Sunday 18th September 2022

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Sad, it really is. Hehehe!

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These sunsetting photos were missed from yesterday’s blog. Naturally, this was the combined faults of Dementia Doreen and Cataract Katie. Also, as well as, and besides them; Anne Gyna for giving me grief as I was checking the blog on completion, and Sock Glide Gladys for moving from where I left her after using her in the morning, behind the trolley, so that I stubbed my toe against her sold metal constructed frame. Life’s a game!

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Hayley Mills


I woke around midnight, in urgent need of a weewee. Which was another visit that turned into the visit. After this and a couple of others, there was no chance of more sleep for me.
So, I got, for the first time in my life, a can of Pepsi Cola to drink, And I can now state that I liked Pepsi better than Coke. Haha! Haha! If Pepsi Co. would like a written commendation, my fees will not be excessive.
I spent four hours getting the Saturday blog updated and sent off, unbroken, even for a weewee or mug of tea.

Did you ask how the hell can the old pillock take so long? Easy-peasy! I struggled with my eyesight and made many mistakes, some that Grammarly missed; these amendments cost me a lot of time. When I finally (I thought) got it ready for the final run-through, read and check. I found many of the amendments I’d made to be wrong as well. It was as if someone else was in charge of my fingers? I got fed up with finding faults and sent it off as it was… frustrated and annoyed at myself.

I took a break to make the first brew of the morning, Thompson’s Punjana. While making it, I checked that everything was in the fridge for making Josie’s Sunday lunch. It’s getting harder now to cut up the small vegetables so Josie can cope with them, but I do get something out of doing it for her… satisfaction and almost pride!

I decided to prep the veg then and there. I got mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and gungo beans ready and in the pan. Sliced some yellow peppers and tomatoes up small. The green beans, I’ll cut later; they will be overdone if they go in too early.
A can of mixed vegetables, liquid salt, vegan Oxo, BBQ, and basil seasonings. Stirring all the time to start with. After half an hour, I left them to settle and marinate and added the no-bacon-bacon bits. A little short on potatoes this week; I hope she doesn’t notice cause she’ll tell me if she does. Cubing them can be risky.
I was cooking the mushrooms separately. There is a design as to why. Sometimes the gravy can dry up, so I leave the vegetable seasoned water from cooking the mushrooms in the pan, then I can use it later as a tasty addition to the stew, come chilli, to loosen the food for her.
I returned to the computer for a while and started on the Ode and graphic making on CorelDraw.

Back to check on the fodder… As I anticipated, the stew was getting a little too thick for Josie’s tastes, so I went to get the saucepan with the mushroom water… Twas then that I realised I had turned on the wrong hob! The back of the right-hand middle finger coped for it, but that is better than the left. The nerve ends on the Peripheral Neuropathy side, and I hardly felt any pain. Of course, once the eyes saw it, the pain instantly developed; Haha!
I poured some of the mushroom juice into the saucepan and gave it a good stir!
Then went to put some Germolene cream on the finger. The right knee was really giving me so jip now as well.

I returned to the kitchen, added the sliced earlier green beans to the mix, and stirred again.

Had a taste of it and felt it was just about right for Josie’s taste buds to be tickled.

Back to the CorelDraw tasks, and got the Ode written and graphics for the blog. This was a mammoth undertaking with all the errors I was making.

♫ Oh, Susana ♫ rang out from the door chime. Blimey, I’d forgotten all about the Carer not calling! It was about 08:00hrs. Weekend again, so nothing unusual. Jozeph came in, and we had a natter after he’d done the medications. Not for too long, he had another call to make. Offered him a treat of his choice and asked him to take the waste bag with him, which he did.

Now I got serious about CorelDrawing.

Did the health checks and made up this graph with a photo of the thermometer, sphygmomanometerisationing, and all the results.

I half expected the blood pressure to fall today; cause it’s been excessively high for a few days now.

However, even though I didn’t anticipate it being as low as it was, I was so nearly in the red Zone for the first time ever! , Ahem!

I have no views or ideas of what the readings will reveal or what it will be like tomorrow. A wild guess? Erm… nothing coming through to me from my EQ… stab in the dark, mayhap…
SYS 138, DIA 64, Pulse, that will still be high methinks, 92bpm? Body temperature… er… 32.4¸f,
And overall, mayhaps, just in the Pre-High bracket?
It will be interesting to see now that I’ve had a guess. Of course, it could go up further, and I’ll kick the bucket; that would ruin the guessing game. I wonder if Billum at Manor Labs will have a guess? A clever bloke is that lad.

Oh… Josie’s nosh… back in a bit…

I only just made it in time for the allotted 12:00hrs delivery of the meal for Josie. I hurried that much; I forgot all about taking a photo of it, mind you, had I grabbed one, the delivery would have been late for the first time ever… well, over the last three or four years.

Back in the flat after being told off for giving her too big a nosh, that would make her like Betty Bunter. Hahaha! And made a brew of Glengettie tea.

I made a Morrison order. Initially, to get some of their roasted vegetable ready meals (No one else sells them), the best-prepared meal I’ve ever bought – Bootiful! Coming next Wednesday twixt 8-9:00hrs. Sister Jane would like these methinks.

Went on the WordPress Reader, and WP let me in today.

Food time now; I’ll go and see what’s available. Not a lot.
The ‘slimmers’ chips certainly look tatty and have thick skins on every one of the chips. Yet they still tasted so nice – different to any other chips. A significant variance in size too. From 4 inches to ¼ inch in length. Taste Rating: 6.2/10.

Of course, having these chips is all a part of my ‘Get Inchies Belly Slimmer campaign’. I’m determined and have a new tenacity to get lighter! Nothing is going to stop me.

I made an order from Morrisons. I didn’t realise that I had made it for the same day as the Sainsbury one!
I got on the computer to change it, but no other day was available. So I managed to get it for later in the day, so they should not arrive at the same time. In’t it a struggle to change an order’s delivery time?

Went to the kitchenette to find I’d left the oven on and the hot tap running! I hate Dementia Doreen!

I turned the oven off and tap… too late for the faucet; the water was stone cold! I’ll have to do the ablutions in the morning. Turned to grab Metal Micky, and somehow I missed him altogether! Not really surprising; the cataracted eyes get a lot worse as I grow more tired. Then, as I bent down to retrieve the walking stick, I got a visit from Dizzy Dennis. I went down on one knee… Thud!


I went to the wet room, and  I put some of the Phorpain Gel on the knee. But it has little effect.
So I grabbed a packet of Co-codamol and took one. ‘That should ease things, I thought to myself.
Ha! What a twit!
I realised I’d not taken a Co-codamol, but a Galpharm capsule! Now, these are effective medications! But for blocking up the torpedo’s escape route! I’m not looking forward to my next visit to the !

Finally, I did manage to take a Co-codamol. After checking the taps, I got Metal-Micky and left the wet room…
CLUNK! I felt a depression with a trickling of self-pity coming on. Hehe! Walked straight into the doorframe!
Back in the wet room, Phorpained the shoulder, as an irritable, annoyed was getting revenge on me for clouting her again.

And feeling a little down, I sat myself down in the £300, used, bought eight years ago from the second-hand shop, Harold Haemorrhoid testing, repugnantly beige-coloured, crumb containing, virus-breeding, acne-giving, rickety, none-working recliner, and the Thought Storms began.
I decided it has to be the tiredness and Cataract deterioration causing many of these evenings, Accifauxpas and Whoopsiedangleplops. I can do nothing about this situation and try to be patient while waiting for the cornea operation. Here is the farce so far… The First appointment:

How things developed:

① When the optician told me I had cataracts in both eyes, she informed the Doctor that I would need to have the situation appraised at the EENT department. The Doctor will arrange this for you.
② Eight months later, I got an appointment for the first assessment. Which was for three months later!
③ They kindly put a lift for me to the meeting. On going in with the driver, he was walking so fast, I lost him! Eventually, I found the wrong reception, and the patients waiting helped me find out where I should be with the receptionist with a squeaky voice that I could not hear.
④ I assent to two other locations and had tests of different natures in each one. Then told to go to the reception and book a lift for the following assessment.
⑤ Could I find the proper reception? No! But, a nurse helped me as she passed, and I found it. The following evaluation was for 2 months. The receptionist pointed her finger at the corner of the large waiting room, where I should wait to be collected from.
⑥ I sat down, and within 2 hours, the lift home ambulance arrived.

① On this trip, they dropped me outside the EENT, and I proudly made my way to the reception needed.
② Two completely different examinations in two separate rooms, the lady in the first was pleasant and liked a laugh between the machines I was put on. ③ Then she escorted me to the subsequent office/surgery that was a way off the first. ④ The Doctor in this one did everything silently, forcing himself to speak when he had to.
⑤   I found the proper reception all on my own, and this time, had to wait three hours for a lift home/


① Arrived at the EENT, and the driver kindly escorted me through at a nice slow pace to the reception  From where I was sent to yet another different waiting area  No reception in that one.
② Only a couple of minutes later, I was fetched into a cramped little office with various weird-looking (to me) optical machines in it.
③ The lady explained that if this test finds things to be out-of-shape, then the operation will not be able to go ahead, and she did the in-depth examination, which took about an hour  A smile came over her face when she declared that things as far as this test was concerned are okay for the op  She wished me good luck.
④ Told me to return to where I was sat when she collected me, and someone will fetch me for the final checking with the optometrist, who will make the final decision on recommending me to an ophthalmologist for surgery. If it is safe enough, Bless her!
Ah, this was obviously a decision-making lady. No humour, serious throughout. Knew her job, and seemed good at it as far as I could appreciate
⑥ She had an assistant, a young Asian lad, who did some more tests on a different machine. Testing the reactions of the eye to bouncing colours this one. 
⑦ The two of them discussed the findings for ten or fifteen minutes; I could not hear what was said, of course. The lady seemed to be teaching the young man and declared he should do the test again.
⑧ Back to the machine at the man’s desk. I sensed a little tension in the lad, so I gave him a smile and got one back in return, and he seemed to cheer up a smidgeon. As the test was completed, he showed his crossed fingers, which I took as a hopeful sign.
⑧ He sent the details of this test via his computer to the lady’s monitor, and I waited whilst they discussed the new test results.
⑨ Fifteen minutes later, she turned to me and told me that I had a deformed cornea, which was going to be challenging to reproduce in plastic, but she was willing to try, as the chances of success were within official limits. That’s all, she added…
I thanked her and the gentleman and made my way to the first reception to ask for a lift. I got lost en route, but I recovered when advised by someone I asked for guidance.
The wait for the lift home was only about an hour, but the tests had taken so much longer this visit. When I got home, it was turning dark.

Blimey, I waffled on there, sorry!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 14th January 2018: Bonkesness came forth

Sunday 14th January 2018

Igbo: Sunday 14 Jenụwarị 2018

0230hrs: Not sleep much at all last night. The brain kept me awake with its noegenesis activities. But none of its ramblings and conclusions made much sense. It kept wandering, escaping from my already limited control; Off on its autonomous, intermittent spontaneous random creating of judgments on and solutions to just about anything and everything. All bunkum, drivel, fiddle-faddle, impracticable hogwash, poppycock, and nonsensical claptrap. I think I failed to regain any modicum of authority, over the grey-cells. I reckon because I was so tired and in need of sleep that these thoughts and aimless wanderings won, and I gave up. And just went along with it all, diffidently.

Sleep did not come. But, the digressional meandering mind stopped and returned to semi-logicality abruptly when it had to deal with a demand for my utilisationing of the Porcelain Throne, suddenly and urgently! It would take several paragraphs to explain adequately the activities and incidents that followed on the trip to and in the Wet Room. (Farcical seems to cover it!) I tripped getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner. The remote control for the DVD fell off my lap, I stubbed my toe on the Ottoman and knocked over an empty (Luckily) bottle of spring water.

Got to the wet room and seated, once again, only just in time; Spurt, trickle yellow, done! Almost totally liquid. It seems that Trotsky Terence has a grip on me now. Cleaned everything up and knocked my head on the sink doing so.

Returned to the front room. Where a search for the remote control proved fruitless? I got down on the floor with the torch to look underneath the chairs, but no luck. Getting back up into a perpendicular position was a painful and lengthy exercise.

My recent thirstiness has not assuaged, and I made my way into the kitchen and made a mug of tea in the new one.

Then I did the Health Checks and took the morning medications. I dropped the dosage pot and had to replace some tablets that fell out onto the floor.

This further bending down started Reflux Roger and Hippy Hilda off. Humph!

Washed up and got the vegetables prepared and in the crock-pot ready to cook later.

Today’s selection is the last of mushrooms quartered, the sugar-snap peas, sliced red onion, and tomatoes.

I added some vegetable stock to the water. After which I noticed that it had (Oh dear) a sell-by date of January 2017 written on the box. So I dished it in the waste bin bag. Hoping that the vegetables be okay to eat?

In actual fact, bearing in mind the lack of rest and the Whoopsiedangleplops, I was feeling in fair condition. Which confused me a tad.

0325hrs: I got the computer on and finished off yesterdays diary and got it posted. Then made a start on this one.

0600hrs: I went in the kitchen to make about the eighth mug of tea. Flipping thirst!

It didn’t feel too cold or wet or windy when I opened the window and hung out to take these photographicalisations.

The one thing that struck me more than anything was that I had my hearing aids in and could have the pleasure of listening to the birds and chics giving it some wallop with their whistling, chirping and singing.

As I leaned on the ledge, enjoying the morning chorus, something flew passed quickly between me and the ground. I wondered if it might have been a bat? It would have been on the floor below level and was a black blur. But it might have been too large for a Pipistrellus? Do crows fly at night? The mass of Nottinghamian’s resting or working, burgling, mugging below, made me… Hello, the grey-cells are wondering again. Why can’t I just see a photograph without investigative delving into and getting insights and sub-messages from the brain, lately?

I reached here in the updating and went on the WordPress Reader. Some good stuff on there today.

Did the WordPress comment responses next.

Then on Facebooking.

0820hrs: Made yet another brew of tea and went on CorelDraw.

I’m a busy-bee this morning. Made up an Ode to the Night’s Thoughts regarding the top paragraph on here, using CorelDraw: Ode to the Nights Thoughts Got it sent off.

Checked the crock-pot vegetables. Coming on nicely.

Hello, Herberts knocking away again. Tsk! Still, not to bad at the moment, just the odd bang.

Sod-it! The funny turns have started. going to get down and put a DVD on and hopefully fall asleep, blimey I need it. Poor thing, Hehe!

I don’t know what went wrong with this unfinished post, but for some reason I forgot to post it? Probably when Virgin internet went down?

For what it’s worth. Here it is. Sorry folks.

Inchcock Today – Monday 15th January 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas aplenty… Tsk!

Monday 15th January 2018

Sesthoso: Mantaha 15 January 2018

0255hrs: After another night of very little sleep, and all of it seemingly in repeated five to ten-minute spells, I felt so tired. Forced my short-plump wobbly body mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner, to be met with Dizzy Dennis as I finally got up into a semi-perpendicular position. The brain joined the body shortly afterwards.

I decided that this morning, I will get down to the laundry room first-thing and do the washing.

Collated the clothes into the bag with the already prepared accoutrements and down in the ‘making a grating noise’ elevator.

Got the machine going and nipped outside the foyer doors to take this dreary photographicalisation of the view and weather. Wet again!

I got back up to the flat sharpishly and to the Porcelain Throne. I was sure that things would be messy, but no. Just wind. Nothing else. Despite the strangely different. Louder than usual rumbling and grumblings from the innards.

Down to move the stuff to the dryer. This was when I noticed the state of the machine. Whatever it was spilt or dropped onto the top of the dryer, it took some moving. Luckily I’d bought some cleaner and towels down with me.

Bits of similar marks were removed from the sink. It had dried hard.

The filter, I’d never seen so clogged and dirty. I think that maybe some new tenants might not have been aware of the need to clean them? But, there are notices on the wall asking us to clean the filters?

Back up to the dwelling and back in the wet room in another attempt at evacuation. All wind and aroma!

Set the timer to remind me about the washing. Got the computer on and downloaded and edited the photographs to use in this and yesterday’s diary. Started this blog off.

Made a brew and took a photo from the kitchen window.

Got the Health Checks done and took the medications. Made up last weeks record card.

430hrs: Alarm chirped into life, and off down to collect the clothing.

I saw that Jenny had some different posters up on the lift lobby notice board. Well, I say new, I haven’t been out for two fun-filled days.

Got the clothing out of the dryer, folded and into the bag.

Up again to the apartment and got the clobber put away.

To the Porcelain Throne yet again. Still all wind and aroma!

Did an Emergency Wrist Alarm Battery Check. Told it was okay. Thanked the chap, and had to adopt an ‘Urgent Ooh’er Mode’ and get to the Throne ASAP! – I needn’t have rushed. I got through two chapters of the Clarkson book waiting for something to happen. When it did, oh the pain. Rock solid – which confused me having all the rumbling innards earlier? How many other people toss-up a Senna and Dia-limit capsule in the air, and whichever one they catch first, they take that morning? One extreme to another nearly all the time. Humph!

Things developed a little contrarily. Little Inchy was now bleeding, Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding. I was uncomfortable in the extreme, and I stubbed my toe on the floor cabinet while applying the Betamethasone cream. Then dropped the lid off of the Daktacort tube and clouted my elbow as I bent down to retrieve it and Hippy Hilda started playing up! I was turning into a wreck! Hehehe!

Pressed on updating this post up to here, and then went to the WordPress Reader. Next to the comments, not many, so I visited Facebook.

Made another mug of tea. (The thirst is still lingering?)

Tended to the ablutions. Took all five black bags to the waste chute, and readied everything, remembering to take the Audio-Clinic book with me to get some more batteries.

Off down and out into the rainy morning, but it was not cold with it.

The workmen were busy, deliveries coming in regularly.

Had to be careful on the wet leaves in the puddles and pavements.

I stopped half-way to the Obergruppenfureresses Wardens Shed and took this photographicalisation of the progress in the new four-storey apartment block being built.

The new higher crane had had its concrete blocks fitted.

Went into the shed and found Obergruppenfurheress Deana and Obergefreiteress Julie busy and just leaving on their duties. Quick greetings and off they poddled. Jenny and about six other tenants were in there, keeping dry and warm while waiting for the bus. A welcome and chinwagging session ensued.

Jenny asked if the radiator blocking the kitchen cupboard and drawer had been moved yet. I said no. I think it was only Thursday when I noticed this, and Jenny mentioned it to Deana, so I should hear something from them soon. So kind of Jenny to look after me.

Out to the bus stop and another natter with Roy and Gladys.

I snapped this drab picture of the two blocks with the cranes showing. The one on the left was blowing about a bit in the wind. I also caught Roy, bless his cotton socks as he adjusted his lethal four-wheeled shopping trolly. Great chap Roy and his better half. I’m lucky in some ways here. Jenny, the Newcastle gal, Margaret, Deana, Julie, Roy and many other folks I consider as ‘Special’, and all might pull my leg, but they seem to give me time, and I love them all for that. Without them and my Cyber-Buddies, life would not be so good.

Caught the bus, had a bash at the crossword book en route. Dropped off in town and went into the Poundland Shop in search of some Payne’s Chocolate Brazil nuts and any Pork Farm Pork Pies if they had any. I came out with two Pork Pies and four screw-lid containers, well pleased with that. I can use the lidded boxes to keep the potato chips now and have a fresh nibble at leisure. Haha!

The rain got a little heavier as I made my way down into the soggy slab-square.

Crossed through the square and up Friar Lane, then right and along to the end of Maid Marion Way then left up Standard Hill to the Audio Centre. I have to mention that Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were all gentle with me, and I got up the hill almost with ease! Great stuff!

As I arrived, I thought we were going to be in for a right storm. Darkness fell, and the rain turned into a drizzle, but by the time I’d crossed over to the clinic, it had brightened up a bit, and the rain stopped altogether? Weird that. Being as it was not open, I did not go in. Hehehe! But, not to worry, I can get some from batteries from SpecSavers. Which entailed me walking back the way I came from, Tsk! At least it was downhill this time.

Down to get the batteries, and called into the Poundland shop on Fletcher Gate en route. Maybe they will have some Payne’s brazils at this branch?

Nope! I came out lugging a full shopping bag now. With, a pack of sliced wholemeal rolls, Zoflora disinfectant, Bliss Lemon Yoghourts and some bars of chocolate called ‘Twin Peaks’. Should come in handy as Raffle Prizes at the Tenants Social Hour on Thursday, because they are different? Methinks anyway.

I forgot all about getting the flipping hearing aid batteries, due to my excitement at getting something interesting for the raffle and the screw-lid containers. Sad, innit?

I hobbled to and over the slab square and up Queen Street to the bus stop. Only the plates-of-meat (Feet) was hurting now. But they were making an excellent job of it. Haha!

The Newcastle Lady and a bloke tenant were waiting alongside me. I Wished I were better at remembering names. She is a right character and lovely woman. We had a chat, and all got on the bus. We were soon back at the apartment. We both walked from the bus stop, having another chinwag. She got off at the floor below mine, we said our farewells and wished each other well, and I got in and id the Health Checks and visited the Porcelain Throne, and sat and waited for yonks! Blow me, back to all wind again this time?

Washed up well, and wiped the contact surfaces with antiseptic disinfectant. Best be safe I thought, with the ever-changing evacuations modes, and the non-stop thirst, something might be brewing-up, a cold perhaps. Getting wet again won’t help.

I took the cellophane off of one of the lidded containers, and found it had a second slightly smaller one inside! So I washed them an filled both up with potato chips. One with beef flavour, the other with plain salted and added some BBQ flavour powder to it. I’ll have some of these on tonight’s meal later on.

Got onto sorting the photos and updating this post.

I stored the other bits I’d bought away and got the Health Checks and medications tended to.

Readings a bit up & down today. Hey-Ho!

Must get these trousers off and into the jammies, the legs and feet feel terribly cold now. All done! That’s a bit warmer now.

Got the nosh sorted.

Not as enjoyable or good as the last one, but I still enjoyed this one. The Pork Pie was delicious. (Note I removed the fatty crust this time, due to the increase in my weight of late!)

Gave it a rating of 8/10.

After washing the pots and settling to watch a DVD, dear old Herbert above was clanking and banging away again. But it didn’t last for long this time.

I got the DVD on, fell asleep and woke with the phone tinkling away. Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner and over to answer the ringing, I stubbed my toe on the Ottoman. It was my old mate, Mike. Saying he would visit me in the morning. I explained about the blood test I had in the morning, and he kindly thought about it and said he would call Wednesday morning if I was free, which I was, and informed and thanked him. I think, being half-asleep at the time. Great of Mick to call again.

It took a hell of a while to get back to sleep after the grey-cells had been activated again. They went off on their own thought patterns again, determined that I should solve the problems of the world. Haha!

Settled and seconds later I had to go off to the wet room for a wee-wee. Bit of a Dizzy Dennis as I got out of the recliner, and banged my shoulder against the door frame en route. I believe I might have uttered words to the tune of “Oh, blow!”, or something similar.

Eventually, I got off to sleep a much-needed sleep, thankfully.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 7th January 2018

Sunday 7th January 2018

Greek: Κυριακή 7 Ιανουαρίου 2018

0355hrs: Having a marathon long day yesterday, I slept through for over seven hours. I still had the remote control in my hand from when I was trying to view what channels were on the goggle-box, but can’t recall watching anything, so I assume I drifted off into slumber very quickly.

The mind seemed to have some disponibility this morning, far less muddledness. The stomach began rumbling as I tried to dislodge my grotesque body from the £300 second-hand recliner. So, off to the Porcelain Throne with a certain amount of haste. Oddly, and I’m not an algophilist, but I missed the pains from Anne Gyna and Artur Itis. Although I was extremely pleased with the lack of attention from Dizzy Dennis. The session went well, only a few specs of blood that I think came from Haemorrhoid Harold and not as messy as yesterday.

I made up the medication dosage pots and made a tasty mug of Co-op 99 tea. That went cold when the rumbling and grumbling started again. So, back to the Porcelain Throne. A more protracted session this time, I got through a whole chapter of the Lenigrad book before anything moved, and when it did so, rock solid surrounded by coloured water? I hope this will not prove nocive to my health, I don’t want or need any other new ailments at the moment to cope with. Hehe! However, on the bright side, I saw no blood.

Back to take today’s health Checks and medications, and make another brew-up,

Got the computer on and an update arrived, so I downloaded it. It didn’t take long. Reading about what the update included left me baffled, just crossed my fingers all would be well and got on with finalising the Saturday diary and got it posted off.

When the rumbling innards started to kick off for the third time, worriment showed itself. The session was entirely different again; ‘Push, Plop, Gone!’ This time with a little blood from somewhere. Washed and cleaned up and the second mug of tea of the day had gone cold, went to make another one.

Took two photographs out of the kitchen window.

The first one, of the resident’s parked cars down below on Chestnut Walk.

The vehicles had a decent covering of frost and ice all over. I should imagine the pavements will be a bit slippery.

Then took a picture of the skyline and horizon. Which seemed to provoke to me into a studious mode. Out there, all those people asleep in their cottages, bungalows, apartments, terraced houses, semi-detached homes, mansions, caravans, cars, hostels, shop doorways, friends settees, workplaces, hospitals, loony-bins and being burgled, mugged, attacked, conned or whatever. Every Homo-Sapien with their own personal worries and hassles. I think I heard silent cries of, unhappiness, frustrations, pain, paroxysms and unwanted emotions in the still of the icy-cold morning. Blimey, did I write that?

I made a third cup of tea, Extra-strong Old English Breakfast this time, in the tiny mug.

As I was putting in the milk, the shakes came over me. When I went to pick it up, and Craig Cramps attacked the left-hand fingers, and I spilt a drop or two trying to grab it, cause I was using the other hand on the camera.

How can things change so much ailment-wise in just a couple of hours?

I was feeling so good when I stirred into life this morning too. Now in turmoil and uncomfortable! Confusionableitis reigned. Globdangerations!

Updated this post up to here. Went to the WordPress Reader section. While doing this at 0710hrs, Herbert above kicked off with his dropping stuff and knocking. I must remember to mention this to Deana when I see her.

Then, after the tea had gone cold once more, (Like how I cunningly made only a small mugful, Hehe?) I made another and read then answered the comments

Then went on Facebook.

0805hrs: Next on CorelDraw, doing a graphic of the new Sandra Lentz film on DVD, called Law & Order: “The ‘Senior Citizens Uprising’. 0940hrs got it finished and posted off.

Worried about how things will go tomorrow with the radiator installations.

Did the Health Checks and medications.

No desire for any real fodder, but had some nibbles.

The blues were returning, I got down to watch some TV, but gave up after about a dozen nod-offs.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 6th January 2018:

Saturday 6th January 2018

Malay: Sabtu 6 Januari 2018

0320hrs: After all the past three days Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpa’s I knew something had to happen. I slept six hours straight through, which was needed and I felt grateful for. But the innards were rumbling and grumbling instantly, and astonishingly every ailment bar Rumbling Robert, Duodenal Donald and Dizzy Dennis, were far less prominent than of late. I even escaped the £300 second-hand recliner with relative ease as I made my way to the Porcelain Throne in an attempt to settle-down Rumbling Robert. A messy little job, and I only read a page and a half of the Lenigrad book, and it was all over. Cleaned up, applied some pain gel to Hippy Hilda’s location and made my way to the kitchen, to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

During which the brain kept giving me ideas for an ode about this weeks Whoopsiedangleplops, so rapidly I thought I was turning into an epopoeist; pitifully, within seconds, the words and ideas faded and the grey-cells refused to store them. But the suggestion of doing a rhyming blog of the week’s Whoopsies remained appealing to me.

Did the medical needs.

Made a cuppa, then got the computer on, but the Rumbling innards had other plans and gurgled away again, forcing a panicky rush back to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dear! A proper messy session this time. Cleaned up and back to the computer.

I tried doing this blog idea and Whoopsiedangleplop on CorelDraw instead of WordPress or Word. It took me a long, long time to get done. Blimey, six hours, and I am not pleased with the result. Tsk!

Posted it off and did this up to here, then started to finished off Friday’s diary.

5Fri03Went to make another mug of tea and took this photograph of the dank-weather and bare open balconies outside.

The wind had dropped, though the drizzle continues.

Back on the computer and the Friday Inchcock Today finishing off of.

I rang Sister Jane, but no answer, I know she is having problems with her mobile. Rang her hubby Pete. Poor devil sounded proper poorly with the flu. I rang Jane back, but he hadn’t much time as she was galavanting. Hehe!

Went on to the WordPress reader.

Then many hours creating some ‘TFZers Visit Gerry in Nottingham’ graphics series. During which this came up from Firefox:

When I can work out what it means, it might be a good thing. Back to the TFZer graphicationalising. Accompanied by Herbert upstairs scraping tapping and dropping stuff on the floor. Indeed not the workers to blame on a Saturday!

Five hours later, I got the artworks finished. A further hour and I got them posted. Here’s just a few of them:

Made a post of them on WordPress.

Long past my kipping-down time now.

I took a photo of the sky and got the medications took, and Health checks were done and got the fodder prepared, determined not to let the tray slip off my knees tonight. Typing this made me realise that the ailment had been kind to me tonight, bar Hippy Hilda and Duodenal Donald. Very good methinks?

I ate most of it, but fighting against falling asleep spoilt the flavour a bit.

The oven rewarmed cobs were buttered and thickly loaded with slices of Krakowska.

I washed the pots and got the TV going to check what was on offer tonight. I’d forgotten to get a TV magazine, Tsk!

I think I nodded off while looking at it, waking up six hours later, in need of the Porcelain Throne.

TTFN, each.

Thursday 7th September 2017 – Social Hour Day-Medication Whoopsiedangleplop, to the delight of Trotsky Terence. Humph!


Thursday 7th September 2017

0335hrs: Woke in the £300 second-hand recliner with the stomach rumbling away. Sure that I dreamt earlier something about my being inside a body, and trying to wash off graffiti from the Sigmoid Colon innards. (Where did I get this name from, is it real or did I make it up in the dream?) I was wearing a butchers apron as I used too many years ago when working at the Nottingham Cooperative Society as Greenfruit and Wetfish shop manager? This was the first time in weeks I think that I recalled actual parts of a nightmare.

My innards put an end to by pondering over my hey-days as the rumblings turned violent and I hastily struggled out of the chair and to the wet room and much-needed Porcelain Throne. Where the almost burning pains were alleviated as I painfully and messily evacuated the contents and had a good clean-up. I fear my thinking is becoming dereistic?

Into the kitchen and did the Health Checks, made a brew in the new second-hand mug and shuddered at the weight I had gained overnight, and this just after a heavy Porcelain Throne exodus, too! Tsk!
I took a Loperamide Hydrochloride capsule, to try and counterbalance the return of the dreaded Trotsky Terence!

Sys 158, Dia 63, Pulse 76, Temp 35.8 and the tonnage (Hehe!) at 14.97!

Buying the silly mug yesterday, I am sure, is a sign of my becoming an oniomania sufferer, (CBD) and think I may have to mention it to someone in the know?

Back to get the computer going, and signs of overnight nibbles were found. Guilt and self-reproach had to be repelled!

Started this post going up to here, and then begun to finish off yesterdays when a second call to the Porcelain Throne arrived.

And what an unpleasant affair this one was again. Luckily I had the pen and crossword book stored in the wet room for such occasions. Any tips? Hehehe!

Back to the diary updating. With a couple of visits to the Porcelain Throne interrupting the proceedings.Then… recognition of a Calamitus Whoopsiedangleplop made earlier!

Then… recognition of a Calamitus Whoopsiedangleplop made earlier!

Muggings here had taken a Senna tablet in error for a Diah-Limit one! This could be interesting. Oh, dearie me!

I got the pod peas and orange peppers into the Crock-Pot with some brown sugar to the marinade, them to use later.

Realised I’d forgotten the mushrooms and sliced a few and added them afterwards.

Finally got the Wednesday diary done and posted off. Then checked the Emails and responded to them and WordPress.

A little time left before I had to get the things ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour, so I had a go on Facebook.

Onto the ablutionisationing session. Far fewer cuts shaving today, Trotsky Terence intervened once, teggies, medicationalisationing of certain quarters, got the new trousers on and took the rubbish bags to the chute.

Collected the bag of raffle prizes and nibbles and set out for the Winwood shed.

No folks or workmen in sight as I took a slow amble down to the shed. Taking two photographicalisations of flowers on the grass verge that were near the bus stop.

Nature is marvellous, it is just a shame it took me all these years to get around to appreciate it more.

Just one berry left on this giant bush, looking so lonely with the others dying around him. This yellow flower was the only one of the hundreds around that did not have a centre pattern?

Into the hut, there were a few more residents here this week compared to last. They demolished the nibbles in short order, many taking two, one for their partner who can’t get to the meeting. I can see what will happen now, those without a partner will be wanting two next week! Hehe!

No BJ this week, but I remembered he is on holiday in Cornwall, and next month two weeks in Ireland. Jealous? Me?

Folks seemed in a decent mood.

When I left early to catch the bus to Arnold, a lorry arrived delivering hardcore.

I meant to get the man in the pictures little dog in the frame but missed him. The tiny spirited thing didn’t half have a go at the lorry when it passed them, making the two of them jump a little.

A lot of tenants arrived to catch a bus, and the lady from the end home came, and we had an excellent nattering session. This girl lives in the Home at the end of Chestnut Drive. Briarwood Court ran by Metropolitan, it provides accommodation for people with learning disabilities. Accommodation consists of a four-bedroom house and seven self-contained single flats. They provide white goods, and there is a communal washing machine and tumble drier. A key-worker provides fifteen hours per week of one-to-one support in the customer’s home. Support is provided for as long as each client needs it, with the intention that they develop the skills and confidence to eventually live independently. (Found the above details on the web) The poor thing was in a bit of a confused state and very worried about them hassling her about her loss of weight. She had lost three stone in a year, and I think they were trying to help her to gain weight. They have a holiday she can go on for free, to the Mediterranean, but say she must get her weight up to 8 stone, or she will not be allowed to go on it. She told me of the things happening to her and people getting upset with her. Perhaps they are trying to get her to understand things health wise for her benefit? I don’t know anything other than what she tells me but felt a little honoured that she chose to say it to me.

During the chinwagging, on the bus, she asked if it would be possible for her to attend the Winwood Social Hour. Bill (William on Sundays) and Roy both said I should ask one of our Obergruppenfurheresses. Maybe I could invite her as a friend? She is a gentle lady, and I believe she needs extra help than she is getting. I wish I could assist in some way. When Warden Deana returns from her holiday, I will inquire.

I did offer her a nibble, and she thanked me and took one, a Penguin bar but will she eat it? Bless her.

Dropped off the bus in Arnold and went straight to Asda. Where I had a long slow hobble around and ended up spending far too much on unneeded fodder again. Humph! I bought Nibbles for the meetings, a parsnip, carrot, red onion, leek, bread thins and two beef slices in pastry.

Went to get the bus and missed it. Tsk! Decided to have a look around the shops before catching the bus going the other way, and staying on it to come back again on the way to town. Does that make sense?

Hobbled to the Iceland store, bought nothing.

Then out and along to the Fulton Foods shop, where they had some very cheap offers on nibbles, and I purchased a box of – Lamb steaks in rosemary and mint sauce cook-in-the-bag style. Might have one of these tomorrow with some Crock-Pot veg cooked in seasoned with lamb gravy water? The last ones of these I had, were mostly bone, but the gravy was excellent. And, very cheap at £2.99 a pack.

To the bus stop, long way out to Bestwood and then back to Arnold and then Daybrook, Sherwood and the flats.

The leek that I had bought was smelling so strong, the scent came out from the bottom of the bag on my knees and made my eyes water Hahaha! I bet this one will be tasty?

The Briarwood lady and Roy and Bill (William on Sundays) and Welsh Bill got on in Sherwood, and we chatted.

Hobbled to the flats with Welsh Bill and a lady. She had a moan on the way about lack of movement with the apartments, and said how she had requested that the bus move the stop to nearer put flats. I mentioned that it might cause more difficulties as there would not be room for it to turn around at the end. But she would not have it, all she was interested in was not having to walk so far. Hehe!

Imagine if the bus was at the end turning like she wanted, and a lorry arrived like this one from earlier today?

Got in, Throne. Got the dinner on the go. Beef pie with trimmings.

Back at the apartment: A Porcelain Throne Visit – messy again, Trotsky Terence lingering still. Turned the computer on updated this diary a bit. Then, got the nosh sorted.

Got the nosh sorted.

Mushrooms, yellow peppers, last of the fresh garden peas, hash browns, lousy tasting bitter tomatoes, apple, Marmite crisps and a beef pie.

Not the best of meals, but a worthy 7.9/10.

Did the health Checks, took the medications and had a glass of spring water.

Fatigued again, I washed up and settled to watch ‘Hussle’ on the DVD.

I got through a whole three episodes without a single nod-off!

Had to visit the Porcelain Throne, a messy session again. Trotsky Terence and a rumbling tummy. Tsk!

Cleaned me and things up and took an Acute Diarrhorea capsule. This got me through the night alright, Throne visiting-wise. Hehe! Bearing in mind the earlier Whoopsiedangle plop with the Trotsky medications, it might have been worse.

The nodding off started minutes after I’d got back into the £300 second-hand recliner. I’m sure many dreams were had, but remember nothing of them, other than a sense, a feeling, that the school days were in them somewhere.

Woke early with a jump at 0235hrs?

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 12th July 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop with the Blood Test appointment

Wednesday 12th July 2017

Bosnian: Sreda, 12. Jula 2017

0500hrs: Woke, and sensed and began to assess the old and new aches and pains, feeling so tired and weary, heavy eyelids… an escapage of rear end wind, and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and hobbled to the Porcelain Throne.

Arthur Itis was showing displeasure with the walk there. Trotsky Terence ensured there was no struggling in the evacuation session. Haemorrhoid Harold bled freely, the aroma that filled my lungs and the flat were rank and offensive even to me! I feared it would not be contained in my flat, opened all the windows later and sprayed air-spray all around, I nearly choked myself with that, never mind natures gifted aromas. Hehehe!

A new pain, in the right side of the rib cage, caused me to quantitate the situation for a few minutes. This newbie wasn’t akin to the pains from Anne Gyna. Although they do vary all the time, on their location, type and severity?

Even Reflux Roger kicked off as I limped into the kitchen, what a start to the morning this was!

The rumbling and grumbling from the innards started too, as soon as I had finished the evacuation process.

Made a brew of tea and did the Health Checks. Took the medications.

Before I could drink the tea, I needed the Porcelain Throne again. As I performed the evacuation procedure (At least the odour was less vicious this time, but then again the residue from the first one, still permuted the atmosphere, Hehe), the new stabbing pain on the right started again. Cleaned up the porcelain, myself and wiped the contact points with Dettol lemon sheets. The tummy felt queasy again, and Steven Shakes paid me a visit then. Plonked myself down on the WC seat and it moved so much I thought I was going to slip off of it. But this was a good thing actually – cause it took my mind off of the other pains.

Back to the kitchen and made another mug of tea for the one that had gone cold.

Took an extra Anti-Diahorrea capsule and a 60g Codeine Phosphate for the rib area pain.

The temperature on the wall thermometer showed 59°f.

Opened all of the windows to help remove the Diahorrea Donald donated smells. Haha!

I decided that staying indoors would be a good idea today. Mostly the Porcelain Throne room door? Hehehe!

Took this photographicalisation of the scene below, through the kitchen window.

Then leant out seize this photograph of the brightening morning – Clouted my head on the frame of the window.

This seemed to work a miracle. Diahorrea Donald’s rumbling calmed right down, and Reflux Roger eased off very quickly? Things appeared to be improving a little. I’ve no idea why, just appreciative that they are doing so. Very queer?

Off to the Porcelain Throne.

I started the completion of yesterday’s post, had a wee-wee, had a Dennis Dizzy and then, back to the Porcelain Throne again. No excessive aroma this time, and far less splattering and pebble dashing activity. Good!

Did some WordPress reading and checked the Emails.

Had a wee-wee, then got on with starting this post.

Realised I was to go to the HMV store to see if the Biederbeck Three Series I’d ordered had arrived.

I can’t remember how I lost the original copy I had. Might have disappeared in the moving into the flat?

No doubt about being one of my favourites. Can’t, well, dare not go out today with the threat of Diahorrea Donald lingering over me. Tsk!

Went on Facebooking. After a while, I got a reminder box come up – of the appointment for the INR blood test at the Doctors!

Panic, there was no way I could get there in time, I thought. Everything hurriedly turned off, no wash no shave, got the bag of tricks that was luckily readied beforehand and made my way down to the New Temporary Shed, in search of someone who could ring the surgery to let them know for me, and ring a taxi.

Got down and out to the hut, but no one was about. I decided to leg it down to Mansfield Road as quickly as I could and catch a bus into Carrington. Still found time to take this photo though, as I turned right down Winchester Hill.

Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis both giving me grief as I rushed as much as I could. Got to the bus stop and one arrived as I did so. Lucky!

Dropped off in Carrington almost outside of the Sherrington Park Medical Practice and got in quick. Chest legs, knees and all of a flutter, and flapping a little. I reported with the Obersturmbannführeress Receptionist, humbly apologising for being late, and she pointed out I was in fact, only one minute late?

Seconds later, Nurse Nichol fetched me into her treatment room and had the blood taken. Gave her the nibbles, thanked her and departed; Still wondering how I got there almost in time? Very confused!

To the bus stop and caught one back up into Sherwood.

Called at the Co-op store and got some button mushrooms, fresh pod peas and bananas.

Avoided the Big Issue Seller woman who has two mobile phones and is often seen using both of them, outside the shop.

Then next door to the cake shop and obtained a fresh cream iced scone thingy.

Then called in the Children’s Charity Shop, nothing of interest.

Further up the hill and into the Nottingham Hospice Shop. Bought two red saucepans that didn’t look in bad condition.

As I waited to cross the road, this car pulled around the corner and parked up on the pavement, and the driver just sat there. The thing of interest was what I think are tyre skid marks across the road behind the vehicle.

I also noticed the crack in the bookmaker’s window, where the scores led to? My Sherlock Holmes head was working. Then I realised the crack was the reflection in the glass window of the outline of the grey car. Hehe! I shouldn’t be allowed out on my own!

At the bus stop, several other tenants joined me, and a good chinwag followed.

Roy, took one of the bags for me to carry back on top of his four-wheeled-trolley. Bless him.

The fencing around the place was now having steel boards attached to them, still in the purple colour scheme. I’ll try to get a photo of them soon. Annie, one of the tenants with us, pointed out that when they are up, we will not see any traffic coming and will have to walk on the road to get passed them. I thought not, but decided against not agreeing with Gordie gal Annie, that was not a good idea, disagreeing with her. Hehe!

A laugh in the lift going up, and into the flat and onto the Porcelain Throne. Not so bad this time, methinks the new capsule earlier, was working well.

Put the food away and got the new second-hand saucepans washed and on the cooker.

Podded some peas and chopped a few mushrooms up and got them into the Crock-Pot on low.

Had a wee-wee.

Does anything stick out to you bout this road I pictured earlier? Something singular?

Started to update this diary again.

Went on Facebook to finish what I started earlier before the confusion about the INR blood test.

Started some more graphicalisations off for the TFZer site.

Very tired now, and the new pain on the right side of the chest is getting worse.

Got the meal sorted.

Had a fish one. Smoked mackerel (Not very good), tomatoes (Fine), Fresh garden peas (Very good), Surimi fish (Very good), Sliced roasted potatoes (Overcooked, but I liked them), Mushrooms (Good) and beetroots (Excellent). 8.9 overall rating.

Settled to watch some TV, but again, it was interspersed with nod-offs. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 30th May 2017


Tuesday 30th May 2017

Scots Gaelic: Dimàirt 30 Cèitean 2017

0415hrs: Stirred with a sensation from the innards that ‘Thomas Trots’ were brewing within again. Aware of the fact that I had been dreaming but once again, no recollections of any details. Most annoying this. Huh!

Dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold, but the ‘texture’ was a bit loose and reminiscent of the ‘Trots’ returning and was nervous making. Humph!

Kettle on and took the medications. Did the Health Checks with the following results:

Sys 153 – Dia 75 – Pulse 91 – Temperature 35.8 – Weight (Wait for it…Hehe!) Up to 14.85! One day of my being stuck indoors again and up it shoots!

Made a brew of good strong tea and got the computer going to start this diary off. Then back to the Porcelain Throne once more… oh dear, definitely more splatter in nature this time. Not good this. Afterwards, the stomach started rumbling, grumbling and annoyingly with stabbing pains.

Updated to here, then finished off yesterday’s chronical and got it posted off.

Did some WordPress reading.

Worked through the Emails.

Onto CorelDraw to start a TFZer graphicalisation. While doing them, the surgery emailed me with the next INR test for Tuesday 6th June at 10.05am.

1125hrs: Tired with all the concentration on doing the graphics.

Going to get the ablutions done and get out on the bus into Arnold and call at the Open Market to try and get some fresh pod pea, methinks.

Back in a while, I hope.

Good clean up completed, I set out to the bus stop. Nice chinwag with some of the residents.

The L9 to Bestwood arrived and I was only one of us to get on it.

2Tue02As the bus took a slightly deviant route down into Sherwood, I took the opportunity to take a photographicalisation through the window, of a different view of Sherwood and Basford.

The sky, like all day, kept threatening rain or worse as it would darken suddenly then slowly lighten again?

Into Arnold and I dropped off the vehicle near the Wilko store.

Popped in, but did not buy anything.

Along to the Open Arnold Market and to the fruit and veg stall. They did not have any fresh pod peas on sale, though.

2Tue03Plodded along Front Street, not many folks out and about today.

Had a bit of a Dizzy Dennis on the walk to the Fulton Food Store. Managed to get two bottles of the tasty Sterilised milk, with with a long ‘Use by’ date on them. Some Lemon flavoured ice cones for only a quid, that were titled on the box of six as “Rios Waffel Hornchen’s” German perhaps? 400g cans of Garden Peas at 3 for only a quid! And two packs of strong cheddar for only £2! Got some bargains there did I not?

Of course, I didn’t need any of what I bought, apart from the sterilised milk. Tsk!

Then, foolishly, I wandered across the road into the Asda (Walmart) store. Where I first got a TV magazine for next week, then looked for some pod peas but they had none in. Then, totally incomprehensively, I bought two packs of grated strong cheddar that were on offer. Talk about the short term memory going when you get on a bit – How I could have forgotten I’d bought the two packs from Fulton’s ten minutes earlier, I don’t know! Sad really!

It got worse. They were offering Minced Lamb and Potato Hot Pots, at two for £3, Lemon and Lemon Curd yoghourts on offer, a pack of some cheese filled potatoes for baking 2Tue04reduced from £2 to £1.59, a pack of 6 English tomatoes at 69p, biscuits, Pork and Mushroom Pate, bread thins, Surimi sticks, chocolate Shortcake biscuits and Potato Farls.

Paid the lady at the checkout and struggled to carry the two bags to the bus stop when I departed the store.

Got to the bus stop and waited for the L9 bus to get me back to the flat and the Porcelain Throne.

The innards and the Trots were threatening an Accifauxpa as the 2Tue05rumbled away suddenly.

A most uncomfortable and nervous bus ride home.

I photographed the sky as we passed some houses, it was looking threatening again.

Tried to do some crosswords then, anything to try and take my mind off of the imminent possibility of utter embarrassment and shame of loosing control of the innards bubbling away. Oh, dearie me!

I had what might have proven to be a calamity when I got back to the flats. Several other tenants got off at the same time, and as they made their way rapidly to the foyer, I realised there were too many of us to all get into the lift… as I was the slowest moving it followed that I would have to wait for them to go up and lift to come back down… further risking an Accifauxpa from the rear end!

By the time I got there they were all on their way up, and the wait for the lift to return back down seemed like a painful month of Sundays to me! I can laugh about it now, but not at the time! Hehe!

Sweating somewhat by the time I got in the lift, praying control could be maintained and Timothy Trots would not cause me shame.

Getting out of the lift and to the flat door is a haze more than a memory. Bags dropped in the doorway floor, clothes discarded and into the wetroom, tore the flipping trousers and underpants panicking to get them off ASAP… And…relax! Made it without any real Whoopsidenagleplop, but with not a second to spare!

Haemorrhoid Harold was flowing blood freely and Duodenal Donald started giving me some stick. Had to do a mammoth cleaning up session of the Throne, wetroom and myself. Wiped contact surfaces with the lemon antibacterial wipes. Got the Protection Pants on, threw away the trousers after emptying the pockets into another pair. I felt so drained then. But pleased at having avoided a totally ignominious outcome.


Got the purchases out and stored them on their proper places.

Then remembered the Morrison order arriving tomorrow!

With no room in the freezer and very little in the fridge, things might get difficult in the morning?


Got the fodder on the cook, Lamb hotpot in the oven added the potato farls and balls later.

2Tue07Served it up, unsure if I was eating the right thing here for the innards situation?

Decided I was not, so only ate a bit of it, to be on the safe side. Tempting as it was, as it did taste marvellous.

Shame that!

I did have one of the Waffel Hornchen’s afterwards, the cone was really soft, but the lemon ice-cream was great.

I think the Quorn vegetable lasagne in the fridge might be alright to try for tomorrow’s meal?

The rumbling and grumbling remained, but no worse, and there were not too many trips to the Throne afterwards either. Although I did feel well drained and a little confused for some reason?

Checked the TV paper and chose some things to watch. Fell asleep of course, when I woke there was a different programme on than what was indicated in the TV magazine. I rechecked and discerned belatedly that I had read tomorrow’s page in error. Huh, clot!

Soon nodded off again. Waking up what seemed seconds later, but with dream memories in my head? Wrote down notes to record later. I was in the garden of the old house, creosoting the fencing… Tony Blair joined me, with Michael Foot with him… I pointed out that Michael was welcome in my garden. You (Blair) the philargyrist and empleomania sufferer, was not! How the heck did I remember those words? Blair used his mobile phone and (Perhaps the SAS?) armed men arrived and kicked down my fencing and covered my face with shaving foam, Blair warned me about something, I kept asking repeatedly what he meant but did not get an answer from the non-stop nattering and gesturing Blair… Then I was on a MedPMrooftop…?

There was another line of text, but it was undecipherable.

Not having eaten much, I felt a bit hungry, and wondered what to have that would not aggravate the innards or ‘Trots’.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications – including one of the Morrison Diarrhoea capsule that I found pretty effective on my last attack of the ‘Trots’.

Then thought I’d have some biscuits to nibble, thinking they will not cause any aggravation to the situation. Hehe!

Which I don’t think they did – But, the hitting of my head on the cabinet door above when I went for the biscuit box did! Whoopsidangleplop!

Got the head down again, and was soon off in the land of nod… ten minutes later, up out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into the Porcelain Throne room.

This became the pattern for the night really. Humph!