36 Graphics of this year – Wot Inchcock done for the TFZers

36 of this year’s Graphics – done for the TFZers

I’d like to start with one done earlier – for Sandie Lentz. It was Sandie that started the TFZ (Troll Free Zone). Initially, with only former members of Yahoo Questions Site, which was getting overly trolled.

We all loved and miss Sandie. Her other hobby and fascination was the American Civil War history. When I made this graphic a few years ago, she said she loved it, so it goes on first for the TFZ and our former First Lady. With Love.

♥ Sandie Lentz ♥

Here are a few from earlier this year. As they came from the file.

Pattie, Janet, Marie, Gladys Lona & Jillie. ♥

Pattie ♥ & Meritt

Jillie, in the sea! ♥.

Keith nibbling.

Nancy, gorrit organised! ♥

Janet & Me

Mary – Well done! ♥

Jillie & Mary ♥

Nancy, Marie, Pattie, Betty, Meritt, Wayne, Me

Keith. Hehehe!

Pattie & Serge (Hubby) ♥

Janet A, Heather, Keith & me ♥

Pattie – Cor! ♥

TFZers Tribute Trio Consisting of Julie, Lillie and Linda

Janet A, me, and Keith nosing at us. Hehe!.

Marie ♥ – Had enough of the entertainment?

Marie, Keith and me. (Bacon lovers)

Lona, Patricia, Julie, Nancy, Janet, Heather, Jillie, Meritt, Keith and the two Thomas’s.

Kitchen again – We like our food! Mary, Gladys, Jillie and Nancy

Janet cooking! Is that absinthe?

Meritt organising the TFZer transport.

Gladys (Many members favourite – mine too)

Julie doing what she does best! Haha!

Another Winner for Shirley! ♥

Mary dining! Free drink?

Part-Time Astronaut Julie!

Full-time Cook, Marie, Cook for me any day!

Actress Nancy – getting paid… for what? Haha!

Mary with Keith lurking?

Heather serves the ale – Thomas & Andy interested.

All the lads ogling Gladys! I don’t blame them!

Marie and Thomas S

Pattie, with guess who thumbed a lift?

Lona – Not to be messed, this gal!

Lillie, attracting the attention of the ship cleaner?

Hello, Lona’s back – on stage with Thomas G!



Inchcock Today – Tues 9 July 2019: Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas, Psychasthenia and Neuroticism reigned today! Humph!

2019 jULY 9

2019 July 9 (2)

Tuesday 9th July 2019

Italian: Martedì 9 Luglio 2019

2Tue01WD black 00:35hrs. I woke up and noticed how red the left arm was puzzled. Cause I was not sleeping with it squashed or trapped. And it appeared red all over? Ah-well!

The escaping from the £300 second-hand, grotty-beige coloured, c1968, rusty, rickety recliner was so comfortable it was unbelievable. I stepped to the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket) and had myself a wee-wee of the RPDDWW (Reluctant-Painful-Dri-Drip-Wee-Wee) style. I thought as I patiently waited for the action to begin, the wee-wees were getting far less yesterday, and the bucket had hardly been used overnight – perhaps I should cut out the Furesomide tablets with the fluid retention being far less now?

Blog01aWD black WDA black At which time the Peripheral Neuralgia affected right leg suddenly launched into one of its lively versions of the Lambeth Waltz, with some one-legged Line Dancing thrown in! I reckon the Stomp was in there somewhere as well! Naturally, I dropped the bucket, tried to catch it while the sprinkling from Little Inchy continued, and poured the stale contents of the bucket over my legs and the carpet!

What a mess I was in! The first time in days that I haven’t taken the stick with me mind you, I’m not sure it would have helped in this case. I didn’t have enough working limbs to have saved the day! Haha! The cleaning up and sanitising cost me an hour of the day! Not to mention that when I used the Carpet cleaner, I suddenly realised I could not use the hoover cause of the time of day and annoying my sleeping neighbours! So, I had to get down with a bowl of water to remove the suds.

Blog01aWD black Gawd knows how I got back upright again. Luckily the recliner was strong enough for me to use as a lever. I’d woken up feeling fine – now Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Back-Pain-Brenda ad Hernia Harry were all giving me hassle and pain at the same time! Thank heavens for the Zoflora lemon and the Citrus air-freshener. I was a physical and mental disaster! Hard for people to understand the detrimental effects of Axonotmesis, I know… hell, it’s hard enough for me to grasp, and I’ve got it! Tsk! Hehehe!

I’d been hoping for a better day after Monday’s mental torment and disasters. I should have known better!

I pray my cleaning and de-smellingisational efforts work, especially with the nurse coming today. I began to feel a little sorry for myself, and adopted a lonely and depressing, self-annoying ‘Sullen-Self-Pitying-Mood!

Blog01aWD black As luck would have it when I was cleaning the cleaning equipment in the kitchen, I stubbed my toe against the sink door – I think it took my mind off of the urinal-contretemps, and also seemed to calm down the Peripheral Neuralgia sponsored leg from dancing! Which was good!

Blog01aWDA black But, the hands and fingers kicked-off, and I no longer own a small pretty square-shaped blue & white mug! Not only that but the damned thing hit my foot in it’s way down to the kitchen floor to be smashed to smithereens! My ‘Sullen-Self-Pitying-Mood! of a few moments ago, changed to sort of ‘Sod-it-What-Did-You-Expect-You-Idiot!’ mood!

A proffered a short inner-cry, I avoided any outward wailing this time. (Hehe!) I got the health checks and medications taken. It felt like I had been up for four or five hours already. Then I realised that I had!

The wee-wee’s were more frequent today. Up to now, most have been of the RPDDWW (Reluctant-Painful-Dri-Drip-Wee-Wee) mode.

Blog01aWD black I had a Panic-Flustered-Moment, and went to check everything I could; taps (faucets) left on, electrics/lights left on, where the card and key were, checked that the new hearing aids were not missing. Then looked for the missing old hearing aids again. Huh!

Blog01aWD black2Tue03a During the checks, I found that a letter had been posted through the door, hand-delivered not by mail. (This must have been last afternoon when I heard the door chimes ringing?) It was from the Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service. The letter started; Fire Safe & Well Visit and Smoke Alarm Fitting. Following a recent visit locally, we need to visit you to carry out a free safe & well visit and the fitting a smoke alarm in your property. (I thought I had one, it gets checked by the NCH (Nottingham City Homes regularlyish)- Offering safety advice with you and the importance of a night time routine and escape plan. Also a Fire Tip leaflet.

Blog01aWD black As I started this blog going, the fingers, hands, shoulder, and arm all had another Hokey-Cokey moment. After several minutes of annoyance and frustration, I gave up and decided to do the ablutions.

I went to the wet room and checked the water was going down the plug-hole, which it wasn’t. So I put some drain unblocker in the plug-hole and wiped the area. Giving the stated ten-minutes to soak, I went to the kitchen and got the hand-washing done.

Blog01aWD black WDA black On my return to the wet room, I found that I had left the tap running, and the place was well flooded by the cloth blocking the plug-hole! I really wanted to cry – Worra Day! On the bright side, it cleared out the previously unreachable back of the sink area, and lots of bit of flotsam had been moved by the water 2Tue05on its way to the shower drain! Hehe! On the downside, the bath matt had been soaked through! Ah, well! Had a cleanup and then started the ablutionalisationing.

No cuts while shaving, for the third time in a row. Limited Smug Mode Adopted! I won the battle with the leg-glide without injury. The legs were pale, and a few new papsules, blood veins, and spots had appeared.

Sadly, the hands began to play up (Not the arm, leg, or shoulder) jumping. But they settled down shortly before I had the shave. Only the finger-jumping persisted, and I coped with this in a fashion. No cuts! Well, alright one, but only a tiny one!

Made a brew, and it was nearly time for the nurse to arrive. I started on some graphics on CorelDraw.

The pretty, beautiful… nae, desirable precious INR nurse arrived, took my blood, and managed a little chinwag and laugh. She doesn’t like the balcony, but only because of her fear of heights.

2Tue06Got dressed, and a final wee-wee, then readied things to get some bread – Asda I think 11:30hrs bus. A final wee-wee and I set out to the bus stop. I called in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ. WC, Holding cells. Rumourmongering Clinic. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationalistic Area. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Crockery and pottery to be stolen from location, and residents porta-cabin. Only Sturmbannführeress Warden and part-time Tatler magazine model Julie was in. A nibble was given, and a cheerio, then I was off to the bus stop.

Blog01aWDA black I listened to the chin1Mon08awagging and moaning going on. Paul had a support-strap on his arm. He is the chap who I mentioned the other week when I saw him on his new mobility Scooter for the first time. This old photo shows how we old uns have to go in the roadway, because of parked vehicles blocking the footpaths. Well, poor old Roger had the same thing on Winchester Street, and he had to go on the road, and his mobility scooter tipped over! Hence the poor lad’s injuries and hospitalisation! I didn’t think to ask if he was suing anyone.

Then caught an L9 to Arnold. The bus was well-filled, until Sherwood, where everyone got off, leaving me as the sole passenger for a while. But the bus filled up again en route.

2Tue07I got off outside Asda and moved faster than I have in ages, in an effort to get the bits and to the bus stop in time to catch the next L9 back home. I’m not having a home delivery this week. So I got some of the Asda orange ice lollies, two packs of six, some Asda fries, and two loves of milk roll bread. I had to hobble to the far end of the shop to get to the self-serve checkouts. As I neared the entry, an ignorant young git walked in front of me to get there first. I almost lost control of the three-wheeler in my effort not to hit him. I wished I had driven into him afterwards.

Blog01aWD black But there were two free tills, and he went in one and I in t’other, giving him a look of distaste and a gentle tap with the front wheel of the trolley-guide. He had lots of bottles of spirits and wine, and I couldn’t resist saying to him as I nodded towards his shopping, “That explains your ignorance then!” In return, I got a look of confusion and hatred. Thankfully the young man chose his confusion as his primary response! Phew! And was soon done and departed. Hehe!

2Tue08I paid for the stuff, £5.05, and made my way to the car park bus stop on High Street. The Asda filling station, an automatic one, actually had three cars in it at the same time! Fair enough one was putting air in his tyres. I’ve never seen the place so busy since it was first built! Hehe! The Asda on Hyson Green green, and pay booths, and always seems busy. But of course, the two robberies, two car-jackings, the stabbing, the shooting and three muggings that have taken place there, help enliven the surroundings!

I arrived back at the flats, and gingerly made my way back along the footpath, which is far safer than using the road, but far dirtier (leaves, twigs, bird-poo, dog-poo, general dropped rubbish, cars blocking the footpath and an uneven surface). This meaning the wheels on the trolley take the crap into the flat! So I usually use the road, but there were too many cars belting up and down the road this afternoon.

I fumbled a bit, but the fingers and hand were being all calm. Thus I managed to take an ostensibly reasonable shot of each of the Courts on the way home, along Chestnut Way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue12cBlog01I have to say, the Willmott Dixon workers and planners are absolute geniuses! They had planted some plastic piping on the verge side on the footpath. And here’s me, who didn’t even know they came from plants! Hehehe! Remember the April Fools gag on the TV about growing Spaghetti? A seriously made joke from the BBC. Brilliant!

2Tue12dLink: BBC 1959 TV Gag

The supply cabins were added to the works at the flats by Willmott Dixon, on Chestnut Way, it must have been eighteen months back now. (And five more months to go at least) The wildflowers had found a way to grow and blossom under the edges of the metal containers. Bootiful!

Blog01aWD black A wee-wee of a gruellingly long length was the first thing I did after getting into the flat. A new designation had to granted for this type of liquid evacuation. An MESWW (Marathon-Endless-Sprinkling-Wee-Wee). Knowing when it had ended was not easy, due to there being no physical acknowledgement of the progress! And, my oleaginous tummy being located in the line of view, of any visual checking of the situation! Hehehe! I’m not sure how long it took, but it must be an Inchcock record, considering the tiny amount of liquid I evacuated in the end.

2Tue12eI put the bits away and got some of the fries in the oven, a sliced up third of the Pork Farms pie, pickled gherkins, garden peas, a Marmite cheese knob, sliced tomatoes, and four of the Quorn Hot Dog sausages done for dinner. Some spring water with added orange cordial, a lemon mousse, a mini-lemon cake slice. With some Twiglets nibbled later. Guilty Mode Engaged!

I devoured it all! A flavour rating if 7/10 was granted. The Asda Fries were pretty bland and let down the meal. I stripped off and washed, and got settled down in the near-dilapidated, rickety, rusty, noisy, gungy-beige coloured, c1968, second-hand, £300, sometimes working, uncomfortable recliner, to watch an episode of Rumpole of the Bailey. But it was spoilt by irritating noises I could just about hear, but not identify. Several times I got worried that something had fallen over, collapsed or some other catastrophe had taken place. I had no choice but to keep getting up to have a check around, I could hear more odd different noises as I went around the flat, but not identify them. Most disquietening!

I gave up on the TV and got my head down. I fell asleep. When I woke, around 1900hrs, the noises seemed louder and more frequent. Getting back to sleep took me ages. The mystery noises will never be solved, I’m sure. With them still on at this time of night, I imagine they would not be from any workers? They were far less often now, but still, I had once more to get up and check around.

There are some flats available by the way. If any sadistic, peace-hating, noise-loving, none car owners of Nottinghamian’s are interested? Hehe!


Tue 1 Sept 15: Inchcock Today: Not much done today

Tuesday 1st September 2015


I’m starting this diary off from yesterday at 2100hrs – due to me getting confused as to what time it was, thinking it was morning when it was evening and what day it was… if yer see worra mean.


Started this diary, then did some Facebooking and checked emails.

Got a wash and shave, then the Morrison’s order came – the driver didn’t leave any paperwork with the nosh?

Rang Steve UK as he told me to about the keys for the old place – No answer… Well fancy that!.

Had a cuppa and took me medications rather late in the day but still, better late than never.

Now I’ve got to wait for Steve from Age UK to ring back, and keep trying to ring him. Can’t make plans for going about me hearing aids.

I rang Jane and Pete about fetching me Deeds for the  house but they couldn’t tell me when I could go to collect them as Pete had to go to the dentist.

No answer from Steve Age UK.

Popped into the WC taking me phone with me in case Steve from Age UK rang (Faith that was!).

A knock came on the door – struggled to get missen decent and hobbled t’door – it was the lady I was speaking to yesterday from the floor below – she’d spotted a hearing-aid on the table in reception and thought it might be mine!

Hopes lifted we went down and it was the one I’d lost! Yahoo!

Thank heavens someone found it and the lady informed me!

When I got back in hunger pangs gripped me, and I put some chips on t’oven and had two of them Polish hot dog like things. I rang Steve (The invisible man) of Age UK and forgot to take a photo of me nosh, but was still well and truly over-the-moon with finding the hearing aid.

Ate it up and cleaned the kitchen up a bit, then had a search… a long unfruitful search for me Audio Record Book.

Made a cuppa and took me midday medications.

Watched two episodes of New Tricks while waiting foolishly for Steve (The invisible man and Councillor) of Age UK to get in touch as he said he would last Friday. Humph!

Did some graphicalisationing.

Still no answer from Steve Age UK. “Ring me and I’ll come and collect the keys and get started sorting out selling your house for sale…” said Steve of Age UK last Friday.

Well I did call him Tuesday (Today like), 5 times before 1100hrs leaving voice messages – then Text him – Then tried on the other phone twice, left messages, then text him on the other phone and tried fruitlessly to ring him yet again… twice more. It is now 1345hrs and I’m well miffed, after getting me hopes up with foolishly believing him again! I think I’ll have a sign made for me forehead: “Please Con Here”.

I can certainly recommend any older person with problems and no help to contact Nottingham Age UK to try to get a Councillor to assist them… if they are sadists and mugs that is.

Can’t concentrate on doing owt else at the moment. Need to know where and when I can get the keys to Steve so he can start moving with the house selling.

Wanted to get to do some things in town as well, but the unknowing and lack of control of events is so frustrating!

Aye up… Steve from Age UK rang… I take it all back… He going to call in tonight to collect the keys on his way home to enable him to get a Charity charity van to pick up owt they’d like, then house clearers. And I hope get the house on the market sharpish!

Cheers up a tad now, currently singing away to missen a mix of the mobile phone ring tone and Adam Faiths, ‘We are in Love”, with intermittent bits of Dean Martin’s old stuff.

I went down to the Winwood Community shed with the mail for Margaret the last tenant, and handed Deana Walker and Obergruppenfurher Julie a choice of nibbles.

Got back to the graphics with a renewed jest.

Fell asleep and woke up with Steve ringing the intercom.

Gave him the house key and had a little chin-wag.

He showed me some of the functions of the TV remote thingy, then shot off cause he was on his way home and had frozen foods in the boot of his car.

I put kettle on and made a cuppa and took me evening medications.

Laptop on and updated this scintillating bit of rubbish.

IMG_0002Comment from Angie mentioning her itch on her back and how she struggles to get to it to relieve it.

I told her about me shoe-horn that I bought last week at Ikea and how I now utilise it as a back-scratcher.

Perhaps she could employ me as an official Angel-Back-scratcher and I could move over to the States? Just a thought like.

AANancyDid some graphicalisationing for the TFZ page.

Lyzzi and Thomas in this one, with a few TFZers pets thrown in. Hope they like it. Two new pets included that I didn’t have photographs of to use in the past.

The now becoming famous early evening tiredness dawned again on me.

I got down and conceded to the land of nods calling.

Sat 9.5.15: Inchcock Today: Ingordigiousness abounds…

Saturday 9th May 2015

 Got a decent sleep in last night, a good 6 hours.

The dreams were something about me in a crowd like in the cup final and I was searching everywhere for someone or something – ended up with me looking down at missen and I was in a giant pan being boiled in soup? I seemed quite happy with this though.

Woke and climbed downstairs.

IMG_0134The clouds were moving at a fast pace this morning.

Sprayed some weed-killer on the garden patch – the kids have been in again throwing me rockery rocks about.

Washed me pots from last night, made a flask of tea, WC’d and did me checks: Sys 174 Dia 78 Pulse 78 Temp 45c

Laptop on and started this diary off.

Coreldraw froze – Corel Paint, everytime I try to use it a message comes up telling me important update to stability faults need to be downloaded – I turn of the programme and click OK – everytime it tells me I need to turn off the programme before it can install update patch! The window informing me of this stays open all the time!

AALonaTried Serif plus and that froze. Restart after restart – blimey, it took me ages to get me first graphicalisation dun and posted on TFZ facebook!

Oh dear!

The TFZ Gal Knitters I called it, I was looking for a ‘cute’ element in it like.

Gawd I’ve got a massive headache coming on now, Tsk!

Forced missen to get a spit and polish and ready fer me trip to town – decided to go to Sneinton Market, partly because I’ve not been there for years and I thought I might get some decent photo’s fer the TFZers on Facebook.

Set off and caught the bus into town where I had a wobble around…

0603I plodded down to the Sneinton Market first.

0608Down Milton Street, left into Upper Parliament street, Lower Parliament Street through Burton Street and left through Boston Street, right up Brook Street and left into the Market… and what a sight for sore eyes it was!

Pathetic – about six stalls with crap for sale in the wind blown vast expanse 0609of concrete.


So sad from the days when I used to go their in the 50’s and 60s when it was all hustle and bustle and watch yer wallet as you searched for and usually found a bargain or two.

Later when I got back I found a photo from 1961 to post along with todays to show how things have gone downhill with the open markets nowadays.

Nostalgic moment suffered here!

I wobbled to the end of Bath Street 0605and left into Beck Street, across and up Heathcoat Street and right down Goosegate.

On the corner the ‘Odd shop’ as it is known had some great stuff on display and I took a couple of snaps for the ‘Bling’ gals on TFZ.

I’ve no idea what these gems are, but 0606they looked good to me.

And these ladies watches were really different than any others I’ve seen anywhere else.

They had some hats in one if the windows but the reflection from that window meant they didn’t come out very good at all.

0607Down to Chinese store and had a wonder around getting some seaweed. My usual one in olive oil and a new one that is dried and actually looks like seaweed should. I’m aiming to try a bit of this tonight with me nosh.

They had some American pasta in the window I noticed as I was leaving and took a photo of it as best I could like.

I walked back up Goosegate through Hockley noticing something I missed in the ‘Odd Shop’ 0604window earlier.

Took a photo of it as it got me curious at to what it was and did like.

A German engineered Dry-herb Vaporiser?

I still don’t know what it is or does – can anyone help me please?

Whatever it is I hope it works cause at £325 it ain’t cheap! That’s CAD $605.79, USD $501.88, AUD $ 632.65.

0611A bit further up Hockley the model cow outside an eatery was attracting a lot of interest from the ankle-snappers.

This gal in the picture was overjoyed and tried to milk it! Not kidding. (Hehe, bless her, how one so young knew about such things I don’t know!).

I plodded on through Carlton Street and Pelham street, Thurland Street the Clinton Street East and over the road into the Vic Centre.

0613Walked through and into Tesco to get some fresh cream cakes – but overcame the desire with a willpower of steel (Not really, they were short dated).

I got some of their very nice Curried Beans and some Garden peas on offer, Sugardrop tomatoes and Cheesey Seaweed nibbles.

I left from the top entrance and walked down to Upper Parliament street – avoiding the argument going on between a group of Eastern European gentlemen by the sound of their language used to each other – odd how many English swear words were intermingled with their own language?

0612Feeling well tired now, I took a photo of the crowd and nipped off tp catch me bus back to Carrington.

I droppedoff the bus and called in the Co-op to get some of their thins – they only had short date ones left, but they were reduced so I got a pack.

The twitchell was occupied with lurking yobs so I took the long route back to the dump.

0614Still even so, Fatima and Fred must have seen me and followed because they came down for their nibbles.

A feeling of impending gloom came over me when I got in the house?

WC’d and put me purchases away, then got me 0615nosh sorted.

Dropped one of tins of curried beans on me foot…

I swore profusely!

Made a flask of tea up and took me nosh up to enjoy while watching a DVD.

0616The new seaweed is really strong – I liked it.

Just covered in water for three minutes and it was ready.

The Sugarsweet tomatoes weren’t very sweet though.

Fell asleep several times then gave up trying to watch the film.

I dreamed of Shirley Blamey and Mike Steeden and a classroom in me dreams – but can’t remember what happened in em. Tsk!

Got on with this diary then did some Facebooking.

Inchcock Today: Housebound Again! – Wed 25 Feb 15

Wednesday 25th February 2015

Sheer fatigue helped me get some sleep last night.

The dreams were constant or at least it seemed so. All I can recall is a bit about being in a rowing boat with someone and trying to push someone along in the water with a giant candy-floss?

Not a good start this morning: Within an hour of rising the porcelain has been used three times… oh dear.

Bit worried about getting out for me INR Warfarin level tests tomorrow now. I just hope the ‘runs’ do no prevent me from going because it is important to get the level right. Maybe things will calm down again today?

Took me medications. Then made a cuppa and started the laptop.

WC’d (4).

Might risk popping out to book appointment with the GP later to see her about the rumbling runs, because they seem to be persisting somewhat.

Assessed the ailments: Anne Gyna not too good – Arthur Itis no worse – Ulcer twinging slightly – Haemorrhoids easier at the moment and front teeth okayish. But the ‘runs’ are getting most of my attention at the moment.

Came across this graphic I’d done for the TFZ site, thought I’d post it to show off and because I can’t get out today to take any photographs.


Did some reading on WordPress.

DanceJanRichFound some excellent humorous and satirical stuff on WordPress.

Had a look on Facebook, and made some graphics and posted them.

Janet Arron and Richard Johnson, TFZ members might like this one for a bit of fun, that’s what wer’e all about really on hte troll Free Zone – having a laugh and chinwag in print like if yer see worra mean?

Sandra Lentz and Meritt Hutton on DanceSanMerthe second one here.

Hope they like them, took me a while to create them in between several visits to the porcelain.

Put the kettle on then WC’d (7), but I think it might be settling down now.

Mind you, they said that about Hitler in 1937 didn’t they?

I was wondering if I might manage a little walk around the block… I see how it goes later.

Better not… things a biter… loose yet.

Now Serif X6 is crashing! Grrr!

Went down to make a cup of tea.

0303I found on the floor,

Near the door,

And I felt more,

Very much more poor!


TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Wednesday 1st October 2014

So much for taking their word they would call to see me!

Wednesday 1st October

Woke up around 0400hrs, cramps gone, but leaving aching bones. (Even typing is a tad painful)

Remembered I’d got the ‘Meals at Home’ person calling today, so I have to remain in all day so as not to miss he/her/them.


Tackled the Inch with the Clotromozole cream while it was still proud, less bleeding this morning, that was good.

Got downstairs and laptop started, made a cuppa and took medications.

Checked on Facebook and replied to some nice comments. Updated the diary. Then started on a graphic for TFZ.



Managed to get two posts and some graphic done.


13hrs of expecting the Nottingham City Council Meals at Home to arrive – I am a fool or what?

1450hrs: Making myself poorly with holding in me urge to go to the toilet in case I miss the ‘Meals at Home’ person/s who are supposed to be calling today. Determined not to miss them/him/her and give em a reason not to serve me.

Bit frustrating this waiting and not knowing lark.

1510hrs: Still waiting…


03W03GC blipj152ohrs: Still waiting…


1555hrs: Still waiting…

1615hrs: Still waiting…

aaaa2WC. Had to relieve myself at the sink. I have gone through two rolls of kitchen towels, a bottle of bleach and a bottle of disinfectant! 

1700hrs: Still waiting…

Called them on the mobile – No answer!

Wonder if I have a valid claim against them?

Bladder bad now.

1712hrs: Still waiting…

1730hrs: No signs of em yet!

1755hrs: No signs of em yet!

1808hrs: No signs of em yet!

To tired to wait any more now.

I’ll just have to call at the Council Contact point tomorrow. Huh!