Inchcock Today – Sunday 14th January 2018: Bonkesness came forth

Sunday 14th January 2018

Igbo: Sunday 14 Jenụwarị 2018

0230hrs: Not sleep much at all last night. The brain kept me awake with its noegenesis activities. But none of its ramblings and conclusions made much sense. It kept wandering, escaping from my already limited control; Off on its autonomous, intermittent spontaneous random creating of judgments on and solutions to just about anything and everything. All bunkum, drivel, fiddle-faddle, impracticable hogwash, poppycock, and nonsensical claptrap. I think I failed to regain any modicum of authority, over the grey-cells. I reckon because I was so tired and in need of sleep that these thoughts and aimless wanderings won, and I gave up. And just went along with it all, diffidently.

Sleep did not come. But, the digressional meandering mind stopped and returned to semi-logicality abruptly when it had to deal with a demand for my utilisationing of the Porcelain Throne, suddenly and urgently! It would take several paragraphs to explain adequately the activities and incidents that followed on the trip to and in the Wet Room. (Farcical seems to cover it!) I tripped getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner. The remote control for the DVD fell off my lap, I stubbed my toe on the Ottoman and knocked over an empty (Luckily) bottle of spring water.

Got to the wet room and seated, once again, only just in time; Spurt, trickle yellow, done! Almost totally liquid. It seems that Trotsky Terence has a grip on me now. Cleaned everything up and knocked my head on the sink doing so.

Returned to the front room. Where a search for the remote control proved fruitless? I got down on the floor with the torch to look underneath the chairs, but no luck. Getting back up into a perpendicular position was a painful and lengthy exercise.

My recent thirstiness has not assuaged, and I made my way into the kitchen and made a mug of tea in the new one.

Then I did the Health Checks and took the morning medications. I dropped the dosage pot and had to replace some tablets that fell out onto the floor.

This further bending down started Reflux Roger and Hippy Hilda off. Humph!

Washed up and got the vegetables prepared and in the crock-pot ready to cook later.

Today’s selection is the last of mushrooms quartered, the sugar-snap peas, sliced red onion, and tomatoes.

I added some vegetable stock to the water. After which I noticed that it had (Oh dear) a sell-by date of January 2017 written on the box. So I dished it in the waste bin bag. Hoping that the vegetables be okay to eat?

In actual fact, bearing in mind the lack of rest and the Whoopsiedangleplops, I was feeling in fair condition. Which confused me a tad.

0325hrs: I got the computer on and finished off yesterdays diary and got it posted. Then made a start on this one.

0600hrs: I went in the kitchen to make about the eighth mug of tea. Flipping thirst!

It didn’t feel too cold or wet or windy when I opened the window and hung out to take these photographicalisations.

The one thing that struck me more than anything was that I had my hearing aids in and could have the pleasure of listening to the birds and chics giving it some wallop with their whistling, chirping and singing.

As I leaned on the ledge, enjoying the morning chorus, something flew passed quickly between me and the ground. I wondered if it might have been a bat? It would have been on the floor below level and was a black blur. But it might have been too large for a Pipistrellus? Do crows fly at night? The mass of Nottinghamian’s resting or working, burgling, mugging below, made me… Hello, the grey-cells are wondering again. Why can’t I just see a photograph without investigative delving into and getting insights and sub-messages from the brain, lately?

I reached here in the updating and went on the WordPress Reader. Some good stuff on there today.

Did the WordPress comment responses next.

Then on Facebooking.

0820hrs: Made yet another brew of tea and went on CorelDraw.

I’m a busy-bee this morning. Made up an Ode to the Night’s Thoughts regarding the top paragraph on here, using CorelDraw: Ode to the Nights Thoughts Got it sent off.

Checked the crock-pot vegetables. Coming on nicely.

Hello, Herberts knocking away again. Tsk! Still, not to bad at the moment, just the odd bang.

Sod-it! The funny turns have started. going to get down and put a DVD on and hopefully fall asleep, blimey I need it. Poor thing, Hehe!

I don’t know what went wrong with this unfinished post, but for some reason I forgot to post it? Probably when Virgin internet went down?

For what it’s worth. Here it is. Sorry folks.

Inchcock Today – Monday 12th March 2018

Monday 12th March 2018

Kannada: ಸೋಮವಾರ 12 ಮಾರ್ಚ್ 2018

0035hrs: Woke up while dreaming of running a corner shop that had no customers, bare shelves, was battered and looked and felt like it had suffered bomb damage. I was crying my sorrows to a stuffed cuddly model terrier dog, and trying to feed it Marmite Crisps?

The nosh tray lay on the other chair, the empty plate, a knife, fork and spoon the only contents. There were no signs of any other nocturnal nibbling around this morning. Although, the remote control for the DVD and a battery charger lay across the room on the carpet near the mini-vacuum cleaner? I had a sense that I was in the exact same location and position as the one I drifted off to sleep in.

The top of the back, chest top and shoulders were aching and itching. Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald were fighting for precedence in the ailment stakes. I could feel the dried blood in the PPs. Attention is needed, I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner almost with ease, and off to the wet room and Porcelain Throne. The evacuation was far less messy this time, almost a pleasure.

Funny how one thinks at times. I pondered on whether I should warn my fellow Pile-Sufferers, not to use the quilted toilet paper. It gets shredded on the pustules and or dried blood, and it becomes a nightmare to remove, starting them off bleeding again. Just a thought, sorry. Anyone out there wanting any quilted toilet rolls can call to collect them. Hehe!

Little Inchies lesion was washed, dried and medicated, Harold’s Haemorrhoids the same. I thought as I was doing these unpleasant tasks before going to do the Health Checks and take the medications’ If someone had told me how things were going to get sixty-years ago, I don’t think I would have believed them. For once, not feeling sorry for myself about things, just curious as to how well I think I’ve been coping. Then stopping these thoughts abruptly when I recognised the foolishness of over-confidence. Hehe! Had a clean-up and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks.

Took the medications, made a mug of tea and got the camera, opened the kitchen window, leant out, and got wet in the light-soak-you-through rain.


Turned to the left and got a half-decent shot of Chestnut Walk and the parked cars, the cranes and the street lights that give-off a Christmas-like scene to me, anyway.

Straight down for the next picture. The puddles of rain I could see with the naked eye, did not show in the frame for some reason?

Then I got the computer on to start this post.

Then I set about finishing of yesterdays diary. Got it posted off.

The need for diary page headers needed attention as I have none left in advance. So, onto CorelDraw to do a few up.

After an hour or so… Oh, dear, attention needed to the Fungal Lesion! So I got the ablutions done while I was in the wet room. By the time I’d got this done, there was none left to do any more graphicalising work, and I got myself ready for the trip to Nottingham City Centre.

Remembered to take the best umbrella, the costly Storm-Proof one I bought from Coopers. This will be the first time I’ve used this in heavy rain, glad I bought it now.

Took the black bags and dropped them down the waste chute on the way down.

Out onto Chestnut Walk in front of the apartments, brolly up, and ambled along to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Hut. The rain wasn’t too hard, but it looked set in.

Walking by the parked cars and I could smell something acrid, but it did not smell like petrol to me. It appeared that one of the vehicles had or was leaking something and it was draining into the sewers.

I pressed on and to shelter in the Wardens shed.

I hope Jenny is alright, I’ve not seen her for a while. Both the Wardens were out doing their rounds. The room slowly filled with folk joining me in waiting for the bus out of the rain. Had an enjoyable chinwagging session and laugh with them all. Welsh William was in good form, his insults and insinuendos were thick fast and witty. Some of my most favourite ladies were there. Two of the girl tenants told me of a fire in a flat for the last two Sundays or Saturdays, both apartments having had fires already earlier this year. They informed me that both tenants were alcoholics and were to be moved where they can have more supervision and an eye kept on them. I thought about pretending to be an alcoholic myself and getting a new flat application in? Haha!

Out to get on the bus, it was lovely being able to hear bits of what the clan were saying for once. The hearing aids seemed more efficient today, very puzzling

In town, I dropped off along with some other tenants, on Upper Parliament Street.

I got the best umbrella out of the bag, the costly Storm-Proof one I bought from Cooper’s, and it broke when I put it up! A white cord appeared, all chewed up, from the top centre of the pole bit! Damgloberations!

I popped into the Poundworld Store to get a cheap one from there and changed my mind when I remembered seeing some larger ones at the Sports Direct Shop last week. This proved a somewhat costly mistake for me.

As I left the shop to walk to Clumber Street, to have a look at the umbrellas they had on sale, I saw these poor pigeons. They were in a right state, neither could seem to stand or walk properly and were sodden wet through.

Felt a bit sorry for them.

The shop had cunningly placed a large display of umbrellas, right near the doors at the front of the entrance. They offered some at 2 for £6, they were not the collapsible type. I thought, they will have a larger area for cover, and they were a fair price too. I made my way to the pay counter. Foolish move! I ended up buying two crew sweaters, the umbrellas and just what I didn’t need more socks! £33 lighter, I left the shop and out into the rain. But, of course, I now had three umbrellas to carry, the broken one I put in a waste-bin further down Clumber Street. The two long ones, I struggled with much. They were too long to go in the bag, and I had to use one at the same time.

They were coloured deep red and felt very delicate, and I just knew they would not last long. Taking this photograph on Clumber Street, I had to put the bag down, hold the umbrella, stop the other one from falling over from in the carrier, and manipulate the camera.

What a picklement I got into taking today’s shots!

I hobbled along while the bag got filled up with rainwater and the shoes letting precipitation in now as well!

And forever having to adjust the brolly in the bag or pick it up when it fell over. Uncomfortable would be the word… messy and wet!

Through the Slab Square.

Down to Wheeler Gate and into the Marks & Sparks Food Hall in the basement. Where I bought two small pork pies and two boxes of triple-fried fresh oven chips.

I took this photo as I departed from the store. I walked back up towards the City Centre.

I slipped a Big Issue seller near St Peter’s Church a couple of quid. He looked wet and in need enough to me!

Up Exchange Walk and I crossed South Parade into the front of the Council House.

Where I took these pictures. The damp, dank atmosphere and pessimistic, depressed looking Nottinghamians did nothing to lift my spirits. Then as I made this one of the Slab Square: a wet warm sensation from the Fungal Lesion area. This was turning into a struggle of a trip out for me now

I took this last photograph of the back of the right Lion in front of the Council House building, facing Queen and King Street. And made my way up there to the L9 bus stop, one was due in three minutes.

I had a most pleasant discussion with a lady on the bus en route. Amazed at how we both shared the same views on how the world is going to pot and missing beef dripping sold from basins with thick jelly on the bottom! ♥

Offered my fond farewells as she got off the bus two stops before the flats.

Back at Chestnut Walk, the roadway was partially flooded. I think it was just due to the excessive rainfall and the drains struggling to clear in.

As I neared Woodthorpe Court, I could see that the workmen were still hard at it, even in these conditions.

Sooner them than me up there. Hehe!

As I moved off on my way to the apartment, I felt the rainwater squelching in the right shoe, and the blood flowing from down below and the lesion.

So I knew the first things that needed attention when I got indoors.

Got in, put down the wet bags and brollies, into the wet room. Cleaned up the fungal lesion, Daktarin cream applied, had a wee-wee, new PPs adorned, changed the socks after drying the right foot, then I threw the shoes in the rubbish bin. I got into the night attire.

Hung up the wet clothes to dry. Got the used new brolly opened to let it dry-off in the spare room, put the other one in the hallway. Then emptied the carrier, drained the rainwater from it and threw that away in the now full bin.

At this point, it dawned on me that I had a sore throat coming on, and was coughing a little. Hope it doesn’t get any worse.

Got the Cumberland pie, added a lot of extra grated cheese on top of it, and the triple-cooked chips into the oven cooking. Did the Health Checks and took the meds.

Got the mini sausages, sliced apple, halved min tomatoes with onion salt and lemon mousse on the tray ready.

I gave the pie and chips a little longer in the oven, so they browned up a bit more. Absolutely fabulous meal! 9.58/10 rated this time!

So tired now, but I’d dried out well. Haha!

Got watching some Jonathan Creek episodes on the DVD player. Viewed through two full ones too, before nodding off into the land of dreams.

Inchcock Today – Friday 16th February 2018: Graphicationalisationing. Chiropodist tended to my feet. Prescriptions Collected. Missed the bus. Nice walk through the park, where the worst of the Whoopsiedangleplops started. Local fires. Worra Day!

Graphic wot I dun to make yer fink! Hehe!

Friday 16th February 2018

Friday 16 February 2018

0045hrs: I woke-up shivering and shaking, yet it was not cold at all. Fading fast distant memories of dreaming that was fear-making, convinced me these were the cause of the Shaking Shaun situation.

The shakes stopped as I looked around at the various piles of paperwork lying about all over the room, waiting to be sorted and filed away. I decided this job must be tackled right way. But first, the Porcelain Throne needed attending.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the wet room. Trotsky Terence’s input had increased considerably, enough to cost me a long time cleaning up after the movement. So I decided to take a Dia capsule with the morning medications.

In the kitchen, made a brew, and got the sphygmomanometer, thermometer, hypodermic, creams, lotions, medications, drops etc. out and did the Health Checks.

Taking the Morrison own label anti-Trotsky capsule with the morning medications. Without dropping anything.

Foolishly, I opened the window to take this photographicalisation facing towards the City Centre, hiding over the hills to my left.

A mistake that, I didn’t realise how cold it was out there. It felt freezing to me.

Later I looked on Accuweather:

They had a section with the next eight-hour forecast for Nottingham on it.

While tacking the filing of the paperwork, I realised that the Foot Lady Sue would be calling at 0930hrs to cut the now painfully long toenails. These are the feet, with the scars of endless old and new toe-stubbing escapades! Hehe!

I will humble myself and apologise for my forgetting her last appointment, and crawl unashamedly!

Putting away the medical paperwork, reminded me that I have to collect the prescriptions from the chemist today as well. At least the walk there and back should be less painful, with the nails and corns done? Hehe!     Better wrap-up well before I go!

The innards were beginning to rumble again.

I started this page going up to here, then updated and finished yesterday’s diary.

Went on to Chrome from Firefox, to go in WordPress Reader. Back to Firefox for the comments.

Titivated the front room a bit.

Tried again to do some graphicalisational work, remembering to save regularly this time. Got carried away, and didn’t finish the first one, cause I wanted to make it too detailed. Tsk!

Early ablutions were performed so I will be ready when Foot Lady Sue arrives and not keep her waiting. Then have time to catch (Hopefully) the 1030hrs bus down into Sherwood. Making it a little less far for me to walk.

Sue arrived at 0944hrs and got straight on to do the nails and feet. Made an appointment for her next visit in 11th April. Paid her, gave her an Easter Egg and some DVDs I’d watched or was not interested in, thanked her, and she was off. I got myself ready for the trip to the Chemist.

But, foolishly tried to pick-up some of the errant toenail clippings and lost a lot of time. I thought I might miss the bus, so kerfuffled about in haste.

Got down onto Chestnut Walk and realised I had not got my hearing aids in. Too late to go back and fetch them now. But I could see the folks still waiting for the bus at the other end. Thre was a good few of them, so I assumed the coaches had not arrived yet, so took this photo of the delivery lorry blocking the road.

At the bus stop, I had a few farcical chats with some other tenants. The one between Nora and me… no, Doris, was the best as we had both forgotten to put our hearing-aids in this morning. Hehehe! A lovely lady is Doris.

Dropped off at the bottom of Winchester Hill (Only two stops). Hobbled up Mansfield Road on the opposite side today; A change is as good as rest? Haha!

As I got towards the crest of the hill, I came across those poor devils van parked conveniently, especially for someone on a disabled scooter or a mother with pram and children. But I did feel some commiserations with the man. He was a scaffolder working on some flats in a big house and really had no option but to break the law of the road did the man.

Over the hill and down into Carrington. And this Herbert of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly hit me as his rode towards me, and I had to move, there was no way he was going to! The git! I wondered as I turned to take this photo. I pondered on if he even noticed me! But my mood changed a few hundred yards further down the road.

I was totally amazed at the skills of the two carers, teachers or whoever they were, with this group of young ankle-snappers, as they plodded along so organised.

I’m so glad now, with how this photo came out. Cute is the word.

How do they get the nippers to walk along at the same speed while holding hands? Truly flabberghasted me and gained my admiration they did.

Ten minutes later I was in the Lidl shop. Got some lemon yoghourts, two cheesy cobs, chunky chip, cheese curls and vine tomatoes. Paid at the self-serve checkout without needing assistance once! The smug mode adopted! Mind you Obergruppenfurheress lady supervising we idiot shoppers, and shoplifters kept a keen eye on me, throughout! Hehe!

Out and to the Carrington Pharmacy, to collect the prescriptions. A beautiful young lady greeted me with a smile.

She then returned and pointed out that Deepak, the owner and pharmacist wanted to have a chat with me. The annual chinwag, you know, nothing to bother about. But of course, this delay meant I would miss the bus connection in Sherwood and would have to walk back up through Woodthorpe Grange Park to the flats.

But, I wasn’t feeling too bad, the feet had just been done, and he’s a grand chap, so I went in the consulting room with him and answered his questions. At the end of the consultation, I mentioned about the Protection Pants costing a lot of money, especially now with two sets of bleeding and my sometimes needing three pairs a day. I think he might mention this in his report to the doctor for me, to see if I can get them on prescription. (Thank heavens for help from my mate, Michael.)

I thanked him, gave the staff their Easter egg, and off to the bus stop and caught one into Sherwood.

Nearly fell off the side-saddle seat I had to use on the trip. Hehe! But the upsetting thing was getting off of the bus, checking the time and realising I only had four minutes to get over the road and up the hill to the bus stop in time to catch the L9 bus. I’d taken just a few paces and had to stand there looking at the L9 picking up the other tenants across the road and pulling off, and it was early! Tsk!

But I fretted not. Because the sun was out, there was no rain or winds, and I was in fit enough state to enjoy a slow amble through the park to my home on the hill. No Anne Gyna, Hippy Hilda or Duodenal Donald bothering me either. So I did that.

As I made my way up Mansfield Road, passing the bus stop and the new gym, I turned back to take a photo of Sherwood and noticed some Nottingham Pavement Cyclists actually pushing their bikes on the pavement. I was impressed.

But not for long. Reaching the downward part of the road, the Pavement Cyclists mounted up again. Humph!

Again, I was not perturbed or irritated! Because when I got in the park, I relaxed and became almost serene.

The dogs taking their owners for a walk, the birds in song, even signs of new growth here and there, all boosted my contentment factor. I stood for a great while just looking at nature.

Up to the top of the Pavement Cyclist free path, and right to the beloved, but sparse tree copse.

I observed that the hoist on the block of flats was on my floor, outside the bedroom window. I noticed that some apartments were in the process of having the balconies done, to differing degrees.

I was able to take a photo of the new centre flat’s progress. I was feeling good!

I put the camera back in my pocket, picked up the bags, started to walk on down the gravel hill… this was when I ended up on my haemorrhoid affected bum sat on the path after slipping on the mud! I hope no-one saw this from the flats.

A man and woman appeared from nowhere and assisted me back on my feet and sat me on the park bench. Bless them, they seemed genuinely concerned for my health. Informing me, that I looked terribly pale! A park worker joined us, inquiring if I needed an ambulance summoning. I felt such a fool! I thanked them all and told them I was okay. Which apart from the to me at least, indisputable facts that the haemorrhoids were stinging rotten and bleeding, I really did feel fine. But I thought it best not to mention the piles. Haha!

Made my back to the apartment, put the bags down and went into the wet room. And, oh boy, were them rectal lumps bleeding and hurting! Still, got things cleaned up and medicated in no time. Changed Protection Pants, naturally.

Anticepticated things, and got the purchases sorted and put away.

After a little rearranging was done, there was just enough room in the freezer to get the chips in it. I did wonder why I bought the tomatoes, already having so many in stock like? Huh!

Opened the sack of medications next and got them stored rotationally in the appropriate drawers.

Back to the wet room for a wee-wee. I checked for any new bleeding but was pleased to find none at all. A little pleasantly surprised, as well.

Did the Health Checks and took an extra Codeine 30g, in the hopes of easing the discomfort from the rear end.

1400hrs: Set about updating this and getting the photos sorted.

Got the oven warming ready for the chips to go in.

1610hrs: Got so far as to here. Checked the situation from the rear end. Still stinging, but minimal bleeding.

Kept finding toenail clippings wherever I went in the room. Hehe!

Cleaning up the preparation mess from the meal cooking, I observed some smoke on the far horizon outside.

I fetched the camera and returned to the kitchen.

Opened the window and took these shots of the incident.

I lost a lot of picture quality by zooming in, but nothing, settings etc. I tried could produce any really decent, distinct pictures.

A bit disappointed with my feeble efforts here when I downloaded them. The Lidl chips cooking in the oven needed turning, and did were not browning much at all. The thumb where I burn it the mass of water and fat at the bottom of the cooking tray is okay. Hehe!

Got the nosh sorted and served up. Mackerel in BBQ sauce, onion, sugar-snap peas, sliced Cox’s apple, tomatoes, the chips and two cheesy cobs, buttered sliced tomato and anchovies.

I put some Oriental Fish sauce on the cobs. Very tasty!

I settled in the recliner, the tray of vittles on my knee, and realised I had left the large mug of fresh clementine juice in the kitchen. Tsk!

Back to collect it from the bench. And saw another load smoke in a back garden of one of the houses on Cavendish Vale.

A lot of fires around Sherwood today?

I zoomed in, it looked like a bin fire of some sort to me. Didn’t half give-off some smoke. It soon eased off, mind.

Back to the victuals, and the chips were barely lukewarm by then.

Most annoyed with myself.

I am a photographicalisation addicted fool!

At least this photographicalisation taken to the left came out okay and without any smoke in it.

Got the Health Checks and medications sorted.

It had been a busy and incident ridden day for me this Friday. I fear this might have been the cause of my not being able to get to sleep at all, not even the odd nod-off, for hours and hours. I tried all of the usually successful tricks; Reading, TV and DVD, all with total failure.

The brain assiduously took me to places, ideas, fears, of its own will and choice. It led me into pondering over pneumatophilosophy, aliens, death and dying and forced me into finding faults with the argentocracy and self-serving politicians today. No rest nor sleep for me tonight. Thanks to the discombobulated brains welter of autonomous wanderings! Humph!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 15th February 2018: Tenants Social Hour Cancelled

Thursday 15th February 2018

Chinese Traditional: 2018年2月15日星期四

0100hrs: Woke with the mind full of arbitrary, salmagundi meanderings, fears and sevidical self-recrimination. Boy, whatever I’d been dreaming about, positively got to me this time.

However, as I moved in an attempt to remove my mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, I appreciated the lack of interference from Hippy Hilda, Anne Gyna, Hernia Harry and Reflux Roger.  Only stinging from Harold Haemorrhoid and Anne Gyna were active at this time. Very good! Unfortunately, as I got to my feet gingerly, Duodenal Donald started to kick off.

The brain still hadn’t joined with the body in full consciousness yet, but it soon joined in when I stubbed my toe on the Ottoman.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dearie me. Another embarrassing session. Fresh and dried blood from the fungal lesion made things messier and took an awful lot of cleaning up after the Trotsky affected evacuation; that also required extra cleaning up. I’m getting so I dread using the Throne nowadays.

To the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications. I realised getting the pots out, I’d missed taking last nights doses. So I just took the Warfarin, Simvastatin and magnesium hydroxide with the morning dosages. Taking an extra Omeprazole to counter Duodenal Donald, who was giving me a good bit of stick now.

Took a photograph of the car parking down below. All looking neat, and, a free space too and as well! Hehe! I couldn’t help but think if this was due to the death of another tenant last week. We seem to be toppling-over at a fair rate of knots recently. I’m not in a hurry, mind. Hehe!

I imagine all these old folks complexes make life easier for the Grim Reaper nowadays. Then again, does the Grim Reaper need a life? Without it, there would be no death, and he would be in a right pickle then, wouldn’t he? I had to terminate my peregrinating thoughts on this one.

Made a mug of tea, on to the computer and updated and finished the Wednesday blog.

The ulcer was not easing off any. I think I might be in for a bad day with it. When I finished the brew, I had a mug of milk, anything to try and help ease the increasing pain. Tsk!

When I went into the kitchen to wash the mug, I realised that the food tray I use was nowhere to be seen? Another mystery! I’d cleaned the pots last night, so the thing must have been taken into the kitchen along with the dishes etc. surely? I looked in anywhere that was capable of my placing the tray into. Bonkersness began to creep into my thoughts, but I could not find that itinerant stray-tray! I gave up searching and returned to the computer with the milk.

Email in from the surgery with INR result, still a little high, but not critical methinks.

Dosages for the next seven days and the next appointment. I send an acknowledging reply, thanking them. Then, made sure I added the appointment-time and date to the Google Calendar and the written diary.

Duodenal Donald was still not getting any more comfortable, so I took few big mouthfuls of the antacid medicine.

I spent about two hours on creating this post, then went into the kitchen to take yet another Omeprazole capsule. But, had the sense not to, having already imbibed one extra earlier in the morning.

 However, I did on this occasion see the crushed fresh cream cake box in the bin, from last night. This got the grey-cells working, and reminded me that after washing the pots from the meal, I took this box with the cakes on the tray to nibble in the chair and catch the crumbs! Back into the computer room but could not see the salva anywhere to start with. When I moved the recliner away from the comfortable chair… There was the tray! Quite how it got down there, I don’t know. But it offered me some exercise, as I had to move the chairs further apart to get to clean up the fallen crumbs from the carpet and chair cover, that I used the tray for in the first place to avoid! Tsk!

I had to go on Chrome to do the WordPress Reading because Firefox will not let me.

Then back to Firefox, because Chrome will not let me save any work in WordPress?

Getting fed-up with this palava! Humph!

0500hrs: Too early for a shower (Noisy for my neighbours), and I have the Morrison delivery arriving twixt 0630 > 0730hrs. So I had a stand-up wash, teggies cleaned, ears oiled, Little Inchies lesion cleaned and medicated, Rear-end-haemorrhoids the same. Pain gelled the shoulders, wrists, fingers, Hippy Hilda, and the knees. Cleaned the glasses and shaved. The medicationalisationing of the tender areas was not enjoyed. (Oooh! Hehehe!)

Duodenal Donald started to ease-up for me. Spur of the moment job in celebration, I decided to mop the wet room and kitchen.

0548hrs: Back on the computer here, and went on to Facebook to catch-up.

0644hrs: Made a brew and watched some YouTube fun while waiting for the fodder delivery from Morrisons.

The ordered goods arrived, and I was glad for once that I had overdone some of the ordering. Like, extra toilet rolls and kitchen towels. Especially now that Trotsky Terence is back with me, and all the extra cleaning and medicating needed for the lesion and Haemorrhoid Harold).

Got them all stored away, and spent a bit more time watching the police video clips.

I went out to the Obergruppenfureresses Warden’s Shed. I like to give them a Polish Sourdough loaf when I can get one from Morrisons, cause they love the bread and it is a little thank you from me.

The information panel in the lobby near the elevators showed 08:45hrs and a warm for February, 5°c.

I felt positively warm as I poddled along Chestnut Walk.

And the sunshine was radiating some heat today

When I got in the shed, both Wardens were busy in their office. So I just handed the bag with the bread over and gave them a ‘Good Morning’ and departed back to the flat.

Taking this photograph of the progress of the centre build new flats.

Not one of my best efforts, but it did come out a little moody, I think.

Back on the twelfth-floor, I came across a pack of 12 Andrex toilet rolls in the hallway. I’d missed them when I put the purchases away. So, with the nine-pack of Morrisons, I’d also bought, that makes 21 toilet rolls to fight the effects of the Trotskies! HaHa!

Had a wee-wee, then made a cuppa.

Updated this post and then went on to CorelDraw to do some TFZer graphicalisationing. Cobblesticks & Humph! After hours of working away happily, Computer problems and I lost everything I’d done! I could have cried or pulled Bill Gates’ head off.

Gave up and got the dinner started!

No idea what I did wrong with the cheesy baked potatoes; but bland and tasteless they were.

And here’s me, once proud of my efforts in making these treats.

Now, a broken man! Hehehe!

Still, the husks, clementine juice and tomatoes were excellent.

I washed the pots and settled down waiting for the Strobe Fire Alarm activation before I got to sleep. But it fooled me tonight and didn’t go off.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 13th February 2018:

Tuesday 13th February 2018

Punjabi: ਮੰਗਲਵਾਰ 13 ਫਰਵਰੀ 2018

0005hrs: Woke with feelings of depression and gloom. Resignation and submission to both of them were predominant. I assume whatever I was dreaming of, must have been of a saddening, and disheartening theme. For a few moments, I suffered oneirataxia in my efforts to gain some perception, control and understanding of the morning thoughts. Confusion reigned within the grey-cell tomb.

The bottle of clementine juice had not been touched, there it was, with an empty chocolate bar and cheesy curl wrappers on the Ottoman. Tackling the task of my emerging unharmed and with as little pain as possible from the £300 second-hand recliner, I noticed the total absence of any pain whatsoever from Hippy Hilda. Worth mentioning this, being such a welcome rarity.  No visit from Dizzy Dennis either, as I made my way to the wetroom for a wee-wee, no toe stubbing too! The head was clearing and slowly regaining its standard semi-awareness mode.

Into the kitchen to make a brew and do the Health Checks.

Had to divert back to the wet room for a Porcelain Throne visit. I’m afraid it was a messy slush-kerplunk session, and much cleaning-up required attending to afterwards. Although, Harold’s Haemorrhoids were bleeding. But, not doing so overly-much today.

Back to the Kitchen to take the medications. I got the Beta-Blocker tablet stuck in a hole in a tooth and had a job to get the little monkey out before he’d dissolved almost completely. It tasted horrible and bitter. Tsk! Eurgh!

I took a photographicalisation of the cars below by hanging out of the window. They looked all neat this morning. All driven in nose first of course. Making getting out more dangerous and difficult I thought.

I took this photograph using a different mode. Nighttime. It gave me an option of 15, 30 or 60 seconds to select. No idea what I was doing, I chose the 15 seconds one. It scrolled through a countdown, then started another one of the same duration. Luckily I had no shakes at the time and held the camera steady throughout. But the result looked no different to a standard shot to me? (Other than it was not raining. Hehe!)

Onto the computer. Updated the therapeutic dosage and Health Check Results for this cold February morning

Downloaded the pictures from yesterday and started this diary off up to here. Then started to update and finalise the Monday post.

Started this one going up to here.

Took the black bags of rubbish to the chute, put the two recycling bottles in the bag so as not to forget them again. Then did the ablutions.

Set out on my trip to get some Pork Farms pies and bread from town. If I remember I’ll have a look at the Afghan blokes stall on the market. To see if he has any 28″ leg 44″ waist trousers on sale.

As I passed the centre gate on the building compound, I tried to get a decent shot of the progress being made on the new flats. You know the ones, them that will be tenanted by new residents. Younger residents, married people, 50-year-old whippersnappers in nappies… But I welcome them in their brand-new low-rise, closer to the amenities, warmer than our old 1964 built high-rise ones, that are further from the newly placed bus-stop than their brand new, cheaper to heat apartments are. It doesn’t bother me, best of luck them I say… through gritted teeth! Only joking really folks. I’m more than happy here with Noisy Herbert above and being woke up every night by the six times visited to mend Nottingham City Home experts to put right the false alarms on the Strobe and Pillow shaker Fire Alarms.

Half-way down Chestnut Walk and I remembered about the recycling bottles, so went back and deposited them in the appropriate bin.

To the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Shed and found a few residents inside keeping out of the drizzle while waiting for the bus. I had a laugh or two. Then got told-off for forgetting my hearing aids. Hehe! Out and caught the L9 to town.

Dropped off in a Wet but warm Nottingham and hobbled to the Poundland Shop on Upper Parliament Street. Where they had no pies in stock.

So I departed and went across the road and into the Victoria Shopping Centre, up the escalator and into the market, straight to Altaf’s stall. Ended up buying two pairs of trousers from him, for £19.50. Can’t complain about that price.

Took a walk around the few stalls that were open, and bought a sliced loaf from the Continental meat stall.

Then down the moving staircase and out facing Clumber Street.

I was surprised at how few Nottinghamian pedestrians were about on this usually busy street. I walked through and around the back of the Council House onto South Parade, where the trams run.

Again it caught me, the fact that so few people were out and about.

I wondered if there had been a purge on shoplifters, perhaps, and that had discouraged the Nottinghamians and encouraged them to shoplift elsewhere for a change?

Even the two tram platforms seemed somewhat bereft of life?

As I walked by Exchange Walk, I saw a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist tear don it, weaving speedily between the people, so close I was surprised the idiot didn’t hit somebody. Very unfortunately, he is hidden in the photo between his victims! Tsk!

I walked along to the end of South Parade and left into Lister Gate… or is that Fletcher Gate? Hang on I’ll check, I like to be accurate you know… I’ve reviewed on the map; It’s Wheeler Gate. (Coy mode adopted, Ahem!)

Went into the PoundWorld shop on there and had a poddle around. They too had no Pork Farm Pork Pies. I’ve just got the receipt out to tell you what I purchased and realised it was Poundland, not Pound World. Not doing very well today, am I? Humph! Anyway, I got two tins of hot dog sausages, Wagon Wheels for the nibbles, two tins of beef in gravy, Two Zoflora Citrus disinfectants and a body spray aerosol.

To the self-serve checkout and had to call the assistant five times. She was not happy with me, I could tell. The tutting, looking up at the sky each time she approached me and the look she gave me when I departed; that said “Thank heavens he’s gone”, gave it away. Hahaha!

IT must have been pelting down with rain while I was in the shop. Cause all the pavements were wet. I worked that out on my own yer know, oh yes!

Up to the Slab Square and walked over and up Queen Street to the L9 buses shelter. Got there just in time too.

It came over all dark, and the rain hammered it down for only about two minutes, then it brightened up again.

The bus late, but this one always is for some reason, so I wasn’t bothered.

The feet were hurting now.

As the bus passed the end of Clumber Street, I tried to take this photo as the rain began again and we passed by.

Again, not so many folks as usual.

The bus arrived at the flats, thanks to the driver’s skill in getting through the narrowest of gaps between the lorries at the builder’s site on Sherwood Mount. Bless him!

To the end of the walk to the Woodthorpe block of flats. As I took this photograph, two things of interest took place. One: I ricked my neck and Two: the rain belted down! Hehehe!

I got int the apartment to be greeted by Herbert above with clanks, clunks and bangs, that lasted for an hour or two.

I hung the trews up and put the food away. Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the oven heating up ready for the chips later. Poured a glass of Clementine juice and got the computer on and updated this post.

Herbert was having a good bash about still. Noisy even for him. I wondered if he might have workmen in doing something?

A letter arrived via Nottingham City Homes.

More Hassle. The Council, will be holding an event at each block of Council flats? To answer questions on the new sprinkler system being installed. They will carry out audible tests on the fire alarm in each flat. This might be interesting with the none-working Strobe Alarm and pillow shaker alarm? They also carry out the yearly tenant checks. They will let us know the date later.

I don’t suppose Herbert will be kind enough to be as noisy as he is today when they visit?

Put the chips in the oven and got the other bits ready. Only having chips and sausages this time, and make sandwiches of them as I gobble them up with some sauce, methinks.

Feeling tired now.

The meal was enjoyed muchly. The balsamic vinegar in the sausages made them taste tangy.

Herbert above was now making moving furniture type noises.

Got the pots washed up and made a note to remind me of the INR Warfarin Blood Test in the morning.

Hung it on the TV screen.

Got two packets of cheesy curls and a mug of clementine juice on the Ottoman.

Settled in the £300 second-hand recliner and drifted off without any delay or altercations.

Woke with a start ten-minutes later, really believing I had died and was nipping back down to collect my hearing aids and they had exploded when I picked them up. Obviously a dream of some sort, and I’d plainly had a moment of oneirataxia, for I was sure it was happening and even looked for burns on my hands to assure myself it was a fantasy come nightmare. I also had to smile at my momentary aberration.

Amazingly, I nodded off again within minutes, even though I think the grey-cells were fired-up and confusing any logical thoughts in there. Amongst the cock-eyed, fallacious, implausible meanderings.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 10th February 2018:

Saturday 10th February 2018

Ukrainian: Субота, 10 лютого 2018 р

0156hrs: Woke with rumbling innards, a headache and once again, knowing I’d had some emotional dreams, but actual recollections of any details. I hate it when this happens!

I flung back the throw on the £300 second-hand recliner and observed two things immediately. The first being that after telling the nurse on Wednesday that the bruises, spots and blemishes had stopped appearing on the legs and arms, they were back again. Tsk and Humph!

The second, very welcome and cheering detection, was no blood showing on the PPs! Well, if there had been any bleeding it would be minimal because it hadn’t come through to the outside.

Started sneezing, the stabbing and rumbling from the innards increased in severity and I felt suddenly tired and weary, and I’d not got up yet? Plus, I’d only just had a decent five-hour sleep? This did not augur well. A most unwelcome degringoladé.

I escaped out of the £300 second-hand recliner, again with no hassle or stubbing of toes. Off to the kitchen and did the Health Checks.

The temperature on the window ledge thermometer indicated 1°c inside. It looked a great deal less outside. But I resisted opening the window to take the morning photographicalisation. Too cold! Hehe!

Before I could take the medications, a rumble from the innards turned into an explosion almost, and I poddled straight to the Porcelain Throne. An easy evacuation this morning, no extra cleaning-up duties required. I was tickled-pink at Little Inchies lesion barley bleeding at all. But gorgonised when I realised the back of the PPs was deep red. Harolds Hammorhoids counteracted the joy of the fungal lesion not suffering much. Tsk!

Adorned new PPs, washed and back to the kitchen to make a brew of tea. Took the medications.

On the computer, that was very slow today.I needed to get the top page funnies done for the advance diary drafts, then the drafts themselves done.

Also. The paperwork had mounted up enough to worry me a little. Endless letters, bills etcetera in need of reviewing and then filing away.

And the builder’s notices relating to heaters, cladding, windows, balconies, times and ETAs, Nottingham City Homes about rent, social events, the Fire Alarm Strobe, training days, Sprinkler installations, New Communication System set-up… All too much for me to tackle, comprehend or understand, at this moment.

The blog demands needed catching up with first; I thought.

0100hrs: Made a start on this diary, then at 0435hrs, started to finish off yesterday’s post.

0558hrs: Got it completed. Phew!

0609hrs: Made a brew. Then on CorelDraw to get the page tops all sorted for the advanced drafting.

0915hrs: I’ve still not got the top graphics all done. The concentration is still not right. Errors and mistakes.

I put the kettle on and sorted the waste bin bags out. Took three of them to the refuse chute, and returned to make a mug of Assam tea.

Back to the computer, and Herbert upstairs started knocking and tapping again. The weekend once more, innit. I’d love to know what it is he’s making.

Opened a tin of tomatoes into a saucepan. Added a drop of balsamic vinegar and white wine vinegar and vinegarette to them. Chopped some fresh tomatoes up and combined them with some tomato puree and basil. Crossed fingers, it will taste alright. I’ve got some streaky smoked bacon to go in the oven later, and I’ll add these to the saucepan after they are cooked through properly.

0944hrs: Back on to CorelDraw and designed the last graphics needed. Then started on WordPress to get the drafts done.

1054hrs: Got all of the page headers and finished off. At last!

Made another mug of tea did the WordPress reading. But WordPress would not let me, the page did not open. Tried on Google and got in, so I replied to the comments while on there, cause Firefox will not allow me to. But Chrome will not let me edit, well, it will, but it will not save?!?!?!

I fear a calamity is due here.

Had a go on Facebooking, fingers crossed. Computer slow again.

Had a dizzy. Too long on the computer perhaps. Turned everything off and got the nosh going.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

The skies threatened heavy rain, but it didn’t arrive. Just a few spots here and there.

Noises from above again, no idea where from really, though.

Felt very vague and airy-fairy suddenly. Took a while for this sensation to leave.

Checked the bacon in the oven, the tray bottom had a quarter-of-an-inch of water in it. How much water do they put in bacon nowadays? It needed longer to try and crisp it up.

Turning the rashes over, I found out how hot the water was. Huh!

Everything tasted great, I thought I might have overdone the seasoning in the tomatoes, but it was alright. The bacon wasn’t crispy enough, but still enjoyable. The expensive sourdough bread I’d bought from Sainsbury’s was terrific and flavoursome.

Rated this one at 9.4/10.

Washing the pots and I thought I heard screaming from outside, which confused me cause twelve-floors up, there is no way I should have been able to hear it?

I had a look out of the window but could see nothing untoward. Well, apart from the hilarious parking of the resident’s vehicles blocking safe access for any emergency fire brigade vehicles.

I could concentrate on nothing much now, fatigue and weariness dawned. So I did the Health Checks and took the tablets. Then, got down in the recliner. Put the TV on, assured that this would help me fall asleep, which it did.

Regrettably, after I’d sank into slumber and was in the middle of a dream involving Nurse Nichole; The flipping Strobe and Pillow shaker fire alarms activated! Humph! Of course, this meant struggling out of the £300 second-hand recliner, stubbing my toe en route to the door of the flat, checking the handle with the back of my hand for any heat, opening it, and listening for any activation alarms. Then going to the kitchen window and opening it and looking for signs of any Fire Engines attending below, then trapping my finger in the frame as I closed the window. One more final stubbing of the same toe as I went in the wet room for a wee-wee. The alarm had not gone through to the monitoring station anyway.

Getting back to sleep proved impossible. The mind had been disturbed and gone into one of its “Fretting, worrying, fearing about everything and nothing modes. Grr!

I think I watched more TV in one go than I have since I bought the TV set three years or so ago. It was all puerile hogwash being shown, yet I just lay there hoping that some slumber might be on the way for me.

I decided after I don’t know how long, to get a drink of Clementine juice from the fridge. Bad decision. Another toe-stubbing suffered! Yet again the left big toe! Of course, this was throbbing away now, so nodding off took me ages and ages…

Humph and Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 8th February 2018

Thursday 8th February 2018

Serbian: Четвртак, 8. фебруар 2018

0215hrs: Woke with a bit of a headache from last nights Whoopsiedangleplop getting into the night attire and clouting the back of my head against the wall as I fell in a heap, and humiliating position with one leg in and one leg out of the jammie bottoms. Hehe!

There’s no doubt about it; I never expected old age to bring me such excitement, or confusion. Or pain. Nor more ailments than I have wrinkles on my arthritic hands and knees. Memory blanks either! But I fret not about these things, for my insanity and bêtise help to mask the truth and facts from me. Heck, did I say that? Good innit? Haha!

I struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner without much bother at all and made my way to the Porcelain Throne. There were no stubbing of toes or any other incidents en route. However, the session was much messier than of recent visits. I put this down to the amazingly tasty meal I enjoyed last night being perhaps a tad too spicy. A clean-up and off into the kitchen.

I initially opened the window to take this photographicalisation of the foreboding murky sky. But close it again post-haste, as the icy wind blew in. Brrr! Made it through the glass.

Got the kettle on and did the Health Checks, then took the medications.

The readings looked to be perfick to me?

I got the nibble box sorted for the Winwood Social Hour Meeting later.

Computer started and got carried away reading the local newspaper site’s news. Nottingham Castle can now be seen from the Court Building now they have begun to demolish the Broad Marsh car park.

Closed Coffee cafe, shoe shop and restaurant. Two youths stabbed at Burger King on Milton Street. Courts: A rapist jailed. An aggressive street beggar who spent £150 a day on drugs banned from the City Centre. Tram drags kids pram trapped in the doors for one stop. I lost heart in reading any more.

Set about finishing off the Wednesday diary. A big one it was, so much happened yesterday. Then started on creating this one, got up to here, and went on WordPress reader.

0650hrs: Went on Facebooking. Got the raffle prizes sorted and in the bag.

I had a look at YouTube crash videos for a bit. Then tended to the ablutions, got the bag and set off to the Obergruppnefhuress Wardens Hut for the Social Hour. Dropping the waste bags thrown the chute en route, to boot!

Had a natter and a laugh with Gladys who I met on the way out. She was going to catch the bus into town.

Into the hut and asked Jenny if she would be kind enough to ring foot lady Sue for me. Who was not very pleased or happy with me. (Sue) Because as I feared, when the computer went down, and I transferred the calendar details afterwards, I did not look far enough on to see her appointment, thus it did not get put on the new diary. She could not gain entry to the flats because this idiot had gone out! Jenny arranged for her to call on next Friday, the 16th at 0930hrs. Hope I can still get the shoes, socks and slippers on by then. Hehe!

Not many people in attendance today. About 14 I reckon. But those there seemed to enjoy themselves.

I got a phone call on the mobile while chatting to BJ. I could not make out what the woman was saying, but the phone indicated it was from the doctors. Luckily Warden Deana was nearby, and I asked her to take the details. It was the INR Warfarin results. I really must take care not to cut myself – the level was 4.7! Dosages for the week were given and written down for me. 2 tablets each day, apart from today, Saturday and Monday when it is 1½. Next appointment was given, for 1020hrs on Wednesday 14th Feb. I’m so glad this receptionist did me, she is the only one who gives an appointment day and time.

The familiar warm wet feeling from the lower regions was felt and recognised. So I left early to tend to the cleaning up and medicationalisationing.

Having the PPs on, made me brave enough, to stop on the way to the apartment and take a picture of both blocks of flat and the building of the new centre one.

The workmen were hard at it on the Winchester block, starting to prepare the balconies for removal and the new ones to be installed soon.

The Winchester flats show one of the hoist cradles right at the top. It looked like some of the new cladding had been started. I assumed the yellow-gold areas were indicative of this?

I got up and into the flat without seeing any other residents. Got in and to the wet room and cleaned things up and changed PPs.

Made a brew, and got on with adding the two appointments to the written diary and online calendar.

Got the oven on to warm it up for the chips later and put the peas in the saucepan ready.

Started to update this blog. Got to here and;

It had to come. For so long now, I’ve been free of the severe ailments. Dizzy Dennis and Anne Gyna both came on at the same time. Also, the fatigue arrived so much earlier in the day than usual.

I decided to do the Health Checks and take the medication at noon and evening now.

Got the nosh prepared.

It looked good, but I ate very little of it. Just fell tired and a little out-of-sorts.

Drained and suffering a bit with Anne Gyna for some reason, and sore bottom.

I got down in the £300 second-hand recliner and did nowt much at all. I could not sleep, but getting up seemed beyond me. So I accepted things and put the TV on, that usually gets me to nod-off. It took a lot longer than usual, many mini-nod-offs later, one of them worked.

TTFN each.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 7th February 2018: A Whoopsiedangleplop, busy, incident ridden day: But enjoyable at the same time. Is that an oxymoron?

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Scotch Gaelic: Diciadain 7 Gearran 2018

2350hrs: Stirred and awaited the brain to join the body in life. It took a while, but when it did burst forth into action, it was little like a thunderstorm; of wild, violent thoughts, fears and uncontrolled self-loathing. As luck would have it, I banged my shin on the Ottoman as I escaped from the £300 second-hand recliner, and this seemed to bring the normality of the ailments and memory blanks back, I felt the warm wet worrying sensation from the lower regions, and things returned to usual in the grey-cell-box.

To the kitchen. Stubbed my toe on the waste bin.

Got the kettle on. The snow had cleared up and gone. This will make the foot journey easier to the surgery for the blood tests. And, to have the rear-end investigated over the increase in the bleeding. Not looking forward to that in the least!

Hope the rain doesn’t decide to come, though. Had a peek at the forecast, no rain on it.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Had a wee-wee, but this caused the fungal infection to start bleeding again. Messy sort out session.

The lower arm, just above the right wrist seems to be aching and hurting a lot this morning, and both arms are itching away along with the upper back area? After a bit of rubbing the back against the door frame and fetching blood, through over scratching the limbs, I applied some cream to the arm, but couldn’t do this on my own to the back, of course. I must remember to mention it to the nurse later. Hopefully, nurse Nichole this time.

Got the nibble-bags prepared and in the bag for the staff and nurse at the surgery.

On to the computer. Started this post off. Then finished the Tuesday diary and got it posted.

Got the shakes and shivers this morning. I think this is due to the workers removing more cladding yesterday?

Visited the WordPress Reader. Then comments responded to.

Got the shakes and shivers this morning. I think this is due to the workers removing more cladding yesterday?

Went on Facebooking and added graphics to the albums.

A Cyber-Friend, Tim Price, wrote this ditty in response to one of the page top graphics;

I thought it well-worthy of inclusion here and put it on Facebook too.

Closed down the computer and got the ablutions tended to. As I suspected, the medicationalisationing of the Fungal Lesion was not something I’d like to do very often. Unpleasant, nocive and messy. Hey-ho!

Having the scrub-up, I realised why the tootsies were hurting so much. The toenails were far too long! Not being able to cut them myself, I have the pleasant foot-Lady Sue come to trim them. Being so long now, it is apparently well past her calling-on-me day? Is she poorly? Did she call and I was not in and got upset? Had the appointment or something changed, and I had forgotten about it? Oh heck! When I get back from the Treatment room, Chemists, Lidl and the Blood Test, I’ll call into the Obergruppenfureres Warden Shed and ask if someone will be willing to help me by calling her and finding out for me. Then if no luck, I’ll have to do a quick search to get someone to do for me pretty soon, cause I can do without the pain from this as well, I bet it’ll be lousy today by the time I’ve hobbled to Carrington and back? The onyxis can get dangerous if left untreated. This being poked, pressed and squashed does the subungual no favours either.

I got the nibbles into the bag and sorted out the black bags of rubbish and recycling and took them to the chute. On returning to the flat, with time getting short, I popped my head in the wet room to make sure I’d not left any taps running, lights on or spots of blood missed when I cleaned up earlier. Checked the bin in the front room had a black bag in it. Computer off, no alarms ringing or flashing, and then into the kitchen to look at the taps, cooker etc… and blow me down, I had three bins in there instead of two, and I’d missed taking a sealed bag that needed to be chuted as if to speak. Hehe! For a second I thought I must be losing it quicker than I realised. Had the Aliens been at it again? I went back in the front room and comprehended what had happened. I’d put a new refuse black-bag on the chair, and it had fallen where the bin would usually be, hence, fooling this old twit into thinking the container was there when it wasn’t! I didn’t explain that very clearly, did I? Sorry.

Set off, hobbling as fast as things would let me, to avoid my being late for the first appointment. On Chestnut Walk outside the apartments, the puddle near the builders compound was frozen solid. But I have to say, the new jacket was keeping me nice and warm. Mind you, I was moving at a fair rate of knots, for me.

Down Winchester Street Hill, through some side-streets and out turning left onto Mansfield Road. Where a handily placed van was parked right across the pavement. As I took this photo, he had just started to reverse into the traffic solid main road illegally!

I bravely gave him a look of disdain as I waited for him to find a gap or be let in by some kind driver. In return, I got myself a curled lip and the popular amongst sign amongst road-rage perpetrators; suggestive that ‘I Go Forth and Multiply! Hehe!

Along and up and over the crest of the hill.

A right kerfuffle was taking place at the Mapperley Hall Drive junction. Cars trying to exit the Drive had blocked other traffic, and there had been bump connection between two vehicles.

I pressed on down the hill and into Carrington.

As the traffic started to move again, I arrived at the Surgery, straight in, with fifteen minutes to spare. Logged in with the receptionist, the one who has a perfect look of contempt on her face for me each time I go when she is on duty. She makes me want to apologise for bothering her. So compelling is her obviously trained look of unprovable haughtiness. I have to give her credit where its due. Personally, I think she ought to be dealing with the Brexit negotiations for us.

I got the crossword book out, and two minutes later, I was called into the treatment room.

Two nurses,  a doctor and five students greeted me on my entry to the place. I was asked; Am I alright with the presence of the students and the Trainee Home Health Nurse being present? “Of course, certainly, no problem”I replied; Not what I was thinking though! Apparently, I was going to have a Proctoscopy. No idea what one was… but I do now. Humph! Eurgh, shudder!

Knees up, on my side, rear end sprayed with something, scope and torch inserted and moved in every crevice, lump and pathway. I could hear the attractive, highly-desirable Doctor talking to the trainees as she went on her expedition.

Half an hour or so later, red-faced, I was feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable, the doctor handed me some cream to apply and told the others to leave. Then the gorgeous gal went on a machine for a minute or two. I have Stage Four haemorrhoids it seems. An appointment will be made for me at the City Hospital, but there is a long waiting list for banding or sclerotherapy operations at the moment. So I must keep using the cortisone cream whenever they are bleeding. Which this year so far, is all the time, only the degree varies. Electrotherapy (I think that was the word) is an alternative method of treatment and could be a better choice for me. She explained the procedure. Sounded rather like being Tasered up my bum. Haha!

A patient, kind sounding woman, that doctor. She got to the bottom of the problem. Hehehehehe! Sorry.

Out into the waiting room, got the crossword book out, but no time to do any, the nurse came to collect me for the blood test straight away. I’d not met this nurse before. She eyed me with a look of suspicion.

I explained about my accidentally throwing away the wrong part of the result sheet so I could not fill in the Q & A section. She didn’t seem too impressed with me at all. We went through it verbally. As she was putting the needle in, I remember thinking; “How much further is she going to delve into my arm? She left me holding the cotton wool firmly on the hole and went to add the details on her computer. She returned, and the wound was flowing with blood when she removed the cotton. She seemed concerned as to why it was taking so long to stop bleeding. I explained that this often happens. By now she was over time allowed for the blood taking, and I could see she was getting worried about keeping others waiting. I thanked her and departed, handing in the nibbles at the reception desk as I left.

With sincere regrets that Nurse Nichole had not seen me today, I lugubriously made my way down to the Carrington shops, over the road and into the Lidl store.

Where I got some seasoned sliced potatoes Sunstream vine tomatoes, Cox’s apples, Greek Lemon flavoured yoghourts, fresh orange juice, cheap chocolate bars an washing up liquid. Went to pay at the Self-Serve tills, but did not get on very very well. A Lidl bloke looked right pissed off, as he was permanently moving between customers who all seemed to be struggling to get the tills to swipe correctly. I used him once, and got down to the sliced potatoes that would not swipe, no matter what I tried. Of the six tills, five now had their red-light flashing for assistance. So I just left the packet on the side and paid for the consumables I’d already got to go through, then left.

I called at the Chemist and asked him when the next prescription will be due. 17th of this month. I wrote this down on the yoghourt packet in the hope that I will remember to record the date on the calendar later.

I thanked them and started the hobble back into Sherwood. Not so far to walk this time, as I hoped to catch an L9 bus in Sherwood back up the hill to the flats. According to Google Maps, when I got home made a plan of the route limped to and back from the surgery; My outward bound hobble was 1.8 miles, and the return limp was of 0.7 miles.

As I was passing Peugeot Dealership in Carrington, this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist didn’t slow down at all as he came to the illegally parked van on double yellow lines. He swerved around the vehicle going out into the road in one continuous movement without even looking. How the blue 4×4 missed hitting him, I don’t know.

I caught this cause I was getting ready to take a photo of the traffic, so had the camera handy.

Up the hill and down into Sherwood, and up the incline and called into the new bakery, to see if they had any small sourdough bread or cobs on sale. They were… and I’m not joking, selling the bread 800g, at £5 each! I retreated!

Across the pelican lights and into the Wilko store. They had some of my favourite Citrus Fresh Air Sprays on sale at half-price. So I got two of them, along with a fragrance booster and a bottle of liquid soap flakes. These are great for when I have to soak any bloodied clothing, very effective.

Up to the bus stop and waited. Penny and Roy joined the queue.

Arriving at Chestnut Walk, I went into the Wardens Hut to see if either of them could help with phoning Footlady Sue. Two unknown to me ladies were at the desk chinwagging. I asked them if anyone was in. “No!” came the reply. So that was that another plan foiled! Haha!

Got in the flat. Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

I took the pork from the crock-pot, cut it up into small pieces and put it in a saucepan. Added sliced onions, fresh chopped tomatoes, large soaked and boiled white beans, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, distilled vinegar, tomato puree, basil and a pot of black bean sauce and gently simmered away for an hour or so. Got the thick triple-fried oven chips heating up.

A quick bash on Facebooking. Then WordPress Comments.

Time to get the fodder served up.

What a highly-palatable meal this was.

A deserved 9.45/10 rating for this effort.

Washed the pots and dishes up, then did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Changing into my night attire, I had a Dennis Dizzy spell at the exact time I didn’t need it. I was stood on one foot at the time, in the process of painfully extracting my left leg from the trousers. Ended up in what must have been a hilariously funny picture to behold. On my back after tumbling over, trousers half-on and half-off and legs up in the air, and I clouted the back of my head on the wall when I landed.  With blood trickling out from the Protection Pants. Even I had to smile to myself, partly because I had not seriously hurt myself, I expect. Tsk! Got the bleeding tended to, washed, got the new PPs on and jammies and returned to the kitchen, to get a mug of orange juice. Took some nits of the Lidl cheap chocolate bar with me.

Settled down in the £300 second-hand recliner and got the TV on. The Lidl chocolate bar lumps tasted horrible.

Fell asleep very quickly.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 6th February 2018

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Samoan: Aso Lua 6 Fepuari 2018

0230hrs: Woke with the brain in a right fertummelt. Whatever it was that I’d been dreaming of, I sensed it contained frustrations and past failures within the theme. But nothing concrete memory-wise. I spent a good while trying to recall details, without any success.

As I began the process of detaching my lumbering wobbly compact body from the £300 second-hand recliner, I became aware that there were no signs of nocturnal-nibbling. However, there was an empty bottle of flavoured springwater and another with just a drop left in it. I must have had a thirst on last night.

Why had I got a kitchen knife, a pair of new Protection Pants and a full-packet of Bisoprolol Beta-blockers laying neatly-spaced out on the Ottoman? An enigmatical question.

I put the things away and went to make a mug of tea. During which, the innards burst into life, rumbling away. I made my way to the wet room and onto the Porcelain Throne.

A terribly saturnine Porcelain Throne session ensued.

  Leaving a rare-for-me, appetency, desirous of being freed from my ailments. But I soon lost attention on that thought, as I stood up from the throne and stubbed my toe against floor cupboard. No bad language, not even in my mind, just a deferential, submissive, self-effacing, unassertive acceptance of my spiritlessness, inabilities, futilities and liabilities. Huh!

Feeling just a little down now, I carried out the Health Checks.

Made a big mug of tea. I put this jar of black bean sauce next to it, to remind me to ask a question when I got around to putting it on the blog. “How am I supposed to use it with my pork shoulder steaks, which I intend to cook in the Crock-Pot”. Do I cook the meat in the sauce, or part-water and the sauce, or do I prepare the steak, as usual, drain it and then put it in a saucepan cover it with sauce to warm the sauce up? Any help would be appreciated by someone in the know. Might be best if I do it in the oven today, after all. Fank you!

Took the medications and took these photographs of the rain-free morning outside. Looked like a touch of frost was in the air.

Computer started, and this post began, then on to finishing off the Monday effort. This took a coup;e of hours

Went to make another brew, and how the scene outside had changed!

0545hrs: Put some TFZer graphics on my Pinterest pages. Gerald’s Pinterest Pages.

These are they:

WordPress comments replied-to. Visited the WordPress Reader.

0800hrs: Oh, dearie

Off back to the kitchen for another brew,

And blimey what a different view,

So I took these piccies to show to you,

I guess they said, the snow was due,

Through the clouds, the sky was red and blue,

From inside, the view cheered me, that was long overdue!

But going out in it? Too much of a hullabaloo!

Herbert is making a lot of noise this morning. Does he think it is a Sunday and not Monday? Oh, it’s Tuesday innit?

The workers of drilling away on the outside of the building. Can’t be too helpful for them out there in this weather.

0840hrs: I stopped updating this page and went on CorelDraw, to try and catch up with doing the last of the TFZer Transport Fun Graphics. If it will let me, of course. Back in a bit.

1420hrs: Shattered now, got the last of the TFZer series done.

A few of these I am proud of (Smug Mode Adopted).

Got the nosh prepared and served up.

The shoulder pork, I’d done in the oven. Tasted a little bland. So I hope to use the other two pieces done in the crock-pot and seasoned with some Black Bean Sauce. The curried beans were grand, tasty and morish in the extreme!

‘Herbert’ above was I think, working on some heavier modelling than usual. The clunks of whatever it is he keeps dropping sounded louder, more thuddish. This was no bother, as the workers were drilling and banging away outside and one just plodded on, hoping that in eight months or so, this noise (Not Herbert’s of course) will cease. Then I can hire workmen to put right the kitchen floor, holes in the wall, redecorate… I’m getting in a panic again! Haha!

Remembered to do a Wristlet Alarm Battery Check with the Nottingham City Homes team. All good.

Health Checks and medications were sorted.

I put on a DVD of Dr Who, got the headphones on and settled to watch it… two minutes later, disentangled myself from the cables and recliner then off to the Porcelain Throne. I’m getting fed-up with Little Inchies lesion bleeding. Or rather, having to clean up and medicate things down there. Painful and embarrassing job. I must ask the Doctor, (Not Dr Who, Doctor Vindla. Hehe!) if she can rush the appointment with the GUM clinic for me.

Back to the recliner, turned off the goggle-box and lay there for hours. Just fretting over everything and stewing in self-loathing and pity. I Drifted off eventually.

I woke as my bum hit the floor as I had somehow managed to slip out of the £300 second-hand recliner. I lay there back against the recliner, bum on the floor and legs up on the Ottoman. I did feel a right twit! Good job there are no CCTV cameras in the flat! I effected a nifty getting up again session, without too much trouble at all, surprised myself at how well I coped, and without any pain worth mentioning.

Had I been dreaming, a nightmare or what?

As I stood and turned to look for any clues on the chair, I trod on the TV remote control! Hope it still works later.

Confused, but no sooner had I returned my obese, short wobbly body onto the recliner, I drifted off into the land of Nod.

Oddities, mysteries, panics, fears and failures I need not,

But I get them regularly, so that’s my unlucky lot,

It’s no wonder I’m a nervous senile silly old clot!

Inchcock Today – Monday 5th February 2018

Monday 5th February 2018

Shona: Muvhuro 5 February 2018

0035hrs: After a horrendous night of fitful nodding-offs dreaming and waking, (No memories of them) I stirred and with great effort, forced my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner. Off for a wee-wee, to find the PPs soaked in fresh and dried blood. (A lot of anguish and mess to sort out later), and did the Health Checks and took the medications. Recorded details in the log.

The stomach was rumbling and grumbling. Put the kettle on, made a brew, and shot back to the wet room to utilise the Porcelain Throne. Most uncomfortable of sessions. More cleansing needed! Tsk!

Found the days medications in the pot near the kettle, I thought I’d taken these? I hadn’t it seemed, so I did. Hehe!

Got the computer on and started this post going.

Finished off yesterday’s diary of woes and got it posted off.

Went to the WordPress Reader. I made the comments.

The stomach is churning away severely again.

Went to Facebooking. Did some more of the TFZer Transport Series Graphic for the TFZer page.

Time to get the ablutions and medicationalisation treatments done now. Not looking forward to this, but it has to be done. Back later on folks.

Uncomfortable medicationalisationing followed the wonderful shower tooth-cleaning and shaving session.

0845hrs: Sorted and took the black bags to the refuse chute.

Prepared the things needed for the trip to get some pork knuckle in jelly and hearing-aid batteries.

Off out into the most misleading oh, so heatless sunshine.

Took this photo of the continuing work on the Woodthorpe Court flats half-way along Chestnut Walk on my way to the Warden, Obergruppenfurheresses Temporary hut. Walking well this morning. The right foot was sticking out a bit further to the right than usual, but no more painful than usual.

Into the hut, Warden Deana greeted me a good morning as she was leaving the shed. Inside was only Roy, and Welsh Bill sat opposite each other chinwagging. I offered them a cheery “Morning lads, are you both okay this nippy morning?” I was totally ignored. I smiled and chipped in with “I can go outside and come in again you know!” Each of them turned to look at me, both gave me a sort of ‘Phwert’ noise, adopted a semi-smile and carried on gossiping. Hehe! Nice to be well-liked, innit.

Out to the bus-stop and got on the City bound L9. En route, it dawned on me that the audiologist department does not open on a Monday. This was most annoying my forgetting again, cause I did the same last Monday! Twit!

Got off on Upper Parliament Street and walked through the Victoria Centre Shopping Centre (Mall) through to Tesco at the far end.

On this stretch of highway, there was a terrible saxophonist street artist with his instrument container used as a ‘Place-Cash-Here’ box. A band of three was making one hell of a loud racket and din, supposedly to make music and collect donations in the doorway of yet another closed-down City Centre business on the corner of Clumber Street. I could see from where I stood, no less than five street sleepers.

I attempted to take a ‘Moody Shot’ on Clumber Street.

Facing straight into the cold sun and holding the camera low. I had no idea how it would come out because I could not see the screen of the camera as I took the pot-shot photograph. However, this is the resulting effort, not good, but interesting.

It seemed that the Nottinghamians this morning, there were all in low spirits. Long faces, scowls and glumness seemed to be everywhere around.

In Tesco, I got some pork knuckles, jars of black bean sauce, sugar snap peas, brown bread thins, pork shoulder steaks and mini franks… how that packet of Fresh Cream Strawberry and cream doughnuts got in with the other fodder, is still a mystery to me. Hehehe!

Paid the lovely lady at the checkout and walked back along through the shopping centre and onto Upper Parliament Street.

Waiting for the bus, I noticed the street sleeper outside the PoundWorld shop, had three people approach him with a flask and bag of goodies. He was very quick to conceal his mobile phone out of sight under his blanket.

During the fifteen minute period that I waited for the late running bus to arrive, no less than three paramedics, two ambulances and a fire engine passed by. No signs of any police, of course, I didn’t see any officers in all the time I was in the City Centre.

The bus arrived, and Frank’s better-half was on, I sat next to her and had a natter as we proceeded in a Northerly direction toward our apartment building. She was not very well, just getting over a bout of flu, bless her.

Had a ‘Memory Blank Period’ when I got into the flat. It lasted a couple of hours or so, during which I have no idea what happened. I seemed to come out of it having eaten the meal, that was on the tray on my lap as I sat there watching the TV?

I went to do the Health Checks and take the medications, to find that I already had done so.

I found this photograph of the meal on the SD card the following morning when I went to update this post.

It seemed whatever took place, had not affected my appetite at all. Shame I could not recall enjoying, or even if I did, the cream cakes. But only the empty box remained. Hehe!

I’ll mention this and make an appointment with the doctor at Wednesday’s blood test.

Did the washing up and settled to watch some TV. I kept nodding and waking for ages.