Inchcock: Saturday 12th November 2022

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So, listen to this, you may not believe it, my maties:
I woketh up and soon had it worked out that I’d been asleep for very nearly eight hours! EIGHT HOURS! Danged well staggering!
I didn’t write the time on my memory pad, but it was almost light when I went to make a brew and take these two photos through the kitchen window. I didn’t make the tea after all and made for the wet room to get the Ablutionalisationing done. Collecting the clothes needed for afterwards, with me. 
The teeth-cleaning triggered , and it bled a fair bit. The shaving went well, just two teeny-weeny nicks, and they didn’t bleed much at all.
At had to divert to the before getting into the shower. That didn’t go so well. A smidge messy, it seems that is making a fight out of it, for control of the evacuations with . He’s ahead at the moment, and a messy result that needed much cleaning up and disinfectioning.
Amazingly one of the tiny on the neck started bleeding after I’d looffered the back. It reminded me of that Hotel horror movie. Hehehe! I wanted to take a photograph cause it did look scary with the blood swirling around the drain. But I hadn’t taken the camera in with me. Shame, that would have looked great in the blog! Tsk!
Being as it was Saturday, I decided to put the jammies back on with the heavy dressing gown. No deliveries (I thought at the time), nurses, only the carers to come today. (How even I can forget that the Iceland order was being delivered today...
Made a brew, did the and on the computer to feed the figures in the analyser a create the graphics. In the Red Hypertension – 1 zone again, but not too far away from the Amber. Content with this.




The Iceland man cometh
I remembered he was coming the moment I saw that…

I got the bags inside and sorted them out. I did wonder why I’d bought
the Starbucks Coffee at first.
But as I went on sorting the other stuff out, I remembered!
It was on offer at very nearly half the normal price. So I thought I get some in, in case the carers or nurses like them.
I may have made a mistake. If they do like them, I can’t afford to get any more at the full price, like.

But I can’t really see anyone liking them; cold coffee?
Got the bottles of wine for Christmas pressies. Two items short, but no substitutes, so that was good. Bread and Vegan pie missing.

  Arrived: it was during this visit that I had a mind-blank, I think. I know I was talking almost non-stop… or was I? Oh, I don’t know.
Many hours later, I sort of came around a lot and found this was the only other photo on the SD card.
Nothing concrete in the memory box, but maybe I was seeing this and thought about how active and fun-loving I was in those days. Or, maybe even proud of winning my first-ever angling cup fishing match award? Most likely, I was feeling guilty for fishing in the first place?
I had been working on CorelDraw and Excel doing a blog. I had no idea what time it was, and as I turned to look at the clock…
Came in. I reckon I was nattering away again. As Jodie was picking up the bags to leave, she said she could not get in the key safe. I went out to her, and we both tried again, but no luck. Must mention this to Deana or Julie.

I took some photos of the evening view.

Better check on the taps and stove. make sure I’ve not left anything that might be during my absence of awareness hours.

I tried catching up[ on the blogging.
Spent a few hours at it and realised things were not going well.

Which brought to mind the appointment at the Mental Health place regarding Doreen Dementia.
The address is confusing and long-winded; I’ll have a look at the Google map if I remember.
Hazelwood House, The Coppice, Highbury Hospital, Highbury Road, Bulwell, Nottingham NG6 6DR.
The bits of the letters and pamphlets I can read (and forget so easily). tell me:
Bring your Medications, Eyeglasses & hearing aids.
Wear a face mask. Use your own toilet before leaving home.
Bring only one carer/relative with you.
Bring your own drink if needed.
You must arrive for your appointment early.
Try not to be more than 5-minutes early.
Use the hand-sanitiser on arrival.
During your appointment, a hand sanitiser is to be used.
Leaving Your Appointment:
When finished, a member of staff will walk you through
showing you the way out.
I’ll have a look at the map now.

Not confident; I can’t find which reception I’ll need.
Knackered now. No desire for food or drink.

Get my head down, I think. Hope I’m up to doing Josie’s meal in the morning.

Changed my mind as I was getting the jammies on. I needed a meal, after all.

I made up a meal that looked okay. But it wasn’t; I was not concentrating, methinks. The veggie burger and pastie were only warm at best. The sausages were undercooked. Taste: 3/10!
Still, didn’t visit, so I had a good sleep for once.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 6th March 2018: Trotskies return, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Steven pay me a visit – Mystery caller, that I am not clear about due to the dizzies. Humph!

Tuesday 6th March 2018

Polish: Wtorek 6 Marca 2018

0005hrs: Sprang awake and was out of the £300 second-hand recliner and on the Porcelain Throne in record time! A trail of blood spots needing cleaning up afterwards. Little Inchies lesion needed extra attention again. The actual Throne session went very well for once.

Medicating and cleansing tended to, and off to make a brew.

Still clear of any snow outside. No fog yet either, but the regular rain was spitting down just a little.

Made a mug of tea.

The computer on and started to finish off the Monday diary.

Virgin Outage!

Still, it didn’t last long and did not need any resetting. Got the Health Checks done.

0310hrs: Started to create this post. Hello, change of plans, off to the Porcelain Throne once more. Back to the regular messy evacuation style again! Much cleaning up required.

I wonder if that hot-pot last night is to blame for the double-visit? I only ate one or two spoonfuls of it, but of course, the gravy covered the chips that I gobbled-up.

0400hrs: And Herbert above is banging away again!

Went on to the WordPress Reader and answered comments.

Went on CorelDraw and made up a slightly better comparison shot of Nottingham 1959 and yesterday, of Nottingham City Centre.

Health checks and medications were taken.

Ablutions were done. Sorte the black waste bags and took them to the chute.

Back to the flat and had a grubbling session to make sure I had everything needed for my bus ride to Arnold to get some bread and a pork pie.

Passed the new build along Chestnut walk and into the Winwood Centre Temporary Shed, waiting for the bus out of the cold or wet or wind, Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Office. Apart from Welsh William, who was looking fit and perky, and the beautiful Cindy, everyone else seemed to be suffering from geliophobia, they could not even raise much of a smile. Newcastle Annie arrived and cheered things up a bit, bless her.

Got on the bus when it arrived and it had been blocked in by parked cars and a van. Had to reverse around. I sat listening to Mary all the way into Arnold. Another lady from the 14th floor, I named her Kathleen, but I do not know her name. Lovely lass also dropped off the bus in Arnold.

As I walked to the Asda store, a nasty Dizzy Dennis spell, followed by Shaking Steven which caught me off guard. Didn’t feel too good at all. I decided to rush best as I could to get the fodder and out to get the next L9 back to the flats, would be my best option.

I fair flew around, upsetting Hippy Hilda in the process. The dizzies had gone, but the shakes were still lingering by the time I got to the checkout.

With the Lamb Moussaka, rolls, pork pie, beef sticks and TV magazine. Paid the lad on the till, and out to the bus stop.

By Jimminee, I only just got there in time, the L9 was pulling up as I got to the shelter.

Kathleen got on the bus at the next stop. Started having a chinwag with her and had another Funny Dizzy. Can’t remember the bus trip, but recall walking from the bus to the flats with Kathleen, and saying our farewells as I got out off the lift.

I felt a lot better after a few minutes in the apartment and set about getting the nosh ready.

No cooking involved. The rolls were buttered and the sliced tomatoes with some onion salt and beef pieces inserted, covered with a drizzling of balsamic vinegar. The pork pie was one of the best I’ve tasted for ages, mind you, it was a bit expensive. Sugar snap peas and sliced apple.

Got settled and devoured this feast slowly and enjoyably so.

The food tray emptied and laying on the other chair waiting to be cleaned up and sorted, I woke hours later to the sound of both door chimes playing and knocking on the door.

This was terrible timing for me, cause I was in the middle of another funny-turn. Can’t really recall a lot about the visit. A bloke from somewhere came to do checks I think. He was only there a few minutes, and I think I had to sign a sheet or something. I really was in and out while he was here. He went in every room, I’d guess.

But of course after he had gone, I realised I was there in my protection pants and jammy bottoms, no hearing aids in and felt unhappy, no, that’s not the word. Uncomfortable with not knowing entirely what had just happened.

Then, I did an email to the surgery asking for an appointment with the doctor. Because I have never had more than one Funny-Turn in a day before, now three today.

Fretting just a bit about this, I could not get back to sleep, for my trying to recall things and worrying about have I missed something important he might have said?

Eventually, I gave up trying to sleep and got up again just before midnight.

Tsk! Hey-ho!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 11th February 2018:

Sunday 11th February 2018

Bengali: রবিবার 11 ই ফেব্রুয়ারি 2018

0155hrs: After an extended period of uhtceare, ending with feelings of disquietude and nervosity firmly established in my psyche, I recognised the winds were howling fiercely. A knocking or clanging noises were coming from somewhere. Looking out of the window, I could see that ‘Noisy Herbert’s’ front room light was on, and ungraciously assumed that the noise was emanating from his apartment. I realised this was an unfair assumption and chastised myself inwardly for concluding things without knowing for sure.  After all, I thought, the builders have been doing work on the cladding all week. It may well be something swaying in the wind that is the reason for the clattering and not Herbert at all. Sorry, Herbert.

The grey-cells seemed to have lost their quotidian tendency for poriomania and felt quite concentrated this morning. This soon ended, as soon as I tried to move physically; I knew I needed to check out the lower region, the fungal lesion when I felt that dreadfully disconcerting warm, wet sensation. By the time I had got myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into an upright position, I’d recognised various ailment were in bad moods. Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Reflux Valve Roger, all seemed to kick-off at the same time. Tsk! Off to the Porcelain Throne.

Oh dearie me; Rather a lot of bleeding had soaked the PPs front and back. And to make the discomfort worse, Trotsky Terence was back, and Dizzy Dennis paid a visit after the movement was achieved. After so many days virtually free of so many of these ailments, I think I knew they had to return. I just wasn’t prepared for so many simultaneously. Humph! I had a stand-up wash and changed into a new pair of PPs. During which I managed to avoid any toe-stubbing or to topple over. So, all hope for the day was not lost. Hehehe!

Into the kitchen and got the Health Checks completed. Nothing to fret over in the results methinks.

Got the medication pots done up for next week.

The winds seemed to die down outside, and a spot or two of rain descended.

I realised I’d not taken the morning medications yet, and had half a mug of cold tea handy to imbibe them with.

Looked at the scribble-pad before starting to do any of the diaries. The third item on this list was unreadable I’m afraid.

I made a fresh brew of tea and onto the computer, to start doing this post and got as far as here.

Went on WordPress Reader. But it would not let me get into it again, just a blank screen. So I tried on Chrome (I was using Firefox). This allowed me to use the reader. I tried updating this post in Chrome. But it would not go through on saving. Back to Firefox.

Made another brew, and took this picture zoomed-in from the main room.

It didn’t come out well at all. Tsk!

Tried to make the comments on WordPress. Firefox permitted me this time. It all gets me confused, you know!

0258hrs: Went on to start and finish yesterdays blog.

0530hrs: Got it all done an posted off. Had a look at the local weather forecast for today and tomorrow. Heck! Not very good that!

Still, the computer is playing up now and then. The left foot big toe is stinging from the stubbings I gave it last night. (Fool!) Anne Gyna persists with her tight twinges. Duodenal Donald was so vicious; so I took an extra omeprazole capsule to counter it.

Did Facebooking, WoprdPressing and a bit of Facebooking.

Several hours on YouTube. I got carried away with watching so many clips and videos of traffic incidents and accidents. Then got into the conspiracy ones over the disappearance of poor little Madeleine McCann. I still feel something is wrong with the parent’s actions and am suspicious of their implications.

I read about the child killer Jon Venables. I do think it is disgusting that James Bulger. One site declared that this monster has had over £5m pounds spent on keeping him since was jailed in1993. I feel sick in the stomach.

Watching these programmes for hours on end did me no good at all.

I got the nosh done early. Lovely sausages, horrible potatoes, great tomatoes, apple slices and raw onions, terrible, bland bread and wonderful lemon curd yoghourt. The Australian BBQ sauce was excellent.

After consuming the vittles, I placed the tray on the other chair arm. Turned the TV on, and fell asleep for ten hours!

I suppose I must have needed it?

When I woke up, I thought it was time to get up. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner… and knocked the tray over, Tsk! Cleaned things up and realised what time it was.

I thought, well, there’s no way I can get to sleep again now after all that kipping. Washed the pots. Had a wee-wee. Got a mug of clementine juice and sat down.

Put the TV on, and I was off, into the land of nod again!

Woke up to this on the TV screen.

I’d missed most of the day. Mind you, being a Sunday it didn’t matter.

A 1949 film with Jack Warner in it was on, and I went off… to sleep yet again.

Should I be worried? Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 19th July 2017: Indoors again, Tsk!

Wednesday 19th July 2017

Sesotho: Laboraro la 19 July 2017

0400hrs: Much waking up overnight, kept going back to a similar dream from when I had the shop, all doom and gloom with re-lived spectacular failures.

Up for a wee-wee. Made the tea. Health Checks the next priority. (Thought I’d start with some poetry, Hehe!)

Sys 160, Dia 78, Pulse 91, Temp’ 31.8f and Weight 14.82; Not bad at all?

Checked on the web. Looks like rain, to say the least.


0600hrs: It’s all dry outside at the moment, Although looking somewhat threatening all the same. The wind is getting up too.

Started to write this diary up to here, then to finished off yesterdays.

Boy, then did the ailments all kick-off together? After such a good day yesterday, they were back with a vengeance.

Within about 20 minutes, more arrived. Not many of them missed me. It started with the Rumbling Grumbling Innards, suddenly from nowhere attacking. The other infirmities had obviously got jealous. Hehe! Duodenal Donald (The worst of them all this morning), Reflux Roger and Anne Gyna joined them then.

I knew something like this would happen. After such an easy pain-wise day, the EQ told me I would suffer later. Humph!

Checked and responded to the Emails and did some WordPress reading.

CorelDraw opened, and a new TFZer graphic started off.

3Wed040841hrs: Had a wee-wee and nipped out on the balcony to take a photograph.

The new camera has a lens that’s too large to stick through the bird netting square.

It was beginning to look a bit more likely for some rain to come now.

Back to the graphicalisationing. The most 3Wed05difficult part of doing the work can be the preparation. Searching for png file that you like and want to use, downloading it, doctoring and saving it converted into CPT format, then deleting the original png file. Takes ages to do just one, and I am looking for 20 or more. Still, nice when they are done properly and can be used later.

Hours later the towels arrived from Amazon, and I got a double sided letter through the door.

I assume this to be the one in the communal passageway to the three flats. (Bottom)

I hope it is anyway, but the other two tenants still have theirs outside the doors?I could lose my £100 Good Tenants Reward.If

I could lose my £100 Good Tenants Reward.

If I do not remove it in 24hrs, she says she’ll be returning to check, they will remove it and maybe charge me for doing so.

I cannot see anything about doormats on the list of rules on the back of the page. Must be included in another word in there.

Bit worried now.

All to do with Fire Precautions.

All of the flats I’ve seen have one outside their door, and this one was left by Margaret, the previous tenant.

Feeling down, depressed and a little rattled by this. Surely, the woman could have just put a note on the board and told us more clearly face to face, and use threats if we then failed after having it explained to us? Anyway, I’ve moved it indoors now. So in the event of fire; If I do trip over it, this will be inside the door instead of outside the door. Humph!

I have no problem with the actions demanded, just the way they were intoned.

2017-07-19 11.32.29Got the dinner on and opened the packet with the towels in that had arrived.

Of course, one of the packets had split open, and I had the pills of towels all over the place. Tsk!

The 100 pills paid for in the split bag, added up to 94. Unless there are more, I cannot find from when they scattered on opening?

Getting niggly am I now!


Did more prep work for the next TFZer graphic series.

The fodder was ready to be served up, it took so long with the fingers playing-up, that it was cold by the time I’d got it served up. So I popped it back into the oven, luckily I’d had to use the pot dish to contain the extra gravy, and got it warmed through a bit before consuming it.

Beef pie, beef and gravy (canned), garden peas boiled potatoes, made and added some caramelised onion gravy and sliced some beetroot to have with it. Excellent results despite the rewarming being needed.


Did the Health Checks. And guess what?

A Whoopsedangleplop! with the pain-gel. It’s hard to believe, I know, me having an Accifauxpa isn’t it? The tube tip split as I was applying it to the knees, and shot a jet of it straight into one of my slippers. Missed everything else, just in the footwear.

It’s a comfort to know that despite the slipper having to be thrown away, it didn’t die in pain. Hahaha!

I forgot to record the readings of the checks, so did them again after consuming the fodder. Looked alright, but maybe the temperature was a little low at 28.8f – Then again, surely being too high is the thing to fret about?

Trying to watch the TV when I settled down, was even more ridiculous than usual. Why I bothered trying to watch anything confused even me. A minute awake, ten asleep, two awake, five asleep, fifteen asleep, five awake… on and on it went like this, with me stubbornly determined to try and stay awake to watch things I had no interest in seeing?

Humph! TTFN.

By the way, no rain came at all today.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 12th July 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop with the Blood Test appointment

Wednesday 12th July 2017

Bosnian: Sreda, 12. Jula 2017

0500hrs: Woke, and sensed and began to assess the old and new aches and pains, feeling so tired and weary, heavy eyelids… an escapage of rear end wind, and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and hobbled to the Porcelain Throne.

Arthur Itis was showing displeasure with the walk there. Trotsky Terence ensured there was no struggling in the evacuation session. Haemorrhoid Harold bled freely, the aroma that filled my lungs and the flat were rank and offensive even to me! I feared it would not be contained in my flat, opened all the windows later and sprayed air-spray all around, I nearly choked myself with that, never mind natures gifted aromas. Hehehe!

A new pain, in the right side of the rib cage, caused me to quantitate the situation for a few minutes. This newbie wasn’t akin to the pains from Anne Gyna. Although they do vary all the time, on their location, type and severity?

Even Reflux Roger kicked off as I limped into the kitchen, what a start to the morning this was!

The rumbling and grumbling from the innards started too, as soon as I had finished the evacuation process.

Made a brew of tea and did the Health Checks. Took the medications.

Before I could drink the tea, I needed the Porcelain Throne again. As I performed the evacuation procedure (At least the odour was less vicious this time, but then again the residue from the first one, still permuted the atmosphere, Hehe), the new stabbing pain on the right started again. Cleaned up the porcelain, myself and wiped the contact points with Dettol lemon sheets. The tummy felt queasy again, and Steven Shakes paid me a visit then. Plonked myself down on the WC seat and it moved so much I thought I was going to slip off of it. But this was a good thing actually – cause it took my mind off of the other pains.

Back to the kitchen and made another mug of tea for the one that had gone cold.

Took an extra Anti-Diahorrea capsule and a 60g Codeine Phosphate for the rib area pain.

The temperature on the wall thermometer showed 59°f.

Opened all of the windows to help remove the Diahorrea Donald donated smells. Haha!

I decided that staying indoors would be a good idea today. Mostly the Porcelain Throne room door? Hehehe!

Took this photographicalisation of the scene below, through the kitchen window.

Then leant out seize this photograph of the brightening morning – Clouted my head on the frame of the window.

This seemed to work a miracle. Diahorrea Donald’s rumbling calmed right down, and Reflux Roger eased off very quickly? Things appeared to be improving a little. I’ve no idea why, just appreciative that they are doing so. Very queer?

Off to the Porcelain Throne.

I started the completion of yesterday’s post, had a wee-wee, had a Dennis Dizzy and then, back to the Porcelain Throne again. No excessive aroma this time, and far less splattering and pebble dashing activity. Good!

Did some WordPress reading and checked the Emails.

Had a wee-wee, then got on with starting this post.

Realised I was to go to the HMV store to see if the Biederbeck Three Series I’d ordered had arrived.

I can’t remember how I lost the original copy I had. Might have disappeared in the moving into the flat?

No doubt about being one of my favourites. Can’t, well, dare not go out today with the threat of Diahorrea Donald lingering over me. Tsk!

Went on Facebooking. After a while, I got a reminder box come up – of the appointment for the INR blood test at the Doctors!

Panic, there was no way I could get there in time, I thought. Everything hurriedly turned off, no wash no shave, got the bag of tricks that was luckily readied beforehand and made my way down to the New Temporary Shed, in search of someone who could ring the surgery to let them know for me, and ring a taxi.

Got down and out to the hut, but no one was about. I decided to leg it down to Mansfield Road as quickly as I could and catch a bus into Carrington. Still found time to take this photo though, as I turned right down Winchester Hill.

Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis both giving me grief as I rushed as much as I could. Got to the bus stop and one arrived as I did so. Lucky!

Dropped off in Carrington almost outside of the Sherrington Park Medical Practice and got in quick. Chest legs, knees and all of a flutter, and flapping a little. I reported with the Obersturmbannführeress Receptionist, humbly apologising for being late, and she pointed out I was in fact, only one minute late?

Seconds later, Nurse Nichol fetched me into her treatment room and had the blood taken. Gave her the nibbles, thanked her and departed; Still wondering how I got there almost in time? Very confused!

To the bus stop and caught one back up into Sherwood.

Called at the Co-op store and got some button mushrooms, fresh pod peas and bananas.

Avoided the Big Issue Seller woman who has two mobile phones and is often seen using both of them, outside the shop.

Then next door to the cake shop and obtained a fresh cream iced scone thingy.

Then called in the Children’s Charity Shop, nothing of interest.

Further up the hill and into the Nottingham Hospice Shop. Bought two red saucepans that didn’t look in bad condition.

As I waited to cross the road, this car pulled around the corner and parked up on the pavement, and the driver just sat there. The thing of interest was what I think are tyre skid marks across the road behind the vehicle.

I also noticed the crack in the bookmaker’s window, where the scores led to? My Sherlock Holmes head was working. Then I realised the crack was the reflection in the glass window of the outline of the grey car. Hehe! I shouldn’t be allowed out on my own!

At the bus stop, several other tenants joined me, and a good chinwag followed.

Roy, took one of the bags for me to carry back on top of his four-wheeled-trolley. Bless him.

The fencing around the place was now having steel boards attached to them, still in the purple colour scheme. I’ll try to get a photo of them soon. Annie, one of the tenants with us, pointed out that when they are up, we will not see any traffic coming and will have to walk on the road to get passed them. I thought not, but decided against not agreeing with Gordie gal Annie, that was not a good idea, disagreeing with her. Hehe!

A laugh in the lift going up, and into the flat and onto the Porcelain Throne. Not so bad this time, methinks the new capsule earlier, was working well.

Put the food away and got the new second-hand saucepans washed and on the cooker.

Podded some peas and chopped a few mushrooms up and got them into the Crock-Pot on low.

Had a wee-wee.

Does anything stick out to you bout this road I pictured earlier? Something singular?

Started to update this diary again.

Went on Facebook to finish what I started earlier before the confusion about the INR blood test.

Started some more graphicalisations off for the TFZer site.

Very tired now, and the new pain on the right side of the chest is getting worse.

Got the meal sorted.

Had a fish one. Smoked mackerel (Not very good), tomatoes (Fine), Fresh garden peas (Very good), Surimi fish (Very good), Sliced roasted potatoes (Overcooked, but I liked them), Mushrooms (Good) and beetroots (Excellent). 8.9 overall rating.

Settled to watch some TV, but again, it was interspersed with nod-offs. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 6th July 2017: Winwood Tenants Social Hour Meeting

Thursday 6th July 2017

Russian: Четверг, 6 июля 2017 года

Jumped awake at 0100hrs – Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a wee-wee. Overall, another good morning health wise I thought. Anne Gyna was being a bit nasty with me and Roger Reflux too. But Arthur Itis, Duodenal Donald, Steven Shakes, Harry Hernia and Dizzy Dennis were all in a good mood and kind to me.

Got the laundry things ready and went down to the laundry room and got them in the machine. New notice on the board:

It was from Jenny, the flats coordinator, a former Woodthorpe Obergruppenfurheress Warden and tenant.

Back up to the apartment and got the kettle on, took the morning medications, A little early I realised after taking them. But I had taken the doses early last night.

Computer turned on and began updating the Wednesday Diary.

Very warm and close this beautiful morning.

Soon time to go down and move the washing into the dryer.

Popped outside, to take this shot (I still want to know what all these triple poles are going to be used for? Hehe!), luckily I’d remembered to take the foyer door swipe with me so I could gain entry back into the compound. Phew!

Up again, both of the lifts now working again.

Had a wee-wee and put on the kettle. Did the health checks.

Did the health checks, and very nearly, retook the medications! What a clot I am!

The pulse was 99, but I expect this is because I had been up and down the lift with the washing. When I took the photo of the machine and doctored it in Vinette, the pulse reading with the flash reflection looked like it was 299. So I doctored the 99 in the photo to make it clearer. Hehe, got me going for a second or two. I did notice that the pulse had been a bit erratic this week all through, though. The weight had gone down mind. First time for a while.

Did some more updating on the diary. Got it finished and posted off. It was time to go and collect the laundry again.

All folded neatly, cleaned the machines and filter. Lifted the bag and the handle came off!

Lifted the bag and the handle came off!

Picked up the clothing and shook the dust off of them and replaced them with the bag. Passed some wind, and hastily made my up to the flat, while fumbling to carry the bag, and the Porcelain Throne. The lifts have never seemed slower! Haha!

I made it in time, but only just. Haemorrhoid Harold had been bleeding since my last visit 3 hours or so ago. Cleaned things up and applied the medication cream. Wiped around, scrubbed my hands and out and back on the computer and started this Inchcock Today, off.

Went to make a cuppa, and saw that I’d forgotten about the bag of laundry I’d dropped as I got through the door in my haste to get to the wetroom. So I put away the stuff in the airing cupboard.

Looking a bit blue out there?

Checked the Emails and did some WordPress reading.

Facebooking next.

Had a wee-wee.

0536hrs: Started a TFZer graphics. Got these two done, both in monochrome style, and made look like an old photograph, best as I could.

Janet and Jillie in London, with Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.

Thomas, in the old Nottingham Victoria Station, with a diesel and Steam locomotives.

Hope they like them.

Had a wee-wee, made a mug of tea and watched a video on YouTube before having to get the ablutions done in time for the Tenants Social Hour in the new temporary hut.

A good few resident there when I arrived at the new temporary shelter/shed. I was going to take a photo of it, but I’d forgot to take the camera with me. Huh!

Some of the girls seemed happy to see me. A bit of a job finding a chair to sit on, and had to sit next to a Winchester tenant chap who took up all the available moving room to and from the seat I had to use. Fair enough, the man had a stick with him and was rather well-endowed stomach-wise, very big, covered in tattoos and not very sociable.  So I did not bother him and asked others to let me in and out each time I needed to move, which was often.

Got up to put the raffle prizes on the table. Chinwag with some of the ladies and back to get the nibble bag. Had to get around the man again to distribute the nibbles above.

Then back, via the spread-eagled bloke to the chair and I had half a cup of tea and natter with Bill (William on Sundays).

Then I required a wee-wee, poor old Frank had to move again to let me through to the WC. The tall chap didn’t even seem to know the bother and hassle he was causing by sprawling out so far away from the table, bless him.

I asked a representative of the work team who was doing the upgrade, and he told me the poles dug into the grass, concrete paths and road all over the place, were to build security fences, for when the expensive plant machinery moves into the compound. I know now. Hehe!

Got some raffle tickets and had to fight my past the chap again to give them out to some ladies. Jenny was looking good. One last exertion to get through the chairs and I called it a day, it was encouraging too much hassle from Arthur Itis with the tall, rotund gentleman not moving at all. I thought perhaps he couldn’t. But he didn’t speak or answer me when I inquired how he was keeping. He only talked to a woman opposite him, and Jenny?  I offered a cheerful cheerio to the folks and left early to get back to number 72 and another wee-wee.

The Anticoagulation Record had arrived while I was out at the Hut.

Down to 2.8 this time. For some reason, the DVT is having a heck of a job getting the INR level up, although I thought 2.8 was not too bad at all, very close to the target figure. But they had increased the dosages anyway. But I must not turn into a vaticinator.

I made an Email for the Sherrington Park Surgery requesting an appointment as instructed for Wednesday 12th July as early as possible for the next INR blood test. I added the photograph I took of the Anticoagulation Records details, like a subtle sarcastic reminder that they have not sent me an Email with the changed dosages. I don’t suppose they will be interested really, though.

Took the midday medications and did the Health Checks.

Looking far more like okay, now I think compared to earlier.

Although the temperature seems to have dropped dramatically, from 36.1 (High?) to 31.9 (?)

Had a wee-wee. Into the kitchen for a brew of tea and notice outside down below in the bottom field near the Copse, was a gal with her two dogs playing ‘fetch-the-ball’… Well, I say two dogs. I had a real laugh watching them perform, I must say. The lighter coloured brown dog would race away and retrieve the ball, with the black running so far with him, then about half way to wherever the ball landed, he’d wait for the other dog to get it and run back to the girl with it and join in with him then. In the end, after twenty or so ‘Fetches’ like this, the black dog just laid down and rolled in the grass when his Mistress threw the ball for the other one to retrieve.

I was laughing out loud at the black dog’s antics. Hehehe! Loved watching them.

No rain at all today yet. It did say on the radio, some areas will get none, and others a ‘Yellow Warning’ storm?

A quick look at the news for Nottingham.

Apparently, this was Castle Boulevard twenty minutes ago.

This is how it looked from the kitchen window here, just over ten minutes ago.

A bit of difference then, I see?


Rechecked the Emails to see of any from the surgery had arrived. As I opened Gmail, it came through, from the surgery. I wrote in the paper diary and onto the Google Calendar. Wednesday 12th @ 1022hrs sent an Email back to them thanking them and confirming I could attend. A fair number of WordPress Emails, so I answered/responded to them.

Feeling well drained now, after another silly hour start to the day. Tsk!

Going to have something easy to make I thought. After which I decided on tomatoes and bacon… tonnes of bacon! Hehe! Then I realised I’d not got much bread in stock, so had a rethink. Gorrit, potatoes and bacon with some sweet curried baked beans?

Did the evening Health Checks.

Had a quick bash on Facebooking, then a wee-wee.

Had a wee-wee.

Got the bacon in the oven and watched a 15-minute video on YouTube while it cooked.

Anne Gyna and Reflux Roger both eased off – Nice!

Sister Jane rang as I went into the kitchen to check on the food. I’m overeating, and the wrong foods again and that is why I must cut down on bread and potatoes. She worries about me, blesses her cotton socks. Hardly dare print the photo of tonight’s meal. Hehe!

Got the fodder served up, and a great one it was too, taste-wise.

After I washed the pots and got down in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch a DVD before Hetty Wainthrope started on the TV, Shaking Steven paid me a visit. Not good, but at least I was settled and had nothing in my hands at the time. So, no Accifauxpa or Whoopsiedangleplop! Good that!

CorelDraw back on for a while. I updated this one below. Not easy with the fingers doing their own thing. Hehe!

Gave up after a while and got the head down – off I went into the land of nod within minutes.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today – Monday 3rd July 2017

Monday 3rd July 2017

Danish: Mandag den 3. Juli 2017

I had a wee-wee and was up and out on the balcony cleaning the outsides of the windows and door before 0400hrs. Determined to get some cleaning done, whatever. A bit windy, but no rain and it wasn’t cold. Took me a while and nearly lost the kitchen towels I used to finish off the job a few times in the gusts of wind.

Back in and did the insides of them. Cleaned the frames and then sorted out the loose paperwork into folders and updated the written diary.

Polished the furniture, shook and removed bits from the chair covers and replaced them all neatly like. Wiped the TV, computer, printer and keyboard.

Hoovered up and emptied the bins. Took the bags down and out to the caretaker (That is the one who I have never seen not on his phone, mind you, we don’t see much of him anyway) area.

0605hrs: Into the kitchen, Cleared the window ledge and got on with doing the windows. Not easy, turning the damned main one around to clean the other side, but just one blood-blister later I managed it. Replaced the stuff onto the shelf and cleaned the cooker. Not the oven, though. When I got down to remove the trays, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Steven both complained, so I left his part of the job.

Had a wee-wee.

Sink draining board cabinets and kettle cleaned.

0700hrs: Got the mop and bucket from the wetroom and got the kitchen floor swept and cleaned. I’d forgotten about the fridge, so took a look… far too much stuff in it, so I just titivated it and moved stuff around a bit. Hehe!

De-podded the garden peas and put them in a saucepan for later.

Had a wee-wee.

0800hrs: Hoovered the spare room and then got on with the ablutions. Started with the Porcelain Throne Session. (I must get help with the moving toilet seat, I’ll be off of it one day!) The shave produced a few little nicks on the chin and neck. Little Inchy was in a poor state, red and tender? Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding to his heart’s content. Diarrhorea Derek had eased off nicely this morning, and I was now getting messages of complaints from Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis for doing the cleaning so enthusiastically. Hehe!

Had a good shower and dried off, dressed and smelling all sweet, I got dressed, put the towels on the airer and went to make a mug of tea.

Checked the calendar for today so I could remember.

AM: Warden about the alert battery?

1200-1400hrs: Iceland delivery (Iced lolly replacements included, Haha!).

1400hrs > 1700hrs: Survey visit from builders and company doing the work. Had a wee-wee.

1630hrs: Ring for date and time of rearranged op at the Gum Clinic. (Reminder to self; use the second number on the list. Otherwise, you’ll get the Obrgerfreiter Receptionist bloke!)

The plates are stinging a bit this morning?

Got the computer on and started this diary going, then finished off the Sunday one.

Tonnes of WordPress reading to get through today, some good stuff posted by the other members.

Had a wee-wee.

Noticed when I went to put the kettle on, the motorists were still blocking each other in?

The lady surveyor from Nottingham City Homes arrives, sweet cheery woman, Kathy. She went through what will happen change wise. All three windows will be replaced, and a new, different balcony in place. Unfortunately, the storage heaters will not be swapped – and they are all scratched and dented with the markings on the control switched dirtied and unreadable. Humph!

She arranged for some help for me in moving the furniture while the wall is knocked down. Bless her. I had to sign a form to say she had been and I was happy with the instructions given me.

The Iceland delivery arrived while she was here. She helped me carry the bags into the kitchen, good gal!

I got the lamb shank in the saucepan, peas in a small one and the potatoes were already in the Crock-pot.

Pressed on with WordPressing and Facebooking.

Had a wee-wee.

Checked the cooking.

Back on the computer, a visit from Dizzy Dennis did me no good. Huh!

Hello, the door chimes ringeth again…

A surveyor bloke with ID. Needs to take measurements out of the window for each corner and floor, with his expensive looking what I thought was a camera on a large tripod.

Left him to it.

AffinitySerif recommended by Tim Price in a comment. I’ll have a proper look tomorrow, or whenever I can get the time. Did have a quick look, but it seemed all complicated to me, with words that meant nothing to me, Humph!

What happened to the day, where did it go?

Better get the fodder ready.

It smelt so good, looked fantastic and tempting as I got it in the dish.

Accifauxpa somewhere though; It was horrible! Gave it a rating of 4.8/10… Eurgh!

The lamb shank and gravy were so foul tasting. I shall give away the other lamb shank, they are too big to fit into my largest saucepan anyway.

Had a wee-wee.

Put the TV on while it cooked, then had a go on Facebook again.

Did a Spot-the-differences competition.

The usual farce when trying to watch the TV. My ‘Nodoffabilities’ seem to be increasing.

To the Porcelain Throne, I must ask someone to help with sorting out the flipping Throne’s seat, it’s getting dangerously loose now.

Reflux Roger kicked off, possible his protest at the distinctly dodgy lamb shank from Iceland?


Inchcock Today – Sunday 2nd July 2017

Sunday 2nd June 2017

Mongolian: 2017 оны 6-р сарын 2-ны ням гарагт

0315hrs: Stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner, annoyed again at not remembering any of the dreams I just know I’d been having. Again, Tsk!

Diahorrea Derek gave me the wink that I needed to attend the Porcelain Throne. Getting disentangled from the recliner reminded me of yesterday when I did so and trod on the remote control for the DVD… I must try it out later to see if it still works, and off I stumbled to the wet room. Felt a bit queasy, if that’s the right work. Made a note to have one of the Strong Morrison’s diarrhorea capsules later.

Put the kettle on to make a brew, and did the Health Checks.

The weight keeps going up, and I got a decent hobble in yesterday?

Made a nice strong mug of tea, passed a silent escapage of wind and returned to the Porcelain Throne in haste. More splattering and squirting that needed cleaning up. Huh! Seems that the ‘Trots’ are back again.

With innards now rumbling and attention being given to me by Reflux Roger, I cleaned things up and returned to the kitchen.

It seemed a bit light for this time in the morning outside. I nipped out onto the balcony to take this photograph. And, I nearly got blown over the railings. The wind was blowing a bit strong. Hehe!

The tea had gone cold, so I made another one and took the mornings medications along with an additional Anit-Trots capsule.

Decided to sort the pots of doses out ready for the week coming.

As I dropped one of the tablets, one of those little Beta-blockers it fell twist the cooker and the cabinet. Getting the thin brush I poked down between and swept it out, guess what came with it? The pea that I had dropped when podding some, days ago and could not find. Hehehe!

Got the pots sorted out and had a wee-wee.

Washed the hands, wiped the contact surfaces with the antiseptic wipes and pondered on what I might have later for the meal. First thoughts were a beef pasty, garden peas and potatoes?

I put some small potatoes in the Crock-Pot and seasoned them with the vegetable stock cubes.

Podded the garden peas and got them into a saucepan and added some demerara sugar so they could both soak in their respective pots to be cooked further in the day.

Shaking Steven was no bother, so I only dropped a few of the peas, and found each one and retrieved them and consigned them to the bin each time.

Had a wee-wee.

Downloaded yesterday’s photographicalisations and resized them and put them in the WordPress gallery ready to use.

Set about updating and posting the Saturday Diary, took me hours to do for some reason?

Had a wee-wee and went into the kitchen to make a brew.

Took these photographic images from out of the window.

Not that I can really blame them, mind. Parking is a nightmare here, with all the works taking place and the garages being pulled down. The chap who moved the cones on the right has a Disabled ticket showing on the windscreen. If all the handicapped spaces are taken, what else can they do? I see another white car has had now parked on the double yellow lines behind the red one. Mayhem! It’s time like these, I don’t mind having had to give up my Driving Licence.

To the Porcelain Throne once more – the seat is coming loose now! Tsk!

Made a mug of tea, and finalised and posted the Saturday one off.

Had a wee-wee.

Emails were done, and answered, WordPress reading done.

Now, I realise I’ve been up for over eight hours now, and feeling a bit drained.

Did the second Health Checks:

Onto Facebooking at last. Caught up.

Pattie of the TFZ fame posted a lovely photograph. I amended it a bit and sent it to her site.

Tried to make it a bit clearer and less dark than her original for her.

Did a bit of work, trying to find a solution for Brother-in-law Pete with his video programme?

Then I amended Dizz’s photo of her new family transport vehicle.

Then back onto CorelDraw to start another TFZ effort or two from scratch.

Dizzy Dennis prevented me pursuing this aim.

Got the meal sorted out.

I enjoyed this one, well pleased with how it came out. A minced beef pocket, BBQ chicken leg, fresh garden peas, beetroots, a few potatoes and some ready made sliced and lightly battered potatoes done in the oven. A 9.35/10!

Settled to watch some heartbeat DVD episodes.

I’ve got all of those I foolishly bought in one go to get through yet. Hope I live long enough to view them. Hehe! Managed to see a few chapters, then had to turn over to the TV so I could watch the  Confederations Cup Final twixt Chile and Germany. I enjoyed it, a competitive match all the way through. The best team did not win, but I wanted Germany to win so no complaints from me.

Nodded off when it finished and thought I had many dreams. The only bit I could recall was one where I was in an underground tunnel escaping from somewhere… the others in there with me and I were all wearing summer shirts or dresses… Someone kept shouting ‘Sangria!’? We could not decide where to start digging up from, and we each had a seaside bucket and spade in hand? That’s all I can remember.

Woke up and had a wee-wee.

Put the TV on and nodded off again before I could make out what was on the screen.

Woke up hours later, around 0350hrs… Had a wee-wee.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 1st July 2017

Saturday 1st July 2017

Dutch: Zaterdag 1 Juli 2017

0345hrs: Once again the memories of the dreams I knew I’d been having dissipated within seconds. Got out of the recliner and had a wee-wee. The bruise that I acquired last night on my foot was no bother. Must try the trodden on last night DVD remote control later to see if it still works.

Took the morning medications.

Started to finish off yesterday’s diary on the computer, and had to return to the wetroom for a heavy duty session. An instant, immediate evacuation that felt all wrong somehow? Needed a lot of tissue and a cleaning up afterwards? Oh dear!

Back on the computer and completed the Friday diary. Got it posted.

Made a brew and did the Health Checks.

Back to the Porcelain Throne… talk about pebble dashing! Most uncomfortable sensation. I think that Diarrhoea Derek has returned.

Took a lot more clearing and cleaning up again. My rear-end department was now so sore. I applied some antiseptic cream! Tsk!

No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold at all.

Made another cuppa and took two Senna tablets. By mistake for the Morrison Diahorrea Capsule! FOOL!

I pressed the wrist alarm to check the battery with the Control Room and mentioned the flashing yellow/orange light on the box. She said not to worry, she’ll leave a message for the warden. Thanked her and apologised for bothering her.

0500hrs: Got this diary started off.

Checked the Emails and WordPress responses.

Found this in an Email from the Nottingham City Council. Depicting the ‘Tricycle Joust’ from last year in the Nottingham Castle grounds.

I’d love to have a go at this, but Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna might not permit me to? Hehe!

Had a go at starting another graphic off for the TFZer site. TFZer Nancy in her new shop, with TFZer Thomas playing with his train engine? Hehehe!

Did some Facebooking.

I made the decision to go to town today, and get some interesting (I hope) photographs to share on here.

Had a wee-wee. Did the ablutions and readied me to go catch the bus. Took the bin bags to the rubbish chute on the way out to the lift.

Outside the flat foyer entrance door, the builders who re-updating the complex had erected these steel poles come bars in front of my beloved Woodthorpe Court block.

I wondered what they were for?

Had to do a bit of manoeuvring to get around them and to the bus stop at the top end of the road, next to the Winchester Flats. They had moved the letter box as well, closer to 6Sat03the Winchester Court of course. Hehe!

A woman and husband from my Woodthorpe flats passed me as I walked along. My cheery ‘Good Morning’ going unresponded to. They got seated on the bench they have kindly supplied for us near the bus stop.

Across the road was the new temporary staff 6Sat066Sat05offices being erected for the duration of the ‘Build’ and modernisation of the place. 2½ to 3 years, is the forecast.

Took a photograph looking back towards the Woodthorpe Court. The new temporary staff offices being built for the two and a half year period of the updating of the compound.

Then I had a stroll behind the Winchester Court onto the Woodthorpe Park. And I 6Sat04photoed the workers building section off area on the previously grass lawned patch.

Off course being a Saturday, there were no workmen about.

No vandalisation had taken place as far as I could see. Although a bit of Nottingham Street Art was spotted nearby near the garages awaiting demolition.

Back to the bus stop and few more tenants had arrived at it, but they were all from the other flats, not mine. Not vert talkative either, only amongst themselves.

Got on the City bound L9 and was soon in the City Centre.

Walked up to the Aldi Store on Upper Parliament Street, where I spent too much and got stuff I did not need, again! They were having a Taste of America event.

Thought I’d take this photo of some and put it on the TFZer site, see if they are interested or actually eat any of this stuff on show, or are they copies, not genuine?

Out of the shop and hobbled into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall) and to the Tesco Store. As I walked the length of the ground floor, carefully, as there were many folk milling about today, I thought I could hear an elephant wailing at first.

Nearing the Tesco shop, I gleaned what the racket was. Artists were singing on a stage and being filmed doing it. The acoustics in the place did them no favours – of course, my hearing ain’t right – but it sounded terrible to me. Overly loud, distorted and cringe-making.

Just got some fresh garden peas from Tesco, I’d spend too much as it is in the Aldi shop. Batteries, nibbles, pate, pasty, Frikadellens, potato slices, thrice-cooked chips (Had these later for my meal), etc.

Left and recorded this set of closed down shops on Glasshouse Street. Sad!

Hobbled around the City Centre snapping away, Clinton Street first.

You’ll notice I’d managed to move the selector wheel on the camera? So many photographs came out horrible and just not right the colour at all. Humph! Disappointing!

Long Row next.

Still packed with folks, I knew why then. I could see the distant market stalls in Slab Square.

This bloke was doing football tricks, and he had all the females donating into his bucket. Jealous? Me? Hehe!

I had a hobble around the market stalls. (See the wrong setting still on the camera, Tsk!) It was too dangerous for me to stay there long. Kids were running about, cyclists, women with pushchairs, Mobility scooters, etc.

I did manage to6Sat15 take a photo of one stall that

was selling what looked like Bill & Ben wooden models for the garden. They started at £23.99 for the tiny ones, up to £69.99 for these larger ones.

I decided it would be better for me to do a hobble of the peripheral area then, best not to risk injury. As the crowds were milling and rushing about, many with phones on their earholes, too dangerous

for me anyway.

The gigantic new Burger King on the corner of South Parade and Exchange Walk only had three customers at the tables inside, and they have another floor with another dining area upstairs apparently.

How do they make it pay?

Back on Long Row near the Primark Store, this entryway leads to the book shop and a bookie.

I imagine that Americans would find this so cute. But again, how do they make it pay?

All the time I was in the area, I saw nobody actually go into or come out of the alleyway?

Maybe there might be another way in or out?

The only photograph I was pleased with was this one of a Fothergill Watson designed building behind the Council House.


This hairdressing shop only opened a few months ago. The girls who started it made such a good effort to make it look nice as well.So sad that they failed, like so many others in Nottingham.

So sorry that they failed, like so many others in Nottingham.

As I made my way back to the bus stop on Queen Street, the police were removing four people from the Primark Store. With all the bags with them, I assumed this would have been Nottingham shoplifters again.

Caught the bus back to the flats.

On the way, I took this photograph through the buses window. Not a good one, all reflection. But I can’t remember why I made it?

Sad innit?

The extra walk now they moved the bus stop to the other block of flats, meant I was lucky in getting in the apartment and to the Porcelain Throne in time… Just!

Absolutely drained now.

Got the meal cooking,

Had a wee-wee,

Perused the TV magazine, some films on I fancied watching.

Great meal tonight. Chicken leg, cheese and mini pickle pies, triple cooked chips, pork & mushroom pate and beetroots.

Lemon yoghourt, a luxury lemon yoghourt! Hehe!

Got settled to watch the box and the films. I forgot all about testing the DVD remote that I stood on.

Stayed awake, well, there might have been the odd ten minute here and five minutes there of my nodding off and viewed two of the films. Of course, a few breaks for wee-weeing.

When I could no longer stay awake, I dreamed wildly, but can only recall them being about me being lost?

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today – Friday 30th June 2017

Friday 30th June 2017

Kazakhstan: Жұма, 30 маусым, 2017

0400: Woke and found loads of scribbled note about dreams on the writing pad. None of the readable. Humph! More like wavy lines mixed in with written morse-code.

Up and off to the ProcelainThrone. Haemorrhoid Harold painful and lots of blood, too much. Anne Gyna, Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald were all in a good mood. No Dizzy Dennis or Shaking Steven visits yet either.

It was looking a bit gloomy outside as I put the kettle on.

Took the medications and did the Health Checks. Sys 159, Dia 75, Pulse 75, Temperature 35.8, Weight up to 14.9!

Had a wee-wee.

Got the computer going and looked at the weather in the USA.

All sorts of weather warning on the map I looked at.

I’m concerned about the TFzers living over there with the thunderstorms and floods warnings.

When you compare the United States to the little UK area, it surprised me.

Started off this diary up to here. Then finalised yesterdays.

The alarm panel now has a yellow light flashing intermittently?

The headers I installed for WordPress, had disappeared. So I looked into the problem and designed new ones in the hope of correcting the problem.

Onto CorelDraw and tried to make it fit.

One page suggested the size in mm and the other in pixels, heck of a job converting them to inches. Huh! Took me ages, then I’m not sure if I got it right.

Had a wee-wee.

Took a break from computerisationing, and got the cleaning cloths and oven gloves washed out. Then realised, or rather thought to myself, how am I going to get the wet oven thingies dried?

Made a weak attempt with the airer and bowls underneath, to prevent any water dripping onto the electrics at the bottom. Must remember to keep changing the position of the cloths and oven mitt regularly.

Got garden peas de-podded and into the saucepan in water and demerara sugar for later.

Had a wee-wee and moved the oven mitts on the airer. Going to take ages this is, Tsk!

Back on the computer.

Found I had not posted the diary for yesterday, so I did so.

Email answering and comment replying done. One email was from the surgery booking my next appointment for an INR blood test for next Wednesday at 1430hrs – the swines know I like an early time as well! They will not be getting a bag of nibbles next week, the little devils! Humph!

You watch now, I bet the GUM clinic makes that day for the operation… or something will come up and send the plans into mayhem, I know, my high EQ just told me so! Hehe!

Had a wee-wee. Changed the position of the clothes drying on the airer.

Well, would you Adam and Eve it: Proof that my High EQ is still working, so soon after writing about it as well. Got an Email telling me of a Nottingham City Homes Assessment Meeting on… Wednesday 4th July at 1400hrs. I just knew this would happen!

Back onto Corel Draw.  Got this one of TFZer Janet and hubby with their servants. Including some of the TFZ lads and yours truly raking the gravel and cat sitting. Hehe!

Hope they like it. Posted it to albums and the TFZ site.

I took these photo’s from the balcony.

Had a wee-wee.

Did a bit of Facebooking, then back onto CorelDraw to start another graphicalisation. Got it finished. Jill from Australia with Russell Grant in her kitchen. Good grub about?

Had a wee-wee.

Turned everything off when Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Steven visited me.

Got the meal sorted.

Beef pie with extra gravy made, mashed potatoes with cheese and onion, garden peas, wholemeal bread and a lemon yoghourt.

Washed the things and rested, in fact, I felt drained.

Did nothing but try to watch TV, fall asleep, wake up for a wee-wee, try to watch TV, fall asleep, wake up for a wee-wee, try to watch TV…

Drifted off., woke up with the TV still on and remote control laying on my ample stomach, and thought I could smell something burning

Around 2350hrs, I woke up with the TV still on and remote control laying on my ample stomach, and thought I could smell something burning. Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner trod on something as I limped around looking for any signs of fire burning or food left cooking. Nothing found and the smell seemed to dissipate as I searched. Reasonably satisfied that there was no conflagrations or indications of any danger, I had a wee-wee and returned to the recliner. Whoopsiedangleplop! The item I’d trodden on was the DVD remote control, and it had split the plastic, and I had a bruise on my foot as well.

Did the well-belated last of the day’s health checks and the evening medications were taken.

Cleared the Accifauxpa area and mounted the recliner… woke up hours later with it still not reclined. I must have nodded off straight away?