Inchcock Diary 16th Nov 14

IMG_0249Sunday 16th November 2014

I was up cleaning little ‘Inchy’ and changing me bloodied night attire at 0200hrs. Well pee’d off with it now!

Started laptop and made a cuppa took medications and consumed a pot of porridge.

Angina bad.

Toyed on the internet for many hours, having to restart the laptop a few times though. But Coreldraw seemed content not to crash. (Up to now!)

Hope to get out and take some photo’s later, but the weather is a tad foggy and not very welcoming.

The depression self-pity loathing and the Angina beat me today – Not doing anything but Internetting.

Sorry. Hope to bounce back.


The Night Nurse Remedy – Part of the ‘Nottingham Lad’s True Tales of Woe’ series

NN02flatI was living in a ground floor flat at the time on Bingham Road in Sherwood Nottingham.

When I got a bout of flu suddenly hit me.

I’d been out for a few pints at the local at lunchtime, but felt suddenly weary and tired, and after the one pint, I made my way back to the flat to get my head down.

I had heard of the new ‘Night Nurse Medicine’ and how good it was, so I ventured to the chemist bought some, and took a swig.

I remember lying on the settee, unable to get up again, and kept falling asleep, and waking, each time I woke I felt dizzy and noticed the light coming through the window from the street light outside was getting less as the night moved on.

I woke up in the bedroom, not knowing how I had got there, and still feeling bad. I eventually got myself up, and walked through to the kitchen at the back, and saw the back door open.

Nothing seemed out of order. As I walked into the garden, I heard the side gate open, and a policeman and woman approached me.

It seems the woman had complained about me singing as I was dancing and then rolling on the grass naked in the garden at 3 o’clock in the morning!

I could remember nothing of this, and tried to explain to them about the ‘Night nurse’ apparently affected me behaviour, and I could not remember anything about the incident.

Later I tried to explain to the magistrates about the ‘Night nurse’ affecting me behaviour, and I could not remember anything about the incident.

Later I tried to explain to my employers about the ‘Night nurse’ affecting me behaviour, and I could not remember anything about the incident.

Later I tried to explain to my lady-friend Grizelda about the ‘Night nurse’ affecting me behaviour, and I could not remember anything about the incident.

Later I tried to explain to my landlady about the ‘Night nurse’ affecting me behaviour, and I could not remember anything about the incident.

So, I recommend that if you are taking Night Nurse Medications, do not drink alcohol!

Don’t do as I did – you read the label it warns you not to drink alcohol! (In fact I’d give the Night Nurse a miss altogether now I think about it again and stick with the alcohol I think… I wish I had)

NN03nurseSpecial warnings and precautions for use

Medical advice must be sought before taking this product in people with:

• Hepatic or renal impairment. Underlying liver disease increases the risk of paracetamol-related liver damage.

• Chronic or persistant cough, such as occurs with asthma and emphysema, or where cough is accompanied by excessive secretions.

• Narrow-angle glaucoma

• Cardiovascular problems

• Prostatic hypertrophy

• Urinary retention

• Epilepsy

Use with caution in the elderly, who are more likely to experience anticholinergic adverse effects including confusion and paradoxical excitation. Avoid use in elderly patients with confusion.

Children are more likely to experience paradoxical excitation with sedating antihistamine.

Medical advice should be sought if symptoms persist, or are accompanied by high fever, skin rash or persistent headache.

Patients with rare glucose-galactose malabsorption should not take this medicine.

The hazard of overdose is greater in those with non-cirrhotic alcoholic liver disease.

Do not exceed the stated dose.

Patients should be advised not to take other paracetamol-containing products or decongestant-containing medicines concurrently.

If symptoms persist consult your doctor.

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Avoid alcoholic drink. I missed this bit… Tsk!

Did Night Nurse make Red Arrows pilot die? RAF ace accidentally ejected himself on tarmac after taking flu medication

Daily Mail Wednesday, Nov 5th 2014

  • Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham, 35, died after accident in Hawk T1
  • Ejector seat parachute did not deploy at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire
  • Test show Cunningham used Night Nurse the evening before incident
  • Medication ‘can cause some sedation and impair performance in pilots’

It has amazed me ever since the incident, why the youths of today buy expensive drugs, when all they need to do is to drink a pint of bitter and take just one gulp of Night Nurse?

Inchcock Today: Monday 3rd October 2014


Monday 3rd October 2014

I was up at 0145hrs wide awake, mind you I did get me head down early.

Down to the fridge for the Inchy cream – now this morning it didn’t bleed much at all? But I’m still going to visit the G.U.M. clinic to see if I can or indeed need any more of the Daktacort cream, especially after it bled so much yesterday. (The ‘Inch’ not the cream like)

Got my LOMM posts all done, and was pleased with some of the graphics.

Did some Facebooking before getting ready for the long walk to the Clinic.

I set off and got as far as the end of the road and realised I’d not got me mobile phone with me, so returned and collected it… after a little search proved fruitful. Tsk!

Set off again on the trudge to the G.U.M. clinic.

Only had to wait about 20 minutes, and a young strapping lass came and called my name out. She took me into a little office and I explained everything to her about me bleeding tender little ‘Inch’.

We went into the examination room and she had a look with the magnifying tool and showed concern saying she would fetch a doctor to have a look at it. Despite all I’d explained to her about the bleeding, this surprised her.

A female doctor returned with her and had a good decker and grope at the ‘Inch’. Painfully at times.

She declared that she was going to consult with someone else and left, covering up the ‘Inch’ with a paper towel.

She returned and had  prod about again, the declared she was going to prescribe some cream with steroid in it. To be applied thinly once a day. I was to use it for 3 weeks then return for a check up. If things had not improved I’d be referred to a doctor for consideration for further investigation and even the snip.

01M02When they left the room this time as I waited for the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream to arrive – I definitely heard much laughter from the other side of the door! Never mind eh.

The cream arrived and I left and caught the free bus to the QMC for me INR level tests to be done. I got a bit of reading done en route. (Blood Red Snow).

When I arrived at the QMC I went up to floor D and the Anticoagulation therapy Department to explain why I wanted it doing today on the Doctors instructions. They said it would be alright, and sent me back down to the ground floor where I took a ticket and joined the queue.

Only two nurses on duty, but I managed to have a little natter with them.

Then caught the bus back to town and another out to Carrington, where I dropped off at Lidl to get some bread. I joined the queue at the till and waited as my beard grew and paid for the bread, again getting 4x1p pieces in the change.

As I walked home I thought I’d save all these 1p pieces and spend them at Lidl in one go, if they moan I’ll tell not to give em me in me change then!

Saw Big John going to the launderette instead of Tuesday. He said he’s got to go to a funeral tomorrow.

Got back to the dump, WC and laptop started passed wind and felt the blood from me piles running.

Went up and cleaned myself up – Gawd I’m getting through some clothes this last week. Bloodied underpants, pyjama bottoms, bedding etc.

Another traipse to the launderette tomorrow then.

Ah well!

Records wot Inchcock has set

IR02Record 1: Birth

Inchcock was probably the first just under 3lb baby to have his mother tell the mid-wife to “Throw it in the Trent!”

Record 2: Absconding

He ran away from home at six years of age – gone for six hours, got scared and returned to a good belting. Not for running away that was encouraged, but for getting caught and the police bringing him back and waking up all the neighbours.

IR01Not that the belting upset him, it was the fact that no one had missed him that hurt.

Record 3: Being forgotten by his Mother

He’s been told of, and some he can remember. The wash-house, the Bingo stalls, the Cinema, the Chip shop, and the relatives houses are just some of the places she left him to return later to collect him, or usuallt someone would take him back home.

The one he remembers with clarity was a day trip to Mablethorpe and she left him in an arcade and caught the train home. Give her credit though, she did remember when the train got into Lincoln and she informed the police. Who sent a PC to collect him and scare him to death giving him a lift in a black maria to Lincoln to be rejoined with his mother who wanted to know immediately if he’s won anything on the machines.

Record 4: Boxing

Young Inchcock believes he still holds the record for any boxer at the Meadows Old Boys Club – he lost every bout and never got beyond the second round.

Record 5: Football

He definitely holds the record as their goalkeeper, albeit as stand in when they played Corpus Christie School in a cup match. He still insists that the third of the thirteen goals they scored was not his fault.

IR05Record 6: Go-Karting

He was the first person to tip over a Go-Kart at the new amenity in Skegness.

Record 7: Falling asleep

Perhaps one of his best records and least challenged by others was his trip to Mansfield for a job interview by bus.

IR04aHe fell asleep and woke up at Chesterfield, where he had to pay the extra fare of course.

He got soaked in the rain waiting for a bus back to Mansfield.

He then fell asleep on that one and got off at Sutton in Ashfield.

Again he got soaked waiting for a bus to Mansfield.

When he arrived at the interview they told him he’s got the wrong day it should have been the day before!

Record 8: Shot

He was the only Security Guard in 1988 to get shot by an intruder.

IR03Record 9: Hernia repair

When he went into hospital to have his hernia tended to, they found he had bladder cancer, haemorrhoids and a prostate growth.

He still wonders how they found the haemorrhoids problem?

Record 10: In and out of hospital

IR04When he went in to have his new mechanical ticker valve done, they told him he’s be in for three to four nights.

After two nights they told him the bed was needed for an emergency and sent him home. He had to ring his sister and brother in law to give him a lift. Agony!


There are probably many more records that he holds, but he only got as far as this when he had to run to the WC and fell up the stairs.

The paramedic is with him now.

Friendly Aliens Land on Earth – to save those rare & ‘at-risk’ of our species

It can now be revealed – that Aliens have indeed landed on earth on the 7th June 2014, at Scarce-Crumpet Village, in Nottinghamshire, UK.


AL01The aliens, friendly in nature, declared their intention of saving earth species at risk of extermination. Although too late to save the Dodo and others species long gone from earth, they first met and informed the Nottingham City Council Litter Picker, Juan Inchcock 69, who they met in the municipal latrines of the Crankmore Cemetery, of the intended species they wanted to save for posterity when the humankind kills itself off in 2017, and keep them in a museum on their planet. As an example to their own species of how to self destruct without trying.

* The 3 Honest Politicians left on earth. (Now two actually as one of them joined the others since the list was compiled and fiddled her expenses)

* The Lib-Dem Party of the UK, and its 14 supporters. (Although they were a tad concerned that they may infect their own species with the madness rampant within the Cleggite supporters, so decided to take and preserve them in suspended animation, which of course is their usual state.)

* The honest lawyer who lives in Outer Mongolia.

* Both of the honest car mechanics in the UK. (Especially the one in Nottingham who actually checked all the required features of the MOT and did not ‘invent’ any faults and was sent to Coventry by his colleagues)

* All of the five police officers who actually go on patrol in Nottingham. . (But with cuddly Cameron’s further cuts this was now down to three)

* All three of the English footballers who can pass a ball. (But especially the one who can pass a ball accurately.)

* The dentist who did not enjoy in 1975, causing pain to a patient.

* The plumber who did not overcharge a pensioner in October 2011.

* Both Roofers who actually repaired a roof.

 The Aliens showed their great regret at being too late to save any Honest Estate Agents, Taxi drivers, or Security Guards, as all were already extinct on earth now.

Mr Inchcock passed on the message to the Nottingham Constabulary, who promptly arrested him and sent him to the Happy House Asylum.

Cameron’s Letter to Agony Aunt (Updated)


Agony Aunt for the ‘Lesser Endowed Gentlemen’s Weekly Gazette’

Dear Gertrude,

The constant voices in my head are forever chattering away, it’s driving me decidedly crazy.

I even questioned my own brilliance, cunning and competency last week. A rare lapse in my usual superlatively confident personality.

I prefer not to mention this to my Harley Street Doctor, as I hold a rather important position. Perhaps I am concerned because I got the job through skulduggery illegal and unethical means?

EM01Luckily my only genuine competitor for the job, is unfit and far too lacking in spirit, ideas and gusto.

Perhaps I have lost a little edge though lack of genuine competition?

Although UKIP seem to be doing well and starting to cause me a slight cause for concern.

But my overseas investment and offshore accounts have increased exponentially due to the backhanders from my lodge member friends who I am slowly and stealthily selling off the NHS to. No problems there.

I would prefer it of you did not mention or reveal the contents of this letter.

If you can help me with my problem Gertrude, I can assure you of a liaison of a physical nature with any of the members of my cabinet, a handsome cash reward via their expense claims, and a new caravan in Chelsea.

Yours Unfaithfully:

Cameron01The Right Honourable David William Donald Cameron

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

First Lord of the Treasury

Minister for the Civil Service

Leader of the Conservative Party

Member of Parliament for Witney

Descendant of King William IV

Raised in Peasemore, Berkshire by father Ian, a stockbroker, and mother Mary Fleur, a retired Justice of the Peace.

Eton College at the age of 13

First class degree in Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE) at Oxford

Brasenose College, Oxford, from which I graduated in 1988 with a first-class honours degree.

Git with Distinction

10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA

Inchcock Today: Saturday 4th October 2014


Saturday 4th October 2014

Woke up 0245hrs, or rather sprang awake really.


Then wondered why I had come out of me sleep so suddenly.

I just had to have a look around the flea-pit to see if I’d had intruders to settle my mind. Stubbed me toe on the way and swore a bit.

Took a peep outside, all I could see were two intoxicated personages walking down the middle of the road in sight.


Tried to get some more kip again.

Woke again at 0425hrs.

Put some Clotromozole cream on the ‘Inch’, it wasn’t bleeding too much this morning (Yet?).


Tried to get some more kip again but gave up after a while.

0535hrs: Came down, but pots in soak, started laptop made cuppa and took medications.

Must remember to sort out how to tackle me trip to see me sister later today to arrive about 1300hrs as they requested and I gave them as my ETA. Because today is the big day for the Goose Fair mob and football fans travelling.

Updated this tosh and perused Facebook for a while.

aaaa3I was sat sitting ‘here on me laptop… not sitting on the laptop, but sitting using the laptop if yer see worra mean, I wus actually sitting on me stool at the laptop wot I was using like, the laptop not the stool, although I was using the stool as well was I not?… er… what was I gonna post?…
Oh yes… the sky outside (Well it would be wouldn’t it) turned into a red hue like I’ve never seen before.
So I went out and took a photo of it. Odd innit?

Odd innit?

Spent a while doing a bit of blogging preparation and Facebooking.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen went up and had a wash un shave and titivated myself.

Got the goodies packed up for Jan and Pete, made sure (Sureish that is) I’d got everything I needed with me, and set off on me walk into town – then saw the rain, but continued onward cause that’s the type of chap I am… Stupid!

The cut-though to Mansfield Road looked more like a stream, but I pressed on.

06St04All went okay until I got to the hill up passed the Goose Fair pedestrian entrance and the cemetery.

The drains in the road further up had obviously been blocked be all the falling leave and a min torrent was pouring down the hill – naturally a bus came up and created its own mini-tidal wave that kindly filled me bag on the right with rainwater, and left me with a wet right trouser leg!

I believe I might have said something like “Well blow me down fancy that?”

The left knee was not as bad as it has been this morning, and I couldn’t tell if ‘Inchy’ was bleeding or not due to the bus-soaked wet trousers as I squelched limping along. I actually laughed about it. Further proof of my mental status’ deterioration I think.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGot into town and caught the bus out to West Bridgford (Oh I do love me free bus-pass) and the rain eased off a tad, and by the time I dismounted the bus, it had stopped altogether.

A lady on a mobility scooter threatened fleetingly as she pulled out in front of me, but I cunningly avoided a collision that she knew nothing about.

I hobbled to the house of Jane and Pete, sending a text message that I was due in ten minutes and to get the kettle on sharpish.

06St05When I arrived, a cuppa was being poured our fer me – smashing!

I told em the tale of me meals at home and the bleeding Inch, then woke them up to hear their tales of the week.

Pete sorted out me new camera holder and shown me how it worked. A 4-9-4 3general natter followed and Pete took a photo with me new camera, then showed me how to delete it.

Jane wanted me to take some photo’s of her new plants in the garden – that she got with he prize money from cleverly winning a crossword competition.

4-9-4 4I took the first picture with the new camera (I’ve named Suzanne), and the others with the old one (Grizelda).

Pete was busy working upstairs by now and Jane pointed out to me that the bus was due in ten minutes, so I said my farewells and limped to the bus stop.

Caught the bus to town and called in the Chinese shop to get some cheesey-seaweed. (Gone up now to £1.89 from £1.69 – Tut!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWalked through the City Centre where they had some show on about old folk, but I was the only old folk there.

I struggled up King Street, managing to avoid the skateboarders and Big issue sellers alright.

Then over the road to the bus stop for a Carrington bus.

Limped off and walked back to the flea-pit, yobboes lurking at the far end of the street.

Got in and thought although it was late for me and I was tired, I’d try out how to get the photo’s from the new camera to me laptop so I could send them to Jane and Pete.

Whatta mistake to maka…

I’d loader all the photographs into Coreldraw to resize up nicely like… halfway through Coreldraw did it again – onlt saved em in black and white…

So, turned all me programmes off, removed all the Coreldraw files, restarted the laptop, re-installed the Coreldraw9 programme.

Restarted the laptop as it told me to.

And it worked again in colour.

By now I was well tired and frustrated… again.

Eventually managed to update this Diary of Woe. A weary lad…

Nottingham Traffic Collision

Unpaid WordPress reporter Juan Inchcock Chambers (68) reports that his morning, on Parliament Street in Nottingham, outside the Job Centre Plus offices, a nasty traffic collision took place.


There was the Lord Mayors Jaguar overtaking a bus parked, as he was on his way to visit the Left handed users Gay Ukrainian Support Centre next door to the Job-centre Plus offices, and this blocked the view of a drunken driver and benefit seeker of an Audi 8, Agnieszka Lukaku (21) who was turning into the premises.

He collided with the Job-centre Plus manager Sheridan Cuthbertson [54] in his Skoda Estelle.

CC03The police and traffic wardens were on the scene within seconds, and Police Constable Mike Steeden, commented: “The Lord Mayors Jaguar has damage to the bumper. The Audi is also damaged, and the Skoda a write off. Charges will follow. Luckily the Lord Mayor was not injured in the collision, although the paramedics insisted in pumping out his stomach contents for some reason? It’s a good thing that the Council no longer use the Bentley nowadays. I believe they sold it cheaply to save on petrol in 2009 to a nephew of the City Treasurer.

The benefit claimant was taken to hospital with a suspected pricking of his conscience.

The Job-centre Plus manager Sheridan Cuthbertson, is suing the Nottingham Council.

The traffic wardens later had their picture taken next to the Lord Mayors Jaguar.

The JCP Manager’s Skoda Estelle was destroyed in the collision. He commented: “At last!”

Late News:

It appears that a mobility scooter may have had some influence on the accident.

Police are looking for a Mr Danny Soz, possibly originating from South London of indeterminate age. The disability Scooter had been stolen from Nottingham’s Midland Railway Station, and later found abandoned outside the notorious Binaround Brenda’s brothel.

Inchcock Today: Mon 29th Sept 14

Monday 29th September 2014


Gorrup at 0430hrs.


My ‘Inch’ was sore and painful again, took a peep and dried off the blood. Decided I’ll have to go see someone about this and get it sorted one way or the other.

Laptop started, kettle on.

Got going with me LOMM submissions and updates.

It took me until about 0820hrs to get ‘em finished. Which I did despite the old laptop going oh so slowly.

Pottered about on Facebook, some good comments come in on it.

Then posted some photo’s to My Walks of Nottingham and the LOMM albums.


Another cuppa and a biscuit or two

Then I went upstairs to pretty myself up.

As I was having a good all over wash and a shave, I spotted the blood dribbling down onto me foot!

It took about half an hour to stop it bleeding – so I  decided to go see the GP Dr Vindla to see if I could have a quick word with her for advice.

Got me things ready for the Warfarin tests at the hospital and donating to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, and set off on a hobble to the GP surgery first thing.

The receptionist phoned Dr Vindla, and I was in luck, she saw me straight away.

Anyone not wishing to read of such things please move on to past the Italic writing in red. Thank you.

Embarrassed or what? There she was toying with me Inch, while I silently whistled to meself.

It seems there is a lesion that goes about 2/3rds of the way around me Inch under the foreskin, and it was pouring blood as soon as she touched it.

She gave me a prescription for some cream and told me not to use the bandages for a week. I’ve to go back next Monday to have it looked at again. (She probably wants to take a photo of it for some Fetish site or other?)  Only joking!

She told me to get my INR level checked with the surgery nurse straight away.

I think I heard a chuckle as I left the surgery though…

Booked appointment with the receptionist as I left, for Monday next, and the nurse called me into her room as I did so.

01M04It is a new nurse, not seen her before. I wondered which nurse had left, Nurse Goebbels or Nurse Stalin? At least she had the decency to laugh out loud when I told her of me plight.

Bought a loaf and some cooked meat from the delicatessen shop.

Then I hobbled up into Sherwood to the Charity Shop.

Walked to the chemist and got me new cream for the ‘Inch’

Afterwards I caught a bus into town. Cause I wanted to take the QMC nurses their treats as wot I would have if the surgery nurse had not took me blood instead of them who I would have gone to first anyway… I’m losing this…

01M01Got to town and caught a bus out to the Queens Medical Centre, and gave the haematology nurses their nibbles, and gave em a laugh telling em about what had happened.

The journey was horrendous, I think the driver must have been a keen stock car racer. People were swaying all over the place – in fact one bloke 01M02fell on me! This is a picture I took when I got off the bus, if anyone recognises the driver, best not get on his bus on a Monday morning!

Caught a bus back to town, and went to the library to see if the nice lady who said she would help sort me out with the meals-at-home thingy was on duty. But she was not there, so I left it 01M03until tomorrow after I get me laundry done.

Had a little limp around the slab square then up to the bus-stop back to the hoppit.

I observed a new pay-day-loan type outlet had opened; Just what Nottingham needs that is!

Dropped off and walked to the flea-pit.

Made a cuppa, put me nosh away and updated this tosh.


The cream is called Clotromozole. The leaflet says it works by destroying the fungus and yeast which has caused the infection.

It is used to treat: Ringworm infections, Skin infections, Thrush and Nappy Rash: I’m not sure which I have got though?

Possible Side Effect: Irritation or a burning sensation – Itching and redness… hmm!

Well, time to get me nosh ready now, pork sarnies with Irish tomato sauce followed by an ice-cream filled lolly.

Must wash me hands well after applying me pain gel, dermatological creams and the Clotromozole cream three times a day.


Inchcock’s Diary: Friday 26th September 2014


Friday 26th September 2014

What a mess this morning.

Following a bad night, dreams, waking ups and pain in the chest – I attended the WC around about 0430hrs to find; Blood and tender swelling from the Inch, blood from the haemorrhoids and new blood welt spots on my hands.

I must get to see the GP again.

I should get me letter with details of the Nottingham Meals at Home system today.

o535hrs: I cleaned myself up and came downstairs, wearily I might add, Put the medical stuff in a bag, took it out to the dustbin and moved it ready for collection.

Started laptop and put the kettle on.

WC both ends attended to.

Came down gingerly and made cuppa, then waited for the laptop to finish loading to update this diary.

Medications taken with me cuppa tea, then I sorted out the things for the Nottingham Hospice Shop.

05F02Titivated meself, managing to end up with a shaving cut under each eye, then got ready and set off on me walk into Sherwood to the Hospice shop.

Bit of traffic about today.

The left knee being so bad might not be such a 05F05bad thing yer know; because it takes away yer concentration on the pain from the right knee?

I dropped off the things at the shop and crossed the road to catch a bus to Mansfield. When it arrived, it was nearly full and I had to sit on one of the pull-down seats. I spent the whole journey hanging on for dear life… 05F04hehehe!

I arrived at Mansfield bus station and poddled down to investigate B&M and Pound Stretcher shops for any bargains they might have on offer. Got some cheapo little tins of ham and some nice looking honeyed ham slices from B&M, then got some biscuits from the Stretcher shop.

05F03Took a walk through the shopping centre, and boy was there some mobility scooters about or what! Still, I have to say, although nervous of ‘em, none actually attacked or blitzkrieged me.

I came out the other end, and waddled me way down to open market for a while… this is where I noticed the fine 0506array of mobility scooters on sale.

I ambled my way back up to the bus station, and caught the bus back to Nottingham, dropping off at Carrington. I walked past the car I often looked at as I did so, a Bedford CA van… it’s burnt out now, and the wheels have gone?

Tried to take a photo of it, but the camera would not work, it just took blank shots? Oh ‘eck. Summat else dying? Tsk!

Got into the flea-pit, well tired again and made a cuppa, some ham sandwiches and took me evening medications – then head down and hopefully some decent sleep.