Inchcock Today 10 Aug 16: Much artwork done, British Gas Farce Continues – Hospital visit


Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Duo Denal and Rea Flux all being kind to me this morning. WRWW’s rampant, and toe and leg much easier! No dizzies or shakes yet. Looking Good! (Shouldn’t have said that should I?)

Wednesday 10th August 2016

I stirred around 0425hrs and sat there pondered on the dream I had been having for a few moments. Underground again, crawling through tunnels, this time, I had on a face mask, goggles, knee pads, etc., but was wearing my slippers? Being chased again, the pursuers caught me this time and tattooed me on my back and neck? Found myself in a luxury high rise apartment with cats and dogs licking me as I changed channels on an old Rediffusion Radio on the wall… much more took place I felt, but could only recall these bits of the dream. Tsk!

 The £300 second-hand recliner noisily and shudderingly allowed me out of it to get for a WRWW and WWHD. The tiniest bit of blood from the rear and Little Inchy, and the activities were far less painful than of recent. Not a bad start I thought.

Carried out the checks and medicating of the required areas, then into the kitchen to make a cuppa and take the medications and wash the pots in the sink that I’d failed to do last night…

11bWhoopsiedangleplop! I’d left the oven on 220 degrees all night long! Oh dear, I thought to myself.  Still, it was nice and warm in the kitchen!

Got on with finishing the Tuesday diary and starting this one, doing the graphic for the top of the page first. (Hope it gets a laugh?)

I mustn’t get carried away with lap-topping or internetting today, the appointment at the Cancer Clinic is for 1600hrs. This really gets me down, a late appointment. I’ve got get a bus to town and another, or a tram to get to the QMC, I know I’ll be tired and weary when I arrive because I always lose steam around this hour every day. Then, getting back will be a nightmare! I’ll be coming home in the rush-hour, the legs and feet will be aching, and I’ll face the onslaught of being crushed and knocked by the other passengers as they attack the tram doors, the seats are not supportive so the back will start to play up as I limp through town to catch a bus to Sherwood.

Of course, the L9 bus will have long stopped running, the last one will have departed from town at 1503 hrs! So I’ve to catch one that drops me off in Sherwood, then either walk up Winchester Street hill, or through the Woodthorpe Grange Park to get back to the flats. I anticipate, a weary, irritated and antisocial Inchcock will arrive home. That is, if they don’t keep me in, I’ve got to take me jammies shaving stuff, etc. in with me in case, like. That reminds me, I’ll put the things in the bag ready now!

Done it.

Updated this tosh.

Deana came to the flat as I was about to have a shower. She’s received this email from British Gas in reply to her complaint about the hassling me with Red Letter demands for a non-existent meter.

Wednesday 10 August: Warden Deana emailed the answer to me from BG. The five grammatical errors in the email have been corrected by Inchcock, before being put on this page 
From: “” <>
Date: 9 August 2016 12:38:24 BST
To: <>
Subject: Your reply from British Gas (18953202) (KMM43902975V30033L0KM)

Dear Ms Walker
Thank you for the enquiry you sent regarding Mr Chamber’s account, I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you.

Unfortunately, I am unable to help for the time being, as you are currently not named on the account, and as such I am unable to disclose or change any information regarding the account.
This is due to the Data Protection Act.
If you would like to be named on the account, please call us on 0800 048 0202* when you are with the account holder so we can get permission to either speak to yourself or add your name to the account.
Alternatively, you can send a signed power of attorney letter from the account holder, with the account number and details, authorising you to be added to the account. This can be posted, or attached to an email. Our mailing address is British Gas, PO Box 227, Rotherham, S98 1PD.

Once you have been added to the account, or we have verbal permission from the account holder to discuss the account with yourself, we will be able to disclose any information you require.
I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please contact us should you need any help in the future and thank you for contacting British Gas.
Kind regards Grace Winearls – Looking after your world

Deana came to the flat at 0955hrs and rang BG and got her name on record as my representative and added her name to the account. (Which account, the actual one or the fictional one, we were not sure)
She ran the BG Complaints number, and tried to get put through to them, but had to make-do with the Billing section.
She explained the situation yet again to this BG agent, and was put through to another agent and explained everything to him as well. To complained to each person she spoke to, and asked them why she could not get through to the complaints department?
She was put on hold. (Half an hour o the phone up to here)
Someone spoke to her and decided to put her through to someone else again.
She was put on hold.
She explained everything again to this agent.
She was put on hold.
She asked for written confirmation that the account had actually been close like he has been verbally told on four occasions now, but the demands continue?
She was put on hold.
Mr Ricmondo came on the line.
We were told it had been cancelled (Again!).
She was asked to give the meter readings from the one meter I have. (Which of course is not the meter in question (…67), but the meter I am paying by direct debit (…95). Bewildered we both were!
Deana complained again, about not being able to talk to their Complaints Department directly!
Her phone battery was now down to one bar. She complained about being kept waiting on hold so often.
She was put on hold.
Ricmondo returned to the phone eventually.
1) It seems an engineer will contact Deana to make an appointment to disconnect the non-existent meter and take the readings?
2) No further demands would be received. (Oh yes, very confident about this we were!)
Deana spent 53 minutes in total on hold – the poor woman had lost the will to live!

After the frustrated and deflated woman had left, I got the details put on G+, Facebook and updated the sad story on TrustPilot.

Emailed the GP surgery to get an INR Warfarin blood test booked.

Then had to get ready for the trip to the cancer clinic at the Queens Medical Centre. Ablutions, paperwork got ready.

Called in to see Olive, but she was out. All alone at the bus stop, I was the only person on the bus, it felt like a chauffeured service. Hehe! In town early so I could take some photographs… Oh, no, forgot the camera didn’t I! 11b

Had a walk through the Market in Victoria Centre – got a pair of trousers in my size from a stall there. Must remember this when I need another pair.

Bought a bacon cob and newspaper. Ate the cob.

Walked down to the Slab Square to catch a tram to the hospital. There was much going on that was photographable, but of course, I was without the camera. Humph!

Swiped the bus-pass on the machine then realised I was stood on the wrong side of the tram station where the trams went in the opposite direction. So, I crossed over and caught the right one, had to wait a while as I’d just missed one. I was the only person waiting on the platform, swiped my card again, and the crowds grew as I waited. When the tram arrived, I buffeted about a bit in the rush and was the last one to get on it. Packed solid it was, but I got the last disabled seat, if you can call them seats, they are very tiny plastic, flat and uncomfortable.

No hiatus getting off at the hospital, with it being late in the day I suppose? Walked down the winding staircase, across the crossing over the road (The driver of the white van, the index starting with BD51, might like to know he didn’t hit me as I crossed over, although, he made a valiant effort), and into the Treatment Centre.

Logged in with the receptionist and got the buzzer thing they give you to inform you when it is your turn, sat down and read the newspaper while I waited.

The buzzer buzzed, and I was led into a corridor to take a seat outside a consulting room. Minutes late I was in with the doctor and being checked. The blotch on the side of my head first (The old one), he decided it as definitely a safe form of cancer. Then he moved to look at the one on my back that Olive had told me about.

Walked up and logged in with their receptionist, and was called in almost straight away, and they did an autopsy on my back. It was obviously a lot smaller than the last one that one took over an hour to dig out and stitch, this was over in a few minutes.I caught a view of my blobby body in the mirror when they weighed me

I caught a view of my blobby body in the mirror when they weighed me, it was horrendous, terrifying!

Awaiting the results now. Took the paperwork back to the receptionist, and plodded out and back up to the Tram Station above.

Getting on the tram reminded me of when I went to see Nottingham Forest play Arsenal on a boxing day around 1968? It was so crowded it took me twenty minutes to find out Arsenal were playing in blue and yellow!

Thus, was the tram so crowded! Bruised, actually bruised I was by the time the masses had got onto the tram. Mind you, that helped I think, I just got carried onto the tram between the stern-faced determined passengers battling each other, scowling, with bottom chins protruding. How many of them hung onto their mobile phones I don’t know.

I got off in the Slab Square in Nottingham without much bother and walked up Queen Street to see what buses were available, and I was in luck for once. A number 40 bus was due in fifteen minutes. This bus is the best for me, when like now, the L9’s that take me to the actual flats, had long since stopped running.

01The lady driver, apparently a Demolition Derby fan, soon had me well bruised and nervously getting off the bus-stop on Mapperley Drive above Winchester Street Hill.

Walked back up the hill to use the small central reservation on the bend.

I got onto the reservation quickly, then sort of lost heart and interest as I had to wait for what seemed like hours, for a break in the traffic so I could complete my crossing of the road.

I thought at one time, I’d grow hair or snuff it from old age before I got over the road! Hehe!

In fact, I suppose it was only a few minutes I had to wait, by the time a gap came up, Arthritis had set in!

Wobbled along back to the flats, and called to see Olive, but again she was not in. (Sob!)

Back to the apartment and utilised the wetroom throne painfully and at length.

As I got the meal ready, the dizzies returned.

01aI had an easy meal as I was feeling a bit drained by now.

Tinned sweet and sour chicken in sauce (Added some extra sauce from the jar), potato cakes, the last cheesy cob and followed with a jelly, honey yoghourt and an apple.

Seeing my body mass in the mirror at the hospital, helped me resist having any nibbles afterwards!

I soon nodded off while trying to watch some TV.

Inchcock Today Fri 6 May : Busy busy day! Whoopsiedangleplop! So tired!

Friday 6 May 2016

P1070136Up at 0455hrs, spent a couple of hours graphicalisationing for a particular TFZ gal (Can’t reveal anything yet?)

Then onto sorting out the Dyson and got all confused. A quick call to Brother-in-Law and he got me sorted out.

Got the paperwork sorted for when Steve Age UK arrives, then made a cuppa and took the medications. Was I sure there is another one I’ve forgotten about?

Made sure the appointment things for the Opticians, GUM Clinic and the hospital were in the bag/pockets and put the other bag with the jammies etc, near the door so I wouldn’t forget them.

Had my bath, and did my ablutions, Haem Aroid bleeding but not Little Inchy.

Steve arrived and set to phoning the Council about the Council Tax, British Gas (Gas & Electricity) and Severn Trent Water for the old house to be cancelled. I’ve got to go to visit the bank to cancel the Council Tax payments. The Electricity and Gas, Steve has to ring back next time he calls and I still couldn’t remember the other one needing to be done?

I tried out the new Dyson (Only with the carpet attachment) while he was here, it is superb! The collection box is only small, but it is so easy to empty.

Steve had another client to go and see, said he would call sometime next week to arrange a day for him to try and sort things out again.

I rang Pete to thank him for his guidance but Janet answered the phone, had a gossip and during this I remembered the other thing that needed cancelling – the house insurance!

Got the laptop on again to start this off, as I don’t imagine I’ll be in an excellent state when I get back so late from being prodded about and having lumps cut out of me. Hehe!

I’ll take the camera with me too.

P1070137Got everything ready, and set off in the hope of catching the 1239hrs L9 bus into town.

Got to the bus stop at 1230hrs and not a soul around.

Waited around in hope for the bus to arrive, without any luck.

Gave up at 1255hrs and walked up and through Woodthorpe Grange Park to the bus stop in Sherwood. Of course, this meant because the bus to the GUM clinic didn’t arrive, muggins here forgot all about it! 0101af

P1070139 P1070138

A couple of Swines on the footpath!

Got into town and meandered down through the Slab Square where the Nottingham Shoplifters had gathered to take in the sun.


Went to the bank, where I had a long wait to talk with an advisor about getting the old house’s Community Tax payments cancelled. But when the lady was free, she was charming and helpful, bless her. We even managed a little natter together, had her smiling anyway.

Out and up to Boots the Opticians, where I collected the new spectacles and had another laugh and a good chinwag.

P1070141Being a little early to go to the hospital (Having forgotten about the Clinic helped – Humph!), I had a walk around and down Hounds Gate. Surprisingly few folk about here too!

Surprisingly few folk about here too!

The sun was out and it was warm. So I removed my jumper and put it in my bag.

Called into the pound Shop and had a wander around inside. I bought a soup ladle and a pack of four mini pork pies to eat at the Treatment Centre. I didn’t eat the soup like, just the pork pies, see? Hehe!

When I walked to the tram stop on South Parade, there were far too many Pavement cyclists around to dare photographicalise any of them for fear of betting beat up by em!

Caught the right tram (Yes. it occasionally happens, ha!) to the Queens Medical Centre and walked down the five flights of stairs to the ground floor beneath and hobbled over to the Treatment Centre. Handed in my appointment letter and the lady gave me a bleeper to let me know when it is my turn, and I sat down and read me Holocaust book. Consuming all the pork pies as I did so. Still, that’ll mean no messing about getting fodder when I do get back if I get back to the flat later.

I was feeling so tired at this stage, I managed to nod off twice! Still, the bleeper vibrated so it let me know when to go in. Mind you, it was an hour and a half wait, but in pleasant surroundings and cute nurses passing by.

No messing with these people, very efficient and to the point. The nurse checked my details, took back the bleeper and led me to a chair in the corridor inside. Within minutes a Doctor, the one who saw me a year ago and actually remembered soon had me examined and told me he did not want to disturb the growth yet and booked me in for another appointment in two weeks so he can have a look again to see how it is progressing. He smiled, nay, laughed, when I told him I’d struggled to carry the bag with my towels, clothes, shaving tackle, slippers, etc. to get there too in case I was kept in.

P1070142Back to the Tram stop and soon caught a tram back into town – but what a ride!When the tram pulled up, I wasn’t sure who were the biggest danger to me,

When the tram arrived, I wasn’t sure who were the biggest threat to me, those rushing to get off the tram, or those elbow charging to get on the tram! I managed to get a seat, but a 22 stone bloke sat next to me and I had no room to manoeuvre to get the camera out! Well, it was the rush hour by then.

Dropped off in Slab Square and made my way painfully up Queen Street and waited for the 40 bus. No use me waiting for an L9 to the flats they had stopped running hours ago. Tsk!

Another uncomfortable and pain filled journey again, the bus was so packed the driver had to refuse some folks wanting to get on.

P1070143I got off on Winchester Street, risked life and limb to cross over the road and made my way limpingly towards the flats.

I’ve no idea what these plants were that bravely forced their way through the concrete and up the railings, but to me, they were beautiful.

Anyone know their name. Please?

Just managed to get in the flat in time to avoid a leakage!

So glad, with it being so late (For me like!), that I didn’t have to mess about making anything to eat. Made a cuppa and took the medications, a bit late, though.

Tired as I felt, it took a while to get to sleep. Heigh-ho!

Inchcock Today Sat 30 April 2016: Mixed news, mixed weather and I felt a bit mixed up too!


Up at 0300hrs after a bad night for sleep. First thoughts were that my mate Duncan is coming to see me today. (Am email found later confirmed that he is coming tomorrow not today – Humph, I am a fool!)

The right arm, from the elbow down, was still giving me pain, so I rubbed in some of the pain gel again. The flesh, is disappearing from the arms too? Pity, I can’t transfer some of the excessive fat from my stomach and midriff region to the arms. Hehe!

I got the laptop on and checked the Emails. Some caring ones came in that made me feel a warmth inside.

10Got on with doing a funny of sorts for WordPress.

Took me a few hours, but I enjoyed doing it like.

Posted it off and checked the emails again.

Gorra, a scrub-up, took the rubbish to the chute and gorron an L9 bus to town. Going to have a look at the easy chairs on offer in the city.

P1070076Dropped off the bus and cut through the busy Clumber Street, full of Street Entertainers, Big Issue Sellers, shoplifters and potential muggers on my way to the Bank on Exchange Walk. 

The ATM was out of order, so I called in to ask the cashier for my balance figure to see if the house money had gone in yet. 

Good news, it had. But it was less than I’d hoped for with all the extras I had to fork out for during the battle with the solicitor… Huh!

Then I hobbled to the John Lewis (Jessops) Store. Had a good look around the furniture section, but no chairs suitable, though. Went back down to look at the new Dyson V6 Vacuum cleaners without a lead to fall over and get entangle with. There were three models to choose from, the lady told me that the V6 Absolute was the strongest one, and let me use the display model. It breaks down quickly so I can use it to get to high places, or take the end off and use it by one hand, and it gets into the narrow areas. I pondered, and she told me it was on Special Price over the holiday period, £329.99 down from £369.99! I explained I’d have to come with someone else so they could carry it for me and she shot in verbally saying: “Delivery is free if you pay now.” I bought it. Asking when the delivery would be she said in the next five days. I explained I might be out at the Doctors or Dentists or Skin cancer unit. “If you’re not in, they  will leave a form and contact number for you to use!”

I paid her the £329.99 on me card, thanked her and left.

Went out and over the road to the PC World to get a Multi-card reader if they had any.

After spending a rather long time searching for them, a member of staff asked if she could be of help. A rarity indeed in that place! So kind. She couldn’t find them, so she walked me to the other end of the store and asked another member of staff, who walked me back to the opposite end of the store, but couldn’t find them. Yet another member of staff was asked, walked me again to the front of the store and pointed them out on the shelves. I was losing interest now!

They had some in at £7.99, which was a lot less than the last one that failed to work cost me at Jessops camera shop, so I cheered up a bit. As I queued to pay for it, I noticed they had some of the same Dyson V6 Vacuum cleaners like the one I’d just bought and paid for at John Lewis’s, so I wondered back down the store to have a decker at them. Huh! They were on sale at £299.99, and I’d just paid £329.99 thinking I’d got a bargain. Gnash! Mind you, they would have charged for delivery I told myself.

Back up the store to make my exit, and I heard the staff exclaiming: “Blimey (Not the exact word used) look at the flipping (Not the exact word used again) rain!”

P1070079 P1070080

I tooketh a couple of photographicalisations of the sudden downpour from out of the stores doors. 

05Then when it stopped, I hobbled over and into Tesco and got some fodder.

Minced lamb, Minced Beef, Lamb Steaks and some Cream Eclairs fell into the basket while I was getting these. Ahem!

The rain had stopped and the sunshine came out again.

I resisted spending anymore, despite welcome but no doubt temporary bank balance increase.

P1070078As I left to make my way to the bus stop, another famous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists made an appearance.

A funny side to this today. The youth was on a tiny bike and he must have been well over six-foot and I had to laugh.

The good thing is, he heard me and looked back to scowl at me after he’d gone by – and nearly rode into the railings.

Made my day that did.

But I don’t think he was too happy about it. Hehehe!

Caught the last L9 back to the flats, thinking maybe I should have got some extra fodder in after all, cause being Bank Holiday. There are no buses running now, until Tuesday?

Fellow tenants from the 14th floor, Kathy and Frank got on the bus halfway there, and this cheered me up further cause we had a little chinwag en route.

On and off throughout the day, the new bother with the right arm/wrist/hand got a bit painful. Found if I twisted my right-hand inwards, the pain got worse?

P1070084Got in the flat (No falling asleep on the bus, this time, thanks to nattering with Kathy), WC’d, put the fodder away and got the Crock-pot going. Added the lamb mince to it and made a bit more veg gravy and added that too.

The bit of mince left I cooked in the saucepan for later.

Then, the weather suddenly turned 06nasty again.

A bit of a mixture, this time, rain and snow and sleet?

I went to make sure I’d locked the flat door and found a message hanging through the letter box I’d missed earlier.

Nervously I opened and read it. It was only from the NHS Circle Skin Cancer Unit at the Queens Medical Centre. The appointment for the growth to be examined. Friday 6 May 2016 at 1600hrs. Got a move on with that they did, bless em.

P1050010Went into the bathroom to find the heater and radio both switched on?

Maybe I could have left the heater on, I’ve done that a few times. But, I didn’t put the radio on this morning at all?


Got the laptop going again to update this twaddle. Added the hospital appointment to the Google Calendar.

P1070085Then went on Facebook.

Getting late for me now.

The little burn on the back of my hand is healing nicely.

Serves me right!

The hot-pot is looking and smelling good I hope Duncan will like it when he calls to see me tomorrow. He contacted me later, he’s the same as wot I am and doesn’t eat during the day. Still, it’ll be ready for me tomorrow night.

P1070086Got the bacon and tomatoes on for tonight.

As I looked at the photographs after taking the one of the meal, I realised they were in mono – another cock-up Whoopsiedangleplop from the Nottingham Pensioner!


I ate the fodder, having to force myself to eat the cream eclairs as well. (Fib detected?) The yoghourt had unfortunately gone off, Huh!

 Made a right mess with the crumbs from the bread that I had to clean up.

0101Decided to settle and put the TV on, which doesn’t sound too much like a problem? I could not find the remote control thing. Repeated searches trying places I had done earlier, tested my sanity to its limits.

So, no TV tonight, I got the book ‘Voices from the Holocaust’ out for a reading session.

Went to make a cuppa later and returned to my Circa 1959 brown imitation leather armchair with the broken arms, and as I rounded the Ottoman I trod on the remote control!!!

I realised how I’d missed finding it earlier: The front key side as you see in the photo is light grey – it had fell ending up face down with the black back cover on it showing!

Well, that’s my excuse!

Tired but feeling less confused I soon nodded off, and slept to seven hours without waking at all!

Sat 5 Sept 15: Inchcock Today

Saturday 5th September 2015



Woke up in the chair – distorted and with the angina and reflux valve giving me some gip – That’ll serve me right for missing me evening medications last night – Huh!

Made a cuppa and took me morning medications with extra painkillers.

Boy I must have been so tired again last night.

Set the laptop up with the new powered multi-USB thingamajig, so I could have access to two DSIM cards at the same time. Finished yesterdays dairy.

WC’d, bleeding not so bad this morning. The skin cancer wound started itching and stinging when I had me wash?

Marissa07Did some Facebooking, checked emails and started work on a graphicalisation idea I had, that didn’t come out well.

So I spent the next few hours getting it right!

Then, the day almost gone, I made P1000020missen some nosh.

Beef sarnies, potatoes, chips (Fries) apple and beetroot followed by Cornish clotted cream with lemon yoghurt.

Took me medications with a cuppa.

Watched some TV, not a lot as I fell asleep again – forced missen down onto me quilt on the floor.


Thu 27 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: Struggling!

Thursday 27th August 2015


0245hrs: I just knew as soon as I woke up that I’d been dreaming and nightmaring away – but I could not remember a single detail or bit about the actual dreams, only a sense that they weren’t good.

Thought about meeting Steve from UK later today at the old house and hoped some progress could be made.

For some reason I thought the clock read 0445hrs and wondered why I felt so tired after sleeping in late for me? Made a cuppa and took me medications, started the laptop and realised when it loaded the time was actually now 0254hrs? So I must remember I’ve already taken me morning medications!

I checked that I’d put me hearing-aids in the right place, the centre drawer in me wonderful 1967 G-Plan cabinet – and found me wrist-alarm. Things were looking up this morning. Hehe.

IanH03Started today’s diary off. Then got carried away again with an idea for a graphic for the Beetroot Protection League in Burnley.

Cost me few hours to get it right mind.

But being as I had time this morning I used it doing graphics instead of getting the flat sorted out… Guilt ridden I tell you, I am…

Going to meet Age Concern’s Steve at last for help with the house sorting and selling – I bet I’m no further advanced after our meeting? Lack of confidence in someone who talks well but does little – still it’s not costing me money, just frustrations.

Finished me graphicalisationing, did emails, Facebooking and when I stood up to go and get a wash shave and you know what – Arthur Itis complained rather nastily – might take me stick with me today – but maybe not, I’m bound to lose if I do. Tsk!

By gum how time flies.

I should have time to do a bit of WordPressing after me bath and shave… I hope.

Back in a bit…

Had a bash on t’internet and after a while BJ rang, he is on his way in 15 minutes.

Got down to meet him in front of the flats, bless his cotton socks I’d be lost without him completely.

We went to the house and I walked to the chemist – where I found my prescriptions were not ready until the Friday after next? Made a minor Whoopsiedangleplop there didn’t I?

On the way back to the house I met my old neighbour and had a chat with her. She had been trying to sell her house for a while but has now rented it to a friend of hers. Not encouraging that news.

Got back to the house and BJ had made a start sorting for me already – no stopping him is there. Hehe.

We spent a good two hours or more sorting and I was not in a good state by then. The knees and feet were very painful and I felt drained – then Steve from Age UK arrived and I must admit I told him straight about the lack of help and movement in getting things sorted. Give the man credit he accepted my criticism and came back and promised me that I could sell the house after clearing it of my stuff needed, without cleaning it up, for a lot less naturally – but said he would sort it all out for me.

On Tuesday I have to phone him to tell him all the stuff I need at the new flat had been cleared from the house and (He says) the only time I would be needed at the house after that is a few occasions to sign paperwork!

That sounded really good to me, but his record in answering my phone calls and text messages in the past have been lamentable.

I live in hope. I think BJ was surprised at my forwardness (I was!) on this occasion. But I was so frustrated, tired and worried about the money running out – all I want to do is get this place off my mind so I can concentrate on the tons of work and sorting still needed at the new place, so I can enjoy it a bit before I croak out. As I told them earlier.

Now I mustn’t get too hopeful knowing my luck.

I went into the kitchen to finish packing some stuff and the same thing that happened the other day, did again – just as I was bending I got a dizzy come on and went over backwards this time. Yet again I was lucky someone was there, they hauled me up and I am now the owner of newly bruised ribs and left wrist. Tsk!

BJ departed saying he will call me in the morrow and lift me and collect the things stacked ready to move that I require at the flat, and have another check around to see if I’ve missed owt. So one, maybe two more efforts will be needed and hopefully I will never have to go there to work again.

Steve went up with me to sort if I needed owt from the attic and carried some down for me. We came across some old photos that was glad about finding.

Steve left when I did and I thanked him.

As I walked to the bus-stop I realised that along with me ribs and wrist, my big right toe was giving me some gip – When will it all end! Hehehe!

01topa2Caught a bus into Sherwood, too late to catch an L8 or L9 bus up the hill, so I waked up and through Woodthorpe Park and down to the flats. I was actually singing to myself despite the rain starting – I mustn’t get too excited eh?

I called into the Co-op and got a pack bread thins en route, cause I forgot I got one yesterday – Humpf!

Weary and aching so I got back to the flat and made me monster salad for later.

01topa2aPut the bread thins in the freezer, made a cuppa and perused my bruises and blue big toe.

Laptop on and updated this diary like.

I thought how lucky I am really, having BJ and Dunc helping me out.

And hopefully close to getting the old place sorted, even if I get a lot less than market value for it – it will be a blessing to get rid of the hassle and worry… if it all works out of course.

Now, after being lifted by events of the day, I find I’m back to worrying about how it will go – Wotaplonker!

Can’t wait for next Tuesday to see how it goes, it’s a start anyway. Crossed fingers, even if Arthur Itis didn’t like me doing that.

Well drained but surprisingly hopeful I got the quilt and me aching limbs down on the floor, read me book a while, mused over tomorrows jobs to be done, and got off to sleep very quickly. Although I kept waking up, I could understand why with new pains every-time I moved, coughed or passed wind, along with fretting about things.

Hey-ho – I hope things are now in Defcon 2 and a go! You know?

Sat 22 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: Still up to the neck in jobs that need doing… Tsk!

Saturday 22nd August 2015

0530hrs: Sprang awake after a long sleep for me, I reckon I got 7 hours in – I can’t remember any dreams but I’m sure I had them?

First thought was to message Lyzzi in America to thank her for me box of pressies.

Me back still twinging away at me, the angina playing up, bleeding ‘Little inch’, bleeding haemorrhoids, stomach rumbling, emissions of wind from the anus were mega-rotten smelling and too frequent for my liking or comfort, the reflux valve was popping in and out, the sin-cancer wound was tingling and itching, I got a cuppa and took me medications. Still, yer don’t like to moan do yer?

I got a message to Lyzzi to thank her for the things she’s sent.

Did some Facebooking – dizzy spells while doing this?

Remembered the Morrison’s order coming, so got missen washed shaved and changed – running low on clean clothes now, being so busy like – must try to get some done later.

Checked me emails and did some FAcebooking while waiting for the Morrison’s delivery.

The nosh arrived and I once more have a crammed full fridge, food cupboards and freezer.

Felt a bit better now, apart from the knees and dizzies the other ailments gave ne a rest.

Got togs ready, me book and crossword book and went down to the laundry room and a machine was free, so got it in quick and settled to read me book. Then realised I had not put the soap powder in – Huh! – put it in late and hoped for the best.

One or two of the other residents came down to have their hair done in the next room, at the hairdressers (Seemed sensible to me) and I managed to get a little natter or two in.

IMG_0095When the washing was done, I moved it into the drier and nipped out for a walk though Woodthorpe Park to the Co-op store and got a Beetroot and Apple loaf. Naughty but nice.

Hobbled back, the weather was as perfect as it could be, not too hot or cols, low wind, very nice.

A lady asked me for  instructions on how to get to Edwards Lane from the Park – I could tell she wanted me body by the way she said Thank you and take are. FibMode Hehehe!

Struggled a little bit on the way back with me knees, but not complaining at all. No dizzies lately that’s good.

Got in and checked the drier then had another chin-wag with a lady waiting to have her hair done. She warned me the heavy rain had been forecast for tonight and tomorrow – that’s bad, cause Duncan is driving from Birmingham tomorrow – I’l email him tellingh im I’ll understand if he dosen’t come with the weather like.

Read me book a while then went in to take me togs out. They seemed clean.

IMG_0096Back up to the flat, put we things away and the bread in the kitchen ready for later – I’ve decided to have just the bread with butter on it, thickly spread, with maybe a few mini sausages on the side… and some sauce of course. I’ll try the Value Tomato Ketchup bottle I got from Morrison’s methinks.

Set about updating this diary and when I went to make another cuppa a dizzy visited again, but only for a few seconds this time, and no bother.

Started to feel a bit tired early again. Emailed Dunc.

Took a while to get to sleep – but after starting to read me new Clarkson book I managed to get off to kip.

Mon 27 July 2015: Inhcock Today – So tired!

Monday 27th July 2015


Up and on the laptop by 0200hrs – the fool!

00149hrs: Woke again knowing I’d had many dreams and they were not good ones – but could I recall any details this morning? No! Tsk!

WC’d, made a cuppa and laptop on doing this diary by 0200hrs.

Bit of a dizzy-spell first thing. Feeling wearisome, ulcer twinging, Anne Gyna letting me know she was there. The mad itching under both arms still there. I’m going to the GP surgery for me INR Warfarin level tests this morning, must remember to book appointment with the wonderful Dr Vindla to tell her about the increase in dizzies and the itching. The nurse gave me some cream a while ago for under the arms but it is not doing nowt to stop or ease the itching.

WC’d, made a cuppa and laptop on doing this diary by 0200hrs.

Did posts for the LOMM site.

Cuppa and took me medications.

Many visits to the porcelain and another dizzy as I was wiping the sink after washing me hands.

Made the header for this page – feeling depressed and yet nothing has changed from yesterday? Maybe that’s the problems, nothing getting sorted and that?

I don’t like feeling like this, not me at all normally. Even feeling a bit sorry fer missen again now… oh dear, sad git! So many others worse off than me too.

Got missen washed and readied or me walk to Carrington – going to call in the old place and get some stuff, all I can manage is a carrier-bag or two.

CaptureI’ll see if I can get an appointment with the doctor for Friday. I can bring up the underarm itching and bruising, the increase in dizzies, depression, ulcer and panic attacks then… if I can get in for Friday – so many other things on again this week.

Tsk and Double Tsk!

IMG_0112Wiped the Whirring clunk, rattle, sake, wheeing thud musical fridge, but still can’t find out what the plastic addition on the top left of the freezer door is for.

Can anyone help me here please?

I asked BJ, he said: “Stick it in the hole then, it must do summat!” That’s wot I thought too.

0705Did some graphicalisationing then got missen ready – spit and polished like – for me walk to doctor’s surgery.

Took some nibbles for the staff with me and a large strong bag to carry some stuff from the house back to the surgery and carrier.

A bit dank this morning folks.

Down the hill into Sherwood.

0706Left up the Mansfield Road incline and down into Carrington.

Got to the house and sorted some stuff I’d need into me two bags.

Medical stuff, bandages, plasters etc. And me BP monitor, thermometer and some togs, cutlery, Books, and some cleaners, that was all I could carry.

Wobbled over to the doctors and remembered to make an appointment with Dr Vindla for Friday 0930hrs. Made list of things I’m worried about, dizzy spells, itching and bruising under me arms and chest, Ulcer playing up again and me fretting about the move.

Nurse did me blood and had a little chin-wag, I enjoyed that.

Gave the receptionists their nibbles, then off to the bus-stop – feeding some pigeons at the stop before the bus arrived.

dropped off in Sherwood and was lucky again when a 40 bus arrived within a few minutes and got lifted up Winchester Street hill to the laundry. Dropped off and walked the few hundred yards to the flats.

Repairs taking place to someone’s flat below on their balcony window today.

0707Took a photo of the kids play area above the flats.

I noticed one of the flat balcony’s had a Bird box and feeder on it, the netting had been removed. I’d like to do that, but it said in the tenancy agreement it was not allowed? Hey-ho!

Made a cuppa and put some of the things in the drawers that I’d brought from the hovel.

Charged up the Camera batteries and stirred the baked beans marinating in the boom, bang, ping, shudder clonk reverberating fridge.

Laptop on to update this diary.

Not sure if Deana (Nottingham City Homes Independent Living Co-ordinatorhas remembered about her saying she’d check the skin cancer scar for me or not. (She didn’t appear Tsk!)

I’ve got some mail for Margaret to take to her, and some more laundry to do. I’ll nip out and see if she is in the shed.

Ah well, I’ll catch the bus into Arnold then.

As soon as I realised I’d got on the wrong bus – I decided to go to town instead. (Humpf wot a plonka!)

In town I thought I’d visit the charity shop to see if it had any furniture desk-wise, to wardrobe-wise.

0707bIt didn’t, nor the other two I visited.

Walked down Clumber Street.

Then turned into the Primark Shop to see if they had any warm cardigans in stock.

Had a good wander around. Got one a nice colour, some stuff from the ‘Reduced’ display. Socks and a long sleeve t-shirt that was a bit thicker than the others.

Strolled down into town, slipping some seed clandestinely to the pigeons.

0707cThe Nottingham Riviera was on proper today, but not many folks due to the lack of sunshine possibly.

The people there, apart from the kids, didn’t seem too happy.

Just like last week, the French Pancake stall was bereft of customers once again.

0707fI wonder if whoever runs it actually makes any profit from it?

I suppose with so many Greggs take away food stalls all over the City Centre, there are five as I know to in the area – and them all being so easy to nick stuff from (I’ve seen em at it mate!) why should they go to the French Pancake stall and have to pay?

0707eThe weather and prices at the Ice-Cream parlour thingy would have been the reasons that they were not doing any trade either.

Even the mannequin of the lady in her two-piece swim suit wasn’t attracting any perves, yobs, kids or anyone for that matter.

I nipped smartishly (Alright… hobbled up King Street to catch the last L9 bus back to the flats).

As the bus pulled from the traffic lights I had me camera in hand just in case what happened, happened.

0707gThe Nottingham Citizenry showing their lack of interest in the traffic lights on any colour.

I was soon back at the flats (35 minute ride).

Hung the togs that I’d bought to keep e warm up in the hallway for now.

0707hI must stop buying now I’ve got enough to keep warm without having to do the laundry so often.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Laptop on.

Seasoned beans out of the fridge, added the polish sausages into the pan.

Chopped some tomatoes up to add to it when I serve it up. Wholemeal bread and mature cheese to have with it too.

DSCF0180Not bad at all. Rated 8.2/10/.

Head down to the melodic but annoying now familiar:

Whir clump shudder, clunk-click, whir clump shudder clunk-click thud… of the fridge freezer.


Sat 25 July 2015: Inchcock Today – An Odd Day

Saturday 25th July 2015


This mornings Woodthorpe Court photo: Bravely taken through the netting on the balcony…

00340hrs: Woke knowing I’d had many dreams and they were not good ones – but could I recall any details this time? No! Tsk!

Dashed to the porcelain – banged me knee on the door frame as I rushed to get there – Arthur Itis started at me knees. Blood from the little Inch had stained me jammies and Anne Gyna along with the reflux valve all joined in making this a messy painful morning!

Cleared the bedding away – the Curry’s fridge-freezer continues to serenade me with a slightly different tune this morning: Clunk, whine, shudder bang clang, whir thud – Clunk, whine, shudder bang clang, Wheee, whir thud! And I didn’t have me hearing-aids in either!

WC’d repeatedly throughout the morning.

Finished yesterdays Diary off and started this one.

IMG_0101It was time for me medications then, so I risked another cuppa with them. (Foolish!)

Then I did some emailing and onto Facebooking for a while.

Still to early for me bath cause the water running through the pipes might disturb me neighbours.

Couple of hours later I had me bath, little Inch took a while to get under control, and Arthur Itis is still showing great interest in me knees today. Tsk!

Got the stuff ready to go down to the laundry room – checked I’d got the soap capsule, the right coinage and me pen and crossword book! Proudly i made me way into the lift and out to the machines room and realised when someone spoke to me, I’d forgotten to put me hearing-aids in. Huh!

Got the washing in the machine and nipped back up to get them.

Had a chin-wag with a fella, and some of the ladies going to the hairdresser in the next room acknowledged me.

IMG_0102When the washing was done I had intended to go out and have a walk in the park while I waited for the drier to perform. I stepped out of the door and nearly got blown along the road! Some antisocial Herbert was lurking across the road making people walk around him on the path. Showing off to his harem of lasses?

Blimey what a wind we get up here!

I returned to the foyer and did me crosswords until the togs were ready.

Up to flat and put things in the airing cupboard and hung some up on the pegs in the hallway.

Then I rather unthinking started cleaning the kitchen floor on all fours – oh me knees! When I remembered that I have bricklayers coming next week to fill the hole in the kitchen wall I thought: “I’m wasting me time here, they’re bound to make a helluva mess when they come

It’s apart and parcel of bricklayers work innit?

Put an order in with Morrison’s for delivery fer tomorrow.


Nice tasting – but too fatty – I’ll regret having these lamb-burgers yer know!

Got some potatoes and lamb steaklets in the oven – peas on the hob and updated this diary.

I seem to be eating more than ever lately.

Rated this nosh 8.5/10.

Got me head down early, not feeling too good but I’ve been far worse.


Mon 20 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Fast getting nowhere…


View from Woodthorpe Court this morning

01topa2Monday 20th July 2015

Decent kip in again – but after remembering so much of the night before’s dreams as wot I did like – I was disappointed in not remembering much of last nights.

Just bits about being in a sewer running?

Up at 0600hrs, late for me.

Kettle on and I had a look at me other camera to see if I could master its workings again, but gave up and had a wash and shave and tended to the porcelain duties.

Arthritis seems a lot easier in the legs and hands, Anne Gyna being fair with me, Little Inch had been bleeding a bit, ulcer okay, hernia not bad at all, reflux valve as usual a bit bothersome, bruising on me wrist getting much easier now, the mechanical ticker valve seems to be clicking away alright and the skin cancer wound continues to itch madly then when I scratch at it (Yes, I know I shouldn’t but its so hard not to) it hurts, It feels like there are ants in there somewhere trying to get out. Tsk!

Laptop on a cuppa and took me morning medications.

Finished off yesterdays diary and got it posted.

Not very warm again this morning – I hope they come to sort out the hole in the wall soon. Doc say’s I must try to avoid getting colds or flu and this ain’t helping. I’ve told the woman in charge here at the flats like – but I may as well have told the daisies outside for all the effect it had. (In fact I think I did the other day).

Did some Facebooking.

DSC00005 DSC00006

Tried to clean the storage heater – but it DSC00004was pretty pointless. Found a tablet and a penny stuck to the floor underneath it. When I tried to clean the surfaces (Nothing I tried would remove the stains from the sides of it) most of the markings were rust. About wore me poor self out on me knees trying to get it nice. Huh!

When I took the photo’s here of the heater, the finds and a view from the window above – using me other camera – but I really don’t know what I’m doing with it, so many options and messages on the screen I was baffled I say… Baffled!

Awaiting the repair people to do the kitchen now, made a cuppa again.

Got the shredder going and sorted the paperwork. Another job done – but so many to do.

Took me midday medications.

Had another go at the other camera – got in more of a pickle with it now.

1232hrs: Still no sign of the maintenance men – Nottingham City homes sent me a text message telling me they would be here this morning.

I wanted to go to the bank and tell them about me statement still being sent to the old house. Might not be time if the workmen don’t arrive soon. Tsk and Huh!

I was cleaning the sink and had a terrible thought when I espied some more of Paul the painters paint splashes on a cupboard and the taps – I hope I live long enough to find and remove them all?

Spotted what I thought was a mark on the side of the fridge – it tuned out that the Curry’s men (The one’s who left all the broken packing foam outside the door and near the lifts) had left some of the shrink wrap on it – helluva job to get it off.

I want to go and see Deana at the shed to take more of Margaret’s mail that’s just been delivered along with another bill for me – Water rates £187.47 fancy that. Also I wanted to go and get rid of me rubbish down the chute – but until the City-Homes-Chappies have been I dare not move in case I miss em.

1340hrs: The City Homes man arrived and did the cupboard, shelf and drawer.

He looked at the kitchen window and condemned it. Kaput!

Got missen ready to take letters to the Community shed and catch the last bus into town.

The shed was locked-up.

IMG_0069Caught the bus into town.

I got off in the rain near the Poundland shop and was nearly hit by one of the dozens of Pavement Cyclist inhabiting the town centre. Cycling with one hand on the pedestrian right of way and using hi mobile phone – I did shout something insulting and of a retributional nature at him but he just ignored me.

I nipped into the shop and got some oven tin liners, a loaf of bread and a fresh air spray.


The smoke is coming from the Jamaican Caribbean take away food stall

Then I wandered into the City Centre as the rain lessened a bit, crossed over the square and down into Exchange Walk, where I waited patiently to see an advisor. Nearly fell asleep waiting.

Got to see one and explained about me statement going to the old house although I changed me address with them last Monday. Seems it takes a few days to go through?

To the counter and got some 20p’s for the laundry.

IMG_0071Hobbled down to Sr Peters church, which looked lovely as a break in the rain made it look different somehow?

Went right and to the eNottingham City Transport ticket place and found a time-table for the 40 and 42 buses that run on Winchester Street.

Walked around a bit nd slipped some seeds to the pigeons – still a high number of thoughtless moronic pedestrian cyclists all over the place.

IMG_0072Went to catch the 40 bus, nd as it set off and down Upper Parliament Street it stopped at some pelican lights and I noticed that the Cash-shop come pawnbrokers come Money lenders shop was really busy – or maybe it was being robbed?


IMG_0073The rain came a bit heavier then.

By the time we had reached Winchester Street, going down the hill this time, I got off at the right bus-stop (Amazing I know!), and crossed the road and walked down to the flats.

The drizzle began again en-route.

IMG_0074As I got between the two blocks I walked under some chestnut trees and stopped when I saw a squirrel nibbling some of the newly dropped nuts.

Pressed on and into the flats.

Felt tired but hungry so WC’d nd put some roast potatoes in the oven with a few chips and added some frank’s for IMG_0075the last few minutes.

Very tasty indeed. Rated this 8.4/10.


Then when washing the dishes afterwards I managed to drop one as I was scrubbing it, which covered me in water and bounced off me right foot big to, hit me knee and made one helluva mess on the floor.

I just said ‘Hey-ho’ and cleaned it up like. FibMode 

Got the laptop on to finish this off.

Tired again now… going to get me head down.


Fri 10 July 2015: Inchcock Today: Oven chips and a new Heroine!

Friday 10 July 2015


0330hrs: View from the kitchen window

Up at 0250hrs: took me quilt and throw into the bedroom, from the kitchen where I’d been trying to kip – WC’d kettle and laptop on – and took a photo from through the kitchen window.

Then started the flat-wide search for me hearing aids!

Found them in plain view on top of the fire surround in the living room on me third search of the living room. Tsk!

The haemorrhoids were bleeding, the angina worse than it’s been for ages and the skin cancer wound a bit naughty and stinging again.

But, all in all I was not too bad – then when I opened WordPress I’d got an offer from Dunc of a free office swivel chair – and he offered to delivery it for me! That made my day, thanks Dunc!

Here I am, sat sitting in me only chair on the laptop (without me hearing aids in)… and realised what the clonking noise was throughout the night. It was the fridge freezer letting me know it’s still working.

Took me medications. Made a cuppa, but could not face any porridge again this morning – I think the nerves are playing up a tad, stomach joining in with me other ailments, churning away. Huh!

I’ve got one of the City Home ladies calling today (Not the Frau Obergruppenfurher Kommandant, but Deana Walker, my Independent Living Co-ordinator. To have a talk about things.

I’ll have to call in at the GP sometime to clarify the date of me next INR blood checks. And call at the bank to make sure they have me new address – and… Oh it’s too much. Wouldn’t be so bad but everyone keeps telling me to phone them and I really can’t hear what many of them are saying and make errors… Me mind is ready to explode… still, there won’t be much collateral damage. Hehe!

Made some notes of things to remember that need doing – but it is a long and confusing list – wouldn’t be so bad if I could read me own writing!

Got me bag of rubbish ready to take to the rubbish chute and letter to take to the shed… then could I find the door keys? – No!

After 40 failed minutes searching the same place I’d already searched I decided I was going potty! I’d come back from me walk last evening so I had them then… Searched all the bags, laundry bag, cabinets and cupboards, storage box’s to no avail – frustrated and annoyed with myself I was – when Deana arrived for her interview session.

She dug in searching with me again – we’d got to point where I thought they ain’t here!

And then… 01topa

After ten minutes she found them in the laundry bag in me pyjama pocket!

01topWell Done Deana Walker!

Saved me bacon there she did – and me sanity too!

She then conducted the interview of sorts taking all me details as required by Nottingham city Homes.

She fitted the Lifeline Connect system.

That’s where I can call for help when if I think I’m going to conk-out.

Waiting now for the Tesco delivery.

Then I hope to get a bus into town and change me address with the bank, hearing aid batteries from the audio centre and call in Jessops to get help with the camera. But I forgot about the Tesco delivery.

I put the oven on ready so I could put me oven chips and roast parsnips in when the delivery arrived. (Says him salivating at the thought) 

Having sausages and petits-pois with em I reckon, they are ready in the tray to be microwaved.

The delivery arrived and I put the nosh in the oven first, then put away the frozen food that came.

DSCF0060And do you know… there was a French Horn Fresh cream cake with them… don’t know FibModehow that got in the order. (Cough cough)

I’m somewhat disappointed with the oven chips after waiting for three years to get some again – they were a disappointment – with me recent experiences with Tesco I should have known and expected less. I bought some ‘Tesco brand Homestyle oven chips’… tasteless! Such a let-down! Boo!

The skin cancer wound is itching like mad now. Huh! Just can’t resist having a good scratch and rubbing me shoulder against the door edge.

Got me quilt cushion and throw, fashioned a bed on the kitchen floor got down and read some of me, Berlin the downfall by Anthony Beevor, and this time I did nod-off quickly, despite me brain being confused and ever active. And… I don’t think I woke up during the 6 hours before I  sprang awake.