Inchcock Today – Tuesday 8th May 2018


TFZers Lynda and Andy visit Nottingham to see Gerry. Looks like veg stew for them tonight?

Tuesday 8th May 2018

Bulgarian: Вторник, 8 май 2018 г.

0315hrs: Woke up, feeling somewhat confused, but not knowing why, and went for a wee-wee.

Got the Health Checks tended to. WDP001A!


2Tue02abThe readings seemed back to regular at last.

I still can’t work out why yesterday’s first checks had such a low Sys and Dia? This fritted me at first.

Made a brew and took the medications.

On to the computer to update the Bank Holiday Monday Inchcock Today.

Then, remembered about the old colleague from work, who is coming to ask me for some help to do with the SIA. So I set the timer, to remind me to get the ablutions done early. Because I don’t know what time he is to arrive at. I asked him to come in the morning. A mystery to be resolved later, I hope.

Got the updating done, and moved on to start this post off. The stomach gurgled, and off I almost ran to the Porcelain Throne. A lot of blood from the rear this morning; may well be all that sitting down at the computer and not getting out and about. I hope the chap who needs my help comes early today. Otherwise, I might not get out again!

2Tue02fBack to the computer. The comments were done, then the WordPress Reader perused.

Tended to the stand-up ablutions, no shower; too early, cause it makes a heck of a noise.

Got weeks medication pots made up.

Then took the waste bags to the refuse chute.

To the kitchen are did my best to do another panoramic shot of the scene outside. Good quality I thought, but I still cannot get a broader shot. Tsk!



A beautiful view though, no doubt about that.

No feeling sorry for myself, jealous or depresses now – all had withered away into the ether.

Back in the main room and got the foyer-area channel on the TV. This is in case Jim forgets to give me a call to tell me he is on his way and arrives without knowing the entry system to 2Tue05get in, I might be lucky enough to spot him.

Did the ablutions.

0830hrs: I went back to creating and preparing graphics for the diary page headers, while I awaited his arrival.

WDP001A I saw a bloke trying to get in the flat on the monitor, and assumed it was Jim. I kerfuffled around and went to get down before he left. Both lifts were stuck on the 9th floor. I started to hobble down the stairs, got to the 8th floor and checked the elevators, they were working again, I pressed for one. Absolutely no chance of catching Jim, if it was him now.

WDP001A Got down to the lobby, and realised I’d not taken the door fob down with me in my panic, so could not go out to look for him. Well annoyed with myself now, I went back up to the apartment.

Minutes later the phone rang, it was Jim. But it was not him that called earlier, he asked if he could come now. No problem. So I kept an eye on the monitor for him and waited.

After a while, I went down (With the swipe fob in pocket, Tsk!) to wait in the lobby for him. May was sat there, and we were chinwagging when Jim arrived.

A quick showing him of the mess the builders had left me in, and onto the computer to try and sort the things out with the SIA membership for the lad.

WDP001A I’m afraid it was getting stumped at every stage of our efforts. Security Officers now have to renew membership online. So we went to the SIA site where we had to register with them. Jim not having a computer meant the lad was struggling. We went on Yahoo to register with the email, which the SIA required, but every time we sent for a confirmation number, none arrived! Three times we tried without any luck. Did a search for help, but got none.

Ultra frustrating. I could not even get the lad on email so he could pursue his application. After several hours of trying out best, we had to give up on it. I felt terrible not being able to help out. Then the poor bloke had to catch buses home. I felt useless.

It was near to my usual kipping downtime after Jim had gone home, disappointed and frustrated.

However, in my depth of depression at my failure to help Jim, I decided to go out to town and get some photographicalisations for the TFZer Gang, and fodder.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. Then I grubbled around and got things sorted, and off out to catch the bus. Called in the Obergrupenfurheresses Cabin, and Cathy and her Mother were in the hut. 

2Tue06We had a laugh and nattering session: then I caught the L9 bus to town.

IT looked a proper summer day as I took this photo through the bus window on Upper Parliament Street, at the South entrance to the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Then sunshine and warmth seemed to go down well with the Nottinghamian shoplifters. There 2Tue07were many smiles on display today.

I got off the bus at the Queen Street terminus and limped down to the Old Slab Square. With an odd nagging annoyance with me all the way, about not being able to have helped out Jim, earlier.

In front of the Council House was a slow leak from underground pipes to the fountains and 2Tue08paddling pool. (I assumed).

It had spread all the way across to South Parade.

As I took this photograph, memories were induced, of many years ago. Some horrific, others beautiful, others emotionally shattering.

Things I thought I’d never recall again floated 2Tue09into the old grey cell box.

On South Parade, near Peck Lane, there was a Wedding Car parked up. They do wedding celebration do’s in the Council House, for a charge of course. I looked this up later and found this: “Did you know you can book your wedding reception or other celebratory events at the prestigious Council House in the Old Market Square?- Exclusive use of the Council 2Tue10House for a Saturday evening is £1500 (which can include a 4 pm Marriage or Civil Partnership Ceremony in the Grand Ballroom or Dining Room)” Grand Ballroom? Dining Room? I didn’t know they were inside there?

This git on a delivery bike, (and many others) was belting about all over the place, weaving at speed between the unemployed benefit seekers of Nottingham. (Hehe, only joking folks).
The swine was so close to hitting me and others as he rode so dangerously, leaving a few in his wake questioning his parentage, and suggesting he goes forth and multiplies.

2Tue11I ambled along and around for a while, then made my way to the Poundland store on Lister Gate.

WDP001A Where a giant of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me over as well!

I visited the shop and spent a fair bit, leaving with a reasonably well-filled bag of goodies. Vienesse Whirls, Wagon Wheels, Orange Creams, Caremalised biscuits (packs of 2) and Cheese crackers for the raffle prizes and nibble box. Mini Pork Pies, and some foil cook-in-the-oven containers. Paid at the self-serve checkout (I’m getting better at using these!) and departed.

Went to the M & S food hall. Where more fodder was purchased: Breakfast Tea bags, chunky chips, triple-cooked chips and one small Melton pork pie. Paid, gain at the self-serve tills. Twice today now, I’ve used these, and without any having to ask for help. Swank Mode Adopted. Hehe! Struggling with the weight of the bag now.

2Tue12Off back to the Slab Square, and took this picture of the Council House. A few folks in the fountains enjoying themselves.

A good count of Nottinghamians doing what they are best at; flopped down lazing while using their mobile phones and iPods. With their Niacin, trigonelline, putrescine, Acetylmethylcarbinol, dimethyl disulfide, 3.5 Dicaffeoylquinic acid, Quinic acid, 2-ethylphenol, theophylline, caffeine and water: In other words, Costa, Starbucks and Caffé Nero mugs at hand. Haha!

2Tue12aI made my way across the square and up to the top of Queen Street.

It was strange not to see any clouds in the sky in Nottingham, especially in May.

My earlier failure to help an old mate out, I found quisquose to handle and caused me anguish.

Caught the bus, and had a good bash at the crosswords en route home. Well, as far as Carlton Road; I think I fell asleep then. Well, it is late for this old-timer, you know! Haha!

I made sure I did not fall asleep again, for fear of missing the bus stop at the flats. I arrived back on Chestnut Walk.

Called in the Obergruppenfurheresses Shack, and had a laugh or two with Cathy and two others in there.

I took these photographicalisations of the upgrading stage of the complex, as I left the hut. I think they are going to name it Windwood Heights when its all finished.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So late, and I was so tired when I got back in the flat. A wee-wee first and had a wash, changed into night attire.

2Tue18Got the oven heating up to cook the chips in. Then put away the other fodder and did the Health Checks. Got the chips in the kiln and prepared the plate with the rest of the food: Gerkhins, beetroot, pork pie, sugar-snap peas and tomatoes. Put some Caramelised balsamic vinegarette on the pork, vinegar on the chips and onion salt on the tomatoes.

It tasted blooming scrumptious!

3Wed03WDP001A Went to do the washing up! Found that I’d left the oven on.

Turned it off and so foolishly thought I’d give it a quick wipe over. I’ll get the knuckle skin off of the inner oven wall, later. What a schmuck!

Despite this enlivening episode, I got my head down, putting the TV on to ensure I’d drop off quickly. I had not needed the TV on, I drifted off within minutes of an episode of ‘Hustle’ starting.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 22nd March 2018

Thursday 22nd March 2018

Cebuano: Huwebes Marso 22, 2018

0300hrs: I instantly stirred into imitation life of sorts. The brain caught up, and I mused over the day required actions. Get up and crack on with finishing the two-part Wednesday blog. Morrison delivery is due twixt 0630>0730hrs. Dentist appointment at 0930hrs. This was enough to fully engage the available grey-cells for the moment. Looking around at the mess from the upgrade work, prevented me from welcoming the day.

An ethereality lingered and tormented me. A feeling of certainty of the absence of any afflatus’ or creative impulses or ideas, ensured my characteristics and attitude would start off as one of diffidence and floccinaucinihilipilification. (I knew one day this word would fit the bill to use one of my blogs, Hehe!).

I unwillingly coerced and disencumbered my aged-body from the £300 second-hand recliner, and to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications. Quite how the dust from the window upgrading had gotten into the tablet compartments with closed lids and placed in a drawer, will have to remain a conundrum for now.

Huh! Now I have to dust the tablets, capsules and pills before I can take them!

I managed to get the camera out of the crack in the window to take a shot down below. But the new ledge outside is far too broad and long for me to be able to get a clear shot.

04Thur04Off to the Porcelain Throne. A little less bleeding this morning from the front end, but the usual for the last two days. Then the flood from the rear end from Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

Got the computer on. It’s Lynda Lores Birthday today, I must make time to do a Happy Birthday graphic and hope the Facebook lets me work, for the lass.

Made a start on the first part of the Wednesday double post. Got it finished and then did the second part. Posted them both off.

Did the second Health Checks

The Morrison delivery arrived. No substitutions. Showed the driver the state of the flat. Got some sympathy from him, bless his cotton socks.

04Thur050810hrs: All readied, and I set off for the Dentists.

Over the road, and up the gravel hill, passing the tree copse on the way.

A lot of dogs taking their owners for a walk. One of them allowed me to fuss their terrier when it came to me. I have to say I enjoyed doing this and seeing her little tail wagging.

04Thur07Down the park path onto Mansfield Road, up over the crest and down to the dentists.

A confusion, come maze of plastic fencing greeted me. Some roadworks were in operation.

Luckily they had left just enough room for me to follow the fencing to the dentist front door.

I only got up the steps and two paces further, and I found myself at the end of the queue of patients in line, waiting to record their presence with the receptionists. As this column slowly got shorter, a nurse came down the stair and called out a ladies name, to go up with her to one of the surgeries. A woman behind me answered: “I’m here, still waiting to sign in!” Hehe! It doesn’t seem to matter where I go, mayhem is there!

After a while, I got to the desk and discovered that these receptionist are nearly in the same class as the Lidl and Audio Centre staff. Not as down-putting as the Lidl ones are, and they do not have similar quality sneers as the Audio ones, pretty snotty and they have a decent “Don’t bother me ‘unspoken’ stare” that is pretty intimidating. Also, their Smirks and Sideways Glances were excellent. After she told me I was too early and gave me some forms to fill-in, feeling penitential and ashamed of myself, I sat down and got on with doing a crossword.

A threatening looking dentist assistant with tattoos on both arms approached me and instructed me to follow her. When she saw I was struggling a bit with my efforts to stand and walk, she offered to carry my bag upstairs for me.

In the surgery, the male dentist Dr Vitesh Patel greeted me with all the false-enthusiasm of Jeremy Clarkson when not being fed! He quickly got me on the chair and leaning backwards and checked the teggies. As last time six months earlier, he carried out his fetish on the same tooth with the same words, as he did his best to break through with one of his metal probes. On about his fifth stab at it: “There is a tiny hole in this tooth, it might need a filling” I replied: “I’m not surprised, if you don’t stop sticking that thing into it, it’ll be a big hole!” He was not impressed and lost interest. Just like the last visit, he took some X-rays of the same teeth as on that visit. He looked at the gap in the missing tooth at the front and said. Does this bother you? No, I replied. “Okay I’ll leave it then” he responded. Telling me things are okay and assisted me out of the chair.

After ten minutes, if that, I was back downstairs paying the Oberleutnantess receptionist £20.60 for the pleasure. I asked if they could make the appointment for 12 months instead of six. “Not without the Dentists instructions and permission I can’t” Backed-up with a look of incredulousness mingled with a hint of scepticalness. I lied outright and said he did say so! Eventually, after much pondering, she made it for nine months.

I said my farewells and made my way limpingly out into the daylight. Yesterday’s marathon was beginning to make the plates-of-meat really tender and painful now. I dawdled slowly along back the way I came. To the park, and up the footpath. Another dog approached me for some fuss. A long-haired black terrier of some sort. He got plenty from me, and the lady owner said thank you to me as I moved on? Truly amazing, that’s three unknown to me dogs in a few days that have sought me out for some fuss?

04Thur08Up to the top of the hill, and near the tree copse, I stopped on the bottom of the gravel path to take this photograph of the hoist and workers on my floor of the apartments.

The feet were even worse now, really stinging.

But it’s my own fault for walking so far yesterday, innit? Hehe!

I got to the flat, and picked up the raffle prizes and box of nibbles, and back out to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Shed, for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour. Jenny was looking particularly pretty this morning. Cindy was in good form. Cath was too. Everyone there, apart from Big John, seemed in better spirits than of late. I had a chinwag with each of them in turn. (Well, not Big John!). Handed the raffle prize in, and took the nibble-box around, having a laugh here and there as I did so. Got some raffle tickets and handed them out to others. Stayed beyond the hour this time. Enjoyed it.

Back to the flat, had a wee-wee, did the Health Checks.


Got the food in the oven tray ready to cook later, turned the oven on to warm up. A ready-made vegetarian moussaka. I added tons of extra grated cheese and some sliced tomatoes on top of it. Some battered onions ready to add later. Got a few red onion slices on the plate.

P1270930Started to do this blog. After a few hours the door chime rang-out. It was young bloke from Willmot-Brown. Came to measure the gap left at the bottom of the balcony door.

I let him in and started telling him about the curtain not being replaced and how I could not manage it on the steps. This made no impression, other than he asked which team did the window. I didn’t know, did I.

He finished measuring and said he would be back tomorrow to fill in the holes in the floor and apply the plastic board on top.

I updated the calendar and diary with the dates for the next dentist visit, Wednesdays INR blood test and the Morrison delivery.

Did the Health Checks etc.

Back to updating this diary.

Went to the WordPress reader page. Then did some commenting.

Facebook no letting me import to photo albums. Going too slow and sticking. Grr! Poor Lynda Lore! Well, I can wish her love and happiness for her Special Day, with a cyber cuddle and gentle non-intrusive massage too! XXX ♥♥♥

Got the oven on.

Nosh – Nice but far too many courgettes and aubergines, especially with the INR Warfarin level being so low.

I picked a lot of them out of the meal, to be on the safe side.

I bought these, cause they were on offer at 3 for £6. I’ll have to give the other two away if we have any vegetarians in the block.

Utterly shattered and tired out, I fell asleep after eating the meal. Woke and got up around 0200hrs!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 24th January 2018: Confused mind, Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas, Soaked in the rain, Wind moved fence and hit me on the head, Fire Alarm problems… lots of photos!

Wednesday 24th January 2018

 Hungarian: 2018. Január 24., Szerda

0100hrs: I woke and awaited the brain to join me. The ramblings, musings and confused thoughts arrived with a smattering of common sense mixed in there somewhere; hidden in with the bewilderingly chaotic fusion of almost psychedelic-like ideas, ranging from the poignant and epigrammatical to the intimidating and formidable uncontrollable irrational worries. I think there was a hint of lyssophobia in there somewhere too. These insights and anxieties seemed to melt into the ether quite quickly, and were replaced with just this one – I must get to the Porcelain Throne post- haste! Tsk! Which I did.

Oh, what a performance. Extracting my lumbering-body out of the £300 second-hand recliner was relatively pain-free, and completely accifauxpa free. Getting to the wet room was swiftly achieved without any toe stubbing or Dizzy Dennis’s. Whipping down the Protection Pants in haste to get seated and the evacuation process going. I pulled the pad from where Little Inchies lesion had bled in the night and then dried hard. This caused the blood to flow and splatter over my legs, the floor, the WC bowl and the accoutrements on the floor cabinet (Kitchen towels, toilet rolls, medical creams etc.) and sprayed over the opened pack of Protection Pants! This was not a good start, I thought to myself.

I got seated, and the Trotsky Terence affected evacuation followed. More mess to clean up! By the time I’d got things freshened sorted and cleaned up, it was 0130hrs!

Off to the kitchen to get the sphygmomanometer, thermometer, Enoxaparin hypodermic, creams, lotions and medications out to do the Health Checks and take the tablets.

Made a brew using an Olde English Extra Strong tea bag.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. The pulse seems to be getting a little higher this week. I don’t think that is a bad thing, it proves that the battery in the aorta valve is still working at least. Hehe!

0155hrs: I set about updating yesterday’s diary.

0420hrs: Got the Tuesday post finished and posted off, at last. By gum, that tool along time to get done.

Got this one started and got up to here on it at 0520hrs!

Sorted the nibble bags out for hopefully, Nurse Nichole and the staff for when I have the blood test later today.

Went to make another brew. The winds were howling a little outside. I opened the window to have a peep out and take a photograph.

            A mistake that!

The flipping high winds blew it as I began to open the window and flung stuff all over the kitchen!

Thank heavens, the ‘Healing Time’ paintings that Patti from Orlando did for me when I was in the hospital getting the new mechanical ticker had only blown down onto the counter and not into the sink that was full of hot water and soap suds at the time! Kitchen towels, foil trays and instruction leaflets also got spread around too. Humph, what a clot I am!

0545hrs: The winds were really howling loud. I bet there are not many residents still asleep now.

I mustn’t forget to tend to the ablutions, no later than 0700hrs, or there will not be time to sort things out and get to the doctors on time for the blood test. I allow myself an hour for the walk there but usually manage it with a few minutes to spare. But this mornings wind and rain may delay me a bit. So an earlier start will be needed methinks.

An hour or so now, before showering time. I used it on Facebooking catch-up.

0640hrs: Had to leave Facebook and get the ablutions sorted. It’ll take longer today with having to tend to the you-know-what bleeding.

All went well with the purifications and decontaminationing. Hehe! Got the bag and paperwork sorted, and set off with the brolly, well wrapped up and the fur-lined hat that I bought last month that has ear covers. Of course, I won’t be able to hear anything, but it should be warm and keep the terrible wind out.

Rubbish bags to the chute on the way out. I was surprised at how well the hearing aids worked with the hat on. And although not waterproof, the thing is lovely and warm, also does keep out the wind I found. Got it from Primark for £4.99 if anyone is interested.

Set off out on the hobble to the Doctors surgery.

By gum, the wind was cruel! Some patches of the road and pavement still have bits of frost on it, despite it not being cold other than the wind. There’s a reason for this I know, but I don’t see it. Hehehe!

The rain started to belt down even fiercer now. I got to the end of Chestnut Walk and turned right down Winchester Street Hill. And it was heartbreaking when I noticed two small birds, one either side of the netting on the roadside. They were chirping loudly and trying to get to each other I think. They must have been blown out of the trees with their nest. Poor little darlings. They could or at least did not fly when I approached them, but they ran away very quickly into the grass and bushes. This put me on a downer.

Further down the hill, I crossed the road while there was a gap in the traffic.

As I crossed Hood Street on the left on the way to cut through Mansfield Street and onto Mansfield Road; As I looked left for any traffic approaching, this sight greeted me. For some reason it made me laugh? Haha!

Some thin white material, obviously blown by the high winds, had got itself entangled in a tree. I took three shots of it to give a better depiction. I wondered what the clothing was and where it had been carried from.

I kept limping along and got onto Mansfield Road and turned left to walk over the hill and down into Carrington.

Just beyond the railings on the left, I got my first dowsing from a bus that went through a puddle as it was level with me. The rain grew even more powerful.

I’d just over the crest of the hill and thought the view would make a half-decent moody-photo, perhaps. If I had taken it a few seconds later, I would have caught the estate type car hitting the back of the mini! Dang, just missed it. Never mind though.

When I got into Carrington proper, I saw this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist coming my way, and the traffic slowed down. I tried for another moody-photo effort. Which I’m sorry I did now.

For I got a massive drenching from a bus, that filled my bag with rainwater and soaked the trousers, shoes and socks! Tsk, Huh and Botherations!

I have to mention at this point, that Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis and Duodenal Donald were all being sympathetic, benevolent and kind to me. I was doing well medically speaking. Only the plates-of-meat were really giving me any real bother. My EQ told me, this would not last for long.

Just a few hundred yards further on, the panel fencing on the old cricket ground was loose and blowing about in the wind. I saw this and was aware of it. But my just passing a massive puddle in the gutter, I turned and looked back to make sure that no buses were coming along… and panel blew out and hit me on the side of the head! I can now inform you, that the silly Primark hat with the ear-flaps offers pretty good protection again wayward planks of wood, too! Haha!

Got to the surgery and logged in with a new receptionist, who greeted me with a smile and asked my name. Gerald Chambers, I replied. She said; “Shingles? To see the specialist nurse? Your appointment isn’t until 1500hrs this afternoon Mr Charnley!” Int life confusing?  After I confirmed my name all was sorted, and I sat down and got the crossword book out – the now very wet crossword book, thanks to the puddles and buses en route to the medical practice. I put it back in the bag with hopes of drying it out later.

Seconds later, a new to me nurse came to collect me to take my blood. Where was Nurse Nichole? She was a cute little thing, and very helpful. She told me she’ll see me early as I’d arrived now, then I can go on my way and get home quicker. A lovely thought, but it would not work because I can’t use my bus pass until 0930hrs, but still, it was kind of her. She took the blood and afterwards there was no leaking at all. She kindly warned me that the rain was like a storm now, as I left.

I gave the bag of nibbles to the receptionist and went to leave the premises.

Well, the nurse was right, it was belting it down, and the winds continued without any lessening. I got the soaking brolly out of the rainwater filled bag, and bravely ventured out and hobbled to the Lidl shop.

The Fool!

As soon as I turned left on Mansfield Road, it happened again!

The bus you see in the distance had just given me another soaking.

I was beginning to get depressed. Hehehe!

I went to the store and intentionally took my time perusing around, in the hope that when I finished, the bus-pass would be valid to use. This proved expensive. Me, wandering around a food store is always likely to be a money-spending event. Tsk! I came out having spent £11.98 on things unwanted, unneeded and a wet bag to carry them home in. Twit! A tin of BBW mackerel to join the several tina already in the cupboard. Chocolate nibbles, more yoghourts. Potatoes. Anchovies. Bacon and air-spray.

On top of all this, I was still too early for me to use the bus-pass!

Having forgotten to take my mobile phone with me, and not owning a watch made things awkward. I stood under the brolly keeping an eye on the time of the electric bus sign.

Still a good while to wait. As I did so two fire tenders, an ambulance went by, and the police helicopter hovered above.

Eventually, 0930hrs arrived, and I moved to the bus shelter.

A bus came along, I stuck out my arm, and it passed me by. Not having a perfect day today, you know. I suppose the coach might have been full, though.

The next one stopped and climbed onboard to find only the raised seats free. Comical this, cause with me just going a few stops, by the time I got myself up and seated, it was time to get out of the seat to get off.

The timing meant I’d just missed an L9 bus.

to get back up to the flats. Curse! So, I started to walk over the hill and up through the Woodthorpe Park route home.

En route, I met Jenny with two ladies who were related to dear old Eddie. I assumed they had come over for Eddie’s funeral and to sort things out. So kind and typical of Jenny to assist and help out. She told me she had arranged for someone to come and look at my Strobe and Pillow fire alarms when she was at a Council meeting, for me. When it went off all those times, the Alert Centre had received no activation signals. I thanked her, and the three ladies shot off ahead of me to avoid getting any wetter, bless them.

Eventually, I got to the flats. Got in and put the utterly superfluous fodder I’d bought away, and got the large potato cleaned and in the oven baking.

I pondered on why I did not ask about Nurse Nichole. Fool I am! I hope she is not poorly. Ah, but it is not a Tuesday is it? (See how quick I was there? Hehe!)

I made a super-strong large mug of tea, using a Yorkshire and /extra /string English Breakfast tea bags. Took the mediations and did the Health Checks. All okay.

Then I got on with refreshing this post as far as here. The updating, took about three hours to get done.

Then I went to the WordPress Reader. Did the Comment reading and replying, then remembered the baking spud – went to check it out.

Overcooked a bit, but this made the mixing in the bowl, less hassle. I used tomato puree, just a bit, salt even less and cheddar cheese, no butter, to bash up with the removed potato flesh. Then back into the husks and replaced in the oven to brown it off for half-an-hour. Going to have tomatoes and mini pork & pickle pie with them I reckon.

Can’t believe the mess I made mixing them. Still, all cleaned up now. Had a bash on Facebook updating while waiting with baited breath for them to cooked and browned off.

The cheesy-baked potatoes were ready, as I went to get them out of the oven, the intercom phone chirped into life. It was the chap who initially installed the Fire Alarm strobe and Pillow.

Fantastic help, care and work from Jenny! Who as I said earlier, had arranged this support for me.

After asking some relevant questions, he spent some time analysing things on his laptop, contacted the Alarm Response centre. Set it off a couple of times and dealt with control when he set it off. The chap pointed out that when an alarm strobe or otherwise goes off, it should go through to Control who should contact me about it via the central alarm console, but all the times it has activated in the flat, this did not happen.

He pressed on with his investigating things and told me that he thought someone in the block was using a system on the same frequency. So he’d changed it. In the event of any alarms in the future that are not responded to by control, I am to contact him immediately and inform him or them.

I thanked him and off he went. Afterwards, as I was getting out the now-gone-cold cheesy potatoes from the oven, I realised I did not have his telephone number. Tsk!

Got the nosh sorted.

I looked delicious. It smelled marvellous.

I’ve not the foggiest what I did wrong or what was a matter with me, but apart from the cheesy baked potatoes, I did not enjoy anything else?


Cold coming on from getting another soaking in the rain?

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 16th January 2018:

Tuesday 16th January 2018

0200hrs: Woke in a terribly confused state of mind. Had dream involving my old cats, Lady and Cyril, so felt a tad low. However, things settled to their usual semi-confused condition as I lay there thinking ‘Blimey, it’s cold this morning’, Brrr! Got to go out to the surgery for the INR Warfarin Blood Test as well.

At least the brain had lost its earlier Boeotian wanderings. The innards were already bubbling and rumbling. The thirst remains with me.

The morning battle to extract my ashamedly plump torso from the £300 second-hand recliner was relatively easy for once. No toe stubbing either. Shunted into to the kitchen.

Made the brew. As the gurgling from within developed, I took the medications and did the Health Checks. All over the place again this morning, up and down, like yesterdays. I must mention this to the nurse later, hopefully, Nurse Nichole.

Off to the Porcelain Throne: a short wait of a few seconds – Spurt – splatter – pebble-dashing of porcelain and rear-quarters, then a painful stomach rumble and a long extended mess leaving kerplunk!  Had a good clean up of me and the wet room, wiped contact points and back into the kitchen.

The tea had gone cold, so I made another.

I thought about opening the window to take a picture but decided against it when I saw the low reading on the thermometer on the window ledge.

Checked the diary for the blood test appointment time, 0920hrs.

Started this post off up to here, then finalised the Monday one, and went on Facebook to add photos to albums. Going a bit slow again today is Facebook. Comments when clicked on are not coming up? Turned off and restarted and it came back on. Made another mug of tea.

A bash on WordPress Reader, next. Then read the comments and responded.

It doesn’t seem to be getting any warmer, and the rain looks like it is settling in for the day again.

Made a page top graphic to use in a later post.

Seems to be getting a bit warmer now. I wonder if the flats are on fire? Took the midday medications and did the Health Checks early as I got up so soon, like.

Had an excellent ablutionalisationing session. Apart from the Little Inchy fungal lesion was bleeding, so I applied some Dakacort cream. Getting low on this again now. Must try to remember to ask for some more on a prescription request form.

I sorted a black bag of rubbish, got the three jars to go to the recycling bin ad tool them out with me. Dropped the bag down the chute, cause it was now 0800hrs, and tool the bottles down with me and deposited them in the bin outside the foyer door. The rain was barely noticeable as I began my hobble along Chestnut Walk.

The sun came out as I got further along the road. And, a few times throughout the day. But it was like politicians promises, no warmth and did nothing to warm up the voters! Hehe!

To the end and right down the Winchester Street Hill. When the wind blew, it had a chill-factor of Warp Nine!

Haha! Brrr!

A piece of Nottingham Street Art at the bottom of the hill. Art Deco style perhaps? Plenty of rice, but I didn’t know if it was of Chinese or Indian origin. Whichever it was, it proved unpopular with the most-likely drunk Nottinghamian purchaser.

Right along Mansfield Road and up the slow incline. I noticed the Continental Shop was open and I decided to walk back from the surgery after the blood test and call in to have a nosey around, Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna permitting of course.

I pressed on.

0840hrs: The traffic going towards town started to back up.

The rain was very slight still, so the umbrella stayed in the bag with the other flotsam and mystery contents. Along with Nurse Nicoles and the receptionist’s nibbles.

As I neared the top of the hill, one of Nottingham’s infamous Pavement Cyclists shot by me from behind, between me and another pedestrian as she overtook me. Most annoying being made to jump like that, I can tell yer!

He was doing well up the hill, though.  He’d got a good head of steam going too.

Once more I carried on up then down Mansfield Road into Carrington and to the Doctors Surgery. The traffic still queuing and not moving very much. It’s times like this I am glad I had to hand back my driving licence after the ticker operation.

Logged in with the receptionist and got sat down and the crossword book utilised while I waited. The only ailments giving me any bothers were Anne Gyna and the poor feet. But both have been far worse. Doing well up to now.

Nurse Nichole came out to fetch me 20-minutes later. A chinwag and laugh while she took the blood. I told her about the radiator and the cupboard and drawer not opening. Nichole did laugh! She gave me a letter with details of a new system where I must book appointments through an operation on the internet. After I have registered. I gave her the bags of nibbles and departed.

Out and had a hobble back the way I came, made my way to the Continental shop in Sherwood.

Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came too close to me to my liking. Tsk!

Down the hill and into the store. Where I spent far more than I wanted to or needed to. (Again!) I came out over £8 lighter in the pocket, with a bacon joint £2.83, a big potato 35p, some sliced belly pork £1.49, a packet of biscuits 69p and a small sliced loaf at the ridiculous price of £1.49!

The wind had got up a lot outside when I departed, struggling with the heavy bag.

Up the hill and into the Wilko store. More finances spent. £8.40 this time.

I got some Liquid Soap Flakes, Wilko Fragrance Booster and a bottle of bleach. Paid the lady and off up the hill to the bus stop.

Where more Nottingham Street Art greeted me on the wire seats in the shelter. I must say that it all looked really fresh? A lady there humorously stated; “Maybe they got blew away in the wind while eating” Hehe!

Ray from the flats joined us as the woman was saying how she can’t stand this strong cold wind. I said: “Gerrin’ the corner love, and we’ll shelter you with our bodies”. And she did too! Her bus arrived a few minutes later, and she thanked me, that was nice.

I caught the L9 bus later and had a chinwag with a lady on there. Got off at the apartments and called in the Obergruppenfureresses Hut. I showed Warden Dean a photo of the radiator in the kitchen stopping the drawer and cupboard door opening. She got on the phone and rand builders on site woman. Who said: “He should have been warned that this might happen, I’m sure he was!” They should have been warned to get the job right in the first place, surely!

I told Deana if I had been told I would have removed the stuff from the drawer before they fitted the radiator; and, if you remember, I was not in that day because I had a blood test, and you said you would let them in, and forgot about it! I did not like the building representative woman’s attitude and response at all! I’ll have a word with Mick and Jenny tomorrow, see what they think.

Now in a not so good mood, I returned to the flat. Got the fodder and things put away. Did the midday Health Checks and did the medication imbibing. Made a brew and got on with updating this blog.

This little monkey was spotted outside on noisy Herbert’s balcony. “Who are you looking at, mush” was the verbal message I received. Haha!

The door chime came to life. Two Nottingham City Homes blokes arrived to test the fire alarm. This reminded me that I  had again forgotten to tell Warden Deana about the strobe alarm they kindly fitted for me, was going off when the other warnings were not, always at night when I was asleep. I had to get up and check things to be safe. Open the door to see if I could hear any alarms, look out of the window to check in any fire appliances were on site, etc. repeatedly since it had been installed. I informed the two engineers about this. They took a look at things, and set alarms off a few times and dealt with the NCH control. Eventually, they worked out that Smoke Alarm in the hallway was causing this strobe alarm to activate. I told them I could not hear the beeping noise from the smoke alarm anyway. I was not getting much in the way of sleep between these activations and the noisy Herbert upstairs and could I safely unplug the strobe and pillow shaker alarm without damaging anything? They could not give any advice under instructions (Understandably) and told me to tell the warden.

I’m sorry I mention it now!

Had a go at Facebooking for a while.

Irritable and tired, I got the nosh prepared. Not that it took much effort, nothing hot in it tonight. Polish belly pork and fresh bread sarnies, potato chips, tomatoes, beetroots, sliced apple, chestnuts, and Chinese mushrooms out of a jar. Fresh orange juice and a lemon curd yoghourt to follow. Have to give this one a 9.45/10 rating.

Consumed this with glee, washed the pots and succumbed to the need for slumber as soon as putting on the TV to watch the Law & Order episodes. I missed the programmes entirely as I nodded off into a much-needed sleep.

I bit my tongue in the sleep and woke up with a start. Dabbing the blood with a tissue, wondering what it was I had on the TV screen, and I saw the light flashing on the landline phone. Struggled to get out of the recliner, stubbed my toes on the way to answer the telephone and knocked over the waste bin and scattered Stilton Cheese biscuit crumbs all over the carpet. It was a pleasant lady from the QMC Haematology & Anticoagulation Clinic. The first thing she said was to offer an apology for the late call, they were working with short staff due to absenteeism through illnesses. Or something like that, anyway. The IRN Warfarin level was well over the target at 5-point something. I am not to take any Warfarin tonight. Then 2 a night until the next appointment, at the doctor’s surgery, which I must make ASAP or go to the City Hospital if the doctors cannot fit me in, for next Tuesday. I explained that I had already taken tonights doses. So she said for me to eat none Wednesday night then, and to use great care not to cut myself. (Great, I  thought, and here’s me just bit my tongue and wondering why it was taking some stopping, Hehehe!) Thanked the lady, scribbled notes about this call on the pad; then went and took the Warfarin Tablets out of tomorrow nights pill-pot.

The old brain was active again now and kept meandering about various topics, all purposeless, banal, haphazard, incongruous or trifling.

Proper sleep did not return. All I could manage was a few minutes at a go, and then wake up, a battle for control of the mind, lose the battle and nod-off again, repeatedly! Sad innit? Tsk!

I expect that I have been ostracised by what remains of my sanity. Oh, I should use that on somewhere that takes new quotes or whatever you call them? I might do an ode post about this tomorrow?

Inchock Today – Tuesday 26th December 2017

Tuesday 26th December 2017

Lithuanian: 2017 m. Gruodžio 26 d., Antradienis

0150hrs: Woke-up with no sense of incongruity, and in complete acceptance of my weakness for anecdotes. Well pleased that Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis allowed me a relatively pain-free pandiculating session. I think the fluid retention, although still more in the right leg than the left one, had both gone down a smidge, we’ll see later.

I sensed I had dreamt of being chased all over a factory. I do not think I’ve had one of these dreams for a while, they used to be a regular occurrence.

The porcelain throne usage was needed, and even Hippy Hilda permitted me to escape the clutches of the oh so comfortable and snuggly warm £300 second-hand recliner without too much pain.

I began to think things were improving, then stubbed my toe on the large Ottoman as I made my way to the wet room, which started Hippy Hilda off, naturally. Humph! Things went well with the evacuation with no bleeding at all.

Tended to the Health Checks. Then took the medications.

Got the computer on and had a lot of emails, due to my not attending to them yesterday. WordPress bill is due. I had to alter the bank details.

Got on with updating yesterday’s blog and posted it off.

Then started this one going up to here. Onto WordPress Comments next.

I added some photographs to the widget on the WordPress site, the carousel one.

0505hrs: Then went on WordPress Reader. Not much on it, Christmas demands I expect caused this. Hehe!

Had a go on Facebook next.

Did CorelDraw creating until around 0840hrs, Sister Jane rang for a chinwag while Pete had gone to fetch the papers.

Back Facebook to post the TFZer graphics off. A few of them here. I’ll make a post with all 21, on later.

Took this photograph while waiting for the kettle to boil. By golly, it was cold leaning out of that kitchen window. Hehe!

Made a start on the Graphics post, I think I’ll title it “TFZer Entertainers”.

0855hrs: Back in a bit…

0915hrs: I’m back folks.

I went on Facebook and added each one to the appropriate picture gallery and also posted them to the TFZer site.

1100hrs: Got it done.

Back on WordPress Reader, and comments.

CorelDraw again and got some work done on a Lynton and Martin graphic… Boing!

1400hrs: The programme crashed, and I lost everything after hours of working on it too! I nearly cried!

I gave up and turned everything off, sulked for a while, swore and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the meal prepares, singing my fingers on the oven dish as they protruded through the hole in the oven gloves getting the bacon out. Humph!

The Scottish plain bread had thawed out okay. Seasoned the canned tomatoes with some Pasta tomato and garlic sauce added and liberally sprinkled basil in the saucepan.

‘Herbert’ from the flat above started his whining and banging as I settled to watch some TV. The aperiodicity of his clanging about keeps me on my toes and offers me something to get bothered about.

Once down in the recliner with the headphones on and the TV volume high, it didn’t matter. I could hear nothing other than the TV.

I fell asleep as the film came on and woke up as the closing credits were being rolled on the screen. I’m getting good at doing this lately.

Hopefully, tomorrow I can get out a bit. The buses should be running again.

Ah, the A-Team is on channel 31 now. I got as far as the first set of commercials before nodding off.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 13th December 2017: Started well, Whoopsiedangleplops, ended not good. Tsk!

Wednesday 13th December 2017

Italian: Mercoledì 13 Dicembre 2017

2350hrs: Awoke, rumbling innards. Tried to remember the dreams but nothing there in the grey-cells. Vey is mir, the dizzies attacked when I disentangled my fat obese body from the clutches of the warm comfy £300 second-hand recliner, to visit the Porcelain Throne.

No evacuation achieved, only wind. The stomach seemed to calm down, though. Whoopsiedangleplop, it’s off again. Tsk!

I made a brew and got the computer going. Finished off yesterday’s Inchock Today and posted it. Went onto Facebook to add the photographs to the albums from yesterday. But it was not to be – Facebook let me into photos, then albums; but when I selected the collection to open, just a blank screen appeared? When I tried opening the Notifications, 50% did send me to them, the others a blank screen again? I did a search for Facebook Problems Today, and found this:

So I gave up and started updating this post.

Then in an instant, the stomach started to actually hurt. I made my way with great haste to the Porcelain Throne, arriving only just in time. This was the first ‘Normal’ evacuation I’ve had for weeks. A few spots of blood, but experience told me this was only from Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

A rinse and wipe around, and to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

I made a small mug of the Assam tea, and let it cool before taking the medications after the Health Checks were done.

Blimey, the Sys and Dia had shot up a bit?

Took a look outside to check to see if any ice remained, but could not see any as I hung out of the window to take this shot. It felt bitterly cold out there, but it looked like it would be a safe hobble for me to the bus stop later on.

Back to WordPress and my anecdotalism.

Went on WordPress Reader.

Spent a couple of hours doing post headers for later in the week.

Then tried Facebook again to see if I could do the photo albums. Slow, but working now.

Got the ablutions tended to. Wrapped up warm. Checked the lights, taps etc. and got the nibbles and bread in the bag to drop off for my beautiful wardens, Obergrupenfurheress Deana and Obergefreiteress Julie and set off to the elevator on my way to the Social Hut. Pressed the call-button, and realised I’d not got the camera with me. Back to home and collected the camera, making sure it had a sim-card in it.

Of again, got as far as the lift and going down in it, Whoopsiedangleplop once more, I had not got the hearing aids in. Back to the apartment and got them in, and off again.

Down and out and hobbled to the Social Shed. I was feeling good physically, and this worried me a tad. Dropped in to see the busy gals, gave them their Polish Sourdough bread and nibbles. I asked if they knew how Jenny was, and Julie phoned her, but the line was engaged.

We had a laugh and little chinwag and then out and to the bus stop. A decent crowd of tenants there, all smokers who faced the cold rather than go into the shed to keep warm while waiting. I was listening to Mary telling me her goings on, and realised I had not got the Emergency Medical Card with me! Whoopsiedangleplop number three. (Hehe!) I wondered if I had time to go back yet again to collect the card. I went to look at the time on the mobile phone – Whoopsiedangleplop number Four! I’d not got the phone with me either! Had to excuse my self. Mary told me the time, and she thought I had enough of it to go and get the card and mobile in time to get back and catch the bus. Another walk back and trip up the elevator and retrieved card and phone. My EQ told me I was due to suffer something nasty! However, at that moment I felt good… not mentally mind, but bodily. Haha!

The girl (Linda, I think?) from the top home arrived, and a crowd of twenty or so had gathered waiting. Much more nattering. She was still online for her holiday in January to the Mediterranian cruise and Greece visit.

Sat with Mary on the bus into town, and heard all about her birds.

Dropped off on Lower Parliament Street and over and up Glasshouse Street. With its abandoned shops, empty offices and the Victoria Shopping (Mall) Centre, and the flats above and car park below.

I’d intended to go to the Aldi Store on Huntingdon Street, but the tweaks from Hippy Hilda were telling me not to, so I didn’t. I went into Tesco. Where I purchased a small Polish Pork Knuckle, potato chips, a massive chunk of Stilton cheese, lemon curd yoghourts and some bacon. Out of the centre onto Milton Street, passing the closed down eateries on my left and right.


I reckon there must be seating in the three new restaurants in Trinity Square, for three hundred or more customers. I wondered if the two Nottingham Shoplifters… sorry, shoppers in the picture might go in and get some overcharged food? Hehehe!

I did some window shopping as I hobbled down Kings Walk.

It seemed the only shops with any customers were the Pawnbrokers and the Money Shop as  I poddled along down towards Upper Parliament Street.

Across the road, was New York’s American & Italiano, Frankie & Benny’s eatery. Where the sign outside informed the Nottinghamians that they could get a breakfast: Eggs on Toast, for the bargain price of only £5.95 – Three eggs cooked just how you like them! Choose from poached, scrambled or fried. Served with button mushrooms, tomato and brown toast with butter.

There was no queue!

I wandered along the road towards Queen Street and the L9 bus stop, and the smells from the line of shops interested me.

The Eco-Vape shop was giving out every scent I could imagine. Chocolate, ginger, citrus etc. The New York Nails a pungent, tangy sweet one, as were the other two nail businesses in the same row of retailers. Hehehe! By the time I’d got to the end and crossed-over the road onto Queen Street to catch the bus, I think I was affected by the fumes!

While waiting for the late arrival of the bus, I took this semi-moody photographicalisation of the Little John Dome on the Council House.

Linda got on the bus at the next stop and sat next to me. She proceeded to tell me about her having booked her holiday for 2019 already. A tour of Kenya, Egypt and then Vietnam for two months. She informed me of all the tablets and injections she had to have beforehand. This cheered me up no end. Lovely lady. And, it is her Birthday next week, her relating of all the gifts she got from family and Sister, the meals planned for her, dining out and party arranged.

Whoopsiedangleplops numbers Five, Six & Seven: As we approached the flats, I had a nasty dizzy, Reflux Roger blew-up and Anne Gyna joined in. I had to make a hasty farewell to the gal and make my way to the flat, as the stomach had started to rumble as well. In seconds really, I’d gone from feeling oh, so good to a nervous wreck. Then, I got the cramps in the hand as I opened the flat door! Oh dearie me! Went into a little blank period, only for ten minutes or so, but I haven’t the foggiest idea what occurred during that time. Found myself having cut up the belly pork in the crock-pot after apparently having put the potatoes in the saucepan.

I was struggling to regain control of the brain-box as I stirred the mixture, and the door chimed rang out. It was Willmott-Dixon lady Cathy and a chap – I think they are doing something on Friday and I have to stay in all day? Changed a date for something to be done, I’m just not confident, as they had caught me in mid-panic-fretting stations, and in significant discomfort at the time. I must check when I can. I hope I didn’t make myself look a fool.

I know I felt even more confused after they had gone, a feeling I’d not grasped everything.

Whoopsiedangleplop number Eight: Had another Dizzy Dennis minute later, as I bent down to pick-up the DVT Blood Test Results that had been delivered earlier. Having difficulty in thinking things through.

Did The Health Checks and took the medications. Kept putting the timer on for 30 minutes and checking the slow-cooker as I settled to watch some TV.

I’d put the fodder bought away during the blank-spell. Checked the receipt.

The rain stopped, and the wind got up somewhat.

Then, the intercom phone rang. Delivery, from Amazon with some Seagal DVDs – that I could not remember ordering.

Whoopsiedangleplop number Nine.

I went into the kitchen to serve up the sadly dismal meal. Brother-in-Law Pete rang on the mobile. He was going to go skating on Friday at the Slab Square Rink and had kindly given me permission to go and see him. (Hehehe, only joking). I explained best I could about something happening on Friday, and I had to be in all day. If whatever they have to do is done early and doesn’t take too long, I can go meet him afterwards.

The nosh was stone-cold by the time I got it on the tray. But I had little interest in it by then. Yes, I was not in a bon viveur mode. Haha!

Yet, I think I enjoyed it anyway.

I kept the notepad handy and scribbled memories as they happened to use in the morning on this blog.

I was definitely feeling a lot better.

Off to the Porcelain Throne, but only wind and liquid again.

Took this shot of the snow in the lower field, that was refusing to melt. Perhaps it was the remnants of a Snowman the kids?

As I closed the window, the rain started again.

I nibbled a bag of Marmite crisps and a Picnic bar, with a mug of orange juice, well, Clementine juice.

Amazingly, after such a period of confusion and memory loss, I remembered to do a Wrist Panic Alarm battery check with NCHs? Confusion reigned.

(In the morning, it took me five hours to update this diary; thanks to the notepads being referred to.)

I watched a fair bit of TV without nodding off tonight for a change. This is I suppose, due to the brains reluctance to show any interest in the programmes, but wandering all over the place and various topics, without taking me with it! Hahaha!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 7th December 2017: Got in a pickle today. Tsk!


Thursday 7th December 2017

Slovenian: Četrtek, 7. December 2017

0155hrs: I woke with a stomach ache, within seconds the need for the Porcelain Throne arose. Temerariously, I boldly exited the £300 second-hand recliner in one movement before it had lowered all the way and in a hurry. Over I went as I tripped over the small Ottoman. I got up with relative ease for me; due to no doubt, to the urgency of my requirement for the Porcelain Throne usage?; and proceeded to the wet room.

Things were different yet again this morning. Rock hard with accompanying clear liquid? No bleeding, though.

As I washed up afterwards, I found a decent bruise on the knee, and the right elbow had acquired a graze, both from the tumble I expect.

I collected together the second load of washing that I could not get in the machine yesterday, and went down and got them in the washer. Popped out of the foyer door to take this picture.

0220hrs: Up home, and got the updating of the Wednesday dairy.

Down to move the clobber from washer to dryer and back up again.

The stomach ache was getting worse as the morning progressed. I’ll be glad to get to see the Doctor about this. Might not make it to the Social Hour. Sorted the finishing off of yesterday’s dairy and started this one going.

To the laundry room to collect the things. Not a lot, just two dressing gowns, one shirt, one underpants and a pair of socks, oh, and the two towels.

But they took up all the room in the washer and the dryer.

Cleaned the filters and drums, packed the bag and off to the elevator.

The Caretakers are not a happy team at the moment with all the confusion over the upgrade, but when the poor devils see this on lift number one entrance on the ground floor… well!

I took this photograph to show off the Bates Motel towel than Sister Jane got me last year. When it came to putting it on here, it looked like some insects were in evacuation-mode near the left door? Hehe! If I go down later, I’ll have another look. It can’t be ants this time of year… or can it? Maybe the eggs or whatever they are were deposited by the well-known Woodthorpe Court Aliens? Just look at the pattern on those underpants! Haha!

I got the clothes stored away, and got the Health Checks done and medications were taken.

Off to the Porcelain Throne again. Wet and sludgy this time. No bleeding. Stomach still aching.

Did some WordPress Reading for an hour or so. Then, back to the toilet. Everything different again Tsk! Firmed up and bleeding. Stomach still giving me some bother, though.

Had a bash on Facebooking, then.

Started a TFZer graphic, well, the prep work for it.

To the Throne once again, and different still. Back to near normal – not that it usually is, very often. Only a tiny bit of bleeding.

Back to working on the TFZer ‘Nursery’ graphic. All the lads and some of the gals supervising?


Took a good while, but I hope they comment and like it, and, see the humour in it.

Got the ablutions done. Collated the raffle prizes and nibbles box and ready to set off.

I was going to the doctors, then to get some milk and bread. I needed to make sure the appointment with Doctor Vindla was still on, to get some help with the Trotsky-to-Diahorrea pattern I am suffering with. And stop the need for me wearing protection pants and getting caught out. So I missed the Tenants Hour, just called in and Jenny kindly took the gear off of me for distribution.

Met Roy in the queue and had a laugh and chinwag with him.

Then caught the bus into Arnold to get the shopping bits in.

I called into Chamber’s cooked foods shop to see if they had any of their homemade cooked belly pork slices. They had some in, but they were 80% fat, so I got some cooked pork instead, for tonight’s planned meal of sarnies with trimmings.

Called at Fulton Foods, and got some sterilised milk.

Then to Iceland, but came out without anything.

Up the road to Asda and spent a long time wandering around and buying little. They did have the small part-baked cobs, so I stocked up to last me over the holidays. An Irish Batch loaf, I’ll use this tonight, got it all panned now I’ve got some decent looking tomatoes. I’ll have three slices of buttered bread, sliced tomatoes on each, balsamic sauce, cheese slices and a slice of the cooked pork on each. Then fold them and have some extras added, red onion, pork and mushroom pate, frank, chestnuts and a lemon mousse?

Then I weakened as I passed by the fresh cream cake fridge.

As it happens, I was sorry I bothered. Never has a fresh cream cake before, ever tasted so cardboard and sugar-like! Eurgh!

Paid through the tills and out over the road back to the Shoe Zone. Plenty of time before the bus to Carrington was due, so I looked at the men’s slippers they had on offer. Spotted some that had velcro fasteners and searched for a size eight, without any luck. 6’s, 7’s, 9’s, 10’s, 11’s, yes. So I took a pair of size nines and paid the young lady.

To the bus stop. When I got on, I realised I had not been to the Doctors surgery! What a Plonka!

So, I stayed on the bus into Sherwood and caught one to Carrington.

All was okay with the appointments on Monday. No Doctors or nurses were on site for me to ask advice of. My own silly fault for getting confused and not going earlier.

Caught a bus back to Sherwood, fell asleep and woke-up in Arnold, miles beyond where I meant to alight. I did feel a fool!

Got off at Croft Street, and as luck would have it, an L9 bus back to the flats was due. So I caught that one, the same driver, who gave me a funny sideways glance. Hehehe!

In Sherwood, Roy got on the bus and more banters ensued. Up to the flats and we still were laughing about something as we arrived at the foyer.

When I got into the flat, the noise from the winds was horrendous, yet on the ground, I had not noticed any wind.

I was well shattered with my self-imposed marathon runaround. To the Porcelain Throne, back to the spurting mode.

Did the Health Checks and made a brew. Then got the nosh prepared, no bother cause there was no cooking involved. A lot of crumbs to be located, though.

Apart from the terrible French Horns, everything went down, yes, I ate the lot! And, just as I had planned ingredients wise too!

The mind was a little confused, no, vague might be a better word.

As the darkness fell, the rain came with it. The winds still howling up here.

The sounds of emergency vehicle horns and klaxons were heard for ten minutes or so. I haven’t found out why yet.

Got the Boon DVD on and stayed awake for three episodes.

Put the TV on, and I was off into the land of Nod at the first set of commercials that came on. Early too, even for me.

Woke around midnight and lay there with no chance of getting back to sleep for hours. Nodded off again around 0200hrs, and woke up at 0400hrs.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 25th November 2017: Got to be the worst day for months. But you don’t like to complain does yer… Humph!

Saturday 25th November 2017

Japanese: 2017年11月25日土曜日

0125hrs: Gave up trying to get any sleep. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner with some difficulty, this morning and off to the Porcelain Throne. The complete opposite to last night this session was. Think of ball bearings to get the idea. Tsk!

Health checks were done. Medications were taken. Readings looked okay.

It felt so very nippy this morning again.

0155hrs: Started to update yesterdays diary and get it posted off. Ten minutes later, another summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Well, I was flabbergasted at how different this exercise was. Think Messy and spurting. Hehe! It took a while to clean things and me up, afterwards.

Around 0400hrs, still doing the diary photo sorting and update, I was feeling the cold so much, I put the fingerless gloves on after I’d made a mug of so-called Extra Strong, Twining’s English Breakfast tea.

When I went to swap my spectacles, it made me jump… there is a boil or whatever it is on the side of my nose, and it hurts. (Don’t they all!)

Around 0400hrs, I got yet another demand from the innards for me to utilise the Porcelain Throne. Oh dear! I checked the thermometer and Google for the temperature outside.

An hour later, at 0500hrs, I went to make another brew and checked again. The same. Then realised when downloading and trimming the screen scan photos used here, that Google had got the time an hour behind? How do I let them know? Hehe!

Eventually, after what seems a day and a bit, I got the Friday post completed and sent off.

0730hrs: Another mug of tea and I took this picture out of the window.

Drizzling now, the temperature still the same inside the kitchen at 50°f.

When I was struggling to thoroughly turn the window to take the shot, an item I had in my hand slipped out, and I heard something metallic sounding hit the frame on its 12-storey descent to the ground. Went down and out in the drizzle in hopes of finding out what it was, But no chance. I’ll go down again later in the light and have another search. Not the foggiest idea what it was. So, annoying.

Did some WordPress reading.

0815hrs: The Fire Strobe Alarm and Pillow Alert went off again! Did the usual checks, found nothing untoward. The flipping thing is tiring me out! And the Porcelain visits ain’t helping. My Toothache. Nor, not getting any sleep. Humph!

Then went on Facebook.

0900hrs: Off to the throne yet again! Think thick sludge and blood. Took an ACRD capsule.

Back on Facebooking. Knuckled down to TFZer graphic again, and got it finished.

Once again I pray they like it and see the funny in it.

Not feeling too fit now. Going to get summat to eat and rest, try to get some sleep in. TTFN.

Two slices of Scottish Plain, buttered, sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette, extra-strong stilton cheese, garden peas and a battered cod.

To follow, a whisked lemon mousse and banana. But things did not go as planned or intended.

The teeth made eating so painful, and I fell asleep eating it.

Inchcock Today – Friday 24th November 2017: The day started Poorly – ended up Farcically. Tsk!

Friday 24th November 2017

Africaans: Vrydag 24 November 2017

0020hrs: Awoke and waited a few moments for the brain to join me. Now united again, I moved the limbs and as if in unison, the Incisor Suzie, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald; all let me know it was not going to be a good day, as I struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner. (They were right – Vey is mir!)

Made a mug of tea and off to the Porcelain Throne. Sanguineous results, a yucky, messy affair this morning. The cleaning up afterwards took a long time.

By my arrival back in the kitchen, the tea had gone cold.

Did the Health Checks.

Made another mug of tea and got the medications imbibed. I realised the pot of last nights doses had not been taken, so I belatedly took just the Warfarin and Pentoxifylline Blood-release Trental with the morning dosages. When I thought of it later, bearing in mind the lousy Throne session, an ADRC capsule.

Started this diary off up to here, then finished off yesterdays. Checked emails.

0440hrs: Onto Facebooking. 0629hrs: Off of Facebook.

WordPress Reading next. Then Emails.

Sister Jane sent one, with this picture of the local newspaper showing her at the Friary meeting. Apparently, giving a lecture at the lectern? Hehehe!

Had a quick go on CorelDraw and the next graphic preparing.

I did a desperate search to find the liquid Morphine. I know the medics have stopped me taking it until the Haemorrhoids Strangulation operation, but I am confident I had a drop left to use in an emergency. But no. None found at all. I suppose this is due to me memory problems, like the phone yesterday I thought… and that reminded me, and I did a search for that. Humph!

Gave up and did the ablutions.

Sorted the rubbish bins and took them out with me dropping them off down the chute and continuing out into the sunny but oh, so cold day.

Passing the Obergruppenfurheresses shed, Jenny popped out the door and said she was sorry about my not hearing of the day change for the Social Hour, bless her.

Walke down to the Dentists and explained the problems I’m having in getting a provable Warfarin INR level reading in time for me to get to see you in time, to try and get an appointment to get the teeth done. Also about the GP surgery letting me down by not Emailing me the results as they said they would. The pain is getting worse, and I wondered if they could do anything to help me now it has been two months of waiting. A quick click-click on her computer and she explained why they can do nothing about this, but I have an appointment in January. I could have saved my self a lot of time in the first place, by just saying to her; “Ug mjamanda eeck Zorrow, waglabond ug, peed-off!”

Back up to the flats in time to catch the L9 bus. Gave a few nibbles out and had a chinwag or two. The lovely girl from the end care-home arrived, and I listened to how she was going on. She’s got her weight up and the holiday to the Mediterranean was still on for her.

On to the bus, well-packed one to town today. I wanted to get some Pea Snacks from the Chinese shop on Goosegate.

When I alighted from the bus, something about the view across the road, I found attractive and photographable.

Te scene belayed how cold it was, though.

The bright blue sky, the towering crane where the Hockley Woolworths used to be, and now a building site for them to erect even more Students Living Accommodation flats.

It looks as if they are going to high ones again.

Up Goosegate, over the traffic lights and to the Chinese Shop. I got a little annoyed with myself when I realised they do not open for hours yet. I did this months ago and should have remembered indeed.

I abandoned the plans to get the nibbles and had a walk around deciding to get some photographs as I did so. A bit further up the road, I spotted this shop, now with the upstairs apparently converted into living quarters. I took this one because it took me back to the 1960s when I worked there at Tesco, which was behind where I stood to get this shot.

On the very short walk further up, I’d countered four hairdressers and six eateries that were not there a few months ago.

At the Broad Street junction, .two things caught my eye.

The plastic Cow had still not been stolen. Although on closer inspection, it had apparently been damaged and repaired a few times.

And another new eatery. The name above the windows? Sexy Mamma Love Spaghetti? Hehe!

Over the and down the hill into the Slab Square and the Festive market stalls and rides. It looked like the Ice Rink was about to open very soon. I noticed they were putting the finishing touches on the cabin where people pay before skating.

Then, I left the square and wondered over to Lister Gate and the Pound World outlet, to see if they had any chocolate nougat, Misshaped chocolate brazils, or Screw-top containers in stock yet.

Came out with a small thin but high mug, some misshape brazils, a tin of nought with fruit & nuts and a kitchen sieve. Paid at the Self-Serve tills.

When I departed from the store, there was a lady Big issue Seller outside. She looked so cold, my heart went out and gave her a fiver.

Walked to the bus stop through Slab Square. The way they do these temporary retail huts up in decorations and false snow is lovely.

The shops, even the eateries were not doing much trade today, mind.

At the top of Queen Street, I took this photograph of some of the Nottingham buses so I can post it to TFZer creator Sandie in America.

That is, of course, if I remember too. I think the possibility of my forgetting may well be highly possible. Haha!

On the bus and got a lot of crosswording done en route to the apartments and home. Met Welsh Bill and Knowall Nigel (No idea what his name really is) on the way from the bus stop.

I was so tired and weary when I got in the flat. A wee-wee, washed the new little cup to try it. Not a success at all. Fair enough, it did keep the tea warmer longer, but as TFZer Shirley (Or was it Mary?) said, it was highly dribble-able when in use. I had more tea on my chin and shirt than what got down the throat. Haha!

Took a photo of the beloved tree Copse outside, so sad with the leaves dwindling.

The drilling outside and inside at the flat next door was horrendous.

Medications taken, Health Checks were done while I heated the tomatoes and franks slowly in the saucepan. A miserable meal in many ways, this was. I got it all on the tray, as usual, I took a photo. (That this morning I cannot find on the camera card?) The tomatoes were not very good, the franks too terribly painful for the teeth and I ate little of it. The two slices of the Scottish Bread were tasty.

Put the tray down on the other chair, turned on the TV and fell asleep. Woke a couple of hours later when the phone burst into life. Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner to get to the handset before whoever it was ringing, rang off, much to Hippy Hilda’s annoyance. It was Jenny. Asking about some raffle prize chocolates I got and asked if I could order some for her and Frank on the next order. T’was my pleasure. After she rang off, I got the computer on straight away and added them to my request for next Thursday. Jenny is in for a pleasant surprise, they are now on Special Offer and half the price they were before!

But don’t tell her yet. Hehehe! I like being able to help someone, it doesn’t happen often. I made a brew and took these pictures of the outside view. Top one from the living room, and bottom from the kitchen window.

Then I glanced down and saw these two vans in front of the foyer.

My EQ told me they were up to something not right. They looked like hire vans so it may be the people who were here this morning clearing out a deceased resident’s flat? Or, not of course. Could be someone moving in?

I didn’t like them for using loads of orange recycling bags to take some stuff out when I only get five or six a fortnight and use one a day! Not that it bothers me seeing folks doing their shopping in with them, when I have to buy white bags to use, but it doesn’t bother me, oh no! Spit! Makes it worse me having a defective memory and forgetting to ask for some every time I see the Obergruppenfurheress or Untergefrieteress. But I don’t mind!

Found a letter stuck in the box. Jobs coming up with the flat upgrade. Wed 13th Dec- Survey – Fri 5th January; Isolate Heaters (That’ll be nice in January, Hehe!) I can use the electric fire and portable radiator though… why not go into liquidation this way?  Mon 8th January Heaters to install.

Feeling all out-of-order now. The nodding off and getting up and starting to do stuff again, threw my internal clock out of sync and I just cannot get to sleep.

Peeped at the TV paper, the England Ladies Football Match, against Bosnia and Herzegovina was showing again. So I watched it. All the way through and enjoyed it and did not nod-off once! Put a DVD on and watched an episode of Rumpole of the Bailey, all the way through again. Put the TV on and that did it, first set of commercials and I was off to sleep.

Only to be woken at what ungodly hour I do not know, by the flaming Fire Alarm Strobe and pillow shaker going off! Of course, I had to get up out of the recliner, put the hearing aids in and go to investigate. Looked out of the window to see if any Fire Service vehicles were there, none were. Checked the door handle with the back of my hand for any heat, it was cold, very cold actually. Opened the door to listen out for any alarms going, heard none. This is now about six times this has happened with no main-alarm going off, in the two weeks since it was fitted for me by the Nottingham City Homes. Each time, I tell myself to communicate this to Warden Obergruppenfurheress Deana, and every time I forget to. Being the weekend again (I hate weekends) there is no one available to report it to, thus giving me a more extended period to forget to. Haha!

The much needed, desired and therapeutic sleep was hard to obtain. The mind did its own thing. Lost its limited aquity. Ambivalence reigned within my grey cells containment box. Perplexing, blurring and confounding thoughts buzzed around without logicality nor understanding.

Sleep eventually arrived, but after perhaps an hour, I was up and on the flipping Porcelain Throne!

Forgive me while I cry! Hehehe!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 21st November –

Tuesday 21st November 2017

Macedonian: Вторник 21 ноември 2017 година

002hrs: No doom-ladened or demonosophers affected the brain this morning. Bright, keen and only a headache affecting the health. All the usual ailments were giving me a break, Great!

Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a wee-wee.

I took the cotton wool off of the arm from yesterday’s blood test. I noticed how dark the blood was this time? Almost black.

To the kitchen and to take the medications and do the creaming, injection and gelling.

The Health Checks this week are looking okay, I thought?

0140: Started to do the updating of yesterdays diary. Such a long and eventful day (A good one for me too!), and so many photographs to sort out. It was 0400hrs by the time I’d got it finished.

0149hrs: I went to make a brew and took these photographs out of the window. I forgot to make the tea and returned to the computer. And the Windows Update Arrived, so I thought it best if I got it done straight away.

I got the paperwork I’d let slip, through overindulgingment on WordPressing and Blogging, and Facebooking.

Naughty me! Hehehe!

It took me awhile to get them sorted into their respective folders. Nottingham City Homes, Sherrington Medical, Dentist, Audio Clinic, GUM Clinic, Deep Vein Thrombosis Unit and the Nottingham Oncology services, Nottingham Cardiac Follow-Up Support Group and the Audio Clinic’s forms, letters, instructions etc. They had built up a bit. Shame Mode Adopted here!

Makes me sound so poorly doesn’t it.

But I was feeling quite good this morning again. Worrying, I know. Although this sounds perverse if that’s the right word?

Despite the time spent arranging these letters etc., still, the windows download had not finished. So I made a brew read a few chapters of the Leningrad book.

When the computer came on again, it was nothing but hassle and confusion for me. A synced folder missing that I could not find? A welcome to the Fall Creators Update opened. What the heck is that? I wanted to get on with doing this dairy, so turned off and went to Firefox to start this post.

The photographs no longer are saving to the drop-box? The -saved-work in the Notepad need finding and loading each time I use it now. The send to Email button no longer works in Firefox, and in Google, it does not transfer the address with it.

Again I gave up trying to sort out something I knew I could not.

Depression showed its ugly head again, just when I was beginning to feel better, too!

Pee’d off. I went on Facebooking. With crossed fingers that the windows update has not done something disastrous to that. (Spit!)

Then to WordPress reading.

So late now, I’ll pop off and get the ablutionisationing done. I want to catch the bus up the hill and go to Aldi to get some stilton cheese and long life milk. That’s the plan, but knowing me, I’ll come back with a big bag of unwanted or needed stuff. Hehe!

Had a good shower, shave and scrub-up, with no signs of any need for the Porcelain Throne yet?

Took the waste bags to the chute on the way out.

Toddled off to the bus stop. Called in the shed en route. Doris, May and Hilda (Not sure if these are their names, sorry) were inside. Gave them a nibble and listened to their chinwagging, then went out to the bus point, for a chinwag with Barry and a few others awaiting the buses arrival.

Caught the City bound one, up the hill, and dropped off on Mapperley Road, and walked to the Aldi store.

I had a long waddle around, selecting items that as I expected, were not needed or wanted really, but just took my fancy, as if to put it.

Lots of nibbles for the Social Hour, the Stilton cheese, some strong red grated cheese, a TV paper for next week, vine tomatoes, canned anchovy fillets and a pack of four large wholemeal cobs.

Oh, and some cooked BBQ chicken legs. Nearly £15 worth, Tsk!

Only the feet and knees were giving me any hassle.

I met a tenant lady, Shirley I think on the way out. I walked along the top, passing the car showroom as was until a couple of years or so ago. Another sad sight.

To Winchester Street and right down the hill.

Having to stop once or twice, but not by Anne Gyna, but the feet stinging badly?

It was amusing to see every car that went down near the speed indicated, jam their brakes on.

Nearing the turn-off on the right for Chestnut Way, the scenery was I thought was so pleasant and picturesque, I took this photo on the bend.

Photographicalised the flats as I started to walk down towards them, as seen here on the left.

As I limpingly now, went down the road further, I came to the place where the parked vehicles cause me the hassle on Saturday when I was going home. Then I took a photograph (I thought anyway) of an Eon van parked in the same place right up against the nettles. But when later, it came for me to download and use all the camera shots, it was not there on the SDH card? Most odd!

I struggled on, for the feet were worse than ever now for some reason, back to the apartments, up the lift and into the dwelling, without seeing anyone at all.

Well, that’s not right, I did see one workman in the compound doing something on the new apartments building.

I put away the fodder and nibbles. And decided on what should be for nosh later. Potatoes balls, BBQ mackerel, tomatoes and a wholemeal cob or two.

Then got on the computer to update this one to here.

Then on Facebook for a while. Then on CorelDraw to do a graphic header.

Blimey, the workers have started drilling above and below my flat suddenly. Ah-well!

Got the nosh prepared and served up.

Couldn’t eat much of it, the teeth and my just losing my appetite for some unknown reason.

Got three TFZer jobs done and posted off.

I must have needed the sleep because, after half an hour of watching TV, I drifted off.