Intangled Inchie, Thursday 14th January 2021

 You’ve got to love her!

Thursday 14th January 2021

Afrikaan: Donderdag 14 Januarie 2021

01:40hrs: I reclaimed ersatz life, to be greeted by of the ‘Hum’, and the noise from the machinery on the roof, greeted me.

For once, I was not a willing waker-upperer. There was a certain degree of melancholic dolefulness, lingering in the grey-cells. As it was beginning to develop into neuroticism, a bit of good luck, the need for a wee-wee arrived. And my mind was diverted to concentrating on getting safely out of the grotty, £300, second-hand, c1968, unsteady, not-working, incommodious, sickenly beige-coloured, haemorrhoid-testing recliner and catching my balance to get the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket), in time.

1: I didn’t make it in time. Oh, dearie me! The PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribbling) caught me out – then the wee-weeing started without hesitation as normally would have, with what seemed like a gallon of liquid belting out like water from a fireman’s hose! Never in the field of wee-weeing, have I passed so much in a shorter time!

2: I got en route to the wet room to clean things up, and a high-priority demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived. I must have been only feet away from the door to the wet room, and I failed to get there on time. Another embarrassing early arrival caught me out, once again!

CW023: The innards content came out part-way, and refused to budge any further. Which was confusing, cause it felt soft but massive. I grabbed the crossword book because it was obvious that things were not going to be pushable, I decided to wait until the innards were ready. When things did start, it didn’t finish completely. I ended up standing up in a straggling position. And the newly started yesterday, Andrex roll, was almost used up! The amount of bleeding again was a bit worrying.

The cleaning, freshening up (vigorously) and medicating after the evacuation was, inwardly belittling and took me ages! Harold’s Haemorrhoids were stinging like never before! The Germolid ointment is running low. New PP’s were put on, and a good wash and sanitising of the touch-areas was completed. Gawd, I’ve only been up for about an hour, and I was feeling drained already! What a start to the day! Granglesbognessbuggerit!

Off I went to the kitchen to make a brew of 99 tea. As I turned off the light to take this photo facing the kitchen window, I needed yet another wee-wee! It was another sudden urgent affair, and I was lucky to get to the bucket on time. Another long, blasting-out affair! Washed the mitts, back to the kitchenette and made the brew.

Got the computer on, and more Windows updates had arrived, they scare me you, know! Humph!

As I was loading WordPress, the need for yet another wee-wee arrived. I truly had to empty the NWWB, it was that full!

I washed and disinfected it, and returned with it to the computer room. Finally, I started on the photos uploads, then the updating of the Wednesday IT diary. Half an hour into this… yes you’ve guessed, another wee-wee was required! However, it was less torrential and far less of it this time. I washed the dandies and returned to the main junk room.

I engaged my famously unproductive Sherlock Holmesian Investigative mode. I pondered on why the wee-weeing was so persistent and powerful today. After a while considering and analysing all available data, I arrive at the following conclusion: I had obviously got the medications wrong somehow. With the  Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345, Mansfield Road, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, next to the launderette and pub, near the Lidl store, cocking up the pill pods and failing to put any covers on them, that caused me to drop all the pills on the floor. Got down on my knees to pick them up, but many have never been seen again, then calling for help for me to get back up off of the floor, and handed up guessing which was which of the Furesomide, Beta-Blockers and Codeine? Tsk!

I then pressed on with the diarying, got it finished. (Three wee-wees) Posted it off, Pinterested a photo, and went on the WordPress Reader. Then, onto Facebook catch-up, and decided to get the Health Checks done.

The SYS had gone up a little more. Humph!

The temperature was fine, though. At least something seems to be near normal. I can’t say that very often! Hehe!

A mammoth wee-wee, there are getting longer again? How? Why?

Back on the computer and had a read of the YourArea e-magazine.

The Coronavirus figures are now scarier than ever! I wish some of the folks who go out every day on the bus would read these figures. They could be spreading the virus every time? The UK figures shown were even more frightening to me.

I got some brekkers before it was time to get the ablutions seen to.

I sat and ate it all up slowly, to degust it fully. Everything on the plate was good tastewise. The dried onions, grapes and Pork & pickle mini-pies were excellent! A Brekkers-Rating of  8.5/10!

Off to get the ablutions done. And boy, yet again it was a good one: The ailments were fair to me…ish. The dropsies were only about eight in total. Just the one cut shaving. The showering was Dizzy Dennis-free. Oh, yes! Just the once clout against the grab-rail, but a very minor one. Even the medicationalisationing went injury free! Not pain-free, but you can’t have everything. Hehehe!

The hand-washing was done when I got out of the wet-room. Just one Myanmar (Burmese) zip-up jacket,  and a woollen cap, were done, wrung and hung.

I made up a coup;e pf rubbish bags and a recycling one, then got them on the box on the walker-guide, got to the doorway, and had to nip back to the wet-room for a wee-wee!

This one was far less vicious and much sorter. In my opine, this indicates that I must have taken two Furesomides instead of one in the Carrington Pharmacy cock-up. But was it a Codeine or a Beta-blocker that I’d taken extra? Could have been a Codeine, cause the toothache is not so bad today?  Another Sherlockian Mode there, Haha!

I decided to visit ILC, (Independent Living Coordinator), Ballerina and Warden, Deana later. To ask her to ring the chemist for me. To find out when the next prescription delivery is due, and ask them to not put the stuff in pill-pods. Why, you ask? (Well, you should! Haha!) The pill-pod-packs that the nurse thought and I would be a good thing and control my medications better are just not working at all! They come with different numbers of might dose pill? Last month they came with no pull covers, and I lost a weeks supply. And I am now out of Codeine; unless some of the rescued tablets might be them, but of course, I’ll never know! I do know it is hard work sorting tablets for the month from boxes, but I can check easier to see that they have not short delivered me!

I got down in the lift to the ground floor lobby, it was mayhem, the working lads all around, and having to move to let us through. I got outside, and our caretakers were out under the cover, near the bins. They took the bags and box from me. I had a chunter about the folks who keep going out every day, and spreading the virus, they agreed… I think.

Then I poddled in the getting heavier rain to Winwood Court and the Obersturmbannfuhreresses Interrogation room, Holding-Cell and Office. Hehehe! Deana rang the chemist for me and wrote the time down of the prescription’s delivery for me. 16th January. I thanked her, and out into the rain again back to Woodthorpe Court.

I got in the lift after the workers had made room for me again, bless ’em.  I thought I’d pressed the twelfth-floor button, but when I arrived at the fifteenth, I realised I hadn’t? Getting senile is not an option, you know, but it comes free-gratis, at least! Heterophemy is something else that we get free in our later years. Just thought I’d warn any whippersnappers who might have wandered onto this page by mistake! Not to mention the physical ailments.

I’m waffling again, that’s also a quality you might cop-for in later years, I did, obviously. Hehe!

I got down to the right floor, taking this snap as I left the elevator cage with my emptied out cardboard box and carriers adorning the trolley.

As I put the kettle on, I noticed that sleet had joined in with the rain, the houses all around were getting a coating on their rooftops. A lot of rain still, so it shouldn’t settle. (Famous last words?) Seconds later I got the camera and took this shot of the view from the window. I may have to review my forecast now. Har-har!

As I began to pour the tea, Colin Cramps attacked, in my left hand and fingers. The photo I took, not easy with the right-hand, assisted by my bulging, wobbly midriff. It might be because I knew what was happening, but the photo seemed to have a slight blur on the index finger, that’s because it was shaking all over the place, while all the other digits were distorted and rock-hard. I had to wait a while before Colin cleared the body, then he had a go at my right ankle! Spangleturdes!

I got the oven warming up for the sweet potato Cottage pie to be cooked later, with I hope lashings of ready-grated Leicester Cheese! Then went on CorelDraw, to make up a few graphics for future use.

The regular quotidian weariness fell early again, and I had to admit to failure on the graphic-making, and I stopped, had a wee-wee, and got the fodder prepared. The eyes were getting heavy already.

I got the ready-made sweet potato shepherds pie out of the fridge. Then, I added some frenched red pepper, and spread them over the tray, and dolloped tons of Leicester grated cheese on top of it. Put in the oven, and set the timer that I cannot hear, but hopefully just might, for 20 minutes.

I heard a clunk and went to investigate at the front door, and sure enough, there were three items put through the door. This one with the HMG insignia on it, I opened first.

That was eight A4 pages from the Government, about the new lock-down rules. I put them on the old no-longer working, broken-down printer to look at in the morning.

The second one was the INR Warfarin DVT results, I put that on the bookcase with the others.

The last one, a hand-written envelope, was something that made my day, it boosted me into a land of appreciation, joy and brought on contentment that I have not had for years. I have no idea of the donor, but felt she or he was an Angel!

To the gifter: “Thank you very much, that was so kind of you, and much needed. Bless!” These will last me until the prescriptions arrive, may your kindness be rewarded. ♥

I took the evening medications with the meal, as recommended by the Doctor. Then got the meal served upon the tray. I added some sugar snap peas and grapes, and a very basic pot of custard and jelly dessert, that took me back to Brookfield Place, and being an ankle-snapper! Hehe!

And a feast of flavescent, fermenting, fervid flavour, found its way down my gullet. I ate slowly to appreciate the taste. At first, I thought the peppers might be a little too hot for me, but they were fine, the whole meal was Grrreat!

I expect that being helped so generously by the unknown Angel, I’ll now be able to take a Codeine helped eased the pain from the teeth, and helped tremendously, in the enjoyment stakes. A flavour-rating of 9.2/10 for this feast of fodder! The taste-buds had been well satisfied. And ease of mind followed.

The wonderfully kind gesture of the donation was heartwarming.

I put the TV on, but I was soon in the hands of Sweet Morpheus. A good four uninterrupted hours later, I woke in need of a wee-wee. I could still taste the fodder, and knowing that (thanks to the mystery person) I had some painkillers at hand, contentment lingered.

Inchcock Today – Friday 20th December 2019: Soaked to the skin. Cough, sneeze!

1 Dec 20

2019 Aug 18

Friday 20th December 2019

Swahili: Ijumaa Tarehe 20 Desemba 2019

01Dec 20

WDPH01L4WD 0.0.128A 23:15hrs: I stirred, feeling shivery, cold and yet sweating? Realising almost immediately, (I can be quick sometimes, Hehe!) I had discarded my clothing during the night! As I fumbled around to find the scattered jammies and socks, I did my best to collate the few inklings still in the grey-cell-box, of a dream I’d been having. But they were vague recollections, and I had no luck in discovering any facts of the nightmare. I sensed fear and apprehension were involved, but nothing else.

While retrieving the clothing, along with the DVD and TV remote controls from the floor. (long-live the new picker-upperer!) I involuntarily flatulated; only a little sort of almost silent ‘Plup’, but in unison. The aroma filled the room, and the innards began to erupt. Leaving me in no doubt that the Porcelain Throne was urgently needed!

WDPh 01WD 0.0.128A Off to the wet room. Barely making it in time, the instant evacuation began… and went on for an unbelievably long few minutes! I must have lost a good few pounds in weight there, Haha! My initial worry was whether the system would cope with getting rid of it all. But the amount of bleeding took over as my main worry. It didn’t look like it was Haemorrhoid Harold’s, so this concerned me a bit. But, it might have been. Anyroad, the toilet did not clear everything first press of the flush. The tank takes ages to refill, so I got some water from the sink and put that in, I’ll have to go back later and re-flush the system. Tsk, worra life!

I got the kettle on the boil and took the medications. Then on the computer to start the updating of the Thursday post. The finger-ends autonomic nerves were not too severely playing up. I got it finished in good time, mainly due to hardly any photographs taken, and the fingers behaving so well. Sent if off.

Went in the WordPress reader. Then put some pictures on Pinterest.

WDP 001 LaWD 0.0.128A I went back to flush the toilet again, but it is still blocked. I poured some water from the sink down. No movement. Refilled the tank by hand, and re-flushed. Still not gone! I poured some drain unblocker in the bowl, just a desperate ploy! I’ll recheck it later. I’m fed-up!

Back to the computer chair, and I heard a loud noise, a sort of rumbling sound, but could not identify where it came from. So I had a look around, and in doing so, came across two letters that had been delivered. No cause for the noise was found.

5Fri01I don’t like getting mail, it’s very rarely good nows, if ever! One letter was from Severn Trent, informing me of there working on the water supply again, from 6th to the 16th of January. The second letter, from Nottingham City Homes. Telling me; Your requested maintenance work to be carried out at your home. We will be coming to carry out repairs on 20th January 2020, between 08:00 > 12:30hrs. Make sure there is a responsible adult at home when we carry out the works. And make sure the area we’ll be working in is clear of any furniture or other items.

WDP 03LNow, being as they have not mentioned what repairs they are coming to do, I’m not sure if they are coming to look at the blocked WC, the leaking hot water tap, or the deadly (finger-tearing and bruising) metal spring lock on the unwanted and unliked balcony? So, I’d better get the removal men in and empty the kitchen, wet room and front room… well, the apartment, so the things don’t get in their way? Could be expensive, this! I put them in the Google Calendar – in hopes that Liberty-Global Virgin Media boss, Mike (I’m paid over $17m salary, so sod internet users) Fries, lets me get access to it.

I made a start to this blog, got up to here, and went to check the blocked WC again. Huh!

I went on the TFZer Facebooking for a while.

5Fri02Ablutions tackled. Now here this… only three dropsies! Yee-Ha! The pins (legs) looked a little more warped this morning, and with the right leg much thinner. This being the peripheral neuralgia and Myasthenia gravis affected side, anything can happen. Haha!

Wholly refreshed and my suddenly feeling up for it (life), I got all sorted and dressed. Got the things together for the trip to Nottingham, 5Fri03and took the waste bags to the chute, before venturing down to Windwood Court and the Obersturmbannfhreress Warden’s holding cell. On the way through the link passage, the weather looked ominous – Rain, rain and rain! Tsk!

I arrived at the ILCs (Independent Living Coordinator’s) office, handed out the nibbles and had a little natter. Then they threw me out. Hahaha! I went into the Windwood Court big social room. Tok the first shot of their Christmas tree, and sat down for a rest and permutate the day’s plans, which took me about ten seconds. Then from the seat that I was in (and very comfortable, it was, too), I took the second and third photographs.


5Fri007cI was almost reluctant to get up after a few minutes. But the missing the bus would have been the result, had I stayed any longer, in the warmth and comfort of Winwood Court.

I made my way through the link passage into Winchester Court. And snapped their Christmas tree, as I listened to the folks in there, keeping out of the rain.

WD 0.0.128A As I did so, some ambulance men came out from the lift, with Louie on a chair, and took him to the ambulance. Bit of a downer, that! I hope he’s going to be alright, we already have Mo in hospital. I got no news about her, I must ask again. I’d like to visit her if possible.

5Fri10Out to the crowded bus shelter, to join the others. You can see the ‘Bookies Nightmare’ and my neighbour Malcolm, entertaining the females. He does is so well, and is a much admired and thought of bloke. Makes yer sick! Just cause he’s younger than me, more prosperous, better looking. Tsk! Hehehe! He’s a great character really and of a helpful nature. Christine, Penny and Mary Jean amongst others.

I nattered with Mary en route, as best that two people with hearing difficulties can, anyway.

I have made a separate blog of the visit to town, cause there was a lot of photographs taken than would have meant this post would be too ginormously long. I’ll put a few on here, to tempt you to visit the Ode and photo post: “Inchcock’s wobble to Nottingham, in the rain. Wet-through, Water-logged, and Wringing-wet. Hey-Ho!




5Fri26WD 0.0.128A I got on the bus, after falling over with the new trolley-guide getting on to it! And Mary got on with her new mini-cooker she’d just bought from Argos. Again we tried to have a natter, but we both gave up when we realised we were not doing very well in hearing each other. Humph!

The journey was full of obstructions, the same as the trip out was. So many roadworks, gas, water and others going on. I think the drivers do a great job of getting us through.

6Sat07Back at the flats, Mary and I got off last with of wheelers and went into the building through Winchester Court, to get out of the rain quicker. Through the link passages back to the cold Woodthorpe Court.

Mary got off on the first floor, me on the twelfth.

Although it was still only about 12:30hrs, I was shattered. Had a somewhat surprising to me wee-wee, HDPTBS (Heavy-Duty-Powerful-Torrential-But-Short) variety. Had a wash, put the Poundland bought goods away, and got the nosh sorted out.

5Fri28Having the ready-made BLT sandwich, roast onions, pork pie, tomatoes, beetroot, things on sticks (can’t remember the name now), and sliced apple. A Limoncello dessert, and fresh orange juice. By Jiminy, it was good! A flavour rating of 9/10 for this one. It went down a treat. Mind you, I’d been up for about fifteen hours 5Fri29by then, so hunger must have played a part in my enjoying it so much. Haha!

I took this snap of the rain, close-up to the kitchen window.

I got washed and settled down in the £300 second-hand c1968 recliner. With the tummy filled, I fought to watch an episode of Devils Kitchen, but was soon off in the land of Nod!

Inchcock’s wobble to Nottingham, in the rain. Wet-through, Water-logged, and Wringing-wet. Hey-Ho!

Inchcock’s wobble to Nottingham, in the rain


Got off the bus with some help from a stranger, walked down to town,

Galloping Horses were swirling or spinning around,

But no one riding on them, I found,

Damned shakes, I dropped the flipping camera on the ground,

Retrieved it painfully, and took some more shots from around.

5Fri09The overcharging food stalls, cooking their repast,

As Nottinghamian’s, just strolled past.

5Fri11The Nottingham Slab Square, It’s always there, It looked a right mess, to be fair!

5Fri12Off I plodded, to the Poundland Shop, 

T’was only a short little hop,

In search of drain unblocker and other codswallop!

5Fri13I entered the premises, soaking wet,

I bought too much stuff again, not to fret,

I still had a little money left yet,

I gave the helpful lady, a thank you, she is a pet,

And gave her a can of Gin & Tonic!

5Fri14Paid-up, and out into the rain again,

Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were giving me a little pain,

Determined, to resist depression,

Mind you, I had indigestion,

And a slightly confused brain!

5Fri16On to South Parade,

Dizzy Dennis visited, unwanted,

So, progress was delayed,

He soon dissipated,

I was glad but amazed!

5Fri017I took a photo, down Exchange Walk,

Not many folks having a talk on their phone?

People all around, yet I felt so alone,

Chewing gum littered where the folks walked.

5Fri019aI hobbled, struggling with the three-wheeled trolly-guide,

Through the Exchange arcade,

And out the other side,

For these stallholders, I’m afraid,

Not much money will be made!

5Fri20King Street in the rain, showed another Council pain,

Yes, chewing gum on the pavement again!

I bet they don’t have this trouble in Bahrain,

I view ditching gum on the floor, with disdain!


5Fri23I crossed to the other side of Long Row,

Got under alcove-cover to take these, don’t you know,

The only permanent retailer was busy serving, on the go,

The folks in the rain, well, it’s better than snow!

5Fri24I was well wet, and a little cold,

Not good for me, now I’m getting old,

Good job I’d had my flu jab, the anticold,

Despite the rain, I had to be bold,

So I dashed, wobblingly, to the bus stop, wet and cold!

5Fri25T’was bleak on Queen Street, waiting for the L9,

5Fri26And the hands didn’t look very fine!

It didn’t look like it was mine,

But I mustn’t whine,

I mused of things like Mnemosyne,

Then took a moody picture, it came out fine!

5Fri27The bus arrived, and it brought on a smile,

It’s coming eased my cold and chagrin,

I went to get on, missed the step by a mile,

A bloke picked me and the trolley up, and helped us in,

I was alright after a while,

But this trip out, left me needing Codeine and Amoxicillin!



Inchcock Today – Monday 29th January 2018

Monday 29th January 2018

Japanese: 2018年1月29日月曜日

0024hrs: Woke and laid there a while, waiting for the brain to start its own pandiculating and join me. As it did, I sensed the warm wet worrying sensation from the lower regions. I dismounted nervously from the £300 second-hand recliner, perpendicularised myself and limped off to the wet room.

  Oh dearie me! Matted and fresh blood this morning from the fungal lesion. I cleaned things but did not do any medicating, changed the PPs (Protection Pants) the medicationalising can wait until I do the shower and ablutions later.

Got the Health Checks tended to and took the medications. Computer put on and did last weeks record in Excel.

Updated the Sunday post, and sent it off.

0230hrs: Made a brew, during which the call to the Porcelain Throne expeditiously arrived. I was so glad no CCTV cameras were running! As I had to run and get on the Throne with much haste and amusement.

I arrived in the nick-of-time, and as I plonked down, the lid slid sideways and trapped some… erm… flesh! The evacuation was slow, big and messy. A lot of relief when it ended, then the cleaning up. I bent down to try to make the seat more secure. All I achieved was to hit my head on the sink getting back up after failing to make any difference to the wandering lid! Changed the PPs again, cause the lesion had been bleeding too. Humph!

Made another mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold, and collated the paperwork needed for my visit to the Council Mobility place. Hope I can find it, the map and internet were little help other than saying: Victoria Centre also has a mobility centre, operated by Nottingham City Council, located on Victoria Bus Station Travel Centre
York Street, Nottingham NG1 3EN. Level 1 of the White Zone Car Park?
The centre site tells me it’s on Level 1 of the White Zone Car Park, Cairns Street?

I’m going to have fun here today, I can tell! I’ll call at the Poundland shop as well, and ask if anyone had handed in my bag of shopping I left there on Saturday, or was it Friday? Either one, I’ve still got the receipt, but not the slightest faith in getting it back!

I made a start on this post up to here and then did some WordPress Reading. On to comments and replied.

0430hrs: The wind is still blowing fiercely out there this morning. Made a lovely mug of Assam tea, before going on CorelDraw to do another Inchcock Today page top graphic for use later.

Ablutions and medicationalisationing were done. Bin bags to the chute.

Down and to the Onerbgruppenfurheresses Shed. Met Welsh Bill en route. I’m glad I did, cause he likes to insult, mock and put down the older folk, and no one else was available. Hehe!

Keine Offiziere oder Kommandeure were available at this time. But a few tenants were sheltering from the rain, and we had a good laugh.

The bus arrived, and I did the crosswords until alighting into the rain at Upper Parliament Street

I called into the PoundShop where I left the food I’d bought on Friday behind. The lady asked others, but they had not had any bag handed in. Didn’t expect them to have indeed. I repurchased some of the same fodder again and made my way to the self-serve checkout. Where a Whoopsiedangleplop of embarrassing and mega proportions was suffered! I’d got the stuff scanned and in the bag alright – but could I get the blocked zip on the coat to open so I could get to my money or bank card? A resounding, thunderous No, would be the answer! What a picklement! The assistant lady tried her best to help me, the checkout till kept asking me if I wanted to continue with the purchase and the Nottinghamians in the queue waiting indicated their desire to, as we locals say… Marmalise Me! After several flunked attempts to sort the zip, she had to put her hand up my under my coat to get the bank card for me to enable me to settle with. With a red face and feeling a twit, I thanked her and paid the bill – remembering to take the food with me this time. The gal had a good wit and humorously said as I was leaving; “Things happen in threes, let me know when you’re coming in again and I’ll take the day off!” She had a lovely smile. Other staff members laughed, but those customers in the queue looked like they were about to explode as they leered, scowled and offered me threatening looks. I beat a hasty retreat!

I crossed the road and went to the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Up to the top floor and called in the Market Place and visited the Afghan chaps stall to see if he had any coats suitable to buy as a replacement for the one I had on. I was confident the blocked zip would defeat all attempts to clear it, it was that bad!

Walked the length of the centre and called into the House of Fraser shop, after seeing their Sale signs and the gents department being near the doors.

I got an Extra Large coat that seemed to have enough pockets to suit me.

It was reduced from £180, down to £162 and now £126.

The two young nymphets serving, both tried to free the zip on my jacket for me.

Despite their best efforts, it remained stuck solid and refused to move.

One of the lasses got a pair of scissors, but it was no use, bless them.

I paid the bill and made my way through the exit doors, down a floor and into the bus station, which had changed considerably since my last visit to it.

But, I was lucky enough to find the Nottingham City Council Mobility kiosk here, at the first location that I tried. Bit of luck there… very unusual for me! Hehe!


Another bit of good fortune as I left the building and walked towards Mansfield Road on my way to the bus stop. Taking this photograph and the bus suddenly appearing from behind, I was well pleased that it missed the giant puddle of standing rainwater in the gutter.Thus avoiding another drenching!

I did get a mini-splash or two later, mind. As I walked by the front of the House of Fraser store on the main road, a bus pulled up as I taking this photograph from under my umbrella as the rain got a little stronger. It sprayed some water, but the bloke in front copped for most of it. Was my luck actually changing?

I know it is many years since I have had any alcohol.

But as I plodded on and was passing the Victoria Hotel, oh no, it’s called the Hilton nowadays, I saw a sign with prices displayed.

Boy are these high or what?

Made me so glad I’ve kicked the alcohol into touch!

I admit I am not sure what the things on the list were, or any idea what a Package indicates or means. But 70cl is I assume a measurement of the alcohol, that is on offer. I could be wrong, I often am. I had to look up what Belvedere Pure Illuminated (1.75ml). (Belvedere is the toast of Poland and is feted as a premium Vodka throughout the world) and Laurent Perrier Rose (1.5L). (Laurent Perrier Rosé Champagne Magnum is one of the rare Rosé champagnes to be made using the maceration [skin contact] technique, which gives it the extraordinary depth and freshness that has made it the benchmark for Rosé champagne around the world) meant, when I got home. Not cheap are they? I assume this offer was made with visiting drug dealers, politicians, Brain surgeons and the like in mind? Hehehe! Probably not the likes of this Nottinghamian Street Sleeper I passed on Upper Parliament Street outside the Money Lender and Pawnbroker shop.

Got to the bus shelter and joined a couple of lady tenants. We had a chinwagging session while waiting for the bus to arrive late as is usual for this one.

Arrived at the flats, and called into the Social Hut, hoping to ask Obergruppenfureress Deana or Obergefreitereress Julie for help in detaching the useless coat from my rather rotund misshaped body. But bother were unavailable. The lady who sorts out the power suppliers for us was there with a young man from Nottingham City Homes. I told them of my woes, and they did larf! Haha!

The youth tried to free the zip, but as anticipated it was a fruitless effort, like all those who had tried to help earlier. But I appreciated the people all trying. He lost his grip trying to pull up the zipper, and clouted me on the nose! He tried again, and several zipper-teeth came out as he freed the closure.

Then, him being such a tall man, he had nae bother in dragging the now useless coat over my head and freeing me from the jacket. I thanked him.

Then, I transferred all the many items from the old one to the new coat pockets. I left the deceased one on a chair, hoping whoever has been doing the stealing from the hut, will nick it and find it useless.

Gave both people some nibbles and an Easter Egg, the lady some DVDs I said last week I had, and she fancied. OBergefreiteress Warden Julie popped in and out as she was busy. But I managed to give her the Rolo-Egg pressie.

Off back to the apartment.

No wee-wee or Porcelain Throne attentions needed. Hmm?

The sky kept changing quickly.

The radio said below freezing tonight. Tsk!

Got the computer on and updated this diary to here.

The fatigue is setting in now again. So I got the curls and fish fingers in the oven cooking and readied the other bits on the plate.

Took a look to see if owt worth watching was on the box tonight. Too many choices, hard to make up my mind which to watch.

Got the fodder all done and sorted. Smoked mackerel in BBQ sauce, battered fish fingers, sliced apple, tomatoes, beetroot, potato curls and a couple of anchovies on the last of the buttered cobs.

9.4/10 rating for this one. Only the beetroots being tasteless, let it down.

I settled to view the TV programmes, in readiness for falling asleep and the Strobe Alarm to activate. I have no idea if the fire alarm went off or not, so deep was the sleep I fell into, within minutes.

Woke and scribbled some memories of a dream I’d been having. (I know this, cause I found them in the morning and was glad too, cause actual memories later, were none existent.)

Inchcock Today – Friday 26th January 2018: Lost my grip on things today – danged feverish and Mega Whoopsideangleplop! Huh!

Friday 26th January 2018

Igbo: Friday 26 Jenụwarị 2018

2330hrs: I awaited the brain coming to life, and deep thoughts permeated the usual unimportant, inane mind wanderings. Had a wee-wee. The grey cell’s wanderings had become more inconcinnity-like. Concentration had a degree of raptness about it, but this did not concern me overmuch, I was just happy that I was feeling so much better than earlier, physically. However mentally? Thoughts, conclusions and logicality were not so bright.

I rose painfully out of the £300 second-hand recliner. Got the laundry bag, which was all ready, and set off out to the launderette on the ground floor. Loaded the machine and up to the apartment and had a wee-wee.

Got the computer going and started this twaddle off.

0001hrs: Down again, to move things to the dryer. Bits of fluff from the filter was scattered inside the drum and sink? New notices spotted on the board this morning.

0110hrs: Someone had left us all a messaged in the lift, I observed. Hehe!

Up to the twelfth floor and, had a wee-wee. I carried on with the updating of this blog. Cleaned up the photographs on CorelDraw.

Had a wee-wee. Oh, dearie me, getting a little frequent this morning methinks.

The instant stomach rumbling forced me off to the Porcelain Throne. And what a session this was. I believe it affected my brain, a feeling of nullibicity came and stayed with me for a few minutes as I sat there waiting for ages. Knowing (Or sensing) that a lot of content needed to evacuate, but nothing moved in the slightest, not even any wind escaped. Not good, this.

0055hrs: Down to collect the washing.

Cleaned the filter, inside and out of the machines, sink, draining board and doors inside and out.

The floor was not swept, as there was only a small brush and pan available.

Packed the bag with the folded clothing and on leaving the laundry room, to take a photograph of the rain trodden front of the building outside, I espied that someone had been kicking the wall? I’ve not seen this before, I wondered if it might have been one of the new tenants? By saying that isn’t fair. The naughty pensioner!

I took a photo to the right outside, to try and catch the moody-like garages at the dead-end of Chestnut Walk.

It was drizzling just a bit now, after the earlier heavy rain. A gentle breeze and warm with it.

I sneaked a selfie while going back up in the elevator. Good job the Council have put the mirror in the lifts. Or not. Hehe!

5′ 2″ of impecunious, cuddly pensioner with dimples and hearing aids… I can’t understand how I have not been snapped up by some senior jaguaress by now? Hahaha!

As I exited the lift into the twelfth-floor lobby, the beauty and intricate care that was taken in making this an appealing, attractive, pleasant homely atmosphere to live out our last few months in, nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Is my wit rampant this morning? Hehehe!

0120hrs: Back up in the flat and all the clothing stored away.

I foolishly opened the window to take a morning view photographicalisation, and the stored rainwater ran down the frame gulley and spilt right on the new radiator and the floor! Oh, I was annoyed!

 Had a wee-wee. Made a brew and got the hearing aid maintenance done.

Back to the Porcelain Throne. Success, this time. Slow evacuation, but a painful push and gigantic elongated plonk solved the issue. Haha!

Got to finish off yesterdays diary and got it posted.

Had a wee-wee. Tsk!

Visited the WordPress Reader next. During which; I got the dreaded blue screen come up when I was on WordPressing – Message ‘Thread Stuck in…’ but it went off before I could read any more. Tsk! Restarted and going again, but very slow.

Keep feeling a bit shivery then seem to be sweating? I’ll nip out later to the chemist and see if they can recommend summat or other for me to take. Not been feeling too bad earlier, got the laundry done and updated the posts. Then, the Flu (I assume) started to make me feel wobbly. Poor old thing. Hahaha!

Tried Facebook to see how things went. Working at the moment.

Created a  graphic for the TFZers Visit Nottingham album, posted it to the TFZ page and Facebook album. Pattie, Lona and Mary in the middle TFZer gals.

Then TFZer Patricia made my day by calling at the flats to see me!.

Then, I met Sandie and Joycie in the City Centre near the Pizza place.

These for gals arrived in the foyer on a visit. I think they got sidetracked en route, mind.

Got the ablutions tended to next. Waste bags were taken to the chute.

Off out. Down Chestnut Walk and to the hut.

Gossip with some other folks, then out to the bus stop. Bus into town.

Called in the Poundland store. Got pork pies, chocolate Almonds and nibbles.

Out and down to the City Centre.

Walked to Chapel Bar and into the Pound Shop there. Got some containers and DVDs, used the self-serve till, cause there was no on the checkouts.

Out and to Sainsbury’s, got some Wholemeal bread thins for 89p.

The rain started coming down.


Hobbled back to the Slab Square.

Had a walk around looking for opportunities to take some moody photos.

I was feeling in good spirits, and the coughing seemed to ease off a lot.

I made my way to the front of the Council House.

Took this reasonable effort t ouse later.

The rain was getting worse now, so I hybernated temporarily under the shop fronts on Long Row East.

From where I took these two pictures that came out alright, I thought.

Up Queen Street to the bus stop and engaged in a chinwag with a lady waiting. And we continued on the bus until she got off on Gordon Street.

To the apartments and in the flat. Had a wee-wee and started to get the nosh out to put it way… What a Pratt! I’d left all the stuff I bought at the self-service till in the Poundland shop at the side of the self-serve till! I remember having problems getting the things through and changing the bags around, I reckon that’s when I had a Dennis Dizzy at the same time, so assume now, this is what happened.

Nosh put in the oven. Feeling well pissed off at myself. Did the HC’s and medications.

Did the Nosh.

Had the ready meal and added some sausages. I surprised myself considering how rotten I felt with the dizzies and shakes, but I ate the lot of it! Accompanied by some banging, tapping and drilling from the flat above.

Washed the pots and as I settled down in the £300 second-hand recliner a mood of deep unhappiness with things are going came over me. The pathetic self-pity overcame me. I tried to think logically (An impossibility) and weighed up the was causing this, analyse them and ponder on what I could do to pull myself up and free of the current feelings of sadness, despair and futility. The odd sneeze and coughing bouts accompanied this.

The causes were apparent even to me; The increasing ailments, a sense of being isolated despite many people around me, I can go days without talking to anyone. Dispiritedness, self-loathing, confusion and on and on; But the worst is the increasing dysthymia (I think that’s the word).

The sure knowledge that this computer is on the verge of packing up and taking away my only contact with the world, my love and hobby from me. And I just don’t know what to do to put things right. I understand that my situations are beyond any resarciate success.

I’d thought in the past, that going senile would be something one would not be aware of mentally, and did not concern myself overly with the thought. Of course, now it is arriving and taking up residence in my grey cells, I realise that one is aware of it. Some of the time and this makes it very hard and problematical to accept as you know full well anything, event or happening will find its way into ones labyrinthine brain of confusion, some never to be seen or heard of again, others to torment you eternally.

I’d been pondering on this for ages without any signs of resolution, or even understanding appearing in my foggy brain. And the Fire Alarm strobe and pillow shaker activated. More frustration! Nothing in my life is getting in order, arranged or successful. So, I had to go through the usual rigmarole again; Dismount the recliner, find and fit the hearing aids, go to the door and check the handle with the back of my had for any heat – None. (But there were the INR Test Results in the letterbox), so I open the door to listen for any alarms, there were none sounding, then go to the kitchen and open the window and look down to see if any emergency vehicles were there, none were. I have to go through this everytime a false activation occurs, and this is many times a week. It does my getting any sleep no-good at all. It is just another thing to assist my unwanted and feared passage into further mental derangement.

I must let Jenny know about this activation on Monday. Bless her. No point in doing anything now, it being a Saturday as I write this, and no one can respond anyway, as the Nottingham City Homes only monitor, not repair alarms on weekends. Not that this alarm went through to the Response Centre anyway, otherwise I would have got a call from them to check on things, and I didn’t get one.

Settled back in the chair and was soon off into the land of Nod again, despite the unremitting, nagging thoughts wandering through the brain at random.

A few hours later, it happened again. I had to go through the whole up and check palaver once more! Once more the activation did not get through to the Control Room. Just as well, but had it been an actual activation?

This time sleep did not come quickly. I lay there worrying and fretting over world issues, going bonkers, the bleeding from Inchies lesion, the hole in my trousers, the INR results… You name the concerns, and there is a chance it was in the brain-box somewhere tonight. Tsk!

Inchock Today – Wednesday 27th December 2017

Wednesday 27th December 2017

Belarusian: Серада 27 снежня 2017

0210hrs: Woke up, sprawled half-out of the £300 second-hand recliner and did my best to get the brain started to recall some of the dreams I just knew I’d been having – but annoyingly nothing concrete came to me, only an impression that I was being chased again.

Getting the fluid-filled right leg off of the arm of the chair so I could escape and get to the Porcelain Throne, was unpleasant, painful and time-consuming.

No Dennis Dizzies, stubbing of toes or excessive complaints from Arthur Itis or Hippy Hilda, just harassment from the bloated right thigh as I made my way to the WC. The evacuation was of a hard vast volume nature once again, but today, a fair bit of blood with it.

I would not use the shower at this time of course, but did do my teeth and had a shave. The gums bled, but at least I did not cut myself with the razor. I had a few thoughts on the dream while doing this. I now think I was on a merchant ship with several levels below and being pursued. The corridors were caliginous, metal rails and I was scared. Why I felt the need to discover what happened in this nightmare, defeated me.

To the kitchen and got the Health Checks were done, and the medications were taken. The Sys was a bit high?

I could see the rain on the window.

I opened them and leant out to take this slightly worrying photographicalisation. That revealed the wet, windy and depressing weather out there.

Hopefully, the buses will be running today, and I can get out to talk to someone and get some milk.

Made a brew and moved to the computer and got it started. It dawned on me that I had not opened the Christmas Cards yet, so went to collect them from the top of the DVD collection where I knew I had stored them – but they were not there!?!? A search and seek mission was started. I even thought I might find the missing belly pork slices, the lost phone’s SDH card or the hearing aids during my looking for the greeting cards. Abject failure was the result. How? Where? I must have a word with my insouciant Doctor Vindla!

I got the Tuesday post finished and posted off.

Checked the Emails.

Then started this one going as far as here.

0515hrs: Went to the WordPress Reader session. Then answered the comments.

0550hrs: Made another mug of tea and had a wee-wee. Later on to Facebooking.

0620hrs: CorelDraw prep work.

0800hrs: Took the five rubbish bags to the chute.

Had a shower and got things ready.

0910hrs: Out into the rain, and walked to the Obergruppenfureress’s Hut with some nibbles. A natter with Warden Deana, and another with some other tenants as they arrived to wait in the dry for the bus to come. None of them seemed in an overly joyous mood, bless them. Neither was I if the truth were known.

The Bestwood bound L9 arrived, and it was the lovely bonny lassie driver. I gave her a chocolate nibble as we piled on, all the others piled off in Sherwood. I was the only passenger for a while. But it soon refilled at the other request stops. I managed to change the hearing-aid batteries en route. Dropped off outside the Asda (Walmart) store and went in. I wanted milk and Jacobs Stilton Mini-Cheesies if they had any in again.

I decided, being as Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna were both in a good mood, I’d get the milk and other bits in a hurry and try to catch the same bus on its return journey. To my surprise and pleasure, they had some of the bags of the Stilton biscuits in, on offer 3 for £3, so I got six of them. Some Wholemeal Thins bread, small potatoes and a packet of 4 mini-pork pies with caramelised onion chutney on top. I forgot to get the milk, Tsk! I realised this when going through the checkout I noticed the lady in front had remembered her milk. Hehe! Had I gone back get some, I would have missed the bus to the flats, so I didn’t.

Limped rapidly out and up to the bus stop, with two minutes to spare. The bus got very busy en route. But most of the folks had a word and laugh with the driver.

We picked up some other Woodthorpe Tenants in Sherwood. When we dropped off, Welsh Bill was waiting to get on and I offered him a cheerio ‘Good Morning Bill’, but got no reply.

The rain was light, but the wind hard as I hobbled along Chestnut Walk to Woodthorpe Court. A little further along I had to sidestep a big puddle and stopped to take a photograph of the new build apartments inside the centre compound.

As I continued on, in an instant the rain turned into snow. Not heavy though, only light stuff fell, blown along in the strong prevailing winds.

I got up the lift and to the kitchen as fast as I could to get a photograph of the snow. Which, as I took the pictures below, turned back into sleet and then rain again.

The lady who walks her elderly greyhounds was braving the weather with the black one, both rescue dogs and with a sweet personality. She can’t manage the two of them, I can’t remember why now. No, that’s not right, I’m sure she could cope with them, I meant she prefers not to for some reason.

Glad to see she had prepared the dog well with a good coat for him.

I got the kettle on and did the Health Checks and took the medications while I thought of it. Because I intend to stay awake and get a few days templates and top graphics done in advance, and this will take time. Also, I tend to get carried away doing this task.

I got the fodder put away, and used just a tiny drop of milk in it, from my ever dwindling stocks. I think it is beginning to go off. Humph!

1200hrs: I opened Coreldraw 2017 and started the page headers graphics for the next few days Inchcock Todays.

1550hrs: Blimus! That took a lot of time. The old concentration proved a bit deleterious to my efforts to expatiate myself cleary.

Had a quick look at the WordPress Reader again.

A few minute on Facebook, but the weariness has dawned.

So I got the nosh sorted out.

Buttered wholemeal bread thins with sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette. Two mini pork pies with caramelised onion chutney, potato sticks, Marmite crisps and Pork Knuckle. A large mug of fresh orange juice and a lemon yoghourt to follow!

Rated this one at 9.68/10, a veritable feast of flavour! I think I have developed a sitomania for pork knuckle. I hope they will still have it in stock after the holidays, but bet they won’t. Tsk!

Took the pots to wash up, Hippy Hilda not as bothersome now as earlier, but still not in a perfect mood. At least she let me get the right leg up to about five inches with pain, of course, to get into the jammy-bottoms on later. But the agony in changing the socks on and off was almost beyond description. Hehe! What the heck am I laughing at?

The skyline looked like it had been painted on and had the sense of not belonging to the rest of the view. If that makes sense.

Did the last Health Checks and took the evening medications.

The loud Herbert upstairs has been noisy all day on and off, and I think I will have to mention this again to either Obergruppenfuhreress Warden Deana or Obergefreiteress Warden Julie soon. That or buy a stun-gun and go up and have a word with him. (Note: The stun-gun would be in case he is younger, bigger and braver [Which is very likely] than what I am! Hehehe!).

I got settled in the recliner, with a mug of clementine juice, packet of the Stilton cheese biscuits and some chocolate nibbles, ready to watch the two episodes of Law & Order which was on channel 21 (5USA). The first one started, and I got through ¾ of the way before nodding off. Woke up halfway through the second episode and watched it to the end.

The benefit is I think when the brain is running away on its own course and all efforts to regain control of it fail; thus, sleep is impossible; at least I can put the goggle-box on, and the brain usually surrenders and goes back to its regular lackadaisically detached, uninterested mode. Then sleep comes. Fair enough, it might only be five minutes here or ten or thirty minutes there, but the system works. I should write a book about this? Haha!

I continued to nod-off and wake for a couple of hours and eventually gave up trying to watching the box.

Woke with a right jump about 2300hrs. I think I thought I was still dreaming about whatever it was I was dreaming about but can’t remember because I had my left leg over on the arm of the recliner. Believe me, had I wanted to get the leg in that position while awake or conscious, it would have been an impossibility! Perhaps the pain woke me up? So irritating not to be able to recall what I was dreaming about, though.

Manipulating the limb back down so he could be with his fluid-filled, Arthur Itis amd Hippy Hlda ridden brother’s right leg with his boils and bent ankle, was almost enough to make me cry out in pain! I might not be able to get about much or do anything exciting physical or romantic nowadays, but these little incidents help me to forget that you know. Going bonkers? Me?

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 5th September 2017: INR Blood Test – Under the Brolly Photos and The Botox Meal?

Illegal parkers corale the end left-end legally parked car? Hehehe!

Tuesday 5th September 2017

Swedish: Tisdagen den 5 September 2017

0400hrs: Stirred in a loose form of life (Not much sleep at all), and immediately I’d dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and got the light on, signs of nocturnal nibbling were found. Got the had hoover and removed the crumbs from the chair and carpet. (Naughty Inchcock!)

To the Porcelain Throne, a much easier and more successful session this morning cheered me up a bit this did.

Health Checks results: Sys 153 Dia 74 Pulse 76 Temp 34.0 Weight 14.88

Took the medications with a mug of nice healthy strong Thompson’s tea.

Consulted the Google Diary and made sure it matched with the written diary for this week up to now.

Today, the Morrisons Delivery is due twixt 0600 > 0700hrs, and the INR Blood Test at the surgery for 1000hrs.

Started to update and finish yesterday’s diary. While doing this, I heard a dog barking, although I didn’t recognise what it was at first, until I looked down outside and took a photograph of a man walking his dog. Early risers, then.

Early risers, then. The man was under the trees, but the dog could be seen behind the parked cars as they passed by, the owned was hidden in under the tree branches. Loud bark this dog had if I heard him on the twelfth floor?

I felt a bit sorry for the end legally parked car on the left, getting almost corralled in by the two illegally parked ones.

I got medication pots done and back in the drawer. Made a note remember to ask the nurse for a prescription for some extra Codeine 60g and Omeprazole.

I also hoped that Nurse Nichole would be on duty this time.

As the rain started coming down, I made up a nibble bag and pressie for Nichole.

The Morrison chappie arrived with the fodder.

I sorted it out, and the fridge and in particular the freezer, are now brimming full again.

Got on with the ablutionalisational activities, then got everything needed in the bag, nibbles for Nurse Nichole, nibbles for the others, hat, umbrella, crossword book and bus pass. Decided I had to wear a coat today to repel the weather, so swapped everything from the shirt pockets to the deep coat pockets. Got the coat on (mistake this) and checked the lights, taps etc. in the flat, and took the bin bags with me to drop in the chute and a box of recyclable stuff to take down and leave at the caretaker’s door. Which I did, as I left the premises.

The rain was persistent, as was evident by the deep puddles.

There were very few workmen on site this morning, again.

I can’t blame them, with this weather.

Walking on towards the end of the road I came across a few traffic cones had been mangled since yesterday?.

No people about this location.

As I passed the Winchest Courts, a van drew up so something might be done today, like work of the flats? Hehe!

I turned back to take this photo on the right of the chaps braving the rain.

Down Winchester Street Hill, struggling with the bag and umbrella a bit most of the way, and had to keep changing hands, as Arthur Itis and Craig Camps were starting to dislike the weather perhaps?

Onto Mansfield Road and left up to the hill.

Taking my time, as  I had 30 minutes before the appointment for the INR blood test over the crest in Carrington.

And the plates had started giving me grief now as well. Tsk!

On the brow of the hill, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came a touch close to my shoulders as he sped by me.

He did not enamour himself to the chap at the bus stop either. I think a few well-chosen words were exchanged.

Got into the surgery and a new receptionist was on duty. A nice pleasant looking plump young thing. But she did not speak very loudly but was very nice. (Give them time to work on her though, and she might end up an excellent Cutting remark and Look down a nose at patients graded, just like the others).

I forgot all about asking them for a prescription and to book a flu-jab date. Tsk!

I took my seat and got the crossword book out, Then the good arrived. It was Nurse Nichole who came out to collect me. I was tickled pink. She soon had me done, a quick chinwag and I was off and gone.

Over the road and passed by the Chemists forgetting this time to check on the date to collect the prescriptions. Fool!

I wandered down to see if the Lidl Store had been reopened yet. No, they were still working on it. No shelving erected yet, so it looks like being a good while yet.

I caught a bus back into Sherwood. When I dropped off, the rain seemed to be easing off.

I had to look at my mobile phone to get the time from it, but the battery had died! A message flashed up momentarily telling me the battery was critically low, then the thing closed down on its own. For some reason, I suddenly remembered it is the yahrzeit of Annie from the flats, and I felt a little down, but good memories came to me of her. Bless her.

I stood and waited for the time to come round on the nearest bus timetable display. There were forty minutes before a bus would arrive to get me back up the hill to the flats. So I did a tour of the second-hand Charity shops, to see if they had any narrow at the top cups or mugs and a lightweight coat with plenty of pockets for sale. I went into the Sue Ryer shop first. As I was looking at clothing and tried on a jacket, to find it was far too small, I checked out the pockets and found a 50p coin inside. Plodded around to view the kitchen wear section and found a nice sized cup and bought it, giving the lady the fifty pence piece I’d discovered and told her where I found it.

Then over the road and into the Mind Charity shop, but they had nowt of interest to me. Then up to the Oxfam, noting there and then the Nottingham Hospice Shop. Here I spotted a World of Clarkson – For Crying Out Load motoring book. I do not like this millionaire man in the least, but give him his due, his cutting wit I do find worthy, and bought the book.

As I moved up the hill to the bus stop, another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist crossed over Hall Street, coming too close for comfort to a lady. The Git! He had a full face helmet on though?

Peggy from the flats with her neighbour bloke was at the stop when I arrived. We had a jolly good nattering, and laughter session before the bus arrived and continued on the bus after it came.

Peggy got a move on her way to the flats but had to stop for breath a couple of times. I caught her up and stayed with her each time.

We arrived at the foyer together and up in the lift had a laugh about things in general. Mostly the fact that we were both in need of our wet room Porcelain Thrones, Hehe! As she got off on the floor below mine, she suggested I do not wee-wee myself, and departed chuckling away to herself.

I got in and utilised the Porcelain first thing.

Washed and used the new cup/mug for a brew of tea.

Got the Crock-Pot going with a potato and garden peas in it, ready for later.

Cleaned the kitchen floor.

Then, I got the computer on to update this diary. During which, I got a message from the Grammarly Editor:

I had to look up Parallelism: The use of successive verbal constructions in poetry or prose which correspond in grammatical structure. Erm…? My lack of primary education coming to the fore here! Can anyone explain in simple terms, please, what I did wrong?

The rain stopped, and the smell and view outside were fantastic.

Got the oven warming up. Did some Facebooking, better late than never. Then some WordPress reading.

Got the potatoes letters in the oven.

Computer off. Perused the TV magazine, rather pointless really; cause I’m only going to have nod-offing-periods.

Got nosh prepared. Did a lot of messy work on this one. Sliced a boiled potato and added Soy sauce on them, fresh garden peas, the last bit of pork ribs, tomatoes with balsamic vinegar dressing, sliced apple, pork loin and oven cooked potato letters. Added a seaweed stick and had lemon curd yoghourt and a lemon mousse. I forgot the yellow peppers but can have them tomorrow all being well.

Washed the pots and cleared up – a nice change from falling alseep and having to do this in the morning. Had a visit to the Porcelain Throne and took the medications and Health Checks done. Sys 161 Dia 72 Pulse 80 Temp 34.1, all looks good to me.

I settled to watch some TV and nodded off of course, and seemed to have dreams every time I did? But could I remember them? No! Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 9th August 2017: Lots of things achieved today. He say’s with head swagging! Hehe!

Wednesday 9th August 2017

Basque: Asteazkena, Abuztuak 9, 2017

0120hrs: Up and to the Porcelain Throne. No bleeding, but signs of Trotsky Terence returning. Huh! IT was still raining out side. Back into the £300 second-hand recliner and tried to recall the dreams, but all I could tell was that they were not nice again, no details.

0312hrs: Awake and in need once again of the Throne. Yes, Trotsky is coming back for sure. On the bright side, still no bleeding from Duodenal Donald or Haemorrhoid Harold.

Went to make a brew and take the medications and realised I’d not taken any of last nights medications. I took just one-and-a-half Warfarin with the morning dosages. Did the Health tests.

Nipped out on the balcony while the rain had relented a bit, and took this photographicalisation. A free unused car parking space was spotted down below.

Came back in, on the computer and made the graphic for the top of this page.

Back to finish making another mug of tea to replace the first one that went cold, and pondered a while on what needed doing today. INR DVTblood test at the City Hospital, call in the Clinic while there to see the rearranged op again. Call in the hearing centre in town, to get replacement tools for those I can no longer find or have lost so I can clean them properly. Then the train of thoughts went wonky again – how do I sort out the rota? Must go to the INR test first, then the clinic, then into town hearing centre – must take the brolly and walking stick with me in case Dizzy Dennis returns… Ah, but I have to visit the bank as well… Confusion followed by the oddest uncontrollable attitude for me. I just thought, “Sod it, it’ll sort itself out?” Is the old brain getting tired as well as the body?

Then, started this diary off up to here. Then got on finishing off yesterdays, and got it posted.

WordPress reading and Emails checked.

Worked out my hobbling route to the hospital, and to the bus stop to catch one into town, unless I time it wrong?

I just hope the rain is not too bad, but it looks set in at the moment. Tsk!

0550hrs: Might get some under-the-brolly photographs in today?

Went onto Facebooking for a while. Then started a TFZer graphic. Got it done.

Ablutions tended to, I changed into the togs and made sure the brolly and cap were in the bag.

Set off down the elevator and over and up the gravel hill footpath to the top and left down through to Mansfield Road.

As I wandered along, the rain stopped.

Not many people or dogs about, I can only see one of each in the whole place?

To the top of the hill and down Edwards Lane. Noticed some cars had been graffitied, took a photo of them, and when I got back much later to the flat to transfer all the pictures to the computer, this one was not on the SHD card?

To the bottom of the road and left going over the Pelican lights across the dual carriageway ring road.

As I limped along, whistling to myself and perusing the scenery over the tennis courts, what did I see?

Some Nottingham Street Art just outside of the outer netting to the courts.

Perhaps it had been thrown over the fencing along the road? Fly tipping they call it.

I was so intent on looking at this rubbish I tripped on some weeds and very nearly went over. Luckily being so close to the iron bars, I managed to stop myself going over by grabbing at them and holding on! Not any bother at all. No wounds or bumps.

Seconds later, this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist (Git!) nearly had me over then. Tsk!

I think I must have heard him coming from behind me. Proof for sure, that the new hearing aids are a lot better than the old ones, without a doubt! Unless I imagined hearing him approaching?

In the next few hundred yards or so, I got two shots of Nottingham Nurture, and both animals posed and gave me time to take the photographicalisations of them.

Although, the second one did not have much choice. Hehe!

No dizzies at all yet, doing well.

The French Bouille courts were well flooded, and the free-to-use (Although, I have never seen anyone using them) keep-fit equipment machines were going a bit rusty in places.

I turned right at the traffic island and up Hucknall Road, and called in the GUM Clinic.

The usual antisocial snotty Obergruppenfurher was working on the reception, and I asked if I could wait to speak with Dr Wieczorkowski – adding hastily and raising my voice a tad; He told me I could call any Wednesday morning and ask to see him in his Email!” A sneer, of an obviously well rehearsed and considerable superiority and in depth hatred, was visually shot back at me. The lips curled in well-practised and prize-worthy imitation of contempt. With a backwards flip of his head,  off the disappeared, mumbling something I failed to apprehend.

Returning a few minutes later, and through gritted teeth and with an almost growling voice, as he pointed to the waiting room, verbally spat out; “In there and wait, it may be over an hour!” An odd, unexpected painful smile crept over his lips, and the faintest sound of a chuckle was audible?

I really have learnt how to annoy him back now. I put on my sweetest smile, put my head to one side and whispered; “Well, thank you so much!”

I sat down with the other waiting patients and got the crossword book out before I could take a look at a clue, a nurse came in and called my name and beckoned me to go with her to see the Doctor.

An embarrassing examination under the giant magnifying glass, with a huddle of student presentations. Then after he had spoken to and advised them after listening to their answers to his questions, they departed, and the questioning started.

My record was consulted. I will get a date for the op within a week and will be doing it at the QMC instead of the City Hospital. This is because my problem is so rare (The type of fungal infection he said) that they want to take this opportunity for the students to learn from the treatment. (Grafting from wherever, the knee maybe as I recall from earlier meetings with another medico, he did not say and onto Little Inchies lesion.)

Well, that went well and speedily. The Obergruppenfurher receptionist was not in sight when I departed, just as well perhaps.

Out and up into the hospital grounds and right, to the Blood taking hall. A few patients waiting today, about 50, but some of these would be waiting for the ladies only section. I got a ticket and sat down and got on with the crossword book again. They were nipping through us quickly today. I was in and be done within half an hour. Had time for a laugh with the nurse who did me, too.

Thanked her and gave her a bag of nibbles to share with the other girls, and out to see if I would be lucky again and catch a 40 bus just nearby to the clinic.

I turned the corner and just had time to photograph it as I missed it and pulled away. Tsk!

As I walked down towards Hucknall Road to catch another bus, I kept hearing a right loud double clanging noise?

Turned out, it was sunken and sinking further with every car, ambulance and bus that went over it, manhole cover in middle the road.

Even the bus came within seconds of my arriving at the stop? Worrying innit, all this good luck?

Dropped off in the town near the Victoria Mall and walked into town and down to the Nottingham Slab Square.

And took a picture of the beach and fountains. The rain had kept off, and a few people had ventured onto the beach.

But there were very few folk about, what with the storm warnings and all that, I wasn’t surprised. Some with their kids had climbed over into the fountains area and were apparently quite happy to get soaked. Hehe!

I could hear a lot of sirens and klaxons from somewhere nearby but had no idea what was taking place.

I hobbled to the hearing aid place and explained my stupidity and misfortune in breaking the plastic thingy that removes and replaces the wax protector on the new hearing aids. The young man patiently listened to my sob story, and asked me to take a seat on one of the green chairs and someone would come to see me, but it might be while before they are free to do so. I expressed my gratitude and told him, no problem. Then took a green seat and got the crossword book out, again before I could start on it (Like t the clinic earlier) Another young agent was calling my name within seconds of my having sat down. Brilliant Service or what?

Into the room explained things and he had cleaned the hearing aid and given me another thingamajig to take home with me within ten minutes. Thanked him and poddled out of the store, only to have to dodge another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist.


Took this picture of some brave fools up on the high swing ride, as the weather started to get a bit more threatening?

Had a walk around for a while, because the L9 bus was not due for 45 minutes, but I enjoyed the hobble around, and the rain still kept off!

A final display of Nottingham Street Art was outside the book shop on Lister Gate.

I went in and bought a pack of five pencils and sharpener and eraser, for only £1.79. Also, a TV paper for next week. So I can work out which programmes to fall asleep watching. Haha!

Got on the bus at the same time as Horace and his Carer.

I feel pain for Horace. His handler always sits away from him on the bus, and I’ve yet to hear the man talk to Horace. The carer is in the seat in front of where I took a photograph from. Of course, it is not my place to criticise anyone, and do not! For I don’t know the illness, handicap or nature of things that poor old Horace suffer from. So I have no idea of what that carer has to go through while caring. I often meet Horace on my bus trips and have started saying cheerio to him. No recognition from him of course, and he can apparently only grunt. He loves doing this while pointing at things. Life can be so unfair to some folk.

Up to now, the ailments have been so kind to me as well, today. I feel almost guilty.

Back at the flats, I visited the Throne and put the new tool for the hearing aid in the box they came in, to try not to lose or break this one.

I shelled some garden peas and got them into the saucepan on the simmer. Out the onion bhajis and bubble and squeak cakes into the tray ready to go into the oven later.

Got this diary updated. Boy, am I making some grammar errors. Don’t know what’s the matter with me. I’m  aware I do make silly mistakes generally. It took ages and lots and lots of correcting. Humph!

Nosh served up. An unfunny few moments followed. I got it all on the plate and had to go for a wee-wee again.

About to carry it on the tray to the £300 second-hand recliner to consume it, and the phone rang. Tsk! It was the surgery with the DVT blood test results. New dosages, as the INR level had dropped to 2.1 – this is not good news at all. It might mean the cancelling of the Little Inchies graft op yet again. A most off-putting possibility! They made the next appointment for Wednesday 16th, and I remembered this was the Tenants meal-out day and mentioned it. Rearranged for… wait for it… 0750hrs on Tuesday 15th. 0750hrs! Great! I queried the time, and the lady thought I was intimating that this was too early and said; “Well, you always ask for an early time for your appointments!” (Not that I get them usually!) I told her no problem at all and thanked her kindly.

Then a call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. This was a messy one and required some cleaning up and medicationalisationing afterwards. So by the time I’d got around to digesting the meal, it was well cold! Grumph!

I thought about putting it in the oven to warm it up again but decided this would not be a good idea. So I ate it as it was. Actually, it was not too bad at all. If the phone call and Porcelain Throne had not interrupted the proceedings, it would have been super-tasty I think.

The walking must have taken more out of me than I thought because when I got the TV on to watch Boon DVD episodes, I drifted off and woke at 0130hrs, many hours later.

I recall musing over a dream I’d been having and must have scribbled this note, I found later.

Monte Casino defender from Italy?

Soon drifted back to sleep.

Sprang awake with a start, at 0250hrs.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 29th June 2017: Not one of my luckiest days!

It could happen to anyone – Hehe!

Thursday 29th June 2017

Cebuano: Huwebes Hunyo 29, 2017

0300hrs: Lay there in the £300 second-hand recliner for ages. First trying to recall the dreams without any success again.

Then thinking through the days’ activities.

0325hrs: Gingerly I escaped the recliner, had a Dizzy Dennis moment and made my way to the wetroom, for a Porcelain Throne session. All went well.

Reflux Roger and Rumbling Rupert were both active this morning.

Did the Health Checks:

Update the weeks’ records. Only the ever increasing weight was of any concern, I think.

Made a nice strong mug of tea and took the morning medications, then back to the wetroom for a wee-wee.

Checked the letter from the NCH (Nottingham City Homes) with the dates of the upcoming individual flat Survey times. IT is mine next Monday between 1300hrs and 1700hrs.

Computer activated, and I put this in the written diary and the Google calendar.

The tea had gone cold, so went to make another one. As I did so, I could make out some noise, even without the hearing aids in, so knew it had to be pretty loud.

It was like a metallic grating. Popped the head out of the window and nearly got myself blown back inside with the howling wind, paperwork in the other room exploded all over, kitchen towels toppled onto the floor and the wonderfully wet rain splattered through, soaking the counter and me!

Humph. Hehe, serves me right!

Looked down outside but could see no reason for the noise, that was now no longer audible?

Had a wee-wee. Then back on the computer to start this diary off to here.

Realised then, that I had not finished yesterday’s journal yet, so got on with that. Got it done and did some WordPress reading and comment answering.

Facebooked a while.

Got a TFZer graphic finished and started on a new one, very complicated and involved. Ran out of time, but I’m reasonably satisfied with the progress. I’ll see if I get time later to finish it, or at least get some more work done on it.

This is the one I’d completed. With Janet from the TFZers.

Turned off everything and got the ablutions done. Scratches and nicks acquired during the shaving process.

Moved the stuff into a bag that is a bit more waterproof (It still let the wet rain in, Tsk) bag and set off taking two jars with me to drop off at the Bottle Bank.

As I hobbled along to the bank, so much of the compound was blocked off with temporary Harris railings, I had to walk on the road for a good distance to get there. The rain was light at this stage, but the wind was a bit nasty. I’ll see how the new umbrella can cope with it later.

When I got into the shed, a lot of Tenants were already in there early, and laughter flowed freely.

A new bloke had taken the seat where I usually do, the only chair available part from Bills was right in a corner away from everyone. Put the raffle prizes on the stand and gave out the nibbles early, being as I was going to have to leave early. I told them all to take two picks, so as to make less weight to carry to the doctors and back. Not that it mattered in the end, I left the box there on the floor when I departed later. Huh!

Bill (William on Sundays) arrived, I noticed no one had taken his seat! Humph, Hehe!

No one to talk to that I could hear if they replied. T’was such a lonely session. BJ arrived with his better half, had a few words, but while I did this someone sat in the corner chair. Laugh?

I gave out a few of the emergency towels, and bid farewell to everyone – but nobody answered (That I heard anyway). Began to get depresses then, Ha!

As I got to the end of the road and turned onto Winchester Hill, the rain commenced to heavier, so, up with the new brolly. It rattled a lot from the handle area in use but coped with both the wind and rain well enough.

Two ambulances were at the old people’s flats on Mansfield Road, took the photo from under the new brolly.

The rain got even worse as I got over the brow of the hill into Carrington. The buses and lorries were hitting the standing water and cascading with the stagnant rain when they did! The trouser leg bottoms were soaking now. Hey-ho!

Into the surgery, in plenty of time and asked the receptionist if I could make an appointment for the CHD Checks. She booked me in for Tuesday 18th July at 0930hrs. Requested a sample tube and she gave me one.

Sat to wait my turn and I noticed I’m dragged in wet leaves on the souls of the shoes. Got a tissue out of the bag and tried to pick some up, but the knees and back prevented any success. I did cope with getting the shoes off and wiping them, though.

Nurse Nichol came into view, it was such a pleasure to see her smile as she greeted me and led me into the treatment room.

Gave her some Chocolate Orange discs, thanked her and into the reception area and gave them their nibbles, only one gal there and she didn’t answer me. She did manage an unsmiling lifting of her head that said, Yes alright!

Am I imagining the bad day I’m having social-wise or what?

Out with the brolly up on the road and walked down to the Lidl store. Where I got some replacement nibbles, a minced-beef pasty, canned tomatoes, smoked bacon, a tin of garden peas and a wholemeal loaf. I was intending to put this bread in the freezer for later, but there was no room. Humph!

Out and to the bus stop, where I could not get under the shelter for the other passengers waiting, and with the two bags now, the brolly could not be utilised, so I got wet again. (No problem in doing so, I was becoming an expert at it this morning. Hehe!)

Caught the bus and dropped off in Sherwood. Over the crossing and to the L9 bus stop.

The lovely lady from the 8th floor was there, and we had a good chinwag and laugh.

The L9 was late coming, but we didn’t mind. The rain went down to a trickle of that; Fine-soak you through type.

Up to the flats and now they have moved the bus stop there, we got another soaking as we had to walk the length of Chestnut Walk to get to out foyer.

Up in the lift, said my farewell to the gal, and she did to me.

As I got in, I had a wee-wee. Into the kitchen to put the bits away, the rain came walloping down again.

A moment later, it went back to the drizzly wet-rain?

Took the medications and did the Health Checks, which produced some surprising result: Sys 154, Dia 77, Pulse 94, Temp 36.0? Perhaps I did not settle down enough before taking them?

Got a can of tomatoes in the saucepan and bacon in the oven tray ready to cook later.

Had a wee-wee.

Put the nibbles in the spare room.

Made a nice strong brew of Thompson’s tea bags.

Computer turned on and saw the photograph above, I had the idea for a bit of TFZer fun, to put some of the gals onto it. So I did. I put Pattie and Marie, my heartthrobs onto it. Hope they like it.

Started the updating of this diary.

Checked on Facebook and then WordPress reading.

Back to CorelDraw and working on that difficult TFZer one.

Got it done it last. Phew!

TFZer ladies, Josie, Betty, Linda, Janet and Dizz with support from Andy and Thomas.

Had a wee-wee.

Got the meal out and served up.

Unhealthy but so tasty a simple meal. Mushrooms, chopped tomatoes and smoked streaky bacon, with some Polish half-rye sourdough bread.

Lemon fool to follow.

Had a wee-wee.

Got settled to watch some of the excellent TV programmes on offer tonight. A great Inchcock selection!

1800hrs: Channel 72: Two episodes of the first series of Law & Order

2000hrs: Channel 20: Hetty Wainthrope Investigates – then New Tricks

2200hrs: Channel 21:  Law & Order SVU, two episodes.

I nodded off at around 1812hrs when the first commercial break came on and woke at midnight just as the credit screen at the end of the second of the Law & Order SVU finished.

Had a wee-wee.