Inchcock Today – Monday 4th June 2018:


Monday 4th June 2018

Maori: Rāhina 4 o Pipiri 2018

1Mon0010405hrs: Woke up shivering and sweating at the same time this good morning. A little unnerving and confusing?

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to get the Health Checks done.

Went to update the Excel record and the file was not to be found. Couldn’t remember the PW to sign in and change it. Ended up making a new one. More precious time lost. Grumph!

Off for a wee-wee. During which, I found I had problems with the Fungal Lesion. It has not bled so much, ever before! This will need some attention and bravery to get cleaned-up and medicated when I do my ablutions. Oy Vey!

Found the shopping list and put it in the jacket pocket so as not to forget it when I get out and about, later on. Potato slices, turnip, parsnip, pod peas (If I can find some), Springwater, milk, bread, and Ginseng, or are they called Gin Boer tablets from Wilko’s. I’ll recognise the tub when I see it.

Apart from the bleeding, the other ailments were all behaving reasonably with me.

WDPBL I know have one less vinegar bottle! As I opened the cupboard door, the new bottle of Sarson’s filled vinegar fell out all of its own accords. My EQ informed me this was only the start of things to come!

1Mon01aMade a brew and off for a Porcelain Throne visit. Heavy duty and painful evacuation. All clean and refreshed now. Took the black bags to the rubbish chute on the way out.

Damp, clammy weather greeted me on Chestnut Walk. I crossed the road and looked back to take this image, getting all three blocks in the frame. I think the new folks will love the Extra Care Block when it is completed, and they move in.

1Mon01bI struggled up the gravel footpath. Anne Gyna let me know of her disapproval of the uphill limp. Haha! And it was a struggle to get my breath.

By the time I’d got to the top and turned down the hill, she had relented within a minute or so, bless her.

I hobbled onto Mansfield Road and called at the Wilko store. Got some Garlic capsules, Ginko tablets, and a lemon-scented air freshener.

Paid the lady and out to the bus stop at the top of the hill. In town, in what seemed like no time. The bus was well packed with passengers, and getting off at Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall) required a bit of nouse, to avoid getting knocked into over or injured, in the mad rush! Tsk!

I shuffled along into the Tesco shop. What a mess. Only two tills were open. Out of date stuff on sale. Empty spaces everywhere on the shelves. They had some of the oven-bottom baked cobs in, but they all had a sell-by-date for tomorrow. So, I rejected them. I ended up getting a 2-litre bottle of plain spring water (Flipping heavy that was!), Guernsey full-cream milk, Crispy seasoned potato slices, Pork knuckle, mushrooms, and some individual cakes for the Thursday nibble-box.

1Mon02I joined the queue at the check-out, had a go at a crossword from the book, and paid the lady. I departed, going out onto Milton Street.

The City Centre was far busier than on my last visit, but not exactly packed. Hehe!

The plates-of-meat were starting to sting something rotten. A good job that Foot-Lady Sue will be calling to see me on Thursday.

I noticed that Clumber Street had the usual crush of Nottinghamian bodies lurking and walking about, I did not take that route and went a long way around to the City Centre. Thus, avoiding the Nottingham shoplifters, muggers, street artists, rough sleepers and several gangs of two to three youths lurking in closed shop doorways and looking up to no good.


I took these two photographicalisations and skedaddled off to the Slab Square.

That was nowhere near as busy as I had expected it to be.

Those Nottinghamians about were not looking precisely happy with life. Even the ones that had just staggered out of the pub.

1Mon05I meandered down Exchange Walk, where I was taken by surprise by how busy this alleyway was with local humans.

At this point, it gleaned on me, again I have not seen a single Police Officer in town! I’ll check the photographs when I get back to see if any Officers are in them. They weren’t!

I walked down to Marks & Sparks food-hall, in search of some Oven-bottom cobs. 

I slipped the Big Issue Seller a couple of quid on the way in the store. 

They did not have any of the oven-bottoms cobs, and I was told; We do not make anything like that in this store! But this lady did not have the required quality of Sneer to be given much of an Anti-Customer rating. Not a patch on the Lidl staff. However, she did give me a genuinely great eye-movement enacted glance, that spoke volumes, and said non-verbally: “By Gawd, we get some riff-raff in here, on Mondays!”

So I gave her an 8.9/10 Anti-Customer rating, just for that. She merited it. Hehehe!

I enquired if it was possible to have one of the San Francisco Style Sourdough loaves of bread sliced, please. She forced the words out through gritted teeth; “Certainly!” And proceeded to slice the 400g costing £2 loaf for me. I thought it was raining at first, but it must have been her extruded spittle that I felt on my face and head. This, and her rendition of “Certainly!” was ‘Priceless’, and earned her an increased rating, up to 9.1/10. I’ve taken to this gal.

I paid the lady at the till and wandered back out and up to the top of Exchange Walk, and into the Slab Square. Where I took three Lumix picture, one to the left, one straight ahead and one to the right.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1Mon07cStill no signs of any Police Officers anywhere!

I crossed over in front of the Council House and up Queen Street to the L9’s bus stop come terminus.

I think I recognised the shoes on the third rough sleeper I’d seen. I reckon the lad was in the doorway to the closed-down shop on the corner of Clumber Street last week. But when the 1Mon07bGroup of musicians (I used the term in its loosest possible sense), arrived and made themselves room so that they could produce the wailing and painful-to-the-earholes music they are famous for, the poor old rough sleeper picked up his belongings and moved on.

I waddled on up the hill and checked with Little Johns clock up in his dome above the Council House, what the time was.

I had about fifteen minutes before the bus was due.

I put the shopping bags down while I waited for the L9. And this nasty, uncaring Nottingham Pavement Cyclist, shot by going down the hill and weaved between the pedestrian.


Naughty Boy!

The bus arrived ten minutes late, and Margaret from the 6th floor got on at the next stop. We had a chinwagging session en route home. We hobbled along together from the flats bus stop to Woodthorpe Court.

1Mon07eSaid our farewells in the lift when Margaret got out.

There was intense cacophonic noises of drilling and knocking coming from somewhere very close to the apartment. They had got down to Herbert above’s balcony, now. Me, next?

Off for a short-sharp painful wee-wee.

I took off some clothing and changed into my slippers, and noticed as I did that the balcony bases were all having some supports fitted to them. Mmm?

I got the fodder stored away and pondered on what to have for din-dins. I decided on the 1Mon10seasoned potatoes, pork pie, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Not too big a load, though. Then I can treat myself to some buttered sourdough bread with it. No guilty feeling today! So, I got the mushrooms cut-up and in the saucepan along with some balsamic and distilled vinegar in the water.

Then the computer on and started to update this twaddle to here. Checked on the Google 1Mon13Diary for tomorrows tasks.

Had a go on Facebook to try and catch up a bit with it.

Ended up on it for three hours, Tsk!

Did a graphic for one of the TFZer gals birthday, Joycie.

Virgin Internet was playing up again.

The Willmott Dixon lads are packing up now.

1Mon11 They have been so busy this afternoon

Turned off the computer and got the nosh prepared.

Suddenly feeling so tired again.

I heard an odd noise outside, and being as all the Willmott-Dixon lads had vacated the premises, I investigated.

It was the Police Helicopter, going around in circles above the flat complex. I humorously thought to myself; “Ah, that is why I have not seen a policeman in Nottingham for five days, they are all in that helicopter.” Rampant sarcasm!

1Mon17The meal turned out to be one of the worst ones I’ve had a while. Well, in ages indeed.

I made the error of buying the seasoned potatoes from Tesco. Compared to the Morrison, Aldi and even Lidl ones, they were fatty, greasy and unpeeled. No wonder they were on offer. Humph!

The tomatoes were tasteless in the extreme. The mushrooms, I take all responsibility for, I got the seasoning wrongs, so badly, I SandOld1bshould not have eaten them at all really. The expensive Sourdough bread was most disappointing and a struggle to eat now I have so many fewer teeth available. Even the fresh orange juice tasted off? The pork pies and the Guatamalian sugar-snap peas were alright, though.

Oh, by the way, I found the missing graphic I did of TFZeress Sandie. But cannot remember if I have posted this to the site, or not. Huh!

Thus, as tired as I felt, and with the innards rumbling and grumbling, sleep again came reluctantly. Until, that is, when one of my favourite Hustle episodes came on the TV.

Of course, I nodded-off then! Tsk!

Inchcock – Tuesday 2nd May 2017: Marathon hobble, and tram rides today! Late attack of the Runs!


Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Czech: Úterý 02.05.2017

Woke and up 0330hrs, the dreams I’d think I was having lingered for a moment before drifting off into the ether Tsk! No notes found on the pad either.

2Tue001aNoticed the scribbled note I’d left on the computer scene to remind me of the INR Blood Test with the Surgery nurse later today.

Alighting the £300 second-hand recliner Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit, getting to my feet I found a collection of items on the floor… torch, remote control, pencil, notepad, a squashed tube of Betamethasone cream and a spoon scattered about?

I wondered what I must have been dreaming about that might have caused this mess… Hehehe!

Had a pot of the high protein Porridge for the first time. Very filling, but no better taste than the usual cheapo ones.

Had a search for the INR record card and bus pass without any luck. Humph! Then did the Health Checks.  2Tue04 The body temperature had gone up again.

Found the bus-pass.

2Tue03It was cold this morning, a bit of mist lingering in the air.

Another thing, the twisting outwards of the right ankle was far less pronounced?

What’s going on today?

Arthur Itis in a good mood, Duodenal Donald far easier, Anne Gyna being kind to me, Water retention had gone, Roger Reflux was calm, and when I visited the throne, there was no bleeding again from Haemorrhoid Harold. I’m worried! May they be planning for an Accifauxpa or Whoopsiedangleplop attack? Haha!

I put on the alarm for 0850hrs to remind me to get ready, ablutions, etc. to go to the INR blood test in Carrington in time.

Took the medications and weighed me – it was down again!

2Tue05Found a scrawled note on a used envelope near the recliner.

Wondered what the heck I was trying to write? Got the dairies updated.

2Tue001aThen did some WordPress reading for an hour or two, then went onto Facebook for a while before having to close down and get ready for the surgery visit, and weather permitting, a nice steady long hobble into town to catch the tram into Hucknall.

Felt I needed the exercise.

Into the wetroom to do the ablutions, and observed that not only were the legs seemingly even whiter than yesterday, the right one was far thinner than the left one?

The brain seemed to be racing away on its own for a while, palpitations for a second or two and then whatever it was I was thinking of, fearing or considering, vanished from the brain altogether.

Dressed took the bin bags to the refuse chute and set off on the walk to the surgery.

2Tue06Going down Winchester Street hill, those with flower things that seem so intricate and beautiful were still radiant.

Down and left into Hood Street, right down Marshall Street, then left onto Mansfield Road and up the gradient in the direction of Carrington and the GP surgery.

Not much traffic around, but there was the 2Tue07usual Nottingham Pavement Cyclists of course.

This Herbert on the left, I turned around to take his photograph – he very nearly had over.

But, I don’t think he was aware of it as I saw he had earphone thingies on his head as he passed by so closely at a high rate of knots. Bless him.

Up over the hill and down to the surgery. Logged in, sat down and got the crossword book out.

The nurse fetched me in and got the INR blood test done. When I told her of my going to Hucknall, she pointed out a cheapo shop for me to try, near Tesco. I was soon out and hobbling through Carrington on my way into town.


2Tue08Near the Lidl store on the opposite side of the road, I turned and took a photographicalisation of the lack of traffic and people this morning.

Hehe! I might have guessed it was the EQ that told me to seize this photograph, as seconds later another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist overtook me from behind, not leaving much of a gap twixt I and him.

2Tue09aOnward, the weather just right for walking, not hot, not cold and a gentle breeze. Feeling good (For a while?).

Near the college bus-stop, I just missed making it three Pavement Cyclist in a row, and the one I wanted to photograph turned left into some flats before I could take the shot. However, I realised I’d caught a nice one of Nottingham Street Art?

2Tue10The man-hole covers protected by the plastic erections were Gas Repairs. I thought as I passed, in the old days when I was alive, any works like this from the then, British Gas Works would have stunk something awful!


Passed the traffic island junction and up the hill by the Rock Cemetery, over the lights and down 2Tue11on the last leg of the hobble into town.

Still so few people and traffic.

As I passed a pub, it brought back memories of when as a teenager I was in digs that were ar the back of this pub at the time.

It was so long ago, but the landlady and one of her daughters, Audry I think, came back to 2Tue12mind and I nearly walked into this dustbin!

I wondered if something catastrophic had happened?

Pressed on down the hill, still a bit confused as to where everyone was? I knew I had the time right. Otherwise, the surgery would not have been open?

2Tue14In the City, Milton Street, still not much happening people-wise. Did I wonder if the Bank Holiday Monday had tempted folks to take some sickies? Or where they hungover?

You never know?

To the end and crossed over Upper Parliament Street, nearing what is traditionally Nottingham’s busiest pedestrian street, Clinton 2Tue15Street, I found a good few Nottinghomians there.

Limped through them and made my way to the tram stop.

Wish I had knowledge of how to use the video on the camera now. For I could have possibly done one for YouTube and this young lady in a what was obviously by her speed, must have 2Tue16been an 8 mph version, possibly one of the imported 12 mph disabled scooter was scattering the crowd with a determined sort of Jame Hunt ‘out-of-my-way’ sneer on her face!

Must remember to keep an eye out for a red and yellow scooter in town in future. Hehe!

Caught the tram on South Parade near the Council House and it was easy to find a seat too.

2Tue17At the Hucknall terminus we all dismounted and I walked to the shopping parade the nurse had told me about and had a wander around.

The store she suggested was called ‘Home Bargains’, a big one. I just paid a visit to the food part of it and got some sunflower hearts and black sunflower seeds for when I get to visit the Mallards again.

2Tue20Walked over to the Tesco store and went upstairs to see if they had any brown shoes that use a velcro fastener, or soft brown shoes. They had neither in stock, so I came down again and into the food section.

Spent a bit here: Fish Sticks, fresh pod peas, belly pork, Lemon cheesecake, lemon curd yoghourts and sourdough bread.

I enquired of the young lady on the checkout if I could use contactless payment with my card, because I can’t remember my new number, as soon as she had stopped talking to another member of staff. “Swipe there at the top” she listlessly instructed me. So I did, and nothing happened. The machine would not accept the swipe for the contactless payment. “That happens sometimes.” she said adding “Just put your number in then!” I pointed out that I’d already told her about my not remembering the code, this is why I’m trying to use the contactless payment… “Pay in cash then” was her response.

A good job they were not busy (I wonder why?) as I knew I’d had not enough money left after spending at the other shop, so searched all through my bag and pockets in the hope of remembering the number or if I had written it in the code somewhere. As the gal sat there lifting her eyes to the ceiling occasionally and non-verbally issuing non-covert “Silly old fart” signs to the other staff, and my not finding it, I had one go at putting it in, fearing I might lose the use if I got it wrong… Blimey! It took it!

I shall not be visiting here again in a hurry.

2Tue18Back to the tram terminus and I was soon on my way back into Nottingham. Got the crossword book out and had a bash.

By the time we got to Bulwell, the tram had filled up. The seats on the tram were so small. I put away the book and started nibbling at the fresh pod peas. By the time I neared the Nottingham stop, over half of them had been eaten!

At Hyson Green the tram actually filled up, a chap had to squash in, and I did my best to make room for him. When it came to getting up for the stop, the knees and ankles had stiffened so much, this chap helped me to get out of the seat – I did feel a fool!

Hobbled limpingly to the L9 bus stop and met fellow tenant and Social Hour friend Bill (William on Sundays) and he seemed confused. He said he’d been to the Post Office and didn’t know about the take a ticket routine and was now late for the doctor’s appointment. Poor old Bill. He went down the road and caught a number 40 bus that was going out, but there is a fair walk from the bus stop it drops off at, and crossing the road is very dangerous there on the bends. The L9 was due in five minutes as well… then I realised if he were going to his doctors from town, the 40 route would be better for him.

I was fighting falling asleep on the bus. But as luck would have it, some lady tenants got on en route, and they made sure I did wake up in time. Hehehe!

2Tue19Back in the flat, to the wetroom for a wee-wee, got the kettle on, took the medications, did the health checks and got the meal prepared. 

Decided to have potatoes curried beans, Wieska three small slices of sourdough bread and two mini pork pies.

A Greek-style plain yoghourt with Maple Syrup mixed into it, followed.

I think I left 75% of it. Eyes too big for the thingy again, and I got the seasoning wrong for the beans too? And of course eating the porridge earlier might have had an effect?


After my failed attempt to at the fodder, I washed the pots then settled to watch a Frost DVD.

Fell asleep almost immediately, woke up and rewound, then repeated the nodding off again.

Woke, gave up and put the TV on to watch Top Gear and went to fetch a drink of orange juice from the fridge…


I’d left the hot water tap running again! Stone cold now.

I didn’t fair any better with my TV viewing either, so gave up, turned everything off and drifted off quickly.

Then I awoke with the stomach rumbling and many trips to the Porcelain Throne followed throughout the night… Oh dear!


Inchcock Today: Wednesday 15th March 2017


Wednesday 15th March 2017

Uzbek: Chorshanba, 15 Mart 2017

3Wed020245hrs: Woke still tasting the excellent meal from last night. Perhaps I’d overdone the flavourings just a bit?  Hehe!

The dreams I’d been having were unretrievable in any detail from my muddled depressed brain. I just knew they had been not nice and muddled?

Spotted that I had not washed the pots either, there they lay on the tray, in the chair next to the £300 second-hand recliner, dried bits clinging to the dish and the aroma had permeated everywhere. No wonder I thought I could still taste it. Humph!

Sprayed some air-freshener around and got the things in soak in the bowl in the sink and let them soak in bleach and washing-up liquid. Anne Gyna started kicking me all over and around the chest cavity early today as I made my way to the porcelain room for a heavy duty session. Not as good as yesterday this one. Haemorrhoid Harold was not as painful, but he had bled a lot, more mess to clean up and clothes to wash. Arthur Itis, Reflux Roger and Hernia Harry were all in a good mood with me. Duodenal Donald began joining in with Anne Gyna playing me up, and the pain forced me to take extra Codeines. Shame I can’t get the morphine sulphate again, they were effective so much more. I’m sure others have got this problem and a lot worse than I, but the constant grinding pains when two of the little aches and pains playing up together stops your concentration, and this brings on extra Whoopsiedangleplops I’m sure. Still, mustn’t complain, many others in a worse state than I am. (I did just complain didn’t I? Sorry about that).

2Tue001aA nice strong mug of Thompson’s wonderful tea and took the medications.

Carried out the Health Checks.

The weight continues to increase over the last few days?

Oh, dear!

The Sys seems to be lower this week up to now, and the Pulse is positively racing away?


Could I find the thermometer this morning? I looked in the drawer where I usually store it with the BP machine, then in all the other drawers. I use it only in the kitchen but still searched around for it in all the other rooms, drawers etc.

Got the computer on to update the diaries. Checking the email, found a reminder that had arrived from Morrison’s that the delivery is on its way.

Went into the kitchen to juggle the fodder in the freezer to make room to put the bread in later. Decided to have another mug of tea – and there it was in the cutlery drawer – The thermometer! Sad, is not a strong enough word is it?

3Wed02Did the ablutions.

While shaving in the little mirror, I noticed a colourful area on the back lower left arm. Tried to photograph it in the mirror.

I’m not sure what it was or what had caused this decorative scare. No idea at all really. But it didn’t hurt unless I caught it against anything and there was no itching or scratching?

3Wed03Dressed and made a mug of tea, but the milk had gone off. Tsk!

The moon was hanging in there this morning.

0643hrs, Morrison delivery due in the next hour.

Hello, the intercom is ringing, he’s here!

Non-talkative young man.

3Wed04He handed the bags to me through the door, took the return bags and he was off.

I got the bags into the kitchen and sorted them out. IT was a bit of a job finding spaces for some of the fodder, might have overdone it a tad today?

No doubt about it, with the fridge freezer as full as it is now, starvation is not likely in the short term!


If there should be panic and world shortage of Soy Sauce, Fasolka bean bacon and sausage stew, vegetarian sausages or out of date butter, I’ll be quids in. Haha!

The bread on the sink draining board to the left of the fridge is a new one I tried today. Polish half-Rye half Sourdough bread. I’ll give it a try and let you know what it was like later.

The giant box of Surf soap powder (Nice scent Lily & Ylang Ylang aroma) on the top photograph was on offer: £5.21 down to £3.00? Converted this means that in CAD $8.57 to $4.93 – USD £5.26 to $3.26 – AusD $8.25 to 4.84. Bargain there, what?

3Wed06Sorted them and it was such a nice looking morning, I meandered out onto the balcony and took this photographicalisation to the left of the flats.

Not a person in sight, no dogs taking their humans for a walk in the park, either?

A rarity that, mind you, it is still early I suppose. Love the shadows and sunshine effect.

Did some Facebooking for a few hours or more, then tried to get another of the TFZer graphics started off.

The cleaners (Well, I say cleaners…) are due later.

Did a bit more on the TFZer New Home Series. A slow job this, but I want to get them looking good if I can.b

4Thur04The cleaner gals arrived, I ask them to clean behind the WC today, and not to clean anywhere near the stacks of bank paperwork I have that are lurking on the computer desk, or to touch the second-hand 1969 E-Plan sideboard, cause they always catch the computer screen and it being a touch thingy I usually lose something I’ve been working on, anyway.

I was surprised when they did not find any garden peas anywhere in the front room. We had a natter and laugh while they worked and they were soon off with their bag of nibbles.

Did a good spell again on the TFZer Series graphic creation.

Off the computer, and decided to spray the curtains with fabric freshener, the expensive Airwick Citrus Infusions one, as I turned the blinds to do the other side… huh, another garden pea found! This must be the last one surely? Hehe!

4Thur05Feeling well tired now, I got the meal cooking, sorted some medications and served up the fodder to myself.

Had a change tonight. Chines mushrooms warmed up in black bean sauce, small potatoes and a rather delicious beef slice in pastry.

A banana and small pot of Lemon Fool to follow. I served it up in the glass oven dish, ’cause after the garden pea fiasco, I didn’t want a Whoopsiedangleplop with the shiitake mushrooms. They are so slithery and resist being forked or spooned up yer know! Hehe! I enjoyed this one, the puff pastry on the slice was too tasty for words.

Got the pots washed up and took the medications then settled down in the £300 second-hand recliner, which was shaking a bit more than usual when operated. Got the TV on, some stuff I fancied watching tonight too. Top Gear, Heartbeat, Law & Order and a nature programme.

Then it started… The Cramps befell me and boy did they stay with me! Started in fingers (Nasty) the legs, down to the feet, then decided to stay in both! How I managed not to scream or call out loud I don’t know. Used far too much than is permitted of the pain gel for 24-hours, even got up and took some extra codeine. Took hours before it eased. Why? I don’t know, but I do know I can do without this at the same time as Anne Gyna is giving me grief. Still, eventually, they both eased off and let me drift off into my slumber.

The dreams came thick and fast, and Anne Gyna ensured there were plenty of waking up struggling, periods to contend with. The thing that hurt most was the not being able to recall any of the dreams whatsoever! Especially with remembering one so well last week. Grumph!

Message to Brain: Don’t bother dreaming unless you allow me to recall them. Thank You!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 14th March 2017: Thwarted with Problems!


Tuesday 14th March 2017

Turkish: 14 Mart 2017 Salı

0330hrs: I sprang awake so violently I nearly fell out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair. The few memories of the wicked dream I was having, evaporated immediately from my consciousness. All that remained was a sense of nervousness? I hate it when this happens, particularly when remembering so much of the night before dreams too. Tsk!

The call to the porcelain arrived on queue as I dismounted the recliner, and Harold’s Haemorrhoids were hot, sore and stinging like hell. But no bleeding when I passed. Most surprising that?

2Tue04Made a brew and took the medications.

Did the health checks, and compared the last two weeks total averages, in red.

The battle against the weight increase seems to be a lost cause?

Not a lot of difference with the others methinks?

Monday and Tuesday up to now, this week seem okay.

Apart from the weight of course. I must try harder!

2Tue05As I put the milk away in the fridge, I noticed something had been leaking into the vegetable drawer. So got it put and cleaned it and returned it. This sounds like a little job doesn’t it? Remember this is me I am talking about. The door would not allow me the room when open as far as it would go – So I had to move the stuff from the side of the damned fridge and turn it as far as I could to make room to get the drawer out, it was still tight and I struggled a bit to do it. Getting the thing back in was easier! Tsk! I’m sure it was less bothersome last time I did it. Maybe the flats are leaning a bit? 

Started doing a graphicalisation for the TFZer site, but had to stop to get the ablutions done, so I can get out to the bank and try the card, and have time to get back to visit Olive.

Set out calling into the Winwood Community Hut to drop off some nibbles for the Kamp Obergruppenfurheresses.

Onward down the hill into Sherwood and arrived at the ATM machine outside the new bank, and tried out the card for the first time.

Fully confident that all would be okay, now I had received the two emails from the bank welcoming me to the new account. Thus began the new:


I put in the new pin number and attempted to withdraw some money, and was informed on the screen that ‘This service is not currently available’ I cancelled it and tried once more – the same failure repeated itself.

I went into the bank and explained to the lady behind the counter, who told me to place my card and pin into the machine on the counter. So I did. “All okay there,” she said and waited for me to wander off. So I did.

Luckily, a bloke in the queue pointed out to me that the lady was calling for me to return to the counter. So I did. She pointed out that there was no money in this account! Almost immediately Anne Gyna started to kick at me. Frustration grew in double quick time, as it dawned on me that the black depression was about to be summoned back by my tormented soul and mind. A touch of annoyance brewed as well.

I thought I acquitted myself well, born through repeatedly being led astray by the bank management, as the manager came out all smile and took me into his office for a chinwag. He started by saying he had been trying to ring me. I replied, “That would be the one missed call on my phone then?” He was taken aback a bit I think, with my new found verbal courage, again prompted by frustration. He said the transfer of money from the Co-op bank had not gone through, due to the Council Tax people putting the wrong postcode on their letter to me. I told him I had followed his advice and shredded the old Co-op card. He did he is best to sound upbeat, then he called the Co-op Bank for me and got them to issue a new card. Another mess to sort out and even more waiting! I gave the Co-op bloke a password and it was sorted. I am to expect a new card within 3 days, and a new pin withing 5 days, then I have to activate them. Great!

That sorted, he then rang the State Pension people and told them about the problem with the postcode – they are to send out a new detail of pension breakdown for me, with the correct postcode on it. I can expect this within 5-7 days. Grumph!

He then told me I need to find a 2017 Tax Code letter and take it in, to him.

The manager did apologise for his part in the farce come error, but I thought he might break a tooth or two as he forced the words through his teggies.

I left the branch almost spitting blood but tried not to show it.

Muttering to myself as I crossed the road, almost walking under a turning left white-van, I avoided the temptation from the fresh cream cake shop and hobbled up to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop with some donations to give them and an Easter Egg for the staff.

Feeling somewhat dejected, disconsolate, downhearted, and depressed now. I even managed to miss both of the buses that I aimed to catch back up the hill. So I carried on up and over the hill down to Woodthorpe Grange Park, up the path and then right down to the flats.

2Tue07I did almost cheer up a bit when I saw someone with two giant horse-sized poodles! Hehe!

Just as I was taking a picture of the lovely Spring flowers blooming, they both raced into the picture.

That was kind of them.

The daffodils were coming through with beauty and aplomb at the top of the hill, as well.


2Tue09Turning right on my way down the hill, some crows landed in the trees on the outside of the Copse.

Thought it would make a good picture to take them with the flats behind and make a humorous graphic about Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ at a later date.

But, by the time I’d got the camera out again, the Murder of Crows had fled. Just the one stayed for his photograph to be taken. Haha!

I had a natter with a lady tenant who was waiting for her lift in the foyer. Then went up and called in on Olive. She was in good form. She told me off for getting in a mess with the bank, for putting on weight and for not having gone back to Boots with the new spectacle’s that were leaving painful looking marks on my face and needed putting right. Lovely to hear her like this, I knew she was feeling okay now. Gave her kiss and departed to the flat.

The spirits sank again.

2Tue10Marinated some baked beans in the pan, ready to have later with the last of the roast belly pork slices.

Not sure why I seasoned them the way I did, but keeping the fingers crossed they turn out alright. I mixed BBQ seasoning, garlic, demerara sugar, dark mushroom soy sauce, tomato and bacon cooking sauce, tomato puree, black pepper and large spoon or two of black bean sauce together and left them to marinate for a few hours.

Tasted a spoonful to try the taste after a while. I liked it.

To take the stress of the news away, even if temporarily, I found doing the TFZ graphics for my next series, worked. So, I pressed on for hours and hours starting them off. Still only got three of them finished. Want to get them all done, then post them together.

The brain racing and getting nowhere, fighting against invisible, intractable, untouchable enemy problems that were preventing me getting to sleep…

Mon 1st June 2015: Inchcock Today

Monday 1st June 2015 

Sorry about the misleading header – I intended to get some stuff to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, but the weather prevented me… Tsk!

Up at 0500hrs – WC’d, and straight onto the laptop… er, notebook to get me posts done for the League of Mental Men site.


Brooches from a Jewellers in Bulwell. Is the ‘S’ one a dollar sign maybe, perhaps?

First time I’ve done it on the new notebook – took me hours and hours to get right.

Cuppa and took me medications around 0700hrs then carried in with the posts.

Did a bit of Facebooking.

Got some stuff ready for the Nottingham Hospice shop and had a walk into Sherwood with as the rain is looking less likely now.

Over half the day gone now, blimey.

Up and got missen cleaned and brushed up.

KneesCame down to get me new razor from me shpping bag that I’d forgot to take up earlier in the week and…

Amazing how the wheather can change while yer having a wash innit?

Photo taken from me front door.

So, no going out after all. Although it ain’t started raining yet, odds are it will do soon – especially if I got out – now I’ve said that it wont rain I suppose.

Got a letter from the Doctors Surgery this afternoon. I’ve got to book an appointment for the CHD Health Checks with the Surgery Nurse. Being as (If I remember) I’ve got an appointment in the morning with her to have me INR Warfarin level tests done, I’ll do it then.

IMG_0002Feeling a bit peckish now, I’ll get me nosh ready methinks.

Well I enjoyed that folks.

Felt a bit… no very guilty for a having a stay-in do little day.

Took me medications and did this diary to the tune of many emergency vehicle klaxon’s and sirens outside.

Hell of job getting off to sleep Huh!

Inchcock Today: Wed 10th/Thur 11th September 2014

Slab InchyWednesday 10th September 2014

Up at 0400hrs. (Making it four last night Tsk!)

Started laptop, made cuppa, then WC.

Got me bag ready with the Nottingham Hospice things in, then I did some work on posts for the blog.

Shave: dropped me razor and broke it, so I used a throw-away one, wash, teeth done, cleaned tootsies and glasses, changed bandage (Must remember to get some more soon), applied me creams and pain gel.

Set off on me walk to Sherwood Nottingham Hospice Shop, nice day, hope it doesn’t bring out the yobboes… crossed fingers.

Gave em me bits at the Hospice shop, and caught the bus to town.

Got some bread to feed the ducks with, and caught bus to Derby.

Fell asleep on the bus, bus only for a moment or so.

The Derwent riverside had loads of folks, dogs, mobility scooters, and yobs around, and hundreds of ducks. I observed the mallard ducks were getting a bit nasty with the immigrant giant Canada geese in their fight to get to the food being thrown to them. I hope Campbell doesn’t hear about this? There seemed like thousands of pigeons in the melee. I forgot to take any photographs though. (Huh!)

WTh01Had a walk into the Eagle shopping centre market: Dead as a dodo in there, and even more stalls closed down. Mind you, there was still the Mad Mobility Scooter driver danger ever present.

Had a walk about for a bit, then I caught the bus back to Nottingham. I got on the one that takes the round-WTh02about route so I could enjoy the scenery for a change. But fell asleep before it got to Draycott, a very kind lady woke me up at Beeston… I felt such a fool!

Dropped off in the city centre, and called onto the Chinese Food Shop and got another pack of the vegetable nibbles, as i like the last one muchly. The girl in the shop is I think, falling in WTh03love with me; she ignored me far less viciously than she did yesterday!

Dropped off the bus thinking I’ll call at the GP while I think of it. A chap stopped me and asked for directions to the City hospital, no problem for me, so I gave em to him. Then I walked home forgetting about the GP again.

Made a cuppa then updated this tosh. So tired now.

Thursday 11th September 2014

Kept waking up all night. Woke up at 0505hrs.


It felt like I’d had a different bad dream each time, but I could only recall bits of the last one;

I was leader of the country; I stopped production of all nuclear, atomic, nerve, gas and germ weapons, and ordered that they be buried as deep as possible underground, but with a failsafe detonation system attached. I held a meeting at 0930hrs and told the world that if they do attack us, we would detonate all of our weapons underground, and this would destroy the entire planet! At 0938hrs the first missile landed in Stalybridge. At 0942hrs, I detonated our stockpile, and found myself along with everyone else, in the queue at St Peter’s gate… not sure hat happened then.

How I can remember the times is amazing, yet I forget so much other stuff that I’m sure was in the nightmare? I’ve vague memories of George Osborne being in the nightmare somewhere?


Got down, started laptop and made a cuppa, took medications.


Blogged for a bit and did some graphics ready for later use.

Got me things ready for the launderette, and set off.

Got the machine going after the big gal on duty today made a fuss of me… well she said “Good morning”.

WTh09INRI got the togs in the drier when the washing machine had done its bit. And walked over to the GP to fetch me prescription. I got a rollicking for not replying to their Email giving me my new medications dosage.

I humbly apologised and told them I would not let this happen again. Then gave them some nibbles to eat.

Went over to the chemists, handily located next door to the launderette, and got me prescribed extra pain killers, gel and dermatological cream.

WTh04Back to the launderette, and got me Spike Milligan book out to read.

Folded the togs into the bags when they were dry enough, said farewell to the big gal in the launderette, but she was on the phone and didn’t hear me like.

Got home (Using the term in its loosest sense), put me togs away, got me Nottingham Hospice bag that I prepared earlier, WTh05and set off on a walk to the Sherwood.

Noticed some nice old cars parked up on the way, looked like they’d been parked up for years.

Arthur Itis was causing extra bother in me left knee this morning.

I called in Wilko on the way, to see if I could get any microwave plates and dishes – couldn’t find any though, but I did get a cheapo can-opener to replace the one that collapses while I was using it last night. (Curried beans all over me and the floor… Tsk!)

Got to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, and the girls there thanked me for the donations and nibbles wot I took ‘em. Bless ‘em.

WTh06Crossed over the road, and called into Holland’s to get some pistachio bars, but didn’t have any in, so I didn’t.

Noted a mobility scooter parked outside the bookies, gave it a wide berth!

I was limping a fair bit now, as I passed the Police contact point on the WTh08other side of the road, where the burglar alarm was going off. No chance of catching anyone there as the police only occupy it for two half days a week.

Further along I passed the new pub, there were three mobility scooters outside of it; glad I didn’t pass it later when the drivers were staggering out and putting lives at risk by driving em in an intoxicated state!


Where I had me dizzy spell

Got near the top of the hill, and suffered a few dizzy spells. Realised I’d not had me hat on for about half a mile, so put it on, despite looking a twit in the warm sunshine. The spells stopped after a few minutes, and I continued the walk back to the dump.

As I turned the corner into my street, a bloke with two bull terriers walked past me, neither had a lead or muzzles on. I could see a fight taking place between two women at the far end of the street… so nice to get home innit?

I got in, WC. Laptop started, made a cuppa, and couldn’t find me cheapo tin-opener?

Updated this tosh.


Inchcock Today: Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Tuesday 2nd September 2014

GC corner3jpegUp at 0650hrs, WC and got the launderette togs ready, remembering in the drying balls, soap tablets and nibbles for the laundry girl.

Then a cuppa, and on the laptop… eventually thanks BT Internet.

Then up the apples to have a wash and WC.

Rubbish to the bin, and then out to walk to launderette. As I started walking, BJ arrived in his car to give me a lift. Kind of him that.

Got the things in the machine, then walked to chemist for me prescriptions, that were ready on time. Then realised I would not be able to carry Tue001the big bag of medications as well as me two bags of washing back home again.

So when I’d got the washing into the drier, I walked back to the pit with the medications, picked up two lollies from the freezer, and took ‘em back to the launderette with me. Mandy was tickled pink that I’d taken them for her, and gave me her excellent ‘Poor old sod’ look.

Tue01Got the togs, waved cheerio to Mandy, and legged it back to the flea-pit – where I found a police car, forensic van and reporters outside the house opposite just down the road from mine. An officer was looking for prints on the window frame, so I assume it was another break-in. Why the reporters though? A simple break-in around here is not worth their reporting; else they’d get sued for repetition!


I updated this Diary, did a bit of blog viewing.


Then I decided to have a walk into town, and have a look see if any cheapo pyjamas could be obtained. Then changed me mind, and decided to have a walk to Sherwood Nottingham Hospice Shop, take em me ticket maker and few bits and then bus to town for a wander about like.

Had a nice gentle walk into Sherwood, donated me bits and pieces, and glad to be free of the weight I was carrying too. Then I caught a bus to town.

Tue02When I got off and walked to cross over towards Clumber Street, I noticed there seemed a lot of people on it for a Monday.

I found out why as I walked down to near McDonalds – two women were going at it something awful, did everything but clobber each other, and that’s what attracted the crowd yer see.

Tue03I took a photo of the Nottingham Beach in the slab square, everyone seemed quiet happy.

I moved on and hobbled to the bank, where I waited for twenty five minutes to get served. The teller apologised, but I couldn’t help pointing out the sign behind him that advertised their excellent customer service!

The feet were aching a bit now, and the angina was kicking in. (Tsk)

Tue05I hobbled up to the NHS drop-in centre. As recommended to by my GP receptionist who I asked last week where I could get another Medical Card from, as the one the hospital gave me was almost unreadable now. She replied, try thr NHS drop-in centre, so I did.

I explained all this to the lady, who said: “Try your GP!”

Tue04Ah well…

I limped back up to the second had record/tape/DVD shop, and he’s saved me a rare Acker Bilk CD, £5, so I treated missen to it.

As I walked down to catch the bus back to Carrington, I took photo’s of a Chinese Medical Shop and the NHS drop-in Centre, don’t know why I did, but I did.

The queue at the bus-stop was enormous, so I went to catch another bus that took another longer route, and got on it and got a seat.

Unfortunately I was unsure which stop to get off at, and overdid it a bit, and found myself with another marathon walk. Never mind eh.

Tue06At the end of my street, I saw the Fire Brigade had put up a notice warning us about arsonist working in the area. The police put one up about burglars burgling in the area last month, but someone nicked it.

I called in Lidl to get some cobs – and was in the queue at the check-out for yonks and yonks, eventually giving up and leaving. There were only two tills open, and the poor gal on the one I was at, was having some sort of trouble with the till.

So I hobbled up to the Co-op store and got some Bread Thins on offer at £1, and a pack of 6 iced lollies for the same offer price. Why I did this, having purchased some from Fulton’s yesterday, I haven’t worked out yet.

Got in and made me sandwiches for later.

Feeling weary.