started working again (it beat me why, too?). A result of 62.4°f, that’s about right as well! Took the medications.

Did some thought-graphics, and made a template up. Then got on with updating the Tuesday blog. Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters were behaving, and most pleasingly, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley was only giving me short bursts this morning. And with the absence of Saccades Sandra and Shaking Shaun as well, I got the updating done in good time. Got it posted off to WordPress, emailed the link, and answered a comment on WP.

I celebrated with another mug of Thompsons Punjana tea. Took this picture on the right, then went on the WordPress Reader section.

With the beautiful, nae, voluptuous vampire nurse due, and a possible delivery from Amazon (sleeves of long-life milk – I live well!), I’d better get the ablutions tackled early. Knowing my luck, because I’ve remembered to do this, they will all come late, I suppose. (My confidence, élan, positivism, and decisiveness are at an all-time low, you know! Hey-Ho!) Back in a bit…

I’m back now. And can report a much betterer session today! No shower, too early in the day for that with the noise it makes.

The feet were looking almost normal when I started and signs of bruising from the toe-stubbing. The teeth were cleaned without any hassle or bother.

 The shaving was the problem area, and at the same time, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley kicked in! The result was two neck cuts, a chin nick, and a hard to stop bleeding nip behind the ear hole. I can’t understand why hairs grow behind the ear-holes so much, and none on the head!

The medicationalisationing went even smoother. Mind you, Little Inchies fungal lesion was not bleeding.

I got the unshakeable, ineffaceable feeling that today was going to be full of such strangenesses. Aye, the mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court: The Ghosts, Hobgoblins, Boll-Weevils, Aliens, Gremlins, Karakia-cursing entities, Hallucinations. Materialisations, Poltergeist, Lemures, Wairuas, Kehuas, Manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum. Usually, without rupture or displacement within the building. To cause havoc, fear, and frustration, as they dislodge time itself, in their aspirations and skulduggery, to complete their given by Satan mission; To scare the bejesus out of, annoy, unnerve,  and put the wind up the old energumenist, Inchcock. Yes, they were on their way! My EQ is rarely wrong.

Having completed the ablutions, medicationalisationings and got some clothes on, I got the waste bags made up and onto the trolley with a white bag of recyclables. Then set-off to the waste room in the lift lobby. Got the small bags down to the caretaker’s big bin.

I had a little natter with Robert, and then made my way back to the Woodthorpe Court lobby entrance, taking this rather natty Well, I like it) photograph before entering the building.

I poddled through to the lift lobby and waited for the elevator to arrive. Again, not any folks around whatsoever to have a natter with. Shame that! The resident’s lift came straight away. Into the cage, I popped and pressed the 12th-floor’s button.

Regretfully, then Peripheral Pete launched one of his involuntary Neuropathic Schuhplattler right leg dance routines, and I fell forward over the trolley-guide. I caught the Alarm button as I put my hand out to stop going all the way down.

The button flashed, and I thought, “I’m in trouble now!” But, nothing happened, no sounding bells or klaxons, nothing happened. Which was lucky for me, I thought! The Schuplatter dance lasted only a few seconds, and apart from the Osteoarthritis in the little finger, or whatever it is, no injuries. * This reminded me, the Doctor in the stroke ward, said she’d arrange a visit for me with a rheumatologist. Still, with the flipping Coronavirus bother, it’ll have to wait, I suppose.

Come think of it, I might be confused over this, it could have been a Cardiologist, Nephrologist, Geriatric Phycologist, Vascular Phycologist, or even a Psychological Neurologist? Hahaha! 

 I got out of the elevator and got into the flat. As I was putting the three-wheeler in the corner of the mini-hallway – I got such a shock! The fire alarm in the flat, burst into life! Klaxon blaring, red light flashing – Oh, heck! My head was about three feet away from the blaring Klaxon!

No panicking, though. Well, maybe a tiny bit! Humph! I checked each room and cupboard, no signs of any fire. I then rang Deana to let her know, Deana said the alarm had not activated on her panel? Comforting to know that!

Deana arrived at the flat. The gal was very relaxed and calm about things, which was more than I was, I had a sense that I had done something wrong, yet I knew that I hadn’t. Shortly, there were three fire-tenders on site!

Deana went out to greet the emergency services. A fireman appeared with Deana. The fireman wanted to know what precisely I had been doing. So I told him; I’d got back in the flat from taking the waste down to the rubbish bin, put the walker in the corner, and the fire alarm activated. He suggested I have a visit from the team to offer support on avoiding fires. Fair enough, I said, although I have never had a fire in my life.

He reset the alarm and then poddled off. I got the podded peas into the saucepan, all ready to cook later on. Very lovely, they tasted raw, as well! Not many left for the nosh now, and I found some from yesterday’s podding session. Haha! 

Then, Nurse Hristina arrived. Patiently listened to my tale of woe with the alarm as she took the blood. She was in a rush but remained friendly and kind to me.

I began to update the blog again, and the landline burst forth and flashed. It was the Fire Brigade; they will be calling on me tomorrow, around 14:30hrs.

I went back to updating this blog. Then, and guess what?

This crap service from Mr Fries makes me sick! But, I was warned of bother coming today, by my EQ!

I got the oven on and some battered fish cooking. I got the garden pea’s saucepan, on a low heat setting.

Internet back on, but deadly slow, now!

Then the door chimes rang out. I said it was going to be a busy day! Humph! It was milk sleeves arriving. I opened the door, and they were on the door frame outside. I got them opened and put some in the fridge. There was a good shelf life on them!

At last, something had gone right! Hurrah!

The fodder was about cooked, so I turned everything off, it was close to my regular head down-time anyway. I got the nosh served up. A jolly decent flavour-rating of 8/10 fish nosh. I washed the pots and got a bottle of spring water, and in the recliner, sleep searching.

There followed a series of botherations, that encapsulated Sweet Morpheus attempts, ideally;

: A landline call: “I’m from BT, it has been noticed that…” Auto recording. Rang-off, and got back in the c1968 recliner, well-miffed! 

: Ten minutes later, a landline call: TheDoctors surgery with the results and new Warafrin INR doses: Tonight 2.5, then 2 nightly until Monday 24th August, the next Blood Test date. Scribbled details on the note pad. I got back in the c1968 recliner, well tired.

: Another landline call: “I’m from BT, it has been noticed that…” I said nothing when I picked up the handset, recorded talking in the background. Auto recording. Rang-off, and got back in the c1968 recliner, well-miffed! 

: Half-an-hour or so later, yet another landline call: “I’m from Visa, there has been a £4000 transaction on you… Auto recording. Rang-off, and got back in the c1968 recliner, well-miffed! I scribbled down notes on each call on the pad.

The Thought-Storms began, and I was so annoyed at these damned con-calls! The last time when I did some searching, the number was registered in London, a further search on the web, revealed those I had then, were from Nigeria and Albania.

It took me hours to get the mind free enough to almost nod off, and the landline burst forth and flashed again! I ignored it.

No chance of sleep now, I put on the TV and headphones.

A tired, almost angry, frustrated and bewildered Inchcock, gave up and decided to get on the computer. The very moment I attempted to shuffle my short-plump, overweight podgy body from the £300, second-hand recliner… Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley kicked off, and Colin Cramps joined in on my legs and feet!

So I acquired some new bruises, crawled back into the rickety recliner, and sort of sulked and felt sorry for myself! But the Thought-Storms, fears, frustrations, and events of this wickedly tormenting day, flowed. 03:00hrs, I got up for a wee-wee, and stayed up!

Sleep? What’s that then?

Inchcock – Tuesday 18th August 2020: Worra Day!

Tuesday 18th August 2020

Afrikaans: Dinsdag 18 Augustus 2020

04:15hrs: The moment I woke up, the memories of the ‘dodgy’ phone call from last night flooded back. I laid and stewed thinking about it, wondering what to do about it. Thankfully, the need of a wee-wee arose, breaking my train of thoughts. I disentangled my grossly big and wobbly-bellied body from the c1968 recliner. Got Metal Mickey the four-pronged walking stick) and off to the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket), and took an RSP (Reluctant-Sprinkly-Painful) type, wee-wee.

I spotted signs of nocturnal nibbling, Guilt-Mode-Engaged!

No demand for the Porcelain Throne, that was a rarity.

Took the bucket and cleaned and sanitised it, washed the hands and off to the kitchen for the important stuff, a mug of Thompsons Punjana tea.

Took a photo of the morning view, and set about getting the Health Checks sorted.

The sphygmomanometer readings were a little better today, the SYS was down a fair bit, I’m glad to report.

I nearly injected a hypo of Enoxaparin. I stopped myself in time, and wondered how I could have thought to do this in the first place? Still, if one didn’t recognise that you make mistakes, you’d never know the difference between confidence and ability! Too many people in my life have shown over-confidence and conceitedness to con their way up the ladder – but with a minimum of ability. Just thought I’d mention it, like! But when I was last made redundant, the chap they kept on, was caught stealing from them a month or two later. Hehehe!

I got on with updating the Monday blog and despite the occasional attacks from Shaking Shaun, did it in a reasonable time. Pinterested some photos, went on the WordPress Reader.

Jenny called me on the landline and put me into a more stable frame of mind.  When she told me that she had had similar phonecalls, and they would all be cons! Bless her!

I had an updating session on Facebook, then time approached for me to get the ablutions done. And what a mixed bag of a session this one was! 


  •  I got through the doorway, without any walking into, banging into, knocking over anything, or losing my balance! Smug-Mode-Partially-Adopted!
  •  Then stubbed my toes against the enamel on the sink riser!
  • Cleaning the teeth went almost painlessly, and with only two dropsies!
  • Bit of a disappointment in the shaving department, five dropsies, and four cuts, but not serious ones. The cartilage in the fingers, mostly to blame.
  • The showering went well, only three-dropsies! The showerhead (which did not land on my toes this time!), and the shower gel bottler (2)
  • The towelling drying off had a couple of close calls, I almost had the things off of the floor cabinet twice, but somehow they rattled together, some fell, but nothing fell on the floor! Great!
  • The medicationalisationing was a lengthy grind today. I’ a smidge worried about using so much of the Phorpain Gel, considering the new warning notes in the boxes, about folks having their body parts burst into flame when they were too close to a heat source. (Not joking!)
  • I had no option but to use the gel on the usual areas, knees, right ankle, wrists and shoulders. But today, the cartilage in the fingers was worse than they’ve ever been, so I gave the fingers on the right hand a good dubbing. I just hope that any visitors today, are not smoking. Hahaha!
  • The furuncles had to be ointmentated, very carefully, to avoid any of the Chlorhexidine cream getting on to Harold’s Haemorrhoids, and conversely, with the Germoloid Cream! Fiddly work! I should have been a Doctor you know. Hahaha!
  • Oiled the ear canals, sprayed eyes for Saccades, and  Chlorhexidine creamed the bruises, with no bother.
  • A bit of a challenge in getting down to the ankle ulcer and Oedema creams. But the long picker-upper and some ingenuity on my part, although I made a right mess of doing it, meant it was easy enough, if complicated. Haha!
  • However, I was in two minds whether it needed doing (the ulcer), cause it looked like it was virtually cleared up now, compared to yesterday? Almost just freckles showing? Although it was still stinging a bit. All confusing!
  • Then, the most painful I’d left until last. (Coward! Tsk!) Little Inchies fungal lesion, applying the Fluconazole hydrocortisone cream was done. It didn’t bother me at all!

Abltionalisationing Advice available, to other multi-ailment sufferers. At cheap rates!

Got the PPs and trousers on, and off to the kitchen to make a brew of Morrison’s Extra Strong Assam Tea!

Stroke of bad luck as I was putting the milk back into the fridge. The damn right leg suddenly went into an involuntary Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance routine! I didn’t go over mind, I grabbed at the fridge door for balance; which caused all of the things, aluminium cooking tray, foils dishes etc. to tumble from the refrigerator top!  Grigglebogsblowit! I spent a long time, trying to reshape some of the trays, and get them back up again. The lost amazing thing about the incident is not the bruise I got on my left leg, how I avoided going over, or my not dropping the milk, but the flaming noise they made! Hehehe! I bet Herbert heard it!

I made another brew of Glengettie Gold this time, to replace the Assam brew that had gone cold as I cleared up the mess. And gingerly got the milk out of the cooler, and even more carefully, put it back!

Herbert started to bang and knock from above! Whether it was due to my noisy calamity, I have no idea.

I took a shot through the balcony window.

At long last, I started to create this blog. And the landline burst forth and flashed again. It was my Brother-in-law, flat breaker, Cancer suffering, going bald after his Chemo, Xyrophobia suffering, over amour propred, Pete.

We had a jolly good natter. Poor lad, his hair is coming out faster after his third session in the nuclear chemotherapy-pump. But he says he enjoyed talking to others in the same boat at the hospital. Last night the bloke woke up feeling sick, and he was. I think this is not a bad thing, as the bodies natural defences are telling him they want to rid the innards of some sort of danger. Easy for me to say, I know, but I believe this.

Pete’s always been a bit of Charles Atlas type, fit, rarely been ill with it (Makes me sick! Hehe, only joking, Pete!) So it’s only natural he’s going to struggle to cope with this cancer. Mind you, he did once fall asleep on the arm of the setee, fell off and broke his neck! Not a lot of people can say that! Hahaha!

Pete mentioned my blog message about the phoney phone call I got, from someone claiming to be from Visa. He also thinks it was a con-job.

We managed to have a laugh between ourselves, said our farewells, and I went to make yet another brew, this time of Glengettie. The tea had gone cold again. Tsk!

Got some Comments answered. Well, the comment, answered. Then did some more updating of this post.

Still no signs of any Porcelain Throne requirements?

I went to make another mug of tea, Glengettie Gold. (I’ve a thirst on today?)

Went out in the balcony and took these three pictures of the parked cars along Chestnut Walk. Not many spaces available, I can’t see any, in fact?

Hello, Herbert’s giving me some more tip-tap knocking again. I wonder what he’s making this time?

The weather is looking a bit threatening. Might be storm clouds, but they are fast-moving in an Easterly direction.

By the time they turn to rain, the clouds might have moved to Skegness. Haha!

Christ! Herbert’s banging and thudding away again now!

I’ll get some garden peas shelled methinks. Perhaps have a fishcake sarnie, peas and tomatoes later? Or not. A rough estimate of peas loss: 20 – Found or retrieved: 8. Humph!

Hell, Herbert! Give us a (swear word removed) rest from the banging and tap-tapping will yer! 

I’ll get the meal prepped. Wholemeal bread thins, buttered and filled with tomatoes with a bit of onion salt. Surimi sticks, red potato-fritters, and fresh garden peas. A mini apple pie and lemon yoghourt.

Taste Rating: 6/10.

I  did the washing up, then for once, I eagerly got down in the recliner to watch some TV. The cause of this avidity was I could get the headphones on, thus not have to listen to Herbert’s tap-tap, clunking! I realised that getting to sleep was not going to be an option.

Within a few minutes, the landline flashed. It was the delightful Vampire Nurse Hristina, telling me she would be arriving to take my blood in the morning, twixt 10:00>11:00hrs in the morning. I thanked her and got settled down again.

An episode of Law & Order was starting. Then a summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. No rest for Inchy tonight! Krickus!

What a bloody affair it was! Much cleaning and medicationalisationing required. Cribblebogangonies! 

I got settled down again. Praying for some rest, anything so precious as sleep would be a sweet bonus.

Ten minutes or so later, I could hardly believe it, the landline lit up and flashed again! It was the QMC’s Warfarin Anticoagulation and Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic. The kind lady told me to take 2½ Warfarin tonight, and a blood test will be arranged for tomorrow. (I was getting a little confused and muddleheaded!) I thanked her and then pondered a while.

I’d taken 2 Warfarin already, so went to get a half a tablet to take. But, foolishly ended up taking the whole 2½ that she’s mentioned. Thus, I’ve have taken 4½ Warfarin now (I think?). Gragnankles! 

Back to the £300, second-hand, c1968, not-working, sickeningly beige-coloured, recliner again. (The exercise will do me some good perhaps? Haha!)

Wrote some notes on the pad to remind me of evenings farce for this diary. Then turned off the TV, and with hopes of sleep, I covered my head and eyes with the thin quilt and then waited for Sweet Morpheus to arrive…

An hour later, having not being able to stop the Thought-Storming, I thought that turning the TV back on might help me get asleep. Ha!

I needed a wee-wee. Struggled out of the rickety recliner again, and to the wet room. Getting back, I gave myself as good a toe-stubbing as possible on the corner of the Ottoman. Granglespithowlations! 

A sort of evening (and day really!) that I could have done without!

And to think, a nearby neighbour, in Brookfield Place, two-up two-down terrace housing, right next to the railway viaduct in the Meadows area of Nottingham, nearly seventy years ago, a grand chap called Mr Wright, always used to address me as, ‘Lucky!’

If I’d known then, wot I know now… Hehehe!

Inchcock Today – Monday 17th August 2020: A befuddling day!

TFZers: Filming at the Cool-It-Cabin? ♥

Monday 17th August 2020

Sethoso: Mantaha Oa La 17 Phato 2020

03:35hrs: I woke, in a vague cloak surrounding me. Without thinking of anything, really, yet everything at the same time.

I rose and got to the GPOEB (Grey-Plastic-Overnight-Emergency-Bucket), and spent a hell of a long time passing a WTPP (Weak-Trickling-Pale-Painful) wee-wee. Last night was the worst night’s sleep in months! I was not really with it at all. At this stage, things seem to be done in an auto-mode fashion. Until the PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribble) started to drizzle a lot more ferociously than usual. Tsk! I went to get my hands washed and free of the droplets. Crinkleblodums!

  Argh! No hot water! I’d left the hot water tap running in the sink! The hot water had made a right mess of the grey bowl. (Incidental, can you see a shape in the cloth in the bowl? I see two). There are times when I feel such an idiot, question my sanity, or hate myself, perhaps just want to cry! Feel dejected and pitiably, pathetically, prostate, with palpations prodding away persistently. Sometimes, rarely, all of these emotions at the same time. This was such an occasion! Skulkclogglebonks!

I was summoned to the Porcelain Throne – and responded with some haste. The sensation from the innards indicated that I was in for a long grind, so I got the crossword book out. In expectancy of a long fight to get the movement started, but I was so wrong. (But this has been known to happen often in the past!) In fact, the pain, to begin with, was chronic, but the sound of a plethoric plump-shaped evacuation, indicated the end of the pain, almost instantly? I was confused. The tennis-ball released, splashed water all over, and mixed with the relief of the discomfort, was a very odd sensation! No bleeding from anywhere, either? I imagine I put on a face that was a mix between Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel. Hehehe!

I mused over the start to the day I’d had so far. Feeling all vague – had an agonising wee-wee. Found I’d left the hot faucet running, and then had an evacuation like never before. No messages came to me from my EQ either. Had I snuffed it and nobody had told me? Hahaha!

I was undoubtedly still in a puddled, confused state of mind. I went and got the computer on, and realised I had not yet made a mug of tea, took the medications or done the Health Checks? So, I did them. The Sys was well up again, but that may be because I was feeling the way I was, disoriented and finding it hard to concentrate? Took the medications.

As I made my back to the computer, I spotted a sign of nocturnal nibbling having taken place on the Ottoman! On a closer look, I found I’d been writing notes on a pad over-night as well? I couldn’t remember doing any of this. The scribble was not decipherable either. Blimey, I had lost the plot, clearly!

I took a picture of the view, as I hung out of from the thick-framed, rain letting-in, can’t get at to clean, without injuring myself trying to manipulate the step ladders, stubbing my toes and or falling off of the steps, new kitchenette window.

I got a bit mixed up putting the photographs on the web, and somehow they went on WordPress after resizing to suit, in a different order as they were taken. What’s going on! This did the job of updating the blog take longer than ever. But I persevered and stumbled along and got the updating done, thankfully the ailments were being kind to me. (At one point, I wondered if they were as confused as I was this morning?) I got it posted to WordPress, emailed the link, and Pinterested some pictures. Answered a comment.

Then, it was back to the Porcelain Throne again! I was even more caught out by this evacuation. It was not too painful, over quickly and not messy at all! A bit of bleeding, but that is usual for Harold and his Haemorrhoids, I think maybe the furuncles may have contributed somewhat. Tsk!

I started the ablutions, it was late enough for me to have the radio on, BBC Radio Four Extra, and the Navy Lark for half-an-hour while showering. I lost all of my worries and fears while I listened to this old 1961 programme, really enjoyed it.

Not only that, but the legs appeared to be getting some colour back in them, and the knees looked good, well warped! Later, I realised that before the show started, I was having dropsies, cut my gums doing the teggies, and cut myself twice shaving. And the feet, they looked absolutely like a new pair!

In the shower, while listening to the Navy Lark, as far as I can recall, no Dennis Dizzies, dropping the shower-head, soap, flannel, or back scrubber. I didn’t hit my head or any other part of my body, or banging into the grab bars took place at all! Now, this must mean something! There’s a lesson to be learnt here. I’ve no idea what, but still!

I exited the wet room, without walking into anything! And definitely felt regenerated, re-energised somehow. Things were coming together in the brain department.

I decided to sort out the four waste bags, (Kindly accompanied by a few thuds and bangs from Herbert, above). I made-up four black bags, disinfected them and sealed them up. Then got the sizeable white bag of recyclable material prepped and bagged. I went to fetch the ‘Inchcock-put-together’, Amazon bought, three-wheeler walker-guide.

The previously not-working right side brake, and been joined by the left-sided brake, in none-functioning. Grobblegnangles! And the front wheel was reluctant to go round!

I managed to get all the bags onto the ‘needing to be replaced-soon’  four-wheeled trolley. Turned the obstinate, cantankerous wheeled cart to face the front door, and the white carrier bag, split open, and the black bags in it tumbled to the floor!

I just smiled, ignored it, and picked them up with the long picker-upperer, singing calmly to myself… Ahem!

I got the key-fob, out and nipped put along the lift-lobby to the chute room.

Got the black bags down, and caught a lift to the ground floor.

Getting out of the elevator, and seeing the electronic signboard, I had a read of the weather forecast, time, and self-isolating advice, etc.

Not going out over the weekend, Not been anywhere for months now, Humph!) I espied a notice board, for the 14th Floor. It seems that today, the decorators are Floor screeding. And the whole lever is off-limits today!

I was tempted to write at the bottom of the poster: Anyone wishing to have a heart attack, stroke or the like, or die on this day who live on the floor, kindly rearrange it for another day. Thank you. Hahaha!

I took the recycling bag out to the caretakers’ bin and was about to make my way back up to the flat, and I thought, I’d nip outside and take some photographicalisations, being as I had the Canon camera with me.

As I left the Woodthorpe Court main lobby, I snapped the cars at the far end of Chestnut Walk. I started on my little short hobble along the road and took this photo of the now not allowed to be used (Convid-19) cut-through link-passage, from Woodthorpe Court and Winwood Court itself.

A little further on, I snapped this effort, of the frontage of Winwood Court.

I was so sorry to notice the number of cigarette butts scattered all over the main frontage. A bit saddening to see that!

A felt a bit at low seeing this and turned back towards Woodthorpe Court.

I got back in the flat and made an Iceland order. Please let me not have made any mistakes in this one!

Surely I can get one right! Perhaps, maybe, possibly? Hahaha!

Hello, Herberts giving it some hammer again!

I got the oven on to heat up and podded some fresh garden peas. Added some demerara sugar and Balsamic vinegar to the saucepan. Got them sorted, and now I’ll have a search for the lost, shot off into the ether peas. I’m sure at least 10 are in the kitchen, somewhere. Ah, well, I’ve found eight of them, up to now!

Well, the sun has just come out! About time, too!

I restarted this blog updated and then caught up with missed jobs. Starting with the Facebooking updating. Then went on the WordPress Reader section.

The (now daily) sudden weariness came on. I’ll get summat to eat then. Unfortunately, the photo I took of the delicious meal, has gone the way of so many of my pictures do, off into the ether from the SHD card! It was grand and tasty. Surimi, fresh garden peas, fries and tomatoes. Bread thins with Marmite, and Lemon mousse to follow.

The pot washing was done at the right time, for me to get a view of the perfect Pareidolia session. I could see two puppies facing each other!

I got a phone call on the landline. It really got me upset not knowing if it was genuine or not, although I put down the receiver on the suspected recorded message. It went like this: A woman’s voice, slow to start talking: “I am ? ? from Visa, this morning £400 (or £4000) was taken from your account… ” she waffled on without stopping, and I thought this is not real… perhaps a recorded message? I put down the handset. But it’s been bothering me ever since. She did not call back!

I’ve missed lots off of this diary, cause I lost the notes to use after getting the phone call, while I was in panic-mode.

After this, sleep was again an impossibility, and it was well gone midnight before I got off to sleep! Thought storms, mainly.


Inchcockski – Sun 16 Aug 2020: A day of insomnia, aporia, and irresoluteoscillating!

TFZer With Guest?

Sunday 16th August 2020

Greek: Κυριακή 16 Αυγούστου 2020

04:05hrs: Woke, in a ‘Widdendream’ state of mind, and took a few moments for the brain to engage-gear and pondered, over expectancies, fears and consternation’s, that lay ahead. But the need for the Porcelain Throne, soon put an end to that little plan.

As I got freed from the rickety second-hand, £300, c1968 recliner, and got the feet down to catch my balance, it looked like the leg ulcer was trying to flare up again. A little itchy and painful this time, as I got Metal Micky (the four-pronged walking stick) and wobbled off, certain that I must have been nocturnally eating again, seeing the empty nibble bags as I made my way to the wet-room.

As I plopped down on the raised WC seat, the Furunculosis problems at the rear-end showed their displeasure, with a few sharp stingings! Humph! However, the evacuation was the easiest I’ve coped with for a few days. Aha, a smidge of good fortune! Shame the dang boils are so tender!  Cribblebogangonies! Washed and cleaned up, applied some antiseptic cream to the furuncles. And off to the kitchenette.

The view from the light & view-blocking, thick-framed, kitchen windows, was one of a depressing nature. Mist and showers! A zemblanity. A combination that may well bring forth rain later, of a severe kind, methinks, (Or not).

I got the kettle turned on, and dug out the sphygmomanometer from the medical drawer, which revealed some satisfactory results for once. I avoided going into any sort of Smug-Mode! The thermometers were still not operational.

I made the brew of Thompsons Punjana tea. As I went to pick up the small mug, the left hand, no, right-hand fingers started dancing of their own accord! Painfully too, in the joints. Osteoarthritis, I believe, is coming on.

Well, it’s only fair to give my old friend Rheumatoid Arthur Itis (Knees), a bit of company. I’ll have to think of a name for this new ailment? What about Ozzie Arthur Itis? No, too long. I could do with making some of the current names a bit shorter as well. Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley are in line for being reduced, if I can think of shorter replacements. Takes me yonks to type them! Hahhaha!

I set about the updating of yesterday’s post. Ozzie Arthur Itis was giving some trouble as I typed. Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley were only a bit of bother, now and then. So, I got the job done in a reasonable time for once. Posted it off, emailed the link, and went on the WordPress Reader.

Then onto a much interrupted by wee-weeing, Facebooking catch-up. Ordered some milk from Amazon, in individual-serving sleeves. I took a look at the weather from the balcony.

Then I made another brew, Thompsons Punjabi, and had a peep out of the kitchenette window. Still bleak.

I viewed the emailed ‘Your Area’ news, report. It showed some details of the Corona Virus situation, but they had now changed the layout format.

No doubt taking the Total Cases number off, replacing it with only news cases, on the instructions of the Government, who would sooner highlight 22 new cases, and not not the actual 1,166, or the 4498 for Nottinghamshire. It looks better! Hehehe! I’ve been in Sherlock Holmes Mode!

The reduction of 5% in Nottingham crime figures is not surprising, we have so few officers left to respond. So this figure I believe is Reported Crime, many folks don’t bother reporting it nowadays, I think it’s becoming almost an expected facet of life.

Then, I got the Ablutions tackled. A phenomenal reduction in dropsies this morning. Why I’m not sure. Shirley and Nicodemus were both behaving a lot better, is the only reason I can think of. Unfortunately, there were two toe-stubbings, and I banged my elbow while losing balance putting the PPs on. Gleefully, the medicationalisationing also went easily. I’m beginning to worry, this is not natural!

I got my Chef’s hat on, metaphorically and in reality, that Sister Jane bought for me! Hehehe! And started prepping Josie’s Sunday lunch.

I was accompanied by Herbert’s knock, bang and, clunking! (I wish I knew what it is he’s building!)

I did my impression of Gordon Ramsay, and although I say it myself, I thought I did a half-decent job of the nosh and extras on Josie’s plate. The cheesy potatoes I was well pleased with. I used the usual Leicester grated cheese, added salt and a drop of Sainsbury’s balsamic vinegar (the mortgage should be repaid eventually). Halved some of the Vittorio tomatoes, sprinkled some onion salt on them, and Surimi sticks, fresh garden peas, a mixture of Tuna and egg mayonnaise, red grapes, and gherkins. An apple and desserts on the tray with a can of pink G&T.

I delivered it on time, 12:00 on the dot! I think Josie felt a bit awkward accepting it today. She asked what she can get me in return again. Once more, I said as long as you give me a smile, and enjoy the nosh, that’s all I need! She gave me a smile!

Back to the flat, and got the clothes (shirt, slippers and trousers) off. Well, I could hardly take her the food with only my PPs on, Hahaha!)

Gawd, Herbert was giving it some hammer again! Sounds like he’s in his kitchen this time. 

I checked the emails and messages. Viewed and answered some comments.

 Hello, Herbert’s back in his front room with the noise now, straight above me!

I’m getting tired now, but it is essential that I do not fall asleep. Else I might miss the order arriving from Morrison’s. 

I settled to watch some TV with sub-titles, so I didn’t miss hearing the intercom. And it was a hell of a battle not to nod-off. I opted to get the fodder prepared and eaten, this should keep me awake for a while. Despite my weariness, I enjoyed this. Flavour-Rating 7/10. Please note the slightly less than usual amount of fodder on the plate. Smug-Mode-Engaged! Hehe!

Put the things in the washing up bowl to soak, and got back down in the c1968 recliner, and found something with subtitles to watch, but had to be cautious of not drifting off. When it came to 17:30hrs, I was well pleased with my ‘Stay-Awake’ tactics…

Then, it dawned on me, the delivery was due, twixt 18:30>19:30. Not 17:30>18:30nrs! Keeping conscious was a devil of a job. I was struggling with it… eye-lids drooping and the intercom sounded. (A good job it did then, too!) I admitted the delivery driver and got the facemask on. Off to the door to await his arrival. The chap put the bags through the doorway for me, thanked him, slipped him a can of G&T, then I got the bags into the kitchen. Not many there I thought?

I got them unpacked and had a look at what’s what.

I got the fresh stuff put away in the fridge, and found it was not cram-packed like it usually gets when I have a delivery. I’m getting betterer in not over-ordering? I mused!

The Sourdough and Cheese muffins, after a bit of re-juggling, or even re-jiggling about to make a space, only just fitted in the freezer with the orange lollies.

Then, I spotted the large bag of frozen mixed casserole vegetables. Had I made another cock-up again? There was no way that they would fit in the freezer anyway, not that I wanted or needed them.

I’d bought some chocolate and treats for Jenny, by way of a thank you. So I put all three in a bag, then phoned the good lady, to tell her I was coming down with the nibbles. I know that Jenny will make use of them, also that she will help others in genuine need. ♥

The gal recognised how late it was for me to be up and about (She’s clever you know, and caring!), she thanked me, my pleasure, and back up to the flat I trudged.

I took a snap of the evening’s weather, through the light & view-blocking, thick-framed, kitchen windows, washed the pots and put them to drain, and made for the £300, second-hand, rickety recliner; in search of Sweet Morpheus!

What a failure that was! I ended up nibbling, miserable and annoyed that I was so worn-out and tired, but sleep did not come for many more hours!

I’ve become a terribly affected insomniac. I don’t like it! Humph!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 15th August 2020: I quodlibetificated with my own brain today. And, lost! Hehehe

TFZers, Fun at the Cool-It-Cabin! ♥

Saturday 15th August 2020

Croatian: Subota, 15 Kolovoza 2020. Godine

04:30hrs: I woke to find the room light was still on. The ankle ulcer had changed overnight in appearance? I wondered if I’d been nocturnally meandering, walking, wandering, or wee-weeing? No signs of anything else unusual?

Up and off to the wet room without any delay, and I was amused (if that’s the word), to find a complete opposite mode of release—an RSP (Reluctant-Sprinkly-Painful) effort. The PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribble), was very testing of my patience. But I kept my cool about it and even sang to myself as I washed and went off to the kitchenette. Smug Mode Adopted!

Then, Four-Pronged Metal-Mickey nearly had me over en route, though. My own fault, trying to carry the camera and the grey bucket as well as using the four-pronged walking stick. No real harm was done, I just added another bruise to the arm. Hehehe! 

I took a snap through the new thick-framed, light & view-blocking, kitchen windows, that were designed by someone with a hatred of old people, (it is impossible to gain access for cleaning for old folk who are not agile and have to use death-defying step ladders, to reach!). They may have hatred or a phobia of photographers and or lack of common sense, as well.

  But, of course, it doesn’t bother me, in the slightest. I enjoy falling off of the step ladder, stubbing my toes, and laying in a heap on the floor for a few days. Living off of scraps of teabags, as I could reach in the waste bin while waiting for someone to help me get back up off of the floor. Hahaha!

Where was I? Oh, yes, I hid my bodily mass behind the bit where the handles are located and left the light on to see if I could get any reflections of interest.

The sphygmomanometerisationing revealed some decent readings this morning. The small thermometer flashed a figure up on display for once, too quick to read it though, then showed ‘Low’, and died a death! I really must open it and see which replacement batteries I need to get.

I got the long-sleeved t-shirt in the bowl, soaking in Surf. Note the size of the flamming great bottle I bought! I’m not sure, but I have a feeling I might have ordered another one on the Sainsbury order due this morning? Surely not? But perhaps?

I put the bottle in front of my young, Arnold Schwarzenegger-like, ripped, taut, strong, healthy, muscular body. I hid the injection scars behind the Surf. Otherwise, people might think I’ve been using steroids to get this Herculean, shredded, mesomorphic, as healthy as a horse, well-honed body.  Yes, I was joking. Hahaha!

I got onto the computer. Checked the calendar, Sainsbury order to be arriving between 0730 > 08:30hrs this morning. Downloaded some photographs, and worked on updating yesterday’s diary. Getting it done and posted, eventually.

Then realised I needed a template, so I copied one and worked on it. Then found that the Friday post had gone off in the ether and been replaced with this one! After all the hours, efforts, and pains gone through to create it in the first place, I was sickened with myself! Self-loathing flowed, for my stupidity, and not knowing what I did wrong, soon got Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald going within minutes! I was in a sad state!

I stewed, cursed, and went into a right glum mood! After a while, I decided to just put the photographs I had left, and a few notes on another post. All those hours of work lost! Copied a job again, and the categories and tags, did not appear? Well, pee’d-off now!

Off to take some extra Peptac and painkillers, and make a brew of Assam Extra Strong, which was a bit weak? I tried to calm down! Not very successfully!

I emailed the link! Pinterested some snaps that I could still access, and went on the WordPress reader section. Anne Gyna is still stinging away! Although, Duodenal Donald was easing off a bit.

The enthusiasm began to return, but I still hopped off to make another brew, of Glengettie this time, to replace the one that had gone cold. Took a photo of Chestnut Walk below the flats.

Then, I went to get the ablutions were sorted out. And did so with fewer dropsies and Whoopsies than I have in a long time. However, good timing again, just like yesterday, I needed to utilise the Porcelain Throne first. What a marathon! Constipation Conrad ensured it was well over ten minutes before any movement started! And when it did, the continuous pain was pretty bad! Still, I had some crosswording done, at least. Fungleboggles!

As for the medicationalisationing, its never gone better! Smug Mode-Developing! Back to the computer. As I began to update this post, the Sainsbury delivery chap rang the intercom I let him in, and he arrived at the door a couple of minutes later with the bags for me. Decent sort of bloke, we had a mini-natter as he put the things for me through into the hallway.

Incredible, how much less fodder you can buy from Sainsbury’s for the same price as elsewhere! Tsk!

I soon got the things stored away. The usual ‘Why did I order that’ situations were discovered. Such as: Why did I get more lemon-bliss, when I have two packs in the fridge already? And unbelievably, I’d bought another £5 bottle of Surf! Tsk! Klutz!

Surimi sticks, new potatoes and fresh garden peas for nosh later, methinks? With some lemon bliss and fresh orange juice! Sounds good to me!

I got the potatoes in the crock-pot and went on the Facebooking next.

Brother in law, Pete rang. Nice to have a natter, even if his £2000 new latest model phone sounds all scratchy, braking-up, and keeps fading. (Jealous? Me? Yes! Hahaha!) We had a good natter, and his treatment mark11 is taking place at the City Hospital on Monday. Again, all the bestest, Pete!

The radiation treatment is causing his hair to fall out as they warned him it might. He later sent me this photo. taken this morning, after the lad’s shower. He’ll end up like me shortly! I suggested a wig-search might be a good idea. Hehehe!

He seems to be taking things in his stride, bless his cotton socks. More radiation on Monday, and some new treatment as well. Let’s hope things go as well as they can for the man who helped me when I was the hospital, after having the stroke and nicked all my valuables. I might get them back. Hahaha!

He mentioned the pathetic blog yesterday. And after we’d ended out nattering session, I delved into trying to find out what I’d done wrong, I was determined to find out! After an hour, I gave up! Went on the WordPress comment reading and replying.

Checked the spuds, they need a while longer to be fully-cooked. So, I went on CorelDraw to make some graphics up. Got two TFZer graphics done that I was reasonably pleased with. One was a new header, I’ve put in on this blog, but I’ll take it off later – one of my worst-ever-efforts! Shame!

I made a Morrison order, taking what I thought was great care in doing so. The system is complicated at this place. What a cock-up I made of it! I thought I’d arranged for the delivery for Wednesday 19th August, 0:730 > 08:30hrs. Then a pop-up screen told me that they are delivering to someone close by, and it showed the slot. Not interested, I pressed the final checkout button. They confirmed the delivery: Sunday 16th August, (get this, at 18:30 > 19:30hrs!) Thus, I now have incurred a £5 delivery charge added, and I am forced to stay awake and wait for the food to arrive, tonight! What I did wrong, I don’t know! Brunglebogs!

Time to get the nosh done. A flavour rating granted of 7/10.

The dang ‘Thought-Storms’ took over, and Sweet Morpheus was denied yet again. For hours I tried to get off to kip. Then, Red Dwarf came on the goggle-box, great, I thought! And fell asleep!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 12th August 2020: Fire Alarm, Internet went down, Norton took 4 hrs to repair, bent syringe, & visited by two nurses (Not Complaining about them though ♥, Hehehe!)

TFZers gang, at the Cool-It-Cabin

Wednesday 12th August 2020

Filipino: Miyerkules Ika-12 ng Agosto 2020

04:15hrs: Woke, in need of the Porcelain Throne. Up, out of the c1968 recliner, and off to the wetroom. A surprising improvement in this morning motion. Still painful, but much more comfortable and quicker. Smug Mode Engaged! 

To the kitchenette and did the Health Checks. BP Sys was down a bit. I Took the medications and made a brew. The EQ told me that pandemonium of some sort was on the way. A shame that, cause I was feeling better than usual in spirits as well! Humph!

On the computer, and the Porcelain Throne was needed again! Oh, dearie me! Off to the wet room. But it was even less painful and messy than the first visit. Yahooskli! 

I got the updating of the Tuesday blog done and sent off to WordPress. Doing well here, Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters were no bother at all! But no getting excited, given my EQ’s warning. Put some pics on Pinterest, emailed the link, and went on the WordPress Reader. Some fantastic photography on there. Tim Price’s humming-bird photography is well worth a look at. Brillant photographicalisationing skills!

He’s caught the flies the bird was after as well! With the humorous comments, brilliant!  Link: Hummingbird Yoga

Then went on Facebooking.

On the computer, and the Porcelain Throne was needed again! Oh, dearie me! Off to the wet room. But it was even less painful and messy than the first visit. Yahooski! 

Back to the blogging, and the Norton Icon flashed red! Oh, ‘eck! It said four things needed attention. The Cloud was one, so I clicked on the Put-Right button. After 30 minutes, I checked on Norton, and the progress was achieved, which was 1%!  This is going to be a right long job!

It took that long, it was hours and hours before I could use the net again! And so late in the day, I decided to do a loose, partial cover of what happened following. And as you will read, more and more time-consuming events and happenings. I did get all the photographs I took into the blog, though.

I gave up waiting for the computer, and, and got the ablutions tended to.

I kept calm and accepted the situations and delays.

Well pleased with how the legs, feet, and knees looked. No paler than yesterday, but that’s not saying much, is it? Hahaha! Dropsies galore, but no shaving cuts, stubbed toes, or dropping of the shower-head! I like this keeping myself calm. (We’ll see if I can keep it up.) Checked the Norton Progress: Now, 1.8% completed.  I’ll be lucky if it gets done by evening time at this rate!

I took this shot on the right, from the computer chair, and realised that my calmness not a smidge less placid!

So I sorted the waste bags for the chute and made my way out and to the chute room.

I caught my shoulder against the waste room door coming out! But, still, I kept and maintained my composure, and did not get all hot and bothered… too much! Humph!

I returned to the apartment and collected the recycling bag and glass carrier, and made my way down to the caretaker’s bins.

Well, what a state of affairs developed as I nattered with Robert.

Along cameth many Fire Tenders, in response to a Fire Alarm, that I had not even heard! Within a few minutes, there were four of them on Chestnut Walk outside Woodthorpe Courts!

Back up to the flat again, and the Norton progress was at 24.5%.

Still can’t use the web on the computer, yet for a while.

So I set about creating some graphics for later use on CorelDraw. Nice to get a few done in advance.

By the time I’d got the graphics done and filed away, the Norton progress was standing a 28.5%.

The door chimes rang out, it was the Warfarin Vampire nurse, a cracker, and good looker as well! Pleasant gal, she soon had the blood test done and verbally socialised while doing it. That cheered me up, despite all the days cock-ups and delays! Oh, yes! 

I rechecked the Norton progress 39%.

Took this snap out of the unliked, light and view-blocking, thick-framed kitchen windows. Then took three pictures left, ahead and right, of the gloriously sunny sky.

The landline rang, it was a district nurse. She was in Winwood Court and had spoken to my Doctor. She asked if she could call on me. No problem. I thought!

Minutes later, the attractive, kind natured, patient, nurse arrived. We had a good chinwag and my explaining about my conditions. She did a BP test and had a listen to my breathing. A Question and answering spell, and I mentioned the Furesomide identifying problem, and the lady rang the GP surgery. Well, I do feel a clot and twit! It seems I have got it wrong about the Furesomides being on an as-needed basis? Thunderburke! So, from now, one every night, no morning!

Which was super to have someone who seemed bothered ♥. She will talk with Doctor Vindla again, and refer me back to the falls team. She recognised I was not too keen, and I said they saw me eighteen months ago, and I don’t want to bother them again. She pointed out that there may by new aids available they might have. So I thanked her and agreed.

As she left, I felt all lonely. (Don’t laugh!) Oh, go on then, Hehe!

I checked the Norton situation, and it was finished! Then I had to go through the other three things that needed attention. But these took only a minute or so to complete. So, I could go on the internet again! Hurrah!

But, No! Whatever is happening today that is keeping me from making any headway with the computing, continued!

Now, what with losing the attentions of the nurses, and being so far behind with the blogging, I was getting wrangled and irritable! It was down for a long time! After trying the usual things, it was not having it.

So I turned the box off and made a brew of Glengettie Gold. The heat was stifling, and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley giving me some jerking, I made a start on another Graphic on CorelDraw.

The landline rang out. It was the Warfarin Anticoagulant Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic with the results of the morning’s blood test. The INR was not so good, but better than earlier. Up to only 1.6 now. I’m to have 4 Warfarins and an 80g Enoxaparin tonight and Thursday, and she will arrange another blood-test for me for Friday. 

I carried on with updating this blog, but the weariness and fatigue were dawning again. I decided to get the Enoxaparin and tablets taken.

Oh, dear, oh, dear! A fine start to the injecting. The needle I opened was bent?

I wondered if it would be safe to use it? I got another one out to compare them. And realised that the first one had far less content in it. So I opted to empty and put the damaged one in the yellow sharps bin and use the second one. It all went fine. But I’ll have to make sure I check them in future before using each one.

I got the evening medications, making sure that four Warfarins were taken with them.

By gun it was hot tonight, I’ll have a look at the room thermometer. Blimus, 32°c! That’s 89.6 °f, according to Google. I wonder if that is a reason for Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet going down? What am I saying, it been going down for the last five days! 

Still, as long as Liberty-Global boss Mr Fries gets his $19m salary, plus expenses, I’ll be happy.

Computer off, a wee-wee, back to the kitchen, and all without any walking into anything or any toe-stubbing!

I called at Josies, who was surprised to see me up so late. We had an at-the-door natter, and I heard a little of her history. Asked her if she would like some of the Korka bhajis I’d ordered in error. She is the same as I am, not keen on anything to spicey.

Bach to the kitchen, to get the nosh started.

The bhajis, I burnt! Hahaha! But I still tried one. Actually thought it okay. The crock-pot boiled potatoes were decent enough—the tomatoes, very-tasty. The surimi sticks, a different brand from Sainsbury’s, were smashing, far less sweet. The red grapes were not too good, some had mould on them, so I inspected each one, had to dish about half of them. But, the biggest disappointment was the Sainsbury’s fish cake with cod sauce in it, tasteless, bland, and horrible breadcrumbs. So, a good and evil mix. Flavour Rating: 5/10.

As I got the pots washed (getting very late now), the sun was still trying to shine.

So I took some pictures with the Canon camera, of the evening sun’s struggle to show itself off.

It’s been a rip-roaringly hot day, this Wednesday.

A right up and down day, many lows;

  • The Liberty-Global Virgin Media internet failure again, for a long time, this outage was!
  • The Porcelain Throne hassle.
  • Another unheard by me Fire-Alarm, false-alarm. The thought of the cost of four engines attending; that must annoy Nottingham City Homes and the Fire Brigade.
  • The hours lost with no internet, then the Norton Cloud taking hours to set itself up, the internet came back on, but I couldn’t use it while the Norton was working.
  • The disappointing news from the Anti-Coagulation and Deep Vein Thrombosis clinic that the level was up, but only to 1.6, and I needed to keep up with the Enoxaparin injections. A third blood test this Friday. (But it as lovely that someone was keeping an eye on things for me ♥) 
  • Then, finding the first Syringe had the needle bent, and had lost some of its content, leaked I suppose. I’ll have to be wary in future when injecting, examine each one before using it.

But on the betterer, brighter side:

  • The caring Warfarin Vampire Nurse cheered me up with her caring attitude ♥.
  • As did the lady from the Deep Vein Thrombosis clinic.
  • And the nurse that called on me about my falls ♥. They showed great patience with Stuttering Stephany, and raised my spirits, just when they needed it!
  • At times today, amidst all the spirit-sapping Whoopsiedangleplops, I was set atingle and stimulated by the care shown from all three nurses, from, the Deep-Vein-Thrombosis Clinic on the phone, the understanding, patient, and sweet-natured Warfarin Vampire Nurse, and the Nurse who took the bother to call on me, and her generous amount of understanding, about my falls. ♥

When I got down the £300, second-hand, c1968, unstable, pukingly-beige-coloured, most-uncomfortable, no-longer working, heavy yet tottery, rickety, rusty, rachitic, recliner, the Thought-Storms started, but with a difference. This time there were considerations, contemplations, and deliberations that were a joy to enjoy! Fare less of the guilt, self-loathing and fear, that usually attack me. I have the three nurses to thank for this! ♥

However, Sweet Morpheus was not showing any interest. I did, as I usually do, and turned on the TV, sure that as soon as the commercial break came on, I’d nod -off. But, No!

It was gone midnight before I got off into the land-of-nod. And once there, I kept having to rise to use the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket), several times. Humph! Every one of the SPUTE (Sharp-Persistent-Unwilling-To-End) mode. With the PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribble) flowing! Each visit seemed like it took half-an-hour! Hehehe! It didn’t, mind, it just felt like it, to me!

TTFNski, folks!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 11th August 2020: A mentally disjointed, diffident day, I must say!

Tuesday 11th August 2020

Welsh: Dydd Mawrth 11eg Awst 2020

04:45hrs: The night’s sleep had various attributions: Gruesomeness (Duodenal Donald giving me a lot of jip), exigences (for wee-wees). And the pesky Thought Storms (in a persistent, repetitive, harrowing series of botherations! inducing fears, worries, shame, self-disgust, etc.).

As I woke, and the realisation of all my hassles and fret-worthy tasks and expectations for the day ahead to challenge me, and flooded my mind. However, something or other, took a grip of the situation (not sure what it was, but it didn’t feel like it was me?), and a degree of unexpected calmness came over me? 

  • The thought of having to do the Enoxaparin injections was of no concern to me. (Well, maybe just a bit, I’ve been terribly lucky when vaccinating the Enoxaparin up to now. There has got to come a time when Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, launches one of his involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance routines, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley kicks off, or Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters fail, just when I’m injecting! Surely?)
  • The hatred for the cock-up with the inhuman and uncaring, Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, was even less acute.
  • The volunteer lady fetching my prescriptions for me, hopefully, brought me only an appreciation for her time, consideration, and the lady’s effort to mind.
  • The Sainsbury delivery, and what or how many mistakes I will have made, on that order. I can’t rid myself of being fated to make another cock-up on a food order!

I rose like a flobby, aged, blubbery dreadnought, from the £300, second-hand, rickety, rusty, uncomfortable, sickening, stomach-churningly, revolting, c1968, beige-coloured recliner, bobbled a smidge, but caught my balance, got the four-pronged metal walker, and off to the kitchenette, to do the Health Checks.

The hemadynamometer readings showed the SYS rather high, as to be expected, with the lack of Beta-blockers, thanks to the failings of Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453. I got the Enoxaparin injectionalisationing done.

The snap that is on top of the two after-shots shows yesterdays. It looked to me at first, as if there was a blob of blood coming up, below the scratch mark. Under the skin, that was going to come through as a papule. But now, I look at the photo and was puzzled as to how I thought this in the first place. This mornings injection left only a tiny spot mark. No chance for ant Artwork blotches yet then? Hehehe!

I made a brew of Glengettie Gold. I had a search through the tablet box’s in the medical drawer, and I found a loose Codeine to take, along with the extra Warfarin as instructed. No beta-blockers yet, of course.

I got the Monday post updated, and without much bother from Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters, which made an enjoyable, and content-making change. Smug-Mode-Engaged!

Off course, going into the Smug-Mode, was a mistake! Yet still, a wasn’t getting too annoyed with things. Very unnatural! I gave up, hoping something would come back on their own accord, I remembered I had not yet filled in the Enoxaparin INR log. So I did!

I got the sheet-logs updated with yesterday and this mornings inoculation record.

Then, I perused the new guidelines that were in the box of needles. Six pages of tiny printed wording, that I read-through. Fair enough, I didn’t understand it all, but I tried!

Back to the computer, but it was so slow, then went off again!

And I didn’t get all het-up over it! Honest!

So, I decided to get the ablutions tended to, it was a little early to use the shower yet. But, I took my time teeth cleaning and shaving, and by then it was the permissible golden time of 08:00 hrs, so had a super-long shower.

The teggies-cleaning went well, only the one dropsy, (toothpaste). The shaving produced on one tiny cut, but many dropsies.

The showering was a little mini-disaster. Dropsies: shower-head, carbolic soap (2). A clout on the shoulder, hitting the grab bar, another clip on the shoulder on the shower box, as I retrieved the dropped back-brush from the floor. Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley nearly had my over, she was in a foul mood in the shower!

The drying -off-session, had a couple of small items knocked off of the floor cabinet. Bending down to retrieve them, and I banged my right arm (Its always the right arm!) on the corner of the cabinet!

The freshening up and medicating was going well. Until I sprayed the antiseptic spray on the cloth, dropped the spray, and lunged down to catch it, thus hitting the right arm on the metal seat frame raiser! In the same spot as what I’d clouted in the shower! Now, I was getting a tiny-bit annoyed with myself! But, still not really angry?

The internet had returned. Joy did flow, and I got on with finishing the Monday updating. Pinterested, some photos, sent the link of via email. Did some Facebooking catch-up. And visited the WordPress Reader section.

The Sainsbury delivery arrived, I pressed the driver in, and my neighbour Malcolm came in at the same time. I got to the front door and awaited the driver’s arrival. Malc got in, saying he’d thought the Sainsbury chap had gone up to the 13th floor? He went to check, and the man was coming down to the 12th.

A decent, pleasant young man. He put the things through the front door for me. I thanked him and slipped him a can of G&T. I got the bags into the kitchenette. Note the Andrex ‘Get-a-Mortage’ toilet rolls? Unfortunately, these are the only ones that my WC can cope with flushing away!

Started to sort the delivery out. I went through the shop’s receipt first.

They had no iced lollies I ordered available. No substitute, which was good enough with me! The cod fishcakes with a fish melt inside them looked good. Hope they are when it comes to cooking them!

I got the red potato and red onion bargees to try. Perhaps the best of the day is the thick-sliced brown Farmhouse bread with Sourdough! This will be the basis for today’s nosh, methinks. I can see, Sourdough bread, thickly covered in butter, with cooked meat in them… tomatoes and egg mayonnaise as a side, and a Bliss lemon mousse to follow, yes that sounds good to me.

I got the fooder stored away.

Fresh stuff in the refrigerator, there was just about room. Haha! Oh, I was also naughty, mightily so! Shame-Mode-Adopted! I got a bottle of Jersey full cream milk!

One thing that I was not happy about, though. The apple pies had had the box corner crushed! Crumbs fell all over when I picked it up. What’s Sainbury’s later motto? ‘Live well for less!’ Well, I got fewer apple pies, but more crumbs. Tsk!

An hour or so later, the intercom rang out again. It was a young man bringing my prescriptions for me. Nice lad, pleasant enough, and about 6’6″ tall! He had to duck to get in the door. Haha! I thanked him and slipped him a can of G&T.

I got the medicines put away, then continued computerisationing, by starting this blog going. At last!

It’s been a busy day for this old codger. Still, it should calm down a bit now. (I hope!)

Half-an-hour later, I was beginning to get weary and tired, I always do in the late afternoon.

The intercom burst forth, I investigated, and it was a delivery via Amazon, it must be the Dettol disinfectants.

The young man came to the door, the chimes with its tune to Dusty Springfields melody od Dusty Springfield’s I only wany to be with you, he handed me the box, and shot off.

I opened the carton, and it was the anticipated Dettol lavender and orange oil scented anti-bacteriological disinfectant.

I checked it and crammed it out of view, and caught up with updating this blog as far as here.

I went to make a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea, and I got a dish out of the cupboard that I have not used in ages, dropped it in the sink for washing. Argh! EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) My heart sank!

I did feel a fool! They were all dead. Hopefully from the last years’ infestation. Phew!

I had to stop on the computer, the fatigue was too heavy.

I got the nosh sorted out, and realised while doing it, I had not used the Porcelain Throne! This reminded me of last time I went back on the Enoxaparin. And the agony I went through with Constipation Conrad! Methinks, I am in line for a repeat of the solid refusals to move. Criggleblogglesworthisms! The sourdough Farmhouse bread was a nice change to eat. Flavour-Rating: 7/10.

Then got the pots washed, I scrubbed up, and down in the rickety recliner, to inject the Enoxaparin (or Clexane) in the tummy.

It went okay, no shakes, jerking or shuddering to mess things up.

Guess I was lucky there, I think.

Turned on the TV on as a get-to-sleep aid, and I took the medications with some spring water, and a suspicious gurgling sound emanated from the innards, and I felt a slight movement from within?

Within a couple of minutes or so, it became clear what the rumbling was indicating to me.

It had to come!.

No sooner done, and an urgent call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. I stick-walked it to the wet room, and there I stayed:

  • The tiniest movement and I had to suffer the agony of sitting waiting for the action to restart!
  • The crossword book was utilised.
  • I whistled a while.
  • Finally, I was sweating by then with the pain, things moved, so slowly!
  • I found Harold’s Haemorrhoids had been bleeding.
  • Cleaned up and medicated things, at last, it was all over.

A wearier Inchcock returned to his c1968 recliner and plopped into it. Shattered!   Sweet Morpheus came within minutes and stayed to give me an uninterrupted four hours of blessed sleep!

Inchcockski – Mon 10 August 2020: Hassle, humiliation, hopelessness, and Enoxaparin injections start again! (Humph!)

Monday 10th August 2020

Italiano: Lunedì 10 Agosto 2020

03:50hrs: I stirred into semi-mock-life, with the brain reluctant to kick-start, and when it did, it was in a state of confusion, fear, and in a nervous condition. I pondered over why this should be. I soon found many things were to blame. The first one that came to mind, was my being let down yet again, by Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, had not delivered the prescriptions! Worrying!

I’m now out of medications. According to the paperwork on the last lot, (that were five days late as well), they were delivered on the 8th (12th) July. It is now 10th August; and no signs of any delivery! I’ve got a stock of Warfarin, a few Codeines, and some Enoxaparin needles. But no Beta Blockers, Lansoprosol, Bisoprolol, Atorvastatin, or Ramiprils! How long can this go on for? They have been late and left me without tablets to start of the period for three times in a row now. Failed to separate the Furesomide as they said they would, leaving me with three unfathomable which-are-which struggles! And they used to be so reliable, too!

The Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, are beginning to get to me now! Especially as I said, they used to so trustworthy and caring.

The Doctor has been informed of my plights. The Flats Wardens are aware. The nurses who call have been told, but nothing improves. It makes me feel a little uncared for! Kluggledanks! I’ll have to beg the Vampire nurse when she calls today, to ring them for me. Depression dawns!

Despairingly, and on a downer, depressed and desperate for help, I searched through the medical drawers, finding odd loose tablets that I wasn’t sure of what they were, and took some of them, hoping one might be a beta-blocker, cause the metal-valved-ticker was fiving it some hammer suddenly. 

Did the health checks, and felt reet-sorry for missen! The mind went all vague, or rather, over-centred on the lack of medications. I made a brew, didn’t bother with taking any view photos at first, so low was my interest in life! But an iota of resilience showed forth, and I did take a couple of pictures of the view from the loathed windows in the kitchen.

I got on the computer and updated the Sunday blog, sent the link. Pinterested some snaps. Facebook catch-up, but with little enthusiasm. Went on the WP reader.

The blood nurse is calling this morning, Hristina. So I’d better get the ablutions done early. Can’t use the shower before 08:00hrs, so a stand-up it will be. Back in a bit!

I’m back! Apart from a shaving session of much bleeding (tab-hole, chin, lip and nose, don’t laugh!) things went well. A few dropsies and a toe-stubbing are all that’s worth mentioning. A shame this bit of good luck came now, with all the aggro over the medications not being delivered, I couldn’t appreciate my good fortune properly. Oh, the knees looked better than for ages, as well!

I made up some waste bags, and got them on the trolley, and took them to the waste room. As I was putting in the last bag, I caught my right hand on the metal surround… this made me notice the time, and I was five-minutes too early to use the disposal chute, it was 07:55hrs. Tsk! 

Back to the flat and made a brew of Thompsons Punjana. Then updated this blog. Made a start of Coreldrawing, to do some graphics, but I am expecting Hristina in a few minutes.

The Vampire nurse Hristina arrived, she looked slightly harrassed and seemed in a rush. When I explained my problem with the prescriptions, she rang the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, for me, bless her cotton socks. It seems, they stopped making deliveries four weeks ago. It would have been nice if someone had told me!

She gave me a telephone number to ring for a volunteer helper. Which there was no reply to. She had to shoot off, after taking my blood. But said she would contact Deana on the way out. A true Angel! ♥

I just carried on doing the graphic creating. Occasionally trying the phone number, still no answer.

When it got into the afternoon, I tried ringing Dean. If I was not going to get any help, I needed to know; otherwise, it will be too late for me to go and fetch the prescription medications, and I really need to have some beta-blockers, BP capsules and Duodenal Donald medicine, I’m slowly feeling worserer as the day goes on, and Anne Gyna is kicking off. But Deana was not having any luck with contacting the helpline either! It’s not looking good! My spirits are sinking again, and now Arthur Itis is giving me some wallop, too! If only someone could tell me to get the med’s myself or not? This is not doing my health any good.

Deana rang back; the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, she’d phoned, told Deana that my prescriptions had been collected on 1st August!!! I told Deana no way had I received them! The last ones all had August 8th written on them! She will ring them back again.

Deana, said she’d ring them again for me. Which she did fifteen minutes later, now this is an example of a confused-chemist! This time, the chemist told her the prescriptions are actually there, waiting to be picked up, after all! What crap Chemists! 

She tried another help number. And a volunteer lady told her she would try to get them today, but it was more likely to be tomorrow. I could well be dead by then, without the beta-blockers! Knackeswrangles! But kind of her to volunteer all the same. The lady may ring me later. What kasheh!

I decided; as any sane Englishman might, to make a brew of tea, and get the meal prepping started.

♥ I espied that outside down in the bottom field, there was a lady, who I took to straight away. For her determination and the cleverness of wearing camouflage clothing as she bored her two dogs to death, as she delved into peoples garden paths, dived fearlessly into the bushes, in her desire to get at the freebie blackberries! Hahaha!

Bless her perseveration and staying-power. ♥ Well done Madam! There were others out there blackberrying, but not with that ladies panache!

I got the nosh sorted. It looked, and smelt good to me. But my turmoil of mind, and uncertainty of the medical faux pas and situation, and bothering the volunteers to fetch my prescriptions, and having to stay awake late in case they phone me, took the edge off of the what I think was excellent flavour and taste of the fodder.

I got the pots washed, took the evening tablets available to me, and put the TV on, with subtitles, no headphones used. Thus, hoping this would stop me nodding off. It did the trick for a while. But as I was about to drop-off to slumber…

The landline light flashed, Aha! perhaps the volunteer calling? Nope! More bad news, though! It was Sarah (or Sandra, maybe Shirley) from the QMC Anti-Coagulation & Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic, with the sad news of my blood test results! INR down to 1.4! I had to concentrate to catch all the instructions and made notes of them on the phone pad.

She asked me if I’d taken any Warfarin yet. I told her yes, two. Stuttering Stephanie was making it hard work. As I spoke falteringly, the ears seem to turn off, while my entire efforts are concentrating on what I was trying to say! Humph! Warfarin instructions: Now 2, and an Exoxaparin injection 100ml – Tuesday: 2 Warfarin AM and PM, Exoxaparin injection 100ml – Wednesday: Enoxaparin injection 40ml – And a blood test arranged. I thanked the lady, then started to plan for taking the Enoxaparin.

There’s no rest for the wicked! Expulsivications!

I consulted the notes, in a vain hope of understanding them. And launched me into the hypodermicalisationing.

Target, stick in (to the overabundant-belly), and retrieve! All done.

Took the extra Warfarin, and settled down, in fear of falling asleep, in case the volunteer Helper, rang. In my tired weary state, this was not an easy task!

I did eventually let myself nod-off, around 19:00hrs. But woke ten-minutes later, in need of a wee-wee. I got to the wet room in time for the PACSL (Powerful-Apricot-Coloured-Short-Lived) wee-wee, just.

As I was coming back into the room, the landline flashed! It was a volunteer organiser. But she was hard to decipher. I think some kind-person is going to collect the prescriptions and deliver them to me, around 10:00hrs in the morning. Marvellous! I thanked her muchly, then settled into the second-hand, £300, c1968, uncomfortable, not-working, sickly-beige-coloured, rickety, rusty recliner.

 Now, at last, I could let myself nod-off!

But, No! The Mind-Storms started. All the hassles of the day were relived, over and over… sleep took an aeon to arrive! Unglefrogwogglings!

Inchcock Today – Kaleidoscopic Sunday 9th August 2020: Ups and downs… the downs won!

Sunday 9th August 2020

Khmer: ថ្ងៃអាទិត្យទី ៩ ខែសីហាឆ្នាំ ២០២០

04:50hrs: When I woke up, I was in a mental-haze from last night’s mind and memory blanks. ‘Mental-haze’; that came out without considering it, yes, I reckon that’s about right wording to describe how it was, too! I lay a few minutes, pondering and worrying over things, but that is normal for me anyway.

The EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket) was well-filled, and I extracted my bulbous wobbly-bellied body from the c1968 recliner, and made use of the receptacle yet again!

There were so many visits during the night, I can’t recall how many, but do remember well the constant interruptions to my sleep! I must have been in a hopeful, head-down state for at least five hours, but how much of this time was actually sleeping, must be very minimal. Clapbogsworthyness!

Apart from a little bother from Arthur Itis, and the Clopidogrel spots and blemishes were apparently returning, the legs looked to be in fine condition. The sunshine filtering through the second-hand, charity shop-bought curtains with the tears and holes in them, gave an appearance of much more colour to the pins.

I must remember to thank the wonderful, helpful, caring people at Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store. Had they done as they agreed they would, and split the three similar tablets. (But I will not call the unreliable lying, scumballs, names). Then I would not be missing my Beta-blockers and getting worried about my tickers thick blood, heart attack or another stroke! And not taking Furesomide and over-wee-weeing significantly, thus getting some sleep in, now! Thanks!

I cleaned and sanitised things and parts of my Charles Atlas like torso and body. Hehehe! 

Then, I hobbled limpingly and a smidge nervously, to the kitchenette and to get the Health Checks sorted out. The sphygmomanometerisationing results showed a jump in the SYS, a bit too high? I wonder if Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, are they the cause of this? Had they done as they agreed they would, and split the three similar tablets… (but I will call the unreliable lying scumballs, names). Then I would not be missing my Beta-blockers and getting worried about my ticker’s thick blood, heart attack, or another stroke! Also, not taking Furesomide and over-wee-weeing greatly, thus getting some sleep in, now!

I got the Saturday post completed and posted it off to WordPress. Did Facebooking catch-up. Then went on the WordPress Reader section. During which, I took five more wee-wees!

As I was about to put the computer to sleep, to get the ablutions done, a message came in on the mobile. It was from Iceland, telling me my order is on the way and has some unavailable items on it, and should arrive between 09:00 > 10:00hrs. Iceland order? What? How? Why? Obviously, my blank period yesterday, and I was out-of-it, must be when I made an order? Blown if I can remember doing so. And I certainly did not need any more fodder?

Feeling a bit down about this, and self-critical in the extreme, I stewed inwardly at my stupidity. And went to get the ablutioning sorted. The mind-storms started, but somehow I almost ignored them?

 I took a snap of the plates, which came out just like they appeared in the camera viewer. The session went pretty well, mind you. A few dropsies, a couple of small nicks shaving, and just one decent-firm clout on the forehead on the grab bar, as I retrieved the dropped carbolic soap in the shower.

Even the drying off and medicating went well! ! And the pins still looked good after the showering, drying, and medicating!

Then the Thought Storms abated, as well. I liked that!

But the niggling thought of my making an order and sending it off to Iceland when not required, and my not recalling anything about it, had me getting a smidge worried about my sanity. Gragnackles!

I made up three small bags of waste, grabbed the four-pronged metal walking stick, and wobbled out into the flat’s foyer, feeling a smidge better in myself, less self-critical, but that’s not saying much, I can assure you.

Through the door and down the lift lobby to the waste chute room at the far end. Got the bags in without any faux pas, knocks, trips, or shakes! A weak, temporary Smug-Mode was adopted!

Back to the flat, and got everything out ready to do Josie’s Sunday lunch, later on. Back on the computer to play catch-up with the updating of this blog.

The intercom chimed, it was the unexpected mysterious Iceland order arriving? The young man approached the door, and mentioned, “You’re getting a lot in this week, that’s two deliveries! Embarrassed, I think I said: ‘Yes, getting greedy in my old age!’

The bloke put the bags inside the doorway for me, I slipped him a G&T, and off he sped! Nice, chap.

I got the goodies opened, and was suspicious that this order was the same as last Tuesday’s? Well, more worried than doubtful! No way would I have ordered another big bag of ‘Exceedingly Crisp Chips’, again. I haven’t even started the bag I got Tuesday yet! No room in the freezer anyway?

I popped out to Josie’s and rang the bell with some nibbles and the bag of chips for her. I got told I was too early. Hehehe!

As my brain tried to work out the whys and way and wherefores, a blankness came over me, and I gave up trying to work it out! Oy-oy, oy! Grumbleconfusement!

Josie rang the door chimes, to tell me she also had no room for the chips in her freezer either! So, she rang Malcolm’s door and asked if he wanted them. “Yer, I’ll have em!” So that saved the day, at least they were not wasted!

I made a start on Josie’s nosh prepping, and while I did so, I thought I could hear some dogs barking (I had the window open). So I took a decker outside. I could not see any doggies, though. Perhaps they had gone out of view into the mugger’s passage at the backs of the houses.

All the parking spaces below on Chestnut Walk were utilised (No red cars, Billski?).

Made up a more intricate meal for Josie today. Surami prawns, tuns with egg mayonnaise. Gherkins, Piccalo tomatoes, silverskin onions, beetroot, carrot and onion salad, garden peas, and extra-cheesy buttered potato mash. A Limoncello dessert, mint chocolates, and a can of plonk.

I delivered it on time, and Josie said, ‘You’re making them (the meals) even bigger now! Without any hesitation, I quipped back; “No, no, I’ve flattened it more, Josie!” She did larf! Hahaha!

Wished her happy-eating’ and back to the kitchen to get the washing-up done. (I still hate cleaning the cutlery after making the cheesy spuds, it takes an eternity to get the residue off of the forks and spoons) Still, my teeth and tongue usually help. After all, it was only Leicester cheese, butter, salt, onions, and vinegar mashed up together, tasty! Hehehe!

Herbert was in a bash, knock, and tap-tap mode again. I’d love to know what he’s making. He’s a procacious type of chap, but I like him.

Saccades Sandra kicked off while I was computerisationing, I had to stop. Wished I’d done it earlier, got a cracking headache now. Tsk!

Got my nosh on the cook.

Feeling more drained, tired, and fatigued.

Got the meal served up, ate it, almost automatically. Didn’t like it too much, even though it was my beloved Chinese belly pork slices?

Washed the pots, took the last of the medications left. Videlicet, Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, failed to deliver my prescriptions yet again! Sickening!

Sat, in want and need of Sweet Morpheus for five hours or so, before it came!