Inchcock Today: Friday 19th December 2014

Awake at 0250hrs. Feeling like I’d had no sleep at all and still tired?

I laid there again trying to reclaim the dreams I’d had without any success at all this time.

The angina seemed easier at this point, crossing fingers here.


I started the laptop and went down and put the kettle on – sorted the rubbish and bags for the Refuge Containment Operatives to collect later. The rain was a’raining and the wind a’blowing, but it wasn’t cold at all.

I managed to trip up the doorstep coming back in… I believe I may have uttered an expletive of a parentage questioning nature. The tiny scratch on me shin bled away to its hearts content. Took a while but it stopped after a few minutes. I hoped my INR Warfarin level was alright.

Back up to the laptop with me newly brewed cuppa.


BT Internet connection working okay. Coreldraw messy and crashing with differing results to normal and not saving again. Tsk!

Started this Diary around 0325hrs.

Did some graphics and blogging.

Made another cuppa and took me tablets. Rubbed in some extra Permethrin cream today.

Got myself spit and polished – teggies bleeding now… huh!

Set off on me walk into the City Centre. Bit of drizzle and windy, but not cold with it today. Mind you I wus listening t’radio as I got ready and possible freezing tonight given out.

The walk through town was easy enough, not many folks about yet, although the cyclists on the pavements were there again.

I plodded on and called in Sainsburys to get a loaf for the mallards on the canal.

Then up the road to take a picture of Carrington Street from the same view as the ones I posted a facebook from 1919 – 2003 and 2013, some changes made. I’ll post it later on the Troll Free Zone I think.

I ambled down to the canal to feed the mallards…

There were no mallards…

There were no pigeons either!

Very weird this – the only birds in sight were those illegal immigrants the sea-birds!

So I took a photograph of a barge on the canal where the mallards should have been?

See? No mallards or any other birds around the canal this morning?

The barge was named ‘The Slow Couch’ – I was careful not to wake the occupants who were obviously late risers.

I risked the now numerous mad mobility scooter drivers dodging all over the place and walked towards town.

En route I saw a Nottingham City Council sign for Nottingham Markets. It told me Bulwell market was open today. So I thought I’d catch a bus there and feed the mallards on the river Leen being as the Canal ones had seemingly abscondicated. (Is that a word? Well I like it anyway)

I got me bus-pass ready and made for the Bulwell bus-stop. Stopping on the way to take a picture of the stall just opening that was selling Ostrich, Kangaroo and Beef burgers at £3.50 ($5.49) each. The lady there had some early customers too!

I pressed on and caught the number 17 bus into Bulwell.

Yet another interesting, during the trip I an old Asian guy sat next to me, but he didn’t want to talk when I asked him how he was keeping. He only travelled for a couple of stops and got off.

Then a young lady got on and sat next to me and dropped her mobile phone. She alighted the bus and an elderly lady got on and sat next to me. I asked her how she was keeping? She informed me that she was well, but rather deaf so best if I stop speaking to her.

I dropped off at Tesco and went in to have a look see if they had any French Horns in stock.

My first visit to this large Tesco branch. I had to get a trolley first then travel with it up an escalator into the actual store.

I had a poddle around and came to the bread sections where I investigated the bread thins.

Mmmm… while searching for the ones with the longest shelf life on them I came across a packet marked sell-by 10th December! they even put Lidl and Asda to shame with that!

I placed that pack with a 22 December sell-by one and took a photo of em on the shelf! Needless to say which one I purchased.

I got some crispy bacon, ice lollies, olive-oil and butter spread and a pack of honey flavoured yogurts. I know how to live yer know!

I hobbled down to the ground floor and waddled up into Bulwell Market as the Nottingham City Council sign in the city centre suggested.

It was very sparsely being used and the folk again didn’t seem happy at all?

Perhaps it was the wind?

I made me way to the River Leed and saw a newspaper vender’s sign: Three Men Arrested! So I bought a copy, it read:

Three men have been arrested after an altercation in Bulwell during which a man suffered a stab wound. Two people were taken to hospital following the incident, on Thursday morning. The trio were arrested in connection with a public order offence. There was a heavy police presence on the estate in the morning, with seven police vehicles, including a riot van, attending the scene.

Another reason for them not to be happy?

When I arrived at the river, the mallards and pigeons greeted me as usual – but within seconds they all flew away? Another strange occurrence!

Perhaps there was a Peregrine Falcon about? But that doesn’t match with the canal mallards being absent? Mmmm!

I made my way to the bus station and caught one back to Carrington.

Got in and started the laptop.


Made a brew and put me things away.

Had curried beans and Pork loin sandwiches, a lolly and mousse and updated this diary.

Tried to watch a DVD…

Inchcock Today: Saturday 23rd August 2014

Friday 22nd August 2014

Awoke, well tired and nervous for an unknown reason.

Did some blogging, and spent the rest of the day at the laptop doing graphics for later.

Bad day.

Saturday 23rd August 2014

Up around 0400hrs.

WC – much blood I’m afraid again. Tsk!

Cold this morning. Warmed up searching around for me hearing aids, eventually finding them on top of a packet of tea-bags? (Where else? I shouldhave known!).

Laptop on (Eventually), made cuppa, didn’t feel hungry. Mind you, last night I think it was a matter of me wanting comfort food. I ate 6 microwave sausages with a tin of beans, and much bread. Followed by a yogurt and iced lollies! Oh, and some seaweed too.

Managed to get me Conservatives Support post done, but it was hard work with me Arthur Itis bothering me fingers somewhat.

I read some blogs, there is some great stuff to read on WordPress you know.

I intend to have a good walk to and around town today, get me joints going a bit, I’ll take the camera of course. (Well… if I remember that is),

Not feeling too bright at the moment.

I decided to take me annual bath. (Joking…joking, I had one a month ago!) I’m always a bit weary, because I had a dizzy when getting out last year, and I did missen a fair bit of damage yer know.


Had a shave, then I wallowed and scrubbed a bit in the bath, then extricated missen from the bath without harm.

Dried off, and a good spray of Brute. Creams on me bottom, buttocks, arms, hands and knees as instructed. Pain gel on me knees and hands. And I tended to me Inch wound.

As I was moving the heater, unfortunately I dropped it on me toe. (Fancy that I said!)


I got dressed and hobbled downstairs, deciding not to go for any long walks after all, but take a shorter one due to me digit being wounded like. Put kettle on for half a cuppa.

Decided to walk into Sherwood, and take some more bits for the Nottingham Hospice Shop. Bought a book while I was there: ‘The Essential Spike Milligan.

The sky looked a bit threatening on the way.

Then caught bus to town, and walked through city to Broad Marsh bus station. Where I caught the bus out to Derby. Read some of me Spike book en route.

Fed the ducks and pigeons, had a wander around. There was a nasty accident near the council offices.

Caught bus to Mansfield. Read some more of me Spike book.

The sky was still looking threatening, but no rain yet through the sunshine.

As I was walking towards the market to see if they had any fresh pod peas today, a rather unruly collection of youths fell out of a pub doorway, assisted by the bouncers I think, and started pasting away at each other – I changed me mind and hobbled back to the bus station, and caught a bus back to Carrington.

I read a bit of my Eric Morecombe book on the way back to the flea-pit.

Getting dark clouds now, but still no rain.

Dropped off the bus and walked, well limped to the hovel.

No yobs on the street when I got back, that was nice.


Made a cuppa, started laptop to update this tosh.

Trying to post this, and the bloody BT link went altogether, had to wait half an hour fer it to come back… Grrrr!

Ah… the rain cometh now.

Inchcock Today: Thursday 21st August 2014

♥ I was up at 0330hrs. (No choice in the matter, urgent WC attention required and I couldn’t get off afterwards Tsk!)

Usual brekkers, took medications and then thought I’d start the laptop and get on with some posts I’d nearly got ready for WordPress.

The laptop took an inordinately long time to start, I really am expecting the worst from the old gal soon. When she did get going, I lost the BT signal repeatedly.

Eventually I go both going after several reboots, restarts and complete reboot. Good old BT.

Spend far too long getting graphics ready for post later, but I did enjoy doing them though.

About 1230hrs, I did me ablutions and put me togs on, and set off I’d decided, to walk to Nottingham Hospice shop taking some bits for em again, and then to catch bus to town and go for a ride out to Derby, taking me books with me. See… I can plan ahead yer know sometimes.

As I was going up the little hill, I thought the skyline warranted a photo – hen I got the camera case out of me bag, I realised I’m left the batteries on change back in the hovel.

So, I hobbled backed to the hovel and got em um put in. Change of plan at this stage.

I had a walk into town (Took photo), and caught the round-about route bus to Bulwell. Then visited the Fultons cheapo Freezer shop in the hope of getting another pack of the cheapo but very good microwave pork sausages, and they had some in again, so gorra pack.

Then had a walk to the cheapo shop, but again, they had nowt in I wanted or fancied.

By now, me feet and knees were aching to say the least.

Dropped the things (DVDs books and a wall clock) off at the Headway Charity Shop, and bought a book, as I’d finished me Hitler the Commander book on the bus going there.

Believe this or not, but a Mobility Scooteress reversed and nearly clobbered me – I tooketh a photo, but she was well on her way by then.

On me hobble back to the bus station I called in Heron Frozen food shop to have a decker. They had some orange suckers at 10 for a quid, and Bread flats on offer at a quid, so I got one of each like.

As I was walking past the market place, a Mobility scooter came close to catchin’ me one as he went passed me and jumped off and went into the bookies… Tsk!

Caught the 17 bus back, cause it drops me off quiet close to the flea-pit.

No yobs about I’m very glad to say. Bet they’ll be out later…

As I turned into the street, the were a dead mouse at me feet! So I took a photo like.

Got in, started the laptop, put me nosh away, made a cuppa. I updated this crap, and posted it.

Did some microwave sausage sandwiches with bbq sauce, followed my an orange sucker. And ate it when I got off the WC.

Taketh care all.