Inchcock Today – Thursday 29th June 2017: Not one of my luckiest days!

It could happen to anyone – Hehe!

Thursday 29th June 2017

Cebuano: Huwebes Hunyo 29, 2017

0300hrs: Lay there in the £300 second-hand recliner for ages. First trying to recall the dreams without any success again.

Then thinking through the days’ activities.

0325hrs: Gingerly I escaped the recliner, had a Dizzy Dennis moment and made my way to the wetroom, for a Porcelain Throne session. All went well.

Reflux Roger and Rumbling Rupert were both active this morning.

Did the Health Checks:

Update the weeks’ records. Only the ever increasing weight was of any concern, I think.

Made a nice strong mug of tea and took the morning medications, then back to the wetroom for a wee-wee.

Checked the letter from the NCH (Nottingham City Homes) with the dates of the upcoming individual flat Survey times. IT is mine next Monday between 1300hrs and 1700hrs.

Computer activated, and I put this in the written diary and the Google calendar.

The tea had gone cold, so went to make another one. As I did so, I could make out some noise, even without the hearing aids in, so knew it had to be pretty loud.

It was like a metallic grating. Popped the head out of the window and nearly got myself blown back inside with the howling wind, paperwork in the other room exploded all over, kitchen towels toppled onto the floor and the wonderfully wet rain splattered through, soaking the counter and me!

Humph. Hehe, serves me right!

Looked down outside but could see no reason for the noise, that was now no longer audible?

Had a wee-wee. Then back on the computer to start this diary off to here.

Realised then, that I had not finished yesterday’s journal yet, so got on with that. Got it done and did some WordPress reading and comment answering.

Facebooked a while.

Got a TFZer graphic finished and started on a new one, very complicated and involved. Ran out of time, but I’m reasonably satisfied with the progress. I’ll see if I get time later to finish it, or at least get some more work done on it.

This is the one I’d completed. With Janet from the TFZers.

Turned off everything and got the ablutions done. Scratches and nicks acquired during the shaving process.

Moved the stuff into a bag that is a bit more waterproof (It still let the wet rain in, Tsk) bag and set off taking two jars with me to drop off at the Bottle Bank.

As I hobbled along to the bank, so much of the compound was blocked off with temporary Harris railings, I had to walk on the road for a good distance to get there. The rain was light at this stage, but the wind was a bit nasty. I’ll see how the new umbrella can cope with it later.

When I got into the shed, a lot of Tenants were already in there early, and laughter flowed freely.

A new bloke had taken the seat where I usually do, the only chair available part from Bills was right in a corner away from everyone. Put the raffle prizes on the stand and gave out the nibbles early, being as I was going to have to leave early. I told them all to take two picks, so as to make less weight to carry to the doctors and back. Not that it mattered in the end, I left the box there on the floor when I departed later. Huh!

Bill (William on Sundays) arrived, I noticed no one had taken his seat! Humph, Hehe!

No one to talk to that I could hear if they replied. T’was such a lonely session. BJ arrived with his better half, had a few words, but while I did this someone sat in the corner chair. Laugh?

I gave out a few of the emergency towels, and bid farewell to everyone – but nobody answered (That I heard anyway). Began to get depresses then, Ha!

As I got to the end of the road and turned onto Winchester Hill, the rain commenced to heavier, so, up with the new brolly. It rattled a lot from the handle area in use but coped with both the wind and rain well enough.

Two ambulances were at the old people’s flats on Mansfield Road, took the photo from under the new brolly.

The rain got even worse as I got over the brow of the hill into Carrington. The buses and lorries were hitting the standing water and cascading with the stagnant rain when they did! The trouser leg bottoms were soaking now. Hey-ho!

Into the surgery, in plenty of time and asked the receptionist if I could make an appointment for the CHD Checks. She booked me in for Tuesday 18th July at 0930hrs. Requested a sample tube and she gave me one.

Sat to wait my turn and I noticed I’m dragged in wet leaves on the souls of the shoes. Got a tissue out of the bag and tried to pick some up, but the knees and back prevented any success. I did cope with getting the shoes off and wiping them, though.

Nurse Nichol came into view, it was such a pleasure to see her smile as she greeted me and led me into the treatment room.

Gave her some Chocolate Orange discs, thanked her and into the reception area and gave them their nibbles, only one gal there and she didn’t answer me. She did manage an unsmiling lifting of her head that said, Yes alright!

Am I imagining the bad day I’m having social-wise or what?

Out with the brolly up on the road and walked down to the Lidl store. Where I got some replacement nibbles, a minced-beef pasty, canned tomatoes, smoked bacon, a tin of garden peas and a wholemeal loaf. I was intending to put this bread in the freezer for later, but there was no room. Humph!

Out and to the bus stop, where I could not get under the shelter for the other passengers waiting, and with the two bags now, the brolly could not be utilised, so I got wet again. (No problem in doing so, I was becoming an expert at it this morning. Hehe!)

Caught the bus and dropped off in Sherwood. Over the crossing and to the L9 bus stop.

The lovely lady from the 8th floor was there, and we had a good chinwag and laugh.

The L9 was late coming, but we didn’t mind. The rain went down to a trickle of that; Fine-soak you through type.

Up to the flats and now they have moved the bus stop there, we got another soaking as we had to walk the length of Chestnut Walk to get to out foyer.

Up in the lift, said my farewell to the gal, and she did to me.

As I got in, I had a wee-wee. Into the kitchen to put the bits away, the rain came walloping down again.

A moment later, it went back to the drizzly wet-rain?

Took the medications and did the Health Checks, which produced some surprising result: Sys 154, Dia 77, Pulse 94, Temp 36.0? Perhaps I did not settle down enough before taking them?

Got a can of tomatoes in the saucepan and bacon in the oven tray ready to cook later.

Had a wee-wee.

Put the nibbles in the spare room.

Made a nice strong brew of Thompson’s tea bags.

Computer turned on and saw the photograph above, I had the idea for a bit of TFZer fun, to put some of the gals onto it. So I did. I put Pattie and Marie, my heartthrobs onto it. Hope they like it.

Started the updating of this diary.

Checked on Facebook and then WordPress reading.

Back to CorelDraw and working on that difficult TFZer one.

Got it done it last. Phew!

TFZer ladies, Josie, Betty, Linda, Janet and Dizz with support from Andy and Thomas.

Had a wee-wee.

Got the meal out and served up.

Unhealthy but so tasty a simple meal. Mushrooms, chopped tomatoes and smoked streaky bacon, with some Polish half-rye sourdough bread.

Lemon fool to follow.

Had a wee-wee.

Got settled to watch some of the excellent TV programmes on offer tonight. A great Inchcock selection!

1800hrs: Channel 72: Two episodes of the first series of Law & Order

2000hrs: Channel 20: Hetty Wainthrope Investigates – then New Tricks

2200hrs: Channel 21:  Law & Order SVU, two episodes.

I nodded off at around 1812hrs when the first commercial break came on and woke at midnight just as the credit screen at the end of the second of the Law & Order SVU finished.

Had a wee-wee.


Wednesday 28th June 2017 – Got the laundry, Food delivered and some TFZer Graphics done. Apart from weeing, nothing else much. Hehe!

Wednesday 28th June 2017

Macedonian: Среда, 28 јуни 2017 година

0218hrs: Shot awake with a start. Little Inchy very sore indeed, Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna both going away at me. Tsk!

No memories of any dreams, but again, I knew I’d had some. Decided to get up and do the laundry room tasks while I felt up to it and in case the ailments got worse.

As I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner, Dizzy Dennis joined in with the others.

Collected the in-need-of-washing gear and down to the laundry room, got it going and back up to the apartment.

Checked on the fire door while I was nearby. The handle to press to open was tiny I thought?

Cleaned the kitchen floor and wiped some surfaces, but the innards hassle prevented me from doing any more stuff for now. I’ll try again later if I get the time and feel up to it. Hello! Reflux Roger joined the attack now! Humph, not a good start!

Had a wee-wee. Then back down and moved the clothes from washer to the dryer, and back up again.

There were no signs of any need for a Porcelain Throne session yet. Odd that?

Did the Health Checks: Sys 147, Dia 73, Pulse 88, Temp 35.5, Weight 14.8

Got the computer on finished the Tuesday post.

Forgot to put the picture of the meal on it.

Roger Reflux, was certainly getting bad now?

Then down to the washing room again, and collected the clothing.

Bagged up the items and cleaned the filter.

Found a ladies sock in the dryer, so put it in view on the window railings.

Wiped the surfaces and left, going into the lobby to go to the lifts, I noticed that outside it was raining rather persistently and the roadway on Chestnut Walk was flooded!

And I have to go out to the surgery this morning too, for an INR blood Test. Tsk!

Up to the apartment and got the kettle on and out away the clothing.

 Took a photo through the kitchen window from well back.

Made a brew and pondered on what needing sorting today.

Clinic: Must phone them about the operation date.

Tenants Social Hour: Not managed to get there for weeks now. And today I must leave them at no later than 1025hrs, so as to get to the surgery in time for the blood test.Put the DVT card and crossword book in the bag ready, then got the raffle prizes and nibbles sorted for the meeting.

Susan the foot lady coming twixt 12-1300hrs. Hope I can get back in time from the doctors for her.

Put the DVT record card, the CDH letter (Must remember to ask for a sample tube) and crossword book in the bag ready, then got the raffle prizes and nibbles sorted for the meeting. And… the new umbrella. Hehe!

The flipping sneezing has started now. I keep looking to see if anything has shot out on the floor each time. You know, a lung or something like that. Haha!

Did the ablutions early, no showering cause of the noise this early (0515hrs), so a good stand-up session will have to do. Hopefully, something will move in the Porcelain Throne needs department while I’m in there.

Had a wee-wee.

Back in a bit.

I’m back, smelling all fresh after the ablutionalisational session. The Throne was utilised without any problems this morning.

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications.

The rain had gone down to a drizzle, but the skies seemed to promise more to come?

Had a wee-wee. Awaiting the Morrison delivery any time now.

Started researching for help with Windows Movie Maker for Brother-in-Law Pete.

No luck.

Morrison man arrived.

Might have overdone it again. Huh!

Facebook for a while.

Had a wee-wee.

Then realised I’d got my days a bit mixed up… Humph! It’s tomorrow the clinic and the surgery, not today. Sad innit?

Got the peas and potatoes in their pans ready to do later, having fish tonight.

Redid some TFZ graphic work.


Made a cuppa, did the midday Health Checks and medications were taken.

Had a wee-wee.

Sue arrived to tend to my tootsies. She was in and finished in about ten minutes and off and gone. Never known her so quick, and did not cut me once, either. She seemed a little tense, bless her. So I assumed she had a job on or some hassle going. Gave her some nibbles as she left.

I went into the wetroom for a wee-wee and stubbed ly left big toe on the flipping mop bucket. Huh!

Got the fodder prepared and consumed.

Fishcake, smoked mackerel fillets, cod in batter, Surimi sticks, potatoes and garden peas.

Sourbread and butter, and apple and a lemon yoghourt. Rated this one as a worthy 9.2/10.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

I must take care now the doctor has put me on 60mg codeine phosphate tablets instead of the 30mg. She did this I think, to help with them stopping the Morphine until after the GUM operation. Must remember to ring them in the morning.

Had a wee-wee.

Got the goggle-box on and ready to watch the Chile v Portugal semi-final. What bits of I saw in between nod-offs was good, end-to-end stuff. Of course the team I wanted to win, lost on penalties.

Had a wee-wee.

Tried to watch some first season Law & Order on Freeview channel… er… forget now, an American one.

Gave up, the need for sleep was too overpowering.