Advice on Hospitalisationing, for my Xyrophobia suffering, over amour propred Brother-in-law Pete. Hehehe!

Pondering over the experiences of my Hospitalisations

With the hopes of giving my Bother-in-law Pete, a lift and laugh, while he’s in the Cty Nottingham Hospital, being spoilt by the specialists and pretty nurses!

My Medical Memories recalled and relived:

At the age of five, I got my thumb end chopped off and was taken by ambulance to the Nottingham Children’s Hospital. Put on a trolley, and got told-off for falling off of it! Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

When I got shot (Working in Security in those days), they left me on a trolley in a passage and forgot about me for four-hours! General Hospital. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

When I had my ulcer done, they forgot to give me the chrystals, and I spent six hours on the Throne when I got home, in agony! City Hospital. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

When I got the hernia and was rushed into the QMC, Jane helped out my bringing things for me. Then, while repairing the hernia (Genuine bit of good luck here!), they found cancer in the bladder! Fortunately, they already had the laser and camera down my penis to deal with the rupture, so they set to and lasered the prostate cancer, at the same time! Serendipitous indeed! Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

On a new-years Eve, I collapsed with high or low BP, can’t remember which now. Paramedics took me in, I fell off of the gurney going in, and lay there on the concrete floor for several minutes. QMC Hospital. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

I was told I could not be sent home with my BP so high or low, and the Warfarin level so low. I was placed in a corridor, with many other patients on trolleys, to await a bed coming free! QMC Hospital. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

Where, three hours later, I was told there is no chance of a bed, and I will have to go home! This being 00:30hrs on New Year’s day, so no buses! QMC Hospital. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

I had to walk, well hobble, all the way home in the early hours of the morning. No money for a bus or taxi, not that it mattered, I saw neither on my marathon walk back to the flats. QMC Hospital. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

When I was having the angiogram, before the heart operation, they said it would be a three-day job. Then, a day later in the morning at about 04:00hrs, they woke me to tell me the bed was needed urgently, and I will have to go home! City Hospital. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

Mind you; it was Pete who saved the day, at this ungodly hour, they rang Pete, who had to come and collect me! City Hospital. As we were leaving, they handed Pete a leaflet on what happens during an angiogram, which I’d had days ago? Has this ever happen to Pete? No! 

In the Morris Ward for the aorta valve replacement. A seven-day job with recovery they said (Huh!) By the fourth day, they were calling Brother-in-Law Pete to collect me again! City Hospital. Saved the day again!

Peripheral Neuropathy diagnosed. I was summoned to the hospital. A struggle in getting there, but I made it in time. I waited for three hours after the appointment time, then got in to see the Specialist. Who said, “There is nothing we can do, your neurotransmitters are dying on your right side. We cannot repair nerve ends.” Then gave me four-A4 sheets that listed the problems I could expect. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

Then the most embarrassing event of my life, the Stroke. Everything in the body and I do mean everything that could leak, leaked, and I crumpled to the floor, puzzled, confused, and expecting the end had come. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

Pressed the Alert Alarm, no idea what the lady said at the Nottingham City Control Room, or what I said to her. Or if I was speaking or thinking? While waiting for help, she rang back, insisting I unlock the front door to allow the Paramedics to gain entry. I had to crawl on all fours, no chance of me standing up, even while crawling, I kept falling over to my right side. There I was, in a right smelly mess, covered in front and rear releases, tears flowing, the nose running, the right ear bleeding and blood pouring from the fungal lesion, the Paramedics were shouting something through the door, and eventually I got to open the door, then collapsed again! These details were told me later. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

To the QMC Hospital, parked on the trolley in a dark room for hours. (Or so it seemed to me anyway). Up to a treatment room. I lay on the trolley in a bay for hours and started to come round a bit. A chap came to me later, told me I’d had a stroke, and said they would be transferring me to the Stroke Ward at the City Hospital. QMC Hospital. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

An hour or so later, I was collected and taken to the City Hospital. The journey was exciting, as I learned a lot about the two ambulance women who were taking me and other patients crammed in the ambulance. Their eating habits, one preferred Morrison’s the other Tesco. About their child birthing experiences. Coronation Street, and Neighbours were spoken of, and one of them was having Chilli-con-carne for dinner. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

Got into the Newall Stroke Ward. Jane and Pete visited a few days later. I got a window bed, but no camera to use. So Pete took this photo on his visit a few days later. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

I was in for fourteen days, started the therapy three times a day. Then it happened again! I was told they needed the bed for an urgent admission, and I would be moved to a Residential Home (The Acorn)! Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

The ambulance ladies who collected me left much of my possessions behind and took some that belonged to the patient in the next bed! I learned on the journey, gruesome details of one of the ambulance lady’s Cesarian operation, and that the other was going in for a breast reduction that months end! Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

During my weeks there, I had my eyes opened. I had to make a police witness report and went for two days without being given an evening meal. But I loved it there. Has this ever happen to Pete? No! But he did take this photo when he visited me to check on my finances.

The photo shows a bottle of pop and a book that had yet to be returned to the rightful owner, taken there by the ambulance drivers in their rush to get me out of the hospital. They also failed to take my underwear, socks and Crossword books! Has this ever happen to Pete? No! 

Then, the room was needed urgently, so for the third time, I was moved. Again they called on Jane & Pete to lift me home. Has this ever happen to Pete? No! Hehehe! I’d have been lost without him and Jane, though! They listed and took all of my valuables while I was away for safe-keeping, Bless him. I’ll get them back one day!

Sister Jane came to sort out my medications that were in a right state after months away. A good job too! Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

I was given a carer to help me dress and put on the ankle strap, which was greatly appreciated I can tell yers!

But they were cancelled as the head-honcho woman, decided I could do it myself. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

The After-Stroke nurses came regularly, and again were very much a boon to me! They stopped coming when they arranged months of one a week two-hour physio training for me. It nearly crippled me! Haha!

Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

The now dreaded Sock-Gide was delivered, and the blood-blisters and bruised flourished. Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

Now, I cannot put any bamboo or other type of socks on at all, because of the uncut toenails and failure to bleed the ankle ulcer. It’s too painful to use the deadly vicious Sock-Glide at all! Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

I’m waiting for the medical departments etc. to reopen again after the appalling Coronavirus interlude. I will need, the Dentist (badly), the podiatrist (Desperately), The audio clinic for hearing aid batteries, and Opticians to get some glasses I can see through! Also, the delayed appointment with the cardiac team, to have a check on the metal ticker! Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

Now I’ve been diagnosed as diabetic! Has this ever happen to Pete? No!

Pete knows the reason for this post.

To keep his spirits up with a laugh!

All the best, mate! 

I hope Jane’s coping too!


Inchcockski – Saturday 11th April 2020: If it can go wrong, it will!

April 11

2020 ttttApr11

Saturday 11th April 2020

Sudanese: Sabtu Kaping 11 April 2020

0000 April 11

GM GreensLWD 0.40.0 05:20hrs: I finally stirred, after luxuriating in about three hours sleep. Which was tormented by dreams of a disturbing nature, of which I have only impressions, no real detail, other than it took place underground, and ghouls were in there somewhere?

Despite the scarceness of kip, I almost bounded out of the £300, second-hand rickety recliner, within minutes of my waking up? Clutched at the walking stick, and made my way dodderingly to the kitchen…

I got to the kitchen, took the medicines, applied the medications; Saccades-Sandra drops, olive-oiled the ear-holes, tincture of the tooth, creamed the Harold’s haemorrhoid’s, Phorpain gelled Arthur Itis’s knees, and made a brew, all without the need of a wee-wee or the Porcelain Throne! This was not natural?

WD 0.40.0 Booted-up the computer to update the Friday post. And had to create a template for the day first! But it was a marathon job, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun all giving me a bashing. The worst, being Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitter nerve ends, continually working and stopping, making typing almost impossible. I was continually making errors without realising it and having to make corrections. I have no doubt there will be many that I missed, which is disappointing and frustrating.

WD 0.40.0 The knowledge that I will eventually have to stop doing these blogs, as it gets harder and takes me longer every day, and knowing they can do nothing to help, sometimes get me down. But while I can, I will. I love doing them. Trying to add a bit of humour to them, must help me, in a fashion. Hey-ho, moan, groan and whine, over!

Having, many hours later got the job nearly finished, and my xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete called. Obviously, the lad hadn’t received the link yet, and he likes to read it early in the day with Jane. We had a natter, and I noticed that Stuttering Stephanie was with me again, getting more frequent lately. Anyway, he and Jane sounded in fair spirits.

Jane nowthenThey have had their big monthly parcel of food from Nottingham County Council delivered. Marvellous I thought. I quoted something along the lines of, A pool’s and big lottery winner, with a car and an electric bicycle, who live in a mansion, have been left a fortune in someone’s will, get their food hamper delivered. I’m told that because my aorta-valve replacement is not disabling enough, I don’t qualify. The peripheral neuropathy and dying nerve ends, the Stroke, using a stick or trolley-guide to walk, Dizzy Dennis, falling down or into something almost every day. Dropping things several times every day, Shaking Shaun and Shoulder-shuddering-Shirley, Duodenal Donald, Reflux Roger sticking, Hernia-Henry, being deaf, Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters dying, having Arthur Itis (Rheumatoid arthritis), don’t seem to matter to anyone else but me! It’s a good job I’m used to suffering and pain, innit! Pete did laugh! That cheered up.

I got the link sent off. Went on the WordPress Reader, and got this blog started. It took me 7 hours plus, to get this far. I fear the time is getting close to having to stop, this really gets to me. The very thought of it, brought on my depression, like never before. No point in fighting it. I stopped and went to make a brew and have a look outside, see if any of the dog walkers were out, so I could photograph them. Disappointingly, no one was about. But, I did find some photographs I’d missed off yesterday, of some doggies taking their humans for a walk:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I all but dropped the Nikon camera, coming back in from the window again! Darned good job I had the wrist-loop around my hand! Phew!

The rest will have to be in shorthand I’m afraid. The ailment was taking over, and everything took so long. Sorry. It’s hours past my normal head-down time already.

6Sat15Posted off the ailment, and started a template for this blog. As I started to create it, the doorbell chimed out.

It was Amazon, with the Nasal spray and Clementine juice.

6Sat16I opened the spray box and left the heavier juice one in the hallway.

Back to the computer, and all sort of problems developed! The landline rang and flashed. It was Jenny, bless her. Her Sainsbury’s order had 6Sat17arrived, and Frank was on his way down with the items I’d asked to be added for me.

I hurried to put them away. Jenny had kindly written a list for me. That’ll £26 plus £13 I owe her now. The shop had substituted some bits. Mini cheddars, which I’m not too keen on, and last week they did the same, a double size pack as well. I’ve got the pickle flavoured ones arriving tomorrow via Amazon as well. She’s got some lemon yoghourt though. Tomato juice, washing up liquid, cherry-scented? And a tub of salt. Bless her cotton socks!

I tried to get the computer to take the photographs but ended up having to do it in a long-winded fashion, which cost me even more time.

I rang Jane and Pete to get my mobile number, cause I needed it to get back on the photo site. But I was too late, and it timed-out. So now, I don’t know where the heck I stand with it all.

Rang Jenny back, I was gasping a bit and Stuttering Stephanie was on form! I thanked her and told her I was going to go to the bank on Monday to get some money to pay her what I owe her with. She kindly said it was Bank Holiday on Monday, so I can’t get it then! Tsk! We nattered a bit, and we decided I’d go on Wednesday. She generously said she would write a note for me to give the taxi driver on Wednesday, asking him or her to wait while I go ion the bank, and bring me back afterwards.

Then I did some updating on this blog, but not for long. I need rest and sleep badly now.

I stopped and decided to get something for a meal. The easiest will be bacon in the oven, and a tin of tomatoes, I can use the last of the bread up with it.

Not feeling so good now. I hope to be back in the morning, to finish things off. TTFN.

Sunday Morning: 0545hrs: Updating.

6Sat18I got the meal, I had a can of tomatoes, added some vinegar and hickory to it. The bacon, I cut of some of the fat and did it in the oven. Got it served with the medications. For once a good tasty one. Flavour rating: 7.5/10.

Got the dish in soaking, and had a go at the computer problem again.

WD 0.40.0 I had more bother with the computer. Had to supply a password that was my mobile number, but I couldn’t find what it was! I rang Sister Jane at the Bratton Towers, and she and Pete eventually found it for me. But by the time I got to put it on it had timed-out! So, no progress there. Tsk!

The TV on, but of no interest, however, the need and desire for sleep were being ignored by my body and mind.

The landline burst forth and flashed. Sister Jane, concerned about the computer locking me out. Thought it might be hackers. I told her about the lack of sleep problem, saying how it doesn’t matter now about being woken up, as I can’t get to sleep in the first place. I think she might have been upset a smidge, and rang off, thinking I was moaning about being woken, which didn’t matter at all in fact.

This irked me, and I range her back, but no answer.

Switched to another programme and there was an interesting documentary on an underground city in France, and how the military had used it over the years. I thought my xyrophobia-suffering, chaetophorous, anti-epilation Brother-in-Law Pete might be interested in it. I rang again and got through this time.

There I was enjoying a great natter and chinwag with Jane, and I thought I heard a beeping noise. This was annoying me, I told Jane, and I went with the mobile in hand to have a look around. I was giving a running commentary as I investigated, but, could not find the source! Then a bleep-bleep, and I lost the connection.

I got back in the rickety recliner, and tried to ring back ‘This number is unavailable’. Huh!

Then I actually fell asleep!

Coronavirus, pavement cyclists, wars and insanity! It’s a funny old world, innit?

Inchcocksi. Thursday 5th September 2019: Indoors, solitary day, that ended badly.

2019 Sept 04

2019 Sept 07

Thursday 5th September 2019

Croatian: Četvrtak, 6. Rujna 2019. godine

Judging by the spelling of realise as realize, it must be a USA inspired idea?

01:30hrs: I woke up, and had a feel around at the ailments to see what’s what. Only Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were of any real bother. The hands, fingers, arm, leg and shoulder all seemed to be in a none-playing-up mood. Haha!

The need for a wee-wee developed, and I discovered I had not brought the GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket) into the recliner room! So, obviously I must not have needed it during the night, a rare occurrence that.

WD 150.0.0 So, I lumbered my volumingargantuan stomached body from Brother-in-Law Pete damaged while he was flat-sitting, when I was in hospital, as he fitted new CCTC cameras, and searched for my valuables, which he found and took, I still haven’t got them back yet four-months later, £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, recliner. I surprisingly comfortably hobbled to the kitchen to utilise the bucket… and found it half-filled! (I don’t know!) The following ELPSOA (Extra-Long-Powerful-Spraying-Out-Allover) mode of wee-wee, almost caught me out with its ferocity! It actually wore me out by the time it had finished flowing! Tsk!

I took the medications. The handwashing was moved onto the warm-airer. As I turned on the computer, the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived, so, off to the wet room I poddled.  And what an improved evacuation this one was. Slightly messy, no pain or bleeding whatsoever, exceptional, first-rate! I washed up, and returned to the computer, determined to get the updating done early. As I began… WD 150.0.0!

Virg 150.0.0

Well, who’d’ve to thunk it! Virgin Media was going down. Still mustn’t complain, it’s not lost its signal since yesterday!  That wealth-seeking overpaid Mr Fries, the Gillie-wet-foot and liar, needs talking to about the reputation, dishonour, disrepute, and disgrace that the hated Virgin Media is being credited with here in Nottingham! Or maybe not, he still gets paid millions of dollars, bonuses and expenses, despite his failure to provide any internet service, beyond crap and pathetic! Bothered? Me?

I tried resetting, no luck. So, I took the opportunity to make another brew, check the washing and have another session on the Porcelain Throne.

WD 150.0.0 Oh, what a heck of a change this time! Messy in the extreme, bleeding from the haemorrhoids and about as painful as is possible. Grumph! 

WD 150.0.0 And, to follow, a wee-wee that needs a new acronym! An AUMSOBO (An-Uncomfortable-Marathon-Session-Of-Blasting-Out) wee-wee!

WD 150.0.0 And then, I found that Little Inchies fungal-lesion was bleeding too! By the time I got things cleaned up, medicated and myself back to the computer, I reckon about half-an-hour had gone by! Argh!

 My concentration was shot, but the internet had come back online at least! I gave it a few minutes thought and went to make a brew, to try and unwind a bit.

I decided to take two pictures of roughly the same spot on the kitchen window’s wide thick and view & light blocking frame.

WD 150.0.0 I did try with both the Canon and Nikon, to take a panoramic (I think that is what the ‘P’ setting is for) shot, but the hands and fingers were starting to kick off, and I failed on several occasions. Not that it bothered me too much, its the RAT (Rheumatoid Arthur Itis) in both knees and one elbow, that’s the worst thing this morning.

Still, a change is as good as a rest, some idiot said. The ever-changing wee-wees and rear-end evacuations make for an exciting everyday guessing-game pleasure. Hahaha! 

The photo on the left was done on the Canon, and the right one, with the Nikon, both on the ‘P’ setting.


At long last, I got on with the updating of the Wednesday blog. It took far too long, with the fingers losing senses to though. There were some poorly-taken photographs that needed to be tweaked before I could use them. A couple, I couldn’t improve on though, so they went in as they were. A touch of a disappointment that. But still, I got it finished in the end. Weariness-Mode-Adopted!

I did find the one I took of Tim Price’s building to be of interest. I compare it here, with how it looked many years ago, on the photo I took from the web. It looks like he’s rebuilt it now, with some of his artwork on the exterior wall? Hehe!


I wondered if the van far right up the Stoney Street. Surely not, after all the years between the taking of the photographs that have past?

An office at the end on the left up Stoney Street, on the corner of Plumtre Street, is where I had my qualifying tests for a job at UPS, for their first site in England. This is where they declared me to have the highest ever level of EQ, they had had, anywhere in the world. Which I didn’t know how to react to until I got home and looked up what EQ was. Hehe! I didn’t pass the test, though or get a proper interview! I recall on the print out afterwards, they recommended my most suitable job to apply for, would be as a Police Officer! Nobody noticed at the time, the minimum height for applicants was six-foot, or, that I was 5’3″ tall! Ah, happy memories were stirred.

I got into the idea of time-lapse photos and had search for any similar ones in my Winwood Heights album. I came up with these. Yesterday, and a year and a month ago.


I made up an Ocado order. Not that I needed anything, but no one else sells the delicious brown tomatoes, or the Glengettie Gold teabags or the soft pickled beetroots in balsamic vinegar, so I ordered a couple of each in the process. 

Sister Jane rang, and we had a good natter. She told me not to order anything else online.

A sad Dizzy Dennis visit and I seem to have lost hours. No idea what I was up to, but must have fallen asleep, because I woke up in the recliner, around 19:00hrs, confused and feeling light-headed. 

Had a wee-wee, and struggled to keep upright while taking it. I got seated, and soon nodded-off again.

Then, I slept for a further 6.5hrs!


Inchcock Today – Friday 17th May 2019:

May 17

2019 May 17

Friday 17th May 2019

Haitian Creole: Vendredi 17 Me Me 2019

WD 51.51.153 5Fri00101:40hrs. I woke, I noticed the legs were a little different again. Boy, were they pale and anaemic looking. The left one still had far more water retention than the right leg. Is there a name for ‘Leg Watching’ I wonder? 

WD 51.51.153 I soon sensed the need, dismounted the £300 second-hand, gungy beige, rickety recliner, wobbled a bit in standing – then lunged for and used the EGPWWB Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee bucket. With a resulting releasing of what must have been more content than for weeks, now. Only an SSPWW (Short-Sprinkly-Painful-Wee-wee), but it might have half-filled a small cup, and that is more than I have managed, as I said, for weeks now! The pain was worth it! Thank heavens for Nurse Jemma yesterday, and her getting me some antibiotics! ♥

5Fri002I limped along to the kitchen to put the kettle on, and get the health checks done. I realised that I had not had any Colin Cramps last night!

The Sys 121. The Dia 63, both much lower than yesterday. The temperature was 35.4°c. The new medication doses are far less now, as can be seen in the blue pot lid. The scales are now hidden behind the two walker-trolleys in the spare room, so I used this as a self-excuse for not weighing myself. Guilt-Mode-Adopted!

Thankfully, thanks to Jemma getting things sorted for me, the following prescription medications in June will be blister-packed, all bar the Warfarin which will come separately, as the doses change all the time. She really has helped sort things out for me. She earned her wages yesterday, bless her!

WD 51.51.153 I made a brew and got on the computer to update the Wednesday blog. It took me a long time this morning. Partly due to the mistakes I keep making from the shaking fingers and inattention, and the other reason, I had to break off at least eight times for an SSPWW!  I used the WC for these, and was, despite seeing the state of the legs earlier, I was almost horrified to see how pale the rest of the body was. I considered taking a photo but decided I could manage quite well, without seeing it myself. Humph!

When the blog was done and dusted then sent off, I went to make another mug of tea. And it dawned on me, that the wee-wees had stopped. I’ll see how long this last for. I must try to remember the Nitrofurantoin tablets at 10:00hrs, 14:00hrs, and 18:00hrs.

WD 51.51.153 Well, fancy that, I just took two SSPWWs in the EGPWWB, within two minutes. I spoke too soon!

Time to get a wash and shave, teggies and dressed, etc. A bit concerned about the shaking right hand and leg today, I’ll take care when shaving. Back in a while.

Blimey, I had three SSPWWs while doing the ablutions! Then they dried up again? Got all spit and polished, shaved (one little cut, no… I tell a fib, it was two, Hehe!), teggies, scrub up and dressed.

The shorter-wider topped 5Fri005socks were adorned.

WD 51.51.153 Me using the sock-glide, really ought to be filmed and sent for a comedy award of some sort or other – it’d be a winner! I can see the headlines now; Nottingham’s nearly toothless Pensioner Inchcock’s Sock-Glide Farce, beats all to win the British Comedy Award for the best Medical – Whoopsiedangleplop of 2019! “Sock-Glide Company Sue”! Hahaha!

5Fri004The face had a little more colour, but then I had just had a shower and bleeding shave. Hehe!

I made a brew, got the antibiotics put on the calendar as a reminder. I made them for 06:00, 10:00, 14:00 and 18:00hrs, I’ll check with Jemma to see if that is okay, later. Taking them with fodder is essential the advice leaflet reads.

While washing, the right leg did one of its shake, rattle and roll performances. I could have sent a clip of that to ‘You’ve been framed’ perhaps. It must have looked to anyone watching like I was having an electric shock down my right side. But these episodes never last long, and somehow, oddly, even I find them funny. (Not when they catch me out and cause injury, though. Haha!)

The tea had gone cold, so I made another brew.

5Fri003aIt looked a little precipitation threatening. As I opened the new unwanted, light & view blocking window, now with extra glass to clean that we cannot even reach, in the kitchen, it started to spit rain. But it was still a beautiful view!

When I was taking the picture, I swear my nephelococcygia recognised a shape of a fish up in the clouds. But I’ll be blown if I can see it now.

I had a bash at the headphone connections again, and they are working? But the sound is muffled. To me, anyway.

Called to see Josie a few times, but she was out. Hope she’s enjoying some time with her clan.

The wee-wees were the same for the rest of the day, but less frequent, SSPWWs.

Nurse Sue arrived around 10:20hrs. Nice lady, who commenced the occupational therapy exercises with me. Gently and kindly, though. We also had a jolly-good natter at the same time. What seemed like a day-and-a-half later (Hehe!), Sue had to leave me. Boking another visit for next week… or the week after, whichever. Fitting the gal in the medical calendar was fiddly. It is already pretty full. Hard to get anything else done. She said I could nip out to get my potatoes now. I hobbled to the door with her and said my farewells and thanks.

5Fri007I’m looking forward to her next visit already.

I had missed the bus, but no bother.

I decided to walk slowly and carefully down Winchester Hill and get some bread and potatoes for tomorrow’s cheesy-potato-nosh.

5Fri006Out and down the hill, as I say, nice and steady with the three-wheeled-trolley. The trip went well, without accifauxpa or incident. There were very few Nottinghamians about on Mansfield Road.

WD 51.51.153 I called in the International Food Store, to investigate what large potatoes they had on offer. Oh dear! Not very good, they were a little motheaten looking and cracked with shoots growing out of them! The shelves looked a little barren.

5Fri007aWD 51.51.153 So I walked up to the fruit & veg shop… only to find it had Closed Down! A sad state of affairs!

So I crossed over te Abdul’s store on the other side of the road, in search of a Polish sliced Sourdough loaf.

WD 51.51.153 But none available!

5Fri007bWD 51.51.153 Back over the road and called in the co-op. Where I got some baking spuds. But the fresh food shelves there were even more barren than in the other shops, minimal choice or options. This was not good for a Friday, and very depressing for anyone with a family who were hoping to get in the week’s vittles.

5Fri08I moved up past Hall Street, making my way to the bus stop to catch the L9 back up Winchester Street to the flats at Winwood Court.

A little busier here, the bookies and cheap alcohol shop probably the main attractions. Hehehe!

Surprisingly, there were none of my fellow residents at the bus stop. So, a lonely wait and ride up the hill home.

5Fri08aAs I got off the bus, I could see Mary coming towards me from the other end of the road. But, no doubt due to the magical time-space continuum’s tear in the fabric of space, and or the ghosts and goolies of Winwood Heights, it was as if I blinked and she was gone? This photo proves I did not imagine Mary being there… but where did she go? Another mystery not to get solved!

5Fri09Apart from the legs and feet, I was in pretty good knick. I took a photograph of Winwood Court as I made my way down Chestnut Way.

WD 51.51.153 Called to see Josie, but she was not in.

Weariness dawned. All that effort, just to get two potatoes, hehe! But worth it, for me to do some Cheesy-Potatoes for Josie and me, on Saturday. I got the nosh sorted, and it was a disaster of sorts.

WD 51.51.153 For the appetite had gone again. Despite the meal looking, tasting, and smelling fair to me. Only ate a little of it? Why? I wondered if the Nitrofurantoin may be a cause of this? One of the many possible side-effects is loss of appetite? Now I’ve taken a few more tablets it may be affecting me?

The plate when served, and how it ended up.


I got washed, took the medications, removed the Ankle-Support (Not without some grunting, pain and curse words, hehe!), and settled n the £300 second-hand, c1968 grotty beige recliner. Sleep came early, easily and quickly. The occupational therapy exercising helped I think.

WD 51.51.153 Deep in sleep, and the mobile rang. I tried to answer it, fumbling about and the Axonotmesis nerve affected fingers, ensuring I made a mess of replying and it rang off before I could answer. I rang Jane back, and she rang me again. We had a chinwag, although not a lot of it remains in my memory. I was so deep in sleep. I must get in touch later, I think she has another problem, with her eyes this time. I must find out. 

Getting back to sleep I thought, would be a problem. So I watched some crap in TV. Turned it off, and within fifteen minutes I was back in the land of bliss!

Inchcock – Thur 3rd January 2019:


Sister Jane’s Birthday Today. Can’t get to see her, but as soon as the Furosemide finishes, I’ll get out and visit them at their castle, and fill their moat with pressies! Hehehe! Buses Permitting!

Jan03 2019

Thursday 3rd January 2019

Russian: Четверг 3 января 2019

23:45hrs. I almost burst awake, instantly aware that I was in need of the Porcelain Throne, to relieve demands from both front and back. The panicky rising from the £300 second-hand recliner was more farcical the ever this morning.

WD 69.0.69 I found myself sort of sliding off of the recliner, banged the swollen knees on the Ottoman, ignored the pain and got up, tripped over a slipper and knocked over the mineral water bottle, and made my way as fast as possible to the wet room. It was as close as one could be, to being too late… but, I made it, (phew!) and the splashing and spraying commenced the moment my bottom hit the Throne seat, from both areas in need! Messy, remarkably slapdash and embarrassing, the mess I had to clean up afterwards!  I felt so unclean and decided that although it was so late, I had to get 4Thu03amyself under the shower.

I shaved and did the teggies, then got under the hot spraying water, and used the carbolic soap! Scrubbing brush and sponge were well-used, too!

The fluid retention didn’t look any worse than yesterday, then again, no better. Hehe! The left wrist where it had hardened the other day, now 4Thu02had a pretty pattern on it. I thought for a moment that it looked like a maggot with a nose and eyes at the far end? Hahaha!

WD 69.0.69 As I was drying myself off, I spotted several of the EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) lurking about on the dry part of the wet room floor, near to the door! Three live ones and two dead carcases. I grabbed the Sanmex Bug Killer can, and it was empty! Out and to my ‘Repellent Armoury drawer’ to collect another can of killer spray… WD 69.0.69 Tripping over the same slipper again as I did so.

4Thu001 WD 69.0.69 On the way back to the wet room, I saw that I had left the flipping oven on all night. Again! I ran in and turned off the power to the stove.

I gave the wet room a good spray with the Sanmex, then did the hallway as well. I got myself dressed, and off to investigate if any damage had been done in the oven. All looked dirty and stained inside. Clobberwockers!

At least it was warm in the kitchen. Hehehe! I calmed down a bit then and pondered on why the Weevils had returned; then realised with all my self-pitying and dizzy-spells yesterday, I had not sprayed the bug killer anywhere at all. Klutz!

I tidied up a bit in the front room and got the slippers on.

Ah, the Asda (Walmart) delivery is due this morning twixt 06:00 > 07:00hrs. I know I had a delivery on Tuesday from them, but with my not daring to risk going out while I’m in the Furosemide, and the possibility of losing the bus service, I got some stuff in. But, of course, there is a delivery charge and minimum buy! So, this is not going to help me lower my ridiculously large stock of fodder in the cupboards.

I got the Health Checks done, with the sphygmomanometer working on the first try.


4Thu001aEven the new thermometer worked the first time and quickly for me!

The BP confused me a little. The sys was higher, but the Dia was lower (almost poetical that, Haha!). The temperature was the highest ever I think, but as Tim Price told me, this is no problem, as for some reason it has been too low for a long time now until I started using the new ear-hole thermometer.

Took the medications. And set about updating, finalising and posting off the Wednesday Woes diary to WordPress.Then made a start on this blog. Between a few close-call LHBLWWs (Long Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-wees) One, which I was forced to take in the emergency bucket, to avoid a leaking torrent!

I got some chips in the oven to have with a mini-pork pie for breakfast.

4Thu06aI went on the WP reader and comments while I waited for the chips to cook.

Got the nosh served up, I can’t believe I’m eating breakfasts after so many years. But the fear installed in me, by Sister Janet and Scharführeress Nurse Ann demanding and commanding me to eat brekkies, soon broke my resistance! Hehehe! I think my telling her of the Furosemide problem, caused her to need a wee-wee herself. Haha! She had to shoot off, so only a few seconds of conversation, nice of her to ring.

4Thu06I had a look out of the unwanted kitchen windows, with the extra glass to clean that I cannot reach to clean, the light and view-blocking view and that I have to take photographs out of, blind because I have to hang out of the window to get over the ridiculously wide ledge… what was I saying?… Oh yes! I got the camera back inside and checked on the viewer whether the Asda delivery had arrived or not yet. It hadn’t.

WD 69.0.69 So, I got the computer on to update wicked Wednesday Inchcock Today.


I had my now seemingly regular second visit to the Porcelain Throne, a decent one this time, not too messy, and leaving the wet room as I heard my mobile ringing… Mobile? At this time in the morning? It was the Asda, delivery lady. She wanted me to go down to l4Thu05et her in. Had the communication which they usually contact me to be let in, panel broken down. With the landline not being connected, I could not press her in – so I went down to let her in?

WD 69.0.69 I took the walking stick with me cause of the legs. She got in, and I forgot to ask if she’d tried the phone in the foyer entrance. The poor think late a bit late, and it showed in her face an actions. To help her out, I suggested she just put the good in the lift with me, and she could get off then. She did! I went up in the elevator with the bags and loose bottles etc. and made a few trips from the lift doors to the flat door and got the stuff inside and put away. To make up the minimum order with me not being able to get out yet, I’d ordered things like spring water, kitchen towels and bleach that I did not need, but could use later. The freezer had to have little re-jiggling to get the mousse, chips, lamb burgers and iced orange suckers in. Tsk! I got an Asda (Walmart) store-baked Sourdough Baguette. When I picked it up from the bag and felt the weight and solid touch to it, I got a feeling I would not take to this cement and flour bread. Huh! I’ll just make a couple of turkey sarnies, some sauce of some sort, gherkins I have in to use, but I forgot to get any tomatoes.

Went on CorelDraw to do some TFZer Graphics, not done any for a while, all the weariness and falling asleep doesn’t help. 

WD 69.0.69 No graphics not done yet, Sister Jane called, told me not to buy anything too much in, food-wise, it was a bad connection again, but she did point out that I had got her Birthday wrong still this year, as I did last year, you’d think that after 89 years, I could get it right. Hahaha! Sorry Jane, only joking! Oh, and I must do something else.. but while I was typing in the previous words, I forgot what it was! Oy Vey!

Tried to get some pictures made up again on CorelDraw. (Failed)

WD 69.0.69 Oh, dearie me, I’ll have to give up concentrating, Dizzy Dennis is back with a vengeance. Although the Furosemides (Long Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-wees) are less frequent and I think, not so forceful. (Later, especially in the morning, boy did they start again!) Mind you, I have to take the Furosemide in an hour or so, I can expect the tsunami any time after that to begin again. Big mouth me! Just typed this in, and had to shoot off for another Furosemide imposed LHBLWW!

Been up for 14-hours now. The weariness is creeping in.

5fri001So drained again now, I made three sarnies of buttered Sourdough bread with pork loin.

WD 69.0.69 Tough would be the first word to describe my biting into the Asda (Walmart) Sourdough Baguette!

In fact, I loosened two teeth in the process!

As for the taste, cardboard!

I planned the viewing for the goggle-box. Two episodes of the A-Team, then a Police documentary, followed by a 40 stone life programme. I didn’t get half-way through the first A-Team before I nodded off. Tsk!

I hope for a better Furisemide… er… Friday. Hehehe!

Inchcock Today – Sat 15 Dec 2018: Not one of my better days, but still!


15 Dec 2018

Saturday 15th December 2018

Finnish: Lauantai 15. Joulukuuta 2018

WD 131.25.50 I’m not sure when it was, but the landline-light flashed and woke me. I fought to get to answer it before it stopped. I wish I hadn’t bothered now. It was some git saying he was from Chucky-Chicken or something like that and had my food outside for me. After the electricians waking me last night after I’d got my head down and now this – I was not very pleasant to the chap, I didn’t swear or bang the phone down though! I told him I have not ordered any food, this often happened to me in the past, and could he remove this number from his phone, please. No answer, then he just repeated that he had my meal outside for me. I rang off, tired, weary, pissed-off and annoyed! The git rang back a couple of minutes later, I ignored the call. But I can’t turn off the phone, as it is linked to the wristlet panic alarm. Last time this happened, I did try turning off the phone. Got my head down again and got a call from the Monitoring Station on my mobile, telling me the line was dead and I must put and keep it on at all times. This was the continuation of bad luck and frustrations since the electricians woke me. My EQ told me there is more to come!

23:28hrs: Woke still feeling the same as last night, I’m afraid. Weary, fatigued and self-irritating! The usual physical ailments were all being so kind to me, that it worried me! Hehe! After a couple of minutes waiting for the brain activity to join the body, I clambered out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner, got the slippers on, and manipulated the dressing gown around my more-than-ample, wobbly-fleshed excessively pot-bellied body.

To the wet room for an SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee-wee). I noticed only one of the EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) in the place. Cleaned the dandies and out to the kitchen to do the Health Checks.

WD 131.25.50 Setting up the sphygmomanometer, and a sudden demand for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised appeared. Back to the wet room. Tsk! The session was as good as they get, no bleeding or struggling whatsoever! Things physically seem to be doing well today? A Saturday as well, this is most uncommon.

Back to the fodder making room, to carry on with the hemadynamometer readings.


6Sat03The results, apart from the weight, of course, are all down a bit. Well, a lot really.

I think this is a good thing, but how the brain is this morning, all vague and indistinguishable from babble at times, I’m not all that sure.

There is a definite reluctance on my brain’s willingness to engage full operational activities. More like a ‘keep your head down’ mode! An unwillingness, idleness of sorts. Like he’s had enough input and can cope with no more?

I got the computer on and checked the Emails. One from the doctor’s surgery. I knew this would happen, I think I said so in yesterdays Inchcock Today?


I asked for one as early as possible (futile I know). But it was their fault the appointment was made late, and now I get it for 11:45hrs. This is terrible timing for me. When I start to fade every day around 13-14:00hrs has been told to them. But at least they said they are sorry this time. Not as sorrily as I’m going to be on Tuesday though. Swine! They couldn’t even get my name right! And, ‘Kind Regards?’ Is that taking the piss or mocking me or what? Oy-Yoy-Yoy!

I’ve not felt this low for ages – at least this time I know why. The accumulation of repeatedly being stopped and woke up from my sleep by telephone calls that are not for me, late calling workers, dizzies, falls and now being let down again by the Sherrington Park Medical Practise staff! I hate weekends at the best of times, but this one is already on its way to driving me to end of my tether!

Things have left me feeling cantankerous, curmudgeonly, hacked-off, fed up, disgruntled, self-loathing, woeful, joyless, unvalued and sorry for myself. Just thought I’d mention it!

I got the Friday Inchcock completed and posted it off.

Another summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. All good again, mo bleeding or leaking.

Made a start on updating this post.

Went on TFZer Facebook page.

Feeling a bit worse for wear now, Dizzy Dennis had paid a call. Tsk!

6Sat23Got the nosh prepared, I wasn’t feeling hungry at the time, but thought it best to eat something, before I fell asleep.

I rang Sister Jane as I got the nosh prepared, no answer, but I expect they will be out and about actually doing something and busy. She rings back when she misses a call, which is nice of her.

I served up the mini-meal and got down in the recliner. I was trying to stay awake and was lacklustrely picking at the food when Sister Jane called back. I was glad to have a chinwag with Jane, although the line interference was bad, and he had to go when the bus she and Pete were waiting for arrived. I really can’t remember all that was said, nor be sure of facts I could recall of the conversation afterwards. Tsk!

I finished off the fodder and put the plate and tray down on the chair next to the recliner. Convinced I was about to drift off into the land of Nod and stay there for a long time. This did not prove to be the case, however.

A frustratingly disturbed night followed.

Ah, well! Half-way through the lonely mind-paralysing weekend, at least! Hehe!


Inchcock Today: Sun 30th Sept 2018: Graphicationalisationing Day


Sunday 30th September 2018

German: Sonntag 30 September 2018

0043hrs: Woke and found some scribble on the notepad. I added bits I could recall of the dream to those there, to use immediately, before the thoughts were gone off into the ether.

Inchcocks Eidolon-like nocturnal reverie report Hehe!: I was walking atop a coastal hillside, and searching for I know not what. I was ferreting in the bushes and grass, delving down pot-holes, etc. when the ground gave way, and I tumbled down and down, landing in a gigantic cavern, and died the instant my blubbery body his the rocks at the bottom and burst open. My soul, Ka or ghost, floated out of the earthly body and I cognised that there were hundreds of spirits, ghouls, Angels or demons floating around the cave. They showed no interest in me whatsoever. They seemed to be holding a confab about the state of mankind between themselves.  I found I could fly, or float and went around listening to their conversations. What I heard did not bode well for the tellurians left alive. They were all to be returned to life after their death, as Weevils?

Suddenly a loud klaxon sounded, at that moment all the entities looked directly towards me and scowled… as some wild looking creatures with two heads, long claws and teeth came from nowhere and escorted me brutally out of the cave, back up on to the cliff-top where I fell-down from in the first place. I sense the journey up to the ground level, was arduous and painful for me, but no details can be recalled?

As I got dropped into the bushes, a large group of twitchers came over to me, asking where did I come from and was I alright, and did I know I had a leg missing and was bleeding?

When I told them what had happened, they mocked me, laughed, called me a lying nitwit and walked away suggesting I go forth and multiply.

I turned and started to fall down the same hole again!

I’m not sure if the apparitional dream did not repeat itself…

By gum, I’ve never remembered so much of a nocturnal vision, I don’t think.

I disentangled my ‘signs of nocturnal-nibbling covered body’ from the £300 second-hand recliner. Put the newly updated notepad next to the computer, and picked up the biscuit tub from the floor where it had fallen. Off for a short-sharp wee-wee.

Got the Health Checks done.


7Sun02Sys, Dia, and Pulse all down a bit, at last. Ye-ha!

W0.0.128 Shaking Shaun paid a visit while I was taking the photograph of the sphygmomanometer readings. Luckily for me, there was no Dizzy Dennis in attendance this time.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Off, dearie me, another messy session. Got rinsed and sprayed 7Sun03the ‘Raid’ bug killer in all rooms. Not so many dead carcases were found this morning, although still too many.

Not a single living evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle was found. If this is a good thing or not, I’m not sure. Or are the cunning little beasts planning another surprise attack on me?

Back to the computer, to make a start on updating and finalising the Saturday post. Not a big one, cause I could not recall a lot of what happened. Yet, today, I can remember so much about last nights dream? Mind you, can’t remember making the notes I wrote down about it!

Z02aI got the diary finished and posted off to WordPress.

Made a start on this one, up to here, then went on the TFZer Facebook site.

Then on CorelDraw to do some Graphicalisations of the TFZer and post them off to the site.

This is Shirley, with me of course, handily placed to respond to her call for any needs, nibbles, or a massage in an instant.

I’d just done the stairs for her in her weekend pad. Flipping hard graft up and down them there steps… But, she deserves it.

Young04aThen, I did Julie. She is a Cat-Walk Model and Manageress of the local Alcoholic Addiction Treatment Center, you know. And, Part-Owner of the Double Dip eatery in Chariton, Iowa. So she is handy for her to give AA-Councilling for Thomas and Keith.

One of her more stubborn patients, Keith, was having an AA meeting at the time the photograph was taken. Hehehe!

Then the most desirable Pole-Dancer Sandie was visited and graphicalised.

WoolShe had TFZer men visiting at the time.

But, you can’t blame the lads.

Luckily I had Nurse Janet with me to help me get better viewing position. Haha!

Ah-well, I enjoyed doing them. But, I must stop now, to get the ablutionisationing tended to. It could take a while today, I didn’t shave yesterday. Last time I left it for two days, I ended up with five cuts on the face from shaving, so must taketh care this time. Haha!

Back in a bit…

I’m back, but later than planned.

I collected around 22 more dead evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles from the wet room. I did the ablutions (Only one cut shaving).

7Sun15Then decided to take the black bags to the waste chute, and tied the large recycling bag to take down to the caretakers’ door as I went on a little min-hobble.

Just a trip around the block – so as to put it. To get a bit of exercise.

I got down and outside, and it seems that a lot of other tenants had decided to dump their recycling bags at the same place on 7Sun10the same day?

I walked part-way along Chestnut Walk, then I decided to go the other around instead. I think my My irresolute, vacillating aboulia had returned. Haha!

Anne Gyna gave me no bother as I walked up the gravel footpath into Woodthorpe Grange 7Sun11Park. No, that’s not true. I should have said, walked up the newly sanded walkway! That looks nice and smart. I don’t know how long it will last, but it is a lot more comfortable to walk on now they done the sanding of the walkway hill.

As I hobbled down the park footpath, I was glad to see that many dogs and owners were back on the football pitch and fields again, now 7Sun12that the travellers had moved on.

The lads were limbering up ready for their match on the bottom pitch.

On to Mansfield Road, over the hill and down into Sherwood.

Called into the Wilko store to see if they had any Raid spray in stock, but they had not. I bought a brown shoe polish. Didn’t realise how much it was until I got to the checkout. £3!

7Sun13Out and to the Co-op, got some ice-cream cornets.

Uphill along Winchester Street back home.

Sister Jane rang, the reception was terrible, and the battery that I’d charged up this morning was over a third down after the call. Humph! She only told me off once, too!

7Sun14Back on Chestnut Walk, not a soul in sight. It felt sort of eerie.

Got in the flat, and knew I was about to fade fast, even this early in the day… mind you, I had got up early, even for me.

Wee-wee – Health Checks, rinse and got the meal cooking.

1Mon001Nosh on, minted lamb hock, gravy, peas and roast potatoes.

Updated this diary a bit.

Nosh served up. A most disappointing one it was too. The Iceland lamb was fatty tasting and bland in the extreme. I shan’t bother with buying one, again, and I have the other hock in the fridge to eat yet. Tsk! Still, the minted peas and roast potatoes were very flavoursome and the gravy I made, was so-so. A flavour rating of 6.5/10. Apart from some of the lamb, I ate it all up anyway.

I got down earlier than usual in the £300 second-hand recliner and soon started the nodding-offs. I was off into the land of nod proper in no time.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 6th January 2018:

Saturday 6th January 2018

Malay: Sabtu 6 Januari 2018

0320hrs: After all the past three days Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpa’s I knew something had to happen. I slept six hours straight through, which was needed and I felt grateful for. But the innards were rumbling and grumbling instantly, and astonishingly every ailment bar Rumbling Robert, Duodenal Donald and Dizzy Dennis, were far less prominent than of late. I even escaped the £300 second-hand recliner with relative ease as I made my way to the Porcelain Throne in an attempt to settle-down Rumbling Robert. A messy little job, and I only read a page and a half of the Lenigrad book, and it was all over. Cleaned up, applied some pain gel to Hippy Hilda’s location and made my way to the kitchen, to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

During which the brain kept giving me ideas for an ode about this weeks Whoopsiedangleplops, so rapidly I thought I was turning into an epopoeist; pitifully, within seconds, the words and ideas faded and the grey-cells refused to store them. But the suggestion of doing a rhyming blog of the week’s Whoopsies remained appealing to me.

Did the medical needs.

Made a cuppa, then got the computer on, but the Rumbling innards had other plans and gurgled away again, forcing a panicky rush back to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dear! A proper messy session this time. Cleaned up and back to the computer.

I tried doing this blog idea and Whoopsiedangleplop on CorelDraw instead of WordPress or Word. It took me a long, long time to get done. Blimey, six hours, and I am not pleased with the result. Tsk!

Posted it off and did this up to here, then started to finished off Friday’s diary.

5Fri03Went to make another mug of tea and took this photograph of the dank-weather and bare open balconies outside.

The wind had dropped, though the drizzle continues.

Back on the computer and the Friday Inchcock Today finishing off of.

I rang Sister Jane, but no answer, I know she is having problems with her mobile. Rang her hubby Pete. Poor devil sounded proper poorly with the flu. I rang Jane back, but he hadn’t much time as she was galavanting. Hehe!

Went on to the WordPress reader.

Then many hours creating some ‘TFZers Visit Gerry in Nottingham’ graphics series. During which this came up from Firefox:

When I can work out what it means, it might be a good thing. Back to the TFZer graphicationalising. Accompanied by Herbert upstairs scraping tapping and dropping stuff on the floor. Indeed not the workers to blame on a Saturday!

Five hours later, I got the artworks finished. A further hour and I got them posted. Here’s just a few of them:

Made a post of them on WordPress.

Long past my kipping-down time now.

I took a photo of the sky and got the medications took, and Health checks were done and got the fodder prepared, determined not to let the tray slip off my knees tonight. Typing this made me realise that the ailment had been kind to me tonight, bar Hippy Hilda and Duodenal Donald. Very good methinks?

I ate most of it, but fighting against falling asleep spoilt the flavour a bit.

The oven rewarmed cobs were buttered and thickly loaded with slices of Krakowska.

I washed the pots and got the TV going to check what was on offer tonight. I’d forgotten to get a TV magazine, Tsk!

I think I nodded off while looking at it, waking up six hours later, in need of the Porcelain Throne.

TTFN, each.

Inchcock Today – Friday 5th January 2018: The most harrowing day of 2018 Humph!

Friday 5th January 2018

Maori: Rāmere 5 Kohitātea 2018

0210hrs: Woke from sleeping and jumble-up crazy-making dreaming. I think I was in precisely the same position as I nodded off in last night, despite the turmoil of the unremembered dreams. As the brain slowly engaged with the body, thoughts turned to the tasks of the day. The radiators being turned-off, Obergruppenfureress Warden Deana letting them into the flat, so I can get to go and see Sister Jane with her Birthday pressies on the first bus at 0930hrs. I’ll be able to attend the WC and shave easier today now the bright new lamp has been fitted by the nice young man from Nottingham City Homes, yesterday.

The profound perturbation of yesterday has eased. I’m not very confident about this, though. I expect things to vesuviate back to this year’s usual pandemonium, fears and anxieties mode anytime now. Hehe!

I battled and was victorious in extracting my short-bulbous body from the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. A good session, no bleeding and not so messy as of late. Reading the Leningrad book was so much easier-going with the new lighting in there.

P1250907Washing afterwards, I caught the sight of my pilgarlic head and face in the shaving mirror reflected back in the brightness with frightening clarity! Shudder!

Into the kitchen again and tended to the Health Checks and medicationalisationing.

The readings looked a lot better today, not they have been wrong anyway lately.


Got the computer on and updated and posted the Thursday Diary off.

0400hrs: Tapping and things falling noises, pretty loud, but I could not locate where from? I’ll have a look out of the window to see if Herbert has his light on… No, not him this time. Looked around for any signs of something fell over that might have caused the noise, found nothing untoward. The first mystery of the day arrived? Haha!

ToUseI went on the WordPress Reader, not having time yesterday with being without the Scrumdifferous Richard Rich, Robbing Branson’s Virgin Media Internet due to its going down again, I anticipate a lot of reading to do.

There was some good stuff on it.

While answering WordPress comments; A message has just appeared on screen telling me they are going to update windows soon. Fretting Mode adopted. Every time they do this something changes, I get myself in a pickle over trying to sort it out and understand it.

5Fri030620hrs: Went to make another brew of tea.

Then on CorelDraw to make a start on a TFZer graphicalisation creation.

Then back onto the CorelDrawing and eventually finished got the graphic completed to my reasonable satisfaction.

HW Bet Andy

Ablutions dome and off out.

A laugh or two, in the Obergruppenfhureress’s hut with other tenants.

5Fri10Caught the bus to town with Mary. Then:

I grabbed the wrong flipping bus into West Bridgford, I got the number 5 route one, in error for the 7.

What a plonker!


No problem I thought, I’ll drop off on Central Avenue and walk up to Davies Road. Then:  I fell asleep and woke up at the terminus in Gamston.

Got off and waited ay the Morrison store bus shelter, in the rain for a number 7 to take me back. Tsk!

Started feeling a tad giddy and not in full control.

Eventually arrived at Sister Jane and Pete’s mansion. But I was feeling so tired, annoyed with myself and all out of sorts, confused. Had a lovely natter and laugh I think, and I took some photographicalisations of their local squirrel.

5Fri12d (2)

Gave Jane her Birthday gifts. I fear the visit is a little vague in my mind due to the funny turn. Cannot recall leaving them or walking to the bus stop really. Once at the bus stop, things became clearer again, and I regained control of the grey-cells from thereon.

Caught a Bingham bus, that due to the Broad Marsh Car Park being demolished, dropped everyone off on Canal Street. Where I took these photographs, the first two from the bus, the third after getting off.


I walked through the shopping Centre (Mall) and out onto Listergate, taking some photographs in the rain.


Too early for the L9 bus, so I had a wander around the Primark store, a load of rubbish, nowt for the aged in there.

5Fri12jHobbled up Exchange Walk.

The shop on the right here, opposite the McDonalds eatery, had some soft walking shoes on offer in the window.

There had reduced them down to only… wait for this… £99.99 a pair!

I managed to resist buying them. Hehe!

Came out of the other end of the walk and through onto Long Row and felt so sorry for the poor sod in the Pizza thingamajig.



5Fri12j1I walked around King Street and onto Queen Street and to the bus stop for the L9.

Had chinwag with a lady there and a listen to the Italian sounding young man gossiping with his partner about what they would order-out for their evening meal. After few minutes he won, and their Pizza would have anchovies on it.

Only three passengers on the bus as it pulled away. Three stops later, and there must have been thirty-three of us.

Back at the flats, I bade my farewells to the lady I was chatting to, and off the bus and back to the flat.

I could see signs that the Willmott-Brown lady and engineer had been in the apartment at all. Very tidy people, I thought.

I was so cold and weary now. So I got the Health Checks done and took the medications. Changed into my nightwear to as to get and keep warm and comfy, and got the nosh out to prepared for later.

Got on with updating this monologue. Downloaded the photographs ready to use, and the door chime rang out.

It was Jenny, bless her cotton socks. She told me that the blocking-off team had not called this morning, or rather they had, but could not get access because I was out. Oberbruppenfurheress Warden Deana had forgotten to tell them that she would let them in. They would be along a little later.

That was kind of her to let me know. I was irked only at having to change my clothes now I was at last dry and warm, ready to receive them. But not bothered about Deana forgetting about this at all. She is very busy with all the work taking place and complaints about the new radiators, hassle and changes to the best-laid plans, the bats etc. Thank heavens that Jenny heard me asking Deana at the time so I can avoid any blame.

I thought afterwards when Jenny had gone; How are the Wardens going to cope when the new 60-70 or so tenants move into the new block? Will they get extra help? I do not envy them dealing with it all. Good job Jenny is helping out.

I got back on with updating this diary. An hour or so later the team arrived. The heaters were isolated. And they will fit the dreaded new ones for me on Monday. A day out for me if I can manage it, methinks?

5Fri12kPressed on updating this script again, then went into the kitchen to get the fodder sorted. But I had not turned on the oven to cook the potato-balls. Not that it mattered that much – cause I’d also forgot to put the potatoes in the oven!

Tsk, Fool!

So I got the oven on and took a photo of the ominous looking landscape.

5Fri12oThe meal turned out to be a disaster for many reasons.

The tray slipped as I took the first forkful and I lost some tomatoes, the chips and the chicken thighs. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner to retrieve and clean up the mess and threw the food away of course.

Resettled again with a somewhat less filled plate of fodder to try again.

By then, the potato balls had gone cold and were uneatable. Threw them away.

The pork pie was excellent, the beetroots okay and the sliced apple far too soft to enjoy.

I had planned to watch some Law & Order on the TV. But fell asleep with the tray still on my over-ample fluid-filled legs. Luckily when it slipped off while I was sleeping, no mess was made much, because I ate the desperately few bits of food left on it earlier.

Thus ended the worst day of 2018!

Inchcock Today – Monday 18th December 2017: Sister Jane and Hubby Pete came to inspect the flat. Hehe!

Monday 18th December 2017

Corsican: Lunedì 18 Dicembre 2017

0105hrs: This mornings expergefaction brought with it, confusion. Why was I half hanging out of the £300 second-hand recliner, that had mysteriously moved a few inches away from the old armchair next to it? The stomach was growling, Hippy Hilda horrendously painful, chest pangs and twinges. Feeling a little Dizzy Dennis visitation, one sock on – the other later found in the waste bin. Limbs aching. Lower back, shoulders and legs and Duodenal Donald dementedly angry with me. Yet, no Anne Gyna, Reflux Roger, Arthur Itis or Hernia Henry hassle?

I rearranged my semi-mangled limbs into a semblance of where they should be. I could remember no dreams whatever? Then a new pain started the moment I tried to move out of the chair, right chest, half-way down the ribs. I put this down to the contorted physical position I’d gotten myself into overnight.

I left the disarranged mess in the front room and limped off to the kitchen, in a bit of a haze. Did the Health Checks and took the medications – found I’d missed the last night ones, so just took a Magnesium, Warfarin and Simvastatin from them, with the morning ones, to avoid repetition.

On the computer to update the Health log with last weeks results. Which came out only a little different tot he previous weeks, although the Sys and Dia a few points up.

Then did this morning’s checks.

Responded to the rumbling innards and called at the Porcelain Throne. I think that Trotsky Terence is trying to fight back at Constipation Conrad again now. Resulting in a half-half session. Tsk! During which I had flash-back of a tiny bit of a dream I’d had, I was in London (I assumed) walking around the streets of Belvedere houses, chambers and bowls of natural body waste being thrown out of the upper windows, aimed at me. But the vision in my mind ceased within seconds?

On the computer to finish yesterdays blog off.

Made a mug of Breakfast Tea, then started this template going. The stomach still rumbling.

Went to the WordPress Reader.

0322hrs: Remembered I had the laundry to do. Assembled it and down and got it started.

Back up the lift and set the timer, and back on Facebooking.

The Notice Board had been prettified for the season of good-will.

Back to Facebooking again.

Half an hour later, returned to the laundry room to move the clothing from washer to dryer.

Some naughty pensioner had not cleaned out the filter on the drying machine.


Once more, back up in the elevator to the mini-apartment. CorelDraw used to start another TFZer graphic.

Down to collect the dried-laundry.

A lot of fluff came out of the filter afterwards.

Folded and collated the things and got them in the big bag.

Wiped around and sprayed the covers and doors.

Then I popped outside to take a photograph, and found that it was warmer out there than it was in the flat upstairs?

Despite there being a bit of frost on some of the car windscreens.

Gathered the bag and went back up to dwellings.

Stored the togs away and checked the bag of goodies for Jane and Pete. Another load in the fridge I must not forget about when they arrive

WordPress was still not doing anything but let me write on it. Would not save? Had to turn everything off and start again. Luckily this did the trick, and it is working once more.

I got some nibbles, made another brew and watched some YouTube crash videos.

Took a photo of the turning-colourful sky, and check to see if there were any Parking Spaces, to let Pete know when I ring him later.

Got the ablutions tended to. Nice deep slow shower, not cuts while shaving, no bleeding from anywhere like rear-end or teggies’

Sorted the rubbish bags out and took them to the chute, and went down with some jars for the recycling bin. I noticed in the lift on the way down, it looked like some graffiti had been cleaned off the wall?

I also spotted that they had put down some sand-salt outside. Bless the workers, very kindly indeed.

0900hrs: It actually appeared so much colder now, compared to what it felt at 0300hrs? Odd that. I’d thought I might have time to nop up to Aldi and get back in time for Jane and Pete, but if the hill is going to be icy, I decided to catch the bus up and walk home.

So I got ready and hobbled to the bus stop.

Arrived at the bus stop and had a chinwag and laugh with some other tenants. Dished out some chocolate coins. Two of them told me that the heaters do not work unless you have them all going?

I only rode for five bus stops up to the top of the hill. Said my farewells to the others and alighted the vehicle, and walked along Woodborough Road to the Aldi store.

The pavements were a bit dodgy with the ice en route, but I got there alright.

Got some cooked chicken legs, oven potatoes, part-baked baguettes and rolls to last over the break, vine tomatoes, a Melton Mowbray Pork Pie and a lemon curd yoghourt. I forgot to get the tinned tomatoes, though. Tsk!

Paid and left, walking along the top and down Winchester Street Hill towards the flats.

Very dicey manoeuvring over the ice as I descended the incline.

Hippy Hilda was the only hassle, but she was not in a good mood at all with me. By the time I approached the bock of flats, I was thinking about taking an extra pain-killer when I got indoors. Which I did.

The standing water was still frozen near to the builders compound top gate.

Got in the apartment and put the food away.

Made a brew and onto the computer and updated this twallop.

The tea went cold, so I went to make another mug.

For a bit of fun, I took a picture of the parking outside below, and sent a copy to Janet, telling her there were two free spaces available. I thought it might amuse her and Pete, then again, just maybe not.


Opened Corel Draw, to start making some more funny page headers while I awaited their arrival.

Looked out and saw Jane & Pete arriving on site. I recorded this cause I might use it for blackmail at a later date:

When they got into the flat, I soon learnt, I should eat pasta, not bacon with the tomatoes in the pan, the kitchen was too full, the colour in the hall was the wrong one,  my spectacles that Pete used were not the right ones for him. My nose was running again, and the jumper I had on was the wrong colour for me. I’m only joking! Hehe!

Jane gave me a short coat that a friend who had passed away left. Nice and warm when I tried it on, right for summer or wearing in the flat on a cold night.

We exchanged stuff. Both had been to see another relative Mary earlier in the day (I think) and this bought guilt back to me a little. Mary’s husband had the same heart operation as I did, a week before me. And he passed away a week or so later. I took a lot of getting over that I should survive, and a family man with a beautiful wife, who I adored and kids that were more like friends had to die.

Chinwagged a lot, a few laughs along the way. Hippy Hilda was giving me a lot of pain, I think I hid it well, I didn’t want to bring down the rare light-heartedness that was prevalent, and I was enjoying.

Pete tried to download the photos he’d clandestinely taken to the computer. I got myself in a pickle trying to get the Wi-fi to pick them up, panicked and gave up. (Sad innit?)

They departed. I felt a little low. And as I was about to get the camera to take shots of their leaving from the kitchen window – an urgent call to the Porcelain Throne had to be responded to. Tsk!

Health Checks – medications taken.

Pasta Tomato sauce with mushrooms and bacon nosh. Enjoyed this. Put the dishes in the bowl to soak.

The energy soon drained from my grey-cells and body, and I got down in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch a Boon DVD episode.

Turned over to the TV after and drifted off into much-needed sleep. The phone rang, I managed to escape the recliner and get to the phone in time. Pete had found a way to send me the photographs he took on his new SmartPhone and had sent me them via Email.

I’ll get them sorted in the morning.