Inchcock Today – Monday 23rd April 2018: Whoopsiedangleplop Ridden Day. But, I still took some St George’s day Parade photographs for you.


Monday 23rd April 2018

Albanian: E hënë 23 prill 2018

0340hrs: No mental-brooding when I awoke, the urgency of needing a wee-wee overtook all the mind-tricks this morning.

1Mon01b In my haste to get free of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the wet room, once again I knocked over the stuff on the small Ottoman; the empty bottle of lemon and lime spring water, the camera, the pen, pad, pain-gel and empty tablet pot. There were no stubbing of any toes this Monday. (Just as well, cause the left foot big toe is still hurting from yesterdays butting! Hehe!)

1Mon01b Again, the wee-wee was of long duration. Going to wash the hands, and there was no hot water coming from the tap. Heck! Into the kitchen and immediately knew what the problem was; Muggins here had left the hot water tap running in the sink! So much for the idea of my having an early wash and shave. It may take a few hours for the water to heat up. Argh, fool!

Got the kettle on and went to sort out the front room and Ottoman. Retrieving the notepad with the other things from the carpet, I noticed I had done some scribbling on it, a page and a half, actually. Seems I’d had a dream and made some reminder-notes about it. The totally ineligible scrawl revealed very little about the nightmare. Canal, wooden boat, shame, soap suds and buxom girls were the only words I could decipher for 100%. Extreme uglyography.

Back to the kitchen, and got the Health Checks done for this morning. Then made up last weeks record. The sphygmomanometer operated first try.


Then I got the computer on and finalised the tedious and mundane Sunday post. Next, I started this one off up to here, then posted yesterday’s off.

0735hrs: Went to make another brew, and the hot water was coming through now. So I got the stand-up wash, teggies, shaving and medicationalisationing were done; during which the utilisation of the Porcelain Throne was tended to; Oh dearie me! Messy!

I got the bags sorted to the waste chute, and myself togged up and set off. With the hindrance of an odd EQ sensation, of problems to follow.

Called in the warden’s shack. Where I spoketh with the Nottingham City Home’s Oberleutnantess Housing Patch Manager (HPM), Angela Gould.

1Mon01b I cannot repeat on this blog anything I talk about or what is said between Nottingham Home representatives and myself. Fair enuf, I’ll keep schtum then.

Had a natter and a few laughs with some tenants. Mary, Cyndy, Penny, Welsh Bill and few others. Caught the bus into town to take some photographs of the St George’s Day celebrations in the Slab Square.

1Mon01b I tried to take a photograph of Clumber Street when I arrived in town. But the camera would not allow me to, it was now fully kaputt!

So, I called into the Jessops camera shop and perused those on offer. I found one, the exact same model Lumix as the one that had packed-up on me. I decided to buy this model, as I should be able to operate it without too much hassle, surely? By the time I’d just started growing hair on my head again, an assistant approached me. I could tell I’d disappointed him with my opting for one of the cheaper older cameras. His look of dejection almost made me feel guilty!

Then, 1Mon01b again. I could not find my card to pay him with. He said he’d keep the camera to one side, because it was the last of the older models in stock, for me to return to purchase from him later. Then, a smidge of panic set-in. Had I lost it? I felt sure I’d moved everything from the big coat to the sleeveless one?

Back to the bus stop to return home and search for the plastic. I caught a number 40 bus that I can drop off of on Winchester Street, and hopefully get to the flat and find the card, and still catch the next L9 back to town.

The bus was cram-packed and very busy en route.

1Mon01b I sat down on one of the side-saddle seats. Then a lady with a pram got on, and I moved to another place, to allow her in. She stood on my right foot, a big gal she was too. Tsk!

1Mon01b Then, a lady with one of those dangerous potentially deadly four-wheeled shopping trolleys got on at the next stop. She hit my chin a fair-wallop with the cart!

I alighted the vehicle, more limpingly than I got onto it. Hehe! Fretting on and off about the loss or mislaying of the card, I made my way as fast as I could manage, across the road and down back to the flats.

I got in, straight to the new heavy coat, and breathed a quick sigh of relief at finding the missing object and transferring it into the sleeveless jackets zip-pocket. Then out again sharpishly to get the next L9 bus, due out in ten minutes from Chestnut Walk.

I realised that I might now be too late and miss the Parade. Caught the bus with minutes to spare and help from it arriving a few minutes late.

In town, I was hobbling and hastening into the Slab Square when Sister Jane rang. Told me to meet her at Brian Clough’s statue on King-Queen street junction. So I did.

1Mon01b I met up with them, but we had missed the big parade. I fiddled with the camera and got it going, it kept sticking with the zoom thingy half open and having to be forcibly encouraged to complete the motions in and out. This spoilt the occasion and made for some pretty bad photos, some not worth printing. But, a few decent ones were produced, more from luck than any skills on my part. We had an excellent nattering and stroll around as the crowds were breaking up. We made the best of it.

Brother-in-law Pete was using a new fandangled tool on his new camera, that allowed him to take photographs of behind where he stood. Natty looking machine.

Here are the results of my efforts.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, here is Pete’s from his latest fancy new Galaxy (I think?) camera and elegant extension.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We parted, farewells given, and I went off to the Jessops camera store to collect the new-old Lumix. There was only one person serving, lunchtime you see. I gave up waiting in the end.

Limped to the L9 bus stop on Queen Street and caught it back home to the flats.

Penny and a friend got on, and I listened to their chinwagging and laughter between them. This cheered me up a bit after all the Whoopsiedangleplops of the day so far.

The chin where the lady on the bus hit me with the trolley was stinging a bit. I took a look and found a decent bruise. Huh!

Exchanged farewells with Penny on the 11th floor and got in the flat, with mixed feelings. Annoyed and irritated by the Whoopsiedangleplops, cheered at seeing Sister Jane and frustrated that I’d lost so much of the day by losing the card. Oh, and I felt so tired and weary now.

1Mon10I dug out the old tiny Nikon Coolpix camera an put two-AA batteries in it, and it worked. I might not go back for the new Lumix camera I was looking at in the shop, but I might. Hehehe!

Then I got the Robirch oven sausages that had to be consumed by tomorrow and got them cooking. The label said on 240° for 35 minutes. Put a jar of the tomato & basil garlic flavoured sauce in the pan on low.

Then did the Health Checks and took the medications. Had a wee-wee that I thought may never end. Haha!

1Mon09Turned the sausages in the oven. I noticed there was no smell coming from them when I took them out and added them to the saucepan.

Got the nosh served up and ingested.

Well pleased with the flavour of the sausage.

Fell asleep and had a dream, in which I was being chased in underground tunnels for what seemed days… somehow escaping the clutches of the blood-covered almost zombie-like mob who were in pursuit. Getting fed-up with this, I bravely stopped, turned to face them and shouted something like; “Go on them, take yer blood, tear me into pieced and cook my head in garlic and seaweed – Do yer best you &*()%’s!” And they did. I seemed to be still alive while my head, boiling away in the saucepan, I asked them to add some onion-salt?

I woke with a start, off for a wee-wee. Washed and did the last Health Checks and back with my head down to watch some TV. I was off in the land of Nod in minutes.

Inchcock Today Sat 23 April 2016: Coming out of my torpidity at last


23 April 1878

On this day in 1878, The Victorians eased the rules for those convicted and sentenced to Hard Labour within the penal system of England.


Saturday 23 April 2016

I awoke after an hour and a half of sleep but felt so much better than yesterday, when the sudden attack of lethargy and torpidness hit me. The body showed no signs of complaints when I visited the throne in the bathroom, even Heam Aroid and Little Inchy were showing no signs of bleeding!

05Got the kettle on and loved the view through the kitchen window.

The Reflux Valve started sticking open and giving me continuous belching to the point of pain for ages. Most annoying.

Then made a brew and took the morning medications, then got the laptop going, but the internet indicated that it was unavailable! Luckily it came on again, but it is very slow. Virgin Media my Arse, that Branson is a fibber about how good it is!

Back to the porcelain, still no bleeding I’m glad to say! The hiccuping and belching is getting even more vicious now, Humph!

Did some WordPressing then I checked the incoming Emails.

I started the ablutionisationing, and got myself and the things needed for a trip on the bus into the City Centre, to try and get some photographs of the St Georges day celebrations. Took the rubbish bags to the chute, on way down.

The first bus at the flats was not due until 1036hrs, so I walked up and through the park and caught a bus to town in Sherwood. The hiccups and belches stated again, pied by a bit pf sneezing? Tsk!

04Dropped off the bus at the Victoria shopping centre (Mall).

Went into Tesco and spent some money on fodder, got a carrot, a parsnip, two lamb hotpots, a white and red onion, a turnip, Sopocka pork loin, tin of beans and three packs of Bread thins to go in the freezer for use later in the week.

02I wandered up towards Derby Road and took a photo of the Theatre Royal over the road.

It shows the incredible sky/cloud formations and the usual Nottingham shoplifters and benefit claimants crossing the road against the traffic lights once again. Hehehe!

Not many folks out and about yet, perhaps they have to clear their hangovers first?

Of all the shops I passed, only the shops with any customers were the Payday Loan shop, The Money Shop, Everyday Loans and Quick Loans shop.

Sad really.

I turned down towards the Slab Square and the Council House.

Some celebrants were getting a few things

07  01

08together for the parade later, and the Council House was displaying St Georges flag across the columns in front.

Very few people about here either, I was puzzled a bit.

Many barricades and fencing about, though. Ready for the parade when it starts.,

I was a little too early methinks.

So I hobbled down to have a look in the Marks & Spencer food hall.

1006I slipped the birds some seed.

there was a different Big Issue seller outside the M&S entrance door to the escalators down to their food hall.

I gave him a £2 coin and thought he was going to have a heart attack. He smiled and spoke, but all I could do back was grin in return as I could not understand a word he was saying. Must be a new incomer. But I was glad I cheered him up a bit.

They had some just baked and sliced Farmhouse loaves, so I treat myself to one, along with some plain yoghourts and fresh mushrooms that looked nice and clean.

As I came out and walked through the Slab Square, some of the display team were getting ready and trying out their uniforms and helmets.

My feet were aching badly, so I decided not to wait for the parade after all.

I’d go back and take some painkillers instead.

05The bus was no due for a good while, so I circled the City block passing through Clumber Street.

I can’t remember there being so few shoplifters… I mean Nottinghamians around on this street before?

I wandered back up slowly towards the bus stop, taking a photo of some jewellery to post for the TFZ gals on Boat22 01the Facebook site.

Later, I doctored it adding the prices converted in USD$, Canadian $, Australian $ and Japanese Yen.

Just for a laugh and comparison to the British pound prices like.

I’ve no idea what the thing on the left at £389 is, a bracelet of some sort I assume.

Caught the bus and was soon back at the flat, but it could easily have been so different, I fell asleep on the bus and amazingly woke up just as it approached the apartments. Phew!

SatGot in and put the fodder away.

Got my shoes off, made a cuppa and took the medications with an extra painkiller.

I transferred the vegetables from the Crock-Pot to the saucepan and added some mushrooms to the mix, then put the beef slices into the oven, cleaned the Crock-pot and updated this while it cooked.

P1070023It came out alright.

In fact, I had to rate this one as a most impressive 9.33/10.

The Farmhouse sliced bread was lovely and flavoursome, but I fear the tummy may object later as it was so soft.

Took the medications and back on the laptop. The Virgin internet was running a bit jumpy and slow again.

P1070025I updated this and then closed it down and put on a TV DVD called Unforgotten. It starred Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar.

I couldn’t remember buying this at all, but it (The disc and box) were wrapped in film and looked new?

I watched to episodes and was fascinated with the plot, despite my never having seen or hearing of the series before.

Cleverly written, and it had subtitles on it, which helped.

I then put on channel 24 on Freeview, ITV4, to watch one of my favourite movies, Space Cowboys. Unfortunately, I flaked out during the second batch of commercial adverts.


Thurs 23.4.15 Inchcock Today

Thursday 23rd April 2015


Mtr02Fell asleep last night early for a few hours and could not get back to sleep. Tsk!

Spent hours trying out the new paint prog without much success.

Mike Steeden photo ended up like this – not exactly what I was after but there you are – failed again!

0515hrs took me medications and watched some Red Dwarf on YouTube.

Stirred and got a wash and brush-up.

BP: Sys 147 Dia 76 Pulse 72 Temp 74 No bleeding from the haemorrhoids. Skin growth tender. 

0302Set off on me walk into town to get some of the microwaveable new potatoes in oil and herds… or even herbs, from Aldi.

Noticed a lady dropping her two ankle-biters off at the school, having parked her Turbo S Porsche Cayenne SUV that according to What car costs £55.266 to £93.773 to buy, on double yellow lines on a corner… jealous? Me?

Onto Mansfield road down to the college island and up the hill toward town passing the 0303cemetery on the other side of the road and the traffic was still a bit heavy – the naughty mini driver using the bus-lane.

Onward up the hill further and appreciated the trees, some full of growth and others still looking bare.

I’m not a horticulturist in any form but the beauty of seeing these side by side made me think of nature a bit. (I think the St John’s Wort might be working)

0304The weather was almost perfect for me this morning, not much sunshine not too warm, low winds.

Almost made me feel happy – and we can’t have that can we? Hehe.

Then they started to appear – the first of the dreaded Pavement Cyclists.

0305I suppose they are a tad frightened of using the road with all that traffic?

But why do they come so close to people of less mobility that others and scare them instead?


To the top of the hill and down turning into Huntingdon Street.

A pavement cyclist just missing me and catching me off-guard the little imp was gone before I 0306could get me camera out – so I kept it in me hand for the rest of the journey (The camera!).

The net one nearly had me as well – can’t hear em coming from behind yer see – Swines!

0307The next one on the right here actually swore at me as he passed?

I told missen to take extra care this morning and just as well I listened to meself as well

Took a photograph of the view of Vic centre and the flats form the traffic lights with Woodborough Road.

0308The dome of Little John – that housed the bell can be seen behind the grotty looking building that houses the Victoria shopping centre.

Notice the traffic lights?

One hell of a junction for accidents this one!

0309Further down the road another Pavement Cyclist approached and passed within inches of me.

I was getting a but nervous now.

I turned and took his photograph… turned to carry on me walk and almost walked into a lamppost! Hehehe… serves me right!

As I approached the Aldi shop another f the 0310Herberts came at me.

Ah – well, into the shop and had a poddle around.

0311Got some potatoes, chesse covered cobs, lemon cakes and a microwaveable cob.

By gum I know how to live.

Paid for me bits and waddled over through Victoria centre and out on Mansfield Road, then up to Trinity Square, where I clandestinely slipped some seeds to the birds.

0312Took some photographs of ‘Bling’ for the TFZgals.

This one caught me eye – not just because of the price, but the interesting designs.

No idea what they were made of or from, but at these second-hand prices it must be something rare?

Caught the bus back to the hoppit, thank heavens again for the free pensioners bus-pass!

I only miss me licence and car when I need to move or collect something nowadays. I never thought I would get on so well without it. FibMode

0313Enjoyed the yob-free walk to the flea-pit and WC’d, put the kettle on an made me nosh. Had it early today – for some reason I felt peckish.

Beefburger cheesey cobs, cooked pickled beetroot, tomatoes, French’s New York BBQ sauce (Nor cheap but very good) followed by lemon cakes and an iced lolly.


Watched a DVD while eating it – all of it this time.

Fell asleep…

Woke up with a jump, again had to think what time and day it was. Hehe, getting good at doing this I am).

Laptop on and started this diary. Emails from Mike Steeden and Kentucky Angel cheered me up.

BJ rang, he s picking me up twixt 10 and 1030hrs in the morning and we are going to the transport museum at Loughborough.


Took me medications.

Tried to do a graphic of Kentucky Angel.

Angel03Here it is:

.Not one of me best, but me hands were a bit shaky.

I hope she likes it?

Couldn’t sleep – watched a Falklands documentary on Youtube – moving not glorification.

TTFN folks…