Inchcock Today – Thursday 2nd August 2018: Had a smashing Tenant’s Social Hour today!


Thursday 2nd August 2018

Latvian: Ceturtdiena, 2018. Gada 2. Augusts

0330hrs: Woke with a rare unsettling to me, clarity of mind. I knew the laundry needed doing and that the Morrison delivery was due twixt 0730 > 0830hrs. So I decided to do the washing first, and I should still have time to get things ready for the arrival of the fodder, get the Social Hour accoutrements, Health Checks, and ablutions, etc. done.

4Thu001Out of the coming-to-the-end-of-it’s life rickety £300 second-hand recliner and had a wee-wee.

I took the medications.

Put the camera, mobile, and lobby-door swipe into my pockets, and down to the laundry room.

I got the washing into the machine and started 4Thu001ait, then nipped outside to take some photographicalisation of the morning scene.

The first one here, I accidentally took as I stood on Chestnut Walk adjusting the settings on the DMZ-1070 Lumix camera.

Might I be able to use it later in a graphic?

4Thu02The mechanicalisationed scaffolding, hoist supports, etc. made for a half decent shot, in the lighting and darkness of the day, I thought.

Whoopsie2 As I moved back out onto the road to take a picture from the bottom of the block of flats, my right shoulder came into contact with one of the upright support poles.

4Thu01I believe I may have uttered something along the lines of; “Oh, bother!”

Looking in the viewfinder, I could not see any light on in my room window; I felt sure I’d left it on when I came down?

This photographic effort didn’t come out very well, did it? I wonder what I did wrong?

Health Checks carried out, and the medications are taken.


4Thu04I sorted the medication dosage pots out for the week.

Off for another wee-wee.

No signs of any Porcelain Throne requirements yet. Worrying, this!

Back down again to move the laundry from washer to the dryer. Cleaned the drum of the washer.

4Thu03Back up to the apartment again, and yet one more wee-wee.

I sorted out the photographicalisations taken so far, ready to use in this post.

Started this diary off on WordPress.

Had a wee-wee (How surprising, Hehe!)

4Thu06The time flew, and I was soon down in the lift again, to collect the clothing from the dryer.

I extracted the gear and folded it ready to go in the bag.

I’d like to mention that in today’s laundry room activities, there were no odd-socks, no Whoopsiedangleplops whatsoever, and no toe-stubbings either. Smug-Mode-Adopted!

4Thu07The day was getting lighter quickly now.

So I popped out to take this picture of all three buildings.

Woodthorpe Court on the left, the new Extra-Care residential unit and staff premises in the middle, and Winchester Court behind the magnificent trees on the right.

4Thu08Back inside, I collected the laundry bag and up in the lift, and in need of another wee-wee!

A note on the notice board from Jenny informed us that the Saturday, August 18th day trip to Skegness, departs at 0930hrs from outside the building. Thanks, Jenny.

Whoopsie2 Got in the apartment and had the wee-wee, a close-call this time. Oh, dear!

I got the airing cupboard filled with the washed clothes and pressed on with updating this blog.

Then began to update and post off yesterday’s diary.

4Thu09Went to get the ablutions done before the arrival of the Morrison fodder.

I’d left some face cloths soaking in antiseptic disinfectant and liquid soapflakes in the sink. I now had a dirty great big gigantic meat fly and a little midge in the water.

Whoopsie2 They both seemed to be dead on their backs. As I went to remove them, the large one took off as fast as lightning. Never to be seen again! Must he have been taking a bath? Hehehe!

4Thu10The ablutionisationing all finished at 0730hrs. Five minutes later the groceries were delivered.

I got the stuff sorted out and stored away.

There didn’t seem to be anywhere near so much stuff as last week, but the cost was the same.

4Thu12I didn’t realise that I had ordered three of the fresh ready-made lamb hotpots. At only £6 for three.

I decided to have one of these ready-made meals today. I intend to do some of the seasoned potato slices to add to it in the oven at the same time.

I hope these are the same brand of hotpot I got last month, cause they were excellently flavoured if I remember rightly.

Once again, the fridge and the freezer was cram-packed full.


The enormous 250g bag of Balsamic vinegar of Modena and Sea salt flavoured crisps had arrived. I ordered this as a thank you for Jenny’s work she does for us all. I know that her other half, Frank is very taken with these crisps. Best of all, they were down on offer from £2.50 to £1.50!

Whoopsie2 There was a bottle of fresh orange juice short delivered, though. Shlemiels!

I shall use Iceland next week for my grocery delivery. I set about doing the order straight away. Done it, being delivered next Tuesday twixt 0800 > 100hrs.

Got the nibble box topped up, raffle prizes and freebies in the bag. Set out to the social hour, taking a bag of rubbish to the chute on the way out, and a cleaned empty Basalmic vinegar bottle to go in the recycling bin.

Got out of the foyer and put the glass in the bin.


Manoeuvred around a plant vehicle and made my way along to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptsturmführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisation Shed, Tenant Gals singing arena, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed.

Where a decent turnout of residents had attended.

I gave Jenny the crisps and had a chinwag with her. I asked her if I could take her photo later with her dress on she was wearing. So I could post it on the TFZer gals page. To as see if they agree with me about my thinking it is so gorgeous. Then I put the raffle prizes on the trolley. And took the nibble-box around and got me a few mini-natters in.

I think we had a good laugh today. The gals, Cyndy and Margaret, were in good form, and I experienced a few good laughs.

Got my raffle tickets and handed them out.

T’was indeed a most enjoyable hour for me, anyway.

4Thu14After many residents had left or caught the bus, I got around to taking the photograph of Jenny’s dress. She forbade me from taking her face in the picture. She thought her face was too drawn, and her hair too fizzy, I think.

Being Jenny, she came up with an original, amusing solution. She put a cloth over her face! Hehehe!

Whoopsie2 I love the pattern on this dress. Jenny told me where she bought it, but I’m not sure I remember correctly. Malaysia, I think, for £3! I bet it’s lovely and fresh to wear in this heat we are having.

4Thu15I said my farewells to the few remaining members of the gang and made my way back to the flat.

I took this photographicalisation on the left. Catching all of the three buildings in the picture.

The new extra-care flats and staff offices block is coming on well now.

Back up to the apartment and in the wet room for a much-needed wee-wee. The urinalisationalistic repetitions today, decided me not to go out after all. I would not like to get caught short; So as to speak. Oh no!

4Thu15I washed up and went to make a brew of tea in the kitchen.

I saw that some new additions to the window defacing pattern had appeared.

I’m getting quite a collection now. Black, greys and now some suspicious brown splashes of whatever they are made of. Haha!

I updated this diary to here. Then went on Facebook to add these photos to the albums, and post a few to the TFZwe site.

Got the potatoes and lamb hotpot in the oven, and sliced the mushrooms into balsamic vinegar flavoured water in the saucepan simmering.

4Thu21I must say, although smaller portions, this nosh looked and smelt gorgeous.

Taste-Rating: 9.1/10.

I’m glad I bought the three min-meals for £6 now.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Settled down to watch some TV. Stayed awake until gone 2200hrs! No nodding-offs, until I turned off the telly and then I was soon in the land of bliss – asleep!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 21st June 2018 – Residents Social Hour today


Thursday 21st June 2018

Germany: Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2018

0400hrs: Woke and feeling a little under the weather, not poorly, just hazy… no that’s not the word. Acidulous, with an awareness of my ability for committing aeviternal errors, shortcomings, and cock-ups. I did not like myself much.

This morning, the brain was back to its meanderings, frettings, worrying and confused perceiving and making no sense of the world or universe.

No signs of any nocturnal nibbling or somnambulating having taken place, I tackled the job of removing my overly wobbly body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner with ease, and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks. Hippy Hilda, Anne Gyna, and Roger Reflux were all in a good mood with me. Duodenal Donald, I could sense was getting ready to attack me shortly. The light tightening and gentle stabs of pain told me this.

Whoopsie2 I found the flipping hotplate on the stove had been left on a low setting overnight. What a schmuck!

Got the Health Checks completed and took the medications.


4Thu01Th Sys, Dia, and the Pulse had gone back up again, about time too.

Shame about the weights slight increase. Particularly after the decent hobble to the City Hospital yesterday, I’d hoped it would have gone the other way, down.


Whoopsie2 The bulbous tummy innards rumbled, and I found myself rushing as fast as I could to the Porcelain Throne. Trotsky Terence had me fooled, he’s back again. A messy session that needed cleaning up after. I decided to get the ablutions done while I was in there. For fear of disturbing the neighbours so early, I had a stand-up wash. No cuts shaving. Harold’s haemorrhoids were not bleeding. Only the fungal lesion stung when medicated. Tsk!

I returned to the kitchen, and threw away the now gone cold mug of English Breakfast tea, and made a fresh one. Took these shots while waiting for the kettle to boil.


You can see the underfelt on the right of the first photo. And, the progress on the balcony base, which doesn’t seem much compared to the same day last week.

I observed some parking spaces down below on Chestnut Walk. A curiosity indeed. I imagine that the more well-heeled, favoured fortunate few, who can afford a car, have a family to go away with, and have not lost their driving licences through ill-health, might be on holiday in Seychelles, Hong Kong or at the World Cup in Russia? Hehehe! Only joking!

4Thu03I went to the kitchen and realised just how odd my legs were this morning, again, always a change every waking up.

Today it was the turn of the right leg to get more bloated than the left one. But both of them had seemed to have cleared out the water retention a fair bit. I’d hoped this would have helped me get the weight down, but, no. Tsk!

The left leg usually wins at this battle between them. Haha!

4Thu04I went to make sure the keys were in the jacket pocket in the hallway, and guess what?

I found the Wilko Grow tomatoes in a can tin! After days of looking for this, I decided I’d lost it, but here it is on.

Perfectly natural to store a thing like this on top of the electricity box in the hall, with the fresh-air sprays. Well, maybe not eh? Haha!

I got the raffle prizes, nibbles and bits ready in the bag for the Winwood Social Hour later.

Got the yesterday’s diary completed and posted off. Made a start on this one.

I received an Email from the doctor’s surgery.


No mention of why they did not contact me last week with the results or to make an appointment for this week for me. As for their yet another late selection making this week for next week, I sent an Email back thanking them. But telling them that a 1230hrs appointment would be unsuitable for me. I went into some detail for them to ignore, explaining about my weariness that dawns very early in the day. A lat appointment means I am incapable of getting any other things done on that day. I bravely informed them that I would go to the City Hospital for the blood test. They always tell me off for doing this! But with two out of four weeks, they have not made me an appointment at all. Grumph & Grumble!

4Thu06The Iceland delivery arrived while I was writing the paragraph above.

Sociable delivery driver. We had a little natter while he handed me the carrier bags through the door.

I got the bags carried through to the kitchen and laid on the floor, ready to get the things in them sorted and stored away.

4Thu07Whoopsie2 Argh! Taking some things out, I caught the hook that was supporting my favouritest mug; Down it flew between the bags and hit the floor.

I considered crying, but I hadn’t got the energy. Haha!

Got the things for the future raffle prizes, nibble box off to the spare room.


4Thu11Then, got the fridge and freezer things in one area, and cupboard stuff in another, and checked the invoice.

Whoopsie2 I had only received one of the two for £4 pork loin steaks.

I checked the email out. They had charged me £2.49 for the single pack, I thought I’d ordered two to get the offer price?


I found out that the other pack ordered was unavailable, clearly states ordered 2 Delivered 1 on the docket. But they have charged me £2.49 for it. I ordered this weeks fodder from Iceland because Morrison’s had been making so many ridiculous substitutions on their orders. You can’t win can yer! Rob-Dogs!

Got the diary caught up with to here, and already late, now. I set off to the Social Hour.


As I left the block of flats out onto Chestnut Way, I had a go at making a panoramic photograph. Didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped it would, but not too bad I suppose.

Went to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Area, Telling Inchcock off zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents Socialisationalistic room.

About 20 folks in attendance, including Big John. Put the raffle prize on the trolley.

Had a natter with Jenny and then Cyndy. Sat near Winchester William (who knicked my raffle tickets, Hehe! Lynne arrived, and we had a chinwag. She later handed-out thermometer/dampness monitors, that Nottingham City Homes had provided for anyone who wants one.

Handed out the nibbles, getting myself a bit of socialisationing enjoyment while doing so.

Dizzy Dennis visited suddenly. I departed early, confused a little now.

4Thu13aStrolled down in the sunshine and warm wind back to the flat. Got inside at 10:50hrs.

Up to my apartment without needing a wee-wee either?

Did the second set of Health Checks. All readings apart had taken a dive.

Took the shoes off and to the storage area in the spare room.

The noise of the drilling outside was horrendous. These photos I took of two gentlemen drilling-away near the window. The quality of these pictures are not good, in fact, they’re bad. This is due to the windows not being able to be cleaned, as they remain locked Rightly so, during the workers on the hoists upgrading work is done. I think!


4Thu15Did the midday tablet taking and got on with updating this blog.

I opened the humidity/temperature thingy and got it on the bookshelves. Bit of a shame they did not put the once English, until we gave away our heritage and hopes by going over to the Metric system, to beg for membership of the EU as it was known then: forgetting us oldies still live by Fahrenheit and get confused you know. We have many qualities that have we seen abandoned by many around us. Like, honesty, empathy, and reliability. Hello, I’ve off again moaning. Sorry about that.

But, I remembered that I had to do some more page top funnies as I had run out of them again. So, on to CorelDrawing.

Four hours later, I’d got some done, while I listened to the unmelodious knocks, grinds, and bangs from above. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking getting another telling off from the Nottingham City Homes for complaining about the noise. As the Management, told me; He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making. You’ll have to put up with it. I don’t want to lose my home.

Now I’ve turned my limited and stunted attention (Very tired now, I could understand it, if I had done anything, Tsk!), to getting summat to eat.

4Thu20Can’t say I really enjoyed this one. Rating of 5/10 given for taste value, no, make it 3.5/10 after all.

Watched the Argentina v Croatia game. It really cheered me up when the Argies lost 3-0, a right tonic that was. The so-called ‘Hand-of-God’ incident came back to my mind, making the experience even more gratifying to watch.

My glee did not last long, for the cameraman showed a close-up of drug-taking, alcoholic millionaire Maradonna in the dug-out. I could not resist saying a few comforting words of badinage and lampooning in his direction.

After the game finished, the wandering mind took over again. What the heck I didn’t fret or ponder over or about, was probably less than what I did excogitate about. Memories of most topics I considered, had gone off into the ether, the second another one presented itself. At one point I found myself begging the brain to stop. Very sad!

Eventually I managed to nod-off.

TTFN each.


Inchcock Today – Thursday 15th March 2018: Depressing day

Thursday 15th March 2018

Russian: Четверг, 15 марта 2018 года

0000hrs: Woke up with a medley of confused thoughts about what needed doing today. Morrisons, Social, Dentist… no, that’s been moved to next week I think. Fire meeting, Upgrading meeting, GUM Clinic and I need the Porcelain Throne!

The farcical folderol of getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner was even more of a travail than yesterday, thanks to Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda. Once perpendicular but tottering a tad, I went off to the wet room.

The Dia-limit tablets had appeared to do the job of steadying down Trotsky Terence somewhat. But the fat torpedo that evacuated seemed to have torn off the tops of most of the haemorrhoids en route, and the blood flowed. Leaving me with some beautiful red splatter patterns to clean up. Hehe!

To the kitchen to do the Health Checks.

Took the meds with water, a brew of tea and to the computer.

Computer started, and I checked the diary and calendar for things needing attention today. I thought of Jenny and hoped she had got her internet back on. I regret not being able to help her with this last night.

Made a start on this post up to here, then saved it and started to finalise yesterdays diary. Got it sorted and done by 0220hrs.

Went on to the WordPress Reader. Some great stuff on today.

Pondered on the tasks ahead. Morrison Delivery 0630>0730hrs, Social Hour 1000hrs, Fire Meeting 12.30hrs, the GUM Clinic… oh no, that’s been cancelled now, to be rearranged again.

0300hrs: Tried Facebooking.

On CorelDrawing. There are the results:

Bit more prep work on CorelDraw.

Did the ablutions earlier than usual.

Made a brew and took the photographs below from the kitchen window to the left then the right. Sprinkling with rain at the time.

0630hrs: Expecting the Morrison delivery within the next hour. Did some more CorelDrawing while I was waiting.

The Morrison man arrived, nice chap he was, carried the stuff through to the kitchen for me. I seem to have a lot of things again? Tsk! The fridge and freezer were soon full up, cram-packed again.

Gawd, the noise seemed to be coming from everywhere with the windows being done so close by to me.

Got it put away and made another brew, had a wee-wee and made the order up for Morrisons for next week. Collected up the raffle prizes and nibble box and set off out to the Obergruppenfuress Warden Hut for the Social Hour.

Had a job to get a lift, with the workmen and deliverymen moving furniture and stuff into Norman’s old flat, for the new tenants. Whoever they are.

They took their things out, and I got into the lift.

Much mess on the floor again, gonna be a headache for the poor old caretaker.

I noticed that a beetle was back for a visit, no signs of its mate, though.

Jenny’s Frank was in the foyer on his way out. We left together, but he then speeded up like Superman, leaving me in his wake, as he almost jogged to the cabin.

A few spots of rain fell.

Not too many folks in there today. But sounded boisterous and happy.

I gave Wardens Deana and Julie their usual Polish sourdough loaf, then made a bee-line for Jenny, to ask how her internet connection was. She told me that the workmen doing the outside of the building had cut the cable wire! But they (Virgin Media) had been out and got it going again now. That pleased me. The being reconnected I mean, not the workers severing the wire! Blimey, these works are causing some hassle for us old people!

Jenny handed me the nibble box I’d forgotten to collect. BJ was in attendance, Bill (William on Sundays), John and me sat at the same table. I handed round the newly stocked from my carrier bag of nibbles.

Bought some raffle tickets and handed them out to a couple of the girls.

Ended up doing the crossword book, until it was time to depart. I checked with Jenny to make sure this Fire Session at the shed, started at 1230hrs. (I’d be lost without Jenny’s help!)

I left, and Frank was going my way, this time he left me in his wake again, going in the opposite direction. Hehe!

The rain was now persistent, but very fine.

I got a feeling via my EQ that the rest of the day held some not good things for me. I’m rarely wrong with these senses and emotions, you know. The plates-of-meat and Arthur Itis were a tad bothersome.

Got in the flat and had a wee-wee.

1125hrs: Just over an hour to go before I have to go out again to the meeting. I got in the lift and up to the apartment. Getting out of the elevator, I could see the moving folks were still hard at it getting the furniture into Norman’s old flat. RIP Norman.

Had a wee-wee. Made a brew and did the Health Checks.

  I got the computer on to update this diary.

Spent the rest of the available time on CorelDrawing updates.

A bloke from Nottingham City Homes called from the Fire Regulation and Procedure questionnaire.

I see that Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana did forget to advise them on the possibility that I a will not be available. See, I knew this would happen, the old EQ told me. A good man. I joked that this is the second time that Warden Deana had forgotten about me and let me down! Said with a stern look on my face. Then I broke into a smile and added; Fortunately, the 250 other times she has helped me was okay! That broke the ice with him straight away. Did the survey and he asked about my wooden Jamaica plaque on top of the heater. I told him it was from a mate years ago who I worked with, he bought it for me on his way back from a holiday back in Kingston. He pointed out where his Mam and Dad are now and used to live. But he didn’t have time for a proper chinwag. Bade him farewell and got ready to go to the meeting.

I walked up to the cabin in the drizzle.

All hectic with the builders and lorries delivering stuff to them.

I pressed on and got to the hut, to find it jam-packed with residents, Fire Brigade Officers and NCH staff.

So many voices all going on at the same time, I got myself in a pickle trying to hear and understand what folks were saying. Jenny asked if I wanted a drink, thanked her and declined. I linked up with a group of people that Cindy was with, one lady offered me her seat, bless her. Later we all went over to Winchester Court to look at an empty flat that had got the Sprinkler system already installed, on the third floor.

But it was hopeless with so many voices again rattling away. I explained to Cindy that I was leaving and going back to the flat, and why. The hearing aids do not work in these conditions, and if I took them out, things would not be any better. Hopefully, she will explain to the others for me.

I departed, no one missed me. When I got in the foyer, the two Wardens were talking to people, and I did want to butt in, so I walked passed them. I don’t think they noticed me. They must be mega-busy with all the task on at the moment.

I felt a little despondent.

The noise from the builders above me inside somewhere was driving me potty, but it is necessary. The drilling din from outside was not as bad now, they were working on the floor below.

I got the oven warming up and prepared the Cumberland Pie. Added some of the Red Leicester red cheese on top of the pie and sliced some mini tomatoes onto it as well. I might add the last two potato cakes to have with it.

Got the computer on to update this diary again. Did this, then turned off the computer and got the pie with trimmings into the oven.

Checked the TV programmes. I don’t know why, for as sure as MPs fiddle their expenses, I’ll only fall asleep, and have little if any chance of staying wake up to 19100hrs to watch the Hustle episodes. This and the feeling that I am an odd one out with the hearing problems, and having to leave the others and miss the help day, depressed me an iota. Well, a fair bit, really.

Cause of the weight problem, I had less on the plate tonight. Cumberland pie, cheese and tomatoes added, two potato cakes and some sliced red onion, I did have two slices of bread with it.

Tasty! I tried to eat it slowly, to masticate correctly and feel full fed.

Got the TV on. Farcical! Fell asleep shortly afterwards.

Kept waking-up, during which during one, I saw the red light on the landline phone flashing. Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, thinking it might be the surgery with the next appointment for the blood test. It was Brother-in-law Pete. For some reason, I had not sent a link to the Inchcock Today to either him or Jane and he was concerned if I was alright. Kind, that.

Washed the pots, then. Head down once more, and had horrendous dreams, of which I can recall no details. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 4th January 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas – Virgin Media goes down…

Thursday 4th January 2018

Swahili: Alhamisi 4 Januari 2018

0120hrs: Up and lively too. Hippy Hilda was not over-bad at all. Confusing, but cheering at the same time. Went for a wee-wee. 3Wed00b1 The wet room light still flashing, nictating, almost sparkling on and off permanently – I could not stay in there.

Got the laundry ready, a big bag this time, and went down and got it in the washer, took a couple of photographs outside the foyer door, and back up to the apartment.


Started the computer and got some nibbles ready for the Social Hour later. I must remember three things: Tell Obergruppenfureress Warden Deana about the circular flashing light tube, ask about Friday and if I can be absent for the heaters being blocked off, and something else I can’t recall?

Down to move the things from one machine to the other, and started another small load of washing going. I stayed down there while the second amount was washed, reading the English Words book. When finished I moved the damp wash into the dryer with the others.

Back to the flat and into the wet room.

ToUseThe Virgin internet had gone down! Again I might add! I tried all I knew to fix it, but with resulting failure. I got out the Virgin folder and found the help number and rang it. It was a recorded voice requiring many option button to be pressed. Hearing this voice was not easy, but the message was “All seems right at their end” Told try a to pressing the reset on their box. If that didn’t work, turn off and leave for four minutes and replug. Ring-back if you are still having difficulties!

So I tried this advice. Still no connection. I gave up and went for a heavy-duty session.

3Wed00b1The herky-jerky wet room light decided to go off completely! It would now not work at all. Alas, it went while I was making use of the Porcelain Throne. Sat there in complete darkness, half-way through the session, too! I stumbled about to find the toilet roll, 3Wed00b2knocking over the deodorant, bleach and disinfectant, then tripped against the floor cabinet and tumbled to the floor, clouting the top of my head against the other box. I think I said something to the tune of “Well, fancy that!” Then cleaned the mess and me up. Well annoyed and frustrated now! Tsk!

All this faffing and arfing about, I turned everything off. Back down to collect the clothes from the laundry room.

04Thur02I’d not noticed it earlier, but the state of the washer I’d not used was disgusting.

Had a while to wait for the dryer to finish, and did my best to clean out the gunk and dried solid soap powder from the input drawers.

The outer casing had soap powder, and liquid cleaner dripped all down the front. As you can see in the photograph, it didn’t come up very good despite my efforts. As for the floor beneath, even I could do nothing with that. The annoyances so far, the light, the Accifauxpa and Virgin internet going down had got me in dark mood. Other days this would not have bothered me.

04Thur05I got the togs out of the dryer. Cleaned the filter.

A bit larger load than usual, that took a bit of extra folding.

I’d emptied all the clothes out, and during the folding session, I found I’d got an odd sock again! Checked inside the dryer, nothing in there. This didn’t bother so much as it typically might have. But the last article I folded was the dressing gown, and the miscreant sock fell out from within it as I shook it ready to be wrapped. Hehe!

Up in the lift and home. Put away the washed washing. Started the computer and tried to get Virgin Internet on, once more, went through the turning the router off routine, no success. I wanted to spit! Also, I could feel the gentle rumblings in the stomach indicating that I may need another visit to the Porcelain Throne soon. This concerned me somewhat, risking going in the darkened or flashing like lighting, filled shower room again!

Around 0730hrs, the door chime tune (Dusty Springfields ‘I only wanna be with you!’) rang out. It was the Morrison’s delivery bloke. Not seen this one before. He kindly carried the bags into the kitchen for me and collected last weeks bags.

04Thur15The cream cakes I’d ordered for Joy’s (I think that’s her name) birthday arrived in excellent condition. I got some for Jenny and Frank and the Warden Obergruppenfurheresses as well, with some sourdough bread. I got the stuff into storage and the hand-outs in the bag ready with the nibbles.

I got the NHS Cardiac Patient questionnaire filled in and into the envelope. Six big pages of it.

Had a think about how I was going to get the ablutions done. No showering in the dark would be risked. So I had a stand-up strip wash at the sink with the door open. Did the teggies.

Then took the shaving tackle into the kitchen along with the Daktacort cream and pain gel. Had an uncomfortable shave, and treated Little Inchy who was bleeding still, but not much and applied the gel on the dodgy areas in need. Hippy Hilda, the knees and wrists.

The lump on the head from the fall was a bit tender.

04Thur03Cleaned up the kitchen and returned the stuff back to the wet room.

Then, belatedly got the morning medications and Health Checks sorted and done. Took the medicines with a warm drink for a change. A beautiful mug of the Extra Strong English Breakfast tea-bag. Nice!


Still annoyed at the loss of the Richard ‘Rich & Robbing’ Branson Virgin Internet, I tried once more to get it on. No luck – Globdangerations!

I assembled everything in the bag and checked them. Cream cakes, nibble box, DVDs for Mary, jars for the recycling bin, notes, the NHS form etc. to post on the way out.

Feeling a little down with all the problems suffered. But told me to appear happy with everyone at the meeting, cause they will all have difficulties of their own to cope with.

04Thur17I called in flat 38 on the sixth, no, the fifth floor, on the way down, to give Mary some cakes and the Seagal DVDs. Bless her!

Out into the drizzle and wind. Dropped off the jars in the bin. Doing well here remembering stuff. Haha!).

Got to the Obergruppenfurheresse Wardens and Social Hut. Well early I was as intended, so I could see Deana and get some help with the list of things I’d taken with me. Some tenants were in there waiting on the warm for the bus to arrive. Jenny seemed in good spirits and health and greeted me.

I got to see Deans and explained about the internet failure and asked if she knew of any reliable computer wizards, but she did not. Informed her of Friday’s cock-up with my arranging to go see Sister Jane for her birthday and finding out I’d forgotten about the radiators being isolated on that day. Deana said she would let them in for me. Phew! I added the wet room light. Deana said she would call them as long as I would be in. They will be here in no longer than four hours, and to let her know when I leave the Social so she can call them. I thanked her.

The meeting went very well. Joy got two rounds of Happy Birthday, presents and a cake with candles for her to blow out. All great stuff. When I got the raffle tickets, I handed them both to the Birthday Girl with her cream cakes. She said they were her favourites too! That cheered me up!

I found out from Jenny, that her Richard ‘Rich & Robbing’ Branson Virgin Internet was also down this morning as well! This also gave me hopes of it coming back on later.

BJ arrived, and we managed a little natter. Mostly me complaining about things going wrong, I’m afraid. I handed out the nibbles.

I left early, offering my farewells to all, and remembering to call at the office and tell Deana I was on my way back to the flat.

Got in and tried the internet again. To my greatest of joy, it came on at the third attempt! Hurrah!

Updating this post on Google Chrome, WordPress won’t work on Firefox it doesn’t save at all. And to my dismay, WordPress stopped saving on Chrome! I tried opening it in Firefox, and it was now saving on that, but not on Chrome? Totally confused I pressed on with crossed fingers and an in an irritated mood.

I’d taken two-and-half hours to catch up on this diary. No signs of the Nottingham City Homes workmen to replace the light in the wet-room yet?

The test results arrived. The next one for Tuesday 16th January, they left it for two weeks this time, cause the outcome at 2.4 was very close.

I went on email and requested an appointment for as early as possible with the surgery. Done that.

Now I’ll have get yesterdays blog finished. What a day. Up 12 hours plus and only just getting around to this! Accifauxpas, Whoopsiedangleplops, Internet, Chrome, Firefox failures and problems, no light in the wet room and I can’t do the ablutions! Grrr! Humph and Curse!

Well over four hours since I was told the light in the wet room should have been replaced. It’s dangerous using the Porcelain Throne in pitch darkness, and so messy having to wash in the cold kitchen and moving stuff around to do so. I hope they do arrive, even if I have to wait up till late. That’ll do me a lot of good, waiting up and they do not come!

Ah, well, I’ll try to get caught up on Facebook first. Thank you, Mr Richard ‘Rich & Robbing’ Branson of the ownership of the pathetic Virgin Internet! Boo!

I got the camera and left Facebooking when the Fire Brigade arrived.


04Thur21They were here for a good while. No alarms activating in the flats, but that is not unusual.

I’m pleased to see that they searched for and found the offending driver of the Mini, and got him to remove his car parked in the Emergency Vehicles Only chevroned area.

They apparently had a few words with him.

Moments later after they drove off, boy did the rain come down!


04Thur23But did this discourage the workers out there on the hoists and scaffolding?

Not a bit if it.

They pressed on drilling and banging and knocking as if there was no rain or heavy winds at all! Brave lads, who wanted to finish the job! Heros each! Must be on piecework?

Opened Facebook again, and the intercom rang out. It was the chap from Nottingham City Homes come to replace the light in the wet room.

Ang05And look at it now!

I’ll be able to apply my creams, corticoids, Enoxaparin injections and lotions much more accurately now.

Mind you, seeing my face in the mirror more clearly when shaving, might be a bit of a shock for me. Haha!

I is different to the old one, I hope that it will not cost more to run.

Back to Facebook.

Getting so tired out now. It’s been a long and stressful day for this Nottingham Pensioner. I’ll have to try and catch up with WordPress reading, time, health, computer and internet permitting tomorrow.

04Thur12xCarried out the Health Checks and took the medications.

Just too drained to do any ablutions.

Getting the nosh prepared now.

In the recliner, tray on knee, TV on, headphones on and nodded off.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 30th November 2017: Tenants Social Hour… well, 20 minutes.

Thursday 30th November 2017

پنجشنبه 30 نوامبر 2017  Persian

0020hrs: A night of waking and nodding-off repeatedly. In spite of the brain apparently working in an acervuline manner, I did spot that I’d used the notepad and investigated, I’d written about dreams. First time for ages. As I was perusing the scribble, Trotsky Terence summoned me to the porcelain throne, and I forgot about what I dreamt until later.

Not sure if I’d been getting up during the night, but found signs of nibbling, the light was on and the fridge door open.

Arrived at the WC and although I cannot recall visiting overnight, the last packet of ARDC capsules was on the cabinet top on the floor, with just two tablets left. The Leningrad book was in a different place than I usually keep it, and confusion reigned in the brain, as I tended to Trotskies demands. A little less watery than the fifteen visits yesterday. (You’ve got to laugh, or you’d cry, Hehehe!)

Washed up and into the kitchen, shut the fridge and freezer doors I’d left ajar, got the kettle on and took a photograph of the room from the same place, one with the flash on auto the other one with the option turned off.

I bet I’ll have to throw away some fodder again from the freezer? Huh! I’ll see if I can get another order delivered tomorrow from Morrisons, I hope so, cause I can order the anti-Diahorrea capsules at the same time.

I had the Lumix camera charging, so used the old Sony, and put that in charge afterwards.

Made a cuppa and on the computer to see if Morrisons can deliver tomorrow morning. No chance, but didn’t think they could. Never mind, if Trotsky lets me, (and it’s looking better this morning; only three visits in two-and-a-half hours) I can go down into Sherwood and get some capsules from the Wilko shop.

Finished the Wednesday Inchcock Today and made a start on this one.

Then realised I’d not done the Health Checks, so got them actioned. Doing this, I dropped some tablets. I bent down (A risky action with Trotsky Terence lurking awaiting an opportunity to catch me out with a Whoopsiedangleplop motion!), to retrieve them, and there I stayed down there for ages, unable to get back up on my tootsies. Tsk!

Hopes of keeping off the 15 stone mark are dwindling. Having to clean and cut the fingernails, blow my nose, strip-off, remove the hearing aids, the glasses, pick the teeth, remove any ear-wax and make sure I’ve just paid a visit to the Throne before I dare to step on the scales nowadays. The readings for today were better I think. Glad to see the pulse has gone up a bit.

Made another cuppa (I’m still drinking a lot) and back to the computer. Spotting the notepad, I looked at the dream scribble about the dreams. It appears that I was back driving a bus, a 1960 model Bristol Lodekka, just like the one shown here on what was then Granby Street but changed to Maid Marion Way later, in Nottingham. I was in the cab with a bloke and telling him how much harder it was to drive the older buses and he kept hitting me? Silly really, cause there was never room for two in the cab.

Another dream, about the Carter’s Pop Factory I worked at years ago. Vague this one, but I think I was being chased all over the factories by Nannys with prams (If I read the note correctly?)

. I got a cycle puncture repair kit out of the raincoat I was wearing and started stitching and patching myself up. Got off the table, left some nibbles and hobbled through the fighting, arguing, scratching, head-butting medical staff, and out to the car park, where I got into my old Skoda Estelle.

Had a wee-wee, made another mug of tasty tea and carried on updating this page to here.

I got onto WordPress Reader then. Lots of good stuff on today.

Facebooking next. Then onto CorelDraw graphicationalisationing.

0750hrs: Got the ablutioning done. Dressed and ready for the Morrison order to arrive. Which it did at 0915hrs. The orange chocolates Jenny wanted getting in, came, and I also ordered a Rum flavour one for her to try. Jenny was getting some to hand out. Put these in one bag, and the bread and truffles for the Obergefrieteress Julie and Obergruppenfurheress Deana in another carrier. Got the rest of it stored away in the fridge, freezer and cupboards. I purchased some fresh potato rostis that I intend to have tonight. Along with some freshly trimmed mangetout, Scottish buttered bread, Piccolo tomatoes, a pickled egg and some Chinese chicken breasts.

I don’t think this should give Diahorrea Donald any bother? I wrote these ingredients down so as not to forget. Sad innit?

As I checked everything to make sure I’d not left anything on that I shouldn’t, the temperature in the kitchen was only 44° f. I collated and tool the bin bags to the chute, then another check around the apartment, and off I set.

One of the workmen told me it was freezing when he started. Not a happy lad at all. As I walked to the temporary shed, I could see that Willmott Dixon had scattered rock-salt around liberally. The sun was glaring but had little warmth in it.

Got in the hut, and gave Jenny the things. Went into the Warden’s office and handed them their Polish bread and nibbles. I departed on the walk into Sherwood to get some of the Loperamide Hydrochloride capsules to counter the Trotskys.

BJ gave me a pap on his horn as he passed going up the hill.

I called in the Co-op first and got a TV magazine and a packet of two small part-baked courgettes… no, that’s not right is it, (I had to look at the label then, the brain had frozen again. Tsk! Poor old clot). Baguettes, I meant to type.

Then hobbled up the Mansfield Road hill and into the Wilko store.

First thing I made sure that I got, was three boxes of their own label ‘Dia-Limit’ capsules, six in each box for only 85p each carton. I’m pretty sure that when Trotsky visited a couple of weeks ago, I tried these capsules and they were moderately efficient then.

While in there, I topped up with the fabric spray, fabric conditioner and fragrance boost. All the Wilko own generic label stuff with Exotic Ylang & Freesia scented.

This is such a scent. Sweetish and tangy at the same time.

They had some of the Citrus mini-cans of deodorant in too, so I got a couple.

I also bought another pot of Ginko Biloba extract tablets. I just wish I could remember who recommended them to me and why they did?

I paid the pleasant lady the £9.30 as requested and withdrew onto Mansfield Road and two vehicles had had a Whoopsiedangleplop between them. This was when it dawned on me that I had left the camera and mobile back in the flat again, Tsk!

Hobbled up to the bus stop to find the time on the display unit and I had a twenty-five-minute wait for the next L9 bus. So, I got the crossword book out and satiated my enigmatology. No that I did very well. Hehe!

The bus arrived very early, and I nearly missed it, but one of other tenants, a new import to the place, also caught out by the unexpected arrival, but she managed to flag it down for us.

I alighted the vehicle and went into the Social Hour meeting again. Took a ‘Dia-Limit’ capsules with a drink of water. A pleasant chat with Jenny then handed the nibble-box around. By gum, they were hungry today. Haha! I didn’t stay long. Managed a little natter with BJ and Bill (William on Sundays), before having to make my way back and up to the Porcelain Throne. Got there on time and this time, it was not as bad. So, maybe things will improve… Me and my forlorn hopes, Hehe!

It was an icy feeling in the flat again. “Blow the expense I thought, and put on the electric fire. I’d only used it once before in the three years… or is three yet? I’ve been here. I didn’t realise that the backlight had to be on for it to throw any heat out. Still, I know now. Not that it’s gotten a lot warmer in the two hours it’s been on. Tsk!

I put away the bits I’d bought and put one more of the ‘Dia-Limit’ capsules in the evening pot of medications and took them. Did the Health-Checks and off to the Porcelain Throne again.

Got on with updating this tosh. Still got the fingerless gloves on form going out, that’s how cold it is.

Went for a wee-wee and to make another brew.

Took this close up of the balcony while hanging out of the kitchen window. No wonder the poor devils were making such horrendous noises. It looks like they are using the 1964 built concrete base and adding some plates to it for attaching something?

Got the oven warming and had a go on Facebook.

Getting on with the Food Themed graphic series for the TFZers, now.

Still, a long way to go, but I enjoy doing them, and love it when I can make anyone smile and or laugh.

Going to get the nosh sorted now. Afraid I didn’t eat much of it; a bit of a disaster! The mangetout was bitter, the chicken too sweet. Had to dish a lot of it.

Washing the pots afterwards, and I found out that the Wilko Apple Slicers stay sharp for a long time.


The sun was shining as it grew a little dark, and the snow fell.

Only a few small flakes, and as they flew past I took this picture as the wind just dropped, as did the temperature.

The snow melted within seconds. Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

My energy faded as soon as I got into the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV, the last episode of Pie in the Sky. I missed a lot of it with nod-offs being rampant.

Sleep came begrudgingly notwithstanding my tiredness.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 9th November 2017: Tenants Social half-hour, Photos of Nottingham, Whoopsidangleplops and an Accifauxpa thrown in! Hehe!

Thursday 9th November 2017

Indonesian: Kamis 9 November 2017

0045hrs: Woke up thinking it was very late for some reason. Bits of the later dreams remained lingering in the grey-cells. Factory, machinery breaking down, no spare-parts and getting lost in the workshop?

Then I cheered up a bit when it dawned on me that the Fire Alarm Strobe and Pillow-shaker alarm had not activated as it has for the last two nights.

Wind fluttered out of the rear-end, stomach ache instantly arrived and I was out of the £300 second-hand recliner in record time and off to the Porcelain Throne. Luckily with no injuries, stubbed toes or Whoopsiedangleplops. The evacuation was instant (The moment I sat down), foudroyant and without doubt, prompted by the return of Trotsky Terence. Another messy session, and yet as the blood spurted out, it reminded me of a book I read years ago, with the title of “Through Gritted Teeth”. It was a horror story. Blimey, now I have the Trots and Haemorrhoid Harold hassle at the same time! Haha!

Cleaned up and into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications, with an ADRC capsule added to the recipe of legal drugs as usual.

I made a small mug of tea in the delicate China cup and cleaned some cutlery I had missed from last night. Luckily I had some of the Germolene cream handy to put on the finger that was scolded in the too-hot water I used. Tsk!

Took this ‘Moody’ but not very good photographicalisation while hanging out of the kitchen window.

Showing the mini-compound used by the workmen doing up the complex. I can’t make out what is what.

You can see the support racking they have erected across the bottom. I think the men will raise this to the level required, to give them access to knock the balcony of each storey down. Then again, I have frequently been wrong about these things, and most other things before. (Oh, you noticed? Haha!)

The computer on, mustn’t get carried away this morning, I don’t want to be late to miss the Tenants Social Hour. While I thought of this, I assembled the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bags to take with me.

After doing this task, I got further distracted from working on the diaries done. I went to make another brew and saw how the kitchen window had got splashed with greasy whatever it was by the workers yesterday, and set about cleaning the outside of the glass.

Eventually, I got it finished, made the brew and returned to the computer and finalised yesterday’s post and got it sent off.

0345hrs: Started on updating this day’s diary of woe, to here.

Caught up on Facebooking and TFZing.

Then WordPress Reading and an answering comments session.

Just about to start on creating a graphic for a page top, and Trotsky Terence forced me to hobble swiftly as possible to the Porcelain Throne. A close call, but I made it with seconds to spare. It was a sloppy session again.

Cleaned-up and made another mug of tea and returned to the graphicationalisationing.

I got the ablutions done and changed into the day clothes.

The Morrison delivery arrived at 0815hrs. Some naughty Pensioner had let her in the foyer. So when she knocked on the door, I thought it was him up above, or workmen on the outside making the noise and kept searching for what it was, holding the girl waiting. When I peeped through the keyhole viewer and saw her there, I was surprised. She took the bags through to the kitchen for me.

I didn’t ask, but wondered if the doorbell had packed up? Off she went, and I got the stuff sorted. There were three fewer bags than last week, but cost me more? The only nibbles I got were some chocolate and yoghourt peanuts.

I made a small mug of tea to try out the new Twinings Strong Tea Bag on offer from £4.98 down to £3.00. I had to try these, cause Morrisons had stopped doing the wonderful Thompson’s ones. (Swines!) The Twinings ones were nowhere near as good either… but not too bad on the Special Price I begrudgingly admit. (Gits!)

I tested both door alarms, and they were operational. Bursting forth with Dusty Springfield’s ‘I only wanna be with you’ tune.

I can hear the drilling from the work lads now. I might go to the Tenants Social Hour and then had a bus ride somewhere or a walk to escape the worst of it?

Readied bags etc. Sorted the bin bags out and on the way to the lift, I dropped them down the rubbish chute.

Out through the worker’s materials and along towards the Temporary Social Hut

Halfway up the incline, I turned and took these photographicalisations of the block. It surprised me to find my guess about what they had built yesterday, was right. It was to gain access to the balconies.

A lot more chaps on site today. I also noticed in the distance, a lot more tenants than usual going into the portacabin.

I arrived and was actually greeted by two people. Jenny busy working away on our behalf.

I dropped the raffle prizes on the tray, but could not find a seat near the other folks.

I reckon there were about 30 people in the room. Nice and busy. This might be due to some of us going into the place to escape the noise in the flats? Sensible. Jenny asked me if a wanted a drink, I thanked her but declined, as I was going out to the Audio Clinic.

I took the nibble around, I enjoy doing this and trying to get a conversation going with the others.

Being as I could not get a chair without taking one of the few remaining that others usually sit in, I decided to leave and take a walk up through Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Said a cheerio to the couple near me and set off along Chestnut Way to the gravel hill up by the fantastic Tree Copse. It was too wet to risk walking through it today, although I had the time.

The Audio Clinic was not an appointment one. I just needed some more batteries.

I was only about half the way up the hill when visits from Anne Gyna (As is usual) and unexpectedly from Dizzy Dennis.

I stopped at the top, and Anne Gyna subsided quickly, and I took this photograph of the unfortunate lopped trees near the Pitch & Putt course. They had suffered more bits being cut off recently.

Down the footpath onto Mansfield Road, over the hill and down to the bus stop. I soon caught a bus into town, but the only seat was one of those side-daddle affairs. Like the one, I had to sit in on the trip to Mansfield the other day. Tsk! Hehe! Only a short journey of about two miles, though.

I alighted at Victoria Centre (Mall) and was walking along Milton Street and went to get the Audio Clinic Authority Booklet out of my pocket,! I’d not taken it with me! What a Pillock! That was the end of that mission then.

So, I thought I’d have a hobble around and get some pictures of this diary and the TFZer Site. Starting with the giant advertising screen, Victoria Cente (Mall).

The weather kept changing from lightish to dark. ! I’d left the umbrella behind as well! I’d put it in the spare room to dry and forgot about it. Humph!

I poddled along down Clinton Street.

There were a few folks about, but even the McDonald’s, with its regular young beggar, but with a different dog outside today, was not busy.

No smiling faces were either.

A few spots of rain descended but soon stopped. For which I was glad.

At the end of the street, I turned right onto Long Row. The Christmas Fair and Food stalls were being erected. I seem to be burdened with building all around me? Haha!

The Slab Square was a hive of activity.

I hope they are building the little sentry-like box or the lady with the Roast Chestnuts again this year. I foolishly bought a bag last year in November from her. I got five chestnuts in the packet that cost £2, and one of them had gone off!

The Kangaroo and Aligator steak sandwiches, if I recall correctly, were selling for between £5 and £10.

Peoples expressions here also gave off the aura of malaise, anxiety and simple unhappiness. Even the youngsters were looking and sounding grumpy. I know not the reason why. Perhaps it was the building of the so-called entertainment attractions that is depressing them? Was something in the air?

The £4 a go Helter-Skelter is back again as well, by the way, being put up now.

As I limped around and struggled up the hill, Queen Street to the bus stop, the feet started stinging something awful, and Dizzy Dennis gave me another visit. Not that this made dispirited in itself, the Nottingham Street Art near the bus stop did, though.

And to think that Nottingham is bidding to become the European City of Culture? What with Brexit and the Nottingham Street Art, I guess not?

I had a jolly good natter with a lady at the bus stop. She gave me some tips on cooking the belly pork when I have it again.

When I got back to the flat, the workmen had encircled the building. Hehe! I had a job getting into it! The white lines I added to this photo I took as soon as I got up into the apartment, was the route I had to make to gain access. Not complaining, just saying. Can’t be helped if we want the upgrading work done.

Got the Health Checks and medications tended to, and Dizzy Dennis returned. Not good this.

Updated this diary to here, and I was all-in health and energy-wise by then.

Got the nosh started. The last of cooked beef, some chips from an out of date part bag found in the freezer bottom, vegetarian skinless hot dog sausages and baked beans is the plan.

Did a Morrison Order for next week, while I waited for it to cook.

A delightfully flavoursome feast. The teeth suffered a bit, but still.

I placed the tray on the next chair, thought about what to watch on the TV and drifted off into a Nocturnal Nibbling filled sleep.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 26th October 2017: Tenants Social Hour

A Sign of Mankind’s abject failure, squander-mania, greed, ingordigious, intolerance, esurient cravings, avarice, jealousness and self-destructiveness!

Thursday 26th October 2017

Esperanto: Ĵaŭdo 26 Oktobro 2017

2230hrs (Yesterday): I’d woken up thinking it was morning and discovered what time it actually was.

I’d taken the Health Checks but did notice the time before swallowing the medications and applying the various creams and lotions Tsk!

I got the Wednesday Post finished and started on this one. A little confused to say the least!

Did some graphic tops for future use.

Turned everything off and Nipped into the wet room to utilise the Porcelain Throne. All was good in this department this morning.

0110hrs: Made a fresh brew of tea and had a peek out of the window.

No rain or wind, and it was warm really.

Got CorelDraw back on, and the Virgin Media Internet returned.

Although depressed with things, the toothache and NHS Helpline had not rung back etc. The brain did not have its Boeotian spell like it has for the last three mornings. I wish it had, then I might not feel so low if the grey-cells had played up and gave me something else to worry about. Hehehe!

I updated an old TFZer graphic on CorelDraw.

Emails, Facebooking and WordPress Reading followed.

I got a good long hard ablutionalisational session done. Scouring pad, back brush and elbow grease used in the shower. Hehehe!

Applied the medications and lotions and sat on the Porcelain Throne… where I stayed for hours! I’d got to a fascinating chapter in the Lenigrad book, and seemed unable to put it down. Several pages later, as the body mass and extremities started to feel the cold, I put the book down and adorned my well-upholstered flobby body in some clothes. A challenge this is you know!

Assembled the raffle prizes and nibbles box in the bag, and did the second of the day’s Health Checks. The reading seemed to have come down and steadied a bit now. I wondered if I might get a call today from the NHS Helpline?

Soon it was time for me to set off to the Winwood Tenants Social Hour. Where I was so pleased to see that Jenny and Frank had returned from their short holiday. Jenny looked in fine fettle and spirits. She actually sang to the three gals and me as we entered. Welcome to my World, I think it was, of course, I might well be wrong on that. I probably am. Bless her.

Jenny supplied me with a small cup of tea. I put the raffle prizes on the trolly. Bill (William on Sundays) was at the same table, along with the big superior chap who helps me with the crosswords sometimes, and the lady who is assigned to the flats for the duration of the building works. A few more in attendance this week, and seemed cheerier. I took the nibbles around in the hopes of getting a chinwag or two in with the other residents, but it didn’t work out like that again.

I was thinking of leaving to catch the L9 bus up to Mapperley Tops to get some fodder when BJ arrived. Managed a quick natter with him, he was looking in good health today.

Bid my fond farewells to one and all, but they were nattering away, and no one responded. Which was not a bad thing, cause they were communicating, laughing and I was glad to see them having such a good time.

To the bus stop and a few others joined me.

I took this photo from the stop, of my Woodthorpe Court Flats. The builders were putting something up at the back of the block, to the right. Looked like a climbing frame of some sort to me.

Caught the bus up to Woodborough Road.

Walked along to the Aldi Store. Where I spent a fair bit of my ever-dwindling cash. Tsk!

They did not look busy as I approached through the car park. But when I got inside, it was pandemonium.

On my hobble around, getting many things I did not need or were painful for the poorly teeth to eat (Humph!). Some tiny potatoes, long-life skimmed milk, fresh whole milk, cooked Free-range Chicken Thighs, tomatoes, tinned garden peas, a packet of two Ciabatta rolls, belly-pork slices and a bargain bottle of Maple Syrup for £2.99, that is £2 less than Morrison charge for theirs.

Of course, I withhold judgement until I actually get around to tasting it.

Paid the young man and got to the door to leave, and I had to stop and distribute the weight between the two bags.

As I got out onto the road to walk along to turn right and down Winchester Street Hill, I was struggling with the bags and did not see tenants Margaret and her hubby. (I think her name is Margret). She laughed as she nudged me. They were on their way to the Aldi store I reckon. Lovely couple, I always like to have a talk with them.

A short distance down the road, I noticed this Speed-Warning sign. Most likely that is had been there for years, but for some reason, I had not seen it before. This brought on a moment of self-pity and feeling sorry for myself. Huh! No longer having a licence or car and there I was with Anne Gyna giving me grief and carrying a bag that was making it worse.

But I soon came out of it, when I came across this piece of Nottingham Street Art.

I wondered what it was?

Walked on with a little visit from Dizzy Dennis that only lasted a few moments, thankfully. Anne Gyna not happy, but I was because Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis were both giving me a rest.

I got back and into the flat, not feeling bad at all, just so tired.

I got the fodder away and prepped the meal.

So exhausted now, I got a Rumpole of the Bailey DVD on and watched a couple of episodes while the meal cooked. Glad to say, I did not nod-off and let anything burn.

The meal itself looked grand and tasty, as indeed it should have been. But, my option of the chicken thighs was a bad one. For the teeth would not let me masticate at all, as the flesh was so tough. Usually, when the teeth are okay, I like it like this.

As I did my best with it, I noticed blood had dripped down from the loose tooth onto me and the plate. Ah-well, that’s life nowadays!

This took the edge off of the meal. The potatoes, tomatoes, onions, peas and apple were grand.

The bullet-like beetroot from the Sainsbury’s British Baby (Note that these were quartered and are still as big as the potatoes) Beetroot in Sweet Vinegar jar will have to be given or thrown away now. Never in the field of Gastronomic Disasters have I come across such rock-hard undercooked tasteless beetroot in my life! Argh!

Did the washing-up and turned the TV on.

Soon off into the land of nod, at the time the first set of commercials started.

Inchcock Today Thursday 19th October 2017: Winwood Residents Social Hour Today: Missing bus kept me indoors! Dentist – Warfarin complication Farce continues…Grumph!

Thursday 19th October 2017

Armenian: Ուրբաթ 19 Հոկտեմբեր 2017

0150hrs: Woke feeling a lot better than last night. Even the brain engaged within seconds, I told myself to get the laundry room duties done first thing.

The Porcelain Throne beckoned me at that time, and off I stumbled, out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, a wibbly-wobbly walk that annoyed Hilda Hips a bit and off to the wet room. I spent a while digesting the writings of the Leningrad book, while the painful evacuation session decided if it was to be a success or a mid-way blockage! The raw pain accompanying the movement made me think that perhaps a submarine torpedo was on its way out! Cor Blimey, what a gut-wrenching, excruciating haemorrhoid tearing session that was! Surprisingly, there was minimal bleeding, though.

I put the empty sauce bottles on top of the washing bag and went to set off down to the Laundry Room.

The INR DVT results had been delivered, must have arrived yesterday while I was incapacitated with depression and the Dennis Dizzies. Too late for me to have got to the dentist to beg an appointment, but it was also low a result anyway. The Sherrington Medical Practise have failed again to Email me with the results and readings. So, too late now to get in I think, so I’ll go to the City Hospital Haematology for the test next week. I’m getting fed-up to the back teeth (Pun intended) with trying to get my toothache seen to. It must be five or six weeks now. I might have stood a chance if the reading was correct within range and the receptionists at the surgery had informed me in time… and the dentist could fit me in. No one seems interested at the doctors nowadays.  I had to stop myself thinking of this problem, it’s doing my health no benefit at all.

0245hrs: In the lift number one, and noticed that the new Wachelino Alien Blob had spread out a bit.

I think this one might have come from a different planet than the first one, cause she is definitely developing differently to the first one. Hehe!

Got the washing into the machine and nipped outside in the misty morning darkness.

The leviathan-sized advertising boards were showing what the new build will eventually look like shone out in the light from the foyer doors. Enough to allow me to take a decentish photograph of it on my way to the recycling bin. I noticed that someone had already added some graffiti to it. Huh!

I added my two empty sauce bottles to the Scottish Whisky, Irish Whiskey, London Gin, Brandy, Champagne, Wine, Tequila, Vodka, even an Absynthe one and other various alcoholic concoctions the residents had put there earlier.

0305hrs: Back up to the mini-apartment. Did the Health Checks and took the medications. I think the low Sys and Dia is a good thing? Sys 138 Dia 73 Pulse 76 Temp 33.7c.

Sorted out the photographs and made a start on this diary.

0349hrs: Down and moved the gear from the washer to dryer. I wondered if whoever left the bedhead in the lift area are aware of the Nottingham City Homes letters of warning we have all received?

Sadly, another of us old folk have gone again. A lady tenant from Winchester Court. I did not recognise the name but bet I knew her to speak to. This lowered my spirits just a bit for a few moments. I know it can’t be avoided or helped.

Saw the list for the nosh in Arnold that Jenny arranges for us. With the dentist/Warfarin level farce, I daren’t add my name until I know the teeth have been sorted. Then again, the way that things are going, I’ll never get the teeth done. Hehe!

Back up the lift and made another brew of tea.

Opened the window and took this photo of the characteristical winter weather. The eerie light mists. There seemed a deceptive warmth in the atmosphere. (Is that the right word?)

Updated this diary again.

0344hrs: Down to collect the washing and clean up the laundry room. Wiped the surfaces, cleaned the filters and folded the clothes and into the bag.

I did wonder who’d left the lollipop there, on the window ledge?

0415hrs: Up to the flat a last time from the washing room. Got the clothes stored away and refilled the washing bottles for next session.

Worked on this post up to here, then set about finalising yesterday’s diary.

Caught up with the Emails (None from the surgery, of course, Humph!)

Did some WordPress reading.

I thought it a good idea to soak some of the foul, bitter Lidl tomatoes in some fish sauce to marinate for later.

Now, I have two tips for anyone doing this:

  1.  Do not use White Wine Sauce in mistake for Fish Sauce.
  2. If you must cut your finger, try not to do it down the edge of your fingernail.

Nuff said! Tsk!

After the Tenants Social Hour, I intend to go to Arnold and get some milk, fish and if possible some more Ski Lemon Mousse. Then go to the Doctors Surgery to express my displeasure at being let-down by them again for their not getting the INR reading and next appointment sent to me, not just not in time for me to inform the dentist and try to get a booking with them, but not supplying either to me at all. Swines!

Ablutions tended to with a good long shower and scrub up, close-shave and medicationalisationing of the required areas of the overweight blobby body and Phorpained the joints. I was still feeling so much better than last night.

Set off to the Windwood Social Hour.

I managed to catch up and overtake the two gals in this picture on the left, Dooren and Mabel, and opened the door and held it that position for them to enter. Bill (William on Sundays) just entering the hut in the distance.

BJ had not attended, he was poorly. I’ll ring him later see if he’s alright.

I gave the new tomatoes to Jenny to use. Had a chinwag with her.

Handed out the nibbles on each table and managed to get some little nattering sessions in, that cheered me up a little. Bought two raffle ticket strips and gave one away to each table.

Had a peep out at the bus stop and the rain was pouring down.

I sat with Bill (William on Sunday’s), Snotty Nose and we were joined by 93-year-old Polish Eddy when he arrived, he was looking in good form today.

I said my farewells and left early in plenty of time to catch the L9 bus into Bestwood at the stop outside of the shed.

Ten or so other tenants joined me, and the City bound bus arrived. It departed just leaving two of us to catch the outward bound one, that was due at the same time of 1030hrs. We waited and waited and a chap from the Winchester Flats, the gambling addict, nice chap, joined us. At 1045hrs, still no bus, they both started to walk down the hill leaving me all alone under my umbrella fruitlessly waiting for the bus that never arrived.

Despondent now, and with wet trouser legs, I hobbled back to the apartment, getting wetter by the minute. Humph and Gumph!

So, downhearted, downcast, depressed, unhappy, miserable, sorrowful, dejected, dispirited, discouraged, despondent, dismayed and crestfallen. Chagrined, disenchanted, disillusioned, pissed-off, displeased. Discontented, dissatisfied, frustrated, shirty, disgruntled, miffed. Luckless, suicidal tendencies lingering, hapless, ill-starred, ill-fated, irritated, gutted, narked, as sick as a parrot, vexed, close to nocent, frustrated and cold and wet, there will be no doctors visitation for me today – again, through no fault of my own! Grrr! So, a marathon walk to the City Hospital for my blood test next Tuesday, or, two buses either way to the QMC. And I have the Nottingham City Homes man, Ryan calling to see me in the afternoon about the strobe alarm. Tsk!

Got back to the flat and got the umbrella drying, took the wet trousers off and a wee-wee that I thought would never end?

Got the computer on. A weather warning for Nottingham on the BBC site. 0700hrs to 2200hrs, fog and rain!

Made a small brew of tea and got updating this diary.

Got the chips in the oven and added the beef patsies after 12 minutes, in the hope that they would both be ready at the same time. Set the timer for another 20 minutes and carried on with the updating, to here.

Checked   Facebook.

The innards have begun to rumble and grumble again now, I’ve been free of this ailment for weeks gone. But it’s back. Tsk!

Got the meal sorted.

Got the chips done a lot softer today, so they were not so painful for the poor teeth to masticate.

Fell asleep for an hour or so, that was nice.

Went to do the Health Checks, take the medications and get the pots in the bowl to 04Thur21soak.

My, how the weather had altered in such a short time, back to the rain now, the fog departing, just a bit of mist in the distance left, now.

I settled to read the Lenigrad book, resuming on page 67. I can’t recall getting any further, still open at the same page when I woke up.

Evening all.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 12th October 2017: Tenant goes very pale, Tenant Detail Updating Interview, Tenants Social Hour, Tenant sealed inside flat, Space Saucer photographed… Blimey, a better headline than the Sun! Hehehe!

Thursday 12th October 2017

Filipino: Huwebes Oktubre 12, 2017

0125hrs: Sprang awake, expergefacient with a jump, shudder and confusion, knowing that something in a dream had made me do this. By the time I had reached for the pencil and pad, the memories had departed my brain-box. I hate that!

I think the nocturnal nibbling had returned overnight. An empty Stilton cheese biscuit bag and a suspicious looking couple of sweets were resting precariously in the folds of my overweight bulbous wobbly belly! Oh, and a banana skin on the Ottoman. Guilty?

I removed them and fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner and gingerly made my way to the Porcelain Throne. Where the evacuation went very well. Haemorrhoid Harold was hardly bleeding at all, Little Inchy tender, but no bleeding either, and I noticed en route to the wet room, that Hilda Hips was not playing up! Good signs here, I decided I could now leave off the protection pants when I change after the ablutions later.

Even the burn on the hand was not giving any pain or soreness. With all these positives this morning, I began to think that maybe I was still asleep and dreaming? Hehe!

But I was impuissant to stop Anne Gyna as she tried to make up for all the other ailments that were giving me a break. But, I’m not complaining.

Into the kitchen and took the medications, did the Health Checks and looked out of the window, the early morning sky to the right, had some fantastic colours in the darkness. I made my way to get the camera and into the front room to go out on the balcony to get a photo of the colours… Boing! I’d forgot about the lock being removed from the balcony door yesterday.

So, I went back and hung myself… Wait for it! Out of the window to take this photo on the left. Not a good quality one, but the content context (Is that the right word?) I found very pleasing.

Got the computer going and finished the diary for yesterday and got it posted off.

Then, to the wet room to titivate up shave, teggies (Not easy cleaning around the painful ones) etc. Taking care not to make any noise this early in the day, didn’t want to bother the neighbours.

I’ve had an odd feeling all morning, and suddenly realised what it might be: Apart from the lack of so many ailments hassling me, I thought I might be dead. Hehehe! See picture. Mind you; the light is very bright in the wet room.

When I went in to do the ablutions and was my skin pale again or what? Still, being as I felt alright it didn’t matter to me much.

All done, I dressed and got the nibble-box and raffle prizes ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour into the bag ready.

I’ve ordered some flowers for Jenny in the Morrison order. She does a lot of work helping others and many of the tenants I hear, only want to moan and take the wee? So this will show Jenny that I appreciate her work for us.

Started this diary going.

Making another small mug of tea, I noticed as the light came out in the sky, that there were many contrails across the vista. Thought I’d take a picture of them, set the camera to ‘Through Glass’ setting.

Look how it came out here on the left. Hehe!
The what seemed like a Flying Saucer had appeared and looked so real and lifelike. It was in reality, a reflection of the light fitting on the kitchen wall. I’ll try to think of something humorous to put on it when I post it to the TFZer site. Ah, I’ve thought of something. If I can get an updated photo of the Alien Blob in lift one and use it along with this one? Hehehe!

Had a go at Facebooking, keeping my fingers crossed that it does not start freezing and blocking comments on me again. After a while, it slowed to stop. Phwert!

The Morrison lady arrived with the groceries. Nice gal.

Moved the carrier bags into the kitchen, and there were plenty of them today. I got the stuff put away. I took a picture of the flowers, Roses and Carnations in their box that I’d got for Jenny. Hope she likes them.

I now have plenty of bleach, washing-up liquids and mineral water in stock. I got extra in, just in case the GUM or Hilda Hippy treatments came up earlier than planned. Save hassle if I don’t feel up to scratch after them, like,

I put the box near the door, so I did not forget to take it with me.

Obergruppenfurheress Deana arrived about 0915hrs, to do the updating of the details of my records. Before we started, I asked her if would take the flowers to Jenny for me, and she readily agreed, bless her.

We got on with the Q & A session, managing a few chinwags and incoming phone calls to her in between.

All done and sorted, we departed together, Deana got side-tracked and I carried on to the Tenants Social Hour meeting Although there were only 38 minutes of it was left by now).

I met Ernie en route and gave him the pickled herrings, he was very pleased and this, in turn, cheered me up.

Within minutes of my arrival, Deana caught up with us and quietly handed Jenny the box. Bj was there, and about 15 others in total. Jenny asked me if I wanted a small cup of tea with only a little milk (She remembered!) and I thanked her and sat down next to BJ and Bill (William on Sundays). We had a decent natter come chinwag. Handed out the nibbles.

The general ambience seemed a little low-key and subdued as I read it. Not miserable or gloomy, mind. I hope this comes over luculently.

As I hobbled around, it seemed a little strained despite the laughter?

There was no acuity present as I pondered and debated with myself whether I should go up to Aldi on the 1130hrs bus or not? Said my goodbyes to the few left in the meeting and meandered back to the flat. I decided not to go to Aldi’s store, as fatigue was already seeping into my psyche, and Hippy Hilda started to ache and twinge a bit more.

I got lift one up to the twelfth floor and took the opportunity to photographicalise and update of the ‘Watchileno’ Blob on the floor of the elevator.

I later created this graphic for use on the TFZ site, but I will doctor it with something funny first I think.

Well, a bit of fun might cheer us all up a little bit. Or not of course.

The ‘Herbert’ upstairs started knock-knocking and tapping away.

Started to update this diary.

Stopped to sort the meal out. Had some potatoes already cooking in the crock-pot. Put some peas, franks and light soy sauce in a pan and decided to risk some chips today. So I got the oven warming then back to the computer and did next weeks Morrison order. I delayed this when the DVT result arrived through the letterbox.

The surgery, who I had to ask for the current level, had informed me my status was level was 4.6 was – the DVT record card showed it as 1.5!!!

I’m thinking of trying to change doctors now. That will not be easy trying to convince a new doctor to take on all my ailments. Oh, dear!

Back to the Morrison order.

I got the chips into the oven.

After much shuffling and indecision, I settled for some franks, lemon flavoured cooked beetroot, two potatoes halved and dabbed with Vegemite, garden peas with light soy sauce, halved mini tomatoes with White Wine Vinegar and soft-cooked thin fries. Although I had some trouble with catching the teeth, this meal went down very tastily.

While masticating away carefully, I remembered about the dentist tomorrow, 0945hrs. I scribbled a reminder and stuck it on the mini waste bin near the recliner.

Washed the pots up.

Health Checks completed and medications taken.

So tired and weary now. Got goggle-box on and perused the screening schedule on the TV magazine… now here’s a thing; Why do I bother? It is an inevitable fact that I’m only going to fall asleep with the TV on, headphones my head so I can’t hear any telephones, alarms, doorbell tunes or whatever! I even had a look at tomorrow’s page. Hehe!

I lay with the minds and stomach rumbling away, then got a feeling that I’d left the tap running. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to investigate. I’d not got any taps running, but I had left the oven on. Lovely and warm in the kitchen now. While up I checked the wet room to see if I’d taps on, heater on etc. All was safe.

Back to the recliner and it was refusing to work again. I climbed onto it and knocked off the rube of pain-gal I keep there in case of need. Clambered out again and stood on the flipping tube! Still, I can rest easy now, knowing that the carpet will not be in any pain for a bit! Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 24th August 2017: Tenants Social Hour – Audio Centre Visited, Nottingham City Photographicalisations taken

I’m so glad the philargyrists have cut down on the fiddling

Thursday 24th August 2017

Bulgarian: Четвъртък, 24 август 2017 г.

0200hrs: Pulled my lumbering flobby-body up and off the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. Unsure if Trotsky Terence was trying to return this morning, sort of half and a half if you know what I mean?

Took the medications with an extra Diah-limit capsule to be on the safe side. Made a brew and poddled back to the wet room for a wee-wee again.

I took this shot of the view and horizon. It didn’t seem too cold and no fog or mist this morning. Then I hung out of the window-frame and took this photograph of the car park and entrance to the flats area. No free parking spaces today.

Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit for a few moments while I had my head outside, but he soon departed.

Got the computer on and finished off yesterday’s diary post. Passed the wind, and had to nip back into the wet room to check things out, but all was okay – false alarm!

Went onto Facebooking, somehow I missed updating it yesterday?

WordPress reading next.

Now the Emails, then Facebooking.

Ablutions tended to.

Checked the raffle prizes and nibbles were in the bag, also that I’d got the NHS Audiology Record Book with me, and set off out to visit the Copse on my way to the Temporary Winwood Portakabin for the Social Hour.

Walked up to the Copse, and had a little wander around.

It was windy this morning, but not cold with it.

Back down to the road and along Chestnut Walk to the Portakabin. I came across a discarded used food tray laying on the grass verge and took these photographs of these beetles, apparently having feasted on whatever was left by the naughty person who had dropped it?

A bit further along towards the Social Hour Shed, I espied dozens of flies showing interest in a nettle leaf.  As I got the camera ready to picture them, all but this one flew off.

This little chap, or lady, proved she was not for moving at any price or cost? I wish I knew what interested her so about this leaf? Egg laying maybe?

Only twelve people were attending when I arrived. And that counts with the two NCH representatives. BJ arrived late, as usual to a cheer from the others. A well-loved chap our BJ. Another two residents joined us. Obergereiteress Jenny was in good form. She advised me that the arranged day-trip to Scarborough had changed to Skegness asking if I was still interested in going, in a verbal and bodily fashion, that told me I was not going to go. I told her I would not be going, as it was because they were going to Scarborough is why I added my name, Skegness did not appeal. I knew I’d said right for once when she smiled and said: “Fair enough, my dear!”

Handed in the raffle prizes and distributed the nibbles. They liked the new Hob-Knob bars. All seemed to enjoy the social and had a laugh or two.

I love some of the old uns humour. As I departed to catch the bus to town to go to the Audiology place, I bade my farewells, one said “Sod-off then” and another “Don’t get ran-over again” Hehe!
With the old hearing aids, I would never have heard these comments.

To the bus stop and a chinwag or two there, and into Town.

Dropped off and hobbled up Glasshouse Street. As I limped along, several Police vehicles sped by at a good rate of knots with their blues and twos on. By the time I got the camera out, I could only catch the last one, which was well behind the others. I’d love to have known why the five police cars, including one ARV amongst them, were going and why?

Got in the Aldi store and had a mini-spending spree. Tsk! Again! Iced fingers, apples, crisps, ready meal, salad dressing and a wholemeal loaf. Not one of which I really needed! (Well, maybe the bread).

Paid for them and out over and through the Victoria Centre Mall and out and up to Trinity Square. Not many people about in this neck of the woods.

Avoiding the Nottingham Pavement Cyclists at various points en route, I walked along to Upper Parliament Street to the Derby Road Island. Spotting the mobile-sign about the closure of the Broad Marsh Car Park, I thought that after going to the Audio Centre to be spoken down to and sneered at (If things go as usual there, that is), I’d go and take some photos of the collapsed wall car park on Mount Street.

The first task was to get across the road and up Standard Hill, on Park Row.

A deceptively steep one this is, and the last few hundred yards it gets steeper still. Anyway, amazingly I got up it with far less bother than the last time, last week. But I’d had the feet tended too in between.

Got into the main doors and walked through to the C1 Audio clinic

I was surprised to see such a small collection of audio patients. There were only 19 sat awaiting their appointments and only two in the queue reporting on arrival at the multitasking winning receptionists desk.

I stood awaiting the conversation between the two Scharfuheress receptionists to end. (This was when I had the time to count the numbers of people, scratch my nose, massage Hippy Hilda and ponder on the meaning of life… Hehe!) It took a while, so I assumed the conversation between the two gals must have been of the highest importance.

Another patient arrived to disturb the other one at the desk, and I took my chance to dive in quickly, verbally:

Me: “Morning, I’m having difficulty with my hearing aids, they were fitted in 2009, and no one has contacted me for any servicing or checking, and I am now getting…”

Receptionist: “What is it you want?”

Me: “I was explaining… (She was writing on an appointment card as she fumed and spoke, pretended to listen, and kept up her conversation with the other receptionist at the same time, credit where it’s due, her multi purpose multi tasking skills beyond question, brilliant!) I need them checking out to see if…”

Receptionist: Writing on an appointment card and chatting with her neighbour “Can you get to an appointment here for Wednesday 13th September at nine-o’clock?

Me: “Yes!” I pointed out again that I had not been seen or tested since 2009.

She grabbed my booklet and perused it.

Receptionist: “You need to start from the beginning again with a hearing test… You’ve not been tested since 2009!”

Me: “Yes!”

Receptionist: Angrily rubbing out what she had written on the appointment card and replacing it with new writing. “Can you get to an appointment here for Monday 18th September at nine-thirty?

Me: “Yes, thank you”.

I didn’t hear her say any farewells or goodbyes but did notice she returned her concentration back to the chinwag she was having with the other girl as I departed. I felt so guilty and uncomfortable at disturbing them.

At last, I can get things sorted on the 18th Sept, and then have a pleasant experience of having two sets of aids, so should not be without one or the other again.

Walked out and down Standard Hill and right to have a look at the state of the collapsed car park close up.

Looked at the new student’s flats that were built last year.

I remember thinking how quickly these were erected and finished then filled up entirely so rapidly.I wonder how many students are at colleges in Nottingham nowadays?

Then down and over Maid Marion Way and down St James street into the city centre.

Brought back some memories this street did. Not the best of memories, though.

They were from my drinking days. Some bad decisions were made then. Tsk!

Into Slab Square and enjoyed myself taking some pictures of the amusements, rides, the beach, pickpockets, muggers and shoplifters. Hehehe!

When taking the bottom middle one, a chap came to me and asked what Lens aperture I was using? I didn’t know what he meant, my being a learner of sorts. I showed him the pictures on the camera and told him I was in Auto mode, and he looked a little incredulously at me, said they were good, but he couldn’t understand how I do not use lens ___?___ on them. (I can’t remember the word, but I knew I’d never heard it before). He walked away giving me a look that told me he thought I was either lying, stupid or both?

I had an hour before the nest L9 bus was due in, so I wandered down Exchange Walk to St Peter’s Church, and foolishly meandered into Marks & Spencers Food Hall in their basement. Fatal for the waistline and bank balance this turned out to be. Huh!

Bought a BBQ meal, balsamic dressing, fritters, meat, potato rostis and a bottle of Cider Vinegar by mistake for plain vinegar. Humph!

Paid my dues and up and out into Wheeler Gate.

Passing the street artists aplenty, beggars, Big Issue sellers, street sleepers with their dogs and pavement cyclists.

Then, back up through Exchange Walk passing McDonald’s and up through the slab to the L9 bus stop.

Back at the flats, the plates were giving me some grief. Got in, had a wee-wee and got the meal started cooking. Rostis, tomatoes, mini cheese pork pie, mushrooms, beetroot, free range chicken leg,  a slice of wholemeal bread and an apple. Lemon curd yoghourt to follow.

Rated this at 8.9/10.

I had a look on the web for how many residential students were in Nottingham. It appears there are over 49,000 in total, with 20,000 residential.

So tired again, I did nothing afterwards, apart from the pot washing, many wee-wees and falling asleep watching the DVD.