Inchcocks Escape to town No.5 – Wed 16th Dec 20: Oh, dearie me!

Out into the Drizzle

I arrived in town with aches and pains from the bus trip, I was already sorry I’d escaped! The bus ride was a battle between me keeping the trolley-guide from running away every time we took a corner, jammed the anchors on, went downhill, and my falling out of the seat! Harolds Haemorrhoids were stinging! I called in the Wilko store to get some of the Laundry freshener, which I did. I came out, with three of the granules, chocolate brazils, peanuts and a bottle of disinfectant.

I left and hobbled to the Poundland Shop, where I got carried away and frustrated. They had no pies, Dettol or filled BLT sarnies. After a physical battle with other shoppers breathing down my neck cause I was not moving fast enough, people running in front of me in the queue, I paid with the card at the checkout for the: Toffiffee box, Frazzles, White waste bags, Perle De Perle lemon desserts, Ginsters pasties, Microfibre cleaning cloths, can of stewed steak, Oxo cubes, Mint and lemon disinfectant, (Good for the overnight emergency grey wee-wee bucket, you know!) and a packet of Senna tablets.

Out in the drizzle, passing all the jolly, happy, sociable, kind, understanding, smiling, sweet-natured Nottinghamians, merrily going about their shoplifting and pickpocketing activities. Avoiding the pavement cyclists was risky!

Along Upper Parliament Street, and down King Street towards the Market Square. The wind was getting up, I was struggling controlling the three-wheeler guide, and getting the odd shower from the buses as they pulled up from the puddles. The toenails joined the piles in giving me some tender stinging as I limped down the hill.

I stopped at the bottom of Long Row opposite the tree, and took the time to just glance around, (in my Sherlock Holmesian Mode, here!), to access the mood of the Nottingham plebeians. The masks were being worn by, I’d estimate, 60% of the Nottingham great unwashed, Students, muggers etc., but I got the view that the masses, were not too content with life, but, who can blame them?

I limped across the Slab Square. I’d decided to go to the other Poundland Store on Wheeler Gate, in search of some Dettol disinfectant, and BLT sarnies. A sense of doom and gloom came over me as I crossed over, starving pigeons came down to me when I stopped a moment to try and wriggle the keet to free the toenails that had got tangled in the sock. They must have thought I was going have summat to eat, and hoped a few crumbs would fall to the floor?

Long Row looked terribly sad. Temporary and permanently closed stores everywhere, a desperate pigeon seeking fodder of some sort, and few Nottinghamians about! I got in the Poundland and had another struggle to get around, the feet and toes were harrowing painful now. I cheered a smidge when I found some Dettol lavender disinfectant on sale and got three bottles. As I meandered about I added, two part-baked baguettes, pork pie, a BLT sarnie, The wobbles came on when I got to the self-serve tills, I was embarrassed and in a pickle.

A young lady helped me out and picked up the dropped items and out them through for me. She was busy and kept nipping off to help others, and I started to all out of the shop with the trolley and bags hanging all over it, and the girl chased after me… I had not paid! Red-faced (it probably showed through the face-mask!) I returned and used the card…

Oh, heck! The machine would not take the card! I went into Panic-Mode. The young lady tried to calm me down, but all sorts of things were going through my mind, embarrassment being the biggest! I fumble around and found enough cash to pay, the lady was very calm about it. I thanked her and dug out a can from the trolley, of Vodka mix and gave it to her. When I got outside, I calmed down a bit, as I realised I’d used the card earlier at the other store, so the bak might have been being cautious, in case the card had been stolen and used?

I got to the slab square and noticed the large number of crows that were about. Someone had dropped some crumbs whatever, and the crows dived down attacking the pigeons? I had a good while before the bus was due, so I walked around the Council House and back along Long Row on the other side, to King Street. 

The Primark Store had bouncers and staff controlling the shoplifting customers as they queued up to do some pilfering. I don’t know how the stop stays in business. I rarely go in nowadays, its a large store with escalators and stairs, so I can’t go shopping there anymore anyway. But the times in the past I’ve seen kleptomaniacs and pickpockets at work when I did shop there, was phenomenal.

As I turned up King Street to go to the bus stop, the PAvement Cyclist git it blue, came withing inched of hitting me, and seemed totally unaware of it. I hoped my taking this photo might trigger him to ask me why I was photographing him, as he chatted to a fellow food deliverer. Then I could have told him! But, no!

The three Christian singers were out again further up the road, near the Brian Clough statue, its called speakers corner. They or one or more of them are regular attenders. The chap on the right with the guitar started this singing to the Lord off first. I’ve never seen him in long trousers, whatever the weather is like?

I got up to the bus stop and took this snap as I arrived there, it is sadly, indicative of the mood of the City Centre today. Drab! I caught a number 40 bus back home, glad I did, it is much quicker than the L9.

I was tired, in pain, mangled toenails, Duodenal Donald starting to kick-off, depressed, embarrassed, and oh, so keen and ready for fodder and sleep!

Inchcockski – Monday 2nd December 2019: Failure, is part of my psyche, I’ve never known any alternative!

1 Dec 02

2019 ttDec 02

Well, I copied it from Wikipedia!

Monday 2nd December 2019

Welsh: Dydd Llun 2il Rhagfyr 2019

01Dec 02

WD 0.30.0B 23:15hrs: I woke, coughed, passed wind, and struggled out of the £300 second-hand, horrendously stained-mucky beige-coloured, c 1968 recliner! The Porcelain Throne being my main point of concentration. I grabbed the four-pronged walking stick and manoeuvred my way around the clothes airer and bits of either nocturnal nibbling or some overnight disaster, to the wet room. With seconds to spare, I got seated as the evacuation began. Quick and painful, but not in the least messy, but the after-haemorrhaging was extravasate-like. Which may point to the internal haemorrhoids bleeding (which I can cope with and understand), or some other new problem? Oh, dear!

1Mon06WDP 11gRWD 0.30.0B Well, by Jiiminee, the pins (legs) had most certainly changed since yesterday! I wonder if the increase in the INR level affects the legs veins? I sure have a mess of assorted Clopidogrel grooves and ridges, varicose and spider veins, thrombosis (phlebitis). Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), spots, bruises, welts, contusions, blemishes, dapples and maculations. All showing through this morning! And RAI (Rheumatoid Arthur Itis) and BPB (Back-Pain-Brenda) joining in as well. Cor Blimus! What a state! I’m eager to see how they will look in the morning, probably back to the calm state, I hope so anyway. This photo is one for the Tate Gallery. Hehehe!

I washed, medicated and contact points were antisepticated, and back to investigate the mess on the carpet near the recliner.

WDP 11eLWD 0.30.0B Lucky for me, the detritus was only from my nocturnal nibbling, which I have no memory of again? But a right feasting session I must have had. Crumbs from noshing some puff-pastry fingers and a few scattered chocolate peanuts were cleaned up. Leaving me with Back-Pain-Brenda and AIR (Arthur Itis Rheumatoid) giving me some hassle and discomfort. As I got upright, I spotted an empty salt & vinegar rice-pops bag as well, so collected it, dropped it in the waste bin and went to the kitchen, initially to take the medications.

WDPT03LWD 0.30.0B Boing! Again I had missed taking the evening medications. I took them and decided to take the mornings later on. Moved the handwashing on the airers. Made a brew, and got on the computer to make a start on the updating of the Sunday blog.

As I was setting things up, an idea for a funny (at least I thought so) poem came into my mind. I abandoned starting the post updating and got on with writing, no, creating the humorous ode. It just flowed! I title it Random, waffling thoughts from Inchcock!

Got it all finished, made a graphic and sent got off to WordPress.

Did the updating. With a horrendously unsatisfying stuck indoors day, only a couple of photos were taken, so it didn’t take too long to do.

Then another cuppa (the wee-wees were all SGSS [Short-Gently-Sprinkling-Spraying] ones), and adjusted the handwashing again, and took three photographs of the view from the unwanted, unliked, impossible to reach to clean, light & view-blocking, thick-frames new windows. All in Night Panorama mode.


Nothing like as good as they looked on the camera viewer, Tsk!

I made a start on this post. Then went on the WordPress reader.

Bikkies dunked in a mug of tea, before the ablutionalisationalistic session.

Which was a stand-up-at-the-sink style, as it was a little too early to use the noisy shower! But it went well. Dropsies were again pestering, the toothpaste tube and brush (2), carbolic soap (getting less often now the bar is wearing down in size), flannel, and spectacles. The sock-glide battle was a draw.

I made up some black bags and took them to the waste chute. Got the nibbles in the bag, all dressed warmly and set off to the Winwood Court located ILC Sturmscharfhreress Warden’s Interview room and holding cell. Down in the lift, and along the link-passage. Swiped the door, and into the amazingly-warm welcoming walkway in Winwood Court. To the Sheriff’s office, and handed out the nibbles and Christmas treats and had a mini-natter. Then, into the big Winwood Social Room, had a chinwag with John and Welsh William then I moved along the second link passage to Winchester Court. Their foyer was being done-up, so we had to walk around the lift lobby an1Mon07d through links to the caretaker’s room, and out into the bright heatless sunshine and shiver-making cold!

I took a moody shot of the flats, with Woodthorpe Court being highlighted my heatless sunshine, showing the L9 bus stop sign.

1Mon08A decent ganglet of Winwoodonians had gathered at the bus stop, with a group waiting behind in the Winchester Rubbish cover, trying to keep warm. Angela, Chrissie, Roy with his deadly-to-others, shopping trolley. And the young very-well-off, fit, good-looking, everybody-loves-him, educated, gambling-mad, Nottingham Forest supporter, and family man Malcolm. Who resides two flats away from where I do (in comparative poverty). But it doesn’t bother me! Hahaha! Grand chap.

WDP 11fLWD 0.30.0B We were soon in town. Dropped off on Parliament Street, and hobbled to the Wilko Store. I went straight to where I found the kettle I liked the other day. But could not locate any on the shelves.  I eventually found an assistant to ask for help. She told me they had sold out, but she thinks some more should be arriving soon. What a shame! I pondered and made a decision. (It does happen, not very often I admit) As the Tuesday’s current After-Stroke Sessions have now ended, I would take a long hobble into Arnold in the morning, get some exercise, and call at Asda (Walmart), to get a kettle and some headphones from there! 

WDP 11eLWD 0.30.0B So, I thanked her and departed, along the road and into the Poundland Store. Where I arrived at the self-serve checkout and got a bit flustered! It was hectic, and I had a struggle with the Autonomic nerves causing me to drop so many items, it was embarrassing! I lost a bottle of disinfectant, then later a bag of sliced wholemeal cobs, and the most annoying one, the bag of Sherbert Saucers, or rather my efforts to pick it up! The nerve-ends were not responding to touch, and I kept on dropping it repeatedly! I tried with the left hand, but the Peripheral neuralgia-affected right side, would not support my weight as I leant against the checkout to get down. All-in-all, a farce! I could sense the impatience from the poor shoppers behind me in the queue. The area was in pandemonium, with everyone seemingly in a mad rush? Oh, dearie me!

1Mon09No good Samaritan to help or rescue this time, but in the end, I did retrieve the bag of Sherbert Saucers, paid and scuttled wobblingly out of the shop with a reddened face. Out on to Parliament Street, and into a mob of Nottinghamians, milling, rushing, threateningly around. I decided I’d had enough of this hassle, 1Mon09aand made my way towards the Slab Square, on my way to the L9 bus stop, to retreat.

The Poundland Store escapade had left me feeling a tad unconfident and nervous.

1Mon09bI limped around the Slab Square for a few minutes, avoiding the market and many game stall crowds. I took this photographicalisation of a tram leaving the City Centre. There was a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist in there when I took the shot, but he’s not there now. At least, I can’t find him. Hehe!

Up to the bus stop, and Louis from the Winchester Court flats was at the bus stop, and we had a natter waiting for the bus to arrive, late, which had us both a bit worried. It came late, and I sat in a different side-saddle seat, so I could chinwag with Louis. Which proved to be a mistake. There was no corner-back support to snuggle into on this seat, and I spent a harrowing journey back to the flats, struggling to stay in the position! Tsk!

Many other tenants joined us en route. Back at the flats, they all alighted, and I followed. But there was no chance of my catching them for a natter.

6Sat14I got through the Winchester round-about route, to the walk-through to the Winwood Social Room, empty, and then through the lobby into the Winwood-Woodthorpe link walkway. I met Riechsfhreress and Catwalk Model Warden Deana going in the opposite direction, we shared a few words and a 1Mon10smile. Which was nice!

Into the coldness of Woodthorpe Court, goose-pimples! I turned to take a picture of the new mobility-scooter storage and charging room.

1Mon11Then turned back, to take a shot of Woodthorpe lift lobby, and Christmas tree at the end. It looked to me as if the caretaker Steve, had been busy cleaning it up, while I’d been out galavanting. I reckon the lighting had been worked on as well, it was beautiful and bright in here today.

1Mon12In the elevator, the, whatever it was, that the Wilmott-Dixon lads had scraped the polished steel with, had done an excellent job on it. Luckily, it masked my reflection when I took the snap, so it isn’t all bad. Hahaha!

Up to the flat, got in and reflected on the altercations I’d had at the Poundland tills. If the nerves keep playing up like this, I could be in trouble and might need some assistant or help soon?

Josie called to return the plate, cutlery and tray from her Sunday nosh. She mentioned how much she enjoyed it. She handed me some salad and tomatoes, bless her. I’d just bought some ham trimmings from the Poundland shop, and will have lettuce, Dagwood style, later, I thanked her.

1Mon13I got some battered onions in the oven, and while they cooked, I got the plate of salad and Dogwood style wholemeal mini-cob sarnies made up. Added the onions, and with one of the Morrison substituted crap, flavourless, bruised apples, and a lemon mousse, completed the meal. It was good. 6/10 for taste-rating, it would have been higher, but for the lousy Morrison delivered pathetically insipid bashed about damaged, unwanted, horrible Braeburn apple!

I got the washing-up done. The handwashing was done, wrung and hung!

I got settled to watch a DVD – James Bond’s Moonraker. And what bits I stayed awake for, were better than I remembered them. The rewinding was regular. Hehe!

I had a DAAOJ (Drip-And-All-Over-Job) wee-wee. Back in the recliner that xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete damaged, while he was flat-sitting when I was in the Stroke Ward. And he fitted new CCTC camera and searched for my valuables, which he found and took. (I still haven’t got them back yet six-months later)

WDP 14LWD 0.30.0B Where the mind-storming got out of hand. Worries, fears, inequalities, unfairness, Government and politician shenanigans, my ailments, global-warming. Even aliens living amongst us, murderers and terrorists freed to kill again. Brexit and the coming end of the world. All had a share of the waffle and confusion pinging and bouncing about in my mind.

I must have got to sleep eventually, cause I woke up later.

Inchcock – Tue 22 Jan 2019: Someone forgot about their Clinic Appointment today. I wonder who? Klutz! Interesting chinwag day though!


jan22 2019

Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Welsh: Dydd Mawrth 22 Ionawr 2019

01:25hrs. I stirred in need of a wee-wee. Not urgently though, for once. I escaped the warm, comforting clutches of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner and without much hassle, I ambled into the wet room and discovered the wee-wee classification had now returned to the SSPWW (Short-Sharp-Painful-Wee-wee) mode. The mind had not fully engaged yet.

WD0.51.102 As I was shutting the door as I left the wet room, I had to reenter swiftly, with the Porcelain Throne duties demanding attention! Sat there, the brain kicked into2tue05 action. I remembered I now had hot water again, and a light in the kitchen. Thanks to the kind intervention of Obersturmführeress Housing Patch Manager and East Midland Come Dancing Champion, Angela (26). ♥

As I left the room again, I spotted just one of the EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) alive and kicking on the shower drain cover. As I approached with menace to get him or her, it shot down the drain.

It didn’t bother like it usually would, as I was in mixed but generally high spirits. Due to the much-appreciated help, I had was given in solving the water and light issues. The mind wandered again: The late appointment given me for today’s blood test appointment took the edge off of things a little though. I have to get bread, tomatoes, cheese, and some bleach somehow today. The Clinic I can get to anytime after 1400hrs. The dentist demand to be paid what I’d already paid rangled. My minds abstemiousness was being tested with these fears, worries, and challenges milling about in the brain.

WD0.51.102 Luckily, I was shaken out of this tempestuous mental turmoil, when I stubbed my toe on entering the kitchen to get the Health Checks done. Tsk!


2tue04The sphygmomanometer worked the first time. But it produced some results that fretted me a bit!

The SYS and DIA were both higher. And as for the pulse… that was 103! Mmm?

Still, I found it pleasant to do the checks with the rooms light one. I got the medications taken.

WD0.51.102 I had to grab the grey tub quickly for another SSPWW. I’m sure it fizzled and bubbled as it hit the bucket. Now, this did frighten me at first. Then I realised I might have left some drops of antiseptic disinfectant and bleach at the bottom when I cleaned the tub. Phew! I saw the funny side of this, and may have laughed out loud! Hehehe!

I got on with the updating and finalisationing of the Monday Diary. Which took me far longer than I thought it would.

Made a start on this blog. Many errors were needing repeated correcting. Humph!

Got the kettle on to make a brew. A lot easier now I can see things in the kitchen. Haha!

I got the bag ready for the surgery and clinic with the nibbles collected and bagged. Then added some things to the Morrison order for Thursday (Porridge, cheese, and bleach)

2tue08Then went to make a pot of porridge for brekkers.

Oh, I am a milksop! Change my mind and had cornflakes instead.

I waited until 08:00hrs, then I could use the shower without disturbing anyone, and had a jolly-good, long enjoyable ablutionisationing session.

The legs remain abnormal. Haha! The difference in shape and fluid content remains a further oddity. The spider-veins, papsules, pimples, spots, bruises, pot-marks, 2tue07and unaccountable mystery scars seem to have changed, appeared or disappeared of their own accord, again!

WD0.51.102 Looking at this picture of the pins, reminded me of what a good idea of mine it was in response to advice given me by the Age UK advisor, to pay a professional decorator to paint the flat when I moved in. Humph! (See door frame bottom!)

2tue09WD0.51.102 When I got out of the shower, I found two EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) apparently swimming in the sink that contained the soaking in antiseptic disinfectant, facecloths? I had hoped that allowed entry by Willmott Dixon when they installed the new windows, weevils, had emigrated or hibernated for the winter, but no! Humph! Perhaps, with me having hot water for a few days, they thought they’d take advantage and have a bath? Hahaha!

2tue10I had a wee-wee, then gathered all the needs of the day into the bag and had a small mug of tea.

Which, is when I spotted the fantastic skyline outside. As the sun broke through from behind the flats, it clashed with the gloomy dark mist to produce this view. I can’t think of the word I need to describe it, surreal perhaps? No?

I took the four black bags of waste to the rubbish chute and got the sizeable white recycling bag fastened, and took it down with me on the way out.

WD0.51.102 Got to the lift door, then returned to the apartment to collect the hearing aids and swapped the reading for the right glasses. What a Nebech!

I called into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights Flats, and Administration shed for the Generalleutnantess Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed. Rumourmongering Clinic. Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, and greeted Brigadeführeress Warden Julie. We spoke of recent events. But of course, I have been forbidden from mentioning any communications I have with any Nottingham City Homes personnel or agents, on this blog. So, I won’t.

Said our farewells of a sort, and I departed. A few residents in the distance were on their way to the bus stop.

WD0.51.102 As I meandered down Winchester Street Hill, the mind began to adopt its Negaholism-Mode. So strong were these depressive thoughts, I had got to the bottom of the hill and onto Mansfield Road, almost without realising it. Shame!

2tue10aI crossed over the road, spotting this sad sign of Nottingham’s future, and took a picture of it. Another closed-down Nottinghamian business up for lease! The bleak, wet roads, lack of shoppers and the sun beginning to shine, but it brought no hope with it… Sorry about that, got carried away. There must have been some traces of the minds moment of negaholism left-over. Hehe!

I hobbled up to the Post Office shop and got some sliced Polish bread, and two for a pound Scottish Highland Shorties. Paid the chap and out. Crossed back over the road, and down to the Continental store to see if they had any of the lemon croissants or chicken bacon in stock. They had neither, so back out to continue my slog to the surgery.

WD0.51.102 As I left t2tue11he store, this ‘Herbert’ of a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist nearly hit me as he came across the pedestrian crossing at speed and rode up the pavement.

By the time I got the camera ready, he was swinging his legs off of the bike, before he went into a door on the right between the shops. I recall thinking: “Wouldn’t be nice if he lost his balance at this point while there was nobody 2tue12cnear for his to fall on, and hit the lampost in front of him!” It was just another failed hope, like.

I legged it in the nippy weather up the hill, over and down into Carrington and worked out I had plenty of time before the late appointment blood test, to carry on to the Lidle store and shop.

2tue11aWD0.51.102 As I neared the Lidl, another Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist came close to clouting me. I called out at this one, but apparently, it made no difference as the antisocial-scumbag, inconsiderate, selfish, arrogant, uncaring, blasé, callous, bullying, intimidating, git of a podle just carried on weaving between pedestrians at speed.

Into the shop, and I got a little carried away with the shopping. I arrived at the Self-Serve checkout with Lemon Swiss Roll (Treat for Nurse Nichole), Cooked Meat trimmings, Maple Cured Bacon, tomatoes, lemon cheesecake pots, Turkey weiners and Porridge pots. I got the things through without any hassle or need for the overseers to assist me, scowl at me or get annoyed! She still gave me a first-class scowl of contemptibility though! The bags were now heavier, and I blamed the doctor’s receptionist whoever it was, that gave me such a late appointment. Huh!

2tue12aWD0.51.102 As I left the store to walk back up to the surgery – another damned Nottingham Pavement Cyclist all but ran into me. I had to do the moving out of the way, she didn’t even attempt to change direction to avoid me at all. Until she came to a stop and locked her electric bike up near a shop! And walked into the store with a blank sort of vacant expression on her face. A good job she missed the most attractive and desirable looking mobile-using pedestrian lady!

Thinking about, the bike looked brand new, perhaps she had not got used to riding yet? Like with the mobility scooters, electric bikes: there are no laws to have any training, insurance, registration or testing before the riders set about scaring the hell out of the elderly, disabled, hard of hearing, sight challenged or disabled with sticks pedestrians.

Perhaps, The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care who graduated from Oxford University with a 1st in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, having studied at Exeter College, Oxford. He went on to earn an MPhil in Economics at the University of Cambridge, where he studied at Christ’s College, Cambridge, may like to make a note of this?


Or he may be too busy to bother?  He has a lot on his plate at the moment: 

  • His love of horse-racing takes up a lot of his time. A fiddle-filled wanting something for nothing addicted sport, that should have prepared him perfectly for Politics!
  • His determination to hold a second Brexit Referendum.
  • Once, he chartered a private jet on the way back from a climate change summit as energy minister, as well as accepting money from climate change sceptics.
  • He’s mentioned the ‘NHS’ or ‘National Health Service’ in the Commons on average once a year during his time in Parliament.
  • His saying that the Government was planning a further £1bn worth of cuts to the health service next year!
  • He’s been accused of breaking the ministerial code after appearing to endorse his own smartphone app.
  • When Business Minister, he was made to repay £1,674 after being found to have misused House of Commons facilities.
  • He also retweeted a poem that suggested the Labour Party was full of ‘queers’, which he claimed was a “total accident”.
  • But lets give him credit, he is not yet as repugnant as the supercilious, overbearing, pompous, condescending, gut-wrenchingly nauseating Rt Hon Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt who he replaced as Health Minister, and has remarkably been made Foreign Secretary instead of being put out of Government, only because of the things he knows about other MPs and Ministers! Gott strewth, poor Theresa May is trying to Govern the country and sort out Brexit with morons like these, supposedly at her side. Poor gal!

Just a few thoughts, you know! Whenever our well-practised gormandizing, quomodocunquizing clusterfists and rapacious varlets known fondly to us proletariats as Right Honourable expense fiddling MP’s come to mind.

2tue12bI got to the surgery and logged in. The lady receptionist said in response to my bemoaning the late appointment time and telling her of the problems this causes me: “That was “?” who made your appointment, I thought at the time how late it was for you!” Ah-well! Got the crossword book out, but my befuddled brain was not really up to getting many answers solved.

Nurse Nichole arrived to fetch me into her treatment room. I could tell at first sight of her pretty smiling face, she was in a much more relaxed mood today. We had a hilariously entertaining (to me, anyway!) nattering session, aided by the bleeding really reluctant to stop after the blood taking. Much chinwagging and laughter ensued. It was almost like a happy ten-minute unbeatable holiday for m2tue12de! Gave her some nibbles, and thanked her. She told me to take off the wadding on the wound later than usual. Her word is my command (I left doing this until the morning, but mainly because I fell asleep so unbelievably early). Dropped off some nibbles for the reception team an off out.

I caught a bus back into Sherwood. Walked up the road and into the Wilko store. Plenty of time before the L9 bus back up the hill was due, So had a walk around nosing.

1mon32I bought a pot of fragrance boost and a new China type mug. It was £2, but I thought worth it because I had found how good the tea tastes from the similar little mug I got for 50p from the charity shop months ago.

I paid the lady and had a look around the next two charity shops, not buying anything.

Then to the Co-op and bought some Cox’s apples.

To the bus stop, where I met Mo and Frank, and we had a really good natter and laugh waiting for the bus. Back at the flats, we alighted, and Frank shot off at an impressive rate of knots. The wee-wee needs, Mo and I thought, Hehe!

More gossiping as Mo and I limped to the flats. Mo had a sit down when we got in to catch her breath, I stayed with her a while, more blathering enjoyed.

2tue12eUp and into the flat. Had an SSPWW, did the Health Checks and medication taking. Put the fodder away and made up some Polish bread sandwiches and some tomatoes, gherkins apple slices and mushroom added.

Made a brew in the new China-type mug, it tasted delicious! So pleased I have another one now, just in case I break the old one. Hehehe!

I enjoyed the salad. That Polish bread is so palatble, and with the extra salt in it, I didn’t need to use any on the tomatoes.

WD0.51.102 While eating and enjoying this nosh… I remembered that I had not visited the clinic! The emotions of nemesism, self-loathing, embarrasment, penitentiary thoughts, self-condemnation and disgrace came over me. I put the plate and tray on the side of the Ottoman, and stewed in my own disgust!

Evntually I turned on the TV, and drifted off to sleep before the TV had come on!

4Thu001aI woke with one heck of a start an hour or so later!

I had a wander around to see if I could identify the cause of me rude awakening but without any luck.

For some reason, I noticed that the temperature on the Nottingham City Homes gadget were both out of the green zones. But I still haven’t worked out if this is good or bad. My being uncultured, untaught, unschooled, untutored, untrained, unread, unscholarly, uninformed, uneducated, uncouth, unsophisticated, and an unaccomplished, unconfident philistine might be the reason. Nowadays, with the memory, concentration and eyesight going, there is little chance of any improvement? Hehe!

I got myself back into the £300 second-hand rusty, rickety recliner, and was off back into the land-of-Nod in seconds. Zzz!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 22nd March 2018

Thursday 22nd March 2018

Cebuano: Huwebes Marso 22, 2018

0300hrs: I instantly stirred into imitation life of sorts. The brain caught up, and I mused over the day required actions. Get up and crack on with finishing the two-part Wednesday blog. Morrison delivery is due twixt 0630>0730hrs. Dentist appointment at 0930hrs. This was enough to fully engage the available grey-cells for the moment. Looking around at the mess from the upgrade work, prevented me from welcoming the day.

An ethereality lingered and tormented me. A feeling of certainty of the absence of any afflatus’ or creative impulses or ideas, ensured my characteristics and attitude would start off as one of diffidence and floccinaucinihilipilification. (I knew one day this word would fit the bill to use one of my blogs, Hehe!).

I unwillingly coerced and disencumbered my aged-body from the £300 second-hand recliner, and to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications. Quite how the dust from the window upgrading had gotten into the tablet compartments with closed lids and placed in a drawer, will have to remain a conundrum for now.

Huh! Now I have to dust the tablets, capsules and pills before I can take them!

I managed to get the camera out of the crack in the window to take a shot down below. But the new ledge outside is far too broad and long for me to be able to get a clear shot.

04Thur04Off to the Porcelain Throne. A little less bleeding this morning from the front end, but the usual for the last two days. Then the flood from the rear end from Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

Got the computer on. It’s Lynda Lores Birthday today, I must make time to do a Happy Birthday graphic and hope the Facebook lets me work, for the lass.

Made a start on the first part of the Wednesday double post. Got it finished and then did the second part. Posted them both off.

Did the second Health Checks

The Morrison delivery arrived. No substitutions. Showed the driver the state of the flat. Got some sympathy from him, bless his cotton socks.

04Thur050810hrs: All readied, and I set off for the Dentists.

Over the road, and up the gravel hill, passing the tree copse on the way.

A lot of dogs taking their owners for a walk. One of them allowed me to fuss their terrier when it came to me. I have to say I enjoyed doing this and seeing her little tail wagging.

04Thur07Down the park path onto Mansfield Road, up over the crest and down to the dentists.

A confusion, come maze of plastic fencing greeted me. Some roadworks were in operation.

Luckily they had left just enough room for me to follow the fencing to the dentist front door.

I only got up the steps and two paces further, and I found myself at the end of the queue of patients in line, waiting to record their presence with the receptionists. As this column slowly got shorter, a nurse came down the stair and called out a ladies name, to go up with her to one of the surgeries. A woman behind me answered: “I’m here, still waiting to sign in!” Hehe! It doesn’t seem to matter where I go, mayhem is there!

After a while, I got to the desk and discovered that these receptionist are nearly in the same class as the Lidl and Audio Centre staff. Not as down-putting as the Lidl ones are, and they do not have similar quality sneers as the Audio ones, pretty snotty and they have a decent “Don’t bother me ‘unspoken’ stare” that is pretty intimidating. Also, their Smirks and Sideways Glances were excellent. After she told me I was too early and gave me some forms to fill-in, feeling penitential and ashamed of myself, I sat down and got on with doing a crossword.

A threatening looking dentist assistant with tattoos on both arms approached me and instructed me to follow her. When she saw I was struggling a bit with my efforts to stand and walk, she offered to carry my bag upstairs for me.

In the surgery, the male dentist Dr Vitesh Patel greeted me with all the false-enthusiasm of Jeremy Clarkson when not being fed! He quickly got me on the chair and leaning backwards and checked the teggies. As last time six months earlier, he carried out his fetish on the same tooth with the same words, as he did his best to break through with one of his metal probes. On about his fifth stab at it: “There is a tiny hole in this tooth, it might need a filling” I replied: “I’m not surprised, if you don’t stop sticking that thing into it, it’ll be a big hole!” He was not impressed and lost interest. Just like the last visit, he took some X-rays of the same teeth as on that visit. He looked at the gap in the missing tooth at the front and said. Does this bother you? No, I replied. “Okay I’ll leave it then” he responded. Telling me things are okay and assisted me out of the chair.

After ten minutes, if that, I was back downstairs paying the Oberleutnantess receptionist £20.60 for the pleasure. I asked if they could make the appointment for 12 months instead of six. “Not without the Dentists instructions and permission I can’t” Backed-up with a look of incredulousness mingled with a hint of scepticalness. I lied outright and said he did say so! Eventually, after much pondering, she made it for nine months.

I said my farewells and made my way limpingly out into the daylight. Yesterday’s marathon was beginning to make the plates-of-meat really tender and painful now. I dawdled slowly along back the way I came. To the park, and up the footpath. Another dog approached me for some fuss. A long-haired black terrier of some sort. He got plenty from me, and the lady owner said thank you to me as I moved on? Truly amazing, that’s three unknown to me dogs in a few days that have sought me out for some fuss?

04Thur08Up to the top of the hill, and near the tree copse, I stopped on the bottom of the gravel path to take this photograph of the hoist and workers on my floor of the apartments.

The feet were even worse now, really stinging.

But it’s my own fault for walking so far yesterday, innit? Hehe!

I got to the flat, and picked up the raffle prizes and box of nibbles, and back out to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Shed, for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour. Jenny was looking particularly pretty this morning. Cindy was in good form. Cath was too. Everyone there, apart from Big John, seemed in better spirits than of late. I had a chinwag with each of them in turn. (Well, not Big John!). Handed the raffle prize in, and took the nibble-box around, having a laugh here and there as I did so. Got some raffle tickets and handed them out to others. Stayed beyond the hour this time. Enjoyed it.

Back to the flat, had a wee-wee, did the Health Checks.


Got the food in the oven tray ready to cook later, turned the oven on to warm up. A ready-made vegetarian moussaka. I added tons of extra grated cheese and some sliced tomatoes on top of it. Some battered onions ready to add later. Got a few red onion slices on the plate.

P1270930Started to do this blog. After a few hours the door chime rang-out. It was young bloke from Willmot-Brown. Came to measure the gap left at the bottom of the balcony door.

I let him in and started telling him about the curtain not being replaced and how I could not manage it on the steps. This made no impression, other than he asked which team did the window. I didn’t know, did I.

He finished measuring and said he would be back tomorrow to fill in the holes in the floor and apply the plastic board on top.

I updated the calendar and diary with the dates for the next dentist visit, Wednesdays INR blood test and the Morrison delivery.

Did the Health Checks etc.

Back to updating this diary.

Went to the WordPress reader page. Then did some commenting.

Facebook no letting me import to photo albums. Going too slow and sticking. Grr! Poor Lynda Lore! Well, I can wish her love and happiness for her Special Day, with a cyber cuddle and gentle non-intrusive massage too! XXX ♥♥♥

Got the oven on.

Nosh – Nice but far too many courgettes and aubergines, especially with the INR Warfarin level being so low.

I picked a lot of them out of the meal, to be on the safe side.

I bought these, cause they were on offer at 3 for £6. I’ll have to give the other two away if we have any vegetarians in the block.

Utterly shattered and tired out, I fell asleep after eating the meal. Woke and got up around 0200hrs!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 2nd January 2018: Mayhem Day

Tuesday 2nd January 2018


0150hrs: The body stirred, and waited patiently for the reluctant brain to activate. As far as I could tell, only Hippy Hilda was giving me any pain worthy of mention at this stage. When the grey-cells joined me, I was having difficulty in the disponibility of my thoughts, plans, worries and fears.

There lingered a sense that I had been dreaming and wanted to recall it. But no memories and no scribbled notes on the now crumpled notepad I found between my fluid-filled thighs and the £300 second-hand recliner. As I moved to manually try to raise the right leg, affected by Hippy Hilda’s determination that I should not do so without excruciating pain. I became aware that the now broken pencil was also down the side of the arm of the chair, and doing its best to lodge its pointed end in my bum!

1Mon01Bent forward manipulating the leg by the knee, the pencil pressed against the right buttock, I got in a pickle as to1Mon03 how to and what was the best way, to avoid setting off Hilda, and avoiding the splinters of wood from the half-pencil penetrating the skin of my rear end at the same time? I failed entirely in this. The leg fell, and Hilda let me know, and the pencil drew blood as it punctured the fleshy skin.

“A good start this, I thought. By 0205hrs (15 minutes from waking-up) I’d managed to get myself perpendicular, in pain, yes, but I was up. Even I had to laugh at myself. Off to the wet room to check things out.

There was only the tiniest speck of blood from the rear-end pencil wound with no pain whatsoever. Hippy Hilda was doused with the Phorpain Gel, and the Porcelain Throne utilised. Messy! Unfortunately, Little Inchy had been bleeding again. I cleaned up the place and me and limped to the kitchen.

2Tue001aGot the kettle on.

Cleaned the pots from last night’s delicious plate of fodder.

Made a strong-brew of Yorkshire tea and then I did the Health Checks, all looking very fine to me this morning. Actually, despite the earl Accifauxpa and Whoopsiedangleplop, I felt surprisingly good at this stage. Even the 1Mon04scepticism drifted from my brain. Mind you, a lot of stuff escapes my mind nowadays, Hehe!

2Tue01Stuck my head out of the window to see what the weather was like.

Drizzling a bit. But it did not seem as cold as of late, although I felt it was nippy in the flat despite the four heaters all blasting away in a fashion that will upset the Bank Manager.

The vehicles looked parked better, too. This brought to mind that I have an INR blood test to get to for 0930hrs today. No buses till 0930hrs, so hobbling is the only choice. Not that I mind the limping along, for I desperately need to get out and some exercise after being stuck indoors for three days without a bus service to use.

1Mon05Got the computer going and checked the weather forecast.

It looks like I might get another soaking like the last blood test I went to, it’s gonna rain! Hehe!

Not looking forward to that then. I got on with updating and finishing off the Monday diary, then started on this one up to here.

Then I sorted out the nibbles for the nurses at the Sherrington Park Medical Surgery and the GUM Clinic. Should have plenty of time to get there and beg then have a look at Little Inchy. Oh, I’ll check on the web for the drop-in days… Ah, holidays, no drop-ins this week.

Made sure I’d got the Health Checks lists, mobile phone and camera in the coat pockets, the Anticoagulation Card too.

0700hrs: Ablutions tended to. I pondered on how long it is taking me now, to get the socks on. This, the hobbling and the falling asleep early will possibly result in four-hour days for me soon. Haha!

Set off at around 0830hrs, brolly in the carrier, remembered to take the INR card, gloves, brolly, nibbles, camera and mobile phone with me. Also, I put two empty jars in the bag to drop off at the recycling bin on the way out.

As I exited the flat into the elevator area, there were four workmen with parts of some old heaters working there. I greeted them with a genuinely cheery “You’re doing a good job lads!” Three ignored me and one cast a glance in my direction that said: “Silly old fart!” with a practised degrading-casting look up and down my torso. I’d say almost up to the Lidl staffs standard, but not quite.

I got in the lift and down to the foyer. Tenant Roy was having a fag near the doors, and as usual, he did not have his hearing aids in. Since I’ve been in residence here, this had turned up some humorous exchanges – but I think this one takes is the most confusing. Me: “Morning, Roy, everything okay mate?” Roy: “No, she had a shower!” Hehe!

2Tue02aaAlthough I didn’t realise it at the time, I waddled off down the road wondering what it might have been that he thought I had said, and forgot to drop the glass off at the bin.

The Obergruppenfurheresses Portacabin was still locked up when I passed, and the site was jam-packed with new workmen putting out parking cones and moving heaters from the compound to various flats.

2Tue02abI did notice that the external work to the balconies and windows was still on hold.

All bare of bodies on the hoists and scaffolding on this dark, dank and miserable morning.

I expect the Wildlife Preservation people will call sometime today about the bats?

I pressed on along to the end of the road and 2Tue02acturned right down Winchester Street Hill.

Where I had a bit of a struggle, with the foot that sticks out and carrying the heavy bag, to get through between a lorry and the fencing. He had apparently parked up to await a timed delivery to Willmott-Brown?

Onward down the hill and I cut through a road.

2Tue02adThere was a small squirrel on a low wall, who didn’t seem bothered when I got out the camera and zoomed in on him or her.

The moment I went to press the button, he was off like lightning flash. Hehehe!

I thought squirrels hibernated? No doubt I’m getting all confused again with some other creature or other.

2Tue02aeUp the slow gradient on Mansfield Road and over the crest, down towards Carrington.

Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda both in a decent mood with me at the moment. Only Anne Gyna to worry about for now.

From a distance, I spotted a van parked on the pavement. I hoped it would be moved by the time I got down to it.

2Tue02fAs I approached the vehicle, a man came out of the garden, gave me a good stare, and got it and started the engine.

He pulled out onto the road crossing three lanes of traffic and getting some horns blown at him in response to his dangerous driving.

As he passed me, he shouted something to me, but I don’t know what it was he said. I did 2Tue02gunderstand the sign language he used, though. Naughty!

Aha, a clear pavement to plod along to the surgery on.

But, is that a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist I see in the distance heading my way? It is!

I took a risk in photographing this rather large 2Tue02hcyclist.

He was totally unimpressed with my actions, nearly hit me on my right side as he sped past. He even said “Morning” to me as I was doing my best to get out of his way. And with a cheeky grin on his face. At least I think he said “Morning” to me. You never know do you, it might have been something else he said? Hehe!

2Tue03I got to the surgery and went to register with the receptionist, who was busy on the phone.

So I got a prescription form filled in for Little Inchies Daktacort cream while I waited.

I think I might have had a funny turn then. Because I sat down and got the crossword book out, and the lady asked me what it was I wanted earlier? Blown if I could remember asking her anything?

Within minutes my beloved Nurse Nichole came out to collect me.

As she was taking the blood, Dr Vindla came in and asked me why I had put Codeines on the request form. I could not remember doing this. Further proof of the likelihood that I’d had a funny turn. Yet at the back of my mind, I thought there might have been something else I’d asked for? She departed, giving me looks of suspicion and distrust. Nurse Nichole had a chinwag and laugh after she had gone, and I gave her the bag of nibbles. The Doctor returned, and we spoke about Hippy Hilda and Little Inchy. She is to send appointments to me when she gets them, for the GUM Clinic about Inchy, and the City Hospital about Hippy Hilda. She handed me the prescription for the cream. I said my thanks and farewells and departed. With Nichole’s feature firmly in my head and foibles.

Its been a hectic and busy day so far. Irritations and memory losses, been attacked and insulted, nearly knocked over and glared at. Hehehe!

I took the prescription to the chemist and got it filled. Then hobbled to the Lidl store. I should have known better really. I bought three cheesy cobs, Lime & Mandarin yoghourts and some cheese slices. Foolishly I used the self-serve checkouts. Where I have never done without a problem and had to summon unwilling help every time I’ve used them! Today was no exception. Having got only five items to scan, I thought, At last, success! The bill was precisely three pound. I put in a £2 and £1 coin. And the pound coin kept getting ejected, five times!

There were two Lidl trained experts gossiping nearby. I asked for help. One of them ignored me totally, the other tossed-up his head as if to say, “What?” He deemed it fit to meander over to me, and using all the Lidl staff training expertise, said “Huh!”. I told him about the coin being rejected, and this man actually used real words to me. “I’ll Gerrit changed fer yer!” He won’t last long at Lidl like that. Haha! He returned and threw a £1 coin into the tray and said, “There ya!” and wandered off to resume his natter with his mate.

Out to the bus stop and waited for one to arrive. I was dropping off in Sherwood minutes later. Boy, could that driver drive!

As I alighted the bus, I had to walk around some Nottingham Street Art in and outside the shelter.


Kebab and chips, I think?

2Tue03aaA sad sight a few yards up the hill on my way to the Pelican lights.

So, we had a new cafe opened and two more units closed down in Sherwood this week!

Over the road, and into the Wilko Store. Where I invested 90p in a nail brush and sponge. ♫ Hey, Big Spender ♫.

2Tue05Out and up the road, and called in the Card Shop, no, Card Warehouse it’s called. To see if they had 2018 diaries on offer.

Ended up getting one laid out like the one I bought last month. But much more substantial, meaning that writing and reading will be a lot easier, and just 50p more than the little one.

Something else to sort out now. Must get all the details transferred from the old one into it.

Out and up to the bus stop. Had about ten minutes to wait for an L9 bus. The rain started to drizzle, but I got myself under the shelter in the corner.

2Tue03bAlthough it doesn’t show well in the photograph I took of it, but there came all at the same time, seven buses!

Never known that before.

As these cleared, the home-bound L9 arrived.

In minutes I was getting off at Chestnut Grove, home at last.

2Tue04A lot of workers but not many tenants about as I walked to the foyer.

I got in and had a wee-wee and put the Daktacort cream away ready for later in the wet room.

Had a wash and got the cheesy cobs out ready for having later with some smoked bacon. Mmm!

1Mon01Got the computer going to update this post.

What a confusing, annoying and angry-making farce! I’d done up to here on it, and for some reason, it would not save! I ended up losing it all from where I left the flat! Grrr! Humph and Globdangerations!

1Mon01I had to contact WordPress helpline. No idea what they were saying, or instead, telling me to. Kept losing contact with them. What a shambles!

Spent well over an hour with them and eventually after moving and trying Chrome instead of Firefox, it came back on. Still not Working on Firefox though.

Then I had to redo it all again! Gnash!

Just finished it up to here now.


Feeling worn-out and confused, I got the cobs and bacon served up.

Found pieces of stuff in the fridge that was at the end of their use-by-dates and piled them on the plate.

Ate at most, 30% of it.

Atrocious. 3/10 rating. Might have been all the hassle over the WordPress mess that had put me off?

Herbert at it again with the knocking tapping and scraping noises, but not for so long or frequent today.

Got the TV on, but for the duration of my so-called viewing, I spent far longer nodded off than awake.

Remembered I’d not took the medications or done the Health Checks, so I fought off the tiredness, battled to get out of the recliner and did them.

Don’t recall much else, so I must have got down and nodded off.

What a busy, mayhem Whoopsiedangleplop, poorly making and wearying day!

Inchcock Today Wednesday 31st August 2016:


Stirred at 0500hrs: The dreams involved me on the floor of a garage workshop, having my body cut up by several people wearing frogman suits? I kept complaining about their ripping off bits and limbs instead of using knives, they said: “You should try this job with gloves on!” I, kept apologising?

Thoughts of what the day may present came to mind. Got to see Deana about the British Gas farce, around 0800hrs. Got to go to town to get a spare battery for the doorbell. The Morrisons delivery is due 9>10 o’clock and the cleaning gals are due this morning sometime. 

0530hrs: As I disentangled myself from the £300 second-hand recliner chair, I assessed the ailment present this morning: Arthur Itis only seemed interested in the knees, leaving the hands feet and arms relatively free from attack. Anne Gyna was also giving me a nice break. Haem Aroids was a bit aggressive, and the Bum Boil also tender in the extreme. Even the Hernia was easier than yesterday. So no reason to complain yet today.

Took a while finishing off the Tuesday diary, by which time it was only a short while to the meet with Warden Deana. So I had an ablutions session which was satisfactory. Only one cut shaving, Haem Aroids not bleeding, Little Inchy, neither! Used the Carbolic soap today.

As I got ready after the wetroom duties, the sleeveless jacket was found to be still smelling badly of smoke from the Papplewick visit the other day. So, I used the new jacket and put the old one in the washing bag, not sure if I can wash it in the laundry room machine safely or not I’ll ask Olive or one of the hygiene ladies later.

01iOff to the Winwood, Community Hut to see Deana and or Obergruppenfurheress Julie.

Passing the bus-stop, I noticed tell-tale signs of a yobbo visitation sometime last night.

Although, on closer inspection, I saw what looked like a Champagne bottle smashed on the roadway next to the bus stop. As opposed to the usual lager cans.

Perhaps the place is now attracting the Hoorah Henry breed of yobbos now?


01fCarried on and found Deana and Obergruppenfurheress Julie both in the Community Shed.

She decided I had to pay the British Gas Account, being as they had already sorted my direct debit out with my bank and added the two accounts together in the number of the mystery one we never found!

I asked her to email them again with my displeasure and state of health over the issue and their handling of it, the lies told to Deana and me, there not telling me in the first place when I initially set up the account that I had two-meter readings. And, it was no good me searching for a cheaper and more reliable supplier like they suggested, as by setting up the new account I am already in £359 debt, and no company is going to accept me in these circumstances, so, again they have looked after only themselves.

A bit dejected, but coming to accept things, I returned to the flat.

The Morrison man arrived, nice chap, took the bags through to the kitchen for me. I put the things away and now have an overflowing fridge and freezer once more.

The twp M&C cleaner ladies arrived and set to sorting things. Had a nice chinwag and laugh in between. Gave them some nibbles and paid the cleaning bill.

I got ready to go into town and get the battery as a spare for the door-bell, a 23a 12v one.

Caught the bus to town after a friendly gossip with some tenants at the stop. In town, I went straight to the Wilko store and after many minutes searching, I had to ask an assistant where the batteries were kept. No idea what the girl said, but luckily she pointed in a direction, and I went in it, and found them. They had just one of these left on the shelves, so I nabbed it, at £4 for the tiny thing.

01hDoing well with my angina and arthritis this morning, I plodded into town, where I took some photographs and had some odd thoughts as I did?

To the Slab Square and the beach and fair.

The rides were being used more today, and the beach was too.

01fI noticed they had put up new posters, with the Nottingham Beach Rules plastered in many locations around the area.

No Alcohol – No Smoking – No glass or sharp objects and No dogs.

Children using the beach, paddling pool and bar must be accompanied by an adult. (Not sure if the kids are allowed a beer at the bar? Hehe?)

Do not leave rubbish on the sand. (Not sure if they are saying they can leave rubbish somewhere else?)

Any food consumed on the beach must be purchased from the beach units on site.

Most importantly: Have Fun!

At the top end near Market Street, I took photographs of the general area.


Looking at these later, I noticed the disabled scooters and pavement cyclists, the mobile phone walkers, the drinking coffee as they walk folk, why I even saw two cyclists using the road and few pedestrians too. Hehe!

10bI had a walk around for a while to kill some time until the bus was due to leave. I came across this sign outside one of the Loan Shops, Speedy Cash. I even got my reflection in the photograph.

A lot of places were selling cash from various nationalities. The post office, Rapid Loans, The Money Shop, Instant Cash, Payday Loans, Everyday Loans, Cash2go and H&T Pawnbrokers to mention a few.

11cAs I plodded towards the Queen Street bus stop to get the L9 back to the Flats, Upper Parliament Street was clogged with buses, thought I’d take a photograph of them for you to see. This must be a regular thing because I didn’t see any of the drivers getting uptight or cursing.

They just looked resigned to it?

11aGot on the bus, the only passenger until we got to the next stop and the bus soon filled up, I noticed Bill (William in Sundays) in the queue and took this piccy as he got on the bus last of the newcomers.

He sat next to me, and we had a good chinwag en route to the flats.

A splendid chap is Bill. He’s 86 now, and it seems hard to believe at times. He can be very sharp minded and comes out with witty putdowns at will.

As we got there, Bill even reminded me of the Tenants Social Meeting tomorrow!

Got in 72 and a WRWW was enjoyed, despite the agony of passing it. Hehehe!

Got the nosh on the go, the vegetables were all ready, I’d left the Crock-Pot going while I was out, and just like the cleaning gal said it would be, it was all right! Got the beef and potato meal in the oven.

BGI transferred the photographs from the camera onto the laptop while the meat was cooked. Turned it off and dished up the fodder.

Exquisite it was too. The garden peas leeks, mushrooms and parsnips that I had done in the Crock-Pot seasoned with Bisto beef granules and basil, actually went well together.

And I have enough of the veg mix left to reheat and use tomorrow.

Had a read of the oldies book, and came across this I thought was both humorous and apt, in the ‘It’s good to be old section’: ‘You can buy clothes now, and know they will never wear out!’ Haha!

Put the goggle-box on and watched the thing for four hours without falling asleep, going for a WRWW or WRHD! I did pass an inordinately large amount of wind, though! Possibly, due to the Crock-Pot vegetables?

2300hrs: TV off and head down and amazingly nodded off without any problem!

Then up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner repeatedly from 0130 to 0300hrs for WRWW’s.


Inchcock Today Sun 5th June 2016: Got out for a bit of a walk – Arthur Itis not happy about it mind. Hehe!


A misty Sunday 5th June 2016

I woke around 0300hrs, passed some putrid scented wind and fell asleep again.

Jumped to life at 0440hrs, the memories of the dreams had lucid parts. I was definitely at Stalingrad 1943, no idea which side I was on, but I was ensconced in a battle-scarred building, had no food, ammunition or water and had a wound that had, wait for it… a Native Indian arrow sticking out of it?

The mind then considered the ailments, and I found that Anne Gyna was letting me know she was there, the sore throat a lot better, no coughing although I did sneeze a few times. Arthur Itis had bent the right foot to the outside right again, the itching across the chest and left arm had returned too. Nevertheless, Little Inchy was not bleeding, even if Hem Aroids was flowing again. Tsk! Overall, not too bad at all, though. Roger Reflux had gone down nicely as well.

But I must get a good wash of some sort early today… the pong yer know! And, also and besides, thankfully the rumbling stomach had eased off somewhat.

I pressed the down button on remote of the £30 second-hand Recliner, nothing happened, so I climbed carefully out of it and made my way to the porcelain to clean up the mess from Hem Aroids and get my clothes into the laundry bag, then made use of the accoutrements. Much blood, but it soon stopped after I’d cleaned, creamed and medicated the area.

09aInto the kitchen, kettle on and took this photograph of the dim view from the window.

When I looked at the outcoming photo, I thought the aliens were arriving?

Reckon it was the reflection from the kitchen light fittings?

Assembled all the thing needed for a good ablutionising session at the sink. Took a while having to collect everything from all over the place, forgetting where I’d put stuff when I moved it out to make ready for the shower work stumped me at times.

I stood in a bowl of water to soak and freshen the feet while I did me teggies and had a shave.

Tried to cut my toenails, but Arthur Itis was having none of that this morning.

Eventually after much hassle, I got it all done (Apart from the nails that is!) Made a cuppa and took the medications, then did the BP tests. Not too pleased with the test results this morning, though: Sys 133, Dia 66, pulse 70, temp 34f. Bit different to the usual. If I remember, I’ll do them again later. But I wasn’t feeling anywhere near as bad as yesterday, and no dizzies yet.


Well, up to now anyway! Hehe!

I thought I might risk a walk in the park and to the shops later, although being Sunday and no buses to catch back in case of bother from Anne Gyna or Arthur Itis, and they’ll be no fresh foods in the stores… maybe not? But I’d like to get out, fed-up with being stuck in.

Cleaned up the things from the stand-up bath. Thanks to Hem Aroid I now have extra clothing that needs washing and the laundry bag is nearly full – Humph!

Laptop on and started this, then finished yesterday’s waffle.

Decided that I would risk a walk out this morning, so set off for a hobble into Woodthorpe Grange Park, took my camera with me.

Plenty of dogs with tails wagging in the park. Stopped and had a watch of them on the way into Sherwood.

P1110012There were many of the Pavement Cyclist about too. If I’d photographed them, all the SD card would have been filled!

Got into Sherwood and called in the Co-op store. Spent a bit on the Special Offers. Walker’s Bugles and Blitz Towels. Got some English vine tomatoes, a fresh looking salad pack and a Newspaper.

I got some Vouchers at the check-out. One for £1 of your next shopping. One for 50p off your next shopping and one for 50p of any Co-op pizza.

Out and walked down to the bus-stop to see if a number 40 was due soon. I had time to nip down to the Wilko store and get a roll of black bags. When I got back to the bus-stop, the chap from the fifteenth floor was there. We had a natter, and I told him I’d bring the Sniper book up to his flat later.

We caught the bus the three stops up the hill and hobbled back to the flats. I took the bits back to the apartment and collected the book and took it up to his flat. He kindly gave me a cup of tea and let me take some photographs, from his windows and his kitchen.

P1110015 P1110013

P1110014 P1110016

His is a double flat. The kitchen is ginormous! Of course, it is for two people.

Lovely views. We had a good chinwag, and I had to leave because he was due to go out again. I thanked him and returned to my own single flat. It looked terribly cramped compared to his, but that is the beauty to me. Less cleaning!

I got the laptop on to update this, then did some graphicalisationing to use later.

The Nosh.

P1110017Appetising, Cod balls (No comments please, Hehe), Apple, radishes, vegetable crisps, mixed lettuce, great tomatoes, beetroot, red and yellow peppers, onions in olive oil and caramelised onion pickle. Ate some wholemeal bread thins with it.

There was a rather unfortunate incident, Whoopsiegangleplop with the small pot of low-calorie ice-cream, though. Tsk! When I was getting it out of the fridge I had to force it out a bit and the plastic bowl cracked. When I started to eat it I discovered that some of the shards of plastic had embedded in the food – and of course, idiot here got one in the mouth, and ended up with a bleeding gum. Hey-ho!

Took the medications and visited the throne. Good news, no bleeding from Haem Aroid or Little Inchy!

Everything I tried to watch on the box, I nodded off at the first commercial break.

Horrible dreams.

Inchcock Today – Mon 11 Apr 16: Spent fortune on things not needed, then an altercation! – Tsk!

01W04Monday 11th April 2016

I woke (Which was a bonus) and once again laid there trying to recall the dreams, but this morning there was nothing but a sense of frustration, no details at all, but I’m sure I did dream a lot?

I thought about Olive in flat 82 (or 84), I’ll call to see her on my way out, see if she needs anything bringing in.

The first call to the porcelain was rather painful, so I took a Bisacodyl with my other medications with a strong cup of tea. A bit of blood too. Which reminded me, I must show the nurse my new black growth on my mush today.

I pondered on life for a few moments while taking the medications: The mobile phone has not rung for three weeks now. Popular, I’m not. Yet I try to be. I do not call people or their habits (Fair enough, Pavement Cyclist, Taxi drivers, racists, and politicians are not included in this), I love to help folks if I can. I suppose it is my lack of education and funny yet variable hobble and occasional feeling sorry for myself moments that are a handicap socially. Not hearing what some contacts are actually saying to me… or rather mishearing them doesn’t help?

I realised I was doing it again, so I put the headphones on as I started this diary and listened to some music on YouTube to pull myself out of the pitying state I was sinking into; Bernard Cribbins Gossip Calypso was playing.

That, soon had me feeling better! So, I listened to more of his songs and did a search for the missing paring knife I bought and misplaced and cut my finger with the other day, no luck.

An unexpected effervescent bubbly feeling took control of my ever-weakening brain as I went to make another a cup of tea. A shame that it didn’t last for long. I managed to knock a dessert in the fridge as I reached for the milk, and it fell ungraciously to the floor via my dressing gown and split open. I accepted this minor Whoopsiedangleplop with a surprisingly insuisiance.

The short dizzy I had when I got up from cleaning up the spillage, was not greeted in the same manner.

Made another cuppa replacing the one that had gone cold, and got back to the laptop nad the graphicationalising. Five hours later, I’d got the TFZers pictures done! Phew! No time left to get them posted as I have to get ready for the INR test and then go into town and get some things, including perhaps, a slow cooker. If anyone has advice on using these, I’d appreciate a little guidance.

Back in a few hours… I hope like! Hehe!

P1060053Got into town without meeting any other tenants en route.

Passing Clinton Street and the masses of shoplifters muggers and pavement cyclists, I took a photo of them.

Into Wilko to look at their slow-cookers on offer. I inquired of one of the ladies working there if they had any of the small ones available. (Like Olive’s one) She said they do not make them now. Wondered around the store and got a lavender Dettol disinfectant and a Zoflora Citrus.

P1060054Out and walked to the bank on Exchange Walk, passing through the Slab Square on the way.

The Bank gave me a figure of my balance, and I nearly lost my balance – by gum it’s gone down a lot!

All this paying for two Council Tax’s, utilities, etc. is crippling me. Hope they sell the house soon!

P1060062Even more depressed now, I wandered put and to the Debenham store to see if they had any small slow-cookers in stock. A bit of a maze this shop is, all floors on different levels and a job to find out where you are supposed to be going, Huh! Got to the top floor and found the department I needed. They had no small cookers either. However, they had some medium ones, with one brand being P1060055on offer from £35 to £20! Then I took a look at the paring knives on display; this is where I made another faux par… I thought the price on this paring knife was £1.70 and thought by gosh, that’s good value! Later when I looked properly, I found it was £7! Errors like this are not doing my confidence any good yer know!

I made my way to the bus stop but P1060056just managed to miss the L9.

So I had an hour to kill before the next and last one of the day.

Wandered around and ended up going in the small Tesco shop to get some bread.

Then along Upper Parliament Street taking some photographicalisations of P1060059the Nottinghamians as they milled around.

To the end and down onto Queen Street and got to the L9 bus stop again.

Where I had an altercation with six Eastern Europe youths, who were hanging about outside the Post Office P1060058doors behind the bus shelter.

Being young lads of about 17-18 years of age, and in lively spirits doing their testosterone testing by having mock fights with each other. V

One of them went for another and they both banged into me, luckily I saw them coming and fended off the nearest one with a blow to his neck. Which probably hurt me more than him. Hehe! I shouted out ” What the ‘f ‘ hell do you think you’re doing!” I surprised myself as much as I did them. The youth spun around and gave me the glare! At this point, I was amazingly not scared, more, angry. He muttered “Sorry” and he and the other youth wandered off down the street. His mates near the railings began to give me the eye. Now the fear kicked in, as the bus pulled up, I got on it as swiftly as I could!

At the next bus-stop, Bill from the flats got on, and we had a natter en route back to the apartments.

P1060060When I opened the slow-cooker and then felt a fool for buying it I found the leaflet with it was printed in minuscule fonts, and the information on it sparse.

Then the aftershock of the altercation arrived. I started shaking and did nothing but sit down, fretted and brooded for the rest of the night, apart from getting some nice nosh, but didn’t finish it all.

Feeling ‘orrible. Humph!

Inchcock Today Sat 9 Apr 2016: Bonkers dream memories

G Dec4

Saturday 9th April 2016

On this day in 1949, Inchcock was thrown into the Nottingham Canal

G Dec40400hrs: I woke, involuntarily passed the wind, felt the warm blood trickling down in my lower regions area and sat for ages thinking of the frustrating and nerve rattling dream I had just had: I kept getting onto giant sea ships and inside each one was a different place where I had worked in reality. Pork Farms, where I could not take the temperatures in the fridges. Security, where the chap who stabbed me in 1971 was somehow having lunch with Margaret Thatcher and George Osborne? There were many ships and places, but these I could remember well.

Then I was back on the roofs of buildings being chased and chasing others. This time, I kept falling off the roofs or cliffs without injury? Weird!

I made my way to the bathroom and cleaned up the leaking areas. Got the kettle on, made a brew and took the medications.

I was feeling discombobulated, distracted somehow. The mind was off on a course of its own for a while.

Got the laptop on and did some graphicalisationing. Then finished the diary for Friday and started this one.

Assembled the things for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop and Olive. Had a good soak in the bath and did the ablutions.

Called at Olive’s on the way out and gave her some nibbles and we had a chat. She showed me her Slow Cooker and how it worked. At least, we had one thing in common, we both had the same limp as we wobbled about, as she humorously pointed out and we both managed a laugh about. I gave her my telephone number, just in case she needed any help at any time.

I departed and caught the L8 but into Sherwood, having another chat with a tenant on the way.

Got into Sherwood and dropped the donations off at the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop.

Went to Wilko next, but they did not have cookers in. So I can go to the one in Arnold after the INR blood test on Monday?

Walked over to the Sue Ryder Charity Shop and asked if they had any brown ottomans in so s to replace the one I fell on and broke. They hadn’t, but took my number to ring me if they get any in later.

I hobbled around the shops window shopping and then made my way up Winchester Street hill, back to the flats.

P1060047The sky looked beautiful as I limped up the hill.

The legs and knees were doing alright, but the feet were tender, I put this down to the new shoes?

Got in and readied the laundry things then went down and read me Sniper book as I waited for the togs to be washed.

When they were done I got the dryer going, the clothes were very damp again when I took them out of the washer, so I might need to give them an extra dry later. Tsk!

I nipped back up to the flat and updated this while having a cup of tea.

Made some roast sweet potatoes, roast parsnips, and carrots, pickled onions, beetroot and had them with a pot of pulled pork paste sandwiches. A dessert to follow.

P1060048I didn’t get the roasting of the carrots or parsnips quite right today, some of the carrots were underdone. Huh!

Still, overall a 7.8/10.

The fatigue came earlier today.

I settle don to watch a DVD, nodded off and three hours later I awoke and tried to watch some TV, in between some mini falling asleep sessions of a few minutes each time.B

Well, it had not been a Whoopsiedangleplop day, Little Inchy had not bled, and I was tickled pink to have a gossip with Olive.B

Shame about my dropping the card-reader on the floor and it not now working, though. Another expense to replace it coming up. Tsk!

Blessedly, I nodded off early.

Inchcock Today – Wed 14 Oct 15: Bus Trip out for the lad (He loves his free pensioners bus-pass!)

Wednesday 14th October 2015

Up at 0335hrs – straight to the porcelain again, Little Inchy bleeding but the haemorrhoids a lot less so this morning. 

Made a cuppa and used over the none-delivery of yesterdays Wilko order. Laptop on, auto-reply-email back from Wilko telling me they have received me email and intend to reply within 72 hours.

Stomach started churning up, so when I took me medications I had an extra Omeprazole and a swig of Sertraline.

Not too good this morning at the moment, but I still want to go to Derby on the bus and get a decent walk in, feed the ducks and take some photographs. I might see if they have any hot-cooked ham joints on the market there… well me stomach is telling not to though. Hehe!

Did some work on me graphics for me ‘Duncan comes to the rescue’ (Or whatever I decide to call it when it’s finally done) funny blog. Got it finished at last, I’ve been working on the graphics for weeks now, just hope it goes down well. Gorrit posted on WordPress.

Had a bath without any Whoopsiedangleplops.

Unfortunately I enjoyed it a little too long and missed me bus from the flats. Huh!

01topj2Hey-ho. I had a walk through Woodthorpe Grange Park onto Mansfield Road and over the hill to the bus-stop.

Not many folk on the bus this morning, seemed odd that. Took a photo.

Got into town and wandered down into town and called at the bank to get a £10 bag of 20p pieces for the laundry machines to gobble up later.

01topj3Out and to Friar Lane to catch the Y5 bus to Derby. One arrived as I got to the stop – and I was off on me within a minute.

Got a free Metro and read that en route through the villages.

There were more people on the Y5 than
were on the Sherwood bus.

01topj5As we went through Draycott a lot of houses and businesses had the flag flying ready for Remembrance day I assume.

That was encouraging given the current mood in the country.

I got a call on me mobile. It was the delivery courier driver for Wilko asking were I was? I told him I waited in yesterday all day for the agreed delivery – he said he called and pressed 76 on the keypad for ages and got no answer. I informed him the number was 72 (But felt a bit nervous in case I had given them the wrong number – oh dear!). He said he would call tomorrow morning once more nd try again. He was not a happy bunny!

I put the phone down and it rang again!

This time it was Steve from Age UK. He told me he’d had the house valued (£20k less than I’d hoped for) he added of course you might get less! I now need to meet with him and a representative from the Nottingham Building Society to sign some papers, pay for a solicitor, agree their £2k and a bit handling charge, and pay for something else I can’t remember what now. That’ll put me balance near bankruptcy I told him. He said they should not charge for all of it now, some will be taken off the top when the house is sold.

I’m getting confused now…

He said he will call to see me Friday afternoon (As usual on his way home and he can’t spare any time or do anything as he doesn’t work again until Monday Tsk!). Along with a building society representative.

I wrote own the timings on the Metro newspaper so I don’t get it wrong when i get back to the flat and record things on me Google calendar.

01topj7Got into Derby and I walked to the Derwent riverside, got me camera ready and fed some seeds and earthworms to the pigeons.

The many pigeons!

Then took a photo of the pigeons that had not landed for some nosh as they 01topj8flew around in a gigantic circle above.

No idea why they did.

There sees to be more of them than ever today. How they find enough to eat and avoid the attacks from the seagulls I’ll never understand.

But I can’t help liking them – the 01topj9bpigeons not the seagulls.

Had a walk into the Eagle Marketplace. So sad at how many closed down stalls there were. Same in Nottingham and Mansfield as well.

Walked up and visited the hot meat shop to peruse what they had on offer.

It was all crap I’m afraid, the joints were dried out and unattractive to look at. So I didn’t bother getting any like.

I wandered back down through the market and came across a new place selling menswear and hats – I noticed there were no prices on any of them. I was looking a one that I fancied that was similar to the one I got from Primark for £4 last month, but a better colour – a lady approached me to inform me they were reduced to £20 each today… £2o each! – I moved on.

01topj9cTo the bus station and caught a Red Arrow Express bus back to Nottingham – I was getting off the bus 35 minutes later, boy can them buses move!

Dropped off and walked to and through the Slab-square.

As I poddled round it the two rob-dog coffee shops opposite each other on two 01topj0101acorners, Starbucks and Costa, you know the ones who get away without paying any tax that was on the radio bout it last month.

Despite not being so many folk around, yet they were both well filled with people who can afford £3 for a plastic cup of coffee.

I’m just glad I don’t like coffee.

I walked to L9 bus-stop and met with Norman, a tenant of the flat on the same floor as wot I am. A grand old chap, we had a natter and he told me about his first job as a van-lad in Carrington.

The bus arrived and were lifted back to the Woodthorpe Court.

The driver we assumed was a fan of stock car racing! We were thrown all over as he accelerated, jammed on the anchors with venom and went around the corner and bends with a-gusto!

Still, on the bright side, it stopped me falling asleep!

Got in and paid the porcelain a visit – passing the letters on the floor en-route. Bad news here, ‘Little Inchy’ was bleeding again. Did what I could to stop him, but only managed to slow it down.

Got the letters after cleaning missen up, one from the hospital with me INR level reading. Down to 1.8, not good that. I emailed the surgery to try and book in for a test next Monday, no reply yet.

That reminded me about putting the appointment wot I wrote on the Metro in me calendar – the Metro that I’d left on the bus!

The other letter was from the Nottingham Hospice Charity, about their Lucky Day Weekly Lottery. I’m thinking of doing this £1 lottery instead of the National Lottery now. It only has a top prize of £25,000 every 3 months, £2000 each week. But the cash I spend on it will do more good that on the big lottery methinks?

Did a bit of blogging, checked emails again.

Rang Jane to tell her I had to cancel me meeting with Pete for Thursday and explained why. They were both going out to a nosh so they didn’t have much time to natter.

IMG_0023Got me nosh ready.

Took me medications.

To the loo, and little Inchy bleeding yet again!

I must get to the GP again about this and get an appointment to see the GUM specialist when he’s iin Nottingham again.

Morrisons delivery tomorrow morning, Nottingham City Homes representative coming to talk to me – about what I know not? And hopefully the Wilko order should be coming for a third time…

So another day stuck inside.

Friday the same, got to wait in for the Nottingham Building Society bloke/woman to call see me, and Steve Age UK coming too.

I’ll be in a right pickle if I get the GUM appointment for either of these days… Huh!

Got me head down early and was soon off to the land of nod for a change.