Inchcock – Wednesday 8th January 2020: Confusing day. My mate Micheal visited, great chinwagging!

2020 Jan 08

2020 ttJan 08

Wednesday 8th January 2020

بدھ 8 جنوری 2020: Urdu


WD 0.50.0 2 WDPH01L423:50hrs: I semi woke up. Had a mental battle to regain control of my mind, passed a vast, blasting burst of wind. Combed my hair with a pink lawn rake, and the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Like a young whipper-snapper, I almost bounded out of the recliner, jumped up, and skipped my way to the wet-room without using a stick and singing Wayward Wind aloud and proud… and started to wash my well-toned muscular young, lithe body in a bath of Guinness, and lit my pipe…

23:57hrs: I woke up for real, and realised I’d been dreaming. I think I was enjoying having a fit body again, drinking the Guinness in the none-existent bath… but reality had to be faced. And oddly enough, the first thing I did, was to pass-wind, but only a sort ‘Phutt-Phutt’ job. Which did bring on the demand for the Porcelain Throne for real!

I had to cajole Arthur Itis into letting me get my legs off of the chair, he’s been so kind to me yesterday over the tumble. So he was due a little fun with me. Having achieved the first proper challenge, I faced the standing up and catching my balance routine. Not too bad, a bit of a wobble, but I got up, and then had to rush a bit, to get to the outbound salvation room in time. The evacuation went well, minimal bleeding. Arthur Itis was not willing to get up again off of the throne. I applied the Phorpain Gel, Germaloid cream, Clobetasone cream, Corticosteroid cream, Daktacort lotion, and Clopidogrel ketoconazole. I olive-oiled the ear-holes, washed and off to the kitchen, with Arthur twinging away at me.

WD 0.50.0 2 Made a brew and did the washing up from last night. And got the computer going. But…

Vir S 0.50.0

I made a start by creating this post from scratch, I must get some more graphics done, today! After an hour or so, the craving for another mug of tea arrived. At the same time, as the flood of wee-wees began. Far too many to keep mentioning, most of the SSP (Short-Sharp-Painful) variety. As I was bringing the tea to the computer, the stomach started gurgling, aching and hurting. I naturally assumed that Throne Session number two was required, but no, nothing but wind and a particularly foul odour escaped.

Back to the computer and then started updating the Tuesday blog. Due to the overpaid and rated Mr Fries inabilities and uncaring attitude towards his ever-paying-more, customers, this took me a long time to get done! Many wee-wees activated as I worked away.

I went to make another brew, this time Glenghettie Gold. Took the medications.

WD 0.50.0 2 And tried my bestest to get a decent photographicalisation of the high in the sky moon. I was not over-successful as it happened. The reasons for this failure being, I think; 1) The moving clouds. 2) The neurotransmitter sensory nerves failing, causing trembling and shaking of the right hand and arm. 3) My not knowing what the heck I was doing. Haha! The first two were taken on Auto-Mode. The others in Nightime Panorama, no, Landscape!


I read and replied to some WordPress comment, and then post pictures to Pinterest. Then went on the WordPress Reader section, but before I could start, Porcelain Throne Session numb er Two arrived, so, off to the wet room.

WD 0.50.0 2 This Throne session was not so good. Messy, slow, hard work, bleeding and exhausting! But, I recovered alright. After a clean-up and some more medicationalisationing, I returned to the WP Reader perusing.

Well, I have to go on CorelDraw for a mammoth graphic-creating session for the upcoming blogs. I’ll make another brew first.

3Wed10aBlimey, it took, me over three hours just to get a few Thought graphics done. The concentration is not good at all. Confusion reigning in the brain-box.

I got the nosh on. I ended up going for the luxury (Expensive) can of roast gammon, to go in the stew I was making, well, a type of stew. Onions, peas, tomatoes, and potatoes were broiled together and nearly ready, so I put in the can of ham, and got it stirred in well. As I was doing this, Shaking Shaun came all over me, with what I was sure was a neuropathic drop-something and flail-about dance coming on the right leg! When, the door-bell chimed, Huh! Not the best of timing, I thought, with me still in my jammies, unshaven, and shaking-all-over so’s to put it.

I made sure the thin dressing gown was not revealing anything for someone to laugh at en route to the door, and everything changed the instant I saw my old mate Michael stood there, looking tired, but happy! (I was probably more delighted at seeing Mike)

I welcomed him, and the nattering started, which didn’t stop for over an hour he was here. I felt years younger. As the whole kit and caboodle of worries, concerns and fears dissipated into the ether.

WDP 003j4 WD 0.50.0a 2 Neuro d green I turned as the expected Neuropathic Schuhplattler drop-something, and flail about dance’, (as Tim Hancock had Christened it, Hehe!) burst into action. I was in the hallway, so avoided going over, with the help of the handily placed close-to-hand walls. You’ve got to laugh! Although Mick was taken aback a bit, he’d not seen me have an unplanned imitation of a cross between the Hokey Cokey and the Twist before.

Mick went in the front room, while I checked the food was alright, I didn’t want it burning or bubbling, it was all in the saucepan now, on low heat. With the big pile of washing up in the sink. Hehe!

Poor Micheal, told me of his ups and downs since seeing me last. He had his campervan holiday, which he enjoyed. When he got back, a week or so later, he collapsed, and his sister found him in his flat on the floor. Called for an ambulance, and was told it would be two hours before anyone could attend, there had been an accident on the motorway! Other friends arrived, and out of concern for Michael, rang again, and then they were told it would now be three hours before an ambulance would arrive! His family sorted out transport, and they took him to the hospital themselves. I shan’t go into detail of the terrible treatment he received there, it was convoluted and depressing. Just that he was told… no, I’d better not.

But being Mike, he still brought a smile to my face and soul with his zest for life and witticisms and stories of woe.

By the way, Michael, when you call again mate, remind me of the treats I forgot about in the junk room, please.

By his leaving, it was like a light going out, a power-cut. And I returned to cooking in a lower spirit.

WD 0.50.0 2 I was stirring the mishmash in the saucepan and decided to put some chips in the oven. I had totally forgotten about the potatoes in the stew! I tried to have a read of the cooking instructions on the can of ham. Even with the magnifier glass, it was impossible to see the writing. So, I got the camera, in hopes that they might come out more legible in a picture. Which they did.


WD 0.50.0 2 Oh, heck! It should have been done it in a microwave oven, and finished off under the grill! I do not have either available (No microwave oven, and the rack doesn’t work!) Humph! I was uncertain if I should eat it or not. But it had been in the saucepan for over an hour with the other stuff? I thought, blow it, if it tastes wrong I can always just throw it away.

3Wed05Then I realised after getting it served up and on the tray, I had the chips in the oven as well! What a plonker! So I got the other dish and put the fries onto that.

The things that Michael had gone through kept coming into my muddled, mind as I dined. (Poetry slipped in there!) Then, while stuffing my face, I pondered over my visiting Sister Jane in the morning. Ideally, I should take a stick with me but cannot carry it with all the treats I’m taking… can’t cope with it either with the trolley-walker, oh, dearie me. I can catch the 07:25hr L9, and this should give me plenty of time to Tesco to get some nibbles and treats, that I already have for HRH Jane and Prince Pete, but cannot carry.

Suddenly (well it seemed quick to me), I’d finished eating nearly all of the fodder on offer (I’d left some fries). The gammon was fatty and not very tasty, though. Everything else was fine apart from the fries, which were also bland tasting. Flavour Rating: 5/10.

The cooking of the gammon wrongly seems to have caused me no bother, yet, anyway.

I felt extraordinarily tired-out and got the washing-up done, then settled down into the £300 second-hand, c1968 recliner, the one that xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete damaged. At the same time, as he was flat sitting while I was in the Stroke Ward, and he fitted new CCTC cameras and searched for my valuables, which he found and took. The CCTV camera he can now monitor, to ensure the most destructive, annoying and grief-giving time in which to phone me up. Which are always either; As I get down to eat a meal, get seated on the Throne, I’m in the middle of cooking or just leaving the flat. Hehehe

At first, the mind was musing about Micheals problems, how cleverly the Government had cunningly forgotten all about Brexit, and how the hell am I going to get to HRH Sister Janes house in safety in the morning? But the mind eventually gave me a rest, cleared, and sleep came… Lovely!


Inchcock Today – Sunday 13th October 2019: I was really in the doldrums, then Michael visited me – I perked up exponentially!

2019 sOct 12

2019 sOct 12

Sunday 13th October 2019

Welsh: Dydd Sul 13eg Hydref 2019


WD Indigo 01:35hrs: I woke up to hear the distracting sound of the humming, droning noise that seemed to be coming from outside, and it irked me! As soon as I moved, Back-Pain Brenda let me know she was there. (Oh, she is painful this morning!)

WD Indigo Within minutes, the Porcelain Throne demanded to be rushed to! I needed to avoid the double-embarrassments of last night with my not getting there in time, at all costs. The shame, mortification, and sheer humiliation, and it happened twice, made me red-faced at the thought of it occurring again! With all the haste I could summon, I was out of the second-hand, £300, c1968, rickety recliner, had a Dizzy Dennis spell, lost my balance in the hurry, clouted my knee against the Ottoman, swore unvarnishedly, but silently ( I hope!), and continued on, determined not to get caught out again, to the wet room.

wdp02LeftWD Indigo Talk about just in time! The instant I got my rear-end over Porcelain Throne, the runny almost wet evacuation started and was all over in seconds, but the tummy was still rumbling. So I thought it prudent to grab the crossword book and pen and spend a little time sat there crosswording a while, just in case. However, the pungentness of the lingering after-odour forced me into a change of mind about sitting there. Hehe! Diahorrea Donald had undoubtedly taken over! I reckon it must be the after-effects of the Soul Food Vegetarian Chilli? I really must try to resist repurchasing it, no matter how great it tastes! But will I be able to?

Once again, thanks to Nottingham City Homes repair department’s failure and lies, I had the dangerous job of getting hot water from the kitchen stove to the wet room, to clean the bowl and antisepticise myself. I’m not looking forward to shaving and shower later, well, the shave anyway, it’s not an easy task fetching hot water when at any time the hand, fingers and arm may burst into uncontrollable shaking and jerking about. The leg, come think of it, hasn’t done any of its involuntary uncontrollable Neuropathic Schuhplattler dances lately. I do hope it doesn’t today, well anytime in the future again, really. But as Dr Raghamunia, no that’s not his name. I’ll look it up on his last sit-rep letter… got it, Senthil Kumar Rontala Raghunathan, said, there nothing we can do about this problem, and it will only get worse. But not necessarily *quickly. *(Quickly isn’t the word he used, I can’t recall precisely what it was, but it meant that I’m sure.

I eventually made myself a drink of tea. The taste-buds are not working this morning, the tea tasted ‘off’ to me. So I made another after recleaning the mug. Just the same, bitter, dry tasting?

6Sat06WD Indigo Took the morning medications, finding out when I grabbed the pill-pod-tray, that I had not taken last night’s doses! Oy Vey! What a farmisht alter cocker, I am! Unsure what to take, I gambled on just one Warfarin and one Atorvastatin from last nights doses. I also took an extra painkiller, as Backpain Brenda was still playing me up something wicked!

I got the updating done for Saturday’s blog and posted it off. Then went on the WordPress reader, and sent photos to Pinterest. Then had an updating session on the TFZer Facebook sight, no, site! Tsk!

WD Indigo Next came another demand from the innards for a Porcelain Visit. Getting out of hand this is! Diahorrea Duncan was in control! Same as last time, but not so urgent. Messy and needed hot water boiling and fetching from the kitchen stove to clean the porcelain properly. I was now in deep discomfort. Joining Backpain Brenda, was Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna. Arthur Itis continued to increase slowly in venomosity in both knees.

Not easy gerrin’ old, especially with Nottingham City homes maintena… Never mind!

WD Indigo I made a template for this blog, and it may be hard for you to believe, but I needed the Porcelain throne again! The same rigmarole. My aches and pains are even worse now. I’m going down in the contentment stakes at a high rate of knots! At least the wee-wees are not so frequent. (I knew if I tried, I’d find something to try and cheer myself up!) Humph!

I eventually, many hours after getting up, it’s now 09:00hrs, and I tried again to make a brew. But, sadly it tasted the same as the earlier mug of tea, terrible!

I’ve got Josie’s dinner to get ready yet. So, I’ll tackle the shave and showering first, then the fight with the Sock-Glide, finally treat the cuts, knocks and scalded areas (There are bound to be a few, thanks to Nottingham City Homes Maintenance sh… Oh. never mind!) I don’t believe it! The bloody Reflux Valve has kicked-off now, as I stood up! Gasping for breath, coughing! Shit, I’m fed-up again!

One hell of an in-agony old-chap of a whinger today! Harrumph!

Back in a bit, possibly with bandages on. Hehehe!

7Sun05I noticed as I stripped off the dressing gown, that once again, like most mornings, the pins (legs) looked like different ones than they did the day before. The knobblyness, lumps, blotches, and even the spider veins and blood papsules from the clopidogrel, all seemed calmer, less vivid and even fewer of them?

WD Indigo Another slightly messy evacuation had to be performed. Repeatedly fetching the hot water from the saucepans in the kitchen, and returning them to heat more water, caused only a few spillages, but no injuries. However, the dropsies were numerous. I can’t even remember the number of times I dopped either the soap or flannel in the showering! The toilet roll, toothbrush, razor (4), shaving foam can and deodorant spray also went on walkabouts from the electrified looking hands. The battle with the sock-glide was postpones, no need to put any socks on, with my not going anywhere (Sunday again!).

7Sun04WD Indigo Got dressed and made a brew, but it tasted off, somehow. Maybe the milk was off? Took a snap of outside.

I got on the computer and had a marathon session on blogging. But, it was slow going with the peripheral neuralgia fingers, etc., ensuring there was much correcting and amending having to be done! Grumph!

7Sun03I was getting frustrated, so I gave it a rest for a while.

Got the medications I’d left on the mobile-server stored away correctly.

I got a bit of sweeping and mopping up done in the kitchen, done. Painful!

Tried getting back doing the graphicalisationing of CorelDraw, but gave up, it was too tricky with the fingers how they are.

7Sun06I made up three black bags of general waste and filled the box the medications came in with recyclable material and off to waste chute in the lift lobby. With the empty jars for the green bin in the three-wheeler trolley-walker. The black bags tied around the trolley. And the carton for recycling balanced on the top of the 7Sun073-wheeler. Not easy, and I lost the box off of the handlebars a few times en route, Hehe!

Seeing the rain, meant I didn’t feel so bad about being stuck indoors. But then, my being so for five days waiting for the non-arrival of the promised-daily Nottingham City Homes maintenance help, plus the today with no buses, didn’t bother me at all. Lie02

I got sorting Josie’s meal. And delivered it on the dot at her door. The gal seemed in good spirits today and welcomed the nosh. 

I tried doing some graphics again but gave up. It was just too difficult with the fingers playing up. Now I’ll be all behind still with the graphics for the blogs, Grumph!

7Sun08I got my nosh made earlier than usual, as I felt the weariness and fatigue coming on early.

WD Indigo Got it served up, and what a disappointment it turned out to be! I did try to eat it, but the only thing on the plate that tasted right were the peas and the cheesy potatoes! The yellow Isle-of-Man tomatoes were unjuicy and so bland! The turkey meat, slimy! The beetroot rock-hard! Even the Asda bacon flavoured French fries, tasted like cardboard! I was trying to eat it, and at the same time, wondering why it was so tasteless? Eventually, I fell asleep with the only partly eaten meal balanced on my rotund wobbly-belly on the tray.

WD Indigo The landline phone rang and flashed at me, waking me up, and that is rare to actually hear it when I’m asleep. By the time I’d safely got the cold, sad, pathetic meal on the tray removed, the landline stopped!

WD Indigo I was nodding off again when the intercom rang. I fumbled hurriedly to the panel. All I could see on the screen was a close up of a coat, whoever it was, was let in by someone. For a moment in my part-slumber state, the heart rang with joy… Could this be Nottingham City Homes coming to do the hot water tank? Silly me! I realised it was a Sunday, so no chance. I dragged my wretched body from the recliner and off to the door!

GC capI was greatly cheered-up and revitalised when it turned out to be Michael, my old mate. We had one hell of a grand chinwag, he’s a busy bloke our Michael. He’s not been well himself lately. He’s still off on holiday soon to the Mediterranean, he doesn’t mess about, bless him. He spoke of his family gadabouts etc. and so much more. I could listen to him forever, what a character he is, a real pal! It was a smidge sad too, to him go, hope he was a great break in Spain, I think it was. I walked with him to the lift and sadly said my farewells.

Back in the flat, I happily threw away the uneaten meal. (Which Michaels visitation saved me from eating, cheers mate!) It was such a good feeling, getting rid of that fodder. But I’d still like to know whether or not, and if so, why my taste buds are dying? Haha! As for a Taste-Rating, well, perhaps 2/10. It was horrid!

Feeling perked a little with Michael’s visit, I decided to get the handwashing done. Only a towel and one shirt. I took extra care not to drop any boiling water, the kettle or any saucepans that I had to handle. And the session was accident-free! Smug-Mode-Adopted!

I settled the uncommonly-tatty, Steptoe & Son-like recliner. Put on the TV and… Zzz!

Inchcock Today – Thur 20 June 2019: A visit from my mate Michael, saved a chronically bad day!

2019 20 June

2019 June 20

Thursday 20th June 2019

Hawaiian: Pōʻalima 20ʻO Lune 2019

 03:30hrs. I was full of beans, psyched-up, full of pep, vitality, high-spirits, and ready for anything the day threw at me when I stirred into semi-life this morning. Then I moved… I was freeing my overweight torso from the £300 second-hand. c1968, rickety, near dilapidated, ramshackle, grungy-beige, sometimes working, rusty recliner, to use the emergency grey wee-wee bucket…

WD153.51.0 4Thu03And I gave the already, wounded, still-tender, bashed about right toe, another right-good stubbing on the Ottoman!

The feeling full of beans, being psyched-up, in high spirits, and ready for anything the day threw at me when I stirred into semi-life this morning, declined, ebbed then vanished (probably permanently) into the ether!

The wee-wee was of the rare SPSHPLWW (Short-Painfull-Semi-Hose-Pipe-Like Wee-Wee) variety. Which didn’t help the rapidly-destroyed and dematerialised spirits, either!

I got the hand-washed t-shirt and socks on the stand-up airy. Took the medications and turned my attention to making up a blog on yesterday’s Tropical House visit. This took me several hours, with so many photographicalisations needing sorting out. However, the fingers, arm, and shoulder were not doing their Hokey-Cokey routine. Well, they were, but only for a few seconds each time, this was encouraging, I can cope with this. 

So, by the time I had got it finished and posted-off to WordPress, In between a much-varied selection of wee-wees), it was a good four hours beyond my posting time for the previous days dairy.

4Thu001I did the belated health checks, which did not look good today. Sys 89, Dia 69, Pulse 105, and Temperature 34.1°c.

I made a mug of tea, and a heard a muffled sound from the hallway. Some mail had arrived, well a circular. It was about avoiding false Fire Alarms. The advice was the usual, but I wish they had added to their ‘Cook with care, switch cooker off,’ with, in between uses!

4Thu04The morning was nice and bright, even a bit of sun came out.

WD153.51.0 I made a start on updating the Wednesday diary. And what a job that was, the electric-like dancing fingers, right leg and shoulder were now coming on for more extended periods, making more corrections and time needed than ever to be sorted out. Most vexatious! I had to have a rest.

4Thu05I got some sliced mushrooms in the crock-pot with a splash of the 40% balsamic vinegar, and podded some peas and got them in the saucepan.

I thought I had done an excellent job, added a little vinegar and demerara sugar. When I was doing the pot cleaning, I espied one pea on the floor. How he escaped, I don’t know! Hehe!

I got the ankle-strapping on, then remembered I am not supposed to wear it without socks on. Klutz! Tsk!

The landline light flashed. It was my old mate Michael, he was checking to see if I was in or not. Great! He’s on his way to see us.

For a phlyarologist, I surprised myself as I persistently nattered with myself for the next hour. I chinwagged of the Porcelain Throne, chattered in the kitchen and waffled having another wee-wee. The so-called conversation for mostly a two-way disaster.With much of self-talk topic or subject matter being forgotten as I spoke it. Humph!

4Thu05aMichael arrived, and I was over the moon to have a great, proper two-way varied discussion for an hour or more. I wasn’t aware that Michael had had three strokes, and it proves his determination, they only kept him in the hospital for three days last time! Then he found out he should have gone to another hospital or clinic, but nobody had told him! Yes, we share our luck sometimes, Mike and me! I regretted it when he had to go, but it was great of him to call, and it cheered me up considerably! I tried to take his photo as he got in his car, but the shakes meant I could not take one in time. Still, I got his tank with him in it! Haha! The one on the left. 

4Thu06Feeling a little blue after he had departed, I heard more muffled sounds, so checked, and I had had three letters delivered. The Warfarin INR level results. A letter from Boots opticians Which I screwed up an threw in the recycling bin. And, a message about the fitting of the upgrading of the door-entry Intercom communication.the very thought of any electricians working in the flat, gives me goose-bumps and scares me to death, at the thought of having to clean up after them!

At last, gone 13:00hrs, I made a start on this blog! Eight hours at least, later than usual!

4Thu27I got the nosh on that wasn’t already on, and put some chips (fries) in the oven.

Had another heck of an extra long wee-wee of the LSPWWW (Long Slow Painful Weak Wee-wee) mode.

Then got the nosh served up. Good one, nice mixture. 7.5/10 flavour rating.

Medications and I got down in the c1968 rickety recliner, to watch the ladies football matches. I started jumping twixt channel 9 and 61 on Freeview, between the two games being shown… I woke up and could not get back to sleep after the football had all finished. Spit!

Inchcock – Saturday 23rd February 2019


2019 Feb 23

Saturday 23rd February 2019

Zulu: NgoMgqibelo 23 Febhuwari 2019

01:00hrs. I woke and lay there with my mind in a sort of blankness. I knew I had to remember something this morning, but could not see any reminder notes on the TV or computer screen. I felt so drained, after all the sleep I’d had too. The fuzziness remained as I spent a while doing my best to get the brain to function. Tsk! An instant call arrived for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised.

I was out of the second-hand £300 rusty recliner in seconds and found myself in the wet room without recalling how I got there. (Worrying that!) The evacuation was affected in a Trotsky Terence mode and needed much cleaning up after the session.

wd 0.0.30 Back to the recliner room, I went. The Emergency Grey Bin was half-full. Yet I couldn’t remember using it overnight? Depression and self-pity Mode now adopted! I then noticed I had liquid in the tray on the Ottoman and down the sides of it! I’d soaked the mobile phone, Lumix camera, the notepad, and pens! Whatever the liquid was, it didn’t smell at all? Another Mystery! I think the mobile and camera are both done for, neither would turn on after I tried to dry them. Depression Mode Adopted! Somehow, I found myself just accepting the situation, although angry with myself. It took me an hour to clean things up, between many SWDWWs (Short-weak-dribbling-wee-wees). Now I may have to spend more money on replacements. Grumph!

wd 0.0.30 I went to get the Health Checks done and take the medications. Another Whoopsiedan6Sat06gleplop of the highest order! I found there were not enough medications in the drawer to fill all of the pots – then realised I had not fetched the prescriptions from the chemist! Oh, boy, today may well be one of my worst for ages, the way it’s started! I was short of just six Warfarin and one Bisoprolol (Beta-blocker). So, off to the pharmacy in Carrington later. Ay-yay-yay!

I made up the pots, and left a note about which ones needed topping up, and put them in the individual tubs in need of. Then, I began the Health Checks.


6Sat08At least the resulting readings were all looking okay.

Considering how this morning’s events had got me in a panic mode, I was well-pleased with these figures.

Back to the Porcelain Throne. Another messy Trotsky Terence affected evacuation. I took a 6Sat03Dia-Limit capsule after.

As I returned to the kitchen to make sure everything was in place and safe, I took this photograph with the light off.

Off for another SWDWW. I hope these ease off before I have to walk to Carrington to collect the prescription medications. I really do!

My head’s in a mess now. But I must press on. I got the computer going and made a start on this blog as far as here. Then updated yesterdays diary and got it sent off to WordPress.

05:05hrs. Went on the WordPress Reader.

6Sat1105:29hrs. Got some breakfast. A cuppa and some cornflakes. Watched a DVD on YouTube. Got carried away on YouTube.

0830hrs. Got the ablutions sorted. The shower warning lights came on again: ‘No Water’ and ‘Reset Needed.’ Of course, there is no reset button anywhere. Turned off at the power and back on, and it worked?

Knee and leg wound investigated.


The wound was looking far better again. The knee has developed a nasty looking blackish growth and has changed its moon surface looks. Haha!

I was taking the waste bags to the chute, and my mate Michael was getting out of the lift with some PPs for me. What a pal!

6Sat12Fantastic chinwagging session and a laugh or two was enjoyed. The hero then gave me a lift to the chemist to collect the prescriptions and back home again!

I noticed that a washing machine was free as I came in the lobby. So I got up to collect laundry bag and accoutrements.

6Sat14Put the medications on the kitchen top, had an SWDWW wee-wee, and down to the washers.

Back up to the apartment, and got the prescriptions into the medical drawer.

Down once more, to move the clothing into the dryer. Some naughty person had not cleaned the dryer filter, but fair enough, it could have 6Sat17been someone who could bend down to do the job, so I cleaned it.

Then cleaned the washer drum and casing of the washer.

wd 0.0.30 I was going to take a picture of outside, but I’d forgotten to take the door swipe down with me.

I made a start on updating this blog, in between three SWDWWs.

6Sat15Put the swipe in the trouser pocket, and down a final trip, to take some photographs and collect the washing.

I also took an empty glass jar and medicine bottle, to go in the Senior Citizen Residents Alcoholics Recycling bin. Hehehe! 

The machine had turned itself off, and the clothing was not dried yet? So I popped outside to 6Sat16take a photo on Chestnut Way. Being the weekend, there were not many folks about.

I was in fine fettle myself, though. With Michael calling to see me, had cheered me up no end! I do love verbalisationing with amate, don’t get many opportunities nowadays. So, if yer reading this Michael, thanks cocker! Much appreciated.

6Sat18I had an amble around for a while, then went back in to check if the clothes were dry enough, which they were.

Removed, folded and got the things into the bag. On the way to the lift, I had a read of the notice board signs.

Put the done washing away, had an SWDWW, no that’s not right. The wee-wees had now transmogrified themselves into SSDWWs (Short-Sensationless-Dribbling-wee-wees).

On the computer to update this post.

6Sat30Marmite crisps and cheese, with Vegemite sarnies for the nosh. I just felt like them!

wd 0.0.30 A massive Dizzy Dennis attack as I got settled into the recliner to watch some TV. It left me with a cracking headache this time, and I still had it when I woke up the following morning.


Inchcock – Fri 30th Nov 2015: Bad start to the day. Virgin Media so slow! Sister Jane phoned,& my mate Michael paid me a visit that made my day!



Friday 30th November 2015

Slovenian: Petek, 30. november 2015

00:00hrs: Again, a different Inchcock wakes up. This time an anguished, got-himself-into a dither, distressed old man with a mind-full of fears and concerns. Tsk!

I fought to remove my pot-bellied portly paunched body from the £300 second-hand recliner with surprising ease this morning. And off for an SSWW (Short-sharp-Wee-wee) Spotting a couple of dead EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) as I did do. Had a spray around with the cough-inducing Sanmex bug-killer spray, then washed and antisepticised the hands and contact points.

To the kitchen to do the Health Checks, take the medications and brew-up.


WDP I had a bit of exasperation in trying to get the flipping sphygmomanometer to work. It took a few tries before it operated for me. This may account for the high Sys and Dia and pulse results? Perhaps, mayhap, perchance, conceivably, or not.

Back to the wet room for the Porcelain Throne duties. All good, apart from a little bleeding again from the fungal lesion. Ailments, including Back-Ache-Brenda, once more being kind to me. These good starts to the day worry me… they never last long! Oy-Vey!

I got on to updating yesterday’s blog, straight away because I knew it was going to cost me a lot of time, with the photographs and a lot of things happening on Thursday.

Apart from the odd SSWW and making brews of tea that I allowed to get cold repeatedly, it took me until around 05:00hrs to get it finished and posted off, Ah-well!

I had a bash on the WordPress Reader, once again some great stuff on there.

I got the mushrooms and cut some turnip slices and added them with the fungus in the crock-pot.

Updated the Facebook albums, and went on the TFZ site.

WDP Then made a start on this blog. This is when the Virgin Internet again went dead slow, in an insulting sort of way. I’m sure I heard the mocking voice of the Chairman of the company, Mr Fries, the man who is on (Note, I didn’t say earns!) a $111.9 million salary, laughing at me! I’d call him an incapable con-man, but seeing his photo, I think he must be connected to the Mob! Lucky for him I’m impecunious coward struggling to his ever-increasing charges, so cannot get over to have it out with him. I haven’t got a passport anyway. Hehe!


5Fri003aI made a Morrison order for next Thursday twixt 1200 > 1300hrs.

I made another mug of tea and stood out on the new balcony to view the scenery and make sure I drank this one. There was a lot of activity below. Maybe the men were here to repair the Fire Alarm for us? They all looked to be electrical logos on the vans down there.

I had a bit of bother opening the window, and more in closing it. Trapped another finger this time. Tsk!

Checked on the mushroom and turnips in the slow-cooker.

Nodded off at the computer for a few minutes, luckily I didn’t fall out of the chair.

Health Checks and medications sorted out.

Sister Jane rang. Nice chinwag about this and that. Nice of her to phone.

Set about sorting the nosh. Just laying out the plate, when my old mate Michael rang the intercom from in the lobby. Shame about the food, but this was nothing compared to having a chinwag with Mike and hearing what he’s been up to. Bless him, for calling to see me.

WDP After Michael left, I meant to take his photograph out of the balcony window. But as I pulled back the spring clip holding the window shut, somehow in my usual ‘Cock-it-up’ fashion, it sprang back, and the edge stuck under my fingernail, making me jump, drop the camera and clouted my head against the frame. Eizel! By the time I recovered and got up off of the wooden slats and looked out… He had gone!

5Fri004When I’d recovered later, I took this picture of the spot that Michael had parked. The Wilmott Dixon lads now occupied it. I presume that Plonk-Brewer and Plant Perambulator Paulius and Ian Incharge were down there somewhere. 

Then I had fun trying to close the window again. Tsk!

As I was about to get the food sorted again, the sun came out strongly, so I got the camera and tried to do a panoramic shot of the view.


WDP I ended up with a lot of reflective twinkles from the sun coming from behind and hitting the windows I imagine. Shame about that, it could have been a good photographicalisation, too. Tsk!

5Fri006I did the last of the Health Checks, and the medicationalisationing was done. I took an extra Codeine tonight, as the head was still aching from my side-headbutting the new balcony window frame. Hehehe!

I got the nosh sorted at last. Apart from the chips which I’d left in the oven on a low light, the turnips and mushrooms were stone cold. But, believe it or not, they went down well, and I enjoyed them all the same. Might be because I was in better spirits after Jane phoning and Michael had paid me a visit.

 I checked the programmes on the TV, and there were some I wanted to watch. (He says, knowing full well this was not going to happen!) I put the tray with the well-emptied plate and things on the chair. Thought I’d watch the first of the programmes (A US Bizzare Murders) then get the washing up done.

Fell asleep as the programme started and didn’t actually see any of it! Humph!