Imp Inchy – Sunday 21st February 2021

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Sunday 21st February 2021

Spanish: Domingo 21 de Febrero de 2021

05:40hrs: I woke up wondering what day it was, the time it was etc., confusion reigned. By the time I’d realised that I’d been sleeping for over fifteen hours, things didn’t seem to matter anymore? I had to battle the puddled mind to get a semi-grasp on reality. The first thing that came to me was that the prescriptions had arrived and needed sorting out into weekly pots.

I got in a muddle sorting them, and made a mistake after error, and have no idea if I’ve got them right or not. It took me hours.

I got the kettle on, and the summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Off to the wet room.

I got down hastily on the raised plastic seat, and a most other-type evacuation began. The escaping product was black and red, looked like nuggets moulded together in a line? It hurt as well but at least didn’t last too long, which is just as well because Harold’s Haemorrhoids have never been more painful! It took a couple of hand-filled tank flushes to clear things away. Not a good experience, which I partly put down to the vaccine, mayhaps?

I cleaned up and got the Health Checks done. The pulse was up a smidge at 99bpm. The SYS and DIA were in range.

The body temperature at 37.0°c looked okay.

I cracked on with updating the Saturday blog. Got it finished and emailed the link. Pinterested a photo or two. Went on Facebooking catch-up. Then I went on the WordPress reader section.

I did the 2nd Health Checks a little sooner than planned. Looked okay to me.

I made a brew of Glengettie Gold and made some brekkers.

I took the fodder to the computer and ate my breakfast from the drawer as I started this blog going.

I got the ablutions sorted out, so I had plenty of time to get Josies Sunday meal cooked. The session went marvellously well!

Only one cut shaving, and a total of only about four dropsies! The showering was uneventful, but I did manage to misjudge the spacial-awareness coming out afterwards, but no damage to the door frame. I managed to clout the arm right where the vaccinations spot was. Hehe!

I mage up some waste bags and got them in the box on top of the three-wheeled walker in the hallway. I’ll take them down later, but not yet; there will be more mess made making Josie’s meal that will need sorting first.

I decided to get everything prepped as much as was possible beforehand.

I got the nosh together and all ready for doing up later and got on with handwashing my thin long-sleeve t-shirts.

All was done, wrung and hung, above the sink.

I got on with serving up the Sunday nosh, taking care with presenting it, as any Sunday chef would do. The BBQ sauced mackerel smelt lovely, and extra cheese and butter sneaked into the potatoes again; I wish I could have eaten it. Hehehehe!.

Delivered a couple of minutes before the instructed time of 12:00hrs, Josie seemed content with it.

I got on the computer to update this diary and was unsure how I felt in myself, not really. With the phenomenal amount of sleep I think I’d had, I felt I should have been perkier than I was.  I was almost irritable at any and everything that was happening, suddenly? I began to question whether I had had so much sleep… But it makes sense, so why do I begin to feel tired again, so early in the day? Mayhaps just the effects of the vaccination yesterday?

I made my way out of the flat door, stubbing my toe en route, and carefully made my way to the Waste-Chute room. Not a soul about. the usual Sunday misery.

I arrived, and dropped the various waste bags down the chute, and had a farcical series of dizzy spells. Odd, because each time it came on repeatedly, I was in a perfect position to grab hold of something for support. Amazing!

I got back and was not in any position to do owt constructive. Indeed fatigue and weariness ruled.

Didn’t feel up to eating or drinking at all. Got down and was soon in the land of nod; it was horrible. Forever jumping awake, specific concerns to the fore, a minute or two sleeping and back awake, remembering bits of dreams… well, nightmares.

Inchcock Today – Sun 23 Sept 2018: Evil Boll-Weevil Beetles Winning the Occupancy of the Flat War, Oy Vavoy!


Sunday 23rd September 2018

Latvian: Svētdiena, 2018. Gada 23 Septembris

7Sun07a0010hrs: I think that the evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles just might be getting to me now. I had a dream during which I found myself chasing after an enormous-sized escaped Weevil, and I was as trying my best to shepherd it back to the flat with a broom!

Why? Who knows? Haha!

The mind’s thoughts were missing their usual incomprehensibility, replaced with an extraordinarily rarely adopted, ‘Dynamic Decision-Making’ mode. I decided that I would get up and sound my Shona (hypothetically speaking), to warn the evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles of my coming onslaught against their numbers!

I detached my wobbly frame from the £300 second-hand ageing recliner with no difficulties.

WDP001c7Sun10 I started sneezing, shivering and stubbed my toe against the large Ottoman. (It’s got to go! Hehe!) To the kitchen, and boy, was it cold in there this morning. I went to put the storage heater on, but the heat setting sign thingy showed up in red? 24°c and Comfort Off?

Got the old snug heavy dressing gown on.

I remembered the heaters are all Storage design. So, it will be maybe 12 or 24 hours before the heat comes on as the thing heats at night only. Then, quick as a flash (Klutz!), I realised it was still night, and it should be heating up now? Next, I could not remember for sure, how the controls worked. Finally, I gave up and started on the morning attack plan… but got distracted by the call to the Porcelain Throne.

Messy mellifluously semi-liquified evacuation. Bad enough for me to decide when I take the medications, I’ll add a Dia-Limit capsule to them. I started the blitzkrieg against the asylum seeking, immigrant, bloodsucking,  evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles. Sparing no ammunition as I did so.

Washed up and the bait traps were laid in the wet room. Although, I only found about ten or twelve infant weevils, all dead in that room. A final spray of the more costly but effective Rentokill Flea Killer around the edges and hole in the floor covering.

7Sun03To the spare room.

On the new unwanted light and view-blocking window’s ledges, I found a lot of Weevil bodies to the left-hand side.

These were larger than those in the wet room, but not fully grown monsters yet.

7Sun02To the right-hand side of the new light and view-blocking window’s ledge, the beetles were smaller. I think perhaps they are coming from their living quarters through the little hole left when the windows were fitted.

You can see the gap in this photograph, rear right. Three of these small invaders were alive, but being so dinky they could not bite through 7Sun01the skin… although they did their best to.

As I was removing these bodies, a few more of the cheeky not so little warriors came out to scare me off, I think.

A good spray from the getting worryingly low Bug Killer was given. 

I moved on with my plan of attack. To the kitchen.

WDP001c I was actually sweating now, yet felt so cold at the same time, bamboozled me a bit, this did? I took off the dressing gown and put it back on seconds later, due to it feeling so cool again without it on. I left it open. A compromise you see? If anyone of the Mammonistic leaders of the European Economic Community is reading this, please learn!) Compromise: a way of solving a problem or ending an argument in which both people or groups accept that they cannot have everything they want! What am I saying? No chance! Hehehe!

To the kitchen, where to my surprise, no evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles were found, dead or alive! I suspect they have another cunning plan of military action to confuse me with?

I forgot to check the main room new unwanted light and view-blocking balcony window bottom for any invaders. I think that finding no beasts in the kitchen, caught me right off-guard.

Then I carried out the Health Checks.


7Sun11The Sys had gone back up, and the weight even more so! Humph!

I sorted out the new dosage pots for next week.

Made a brew and into the main room to the computer ready to start on this diary page.

Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis as I sat here typing. Not a long one, indeed a short one. But, it left me feeling a little dwaal afterwards for a short while.

I went into the kitchen to make another mug of tea.

WDP001c I spotted one evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle in the sink. I poured some bleach on him or her, got the Rentokill and sprayed that too. The Weevil was a little bigger than the others I’d seen this morning, but far from the biggest, I’d seen lately. The heroic thing walked hastily up the side of the sink out of the spray and bleach – got to the top and stopped looking at me I think. I got the finger to pick him up with, and he bit into the skin. RIP, you indomitable Paladin Warrior!


7Sun12I collected the sprays, two with hardly any poison left, the other nearly full.

I left them out on the £300 second-hand recliner, to remind me to fetch some more when the shops are open on Monday.

Hopefully, I won’t forget about them and sit on them later. Hehehe!

Went on the WordPress Reader and enjoyed the stuff that had been posted. There was not much of it, but good stuff!

7Sun14I noticed the temperature in the kitchen when I made another brew. About 14°c.

No wonder I’m sneezing and shivering. Yet, in the main room, the heat is showing as being 24°c! I’m confused now. Not that this is an unusual happening, me being bemused. Haha!

I’ll have a check on the weather.

Got the black bags sorted ready to drop in the waste chute when I get out.

Ablutions tended to.

Down and out into the surprisingly sunny day. I dropped the recycling bag near the pleasantly adorned caretakers’ door.

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7Sun18I met Welsh William and Keith, as they were coming back to the flats along Chestnut Way. Then chatted with a lady from Winchester  Court.

As I turned right down the Winchester Street Hill, the amazing sky had to be photographed.


I plodded down the road, viewing mother nature’s creations. The plant life, trees, bushes, 7Sun19wildflowers and the scowls and looks of depression on most peoples faces that I saw.

I thought that this pretty picture of the Winchester Street, Mansfield Road junction in Sherwood, had a surreal theme to it.

I forget now what made me think this at the time. Sad, innit?

7Sun20I look noticed the old Cheapo shop was being converted into a Hugo’s. Never having heard of Hugo’s, I looked it up on the internet later, found a Price List for their Tynemouth branch and found that:

Work has begun to transform a former Blockbuster shop into an upmarket cocktail bar in Sherwood. And it hopes to be open by early November in time for those festive nights out.

7Sun34a.jpgThe new venture – one of three new bars planned along Mansfield Road – will be called Hugo’s, after the owners’ young son and the elderflower-flavoured cocktail. Hugo’s is promising an extensive range of handcrafted cocktails “from classics through to the new and unique,” said the couple behind the bar, Katharine and Adam Shaw. There are so many lovely places to eat in Sherwood, like Ginza, Ania, etc. but very few to sit and have a drink in. Apart from Sherwood Manor, Samuel Hall, La Capanna, The Robin Hood, Sherwood Inn, Finns, The Caribbean Queen, and Le Mistral.

Adam added: “Hugo’s will endeavour to work closely with the community and help Sherwood grow even more than it has done. We will be running cocktail master classes, themed evenings and other events throughout the year.” As well as handcrafted cocktails, the bar will be serving fine wines and a selection of quality bottled beers, ales, lagers and ciders from around the world.” “Hugo’s will help to make Sherwood the destination for a night out, adding to the already fantastic places that Sherwood has to offer. Like, Cancer Research, Oxfam, The Hospice Shop, Eastern Europe Charity Shop, New Leaf Massage Parlour, Sue Ryder Charity shop, Cancer Research shop, Children’s Society Charity, and the Mind Charity shop. Also, nine empty retail units waiting for any entrepreneurs prepared to risk bankruptcy.

Just thought I’d mention it, like. I believe in the Glass half-full v Glass half-empty scenario, I might be in the Glass-half-empty brigade? Hehehe!

I called in the Wilko store and got a pleasant surprise. They had the ‘Raid Ant & Cockroach Killer’ sprays on offer! I got four cans for only £2.80! Amazing! I bought some Dia-Limit capsules and a bottle of bleach as well.

7Sun21I paid the woman on the till and left, out and off up the hill and down the other side, and into Woodthorpe Grange Park.

The bottom field and around it was full of caravans, vans and mobile machinery of varying types. I wondered what was going on?

I later found out on the web.

Residents fear walking their dogs as travellers pitch up in Sherwood. Residents say they fear walking their dogs on a park where a group of travellers have pitched up.
Around 15 caravans drove on to Woodthorpe Park on Thursday (September 20) on the football pitch. (The weekend games had to be cancelled)
The travellers have been given a 24-hour notice to leave but local resident Martyn Newton, 61, of Perry Road, has been left frustrated. Mr Newton, who works in the chemical industry, said: “I would not walk through the caravan site with the dog – it’s only a little Yorkshire terrier – but she would be frightened to death. They just get an angle grinder and cut the lock. It’s not difficult for them,” he said.
A Nottingham City Council spokesman said: “Community Protection (This will be the Community Protection officers we never see, I assume?) is aware of the travellers on 7Sun22Woodthorpe Grange Park. They have been issued with a 24-hour notice to leave this afternoon, and we will seek to take further action if they remain beyond that.” Today is Sunday; that didn’t work, did it.

These two little dogs seemed a bit annoyed at their not being able to take their owners on the field for a game of fetching the ball. Hehe! They did not venture into the area of travellers, and wisely so, too.

7Sun23I ambled on up the path to the top and turned right to face the Tree Copse with the flats behind them.

As I viewed the copse from outside, I became concerned at the state of my beloved tree copse. Yobs had hacked another route through it from the bottom to top. Grr! It looked so thin and ragged now.

Down the gravel footpath, the plates-of-meat and toes were smarting, so painful now. I will have to ask Foot-Lady Sue, who is due next Thursday to tend to the tootsies if she can not leave it so long between visits.

Down and into the flat, a short-sharp-hurtful-wee-wee first. I had a visit from Dizzy Dennis while performing the evacuation duty. Not a long or bad one, though.

7Sun24Put away the purchasers, leaving a can of Raid in the spare room and wet room, to replace the spray-cans I’d already emptied in my failed campaign to rid myself of the evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

I got the beef and onion gravy in the saucepan to reheat. Then went to see if anything was worth watching on the TV. I was now getting so tired and was not up to concentrating on updating this blog tonight.

7Sun25I looked at the TV listings, but there was nothing that appealed to me. So I got out the Jonathan Creek DVD’s to watch later.

You can see what I mean about me not liking the new windows here.

The old windows were just one pane of glass, that gave a marvellous view of the scenery out 7Sun38sided. Compare it with the magnificent view permitted by the old window.

A photographers’ nightmare thee new ones.

The balcony windows are even worse.

But never mind, Jenny will only tell me off if I say too much about them. Hehe!

7Sun26I got the nosh sorted and served up.

Braised beef in onion gravy (I Overdid the onions a bit, hehe!), excellent tasting green beans and sliced potatoes.

I was well pleased with how it came out, cause I did get myself in a pickle with the timing of the cooking. A shame, because now I still don’t know the correct timings if I ever try to cook this again. And, what a mess of washing up to do afterwards. (Haha!)

Gave this effort a Taste-Rating of 9.4/10.

I stayed awake for two whole episodes of the DVD.

Inchcock Today, Sneezing Away! Mon 23 Nov 2015

Monday 23rd November 2015

Woke around 0315 hrs, sneezed myself awake and shivering! I didn’t think you could sneeze in yer sleep – I do now?

Feel so drained, but had to gerrup to go to the bathroom, in which I recalled some of the dreams I’d had, of course no pen in the bathroom so by the time I got, me business done and painfully cleaned up the dried clotted mess little Inchy was in, most of the recollections of the dream had gone into the ether. Remember a bit though.

Dream: I was back in the skyscraper buildings with battles going on all around as far as the eye could see, propeller driven fighter bombers similar to a De Havilland bombing, but with unknown markings, artillery fire, tanks soldiers... I don’t think I’ve had repeat dreams before, similar yes. In the bomb damaged and ravaged room I was in, I think Artillery sighting from, was part of an underground train?

Overall I was feeling a bit better this morning, not good, but better. I thought about what I had on today as I made a cuppa. Must have a bath this morning and good shave, cause last night I didn’t have either, I was so tired again.

Doctors 1000hrs for me INR Warfarin blood level tests, put the record card in me coat pocket and checked the bus-pass was there too while I thought of it. Seems an age since I’ve been out of the flat. Clinic at 1215hrs, and wondered as I now had some bread that has gone stale due to me not eating, if I could manage (weather permitting) to get to feed the ducks on the canal later? Oh, must get some bread as well.

The shakes seem to have gone, that’s another good thing this morning.

Laptop on and finished yesterdays diary.

Made another cuppa and took me medications.

Got me thick cardigan and ear-flap hat ready so as to wrap up nice and warm on me trip out. Thermal jumper, then a fleece, then me multi-pocketed sleeveless jacket, then me waterproof coat on top, and me ear-flapped hat of course.

Started this diary off and did the graphics, hard to concentrate again for some reason.

Flippin’ ‘eck, I just sneezed and I think I might have woke up me neighbours from several floors up and down! Hehe! Nearly fell out of me chair!

Started doing graphic in Coreldraw and got in a pickle with it. For some reason it had stopped me exporting and the layers moved on their own?

Gave up!

Did find a funny that appealed to me though, hope you like it folks:


Got the big bag and put me laundry into it ready for the morning when BJ lifts me to launderette. Did this now in case I fell asleep later when I got in like. Tsk!

Had a bath but didn’t get a good soak, too risky. Cleaned and medicated the needy parts of me anatomy: Knees, hands, rear-end and Little Inchy.

The odd sneeze, but they were getting less frequent now. Took the rubbish to the chute and got well clobbered up, ventured out to set off on me way into town and the clinic and possibly the canal if I have time to feed the ducks.

I called into the community shed and Deana and Obergruppenfurher Julie were both in. Told them about the temperature only being 55º F, and asked if someone could possibly call and explain properly how these storage heaters work for me please. Deana called someone then told me that someone was calling on Wednesday so make sure I was in all day.

01W01This meant I was a tad late setting off so I decided I’d need to catch a bus instead of walking all the way to the GP for me INR Warfarin level test.

Unfortunately, I stopped en route to take a photograph of the Allotments down the hill.

Walked on down Winchester Street hill 01W01amanaging to just miss the bus.

Plodded on up the hill.

On the way another of the infamous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists belted passed me from behind making me jump a bit.

I had me camera in me had from earlier 01W01bso managed to catch the little varmint on film.

It’s not as if it was busy with traffic was it?

If they are too scared to use the road, they shouldn’t be on a bike should they?

01W01cOver the hill and down into Carrington and into the GP surgery. Booked in and got me crossword book out.

The nurse called me and soon had me blood taken.

Out and waited for the specialist nurse to call me to have a look at me rear-end situation. After much prodding poking and digging she said things are the same and she was going to give it another few weeks before deciding if the strangulation procedure was needed. I left some nibbles for the gals when I gave them me request for some extra Codeine Phosphates.

0101acOut and aught the bus into town dropping off at Victoria Centre shopping mall, where some of the new buildings were now revealed ready to open later.

This one a new American noshery it seems, called Coast to Coast.

Possibly it’ll be another one where 0101abyou’ll need a mortgage to get a cup of coffee from?

Walked into the slab square where the Christmas stalls and rides were now trading, the Ice Rink was nearly ready to open.

As I walked down King Street a crowd of folk had gathered with what looked 0101alike stewards watching over them, then I spotted the Fire tender beyond them when I took the photo.

Transpired there had been a Fire Alarm somewhere in the Council House, where a wedding was taking place.

As I made me way to the clinic the Groom was returning to the registry 0101agoffice carrying his new bride with him!

Up to Angel Row and into the waiting area.

Presented me card and was ushered straight in? Never had that before!

This time I had new faces investigating me lesion on Little Inchy.

Much later when all the “Oohs and arghs” and hidden giggles suffered they said continue with the same cream. I told them I had none left – the tall woman said “Oh, we haven’t either… we’ll order some, it must be kept in the fridge you know this one? Told me to all back Friday when it should have arrived.

Feeling a bit sore from the prodding pulling and poking, I walked back to the slab-square. Decided the ducks will have to wait for their treats, due to me discomfort in me lower regions.

0101ad 0101ae

0101afThe stalls, food outlets and rides were all up and running now, but not many of the folk were showing much interest yet.

My knees were doing well today. Just as well, cause Little Inchy was giving me some stick after being examined in-depth. Hehe!.

I was soon on the L9 bus, timing was right for once to catch it.

Again somehow although I nodded of three or four times on the journey back, I woke in time to get off at the right bus-stop – but felt drained.

The rest of the day was wasted – nodding off, Cuppa, medications, WC, nodding off, WC, bite to eat, nodding off… you get the idea, I was kaput! Humph!

Inchcock Today Sun 22 Nov 15: Feeling

Sunday 22nd November 2015

Head Sat

01W01Woke around 0130 hrs, having fell asleep so early last night like.

Coughing, sneezing still, but the innards were a lot better mind, more gently rumbling rather that boiling and bubbling.

Bitterly cold in the flat despite me putting the heating up. So glad I had me new flap-hat to put on.

WC’d and medicated and cleaned Little Inchy.

Laptop started, cuppa made and medication pot out for later.

By the time I’d finished yesterdays diary and graphics off (between WC visits) it was 0436hrs!

Another cuppa, took me medications and started this diary off up to here.

Checked emails. Then did some Facebooking.

I’d forgot to post yesterdays diary – Tsk! So did it.

Feeling a bit weary suddenly, another dizzy and now shivering again. Decided not to have a bath yet until I feel better, so did some graphicalisationing… but couldn’t concentrate.

Not going out today either, going to get some serious sitting down doing nothing done until I feel perkier. Huh! The sneezing starting again now. Tsk!

Horrible day, hope to feel better in’t morning. Well enough to go to the doctors. Hehehe!