Inchcockski Today – Tuesday 19th May 2020: Dizzy Dennis was rumbustical tonight!


2020 ttttMay19

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Javanese: Selasa 19 Mei 2020

00 May 19 ruth

GMWL04:55hrs: I awoke from my dream-filled stupor, and began to try and recall anything I’d nocturnally envisaged. I knew without thinking that I was underground, caves, being chased, running away from someone… several people, they were shooting arrows at me… but no more recollections were gleaned. I do hate it when this happens!

2Tue01WD 84.0.84 As I rose from the rickety, second-hand, c1968, uncomfortable, none-operational, recliner, things seemed to be going well. Until it came to putting down my feet, and standing up, with the massively-stomach-burdened part of the body, falling down with a boing-boinging motion, adding all that weight on the pins! The smarting from under the feet! Sheer pain flowed back up to the brain. Again! Argh-gaggle-strain!  

The decision was made, with some degree of determination for me, that care must be taken, whatever happens, that may distract me, not to have any toe stubbings today. I’m not sure I could cope easily with another one at the moment.

The now hemerine need (for the last four days, anyway), for a wee-wee and the Porcelain Throne arrived together, and suddenly. So, I grabbed the four-pronged walking stick and tentatively made my way to the wet room. No rush this time, despite the sensation I could feel that Trotsky Terence was brewing things up.

WD 84.0.84 Oh, dearie me! An unbelievable evacuation. Despite things being so sloppy-joe and messy, things were over swiftly, and I found myself sitting there, waiting for more movement, as in the last two mornings, but no! It had all cleared in a flash, a painful flash mind. Which was perhaps the messiest release in months. The cleaning up afterwards took yonks! And although both Harold’s Haemorrhoids and Little Inchies fungal lesion had both bled. Silver-Lining-search results: It was only a minute, a nanoscopic amount, from both front and rear departments. Rare-Smug-Mode-Engaged!

I had a medicationalisationing session. Olive-oiled the era-holes. Phorpain-gelled the Arthur Itis knees, the shoulders I could reach to, knees and wrist, Saccades Eye-Drops in. Then tried to apply some pain-gel to the feet, using the picker-upperer, with ointment on a kitchen towel.

WD 84.0.84 But this was a total painful failure. As Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters chose to fail at just the wrong time! Farcical! I ended up with gel wasted, all over various unintended parts of my torso, the carpet, WC, and the floor. I was displeased at my efforts to gel the feet. It took me, Gawd knows how long to clean everything up afterwards. Which, with all the bending, getting down and back up again, starting Arthur Itis, Shuddering Shoulder Shirly and Anne Gyna going!

WD 84.0.84 I pressed on though and got the place looking betterer. As I departed to go to the kitchen for some medications and pain killers, Dizzy Dennis had a go at me! Silver-Lining-search results: Erm, er… The fungal lesion had not started bleeding again, Saccades Sandra had slowed down, and Back-Pain-Brenda had not kicked off with all the bending.

By the time I’d taken the meds, and got the kettle on, it felt like I’d been up for hours? The morning was now light. I took two photographs of the beautiful view. The sky with wonderful clouds. In fact, I did a bit of nephelococcygia searching, but without any success.


Then to the blind shot down below, of Chestnut Walk. It’s difficult taking photographs nowadays. Apart from the Peripheral Neuropathy and Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters, that is. With the new thick-framed, light and view-blocking windows, and the new design. That makes it impossible for me to see what I’m photographing below. The only thing I can do is to fetch the step ladders and dangerously risk my life and limb climbing up to see out. Not today, though. I’m not feeling steady enough to risk it. Worra life!

My few pleasures like photographing, are stymied now that the balcony door lock is stuck and will not open, to give me safe access. Also, my little toolbox is out there in my three-wheeler trolly, so they are unreachable too! Gawd, worra life! I’m gerrin’ down again! Come on Inchy, pull yerself together!

VirF 87.0.87I got through to the computer in Junk-Room-Mark 11, with a degree of determination to get on with updating of the Monday blog (Better late than never!) Guess what?

Yes, the ydid it again, just like yesterday! I imagine that with the lock-down and so many people working from home. With all the quomodocunquizing companies like FB and Zoom advertising their Conferencing platforms on TV. I suppose the the weakest signalled Internet, Liberty-Global Internet Media, is bound to struggle. Prittleworthycrap!

When the signal returned, I got on with most haste, doing a new template, then updating the Mopnday blog. All finished, I emailed the links. Pinterested a few shots, then went on the WordPress Reader. Made a mug of tea, and onto Facebooking, for many hours. Did some comments, then started this post going.

The Amazon delivery is due today. The wind-up torch, to replace the one I lost. I know, I know, schlemiel!

WD 84.0.84 Then I went on CorelDraw, to make up some advance graphics for the this blog. Got a few done, but Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley and Unbalanced Herbert both kicked off. 

Poledancing Champion, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden Deana phoned top do a check see I was alright, I mentioned the Balcony door lock, and she kindly said she’d be up shortly to have a look at it. I thanked her and the ngot some trousers on, well, I thought I ought to. Hahaha!

Shortly she arrived and came in to see us, and had a look at the door. And three minutes later, it was opened. (Didn’t-half make me feel a Shmendrick!) But it is broken, she said. We’ll ask for maintenance after the lock-down has finished. (About 2025 we think!) I mentioned.

On her way out, a parcel and letter arrived. The letter I opened straight away in case it needed telephone response. The print was to small for me to read, so Dean read it. T’was the Dentist cancelling Wednesday’s appointment.Which was a good thing, (apart from the toothache, like), cause I am still in lock-down by the hospital and Doctor, for ten more weeks, yet. Tsk!  I thanked Deana and she shot offski.

2Tue07The parcel, was the wind-up torch, from Amazon.

I tried out the door on the balcony and left it open, I’m not risking locking it ever again.

I went out and took some photographs of the aftrernoon scene. Plenty of folks about for once.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue09I checked on the mushrooms cooking in the crock-pot, the need a little longer yet. I had a check on the latest Coronavius figures from the internet. For some reason, as I did so, hunger grabbed me.


It’s still not perfect is it? Still, a slow down I think?

I decided to get the nosh prepped and served up. But needed a visit to the wet room first, for a wee-wee. They have slowed down today.

WD 84.0.84A Well, I might have known or guessed. II had another Dizzy Dennis visit en route, lost the balance a smidge, enough to give my head a klunk on the door frame edge. I did swear!

The wee-wee was still of the forcefull, ‘not wanting to end’ variety. But with a colour change, almost grey now? Not as pretty as the deep orange!’

2Tue34I went to the kitchen to get the meal done. The Taste-Rating was 7/10.

Got the pots washed, and settled into the recliner, and Dizzy Dennis returned with a vengeance.

Fracture recollections from here on in. But I woke up at 01:00hrs, and feeling perky, too?

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 28th February 2017: Got out and about, but Anne Gyna didn’t like it, Tsk!


Tuesday 28th February 2017

Swahili: Jumanne Februari 28, 2017

Having got through the night of horrendous dreams, rooftop chases, falling in the canal, underground caves, being chased in sewers, decapitated by Roman soldiers… I’m sure there were many more events that took place in my slumbers, but these ones I can recall. I think I woke up feeling wearier than I went to sleep.

0300hrs: The £300 second-hand recliner chair grumblingly and jerkily allowed me out of it to get to the porcelain. Where the news was good. No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold or Little Inchy. Reflux Roger was not too good, but Duodenal Daniel, Anne Gyna and Harry Hernia no bother much at all. Arthur Itis his usual self with the knees and ankles, just a bit annoyed with the hands and fingers. Overall, a great start to the day! Fingers crossed (Painfully thanks to Arthur. [Hehehe!]) Carried out the first of the health checks, all looked good.

Got the laundry stuff collected and down to the laundry room. Got the washer going and back up to the flat. Computer turned on and finished yesterday’s diary and posted it off.

Did the top photo and made a start on this one. Time to go down to move the laundry into the dryer. (0330ish) This I did, then back to the computer and worked on this diary and updated the Excel Health Check Sheet.

A final trip down to the laundry room to collect the gear and clean it up. On the way down and throughout these activities, I found myself mentally having a self-critical panegyrical discussion. Boy did I perorate with myself, no summing up or conclusions were arrived at, though. In those few minutes going down in the lift, I think I analysed and repeatedly refuted my rights to sanity? Weird that?

2tue05I retrieved the dried clothes into the bag, washed the filter and wiped around.

All done around 0415hrs or so, and back up to the flat.

Put the clobber away and made another cuppa and took the medications and creamed the areas of my masculine, the flaccid body that needed the attentions of the creams and lotions. Haha!

Back on the computer.

Decided to go out later and get some fodder in after I go to the clinic. Must make a list of things to take with me, I’ll do it now… Done it.

Ablutions were done I wrapped up well and set off for the Clinic. I forgot to take the request for new pads with me, but at least it was only one thing I forgot to take with me today… I hoped, Hehe!

I rang Warden Dean to see if I could talk with her about the meeting with the bank on Thursday, but could not get through – Try again later it said. Maybe I dialled the wrong number?

Caught the 40 bus straight to the clinic and was in and out in half an hour. A Dr Dragomir Vladimirescu, (I think) along with a nurse and several students, did the checks in no time and declared that surgery should not be expected now as things were healing so well, but to anticipate the odd bleeding sessions in times of stress? Stress, I thought, what does that mean? I asked him. Nighttime erections he said? (Oh?)

2tue04As I came out of the building to get the bus, both hearing aids bleeped to indicate they needed changing. So, bus back to the flat and changed them, luckily it timed well with the L9 to City Bound bus’s arrival, and I caught that into the Slab Square. Chinwag with a few tenants appreciated.

I had a walk around the City Centre (And I mean walk, not hobble, as Arthur Itis was being kind to me today, bless him) and ended up at M&S’s Foodhall, feeling a bit of sorrow for the Big Issue selling bloke at the entrance and handed him a bit of cash.

2tue07Spent far too much, I blame Marks & Spencers for selling Sour Dough bread, Best Beef Steak Lasagnes, leeks, swedes, Lemon Swiss Rolls and Lamb Moussaka. Never had this before, but it looks similar to Lasagne, so I should like it I hope.

I noticed when packing the things I’d bought, into the bags at the check-out, that this, as well as the lasagne, had three red warnings on the content label thingamajig on the box label. Oh, dear? Plenty of life on them all, well, four days.

I caught a bus, (oh I do love my free pensioner’s bus pass) into Arnold and called in to get some roast cooked belly pork slices. Popped into Fulton Food Stores and got four small jars of Silverskin Onions in pickled vinegar for only £1, bargain there I thought!

Went to catch the L9 bus back to the flats, but it did not arrive? Whilst waiting at the bus stop, Anne Gyna started off giving me bother, rather badly bless her. I caught a bus into the City Centre, then the L9 from Queen Street back to the flats. Got in and took some extra Codeine Phosphate. The Morphine Sulphate would have been a lot better, Anne Gyna seemed to be persisting so they have taken me off of this, in preparation for the operation later, so I’m not complaining… or am I? Hehehe!

2tue05Anne Gyna seemed to be persisting. I could not concentrate to read the book, so got the fodder done earlier than usual.

I had this vegetarian meal with a roast cooked belly pork sandwich. Naughtily did some oven chips, too many perhaps, but I ate it all.

My Dad used to call me a ‘Gannet! He was right.(All very good, including the Silverskin onions in pickling vinegar with peppers!)

 Sudden tiredness overcame me as I was watching the TV, but still, I could not get to sleep until well gone midnight again, thanks to Anne Gyna.

Up at 0300hrs and wide awake?

Inchcock today: Friday 24th Feb 2017:

Friday 24th February 2017

Mongolian: 24 Хоёрдугаар сарын 2017

After the maintenance men came and woke me up last night at 1125hrs, they were gone by midnight after telling me they could do nothing, but they would send someone around in the morning to look at the leaking kitchen window and screw if closed. How I clean the outside after that I don’t know. They are very good at this, getting out of doing anything and sounding knowledgeable at the same time, you know. So I stayed up on the computer all night.

So I stayed up on the computer all night. I tried to use the WordPress G-Suite but ended up having to contact their helpline again, and after a few hours was no closer to a solution than I was before. Tsk!

I tried around 0340hrs to clean up the mess still left from the floods and realised about 0430hrs what a Plonka, I am… They will only make another mess when they come won’t they? I felt a little like a Punchinello, physically and mentally.

Made a note to remind me to call BJ to tell him about my nor being able to attend the Tenant’s Social Hour again and why. Must ask him if he can call on me, so I can give him the nibbles to hand out, and show him the message about a trip out from the Papplewick Pumping Station.

gc-01dThen, around 0555hrs, I got on with finishing yesterday’s post and then started this one off. Had to limp to the porcelain and was well pleased that the bleeding from Little inchy had stopped – but Haemorrhoid Harry had started. Cleaned my lower regions and the bowl up medicated the rear end and proceeded to feel a little sorry for myself again.

I loathe myself for self-pitying, but even I find it hard to take so many Whoopsiedangleplops so often and continuously as of the last few days. I pondered on what had occurred over the last two day: Crippled myself going to and getting onto and off of the Nottingham Wheel, cut my finger, burnt my hand, flooded the wetroom, lost my notepad, got the day wrong for the cleaners and the clinic on the same day, Little Inchy bleeds started again after weeks of no bother, new pains in the hip, rain coming in through the kitchen window and flooding that, had to turn off the heater cause it got in that too. the batteries ran out on the same day to toothbrush and radio, got overcharged at the shop, got on the wrong bus, sleep has become an impossibility, broke the thermometer, the repairmen arrived at nearly midnight to wake me up to look at the leaking kitchen window that they could do nothing with but arranged for others to call today to ‘screw it in place’? Got demand for a second TV licence, got told off eight times by Olive, No one told me the Tenant’s Meeting had changed from Thur to Fri – and now I can’t get to that! (Well I might if they come really early?) Hobbled painfully up into Mapperley to get some vegetables and lost a tenner somehow… there’s probably more, but these just came to mind yer know.

Took my medications, made a cuppa and just had to sigh and smile to myself when I dropped the milk as I had a dizzy spell, bent to pick up the handily placed mop from the bucket I’m left ready for the rain to come in again and the mop broke in half!!! These Whoopsiedangleplops are getting beyond a joke now, surely they must ease off soon?

Oh, and a letter from the Bank arrived yesterday, it is in the process of being sold off, so I have to consider moving the cash to another one to be on the safe side, Olive advises me. Another job to get done… Will it never end! I beseech the Lord to save my sanity before I become unhinged, and to please save my rationale… oh that sounded good didn’t it? Cheered missen up a bit now. Hehehe!

Another cup of strong tea and then did the health checks. The pulse has gone back down nicely.

Carried out the ablutions, made anther cuppa and rang BJ, no answer, though.

Worked on a new Excel sheet for the Health Checks for an hour or two, hard work when you’re not sure what you’re doing. Haha! Got it done in a fashion.

I rang BJ again, still no answer.

Tried to do some work on a poem, but the concentration wasn’t there.

Once more I rang BJ, he was at the Social meeting. I explained the situation and asked him to inform the others.

Got the vegetables in the slow cooker.

Felt a bit frustrated still, I can’t go out to take the rubbish bins out, go to the shop, visit Olive or anything because the maintenance men who said they would arrive between 0800 > 1200hrs and who came at midnight on their last visit to tend to the kitchen window may arrive at any time? (They didn’t though)

Got the meal going, battered sausages, veg, an apple and a potato. Took a photograph of it, but once again the unfathomable Photo Genie Gremlin removed it from the SD card??? Humph!

Cleaning up after the meal, the Whoopsiedangleplops returned – I’d left the saucepan on the heat while eating and the pan was burnt beyond salvation, I tried to clean it along with the other accoutrements and managed with great ease to cut my Arthur Itis ridden finger end while cleaning the apple divider. But it was a poor effort, hardly bled at all: Perhaps the Whoopsies are easing up in severity? I do hope so.


Companionless and feeling uncherished (although understandably so, hehe!) I WordPressed and did some graphicalisationing for hours, waiting, hoping the maintenance men would not arrive late at night. I needn’t have worried, they didn’t come at all.

TV on, dare not use the headphones in case I didn’t hear the door chime if anyone arrived, so had to watch programmes that had subtitles… not that it mattered, I’d been up for over 20 hours by then, and needed sleep and fell off into the land of nod quickly.

Inchcock Today Thursday 8th December 2016


Thursday 8th December 2016

Urdu: جمعرات 8th دسمبر 2016

0510hrs: Well warm again this morning. Hated not being able to recollect the dreams yet again. Got up hours later than normal, because I could not get to sleep until the early hours of the morning.

Made a cuppa, no calls to the porcelain yet? Took the medications and updated the diaries.

With expecting the Nottingham City Homes plumber between 0800 > 1700hrs today, Deana at 0900hrs and not knowing if I can get out to the Social Hour, and having to ring the clinic and awaiting the district nurse, I was a little confused about things that needed doing.

With not having a shower proper yesterday, and the possibility that someone could call today anytime after 0800hrs, I took a shower with my ablutions around 0715hrs. Just hope it doesn’t disturb my neighbour.

Good shave, WRHD session, teggies done and an excellent carbolic soap shower. Towel on the clothes warmer.

0800hrs: All done, made a brew and back on the computer.

4thur02The view from the kitchen window. Three sets of Christmas garden decorations now.

I must remember to have a tête-à-tête with Obergruppenfurheress Deana when she arrives if she has time, vis-à-vis the rather confusing British Gas charges and the Nottingham City Homes Repair team letters.

Providing she comes of course. Deana is a very busy gal.

Computer utilised again, emails checked. Then Facebooking… well, I was going to. Deana arrived with her questionnaire pad and laptop. Went through all my details to make sure they were up to date, changed a few. Managed a laugh or two along with it.

I told her about the British Gas duplicates, she went on the computer to try and sort it out but ended up sending them an email.

Then, she looked at the NCH duplicate repair letters and took them away to have them cancelled. I later found she had not when I spotted them still on the writing desk.

She then looked at the filler damage in the kitchen and said she would advise them of the problem.

An engineer arrived to test the smoke alarm.

Then, Deana departed to do much more demands of her time.

4thur03Half an hour later, the Nottingham City Homes plumber arrived. I explained about the leak lasting for two and a half days then stopping. He took a look, Filled up the tank and flushed it a few times, and declared it had him beat on while it had leaked.a few times

I told him that Andy, a cyber-buddy from Canada had offered his view that the heat from the hot shower water being used when the weather was so cold, might have caused condensation on the cold porcelain that pooled on the floor. He was very impressed with this and then agreed that this it what might have happened. He was off and gone in six minutes.

4thur05Got the Nosh on, much early than usual.

One and a quarter bone filled minted lamb chops, minted garden peas (canned), and boiled potatoes, halved and baked along with the minted lamb bones.

A luxury lemon curd yoghourt.

Note that I had no bread with this at all.

I didn’t have any! Hehe!

Enjoyed it tremendously, despite the bone to meat ratio being so high in the lamb.

I put some more potatoes to boil in the saucepan ready to bake tomorrow.

Next, sister Jane rang. She has a pressie I might want to give to Olive. Wanted me to get to see them before Christmas. This week has been hectic with appointments and days where I’ve had to stay in to receive visitors, mostly Nottingham City Homes and Medical related. We had a good natter… just long enough for the burnt potatoes in the saucepan to pong enough that I could smell the burning! Whoopsiedangleplop!

Called to see Olive, but no answer.

The nurse rang, she has been delayed and will call tomorrow around teatime (Whenever that is?).

Computer turned on for graphicalisationing.Fodder

4thur06Hunger attacked me, despite only having eaten a few hours earlier?

Not like me at all, eating two meals, but I did – and consumed the burnt potatoes, two mini pickle pork pies, a few pickled mushrooms, tomatoes, and two of them stick meat thingies.

The burnt potatoes were delicious!

Turned on the TV and alternately dozed and watched bits of some programmes.

Later, I managed to save the large ‘singed’ saucepan to use again. After soaking in washing up liquid and bleach, it came clean enough to use once more. (Just!)

Returned to the £300 second-hand recliner with its new deep cushion and nodded off very quickly.

Woke a few times, musing over  the dreams I just knew I’d been having, but didn’t make any notes and lost all the memories again by morning.


Inchcock Today Tuesday 25th October 2016: Photographicalisationing once again, after a moody shot


Last night’s Sun goes down and with it, my hopes of ever getting the new computer running correctly?

Tuesday 25th October 2016

In Malay: Selasa 25 Oktober 2016

Up and into the porcelain room by 0310hrs. WRHD, no bleeding, no pain and this was a good start to the day. Took the morning medications.

Remembered to do the laundry early. Got the coins, accoutrements and sprayed into the bag. Down to the laundry room and got the washer going on short cycle.

Up to the flat and tried to get the CorelDraw application changed to read and display CDR format on the files. Failed.

2tue02Down again to move the clothes into the dryer.

For some reason, the clothes were very wet, much more soaked than usual when I took them out?

Maybe I had overfilled the washer?

Up the lift back to number 72, made a cuppa. WRWW and tried again to get the CorelDRAW X8 reinstalled with options changed. Failed.

Started to update the diaries and overshot the time to go and gather the washing. Popped down to collect and clean the place a bit.

6sat01Wiped the surfaces, sprayed the freshener around and took the gear out of the dryer and folded them into the bag. As I was doing this, Roy from the 11th floor arrived to do his washing.

We had a god chinwag and a laugh, put the world to rights and a little mutual moan.

I went back up with my washing and returned down later to give him a photo I’d taken of him on the bus months ago and take the shot above right.

WRWW and had a bash to see if Facebook would allow me to use it. Amazing, apart from freezing twice and telling me that Google Chrome had run out of memory, please restart (Tsk!) it was okay, so I got caught up and enjoyed doing it. Just hope things stay this way for a bit longer.

Got ready, ablutions, etc. and got out to the bus stop for a ride into town and got some of the Surimi prawns from Waitrose and some Sour Dough bread from Tesco. And, if possible to get a moody photograph.

2tue04In town, I made my way to Tesco.

Battling limping through the maddening crowds and over the crossing, narrowly avoiding a Pavement Cyclist as he rode over Upper Parliament Street scooting in between and around the unconcerned pedestrians.

Through Victoria Centre (Mall) and got some stuff from Tesco. The most important being the Sour Dough Bread, I’ve actually taken to the taste of this now. Two loaves, one for the freezer. A TV paper, a jar of mushrooms in vinegar, Longlife milk, bacon rashers, cheddar cheese, seafood sticks, an individual beef pie and do you know, it might be hard to believe I understand this, well, it is hard to accept, but a box of two Fresh Cream French Horns fell into the shopping basket on the way around!


2tue05Paid the ankle-snapper on the till, and made my way put and through some more crowds of Homo-Sapiens.

Arrived at the Waitrose store, but they had none of the Surami fish in stock for me, but never mind, I was feeling a tad guilty about keeping the Fresh Cream French Horn cakes that unexpectedly fell into my bag anyway. Ahem!

2tue06As the sun shone towards me, I took a photograph that I thought might be a moody one.

On Milton Street.

It didn’t turn out too bad do you think?.

I struggled up the hill into Trinity Square and checked the price of the American Jewellery Set I’d photographed the other day and put onto the TFZ site asking if any of the members could guess the value in US Dollars.

2tue07AS I turned at the top into the Square proper like, this chappie was puffing on one of the new electronic cigarettes, they don’t half give out some vapour, don’t they?

What next will they blame on E-Vapers. Global Warming?

If you look up both photographs, you’ll see a bloke in the distance smoking one as well. I had a nosey in one of the many Vapour shops in the area. It seems there are many different kinds or types of alternatives on offer. 2tue11Blooming fantastic for them I reckon. They even have electronic cigars and pipes too! I assume that the black box one is one that is charging up? They seem to have been taken too in Nottingham, and why not if they taste alright. The flavours are amazing in choice. Here’s just some of them on sale:


Ribena, Lime & Lemon, Blackcurrant, Apple, Coffee, Banana, etc. they even have one here in tobacco flavour?

2tue08As I approached the bus stop on Queen Street, I got another shot in that might be considered a moody one?

Or maybe not, though.

Had a lovely chat with a lady at the bus stop, and we carried on on the bus for the whole journey, until she got off of course. Not only did I enjoy listening to her, but it helped to keep me from nodding off. Hehehe!

2tue09Took a photograph of the Community Hut/Shed from the bus as we passed it by. It won’t be there much longer, they tell me that is the first thing to get rebuilt in the modernisation procedure over the next three years.

Got in, WRWW, shoes off, kettle on, medications took, food stored away, and started the computer going. Waiting for it to boot up I nipped to see Olive, but she was not in, today must be her Scrabble day.

Got in, WRWW, shoes off, kettle on, medications took, food stored away, and started the computer going. Waiting for it to boot up I nipped to see Olive, but she was not in, today must be her Scrabble day.

CorelDraw and Windows took most of the next two hours up, without any progress being made. Still, I can’t view graphics before they load, and a lot of organising still needs to be done with the desktop, the printer I can’t get connected, and messages still appear now and then that can’t understand.

Decided to update this and get the photographs sorted, another two hours were gone.

Got the beef pie and potatoes in the oven cooking away, then I tried Facebooking again, fingers crossed. All going good, some lovely comments again.

Into the nightwear. Took the evening medications.

Went to check on the fodder – Humph! I’d not put the oven on!

2tue13Got the oven going then did a bit more Facebooking while it warmed up, 

I am a silly old fool!

Beetroot, egg, garden peas, seasoned potatoes, mushrooms and a beef pie I punctured and poured delicious gravy into and then over the potatoes.

A tasty meal, although I made a right mess of the tray, my jammies and chin with the spilt gravy!

Cleaned the cooking pots and settled in the more than ever shaking £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV. Continual nodding-off sessions until 2100hrs when the film was starting, and into a deep dream-filled sleep; Didn’t even get beyond the introduction bit of the movie.

Inchcock Today Saturday 24th September 2016: Olive in good form!

Saturday 24th September 2016


Stirred around 0300hrs and sat pondering the dream I’d been having. Not that I could remember all that much. Something about being in the dessert, trying to dig a hole with my hands… then I was lost in a factory being chased, and another with me talking about the need for world peace with Albert Einstein, we were both apparently speaking in an unknown tongue but understood each other? The smell of his pipe I recall, was making me so jealous and I wanted to start smoking mine again, but it was made of liquorice?

A feeling of self-worthlessness lingered, and around 0330hrs, I got out of the shuddering £300 second-hand recliner and tackled my first WRHD of the day. Not an easy session again, but no worse than yesterday’s at least, little bleeding from Haem Aroids. As I went to wash my hands, I stubbed the same toe as I did last night on the same part of the same trolley. Tsk!

Into the kitchen and took a photograph of the morning’s dim view – without the camera card in it as it turned out, so, no photo. Humph!

Made a brew took the medications and a Senna tablet. Got the laptop going and sat there wondering why I felt so depressed in spirits this morning. Perhaps the run of Whoopsidangleplops I’d been having? Or, not seeing Olive yesterday? Sister Jane called me last night, she was at the vets with her beloved Queenie cat, expecting the worst poor gal, so sorry for her. She said she’d let me know how it goes, but I can understand her not wanting to if the worst happens to Queenie.

I just don’t know why I feel so melancholy, but the unwelcome forlornness and self-pity seems rampant? I reflected and mused on this for so long the mug of tea went cold. Made another, and updated this diary.

Had a look on Facebook, checked emails.

Olive has her daughter and son in law visiting and staying this weekend, I’ll pop in to see her later.

Carried out the ablutions and changed the batteries in the hearing aids.

6sat02Getting into the lift, found the floor was in a right state.

Out to catch the L9 into town to get the cheque in the bank. The L9 was late, so not knowing if it was coming or not (As they often fail to turn up on Saturdays), I got on the L8 to go to Sherwood and catch another bus on Mansfield Road. The L9 passed us going the other way as we went down Winchester Hill. Caught a bus in Sherwood and was soon in town.

6sat03Walked straight down through the slab square to the bank.

Done the business with the bank and went into Marks & Spencers to see if they had any small quiches with a difference on sale.

I’ve taken to these quiches yer know.

Got a Quiche Lorraine at a ridiculously high price, convinced it must taste superior to the Morrison and Asda (Walmart) ones. Also purchased little pork pies with pickle, drumsticks and a honey BBQ snack.

Then I took an aimless wander around the city centre and the many street entertainments and endless temporary retail stalls.6sat04

The first one being an ex Routemaster Bus in the middle of the Slab Square that had been converted into a bar/pub with chairs outside. Not many folks there when I took the first photo above, but an hour or so later the alcoholics had gathered. Hehe!

6sat05There was a converted VW Camper Coffee Shop as well. Clever and original idea I thought, that was.

No customers, though.

Not surprised at the prices they were changing. I mean, almost £6 (US $7.79 AUD $10.18 or CAD $10.35 a coffee is a bit much?

6sat07There was a stall, the one on the left here: Mrs Bishops Doggy Deli that brought a smile to me face, I have to say.

I wondered if they were selling Poodle burgers, Corgi cones or Great Dane Chops?

Hehehe! Not a lot of interest was shown by the Nottinghamian shoplifters, though.

6sat06I wandered around the side streets and wondered what the Morris type dancing was in celebration of?

As the wind began to get up badly, I decided to make my way back towards the centre and catch the last L9 bus back to the excellent Nottingham City Homes Independent Living Woodthorpe Court flats, in other words, home! Haha!

6sat08The wind was blowing the trees about in the Slab Square as I took this shot of the Council House and Little John’s clock dome.

I did notice, from taking this photograph and walking to Queen Street to the bus stop, there were very few people who were not on their phones, drinking (Coffee I assumed) from large plastic cups.

The bus soon has me back at the flats, and I called into my apartment to pick up the Cox’s apples I’d bought for Olive and visited her at hers. Her son and daughter in law were there, and we all had a natter and laugh. Olive seemed pleased with these tangy flavoured apples cause they (Cox’s Pippins) are her favourite variety too.

Back to number 72, WRHD, shoes off, slippers on, medications were taken, laptop on and updated this tosh.

I asked Google for Celebration Days for today and got this list.

6sat09I’ve never heard of most of them? National Punctuation Day was there, not my strongest point.

I’ll try to remember to do one for tomorrow’s diary and see what it brings.

Got the nosh, but lost the photograph I took of it? It might be in my Lumix TZ70 camera’s memory, but I can’t work out how to get into it. Anyroad, the Quiche was disappointing, but the rest was all good.

Planned to settle down and watch some TV, but soon nodded off.

Inchcock Today Thursday 15th September 2016

Thursday 15th September 2016

thu010420hrs: Up and out of the now working once again £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD, not so bad this morning, no bleeding and a lot easier.

Another misty morning.

Medications took then made a brew made, and laptop on and got to work creating graphics on CorelDraw X8 and CorelPaint for a good few hours.

Graphicalisationing for new post Advice for Whippersnappers in later life. Here’s the header for the page, finished it, at last, all I have to do now is to write the funny poem to go on it. Hehe!


Began Facebooking, but sticking again, gave up.

thu02Checked this weekend on the Goggle Calendar. Mustn’t forget the Doctor in the morning, and the Foot First Chiropodist on Saturday morning.

Had a grand carbolicalisationing in the shower, changed and got the things ready for the Tenants Social hour. Raffle prizes, nibbles.

Called to see Olive on my way out, but she was not in. I think today is her Scrabble session?

Off to the tenants meeting in the Community Hut. I left a message with Obergruppenfurher Julie, for Deana to know I’d missed her, but I’d be in all day today.


Toni and Bill were both feeling very much better. Brian was his precious grumpy old self. Polish Eddy, the most elderly Tenant in either of the blocks of flats at 94-years-of-age, was in great form! The lady who’s face I’ve had to block doesn’t like her photograph being taken. I didn’t realise she was in this photo until I came to posting it on here, so masked her face out of it, bless her, a lovely woman too.

Sat next to Toni today, and heard about her going to a funeral earlier in the week. The humour she puts into her stories is great to listen to. Nice to hear her asking about why BJ had not come to the meeting. I explained he was still on holiday in Cornwall.

The call to the porcelain forced me to leave a few minutes before usual. Said my farewells and as I was making a fast as I could manage hobble to get back to the flat and the Wetroom, I met Norman, neighbour and another of the nonagenarians in the block. He’s such an appealing old fellow. I gladly but foolishly, held back the bladder to enable me to listen to him as he related the story of his television going bang and packing up! Like looking in a mirror Whoopsiedangleplop-wise seeing Norman, bless him. He was alright though I’m glad to say.

Walked with him to the flat door, departed and knocked on Olive’s door, but she was still out.

Back to the apartment and struggled a bit on the porcelain. Laptop on and did some more graphicationalisationing for later use.

thu04Warden Deana rang the fancy ‘I only wanna be with you’ (Dusty Springfield) tune on the door bell. (Anyone calling to see me, please feel free to press the door alarm button several times, I love the song.) Hehe!

She asked me if I’d done a battery check for the alarm wristlet. Told her I had done it last week.

The British Gas situation was discussed at length. Outcome being, she is to email them again with my complaints about their service, the different lies and misleading information we had received from people we’d spoke with over the ten months of dispute.

thu03aGot the food on. Tonight it would be mild Chilli Con Carne, vegetables and chips, with black bean sauce.

A lemon Frizzle to follow. Nibbled some nuts as well.

The taste buds are almost back to normal now, so I enjoyed this one a lot.

The Morrisons delivery arrived, and the chap kindly carried the bags into the kitchen for me. He was amazed at the view out of the kitchen window. I told him I’m still amazed at it after living here for a year and a bit.

Watched some TV and fell asleep and stayed asleep until 0225hrs when I got up for a WRHD and stayed up.

Inchcock Today – Sun 4th Sept 2016: Whoopsiedangleplop


Sunday 4th September 2016

Awake at 0200hrs; Dreamt of being chased through corridors again.

0205hrs: Got out of the  £300 second-hand recliner chair without any hiatus and to the WRHD in the wetroom. No bleeding anywhere this morning, that’s a good start.

01h0218hrs: Got the washing ready and went down 01ito the laundry room to get the washer going.I checked the filter on the dryer, and it was right clogged up!

Got the meshing out of the dryer. I checked the filter on the dryer, and it was well and truly in a state of not-being-cleaned-for-agesness!


0235hrs: Back, up to number 72.

0255hrs: Down again to the washing room to transfer the clothes into the dryer. Cleaned the inside a bit first, as it had streak marks on the inside of the drum.

0310hrs: Back up again to the apartment and got the laptop on to do the final touches to yesterday’s diary and start this one off.

0410hrs: Once more down in the lift, and folded the gear into the bag, had a wipe around, and cleaned the dryer filter and refitted it. Back up again, having taken care not to make any noise on my trips up and down, with it being so early.As

As I passed the notice board on my way back, I saw a not about one of the tenants, May. She is in City hospital, and not very well. I’ll get in touch with Jenny who wrote the note later today and ask if I can visit or send her some flowers.

IT was 0500hrs by the time I’d got the laundry back into the flat and stored away in the airing cupboard and clothe-racks. So, it took about three hours to get the task done, and that is quicker than it usual is. Being so early a start, I didn’t have to wait for any machines to come free and the lifts were not being used by anyone else.

01fI looked in my daily bag but could not see my pound shop floppy hat. After a short search, I realised that I’d given it to my Australian pet, Koala Katie to look after. No luck in the search for my expensive wind-proof umbrella, though. Tsk!

A mystery as to what I’ve done with that?

Time to take the medications and get the laptop on to update this diary of woe. Then spent many hours Facebooking without any annoyance other than it was going a bit slow.

10bGot a good ablutioning done, during which a Whoopsiedangleplop occurred. Well, a dizzy spell I think, but it was a quick one. One minute I was getting the shaving tackle sorted for use, then found myself on the floor with a bruised cheek and tiny little cuts on my face. Probably caused by whatever I hit on the way down to the floor where I was wounded and confused I soon came round and with the help of the sink, got up again. Might I have a shiner in the morning? Hehe!

Got the showering done and went to see Olive. I was pleased to see she was doing so well again today, she’s been through a lot of procedures with her Crohn’s treatment and blood change. An amazing woman, she managed to tell me off for my falling and heard some tales from her past. I love listening to her stories, it’s the way she tells them yer know! I departed after a cuddle.

The Haemorrhoids were suddenly giving me bother and became very tender. May have been started when I took my trip to the wetroom floor? But I now found myself in a position of not wanting to stand too much in case the dizzies returned, and in pain when I sat down? Ah, well.

St02Got the fodder cooking, not that I felt hungry at the time.

The Crock-Pot garden peas, red peppers and leeks were added to the tasty Beef and Potatoes ready-meal. Beetroot and two bread thin slices.

Honey yoghourts to follow.

The head started aching, and the piles continued to sting. Humph!

I foolishly washed the pots before eating the food. Due to difficulties in cleaning the Crock-Pot porcelain dish, by the time I got to eat the meal, it was not very hot. But still, it went down the gullet okay. I’d done the pots early so I ould watch the England match against  Slovakia.

I was rather confused by the commentator’s comments during and after the event. Got a feeling of Deja Vu. They thought Rooney had played well? I’ll have to get another TV that shows the same as other people see when it comes to England footie matches? Hehe! Well, at least they won. I hope to be proven wrong about my fear for the future games.

Sister Jane called at half-time. Nice to have a natter with her.

Having got up so early, I took the evening medications and tried to watch some TV. But the dropping off soon got the better of me, and I gave up. Turned off the gogglebox and was away to the land of nod withing minutes. The dreams came, despite my being so tired. Annoying when no details can be recalled at all, just vague suggestions that I was being chased again..

Woke around 0230hrs, had a WRWW, and the piles caused so much pain, I had difficulty in finding a position where I could sleep. Bother!

Inchcock Today Friday 2nd September 2016: Odd dream to start the day


Friday 2nd September 2016

0355hrs: Awoke, trying my best to recall a dream I think I was in the middle of. Or perhaps I dreamt dreaming. (I don’t think that makes sense, but the words flowed out so easily I’ll leave them in if you don’t mind?). In a train with people from my past and present, they were all people I’ve never actually met in life, but I knew of and had communicated with, this was printed on the train ticket, the size of a shopping trolley and made of cake and icing? Note at the bottom of each ‘ticket?’: “£5 penalty will be imposed in the event of any passengers eating this ticket” Signed “British Railways”. Each of the folks, all at the same time, started to eat their own tickets… Uniformed men got on the train carrying stomach pumps… They all pointed to me and told them I was the culprit and was an escaped miscreant on the run?… much more took place that I cannot recall, I do remember when they kicked me off at a station they gave me a ticket ordering me to get a haircut, and I must present my Bus-Pass to the Doctors Surgery of my choice within seven days?

Can anyone else remember dreams occasionally in this way with so much minute details of bits of it and big blanks in between? I think I drove off from the station operating a giant motorised pram?

0405hrs: The £300 second-hand recliner chair refused to work at all this morning – I managed with difficulty and trying not to break anything on the seat or me, to get out and scurry shufflingly for a sudden WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) session. Things went well for once. No bleeding from Little Inchy at all, only the tiniest bit from Haem Aroids and didn’t stub my toe on anything at all! Looking good I foolishly thought!

0001As I was getting the medications out to take, I recalled a bit more of the dreams, no idea how or why.

I was asleep on the luggage rack above the seats in the train, corridor style, couldn’t get down.

That’s all, apart from details of the type of carriage it was.

1930s period, I think? Something like this picture.


Leeks, carrots, parsnip, tomato, red capsicum and podded fresh garden peas prepared for going into the Crock-Pot this morning.

Seasoned the concoction with vegetable stock, mint, basil and a touch of salt and black pepper.

 Got on with doing this diary to here, then made a new header with all the medications on it for a bit of fun.

cropped-nccwalk04.jpgSet it on rotating header mode, so it comes up at random with the other headers I’ve done before. The nurse on it is the actual nurse from the surgery. An excellent sport and beautiful gal too!

This took me a few hours to get done. Then I went on Facebook with crossed fingers to see if it would let me. It was okay for a while; then I had to come out and restart to get it going again.

Took the midday medications.

Checked the emails. Had a good shower, shave and freshen up.

Off to see Olive. She was radiant and had a twinkle in her eyes today. Had to force me to leave after a chatting and cuddling session.

Caught the L8 circular bus to Mapperley. Nice gossip en route with other passengers. 

Meandered down the hill to the Aldi store. Got some more fresh garden peas, cheese curls and a TV paper. I like this branch of Aldi, that’s twice I’ve been here, and the lady on the checkout was pleasant and didn’t rush me through BGtoo quickly – a big difference compared to Lidl, where I think the staff are trained to scowl, sneer and overcharge me.

As I left the store and walked onto Woodborough Road, two Nottingham Pedestrian Cyclists came belting towards me – I fumbled to get the camera out, but by the time i did, they were long gone at the speed they were travelling. Still, I got this van parked on double-yellow lines at the junction.

BR02MC01Walking back down Woodthorpe Road, left into Sherwood Vale, right into Mapperley Rise and on through Chestnut Walk to the flats, I noticed this bush or whatever it is, next to some blackberries in scrubland coming through the fencing. Wondered what they were, if I remember, I’ll show this photograph to Olive when I get to see her next, I think she might know what they are called.

Back at number 72, performed a much needed WRWW (Wet Room Wee Wee). Got the bits put away, and checked the Crock-Pot veg, the put the lamb hotpot in the oven. Feeling hungry early today.

Popped on the scales, popped off of them depressed and not wanting to talk about it. Sob!

Got a phone call as I stood next to the phone. I think it might have been from British Gas, I couldn’t understand much of what the bloke was saying, but the  accent sounded like the last caller that I found out was from British Gas.

I was annoyed with myself again. When I was hobbling down the hill from the shop, I’m sure I had a good idea for a funny post for WordPress, but could I remember owt about them now? No! Humph!

I put the Warden, Deana Walker’s arranged meeting for me to have with Lynda Morton, the ‘Fuel Poverty Advisor’ from Winchester Court onto my notepad – the meeting is for 1400hrs today at the Winwood Hut during a Coffee Session? Must remember to take the British Gas paperwork folder with me, in fact, I’ll put it in me bag now… Done it!

Planned some TV viewing for the night – and watched every programme chosen without any nodding-offs at all! In fact, I turned the TV off to try to get to sleep and ended up putting it back on because I couldn’t get off to kip. Huh! No idea when I did eventually join the land of bliss…

Inchcock Today Tue 30 Aug 2016: No celerity today!

Tuesday 30th August 2016


Woke and rose at 0425hrs: Realised I was not wearing the alarm wristlet and panicked, trying to think of where I’d left it was no use, I was in such a pickle and state last night… weary drained and in pain.

As I fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, the pains from yesterday were still lingering around my bloated body-mass. The boil was still tender, the Anne Gyna letting me know she was there, the knees were hassled by Arthur Itis. However, the hernia was far less of a bother. Still feeling weary, overdid it yesterday I reckon.

The only thing on my mind was, where is the Alarm Wristlet. I tried to recall logically; I was on the laptop when BJ phoned to ask me to go to Papplewick… so I searched the desktop, no red and white alarm wristlet found.

Into the wetroom and searched all over, nothing found.

To the laundry bag, felt in the sleeves of the two tops to see if I’d taken them off forgetting about the wristlet. Nothing found.

All coats on the hallway pegs, inside the shoes, on the floor, Nothing found.

Kitchen, checked the bins drawers, cupboards food storage areas, Nothing found!

Front room; Took the covers off both chairs, got the torch and looked under both of them, cabinet, all drawers checked, rubbish bin checked. Nothing found.

In a state now. I shall have to throw myself on Deana’s mercy and pay for a new one then.

Took the medications, and had a stand-up wash and shave, it was still too early to make a noise using the shower.

A quick check around in case the alarm might be somewhere visible, nothing found.

0730hrs: Got the laptop on ready to do yesterday’s diary and… there, right next to the left-hand side of the laptop was the Wristlet Alarm! It was turned inside out, and the red and white parts were hidden under the black elastic. I probably turned it inside out in a rush to get it off when BJ rang me yesterday.

Now, this might sound like an excuse for my failure to see it, especially as this was the first area I looked in? It is.

But the joy of finding it after only three and a half hours of searching for it was incredible!

Much Facebooking and graphicationalisationing followed.Rang Deana

1115hrs: Rang Deana to see what time she would be calling, then I could work out finding time to get to the shop for some fresh vegetables hopefully before the buses stopped at 15oohrs. Deana was busy covering for holidays at another complex on Sneinton or St Ann’s I think she said. Told me to call and see her in the morning at the Winwood Community Shed early.

I’ve got a Morrisons delivery coming twixt 0900>1000hrs, the wonderful cleaners arriving twixt 1000>1100hrs, and I need to get to town for a new doorbell battery somehow. I’ll try to get to see Deana EASP, although I don’t think the talk will take too long. I’ve got to pay this second-meter bill now I reckon. But would like it, if when the bill is settled, she can help me sort out a new supplier for the electricity. I’d like to know why they kept lying to Deana telling her often, that the mystery meter account had been closed then make it into my main one?

Deana is up to the neck in work normally, but even more so now, poor gal.

Did some light ablutionisationing and got ready to go to the shops, thought I’d call to see how Olive was on the way out. She told me not to pay the British Gas bill and to cancel the arrangements they have already made without me being aware of until it was all done. And tell Deana I was not going to pay. She (Olive) was in goodish form today, bless her. She told me where the Aldi store was on Woodborough Road that I could use by catching the L8 free bus.

A peck on the cheek and quick pleasurable cuddle and I off I poddled.

Caught the L8 and got off up the hill a stop too early, Humph! (I can’t take myself anywhere Hehe!) Plodded up and right down Woodborough Road to the Aldi shop.

Got some leeks, sunflower oil, porridge pots, cheese topped cobs, vine tomatoes, red pepper, 3 bananas, cheese twists and the thing I went for, some fresh pod garden peas. The lady at the checkout was so different to many of the till operators and did not rush me through too fast, bless her.


Split the stuff into two bags, and walked slowly back to the flats, well, it was downhill nearly all the way. Made a slight detour into the woods to look for wildlife to photograph. I didn’t see any, just as well, I’d forgotten to take the camera with me.

Good job olive told me about this shop, it’ll come in handy knowing I can use the L8 bus up the hill, and get some gentle exercise walking back down after buying my fodder, in good weather anyway.

Got back in the flat, WRWW and WWHD tended to, put the nosh away and back for another WRWW?

Got the kettle on and weariness overcame me. I put on ‘Diehard with a Vengeance’ DVD, and nodded off for so many minutes here and there, I gave up with it. Tried watching the TV and the same thing happened.

Got reading the war book and that seemed to do the trick… nodded off after two chapters and hearing a noise from somewhere, I know not where… next thing it was 0500hrs when I woke, having missed the evening medications again! Humph, clot and 11b !