Inchcock – Friday 20th September 2019: Today convinced me that I was away with the fairies, and ready to start foaming at the mouth!

2019 Sept 20

2019 Sept 20a

Friday 20th September 2019

Greek: Παρασκευή 20 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019


02:38hrs:I woke and lay there, delicately perched half-on-half-off, of the Brother-in-Law Pete, damaged while he was flat-sitting, when I was in the Stroke Ward, and he fitted new CCTC cameras, and searched for my valuables, which he found and took, (I still haven’t got them back yet four-months later), £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, gungy-beige coloured, c1968, sometimes working, uncomfortable, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty, resurrected, reconditioned, recalcitrant, recidivating and rotting-away recliner. Deliberating, and ruminating on life.

After a few moments cogitationalisationing, I got free of the recliner and swore a little, at the RAI (Rheumatoid Arthur Itis) with its set-in, dilatational, discomfort-bearing knees. I dismounted the not-working-this-morning, currently non-electric chair. I hauled my grossly-flabby bouncing with its excess body-flesh frame, into roughly an upright stance, cursing some more at the RAI’s pains. And nearly fell-back in the chair, when I stood on my slippers. Tsk!

Grabbed the stick, and off to the kitchen, in what must have looked an oddly over-cautious hobble. For the Peripheral Neuralgia leg and arm, were both doing a little mini, shuddering and shaking movements. I went back to the GPEB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency Bucket) and had a PWWDIB (Pathetic-Weak-Why-Did-I-Bother) mode leak.

Back to the kitchen, got the kettle on, grabbed the tablet tray, and checked the handwashing on the airer. Made the brew, opened the medications and returned with them and the tea, to the junk-room and got the computer going.

I had to start a template afresh for today. Make the graphics etc. two hours later, as I made another cuppa, the need for another wee-wee arrived… an what a shock this one was to me! It was a rare CMOUSTSTBOWV (Catching-Me-Out-Unwilling-Slow-To-Start-Then-Blasting-Out-With-Venom) session. Core blimey!

I started the updating of yesterdays blog. The juddering-shaking shoulder joined the arm and leg in giving me bother. But the fingertips were maintaining their sensitivity to touch, which as a relief.

Got the updating finished and sent off to WordPress. Then went on TFZer Facebooking. During which, I took six wee-wees, all of the PWWDIB variety.

5Fri02I belatedly noticed the sign I’d left on the modern, up to date, tiny screened TV screen. It was for me to know that the phlebotomy nurse would be calling today, between 10:00>12:00hrs.

So I set about getting ablutions done. Then sorted the black bags out.

Graphics were worked on in CorelDraw, for several hours. It was a slow business, with the hands and fingers dancing and jumping.

5Fri005WD 0.30.0b I got the ablutions seen to. Again, the dropsies were many, but at least different today. Amongst them, was the sock-glide (2), the PPs, radio, and the shower chair! Some luck with the radio, it nearly bounced into the toilet bowl!

Only the legs knees RAI was any bother this morning.

I got dressed and returned to the slow, slow job of making up the graphics. Got the black bags made up. The phlebotomy nurse arrived while I was dealing with the waste. So lovely to see her again. Oddly, as with having the flu-jab, I felt nothing at all when the needle went in? The peripheral neuralgia in the arm seems to be getting worse, or is that better? Hehe!

5Fri08I got an early nosh sorted-out.

The only cooking involved was heating up the Sourdough baguette. I couldn’t eat it all but managed about 90% of it. Flavour rating: 8.5/10!

WD 0.30.0b Then, while eating it up, Reflux Roger and the tight chest, began to belch and cough, and didn’t stop for ages! Uncomfortable, to say the least!

5Fri10A letter arrived, from the Haemostasis, TV (Thread Vein) and DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Clinic at the Nottingham City Hospital. They wanted to know the reason for my not sending in any blood for testing over the last two weeks!

The was a help-line to ring. Mon to Thurs 10:00 > 14:00hrs, Fri 10:00 > 13:00hrs. So, I decided to do an Obersturmbannführeress, cat-walk model Warden search. To try and find someone, well, beg one of them to call the number for me. Often on the phone in the past, I’ve misheard things, and made myself look a right fool, getting thing wrong! So I could explain about the Sherringham Park surgery and their unilateral decision to stop taking my blood for three-weeks, without even telling me about it! My visit after the falls, and the nurse calling today to take a sample. It had to be done sharpishly, as there was little time left to get the call in on time.

So, I set off taking the black bags to the chute and recycling one to the bin, en route.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I arrived at the Generalfeldmarschall Warden’s holding cells, but it was empty. Missed them! They will be out and about somewhere doing their duties, can’t be helped. I’ll try again on Monday.

Back to the apartment. Medications were taken, and what bit of spirit and determination I had minutes ago, suddenly malfunctioned. Reflux Roger and Tight Chest Charlie both moved up a gear, and the hands and fingers were of no use for typing!

I gave up on any idea of getting any graphicalisationing done and depressingly plopped myself in the £300, second-hand recliner, in the hope of getting some sleep and peace-of-mind.

WD 0.30.0b Neither came easily. Brain-attacking fears, worries, concerns and hatreds, haunted me for hours! The belching and sharp intake and outtakes of breath didn’t help.

Nor did my ever more believable thoughts that I might be off my rocker, out of my mind, meshuga, nutty as a fruitcake, schizoid, or just stark staring mad? I need help! Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Wed 19 Sept 2018: Porcelain Throne record attendance, and Blank Spots as I seemed to lose track of what was happening. Tsk!


Wednesday 19th September 2018

Finnish: Keskiviikko 19 Syyskuuta 2018

0135hrs: On waking up, a repetition of yesterday mornings agrypnotic activities followed: Realisation that the Porcelain Throne was crucially required.

3Wed05a Off to the wet room (Although, this morning there was no Accifauxpas or Whoopsiedangleplops en route) and a swift evacuation in almost liquid form, but a mite less messy than on Tuesday.

Seeing a few Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles, far more than of late, around the wet room floor, I decided an attack was required. Cleaned up, and armed myself with the ‘Raid’ Beetle Killer spray, the camera and little pots to keep any captured weevils in to photograph them all after my, hopefully, surprise raid is successful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There seemed to be many more of the adult beasts today. I reckon they have been doing manoeuvres and attack training, that’s why I have seen so much less of them for the last two days? Hehe!

Everywhere got a good long blast of the ‘Raid’ Killer Spray – the can is now low in content. I must get some more when I can get out. Cough, cough, choke!

I might mention this to Nottingham City Homes, Come Dancing contestant and Cat Walk Model, Manager Oberschützeress Angela.

I added an anti-Trotsky capsule to the medication pot and took them.

I updated the Tuesday Diary and got it finished and posted off. Despite the interruptions of Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet having many blank moments. Oy gevalt!


3Wed06 No sooner had I done this, it was hurriedly back to the Porcelain Throne! The evacuation was another liquified affair, but far less of it. The tummy started to grind away after the session again. Cleaning up took a long time.

Back to the kitchen and did the Health Checks.


3Wed10 Hello, the hiccups have started now, and this has spurred Reflux Roger to join in. Humph!

Went on to Facebooking for ages.

3Wed07 Cleaned-up, a lot better session.

3Wed10 Howling high winds coming from outside, really noisy. The new balconies seem to be making it worse? The news said: Winds of up to 80 mph could put lives at risk and disrupt travel and power supplies across parts of the the UK as Storm Ali sweeps in. “Two people have died after Storm Ali swept across parts of the British Isles, bringing winds of up to 100mph.”

Did the Health Checks.

Then on CorelDraw to make up some diary page header graphics in advance.

I seem to have gone into one of my rare, but unsettling ‘Out-of-it’ modes.

3Wed10 I came back to semi-awareness hours later. I was sat in the chair, the TV on, computer off, the small hoover and the Raid Weevil Killer spray both on my lap. Why? No idea!

3Wed08 The urgency of needing the Porcelain Throne added to my confusion, I was in a right Shemozzle. The evacuation was a little less watery at least. The brain taking its time to get a grasp on what had happened and was going on. I’d lost hours, memory-wise. Both my shoulders were hurting, well, rather, aching badly?

The winds were howling more than ever outside. I got the Health Checks done and medictions taken. Realising that the midday does pot was empty, so I must have taken them, but cannot recall doing so.

3Wed29aI think I must have been ‘out of it’ for a long time.

I had made some notes on the pad as well. Much of them unreadable.

Made a nosh of sorts, not a lot. And left most of it. Eating, was not high on my agenda it seemed.

Some blanks in my memory remained, although some things were clearly stored in the grey-cell box?

I got settled in the £300 second-hand recliner, to clear my mind, or rather to kick-start it. Hehehe!

The nodding off started straight away, minutes sleeping, springing awake, then minutes later dropping off again. Disconcerting, to say the least, especially as I had apparently had a long sleep earlier. Or did I?

3Wed09 Half-asleep, I got free from the recliner with consumate ease considering, off to the Porcelain Throne. A much better session this one, almost solid.

I honestly can’t remember getting back to the chair, but I found myself half-on, half-off of it at 0100hrs, when I sprang awake. So I got up.

It’s an odd life, sometimes.


Thursday 7th September 2017 – Social Hour Day-Medication Whoopsiedangleplop, to the delight of Trotsky Terence. Humph!


Thursday 7th September 2017

0335hrs: Woke in the £300 second-hand recliner with the stomach rumbling away. Sure that I dreamt earlier something about my being inside a body, and trying to wash off graffiti from the Sigmoid Colon innards. (Where did I get this name from, is it real or did I make it up in the dream?) I was wearing a butchers apron as I used too many years ago when working at the Nottingham Cooperative Society as Greenfruit and Wetfish shop manager? This was the first time in weeks I think that I recalled actual parts of a nightmare.

My innards put an end to by pondering over my hey-days as the rumblings turned violent and I hastily struggled out of the chair and to the wet room and much-needed Porcelain Throne. Where the almost burning pains were alleviated as I painfully and messily evacuated the contents and had a good clean-up. I fear my thinking is becoming dereistic?

Into the kitchen and did the Health Checks, made a brew in the new second-hand mug and shuddered at the weight I had gained overnight, and this just after a heavy Porcelain Throne exodus, too! Tsk!
I took a Loperamide Hydrochloride capsule, to try and counterbalance the return of the dreaded Trotsky Terence!

Sys 158, Dia 63, Pulse 76, Temp 35.8 and the tonnage (Hehe!) at 14.97!

Buying the silly mug yesterday, I am sure, is a sign of my becoming an oniomania sufferer, (CBD) and think I may have to mention it to someone in the know?

Back to get the computer going, and signs of overnight nibbles were found. Guilt and self-reproach had to be repelled!

Started this post going up to here, and then begun to finish off yesterdays when a second call to the Porcelain Throne arrived.

And what an unpleasant affair this one was again. Luckily I had the pen and crossword book stored in the wet room for such occasions. Any tips? Hehehe!

Back to the diary updating. With a couple of visits to the Porcelain Throne interrupting the proceedings.Then… recognition of a Calamitus Whoopsiedangleplop made earlier!

Then… recognition of a Calamitus Whoopsiedangleplop made earlier!

Muggings here had taken a Senna tablet in error for a Diah-Limit one! This could be interesting. Oh, dearie me!

I got the pod peas and orange peppers into the Crock-Pot with some brown sugar to the marinade, them to use later.

Realised I’d forgotten the mushrooms and sliced a few and added them afterwards.

Finally got the Wednesday diary done and posted off. Then checked the Emails and responded to them and WordPress.

A little time left before I had to get the things ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour, so I had a go on Facebook.

Onto the ablutionisationing session. Far fewer cuts shaving today, Trotsky Terence intervened once, teggies, medicationalisationing of certain quarters, got the new trousers on and took the rubbish bags to the chute.

Collected the bag of raffle prizes and nibbles and set out for the Winwood shed.

No folks or workmen in sight as I took a slow amble down to the shed. Taking two photographicalisations of flowers on the grass verge that were near the bus stop.

Nature is marvellous, it is just a shame it took me all these years to get around to appreciate it more.

Just one berry left on this giant bush, looking so lonely with the others dying around him. This yellow flower was the only one of the hundreds around that did not have a centre pattern?

Into the hut, there were a few more residents here this week compared to last. They demolished the nibbles in short order, many taking two, one for their partner who can’t get to the meeting. I can see what will happen now, those without a partner will be wanting two next week! Hehe!

No BJ this week, but I remembered he is on holiday in Cornwall, and next month two weeks in Ireland. Jealous? Me?

Folks seemed in a decent mood.

When I left early to catch the bus to Arnold, a lorry arrived delivering hardcore.

I meant to get the man in the pictures little dog in the frame but missed him. The tiny spirited thing didn’t half have a go at the lorry when it passed them, making the two of them jump a little.

A lot of tenants arrived to catch a bus, and the lady from the end home came, and we had an excellent nattering session. This girl lives in the Home at the end of Chestnut Drive. Briarwood Court ran by Metropolitan, it provides accommodation for people with learning disabilities. Accommodation consists of a four-bedroom house and seven self-contained single flats. They provide white goods, and there is a communal washing machine and tumble drier. A key-worker provides fifteen hours per week of one-to-one support in the customer’s home. Support is provided for as long as each client needs it, with the intention that they develop the skills and confidence to eventually live independently. (Found the above details on the web) The poor thing was in a bit of a confused state and very worried about them hassling her about her loss of weight. She had lost three stone in a year, and I think they were trying to help her to gain weight. They have a holiday she can go on for free, to the Mediterranean, but say she must get her weight up to 8 stone, or she will not be allowed to go on it. She told me of the things happening to her and people getting upset with her. Perhaps they are trying to get her to understand things health wise for her benefit? I don’t know anything other than what she tells me but felt a little honoured that she chose to say it to me.

During the chinwagging, on the bus, she asked if it would be possible for her to attend the Winwood Social Hour. Bill (William on Sundays) and Roy both said I should ask one of our Obergruppenfurheresses. Maybe I could invite her as a friend? She is a gentle lady, and I believe she needs extra help than she is getting. I wish I could assist in some way. When Warden Deana returns from her holiday, I will inquire.

I did offer her a nibble, and she thanked me and took one, a Penguin bar but will she eat it? Bless her.

Dropped off the bus in Arnold and went straight to Asda. Where I had a long slow hobble around and ended up spending far too much on unneeded fodder again. Humph! I bought Nibbles for the meetings, a parsnip, carrot, red onion, leek, bread thins and two beef slices in pastry.

Went to get the bus and missed it. Tsk! Decided to have a look around the shops before catching the bus going the other way, and staying on it to come back again on the way to town. Does that make sense?

Hobbled to the Iceland store, bought nothing.

Then out and along to the Fulton Foods shop, where they had some very cheap offers on nibbles, and I purchased a box of – Lamb steaks in rosemary and mint sauce cook-in-the-bag style. Might have one of these tomorrow with some Crock-Pot veg cooked in seasoned with lamb gravy water? The last ones of these I had, were mostly bone, but the gravy was excellent. And, very cheap at £2.99 a pack.

To the bus stop, long way out to Bestwood and then back to Arnold and then Daybrook, Sherwood and the flats.

The leek that I had bought was smelling so strong, the scent came out from the bottom of the bag on my knees and made my eyes water Hahaha! I bet this one will be tasty?

The Briarwood lady and Roy and Bill (William on Sundays) and Welsh Bill got on in Sherwood, and we chatted.

Hobbled to the flats with Welsh Bill and a lady. She had a moan on the way about lack of movement with the apartments, and said how she had requested that the bus move the stop to nearer put flats. I mentioned that it might cause more difficulties as there would not be room for it to turn around at the end. But she would not have it, all she was interested in was not having to walk so far. Hehe!

Imagine if the bus was at the end turning like she wanted, and a lorry arrived like this one from earlier today?

Got in, Throne. Got the dinner on the go. Beef pie with trimmings.

Back at the apartment: A Porcelain Throne Visit – messy again, Trotsky Terence lingering still. Turned the computer on updated this diary a bit. Then, got the nosh sorted.

Got the nosh sorted.

Mushrooms, yellow peppers, last of the fresh garden peas, hash browns, lousy tasting bitter tomatoes, apple, Marmite crisps and a beef pie.

Not the best of meals, but a worthy 7.9/10.

Did the health Checks, took the medications and had a glass of spring water.

Fatigued again, I washed up and settled to watch ‘Hussle’ on the DVD.

I got through a whole three episodes without a single nod-off!

Had to visit the Porcelain Throne, a messy session again. Trotsky Terence and a rumbling tummy. Tsk!

Cleaned me and things up and took an Acute Diarrhorea capsule. This got me through the night alright, Throne visiting-wise. Hehe! Bearing in mind the earlier Whoopsiedangle plop with the Trotsky medications, it might have been worse.

The nodding off started minutes after I’d got back into the £300 second-hand recliner. I’m sure many dreams were had, but remember nothing of them, other than a sense, a feeling, that the school days were in them somewhere.

Woke early with a jump at 0235hrs?

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 30th August 2017: Mystery of the Blood-blister – Mystery of the Vanishing Bicyicle, and the Mammoth Morrison Order Mystery!

Wednesday 30th August 2017

Ukranian: Середа, 30 серпня 2017 р

0350hrs: Woke still feeling so tired and fought with my conscience, over past failings and present tasks and decisions that need doing and taking. The significant errors and the little peccadilloes of history would not let me settle in mind. This took a while, as I seemed incapable of making any decisions to rectify or tackle my worries and obligations. I was nonplussed at this and felt a lot of self-criticism growing.

Around 0425hrs, Trotsky Terence forced me to dismount the £300 second-hand recliner and visit the Porcelain Throne. As I got out and stood up, the pain from my left big toe was enough to make me take a closer look. Blood blister? Tsk, another toe-stubbing I cannot remember doing!

I even had the camera on the wrong setting, and the picture came out in mono? Am I going bonkers? (Don’t answer that, no need. Hehe!)

Trotsky Terence was affecting things just a little. Huh, again!
Cleaned things up and went into the kitchen to refill the air spray bottle, and dropped it. (Nice smelling kitchen floor this morning, though?)  Set about searching for another spray to use, after a good few minutes, I found the liquid soda bottle was almost empty. Rinsed it well and transferred the drop of disinfecticated water and made up some more and filled the bottle. Tackled the bin bags ready to take out later to the chute and sprayed the new black bags I’d placed in the three containers.

I was feeling a lot better now, not happier, just more robust in mind.

Got on with the Health Checks, and made a brew.


3Wed09Peered out of the window and took this photographicalisation of the road below.

I thought I’d seen a push-bike on the kerb at the end of the first set of parked cars. Came into the computer room and checked as I downloaded the picture into WordPress, and sure enough, it looked like a bike to me? So I went back into the kitchen to see it again and if I could recognise it. It had gone?

The wind started escaping, so I sprayed around in the kitchen and hallway, I spotted that a letter had been delivered.

It was a birthday card from my old mate Duncan Robertson, bless his cotton socks.

This cheered me up no end. But, I still had the EQ delivered, feeling of yet, even more, Whoopsiedangleplops had yet to arrive. My EQ is rarely wrong, Tsk!


The Morrison’s order arrived earlier today… I think I might have made an Accifauxpa with it – far too much.
0710hrs: The Morrison delivery arrived… all £75.66 worth of it! Heck of a job sorting out the things I’d ordered. I mean, why, how did order them:

Six bottles of Morrison’s washing up liquid?

6 bottles of Morrison’s extra thick bleach, when I already have three in stock under the fridge, and a bottle of Appine bleach too?
6 pots of Extra Fuel & Protein porridge, when I had three tubs of ordinary porridge on top of the cupboard anyway in stock?
2 Bottles of De Nigris Glaze with Soy sauce; What’s that then? Why would I show interest in getting this item, that I do not even know what to do with it, how to use it?
Sage & Onion Stuffing, four packs of and one already on top of the cupboard, along with a large box of mushroom stuffing mix?
Two x 4 pots of Ski lemon Mouse, fair enough they were on offer, but I already have four pots of Lemon Yogourt in the fridge?
A 500g pot of Bertolli butter and olive oil spread – again, I have in the fridge and only used a bit pot of Flora Buttery spread?
Six mini orange juice pots of – I already have three large bottles of orange juice and a carton of fresh orange juice in stock?
Frozen Mini Hash Browns, I have three-quarters of a pack in the freezer?
A pot of Ainsley Harrison, Piri-Piri seasoned Mexican thingamajig. I do not like Mexican food or Piri-Piri?
A sourdough sliced loaf – I had also ordered whilemeal flat bread and bread thins?
Two Pots of the BBQ pot noodles I do like, but I already had two pots in stock?
I was seriously worried by my actions over this order. Perhaps, I did the order on a bad day with the Dennis Dizzies and Trotsky Terence? Not that I can remember which day it was, though?
I had to use the step-ladder to get the Porridge, stuffings and Pot Noodles up and onto the top of the cupboards – which means I may have to use them again when I want to get them down to use? Although, I usually manage with the grabber. Hehehe!

Back on the computer and finished yestreday’s post and sent it off.

Luckily, Obergruppenfurheress Warden Dean called to see if I had made my Wrist Alarm battery strength check with the Control Room for this month. I informed her that I did it a few days ago. This gave me the chance to creep a bit, and I gave her the bread, Soy Sauce Glaze, the Balsamic Marinade and Mexican Piri-Piri tub. I must pay more attention to my next ordering session!

Then I updated this diary to here.

Onto Facebooking.

Then CorelDraw to do some more TFZ series graphic preparations.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 17th August 2017: Tenants Social Hour Day

Thursday 17th August 2017

Filipino: Huwebes Agosto 17, 2017

Woke at 0300hrs: To the wet room for a rather hefty Porcelain Throne session. No bleeding anywhere, mind.

Collected the washing together to take down to the laundry room.

Went into the entrance lobby to make this photographicalisationalistical effort.

The rain looked set in for the day.

Back up in the lift, had a wee-wee and shelled the garden peas for later.

Time to go back down and move the stuff from the washer to the dryer.

Made a cuppa and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

The feet were still stinging from the all the walking I’ve been doing, so I took an extra pain-killer. Another wee-wee.

Got the computer going and started downloading photographs to use in the Wednesday Diary and updating it.

Down once more to collect the washing and clean up the filters sink and laundry room.

My plates (feet) and knees, were stinging and still so painful. Tsk!

To the flat and put the washing away. Had a wee-wee. As I went into the front room, I turned on the light, and nothing happened illumination-wise!

Yet another bulb had blown! Unbelievable! That must be eight bulbs in two years.

I changed the deceased bulb for one of those that Mary (Flat 38) had given me. Fetched the step ladder and wobbled up it to swap them. You can see how dimly feeble the new one is. I’m managing though, any close up work can be done in the kitchen. Hehe!

Hunger pangs began. Such a rarity for me. Then I realised yesterday with the Eat-Out-Nosh yesterday and me having only one meal a day, and this one was so early, I should have expected the pangs. (I think?)

So I put two of the Cheesy Potato Pockets in the oven, and when they were cooked, I woofed them down with a spot of Tomato Ketchup and flatbread. Crispy on the outside, soft and cheesy inside, I can recommend these.

Did the Emails, and WordPress reading.

Had a wee-wee. (Getting repetitive this, hehehe!)

Did the graphic to use for the top of this page. Then started today’s diary off.

Had a wee-wee and put the kettle on and rang Sister Jane. She rang back bless her cotton socks. I inquired if she knew if I was doing right, in putting the lids on foil side-up in the aluminium oven dishes I use to cook the black beans and intend to on the Chinese Curry and rice later today. It was not very successful, explaining over the phone what I meant. So I took a photograph of them and went to the computer with my mug of tea, intending to send the picture by Email to her, and… Whoopsiedangleplop! I dropped the cup! Whatta da Plonka!

Had to ring-off sharpishly. Reckon it took me six minutes to get it cleaned up. Four of those minutes were in trying to get back up off of the floor! Hehe!

Got carried away with updating the graphics on CorelDraw.

Rushed the ablutions, hence a few knicks here and there. Acquired myself a very artistically decorated face by the time I’d finished shaving. (Tsk!)

Got to the Tenants Social Hours as soon as I could. (Arrived half-an-hour late) Many residents had left when I got there. Tsk! BJ was still there with Bill (William on Sunday), and six of the lady tenants along with Obergruppenfurheress Jenny.

Handed out the nibbles, gave Obergruppenfurheress Jenny the raffle-prizes to use for next week. Had a chinwag or two, moving between people for a gossip; To keep the knees moving. Departed and returned to the flat, with two of my fellow tenant ladies.

I asked about the foil sided lid and which way up to use it. The consensus of opinion was the opposite of what Sister Jane thought – to use it foil-side down.Departed and returned to the flat.

Departed and returned to the apartment. Had a wee-wee.

I got some fresh garden peas and small potatoes in the saucepan, seasoned with beetroot and balsamic vinegar and Soy Sauce. I’d decided not to have the egg rice today. I’ll put the Chinese chicken curry sauce in the oven later, using the foil tray with the lid facing foil-side down.

The rain was easing off now, I think it will soon stop. The sun was trying to come out a bit later, as well.

On the computer and posted off yesterdays, and updated this one.

Rechecked the Emails, then went back to CorelDraw and continued the prep work on the TFZer series. Managed to get another one finished.

Had a wee-wee.Set about getting the meal ready

Set about getting the meal ready. Not a great success and I’ll be giving away the other Chinese Chicken Curry meal tomorrow.

The lemon yoghourt, tomatoes, garden peas and potatoes were all grand. The chicken curry was almost putrid! I will not be investing in any more of these!

The weariness dawned a lot earlier today.

Got me into the £300 second-hand recliner with the Boon DVD on, and fell asleep in no time.

Woke up for a visit to the Porcelain Throne and made a brew, then back in the chair.

Turned the set to TV mode and watched a documentary about the 1st World War for an hour and a half, without any nodding off.

Got up for a wee-wee.

Back down and started to watch more of Boon and drifted into a flitting sleep – a dream filled one. Obviously, viewing the documentary must have affected me, because they were all about war, fighting etc. I died in one of them, starved and frozen, in I assume to be Finland or Russia, as the snow was thick and it was well below freezing. Of the others, there seems to have so many, I was in Italy fighting in the Alps I reckon. What appeared to be the longest dream, I was in the trenches and had trench-foot. Lived through the war, got home minus a leg and the guilt of surviving was terrible. As were all of these mini-dreams.

Woke and had a wee-wee.

Inchcock Today – Monday 17th July 2017


Monday 17th July 2017

Gujarati: સોમવાર 17 જુલાઇ 2017

Kept waking-up on and off all night long, not a very good rest at all. Many wee-wees.

0415hrs: Gave up and rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. There was no bleeding this morning from Haemorrhoid Harold’s department. Looks good. (The fool says too early? Hehe!)

To the kitchen and had a peep out of the window and took a picture for no particular reason… Well, there was one at the time, but I had forgotten what it was by the time I got around to doing this diary and putting the photographicalisation into this Inchock Today.

Hehe! Tsk!

Carried out the Health Checks, took the morning medications and had a wee.

Had a wee-wee.

Set about doing the readings chart for last week.  I’ve got the CDH checks in the morning with I hope, Nurse Nichole, of course, it might be Gruppenführeress Nurse Ann who does me. Shudder! Must remember not to eat or drink anything but water from 2200hrs tonight until the checks are done.

While I thought of it writing this, I made up the nibble bags and put them in the carrier ready for the morning.

Started on doing this diary then finalising yesterdays.

Emails, the WordPress reading.

0700hrs: On to Facebooking.

0805hrs: Started the ablutions, because I want to get out and take some of the strange buildings of the University, photographicalisations on my way to the hospital.

Had good scrubbing up 1Mon05session, got the things needed and set off to the bus stop. A Sunny morning and a laugh or two with the other tenants while waiting. Chinwag with the gal from the 11th floor en route.

Dropped off near Victoria Centre (Mall) and poddled around the corner to the 35 bus stop.

As I turned the corner, a naughty Nottingham 1Mon04Pavement Cyclist rode his bike between the gentleman walking towards me and the shop window, Tsk!

I enjoyed the lambasting the rider got from him.

He (The cyclist), was on a Pizza Delivery mission I think.

1Mon06Caught the bus and was soon on the 4th floor of the QMC. I was in done and out within fifteen minutes. All clear.

Nice limp in the beautiful weather to Triumph Road and the first building of interest was the old laundry.

Not used for many years now, but amazingly they are still trying to rent it out?

1Mon08The first University building on my right was the one that burnt down when they were building it last year and had to be done again from scratch. The young arsonists, despite being caught on CCTV were never apprehended.

The fancy and oddly designed pair next was further on the left on a bend in the road.

1Mon09Odd in every way.

I wonder if they cost more to design and build than none-ugly buildings do?

Some of the cladding sections were hanging off.?

It said on a notice sign that the Chinese Government had contributed to the cost of the 1Mon11furthest one?

Opposite these an engineering section building.

A student pavement cyclist nearly had me when I stopped to take this photograph…

And a minute later another one actually caught my arm as he belted by!


This building that crossed over the road looked a little like a modern day Berlin Bunker to me.

Do they set out to just surprise people with their rather childlike designs?

Or do they honestly think they are attractive in some way?

1Mon12The Energy Technologies building didn’t look so bad as the others, I thought.

Of course, I am no expert.

I passed one of the many cafes built for the students and was surprised to see big names (Don’t laugh, I’ll remember them soon) operating there. The Coffee one that is in green lettering was there, and a franchise for the… erm, Subway, that’s the one. It did not look like they any discounts for the kids judging by the price list I saw.

Towards the end of the road, a sad sight indeed. The old Players Cigarettes Factory. It looked from a distance as if they were cleaning it up, but not so.

Demolishing it they were. All those years ago when I went with Dad on his lorry and we would call there to deliver and pick up empties. The smell of the fresh tobacco all around, the hundreds of people employed there, always busy… Ah, well.


1Mon14On the corner of Ilkeston Road, I spotted these flowers and wondered what they were.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any like this before, ever.

They were huge and grew wild and through the fencing.

The area where they are is still banned from 1Mon15being used for building as it is the site of the old Gas Works.

More memories flooded back to me.

The original gas works had two or three gasometers as I recall, I think anyway.

Although in this old photograph I found, only one is in view.


I think the others were further down the road.

Pulled down in about 1959 I think, or maybe a few years later.

The smell produced at these works was not unpleasant to me, but some folks didn’t like it. The real benefit was the coal used left us with almost smokeless coke to use in our fire grates, and it was cheaper than the coal to buy.

1Mon16I turned right onto Ilkeston Road and up over the railway bridge, which of course, nowadays as no track running underneath it, more sad memories as I walked where the old Railway Station used to be.

Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly hit me again.


Over the hill and a little further I saw a Lidl Store and decided to have a pop in and a gander at anything they have on offer. The first obstacle was getting down the flipping steps to it. Hehe!


I came out £10 worse-off and struggled with the now heavy bag with the Vegetarian Frikadellens, stone baked rolls, Belly pork and nibbles for the meeting, nurse Nichole and Sister Jane, to the bus stop a few hundred yards up the hill.

On a1Mon18 little further and was soon in the City Centre, the feet aching a bit now, and Duodenal Donald poking at me.

Off the bus and along Clumber Street on my way to Tesco in the City Centre’s Victoria Shopping Mall.

Had a nosey around Smiths stationers but didn’t buy anything. Another wander around the biscuit shop but didn’t buy anything.

Into the Tesco store and got some fresh garden peas, New Zealand Cox’s apples, smoked bacon, English vine tomatoes… and, erm… do you know, a packet of two Fresh Cream Horns Cakes jumped right into my basket all of their own accords… 2Tue001a Sorry!

Limped along with the heavy than ever bag now to the bus stop.

Back at the apartments, chatted to a tenant on the way up, and got to the door and there was Mary’s door bell delivered while I was out (Of course).

Had a wee-wee.

The phone rang. It was a lady from Specsavers. And, I take my hat off to her. She managed with considerable expertise and a cunning choice of words, involving deflection, inflexion and accusation while keeping a level tone, to make me apologise for their mistake. Brilliant! She should consider going into Government. Her timing so perfect it prevented my getting in with any comments, then of course, by the time she steadied up verbally, I’d forgotten what I was going to say anyway.

Too much credit could not be given to the woman’s performance. Her avoidance of expressing any apology, just saying it should not have happened, and wouldn’t have if I had not called in the shop too early, was classic Joseph Goebbels at his best.

It seems that I have an appointment for tomorrow morning anyway, to have them fitted and be shown how things work, for 1030hrs. With the CHH checks at 0930hrs, I think I’ll have time to get there punctually. I hope! Bet she makes me look a right Inisitijitty tomorrow.

Put the fodder away and went to Mary’s flat, all proud of being able to help some out at last. Whoopsiedangleplop! I got the bell fitted, and it worked, then the lady in the next flat came out – each time our bell was pressed it rang… her’s did too! Oh, dearie me!

I disengaged the bell, put it back in the box, and we had a laughed about this – not the lady next door though. She scowled and grumbled non-stop, bless her. I’ll give this one to someone to use and get another, different type for Mary later. Tsk!

1Mon19At least I got a photograph of Mary’s love birds in their cage so I can show it to TFZer Marie from Australia.

Noisy little varmints they are.

Never seen any of these before.

They looked a bit like large Budgerigars, with more substantial squawk too. Haha!

Got some peas in the saucepan and the food in the oven. Having the other Tuscan Sausage & Mash in a delicious tomato and fennel sauce. The first one I tried revealed that the sausages, well, the skins were horribly thick and almost unchewable. So I threw them away and put some vegetarian sausage in place of them. Plan to make some caramelised gravy to it afterwards with the mushrooms and peas so I can soak it up with the stone baked cobs.

Updated this diary to here.

Half an hour or so to go. Checked the Emails and did some WordPress reading in a rush.

1Mon22Got the fodder served up.

Unfortunately, I forgot to put the peas and mushrooms on the dish. Huh! But I enjoyed them later cold from a pot.

Very nice indeed. Made a mess eating it with the crumbs from the stone-baked cobs, though, Humph!

2Tue02Made a note to remind me of things in the morning.

Rang Sister Jane for a chinwag.

Did my best to watch some TV. But it was ridden with my dropping off asleep and waking so often. It seemed like it was every ten minutes or so.

I gave up and got me head down early, apart from getting up once for a wee-wee and treating Haemorrhoid Harold’s bleeding, I slept right through until 0400hrs!

TTFN all.


Inchcock Today – Friday 7th July 2017: A bad, bad day! Fed-up and depressed now. Hehe!

But no rain came

Friday 7th July 2017

Chichewa (Africa): Lachisanu 7th July 2017

0450hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner without any hassle and off to the Porcelain Throne. Looking alright this morning, apart from the wobbly seat.

Performed the Health Checks and took the medications.

The weight had gone down a bit at last. Even if only a tiny bit.

Sys 155, Dia 74, Pulse 81, Temp 33.3

I got some potatoes in the Crock-Pot cooking on low.

The sky was different this morning, reminded me of the Shepherds Warning.

Turned on the computer and got a black screen with this message displayed:

Out of range: 2560 x 1440@60.1hz ??? Turned it off then back on and it worked okay?

Updated yesterday’s diary and got it posted off. Started this one, up to here.

Went for a wee-wee.

Checked on the written diary and thought how well I had done in getting the highlighters to use on it.

This way, I could identify the red for medical and the greens for Nottingham City Homes reminders?

Of course, reading and deciphering my own scrawl remains a problem. Hehe!

When I dropped the pencil and bent down to retrieve it, Hernia Harry showed signs of his displeasure painfully. Huh! But Roger Reflux was still being kind to me, so this balanced out the various ailments degree of botherations.

Yahrzeit, today, for Annie from a flat on the eighth floor. I spotted this when I looked at an old diary. Poor Annie suffered so much over the years. I hope she will be waiting for me when I pop-off, up there, wherever… I loved meeting her and heard her tell me about her worries and problems, gave her nibbles and tried to encourage her to mix. RIP Annie XXX.

I did see that there is at 1400hrs today, a Fire Service Meeting in the new temporary Winwood Centre Portacabin. For the Woodthorpe Court Tenants, 1500hrs for the Winchester Tenants (Who are lucky to have the bus stop moved to just outside their block of flats when the Woodthorponians have to walk so much further to get a bus. And the new cabin it nearest to them as well! But it doesn’t bother me!) Hehehe!

Had a wee-wee.

Checked and responded to the Emails next.

Onto Facebooking then.

Had a wee-wee.

Onto CorelDraw 7 to start another TFZer graphicalisation.

Hours later, in between wee-wees, I got it finished. Phew! I do hope they like it. Some small details and TFZers that might be hard to see on Facebook. Crossed fingers.

Ablutionsionalisticalisational activities tended to. Haemorrhoid Harold had and was bleeding internally, a bit of job to get him to stop. No cuts shaving or doing the teggies, no toe stubs, no Accifauxpa at all.The IQ told me of a

The IQ said of a disappointment to come soon. I hate it when it does this because I know it will happen but have no idea what it will be! Tsk!

All done, I had a wee-wee, and took the bin bags to the chute, and made my way down and out into the glorious sunshine along with some other tenants and we made our way to the new temporary portacabin.

About 25 residents were already in and seated. Saw Olive and her daughter there and got the last seat next to her.

The meeting did not go well for me at all in any way – Sad!

I had no idea what anyone was saying and was far too far away to try and lip read. The Fire Officer arrived and started his silent (To me) lecture come talk.

Then the hearing aid battery packed up on me without any warning. I got the bag on my knee and began to rummage through it, to find the spare batteries. Not that I thought they would help, but they just might. Someone poked me on the shoulder from behind, as I looked up, all the folks were either pointing to me saying something, scowling at me, apparently tutting at me or giving me some wonderfully expressive glares of a warning and aggressive nature! Oh dear!

Luckily Olive being behind me, and her having such easy lip-reading qualities, she indicated that I was making a noise going through the bag disturbing the others who could not hear the Officer talking. Red-facedly I put down the bag, and indicated my apologies to the others, with the traditional palm of the hand sign.

I really wanted to give up altogether and just leave but did not want to upset them all by doing so. I stuck it out, sitting there silent with no idea what was going on, until the end, then said my farewells to Olive and sneaked out from the door at the opposite end of the cabin, sensing the glares and stares behind me as I did so.

I turned and took a photograph of the cabin I’d just exited. Seeing the fencing close to in the picture, I then knew what all the other poles all over the site were going to be used for.

A little surprised at the Nottingham City Council allowing UKIP colours on the pelmets? Hehe!

Felt a bit depressed and embarrassed at upsetting everyone at the meeting.

Had a rather morose walk down Winchester Street Hill into Sherwood, and called at the Continental Food Shop. Asked for three slices belly pork with stuffing and garlic, and one Polish cooked chicken thigh. And a jar of Chinese mixed mushrooms in oil. I thought they were a bit expensive at £8.51? (When I got back to the flat later, there were six (Not the three I’d asked for, slices of pork and two, not the one I’d asked for, chicken thighs! Humph!).

Called in the Co-op store and got some fresh pod peas.Strolled limping a little, the plates were giving me much

Strolled limping a little, the plates were giving me much discomfort, to the Wilko Store. Again they had no Dettol Lavender disinfectant in stock, and in the space where it usually is on display was now used by another product and the label on the shelf for Dettol, removed. I left empty handed and thought, the IQ message I got when ablutionising earlier was right?

Called in the Charity shops but nothing appealing, then I made my way to the bus shelter to catch an L9 bus back up the hill to the Winwood compound.

Two lady tenants at the bus stop who I recognised from the Fire Meeting, did not answer my greetings to them apart from a scowl and sat far away from me on the bus. I felt like a pariah. I was feeling bad enough before this. Tsk!

Dropped off the bus at the Winchester flats where it has been relocated to, and in need of a wee-wee, I made my way down to the end of Chestnut Walk to me Woodthorpe Court block.

Noticed some workmen removing the now unavailable, bus stop from near the Woodthorpe apartments.

Got in and had my wee-wee, then washed and into the kitchen to put the bits away that I’d purchased.

I thought I’d try some of the Chinese mushrooms with the meal later.

But there was no way I could get the lid off of the Chinese Mushrooms jar! I tried everything I could think of. What a lousy flipping day I am having!

Shelled some peas to have them cold with the meal.

Got the medications and a pot of Lemon Fool to accompany the fodder, and dished it all up. Beef pasty with strong cheddar on top, pickled mushrooms, the raw peas, beetroots, belly pork, Polish chicken thigh and some new potatoes. No bread, because I forgot to get some when I was in Sherwood. Fancy that!

Sister Jane rang, but I cannot remember what it was about? Sorry, Jane.

Despite how things had gone today, I enjoyed this plateful very much and rated it as a 9.22/10. But then, I didn’t know what was about to take place, did I?

After devouring the food, I went into the kitchen to wash the pots up and found I’d left the hot tap running in the sink… Hastily I made my way to  turn off the tap,

Stubbed the big toe on the sink base unit, dropped all the pots and tray, spun around and belted the elbow on the drainer corner!

The mess on the floor could wait, the toe was the worst thing at this moment, the pain was really sharp. Into the wetroom and found that bleeding under the toe needed attention. Not a lot, but painful. Got the antiseptic cream on it after cleaning it best I could.

Then, back to tackle the mess and hodgepodge in the kitchen. My walking style must have looked really comical now. Arthur Itis, Dizzy Dennis, the callouses and now the toe, all helping me to challenge John Cleese for the Funny Walk Challenge title. Hehehe!

Got a bowl of soapy water and disinfectant in it and I bent down to wash the floor area where the beetroot had stained, I felt the flow from Haemorrhoid Harold, and hobbled funnily, back to the wet room again. Cleaned things up again, back to the mayhem in the kitchen. I got spillage looking cleaner. Did the Health Checks and took the medications, with one extra Codeine Phosphate.

Had a look at the TV magazine, nothing on to watch, so I hobbled back to the main room and got settled in the £300 second-hand recliner, with a mug of orange juice and some nibbles for later, and got a DVD on.

Started to watch Dr Who, Ten minutes later I woke up needing a wee-wee. As I escaped the clutches of the recliner and stood up, I could feel the warm flow in the slipper, from the big toe. To the wet room and tended to it again. I put a drop of after-shave on the corner where it seemed to be coming from mostly. Made me jump a bit, but it worked, and the blood flow stemmed within a minute or so. Took the wee-wee and back to watch the DVD.

0450hrs, I woke up with the DVD still on.

A day to forget methinks.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 11th June 2017: Horrible day, felt a right Eedle-Doddle!


Sunday 11th June 2017

Malay: Ahad 11 Jun 2017

0435hrs: Greeted by Duodenal Donald as I woke and lay there doing my best to recall the dreams, but only vague memories of a dustbin lorry and giant live jelly babies walking the streets, lingered? No idea!

Disentangled me from the £300 economy second-hand recliner ASAP and off to the Porcelain Throne for a heavy duty evacuation session. A lot easier again this morning. The cut I got shaving yesterday had stopped bleeding leaving a beautiful pattern of blood in the shape of a question mark on and down the cheek to the neck. (Just thought I’d mention it like, Hehe!)

7Sun03I noticed how grotty the wetroom floor looked. So I got the second mop and bucket out and gave it a good scrub up. I have two mops and buckets you know? I bought the expensive rotating to dry the head one cause it looked easy to use (As it turned out it was far easier to stub my toe on as it happens). Found it did not work on the knobbly floor of the wetroom and had to buy another.

7Sun02aReturned to the chair and again, there were signs of ‘Tidbit Nibbling Activity’ overnight, Again! Crumbs, empty crisp packet, vine tomato stems… Tsk!

Into the kitchen and viewed the murky morning outside.

It soon cleared up and the sun started to break through.

7Sun01aSpotted where I’d been at the tomatoes overnight.

Took the medications, made a mug of tea and got the tablet pots sorted out for next week.

Health Checks completed, all looking good apart from the increase in pulse and the weight!

7Sun02bGot the peas and potatoes in the saucepan and added water and vegetable seasoning for them to soak until ready to be boiled.

Had a wee-wee and got the computer on and started the diary updating to here.

Posted yesterday’s off, then did some WordPress reading.

Onto Facebooking then.

Duodenal Donald keeping on bothering me and for no reason a sudden depression hit me? I feel terribly low, no gusto, no interest… Oh dear.

7Sun04aI’ll make an early meal, see if that cheers me up.

Although the fodder tasted nice, the spirits did not improve at all.

A fatigue of sorts dawned after gobbling up the meal.

A shadow, a curtain, a genuine tiredeness, weariness, drained. Felt a right Eedle-doddle, as the Scots would say. (Always loved this phrase)

Hence, I did nothing but watch the TV and dose off, watch the TV then dose off… for the rest of the day and night.

Felt awful when I sprang awake many hours later to find it was not even time to go to bed yet?

Very odd, pointless, confusing, uselessness, worrying, a semi-obliviousness day of vague nothingness? Hehe!