Inchcock – Tue 8 Jan 2019: Sorry it’s a long one. But it was such a busy, painful and Whoopsiedangleplop day, yet an enjoyable one. Hehe!


jan08 2019

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Mongolian: 2019 оны 1 дүгээр сарын 8-ны Мягмар гараг

23:10hrs. I woke with the brain in its natural receptive mood for worries, fretting, panicking, nervousness, utter-confusion, and agitation. I expected this to be interrupted as it normally is, by a call to the Porcelain Throne, an SSWW (Short-Dahrp-Wee-wee) or my discovering I was surrounded with signs of nocturnal nibbling evidence.

But no, not this morning.

2tue03WD 128.0.128However, the dwaal of thoughts soon faded into the ether, as I caught sight of the greatly extended and much more obtruding than usual stomach! With the heart op scars now more defined and stretched wide? A few more papsules had grown as well?

And where has all the hair gone? Ah, that was one of the side-effects of Furosemide, hair loss, I remember now!

I thought to myself: I could blow-up here! I hope I don’t get the dizzies and topple over onto my gut, or Splat, thud, silence, no more me! Hahaha!

WD 128.0.128 With an operose effort, I extracted the more than usually stretched like a balloon stomach from the £300 second-hand recliner and got on my feet. There no bones, joints or any part of my torso, legs, knees, ankles, feet, even toes that didn’t moan in a complaint at my actions of movement! Oddly, the only bit of me that didn’t show any pain was the bulbous abdomen! In fact, it felt as if it was not a part of me. Some bizarre stuff going on here? With a few Oohs and arghs, and the occasional silent curse, I made my way limpingly to the kitchen.

But, within a few minutes, things seemed to settled down pain-wise. I assumed the problem was my marathon-hobble yesterday. The bones and joints, having not been used for six days or so prior, were unhappy about it. I’m glad I didn’t croak-out over the six or seven days when I spoke to or saw nobody. What a stink I would have left for the other tenants. Especially, if the tummy had exploded! Hahaha!

Had an SSWW. As I got the gear out for the Health Checks, thermometer, hypodermic, medications, creams, lotions, and sphygmomanometer, etc., I had to divert back to the wet room and for a Porcelain Throne session. Back to the messy, liquified type. But, no bleeding from the front or rear, which I welcomed. There was a lot of involuntary wind escaping, though. A quick wash, and back to the Health Checking.



The hemadynamometer took a couple of tries before it worked. Must do a battery check if I remember late.

As the fluid appears to be going down in the legs, the BP seems to be rising?

I took just a half a Furosemide today with the other medications.

Started computerisationing. 2tue06

It took me a phenomenal amount of time to get the Monday post completed. As I expected it would. Yesterday had been a photo-filled painful marathon, that needed a lot of concentration and detailed presentationing to get anywhere near how I wanted it to appear. The Liberty-Global Virgin Media’s poor performance didn’t help at all. Eventually, I got it sorted and posted.

I checked the Emails, and Sister Jane and hubby Pete had sent me their kind permission to visit them today at their castle (Christmas and birthday presents to be taken). So, a long day ahead for yours-truly. Got to get blogs sorted, gather the pressies for Jane and Pete’s Christmas and birthday treats. Do the ablutions. Then carry the gifts with me on my walk to the doctor’s surgery for the blood test. Then walk carrying them into town, take some photos while I wait for the bus to arrive to get me to West Bridgford, then walk burdened to their mansion with the pressies. Get Pete to take some posed photographs. Get told-off by Sister Jane about as yet unknown things (My increasing weight will no doubt be on her agenda, Hehe!) Then leave early, catch a bus to town, then another to the hospital; so I can get to the clinic for 1430hrs. Then get a bus to… But its no bother at all! I’ve frit myself thinking of it. Hahaha! I think the wee-weeing and body will cope alright, though. (He says confidently)


I made a start on this post. But had no time to Comments, Facebooking or WordPress reader section viewing. I shall certainly not be fit enough when I get back to do anything. Anyway, I must get the ablutions done.

All cleaned and cleansed. I got the pressies in the bags, realised the weight and just knew that I would struggle on my hobble. But didn’t understand how bad it would be at this time, and thought I’d cope alright. What a Luftmensh!

I set out, with foolish confidence that I’d get through the walk to the doctors for the blood test, and then carry on hobbling into town, to catch a bus to Sister Jane’s splendacious security mansion with its Burg-Wächter PointSafe, two-alarms, a bedroom converted to a wine cellar, nine CCTV cameras. And hubby Petes collection of spy cameras, drones, tasers, knuckle-dusters, cars, electric bikes, truncheons, spectacles with cams fitted, Danalock Bluetooth Z-Wave Smart Lock, and 2tue07motion sensors. Well, with the amount of cash and things left to them by distant unknown relatives, and all their winnings on the Football Pools and Lottery over the years, you can’t blame them! Jealous? Me? Au Contraire!

The lift cage was in a bit of a state as I noticed as I got in it. Mind you, so was I. Haha!

2tue08By the time I had limped down Winchester Street hill and got onto Mansfield Road, the toes and left foot was giving me enough bother for me to consider my going back home. But, my desire to see Jane and Pete, and supply them with some alcohol to keep them going (Guffaw!), I decided to press on.

2tue09The traffic was heavy now, as I arrived in Carrington at the surgery in a right pickle, physically. The weight of the bags had taken a lot out of me, and I knew I had twice as far to go yet to get to town afterwards.

I signed in, remembering to ask for an appointment with the doctor for next Tuesday. My remembering to this, made me feel good! I took a seat, getting out the crossword book from the cram-filled bag. Then, I heard moments later, the voice of Nurse Ann bark out my name. I followed her, as she showed obvious annoyance at my slow limping pace and maladroit struggle to keep up with her on the walk to her torture roo… sorry, treatment room. “Go straight through, sit there, I don’t have much time allowed, let’s get on with it!” I was not in any condition to argue, I sat got the arm ready, and she soon had the blood taken. I continued to waffle throughout. She asked what the problem was with my foot, and I told her, not that my words got any reception much. My taking the wrong paperwork with me didn’t help matters. I got the impression that she considered me a bit of a kvetch or jobbernowle. Oh, dear! Still, the gal was only doing her job conscientiously. I thanked her and slipped her a mini bottle wine for a New Year treat. She put it out of view straight away, telling me she did not want anyone to think she was drinking on the job. I thought of a funny response to that statement, but judiciously, I kept it to myself. I handed a bag of nibbles in on the reception desk as I left.

Amazingly I had spent only 13 minutes in the surgery. Now I was out in the dark again and had to hobble to the City Centre. Which was no problem time-wise as I had an hour and a half to get there. Usually, this route would take me about 40 minutes, but I knew I would have to keep stopping while the toe pains lessened and starting again.

2tue10As I got to the Boulevard traffic island, the first of many to follow stops were taken. The pain was on my limits of tolerations, but each time I stopped, the pain died down and off I’d go again… I’m losing my plot here, sorry. As I rested, I took this photograph of an overhanging bush on the pavement side. Bootiful! A winter-growing delicate flower it seems.

2tue10aWD 128.0.128 I pressed on, up the hill and down to near the junction with Huntingdon Street, where this Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist belted by me so close I felt a draught! Git! I put down the bags and had to zoom in to get this photo of the animal. A bit blurry I know, but I was shaking with part surprise at the idiot doing what he did, and rage!

Still, it gave me time for a couple of minutes to recover and let the toe pain lessen, before starting-off again.

When I got into town, I still had a while before the first West Bridgford bus was due. Although the 40-minute walk had taken me well over an hour with the toe hassle and breaks, I needed to take. I was concerned about this and decided to have a look at the state of the foot as soon as I got a chance. If the skin were broken, I’d rub some of the Phorpain gel on it. I dare not take any extra painkillers while I’m on the Furesomide.

I visited the Victoria Centre shopping mall in2tue11 search of chocolate treats for Jan and Pete. I got a chocolate football boot for Pete; and an Angel one for Jane. I had their name put on them in icing. After paying for them, I reorganised the bags, so they were both on the top of the other stuff, I didn’t want to break or squash them.

WD 128.0.128 I left out onto Upper Parliament Street; it was getting much lighter now. I went over to the bus stop, and for the devil-of-me, I could not recall which bus I needed. I knew it was either a number 5 or 7. After asking someone who did not know, I checked the route timing on the board and decided it was number 7 I needed. Which fortunately arrived in ten minutes.

2tue11aI got the camera against the window of the bus, with the intention of taking a photograph of the Nottingham Forest ground as I went over Trent Bridge.

I took this terrible accidental shot from the bus before we got to the bridge. The shaking about made me catch the button I think. Then at the next bus stop, a large lady sat in the seat in front, and that the end my picture plans.

I alighted on Davis Road, right at the end of Jane’s road. Avoiding a long walk, which was good! I rang them, to let them know I was on the way. I was greeted at the door. A sad sight I must have been. I was in much pain, shattered, and struggled to get over the doorstep when I was admitted and had been given permission to enter. Chuckle!

Jane asked about how many cards I’d had – Boing! I’d put them all on top of the DVD shelving, and forgotten all about them, this did not impress Jane in the slightest! To be fair, it didn’t impress me much either!

A great welcome awaited me. These are photographs I took on my wonderful visit:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sister Jane helped me clarify a few things:

  1. I am eating the wrong food for breakfast. It should be boiled egg or cereals!
  2. My fluid-filled gigantic Furosomide induced stomach is my own fault for overeating.
  3. I can get off the bus at the railway station and catch a tram into town, then get an L9 home.
  4. My weight is my fault, and I must get it down.
  5. The flat needs cleaning and tidying urgently.
  6. I have to stop buying things I don’t need.
  7. I have no will-power!
  8. I must stop eating pork pies!
  9. They both liked the pressies I’d took them, particularly the bottles of wine. Hehe!

2tue12dPete took some shots of me to use in future graphics, bless him. 

After telling me the best way to go home, we hugged, and I departed.

WD 128.0.128 Just avoiding this Pavement Cyclist while I was at the bus stop. Grumph!

I had a while to spare before the bus was due when I got in town. I had a walk around. A bit busier today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2tue12gWD 128.0.128 The toes started to ache and hurt again. I caught the bus home, without seeing any fellow residents en route or on the bus.

When we arrived back at Winwood Heights, the bus going the other way was in front of us unloading.

I called out to the folks who got off ahead of me. I could see, Penny, Mary and Welsh William… They just increased their speed. Hahaha! By the time I got in, they had all gone, along with my chances for a litter gossip or natter.

I was totally done-in when I arrived home. The toes in agony, SSWWs needed repeatedly, and I was really hungry for some reason.

2tue14WD 128.0.128 First thing I did was to investigate the troubled tootsies! Not a pretty sight, and I could not see what had caused this ailment? Yesterday, there were no signs of lesions or blood? I could not apply any pain-gel, while the skin is cracked.

I got the Health Checks done for midday and evening together. The medications were taken.

I got the sourdough part-baked baguette in the 2tue15oven. When it was cooked, I broke it up and buttered bits of it, adding the salad selection and egg to it. Oh, and a mini pork pie. Please don’t mention the mini pork pie to Sister Jane, I beg you.

It went down a treat! I gave this effort a Flavour Rating of 8.9/10.

I got the TV on, to watch a ‘Frost’ DVD episode on.

WD 128.0.128 I hadn’t got far into it, when I heard noises, and this was with the headphones on!

I got out of the recliner and had a wander around in search of any danger the noises might be from.

Whe2tue15an checking the spare room, I thought this scene outside. It looked a bit like a computer generated image. I fetched the camera to take this photo. The new cladding looked like it was from a computer game. 

I imagine the lighting at the time helped give this effect?

The noise did not sound again, and could find nothing untoward, so back to the recliner.

I think I fell asleep before I restarted the DVD.


A Photographic Visit to see Old pussies Fooey, Albert, Sister Jane and Hubby Pete (Jane’s hubby, not mine! Hehe!)

Fooey consuming his fodder

Fooey having consumed his nosh!

Fooey with that “Anymore please” look. Bless him!

Jane and Pete trying to get Fooey to pose!

Jane, looking good, picking her figs, drink in hand!

Albert, unimpressed with being a photographic model!


Albert threatening the birds – and Humans! Hehe!

Wish someone had told me the hen was a fake. Hehe!

The old pensioner caught Tree-Hugging again!

Inchcock Today – Friday 1st September 2017: Visited Jane Pete and Fooey, lots of photographicalisations taken!

Not a Happy Lot at all… Apart from Jeremy, of course. Hehe!

Friday 1st September 2017

0330hrs: Awoke with dreams milling about in the head, but they dissipated almost immediately, Tsk! They became replaced, with the memory that I needed to get the laundry done this morning, urgently. Before I needed to get myself ready for the visit to Sister Jane’s Mansion.  For I knew that when the afternoon arrived, the fatigue would prevent me doing much at all. I had to absquatulate the £300 second-hand recliner and attend the Porcelain Throne. Trotsky Terence was causing the urgent need. Huh, again!
Bit of a job cleaning up after the session.

Lots of the ailments were present this morning, but apart from Duodenal Donald who was a touch vigorous in his attentions, Anne Gyna, Hernia Harry, Trotsky Terence, Hilda Hips and Roger Reflux were all in a well-copiable-with mode.

Into the kitchen and found the slippers sticking to the floor? Another mess to sort out. I had no idea what the sticky stuff was; it was translucent patchy stickiness. When I mopped up, it came off quickly enough?

Did the Health Checks. Sys 155 – Dia 71 – Pulse 93 – Temp 31.9, all looking good again. The weight at 14.88 was a tad up again, though only the tiniest bit.

Gathered the equipment needed, and down to the Laundry Room and got the washing machine going. Noticed some new signs on the board, but I had forgotten to take the camera down with me, I’ll get these later.

Up the lift with its flickering lights, and got a brew made and took the morning medications.

Turned on the computer and finished off yesterday’s diary and got it posted off.

Got the camera in my pocket and went back down to the laundry room. The elevator lights were still flickering and flashing, I know not why.

And the next lift I could hear making grinding noises as it moved?

The place needed a bit more cleaning than usual today.

The fingers of the left hand had a visit from Crampy Craig as I took out the clothes and moved them into the dryer.


The trays where you put the soap powder if you use it, and freshener were clogged up with old powder, and the front of the machines had spillage stuck to it. Cleaned up both machines.

Then went to investigate the new posters and signs on the wall in the corridor near the lifts.

The first one I read, was informing us of another Nosh-Out session on 20th September. Only £3.99 for a Fish and Chips (Or potatoes) and a drink. Sadly, I have an appointment at the Clinic on that day, Humph!

The next one warns of Travellers who have set up camp in Woodthorpe Grange Park at the top.

That was fun to see that someone else can get the spelling of words wrong! (Smugness dawned, Hehe!)

The last one reminded us of the old £1 coin becoming illegal on 15th October. It’s bad enough using just using majuscule writing, but with added words in bold as well? Perhaps I’m a bit pernickety?

I went outside to take this ‘Moody’ attempt of a photographicalisation of the apartments frontage.

Back up again to the dwelling box. In the other lift – this lift-ride did not have any flashing lights, though, it had worse! A grinding scraping sort of noise as it travelled up? Tsk!

Got the washing stored away, had a wee-wee and popped out on the balcony to take these photographicalisations.

The light was rather colourful now.

I started this post off up to here, then checked the Emails and did some WordPress reading.

No time for Facebooking now, I have to get myself presentable, for a visit to see Sister Jane and Pete to see Fooey. Made sure the liquid food for Fooey was in the bag.

Started the ablutionalisationing session. Collected the bag and set off on a walk to the bus stop on Chestnut Walk.

As I hobbled along, there were no signs of any activity or noises from the workmen. They were noticeable by their absence, Again!

A few laughs, insults, moans and chuntering took place between the residents who were waiting for the bus. The prevailing atmosphere was one of, what’s the word I’m looking for? Erm, discontentment or disgruntlement, barely noticeable, but it was there.

The weather was pleasant as I wandered off into the shrubbery in search of an other Nottingham Nature photograph.

Unfortunately, I slipped as I bent to get this not very good picture of a bee, and Hilda Hips cracked, and this left me with the resulting pain for the rest of the day and into the morning. Tsk! Walking became a painful chore.
Not a good start, Hilda Hips and Haemorrhoid Harold too, were both set-in to be with me for the rest of the day. Hey-ho, if it isn’t one it’s another one or two that take precedence other the other ailments.

Had great chinwag with 4th floor Bill en route. He’s led an exciting life, I love listening to his tales.

Dropped off on Upper Parliament Street. Walked passing six bus stops to the West Bridgford one, and it was closed due to the roadworks, walked back to find it now at the bus stop next to the one I had dropped off at. Hehe! The bus arrived in minutes and in no time I was in West Bridgford, walking to Sister Janes and using the mobile to call her and advise her of my imminent arrival.

I was greeted and given a large cup of tea. First things first I thought, and Pete fetched Fooey down, and a fuss was made. I fed him a tube of liquefied cat food he liked and had a chinwag with him.

Pete and Jane took some photographs of Fooey for me.

Pete had a bad cough on him. But they both looked fit.

Gave them their nibbles, seaweed, Marmite Cakes (Got told off about these, she does not like them, and I should have remembered that she had said this!), Block of Polish Cooked Pork, cat food and some other bits. I, being the Birthday Boy (Well, nearly, Hehe) I got an out of date tin of mints and an apple they stole from their neighbour’s tree that hangs over their garden. Hehe! Only joking, it wasn’t out of date at all. (I’ll be in trouble for saying this, now!).

Their garden looked in super form.

Had a wander around and Jane collected some figs from her tree.

They kindly took some pictures of me, in various places around their lawn. I hope to use them later for a TFZer Series with the gals and guys in the garden along with me. The idea being that I doctor a photo of a TFZer and put it alongside me in the graphic?

Look at the Reflux Valve sticking out. Tsk!

They posed for a few shots for me, bless them.

Jane found Albert and bravely held him long enough for me to take the shots. Albert was not a happy lad about this at all. But he did look straight at the camera for this photographicalisation, though.

Jane & Pete with Fooey outside their glazed patio doors.

Gawd, I love that cat.

They and I took a good few photographs, and I will put them all in a post on WordPress later.

Pete picked some good shots near his shed to take my picture. He raided next doors apple tree for me to have one.

Much laughter and memories were prompted during the visit. Jane kept getting me to nibble bits of her very high-class fodder. I think she liked the Polish Bacon I got for them.

I clandestinely took the midday medications. A terrific visit indeed and I felt a lot cheerier when I left.

The chin-wagging had to cease, as I was soon feeling a bit drained and weary, and Hilda Hip was giving me some hassled still. No Dizzies, mind today.

Pete walked to the bus stop with me, caught the bus, and he dropped off on Central Avenue. I’m a bit concerned about his coughing.

The sky over the City Centre looked very modern as I limped around it. Limped around the City Centre that is, not the sky. Haha!

The youngsters all seemed very happy and content in the water display come paddling pool, shame about the Pavement cyclists though.

I pottered around the stalls and rides looking for an individual photograph to take.

But walking in the crowds meant my having to sidestep and twist to get through without being walked or bumped into.

And this set Hilda Hip off again.

So, I took a shot of the beach and limped off to the bus stop on Queen Street for the L9.

Two Nottingham pavement Cyclists nearly had me over on the way up to the bus stop. Tsk!

I was soon back in the apartment and on the Porcelain Throne. After which, I doused Hilda Hips area and Arthur Itis’s knees and fingers with the Phorpain and applied the lower regions with Betamethasone, and took an extra Codeine with the evening medications. I bet I smelt a bit odd. Hehe!

I took the evening medications.

Feeling shattered now, but determined to get the photographs downloaded onto the computer ready to utilise in the morning. I sent an Email to Jane and Pete asking them if they would send the photos they took earlier to me ASAP so I could use those.

Got the fodder cooking. Garden peas in the saucepan with brown sugar, potato balls and mini-waffles in the oven, sliced the tomatoes and added balsamic vinegarette on them, beetroots on the plate, apple sliced and smoked BBQ sauce Mackerel all ready to add to it later. Banana and Lemon Fool out ready.

Doing this, I realised I could not find the apple that Pete stole for me from his next door neighbours tree? Searched around without finding it?

As luck had it, I found the fruit on top of the Hallway Radiator, much later; in fact the next day!

A blooming good job the heating wasn’t on, eh?

Pete sent the pictures via Email and the dinner was nearly cooked and ready. I turned down the heat in the oven and got the photos downloaded first.

When I went into the kitchen to sort the meal out, I got sidetracked again, this time by the wonderful view outside.

Then realised I’d not done the Health Checks either. So, sorted them out:

Sys 160, Dia 75, Pulse 75, Temp 32.7, pulse well down for a change.

Eventually I got around to serving up the not as hot as it should have been meal.

All out and on the tray ready, and guess what? Haemorrhoid Harold started bleeding, right out of the blue! At first I thought this warm wet feeling was from Trotsky Terence, but no, just crimson red blood to deal with.

Into the wet room and sorted things out. Humph, getting fed-up again now! Hehe!

Finally I got to the fodder and consumed it – and if only I could have got it while it was hot and not reheated, this might have been one of the best ever! For I enjoyed it all the same.

Shame that.

The nodding off started as soon as I got the TV on. However and notwithstanding, I stayed awake for the Malta v England farce. Sheer fatigue from the brave battling Maltese team allowed the scoreline of 4-0. England captain Jordan Henderson said after the game: “There are positives to come out of it but plenty of room to improve it as well.” Brilliant statement!

I facepalmed myself a few times throughout the match! Another Brilliant Statement!

After few minutes thought of what England can do to improve (humph!) I drifted off into a dream filled sleep.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 22nd June 2017

Thursday 22nd June 2017

Maori: Rāpare 22 Pipiri 2017

0420hrs: Woke up pondering on the dreams I could remember. I’d left the pencil and pad on the computer desk. Extracted myself from the £300 second-hand recliner to retrieve them and by the time I’d got back in the chair, the memories had entirely gone from my muddled brain. I think they involved yesterday’s visit to Sister Jane, Pete and the Pussies. Tsk!

0530hrs: Up again and to the Porcelain Throne. I think I am mastering Constipation Konrad’s onslaught at last.

Medications were taken, kettle on and did the Health Checks with mixed results:

Got the computer going and started this diary off, the had the job of sorting yesterday’s, which took me hours to get done, with all the photographicalisations.

Made a cuppa and decided to get the ablutions tended to, freshen me up a bit.

Had a wee-wee.

Shaven, teeth cleaned, medicated and applied antiseptic to parts requiring to be done, showered and deodorisationalistically sprayed my magnificently honed mould of wobbly flesh, and made another cuppa.

Downloaded the Corel Paintshop Pro, particular Painter Plug-in. Need to make time to understand how it all works. Time eh? So short is it not?

WordPress reading next. Plenty to go at today.

Onto Facebooking. A lot on there to do as well.

Heard a noise and went to investigate… Mail had been delivered by Royal Mail.

It was the Insurance documents and the tablet-sized Towels/Face-flannel. You just dab them in water, and they expand and open out ready for use.

I’m going to hand one out to each resident to keep in their pocket or handbag in case of emergency. But it being midday now, I am too late to get to the free luncheon today, anyway. Humph!

Back to finish the Facebooking again, and the intercom rang – this time the Amazon delivery.

I had to open the corridor door and inform the two workmen near the lift of the upcoming delivery man. One of the lads took the parcel off of the driver and handed it to me, so I didn’t have to tread over all flaked off paint. Good of him that.

It was the Storm-Proof Umbrella, and a DVD of Heartbeat had been delivered. I took a photograph on the left.

The umbrella instructions, not sure if it shows in the picture, I shot separately and added to it so you may be able to read them. The brolly instructions tied to it, was in Chinese (I assumed, so not a lot of use to me. Huh!) It feels somewhat rugged anyway.

Minutes later, blow me down, the intercom rang again – this time it was another Amazon delivery. The last of the Heartbeat collections that I treated myself to.

Bothered the workmen again, but they were okayish about it.

Finished the Facebooking, had a wee-wee and made a mug of tea.

Shame it is too late for me to get out in time for the free fodder at the hut. Huh!

Finished the Facebooking at last and started graphicationalisationing on CorelDraw for some TFZer attempts.

Managed to get one of Marie and Roxy done.

Got the cheesy potatoes mixed and started cooking in the oven.

The cheesy potatoes preparation cause no, I say, No burns tonight!

Bacon and mushrooms accompanied the gloriously tasty cheesy potato, and a lemon yoghourt.

Had a wee-wee.

Settled to watch one of the Heartbeat DVD’s, and got through three episodes before I drifted off into slumber.

Woke up around midnight convinced it was morning and time to rise, had a wee-wee and a failed heavy duty session. Coming out of the wet room, it dawned on me it was a little dark.

Tutted, swore at me and head down again.