Inchcock Today: Friday 10th April 2020: I’m still up for adoption!

April 10

2020 ttttApr10

Friday 10th April 2020

Japanese: 2020年4月10日金曜日

0000 April 10 Gladys

GM DbrownLWD 50.0.0 03:30hrs: I came back to imitation life, with my body sat on, as opposed to laying on the £300, second-hand, sickeningly beige-coloured rickety recliner, that my xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete broke when he was flat raiding and stealing my valuables while I was in the hospital. (I must remember to ask him for them back, but I might as well talk to the wall) My feet rested on the serving tray on the floor. Crumbs and bits of bread were stuck to my feet, trapped in the folds of my pharaonically-sized stomach folds, and I even fund some in my right ear-hole! What the deuce had I been doing overnight? What a moyshe kapoyer I am!

As some focus, brain usage and limited concentration came back on-line, memories were triggered. I recollected eating the meal and falling asleep with the tray on my knee last night with the prospect of the much-absent sleep dawning, I drifted off… But by gum, I needed it! I got five hours in. Mind you, how long I spent nocturnally wandering and rearranging things in the room, I don’t know.

WD 50.0.0 I took a rather surprisingly ferocious wee-wee. Then off to the wet room with the GPEWWB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Wee-Wee-Bucket) to be emptied and cleaned and disinfected. I was caught-out again when I needed to use the Porcelain Throne, having been twice yesterday, and needing another. A painful session, and so bloody! So, more cleaning and sanitising were required.

I decided to leave the cleaning up of the bread crumbs until later, when I could use the hoover, without disturbing any neighbours sleep. To the kitchen.

5Fri01WD 50.0.0 Notwithstanding Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters failing a few times, I took the medications, pain gelled poor old Arthur Itis’s knees and Shaking Shoulder Shirley’s scapular. Olive-oiled, the ear holes, sprayed Saccades eyes. The over-the-counter Haemorrhoid cream was used. The nasal spray used, and the Vaseline was applied to my cracked lips. Then, with gritted teeth; I grabbed and squeezed a clump of my sizeable, flabby dominated stomach area, and stuck the Enoxaparin filled hypo. Pushing in the warm, tingling mixture of Enoxaparin – Formula (C26H40N2O36S5)n: Which is metabolised in the liver into low molecular weight species by either or both desulfation and depolymerisation. I wanted to sound clever here and copied this off of the leaflet that was in the box. Of course, I knew all of this before… Hahaha!

Then made a brew of my beloved Thompson Punjana tea. A warm glow came over me, as I remembered getting the new stock, along with some Glengettie in from Amazon yesterday and now have enough to last me for a good while. A gratifying, and almost exhilarating feeling!

WD 50.0.0 I did try to use the Pill-Splitter again on the large 80 mg Atorvastatin boulder… I mean tablet. But just as when I have tried before, the ‘Splitter’ could not cut it, the blade got bent and distorted when I tried to use it. Most disappointing, I had to imbibe the crushed bits of tablet and powder left, by licking my licking and dabbing my finger to get it. Hahaha! So, I now have a tablet-crusher instead of splitter! Hey-ho! 

I got on the computer and soon had the Thursday Inchcock Today updated and finished. Thanks, mainly to Nicodemus, Shirley and Shaun all being so remarkably calm?

I made up a template for this post. And went to make a brew and get some caramelised biscuits to nibble and dunk in the Glengettie tea filled mug. I took the pictures below from the unwanted, thick-framed, light & view-blocking, anti-photographer designed new windows that let the rain in.


This mist lingered on for a few more hours. Then as I got back with the brew, I thought I’d do a search for the Coronavirus updates on the web.

WD 50.0.0 I got an odd feeling as I did so, Sister Janet was coughing? I don’t know where this came from, but it concerned me, and it is too early to call her yet. She is not an early bird. I’m getting the shpilkes about this!

5Fri06I had a look up at the latest figures for the pandemic on Google. They are here on the right-hand side. They make bleak reading.

The fact that the USA has a population of 328.2 million, and the UK a total of 66.27 million, shows that we are being hit a lot worse?


WD 50.0.0 I am well known for my mathematical incompetence, suffering from Athrithobia and numerophobia (although I am not affected by hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia), and am having difficulty in working this out. I’ll have a go at the calculator.

No, it’s just not there. The mind blanks arrive when I try to figure things out numerically. Humph! Back in my school days, I’d have got the cane, several clouts around the head, or both for not 5Fri12being able to get this worked out. I worked my way through the fear, and at one time, in Tesco in Duckworth Square in Derby, where I was cashing up 24 tills, and dealing with the Green Shield Stamps issue, without a problem. Then the stroke arrived, and since then, I have been struggling back with the phobia! Humph!

I waffled on there again, sorry!

I went on the WordPress reader. Then on CorelDraw, but got a lot of bother with the workings of the programme, and gave up. Did some TFZer Facebooking.

5Fri13♫ I only want to be with you ♫ rang out from the pressed door buzzers. Aha! It was an Amazon delivery. I now have stocks of the wonderful Gengettie and Thompsons Punjana tea, Marmite individual pots, pots of porridge, and the bitter-tasty San Benedetto Clementine juice, to last me hopefully all through the rest of the lockdown (I hope).


I’m getting short of places to store things again in the kitchen. The unused bedroom (Junkroom), is getting over-filled again. But I have teabags, some bleach, toilet rolls, bamboo socks, kitchen towels and preciously, a load of PPs (thanks to my mate Michael) in there now! Only the medications need serious attention now. Jenny helped me again with some antiseptic and corticosteroid cream.

I got on the computer again, CorelDraw is really causing me problems, never mind Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters dying-off, bother me as well! Grumph! Had to give up again.

The current situation with Amazon outstanding orders are, I think:

  • Friday: Nasal and eye spray.
  • Saturday: Another box of 24 Benedetto Clementine drinks might come as well. I looked up Benedetto, expecting it to be an area of Italy. It came out as Blessed, or Saint Benedict of Nursia (480–547), often called the founder of Western Christian monasticism. I don’t know why I bothered telling you that?
  • Sunday: Branston Pickle nibbles – Warfarin-Alert Wristbands
  • Tuesday: Medical screw-top pots
  • Thursday 16th -20th: Trousers. Both of the last two pairs bought from the market have holes in the pockets, the linings have split open or both! I don’t want to go out after such a long time and get accused of flashing. Hehehe!

I received a call from a pleasant-sounding lady from Direct something or other. NCC, as was the man who called yesterday. I was finding it difficult to hear all of the words spoken. And remembering everything is not easy. I thought I’m written something down about it, but cannot find any note? Reflux Roger, and Stuttering Stephanie, along with Deno deafness, all made things difficult for me.

But the lady was very kind and patient. And I’m sure I did much more of the talking than she did. It was so lovely to talk to someone who listened. I told her my life story almost, in between stuttering, gasping for breath and hiccuping. Hahaha! This was the highlight of the day for me. I gave her my blog name, and she said she’d have a look. No actionable help was needed at the moment with the shopping, I thanked her for calling.

WD 50.0.0 Much more verbiage was bantered and shared, but with the state of my memory, it’s not easy to recall. The most annoying thing is there may have been something important to record. Making me more agravannoyed with myself for losing the note I wrote!

5Fri11WD 50.0.0 I got the meal sorted out. Nothing like I thought it was going to be earlier on. Algerian tomatoes (Crap!), McCains oven chips (Horrible!), Baxter’s beetroots (Bland!), a cheese lump (lousy, insipid), Buttered bread and smoked ham Dry, tasted aged, the butter was greasy?), A shame, I thought I just might be coming down with a cold, and that has affected my taste-buds? Even the apple was crumbly and floury! Saving grace? The apple pies and the can of the tangy, bitter-tasting clementine juice, I liked them! Flavour rating; 4/0. I didn’t eat anywhere near all of it.

I got washing-up done and fleetingly thought of the possibility of my doing the handwashing. (I didn’t!)

Got settled down in the £300, c1968, sickenly beige-coloured, second-hand, not-working, Broken by my xyrophobia-suffering, chaetophorous, anti-epilation Brother-in-Law Pete. At the same time, he was flat-sitting when I was in the Stroke Ward, and stealing all my valuables). With a bottle of spring water, some yoghourt covered cashew nuts, and the GPEWWB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Wee-Wee-Bucket) disinfected and nearby in readiness for later use.

WD 50.0.0 It really was heaven, as the eyelids drooped, with the promise of the rare and resistant sleep, was on its way. But no! I’d forgotten to take the evening medications! Reluctantly, I clambered out of the chair, grabbed the four-pronged stick and hobbled to the medical drawers and got out the medicines. Took the tablets, then, medicines. (No Enoxaparin injections due again now until further notice). Got earholes olive-oiled. Sprayed Saccades-Sandra’s eyes. Nasal sprayed the nose and throat. Phorpain gelled Arthur Itis’s knees. Had a gargle of TCP for the sore throat.

WDPleftGot the Clobetasone Butyrate cream, and went to the wet room to clean up Little Inchies fungal lesion and applied the cream (I usually do this in the WC room, cause my screams of agony cannot be heard and disturb my neighbours with the door shut). This is the second most painful of my medicalisationing sessions.

Occasionally, the Sock-Glide battles can be just as bad. I don’t know who designed these, but obviously, they did not give a thought to anyone with the shakes or dizzy ailments and might be averse to losing finger ends, blood blisters, stubbed toes, and to having lumps of flesh torn from their legs! It may have been Jack the Ripper, or Dr Harold Shipman?


I freshened up and returned to the uncomfortable old recliner, and settled again.

WDP 003gWD 50.0.0 As per regular nightly, the Thought-Storms began, and during this session. I wondered if I left the tap on in the bathroom or even the sink? It was ghost-like, weary, frustrated Inchcock, who somehow or other, forced his elephantine stomached body up on its feet again and limped to check on the taps, lights, stove etc. top make sure all was safe. I don’t think this is an Obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD. It seems to be from my lack-of-confidence base? There must be a word for it. Anyway, all was okay. I got another bottle of spring water and returned to the, that by now, seems to be laughing at me, recliner. Hahaha!

WD 50.0.0 The lighter nights, crap on the TV, and my unsettled state of mind were all preventing my nodding off! I lay for hours, I even considered counting sheep!

WD 50.0.0 All the tossing about and moving trying to get in a comfortable position to encourage sweet Morpheus to take over my body and mind; must have cracked open Little Inchies fungal lesion! For I felt the warm wet trickle from the lower regions. Again, crying was an option, but anger was a stronger emotion! Why me?

Yet again, I got up, trying to keep calm and not have a tumble or bang into any furniture or door frames, off I poddled, chin-low, bottom lip wobbling and feeling sorry for myself! I got in the wet room and went through the usual dreaded medicationalisationing procedure. The pain didn’t seem so bad this time, that was because the leaf had not had time to harden, I assume. This actually took my Fed-Up-Defcon from2, down top Defcon3! Hehe!

WDP 4RWD 50.0.0 Now, as I was going into the hall, I think I had a bit of good luck! (Yes, it can happen, it did in 1952 as I recall). I caught the right middle toe, stubbed against the bar of the clothes airer – and felt nothing! Obviously, this may be part of the reason that the cleaning and medication of the lesion, was far less painful, Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters were obviously not working! And this warned me to take extra care when touching anything solid or hard, and not rely on getting any sensation or feedback! Thus, I was going to make a brew of tea, but I stopped my plans. Who knows for sure, nobody, but it may have stopped me getting scolded!

WDP 20194Of course, it did nothing to help me get to sleep! I carefully made my way back to the imagined grinning at me now, recliner. I put the TV on, and to my greatest pleasure, Red Dwarf was just starting! Then I found out another episode was following. No problem with staying awake tonight. Old seen-before ones, of course, but I so enjoyed watching them.

It must have been around 02:00hrs when I had to get up to use the wee-bucket. Accident-free, I got back in the chair and fell asleep! And had a dream-ridden kip for three-hours or so. Every little help’s! It was well-gone 0500hrs by then.

I can get depressed, you know. Humph!

TTFN folks.

Inchcockski – Frid 3 Apr 2020: A mentally macaronic, hudibrastic day, but with kindness shown.

April 03

2020 ttttApr03

Friday 3rd April 2020

Igbo: Fraị Fraịde 3 Eprel 2020

0000 April 03 Group

GM brown L03:00hrs: I woke, and immediately started trying to solve the issues of the lost end of yesterday. I got nowhere, and am still none the wiser as to any actions for about a four hour period of Thursday evening. I spent a good while attempting to glean some memory, but no! The toothache began to come on, then.

Abruptly, the need for a wee-wee arrived. I fumbled my way out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, not-working (Broken by xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete), recliner. Caught my balance, got the stick, and over to the empty, unused overnight GPEWWB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Wee-Wee-Bucket). Thus, I was caught out by the violent nature of the TTSLTATO (Torrential-Throughout-Stopped-Like-Turning -A-Tap-Off) mode wee-wee!

wd 0.0.30 As I made my way to the kitchen, the demand for the Porcelain Throne came, so I diverted to the wet room. A contrary session compared to the last few; Not much input needed from me, very swiftly evacuated, no overly putrid pongs, far less painful, but messy in the extreme. A lot of the preciously-short supply of toilet paper had to be used. Much cleaning and medicating and the PPs changed. Oh, and the bleeding from Little Inchies fungal lesion and Harolds Haemorrhoids was minuscule.

 Back to the kitchen. My waking up so late, the view was lighter than normal, so I took a shot of the lights straight ahead. Then, I stupidly thought I’d get the step ladders and take a shot of Chestnut Walk down below. Not easy of course, with the new, unwanted, unliked, thick-framed, light and view-blocking windows that let the rain in! It looked like a tenant, who had vacated the free parking space next to the white car, might have an oil leak?


5Fri007cwd 0.0.30A But, foolishly I thought if I take care, it should be safe enough. (Klutz!) I got the steps from the balcony without any bother, set them in position. And climbed up just two of the runs, and took the second picture on the way down. (Talk about bad timing!) Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters failed, and an unintended no-control-over right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler Dance routine from the right leg for a few seconds only was enough to have me over on my back on the floor! Frumpworthy Grobblecurses! Still, it could have been worse. The tumble and landing were not too bad, but the getting back up again was painful and farcical. Good job I had the four-Pronger-stick with me at the time. Hey-ho!

I took the step ladders back and returned to imbibe the medications, oil the ear-holes, pain-gel the leg, spray the saccades stuff on the eyes, and make a brew of Morrison’s Extra Strong Black Assam tea. To the computer.

I started on CorelDraw, with making up some mini-graphics for the greeting pictures for the blog. Then I had to make up a template for today’s post. Then I got the updating done for the Thursday post, which proved easier and quicker than usual. This was helped by my not remembering much and probably missing off much of what happened in the evening. This is not unusual; it’s happening more often nowadays. I did mention it some months ago to the doctor, who wasn’t concerned, and I think DR Vindla had anticipated me starting to go a tad senile. Tsk!

I got the post completed anyway. Emailed some links to it. Then put a couple of graphics on Pinterest. All this in-between so frequent wee-wees, all of a variable mode, from dribble-drip to hose-pipe like ones? Then went on the WordPress Reader. Finally, a blast at the TFZer Facebooking.

5Fri01wd 0.0.30 I had a go at trying to find a food delivery shop with slots free. It would have been easier for me to appear as Prima Ballerina in Swan Lake! No chance! It’s getting harder, not more comfortable to get food!

I am a little concerned about the future.

5Fri06It was getting light already. I went to make another brew, of Thompsons Punjana. And I decided to get some mushrooms sliced and into the slow cooker for later in the day. I used the last of the light soy sauce, and balsamic vinegar to flavour the fungi. I might use the tin of minced beef with it, or I have one of the cook-in-the-bag braised beef I could use. Then again, I have a can of chilli baked beans and potato wedges in the cupboard… Mmm? My shilly-shallying, indecisiveness, and mental-stammering, really wee’s me off! Oh, I don’t know!

I made the tea, and returned to this blog, and made a start on it. I was doing well, until Saccades-Sandra kicked off, making eye-focussing a problem. And this slowed everything down again. The ever-having-to-correct-things mode had to be engaged! Frogglemoths!

5Fri11I took a break and went to make yet another brew, this time Glengettie. But I’m glad I did at that time. For outside, down on the bottom field, I saw a human being! Yes! Hehehe!

One man and his dog. I can’t say I’ve ever seen them before. Then again, under normal circumstance (Yes, I can remember them, just!), I would have been in the wet room at this time, doing my ablutions.

Amazing how watching this chap, probably the poor chap has been laid off from work, and his dog, playing fetch. The dog was a bundle of energy, just watching him tired me out. Hehe!

I got a feeling elation just watching the only two tellurians in my sight, so contended and happy!

The full of fun pooch will not be bothered by the Coronavirus! Bless him or her!

5Fri12I tried to get an Iceland delivery slot again. Fool!

Pressed on with CorelDrawing to do some graphics, but it’s a slow, frustrating job.

Then, things got complicated. Well, somewhat confusing for this old-timer. Things started to become busy suddenly. A business that required decisions and my memory to be used! Asking a lot this was. Hehehe! Tsk!5Fri13

wd 0.0.30 Jenny called, asking if I wanted some whole milk from her freezer. I could put it in the fridge to thaw out for later. I thanked her. And told her I’d leave the caramel wafers in a bag for her. I hastened to find them, but could not! Dummkopf! I knew I’d put them in a bag ready, but where, I have yet to discover! I found the other things I’d saved, but not the caramel wafers? I put them on the door-knob.

wd 0.0.30 I put the milk in the fridge door and the four letters I’d found on the floor, to the main room.

  • 5Fri16One letter was about the apartment’s rent.
  • Another about how the Nottingham City Homes are responding to the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • The third was an NCH one about the City Rates, with a Nottingham Arrow newsletter. I must find time to give it a perusal.
  • The last one was heartwarming, indeed! It was from someone signing it, “From ‘A Resident'”, and no name indicated. How amazing and kind some people are. A big thank you to whoever it was that donated these for me!


They will be super to counter the toothache! I took one straight-away! Cheers, and appreciation to my unknown benefactor!

I got back to CorelDrawing, but again, I did not get far, the landline chirped and flashed into life.

wd 0.0.30 It was Oberstgrüppenfhureress Desk-top dancer Warden Deana. She asked how things were and, had I any problems. I could have mentioned my Amnestic Syndrome Sinbad, Harolds Haemorrhoids, Anne Gyna, Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters dying, Duodenal Donald, Toothache Thomas. (Stopped for a breather) Reflux Roger, Clopidogrel, Lethologica, Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, Thrombophlebitis Barry, Dysaesthnervesia Dai, Axonotmesis Axle, Konrad Confusion. (Stopped for a breather again) Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun, Saccades Sandra, CDP, Deafness Derek, Flatulent Frank, Trotsky Terence, or the Neuropathic Schuhplattler dancing right leg, but I didn’t. Hehehe!

wd 0.0.30 I expressed my concerns over the prescriptions and would they be delivered. Deana said she would ring them and call back. She inquired about shopping help, and put me on ‘The Golden List’ Bless her for the assistance!

wd 0.0.30 I got back on CorelDraw. The shaking had stopped, but the weariness was dawning. A few minutes late, Deana rang again. The Golden Helpers will get in touch with me. I’d remembered the problems with not being able to get any cash, and mentioned it to Deana. Saying without the help I’d had from Jenny, I would be in a right pickle! She told me to tell the Golden people when they call. She would mention this to the volunteers, who might have a swipe machine, next time she speaks with them, what if anyone has no cash? I thanked her.

wd 0.0.30 Back to the Coreldrawing, yet again. The ♫ I only want to be with you ♫ tune rang out. I got to the door, and it was someone delivering part of the wax-removal kit I’d ordered some time in the distant past! No use, of course, the inserts without a rod to attached to use them. Humph! Still, at least I’m halfway there now, Haha! The problem with this Coronavirus ain’t going away!

I made a brew, during which it dawned on me (Things have been known to in the past, you know!) I’ve got to keep alert in case any helpers ring. So I can’t go in the shower in case I cannot hear the telephone, mobile or intercom ring. They may be phoning anytime from in two hours, up to tomorrow night, I think Deana said. This has kyboshed my plans for getting the ablutions done! I’m smelly, need a shave and medications doing? But if I do, I risk missing the shopping helpers, the Haemostasis, and DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Warfarin Anticoagulation Clinic at the Nottingham City Hospital, (Gawd I love that title!), or any possible answer from the Dentist.

Life has become such a struggle. Harrumph!

I’ll try to get a wash and shave in the kitchen, now. Means moving everything into there first, and must taketh care over dizzies, shakes and dropsies. Oh, dear, here goes!

I decided to use the wet room after all, and I kept the door wide open. Which I thought was a great idea so I could see any flashing and have a chance of hearing any ringing. Put the shirt and socks to soak in the washing up bowl, and off to the wet room.

wd 0.0.30 Unfortunately, leaving the wet room door wide open was also perfect for walking into! Grumph! Ah, well, at least I didn’t have the spectacles on to break this time. Looking in the bright side here!

No socks put on, so I avoided the sock-glide battle! Noi bleeding from Little I~nchies fungal lesion! And, Harold’s Haemorrhoids, only bled a smidge. The dropsies we about average, the five drops of the razors was a little 5Fri019ahigher than usual, though.

I didn’t really feel refreshed or properly clean, with not using the shower. But betterer in myself anyway. And the pins (legs) were looking a lot better, as well.

5Fri019I got the washing in the sink done, wrung and hung. Got the veg and potatoes into a normal saucepan, tasted it, and added a little more light soy sauce, it was a bit bland.

I added some things to the shopping list for the kind volunteers when they arrive, well, call me.

I really was tired now. But dare not let myself fall asleep, just in case the people ring up about the shopping and means of payment.

5Fri30I got the meal served up and turned on the TV, anything with subtitles, so I don’t need the headphones on and fail to hear the door-chimes, intercom or telephone.

I added a can of potatoes to the saucepan, heated in with the other stuff, and got the feast eaten. A 7/10 for flavour and taste. I had three wholemeal bread thins with it, leaving me three for tomorrows nosh. The cupboard with the canned goods stock, had never looked so bare in all the years I’ve been here. But, the has been overstocked for months. I wonder if my EQ was telling me to stock up? Haha!


I got the pots washed, and checked plugs, stove etc. and settled in the hopes of getting some rest and sleep in. Then remembered, I needed to stay awake, in case the Golden volunteer people or dentist calls me.  Flanglemanglingly-Frenetically-Frustrating! As I got down on the recliner and turned the TV on, a late sun came out! I’d not closed the curtains either, so that helped prevent me from nodding off to start with. I decided to get up and close the blinds.

wd 0.0.30A The curtain hooks, several of them, dropped from the top rail. I left them for attention in the morning. I was not up to tackling the step ladder at that moment.

5Fri32I found that Law & Order was showing back to back episodes with sub-titles, so had a look at them. I say them, I nodded off for a few minutes so often, I just couldn’t follow the storyline. Grumpworthiness! I found an Interscepter programme and turned to it, that was subtitled as well.

5Fri33wd 0.0.30 But the nod-offs were winning the ‘Stay-Awake’ battle.

I woke often but was soon back in the land of nod for another few minutes bliss. I’ve no idea if I missed any callers on the landline, mobile, on the intercom, or at the door.

Again, sweet Morpheous resisted for a long time.

Inchcock Today – Monday 16th October 2017

Monday 16th October 2017

Macedonian: Недела 15 октомври 2017 година

Woke with a start at 0210hrs. Some mild pandiculation and the brain eventually engaged with the body. The innards were beginning to bubble and brew, signs of later happenings in the wet-room indicated.

As I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner the reminder note on the mini-pad, I’d written last night, fell to the floor.

I’m glad it did, else I may well have forgotten about the Audio Clinic Appointment at 1130hrs this morning.

I opened the curtains and waved at myself in the reflection. This too was good – now I know I am alive. Hehehe! Wandered into the kitchen and did the Health Checks, made a mug of tea and took the medications. Then, a rarity for me, I felt a little hungry. Had a Pot-Noodle.

Opened the window and had a look down at the residents parking spaces. I hope the red car on the left doesn’t need to get out first today?

The wind had died down, and it didn’t appear too cold.  I noticed later on the web that rain and showers were expected for Nottingham.

Bet I get a soaking when I get out and about in a while. Huh!

Got yesterdays diary done, then got another two graphicalisations done for the TFZer site, on CorelDraw.

The top one is for Mary, and the lower one is for Joyce.

I slipped myself into the Mary one, and Meritt, Thomas and me in the other one for Joyce.

Then the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived a little urgently as I was making another brew of tea.

I read a few pages of the Lenigrad book as I painfully waited for the evacuation to begin. The blood flowed freely from Harold’s internal Haemorrhoids. This got me thinking about the dentist. On Tuesday I have to go for the INR Warfarin Blood Test, wait for the results and if they are in range, then go to the dentist and beg for another appointment to get the teeth sorted out. The problems with this are: 1) If the field is too low or high I’ll have to start the whole procedure over again, if in range. 2) Will the Dentist be able to fit me in? Because they will not do any work on me later than 48 hours after the last Deep Vein Thrombosis test! 3) I’m fed-up and depressed. Six weeks now I’ve been trying to get the teeth done. They are getting more and more painful the longer it goes on. No wonder I get confused so easily is it? Poor old thing. Hehe!

Looked at the Chronological needs for the morning, as on the note I wrote. Ablutions 0920hrs, catch bus 1030hrs to town, the appointment at clinic 1130hrs.

So, I did the weeks total for the Health Checks.

Then started on some more work on the next TFZer graphic.

A different one this time. It was for TFZ’s beloved Head-Honcho Sandie, with Clint Eastwood joining her for a picnic with an old American Car advert and plenty of nibbles added for them to have too. Oh, and me sweeping up the Autumn leaves Hehe!

No rain as I had expected, just mist and the winds getting ever, so l sightly up a bit.

Carried out the ablutions and made sure the paperwork, record book etc. for the Audio Centre were all in the bag.

Set off to the bus stop. Plenty of folks to talk to there, but only one interested. The lady from the High-Care Home at the end of the road. She was worried about her weight going down, and she may lose her free holiday to Greece and Africa if she has no gained sufficient to please her medical assessors. Did my best to listen and respond in a fashion to try and give her encouragement, bless her. The others seemed a little reluctant to get into any a laughs or chinwags this morning. They each have their own worries, it is essential for me to remember this, and keep on doing my bit of cheering them up.

I got on the bus and got the crossword book out. When we got onto Carlton Road en route to town, it dawned on me that the seat next to me was free, unoccupied, and yet people were still standing? Did my confidence no favours, you know. I wondered if the Citrus Body Spray I use, wasn’t making it? Hehe!

Arrived in town. The sunshine that had come up was not fooling the Nottinghamian Shoplifters… sorry! Citizens, at all. Most had their winter woollies and coats on. Good idea, sage move too!

I legged it down into the City Centre Slab Square.

Where a multitude of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists was belting about between the pedestrians, but on this occasion, they did not threaten me and kept their distances from yours-truly. Thankfully.

I took the shortest route with the least steep hills to walk up to the Audio Centre. Hippy Hilda, Anne Gyna (Bad now) and twinging stabbing Arthur Itis, ensured that the trip was a painful one.

I hobbled slowly so as not to get Anne Gyna upset any more than she was.

Arriving near the Centre at the top of the steepest bit of hill, I had to stop and put the bag down for a few moments to regain my composure before going into the grand old building. My hands and fingers were well blotched-up?

As I entered and took my place in the queue at the receptions desk, I spotted the time on the wall clock. I had arrived in good time and had about 25 minutes to spare. The very kind lady at the desk patiently took my details and asked, yes asked me to take a seat. Got the crossword book out and was shortly summoned by a luscious plump young lady audiologist, and led through a maze of corridors to her treatment room. Her thick-thighs in her short tight dress deflected my attention from her words for a while, as she sat there next to me, explaining the procedure and asking questions.

If I had been younger by 50 years or so, things would undoubtedly have throbbed. Gorgeous Audiologist!

She took me through the set-up on the machine in front of me. She nipped out during the testing and setting up to get something, and I sneaked out the camera to take this shot of the whatever it is a machine I had to sit in front of and not move.

Her IT system stopped her doing some part of the test, and she said I’d have to make an appointment for another visit so this part of the test could be completed later. The cards on the back wall in the photo gave prices for the replacement of anything lost or damaged. I’m afraid I didn’t pick-up on everything explained to me because she kept moving her luscious thighs in her tight skirt and pulling it down. Ahem!

She was very patient with me, though. She set-up the pieces so they could both have volume control, which would work by on both ears from using either control-button. Then she set-up the Loop system.

She got me to sign a form Accepting that the hearing aids are the property of Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust, and I accept that in the event of my damaging or losing the same, I’d pay £2000 for each replacement needed.

I explained about my memory and losing things problems and asked if I could hang onto the old hearing aids, just in case I misplaced the new ones. Initially a blank “No, that can’t be done!” answer was received. After a little more begging, creeping and pestering, the gal conceded and said: “Oh, I shouldn’t, but, alright then!” This cheered me up more than she could have known. Bless and thank her.

She even came with me back to the reception area and asked the lady to set up an appointment for the amendments needed. Monday 20th November 2017 @ 1130hrs.

Off out of the building, still no rain arrived and the promised high winds again absent. (I’m not complaining, though).

I hobbled down the hill, Anne Gyna now calmed again, although Hippy Hilda was not in a good mood.

I took this photographicalisation of the top of Angel Row.

It amazes me how these posh restaurants make it pay. Every time I pass by, the Al-Fresco seats are empty of customers, whatever the weather is like at the time.

Along Upper Parliament Street, more closed-down businesses to be seen.

So sad, and even worrying somewhat, for the future of Nottingham City Centre.

I was fortunate in the timing when I arrived at the bus stop on Queen Street. Ten minutes before the bus was due. It came twenty minutes later.

On the route back, in Mapperley Tops area, I took this effort from the inside the bus. Not a good picture at all, I know. But it looked a little different, so I put it in the diary.

By the short time, it took to get to the flats and off of the bus, it had gone ominously dark.

Entering the apartment, it looked a little eerie in the hallway. Well, I call it a hall, as you can see, it is somewhat higgledy-piggledy and small, but it’s home. Hehe!

Into the kitchen, put the kettle on.

Did the Health Checks, took the medications and made a mug of Thompson’s tasty tea.

Took it into the main room.

The darkness so early in the day, convinced me that rain must have been on the way.

But, none arrived?

Puzzled by this I was. Then again, a lot of things baffle me. Haha!

I sat down and got the paperwork looked at that I’d  brought home with me.

I placed them near the computer to be sorted and added to the Google Diary and written one in the morning.then

I felt complete and utterly drained and weary now.

I looked out of the window and noticed how fast the clouds were going across the horizon and took a photo. Minutes later, I made another one. In those few minutes, the smaller clouds had gone altogether, and the hew had changed entirely.

I opened the window to take another picture down below, and boy did the wind shoot in! My Patti Beckert paintings blew off of the fridge, kitchen towels flew across the room, the foil trays scattered around… I hastily shut the window. Boy, was it blowing! And yet all the time I was out and about the winds were light today?

I retrieved Patti’s paintings first. They were the most valuable of all the things blown over to me. Luckily, they were unharmed.

Got the meal cooking, not that it needed much in the way of preparation today.

Because I’d had the Pot-Noodle of brekkies, I consciously made less to eat tonight.

Very tasty all the same. That tiny bit of smoked haddock was nibbled in small pieces to make it last longer and seem more substantial. Haha!

Scrawled a sign to remind me of the INR Warfarin Blood Test in the morning and put it on the computer screen, then I got the TV turned on.

The noise from the winds was getting more and more persistent and louder all the night.

I have to admit to getting a little concerned about it.

Looked out of the window and the old trees were swaying about something awful.

Watching the TV became impossible again, as usual, cause the nodding-offs and waking sequence started again.

The winds stopped me getting to sleep at all, so loud they are!

I gave up trying at 0105hrs and got up.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 15th October 2017: I don’t like Sundays. Still, I got some decent graphicalisationing done.

Sunday 15th October 2017

Afrikaans: Sondag 15 Oktober 2017

0225hrs: I woke up in an odd position on the £300 second-hand recliner. The right leg over the arm of the chair, apparently having knocked off the medical supplies from the Ottoman onto the carpet. And yet the book I had been reading remained on my over-ample bulbous stomach, I still had the reading glasses on, and as I took in this scenario, I could clearly see the kitchen light had been left on? I remained there a while, musing, wondering and derestrict thinking, serving only to confuse myself further.

Retrieving the leg back to its usual location was a little painful, and I asked myself how I got it over the arm in the first place… and why? Hilda Hip was most displeased with me.

No visit from Dizzy Dennis as I got up and went to investigate the light from the kitchen. Tsk! I’d left the oven on again! Back in the front room and got the medications picked up.

Then to the wet room and the Porcelain Throne session. Amazes me, it really does, no problems at all today? How it can vary all the time from splurting loose and messy, to agony to pass and like bullets, I don’t understand.

Back to the canteen and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Made a brew of tea and got the computer on to update yesterday’s post, and sent it off.

Forgot to take the tea with me, so back into the kitchen and opened the window and took this picture of the skyline – got wet rain dripping down from the frame onto the back of my neck as I did so. Hehe! Tsk!

Back to the computer and guess what?

Luckily this time, unlike last weekend’s Richard Branson episode that lasted hours, this one was short lived.

Then as I started this diary going, the flipping whatever it is with the right wrist started again!

The boney area to the right top is giving me the hassle.

Checked the Emails. Then went on the WordPress Reader.

Moved onto Facebooking, fingers crossed it does not freeze on me again… here goes:

It froze.

Turned everything off and on again. Very slow, but it worked stutteringly.

Three hours later, I got most of it done on Facebooking.

Then set to work on the TFZer graphicalising again.

I think I got 19 TFZers into the graphicalisation. Took me five hours on and off to get it something like I wanted. A little surreal, but I was reasonably satisfied with it, I just hope the clan of TFZers like it and get a smile from it.

I was so dissapointed with myself later, when I realised that I had put two graphics of the same TFZer lady on this picture. Felt a right fool!

Wholly exhausted now, an early meal was called for.

Sweetly cured mackerel strips, surimi sticks – both with the new fish sauce (Anchovy) pored on them. Baked beans with balsamic vinegar and softly cooked frits with distilled vinegar. A banana and a lemon Fool Dessert.

I’m afraid both of the incisors suffered as I ate it, I could not masticate without pain from one or other of both of the teggies. Humph! Despite this, it tasted okay.

Nodded of and woke repeatedly, missed most of my Rio Bravo film including the end ten minutes. Grumph!

Made a note on the scribble-pad to remind me of the Audio Clinic at 1130hrs in the morning.

I dropped a remote control and had to dismount the recliner on my way to do the health checks and take the medications. Amazingly, despite my having supposedly hoovered this bit of carpet several times since, I found some bits of toenails that had shot-off when Footlady Sue did my feet over a week ago! And… wait for it; A rock-hard dried up garden pea! I found that when I trod on it. Hehehe!

Took the medications with an extra Codeine to counter the wrist and teeth discomfort. Health Checks looked okayish.

Settled again to resume the nodding-off and waking with a start routine, that lasted for hours.


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 3rd October 2017: Mysteries Abound!

Tuesday 3rd October 2017


A terrible night of repeatedly waking, passing wind and nodding off again! 0255hrs, I surrender trying to rest, rose-up out of the £300 second-hand recliner, stubbed my toe and off to the Porcelain Throne. Where the resulting efforts produced only more wind and rumbling, gurgling sounds from within.

Caught a reflection of myself in the kitchen window when I went to do the Health Checks and take the medications. Gawd-blimey, I looked pale! Sys 156, Dia 71, Pulse 84, Temp 33.8, Weight 14.9.

Made a mug of tea, and added the milk… it had gone off! Cleaned the cup and made a fresh brew and opened the last tub of the long-life semi-skimmed milk to use – then I had to abandon these plans for a drink, and hasten back to the Porcelain Throne. A messy, needing cleaning up afterwards session! By the time I’d cleaned up the WC and medicated myself, the second mug of tea had gone cold. I think that perhaps the baked beans eating for two nights may have affected things in the now very sore Haemorrhoid Harold’s department. Serves me right I suppose. Hehe!

Computer turned on, and I had another search for the new reading glasses, they must be somewhere, but where? I gave up and used the old ones again. That’s two pairs of goggles I can’t find now, the new reading spectacles, and the latest bifocals?

Made a start on this diary up to here, and then finished yesterday’s off.

1Mon18Back to updating this journal.

Doing this, I discovered this what can only be called a mystery photographicalisation on the Sim Card. It seems I took this one at 0114hrs this morning according to the camera?

Note the conservative-style nightwear I’m wearing? I’m not sure where my other leg had got to? Hehehe!

Started the Email and WordPressing.

Got the nibbles and appointment card in the bag, then got on with the ablutions.

Set off down to the lobby and was greeted by three tenants waiting to be lifted by taxi.

2Tue07Meandered out and started the hobble into Sherwood and the surgery for the INR blood test.

Not too much traffic about when I made my way through Sherwood and up the incline.

The knee was a little bothersome, but I was doing very well.Doug cats

2Tue08A little further on, the traffic got thicker, and a Sherwood Pavement Cyclist belted by me and swerved around a bloke and his two kids. The man shouted something at the ignorant cyclist but was ignored totally.

Over and down the hill into Carrington, now the traffic had started flowing even more as I neared the doctor’s surgery.


Got in and logged on with the receptionist, sat down and started the crosswords as I waited.

Bit of back luck, it was Obergruppenfurheress Nurse Anne who did me today, not Nurse Nichole.

Bitterly disappointed! Sometimes life can seem so unfair, can’t it?

2Tue11This was the reason the vehicles were held up earlier, and it seemed so quiet in Sherwood traffic-wise.

Getting a bit windier now, too.

I poddled down and over the road to the Lidl store to have a decker.

I spotted my mate BJ in the launderette and popped in to have a chinwag with him. He seemed a little down today. I gave him my money for the Papplewick Pumping Station Membership, he said he would pay it in for me on Saturday at the Steaming Session. I’m afraid I could not attend, as the hearing aids and GUM clinic visits on Friday might mean my having to have anaesthetics. Is that the right word? Going brain dead here!

2Tue09aInto the Lidl store then. Where I spent a bit of money on, Lemon Fools, fresh milk, Bread Thins and three cans of Nixe Kippers in tomato sauce and vegetables.

They were £2 each, but so lovely and flavoursome.

And I have not seen any about for ages.

2Tue10Tried the Self-Pay tills again. And again I had to seek assistance to get the thing to work properly.

The assistant in the blue coat here had to attend to me twice – during which time I got no communication from him at all. Well, bar the odd grunt!

No advice was given!

When I had sorted it and left the till area, I made a point of taking his photograph. Caught him smiling for the first time? I soon realised why. He was giving assistance and talking to a rather illecebrous woman! Tsk!

1Mon14Out and to the bus stop nearby. A 58 arrived in minutes. The five stops to Sherwood travelled. Hobbled over the road and joined some other tenants at the bus stop there, had a chinwagging session for a few minutes and the L9 arrived and lifted us all up the hill to the flats.

Annie and Welsh Bill went up with me in the lift, managed a few laughs on the way.

I got in and felt a lit2Tue12tle guilty at buying stuff I really did not need again! Then realised it was only the lemon fool and Kippers that represented any blame. But still. Hehe!

Into the Porcelain Throne, this time nothing but wind, a lot of wind.

But I could feel the rumbling, churning and gurgling inside and was aware that a splattering session 04Thur12aawas brewing-up ready to attack!

Took a Relief capsule with the Medications when I made a cuppa.

2Tue12aI spotted a caretaker from the kitchen window in his red Nottingham City Homes jumper. Such a rare sight I took his photograph. It was not our blocks usual caretaker, though.

Not that many of us can recall what he actually looks like. Hehehe!

I wondered if he was going to tackle the Alien Blob in lift number one?

I got on updating this post.

I made myself another mug of tea when Mary from the 6th floor called at the flat to see me. She had returned a DVD I’d loaned her. We had a nattering session and chose some more DVDs. She took the Chicken Risotto from me, hope she likes it. I was daft in buying it, the rice would have no doubt have caused me toothache problems if I’d tried to eat it.

After an hour or so she departed.

I did the log up to here, then caught up with Facebooking and WordPressing.

2Tue14Got the meal cooking, fish and rostis in the oven, peas in the saucepan.

Fingers crossed it all come out right.

Not bad at all.

The Basi smoked catfish was pleasantly tasting.

B the time I got the washing up done, I was well overtired.

Foolishly tried to watch some TV. Nodded off early, and woke at 0045hrs.

Inchcock Today: Sunday 17th September 2017

Sunday 17th September 2017

0420hrs: Amazingly, I had a decent deep sleep last night. No wee-wees, no Porcelain Throne attendances, no nibbling (Mind you, with a toothache I’m not surprised at this) and I felt a little jauntier when I awoke. This lasted for about 20 seconds. Until I tried to remove the headphones I’d fell asleep wearing, and caught the mouth and tooth when taking it off – Whoa, did it sting! Hehe!

Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. No movements, oh dear? But worst of all, and much worrying was that Little Inchy was bleeding. After all this time and the appointment made for next week, the operation will have to be put on hold again! I sent an Email to the clinic informing them, and one to the GP surgery asking for an appointment with the Doctor. Going to see the Dentist tomorrow, then the Audio Clinic to get the hearing tested and aids adjusted. Blood Test Tuesday. GUM Clinic Wednesday. Have Hilda Hip looked at on Thursday… things ain’t going well recently.

The mind raced when I thought of it. If I go to see the dentist first in the morning that will mean if they treat the tooth straight away, I’ll be late for the Audio Clinic? So I’ll go there first. Then I might not get seen by the dentist until later in the week? Oh dear!

Not much enthusiasm now. I think I’ve thought myself into a depression. Haha!

I got the Health Checks done, and was shocked to see the weight had gone up again. This after not eating much due to Incisor Suzie Tooth, and yet the mass increases? Sys 149, Dia 79, Pulse 90, Temp 34.8, W 14.93 – Shame.

When I went to get the medications out of the drawer, last nights doses were still in the pot – Another Whoopsiedangleplop! I did not have time to get annoyed or sorry for myself, as I had to return to the Throne post haste! Another messy session.

When I returned after the cleaning-up, I had an idea for a humorous graphicalisation, and got straight on with creating it on CorelDraw, took me a couple of hours, but the humour came out of it I think. I made an edited version and will post it to author Les Johnson on Facebook later. His Erskine Quint books are fantastic.

I used this as a top funny on this dairy as well.

Notwithstanding and regardless of my suffering with a toothache, Little Inchy bleeding and very sore and Dizzy Dennis paying me a visit, I thought the view outside was fantastic this morning. So I attempted to take a panoramic photograph.

Not as exciting as last night’s I know, but I liked it.

Started this diary going then caught up with yesterday’s and got it sent off.

Started my next TFZer graphicalisation. Finally got it finished:

Feeling tired now, and Incisor Suzie is giving me a lot of hassle.

I think I’ve been taking too many 60g Codeine Phosphates to counter the toothy-peg pain, folks. Mind you, it seems to have had the reversing effect on Trotsky Terence – I can’t go, well I can go to the Porcelain Throne, but without any success or movement. Worra life! Hehehe!

Oh, while I think of it, I’ll do a sign to remind me that in the morning, I have to go to the NHS Hearing Centre Clinic for 0930hrs. Which means the Dentist afterwards, and I need to make sure I have £2 bus fare to get there, cause it is too early to use my bus pass. Oh yes, I must put the old hearing aids in a box to take with me too.

And, as well as and besides, I must put the Audio Record Book in the coat pocket now, so that isn’t forgotten. They will not see me without it. Back in a bit.

All done now. I’ve just done another mega-sneeze, and the tooth is really loose and painful now. Tsk! Still, if it comes out, it’ll save them money-grabbing, uncaring, nasty, snotty, uppity, supercilious, smart-alecky, topliftical, unshaven-stubble chinned, garlic breath impatient Dentist from charging me? (Sorry, I got a bit carried away there).

Thoughts turned to what fodder I could manage that would cause the least danger to Incisor Teggy Suzie. I tried some biscuits dipped in warm tea without any hassle of a serious nature. Then had a nibble, well, suck really, of some soft sweets I found at the back of the bread bin, but gave up, cause I kept irritating the tooth. Managed to suck on a softish banana.

Had a check on the web of the number 40 bus times in the morning. One due at 0822hrs on Winchester Street. Rechecked I had the £2 in coins in the trouser pocket ready.

Still, no calls to the Porcelain Throne whatever today, yet?

Did the Health Checks and then went and crunched on the molar with one of the tablets in the medications. (You probably heard my exclamation howl, yourself. Hehe!)

Ablutions tended to. Little Inchy seems to have stopped bleeding, although a nasty looking leakage of puss of some sort had started again. I must check the GUM opening times for unarranged visits, and see if I can get down to see them. (How I’m going to find the time with all the other medical demands this week, I’m not sure. Humph!)

Got the waste bags sorted, sprayed inside with disinfectant and tied up. I’ll have to remember to take them to the chute in the morning as I depart for the Audio Clinic visit. Can’t take them now, it is too late. It must be after 0800hrs in the morning, the bus arrives at 0822hrs, which doesn’t give me much time to get to the bus stop if I wait until then to drop the bags down the tunnel and catch the 40 bus. Best to leave them until I get back. If I remember, I’ll have whatever takes place at the Hearing Centre, and then the dentist to remember… I must get some more Daktacort cream too, so must make a note for myself to request a prescription on Tuesday when I got for the INR blood test. … the mind is frantically wandering here again.

It’s all go, innit? Haha! I wish someone would adopt me.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 16th September 2017: Not the best of days. Tsk!


Saturday 16th September 2017

0430hrs: Stirred rather grudgingly into life. Reluctantly, because I knew the incisor would give me pain, trouble and grief as soon as the tongue touched it. It did not let me down! Huh! Argh! However, I was well pleased with the much-needed essential sleep I did get in, despite a few wakenings overnight, when I must have caught the tooth with my tongue, and the resulting twinge of pain woke me up. I decided there, and then, soup might be the best option for my fodder today and tomorrow, or until I can get to see the dentist?

As I dismounted the £300 second-hand (But not shuddering this morning?) recliner, I sneezed, and the whole head was affected with the resulting pain from the tooth area. Tsk!

All of my regular attendee pains twinges and ailments seemed to be with me. Arthur Itis, Duodenal Donald, Hilda Hips, Roger Reflux, Anne Gyna, Trotsky Terence, even Hernia Harold was giving me some gip this morning. The winners today as of now were Incisor Suzie (The painful tooth – Christened last night, Hehe!) and Hilda Hip. Between them, I think they actually helped the situation. One can only concentrate on so many pains at one time. Haha!

As I hobbled to the Porcelain Throne, Dizzy Dennis joined in the attack. And as for Trotsky Terence, I think he’d done a runner. In fact, there was no evacuation at all, apart from a lot of extreme wind. It all confuses me?


Incisor Suzie: Not a pleasant sight!

I came out of the wet room and into the kitchen to sort the Health Checks.

But had to get back to the Throne as quickly as I could when things started to move.

At least, I thought they did.

Again, a ‘Nothing happening’ session on the seat. Other than the escaping gases.

Back to the kitchen and started the Health Checks. Put the kettle on to make a mug of tea.

Sys 162, Dia 71, Pulse 84, Temp 35.8, Weight 14.91. A few more sneezes? No other signs of any cold, though?

6Sat04I made the brew and intentionally left it to cool while I got the medications ready.

Did the graphics prep work for this post, then update yesterday’s and got it posted. Making aright Whoopsiedangleplop of it by putting the wrong dates on it. Humph!

Had to re-edit it twice. What a clot!

Took these photographs of outside. Th first one of my beloved Tree Copse to the right. The second one, I got the camera strap around my wrist and hung out of the open window to take it and catch the balcony for a keepsake, cause they will soon be gone in the upgrading work. That’s the plan, but of course, there is nothing happening building-wise at the moment, and a lingering doubt lingers. Hehe!) Came back in and banged my head on the window frame.


While in the kitchen, I decided to get the fodder ready for later. Incisor Suzie’s delicate situation, forcing me to have something I can eat that has the least chance of catching the painful Incisor Suzie. So, I got some mushrooms in Soy Sauce in the Croc-Pot, to be sliced into tiny pieces when cooked, and a tin of Mulligatawny Soup in the saucepan and added some sliced mini tomatoes, and tomato passata mixed into it. Then, hopefully, when I eat it, I can soak the bread making it as soft as possible to dip in it, thus not bothering or even touching the tooth as much as I can.


Checked the Emails, and made the replies and likes, on WordPress.

Started this diary properly.

Made another mug of tea. While waiting for the water to boil, I thought I’d have a go at removing the plastic top off of the Soy Sauce bottle with the other waiting to go to the recycling bin bottles and jars.


Using a knife to get it off, cause it would not screw off… and well, as you see, another Accifauxpa! Tsk!


1000hrs: Began the creation of a graphic on CorelDraw, for another humorous post, one about the current ailments.

I finally got it completed at 1225hrs!

Did much Facebooking, then Dizzy Dennis called on me again. So I’ve cancelled the walk in the park for today. Huh!

Got the nosh, well, soup ready. Not very successful noshing, though.

The mushrooms had to be thrown away, too tough and I kept catching Incisor Suzie. I didn’t like that at all. Hehe!

The bread, even soaked in the soup was also too much to handle. The banana was ripe enough to almost suck, so that went down, as did the Lemon Curd Mousse.

At least the weight should have gone down by the morning’s Health Checks. And I did not have any nocturnal nibbles, naturally.

I drank a lot of orange juice, repeatedly hobbling into the kitchen to top up the large mug I’d emptied?

This picture I took while doing the  topping-up.

Got a DVD on to watch, and managed evera episodes of ‘Hustle’ before another Porelain Throne session was needed.

Resettled again, I proceeded to let loose an amighty sneeze, hurt the tooth, ricked the neck, startd the boil on the bum off, swore and passd wind.

This said everything, really. Haha!

Inchcock Today – Friday 15th September 2017: Hippy Hilda, The Trotsies, Arthur Itis, Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas and Tooth Damaged – not feeling to good at all. Tsk!

Friday 15th September 2017

Still up at 0000hrs. To the Porcelain Throne post haste and in sudden need – Had Trotsky Terence returned I thought en route to the wet room? But no, not at all, I do not intend to sound rude, but the evacuations were like meatballs? Plop. Plop…. plop plop plop… pop… Hehehe!

Did the Health Checks: Sys 161, Dia 71, Pulse 81, Temp 33.6 & Weight 14.91.

Turned on the computer, so glad the internet had returned and the health alarms were now working.

Finished off updating yesterdays post and sent it off to WordPress. Checked Emails and one had come from Morrisons re the short delivery yesterday morning. Pleased to report that they are processing my refund. This may take up to ten days?

No messages from Virgin about the service loss. Not that I expected one, knowing their customer service record. I think only British Gas are worse than they are at this!

I spent time trying to get a decent shot from the kitchen window. Opened it to avoid any reflections (Not too cold, windy or raining at this time) and took four photos in different settings. But none of them was any good. This is the best of them, done in Auto, but still not good really. Tsk!

0120hrs: Made another brew of tea, had a wee-wee and back on the computer. Started this one off, did the graphics then went on to work on the Funny Ode about Virgin Media poem.

Stopped twice for a visit to the Porcelain Throne. I might have been wrong about Trotsky Terence not coming back to pester me.

0344hrs: Got the Funny Ode about Virgin Media poem finished and posted to Facebook and WordPress.

Made a mug of tea, and the vegetables in the Crock-Pot ready to start later. Tried a new mix today. Fresh podded peas, turnips, mushrooms and potatoes. Hello, back to the Throne again…

I’m back. Oh, dearie me. No doubt about it now Trotsky Terence has returned.

Had to clean up afterwards, a messy session. And I’m down to my last three toilet rolls now, must get some more today.

Made sure the crossword book and a pen were handily positioned nearby.

0405hrs: Took a Loperamide Imodium capsule, I found a full packet of six in the draw in the corner of the wet room and an extra painkiller with the morning medications. The stomach has now started rumbling and churning as well.

Yesterday’s Delightful Dinner

I queried that perhaps this new bout of the runs might be due to the meal last night?

I had planned to do a meal the same next week but think it best if I procrastinate over this decision.

The dinner tasted so good as well, but, better safe than sorry I guess. I must be sedulous about this, and not weaken!

Got the Emails checked again, Facebooking and WordPress reading.

CorelDraw 2017 next, had another go at the TFZer graphics. But got sidetracked when I went to make another brew – the sky was amazing, yet minutes later it kept going dark then lighter again?

Did the ablutions instead. No more calls to the Porcelain yet, mind you, four is enough surely? Ha!

Got things ready and set off down to the bus stop. Welsh Bill got on at a lower floor, and we started to chinwag. As we were going out of the foyer door, I realised why I had been straining to hear what he was saying. So I went back up to the flat to fetch the hearing aids. Whoopsiedangleplop!

By the time got down again and on Chestnut Walk on my way to the bus stop, Annie and Doreen were ahead making their way to it.

Another lorry load of hardcore was arriving. But the driver was having difficulties in locating any workmen on site. I wasn’t surprised no one had seen any all morning. It was going a bit dark again now.

Got to the bus stop, where Roy was already, and we were soon joined by a little-aged gang of pensioners. A few moans and laughs were exchanged, and I began to feel a little light-headed for some reason. The bus arrived, and we clambered on, still nattering away between ourselves.

I dropped off at the bottom, on Winchester Street and made my way left and down to the Polish shop. I make the decision not to call there again, ever. Why? I’ll tell you then. (Hehe) I felt the sliced loaf, and it was not as soft as usual, and I asked her if it was fresh; “Oh yes, today!” So I got a small 400gm one. Then a strip of pork ribs and 3 slices of cooked belly pork slices with the herbs and garlic in it. She charged me £5? Mmm! She won’t do that again!

As I was leaving the store, the baker delivery man arrived to deliver today’s bread! Humph, conned again!

Out, and had a walk up the hill, nice and steady, because Hilda Hips and Arthur Itis were both giving me some grief. So much so, that I got the collapsible walking stick out of the bag and utilised it. Not feeling very good at all now, and the first signs of my needing to make use of the Porcelain Throne again were beginning to show. Heck!

I saw that the new eatery was open and trading. That is now three in a row on Mansfield Road, and another eight scattered nearby, with four having closed down this last September?

Popped into Co-op shop and got some toilet paper and some cans of cherry tomatoes that were less than half price, due to the Co-op selling them off and stopping stocking them. Then on to the Wilko store and bought a tub of fragrance booster for the laundry duties.

Up to the top of the hill and waited for the bus. Roy arrived at the stop and mentioned how I didn’t look very well. I smiled and thanked him. We laughed, and I told him of the Trotskys and Hilda Hip giving me tribulations and my not having got much sleep. Two other tenants were already on the bus, and a few words of laughter were shared during the three bus stop trip back to the flats. Where Roy, bless him muchly, took the bag off of me and carried it on top of his four-wheeled shopping cart. He was patient with me moving so slowly and even brought the bag into the flat for me. This restored my recently lowered faith in people a little bit. Grand chap, much appreciated. Thanked him and off he went.

Onto the Porcelain Throne, messy again, very messy. Huh!

Put the things away, and checked the vegetables in the Crock-Pot. All looked fine to me. Got the nosh all prepared to finish cooking later on. Tired as I felt, when I took this photograph of the prepped fooder, I felt I just had to make this graphic with it, cause I really thought it would be a funny one. I hope it is. Says many words? Haha! Left the pork marinating.

The Plates-of-Meat joined Anne Gyna, and Hippy Hilda is troubling me. However, my dubiety about my condition soon eased after I’d took the midday medications (And got the evening ones ready so as not to forget them) with another Loperamide capsule and two Codeine Phosphates extra with them. These helped I think to ease the discomfort.

Went back into the wet room and finished the cleanup campaign.

1415hrs: Onto CorelDraw again to try and get the prep work done for my next TFZer graphic idea.

1649hrs: Got a for fun one completed.

Hope they like it, I’ll post it off to Facebook now.

Decided to cut up the pork ribs into smaller pieces so they will cook quicker, smart eh?

Luckily I have plenty of Elastoplasts to use. Another Accifauxpa!

Took the evening medications and did the Health Checks.

The effort with the meal seemed all worth while when I got it presented on the tray.

I nestled down in the recliner and started to dine… Accifauxpa come Whoopsiedanglplop time again! A crunching sound accompanied with extreme pain emanated from the lower front tooth! I think it broke at the bottom but still attached, held in place, partly by its close proximity to the teeth either side and the nerve of course. Agony! The meal had to be abandoned, just too painful to chew or bite. The incisor hurts when I swallow?

No chance of taking any extra painkillers to cope with it, because I’d already taken two additional doses to counter the pains from a conglomeration of Hippy Hilda, the Plates and Arthur Itis! Very depressed with myself now. The slightest touch of the tongue on the teggie and the pain twinges in the excess. Humph!

I didn’t feel I could even do the washing up, Trotsky Terence and Duodenal Donald along with Arthur, Hilda and the tooth, I was not in a good state.

Despite all these things, when I did settle for trying to sleep, I drifted off very rapidly. But kept waking for an hour or so frequently when the I assume, the tongue caught the tooth and woke me up?

Perhaps I was talking in my sleep? Hehe!