Inchcock Today. A busy one, Social Hour, and I got out into the cold for a bit. Thursday 10th November 2016

Thursday 10th November 2016

In Russian: Четверг 10 ноября 2016

Shot awake at 0129hrs: Unable to recall much of the dreams again, other than I was at one stage, in a submarine with Les Dawson?

4thr01Dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner chair and took a photograph of above the electric fire that doesn’t work on my way to visit the porcelain for a WRHD session.

Why I took a photograph escapes me now. But it might come back to me?

Sad innit?

The session was not too bad, apart from some bleeding again from the rear.

4thr03Then afterwards, going into the kitchen carrying the camera, I somehow unintentionally took this photograph.

I didn’t delete it, cause I thought I might think of a suitable caption for it later?

Or, maybe not.

Took the medications and made a mug of tea.

When I started the computer, a black screen with the message “H/9485.455UW26 Out of range” came up? I turned it off and on again, and things seemed alright? Oh dear!

Got on with finishing yesterday’s diary off and posted it.

Several WRWW’s followed of course.

Made a start on this one, then went to make another cuppa. I prepared the vegetables for later, mushrooms and parsnips only, in the Crock-pot. I can add a tin of peas later perhaps.

I thought I’d like to get out today, despite the unwelcoming, cold weather and rain. Had a look out through the window although it was still dark of course, no frost, nowhere near as cold as yesterday morning, just a few spots of rain on the cars below.

Got the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag ready for the Winwood Social Hour at the community Shed at 1000hrs.

0315hrs: Back to the computer. I felt a warm sensation from the rear end, so visited the wetroom to investigate. Bleeding from Harry Haemorrhoid. Not to fret, I’ve had worse.

4thr02As I was washing after medicating my rear-end, I realised my sight was not good. Looked in the mirror and found that there was bruising internally underneath my eye and odd marks above on the eyelid.

Thought this might be bits of dirt from somewhere, so carbolicalised the area, but it was not dirt. Started to be painful a bit afterwards, and the sight has been affected since. Good job I’ve got the large screen on the new computer.

I’ve got an INR blood test this coming Monday, so I’ll ask the nurse to have a look at this if it hasn’t cleared up by then.

4thr03aStarted the coughing again as I came out of the warm wetroom and into the unheated front room. I must remember to ask Deana if she is at the meeting if she has informed the works department of my storage heater conking out.

Looking at the radiator, it’s not surprising that it has problems, cause all around you can see where they have taken off covers, etc. and they have not gone back on correctly. The outer casing has chips, scratches and is bent out of shape. I hope, if they do ever come, they can mend it, cause it ain’t doing my health any good. I understand they will not replace it with a new one because soon they will start the modernisationing of the flats anyway.

Back again on the computer.

The ablutions carried out and off to the Social Hour, calling in on Olive on the way. She was a little better; she even told me off for getting the wrong phone (Obviously, the cleaners had told her), and when Olive heard that the NCH could not tend to the broken storage heater, she asked me to go and buy a portable heater today! A cuddle and I departed to the Community Shed.

Where I was summoned into the office by Gruppenfurher Deana and Obergefreiter Julie. I must not take photographs of tenants anymore as they had received complaints. Dean suggested I asked if it was alright in future, each time I take a photo. But it is easier for me just to stop photoing them. Sad, but easier.

She had forgotten about the radiator not working and failed to ring the works department. So she did. They said it would be November 30th before they can visit to repair it. Too much time in these freezing nights, she told them. So they are going to arrange for an old mobile radiator on loan to be delivered, but don’t know when.

The meeting went okay, BJ came, and we managed a few sarcastic laughs and digs at each other. I gave a donation for the collection for Kath and Ian, to Frank for him to hand it on to Jenny.

Back to number 72 for a freshen up and WRWW. Down to the bus stop, Deana was passing and informed that the On Call Emergency had gone down, and gave me a number to ring if needed.

Bus to town and caught a tram to Asda-Walmart on Hyson Green in search of some Nordic Bacon. They didn’t have any, though. I got some bread cobs, sliced mushrooms, potato cakes and swede. Oh, and a deepish bowl so I might make less mess eating my gravy. Hehe!

4thr04Tram back into town.

Took this shot on the tram after the students had got off and made a bit of room.

It looks like the passengers are all posing and staring at me?

Got off at the Theatre Royal and made my way to the bus terminus just in time as well! The rain started pouring down just as the bus arrived.

4thr05As we passed Clinton Street, I took this one through the bus window.

Not a good one, but it shows the state of the weather.

The fellow tenants got on the bus further along, and we had a decent chinwag.

By the time we were half way to the apartments, the rain had stopped, and a rainbow came out. I got an excellent photograph of it. Showed it to the chap, and deleted it in error! Oh, a fool I am! An incompetent, uneducated algophilic nit-wit!

4thr09Back at the flat, I found a note telling me that the Personal alarms and some others had gone down, but was being worked on to be corrected.

That’s nice to know.

Bearing in mind that the Nottingham City Homes must have  thousands of old fogies with alarms, this is the first time the system has failed in the year and a bit I’ve been here.

WRHD session, medications taken and I got the din-dins cooking.

Crock-Pot mushrooms, parsnips with an added tin o4thr08f garden peas, pork sausages, potato cakes and ciabatta cobs. A lemon curd yoghourt to follow and a packet of vinegar flavoured Peasnaps afterwards.

4thr11A call came through on the mobile phone that stopped before I could get to it. 01767319860, I’ll put in on Google Chrome to see who it was.

I wonder if it was PC World?

R & R Services?

The view from the kitchen window was amazing tonight!

4thr06Feeling tired and a bit down now. No alarms, no heating in the front room, no photographicalisationing permitted at the Social Hour, and not knowing when the loan radiator was due. I bet it’ll come while I’m at the clinic, hospital, shopping or surgery?

I’m considering getting the sleeping bag out and kipping on the kitchen floor using pillows and cushions to prevent me going on my back. At least there is some heat in there.

Got wrapped up well again, cause I know it’s going to be another cold night without the radiator working. Wolly hat on, underpants on, thick jammy bottoms, bedsocks, fingerless gloves and a dressing gown, and covered my widening girth with a throw.


Inchcock Today, Wednesday 28th September 2016: Not my most anacreontic day


But, you just can’t help it!

Wednesday 28th September 2016

Stirred around 0530hrs, after what I think was a much needed decent kip. No memories of any dreams again.

Feeling ready for a mug of tea, I escaped the working noisily again £300 second-hand recliner chair and to the kitchen. Nervously viewed the sink area for any more mysterious leaks, all okay.

The feeling of anticipation of finding something I’d done wrong, missed or forgotten overcame me?

Made a brew and started the laptop, then the call to the WRHD session arrived, and I responded. A lot easier this morning. No blood anywhere.

Did some Facebooking and WordPressing for a few hours.

Got the ablutions done around 0900hrs, so as to be ready for when the Home Cleaner gals arrived.

Called to see Olive and received several telling offs for various things. So I knew she was in good form. Took her some Cox’s apples. The cleaning ladies were there, due to come to do me next. A chinwag, a kiss and a cuddle with Olive, and I returned to number 72.

The ladies arrived and nearly did some cleaning. Not too happy with their session today, many areas were untouched. But did I have the guts to say owt to them? No! Humph!

Off they went, and I got ready for my bus and trammed trip out to get some Nordic Bacon from the Asda on Hyson Green, the only place I’ve found that sells it.

3wed3Caught the L9 into town (It was nice not to get on the wrong bus).

Walked down into the Slab Square tram stop and got one the few stops to the Asda (Walmart) store on Radford Road.

Made my way straight to the Continental meats fridge.

Only to find they had none of the Noric style bacon in stock! Grumph! I got some giant spuds. Disappointed, I departed and caught a tram back into town.

3wed5The Slab Square as now cleared of the stall, amusement and eating stalls.

I had plenty of time before the L9 bus back to the flats was due. So I had a wander around for a while.

There were plenty of  Nottingham Pavement Cyclists around.

And even more of the poor Big Issue Sellers, they seemed to be on every corner. Each one looked so depressed, you can’t help but feel sorry for them. I slipped a couple of quid to the one near the Theatre Royal, cause up until then she looked so much sadder than any of them.

3wed4I went around the block and back into the Square, where I saw a chap who had taken his dog into the fountains to let him drink from the spray.

I got the camera out too late to picture the furiously wagging tailed dog enjoying himself.

But the bloke seemed a good loving owner, as he walked through the water his shoes and feet must have got a soaking.

3wed6Caught the L9 and as it travelled along Upper Parliament Street, I managed to get a shot of one of the new electric battery powered street cleaning machines through the buses window.

It appeared he had on trousers or overalls that had one black and one orange coloured legging?

Back to the apartment block and just in time for a WRWW too! Phew!

I felt a bit weary suddenly and resigned myself to settling with a mug of strong Thompson’s tea and falling asleep in the hard chair while at the laptop. Luckily I didn’t fall off, although it was a close call when I woke up.

3wed7Got the meal prepared. A big un!

Excellent new potatoes dotted with Vegemite, roast onions, mini chicken sausages, tomatoes, BBQ chicken legs, chopped apple, a piece of pork pie and some beetroot.

Ate it all up and once again settled to watch the selected TV programmes I’d chosen. Not a chance, I was off into the land of nod within minutes!

I did wake up an hour or two later, in need of a WRHD session. Remembered a bit of what I’d been dreaming. Seems I was in power over the world, I instantly wished something to happen and it did, I demanded peace and love throughout the world, and it came! But the scientists who create medications refused to use animal products and all sorts of diseases reappeared and the population of the world were all dead within months once the supply of drugs was dried up. I think I was in a courtroom later, being tried by ghosts? An idea for a book or film this I thought?

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 23rd Aug 2016: Busy day, ups and downs – Olive a bit better!


Tuesday 23rd August

Stirred around 0525hrs; Struggled urgently out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRWW and WRHD session. A bit painful and bloodied during and afterwards, Tsk! I cleaned myself up and started fretting way again. Hoping Olive would be alright with her visit to the Queens Medical Centre for her blood change? Will Deana have any good news from British Gas about the bill? (Not a lot of hope, more a prayer really!), then got some new pains stabbing at me under the left arm ribcage. Humph!

Made a drink and took the medications. Washed the pots in between several WRWWs.

Laptop on, some nice emails of support received. Finished the Monday post, then started this one going. Cross fingered I tried out Facebooking.

01bWent well for a while.

Spilled some of the contents of the pan of minted garden peas on the kitchen floor… used the new spinning mop to rectify the ensuing mess.

Popped over to see Olive, but she’d already gone out.

0910hr: Returned and did the 01cablutions, then to the Community Hut to see Deana.

All locked up, so, back to the foyer and a chinwag with some tenants, then out to the bus stop and we caught the L9 into town.

Had a nice conversation with a lady tenant on the way. She even helped me with the crossword bless her.

01dIn town, I walked down and through the Nottingham beach.

Glad to report this was being used a lot more today – the rides and food stalls (As opposed to the beach which was free!) were not being used much at all.

I arrived at the Tram Stop on South Parade opposite the slab square. Swiped my bus-pass and waited amongst the obviously experienced 01epassengers, who were already juggling with each other to gain the optimum position to scramble onto the tram, in the hopes of finding a seat free and knocking the likes of me out of the way.

Which they did with great aplomb when the tram did arrive.

Luckily for me, I only had to stand for 01habout four stops, before we arrived at the Asda Store.

By the time I’d trudged down the winding steps to the store’s car park, I had needed a rest, so stood opposite a big black SUV with a well-built swarthy youth was sat in the driver’s seat.

As a genuinely disabled lady arrived in, to park parallel next to him, for some reason he hit the gas and belted backwards running into the woman’s car with the rear of his, and shot off at great speed. The poor lady was a bit nervous and upset. I went to her to see she was okay. I was joined with seconds by several other shoppers who had seen the incident, on lady had taken the index number, and tended to the woman.

Into the store to search for one of the Nordic Bacon blocks with seasoning like I got the other week from there, they had just two packs left, so I bought them both.

Got some fresh garden peas, and apples too.

I met BJ in the shop, he was looking good and in fine form.

When I came out, a policeman was talking to the lady, I asked her how she felt, she’d recovered well from the shock. I informed the officer of the description of the geezer driving the car, and that he did not have a disabled card on show in his window.

I walked to the front of the store (More hobbled really) to avoid the steps back up, and caught a tram into town. The weather had turned sweltering, and the masses on the tram were joined by another ten or so sweating, irritable parents with their sweating grumpy kids.

I was lucky I reckon, to get off the bus uninjured!

But lucky, that an L9 bus was due out just as I arrived at the stop.

Even the L9 bus was crowded by the time we’d gone two bus stops further on. When we arrived at the flats, I had a job to get free with the lady next to me decided not to get up, but just twisted her healthily and plump legs around to leave me about four inches twixt her ample knees and the luggage rack tp squeeze through.

Battered and bruised I escaped into the daylight. Hehehe!

Up to the twelfth floor and called at Olive’s, too early, though, she wasn’t back yet.

To the flat and a WRWW, kettle on and took the late midday medications. Realised I’d not finished cleaning the Crock-Pot porcelain dish, so I did.

No email from Deana about the British Gas situation yet, so I walked down to the community hut, no one in. Back to number 72 and made another cuppa and got the laptop on to update this.

01fThe day had turned out a hot one; indeed, the wind dropped, yet as I took a photographicalisation of the gravel footpath outside that led up to the Woodthorpe Grange Park next to my favourite copse, no sign of human life was espied!

Perhaps they were at the Nottingham Beach by now?

Checked the emails to see if Deana had any news, nowt in the inbox yet.

Then disaster! The laptop screen went blue with a complicated message telling me I had a virus and was to ring a given number immediately! This was not from McAfee and looked like a con-job – but the laptop would not let me escape or close or do anything – the warning remained on screen!

Force closed the laptop – waited and rebooted and the when I restarted the Warning Screen, and Google opened immediately again! Panicking now, I force closed again and left it for half an hour and tried again – the whole system was slow, but it seems whatever it was causing me the hassle had gone.


Went to see Olive at her flat. She looked terribly tired yet was in good spirits, bless her brave, beautiful soul. I found out she was to go back in later, what she thought was pain from her hips, was something to do with her backbone, and they were to investigate. The blood transfusions should make her feel a bit better in 4-5 days.

She told me some stories from the War years and her childhood that fascinated me. I made a fuss and took my leave as soon as I saw her eyelids drooping, gave her a big kiss and cuddle and departed, feeling better in myself knowing she’d come through okay.

Back to number 72. Checked the emails and found one from Deana with a copy of the last email she’s sent to British Gas;

I received an email from Grace Winearls regarding a complaint I made on behalf of Mr Timothy Gerald Chambers 72 Woodthorpe court, Chestnut Walk , Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 4DZ stating that she couldn’t speak to me has they had no permission from the account holder and if I wanted to call when the account holder is with me then you could add me to the account , every time I call British Gas Mr Timothy Chambers always gives permission for me to speak on his behalf and I’m sure if you checked the account you would see that I have spoken to your customer service team on numerous occasions for Mr Chambers , Mr Chambers is very hard of hearing and struggles hearing what is being said and what he is being asked hence why I do the phone calls for him , I have further reasons to now make another complaint  I AGAIN made a phone call to customer service on the 10th August 2016 and spoke to Ricmondo. Mr Chambers has again had another letter asking for £250.32 for account number 08467, Mr Chambers pays direct debit £58 a month for account number 0695 and has done since 14/12/15 . After being on hold by Ricmondo on and off for 55 minutes I was told that Mr Chambers would receive no further letters demanding money or sending in the debit agencies until someone had been to look at the meter I asked for a letter stating this for Mr Chambers peace of mind and a letter to tell Mr Chambers when the inspection of the meter would take place I was told yes to both neither have happened, and again Mr Chambers has received a letter asking him for £250.32  , I rang British gas yesterday and spoke to a man on customer service I asked to be put through to the complaint department he told me he couldn’t and I had to speak to him I explained I was fed up having a three way conversation with customer service and whoever they were supposed to be speaking to  and I wanted to speak to someone in the complaints department , I was put on hold for 10 minutes has I now time all calls made to British gas he came back and said that there wasn’t a complaints department, I asked why it states on the bill  if you’re not happy with anything contact the customer complaints team , I find the customer service team very unhelpful every person I have spoken to have been unable to resolve this problem , Mr Chambers has also been on the trust pilot website and stated his problems British Gas wrote on his review they would contact him he has yet to hear from them . how much longer is this going to go on ? what more can myself or Mr Chambers do to get British Gas to resolve this problem ? I will send a copy of this letter to the complaints review service has I feel this matter has not been dealt with in an efficient way Mr Chambers and myself have been constantly fobbed off with this issue.

Yours sincerely

Deana Walker – Independent Living Coordinator

Then later, I got an email from BG about this fictitious account!


How can I have two different numbered accounts and only have one meter?

I am getting pissed off with this now, the worry of their threat to send an actioned warrant team and Debt Recovery Agents is not fair, not surprising my ulcer is starting up again! Humph! Thye tell me I might lose my credit rating, and they might send a team to remove the non-existent meter and replace it with a ‘Card Prepayment one’ and they can legally force entry to do so, too?

I am confused, worried and frustrated now, more than ever. I’ll mention the idea of us talking to Nottingham MP Christopher Leslie, perhaps?

MC01Got the nosh on.

Rather overdid it a tad I think with the amount, but, feeling so depressed, I just wasn’t bothered at the time.

Thank heavens that Olive was getting through the day, cheered me up a bit.

Put the gogglebox on and sat like Little Lord Pontelroy with the tray on my knee.

Couldn’t concentrate on the TV, and sleep avoided me like the plague!

Inchcock Today 10 Aug 16: Much artwork done, British Gas Farce Continues – Hospital visit


Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Duo Denal and Rea Flux all being kind to me this morning. WRWW’s rampant, and toe and leg much easier! No dizzies or shakes yet. Looking Good! (Shouldn’t have said that should I?)

Wednesday 10th August 2016

I stirred around 0425hrs and sat there pondered on the dream I had been having for a few moments. Underground again, crawling through tunnels, this time, I had on a face mask, goggles, knee pads, etc., but was wearing my slippers? Being chased again, the pursuers caught me this time and tattooed me on my back and neck? Found myself in a luxury high rise apartment with cats and dogs licking me as I changed channels on an old Rediffusion Radio on the wall… much more took place I felt, but could only recall these bits of the dream. Tsk!

 The £300 second-hand recliner noisily and shudderingly allowed me out of it to get for a WRWW and WWHD. The tiniest bit of blood from the rear and Little Inchy, and the activities were far less painful than of recent. Not a bad start I thought.

Carried out the checks and medicating of the required areas, then into the kitchen to make a cuppa and take the medications and wash the pots in the sink that I’d failed to do last night…

11bWhoopsiedangleplop! I’d left the oven on 220 degrees all night long! Oh dear, I thought to myself.  Still, it was nice and warm in the kitchen!

Got on with finishing the Tuesday diary and starting this one, doing the graphic for the top of the page first. (Hope it gets a laugh?)

I mustn’t get carried away with lap-topping or internetting today, the appointment at the Cancer Clinic is for 1600hrs. This really gets me down, a late appointment. I’ve got get a bus to town and another, or a tram to get to the QMC, I know I’ll be tired and weary when I arrive because I always lose steam around this hour every day. Then, getting back will be a nightmare! I’ll be coming home in the rush-hour, the legs and feet will be aching, and I’ll face the onslaught of being crushed and knocked by the other passengers as they attack the tram doors, the seats are not supportive so the back will start to play up as I limp through town to catch a bus to Sherwood.

Of course, the L9 bus will have long stopped running, the last one will have departed from town at 1503 hrs! So I’ve to catch one that drops me off in Sherwood, then either walk up Winchester Street hill, or through the Woodthorpe Grange Park to get back to the flats. I anticipate, a weary, irritated and antisocial Inchcock will arrive home. That is, if they don’t keep me in, I’ve got to take me jammies shaving stuff, etc. in with me in case, like. That reminds me, I’ll put the things in the bag ready now!

Done it.

Updated this tosh.

Deana came to the flat as I was about to have a shower. She’s received this email from British Gas in reply to her complaint about the hassling me with Red Letter demands for a non-existent meter.

Wednesday 10 August: Warden Deana emailed the answer to me from BG. The five grammatical errors in the email have been corrected by Inchcock, before being put on this page 
From: “” <>
Date: 9 August 2016 12:38:24 BST
To: <>
Subject: Your reply from British Gas (18953202) (KMM43902975V30033L0KM)

Dear Ms Walker
Thank you for the enquiry you sent regarding Mr Chamber’s account, I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you.

Unfortunately, I am unable to help for the time being, as you are currently not named on the account, and as such I am unable to disclose or change any information regarding the account.
This is due to the Data Protection Act.
If you would like to be named on the account, please call us on 0800 048 0202* when you are with the account holder so we can get permission to either speak to yourself or add your name to the account.
Alternatively, you can send a signed power of attorney letter from the account holder, with the account number and details, authorising you to be added to the account. This can be posted, or attached to an email. Our mailing address is British Gas, PO Box 227, Rotherham, S98 1PD.

Once you have been added to the account, or we have verbal permission from the account holder to discuss the account with yourself, we will be able to disclose any information you require.
I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please contact us should you need any help in the future and thank you for contacting British Gas.
Kind regards Grace Winearls – Looking after your world

Deana came to the flat at 0955hrs and rang BG and got her name on record as my representative and added her name to the account. (Which account, the actual one or the fictional one, we were not sure)
She ran the BG Complaints number, and tried to get put through to them, but had to make-do with the Billing section.
She explained the situation yet again to this BG agent, and was put through to another agent and explained everything to him as well. To complained to each person she spoke to, and asked them why she could not get through to the complaints department?
She was put on hold. (Half an hour o the phone up to here)
Someone spoke to her and decided to put her through to someone else again.
She was put on hold.
She explained everything again to this agent.
She was put on hold.
She asked for written confirmation that the account had actually been close like he has been verbally told on four occasions now, but the demands continue?
She was put on hold.
Mr Ricmondo came on the line.
We were told it had been cancelled (Again!).
She was asked to give the meter readings from the one meter I have. (Which of course is not the meter in question (…67), but the meter I am paying by direct debit (…95). Bewildered we both were!
Deana complained again, about not being able to talk to their Complaints Department directly!
Her phone battery was now down to one bar. She complained about being kept waiting on hold so often.
She was put on hold.
Ricmondo returned to the phone eventually.
1) It seems an engineer will contact Deana to make an appointment to disconnect the non-existent meter and take the readings?
2) No further demands would be received. (Oh yes, very confident about this we were!)
Deana spent 53 minutes in total on hold – the poor woman had lost the will to live!

After the frustrated and deflated woman had left, I got the details put on G+, Facebook and updated the sad story on TrustPilot.

Emailed the GP surgery to get an INR Warfarin blood test booked.

Then had to get ready for the trip to the cancer clinic at the Queens Medical Centre. Ablutions, paperwork got ready.

Called in to see Olive, but she was out. All alone at the bus stop, I was the only person on the bus, it felt like a chauffeured service. Hehe! In town early so I could take some photographs… Oh, no, forgot the camera didn’t I! 11b

Had a walk through the Market in Victoria Centre – got a pair of trousers in my size from a stall there. Must remember this when I need another pair.

Bought a bacon cob and newspaper. Ate the cob.

Walked down to the Slab Square to catch a tram to the hospital. There was much going on that was photographable, but of course, I was without the camera. Humph!

Swiped the bus-pass on the machine then realised I was stood on the wrong side of the tram station where the trams went in the opposite direction. So, I crossed over and caught the right one, had to wait a while as I’d just missed one. I was the only person waiting on the platform, swiped my card again, and the crowds grew as I waited. When the tram arrived, I buffeted about a bit in the rush and was the last one to get on it. Packed solid it was, but I got the last disabled seat, if you can call them seats, they are very tiny plastic, flat and uncomfortable.

No hiatus getting off at the hospital, with it being late in the day I suppose? Walked down the winding staircase, across the crossing over the road (The driver of the white van, the index starting with BD51, might like to know he didn’t hit me as I crossed over, although, he made a valiant effort), and into the Treatment Centre.

Logged in with the receptionist and got the buzzer thing they give you to inform you when it is your turn, sat down and read the newspaper while I waited.

The buzzer buzzed, and I was led into a corridor to take a seat outside a consulting room. Minutes late I was in with the doctor and being checked. The blotch on the side of my head first (The old one), he decided it as definitely a safe form of cancer. Then he moved to look at the one on my back that Olive had told me about.

Walked up and logged in with their receptionist, and was called in almost straight away, and they did an autopsy on my back. It was obviously a lot smaller than the last one that one took over an hour to dig out and stitch, this was over in a few minutes.I caught a view of my blobby body in the mirror when they weighed me

I caught a view of my blobby body in the mirror when they weighed me, it was horrendous, terrifying!

Awaiting the results now. Took the paperwork back to the receptionist, and plodded out and back up to the Tram Station above.

Getting on the tram reminded me of when I went to see Nottingham Forest play Arsenal on a boxing day around 1968? It was so crowded it took me twenty minutes to find out Arsenal were playing in blue and yellow!

Thus, was the tram so crowded! Bruised, actually bruised I was by the time the masses had got onto the tram. Mind you, that helped I think, I just got carried onto the tram between the stern-faced determined passengers battling each other, scowling, with bottom chins protruding. How many of them hung onto their mobile phones I don’t know.

I got off in the Slab Square in Nottingham without much bother and walked up Queen Street to see what buses were available, and I was in luck for once. A number 40 bus was due in fifteen minutes. This bus is the best for me, when like now, the L9’s that take me to the actual flats, had long since stopped running.

01The lady driver, apparently a Demolition Derby fan, soon had me well bruised and nervously getting off the bus-stop on Mapperley Drive above Winchester Street Hill.

Walked back up the hill to use the small central reservation on the bend.

I got onto the reservation quickly, then sort of lost heart and interest as I had to wait for what seemed like hours, for a break in the traffic so I could complete my crossing of the road.

I thought at one time, I’d grow hair or snuff it from old age before I got over the road! Hehe!

In fact, I suppose it was only a few minutes I had to wait, by the time a gap came up, Arthritis had set in!

Wobbled along back to the flats, and called to see Olive, but again she was not in. (Sob!)

Back to the apartment and utilised the wetroom throne painfully and at length.

As I got the meal ready, the dizzies returned.

01aI had an easy meal as I was feeling a bit drained by now.

Tinned sweet and sour chicken in sauce (Added some extra sauce from the jar), potato cakes, the last cheesy cob and followed with a jelly, honey yoghourt and an apple.

Seeing my body mass in the mirror at the hospital, helped me resist having any nibbles afterwards!

I soon nodded off while trying to watch some TV.

Inchcock Today Wed 6th July 16: Kitchen Whoopsiedangleplop – then Dizzies, Humph!


Wednesday 6th July 2016

Stirred to life, of sorts, at 0600hrs. Memories of the dreams lingered a bit this time. Usual theme, me being chased on and over rooftops, up mountains, falling into a canal this time, near a lock with soap suds on top smelling like TCP? Surprisingly, I could swim in this dream, as in true life I’m scared stiff of deep water? There was a lot more detail that I lost before I could get out of the £300 second-hand stuck half up and half down not working recliner chair to write them down… Tsk!

The first of many wee-wee’s followed, WCHD job, bit of blood from the rear end but not much. I found I’d left the heater on in the wet-room from the showering yesterday… huh, that’ll please the the bank manager no end!

To the kitchen to make a cuppa and take the medications. Of deary me indeed: Whoopsiedangleplop! The stack of storage draws had collapsed, some split open and there was a hell of mess to sort out from the contents that had spilled out, bent lids, sprays, cleaners, rags, bags etc. All lying in an untidy heap spread on the floor and laying in the spilt liquids, disinfectant, soda, washing up liquid etc! It must have made a right noise when it collapsed. Took me ages to sort it all out temporarily at  least. New storage box’s needed again now – I’m not going to get the same ones as these again though! Feeling a bit low now!

Had a job to find the hearing aids though, last night I’d detached the tubing and left it in soak to free the wax in them and I thought I’d left the main bits in the usual (That Auntie Kath left me) porcelain pot, but no. Found them in the kitchen on the counter, I reckoned the falling stuff from the five collapsed John Lewis storage draws and contents, must have knocked them to the back of the counter? Then I had to search all through the contents of the collapsed boxes to find the hearing aid batteries!

The falling mass of plastic, cleaners and medical accoutrements must have made a terrible noise, not that I heard anything like, hope it didn’t bother my neighbours? Wonder when it happened?

Even more depressed now.

10eGot the laptop on to start this post off.

The fingers were giving me some hassle and sticking occasionally.

Couldn’t spend too long a time on it, as I want to get to the shops using the first L9 bus (0930hrs) so I can have time to visit Olive when I get back, before she is picked up and taken for her meal by her son and daughter.

0815hrs: Saved the work and closed the laptop, then got in the wet-room to do my ablutions… remembering just before I did, that I’d not taken me medications with all the kerfuffle with the Whoopsiedangleplop, so I did.

Soon sorted, although I did manage a couple of nicks with the razor in my rush, that took a while to stop bleeding.

I set out, taking the  rubbish bags to the chute on the way down. Not in the best of spirits. Humph!

Caught the bus to town to the terminus on Queen Street and down to the City Centre. Walked down into the slab square and caught a tram to Hucknall and the Tesco store. Off the tram and walked through the Park & Ride, over the road and  into the store.

I had a good wander around, nosing out any new products, getting stuff I didn’t mean to and forgetting the stuff that was on the shopping list I’d made, that was still back at the flat where I left it. Huh! I did get some English vine tomatoes, half red-half yellow to try, some cooked meats of various types, bread, naughty snacks, french toast, Marmite crackers, chicken thighs, a jar of sweet & sour sauce, a turnip, tomato puree, cooked pork chunks, honey roast lamb slices and a packet of Fresh Cream Horns jumped into the trolley… I also got a packet of jam doughnuts for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour tomorrow.

Paid the lady on the check-out, and then the fun started… I’d rather overdone the shopping again and carrying the heavy two bags of the fodder back on the Tram and then bus caused me bother.

10gBack to the tram station and caught it back into Nottingham. This proved to be a  hassle filled journey.

When the tram started off, it had few passengers and things were okay – then as it filled with Nottinghamians en route, I found myself squashed against the window with the bags on the floor by a rather sweet smelling large lady. It filled up even more and I moved one bag onto my knees to make room for the incoming masses. I don’t know how the tram moved with all the folks on it – I realised I’d have a job to get off with the bags and get through all the standing passengers in time to get to the door for  the bus-stop I needed.

10hAs we went through the Radford area I managed to take a photograph of the open market there.

I think the changeable weather had confused us poor Nottinghamians somewhat, everyone was either well wrapped up or in summer wear?

We went on and as the tram neared the Theatre Royal stop that I required to get off at, I felt a right fool trying to manoeuvre myself with the bags to the door. As I got up I had a bad dizzy-spell. The large lady next to me, who was getting off at the same stop, immediately informed me I had ‘Gone all white’ and grabbed the heaviest bag and carried it off the bus for me. The lady who was sat opposite me held my arm as we got off. I did feel a fool! So kind of 10j 10kthem, one asked if I wanted an ambulance calling? I thanked them and red facedly sorted the bags to a more even weight distribution and made my way to the Queen Street L9 bus-stop.

The police were there collecting some Nottingham shop-lifters at the bottom of the street. I felt much better physically and all signs of the dizzy-spell had gone. I took what I hoped would be an atmospheric photographicalistion of the Council House.

I still felt thankful for the ladies help on the tram, but rather embarrassed, mortified and humiliated over the incident. Decided I had to inform the Doctor on my next visit. (This is due this Friday 0830hrs, must remember to take urine sample and not eat  anything tonight after 2200hrs before the CDH test with the nurse at the surgery.)

10eThe last L9 bus had long departed, so I caught a 40 one, that drops me off on Sherwood Vale Hill.

Always a bit nervous when I use this bus, because crossing the road after dropping off is a nightmare when you can’t move as fast as you would like to, to avoid the speeding cars coming up or down the hill around the sharp bends in each direction.

Still, it’s not to far to walk.

Although on this occasion I was a little bit worried about another dizzy coming on I must admit.

In the flat, feet, legs and arms aching, I had along wee-wee and used the throne first thing. Put the fodder away.

10lToo tired and weary for some reason to do any laptop work, I got some small potatoes in the oven and made two honey roast ham sandwiches.

Sliced some of the expensive but deliciously sweet tomatoes, added some sliced onions carrots to the plate.

When the potatoes were cooked I added them and had a very nice meal indeed. A worthy 8.9/10 despite my feeling a little under the weather.

I became suddenly apathetically languid, morose, lethargic and listless. It was made worse after I’d watched the Portugal v Wales game. Humph!

No more dizzies, but I didn’t feel so good.

Hey-ho! TTFN

Inchcock Today Fri 6 May : Busy busy day! Whoopsiedangleplop! So tired!

Friday 6 May 2016

P1070136Up at 0455hrs, spent a couple of hours graphicalisationing for a particular TFZ gal (Can’t reveal anything yet?)

Then onto sorting out the Dyson and got all confused. A quick call to Brother-in-Law and he got me sorted out.

Got the paperwork sorted for when Steve Age UK arrives, then made a cuppa and took the medications. Was I sure there is another one I’ve forgotten about?

Made sure the appointment things for the Opticians, GUM Clinic and the hospital were in the bag/pockets and put the other bag with the jammies etc, near the door so I wouldn’t forget them.

Had my bath, and did my ablutions, Haem Aroid bleeding but not Little Inchy.

Steve arrived and set to phoning the Council about the Council Tax, British Gas (Gas & Electricity) and Severn Trent Water for the old house to be cancelled. I’ve got to go to visit the bank to cancel the Council Tax payments. The Electricity and Gas, Steve has to ring back next time he calls and I still couldn’t remember the other one needing to be done?

I tried out the new Dyson (Only with the carpet attachment) while he was here, it is superb! The collection box is only small, but it is so easy to empty.

Steve had another client to go and see, said he would call sometime next week to arrange a day for him to try and sort things out again.

I rang Pete to thank him for his guidance but Janet answered the phone, had a gossip and during this I remembered the other thing that needed cancelling – the house insurance!

Got the laptop on again to start this off, as I don’t imagine I’ll be in an excellent state when I get back so late from being prodded about and having lumps cut out of me. Hehe!

I’ll take the camera with me too.

P1070137Got everything ready, and set off in the hope of catching the 1239hrs L9 bus into town.

Got to the bus stop at 1230hrs and not a soul around.

Waited around in hope for the bus to arrive, without any luck.

Gave up at 1255hrs and walked up and through Woodthorpe Grange Park to the bus stop in Sherwood. Of course, this meant because the bus to the GUM clinic didn’t arrive, muggins here forgot all about it! 0101af

P1070139 P1070138

A couple of Swines on the footpath!

Got into town and meandered down through the Slab Square where the Nottingham Shoplifters had gathered to take in the sun.


Went to the bank, where I had a long wait to talk with an advisor about getting the old house’s Community Tax payments cancelled. But when the lady was free, she was charming and helpful, bless her. We even managed a little natter together, had her smiling anyway.

Out and up to Boots the Opticians, where I collected the new spectacles and had another laugh and a good chinwag.

P1070141Being a little early to go to the hospital (Having forgotten about the Clinic helped – Humph!), I had a walk around and down Hounds Gate. Surprisingly few folk about here too!

Surprisingly few folk about here too!

The sun was out and it was warm. So I removed my jumper and put it in my bag.

Called into the pound Shop and had a wander around inside. I bought a soup ladle and a pack of four mini pork pies to eat at the Treatment Centre. I didn’t eat the soup like, just the pork pies, see? Hehe!

When I walked to the tram stop on South Parade, there were far too many Pavement cyclists around to dare photographicalise any of them for fear of betting beat up by em!

Caught the right tram (Yes. it occasionally happens, ha!) to the Queens Medical Centre and walked down the five flights of stairs to the ground floor beneath and hobbled over to the Treatment Centre. Handed in my appointment letter and the lady gave me a bleeper to let me know when it is my turn, and I sat down and read me Holocaust book. Consuming all the pork pies as I did so. Still, that’ll mean no messing about getting fodder when I do get back if I get back to the flat later.

I was feeling so tired at this stage, I managed to nod off twice! Still, the bleeper vibrated so it let me know when to go in. Mind you, it was an hour and a half wait, but in pleasant surroundings and cute nurses passing by.

No messing with these people, very efficient and to the point. The nurse checked my details, took back the bleeper and led me to a chair in the corridor inside. Within minutes a Doctor, the one who saw me a year ago and actually remembered soon had me examined and told me he did not want to disturb the growth yet and booked me in for another appointment in two weeks so he can have a look again to see how it is progressing. He smiled, nay, laughed, when I told him I’d struggled to carry the bag with my towels, clothes, shaving tackle, slippers, etc. to get there too in case I was kept in.

P1070142Back to the Tram stop and soon caught a tram back into town – but what a ride!When the tram pulled up, I wasn’t sure who were the biggest danger to me,

When the tram arrived, I wasn’t sure who were the biggest threat to me, those rushing to get off the tram, or those elbow charging to get on the tram! I managed to get a seat, but a 22 stone bloke sat next to me and I had no room to manoeuvre to get the camera out! Well, it was the rush hour by then.

Dropped off in Slab Square and made my way painfully up Queen Street and waited for the 40 bus. No use me waiting for an L9 to the flats they had stopped running hours ago. Tsk!

Another uncomfortable and pain filled journey again, the bus was so packed the driver had to refuse some folks wanting to get on.

P1070143I got off on Winchester Street, risked life and limb to cross over the road and made my way limpingly towards the flats.

I’ve no idea what these plants were that bravely forced their way through the concrete and up the railings, but to me, they were beautiful.

Anyone know their name. Please?

Just managed to get in the flat in time to avoid a leakage!

So glad, with it being so late (For me like!), that I didn’t have to mess about making anything to eat. Made a cuppa and took the medications, a bit late, though.

Tired as I felt, it took a while to get to sleep. Heigh-ho!

Inchcock Today 4 Apr 16: Forced myself out and about – then it poured down!

G Dec

Nottingham’s Most Barmiest Sad Pensioner’s Diary of Woe

Monday 4th April 2016

I stirred into semi-life around 0315hrs and hobbled to the bathroom without any problems from the ailments, apart from the sore haemorrhoids, but they were not bleeding, just tender. 

Stubbing me toe on the way to the kitchen, I noticed the glorious view from the window and decided to take a photograph of it – I decided not to after all when I couldn’t find the camera. Humph, still looking!

Took the medications and found last night’s pot of pills I’d missed taking! Oh P1050891dear, so sad and anger making! I took the morning tub of tablets along with just one night time Warfarin.

Started the laptop and back to the WC to doctor my bits with the creams, painkillers, and lotions. Stubbing my toe on the same raised door stop as I had earlier! At least, Little Inchy was not bleeding this morning, I still applied the cortisone cream, though.

As I burnt my finger making the next cup of tea, that I knocked off the counter when I caught myself on the hot kettle and had to bend to clean up causing the back to go: This might not be going to be a good day I thought to myself?

I got the urge come inspiration to do a funny WordPress post in bad rhyming about advice for Pensioners on Waking up in the morning. This took a few hours to get done. During which, another call to the porcelain came, and I was so careful not to stub my toe on the raised door stop this time!

Then I got the Monday diary finished and started this one – and as I did so, got the fearful feeling I might have forgotten the INR blood tests today – oh, and I’ve got to call the clinic to grovel for another appointment too! I checked the Google calendar and confirmed it was for Tuesday 1145hrs at Dr Vindla’s surgery with the nurse.

I got some kind messages on the email, heartwarming that.

Turned everything off electrically speaking and got a jolly good scrub-up. Got the Phorpain gel on my joints and cleaned Little Inchy and Daktacorted him once again.

Wrapped me up well and set off in a hurry to the bus stop. Met coordinator Dean in the lift, and a few words.

Out and met two tenants waiting for the same bus, man, and wife I think and I had another little gossip.

P1060008The bus arrived in the City Centre and I dropped off and walked to the bus stop for the number 17 to Bulwell.

The cloudy sky was looking rather threatening as I crossed over the road to hobble to the bus stop. 

Pavement cyclists were darting around as well, too quick for me today.

G Dec2I observed as got close to the bus stop, that the naughty little Nottingham pedestrians were not too keen on keeping to the Walk – Don’t Walk signs on Upper Parliament Street!

The little Scally-Wags!

There were two people at the bus stop when I joined the queue. A ten-minute wait and by the time the bus arrived, there were about twenty in the queue. They all rushed forward with steely determination and I was semi-trampled on and around the twentieth to get on the bus! Humph!

In Bulwell, I made my way to the cheapo shop and got a three pack of the Blitz towels. Then walked around to the Shoe Zone store and got three pairs of shoes, one brown pair included (Not the foggiest idea why?).

Next door to the Fulton’s Food store and got a pack of battered fish fingers and one box of same battered fishcakes. They had some short-dated dark chocolate orange nibble discs, so I bought two for 50p.

P1060010Over the Market Place to the river Leen, and fed some pigeons there with the seeds I had in my shopping bag.

Over to the tram station and had a repeat of the what took place at the bus stop earlier. I was the first there on the platform, but about the twentieth again to get on the bloody thing. Only one side seat left available, and I had a heck of a job hanging on to it with and the two shopping bags at the same time. Tsk! Swines were nicking me OAP seats!

On the journey, it was dry when I got on, absolutely pelting down half way and dry when I eventually dropped off.

I even had a battle, to get off the tram in time at the Theatre Royal stop I needed, it was so crammed full of folk who didn’t want to respond to me requests for them to make way so I could get out! Huh!

I walked over to the L9 bus stop, the bus already being there and I joined just one other passenger on the bus. Later the bus had to wait as it went through a housing estate for a builders lorry to offload some materials. The driver was not happy!

We got to the flats and I had yet another little natter with a woman as we entered and rode up in the lift. We both agreed a cup of tea would go down nicely.

G Dec3In the flat and put the things I’d purchased away.

I noticed that the last pair I bought exactly like the £12.99 pair – AUS £24.38 – USD $18.59 – CAD £24.95, were then a few months ago, selling at £9.99. AUS £18.75 – USD $14.29 – CAD £18.63. Thought I’d get three pairs of shoes before they all went up even more!

Mind you, they all start leaking after a while. Hurrumph!

G Dec4The weather then started to pour rain heavily; Over the next couple of hours, it changed from rain to bright sunshine, so frequently.

Some mail had been delivered.

One Election Poll Card for Thursday 5th May, and a letter for Margaret, the previous tenant.

I got the laptop on and updated this diary of Woe.

DSC00174While preparing to get the fodder cooking and deciding to have fish lumps and fishcakes with beetroot, I thought I’d let you all know, that I no longer have any bags BBQ disc crisps, or beef flavoured potato chip sticks in the place! Not a single bag anywhere!

Honestly folks! Not one bag left! 

G Dec2



P1060012The fodder came out alright this time, and what a feast it was too!

Had to give this one a high rating score of a worthy 9.22/10.f

The Caramelised Balsamic Onion Chutney really complimented the fish dish so well.

Took the evening medications, having missed the midday ones. Huh!

Checked the TV magazine and found that there was so much on the box that I would have liked to view, all at the same times.

Channel hopped, fell asleep, woke, channel hopped, fell asleep… on and on and on this went. I imagine there are plenty of, what shall I say? Aged people in this position at nights?

BJ rang to say he’s checked the old house and all looks okay. That’s a relief!

Nodded of eventually…

Tue 25 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – He took a break from getting the house sorted – The little Monkey!

Tuesday 25th August 2015


0215hrs: Woke up aching all over and coughing and wheezing! (Oh dear boy, did I overdo it yesterday or what?) But I have to take help when I can get it don’t I? I thought to myself.

Finding somewhere that doesn’t ache or hurt in my wobbly-body this morning is proving difficult, nay, impossible!

Between me usual ailments and the newly accrued aches and pains from the last few days overdoing it like, I must say I may not complain if the end comes soon. There, now you all know. You will find me valuables all hidden in the lidded egg-cup wot I hid in the rusty black box full of sewing things in the bedroom – hidden inside a box marked “Life-like Blow-up dol…” well, its coloured pink… I amaze missen at times yer know. Here I am, not in the best of health and I should be morose and depressed, yet I still find missen writing jokes and humorous (I hope) funnies?

After losing me hearing aids, wrist health-alert alarm and me sanity in the last few days, I wonder what next. Hehe!

I keep getting ideas, and some passed to me for articles to do and post, but don’t feel I can concentrate enough at the moment, although I persist with this diary?

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Got yesterdays diary finished and posted, started this one off, checked and answered to emails and comments, then did some Facebooking.

Got missen spruced up to go to the old place and do some more sorting out. Got to the bus-stop and me brother-in-law Pete rang…

Don’t you just hate that, there you are, bus-pass in hand gossiping at the bus stop outside the flat complex with around six other tenants waiting fer the bus… You see they have stopped talking, and a few moments later one of them tells you, your phone in your inside pocket is ringing and you take that long fumbling to get it out the caller has gone! Tsk!

Got on the bus – got off the bus and retrieved me free pensioners bus-pass from the pavement – got back on the bus, swiped the card and walked into the bus to be greeted with derision and laughter from the other folk for keeping them waiting. All light-hearted stuff though, I think.

I overheard someone behind me talking about the wall-clock from the reception area being nicked again. Apparently the replacement clock for one that disappeared last week, only lasted 5 hours this time before it was spirited away.

Pete rang back again. He wanted, being as this was the first day of the two new tram routes operating, to go on them. I was perhaps a little too keen to agree and miss doing the back-breaking work I should have been doing at the old place? Any road I said I’d meet him at his bus-stop in town.

I got into town with plenty of time to spare – glad I’d took me camera so I can photographicalise the tram routes for the Troll Free Zone gals and guys. As I went into Wilkinson’s to see if they had any of the place-mats I saw a bird on the roof of the pub that I’d never seen before (Not seen the bird not the pub before). I hastily got me camera out and focussed in close on it, as it flew away… not that it mattered… the camera informed me that there was no SCIM card in it – Grrr! I’d done it again and the card was back at the flat stuck in the laptop! That was the end of me photographic plans for the trip! Huh!

Got me mats and spatula then met Pete, we then made for the tram stop and caught the one to Chilwell. Getting on the tram was like packing sardines in a can – nearly all the passengers were old foggies like wot I am or screaming balling kids! The seats were uncomfortable. Not complaining like, just mentioning these things.

Trying to communicate with Pete amidst the deaf pensioners shouting at each other and the mega-gobby kids was not easy. Pete I reckon is as deaf as I am but vanity prevents him from getting hearing-aids.

We then returned on the next tram and dropped off at the station, then Pete wanted catch the other new service tram to Clifton – so we did. Not a pleasant outing but Pete seemed to enjoy it – he likes owt that’s free yer know – he gets his spectacles from the pound shop shop, not that he’ll wear em if any women are around, vanity again see – but don’t tell him I told yer mind so fer gawds sake!

Again we caught the next tram back, and as a little girl fainted right in front of me, as luck would have it, we were at the stop for the Queens Medical Centre. So her parents and sister took her off and into the hospital.

Pete dropped off to catch his bus at the station and I went on into the slab square in the City centre. Then into Primark to see if they had any of the strong socks in stock – as usual I came out a little worse off financially, but with some socks, underpants and a dressing gown. I have now sworn not to go in there again until I get the house sorted and sold!

I had a wander around until it was time for the last bus from town to the flats.

I was soon on the bus and met Norman with his mate as we got off we started to have a little natter as the rain started to come, we nipped into the flats as the Fire Alarm sounded and was told to nip out of the flats by Deana who appeared from inside to check the location on the fire panel – Norman wanted to go in to this flat, but the indicator said the fire was in the lift.

So we went out and awaited the fire brigade – Four tenders turned up in five minutes.

While we were waiting for the all-clear from the officers, for some reason both Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna gave me a painful visit with venom. Suddenly I was hobbling and struggling for breath like yesterday and first thing this morning?

We got the all clear and we went up and I got me washing ready in’t bag, the soap capsules, me camera and the SCIM card, crossword book, me umbrella and some nibbles and went down and got me washing in the machine.

Then thought I’d nip through the Park into Sherwood and get some bread.

So I did, glad I’d got me umbrella cause the rain came heavier on the way to the shops.

IMG_0109I called in the Co-op, but as it was getting late they had little choice left.

I walked down to the polish shop, where I held the door open to let in a none-talking lady.

No thanks and she got served first of course.


I walked out and back up to the Co-op and got a pack of bread thins after all.

The traffic was getting busy as I hobbled back to the top of the hill.

IMG_0108The rain kept up this on the way back too. But I managed to take a photo of a tree stump that had been cut into the shape of a seat – somehow I hadn’t noticed this before.

I pressed on and through the park back Woodthorpe Court through the not unpleasant rain and wonderful green coloured surroundings.

Back at the flats and inside the entrance foyer, I took a photographicalisation through the side IMG_0110window of Mugger Lane where the car parks and garages are between the beautiful trees as the rain belted down.

Back into the laundry room to see if me washing had finished, and a few minutes later it  did.

I transferred me togs into the drier and sat in one of the reception area seats and did some of me crossword book for an hour or so until the clothes were done – then IMG_0111packed them into me big Lidl bag.

The laundry room always reminds me of Alcatraz.

Got the lift back up to the flat, put away me togs.

Wash and got me new thin dressing DSC00033gown and jammy bottoms ready to wear. (Not warm enough!).

Used me new racks in the bedroom for the first time.

A break in the rain and I tried me new camera out with a photo taken from the kitchen window on full zoom of a dog kennel (or maybe a shed?) far away. Pleased with it.

Made a cuppa and took me medications – missed me midday ones – Humpf!

Laptop on and updated this twoddle.

IMG_0112Got me nosh done – herb tomatoes with streaky smoked bacon and bread thins followed by low-cal blackcurrant jelly.

Simple nosh but tasted grand! I rated this as 8.4/10.

Got into me new jammy-bottoms and long top then got me head down.

Well tired yet again.