Inchcock’s pictorial Walk along the Trent Embankment

♫ Down By the Riverside ♫


Inchy alighted the tram at the wrong stop, and set off on his walk that he enjoyed so much, despite the crippled feet, knees and hip he accrued during it! Tsk!


The fool walked over the field, through Wilk’s car park over the road and nearly got himself clobbered be these three burks of Pavement Cyclists!


Took a photo of the old halfpenny bridge – given that name cause then it cost a halfpenny to walk over it – now it carries the new tram to Clifton.

DSCN0006 DSCN0005

He bumped into these to reprobates of fishermen: It turned out they were two lads he worked with 30 years ago at Scan Security, and boy did he enjoy hissen getting all their news and having a natter for over an hour with them. Unfortunately he can’t remember their names, but did recall the things they got up to together in the days of yore working at Pork Farms and York sites… two of the best blokes one could have as partners in Security.


He forced himself to leave the lads and moved on down the river, started to feed the geese but stopped when he remembered there is a £60 instant fine if anyone gets caught feeding them!

DSCN0008 DSCN0009

Inchy pressed on only to be confronted by two more Pavement Cycling idiots!


For no particular reason the twit took a photograph of his legs in the dead leaves when he came to cross over the road. He’s losing it again I think?


Sentimentality overcame him when in the distance he saw his old school had just one of the three buildings left – two had been replaced by apartments it looked like.


He walked on over the fields and into the ‘Rock (Memorial) Gardens’ where as a young ankle-snapper, he and his schoolmates were barred from for various reasons…


As he walked through the now dilapidated gardens to the one-time fish pond he was mightily impressed with the colouration of the trees there.


Queen Victoria’s statue was in a right state despite the Council trying to keep off the yobs and vandals by erecting a fence to protect her. Tsk!


The view of the main gates from inside reminded him of the shelters, now cleaned up somewhat, where he used to meet the gals for a fag and a bit of slap and tickle – ah, that’s the reason they were barred from the gardens!

DSCN0019 DSCN0020

He called at the WC to find it all locked up and cobwebbed Tsk! As he mounted the steps to the main gates intent on getting a photo from the other side, he became curious of a man and woman’s activities in the pond. The man had torn off a branch from a tree and was using it to fish something out of the water, so he took some photo’s of them. The woman went over to the man and as he pulled out a child’s scooter from the water he shook his fist and shouted something at Inchy that Inchcock couldn’t hear of course. Inchcock beat a hasty retreat from the gardens, forgetting to take his photo of the main gates. Of course it was not fear or anything like that, that made him hobble-hastily away – it was because he didn’t want to lose his temper with the grown up vandal/yob and hurt him.   WWarnLie 


Inchcock took a photo of Trent Bridge as he approached it, just before he did his Whoopsiedangleplop on some leaves down onto his bottom! Luckily no one was about to enjoy it or laugh!.


Down Arkwright Street as was, and into and through the Meadow area.

DSCN0022 Inchy nearly had an altercation with yet another Pavement Cyclist, but managed to get a partial shot of the Memorial gates in the background.


The play area with the kids using F, C & B words as they played happily, probably they were just trading drugs as they were spitting at each other.


As he left the Meadows area he spotted the Brookfield Court old peoples complex. He used to live on Brookfield Place in the Meadows where this got its name from presumably, but that was 60 odd years ago… blimey, it was too!


Up towards the train station and yet another Pavement cyclist belted passed him from behind! These Swines were prolific today. Humph!


Just passed the station, he called into Tesco and amazingly another pack of strawberry jam fresh cream cakes jumped into his basket?


He crosed the Nottingham canal and threw some food in for the ducks, but when the wino’s emerged from under the bridge he moved on cause it wasn’t the usual couple of them, but at least seven of em looking up at him! Shame, cause the photo looks nice and serene dunnit?


Onward into town and the fool fed the pigeons risking a fine – the Wally!


As he came out of the shopping centre he’s walked through the crowds were getting thicker…


Up into the slab square, where the great Nottingham shoplifters.. er public, continued to show their disregard for safety, even one woman just walking in front of a tram with her kid in the pram!/!?


The a-fresco café’s were doing their usual roaring trade…


As he got towards his bus-stop, he took a shot of the Watson Fotheringill designed frontage that he admires so. A lot of his stuff has been demolished by the crude and blatantly uncouth Nottingham City Council 

Catching his L9 bus meant the end of his marathon poddle about.

But he met the lady tenant of his flats on the bus…

The one he has a hankering for… oh yes!

That made him forget about his aches and pains for a bit!

TTFN all.

Tue 4 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: Dizzies…

Tuesday 4th August 2015


0405hrs: Woke, and so glad the cramps has eased – mind you, i used nearly a full tube of Phorpain gel – so I can expect to run out of that now! Tsk!

0705I’m not sure that using so much would be a good thing though. But the agony last night – Cor blimus – As the immortal Sid James said in Carry on Cleo! (One of me favourite Carry On’s this one).

01M001I’ve been using Maximum strength Phorpain and Fenbid gel for a couple of years now on the arthritis in me hands and knees mostly – but this is the first time I’ve lathered it on me poor old legs.

The active substance is Ibuprofen. Other ingredients are hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium hydroxide, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, purified water. I looked it up so I could sound clever like. Hehe!

I finished and posted yesterdays diary and since starting this diary I’ll pointed at the porcelain no less than eight times? Oh, nine now…

Did some Facebooking and WordPress reading.

Then got missen washed, scrubbed, shaved, and freshened up ready for me visit to the community shed between the two blocks of flats to take some of the never ending letters delivered for Margaret, the previous tenant to Julie and or Deana in the event that they might be on site today.

Julie was in the shed, gave her a nibble and left the letters for Deana to sort later.

IMG_0027I walked up into Woodthorpe Park and up again into Sherwood, down the hill a tad and caught a bus into the City centre, using me free pensioners bus-pass of course. (I love it!)

Got into town and had a walk in and to top top of Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall for my American friends), and to the end doors where the Pound Shop is and got a bag of bird seed for the pigeons and duck in Derby later.

IMG_0028Out through the doors and into the bus-station and caught a red Arrow bus to Derby.

Had a go at me crossword book and actually got some answers in for once to the ones I’d started earlier.

Not much traffic about en-route.

Arrived in Derby and went to the back of the bus-station first to feed the ducks and pigeons.

IMG_0029I think they must have had a cull on the pigeons since me last visit, ’cause there were not many of them about, and most of them were young ones – you can tell my their red legs and claws, they get darker with age. (Another tip from Inchy – no charge! Hehe)

IMG_0033I had a walk into the Eagle Centre… er Mall and went to the indoor market – what a sad sight!

More stalls closed than open.

I didn’t find owt interesting to buy and soon left and had a quick walk through the old market.

IMG_0035Finding some hungry pigeons en-route.

I took some ‘bling’ photo’s for the TFZ site.

That market was also run-down and sad.

IMG_0030Espied this model outside a shop as I passed near the Eagle Centre – wondered what the shop was advertising using this mannequin?

Took a closer look and they were selling ladies wigs!

Made me way to the bus station – and checked me mobile in case Steve from Age UK had called or text in response to me many calls for help to him – I’d have had more chance of Winning the lottery and should have known better than to bother checking. Tsk!

Caught the bus and was back in Nottingham within 40 minutes.

IMG_0036I checked the times and I had 45 minutes until the last bus from town, the L9 was due to leave. So I had a quick walk around the Nottingham Beach.

A decent crowd there, and even the paddling pool has some kids in it, despite the lack of sunshine, but it wasn’t cold.

Popped in Primark to see if I could get a cardigan of the roper size this time. Got one with good pockets for £14 with buttons. And an Andy Cap to replace the one I left on the bus £3 – Huh!

IMG_0038Back to the bus stop in plenty of time and had a chin-wag with a lady waiting for the same bus from the same flats.

There was a sign on the bus-shelter informing us that Nottingham was the cleanest City Centre in the Midlands. So I took this photo (I missed the dog turd on the steps off of it though) of the steps into the main Post Office near where I was waiting fer me bus.

Fell asleep on the bus, but woke up in time for me stop like.

When I got off the bus, the wind was belting away and the lady nearly went over when we turned the corner to the flats.

Back in flat, found more letters again delivered for Margaret the previous tenant.

IMG_0039Did a bit on this diary – but hunger-pangs arrived, so I got me dinner on while I did the diary – and had a dizzy spell. Mmm!

Bread thins Ham sarnies, beetroot, bacon bits, dried roast onions and potato curls – very nice!

It may well have qualified as one of the best if it were not for beetroots being as hard as cricket balls! Damned disappointing that! Still, gave it an 8/10.

Washed the pots and had a cuppa – fell asleep – and that was no easy task on me wooden chair!

Took me medications and had a wash and checked me ailments – The Inch was not bleeding but it had been, Arthritis not too bad, Haemorrhoids not bleeding either. Put some Phorpain gel on me lower legs as well as me knees and hands this time, hoping it might ease the pain if the ‘Cramps’ start again later.

The wind was now worse than ever outside.

Tomorrow me Morrisons order coming twixt 0730 > 0830hrs, the Dentist appointment at 0930hrs and the clinic at 1330hrs. I thing that’s why i took the chance to get out a bit today and take some photographs while I had the time without worrying about me timing like.

Did a bit of Facebooking and some work on a planned post for me WordPress.

Tired again.

Wed 6.5.15: Inchcock Today: Incorporating Election Fun!

Wednesday 6th May 2015

A good five hours kip in last night.

Can’t recall them, although I know I had many dreams.

IMG_0080The left hand in particular was in a bit of a state – not good when one is left-handed – Tsk!


Managed to make a flask of tea and take me morning medications.

Checked me conditions: Angina fine, Haemmorhoids no bleeding, Hernia okay, Skin cancer growths painful when touched,  Inch lesion tender not bleeding now, ulcer no bother, Arthur Itis hands bad, knees fine, feet fair, I can feel the mechanical ticker valve clicking away, so I know the heart is still going. Haha!

But feeling extremely nervous for some reason?

Did me BP etc: Sys 178 – Dia 91 – Pulse 78 – Temp 36.2 Sys a bit high methinks, but then again I did the test a little later than usual?


The Sky was back to looking pretty – but by Jimminee the wind was a-howling with it!

Typing difficult with the distorted fingers – but hey-ho, many worse off than me.

Did the header for this diary with great difficulty – Coreldraw and Serif both crashed and I had to save what I could then restart the laptop twice to continue… both annoying and bothersome!

Grrr! Gnash and Tut!

Back again after another restart. Getting a bit fed-up with this!

The sun keeps going in then out this morning.

Just looked at the weather forecast for today in Nottingham – Heavy Rain!

That’s me in for the day then.

I thought about the elections and pondered on which set of nihilists to vote for…

I feel sorry for the Lib-Dems after Clegg has embarrassed the rank and file with joining the Tories in power.

The Tories (although the bigger of the liars) do want to have a good economy and to make the rich richer and poor poorer?

Labour with invisible Ed at the helm seem harmless.

Nigel’s UKIP have a decent plan for the NHS.

That’s it then, I either vote for em all or none of em?

Do I risk a little walk about today in the imminent rain or not? (Oh, it’s coming down now!) Decisions decisions!

I’ll get a wash and scrub up and decide then methinks… alright I’m off to Bulwell to feed me mallards then…

Set off to the bus-stop0303.

The sky was now murkier than twas and foreboding in nature, the rampant wind persisting.

Bus-pass at the ready – I set off to the bus-stop as the rain trickled down – Got as far as white van in the picture on the left – then returned to change me reading glasses fer me bifocals like yer know? Tsk!

The Inch began tingling, so I called in the WC to check it out – no bleeding all okay – Phew!

0312Caught the busy bus into town and had a walk around and through Trinity Square taking a photo of some ‘Bling’ precious ear-rings from on e of the jewellers window displays.

Amazing fancy designs and not too expensive compared to many I’ve seen on me ‘Bling Photographicalisationing sessions.

0304 - CopyI took a shot of the old Elite Building roof with its beautifully designed and created artistic shapes.

I later cut and over contrasted it in Corledraw9 and managed to remove the dark sky background so we could see the ornateness (Big word that!) of the stonework.

0304aDown King Street and into the centre and caught a tram into Bulwell.

As it pulled away I took a photograph through one of the doors trying to capture the trees being blown about in the nasty winds.

It was dry in the City Centre, no signs of any rain there yet. Just the high winds that ere everywhere.

As the tram approached Bulwell Station I remembered the bashing I got as I got off here the other day from the crowd rushing for the doors – so I cunningly held back to avoid injury.

0305As I walked over the bridge there were no mallards to be seen, and someone had already fed the pigeons.

The shallow rubbish filled river Leen was looking more like the Atlantic ocean with the wind!

I hobbled over to the Market Place, where the windy weather had beaten away 0306all but a couple of brave traders – struggling in the wind.

I called into Fulton Foods shop and was pleased to find they had both some Blackcurrrant Ice-cream lollies in their freezers, and the microwave Lamb Shank packs in the cooler.

So I got one of each as bit of a treat.

Wanting to get back ASAP so as to get the lollies in me freezer, I caught the bus back to Carrington.

There was not the usual crush of passengers so I risked climbing (Not easy with my knees – but then again, I suppose it would have been harder without them?) the stairs up to the top deck with the aim of getting some photographs from the higher angle. A much regretted move later, when it came to climbing down the stairs with the bus in motion to get off – Tsk!

0307Took a photo of part of the Housing Estate on Edwards Lane first. It didn’t come out well.

As we moved on and over the traffic island and up Hucknall Road, I tried to take a photo of the roadworks – but with the movement of the bus and reflection from the windows it ended up looking more like a Mystery Object competition photo.

0308The traffic as we climbed the hill up Hucknall Road was building up on the out of town lanes as they struggled to get through the road-works at the traffic island.

The wind was blowing these trees so much I feared one might topple over – I do so hate these flipping gale winds so much, and fear them too.

We got over the brow of the hill through the traffic lights and down to the next set of lights.

The rain started again and the sky changed within seconds to an ominous mixture of black grey and white very fast moving and ever changing in the winds.

Up to the top of the next hill and I dropped off the bus – just in time – it took me a while to get painfully down the stairs in time to catch me bus-stop like. It might not be such a good idea for me to go upstairs on the buses in the future – Hehe.

0310Took a photo of the ever changing sky as I went up stairs to respond to an urgent call to the porcelain.

Dark cloud, high winds and sunshine sneaking through?

I set about getting me nosh ready then.

IMG_0097Potatoes, garden peas peppers and chicken in an American Sauce.

Looked good, smelt good too – but it was too hot for me I’m afraid.

Don’t remember what the sauce was called like, but maybe I put in too many peppers?

I started to watch a ‘Touch of Frost DVD’ – and the inevitable happened – off I drifted into a deep slumber.

Woke four hours later and found the laptop on, I’s spilt a cup of spring water – luckily it only went over me and not the laptop and I’d been laying obliviously in it while kipping away – oh dear…

Cleaned missen up, WC’s and got on with doing this diary post.

Took me medications belatedly, and applied me creams.

0311On me way down to make a cuppa I espied a rainbow through the window. Got me camera and took some shots of it.

A rare happening in Nottingham this – not as fascinating as those rainbows that appear elsewhere I know.

Struggling to do this diary now as the hands and fingers are starting to freeze-up again now.

Been an odd sort of day, full of nothing.

Must remember to vote tomorrow – not that I have any faith in any of the candidates or their parties either. A matter for me of choosing the nihilists who might cause us proletariats least damage.

No point in voting for those who do not cheat and lie – because they all do!


0104 0105


Fri 17.4.15 – Inchcock Today – Dizzies

Friday 17th April 2015

IMG_0043Woke late at gone eight, in  a right state.

Still, I reckon I got in a good 7 hours kip last night/this morning.

Made a cuppa and some porridge and took me medications ASAP.

Spilled me tea – swore got scolded on me ankle and went down stairs to make another cuppa – in fact I made a flask of tea this time.

Took a photograph of the ominous looking sky IMG_0042as I returned to start the laptop and do some Facebooking, then finish and post yesterdays Diary.

I found some scribbled notes that I had apparently written in an effort to recall the dreams I’d been having? Had to read them with and very few actual memories of the dreams remaining in my befuddled brain, but here’s the gist of it from the notes wot I had wrote like.

I was running in the countryside, had to get somewhere urgently – came to some houses and ran into the garden – car in the driveway – man and woman came out – I realised I was naked, grabbed a giant nappy and wrapped it around myself – (Can’t read this bit) – pushing the car to get it to start with man and woman inside it, engine fired and they would not let me get in and drove off – Running again on road now caught up with a flat-back Ford Thames lorry stopped at a road junction in village, tried to climb in the back of it – People I felt I knew kept throwing me off the lorry, each time I bounced on giant sponge cake back up into the back of the lorry to be ejected again, this seemed to go on for hours? – A man said something to the others and a tall man with a beard got out a gun and shot me in the head – I floated above the listening to them talking (Can’t recall what they said) for a while and then I found myself on the sea-bed as a shrimp and was eaten by a an eel or snake. That’s all

I cannot really recall making these notes – odd innit?

Did a bit of Facebooking and as I did, felt the warm wet sensation of the bleeding haemorrhoids.

Got up and cleaned myself, noticed more new spots on me legs and arms. Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were both being kind to me. The coughing continues. The growth on me back remains painful when touched. The reflux valve is not playing up at all yet. Despite me ailment being easier, I have a feeling of apprehension again?

Took me BP and Temp using me new machines: BP: Sys 145 Dys 78 Pulse 83 Temp. 33.3c (91.94f) still no idea what they should all be? I’ll call in the chemists (If I remember) on me walk to the tram later and ask them.

Got missen cleaned up and polished and got the things ready for me walk into town and tram-ride to Hucknall.

Set off, remembering to call at the Chemists to ask the Pharmacist about me BP and Temper readings. She muttered something about not easy, can’t define then said they’ll do.

I thanked her and left.

0403hDown the road and into Gregory Boulevard where I took a shot of the Forest Recreation ground – and the lack of Nottinghomians using it this not so warm windy Saturday morning.

A sturdy couple of Asians, man and wife were braving the weather and having a stroll through with the lady ten paces behind. I thought that’s nice them getting out like that.

I hobbled on, still feeling a tad confused with everything about and around me? Maybe today is the day I lose it? Hehe

0405Not many folk about at the tram-stop.

Remembered to swipe me pensioners free bus-pass before boarding the very full tram.

0407aI decided to travel to Hucknall first to try and see if I could purchase some of the Marmite breadsticks at the large Tesco store there, as all other places I’ve tried have not had them in stock.

Got into Hucknall and took me life in my hands by following the red painted pedestrian priority route through the massive car park – had to manoeuvre around cars en route to the exit.

0410Over the road and into the Tesco Extra store.

No Marmite breadsticks in stock, but I did get some Marmite crisps, and Burtons Fish & Chip salt & vinegar biscuits and Lemon Curd pots though.

One of my hearing aids packed up and that made the conversation with the lady on the till a little farcical.

Also got some Tesco brand BBQ beans (50p) to 0412have tonight with me rather delicious looking RibWorld BBQ spare ribs I had delivered via Iceland the other day.

On me hobble back to the tram terminus I had a bit of a nasty dizzy. But it cleared okay.

0406Got to the tram platform and swiped me card then noticed a Nottinghomian lady taking notice of all the Danger and Warning signs as she almost fell off the platform so deep into reading her free newspaper, she crossed over the line doing this. No jumper on in the wind either, sturdy gal.

In the distance was the tram arriving, at least when I took the photograph – having posted it on here I can’t see it? ‘The Ghost Tram?’

A lot of folk got on the tram and it was standing room only for some – the music echoing from the youngsters machines, the kids screaming balling and mock-crying, the parent in a world of their own on their mobiles. I just sat there and passed wind – involuntarily mind!

0407I dropped off at Bulwell tram station and took a photo of a tram going in the opposite direction into Hucknall – from behind the Mobile CCTV monitoring van that Group 4 and Derby Security run for the council.

They caught a bloke having a go at the tram driver – they didn’t actually do anything about it though.

My old instincts kicked in from me Security days and I foolishly went over onto the platform to assess the situation, by then the tram had left and the man had gone? I inquired of the lady in the pink coat of what had occurred and it seems it was a bit of fun between the driver and an off-duty driver. Good job too.

0408Waddled to the bridge over the river into the Front Street and came across a bit of Nottingham Street Art near the barriers.

Surprisingly these still fresh looking chips had not been eaten by the ducks, pigeons or even the sea-gulls!

Doesn’t say a lot for the take-away food shops in Bulwell does it?

Had another dizzy as I walked by the river0409.

Pavement pedestrians were rife again around here.

If I tried to take a photo of them all me batteries would have ran out – Tsk!

I was going to take a walk around the back road and back into the bus-station but an altercation taking place between some lads outside the pub made me change me mind, and I caught a bus there and then back to Carrington.

Dropped off on Hucknall Road and to the flea-pit – to find a letter from the postman telling me they had tried to deliver a pa0412rcel and they had  left it at the local Hucknall Road Post Office for me to collect.

I couldn’t think of any Post office on Hucknall Road so looked it up on the web.

Map on the right is where it is.

It is a pressie for me from Shirley Blamey and Mike Steeden – and will not be easy for me to carry that distance – Local?

Bloody hell what a trek in my condition to carry that back home.

No I’ll never manage that. I’ll have to go begging again to Big John for a lift – gawd how embarrassing. I’ll give him a ring tomorrow and ask him.

WC’d put some cream on me growth in me shoulder and took me medications.

0411Set about preparing me Spare-ribs and beans.

Had some pickled beetroot with it. It looked delicious…

Well the beans and beetroot were nice – as for the spare-ribs – Eurgh!. Fatty and tasteless, bland.

Won’t be trying them again in a hurry I can tell yers. Huh!

Remember the name: RibWorld – and avoid it to avoid disappointment!

Fell asleep.

Woke an hour or so later – still passing wind involuntarily – Updated this diary.

Did some Facebooking.

No signs of drifting off yet… Tsk!

Inchcock Today: Amazing Nottingham Post Headline! – Sat 21st Mar 15

Saturday 21st March 2015

Woke in agony from the torn muscle – very disappointed with that, I thought it was improving too. Huh!

I suppose I must have sneezed or turned badly in me slumber?

IMG_0045No passings – on the porcelain yet despite two attempts, not passed for a day and a half up to now.

I went down and made a cup of tea then took me medications.

Popped out and took a photo of the sky in front of the hovel – very gloomy – just like me at the moment! Hehe!

Started this diary and then did me ablutions and applied me creams lotions and pain gel.

Not feeling too good, but decided to risk a little walk into town only, where I can get back sharpish in the event of any dizzies or worse.

The arthritis, haemorrhoids and ulcer all seem calmish, the angina and pulled muscle were competing to see which could give me the most discomfort.

REgMDid a bit of graphicationalisationing for the TFZ on Facebook.

Not one of me best efforts I’m afraid.

0701sherGot myself titivated and prettified (What a challenge that was!).

Assembled the bits for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and set off on me walk to Sherwood.

The sky still looking a tad sad as I hobbled over the hill towards Sherwood – and noticed that there were few folk about for a Saturday.

702artA bit further on I came across some Nottingham Street Art in the form of a musical instrument box laid open (presumably it held a Clarinet or whichever instrument it held before being stolen and dumped).

Artfully displayed between a lamppost and a telegraph pole, laying open as a plea for humanity to be kinder to musical instruments and for the crooked elements of society to stop nicking stuff?

Hobbled on to the Charity shop and left me bits for them and then I caught the bus into town.

0703cityI wandered up through Trinity Square and took this photographicalisation of the row with food retailers with outside ‘have a fag chairs’ on their frontages – it was gone 1100hrs but many of them had not yet put out their chairs and seats – mind you, with so few more-money-than-sense Nottinghomians about, I couldn’t fault them.

I caught me reflection in a window of a shop (Scary that I can tell yers!).

I looked old, welmish and disabled. Having said 0703acitythat I am old, welmish and disabled and wondered why it should have shocked me so. Hey-ho!

I was looking for a window with ‘Bling’ on display to take a photo of it for the TFZ gals when I wondered down Trinity Walk and as I was zooming in on the ‘Bling’ a lady appeared.

I considered momentarily popping in and asking how much they wanted for her… not really!

0704cityI wandered down into the slab square where I intended to catch the tram to Bulwell to see if Fultons Foods had acquired any of me blackcurrant ice-cream lollies for me to purchase.

The Nottingham Post newspaper stall I just had to take a photograph of:

Murders, rapes, muggings, burglaries, unemployment, car crimes, benefit cheats etc were the things I expected to see as the headlines. What was the top and first headlines? “4 Free Toilet Rolls with your Nottingham Post!”

Made me think that did!

0705cityThe slab square fountains for the kids had attracted one 20ish year old chap who couldn’t resist paddling through it fully clothed.

The market stalls were open again but few people were attending. Not surprising really, they were not offering anything different or any better value then anywhere else, dearer if anything – but the Nottingham Council has to raise money from somewhere for the benefits to be paid yer know.

I hobbled to the tram stop at the rear of this fountain photograph.

0708tramArthur Itis and the haemorrhoids were being kind to me at this point.

Anne Gyna and the pulled muscle were making their presence known though Huh!

I remembered to swipe me free pensioners bus pass card at the station before getting on the tram.

Not many folk on it today, I had a look around and noticed that of the eight passengers on board, two were not on mobile phones… and one of them was me!

The tram soon filled up with noisy Nottinghamian’s.

When it arrived in Bulwell I nearly got caught in the rush of folk to get off urgently. No idea why, but they all disappeared rapidly once they did get off?

Surreal it were… hypnagogic!

0709BulI walked to and through the Bulwell Market – such a sad sight nowadays.

First port of call was Fultons Foods in search and hopes of getting some blackcurrant ice-cream lollies – no such luck. Tsk!

They did however have some ‘Hunters sausages’ at the ridiculously low price of 89p for a pack of 4 ready cooked ones. So I got myself a pack, and it was in-date too.

There were so many mobility scooters about it scared me a tad. I rested a while and watched them on and around the market – it’s amazing how they all managed to avoid hitting any one.

I made my way to the bus station and caught a bus back to Carrington.

0710busEn-route the sun did its best to break through the gloomy clouds and I took a picture of it through the bus window.

Beginning to get bother from the rear end now – but I think the Angina was easing – so swings and roundabouts yer know?

Dropped off the bus on Hucknall Road and limped down to the hovel, feeding the pigeons en-route like.

WC’d – Success on the movement department! Hurrah!

0711eatI made up me meal, Hunters Sausages, two baked potatoes, beetroot and garden peas… oh and a bit of pork pie with the crust removed – not the jelly of course I loved that. Hehehe!

Watched a DVD while I consumed me nosh…

Then fell asleep.

Woke just in time to take me evening medications.

Had a drink out of the flask (Tea!) and downloaded photographs and resized them and did this diary.

I phoned sister Jane to ascertain her and Pete’s health, and it was not too good for either of them, but they are still leading a good social life and that’s good for them. Not wanting to risk mixing our ailments it is frustrating not being able to see them.

Posted the diary then did some Facebooking.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today Thr 22 Jan 15

Up at 0400hrs, WC’d and tried to remember dreams but no luck.

Started laptop and made a cuppa and took my medications.

The arthritis and angina were no worse this morning, thankfully, but the haemorrhoids had been bleeding again. Tsk!

Finished off yesterdays diary and posted it, then the innards started again a-rumbling – oh dear please not again! Oh yes indeed – four visits in three hours… Tsk!

Started working on an idea that Mike Steeden gave me for a post – but could not concentrate enough to get it right and gave up.

Then the sneezing and coughing started. That reminded me of Sister Jane being poorly so phoned her to see how she was – a little better gladly. Her hubby Pete has done me a wide photograph from Trent Bridge to use as a header later bless him.

Forced missen to gerrup and have me ablutions and got ready to take a walk with me stuff to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop in Sherwood and then bus to town, tram out to Bulwell and see if any of the shops has me blackcurrant ice-cream lollies in stock.

0401More than ever I appreciate me pensioners free bus-pass.

I set off and as  turned the corner of the street on me walk to Sherwood the sky looked threatening a tad – it was gone 1200hrs and still dark?

Onward to the Hospice shop, and dropped me bits off for em.

Then out to the bus-stop (Even had a look to see if I might find me zip end that flew off there yesterday – no) Not that I could have done owt with it if I had…


The Nottingham Hospice shop is next to the one on the corner with the scaffolding, and my Detention centre… sorry, I mean Dentists is to the immediate left.

As I was taking the picture the bus in it gave me a fright as it belted passed. Hehe. I’m amazed the photo wasn’t blurred?

When my bus came it wasn’t anywhere near as full as the one yesterday thankfully. Mind you two teachers with about 15 ankle snappers got on at the next bus-stop and all piled upstairs.

0403I got off at Victoria Centre and had a poddle to take some photographs of the ‘Bling’ in the Jewellery shop window in Trinity Square for the TFZ gals.

Then walked down to the Slab Square to catch a Tram to Bulwell on my mission to find me favourite iced lollies.

The lady with the white hair in the photo conducted a short confab with me, she turned to me as the camera flashed and said: “Why did you take that?”

“For my cyber-friends to show them the new trams” I answered.

“Huh!” she quipped and that was the end of that conversation?

0405I arrived at Bulwell station and alighted avoiding the mobility scooter, two prams, 4-wheeled shopping trolley and step-ladder bearing geezer with the painful adoption of agility on my part I thought.

Walked to the bridge over the Leen and took a photo of the only few Mallards there were at the shallow end, there was a Coot with them today. Not too good a photo cause they were far away and I had to use full zoom on the new camera.

0406I poddled through where the non-working wishing well was (Say that when you’ve had a few – hehe) in a little patch sectioned off in  memory of some councillor or other and at first was amazed to the flowers in full bloom in it?

As I took the photograph I realised they were artificial ones – Tsk!

Had a walk around the shops, Fulton’s, Heron, Iceland and Farm Foods but none of them had any of me lollies in stock. Huh!

0407Got the bus back to Carrington and WC’d, laptop on and made a cuppa and took me medications.

Surprisingly few people on the bus?

The cough still there and the gurgling from me innards seemed to have returned for another bout of ‘Let’s Annoy Inchcock Againism’. The piles have stopped bleeding but are a tad painful – but the arthritis was fair, angina bothersome.

Had a bacon cob (Microwaveable of course) cuppa and yoghurt for nosh – but couldn’t find the appetite to eat it all – and that ain’t me…

Did some facebooking between passings of wind, visitations to the porcelain, coughing and gasping for breath with chest pains and the occasional sneeze thrown in here and there.

In the event of me not posting owt fer a while you can take it I’ve kicked-the-bucket – but I’m in no rush like… blimey coughing agen now. Double Tsk!

Inchcock Today: Sat 29th November 2014

Saturday 29th November 2014

Decent sleep but cannot remember the dreams, yet I seem to know I’d had them?

Up at 0455hrs.

Coughing and sneezing this morning.


Started laptop, put hot water heater on, went down and made a cuppa got medications, then returned upstairs, WC, the laptop would not let me onto the net!

Went down and restarted the BT box.

Still no connection.

Turned off laptop and restarted.

Still no connection.

Went down and turned the BT box off altogether then restarted it.

Still no connection.

Clicked on BT Broadband Help – but that said it could not be connected try again. So I did, three times, same message?

Turned off laptop and restarted it.

Still coughing and sneezing this morning.

Connection made – I have contact with the outside world again… but slowly.

I posted me Diary for yesterday on the Troll Free Zone.

Got to go to the bank this morning to try and sort out my new card.

Got missen and me things ready and started off on me walk into town – stopping off en route on Mansfield Road to pick up me prescriptions from the GP surgery. When I got there I realised it was a Saturday and they ere closed. (I’m quick like that yer know)

0602CarrtnMe starting point for the walk into town from Carrington.

I set off at a steady 1mph or so into town.

When I half way up the hill on Mansfield Road, I espied that on the bus lane all the way up there was the prettiest almost fractal-like spillages of


They do not show up on the photo on the left like I’d hoped, but they looked like works of art colourful that should have been in a gallery somewhere.

I pressed on down Mansfield Road ans noticed two shops wedged between students flats on he right hand side.

There are many retail outlets in the area that are in the same condition as these shops. So sad.

0607 tramI got in town and went to the bank first to get assistance on me three problems:

Changing my pin number – Memorable name ID and unblocking.

A young man sorted me with great aplomb. I thanked him and walked to catch a tram into Hucknall to Tesco now me card is working and get some nosh. Bread, yoghurt Curls and cooked bacon slices.

On the tram I took a photo because I could not believe there were so few people on it for a Saturday morning?

0604ExchangeDifferent story coming back though packed in like sardines we were.. like sardines!

Got back into Nottingham and had a wander through the city centre taking a few photographs for my many wonderful fans, supporters and fellow bloggers. (Hehe!)

I started in the Exchange shopping mall underneath the Council House.

They ere all offering a Black Friday Discount, but the prices were still high to my mind  a bit posh these shops fer me.

Anyway… What’s all this ‘Black Friday’ stuff then?

I’m sure I’ve never heard of it before? Does it mean Christmas Sales?

0605CCThen I limped down into the Slab Square.

The stalls were doing a roaring trade, but the Gypsy looking woman in the little Roast Chestnut box still had no prices on display I noticed?

Plenty of apprentice muggers… I mean children about today.

0606iceaEven the Ice-Rink had attracted some participants to have a go. Some were proficient (Well one anyway), some went on in sandal-like footwear others had blades on.

They even supplied supporting Penguins for the kids to use to help them keep their balance as they whirled around the ice. (See 0606icebphotographs).

They were playing loud jolly music over speakers and folk genuinely seemed to be having a good time without ipod/pads.

Nice to see.

I caught the bus back to Carrington, a very tired and leg weary lad.

As I got off the bus, the smell of cooked food from the chippy… bearing in mind it is nine days since I had a hot meal, proved too tempting and I weakened and went in an got roast potatoes and roast belly pork – rushed home (When I say rushed… I limped a little faster than usual) to keep em warm.

Jolly good too – I got in, WC’s made a cuppa and attacked the fodder.

Now I am belching, have stomach ache and am bloated! (Hehehe serves me right too!) 

Started laptop, and had to go through restarting again before it would allow me access to the internet.


Passing wind and belching a bit still.

Finished an Inchcocks True Tale of Woe about when I was working in security and posted it.

Tired now…

Tuesday 25th November 2014

Nothing cheers Inchcock up like feeding his mallards and pigeons! Sad innit? 

Tuesday 25th November 201402Tue01

I kept waking up shivering, increased the heating, put extra togs on.


Little Inch inflamed and sore but no blood again… looking good?

Gave up trying to kip. Started the laptop and went down and made a cuppa and get me medications ready for later.

A dizzy-spell caused me to spill the tea on me way upstairs – went down and made another mug of char.

Got into the interneting and forgot about me mug of tea as it grew steadily colder – Humph!


I had a peek outside – freezing fog… -1.5ºc (29.3ºf), still it’s better than many places like America with their abundant snow in places?

0455hrs took medications.

Flippin’ cold again now -2c and misty with it. Still, this is a tad higher than yesterday.

Got missen cleansed shaved and well wrapped up.

I got the laundry togs ready, and hoping I’d not forgot anything set off to walk to the launderette.

Hadn’t gone far when I realised I’d not got me hearing aids in. But it didn’t matter, no one spoke to me. (Hehehe)

I’d remembered the money for the machines, balls for the drier, fabric softener and book to read – but had forgotten the soap tablets. Hey-ho.

Struggled back to the hoppit with the bags and put togs away… well dropped the bags in the bedroom.

Decided on a walk into town to look at laptops, DVD players, Microwaves and get a woolly hat. Then remembered I hadn’t got a valid card to use to pay for anything.

02Tue02As I walked into town I noticed one of the Nottingham Council’s electric powered road sweepers and took a photo of it.

As I passed the Continental food shop where they sell the high volume beer, there were two winos trying to have a fight with each other, plenty of swearing and gesticulations going on, but I think the alcohol had limited their ability to hit any target.

02Tue03They mutually agreed to sit in the floor and put their arm around each other?

As I passed the Victoria bus station I took a photo of the flats and sky – it looked amazing to my eye, but it didn’t seem to come out like I recall it being.

Further down Mansfield Road a chap was sat in a doorway with his scruffy little dog and I caught sight of the bottle of Whisky under the dogs blanket… Mmmm?


Ostrich Burger Stall

I walked on and into the City Centre, taking some photographs along the way:

1) The Ostrich Burger stall with the helter-skelter in the background, with the man and woman on the right of the frame showing her giving him some vocals and you can see his reaction in his face I think?


Crochet Hat and Scarves for a tenner (£10) each

2) A little further along passing the stalls I came across one selling ladies wool-knitted headwear… Crochet Hat and Scarves for a tenner (£10) each. I liked the style of these indeed and took the photo to show the TFZ gals and see what they thought about them.

They reminded me of something or someone, but I can’t remember what exactly. Film? Film-star? Book?


Skating Rink

3) A short distance further on and I whipped it out again… the camera I mean. A food stall selling Minted Lamb, Roast Turkey, Wild Boar Burgers, Venison Burgers, Pigs in Blankets and Ostrich Steaks etc.

I couldn’t see any of the prices, but there was no one buying owt at the stall.

4) As I crossed into the Slab Square and walked through the highly priced stalls selling stuff from all over the world – in the centre of all these stalls were a few children’s fair rides.

And they were putting the final touches to the ice-skating rink!

Unfortunately it wasn’t yet open for business – or else I would have had a bash and skated a few rapid circuits yer know.

(The above sentence was created and typed with no intention of misleading the caring magnanimous and wonderful readers of this diary – it was just a plain lie like!)

So onward to the tram stop and caught one (Tram not stop) into Bulwell.

The ticket checker woke me up asking to see me travel-pass, and he checked it on his machine to make sure that I’d swiped it like we have to now before getting on the tram.

02Tue07Still the threatening rain held off as I alighted the tram and made for the river to feed me Mallard ducks and pigeons.

I’m not sure now if it is actually allowed to feed birds in Bulwell – because it caused a crowd to gather on the bridge watching me as I fed em? (The ducks and pigeons that is, not the crowds)

Bulwell market was quite busy for a change… pickpockets delight that place.

02Tue08I nipped into Fultons Food shop and bought another pack of the microwave sausages for when I get another microwave oven and some Marmite bread sticks… short dated but only 15p a packet.

As I came out of the shop and walked across the way, I was just in time to see a woman on a mobility scooter sat talking to another younger lady and the scooter shot backwards and she panicked and lost control a bit.

Luckily she did not hit anyone, but the thing that amused me was the way she just carried on talking to the other woman as if nothing happened afterwards. She scattered a few pedestrians!

I plodded to the bus-stop to get one back to Carrington.

Which I did.

Got in, WC, made a cuppa and some sandwiches then read me book for a while.

I did not… I say Did Not fall asleep! (Chest out, superior sneer adopted)

1730hrs: Tended little ‘Inch’- no bleeding at all!

Made cuppa and took me medications.

Internetted for a while.

Still got this nagging feeling I’ve forgotten something…

Inchcock Today: Thursday 2nd October 14


And he thought things were getting better? Read on!

 Thursday 2nd October 14

Up at 0410hrs:  Tended to the ‘Inch’ and what a mess – blood all over me my clothing and the bathroom. Bit of a job to stop it, but managed I think.


Feeling disappointed at yesterday’s wasted time waiting for the Meals at Home calling to see me and didn’t (I may mention this again, sorry.)

Problems have been caused through their non-attendance:

1) Not getting me walk in, the arthritis is worse this morning

2) My BP must have gone up even further with the angry frustrations.

3) The angina is going again this morning.

4) For some reason I feel more tired this morning than for a while?

5) Stomach ache nasty.


Went down and started the laptop, made a cuppa and tool me medications.

Anticoagulation level and dosage record had come in the post. I’m on 4.6 INR level, still way too high? Doses reduced for this week again.


Oh dear, the ‘Inch’ is bleeding again. Went up and treated the little mite again – More painful now. WC while I was up there.

The stomach is grinding and painful. Probably due to holding things in yesterday so as not to miss the Meals at Home personage/s who were supposed to come and didn’t!

Feeling bitter about it now, and uncomfortable with the extra pangs I’m suffering. (Poor old devil!)

Did some Facebooking, and WordPress, Inchcock post creating…


… Then some graphics to use later.

Did me ablutions and prettifying and got the things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop, Paperwork for the Nottingham City Council Contact Point and off I wobbled to Sherwood, Not much traffic about there at the moment.

Left me donations and caught the bus into town.

Flippin’ sneezing now.

Walked to the Nottingham Council Contact Point in the main library, took a photo of the slab square.

Talked with the helpful chappie who arranged for the Meals at Home peoples to call and see me yesterday.

Explained to him how I’d waited in for eleven hours but nobody came to see me… adding about the ailments that this failure had caused me. But i kept meself calm throughout.

“What else can I do?” he asked.

“Forget it!” I replied.

“What are you going to do then?” He inquired.

“Drop dead through starvation I suppose!” I quipped with a smile on me face. Adding “I cannot go through that again waiting, holding my water and back passage movements, the Angina starting, the high-blood pressure… never mind, thank’s for your help anyway Sir!”

04Thurs02I poddled to the Chinese shop and got some seaweed sheets, then walked to the tram-stop intending to catch a tram to Bulwell to see if Fulton’s had any microwave sausages in.

However… still being uptight (That’s my excuse) I got on the wrong Tram!  But I did remember to get me travel-pass validated before I got on, because 04Thurs03nowadays everyone has to pay or validate before they get on a tram.

I got off at Cinderhill, which is only ¾ mile from Bulwell, not too bad.

I realised as I got off the tram and started to limp up the long stairs to the road, when this site was being built, I did the night security there, 04Thurs04and got nobbled with a great thick plank of wood that someone dropped over the bridge wall onto me head.

That made think about doing an Inchcock’s True Tales of Woe about it later.

I took a photo of how it looks now. Then it was all mud, yobs and building plant and stuff.

04Thurs05At the top of the steps I noticed the Pub where the gypsies (travellers) and the Jamaican lads had a fight (That I witnesses, I’ll yers all about it in me Tale of Woe when I get it done), one death and seven hospitalised.

I limped along into Bulwell, fed the ducks and pigeons and investigated 04Thurs06the two freezer shops next to each other. Fulton’s first, then Iceland. Bit of luck at Fulton’s, they had some Microwavable Cocktail sausages at a decent price 800g for £1.69 and got some lollies too.

Then into Iceland, got some wholemeal bread thins at £1 each and a ready meal, Potatoes baked beans and sausage for 89p! Only got one though, cause I don’t know if there are any good yet do I. (Been caught out before yer know)

Then up the road a bit to Heron freezer shop, got what I thought was a bargain, ice-cream lollies 6 for a quid. Until I got em home a saw how tiny they were that is.

04Thurs07Walked to bus station and caught a number 17 bus back to Carrington. The road works caused much delay and tested the poor old bus-driver to his limits. I must say he had varied vocabulary of curse words, very impressed I was.

Dropped off and walked to the flea-pit, as I turned the corner I knew something was different – took a few second to think about it then realised: No yobs, Nobody rooting through any bins either!

Got in WC and guess what? A note on the floor from Angela. Whoever she is from the Meals at Home Service. It read; Dear Mr Inchcock, we called to see you today. As you were not home we will call again on Monday between 11am – 1pm. Thank you. Angela.

I put the laptop on, made a cuppa took me afternoon medications then called the Meals on Wheels…no, the Meals at Home Service.

Bit of a farce really, the first woman I spoke to and tried to explain things too did not speak very clearly and she put me onto another gal, who had a better for me to hear voice; Took a while to explain about how I’d called in the Contact Centre and a chap had called you on my behalf telling you that Monday and/or Tuesdays was my hospital visit days and you said you’d call to see me Wednesday.

I stayed in making myself poorly holding my natural actions in for 13 hours and nobody came Wednesday.

I went toady and explained things to the gentleman at the Contact Centre.

I then went on and bought much food to go in my freezer, so no room to have anything anyway now.

I was then put through to another woman, and explained all this again.

After listening politely, she said, well we can come next Tuesday then!

I reiterated that Monday and or Tuesday are my hospital days!

Oh all right, let’s make it Wednesday 8th.

I agreed.

04Thurs08I thought I ought to put this on my online Google diary to be safe; When I did, I realised I’d got a Doctor’s appointment on that Wednesday. But not until 1500 hrs.

I considered crying, but decided against it.

I had to ring them back, and tell the first woman all about it again…

She put me through to a new woman this time, and I explained it all again (Talk about War and Peace), and she said they would be arriving between 1300 and 1400 hrs.

I’ve no confidence in this at all yer know!

I got me purchases out, going soft by now and took a photo of em, no idea why, suppose after the last two days I’m losing it a bit quicker than normal?