Inchcock Today – Fri 29 Mar 2019: Despite constipation continuing, Jane & Pete visited me. Super!

Wilmott Dixon

I wish I had a job like this Willmott Dixon chap! Hehe!

2019 Mar 29

Friday 29th March 2019

Croatian: Petak, 29. ožujka 2019

23:45hrs. I stirred reluctantly. I remain irked about how things have been going, or not going, whichever way one looks at it. The being messed around with the leg ulcer for nine-weeks before getting it looked at, then the absurd mess over the leg-glide and socks, all my walking to the chemists, clinic, and Doctors, only to be told different things from all of them… I’m waffling again ain’t I? Sorry!

No signs of wee-weeing or Porcelain Throne duties being needed yet. Very odd! Even stranger, I dismounted the £300 ci1968 second-hand 5Fri002recliner within a minute, gained balance without any dizzies or shakes, and I made my to the kitchen to do the Health Checks without any toe-stubbing or knocking into or anything over! The sphygmomanometer readings varied again, with the temperature at 35.1°.

I got the bowl filled with hot water to soak the plate from last night’s meal. Then, begun computerisationalising, remembering to sort out what went wrong with my failing (I’m getting good at this nowadays) to send an Inchcock link to Jane and Pete. Then got on with updating yesterdays blog, and sent it off to WordPress.

Then I made the first mug of tea of the day around 0130hrs. I took the medications.

WD0.0.128 Then I spotted that I had left the hot water tap (faucet) running, stone cold now! I silently swore at myself and ground my teeth (and I don’t have many of them left, hehe!), I went into Self-Contempt-Defcon-Three status!

As I started to create this page, a wee-wee was needed, and by the time I got in the wet room, the Porcelain Throne had to be utilised. At least I thought it did! The wee-wee was of the unsatisfactory DTAAO (Dribble, tinkle, and all over) style. Constipation Conrad ensured the rear evacuation contained only wind and pith, no matter how obnixely I tried to move things along.

5Fri001WD0.0.128 Back to the diary. Twenty-minutes further on, and back to the Porcelain Throne. The anticipated movement was still showing a great reluctance to activate, so I got the camera and took a shot of the knees. Which I think, were slowly transmogrifying back towards the mangled warped days of last week. A new blood papsule or two were coming on the shins. A little more fluid retention this morning, I reckon. The Arthur Itis affected knees remain very stiff, but only painful when I try to bend them. Getting the socks and PP’s on later should be interesting. Hehe!

WD0.0.128 I had to get hastily back on the throne in response to a rather sudden movement from within! Nope, must have been wind again, another non-starter! Strange this, as I usually would have had two successful Throne visits by now as a rule?

I went on Facebook to update the photo albums and visit the TFZ site.

I checked the hot water tap, it was warming up a bit now. Enough to get the ablutions done at last.

WD0.0.128 The wires holding the sink plug fell apart. I searched for the pliers, and in my own schlemiel-like fumbling fashion, got the sink plug reattached in a Heath Robinson, style, so I could have a shave and do the teggies. The showering went okay. When it was all finished, once again I was assured by my innards the I needed the Porcelain Throne – and for I think the fifth time. Nothing happened! Mmm, not good, this!

Took bags to the rubbish chute on the way out and a white sack of recyclables. As I meandered along Chestnut Way, I took some photos of the complex.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I plodded on to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Oberstgruppenführer Wardens Temporary HQ, Toilet, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Rumourmongering Clinic. Tenants Socialisation Shed. Plotting conspiracy and intrigue creation studio, Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like china, mugs and pottery to be stolen from, and residents escape committee cabin.

5Fri007aWhere in their office I found Hip-Hop-Dance-Instructor and Oberstess Warden Julie, and Highland Dancing Teacher and Scharführeress Warden Deana, busy working away, conscientiously.

There was an undercurrent/atmosphere of habrobaniacalness that lingered for some reason and brought a suspiration from my 5Fri007blungs? Hehehe! I exchanged a few words with the gals and withdrew to a safe distance.

WD0.0.128 As I left by the end door, I spotted a letter that had been hand-written by Obersturmbannführeress Deana. It made me feel a little disconsolate when I read it. Sad and pathetic at the same time. Especially when the cup was taken from someone who spends her time looking after others! Not very reassuring is it?

Slightly dispirited, I made my way back to Woodthorpe Court.

5Fri09Mary was coming the opposite way, and we stopped for a natter. Cyndy passed by and had a few words with Mary, then they both abandoned me. Well, you can’t blame them! Hehehe!

I took a snap of the far end of Woodthorpe Court, at the front corner. I can’t recall why I took this photo, now. Oy Vey!


Notice on the wall spotted. For tomorrow morning, from the Winwood Heights Community Group. They had arranged for some cheap food for us. That was kind of them!

WD0.0.128 I got back up to the flat. Called at the Porcelain Throne – No, another failure, not even any wind this time!

5Fri08I saw this labrador dog through the unwanted light and view-blocking kitchen window, near the tree copse. He or she was sniffing around wagging the tail at such speed and vigour. I didn’t see anyone with him/her, it was just that I was so happy to see the canine so contented, so I took this photograph of the joyful moment. It was a fair way off, but it came out alrightish I think. Mind you, it might have been a different type of dog, now I look closely at the print.

Brother-in-law Pete (I think it was) rang on the landline. The line was awful, and I lost the signal after a few moments. I was ringing Pete to check if it had indeed been him calling, and the landline light lit up again. It was Sister Jane, the same reception, I lost connection. A few moments later it chirped into life once more. This time I could hear what Jane was saying. They would be arriving in ten-fifteen minutes.

WD0.0.128 Convinced it was needed this time, I trotted to the Porcelain Throne, only to be disappointed again – no activity or movement! Constipation Conrad wins again! Hahaha!

5Fri10I got the camera and trotted down and outside to await their arrival. I caught them both on camera as they walked towards me.

We plodded up to the flat chinwagging as we went. Into the flat and more chatting ensued. Made them a brew with some biscuits (chocolate coated, of course!). Pete did a tour of the flat, investigating anything mechanical he could find. Hehe!

Jane showed me some graphs from the doctors on the procedure she is to have on her mangled toes (At last!) They are to put metal pins in her big, and something to try and force her other bent toe back in place. They told her when she returns home, she must not move at all for four days! Well, I hope things work out, and she can get a rest for a change. It can’t be easy for them going to football matches, cinemas, restaurants, night clubs, theatres and opening nights all the time. Hahaha!  I can only recall her telling-me-off or to do something three-times! I hope she is alright! Hahaha!

They left with their bag of nibbles and treats, and kindly didn’t mind me not going all the way down with them to see them out, I left them at the lift. Bless em. Despite not feeling on top form and ready for bed, I really enjoyed their visitation. Thanks Jane and Pete ♥

WD0.0.128 I was going to go to the window to take their photo as they left, but again, I was more convinced than ever that I needed the Porcelain Throne. I got stuck on the throne because something was trying to escape, but no matter how long I waited and pushed… it was another No-Go scenario! Constipation Conrad wins again! So, they were long gone by the time I’d got to the kitchen window. Tsk!

I updated this blog for a couple of hours, then got the nosh on. I’m having the vegetable chilli with aded black bean sauce again. In the hope that this will encourage some movement from the rear-end.

I took the medications, with another Senna, in support of the meal. Haha! Will this help me defeat Constipation Conrad?

The vegetarain chilli, looked, smelt and tasted delicious, but for some reason I left most of it, just could’t eat any more.


I imagine that not having had a Porcelain Throne evacuation for so long, there just wasn’t room for it? Hehe! Note that the wonderful Aldi part-baked sourdough baguette did get fully consumed? Haha!

My plans to watch some TV, came to end within five-minutes of starting to watch ‘Pie in the Sky’.


Inchcock Today – Sunday 1st April 2018


Sunday 1st April 2018

Africaans: Sondag 1 April 2018

00305hrs: Gor-blimey, I’m feeling rough this morning. Not the usual ailments to blame. I’m just feeling tired and depressed for some reason. Tired, after having an excellent long six-hour dream-filled sleep, and as for why I’m so pessimistic, I have no idea. And, Sister Jane and Pete should be calling to visit later.

Like a robot, I fell out of the £300 second-hand recliner and got the Health Checks done. The brewing in readiness for a Porcelain Throne session already bubbling and fermenting away in the innards. It’s going to one heck of an evacuation when it comes, methinks.


7Sun05Made a brew and took the medications.

I took this photo through the balcony door window. It dawned on me, that when the actual balcony is in place outside, I’m not going to able to take shots like this, because of all the small panes of glass and frames that will be installed.

See? I’m already finding faults, to fuel the depression. Tsk!

Computer turned on, and I started this blog. Then went to finish yesterdays. All done and posted off.

WordPress reading next.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Messy, very much so. Heck of a job cleaning up afterwards. Thinking of cleaning, I decided I’d better get some done in the flat before Sister Jane comes to judge, scrutinise, criticise, probe, and appraise what I’m doing wrong or failing to do. Hehe! Only joking! (I think, we’ll see what occurs during her investigation first?)

0500hrs: Back in a bit.

0748hrs: I’m back. I swept (Don’t want to use the hoover too early in the day, mustn’t upset the neighbours) and mopped the kitchen floor.


WDP03a At one point, I injudiciously got a bowl of water, cloth and put some Flash in it, then bent down on my knees so I could get to clean where it really was dirty behind the door.

7Sun07It took me longer to get back up on my feet than it did to clear-out the corner! And now I have the attention of Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna to put up with. Confoundations!

Apparently, some things were, with the best will in the world, beyond my capabilities to mend, repair or put-right. substantial

  1. The two holes in the kitchen floor and many more on the wall beneath the unwanted new windows. Kindly left for me when the Willmott-Brown engineers installed it, too close to to the cupboard that I could not open the door or drawer.
  2. The new wider-window ledge that blocks my view when looking down to see if any Emergency vehicles are on site when an Alarm goes off. It is already scratched and stained – but is inaccessible to me for cleaning. I cannot get to it cause the window is too broad and far back for me to reach.
  3. The foam filling that the Nottingham City Homes Maintenance & Repair bloke put in to fill the massive hole behind the ventilation cover: Which came out seconds after he had left (in a hurry) and ran down the wall over the tiles and electricity sockets.
  4. – 5. The cracks to the left of the new windows that need plastering. The even bigger and broader holes left to the right of the windows that need plastering. But, they do offer some entertainment as flying insects, with meat flies often appear from deep within the wall.

I just thought I’d mention it.

Made a brew and did the Health Checks early, in case I forget during the Royal Visit. He-He!

WDP03a Back to updating this post. I heard a loud thudding noise, but could not identify where it came from.

WDP03a Went to get the ablutions done. I had a wee-wee, then a good shave. Did the teggies. Then got under the shower. Another high-level noise the sounded like something substantial has been dropped on a hard floor. Had a look around, but found not from where it emanated. Bit worrying this? Then the shower unit started making a loudish bleeping noise, and the water stopped flowing. Lights flashed with Water Supply unavailable and Reset. I could not see a reset button anywhere on the unit. So, I turned off the power supply box and tried again, with the same water failure results?

I gave up. Trust this to happen when there is no one ‘Official’ on site for another 53hrs. I got the rear-end and front bottom medicated after drying off.

0Heat01eWent to make a cup of tea.

Took this shot of the Tree Copse, catching the grotty balcony support that has been stripped down and is awaiting the arrival of some sub-contractor company later in the year, to install the balconies.

I went in the spare room, to have another look to see if I might spot whatever the two earlier noises had been, but could not see anything likely to have been the cause of them.

0Heat01fTaking another photograph of the garages at the end of the road, and an urgent need arose for me to return to the Porcelain Throne. Another messy, but not bloody at all evacuation.

Back to the computerisationing session.

Gone 1100hrs, so Jane and Pete should be here anytime now.

1115hrs: The intercom chirped into life. Jane and Pete had arrived. They had recorded the QMC programme for me to disc, they also gave me a batteryless little torch to put in as a raffle prize for the Social Hour. Hope I remember by Thursday.

We had a Super-Gossip. I must say they both looked grand, I’m glad to report. During which Pete had a look at the heaters, reassured me with a smile on his face, that the plasterers should have no bother in patching up the windows and door. (Him being somewhat of a handyman, Par Excellence). Please don’t let him know I said this. Hehe!) They will not know how much I appreciated the visit. Super-duper!

They departed, and I went as far as the elevator with them, but boy oh boy, was it cold out there, with the wind blowing in the massive vents on the outer walls! Brr! Said our farewells and I returned to the flat and had a wee-wee and tended straight away to the Fungal Lesion as it has started bleeding a while back, but I didn’t want to upset the chinwagging session at the time. Of course, this meant I was too late to wave cheerio to them from the kitchen window. But, with the new full-width ledges, I’m not sure they would have seen me, or me them for that matter. Tsk! Sorted things and medicated with the Daktacort cream.

Then I realised I had not asked Pete to take some photographs for me! Twit!

Back on CorelDraw to do some more work on the draft pictures.

Did the Health Checks.

7Sun39Got the Cumberland Pie covered with extra grated Leicester cheese on top, and into the oven. Added two, one-day out-of-date potato cakes for the last ten minutes. The last of the beef slices, sliced apple and sliced tomatoes were added to the plate.

This went down nicely with the Lemon yoghourt afterwards.

WDP03a Luckily, I had consumed about 85% of this meal, before I dropped off to sleep while eating it! Klutz.

I cleaned up and put on a Goodnight Sweetheart DVD. Stayed awake for two episodes, nodded-off and woke up as the sixth episode was ending.

Once again, I heard a loud noise, but could not identify where it emanated from. But it sounded close. I felt that Anne Gyna had left th body and Duodenal Donald was getting worse.

Within seconds I’d gone to sleep again. Only for Duodenal Donald to keep waking me with his stabbing pains. Tsk! I got up and took an extra pain-killer and a swig of the innefectual antacid medicine.