Inchcock Today – Wednesday 16th August 2017: Social Meal Day

Titivated this humorous graphic. I might ask for Captions on this?

Wednesday 16th August 2017

Swahili: Jumatano Tarehe 16 Agosti 2017

Unfortunately, the night was disturbed on three occasions by calls to the Heavy Duty Porcelain Throne activities demands.

Woke and rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner around 0355hrs, and off for yet another Throne visit. Getting messy again, and today is the Tenants Reduced Price Meal Out day as well! Oh, dear. Still, mustn’t complain, the other ailments were treating me gently. Hehe!

Health Checks were done, and medications were taken.

Updated the diaries, then spent a long time creating some more TFZer graphics. Not sure what to call this series. I’ve tried to make each one about parachuting, sky diving, falling, jumping off of planes, etc. Not got half of them finished yet.

The computer on and started this one off, before finishing yesterday’s and getting it posted. WordPress, Emails checked. Facebook updated.

The Morrison man arrived with the fodder.

Got it all stored away. Once more the fridge and freezer are crammed full.

A wee-wee, and back on the graphicationalisationing.

Got the ablutions tended to, no cuts while shaving.

Readied things and as I was going out of the door, the telephone rang. It was one of the  Tenants reminding me not to forget to catch the 1130hrs bus to the meal. Bless her!

The purple fencing put up by the builders, was all being changed into yellowish fences?

Walked down to the bus stop and the motley mixed gaggle of Windwood Flat’s tenants queuing there.

The gossip was rife about the changing of the fences on site.

  • Some told me that the company doing the upgrade had been sacked and a new one was taking over.
  • One even said that the (NCT) Nottingham City Council, were unhappy with the colours representing the UKIP logo and had insisted in a change of tone.
  • George told me that the company had gone bankrupt.
  • Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana had told Lillie that it was just the company that had changed corporate colours.

We may never know. Hehe!

The bus arrived, and about seven of us oldies got on to go to Arnold and the Sprinters Restaurant. Many others were making their way in cars and taxis.

These new hearing aids are so good that I began to get a headache with hearing all the gossip going on in the bus. Hehe!

When we dropped off in Arnold, the others left me in their wake as they dashed to the Sprinters foodery. I caught up in the end. Haha!

Beef pie, gravy, peas and instant mash. Very nice. Although I did get a stonking headache then. I should have taken the hearing aids out, but I thought it would not be acceptable for others to see this happening at a meal table? The noise was horrendous, conversations limited to the person sat next to you. But most of the clan seemed to enjoy the meal, then rush off to get some alcohol to help it down. Bless em all!

I had to leave and get some quiet. The plan was to return later for a chinwag with the group. This did not happen.

I walked around a bit and popped into the Iceland store to see if they had any of the Cheesy Potato Pockets in stock.

They had, so I bought a packet. Very nice these are.

Checked the time, and it was close to the arrival of the L9 bus at 15 minutes past the hour. So I hastened as fast as the poor tortured feet would allow me to and was a few hundred yards away from the stop at 10 passed, and the flipping bus went by early… Tsk! This was not good and meant I had to either wait another hour for the next one or catch a bus going to Nottingham, drop off at Sherwood and either walk up the Winchester Hill or hobble the circuitous route through Woodthorpe Grange Park, back to the flats. Double Tsk!

There are several bus stops on Front Street, and I was unsure of which buses went where. None were there yet, so I had a wander into Asda and their clothing section.

Took this photograph to put on the TFZer site later on.

I mounted the first one to arrive with a City destination board, a number 87. It worked out well, I was soon in Sherwood, off the bus and walking over the hill down to the Park and up through it, back to the flat complex.

The limp home was most uncomfortable and painful on the old plates. I felt happy that Sue the foot lady will be calling on me next week.

But, it is my own fault for having that marathon hobble to town the other day. A fool I am!

I felt completely exhausted when I got in the flat, and still had a headache.

Did the Health Checks, medicationalisationing and took the drugs.

A visit to the Porcelain Throne produced a mammoth evacuation.

I was incapable of doing anything afterwards, so settled in the £300 second-hand recliner with the TV on and hoped, as I was feeling not too good, that sleep would come as usual. But no, oh no! Not even any nodding off for hours. I seemed to be content to watch the banal TV programmes with the odd visit for a wee-wee or Throne session breaking the boredom.

I do not know when I eventually nodded off, but woke up several times for a wee-wee before finally admitting defeat and getting up around 0300hrs.

A very unusual and uncomfortable day.


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 15th August 2017: Ginormous Hobble, Accifauxpa, Whoopsiedangleplop, Miscalculations, Memory blanks, Dizzies and Blunders impeded progress today!

Those I can recall, anyway

Tuesday 15th August 2017

Thai: วันอังคารที่ 15 สิงหาคม พ.ศ. 2560

I awoke with the mind vesuviating with the most extreme, and yet extraneous, a nugatory mass of confusing thought-diablerie rattling away, almost painfully so. As soon as I saw the hand-written notice I’d left to remind myself not to forget the INR blood test at 0750hrs, things in the brainbox cleared a lot and the ability to concentrate had become available for me again. Oh, I also had Craig Cramp with me in the legs.

As I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner, I shuddered at how cold it was this morning. Brr! Then limped to the Porcelain Throne, all went well with this.

Into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications. It was now that I realised the clock showed 0150hrs, I checked on the other clock, and it was right. Up and at them? Eh? Hehe!

Made a brew and did the readings:

Sys 135, Dia 65, Pulse 74 (Never been lower, but I think this is good?) Temperature high, 35.9 and the weight had down down a tiny bit at 14.81, most welcome, that.

Computer turned on and updated yesterday’s post and got it posted.

An Epson update came through, and I downloaded it. IT said this would take a while, so I went off for a wee-wee and made another brew.

When I got back, it told me it could not find the printer. Turned it off and on again, and it restarted the update. No idea what it downloaded?

I checked the Emails and WordPress reading. Then on Facebooking.

Made the graphic for use at the top of this page. Did some prep work for the TFZer ones.

Ablutions were seen to, no showering this early, cause of the neighbours being disturbed. Made sure the nibbles for the nurses and paperwork were in the bag, checked that I had got the box with the hearing aids in for the audio clinic, and set off.

Departed at 0640hrs, should leave plenty of time for a perusal and photographs of any Nottingham Nature Album planned greenery on the way down to the surgery.

As I went down the steep hill into Sherwood, I spotted this spider up above some bushes. Tried a few times, well many photographicalisations were made, much time was taken in an attempt to get a clear closer shot of it, but failed miserably to get the camera to allow me to. Humph!

Further down and I heard a wood pigeon giving off a mating gurgle and saw another one join the first high up in a Chestnut tree.

The leaves rustled madly, and I did my best to get a clear shot of the romantic couple who were high up in the shrubbery. This is the best I could manage. They are situated in the centre just above half way up. Bless them!

Feeling smug that I’d noticed them, I put the camera back in my pocket and proceeded on down the hill, when Dizzy Dennis attacked, and I had to lean up against someone’s garden wall for a minute or so. Thinking about it, I put this spell down to a self-imposed wobbly session, due to all the head back and up movements during picture taking of the spider and dicky-birds?

Down to the lights and left and up Mansfield Road hill towards Carrington.

A Nottingham Pavement Cyclist zoomed towards me. But she slowed down and gave me a wide berth. Good gal, thanks.

I wobbled along on my way to the surgery. As I passed a bus stop, I saw it was later than I thought and got a move on as fast as I could. All the photographicalisationing and Dizzy Dennis had made me later than planned. I got there at 0746hrs for the 0750hrs appointment. Phew!

I was soon called in by Obergruppenfureress Anne. Not wanting to sound cruel, but how I wished it would have been Nurse Nichole, instead.

“How are you today?” she barked mechanically, as we entered the treatment room. “Fine thank you, how are you?” – “Sit down get your sleeve up, we are only allowed ten minutes to take blood!” That was the end of that conversation!

While she was taking the blood, I bravely told her about the Dizzy Dennis attack, and she asked me what else, should I expect when lifting my head up? I think I apologised.

All done, as I was getting my coat back one, one of the sweetest sounds I’ve heard drifted into my hearing aids! It was the voice of Nurse Nichole. She was even more desirous looking than usual, for she had a sun-tan – of course, she had been away on holiday. My hopes raised that perhaps next weeks blood may be taken by her.

So buoyed up with knowing Nurse Nichole was back, I made the instant decision to walk on even further, into Nottingham and visit the Audio clinic to see if they could help with old hearing aids or even arrange for some new ones for me. Cause it has been a good many years since I had them in the first place and no checks or maintenance has been called for from them (The NHS Audio Clinic people)?

The feet and knees were in a bit of a painful and poor state by the time I’d got half way there. But still, it serves me right!

When I came out of Tesco with edible treats, the rows of plants each had their own human planted displays of Nottingham Street Art. Part of their ‘Smokus Residouous’ range? Hehe!

One even had a condom in it. Huh!

Made my through Nottingham across the Slab Square (The amusements and beach were closed, must open later?) and up Standard Hill to the Audio Clinic. And what a hill it is, in great pain by the time I got there. (Ah, well!)

And, what a couple of Whoopsiedangleplops when I got in and joined the long queue and opened the box with the hearing aids in it. First, they were not in it, they box was empty! And I could not have got anything seen to or repaired anyway because I’d also forgotten to take the Audio Clinic Record Book! Gnash! Fed-up, disgusted, frustrated and indignant with myself. Especially after all the effort time and pain, I went through to get to the clinic. I actually became bellicose with myself. Burk!

Embarrassed? I felt myself going erubescent inside!

Dispirited, I made my way to the L9 bus stop. Going down the hill, which should have been easier was not. The shoes rubbed on the corns and hard skin and grew more irritable with me.

Got on the bus, and it was the friendly nice lady driver. She pointed out that it was too early to use the Pensioners bus-pass that I had presented her with. What a day! She told me to sit down and swipe it later, with a smile on her face. I gave her some nibbles and thanked her.

Gave her an extra nibble as I got off at the flats. I got some funny looks from the regulars in the queue to get on the bus. I bet they wondered where I’d been so early. Hehe!

In the flat and got the Porcelain Throne first job that needed tending to. Made a brew and got the computer on.

It took me hours to get the photographs sorted and arranged to go on this diary, as I updated it.

After which, I chopped some red onions and parsnips, sprayed them with oil and got them into the oven. Got the mackerel marinating in sweet BBQ sauce. Peas and mushrooms in the saucepan. Chopped the beetroot and apple with the tomatoes drenched in balsamic vinegar, all ready for when the parsnips and onions are done. I hope

Later, I spread some flat bread with imitation butter.

Made a map of the ginormous hobble today.

Medicalisationing carried out.

Made a super nosh, but for some reason when it came to downloading the photograph of it, I could not find it in the camera? Only the secondary shot of the naughty fresh cream French Horn cakes from Tesco that I took at the same time at the side of the plate?

The recipe or ingredients have changed on these what used to tasty delights. I shall not bother repurchasing them again.

Wearied with my exertions even more than usual, I got the Boon DVD on to watch some more. A futile gesture I should have known would only send me into hectic nod-off periods. But, they were only lasting a few minutes. The mind seemed to be going ballistic in its determination to tease and unsettle me, and it took hours before I got to sleep properly, not good.

TTFN folks.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 7th June 2017: Complimentary Meal Today


Wednesday 7th June 2017

Kannada: ಬುಧವಾರ 7 ಜೂನ್ 2017

Woke at 0330hrs, Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a wee-wee and attempted to encourage Constipation Konrad activity on the Porcelain Throne. In there a long time, Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding, and a failed evacuation attempt. Painful and time-consuming.3Wed02

Washed up and into the kitchen to put the kettle on. The view, (although it does not show in this photographicalisation that I took of it) out of the window, reminded me of a Walt Disney film scene. The lights seemed to be all twinkling. A closer look and I realised it was the horrendous winds blowing the greenery on the bushes and trees in front of the lights. The rain drizzled.

Took the morning medications and did the Health Checks, with some odd results: Sys 147 Low? Dia 73, Pulse 92 High?, Temp 36.1 High? Weight 14.82 Higher suddenly so much higher? I took the Warfarin tablets out of this evening’s pot, to make sure I did not forget not to take them as instructed.

Checked the Emails, got one from the QMC – DVT advising me that the Anticoagulation had informed them of my dangerously high INR result and they cancelled Thursday’s appointment for the checks they were to do and will rearrange them again when the INR level get back to withing range. Warned me to take extra care and in the event of any bangs or cuts to seek assistance through 999 immediately (The same as the anticoagulation team did yesterday). Reminded me to avoid eating any brassica. To remind myself of the full brassica range, I Google it and other food to avoid:

Kale, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Kohlrabi, Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Cabbage and my beloved Turnips! Also, other foods to avoid: Aubergines, Mustard, Chinese leaves, Parsley, Spinach, Green tea, Cranberries, Alcohol, Grapefruits, Lettuce, Avocados, Celery, Coconut and Asparagus. Humph! I didn’t see parsnips or lettuce on the original list the hospital gave me after ticker operation? So, the end of my enjoying the turnips has dawned. Grumph… Hehe!

3Wed03Went to make a mug of tea and took this photo of outside to compare with the one above, taken about two hours ago.

Off for a wee-wee. Tried for a download while in there. Great! The movement achieved, and Haemorrhoid Harold had hardly bled at all! It took a while (15 minutes) and a bit of pain but cheered me up no end.

Disinfected and cleaned everything and back to make the brew in the kitchen. The tea had gone cold, so I made another mug.

3Wed04The change in the scene outside from the one taken before I hobbled to the Porcelain Throne was astonishingly amazing!.

The wind still howled, though.

I got the computer going and updated the diaries.

Then did some WordPress reading and rechecked the Emails.

Facebook would not load first few times I tried to get into it. The third effort, it did?

TFZ’d a while, then started on my next TFZer graphicalisationing for a while, before having to get ready for the trip out for a nosh with the other tenants.

Met some tenants in the foyer, they were in excellent form verbally.

Caught the bus to Arnold, chatting all the way with one or another of the girls and gals.

The meal was roast beef (well underdone and too chewy), cabbage and broccoli (Both on my ‘Do-Not-Eat’ List, Tsk!), a small cold Yorkshire Pudding and some imitation gravy. But still, I am not complaining.

It was for free. Jenny had worked so hard to arrange it all for us.

It was nice to communicate with others in different surroundings.

Three of us left earlier than the others to the bus-stop for the L9 back to the apartments. Mary, Bill and me.

Chinwag on the ride to the flats, off the bus. All three of us battled with the high winds to line ourselves up so as not to get blown off course for the foyer doors… (Hehehe!) up the floors. Mary off first, then me with Bill carrying on up.

Into the wetroom and deposited me on the Porcelain Throne. I thought after the meal, things might start moving, but no; failed again. Took ages to get in a situation that would allow me to stand and walk again. Much bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold and this worried me a bit, had to wait a while before the flow was stemmed. Did have a wee-wee though.

3Wed08aToyed with making a Logotype Graphic on CorelDraw. Still not right or how I’d like it to look yet.

Took the medications and did the Health Checks. All looked okay.

Felt a bit hungry despite the eating out and beef dinner Jenny had arranged for us all at the restaurant. Had a nibble of crisps and biscuits.

Settled to watch the TV then the general nodding-off sessions began earlier than usual.

After several part-watched programmes, I gave up and got the head down in the £300 second-hand recliner.

Woke just after midnight with a start, and recalled some dreaming facts and details so strongly, I was sure I’d remember them later to record here. But no, it was not to be. Tsk!