Inchcock Today – Thur 24 March: Dizzy-spells rampant, but still enjoyed the Tenants Social Hour.


* * * * *

Thursday 24 March 2016

01 cupid

Still giving me grief. Tsk!

Horrible sense of not belonging when I woke up? A feeling that I wasn’t here, but watching myself, and I hated what I saw?

Perhaps this was due to a dream I’d been having, but I could not remember it at all, just a sensation that I’d had it?

I started shaking on and off, not shivering, shaking, shuddering? It stopped and was replaced with a panicking about everything again, a lack of cohesion, guilty feelings and when I tried to get up, the dizzies hit me with a dangerous attack, and I sat down for a while.

I was worried about being worried. The mind slowly returned to action, and I escaped the morass of emotions and fears, but the odd shake kept on all day. Yet most times it was only for a few seconds at a time?

P1050906I got up, WC’d, made a cup of tea and took the medications.

I got the laptop on quickly and started this diary off to record what I could remember about the emotions and sensations I’d have just one through.

Sorry to start on a low-level, but I felt more like myself again. But still fretting in over everything in my mind.

I rang BJ to see if he was coming to the Social Hour. No answer, he might still be in bed, I’d not realised people sometimes are not morning folk me.

I’ve not been able to get hold of BJ for a fortnight now. I’ve phoned him a few times and called at his house twice without any luck. I hope he’s alright. If he doesn’t arrive today, I’ll text him to see how he is.

With not being able to talk to Steve Age UK and his no longer being able to assist me after the 30th, I think I’m all alone regarding help now. The reality of this started me off fretting again. I fear this may spoil the Social hour at the Comunity Hut for me?

I called BJ again and got through, he’s not coming again today. Bit sad about that, but still, he’s got his own family and commitments.The dizzies eased off, the sudden shakes got less often. I miss seeing him. It’s so nice when Duncan or BJ comes to see me.

I ventured to the porcelain to check the ailments. I would have done the BP and temperature checks, but I can’t find the machine! I remember cleaning it and putting somewhere safer where it will not get knocked so easily. How I can remember that, but not where I put it remains another mystery of the Ageing process.

The dizzies eased off, the sudden shakes got less often. I ventured to the porcelain to check the ailments. I would have done the BP and temperature checks, but I can’t find the machine! I remember cleaning it and putting somewhere safer where it will not get knocked so easily. How I can remember that, but not where I put it remains another mystery of the Ageing process.

‘Little Inchy’ was bleeding for the first time in a few days. Surely, if my INR Warfarin level is too high as it is, the blood should be thicker, so less bleeding should result? But the Haemorrhoids were also bleeding? as

I did some Facebooking and the email checks while I had time before the ablutions had to be done so as to get myself prepared in time for the Social Hour at the Comunity Hut.

Damned dizzies gave a few scares while I was on the laptop, them again in the bath.

Victoriously, no cuts, no Whoopsiedangleplops I exited the tub, prepared my attire and got the nibbles and photographs out ready for the Social Hours and made my way down the lifts to exit the premises. In the lobby, I realised I’d not got me hearing aids in, so returned up to the flat and put them in. (You’ve got to laugh surely, the times I do this!)

P1050909Back down and out to the Community Hut.A good few folks there already, mind you, I a bit late at having to go back for me hearing aid I suppose.

A good few folks there already, mind you, I was a bit late at having to go back for me hearing aid I suppose.

I went to hand out the photographs I took last week and had printed at P1050918Asda (Walmart; I didn’t hand the ones out that Asda had cut the heads off of!) And realised I’d left them in the flat Tsk!

Back to the apartment and collected them from near the door where I’d left then in the mistaken idea I would gather them departing the flat the first time I left it.

P1050917Back to the  Community Hut and handed them out.

Most of them seemed to have appreciated this gesture.

The meeting went so quickly by, it was soon time for me to kicked out.

Toni, the girl from Winchester Court, who had lost her purse at the P1050920Nottingham Arena last week, was still in good form, though. A very sharp Senior Citizen lady.

Bless her cotton socks.

I made my way back to the flats and noticed a washing machine was free in the Laundry Room, so I nipped up and got the laundry ready.

Lily01Down with it to the room, and noticed Lily was in the foyer, and she asked if I had any nibbles for her.

I got the washing in the machine and going, and told Lily I’d be back shortly with some nibbles for her; she wanted to know how long I’d take. I told her four minutes. She smiled and said she was waiting for her carer to arrive.

She struggles most of the time Communicating with others and this makes some of the them try to avoid her. It’s not her fault.

I got down again with some nibbles for her and my crossword book and waited for the dryer to complete its hour-long cycle. I did my best to intrigue Lily in the crossword. She did show a bit of interest today.

Her carer arrived, and they went up to her flat.

P1050922Eventually, I emptied the dryer, cleaned the filter and had a wipe around.

Packed the clobber in the bag and returned back up to the apartment.

I then returned done to the Laundry Room and collected my crossword book.

Done an awful lot of lift-riding today am I not? Hehe!

P1050924I got in the flat and then noticed a letter stuck in the box. It was another Anticoagulation Record Notification.

Put the clothes away and got the laptop on to save the details to the diary.

Found I’d got a new email from the doctors surgery telling me the same information, and telling me to contact the surgery to book my next appointment. They Hospital listed Tuesday 29th as the date for my appointment, so I emailed the surgery and asked for an appointment on Monday 28th, feeling sure they would not mind me being a day early. The level had dropped to 4.6 now, still 1.3 higher than the target, but going the right way.

Got an email back telling me Monday 28th was a Bank Holiday! (I did feel a fool again! Tsk) So I emailed the back asking for one for Tuesday late in the day, as I had an appointment at the clinic Tuesday 0800hrs, and that is why I asked for one in error for Monday. Ain’t life complicated sometimes? They sent one back confirming my appointment for Tuesday 19th at 12.35hrs.

I placed an order online from Morrisons for delivery Tuesday twixt 0730 > 0830hrs. Got some treats for the tenants meeting next Thursday. That reminds me, I must get to Asda and get today’s Social hour photographicalisations printed, might be going to see Sister Jane tomorrow, still waiting for an answer to my email request to go and see them, I’ll check me emails see if she’s answered yet, hang on.

No reply yet. If I do go to see her that takes out Friday to go to Asda, Saturday I might have another walk into Arnold to the store, can call in the park and see the ducks perhaps. It depends on if the dizzies stop or not. Mondays out because of the Easter holiday and Tuesday is booked with the Morrisons, the clinic,01W04 and the INR Warfarin Blood Tests? Wednesday I don’t expect to be in any condition for travelling; It’s the dentist for me. Two fillings and two root canal jobs. (Whatever that is?)

Got a pot of Lamb Hotpot opened and ready for cooking in the oven, lamb gravy seasoning in the pot ready to add boiling water to it, and the Country batch bread out of the freezer to thaw ready. Got the minced lamb hotpot in the oven and pressed  on with updating this waffle.

P1050925No dizzies for a few hours now. That’s good.

The fodder was as good as it gets.

Added some salted potato chips to the dinner.

Rated it as 9.45/10.

The bread that had with it soak up the extra gravy came out of the freezer, but it had kept well and tasted good.

Watched many hours of DVD and TV while waiting for the brain to let me sleep. The fretting returned, but the dizzies kept away.

Inchcock Today – Wed 23 March: Not very well, dizzy-spells rampant – Huh!


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Wednesday 23 March 2016

01 cupidFeeling terrible this morning, dizzies, due to the thin blood I think, no life, zest or interest much. Worried about the house sale not going on and feeling sorry for myself I’m afraid to say. The faffing about having to have daily INR blood tests don’t help.

Got up around 0400hrs, first dizzy of the day when I rose up, hauling the ever increasing body mass with me to the porcelain.2Ersk01

All I did the was make a cuppa, take the medications and onto the laptop doing posts and Facebooking.

Les Johnson contacted me to send me a copy of his latest book – Erskine Quint – Tentacles of Evil. His timeless Insanity book was the most entertaining one I’ve ever read – Mad it is! Hehe!

Erskine Quint – The Book – The Film – The Trilology

I was on the laptop for hours! It’s nearly 0900hrs now I’ve got around to sorting this diary put.

I must get myself ready for the two buses trip to the QMC for me INR blood tests now. Had a good soak in the bath, shaved (only the one cut today), teggies bled a bit, though, No blood from Little Inchy (Hurrah!) but two dizzies when in the bath, Tsk!

I’ll be back later, just hope I’m up to telling you about the trip, and not too drained.

Must get my ablutions done now. See you when I get back, hopefully. I hope I remember to get some paper and envelope so I can reply to Pete’s letter from Hong Kong that arrived yesterday.

I’m back – sooner than expected too – and after a hiatus or two, and period of sheer panic as well!

I’d left the flat, taking the  rubbish bags to the chute as normal, went down to the bus stop where I asked the only person there, a chap if he could tell me the time, please. He grunted, sneered and shouted “20 past ten” and spat on the floor? The first enemy I’ve made since being here in the flats. I foolishly tried to let him know of my displeasure at his attitude, by replying in as loud a voice as I could manage “Well thank you kindly, really sorry to bother you, git!” He just ignored me.

Onto the bus and into the City Centre. Stepped off the bus and into the Post Office, where I made inquiries about sending letters to America with the lady at the customer services counter. Apparently we no longer need Air-MAil envelopes, plain ones will do. Take the readied letter to the Post Office and they will weigh it and charge you whatever it comes to. I thanked her and set off to the bus stop for the QMC buses.

P1050900I was soon at the Queens Medical Centre.

Straight to the Haematology, took a waiting ticket and waited.

Read a few chapters of me Sniper book.

Number 178 came up on the screen and I was in and being greeted my the young lady on station three. Then the fun began.

I had to explain to her, why I didn’t have a dated appointment card: I told her about having it (the INR blood test) on Monday, and they (The Anticoagulation Team), had phone me Monday night to tell me the level was far too high and not to take any Monday night – and I had told them, I’d just taken the Warfarin with the other medications. They changed the dosage and told me I ‘Must’ make an appointment with me doctors nurse for another test on Thursday, so I do not have an appointment card.

Tuesday morning, a Nottingham City Homes Coordinator rang the surgery for me, who informed us that they have no free appointments for Thursday at all. So, I had to come here instead to get it done.

The nice lady nurse told me to sit in the corner on a chair and wait while she rang them, which she did.

Fifteen minutes later she came back to me and told me to wait until they rang back, which I did. Read a few more chapters of the Sniper book while doing so.

They rang back the nice lady nurse answered them, then came to again and asked me if I knew it was Wednesday today and not Thursday?

“Ah”, I said, “Is it indeed?” Putting on suitably ashamed and embarrassed expression on my face, I asked the pretty young nurse “Would it be possible to take it today please?”

The nice girl nurse returned to the phone and spoke with the Obergruppenfurher from the Anticoagulation clinic again, before returning to me and telling me I had caused problems for them, but yes, she’ll take it now.

“I knew what day it was really, but I didn’t want to miss tomorrow’s Windwood Hut Tenants social Hour, I felt so guilty – Tsk, hehe!”

She took the blood and I was soon off out to catch a bus back into Nottingham City Centre.

P1050902I checked the time when I arrived, dropping off at theVictoria Centre shopping mall. I had about 45 minutes before the next L9 bus was due. So I walked into the mall and got some Wholemeal Irish soda bread and a TV paper for next week from Tesco.

Some folks at downstairs on seating caught my eye, as everyone seemed to have a mobile phone on the go?

I called in Smiths and got some writing pads and envelopes.

P1050901As I passed the jewellery store, I noticed they had now got a window at he bottom, dedicated to used items.

These wristbands I thought the TFZ gals might like, so I took a photo of them.

Getting back up I had another dizzy, it lasted a good while this one and when I  was ready to hobble on, realised I had to get a move on or I might miss the last L9 bus.

P1050903I walked as fast I could, well, hobbled and limped more like. Hehe! As I walked through the walk over above Upper Parliament Street, I took a quick photo of the traffic and shoplifters below… oh sorry, I meant pedestrians below.

Haha! I am a fool!

I limped down and onto the street, along the pavement on the left of this photograph above to end, and down into Queen Street and waited for the L9 bus, timed it well. The auto-sign read it was due in 4 minuted.


Lost her purse, and still smiling!

It arrived 10 minutes later and I alighted, and as the only passenger on it. At the next stop, a lady who I met at the Windwood Hut Social Hours got on and sat next to me, well in front of me anyway.

We had a jolly good natter en route to the flats. This lady lives in the other block of flats, Winchester Court. She had lost her purse last week she was telling me. Lovely lady, when I got off at the stop before her, she said she’d see me tomorrow at the social hour. Her daughter was helping her sort things out. Cheered my up a bit with chin-wag did!

Up to the flat, did some WordPress sorting.

Made a cup of tea and got the lamb in the oven and tomatoes in the pan. Took the medications.

To the porcelain, another dizzy. Humph!

P1050905I ate lambs leg chop and tomatoes, soaking up the juices with the wholemeal Irish Soda Bread.

Rated this one as 5.2/10!

The chop was very tough for some reason, I’d over-salted the tomatoes, but the soda bread and dessert were okayish.

Got the pots washed, and as I settled to watch, feeling a little despondent, another dizzy arrived! Only a short one, though. I’d thought that the dizzies affected me more when the INR level was low, not like it is now the highest ever? I felt a bit discombobulated now and started to fret over everything as the mind raced away on its own. I watched much TV, but it wasn’t sinking in what I was looking at.

Hours and hours spent waiting to nod off. Huh!

At least, I’ve wangled getting myself free for the highlight of the week in the morning, the Winwood Hut Social Hour.

Started shaking all over for no apparent reason, it wasn’t cold at all?

Sun 14.6.2015: Inchcock Today – Babeldom filled Brain today… Tsk!

Sunday 14th June 2015

I think I must have woke-up more times than I fell asleep last night. (Hehe – it seems like it anyway)

The stinging from the would is worse than yesterday?

Good job I’m going to the GP Nurse tomorrow for me INR Warfarin level test, so I can mention this to her.


Wet gloomy morning!

Drizzly and cold this morning.

Afraid I can’t do anything physical at the moment.

Brother-in-law Pete say’s he is alright and has no pain? Fair enuf I had a much larger area of flesh cut out than he did, but it makes me feel like a wimpTsk!.

It feels red-hot and oh so tender at the moment, and of course I don’t know if it is bleeding or not. I’d look fine going up to a stranger and asking them to take a look at me wound! Haha!

Made a cuppa and took me medications. Laptop on and started this diary off.

Spent some time trying to find out how to get me mail icon on me desktop in Windows 8.1 without any luck. I did find three suggestions on the web, but none of them worked?

Can’t seem to concentrate this morning.

Had a session on Facebook.

IMG_0136Had a scrub-up and set off on me walk into the City Centre.

Not many folks about yet, bit early for em perhaps.

Entered Victoria Centre feeding the pigeons on me way like.

Out the other end and had a walk about fer a while.

IMG_0137Took a photo from the walk-over above Upper Parliament Street.

Almost abandoned yet.

Wondered down to the slab square and window shopped for a while.

A feeling of rain to come in the air was predominant I thought.

IMG_0139With the rain from yesterday, the fountains in the slab square were like torrents.

The pain from the back/shoulder made me decide to return to the flea-pit. And the angina was getting worse too. Huh!

I walked around and up from the square through the ground floor of Victoria Mall calling in the EE shop and asked a bloke it he could help me download the EE app for me phone.

I’m more confused now than ever. I tried to remember all the information he gave me but…

Then off to the bus stop.

Feeling a bit weary now.

Caught bus back to Carrington.

Got in and tried the things I thought the bloke at the EE shop had told me, but hey-ho… No luck!

IMG_0142Tired now, so I think I’ll have an early nosh and try to get me head down and somehow avoid catching me wound.

Simple nosh tonight.

Rated: 7.2/10.

Took me evening medivations, then gobbled up me nosh and managed to drift off to kip for an hour and a half.

Woke wide awake, thought it was morning.

Then finished this diary off.

Did some Facebooking.

Must remember the GP surgery appointment with the nurse tomorrow at 1240hrs. I’d like to take some things to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop too – have to see how the wound is afore I decide.

TTFN all.

♫ Goodbyeeee goodbyeee…♫

Inchcock Today Fri 27 Mar 15: A Day of Failed Witticisms!

DSCF0001A Day of failed Witticisms

Friday 27th March 2015


Couldn’t get to sleep last night, tried everything – reading me D-Day book, looking at me Trolleybus book, Facebook, radio etc… Not much luck.

Seemed like I got ten minutes akip and anther ten wide awake all night until about 0445hrs when I nodded off for four hours solid.


Dreams I remembered:-

Working for someone in a sprawling factory with a tiny porta-cabin office where I was called to regularly and given jobs that took me off-site. I think I was being nice to the boss for some reason, although I sensed I didn’t like him. I can recall two of the jobs given me… well bits of them.

Job 1: I was a court judge – I handed out some pretty horrible punishments – A Pavement cyclist got life, A mobility scooterer got twenty years hard labour (I can’t recall what for), Tony Blair was sentenced to having his tongue removed then to be executed by being stoned to death by the relatives of dead soldiers and a footballer I sentenced to having his testicles crushed in a vice… there were many others I’m sure but can’t recall them or why now.

Job 2: I had to fetch something from a place I didn’t know and take it back to the boss -I went on a motorbike, got lost in a giant office complex and started panicking – a beautiful plump round-faced pretty posh lady helped me find the office I wanted – As I left with the parcel under my arm I looked back up at the building and saw her smiling and waving to me… I got knocked over and woke up in the Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital in Woolwich without any legs… first thing I noticed was the well crushed parcel in a shopping basket with my bloodied clothes on the floor by the bed – two men with broken noses, scars, knuckle-dusters on and an intimidating appearance came to me and demanded money for the doctors taking my legs off? I told them I had no money, Why they asked, “Cause I’ve spent it all on a new camera I replied”. “Oh #’\% me” said the taller one of the ruffians “You have to have em sewn back on again now then!” The shorter one asked me to take his photo? Next thing I was trying to gain access to the bosses office with the smashed up parcel and the boss opened the door and told me I was sacked and shot me with Luger…


WC’d, haemorrhoids bad again, must give them a good soak in the bath and tend to them later. Tut!

Made a cuppa and took me medications before I actually nodded of.

Had a good scrub up and bath – tended to me tender areas.

Did a bit of Facebooking and this diary up to here.

I’ll take me new Fuji camera with me today methinks, see if I can get used to it, I should be okay I’m sure… Hopeful 

DSCF0002I got the bits ready to take to the Sherwood branch of the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop, bus-pass etc. and set off on walk into Sherwood.

The sun kept coming out occasionally through the clouds a few times and the wind was a bit less than it was yesterday like.

Took a photo of the sky at the end of the road – a tad unwelcoming.

Onto Mansfield Road and I made good headway today cause Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were good to me – only the haemorrhoids DSCF0003being troublesome.

A different lady on duty today at the charity shop thanked me for the donation and nibbles, nice gal.

She asked if I was alright and for some reason I gave an answer that a woman I worked with in 1968 Margaret used to give me verytime I asked her if she was okay: “Not so dusty, well brushed!” The lady frowned looked me up and down and said quietly ‘Oh’ – Failed Witticism number One of the day.

I caught a bus into town, dropping off at Victoria Centre and walking in from the Tesco end I fed some pigeons some seeds.

Took a photoDSCF0005 of some ‘Bling’ with the new camera for the TFZ gals – after downloading it at home, I was very disappointed with the quality.

I cut through the jitty and out through the back of the centre and made my way to the Aldi store in search of some more of the whole potatoes in herb sauce.

Managed to get four packs, I’m rather taken with them, partly because of the wonderful taste and partly because they cook so well in the microwave oven.

DSCF0006I also noticed they had started selling their own brand of bread thins at a good price – I just got one pack to try them out first.

Then I noticed on my way back through Vic centre – that the ‘Boost’ juice stall had two customers- at the same time – I whipped me camera and recorded this rare almost unheard of event!

A chap passing when I took the photo asked me: “Why are taking a photo of that then?”

I replied (Another failed Witticism coming here…) “I thought David Cameron would like to know how well they are doing!”. Another frown from a Nottinghomian followed by a loud Tut, and off he went. Hey-ho!

DSCF0007I proceeded up the escalator and into the walk-over taking a photograph of the traffic from my usual position.

A tad gloomy and the wind seemed to be picking up.

Down to steps to ground level – and three Vic Centre employees were trying to chase out a crippled pigeon – not with a lot of success either. There was only them and me there and I risked another witticism: “Can you manage lads? Do you want some help like? I could gas-it for yer if it’ll help?” and I laughed out load – this wasn’t appreciated in the least – Dirty looks and sneers came from their faces in my direction as I hobbled down the stairs away from them, leaving them swearing at and chasing the crippled pigeon.  Failed Witticism number three of the day.

I went into Wilkinsons store and got some Antiseptic disinfectant and nasal spray.

DSCF0008Out and back towards Trinity Square.

Noticing the Nottinghomians had not lost none of their love of crossing the traffic lights against the red don’t-cross signal.

I wandered up and dropped some bird seed and meal-worms for the pigeons to nibble.

Then down the jitty to the bus stop.

Where my fourth witticism also failed with the bus-driver!

Getting on the bus I tripped due to the weight of me bag I think (The potatoes?) – and exclaimed something like: “Oh boggleskellysworth” at the pain it caused to me rear end. The driver looked at me outraged and offered a scowl of crushing magnitude. I don’t know what he might have thought I’d said but he was not pleased.

I dropped off the bus at Carrington and popped into the Co-op store to see if they had any of me ice-cream centred fruit flavoured lollies in – they had so I got a pack.

As I approached the till area I went to the first one expecting someone to turn up to attend to me – and heard a female voice call out rather sharply from the other end: “This one, I’m here!” she commanded.

I moved down to her and said chirpily with a grin on my face: “Sorry midduck didn’t see yer, me hearing aid batteries are on the wain!” I thought that as me best witticism of the day…

She didn’t – I got an “Eh…?” from her and a look of incredulity followed by one of the greatest Tsks I’ll ever heard.

I thought it best to stop trying my witticisms any more after failing with first five efforts to bring a smile to anyone’s faces?

Limped back to the bomb-site, slipping some seed to Fatima and Fred on the way.

WC’d and treated me soreness, put me bits away, made a flask tea and went up to start this diary.

Had a rinse and changed into me jammas.

Took me medications then went down to make me potatoes, franks and petit pois, followed by an iced lollie.

Drifted off to sleep…

Inchcock Today: Sunday 30th November 2014

Sunday 30th November 2014


Bestest tea-bags fer me!

I forced myself to raise-up and into imitation life at 0530hrs.

Made a mug of Thompsopn’s Punjana Tea – gorgeous!


Got the things ready for me visit to Sister Jane and Brother-in-law Pete.

Wash and brush-up taking place (A mammoth task!).

Oh dear me… blood coming from ‘Little Inchy!’ Applied the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream and crossed me fingers!


A thriving community?

I set off on me walk into town to catch the West Bridgford bus.

Pete rang as I was taking a photograph of another part of Mansfield Road about half a mile from the City Centre to confirm I’m to meet him at the Co-op on Central Avenue in West Bridgford.


Hey-ho, Hey-ho it’s off to town I go…

Caught the bus and met Pete, nice to see him looking so good. We had a natter and walked to his palace… house.

Jane was having a bit of bother with her tummy again, I gave them some nibbles and pain gel and tablets.

The cats (Apart from Fooey who slept through me visit) ignored me professionally as cats do.

We had a good chinwag, and arranged to meet Pete on Wednesday in the city centre, where he is going to do a bit of skating on the ice-rink. I’d have a go as well… but I don’t want to embarrass him like. (Ahem!) That is if it all goes okay tomorrow with me INR level tests.


Sister Jane – poorly, but still looking good!

Took a photo of Sister Jane, after asking her to wear a straw hat that I am fond of seeing her in. She reluctantly agreed bless her.

I bidded them farewell and caught a bus into town.

Walked into Victoria Centre (Very busy today), and called at a shop selling cheapo Lion bars at 4 for a quid and purchased some to add to the nibbles for the haematology nurses tomorrow.

As I was on my way out of the centre I saw my first shoplifters of the season being unwillingly being arrested and removed by the Police Ossifers.


Why did I take this? No idea!

 When I got to the Carrington bus-stop, opposite I noticed Corel Bookmakers next to Cope’s Jewellers – and for some reason took a photo of them – I’m blowed if I can remember why now?

No doubt something deep, witty, creative, satirical and /or brilliant caused me to do this… but what?

 Caught the bus to Carrington and dropped off at the Co-operative Society shop next to the Pancho Chip shop – and I felt sure I could taste the roast pork slices I bought there the other day?


Getting murky early today!

It was beginning to get a little murky early as I walked along the road and turned into Muggers Alley on my way back to the hovel.

Got in WC’d and made some sandwiches and a cuppa.

Got the laptop working and Coreldraw9 opened quickly, the Chrome opened without any problems too!

The angina playing up a tad.

Updated and finished this Diary as the eyelids became heavy…