Inchcock – Monday 9th March 2020: City Centre Photos taken.

2020 Mar 09

2020 tttMar09

Monday 9th March 2020

Telugu: సోమవారం 9 మార్చి 2020

000 Mar 09a

GM06b01:58hrs: I woke several times during the night, but soon nodded off again. This time, I removed my cumbersomely over-stomached body from the £300, second-hand recliner almost straight away. I caught my balance and got the stick, and as I made my way to the kitchen, I stopped part-way… Where were my ailments? Was I still dreaming? Of the wide selection of issues available to me, only Saccades Sandra and Back-Pain-Brenda was of any bother? Duodenal Donald, Dizzy Dennis and the others seem to have abandoned me! Had I snuffed it during the night?  I was confused, but oh, so pleased, even if it was only going to be a temporary situation, I took a weak wee-wee in the GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket), and started to sing to myself as I got in the kitchen!

WDP 002bWD 0.0.0 (1) As I got the kettle on, Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters started failed and continuously returned and did so for ages. This meant the following medication sorting (From the mixed-up tablet’s in the falling-apart PilBox. Thanks to Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG5 2DA), the taking and transportation into the computer, were ridden with annoyances, spilt tea, dropped tablets etc., but still no hassle from even Arthur Itis! So things medically speaking were in fine form! Yeehaa! The state of my mentality had yet to be tested and assessed. Haha!

As I got back to the computer desk, the borborygmic gurgling from the innards, meant a visit to the Porcelain Throne was required, so off to the wet room. Well, this session was different from how they have been of late. Down on the throne, instant movement (but this was within my control for once), not a lot evacuated, but it was very messy and needed a lot of cleaning up and medicating as Harold’s Haemorrhoids bled a bit. And the pain was no more than a little discomfort. Washed and returned to the computer.

WDP 20193AWD 0.0.0 (1) Getting Coreldraw opened to load the photo of last nights nosh first. Then to WordPress, and oh, dearie me! I discovered the Dedicated photo I’d made up yesterday, had the wrong Month on it! Humph! (Glad I spotted it thought). I had to remove it and make another one with March on it, not February. What a Putz!

1Mon01Responded to WordPress comments (2), then started this blog off. I got as far as here.

Then fetched another pot of the olive oil, because I could not find the one I thought I’d put in the computer drawer yesterday? I do so annoy myself at times! A proper search around, and I still could not find it! So, I got another one. I ordered some more from Amazon, and a wax remover kit, for delivery tomorrow.

Then I made a start on updating the Sunday post. It didn’t take too long, despite Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters and Shaking-Shoulder-Shirley’s (she is persistent this morning!) best efforts to hold me up! Saccades-Sandra eased off well, and focussing became more comfortable for me. Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald were all of little if any bother! Smug, yet worried Mode Engaged?

I got the updating finished by 06:00hrs. Next, I put some things on Pinterest. Then did some more work on this blog. Later I changed to the TFZer Facebooking. Thank took a long but enjoyable time!

1Mon02On to graphicalisationing now for a while, before getting the wash & brush-up done. Brilliant ablutions session. Didn’t bother snapping the legs, they are all but normal nowadays! A few dropsies and a finger-end trapped in the sock-glide, but no complaints at all.

Readied to go out to town. Made up the black bags, and went to put them outside the door, and was greeted by five busy workmen (two electricians in Malcolms flat) and a pile of tools, wires etc. and it was impossible to get out into the flat lobby.

A chap approached me and asked if I was going out. I told him that after the bags are done, but I need to go back in “Cause I’m a dithering double-checker and need to make sure no lights, electrics and taps are left on!” He laughed, and took the bags to the chute for me, thanking him very much! I did the checks, and after some shilly-shallying, and cavilling, I was ready to flee the flat.


The way through to the lift lobby had been cleared for me. I got to the elevators without any bother. A good set of blokes working here, imagine starting a job and having to move everything away to let me out, then get it all back in again. Thanks, lads. And they must have hundreds of flats to do!

I made my way through to the Winchester Court lobby and had an enjoyable natter. Then outside and had another chinwag with a crowd waiting in the bus shelter. I took a few photographs while I was waiting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mary was on the bus, she was of to Lidl for her shopping on Woodborough Road. I got the crossword book out, but it was an almost total failure this morning. I was more interested I think, in keeping my comically rotund wobbly body from being tipped out of the side-saddle seat at each corner and bend the bus went round!

1Mon06I alighted the bus last as usual to avoid the stampede for the door, and stood a moment or two, to search for my shopping list. I knew I was only going to Tesco to get fresh fruit & veg, then the Bargain shop. But there were other items that I could not recall. No luck in finding it anywhere, searched every pocket and the trolley bag?

1Mon06CI hobbled on a few yards and stopped for another search of the jacket and trolley bag. I was getting slightly annoyed with myself again. I was sure I’d put the list in my coat pocket earlier on.

Another failed search.

I did spot a piece of Nottinghamian Street art, though. And the Nottinghamians playing their usual game of, ‘Let’s walk-out in front of the buses at the crossings!’

As I limped over the crossing myself to the Boot’s store, the right Arthur Itis knee twanged into stinging and stabbing pain-filled mini-session. That lasted no longer than 30-seconds or so. Then went back into ‘sleep-mode’?

I naughtily walked through the Boot’s shop and into the Victoria Centre (Mall). As I plodded on along the ground floor towards the end and the Tesco shop, I had to be a little weary of many folks who seemed to have adopted as their Monday-Mission, ‘Let’s walk into some old chap, today and try to knock the senile git over!’ By the time I’d got to Tesco, with all the twisting and bending to avoid collisions with so many people, Back-Pain-Brenda had started to go into one of her ‘Aching’ modes.

The moment I got to get a basket for my shopping, the silence, well not that, the lack of noise rather, hit me. The place was crowded, but no one seemed to be talking to each other? I checked the hearing aids, they were working, I could hear the tills going?

Anyway, I got the shopping done, remembering some items I couldn’t earlier on. I ended up at the checkout with; Fresh Polish hot dogs, mini carrots, bacon strips, mushrooms, sugar snap peas, and onion and tomatoes. The things I remembered were; Seaweed & Wheat crispies, Sourdough nibbles. To my pleasant surprise, I found on the shelves with foreign goods, Glengettie Teabags! I grabbed a packet. All for £21.66!

1Mon08As I paid and left, then walked down and out onto Milton Street, I had a rest, as Shaking-Shoulder-Shirley had joined in with Back-Pain-Brenda, in giving me some stick. The Pavement was covered in chewing gum. But the most exciting thing I came across while standing there, as people wearing face-masks. More than I expected. Most of them were Asian students, I believe.

1Mon09aAs I started moving again, with little bother from Arthur Itis I might add, I spotted this chap across the road?

I went over the pedestrian crossing to the other side of Milton Street, and into the Bargain Store. I knew what I was seeking there, alright. The Pakistani Bread Biscuits, and the cheapo Woolite Black washing liquid. Unfortunately, they didn’t have either in stock. Humph! However, they did have some small tins of Garden peas and red beans! I bought several of the peas and two of the beans. Just a handy size for someone on their own.

WDP 11eLWD 0.0.0 (1)I made my way to Queen Street to catch the L9 bus. Bit of a disastrous farce this was! I was in plenty of time and had about ten minutes until the bus was due in. But a lorry parked on the other side of the road was blocking buses getting by! My EQ told me straight out; ‘You will not catch this bus!’ He was right, but failed to warn me of the consequences that I would suffer!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WDP11LWD 0.0.0 (1) When I looked at the photos on the camera screen, I realised that I had been so involved in taking the pictures of the traffic jam, I had missed the L9 at the stop, I even took a picture of it, and it didn’t dawn on me! My self-esteem, low as it already was, sank down further! What an absolute Schmuck of the Highest Order! Self-contempt, denigration, loathing, disgust and loathing, like never before flowed!

How the hell I did I manage to do that!

1Mon13Now, in Depression Defcon Two, I was in a right morbid mood. I moved down the hill, to catch the next 40 bus (15 minutes to wait for it) – already dreading the walk from the 40 bus stop on Mapperley Rise back to the flats. I think I might have still been muttering insults at myself? Cholericalisations!

The 40 bus arrived and was abandoned by the driver. Along with other passengers, we waited patiently of the relief-driver to come from the clutch of drivers smoking and chinwagging near the Red’s True Barbecue restaurant window. I was not bothered, I was so low, it didn’t matter after my morale-devastating debacle over missing the L9 bus.

The side-saddle seats on these buses are smaller and with fewer things to grab onto, to help yourself keep in the chair. (The thought that next month we will have to use these buses as the L9 route is being abandoned, did not help my spirits!) At least when they start, it is hoped they will go to the flats in April.

And, the drop-off stop, must be one of the most dangerous ever. I took the snip below from Google Maps to show you how dodgy it can be dropping off the bus on Mapperley Rise.


WD 0.0.0 (1) Crossing the road needs constant attention. With a stick, or the wheeler-guide and shopping bags, one needs to keep an eye out left and right for the blind bends all the time. Not being able to get a move-on in the event of a car coming around the bend, has had me frit a few times. Ah, well! The next danger was not far away.

WD 0.0.0 (1) WD 0.0.0 (1) WD 0.0.0 (1) 1Mon15

Yes, three of them! Tsk! On the decline towards Chestnut Walk, a Nottingham City Homes van forced me to go out on the road to get by, the gap left did not allow enough room for the three-wheeler to get through. Then the same again further on with a car. And in the complex, another vehicle on the pavement had me in the roadway.

I got a call on the mobile phone en route, I was in the middle of the road at the time, so hastened to the relative safety of the pavement and answered it in time, for once. It was the Phlebotomy Nurse, telling me she would be with me in the morning twixt 10:00 > 12:00hrs. So it’s just as well I got the fresh-food shopping done today. I’ve got an order coming in the morning from Morrisons with the non-fresh food (If I remember correctly), 06:30 > 07:30hrs.

1Mon16I walked through the Winwood Court entrance and along the link-passage to the Woodthorpe Court lift lobby. Not a soul in sight. Up to the 12th-floor and out to the flat hall. The fire door was wedged open, again no one around, I think the worker lads must have been on a break.

1Mon17I fumbled about a bit getting into the flat with the trolley-guide. Much to the displeasure of Back-Pain-Brenda. She’s not been in a good mood with me at all, today. My first job, I got the fodder unloaded. Then put away, all bag the veg for tonight’s nosh that is.

Then, I got the food prepped and cooking.


1Mon19Mushrooms, sugar snap, leeks and peas in the saucepan. Parsnips, turnips, carrots and sweet potatoes in the oven, sprayed with olive oil and roasting. Then put some of the Polish Hot Dog sausages in the big pan to warm up. I’ve taken to this vegetable lark.

I intend to stick with having potatoes just twice a week. Probably beans or tinned tomato-based noshes in between? Especially with the arrogant, uncaring, antisocial sounding Ingeus Diabetic people from Birmingham returning my Doctors referral letter. I should hear from Dr Vindla before long about it. What a company! They tell me they will never phone-out; personally, it is always a pre-recorded message? They certainly don’t take into consideration anyone’s other ailments, injuries or complaints. The fact that I told them about my hearing problem with recorded messages more than people, and my limited mobility, drifted over their heads.

I’m waffling again, sorry.

1Mon20I added some of the seaweed nibbles to the plate of so many different vegetables and sausage. I must say it tasted marvellous! A Taste-Rating of 8.8/10!

It helped with my getting the roast comestibles cooked betterer this time. But, it’s a new thing for me, roasting fresh parsnips, turnips, carrots and sweet potatoes from scratch. When the pod peas come in season, it will get almost exciting for me. Hehehe! That is of course, if Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG5 2DA, or Ingeus Europe Ltd (Subsidiaries: Ingeus UK Ltd., Invisage Limited, Ingeus Investments Limited) haven’t killed me by then.

I got the washing up done and considered doing the hand washing, but the weariness was descending on me quickly now!

I viewed what was available on the TV. Lots of good stuff!



Inchcock Today – Mon 17 Dec 2018: The Weevils return with a counter attack! Computer Scare! Day of Accifauxpas and Whoopsiedangleplops really. Tsk!



Monday 17th December 2018

Maltese: It-Tnejn 17 ta ‘Diċembru 2018

WD0.0.128 23:50hrs: I woke with the mind being harangued by confusing impenetrable, incomprehensibilities. The more I tried to marshal the medley of macaronic, mixed up, mind-teasing, a maze of ideas, thoughts, fears, and admonishments mentally, the more disoriented I became. It was a good ten minutes before I freed myself of the vexatious, niggling concerns, and this was thanks to the arrival of the need for an SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee-wee).

The removal of my paunchy, plump-stomached body from the £300 second-hand rusty recliner, was once again done with ease almost, thanks to the lack of physical hinderments from my usual ailments. Good! But I wish the brain was the same, Tsk! Off to the wet room.

WD0.0.128 Argh! The dang EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) had been back on the attack again!!!


This unexpected counter-attack was most demoralising and choleric inspiring! Especially after four days in which I found only the odd weevil torso here and there, and thought I was in sight of complete victory over my flat infesting invaders! Grugglethump! Had a session of Sanmex Bug killer spraying.

Got the Health Checks done next. Made a brew and took the morning medications.



Got the computer on and finished last weeks result sheet in Excel and updated today.

WD0.0.128 I started the internet, and the computer took me back to the opening screen? With a message of complete Gobble-di-gook coming up! Numbers and letters that meant nothing to me. I got the camera to photograph the wording, but it went off the screen as I took the shot? Very concerned now… had I been hacked or something? I opened the internet again with fingers crossed… nothing untoward occurred, I don’t think so, anyway. Seems to be working alright? It’s even a little quicker than it has been of late?

The call to the Porcelain Throne arrived and was responded to. Third good session in a row! No bleeding or leaking again! I like it!

1Mon01aI heard the noise I did yesterday, so I went out into the balcony to investigate.

WD0.0.128 The boarding was wet; the windows were only partially transparent due to the dew and mist, inside and out. I grazed between my fingers on the stiff opening spring clip and trapped a finger twixt metal spring and the massive framework when I opened the window. All in the cause of taking a picture to show you a 1Mon01neighbour’s flashing Christmas Tree in their balcony. For some reason, the colours did not show, they all came out as blues? Must ask Tim Price about this. I took this shot on the left, downwards, showing the soon to be removed Willmott Dixon end compound.

WD0.0.128 Then, I grazed between my fingers on the stiff opening spring clip and trapped a finger twixt metal spring and the massive framework when I closed the window, as well. Humph! The view outwards through the window was just misted-up and soul-destroying for a photographer, even one as bad as me. Hehe! Opening the balcony windows will be a necessity to take any decent shots. But the physical opening of them is a bit much and dangerous for me on the two side-end windows with the vicious spring clip. Especially if and when Colin Cramps or Arthur Itis is on finger movement limiting form. Shame, but here you are! Well, I am! Hahaha! 

Blow me down! The creaking noise has returned. I can’t locate it, cause it keeps stopping after a few seconds, then comes back again. I don’t think I could hear it during the day, though, only early mornings? Mmm? Confounding, confusing, and mystifying. A bit like life is to me!

At last, I got to update the sour Sunday post and got it sent off to WordPress. Made a start on this blog.

Ablutions tended to. Black bags were taken to the waste chute. SSWW taken, got ready and out to the clinic for replacement batteries.

1Mon07WD0.0.128 I got as far as the ground floor in the elevator, the doors opened and I realised that I had not taken the hearing aids with me. So, back up to the flat to collect them.

Dropped the jars into the recycling bin. And took this photo of the Winwood Court and Winchester Court through the compound.

1Mon07aA little further along Chestnut Walk were some nippier than I tenants, who had passed me by as I took this photograph. I could recognise Malcolm, Angela, and Roy.

I joined them in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ. WC, Rumourmongering Clinic. Sarcasm & Insult distribution and training area. Tenants Socialisationalistic, and Telling Inchcock off Zone. Crockery and pottery to be stolen from location, and residents porta-cabin. We were soon joined by other residents intent on catching the bus.

Out to join the now much larger gang of residents outside waiting for the bus. The Bestwood bound L9 arrived first, and 80% of the people got on. Leaving bout ten left who got on the Nottingham City Centre bound one, minutes later.

No nattering on the bus, but I enjoyed listening and catching some of what the others were talking about.

WD0.0.128 I got off on Upper Parliament Street along with Penny and Mary. Stepping off the bus, my left foot seemed to give way, and I nearly went over.

WD0.0.128 As I walked on wondering what might have caused my near tumble, I had a bigger one! I thought it might have been my tripping on something, but after the ladies and I had a quick look, there was nothing to be seen, that I might have tripped over? Perhaps the ankle gave way? I just don’t know. Most peculiar!

I parted from the girls, well, they parted from me (I can’t blame them, Hehe!) and I went over the road and into the Victoria Centre shopping centre (Mall).

WD0.0.128 As I was approaching the VHS shop, sod-me it happened again, and the knee and ankle seemed to go at the same time. On this effort, I met the floor with a thud! Security guards came to the two people that were helping me back up, and asked if I’d been drinking! Cheek, Haha! This was the last time the leg or ankle let me down, but I was concerned they would again for the rest of the day. Particularly, as I didn’t know what it or why for sure, that I had tumbled?

I went into the VHS shop and had a nosey, but came out without any purchases.

I called in the Tesco Metro store to see if they might have had some of the pork knuckles back in stock, but no such luck. I bought a store-baked sliced loaf and some potato Cakes.

1Mon07bI left by the Milton Street doors, into the rain that had fallen since I had entered the mall. Which stopped as soon as I got outside. Nice!

The new 180-seat McDonalds with al fresco seating for about 40 more, had two customers inside. Sad innit?

1Mon07cI walked over the road and up Burton Street onto Trinity Row. (On the left) Where even more gigantic eateries are located. Although one of them had closed down now.

It amazes me how the others can still make it pay. I could not see any customer inside any of the posh high-cost restaurants or coffee-shops 1Mon08on the Row.

Foreman Sreet, where a plethora of food eat-in and take-away retailers have taken over one side of the street. They don’t look too busy, do they? Plenty of closed down shops, it worried me for the future, not mine, of course. Hahaha!

Thinking about it, within a few minutes or so of each other, there are a tremendous amount of food places around here. Nando’s, Petite Paris, Lavish, Prezzo, Slug & Lettuce, Harvester, Curious Manor, Caffe Nero, Lillie Langtry, Antalya, Revolution Bar, Belle Italia, Subway (4), Greek Lavash, Pizza Hut, L4P Takeaway, Le Petit Four, The Cornerhouse. Tamatanga, The Pudding Pantry, The Italian Gelato & Dessert, GBK Son of Steak, World Cuisine, Frankie & Bennys, McDonalds (5), Pizza Express, Burritos 2005, Mexican Eatery, Zizi Nottingham, The Walrus, Manga Sushi, Noodle Bar, French Living, Loche Fynne Fish Bar and Grill, Burger King (2), Five Guys, KFC, MOD Pizza… etc. Then add the temporary German, Polish, Italian and whatever food stands in the City Center until the new year, I bet that there must be around twelve at least?

I wandered off-track there, didn’t I? Sorry.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WD0.0.128 It dawned on me I had forgotten to take the Audio Book with me! So, no point in going now, they will not issue batteries without the Record Card, I know this, I forgot it once before and received a lengthy lecture and a telling-off. Hehehe!

1Mon14I decided to take a photo of the top of Exchange Walk, and then up Queen Street to the L9 bus stop, as one was due in ten minutes.

I caught a Nottinghamian PAement Cyclist right in front of me as I snapped this picture. He was weaving between elderly and young folks and continued doing the same in the amusements on the Slab Square. Naughty Boy!

1Mon14aI took this photo from the top of Queen Street near the bus stop and Post Office, that is to be moved into the WH Smith store in the Intu Victoria Centre.

The bus was a little late, but it always is at the 1105hrs run. It seems the company change buses to charge up the one on duty with a newly charged one, at this time, and the driver can get his break in. (Electric powered you see!)

Jenny got on the bus but was not near enough for a natter. So when we got back to the flats, we two gals and I had a quick chinwag. Penny said she’ll make me another chilli nosh later when she makes some more again. Bless her!

1Mon15I did the Health Checks and took the midday medications.

I got the bread and potato cakes from the bag, and noticed a little extra gift on the slices! I can’t see or guess what it is until I open the bag of course.

Motor or machine oil? Grease? There’s no telling! Hehe!

I got the computer on and made a graphic, I might put it on Facebook later?


Then I went on Facebooking Hehehe!

1Mon33Many hours later, I got the nosh sorted.

WD0.0.128 Apart from the Tesco store-baked sliced 400g sliced bread, with its paper-mache textured and tasting insides, and the rubbery, tasteless crusts (I didn’t eat the possibly contaminated with motor oil slices of course), the rest of the food was highly enjoyable. The mini-tomatoes went down well. I ate it all up, though.

1Mon001WD0.0.128 Did the last Health Checks, and went back for another SSWW. No Weevils sighted, but a little spider lay dead on the wet room floor. I was unsure whether the poor thing had died due to my spray, or the Weevils ha nobbled him?

I had a spray around with the Sanmex Bug Killer in the wet room, just in case the cunning EIBWBBBs should send one of their covert squads to assess the possibilities of their making another counter-attack overnight. They ain’t fooling me again, oh no! Well, they are… they’ve never stopped fooling me really. Humph!

WD0.0.128 Changed and down in the £300 second-hand rickety recliner and the mind-games started. Fears, arguments, self-incrimination and hatred etc. The usual sleep-preventing inner waffle thing. Tsk!


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 5th June 2018: Stuck indoors for the builders’ appointment. Of course, they did not arrive again!


Tuesday 5th June 2018

Telugu: మంగళవారం 5 వ జూన్ 2018

0405hrs: Believe this or not, but it is true. I woke up with a start, full of determination and conviction that something needs attention in the spare room. (Had I dreamt this?) I then jemmied my distended, bloated, protuberant, ovoid body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner in what seemed at the time, like seconds (An impossibility, admittedly).

WDPA4A There I was, stood in my bloodied protection pants and slippers, looking like a bald Popeye’s Bluto in the reflection of the window, pondering. As I did my best to remember what it was that I had gone in that room for, to do or whatever reason. I still await a resolution to this puzzle. Shlimazel!

I tried to get this annoyance from my mind, which was an easy enough task, as the grey-cells began to fill up with with the usual worries, fears, frustrations, and floccinaucinihilipilification.

WDPA4A But even these thoughts were put on a back burner by the brain; when I stubbed my toe going for a wee-wee. I silently uttered a few well-chosen, if naughty words to myself, then cleaned up and into the kitchen to do the Health Checks.


Took the medications and made a brew.

Thought about the depressed and miserable young, Good looking (Makes yer sick, dunnit? Hehehe!) sub-contractor worker who will be calling today to damage the window framing on the balcony some more and leave me with a mess to clean up again. The poor lad is so down with his messy, disorganised duties, I feel so sorry for him.

Then, there’s the meeting at 1400hrs (providing the chap is not working in the flat at the time), about the fire sprinkler training and educational session. To be held in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room.

I finally made a start on updating this diary, so far as to here. Then finished of yesterdays and got it posted off.

Rushed off to the Porcelain Throne, of dear, Trotsky Terence playing up again.

Did a bit of work on graphicalisationing, then 2Tue02abgot the ablutions done.

Made another brew and back on the computer to update this blatherskite.

0815hrs: The young man could be arriving anytime from now onwards today, to titivate around the inside of the balcony window. I noticed that the balcony had had some top insulations broken off, and some the brackets put on a few weeks ago, removed? A smaller bracketing section was now lying on top of the base.

I went on to WordPress Reader to catch-up.

Then used CorelDraw to catch-up with the advance blog draughts, or should that be draft?

1155hrs: Still not got any graphics done, but I have collated them ready to make a start on.

The Willmott-Dixon lads have been at it with the drilling outside the window.


A blinding headache now to add to Duodenal Donald’s angst! And no medicine, cause the Chemists missed it off on my bag of prescriptions! I cannot go to fetch any today, because I’m waiting in for the Good looking disgustingly handsome young man coming to do the putting right of the balcony inner door frame, and, if he does get it done before 1400hrs, I’ve got the Fire Sprinkler lecture to go to.

I went for another wee-wee, and then to make a mug of tea. The hoist and working lads moved down a floor while I was doing this, and the noise lessened. Phew!

The photo below on the right of the balcony base, looked no different to the earlier one I took? Seems they were working on the underneath of the balcony?


Make an effort get the graphics sorted, finished and saved. Back on to CorelDrawing.

Spent another two and a half hours on the page tops. But got the week’s supply done. During which, Herbert joined in audio-mayhem, but only the twice. The pitch level was horrendous on the drilling.

I got the potatoes into the oven, and the Health Checks were done.

No signs of the chap who is booked in to do the plastic restoration work yet. 1440hrs. Have I spent the day in for nothing? Not being able to get out to get the medicine? A definite sign of dissatisfaction and Pissed-offedness is brewing.

Back to CorelDraw and created a few more page top graphicalisations.

Got the meal done, hoping the plastic-specialist lad does not arrive late while I’m eating it.

2Tue25The last of the seasoned potatoes, sugar snap peas, gherkins, tomatoes, mushrooms, beetroots, boiled eggs and pork pie. Last of the sourdough bread and butter and a mug of clementine juice.

IT went down very well, too! An overall rating was given for this one of 8.8/10.

Did the Health Checks and got my head down.

Put the TV on, as an aid to my nodding-off.

It was amazing that I fell into the land of much-needed nod so quickly.

I was woken an hour or so later, but could not ascertain for sure what had awoken me. By the time I’d got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and moved to the door to have a search – there was Jenny’s Frank walking down the hallway.

2Tue24Bless him, for he bore a gift of two Pork Farms pork pies.

I was still a little confused with just coming back into the land of the living, and cannot recall all that was said to me. I thanked him vociferously and put the pies in the fridge. I’ll have to find out if anything was arranged or agreed on in the conversation, tomorrow.

The poor lad must have been trying to get my attention for ages, to get in the flat, but without the hearing aids in, I could not hear him. Tsk! Thanks, Jenny and Frank!

I took a photo after Frank had departed, and caught my reflection in the window (A scare at any time doing this!), I realised I’d had a nose-bleed, and the blood had congealed on my moustache. Nothing to fret about, this happens every now and then when the INR Warfarin Blood Level is a little high.

2Tue26I wonder what Frank must have thought when he saw it? Oh dear!

Returned to the chair, but could I get to sleep again? No!

I took this picture on the right later, when I had to get up again to have a wee-wee.

I had a dream when I first managed to doze off again. Crystal clearly, and entirely emotionless, I was climbing these long steep steps up to the towards the guillotine (Which would be an impossibility with Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Hippy Hilda). High into the sky… I could not get there, the rungs went on forever. My only concern was, had I left the kitchen tap running?

So, looking back on the day:

  • The Nottingham City Homes – Willmott Dixon appointment was not kept. Which of course keeps up their 100% nonfeasance record of never arriving when arranged to by appointments they made.
  • I have had to miss the meeting about the Fire Alarm Sprinklers, waiting in for the chap to come, who didn’t.
  • The Willmott-Dixon failure (Not unexpected naturally with their record at risk); Also meant I could not get out to collect the Antacid medicine that the Chemist had failed to give me with my prescriptions.
  • Also, their repeated negligence has kept me indoors and on tenter-hooks all day – Again!


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 17th April 2018: Incorporating pictures of the most elegant buildings in Nottingham. (I think)


Tuesday 17th April 2018

Scottish Gaelic: Dimàirt 17mh Giblean 2018

0235hrs: Woke up, pandiculated gently, awaited the brain to join the physical body puhtceared a while (Plenty of worries fears and hassles to reflect on). Duodenal Donald reminded me of his presence.

Whoosie3W01 The need for a wee-wee encouraged me to disentangle my overweight bulbous body from the £300 second-hand recliner and make my way to the wet-room. En route, I could feel the dried blood from the Fungal Lesion cracking and a sensation of fresh liquid running down my leg – Oh, Heck! Much cleaning and medicating needed following the completion of the painful wee-wee.

All sorted now, I went to do the Health Checks first.


I got on with sorting the Monday Diary out then. A big job with me having taken so many photos on my little trip out, and not having done any work on it when I got home either. It took me until around 0700hrs to complete the job and get it posted.

Made a brew of tea and took two pictures of outside from the kitchen window. One straight ahead and one upwards to the right. I must get out for a hobble through the beloved Tree Copse. Decent looking morning, mind.


Cloudy, but much warmer forecast for today. Which is good news with the cladding installing being a long way off yet?

Had a look at the comments. Didn’t take long, only two on today. More will follow, I’m sure.

Then, onto the WordPress Reader. Plenty on there today to enjoy.

Have to stop now, time for the ablutionalisationing session. Turned off the computer.

Whoosie3W01 Oh, Cruds, The Dreaded Blue Screen came on!


Not the foggiest what it means.

Got the ablutions sorted and took the bags to the rubbish chute – put the cleaned empty jars in the carrier to drop off at the recycling bin on the way out.

Off to the Obergruppenführeress Wardens Hut, via the glass bin.

Welsh William, Roy and two ladies in there when I arrived. Soon to be joined by Cyndy, Penny, Ruth and others. We all seemed to have a good gossip and laugh. On the bus, I sat behind Cyndy, Margaret and Penny, and the nattering continued with the lady bus driver, but I could not join in, I couldn’t hear what was going on. Hehehe!

2Tue03I got off in town and made my way to the Aldi store to get some more of the red coloured Bun Thins.

The old Palais De Danse ballroom looked in a sad state.

I got to the store and found that they had not got any of the red thins in stock, so I bought a packet of white ones to try out. Went a bit 2Tue04bonkers with the buying of fodder again, also bought strong crunchy cheddar, mini-potatoes, caramel nibbles for the nibble-box, Viennese rolls for raffle prizes, Light-fry butter spray, tomatoes, frikadellens and free-range chicken thighs, lemon yoghourt and sugar snap peas.

A step nearer bankruptcy now, I exited the Aldi shop to go to Tesco.

2Tue05The Nottingham City Victoria Centre flats loomed over the horizon.

I got to Tesco and ended up buying nothing, they had no scones or Pork Knuckles in stock.

So I wandered out of the store, to be followed by two security men.

As I stopped and looked back at them, they just stared at me? Then shadowed me to the doors. Most peculiar!

I hobbled along to and down Clumber Street. I’ve never seen so few people on it.


I meandered down High Street, onto South Parade, the Poultry and Pecks Lane, St Peter’s Gate and Albert Street. Slipped the Big Issue seller some dosh and into the M&S store down to the food hall. Where I spent madly again. Chunky chips, triple-coated chips and french fries, Breakfast tea bags and butter biscuits.

2Tue11I used their self-serve till, and a slightly desirous sturdily built young lady did the job for me.

I went up the escalator and out into the fresh air, and it was starting to blow a bit now.

As I was stood on the steps, right old Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit. So I stood there a few minutes to regain my balance. I think I must again, have looked white as two ladies asked 2Tue12ame if I was feeling alright and did I need an ambulance calling.

I thanked them and said I was okay. Which by then I was. The equilibrium returned, and I set off to the Poundland store, on Wheeler Gate. I’m not sure, but it seemed to me that these two officers did not move at all for ages, as if they were statues? I felt more clearer-headed as I hobbled along, though. I got diverted into the Sainsbury local store, to see if they had any of the seaweed sheets in stock. I came out with Quavers, Marmite rice cakes and seaweed added to the weight of the bags.

To the Poundland shop, and had a wander around there. Ending up with Choc biscuits, Pork Farm pies and nibbles for the social in the bag. I was so glad to see some of the Pork Farm pies on sale, they have not had any for months now. I got an extra one for Penny. I remembered talking to her about these last week, and her saying she loved them too.

2Tue14I wondered to the Slab Square and Little John up in his dome on top of the Council House, indicated I had 25 minutes before the L9 bus was due to arrive.

I strolled, albeit limpingly around the slab square for a while.

The wind was kept blowing with strong gusts and then dying down again?

The Nottinghamians wandering around with their mobile phones and pots of coffee, all 2Tue15aseemed a little morose to me.

I took a photo of some of the Fothergill Watson designed buildings on Long Row.

So much of his best work has already been demolished all around Nottingham now.

Without a doubt, the most sadly missed will be his Black Boy Hotel, on Long Row.


Those still remaining, are worth viewing, just for their elegance and handsome designs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue16As I arrived at the bus stop on Queen Street, the sun disappeared momentarily, giving me the chance to take a ‘moody’ shot of the Council House dome. With the tops of more Fothergill Watson buildings on the left.

I again, as the only person to get on the bus when it arrived late.

I was overjoyed when a crowd got on at the first stop, and Penny was amongst the passengers that got on. Bless her, she sat next to me too. This gave me the opportunity to hand her the Pork Pie treat. Over the moon when she thanked me and said she would love it.

Along with the lady on the seat in front, we had a jolly good chinwag en route.

Off the bus, we walked to the flats and up in the lift. Said our farewells as Penny got out, and I returned to the apartment. She said she was going to Derby tomorrow and would have a look at the disabled shop in the market, to see what ‘Pick-up sticks they had in stock for me. Bless her!

Did the health checks first, in case I forgot later. (I’m learning, Hehe!).

2Tue17Then I unloaded the bags and sorted and I stored-away the purchases.

Had a wee-wee. Took the medications. Back for another wee-wee (Hello?)

Too drained to do any work on the computer. But with the dreaded blue screen coming on when I closed down earlier, I did start it to see that it worked, and it did start up.

2Tue18Got the meal prepared.

My eyes were too big for the head, again!

But, what I ate of it, went down well.

Rated this one as a 9/10.

I soon fell asleep after I’d washed the pots settled down. Quickly as a matter of fact. Very early.

I woke up around 2200hrs, got up, had a wee-wee and made a start on this diary.



Inchcock – Thursday 27 April 2017: Busiest Day of the Year!


Thursday 27 April 2017

Arabic: الخميس 27 أبريل 2017

0300hrs: Woke, reluctantly, tried to get back to sleep, knew I’d been dreaming, but again, no memories of them. I hate that. Hehe! Gave up trying to nod off again when the urge to visit the porcelain throne appeared.

Flipping cold this morning.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and nearly went over as Dizzy Dennis caught me unawares as I dismounted. Onto the throne and Duodenal Donald kicked in and the stomach rumbling began. Thought about how I enjoyed yesterday’s Fish and Chip meal and how foolish I was to have gone for it.

Carried out the Health Checks and printed the last few day off so as to show the doctor later on.


All those 163 to 174 Sys readings and then it goes down to 155 on the day I go to see the Doctor? Humph! The weight down a bit again too, mind you, I got onto the scales after the Porcelain Throne session.

Took the medication4Thur03s.

I threw back the curtains as it began to get lighter, and realised why it was so nippy, I’d left the window open!


Did some WordPress reading done, made a mug of strong tea… during which I had to make a rather hasty a trip back to the porcelain… just in time! Great! The runs, on a day I’ve got to go to the surgery, chemist, back for the Social Hour, back out to the bank, then the clinic!

4Thur04Back to put the above photograph on here, and noticed some smoke in it, left of the right curtain.

Got a close-up of it from the kitchen window.

No emergency lights were showing. Looked like it was on the housing estate?

Got the paperwork for the day’s needs, Surgery, Bank and Clinic into a folder, put the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag for the Social Hour and staff. Realised I had not booked an appointment with the Doctor’s Nurse for the Tuesday INR Blood Test… Huh! I’ll have to go to the City Hospital for it then. Far too late to get an appointment for Tuesday now. Hey-ho!

Made some reminder notes to take with me to avoid forgetting to mention something to the Doctor.

Updated this twollop.

Ablutions tended to.

Remembered to gather the things for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop to take them with me – plan to walk up through the park, up over the hill and to the surgery.

Set out and went the wrong way, half way along Chestnut Walk, I stopped and walked back in the opposite direction, so as to go to the Nottingham Hospice shop – stopped again when I realised I’d put their stuff in the wrong bag, and went back in the original direction. I’ll bet someone was watching and thinking; Look at that fool, what’s he up to now? Hehe!

4Thur05Plenty of time to spare so I took a nice steady hobble down the hill.

Damn it, I had not got the hearing aids in!

A bit of an obstacle course on the pavement with the bins lined up for collection, but still.

Anne Gyna now amalgamated with Duodenal Dennis, and this was most annoying and persistent. Hey-ho!

4Thur06Left and up the hill on Mansfield Road and over the crest… or should that be apex or maybe the crown of the road?

The traffic was building up here in Carrington as I had to stop a few moments to let Anne Gyna calm down.

Even Roger Reflux had a go at me then.

Tsk! Not feeling well at all, yet oddly not poorly.

Does that make sense to you?

4Thur07Further down the hill as I approached the surgery, a sudden uplifting insanity came over me… no not insanity, erm, jollity!

I found Dennis had eased off quickly and I was singing to myself?

Well, maybe insanity after all. Hehe!

I got into the Surgery and consulted my list of things to remember and asked the receptionist if I had booked in for Monday or Tuesday for an INR Blood Test, she confirmed that I had, for 1020hrs. I thanked her, took my seat and got out the crossword book. Noticing as I did, some new posters on the board. It seems the senior Doctor is retiring and Dr Vinla is currently interviewing for a replacement. I thought she was off ill? Big decisions to make for her.

A locum for Dr Vinla was on duty today.

I was told to go in and the Doctor, a far Eastern Gentleman was very cross with me for forgetting the hearing aids, and when I had to ask for confirmation or misheard him, it made him angrier still. Oh dear! Got it wrong again didn’t I? But he was straight to the point. Well, in all but when I asked about and explained the depression and anxiety symptoms, which he told me we all have, and told me to leave it until Dr Vindla returned and warned me that referrals take months sometimes.

Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna’s hassle I mentioned. He said to double up with the Omeprazole for a few days until things calm down. I pointed out that perhaps the stocks might run low, and he said if the do ask for some more later.

4Thur10I requested some extra Codeine Phosphates and was pleased when after he’d read my statistics on the computer, he agreed to do so, because of the Morphgesic SR 30 mg Tablets being stopped in readiness for the graft operation and it should be safe to take some extra 30g Codeines, in place of them. So glad he agreed to this, bless him.

I thanked him, left his office and gave the staff some nibbles in a bag and walked (Very painfully now the feet had started singing) down the road into Carrington and the Chemist shop.

4Thur11Deepak, the chemist and owner, asked me to have a talk with him while I waited for the prescription to be filled.

I mentioned how I was feeling depressed and why. Somehow it was easier to speak with him. A really nice chap, Deepak is.

The chinwag only took a few minutes, and I collected the medications and was off hobbling to the Lidl store.

4Thur08I got only three things today, A bag of small potatoes, a small packet of Sugar-Peas and two small cheese cobs.

I paid on the serve yourself till and got rid of all my small change.

Hehehe! I later regretted this.

Out to the bus stop, (Weary legs and feet now) and got lifted up into Sherwood. Where I dropped off and called at the bank as instructed by the bank manageress last week, to talk to her about the direct debits and how I wanted things handling.

I explained all this to the lady serving, put my card and number into the machine on the counter, and she seemed to concentrate and read things on the screen for ages and ages? I began to fear that something was wrong… My IQ told me something was wrong!

Eventually, after I nearly fell asleep a few times waiting, she said that the manageress was unavailable today??? She added in a wholly disquieting, nerve-making tone, (To me anyway!) That the transfer had gone through and I could now use the new card. Conviction, was missing in her voice? Knowing my luck, I found it hard to believe that things were alright with it. Time will prove me right, my IQ is rarely wrong. Watch this space! Oh, dear…

Started to hobble up the hill to see if any buses might be coming to get me back up to the flats and realised the L8 service had finished, so no matter what the time, no luck. As I knew the L9 route came at 25 minutes past the hour, and it was 54 minutes past now.

So I limped back the way I came from and walked up Winchester Street Hill back to the flats.

Amazingly, I arrived in time (Well, not very late anyway) for the Tenants Social Hour. But it was hard work not hearing folks unless they were next to me and I could see the lips.

Got the raffle tickets and donated them to a table of ladies, handed out the nibbles, managed a quick bit of a gossip with Penny and BJ – then decided to call it quits and go back to the flat to get the hearing aids and take some painkillers and an extra Omeprazole.

4Thur09Boy, was I lucky, just missed the downpour that started as I got in, put the fodder away and had a wee-wee before taking the midday and the extra medications. A bit of a mouthful that, Haha!

The rain was so fine it was hard to see, I’d got the hearing aids in by then and heard it more than saw it.

It only lasted a few minutes, but anyone in it would have recognised it as ‘That wet rain’ and got soaked through!

Did an order for Morrison’s while I thought of it. A job getting the new card accepted, but all okay now.

Set off on slow, nice and easy hobble to the Clinic at the City Hospital, remembering to take the attendance card and bus pass to get back with. See? Sometimes I can get things right, Hehe!


When I crossed over Valley Road at the pelican lights, a gentleman in a BMW went over on amber, gave me a fright he did.

I was well pleased with Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Duodenal Donald (Actually he was less bothersome now?) on the limp to the clinic. Only the feet gave me a lot of any bother. And no rain in sight. Come think of it, the roads might have been greasy, and that’s why Mr BMW didn’t try to stop? Glad I didn’t call him a naughty name now.

The usual Po-faced Obergruppenfurher on the reception again. I’ve worked out to annoy now. I keep a smile on my face and am extremely friendly and polite to him. Haha!

No waiting at all, I was called in within 2 minutes – into an office full of medical professionals and students. They explained As I thought about the Morphine removal being so that if I need it during the graft operation, it would be more efficient for me. The head man (I assumed as the others said nothing to him, except in answer to his prompting, but hung on his every word) explained the procedure in detail to me. But I will not repeat anything on here, cause it fritted me. Hehehe!

Then we all went into the treatment room, and they had a silent giggle and declared me all okay for the surgery to take place, as long as I have no more bad bleeds. After much embarrassment and poking and prodding, we returned back into the office and, he was a Mr, not Doctor? Advised me that having to cancel the original surgical time will mean a longer wait, this time around. Fair enough!  He gave me more cream.

I thanked him, got out into the reception area and smiled at Hitler, the sweetest smile I could manage and said Thank you, my friend, received a look back that should have killed me actually, and got out quickly. Hehe!

I was going to take a photographicalisation of the clinic but had left the camera in the flat. Tsk!

A number 40 bus arrived within seconds of my getting to the bus stop. All this good luck is very worrying yer know! If had got the camera and used it, I’d have missed the bus!

The uphill, but a short walk from the 40 bus stop back to to the apartment block, was excruciating for me, thanks to the state of the feet and Anne Gyna starting to kicking off again.

So glad to get back inside. Had a long wee-wee. Checked on the man and woman handled Little inchy, no bleeding. Phew!

Kettle on, and I took the evening medications then, got the computer on to update this again. Did the last Health Checks. Sys still a little high, but lower than the first two checks.

Oh, the feet and Anne Gyna… but Duodena4Thur08l Donald was bearable.

Got the fodder away went on Facebook catch-up then the meal was prepared and consumed.

The ‘Luxury’ fish surimi sticks were delicious and tasty. I didn’t eat all of it, left most of the potatoes, the pepper was a little too hot for me. The egg was of a plasticity and rubber texture that was unpleasant. However, I did have an orange sucker and a handful of chocolate balls afterwards.

Got the DVD going to watch some more of the Jonathan Creek episodes, the new headphones are marvellous.

Repeatedly fell asleep and had to rewind, so often I gave up trying.


Inchcock Today Monday 10th October 2016 Laundry done early, Bus Pass used and odd dream


Monday 10th October 2016

Stirred around 0255hrs: Odd dreams again. In a big queue getting pushed back each time I got near to the front? Thought I ought to get up now to do the laundry while machines should be free… Fell asleep again.

0405hrs: Up and out of the rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair, to the loo for a  WRWW, got the stuff ready for the laundry room, coins and powder, etc.

Got dressed and down and got the washing in the machine going in the laundry room.

Back up to the flat and into the Wetroom for a WRHD session. Again like yesterday, the blood flowed freely. I must keep an eye on this situation. A little discomforting. Got the kettle on, made a strong brew, took the medications and laptop on.

1mon02Down again on the lift, through the foyer and to the laundry room. The door on the right in this photograph here on the right like. I fink?

Moved the washing into the dryer.

Back up to the flat once more, another WRWW and back on the laptop starting an Ode for WordPress. Calling it “I’ve a feeling something is going to happen today?”

Calling it “I’ve a feeling something is going to happen today?” Although humour based, it is true in parts. Hehehe!

The hour soon passed, and I nipped down again to collect the clean clothes. Some naughty person had been down and used both washers at the same time! Tsk, unfair! Got the togs into the bag, cleaned the filter out, wiped the surfaces and sprayed some air freshener around.

Back up once more, and another WRWW session tended to.

Finished the Ode and got it posted, then updated this load of tosh. Did some more graphic creating for a while.

A quick bash on Facebook.

Then got the ablutionisationing done, and got ready to go out and get some fodder in, as I’m not ordering owt to be delivered this week… I get too much stuff in yer know! Hehe!

Set off down to the foyer, out and deposited the glass jars in the recycling 1mon03thingamabob. Called in the Community Shed and gave Deana and Julie some nibbles. To the bus stop, many tenants waiting for the bus, but not in a talkative mood today.

The sky at the back of the flats was photographable again this morning.

It was a bit nippy out there, mind you, it was in the apartment too.

Caught the L9 bus (I do love my Free Pensioners Bus Pass!), and was soon in the City Centre, dropping off on Upper Parliament Street.1mon04

I went into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall), and to the market to get the cashew nuts for nibbling. They had gone up in price again today! A few months ago they were 99p per 100gm, now they are £1.49! But it doesn’t bother me. Humph!

A bit of a fib there, sorry.

1mon05Nipped down a floor and to the end of the mall into Tesco and got some lamb, Boczek, and chicken thighs.

Paid the gal on the checkout, turned away and dropped the bag…

What a plonker! 

Out onto Milton Street as an ambulance pulled up. I hobbled to have a look. No idea what had taken place but a young teenage lad was being tended to as he sat on a seat at a bus stop.

1mon06As I limped down to the slab square, there seemed to a lot of buses in the traffic jams?N

1mon07The Slan Square itself was being prepared for some special event.

I looked up what was going to occur when I got back home:

On Wednesday 12th October 2016, Nottingham will be hosting its biggest ever ULEV event at Nottingham’s Old Market Square with a number of manufacturers coming to display their newest models and to provide information and guidance to members of the public thinking of making the switch. Nottingham City Council is also proud to be launching their status as a ‘Go Ultra Low Company’ demonstrating the authority’s commitment to reduce our environmental impact by converting our fleet to ULEVs by 2020. Meet the Manufacturers! After reading this, I’m not a lot wiser really?

1mon08I took this shot on Long Row, of a Watson Fothergill designed building above the shops on the ground floor.

So pleasing to the eye and detailed without being gaudy?

The world famous Nottingham architect actually reversed his names as he matured, he was Christened, Fothergill Watson originally. Just thought I’d mention it like. Whatever, he was brilliant!1mon09

Caught the L9 back to the flats.

A bit of a hiatus en route, though.

Where the bus turns off of Porchester Road to go down Davis Street through the housing complex, a lorry was delivering waste skips to a building site just down the road a bit.

So the hour the journey usually takes took 90 minutes, much to the chagrin of some of the passengers and those that were eventually picked up on the way. Felt a bit sorry for the driver.

As I dropped off at the flats, a few tenants were waiting at the stop for the L8 to arrive. I greeted the with a cheery “Hello folks, a bit nippy this morning innit?” I didn’t get any replies? I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve done something wrong?

I called in to see Olive on the way back, she was not in a good mood again, curt, sharp? I hope she is okay, she said she was.

Got in and had a WRWW, went to make a brew, and decided to clean the Crock-Pot bowl – I dropped it on the floor as I went to empty the dredges of food left in it. Had to mop the floor, Huh! At least it didn’t break.

Put the fodder away and got the laptop on to update this.

Got the potatoes on the boil to have with my salad later.

Started Facebooking.

1mon11The sky is getting awfully dark now, and it is definitely going blooming colder here!

Took the medications and got the meal ready.

Had peruse of the book I’d been reading for months off and on now, entitled ‘The Qintinshill Conspiracy’. Heavy going this documentary tale and record of the worst Railway Crash ever in Great Britain and the farcical inquiries that followed.

1mon10The meal was ready, served it up and salivated while I ate it!

Chicken thighs, pickle pork pies, beetroot, boiled small potatoes, cheese, Marmite cheese, pickled egg, tomatoes, veggies (Mushrooms, peas, onions and carrots) and tomato. I dabbed Marmite on the potatoes, Mmm!) Followed by a banana and guiltily, a fresh cream French Horn. (Yes, I know, I didn’t mention this earlier, Tsk! Hehe) A rather excellent spread most enjoyed.

Watched some DVD, ‘Primeval’ then a bit of TV, mostly in ten minutes periods of wakefulness followed with ten minutes of nod offs.

Gave up, turned off the box, and seemed to go straight into a dream about my being chased again, around unknown villages and into a large factory, up stairs, around departments. This appeared to last for ages – when I woke, in need of a WRWW, I found only minutes had passed since I nodded off?

Carried out the WRWW and climbed back into the recliner chair and was soon off again into the land of nod and another dream. This time, I’m sure there were some of my ether friends in there. Were they putting make-up and decorating with icing on my bald head? I wish I could remember more.

Inchcock Today Sat 30 April 2016: Mixed news, mixed weather and I felt a bit mixed up too!


Up at 0300hrs after a bad night for sleep. First thoughts were that my mate Duncan is coming to see me today. (Am email found later confirmed that he is coming tomorrow not today – Humph, I am a fool!)

The right arm, from the elbow down, was still giving me pain, so I rubbed in some of the pain gel again. The flesh, is disappearing from the arms too? Pity, I can’t transfer some of the excessive fat from my stomach and midriff region to the arms. Hehe!

I got the laptop on and checked the Emails. Some caring ones came in that made me feel a warmth inside.

10Got on with doing a funny of sorts for WordPress.

Took me a few hours, but I enjoyed doing it like.

Posted it off and checked the emails again.

Gorra, a scrub-up, took the rubbish to the chute and gorron an L9 bus to town. Going to have a look at the easy chairs on offer in the city.

P1070076Dropped off the bus and cut through the busy Clumber Street, full of Street Entertainers, Big Issue Sellers, shoplifters and potential muggers on my way to the Bank on Exchange Walk. 

The ATM was out of order, so I called in to ask the cashier for my balance figure to see if the house money had gone in yet. 

Good news, it had. But it was less than I’d hoped for with all the extras I had to fork out for during the battle with the solicitor… Huh!

Then I hobbled to the John Lewis (Jessops) Store. Had a good look around the furniture section, but no chairs suitable, though. Went back down to look at the new Dyson V6 Vacuum cleaners without a lead to fall over and get entangle with. There were three models to choose from, the lady told me that the V6 Absolute was the strongest one, and let me use the display model. It breaks down quickly so I can use it to get to high places, or take the end off and use it by one hand, and it gets into the narrow areas. I pondered, and she told me it was on Special Price over the holiday period, £329.99 down from £369.99! I explained I’d have to come with someone else so they could carry it for me and she shot in verbally saying: “Delivery is free if you pay now.” I bought it. Asking when the delivery would be she said in the next five days. I explained I might be out at the Doctors or Dentists or Skin cancer unit. “If you’re not in, they  will leave a form and contact number for you to use!”

I paid her the £329.99 on me card, thanked her and left.

Went out and over the road to the PC World to get a Multi-card reader if they had any.

After spending a rather long time searching for them, a member of staff asked if she could be of help. A rarity indeed in that place! So kind. She couldn’t find them, so she walked me to the other end of the store and asked another member of staff, who walked me back to the opposite end of the store, but couldn’t find them. Yet another member of staff was asked, walked me again to the front of the store and pointed them out on the shelves. I was losing interest now!

They had some in at £7.99, which was a lot less than the last one that failed to work cost me at Jessops camera shop, so I cheered up a bit. As I queued to pay for it, I noticed they had some of the same Dyson V6 Vacuum cleaners like the one I’d just bought and paid for at John Lewis’s, so I wondered back down the store to have a decker at them. Huh! They were on sale at £299.99, and I’d just paid £329.99 thinking I’d got a bargain. Gnash! Mind you, they would have charged for delivery I told myself.

Back up the store to make my exit, and I heard the staff exclaiming: “Blimey (Not the exact word used) look at the flipping (Not the exact word used again) rain!”

P1070079 P1070080

I tooketh a couple of photographicalisations of the sudden downpour from out of the stores doors. 

05Then when it stopped, I hobbled over and into Tesco and got some fodder.

Minced lamb, Minced Beef, Lamb Steaks and some Cream Eclairs fell into the basket while I was getting these. Ahem!

The rain had stopped and the sunshine came out again.

I resisted spending anymore, despite welcome but no doubt temporary bank balance increase.

P1070078As I left to make my way to the bus stop, another famous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists made an appearance.

A funny side to this today. The youth was on a tiny bike and he must have been well over six-foot and I had to laugh.

The good thing is, he heard me and looked back to scowl at me after he’d gone by – and nearly rode into the railings.

Made my day that did.

But I don’t think he was too happy about it. Hehehe!

Caught the last L9 back to the flats, thinking maybe I should have got some extra fodder in after all, cause being Bank Holiday. There are no buses running now, until Tuesday?

Fellow tenants from the 14th floor, Kathy and Frank got on the bus halfway there, and this cheered me up further cause we had a little chinwag en route.

On and off throughout the day, the new bother with the right arm/wrist/hand got a bit painful. Found if I twisted my right-hand inwards, the pain got worse?

P1070084Got in the flat (No falling asleep on the bus, this time, thanks to nattering with Kathy), WC’d, put the fodder away and got the Crock-pot going. Added the lamb mince to it and made a bit more veg gravy and added that too.

The bit of mince left I cooked in the saucepan for later.

Then, the weather suddenly turned 06nasty again.

A bit of a mixture, this time, rain and snow and sleet?

I went to make sure I’d locked the flat door and found a message hanging through the letter box I’d missed earlier.

Nervously I opened and read it. It was only from the NHS Circle Skin Cancer Unit at the Queens Medical Centre. The appointment for the growth to be examined. Friday 6 May 2016 at 1600hrs. Got a move on with that they did, bless em.

P1050010Went into the bathroom to find the heater and radio both switched on?

Maybe I could have left the heater on, I’ve done that a few times. But, I didn’t put the radio on this morning at all?


Got the laptop going again to update this twaddle. Added the hospital appointment to the Google Calendar.

P1070085Then went on Facebook.

Getting late for me now.

The little burn on the back of my hand is healing nicely.

Serves me right!

The hot-pot is looking and smelling good I hope Duncan will like it when he calls to see me tomorrow. He contacted me later, he’s the same as wot I am and doesn’t eat during the day. Still, it’ll be ready for me tomorrow night.

P1070086Got the bacon and tomatoes on for tonight.

As I looked at the photographs after taking the one of the meal, I realised they were in mono – another cock-up Whoopsiedangleplop from the Nottingham Pensioner!


I ate the fodder, having to force myself to eat the cream eclairs as well. (Fib detected?) The yoghourt had unfortunately gone off, Huh!

 Made a right mess with the crumbs from the bread that I had to clean up.

0101Decided to settle and put the TV on, which doesn’t sound too much like a problem? I could not find the remote control thing. Repeated searches trying places I had done earlier, tested my sanity to its limits.

So, no TV tonight, I got the book ‘Voices from the Holocaust’ out for a reading session.

Went to make a cuppa later and returned to my Circa 1959 brown imitation leather armchair with the broken arms, and as I rounded the Ottoman I trod on the remote control!!!

I realised how I’d missed finding it earlier: The front key side as you see in the photo is light grey – it had fell ending up face down with the black back cover on it showing!

Well, that’s my excuse!

Tired but feeling less confused I soon nodded off, and slept to seven hours without waking at all!

Tue 4 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: Dizzies…

Tuesday 4th August 2015


0405hrs: Woke, and so glad the cramps has eased – mind you, i used nearly a full tube of Phorpain gel – so I can expect to run out of that now! Tsk!

0705I’m not sure that using so much would be a good thing though. But the agony last night – Cor blimus – As the immortal Sid James said in Carry on Cleo! (One of me favourite Carry On’s this one).

01M001I’ve been using Maximum strength Phorpain and Fenbid gel for a couple of years now on the arthritis in me hands and knees mostly – but this is the first time I’ve lathered it on me poor old legs.

The active substance is Ibuprofen. Other ingredients are hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium hydroxide, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, purified water. I looked it up so I could sound clever like. Hehe!

I finished and posted yesterdays diary and since starting this diary I’ll pointed at the porcelain no less than eight times? Oh, nine now…

Did some Facebooking and WordPress reading.

Then got missen washed, scrubbed, shaved, and freshened up ready for me visit to the community shed between the two blocks of flats to take some of the never ending letters delivered for Margaret, the previous tenant to Julie and or Deana in the event that they might be on site today.

Julie was in the shed, gave her a nibble and left the letters for Deana to sort later.

IMG_0027I walked up into Woodthorpe Park and up again into Sherwood, down the hill a tad and caught a bus into the City centre, using me free pensioners bus-pass of course. (I love it!)

Got into town and had a walk in and to top top of Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall for my American friends), and to the end doors where the Pound Shop is and got a bag of bird seed for the pigeons and duck in Derby later.

IMG_0028Out through the doors and into the bus-station and caught a red Arrow bus to Derby.

Had a go at me crossword book and actually got some answers in for once to the ones I’d started earlier.

Not much traffic about en-route.

Arrived in Derby and went to the back of the bus-station first to feed the ducks and pigeons.

IMG_0029I think they must have had a cull on the pigeons since me last visit, ’cause there were not many of them about, and most of them were young ones – you can tell my their red legs and claws, they get darker with age. (Another tip from Inchy – no charge! Hehe)

IMG_0033I had a walk into the Eagle Centre… er Mall and went to the indoor market – what a sad sight!

More stalls closed than open.

I didn’t find owt interesting to buy and soon left and had a quick walk through the old market.

IMG_0035Finding some hungry pigeons en-route.

I took some ‘bling’ photo’s for the TFZ site.

That market was also run-down and sad.

IMG_0030Espied this model outside a shop as I passed near the Eagle Centre – wondered what the shop was advertising using this mannequin?

Took a closer look and they were selling ladies wigs!

Made me way to the bus station – and checked me mobile in case Steve from Age UK had called or text in response to me many calls for help to him – I’d have had more chance of Winning the lottery and should have known better than to bother checking. Tsk!

Caught the bus and was back in Nottingham within 40 minutes.

IMG_0036I checked the times and I had 45 minutes until the last bus from town, the L9 was due to leave. So I had a quick walk around the Nottingham Beach.

A decent crowd there, and even the paddling pool has some kids in it, despite the lack of sunshine, but it wasn’t cold.

Popped in Primark to see if I could get a cardigan of the roper size this time. Got one with good pockets for £14 with buttons. And an Andy Cap to replace the one I left on the bus £3 – Huh!

IMG_0038Back to the bus stop in plenty of time and had a chin-wag with a lady waiting for the same bus from the same flats.

There was a sign on the bus-shelter informing us that Nottingham was the cleanest City Centre in the Midlands. So I took this photo (I missed the dog turd on the steps off of it though) of the steps into the main Post Office near where I was waiting fer me bus.

Fell asleep on the bus, but woke up in time for me stop like.

When I got off the bus, the wind was belting away and the lady nearly went over when we turned the corner to the flats.

Back in flat, found more letters again delivered for Margaret the previous tenant.

IMG_0039Did a bit on this diary – but hunger-pangs arrived, so I got me dinner on while I did the diary – and had a dizzy spell. Mmm!

Bread thins Ham sarnies, beetroot, bacon bits, dried roast onions and potato curls – very nice!

It may well have qualified as one of the best if it were not for beetroots being as hard as cricket balls! Damned disappointing that! Still, gave it an 8/10.

Washed the pots and had a cuppa – fell asleep – and that was no easy task on me wooden chair!

Took me medications and had a wash and checked me ailments – The Inch was not bleeding but it had been, Arthritis not too bad, Haemorrhoids not bleeding either. Put some Phorpain gel on me lower legs as well as me knees and hands this time, hoping it might ease the pain if the ‘Cramps’ start again later.

The wind was now worse than ever outside.

Tomorrow me Morrisons order coming twixt 0730 > 0830hrs, the Dentist appointment at 0930hrs and the clinic at 1330hrs. I thing that’s why i took the chance to get out a bit today and take some photographs while I had the time without worrying about me timing like.

Did a bit of Facebooking and some work on a planned post for me WordPress.

Tired again.

Sat 6 June 2015: Inchcock Today –

Saturday 6th June 2015

IMG_0043Woke at 0400hrs, tried to get back to kip, but gave up and hauled missen painfully up made a cuppa and had a pot of porridge and medications for breakfast for a change.

While eating this some memories of the dreams I’d came came back to me – not a lot – but some.

I was serving in an old counter shop and the queues outside led for miles down the road? Somehow as I served fruit and veg and fresh fish to people, the stocks seemed to get replaced automatically. This seemed to go on for hours and hours, then suddenly I was in a tiny lift, with goblins attacking me, blood all over the place… then a lady came into the lift to complain about the noise and hit me over the head with her umbrella? That’s all I recall.

I got the laptop on and replied to some emails, then opened Coreldaw X7 and did the header for today’s diary. Then did a graphic for Danny Soz, then got carried away trying to sort out the options again on the screen.

Did a bit of Facebooking.

Then started to create me next ‘It’s A funny Old Life’ instalment. Took me hours to compile and get something like right, then I didn’t like it after all – so will do a new one later. I update an old one about the Royal Visit to Nottingham and got that posted instead.

The next few hours were spent between researching me ode facts, getting myself confused and doing graphics.

IMG_0044Decided to have a walk about – so went up and made missen presentable-ish and fed the pigeons as I left on me little walk around.

I thought how beautiful a day it was and took a photo of the trees and sky – that was when even I heard the crunch of one of the cars in the distance at the Pelican lights hitting the one in front!

IMG_0046I caught the bus into town and called in the Victoria Shopping Centre as I wobbled along on little walk around the City Centre.

I dropped into Tesco and had a stroll around and bought some bread thins and cheapo little swiss rolls – * Please note that at various point I put other stuff in me basket, and through sheer will-power and the desire to do the right thing – I returned the cream Horns and spreadable butter back to shelves where I got them from… I hope you are suitably impressed with this?


Oh sod-it… alright, I’d not taken enough money with me! Tsk!

IMG_0047I considered going down Clumber Street to go in the Jessop Camera shop to ask for advice on why me photographs on me SSID card have started turning themselves around on their own.

But the crowds put me off and I thought I’d walk the long way around to IMG_0051the City Centre to take some photographs and then approach Clumber Street from the opposite direction.

It was busy in the City Centre too.

I noticed a wedding was taking place in the Council house building and they IMG_0049had hired the old Routemaster London Bus for the fans, family and spectators at the wedding.

I managed to climb up on a raised concrete seating to take the photo – Ha! you should have seen me struggle to get down again – Farcical it were!

Parked where it was seemed a bit IMG_0050potentially dangerous to me, as folk coming out of Exchange Walk had to go into the road to see if any trams or traffic was coming?

Some of the Nottinghamian citizens were full of their usual zest I noticed. It’s good ale they must be selling locally perhaps?

IMG_0052Made we way down Wheeler Gate and called in Marks & Spencers to see if I could find an interesting shot of something to take.

I did, I got two – one on the second floor ladies department.

I’m not sure what the display was supposed to be selling – stockings tights I imagine.

But it was bit different, so I tooketh a photograph of it for the TFZ gals on Facebook.

IMG_0053On the third floor I came across a display of Gents summer-wear I thought might interest the TFZ lads in, so took a shot of these here mannequins in the Gents department.

I wondered just why they had made them with twisted wooden arms, pale legs and a white mask in place of a face?

There must be a reason? But why?.

I left the store and as I did IMG_0051some of the crowd started arguing between them selves about something – and a melee come altercation ensued!

So I braved the crowds and went through them up Exchange Walk and through the Slab Square again on me way to Jessops Camera shop on Clumber Street.

IMG_0057I photographed some art-work the Council had put up in celebration of Nottingham being hailed the cleanest City Centre.

Made me way to Jessops, where luckily they were not too busy, and i asked a lady assistant (Clerk for our American friends) if she could offer me some IMG_0048advice about me photo’s changing orientation on their own on me SSID card.

She was terribly helpful and patient with me, and let me take her photo to put on here with my thanks to her after she’d sorted me out.

She even told me how to change the things again if it happened again bless her sympathetic socks.

Not many as kind and patiently understanding as this gal in the shops nowadays.

IMG_0059Really cheered e up she did.

When I got on the bus I looked in me bag for me book and thought – Oh no, me cream cakes had disappeared!

Of course I soon remembered I didn’t get any. Ahem…

Back into Carrington and lurking IMG_0060yobboes were around again, so I took the long route back to the flea-pit.

I noticed how the clouds were so attractive and took a photo of the sky.

They looked like an artist had arranged and coloured them.

Got in and attended the porcelain.

IMG_0061Updated this diary.

Made me nosh – Vegetable curry, seasoned potatoes, with bread thins and an iced blackcurrant iced lolly.

Not bad.

Took me evening medications with some spring water.

Nodded off around 0200hrs – well that’s the last time I remember taking note of the time like.

Mon 4.5.15 Inchcock Today

Monday 4th April 2015

What a good sleep – got up when I sprang awake at… 1010hrs!


Early Morning Sky (Well late morning really – Tsk!)

I reckon I got six hours in. Vague memories of me dreams but nowt in detail. Tsk!

WC’d – then went to make a flask of tea – but found the flask leaking – oh dear!

Made a mug and a pot of porridge.

Did me BP: Sys 157 Dia 95 Pulse 100 – but couldn’t IMG_0058find me thermometer to take me temperature?

Laptop on and set about doing me LOMM entries for last week like.

I’ll have to get out and buy another flask – and call at the shop in Victoria Centre to get a prod-pen thingy to use with me new phone soon.

Feeling nervous again for some reason today.

Washed, titivated, medicated missen and set off to the bus-stop with me free-pensioners bus-pass. Being Bank Holiday there were few people about and the buses were running less often.

0103As I walked to Mansfield Road (with no pigeons coming down – probably because I was later than I usual?), down Church Drive, the beauty of the scenery caught me eye, and I put down me bag to take as best a shot of it as I could.

On to the end of the road and then went back to collect me bag what I’d left on the pavement. Tsk!

0102At the bus-stop I was about to take a photo of the beautiful skyline and realised here I was on a main arterial Mansfield Road and there was no traffic to be seen – not even a pavement cyclist! I turned the camera onto the road to catch this phenomenon in the warm sunshine. 

Moments later I took another photo as the obviously held up traffic came over the hill.

There was quite a wait for the bus – not that it mattered to me – I got up so late today – and with finding so many things I’d lost or misplaced I knew things were not 0104boding well and resigned myself to waiting while whistling away to myself.

A lady came to the bus-stop and I greeted her with “Good morning, nice weather for the Bank Holiday” – She gave me a look that made me wither, tuned up her nose and tutted?

I thought “Oh dear”.

It was fun cramming together on the over-full bus, but at least the driver left no-one behind.

0114As I was spewed out of the bus by the overzealous passengers in a hurry I caught my composure, avoided being hit by a burk of a Pavement Cyclist and went into Victoria Centre to go to the MansWorld shop to see if they had one of those pen-swipe multitool gizmos in stock.

I got one and a USB Charge & Sync cable – why I got the USB Charge & Sync Cable I have yet to find out – it seemed a good idea at the time. But why?

0105I took a photograph of the Boost stall as I was passing above it.

Not only was I amazed to see so many customers fraternising the stall, but the fact that they had 5… yes 5 members of staff on duty surprised me muchly?

I really must try one of their fruit drinks one day.

0106As I walked on I noticed a group of youngsters on the ground floor.

They looked well ensconced of the floor with their i-pods?, food and drinks.

Well laid back they reminded me of the Hippies of old, bless em.

0113 I plodded along the top floor of the mall, taking a photo of some ‘Bling’ fer the TFZ gals en-route to Boots.

Down through the store to the bottom level of the store and started searching for the thermometers.

Perhaps a good 15 minutes later I found a member of staff to ask the locations of them and she kindly led me to where they were situated.

0108As I departed from Boots (£10 lighter) it dawned on me how busy it was everywhere today.

In the old days Bank Holidays were for relaxing and recuperating.

Nowadays it’s the shoppers delight – me included.

Mind you, if I hadn’t lost me thermometer and storage drive and broke me flask I wouldn’t be here.

0115I hobbled into Jessops store and had a look at the drink flasks they had to offer.

The second cheapest (the one I bought) was Thermos brand made in China – but then they were all made in China.

I’m hoping this £20 one will last longer than the £8.99 one made in Italy did – which was about 3 months before it broke inside – I can’t remember dropping it?

0107As I went to leave the mall – I took a photo of the newly refurbished area.

I thought how clinical and characterless they had made it look.

Drab, lifeless despite the many Nottingham shoplifters… I mean

Nottingham Shoppers there were about.

0110I walked over the road to the Trinity Square and found the citizenry in a more relaxed mood as they actually used the new food court.

The skateboarder were out in number here.

Then I plodded down Trinity Walk and took another ‘Bling’ photo for the gals 0109on the TFZ site.

These are actually mobile phones in a store window.

Loved the owl one with the buttons on the outside they were second hand but I could not see any prices on them?

Down to the bus-stop and joined the marathon queue and waited patiently for the bus to arrive, while listening to  he others in the queue gossip away.

I hope the girl in the leather jeans who was speaking to a lanky youth with acne and a girl with her ear rings in her lips managed to persuade her parent to get her the ISO 8 she desired. Whatever ISO 8 is like?

0112While waiting for the bus to arrive I took a photo of some wonderful office buildings on Queen Street.

These have real character and great design features – I wondered when the council would be getting around to pulling them down too?

The bus came and somehow we all crammed into it and I was soon back in Carrington – and the yobs were lurking and drinking on the seats in the twitchell again.

So I walked the long way around back to the flea-pit.

0116WC’s – a bit of blood but nowt to worry about from the rear end exhaust.

Set about preparing me nosh fer the night.

A Beef pastie slice, tomatoes, garden peas, cooked beetroots and the best of the lot – seasoned herb small potatoes in olive oil. Followed with a vanilla mousse, Strawberry & vanilla ice-cream pot, a blackcurrant ice-cream lolly and a Cox’s apple!

By gum, I enjoyed this.

Fell into ‘A grumpy old man’ sleep afterwards for a couple of hours.

Tried the new thermometer – 34.2c

Laptop on, and took me medications later than planned – the new flask seemed to keep me tea warm enough.

Finished this Diary off – despite of me shaking then cramp ridden hands.

At 2230hrs I was determined to get some sleep in.

0215hrs, still determined to get some sleep in…

0255hrs, still determined to get some sleep in…