Inchcockski – Saturday 29th August 2020: I felt anandrious today, and confused with it!

Saturday 29th August 2020

Sethoso: Moqebelo Oa la 29 Phato 2020

03:30hrs: I came to my limited warped senses, with only one aim, that was to get to the Porcelain Throne, pronto! I extracted my wobbly, overly-bellied body from the £300, second-hand, c1968 rickety recliner, caught my balance, grabbed Metal Mickey. Then I proceeded to do a slow-motion imitation of a John Cleese walk, desperate to hold back any anticipated escapages en route to the wet-room! I thought I’d succeeded!

I whipped down the PPs and got settled down sharpishly on the raised seat, There followed one of the most horrendous evacuations I’ve ever had. Sadly! 

The painful motion began of its own accord, the grindingly slow, pleonastic event went on and on… Argh! After what felt like an hour or so, (but was only a few minutes), the final push I had to make to encourage things along, was agony, but necessary. A few seconds to recover, and I stood up gingerly and found that much blood had flowed, in amongst the pebble-like evacuated product. And paradoxically, during the mass evacuation, I took no less than three wee-wees! But worse of all, some of the pebbles were on the floor around where I stood! So all my best efforts to avoid this happening came to nothing!

A good clean up, medicationing, and antisepticalisationing took place. During which, I caught Metal Mickey with my foot, and he came down straight onto my left foot toes!  I was worried about the noise the calamity had made, hope it didn’t bother anyone!

  Of course, I wasn’t bothered at all. I took it nonchalantly and in my stride. Pain means nothing to me, Ahem! However, the embarrassment flowed thickly!

I hobbled to the kitchenette, and needed another wee-wee! I can’t keep mention this,  but it kept on all morning, every wee was of the SSP (Short-Sharp-Painless) type, and, peculiarly, with no pre or after Micturition dribbling. Not a good start to the day, but my EQ insisted things will improve, that’ll do me if he’s right!

I took a snap of the morning view, then got the kettle on the boil, and retrieved the BP sphygmomanometer from the third-down medical drawer.

The Sys is still a bit high, and the pulse rate was up – this is possibly due to the nightmare evacuation farce on the Throne, and all the upset of the proceedings, methinks?

Made a brew of Glengettie tea, and took the medications. Then off to Computer Cameron, and made up a template. Then updated the Friday Inchcock, which, after the horrendous start to the day, went almost smoothly. Oh, Yes! The ailments were all, apart from Toothache Terence and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, being kind to me! A long job, but I completed it in record time. Smug-Mode-Utilised! 

As I got up to go for yet another SSP wee-wee. Coming back, I spotted the card posted Thursday, had dropped between the chairs. I got the long picker-upperer and retrieved, and opened it. It was from Warden Deana, bless her.

I got the blog sent off to WordPress, Pinterested some photos from it, and made a start on this post.

After an hour or two, and many wee-wees, I went to make another brew, Thompsons Punjabi. I got some new potatoes in the crockpot, to marinate, with sea salt, and some fish vinegar for a while, I’ll put the hear on later.

Took the tea, and returned to Computer Cameron, but not for long, Toothache Terence was starting his searing with pain again, so back to the kitchen for an extra Codeine.

I visited Facebook and read and posted some stuff. Then went on the WordPress Reader section. Time’s flown, I’d better get the ablutions done. Back in a bit…

I’m back! Not as easy a session as yesterday, but that was a miraculously damage-fee special one-off session. Back to a closer to the norm performance today. Hehehe!


etc. And then ! Tsk!

  • On arriving in the wet room, the need for another Porcelain Session came. And a painful one it was! But far easier than the first one all the same.
  • Oh, dearie me! The cistern was not coping with removing the waste product! I had the lid off and kept flushing and refilling via a jug from the sink. I poked in the inlet pipe, and found it part-blocked with the toilet block seals? I gave up after that, I’ll have another go later on. Gragnangles! 
  • Too early to use the shower, too noisy. So I cleaned and medicated my lower regions, but gave up trying to stop Harold’s Haemorrhoids from bleeding, I’ll try after having the stand-up wash. When I can concentrate easier. Flagtoggles!
  • Pickleglobknobs! The teeth cleaning was a nightmare, well, morningmare, bleeding gums, agony from the toothache, and four dropsies of the paste and brush!
  • The one job, shaving, did frit me a tad. Yet it went so well, only twp dropsies of the razors, and one of the foam spray. And, only one tiny cut above ear-hole. It always amazes me, why does my hair grow around and in the earholes, but nowhere else? Just a thought. Confusionableitis!
  • Cleaning around the rear end caused a few stings from the furuncles and piles. Ohh-oh-ho!
  • The dreaded medicationalising, was as to be expected, hurtful! Hahaha!
  • When it came to putting on the fresh PP’s, I lost my balance a smidge, I didn’t go over though. Instead, I put my hand out on the floor cabinet to stop myself toppling. Thus clearing just about everything you can see in this photograph! Grobbleknangles!
  • Note the screws up Haemorrhoidcream tub? When picking things up, I dropped that one three times! On the third effort, it bounced off of the raised seat, on to the wall, and rebounded landing behind the pipework! Grigglebogsblowit! Took me a lot of effort to reach it with the short picker-upperer (Donated to me by Jenny, Bless her ♥), and I had to knock the cartilage damaged finger getting it!
  • Then I had a bash at freeing the waste product. More flushes, and prodding in the hole. It’s still not all gone, but I’d had lost heart and felt atrabilious. I left it, to try yet again later on.

The feet and legs, as with the rest of the body, was really anæmic looking. Ghostly, infirm, peaky! A few new blotches. Silver-Lining-Search-Result: However, the ankle ulcer continues to slowly fade away.

I got some trousers and my slippers on, and off to the kitchen. The morning was breaking, at last.

I got the kettle on for a mug of Thompsons Punjana.

Set the heat on the crockpot, and put some mushrooms in the saucepan, with some sea salt and balsamic vinegar.

Ah, Herbert’s at his model making again, I reckon. No drilling and hammering this time, just the odd tap-knock and clunk. No problem at the moment.

I had a look at the many emails awaiting my attention. Busy looking time coming up for next week.

The wee-weeing is still coming at a steady rate of knots, about eleven or more so far, I reckon.

I had a perusal of the Nottingham Local E-magazine. To find some of the latest Coronavirus figures available. It took a while, but I managed to get these articles found, that does not look too good.

The cunning way in which they have changed the central figure from total to just new cases make it look far less to worry about.

Yesterday’s figure: Four new infections were recorded in Nottingham – bringing its total up to 1,337. Across the wider county, there have now been 3,366 positive tests confirmed since the start of the pandemic. This is an increase of 10 since yesterday, with Broxtowe recording the highest number of new cases (three) in the last 24 hours. However, there were no new cases reported in either Mansfield or Ashfield, while Bassetlaw, Gedling, and Rushcliffe all recorded two new cases.

I had a look at the leeks, mushrooms, and new potatoes cooking progress. Coming along nicely. Then I went on to create a funny ode on WordPress. Well, that was the plan… but the Prescriptions arrived, Deepak himself delivered them, bless his cotton socks. I thanked him and gave him a bag of goodies for the staff.

I turned off the computer and placed the medicinal items in the kitchen, and got on with making the meal. Another goodish effort and I gave it 7/10 for a Flavour-Rating.

Consumed it with relish, and got the pots washed. The fatigue and weariness dawned on me as I sat down, but would Sweet Morpheus arrive? No!

Put the TV on, in the hopes, this might help. But, no! The danged Thought-Storms began! Confusion, aporias, and incongruities flourished! They produced a sort of habrobaniacal state of mind! Claptickleisations!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 13th November 2019: Never has one had a worserer ending to a day. Tsk!

1 Nov 13.jpg

2019 Tnov 13

Wednesday 13th November 2019

Hungarian: 2019 November 13 Szerda

0Nov 13

23:15hrs: I fell asleep early and woke up early, back to the old much-missed panicky ‘In-Need-of-the-Porcelain Throne’ habit is back. Out of the £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, gungy-beige coloured, c1968, sometimes working, uncomfortable, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty, resurrected, reconditioned, recalcitrant, recidivating and rotting-away recliner. That xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete damaged, while he was flat-sitting when I was in the Stroke Ward. And he fitted new CCTC cameras, he erected a drone-landing platform outside and searched for my valuables, which he found and took, (I still haven’t got them back yet six-months later). Off to the wet room.

It was a mammoth evacuation, but not messy, aroma-challenging, and no bleeding from the rear-end or Little Inchy. All in all, a fair, but coughing filled session!

Washed and off to the kitchen. Took the medications and made a rich brew of Glengettie Gold tea! Then to the computer, intent of getting the updating of yesterday’s post done. But… WD 150.0.0

Vir deepBrown

WD 150.0.0 I went to set up the Rice-Cooker ready for later…but the plug would not go in the socket! After spitting, making myself cough worse than ever, and a little blue language, I gave-up! Snottleburgers! I’ll have to inform the supplier late. Grumph!

The computer was working, but so slow! So, I got the ablutions sorted early while I gave it some more time. Not a bad session, a few dropsies that’s all, and with it being so early, no noisy showering.

Back to the computerisationing, things seemed to still be a little slow, but it was working at least. Thank you, Mr Fries! I got on with the updating, and with so many photographs from the After-Stroke Physio visit, and all the altercations to report, it took a monumentally long time to get done.

WD 150.0.0 Then after posting, the Porcelain Throne was required again. It was dichotomously poles-apart from the first one, although still massive in size, it was messy. Bloody and a right stinker-phoo! Also, immediately after the evacuation finished, a wee-weeing of monumental proportions came and came and… well you get the idea, it flowed a lot! I had another bit of a struggle to stem the flow, too! Haha!

I didn’t consider things to be too bad all the same. I was getting back slowly to my regular rotten-luck, unfortunateness, boo-boos, devil’s own luck and ill-fortune. Well, after so many years of failure and my being the headmaster when it comes to coping with hard knocks, omissions and miscalculations, the last few days of having the odd little good fortune, was not a little off-putting and worrying! But I feel things are now getting back to the usual suicidal, depressionalistic style. I alright with this, I’m content, cause I’m used to it.

WDP 08LWD 150.0.0 +: As if it was timed for this blog, a Mega-Whoopsie then happened. The Morrison delivery arrived. Which had the Christmas treats on it… but, the driver spotted that one of the mini-bottles of wine, had been shattered! And he could not leave any stuff in the bad or the one next to it, for fear of shards being delivered!3Wed01f 

Fair enough! I ended up with just two carriers of food being left.

The poor driver cut his finger, trying to sort-out if anything could be delivered from the two carriers. But it was too risky for him to hand anything over. He told me to email Morrison’s with the details. Which was complicated, because they do not supply any paperwork with the delivery! Mind you, none of them does now, I don’t think. I thanked the chap and 3Wed01gaoff he went. I put away the stuff that was delivered, not a big job, and took a picture to send to Morrison’s of the goods I’d received. And went on the email to read the order snipped it, and put it on CorelDraw to put a line through the products that had to be taken back. This cost me a lot of time to get done, but I managed it.

3Wed01JIt looked clear enough to me, at least.

Then I formulated the wording so they could understand me plainly enough, ready to use on the email.

At least the roast vegetable risotto meals had been in another carrier bag, so were not affected and were delivered for me to enjoy, perhaps tonight?

Especially as I can’t use the new rice-cooker at the moment. Tsk!

Ah, well, Hey-Ho!

3Wed01LI got on the computer and Google Mail. But could I find an address for the Morrisons Customer-Service? No! I found a direct link that would not let me add photographs, which I’d hoped would save me a lot of writing.

Then, to my utter surprise, I got an email come in from Morrisons!

The driver must have phoned and advised them straight away on leaving Woodthorpe Court for me?

So, Jane and Pete, Mo, Jenny, Deana, Julie, Josie, Cyndy and the others will have to wait for their treats now!

The Intercom flashed and rang out, it was the Ocado delivery. He had the precious Glengettie Gold, and Thompsons teabags. Plus the wonderfully tasty Soul-Food vegetarian chilli and the Milk Roll bread with him! The chap put the things inside for me. Thanked him. The fridge, cupboards and freezer were now chocka-block!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I decided to take some nibbles out in the trolley. I know that Jenny are not it today, it’s their feasting-out day. I’ll take the camera, and nip up to Lidl, no, Aldi on the bus to get some bleach. Back in a while… Hopefully! Immediate change of plans when I saw the wind blowing the hell out of the trees. I’ll go to town on the bus if I can catch it in time.

Out, down in the lift, through the link-passage and called at the Oberstgruppenfhúreress Warden Julie’s and Hauptsturmfhúreress Deana’s holding and interrogation office as I passed it on the way. Left the sourdough and milk roll loaves on the desk for them.

Quick hello to Herbert as he was starting a new jigsaw puzzle off in the main social room, and pressed on to the bus stop. A little drizzle had joined the wind. Not a soul waiting for the bus at the shelter, but there were several folks already on the bus. I got on board the Bestwood routed L9 and had a natter as I settled in a side-saddle seat, by the time I had got down, it was time to get up again to get o3Wed01Tff in Sherwood. Hehe!

I alighted at the bottom of Winchester Street hill. The L9 bus I’d just got off of can be seen in this photo on the right. I plodded on down to Mansfield Road and turned left, to visit the Ozan International Food Store. I’ve not visited it lately, because with my struggling with the trolley in the narrow aisles and steep steps3Wed02 having to be tackled getting around the store, it is a bit of hard work. However, my desire for their lemon wafers and biscuits gave me the will-power to try again. They had now started to display their fruit and veg outside on the pavement! And the food looked horrible. Withered and unappealing most of it looked. Especially some tomatoes on display, talk about macerated!

WDP 11gLWD 150.0.0 WD 150.0.0a I got in and started to have a wander in the shop. Struggling to get the trolley around with me in the narrow aisles, I came to the three steep steps up to the so-called, fresh-foods section. This is where I was in the middle of lifting the trolley as I gingerly stepped up, and had a visit from Dizzy Dennis. Twisted the knees as I had to catch my balance, and Arthur Itis kicked into life! From here on, it was limping around painfully for the rest of the day for me! Tsk! I did get some chicken sausages from the fridge. I’d had these before, and found them tasty and morish in the extreme. Which was silly really, with all the ready-meals I had at home in the fridge and freezer, What a Schmuck! I searched painfully, for some lemon wafers or biscuits without any luck. Until I was making my way limpingly (Gawd, the knees were giving me some gip now!) to the till, and I spotted they had lemon mini-lemon cakes, individually wrapped on display near the counter, and added a pack to the chicken sausages.

3Wed10aPaid the gal, and out and up Mansfield Road! Where I met Welsh William, who told me of another shop closing, a Charity outlet, sadly. So we went in to have a look for any bargains in their Clearance Sale prices. William had left, I nosied at the DVDs, in hopes of finding ‘The Negotiator’ film, but no. Still, at three for a pound, I bought these DVDs, even if I have seen them before (apart from Safe House), at that price.

WD 150.0.0 WD 150.0.0a The knees were bad, I had the occasional 3Wed03stumble when the front wheel of the trolley hit gaps and sticking up bits of the paving slabs or slid on the leaves, causing Back-Pain-Brenda to join in with Arthur Itis giving out the pain. Tsk!

A chap came and held the door open for me at the Post Office stores, as I struggled up the steep steps with the walker-guide to get inside, thank you mate! I didn’t have much success in their either. No puff-pastry fingers or Orange digestives. But I bought a pack of Vienna swirls.

3Wed05Paid the man, who was on his mobile throughout the time serving me, so I could not ask him if he was going to get any Puff Pastry fingers in stock, and I departed out into the oh, so cold sunshine. Still no rain, and the wind seemed to be dropping.

I meandered stumblingly up to and across the pelican lights over the road. And up the hill to the bus stop. Welsh William was spotted, nipping into the Coral bookies on the corner of Hall Street. It is handily placed for its many customers from Winwood Heights. With the cheap booze shop on the opposite corner, this is a boon for the alcoholics and obsessed, addicted, passionate, fanatical alcoholics and gambling-junkies at our Winwood Heights flats. I’ve only been in a bookie twice in my life, never picked a winner. Did the lottery for several years, without a single win of any size. Did the pools for donkey’s years, and won once, 4/6d (23p) for my £1 stake. So, with my record, it’s no surprise that gambling isn’t for me. But I can see the appeal all the same, for someone who is luckier than I. (Which seems everyone!) Hehehe!.

Got on the 40 bus, with Christine. We hobbled from the Winchester Street stop up to the flats. The leaves were making walking safely difficult, and Chrissie guided me onto the road and kept conk for traffic. A couple of near toppling over incidents en route to the flats. A good job Christine was with me. We nattered away and got to the lift lobby in Woodthorpe Court, where we were met by some other neighbours, Christine, Welsh William, two unknown new residents and myself rode up chinwagging as we went.

3Wed06I got in the flat, and after a wee-wee, got the nosh sorted out and served up. I had the chicken sausages with a tin of chopped tomatoes and added some passata to it. An apple, a Pop-Kek lemon cake, and a lemon curd yoghourt to follow. I ate rather too much Milk Roll bread with it, though! But it was delicious, a flavour-rating of 7.5/10!

I was feeling suddenly drained, out of energy, which is a regular occurrence, I put the tray on the chair, and simply nodded off into heavenly blissful sleep!

3Wed11WD 150.0.0 Huh! The landline chirped and flashed into life. I grumblingly freed my cumbersome-plump body from the recliner an answered the call. It was a nurse lady from the Medicines Team. The After-Stroke woman who did the six-month Check-up on me had reported to her that I need assistance and have problems with the medications? She arranged to visit me next Wednesday at 09:30hrs. Oh? I thanked her and took the meal things to be washed up. Had a PWWDIB (Pathetic-Weak-Why-Did-I-Bother) mode wee-wee, and moved the GPEB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency Bucket) to next to the recliner, I think it will likely be needed overnight.

WD 150.0.0 I got settled again in the second-hand, c1968, gungy-beige coloured rickety recliner, and turned on the TV, to watch some ‘Hustle’ DVD. But soon the doubts of whether I had turned off the hot water tap appeared, and I just had to go and check on it, to find all was okay… But it was lucky that I did this because I’d left the hob on the stove one! Self-Disgust-Mode-Adopted!

Back in the recliner, irritated and low in spirits now. I got the DVD back on, with subtitles of course. And was soon back in the land of Nod! Ah, lovely!

WD 150.0.0 The door chime rang out! I gave a sigh of fed-upness, Hauled my weary torso and attached ailments from the rickety recliner, I put on a dressing gown and answered the door, with full comprehensiveness lacking, I must admit. A young lady handed me a parcel of prescription medications. I thanked her and placed them on the kitchen worktop.

WD 150.0.0 I returned to the recliner and got down to rest again. But not for long. Sleep was now refusing to come. My thought-riddled brain would not allow it. Something was wrong, out-of-order, not right, needed doing, whatever it was, it bugged me not knowing! I got up to check that I’d closed the door properly, yep, all done. Then, ‘Had I taken the evening medications yet? The now puddled mind was playing me up. All these interruptions didn’t help, and my temporary dementedness was a handicap too. I thought I’d get up yet again, to check the tablet-blister packs to check on the doses left in.

WD 150.0.0 3Wed07Entering the kitchen and seeing the pack of medications, it dawned on me what I was worried about – the pack was nowhere near the size it usually is, so I opened it up, to find that there were no Warfarin tablets. No Paracetamols. Also, no Duodenal Donald medicines and no Macrogul sachets! Something else to worry about, and have to sort out! (I forgot all about not taking the evening medications – Grumph!)

WDP 11fLGot the computer on and sent an email to the Pharmacist. Turned off, and back to the recliner.

WD 150.0.0 Could I get to sleep again?

Could I Boggleshine!

Inchcock Today – Thurs 27 June 2019: A petulant, ill-natured, grouchy, cantankerous day! Humph!

2019 26 June

2019 June 25

Thursday 27th June 2019

Italian: Mercoledì 27 Giugno 2019

4Thu00102:00hrs. I woke with the mind filled with, what’s the most suitable word? Dread, I think! Fear of the long haul to town on the £2.30 bus trip and slog through town and up the fearsomely steep Standard Hill to the Audio Clinic, I think. Ah well! The note I’d left to remind me on the TV screen helped!

I was soon out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, grotty-beige, rickety-recliner. Intent on getting the updating done to the diary before having to go out. The thought of the medications being delivered while I was not in, with my only having one beta-blocker tablet left! Meaning I will have to go to the doctors after the Audio Clinic, to find out what’s what. This didn’t help me get much peace of mind.

I got the hand-washing done, just a t-shirt and a pair of bamboo socks. Took the medications, did the health checks, and made a brew.

Straight on with the updating. The axonotmesis-driven electricityfied-dancing in the fingers, hands, arm, and shoulder, were not too bad first thing, Phew! So progress was reasonable this time with the blog. I got the job done and posted.

Made a start on this blog (between wee-weeing). Checked the bus times on Google, then got the ablutions tended to, as it was now gone 06:00hrs! All done and dusted, cutlessly, too!

I made up two waste sacks and took them down and out with me to the caretaker’s door, as it was only 07:12hrs, and too early to sue the chute yet. There was no time for photographicalisationing this morning, or I might miss the number 40 bus. I’d got it all planned out (I think I might have thought this before, Humph). The right bus fare in my pocket knew the times of the bus, I had 14 minutes to get to the stop. I arrived with for minutes to spare. Smug-Mode-Adopted.

4Thu02WD 200.0.0 It was a struggle on this bus to town. So many people were getting on, the trolly in the way, folks treading on and into me. I was so glad when we got into town, and I could get off of the bus last, as usual. I hobbled down Queen Street into Slab Square. I avoided a collision with a Nottinghamian Pavement cyclist as I got there.  I was just about to take a photo of the two coffee robbers across the square. Came out a bit blurred, though.

4Thu03 Crossing the square to get to the Poundland Store (surely this time they will have some large Pork Farms pies or Payne’s chocolate Brazil misshapes in stock?). But no, they didn’t. However, I invested in: black bags, bleach, drain unblocker, cans of chilli-con-carne, an egg & bacon sandwich, and some more Ginsters beef pasty’s. The lady at the self-serve tills put them through for me and packed my bags. 4Thu04What an angel! As I left the store, some pigeons came down, the instant I dropped some nuts on the floor as I was taking the bag out of my pocket. There were not many left, but I lost them all! Still, the dickies benefited. Maybe they have learned that the bags can be dodgy from the Poundland shop, and other people have done the same? Haha!

4Thu05I then carried out the plan, being as I had time if I didn’t take too long over it, to walk along and up Hounds Gate, and taking pictures along the way up.

I plan to make a post of these, with some funny comments, and get it posted off later, before updating this blog. Which I did! Which I did.

Hounds Gate Humour I hope you like it.

4Thu07I turned right at the end of Hounds Gate, up Maid Marion way, previously known, when I worked at Tesco on the road, as Granby Street.

WD 200.0.0 Getting over the traffic light crossing, at the junction with Friar Lane had its moments, I can tell you! I wasn’t (not that I ever do nowadays, going quickly) and needed time set the three-wheeled trolley guide down on a different level, the moved… the cross-lights were on green, and a naughty taxi shot around the corner! Tsk! Naughty!

I walked an alternate way to the Audio Clinic today, up Friar Lane, then Standard Hill, so I could take some photos of the Castle. I was amazed to see they were still working on it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4Thu10WD 200.0.0 Then I hobbled up Standard Hil, again, I was threatened by an ignorant, uncaring, supercilious, cyclist. A self-asserting, insolent, toploftical, mocking, unlawful, sneering, huffish, nasty, overweening, pompous, discourteous and unhospitable, none-tax paying and uninsured, but handsome looking young Nottinghamian Pavement cyclist.

Near St James Terrace, I looked down at the view of the town and recalled this was where the last series of Boon was made. Just a thought!


4Thu06To the end of Postern Street and left up to the top of Park Row, and on to the Ropewalk. A builder’s vehicle at the top, had me beat as to what it could be? Caterpillar tracks it had on it? Perhaps it is to get the wax out of me right ear-hole? Don’t know why I said that; it isn’t even funny. Am I losing it again?

I got in the clinic, and the chap who spoke to me about the appointment yesterday greeted me a shake come nod of the head, no words, mind. It dawned on later him that he’d seen me before. I gave him my appointment book, and he spoke (Yes!) He said; “I thought I recognised your limp!” I had to smile! Hehehe!

Within minutes a nurse, no, an audiologist, came and collected me and took me in her treatment room. A pleasant lady. She rechecked my ears for wax. And asked if I thought the ears (hearing) had got any worse since the stroke? I said not. The test was carried out, and there was no need for any changes. I mentioned the other lady who told me I need new inserts to stop the shrill-squealing. She said not so, all it required was the wax removing. If it builds up again, please call us and arrange for it be removed.

I departed after thanking her4Thu13.

Now the new replacement worry was the medications and having only one beta-blocker left at home. So off to the Doctors again to beg and plead for some help (again).

Down Standard Hill, across Maid Marion Way and along Upper Parliament Street to the bus stops where I can catch a bus to the surgery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I caught a number 58 bus, and boy was that packed with passengers as well! (although compared the one I got later on, from Carrington to Sherwood, it was almost empty!)

I alighted in Carrington and limped over the road and up to the Sherringham Park Medical Surgery, and spoke with the receptionist, hoping she could advise me. She got a list of my medications out from a draw and was confused herself as to why I had had them delivered from the chemist yet. They had the date of Monday 1 July as the next delivery date? But I was short on supplies. And only the one Bisoprolol beta-blocker left. For the first time in my life, I lost it a little!

WD 200.0.0 I suppose I’d got myself all worked up and said just what I felt.  I moaned about why it is a secret what day my medications when to be delivered? Told them I am fed up with not getting any help from the chemist and the surgery! Not the ladies fault I know, she did the best she could, and asked if I wanted to see the Doctor? It would be a long wait, but… I thanked her and accepted.

WD 200.0.0 Now, I even more fuming, I sat in the other waiting room. By the time the Doctor got the time to see me, I was still concerned about things, but was back to my regular timid, shy, self! When Dr Vindla called me in, I explained my frustrations and confusions, plus the beta-blocker situation, and she called the chemist and spoke with someone. She said go home, and the prescriptions will be delivered this afternoon.

WD 200.0.0 4Thu17My EQ warned me that this may not be the case! However, I thanked her and left to go home as instructed.

I walked down the road and over at the Pelican lights and waited for a bus back to Sherwood. When it arrived, on the journey, I was battered and bruised from the mauling I had taken from cram-packed passengers on the short trip. Now I was all niggly again!

4Thu18I walked down to the crossing and over the road, almost spitting with frustration! (If only I’d known what was to come yet, I wouldn’t have bothered!)

I went in the Co-op store and got a pod peas and some tomatoes.

4Thu19I got up to the Wilko store and got some clothes-freshener and granules. And liquid soap flakes, plus a bag.

WD 200.0.0 When I got to the bus stop at the top of the hill, Jenny’s Frank joined me in the shelter. We were having a great chinwag. As the bus arrived, I could not find the bus pass! This really irked me, I had it earlier. Frank said he saw it in my hand before, Tsk! Niggly-time again!

WD 200.0.0 I kept looking en route without any luck! At the bus stop, when I arrived at the flats, going through the pockets. No luck!

I got in the apartment, what a mood I was in! Searched for ages, before I found the bus pass – I was so relieved! Phew!

I put the things away, and got on with doing the extra blog about ‘Hounds Gate’. Of course, the fingers and shoulder started dancing. Life be right codswallop at times!

Then, I updated this post. It took me ages, as the fingers were worse than ever now! It got to well before my usual head down time. But as the medications might be coming, I pressed on with the blogging, to make sure I stayed awake and did not nod-off!

WD 200.0.0 I got evening med’s ready and made about the fifth mug of tea, and the landline rang (This being about 1830hrs!) It was the chemist checking on where I lived and how to get in the flats! He knows I go to sleep early, I’ve told him often enough. Niggle-Time again! Told him, and carried on with the updating. He’s on his way at last.

WD 200.0.0 I thought I’d do the hand washing, but there was no hot water again! I must remember to report it in the morning.

Ah, the prescription pots and medicines arrived! The owner of Carrington Pharmacy, Deepak, brought the goods. I wish he would have shown me how the packs work, 4Thu25though. 1855hrs: I thanked him, he’s a decent chap.

I put away the medications and got with sorting the belated meal. I was all in now, so tired. But wanted to stay awake for the England Ladies match against Norway.

By the time the meal was ready for consumption, the match was starting on the TV. So, down in the £300 second-hand, rickety, c1968, tatty gungy-beige recliner, tray on my lap and a feast of fodder and fine football followed!

WD 200.0.0 Although some of the food did get spilt into my naked lap, which made me jump at tad when England scored after three minutes!


Of course, I was tickled pink. But if they are to get to and win the final, it means taking on not only the gifted French girls; but FIFA, the crooked, bent VAR controllers, back-hander referees and European hatred and jealousy for Brexiting England!

In the unlikely event that they meet in the final, despite all of untrustworthy, amoral, cheating, lying, guileful, dishonourable, recreant, sneaky, unctuous, Pecksniffian, unjust, and Janus-Faced, FIFA’s efforts (Just ask any Croatian for proof), and England win. Would someone be kind enough to call the 999 number for me and send someone to help me with the shock-induced heart-attack and second stroke I will be having, thank you? Hehehe!

But I still live in hope, although possibly vain hope – but fear that FIFA will fluff and f____ up any possible festivites for anyone but the freebooting foul French fiddlers. The American team now have to face the fiddling bent French tomorrow. I fear that FIFA will again find a way to ensure victory for France. Just you watch, for VAR cons, yellow cards and false penalties. If America does win, and I would love them too, then they will meet England, and I don’t think I could stand to watch that match. I’d be torn apart.

At least I stayed awake for all of the match… well, I say all, there was a couple of two-minute nod-offs. When the game ended, I remember thinking that the excitement was going to keep me from nodding-off… as I fell asleep!

Inchcock Today – Friday 16th February 2018: Graphicationalisationing. Chiropodist tended to my feet. Prescriptions Collected. Missed the bus. Nice walk through the park, where the worst of the Whoopsiedangleplops started. Local fires. Worra Day!

Graphic wot I dun to make yer fink! Hehe!

Friday 16th February 2018

Friday 16 February 2018

0045hrs: I woke-up shivering and shaking, yet it was not cold at all. Fading fast distant memories of dreaming that was fear-making, convinced me these were the cause of the Shaking Shaun situation.

The shakes stopped as I looked around at the various piles of paperwork lying about all over the room, waiting to be sorted and filed away. I decided this job must be tackled right way. But first, the Porcelain Throne needed attending.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the wet room. Trotsky Terence’s input had increased considerably, enough to cost me a long time cleaning up after the movement. So I decided to take a Dia capsule with the morning medications.

In the kitchen, made a brew, and got the sphygmomanometer, thermometer, hypodermic, creams, lotions, medications, drops etc. out and did the Health Checks.

Taking the Morrison own label anti-Trotsky capsule with the morning medications. Without dropping anything.

Foolishly, I opened the window to take this photographicalisation facing towards the City Centre, hiding over the hills to my left.

A mistake that, I didn’t realise how cold it was out there. It felt freezing to me.

Later I looked on Accuweather:

They had a section with the next eight-hour forecast for Nottingham on it.

While tacking the filing of the paperwork, I realised that the Foot Lady Sue would be calling at 0930hrs to cut the now painfully long toenails. These are the feet, with the scars of endless old and new toe-stubbing escapades! Hehe!

I will humble myself and apologise for my forgetting her last appointment, and crawl unashamedly!

Putting away the medical paperwork, reminded me that I have to collect the prescriptions from the chemist today as well. At least the walk there and back should be less painful, with the nails and corns done? Hehe!     Better wrap-up well before I go!

The innards were beginning to rumble again.

I started this page going up to here, then updated and finished yesterday’s diary.

Went on to Chrome from Firefox, to go in WordPress Reader. Back to Firefox for the comments.

Titivated the front room a bit.

Tried again to do some graphicalisational work, remembering to save regularly this time. Got carried away, and didn’t finish the first one, cause I wanted to make it too detailed. Tsk!

Early ablutions were performed so I will be ready when Foot Lady Sue arrives and not keep her waiting. Then have time to catch (Hopefully) the 1030hrs bus down into Sherwood. Making it a little less far for me to walk.

Sue arrived at 0944hrs and got straight on to do the nails and feet. Made an appointment for her next visit in 11th April. Paid her, gave her an Easter Egg and some DVDs I’d watched or was not interested in, thanked her, and she was off. I got myself ready for the trip to the Chemist.

But, foolishly tried to pick-up some of the errant toenail clippings and lost a lot of time. I thought I might miss the bus, so kerfuffled about in haste.

Got down onto Chestnut Walk and realised I had not got my hearing aids in. Too late to go back and fetch them now. But I could see the folks still waiting for the bus at the other end. Thre was a good few of them, so I assumed the coaches had not arrived yet, so took this photo of the delivery lorry blocking the road.

At the bus stop, I had a few farcical chats with some other tenants. The one between Nora and me… no, Doris, was the best as we had both forgotten to put our hearing-aids in this morning. Hehehe! A lovely lady is Doris.

Dropped off at the bottom of Winchester Hill (Only two stops). Hobbled up Mansfield Road on the opposite side today; A change is as good as rest? Haha!

As I got towards the crest of the hill, I came across those poor devils van parked conveniently, especially for someone on a disabled scooter or a mother with pram and children. But I did feel some commiserations with the man. He was a scaffolder working on some flats in a big house and really had no option but to break the law of the road did the man.

Over the hill and down into Carrington. And this Herbert of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly hit me as his rode towards me, and I had to move, there was no way he was going to! The git! I wondered as I turned to take this photo. I pondered on if he even noticed me! But my mood changed a few hundred yards further down the road.

I was totally amazed at the skills of the two carers, teachers or whoever they were, with this group of young ankle-snappers, as they plodded along so organised.

I’m so glad now, with how this photo came out. Cute is the word.

How do they get the nippers to walk along at the same speed while holding hands? Truly flabberghasted me and gained my admiration they did.

Ten minutes later I was in the Lidl shop. Got some lemon yoghourts, two cheesy cobs, chunky chip, cheese curls and vine tomatoes. Paid at the self-serve checkout without needing assistance once! The smug mode adopted! Mind you Obergruppenfurheress lady supervising we idiot shoppers, and shoplifters kept a keen eye on me, throughout! Hehe!

Out and to the Carrington Pharmacy, to collect the prescriptions. A beautiful young lady greeted me with a smile.

She then returned and pointed out that Deepak, the owner and pharmacist wanted to have a chat with me. The annual chinwag, you know, nothing to bother about. But of course, this delay meant I would miss the bus connection in Sherwood and would have to walk back up through Woodthorpe Grange Park to the flats.

But, I wasn’t feeling too bad, the feet had just been done, and he’s a grand chap, so I went in the consulting room with him and answered his questions. At the end of the consultation, I mentioned about the Protection Pants costing a lot of money, especially now with two sets of bleeding and my sometimes needing three pairs a day. I think he might mention this in his report to the doctor for me, to see if I can get them on prescription. (Thank heavens for help from my mate, Michael.)

I thanked him, gave the staff their Easter egg, and off to the bus stop and caught one into Sherwood.

Nearly fell off the side-saddle seat I had to use on the trip. Hehe! But the upsetting thing was getting off of the bus, checking the time and realising I only had four minutes to get over the road and up the hill to the bus stop in time to catch the L9 bus. I’d taken just a few paces and had to stand there looking at the L9 picking up the other tenants across the road and pulling off, and it was early! Tsk!

But I fretted not. Because the sun was out, there was no rain or winds, and I was in fit enough state to enjoy a slow amble through the park to my home on the hill. No Anne Gyna, Hippy Hilda or Duodenal Donald bothering me either. So I did that.

As I made my way up Mansfield Road, passing the bus stop and the new gym, I turned back to take a photo of Sherwood and noticed some Nottingham Pavement Cyclists actually pushing their bikes on the pavement. I was impressed.

But not for long. Reaching the downward part of the road, the Pavement Cyclists mounted up again. Humph!

Again, I was not perturbed or irritated! Because when I got in the park, I relaxed and became almost serene.

The dogs taking their owners for a walk, the birds in song, even signs of new growth here and there, all boosted my contentment factor. I stood for a great while just looking at nature.

Up to the top of the Pavement Cyclist free path, and right to the beloved, but sparse tree copse.

I observed that the hoist on the block of flats was on my floor, outside the bedroom window. I noticed that some apartments were in the process of having the balconies done, to differing degrees.

I was able to take a photo of the new centre flat’s progress. I was feeling good!

I put the camera back in my pocket, picked up the bags, started to walk on down the gravel hill… this was when I ended up on my haemorrhoid affected bum sat on the path after slipping on the mud! I hope no-one saw this from the flats.

A man and woman appeared from nowhere and assisted me back on my feet and sat me on the park bench. Bless them, they seemed genuinely concerned for my health. Informing me, that I looked terribly pale! A park worker joined us, inquiring if I needed an ambulance summoning. I felt such a fool! I thanked them all and told them I was okay. Which apart from the to me at least, indisputable facts that the haemorrhoids were stinging rotten and bleeding, I really did feel fine. But I thought it best not to mention the piles. Haha!

Made my back to the apartment, put the bags down and went into the wet room. And, oh boy, were them rectal lumps bleeding and hurting! Still, got things cleaned up and medicated in no time. Changed Protection Pants, naturally.

Anticepticated things, and got the purchases sorted and put away.

After a little rearranging was done, there was just enough room in the freezer to get the chips in it. I did wonder why I bought the tomatoes, already having so many in stock like? Huh!

Opened the sack of medications next and got them stored rotationally in the appropriate drawers.

Back to the wet room for a wee-wee. I checked for any new bleeding but was pleased to find none at all. A little pleasantly surprised, as well.

Did the Health Checks and took an extra Codeine 30g, in the hopes of easing the discomfort from the rear end.

1400hrs: Set about updating this and getting the photos sorted.

Got the oven warming ready for the chips to go in.

1610hrs: Got so far as to here. Checked the situation from the rear end. Still stinging, but minimal bleeding.

Kept finding toenail clippings wherever I went in the room. Hehe!

Cleaning up the preparation mess from the meal cooking, I observed some smoke on the far horizon outside.

I fetched the camera and returned to the kitchen.

Opened the window and took these shots of the incident.

I lost a lot of picture quality by zooming in, but nothing, settings etc. I tried could produce any really decent, distinct pictures.

A bit disappointed with my feeble efforts here when I downloaded them. The Lidl chips cooking in the oven needed turning, and did were not browning much at all. The thumb where I burn it the mass of water and fat at the bottom of the cooking tray is okay. Hehe!

Got the nosh sorted and served up. Mackerel in BBQ sauce, onion, sugar-snap peas, sliced Cox’s apple, tomatoes, the chips and two cheesy cobs, buttered sliced tomato and anchovies.

I put some Oriental Fish sauce on the cobs. Very tasty!

I settled in the recliner, the tray of vittles on my knee, and realised I had left the large mug of fresh clementine juice in the kitchen. Tsk!

Back to collect it from the bench. And saw another load smoke in a back garden of one of the houses on Cavendish Vale.

A lot of fires around Sherwood today?

I zoomed in, it looked like a bin fire of some sort to me. Didn’t half give-off some smoke. It soon eased off, mind.

Back to the victuals, and the chips were barely lukewarm by then.

Most annoyed with myself.

I am a photographicalisation addicted fool!

At least this photographicalisation taken to the left came out okay and without any smoke in it.

Got the Health Checks and medications sorted.

It had been a busy and incident ridden day for me this Friday. I fear this might have been the cause of my not being able to get to sleep at all, not even the odd nod-off, for hours and hours. I tried all of the usually successful tricks; Reading, TV and DVD, all with total failure.

The brain assiduously took me to places, ideas, fears, of its own will and choice. It led me into pondering over pneumatophilosophy, aliens, death and dying and forced me into finding faults with the argentocracy and self-serving politicians today. No rest nor sleep for me tonight. Thanks to the discombobulated brains welter of autonomous wanderings! Humph!

Inchcock Today – Friday 29th December 2017

Friday 29th December 2017

0415hrs: I woke and nodded off again, twice. Never been known before. Realised the time 045hrs, never slept in this late before either. I was tired and drained. Staying up late for me, in a desperate effort get to save some graphics as PNG format, but failed.

It was still a battle to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner, not through any of the ailments, but I was still feeling weak and drained. Most odd?

As I stood up, with no dizzies at all, I saw the food tray on the chair next to the recliner. I’d half eaten it, and a load of crushed paper towels adorned it? I really can’t remember how or why this was so.

I took it into the kitchen and washed the things up. Then did the Health Checks and took the medications, I could tell by the empty pots in the weekly tray, that I’d imbibed last nights doses. Into the freezing cold spare room and onto the scales. Got my clothes back on again quickly I can tell you Hehe!

A headache coming on now, but the commoner ailments, Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Duncan, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Reflux Roger were all being so kind to me. Dizzy Dennis and Hernia Harry both just had a little go at me when I was in the other room weighing my bulging horrendously hideous short-plump body.

I got the computer on and checked the emails. The Cyber-friend I was trying to do the graphic for, informed me the could convert jpg with a white background himself. This cheered me up, and I set about transforming the two graphics to jpg and sent them off. I hope the lad can use them on his site. He is so creative and humorous. Make me proud that would. But I do not want to be recognised as the maker or creator, just to see them used.

Then I got on with finishing off Thursday’s diary. And started this one going.

Off to the Porcelain Throne for a long hard session. Thank heavens for the Leningrad book. Coming towards the end now, but I’ve got a Clarkson one ready to start.

Went to make a cuppa.

I foolishly let the cold in when I opened the window to take this photograph of the ice on the cars windscreens and found the milkman busy at work.

Made an English Breakfast tea brew and back to the computer. I let it get cold. Tsk!

Looked up the weather for Nottingham on the web.

Currently 0°c locally. Not surprising after seeing the cars below. Looks like it is going to get a bit warmer if these indicators are anything like correct? Rain predominant? And I have to go out today as well, to collect the prescriptions from the pharmacy in Carrington. That’ll give me a bit of exercise walking there. If it is raining I’ll wrap up well, might use the new water-resistant trousers? Take the brolly as well.

I hope the noisy demonosopher upstairs doesn’t start banging about too much today. I’ll have a look in Lidl when I get out, see if they have any stun-guns on sale. Haha!

Made another mug of tea, Co-op 99 this time. That Jersey-Guernsey full cream milk is gorgeous. Not very healthy people tell me, but I’m addicted to it now in my tea.

Went on to the WordPress Reader.

Then checked the comments.

Then the Emails.

No time with me sleeping for so long and getting up late, for me to do any Facebooking. But I did manage to titivate a TFZer graphic.

Off to the wetroom to depurate my desperately, degenerating, disproportionally shaped, drugged-up disappointingly dwarflike but flabby body.

Readied the waste bags and took them with me on the way out to the rubbish chute.

Well wrapped up, brolly at the ready, I set out on the walk to the chemist in Carrington.

Where the ice was near the contractor’s top gate yesterday, had been replaced with a mega-puddle and one of the resident’s vehicles.

If anyone parks opposite this car, the emergency services will not be able to get to the contractors compound in the event of a fire, nor to our block of flats.

Not easy, taking photographs in the rain when you have a bag, brolly up and camera to manipulate. Hehe!

Half-way down Winchester Street Hill. Barely any traffic or pedestrians about at all.

Down to the bottom and turned left and limped up the slow incline of Mansfield Road. Anny Gyna gave me a lot of hassle, but that is to be expected my deciding to hobble up hills.

Over the crest and down. Had it not been a misty day I might have seen my destination point of the pharmacy.

I plodded on down the near-deserted road, crossed over and down to the Chemists.

Collected the prescriptions and they filled-up one of the bags.

Then out and called in the Lidl store just up the road (I’m a glutton for punishment!).

Ended up with Cherry Vine tomatoes, Mini-Wieners, Roast chicken thighs, plain yoghourt, mature cheddar cheese slices and some Stilton cheese. Another farce on the self-serve tills. I was doing well until it came my to swiping the barcode on the chicken, and a bleeper rang; a message said for me “To stop, and assistance would be with me shortly” Shortly? I could have grown hair or read War & Peace before anyone got to me. I was actually physically starting to take the things out of the bag and give up when he arrived and muttered something to me, I’ve no idea what. He used his key and reset something and said: “Carry on!”

I asked the man, who had distant eyes and a total lack of communicational skills: “Why did it stop, mate?” My best translation of his answer would be “Grumf, okay now, the weight.”

After once again telling myself I really must stop coming to this Lidl place to be ignored, neglected, disregarded and sneered at. It’s just that Lidl do train their overpaid staff so well in the art of belittling and denigrating older customers, and it would be a shame to give them less opportunity to display their arrogance, wouldn’t it?

They make Asda and Tesco staff appear almost human.

Dispirited, I departed and waited in the rain for a bus to lift me to Sherwood. I worked out I ought to be able to get their, cross the road and get t the bus stop just in time to catch an L9 up to the flats.

I nearly didn’t make it.

As I crossed the Pelican Lights, I underestimated the depth of the rainwater in the gutter running down the hill. Hehe!

I got over the way and continued to the bus stop with wet shoes, socks and feet. Tsk!

There were four seats under the shelter. Two had bags of food on then, the other two people. The lady told me a bloke had deposited them on the benches and gone into the bookmakers? By then. There were around four pensioners who had to stand in the rain. As the 40 bus arrived, this chap appeared and collected his bags and got on the bus. Astonishing!

The L9 bus arrived, and I was soon hobbling along Chestnut Walk back to the flats. I noticed that a car had indeed parked alongside the people-carrier near the compound gates.

To avoid getting any wetter, I did not take a photograph then but did when I got up into the apartment.

I had a wee-wee, and did the Health Checks then took the midday medications.

I removed the trousers, shoes and socks, dried the feet and legs, hung up the clothes to dry, left the brolly open.

Got the purchases and new medications sorted out in a sort of fashion.

I’ve done it now. Set of my ambivalences and destroyed my imperturbation, by getting such a wide choice of fodder to ponder over which to have for nosh tonight! Haha! I think I’ll check the use-by-dates and choose that way?

I got the medicine, and stuff put away in their allotted storage drawers.

No noises came from ‘Herbert’ above.

I got the computer on and updated this Inchcock Today.

Had a bash on catching up on Facebook.

Got the meal prepared.

The eyes were definitely bigger than stomach, tonight. One cob, a few tomato slices, all the franks, all the chips and none of the bacon were eaten. Neither the yoghourt or mousse were opened let alone tasted.

After nibbling at it a bit, I fell asleep, tray on the stomach and nodded off. Woke a few minutes later and the plate slipped off onto the floor decorating me, the recliner, the Ottoman and the carpet with tomato slices, bacon bits and cobs and crumbs!

I took a while, in fact, a long time to get it cleared up. The grabber-stick, brush and dustpan, hoover, fingers and a fair bit of naughty language had to be utilised to do this. The search and seek for the stray escapee bits of fodder took a while too. Getting back up off of the floor, cost the most significant efforts, pains and most extended length of time of the whole operation.

Into the kitchen with the rubbish and washed the pots. Which turned out fortuitous for me. Cause I went into the medication drawer to take a painkiller, it dawned on me, I had not imbibed the evening medications or done the Health Checks. So I did them.

Back to the recliner and settled to watch Law & Order. Fell asleep.

Inchcock – Tuesday 23rd May 2017: Chrome problems persisting – Got out for a hobble to get the Prescriptions from Carrington Pharmacy


Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Macedonian: Вторникот 23 мај 2017 година

Woke around 0545hrs, entangled half in and half out of the £300 second-hand recliner.

Tissues, pen, notepad, torch, medicine bottle, pain gel tube, headphones, remote controls, mobile phone and biscuit crumbs were artistically scattered over the chair, carpet, the other chair and over me! As I tried to clear my jargogled brain in an effort to recall how and why I had no legerity to tackle this problem… memories of a dream I’d had filtered into my mind memory. A rarity this. So I scribbled down some notes, although this time, actual memories remained as well!

I was acting in the film (Or thought I was really there) Rio Bravo, Dean Martin – the Dude, Sheriff Chance – John Wayne, Rick Nelson – The Colorado Kid, Ward Bond -Pat Wheeler the prisoner and me as Stumpy! This dream bore no relationship to the actual film other than this, and the background scenery of the gulch and barns. We were shooting Star Trek type Phasers at each other? This seemed all perfectly natural to me. After running around trying to get a better position with a handful of dynamite from somewhere, I realised they were all firing at me! No idea how, but I avoided all the phasing blasts and a Messerschmidt bf 109 dived out of the sky and strafed me.

Next thing I’m in a coffin being lowered into a grave in the ravine, and peeping out through the holes between the bare wooden planks on top of it… Still calm and collected, Dean Martin slurred “Who the hell was he?” John Wayne turned spat on the floor and replied: “Damned if I know!”

Then I was in a long queue of folks waiting to go in the old Imperial C2Tue04inema on Wilford Road in Nottingham, around 1950 and looking down at myself as an ankle-snapper in the line of bodies and remember thinking as  stared at my younger self: “I don’t know who it is either!” Hehehe! There were many more things that took place, but I cannot recall them.

This is the only photograph I could find on the web of the Imperials as was. It was I assume taken around 1960, long after the place had closed down and was being used as a Plumbers Merchant base?

Throughout all of this dream, I was so relaxed and content?

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding profusely, did my duty, cleaned things up and put a pair of protection pants on, it was that bad.

The stomach was grinding away still.

Did the Health Checks and took the morning medications and put the kettle on. The reading were all okay I think. Sys 147, Dia 77, Pulse 86, Temp 34.8, Weight 14.71 Down a bit after going up yesterday. And I had two meals as well?

Got the Google Chrome opened, email became Unresponsive within seconds. Updated yesterday’s diary and started this one off. Tried to open the instructions from Tech Man Sam and it froze for the fifth time since opening it! Humph!

Duodenal Donald was giving me some pain again. I must get out today to the chemist’s to see if the prescriptions are ready yet.

I decided to get the ablutions done now and get out to do this while I thought of it.

Had a good shower, shave (lost a bit more blood with this activity, Huh!) and other things and got the nibbles for the chemist staff into the bag. I’ll call in at the doctors first to find out if the prescriptions will be ready or not.

2Tue05Set off down Chestnut Walk towards the turn off for Winchester Street Hill.

Plenty of vehicles around, but on people at the time was passing.

The Chestnut Tree’s flowers drew me towards them with their beauty.

I got underneath the tree and took a 2Tue06photographicalisation of them from below.

Best I could get was the one on the left. Absolutely stunning flowers I thought.

With a bit of a lift in my limp now, I pressed on and down the hill into Sherwood.

Left up the Mansfield Road hill and by the Funeral Parlour (Where my funeral is all paid for) and the flower shop. They had some giant single sunflowers on sale and took what I thought was a decent picture of them. When it came to downloading it to the computer – it was not there? I’ve this before and still can’t work out what I’ve done wrong? Humph!

Over the hill and down into Carrington and into the Sheringham Park Surgery. Explained about my getting short of the Omeprazole capsules and asked if the next load of prescriptions was ready yet. She consulted her computer and said no, but if I come back in tomorrow they could be collected and taken to the chemist. I said thank you with what must have been a terribly dejected and sorry expression, cause she called me back and told me to take a seat and she’d see if the Doctor would validate the process. A few minutes later, she came out and gave me the prescription to take to the chemist. Kind of her saving me another hobble tomorrow.

Off to the pharmacy and was told there would be a long wait, or I could come back tomorrow to collect them. I told him I was going to do some shopping at Lidl and would return afterwards (Assuming I remembered to. Hehe!)

As I left to limped to the shop, I noticed BJ was in the launderette next door. He didn’t look too happy when I sneaked in and behind and threw him a cheery “Good Morning!” I hope he is not poorly. Aske me if I still wanted to got the War Memorial on Sunday, thanked him and said yes. Got the feeling, that was not the answer he was looking for?

2Tue09To the shop and spent over £12 on food? Mature Stilton, Jersey potatoes, tomatoes, tins of stuffed peppers, Lemon yoghourts, bread rolls with cheese, Smoked Haddock filled fishcakes and risotto mushroom rice.

Paid up and back to the chemist to collect the Prescriptions.

So much fodder along with the prescriptions 2Tue09ameant I had to break the stuff into two bags.

Rather heavy, and I struggled to carry them to the bus stop, where the Pensioners Free Bus Pass was greatly appreciated I can inform you all.

Met tenant Frank there, little natter.

No one else at the shelter, but by the time a bus arrived there were several other passengers – who between them forced their way onto the bus before I could, and I ended up sitting on the only seat available, one of the side-saddle ones. Arthur Itis was not happy with this, and soon let me know.

Off Sherwood

Met and accompanied tenant Frank’s better half at the bus stop. Nice chat and laugh on the way back to the flats.

2Tue10Put away shopping and medications and took the midday doses.

Got the Computer on – Unresponsive again a few times, well too many times, so much so I gave up with Google and got the dinner on the cook.

Maple Belly Pork slices into the oven, potatoes in a saucepan (Added some extra Maple Syrup). When they were cooking I got the tomatoes, beetroot, sliced an apple, mini pork and cheese pie and the cheesy cob onto the tray ready.

Tried to updated this diary, but Chrome problems decided me to do this in the morning, turned off the computer.

Got the no2Tue11sh served up with a small pot of lemon yoghourt.

An excellent tasty meal this one! Rated this at 9.45/10, despite nearly losing a tooth as I struggled with the tough skin o the belly pork. Lovely!

Did the last Health Checks took the evening medications and perused the TV magazine. Some good stuff on tonight that I fancied watching, but I was fully aware that I wasn’t going to see much of them and fall asleep. Hehehe!

Which I did swiftly. The mobile phone rang out, of course, I knew it was close cause I could hear it as I disentangled myself from the £00 second-hand recliner, but could I locate where it was? No! It stopped ringing. I was at a loss as to where it must be, went into the hallway to check the jacket pocket, and the landline telephone rang. It was Sister Jane. Back into the front room and spotted the mobile on the floor near the chair as I got to the landline. We had a chinwag for a while and I lost the signal. Jane rang back on the mobile, she was in her garden in the sunshine. I knew she was alright, cause she ordered me to eat pasta in my diet and told me off for buying tinned meat filled peppers in tomato sauce, also gave me a lecture on slimming and losing weight. Hahaha! (Only joking!)

Accifauxpa! Did the washing up, opting today, to stab my left-hand finger with the little steak knife, right down the nail again. Not deep, though.

There were three episodes of Law & Order on consecutively on channel 21. Full of hope of watching at least one of them before nodding off, I settled with a bottle of spring water, a chocolate bar (Topic) and Duodenal Donald twinging away. Every time an advert came on I nodded off, then it got worse, I kept slipping off while watching the programme. Not the foggiest idea now of what I was looking at. Just had a stubborn determination to keep on trying to watch it. Tsk! Eventually, I drifted off and into the land of nod properly.

Woke much later, around 0200hrs in desperate need of Porcelain Throne activity! Duodenal Donald was rampant and very annoying with his persistence and degree of botherationalisationing! Due to this, getting back to sleep was not easy.

Hey-ho! TTFN

Inchcock Today Tuesday 1st November 2016: Bewilderment, befuddlement and bemusement Whoopsiedangleplop day!


Tuesday 1st November 2016

Up, out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner and down to the laundry room, washing in the machine and back up to the flat and computer on all by 0205hrs. WRHD session, only a little bleeding and hassle.

0210hrs, down to the laundry room and got the washing going on Quick Mode. Back up the lift t’flat and on the computer again.

2tue020240hrs, Down and moved the things into the dryer, wiped the machines. Up and did some work on the computer. Started work on the diaries and graphicationalisationing.

0345hrs, To the laundry room again, folded the things into the bag, cleaned out the filter and wiped the machine and sink area surfaces down.

Put the clobber away in the airing cupboard and hung some up, readied the powder, capsules, freshener and droplets for the next session and brought them in the empty laundry bag ready.

2tue05 Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications. At this stage, 045hrs, the first Whoppsiedangleplop of the day occurred. I dropped the pot of tablets, bent down to retrieve it and knocked the bottle of antacid off the kitchen counter and what a horrible mess it made as the bottle broke and the medicine looked like gunge and stuck like gunge to the kitchen floor! Picking out the brown glass bits was easy compared to cleaning up the liquid that had clung to the floor like a moveable glue!

2tue03Tried using paper towels but that wasn’t very successful, so I got the mop and bucket out – eventually the floor was presentable it – but it took as long again to get the mop and bucket cleaned, and it took two rolls of Blitz kitchen towels, flash liquid, bleach, washing up liquid and a lot of swearing to clean the sink that I cleaned the mop and bucket in!

But at least I was happy at getting the things cleaned up rather well, even if it did take me ages. And it did too, I reckon it was around 0540hrs by the time all was sorted, well over an hour. Tsk!

2tue04Good job I’d just collected this month’s two bottles yesterday. So I started the last one off.

I’ll have to ask for a prescription for another bottle when I pass the surgery, that’ll make me very popular with the staff!

Thinking of all the hassle and effort it took to get the stuff off of the floor, and they tell me to take four doses of the stuff a day?

No wonder I’m having troubles with my WRHD sessions is it? Hehehe!

I checked some paperwork waiting to be sorted and put away, and found the hospital appointment for November and realised it was a Serologist the arrangement was for me to meet.

Had to look up Serologist on Google. Turns out he or she is a specialist in bodily fluids – blood, serum, saliva, etc. Then I looked up what serum was. It told me it was: An amber-coloured, protein-rich liquid which separates out when blood coagulates. So now I know, being on Warfarin which thins the blood to avoid coagulation. I wish they wouldn’t confuse with changing the names. Haha!

Reading this reminded me to check the emails in case I’d received any from the surgery about yesterday’s INR test. Nothing from the NHS in it. Plenty of Can-We-Sell-You-Something Emails, though. Asda, HP, CorelDraw, Serif and Epson being amongst them.

Eventually got back on the computer, with my wrinkled hands and fingers after the marathon cleaning up operation, and got on switching between the diary and doing graphics, and Facebooking.

Realised I could not remember the pin number for the new card! Duncan said he’s put his phone number in the mobile, but I could not find it? I’ll have to see them at the bank for advice.

Got the ablutions done post haste so I could catch the half-past bus.

A gossip with a couple of residents at the bus stop. The L9 bus came on time, and I was soon in town. Well, with 35 minutes.

2tue06Made my way straight to the bank and they couldn’t find Duncan’s number on my mobile. I needed to call him cause he knew where I’d concealed the number, Humpf!

It’ll take five working days for them to get me a new pin number.

Running out of money here!

Came out of the bank and nearly got hit my a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on Exchange Walk! Not surprising, there were dozens of them about.

2tue112tue12Nipped down to Broad Marsh, to take a photograph of a particular area to put on a Nottingham site, along with one from the 1950’s.

2tue07Back up to the Slab Square, where they SSE electric company workmen were busy setting up the Christmas decorations, on and around the Council House.

Waltzed (Well I use the term waltzed but…Hehe!) up King Street and down Upper Parliament Street, left up Milton Street, across that and hobbled through the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall) and out the other end, over Glasshouse Street to Huntingdon Street, across that and into the Aldi store.

2tue13Where I was in luck today.

I got some Gnocchi potatoes, Tomato & Mushroom sauce and some Pea & Rice nibbles for after the nosh. I added a tin of mini sausages to go in the sauce later, and I already had some Ciabatti cobs at home, they’ll need doing in the oven for a few minutes. The Gnocchi can be done in another saucepan, they only need simmering in boiling water until the food rises to the top the instructions say.

2tue08Walked back through the Victoria Mall (Centre) and noticed this Pizza place, The Stonebaked Pizza Company. Four staff and no customers.

Another one to close down soon I expect?

Out onto Mansfield Road and around the corner to catch the L9 bus.

There were no Woodthorpe or Winchester Court tenants at the stop, which is rare.

2tue09I took a picture from the bus stop, facing where the bus would arrive from. Can you see some of Fothergill Watson designed building on the left-hand side?

The bus came, and I had a chinwag with a lady passenger en route. Lovely lady, she was telling me about her family and the problems she was having.

2tue10At the flats stop, I found Mary, having a rest on the bench there, before she carried on into the flats. I stayed with her, and we had a gossip.

She was in fine form today. She let me take her photo twice! The on you see here, and one where she was pointing at the metal lattice seat. This is the one where I took a photograph of a ladybird last week for the TFZers on Facebook.

I walked Mary to her flat, gave her some nibbles, then got the lift again up to mine. Where a WRWW was tended to with a degree of urgency. Hehe!

Put the bits away and had a search for the missing PIN number, then realised the Bank had suspended it anyway, while they arrange to send me a new one.

Got the computer going and updated this rubbish.

Then did a bit of Facebooking again, and some graphicationalisationing was done.

2tue13Got the meal prepared.  Put the sauce, and mini sausages in a saucepan were slowly warming.

Ciabatti cobs in the oven for five minutes.

A big pan of boiling water and added the Gnocchi.

Served it up in the bowl, and this helped me forget the terrible accident prone, frustrating and embarrassing day I’d had, as I savoured the wonderful taste of the meal.

Washing up afterwards took a while.

Put a DVD on and fell asleep.

Inchcock Today: Tue 29 Sept 15:

Tuesday 29th September 2015

Woke around 0400hrs – No dream memories, but plenty of pains Tsk! The new swelling on me arm was taking the lead pain-wise possibly because it’s a new one, although the swelling had gone down a lot, the tenderness was the same. The reflux valve had gone down nicely at last. Arthur Itis was calm, Anne Gyna was giving out warning signs of what she intended for me later in the day though.

01topj2And the old scars on me chest and tummy from the heart operation had gone a fluffy white colour for some reason? The skin cancer wound was itching like crazy?

Possible perhaps that the scars and cancer wound problems were due to me using a different bath soak?

Still, other than these worries I was in decent spirits this morning, despite me busy day ahead!

I must try to avoid any more Whoopsiedangleplops today.

Put the kettle on and off to the porcelain – to find ‘Little Inchy’ had been bleeding again, but the hammorhoids had for once not been doing so.

Started the laptop and took me medications. Must find time to do up some more medication pots soon. Today is going to be a busy one again, more-so in fact. Got Morrisons coming early, on time I hope or I’ll not be able to get to the Doctors in time for me appointment, then to the chemist, then into town to the audio clinic for some batteries (Thankfully they do not charge us pensioners for em you know), try to get to a pound shop for some woolly hats, then to Loxley House to return me election papers and after all that, to the GUM clinic to get me cream for ‘Little Inchy’ – that’s if I haven’t forgotten owt like?

Still, the hernia and ulcer aren’t giving me any gip at the moment.

I realise how lucky I was to find me missing hearing aid yesterday and pondered if I’d ever find me missing camera memory card or the missing saucepan lid?

So busy with much to get done.

The right arm was hurting now without my using it – even when I just moved it, hurts when I straighten the arm too, it tingled a bit all the time? I don’t like this at all.

Started a graphic for a post while I had the time.

Got missen cleaned and polished for the days efforts to come.

Morrisons delivery arrived I quickly put away the fridge and freezer products.

Bag, nibbles, bus-pass, camera, hearing aids etc in bag and pockets and off on me walk to the GP surgery.

P1020133Thirty minutes later I arrived at the surgery.

booked in and crossword book out while I waited me turn.

Called in and met with Dr Vindla (Who as wearing a very short skirt and Little inch needed controlling) and told her about me blown-up legs and asked about whether I could go back on thee Furosemide tablets. She explained that as I was on so many medications she didn’t want to risk affecting the balance of effect of the others and said to see how it went – ‘Put my feet up whenever I could at night and keep up with the walking’.

Then she had a look at the pain in my right arm – I said I can see no bruising in the mirror and explained the pain. Turns out it was massive bruising and she asked me however this occurred. I had no idea?

I did feel a fool!

She suggested I take a memory test and told me to book one with the receptionist on the way out. which I did for Friday, but forgot to write down the time, later I sent an email asking for the time. 

P1020134Gave them their nibbles and set off on the bus into town.

The first sight when I got off of the bus was a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist who rode over the lights and along the pavement weaving between pedestrians. The Swine!

P1020136I noticed that at the entrance to Clinton Street, the traffic lights had been hit again.

Not that it stopped the famous Nottingham pedestrians from still crossing against the lights at all!

Walked through into the slab square and up to the audio clinic where I nearly grew hair again waiting to get some hearing-aid batteries. This is one of the more morose NHS places I have to visit, possibly because the patients being deaf there are no conversations going on?

P1020138The lady who spoke to me was almost impossible to lip read – no idea what she was saying but she looked rather stern faced? Frit me a bit!

Back down into the centre, feeding some pigeons en-route. I love the pigeon on the right with its legs apart and looking up.

P1020140Through the slab square. Not many folk about today in the centre.

Across and up through near Clinton Street again and I espied a new to me market stall laid out with three obviously Eastern European gentle men with stubble on their faces that spouted a threatening look at anyone P1020139who went near their many tables laid outside on the walkway. At least they were trying to make an honest living I thought.

They had many boxes of shoes and leather goods stacked up against the wall and their priced were really low.

The ladies boots in the photograph I took were all either £10 or £20.

Called in the pound shop and got a tin of stewed steak for a change.

I caught the bus to the GUM clinic as the day melted away – gawd it was going quickly.

Brother-n-law Pete rang me, he was having bother sorting getting his spy-watch sorted on the laptop I gave him. I told him I’d come to his mansion in the morning in an effort to help out.

Got me cream and on the bus back into Sherwood.

Then a Whoopsiedangleplop of sorts!

I fell sleep on the bus and missed me stop, in fact I woke up as the bus was arriving in the city centre!

Caught a bus back to near the flats and hobbled home – ‘Home’ – a nice word that nowadays.

Got in, WC’d, creamed little Inchy. Then put away the other stuff I’d had delivered earlier from Morrisons.

Sorted out me medication pots and took the nights doses.

Head Tue

P1020142Got me nosh on. Mixed some black bean sauce in with the stewed steak, made some mash and had it with some garden peas. Followed by a lemon mousse with Cornish clotted cream, delicious!

Rated this 8.2/10.

Decided to wash the dishes up after eating it and managed to drop me big dish when cleaning it – what a mess!

Sat down and put me legs up on the Ottoman… and that was that! Nodded off into oblivion.

Mon 7 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – Medical mayhem

Monday 7th September 2015


Up at 0230hrs… WC visit.

Arthur Itis not so bad this morning. But give him time…

Made a cuppa and started the laptop. Had a problem with getting the external storage drive to load. Tried connecting through the new multi-USB thing then directly to the laptop – which didn’t find it? After many attempts suddenly it read it?

So I downloaded all me work saved onto it to the Documents folder on the laptop – which defeats the object of having the external-drive in the first place to save using space on me hard-drive? Tsk!

Finished Sundays diary off and got it posted, then started on this one.


After a couple of hours I’d caught up, made a cuppa and took me medications.

GP for me Warfarin blood tests this morning, then the clinic to have ‘Little Inch’ looked at again.

DSC00060It’s a bit nippy this morning and drab with it.

Took a photograph from the kitchen window here to show you.

It’s grand having a view like this every morning to look at.

I wondered as I perused the view, how many Nottingham Pavement Cyclists, shoplifters and alcoholics lived nearby.

Only joking!

Off to the doctors to see the nurse for me Warfarin Blood-test. Remembered on the way out to drop off the previous tenants letters at the Woodthorpe Community Shed – the door was open but nobody inside, so left the letters and some nibbles on the table for Camp Guards. (Hehe, I’m feeling witty this morning?)

Also remembered I had to collect me prescriptions from the chemist as well today.

Set off down the Winchester Street hill, and right up Mansfield Road hill into Carrington. Over the top and down, crossed over and called in the paper shop and treated missen to a newspaper (Cause I forgotten to put me crossword book in me bag to do at the GP and clinic while waiting like – Tsk!), then on to the chemists.

DSC00062I got the prescriptions given me in a bag on their own. I could have done with a trolley! Hehe.

Then I called at Lidl to get a pork pie. Came out of Lidl with the pork pie, a Polish Zywiecka Extra pork Sausage slice, sautéed onion potato slices and a pot of Crème Fraiche… I can hear you asking what’s the plonker bought Crème Fraiche for?

Well you see I misread it for DSC00063cream cheese.

One of the TFZ gals recommended cream cheese fer me to try yer see – and I couldn’t find any until today – well no, that’s not right cause it was Crème Fraiche that I found wonnit?

Anyway, if anyone would be kind DSC00064enough to tell me wot Crème Fraiche is and  how and what to eat it with I’d me be grateful please, before its sell-by date.

Thanking you in advance. I’m trying out new recipes inspired by the TFZ gals yer know. Must thank em the angels, when I get on Facebook again.

I’m looking forward to trying the sautéed potatoes later. Mind you, I noticed it had two orange warning tabs on it? Humph!

So, (Heavily ladened) I nipped down to the surgery to see the nurse. Booked missen in and started reading the newspaper.

When I got called in, I was so glad to see it was Nurse Ann on duty and not Nurse Gruppenfurher… er, Glenda.

She sorted me nicely like, and I asked her to take the nibbles I’d brought for the staff and departed.

01topaCaught a bus to the City Hospital.

Got in the clinic and signed in with Mr Gloom and doom on the reception. People like him should really have a different career yer know. Maybe a hangman or assassin would suit him better. Just a thought.

Went through and sat down, got me crossword book out cause I had  good half hour until me appointed time, and a lady came to collect me within two minutes of me starting the crossword.

The usual talk and questions before she took in a treatment room and had a look at ‘Little Inch’s lesion. Always an embarrassing practice this, fer me, not the doctor. After a few oohs and arghs and telling me she didn’t like the look of it… she covered me up with a paper sheet and told me she would be back shortly with a colleague who she wanted to look over ‘Little Inchy’.

Deja vu at this stage – all this happened on me last visit – I wondered if the same female doctor who came last time would return with the young doctor again?

It was too! After asking about when I how much of the last cream given me I applied – the two doctor got their heads together and told me they were going to ask the chemist there to make up a one-off cream for me to try this time. It would take a while to make up and I could wait in the waiting area.

So, I waited in the waiting area – and nearly finished me crossword book before a different lady turned up and told me how much and when to apply this new cream – and under no circumstance was I to apply it anywhere other than on the lesion itself.

I have to return in three weeks, unless any problems, then I must go back to them, or to the Out Patients at the hospital if they are not open at the time, and take my record card with me.

I pointed out that I do not have a record card. That really cheered up Mr Doom and Gloom on the reception when the doctor queried with him why I wasn’t given one on me first visit month ago…

If looks could kill, I’d have been a gonna then!

I sat down and waited again. A completely different person arrived calling me name – they will post me an updated card through the post.

Glad to be out of the way of Doom and Gloom’s stares, I departed and caught a bus back into Sherwood.

Walked up through Woodthorpe Court and down back to the flat.

Once in, I visited the WC and noticed how full me laundry bag was.

Put me nosh away, stored and rotated my medicines in the dedicated draw, WC’d again.

Then I got the soap and softener in the bag of laundry with me newspaper (Daily Mirror) and into the lift – down to the floor, realised I’d not taken the 20p’s for the machines, back up to the 12th floor, got the coins and down to the ground floor again.

Got the washing machine going, then I checked the filters in the driers – both were well clogged up. Not been cleaned for ages.

So, as a favour to the dirty idle tenants who don’t clean them, I cleaned them – Again! Tsk! There are some of the tenants who can’t get down to clean them though, it’s not easy if your a tad immobile.

 Read me newspaper while the washing washed – then moved me togs into the drier.

And elderly lady came down who was new to the camp – and I had the pleasure of showing her the procedure.

I’d planned to take me camera out and have a walk around the blocks for a while to see if any photo-opportunities arose nature wise, but it started looking  bit windy, so I went back in, I’d foolishly left me newspaper on the seat, when i re-entered one of the women who don’t clean the filters but could if she wanted was nicking me newspaper! Humph!

Had a go at the crossword book until the drier had finished. I put me togs in the bag and cleaned the filter – I say, Cleaned the filter!

Went up to the flat and put me togs in the airing cupboard.

DSCF1001Updated this diary and then got me nosh on.

The Sautéed potatoes, last two hot dog sausages, beetroot, lettuce and beetroot bread with BBQ sauce. Followed by lemon mousse.

Tomorrow is the Dentist – one filling, one extraction.

That’ll be something to look forward to!


Thu 27 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: Struggling!

Thursday 27th August 2015


0245hrs: I just knew as soon as I woke up that I’d been dreaming and nightmaring away – but I could not remember a single detail or bit about the actual dreams, only a sense that they weren’t good.

Thought about meeting Steve from UK later today at the old house and hoped some progress could be made.

For some reason I thought the clock read 0445hrs and wondered why I felt so tired after sleeping in late for me? Made a cuppa and took me medications, started the laptop and realised when it loaded the time was actually now 0254hrs? So I must remember I’ve already taken me morning medications!

I checked that I’d put me hearing-aids in the right place, the centre drawer in me wonderful 1967 G-Plan cabinet – and found me wrist-alarm. Things were looking up this morning. Hehe.

IanH03Started today’s diary off. Then got carried away again with an idea for a graphic for the Beetroot Protection League in Burnley.

Cost me few hours to get it right mind.

But being as I had time this morning I used it doing graphics instead of getting the flat sorted out… Guilt ridden I tell you, I am…

Going to meet Age Concern’s Steve at last for help with the house sorting and selling – I bet I’m no further advanced after our meeting? Lack of confidence in someone who talks well but does little – still it’s not costing me money, just frustrations.

Finished me graphicalisationing, did emails, Facebooking and when I stood up to go and get a wash shave and you know what – Arthur Itis complained rather nastily – might take me stick with me today – but maybe not, I’m bound to lose if I do. Tsk!

By gum how time flies.

I should have time to do a bit of WordPressing after me bath and shave… I hope.

Back in a bit…

Had a bash on t’internet and after a while BJ rang, he is on his way in 15 minutes.

Got down to meet him in front of the flats, bless his cotton socks I’d be lost without him completely.

We went to the house and I walked to the chemist – where I found my prescriptions were not ready until the Friday after next? Made a minor Whoopsiedangleplop there didn’t I?

On the way back to the house I met my old neighbour and had a chat with her. She had been trying to sell her house for a while but has now rented it to a friend of hers. Not encouraging that news.

Got back to the house and BJ had made a start sorting for me already – no stopping him is there. Hehe.

We spent a good two hours or more sorting and I was not in a good state by then. The knees and feet were very painful and I felt drained – then Steve from Age UK arrived and I must admit I told him straight about the lack of help and movement in getting things sorted. Give the man credit he accepted my criticism and came back and promised me that I could sell the house after clearing it of my stuff needed, without cleaning it up, for a lot less naturally – but said he would sort it all out for me.

On Tuesday I have to phone him to tell him all the stuff I need at the new flat had been cleared from the house and (He says) the only time I would be needed at the house after that is a few occasions to sign paperwork!

That sounded really good to me, but his record in answering my phone calls and text messages in the past have been lamentable.

I live in hope. I think BJ was surprised at my forwardness (I was!) on this occasion. But I was so frustrated, tired and worried about the money running out – all I want to do is get this place off my mind so I can concentrate on the tons of work and sorting still needed at the new place, so I can enjoy it a bit before I croak out. As I told them earlier.

Now I mustn’t get too hopeful knowing my luck.

I went into the kitchen to finish packing some stuff and the same thing that happened the other day, did again – just as I was bending I got a dizzy come on and went over backwards this time. Yet again I was lucky someone was there, they hauled me up and I am now the owner of newly bruised ribs and left wrist. Tsk!

BJ departed saying he will call me in the morrow and lift me and collect the things stacked ready to move that I require at the flat, and have another check around to see if I’ve missed owt. So one, maybe two more efforts will be needed and hopefully I will never have to go there to work again.

Steve went up with me to sort if I needed owt from the attic and carried some down for me. We came across some old photos that was glad about finding.

Steve left when I did and I thanked him.

As I walked to the bus-stop I realised that along with me ribs and wrist, my big right toe was giving me some gip – When will it all end! Hehehe!

01topa2Caught a bus into Sherwood, too late to catch an L8 or L9 bus up the hill, so I waked up and through Woodthorpe Park and down to the flats. I was actually singing to myself despite the rain starting – I mustn’t get too excited eh?

I called into the Co-op and got a pack bread thins en route, cause I forgot I got one yesterday – Humpf!

Weary and aching so I got back to the flat and made me monster salad for later.

01topa2aPut the bread thins in the freezer, made a cuppa and perused my bruises and blue big toe.

Laptop on and updated this diary like.

I thought how lucky I am really, having BJ and Dunc helping me out.

And hopefully close to getting the old place sorted, even if I get a lot less than market value for it – it will be a blessing to get rid of the hassle and worry… if it all works out of course.

Now, after being lifted by events of the day, I find I’m back to worrying about how it will go – Wotaplonker!

Can’t wait for next Tuesday to see how it goes, it’s a start anyway. Crossed fingers, even if Arthur Itis didn’t like me doing that.

Well drained but surprisingly hopeful I got the quilt and me aching limbs down on the floor, read me book a while, mused over tomorrows jobs to be done, and got off to sleep very quickly. Although I kept waking up, I could understand why with new pains every-time I moved, coughed or passed wind, along with fretting about things.

Hey-ho – I hope things are now in Defcon 2 and a go! You know?