Inchcock Today – Saturday 24th February 2018: Not good.

Saturday 24th February 2018

0115hrs: Woke up feeling so tired. I forced myself to try and get back to sleep again. It was not a very successful effort, though. The one time I managed to actually nod-off, the Strobe & Pillow fire alarm want off, (No fire) so I abandoned the plans for kipping again. Tsk! With ill-will power, I grudgingly tackled the job of extricating my massive body from the £300 second-hand recliner.

Washed the pots I’d left on the other chair from last night. The brain held nagging doubts and scepticisms about anything and everything.

Turmoil came from the innards and grey-cells, both.

Got the Health Checks done and medications taken.

The pulse seems to have had a bit of a dip over the last few checks. I’ll look up what is the optimum rate for me later. 75-128 it says, fair enough, then. Took the medications.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Still messy. Cleaned up the blood and changed PPs.

I can’t seem to shake this feeling off. Hard to explain it; Uncomfortableness, expecting the worst, confused, nervous, excruciatingly sad and morose… any and all combined would do to describe it. A different Inchcock has woken up again, it appears?

Got the computer on and started to create this post, up to here. Then updated the Friday diary. Which took hours and hours to get done, but I thought the photos were loading a little less slowly now. No idea why?

Then went on WordPress Reader.

I made a right mess of making the comments. Extreme lack of concentration this morning. I hope they go through correctly.

I went on CorelDraw to make some headers to use later.

Got one finished off, the TFZer lads. A map of Europe with each counties drinkies shown. I posted it on the site, asking the gals, which of the drinks do they think each man would go for. Bit of fun!

Take it as read, folks, I was nipping out for a wee-wee every fifteen minutes for the rest of the day! Tsk!

Dizzy Dennis joined the blocked-nose, and then Hippy Hilda tagged along. Not feeling so good.

Got me down and watched some YouTube car videos for a bit. But concentration was at a minimum.

Made a mug of tea to try and bring me around a bit.

Billious, now, blinding headache, too. Tsk!

Got the weeks’ medication pots filled. But I made a right fiasco and performance of this simple task. I dropped several cups, put the wrong items in the wrong containers and had to redo them from the start again!

It didn’t help with recovery, with noisy Herbert above clanking away.

Not having a good day now, I’m afraid.

I got the meal prepared and was stood at the kitchen window, staring blankly out and feeling sorry for myself.

Almighty clattering noises made me jump and sprang (Well, turned slowly) around.

Two of the jugs on the top bar had fallen off and down (No idea how this occurred). They knocked down the grabber-stick and plastic saucepans and funnels off of their pegs, taking the vegetable cutting board and all falling into the bowl in the sink, where I had left stuff soaking.

I grabbed the items, finding the steak knife first. I cleaned up and rearranged the utility items.

Although I wasn’t too keen on eating, with the stomach-churning, blocked nose, Dizzy Dennis and eyes running, the main thing was I felt I was merely drained mentally and physically.

The meal should have been a decent one. But I ate very little of it.

Washed the pots and just sat in the chair, occasionally nodding off and waking with altered ailments.

Hopefully, things will improve soon.

I reckon I had dozens of wee-wees over the night! Humph!

TFZer Food Related Funny Graphics

TFZer Food Related Funny Graphics – Wot I dun

The first 2 are of TFZers who ar poorly and need our best wishes.

The next 20 or so are new, just completed. The other are old ones to view again and hopefully raise a smile or two for me and you! Hehe!

♥- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -♥

New Ones



Older Ones to smile over (I hope)





Graphicalisations of TFZer ‘Skybound’ Series

TFZer Birthday Girl here, with a TFZer lad as an escort out of the plane!

Australian and Canadian TFZers landing in  the Cove

Airline owning TFZer gal here – She likes her instructors em young!

This TFZer gal insisted on emergency supplies going down with them?

This English TFZer gal has a TFZer escort, and her pet alongside? Hehe!

TFZers are having fun, and a jealous eagle spotted them?

TFZ gal has the idea, a BBQ, 2 fellas and a broken balloon. Very wise!

No messing with these two TFZers, Has NASA been informed do you know? Haha!

This TFZer gal aborted her flight, to look after and massage Mick? Nice one!

Clever, this TFZ gal, Alfresco meal, a barrel of wine and two TFZ gents.

An Australian nugget of TFZ gold this Angel. Pets, admirers all awaiting her descent?

Usually caravanning, camping and hiking this lady – but she’ll try anything, so they tell me? Hehe!

This Canadian gal went on advice twice! Still, TFZer Gerry ain’t complaining, lucky devil!

A real with it lass here. Fodder and wine all ready, and an admirer and tree climber too! Well done!

To TFZers, making sure they don’t get lost with this Navigator gal in charge!

Being a Scottish lass, this gal opted for an aeroplane to use, instead of balloon or parachute! And, two escorts. Very Wise!

Very quietly floating down and enjoying them selves here – just as it should be. Congratulations the pair of you!

Homing in on Texas, with a Canadian instructor, who may never find his home again? I bet he’s not too worried about that!

No doubt who the lucky one is… The fella!

She’s here again, and took her Canadian pets & her other half with her too! Jealous? Me?

She’s so bold and up for a laugh is this TFZer gal, And, took hubby along this time. Hope they have a ball!

Ex School M’am TFZer Lass, leads the way for the instructor and TFZer!

Just moved house this TFZer gal – She’s taken hubby up with her. No doubt to help him get over the hassle of the move?

A cake baking expert TFZer lass here. The TFZ bloke is looking casual and esorting her decline – lucky devil him! Hehehe!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 15th July 2017; Hoping the lemon wafers will be delivered today


Saturday 15th July 2017

Corsican: Sàbatu 15 Ghjugnu 2017

0350hrs: Woke up with the mind full of bits of memories from the dreams I’d been having; by the time I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne – they had all gone again. Tsk!

No signs of Diahorrea, D7Sun02aennis or Trotsky Terence at the Throne. That was a nice change.

Computer turned on and finished off yesterday’s diary.

Did the Health Checks, all good.

Had a wee-wee.

7Sun02bThe hue of the scene from out side prompted me to take this photograph. I thought it was rather colourful and a bit different to what it has been lately.

Took the medications with a cup of tea for a change.

I usually take them with a cold drink so as not to melt the capsules.

7Sun3I was also impressed with how the fingers were far less bent and warped today as well.

Of course, after taking the picture, I dropped the tablets.


Then, back to the Porcelain Throne. Haemorrhoid Harold was stinging and bleeding a bit this time. Why not last time?

Had a go at the crossword while in there, didn’t get a single more clue solved. Huh!

Started this post off up to here.

7Sun04Emails checked.

Good news, the Lemon Wafers were being delivered today.

Which is good, cause then I can get a good ablutionalisation session in. I’ve not been able to have a good one while waiting in and not wanting to miss the delivery, cause I love these wafer. These are for others nibbles these, oh no. These are for your truly only. Hehe!

Had a wee-wee.

Further down the list, another one from Amazon: No Ferrero Rocher Heart Box’s available. Sad that I was planning to hand these to Nurse Nichole, Jenny the Obergruppenfurher and Sister Janet. Humph!


Since being stuck indoors waiting for deliveries, I’ve been working on a new TFZer series of graphicalisations. Loosely all connected to food, of each member. It’s going to take me ages to get them all done, but I’ll get on with now, being as I have the time… oh, no, I’ve not done any Facebooking. I’ll do this first then get onto CorelDraw.

Took a while that did. Onto graphics now.

Been on CorelDraw for over three hours now, eyes tiring and the fingers beginning to play up, so had to knock off for a bit.

Had a wee-wee.

Pressed on with the graphics, managed to get 12 done, but much more to do, but not today, too tired now and the visit from Shaking Steven worried me a bit.

The Lemon6Sat05 Wafers arrived, late, but I’m going to get the ablutions done and have a hobble in my Tree Copse, legs permitting.

I’ve already eaten one pack of these. Naughty me!

Turned every thing off, put the camera in my pocket with the mobile in case I forget later, and off to the Wet Room.

Back in a bit.

I hope! Hehe!

6Sat07Off down the lift and out into the daylight, at last.

Over the road up through the bottom field.

Where I found it hard to believe that the grass and fauna had grown so quickly. Had the struggle to get through it at first to get to the Copse.

Had a bit of a struggle to get through it at first to get to the Copse.

Found a mowed strip of grass someone had kindly cut out and used that route.

The cigarette stubs, empty drink cans and takeaway boxes were strewn around was not nice to see.

I put some that I could reach in a carrier bag to drop off at the bins.

It was still lovely to hobble up and through this Copse.

I did not see any wildlife at all on my journey within.

No squirrels or birds?

Nature still fascinates me – even when I tripped over one of the tree roots… I had to laugh.

But a tree stump near where I landed was so convenient to us e to pull myself back upright and continue my journey.


To the top and out into the top field, which was beautiful with its daisies battling through to get some sunshine.

Walked along the top, many golfers, well, Pitch & Putt players out today, some even playing with a football between holes.

Right and down towards the flats.

As I got to the bottom of the gravel hill path, a young chap with a dog chain was calling out ‘Betsy’ in search of his obviously little dog in the long grass on the bottom field.

Glad to say that he found her after a few minutes.

Dropped the bag of rubbish in a bin and made my way down the hill and back up to the apartment and got the dinner on.

6Sat06It was a tasty one, beef pie, Chinese mushrooms, garden peas, boiled potatoes and beetroots.

Did the Health Checks, took the evening medications and perused the TV magazine to see if there was anything worth watching on the goggle-box.

The wasn’t. So I got a Dr Who DVD into the machine to watch. At least there will be no advertisements to fall asleep watching on this.

But I still fell asleep, and with the hands, fingers and cramps giving me grief as well.

I must have been well tired.

TTFN all.