Inchcock Today: Thursday 24th February 2022

Thursday 24th February 2022

Why is Liberty-Global Virgin Internet Media such utter, Crap?

How, when a man can earn figures like these below for Mike Fries, boss of Liberty-Global, who owns Virgin Media along with tons of other acquisitions,  and he still can’t manage to get a Virgin Media Internet connection to Sherwood, Nottingham, without it going down every single day, several times?

Just asking, like… Not that it bothers me!

I got my head down late, and I fought to nod off until gone midnight. At least I only shot awake twice, well, three times, but I decided to get up then, at 4:30hrs. I was persuaded by Little Inchie, who required a wee-wee. Hehe!

The significant bit about this is how refreshed I felt! Less than four hours sleep, but it felt like I’d had ten or more? Grrreat! I think the Hemp capsules are helping me sleep a bit better now?

Shuddering Shoulder Shirley was getting a little rough at times; these episodes continued all day, though never for any lasting time, a minute to perhaps five.

Off to the Porcelain Throne and do a stand-up early-morning shave and wash, etc. The Throne session went so nearly perfectly! There was no need to rush or push; the evacuation eased out of its own accord, painlessly! A few spots of blood, nowt to fret over.

Ah, things did get a bit fraught in the teggie-cleaning and shaving departments! I caught the broken tooth, and a bit more came off, and I vampires some of the blood. Hehe! Then, I managed to nick my right ear lobe with a razor, and boy did that bleed too! The tiniest cut imaginable too? I had to use a lot of kitchen towels to soak it up with. And a lot of the Brute aftershave.

But there were no toe-stubbings, walking or knocking into anything, colly-wobbles, Dizzy Dennis’, or tumbles. I even coped with getting the long diabetic bamboo socks on without putting myself in danger by using Sock-Glide-Glenda! Smug-Mode-Applied!

MedPhorpain Again, things went well. The only correctly painful treating was rubbing the Phorpain Gel into Arthur Itis’ left knee, and as I did the right one, Cartilage Cathy was giving me what for. Codeine when I’ve finished I thought (But I forgot!).

I did struggle a bit getting the trousers on cause Arthur and Cathy were making things challenging this morning. Overall, I was well pleased with the sessioning. I moved down to Defcon-Three in the Smug-Mode. Again surprising myself at how well things were going, considering the lack of sleep.

My new Chinese (Hong Kong) was made by Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd™, contactless thermometer came up with a body temperature of 33.7°c, which is really low. Tried again with the ear-thermometer. That was better, 34.3°c. The Blood Pressure had gone down nicely to 147/68. The Pulse was 86bpm. Perfick!

Oh, back to the Porcelain Throne!

Yet another good evacuation! Smug-Mode Grade Three Adopted!

A skunk and a clatter from aloof, sniffy attituded Herbert’s apartment above.

🏴‍☠️ Virgin went down. Hard to believe, I know…

Carer Richard rang the ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ chime and came in. I was in the kitchen, suffering from a longish and violent attack from Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley. I was struggling to stir the tea safely. Good old Richard did it for me. He’s never been here when I was having an SSS session; it fritted him a little at first. He’s a caring Carer. Got the prescriptions taken, had a little natter, and even raised a laugh. Off he trotted after selecting some treats.

I went to make another brew, Thompsons Punjana, this time. By, gum, the sky looked like it was getting darker again? I took a snap from the kitchenette window of the front car park, Chestnut Walk.

I waited a while, hoping some birds might fly by, but they didn’t.

Even the cloudy skies looked attractive to me; they seemed to have varying highlights?

Had a wee-wee, washed, made a mug of Thompsons Punjana, and made my way out into the balcony. To take a photograph of the end car park.

Red van man was back blocking the ingress and exit route, fully parked on the yellow chevrons, yet again. Naughty boy! I’m just jealous now that they have taken my driving licence off me after the stroke. Hehehe!

Sister Jane

Sister Jane rang me on the landline. But the signal was terrible… it always is actually from West Bridgford. We had an excellent chinning session. Despite Jane’s croaky voice, my blocked ears, and the appalling connection, I got most of what we were reminiscing about and laughing.

Back to the blogging. I lot of interruptions, Dementia Doreen, cataracts making viewing/typing slow going, and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley. Peripheral Neuropathy Pete was amazingly calm, so I tried to make the best of this… but I was only causing more errors by trying to rush. Then: Another interruption, window cleaner Joe arrived. But he is always welcome and a good chinwagger, too! We, well, I spoke and moaned a fair bit. Eventually, the subject matter got lighter, and laughter ensued! Selected a drinkie and nibble in thanks, and on he went to another flatlet or apartment, no doubt that will cheer them up!

I came across the picture I thought I’d lost, of last nights’ nosh. Some idiot put it in the wrong folder, TSk! I ate most of it. Gorgeous fresh garden peas, red, yellow and black tomatoes Very nice! Cornish pasty M&S, the best! And BBQ potatoes! Flavour rating: 8⅛/10.

Ye gods, what was that? Kerumph, from the flat above. Well… drilling now! I hope Herbert has not fell-over and broken his neck. I think.

Checked the beef chunks in the crock-pot. These are Icelands “Extra Lean” beef chunks, by the way. Just look at the fat floating freeing around! Eurgh! I sieved some off of the mixture, and I added some gravy browning and black bean sauce… fingers-crossed for tonights’ nosh! Looks horrible?

Going to have to rest a bit now. An unfortunate visit from Dizzy Dennis forces this. Made a mug of Glengettie and ate a rather delightful mini-marshmallow, which tasted so good! I sat down to recuperate from the scary bashing from Dennis at one of his more vicious attacks.

I nodded off, quickly, and a few minutes later, shot-awake, clambered free of the £300 recond-hand recliner, and off for Porcelain Throne visit number three of the day! Giving myself en route, the first good hefty toe-stubbing of the day! Argh! Ahem! I never flinched… or swore at all.

♬ Oh, Susana ♬ chimed out again. It was Phlebotomy nurse Hristina! I immediately cheered up. And girded parts of my loins that had not been fortified since the last time she came! Hahaha! I know; I remember needing the tablets.

Hristina got the blood taken in her usual kind. patient, heart-rate increasing way. ♥ She had time for a minute worth of nattering today, which I appreciated. Had to force the gal to take a treat in thanks. She departed; I was downhearted; I belched, farted, and went for a wee-wee.

Carer ElenaMinutes later, ♬ Oh, Susana ♬ chimed out again. Once more, my heart rate increased… for it was desirable Carer Elena, come to do the medications. We had another natter and laughed. thanked her, offering her choice of nibbles and drinkies, she is always reluctant to take any, but I forced her I thin in the end. ♥ She departed, taking the waste bags with her for me to the chute. 🧡

By gum, I’ve done well with getting all this pulchritude visiting me today!

Got the nosh sorted and served up. A bit better this time. The beef chunks that had been heating in the slow-cooker for seven hours or so tasted better cause of the BBQ and chilli seasonings. The black, yellow and red tomatoes were tasty. The fresh garden peas were terrific! The cheese and bean pastie went down well. Rating: 8.2/10.

Now, I should be getting to sleep… but no! So many visitors, the computer playing up all day, Cataract Kathleen, and Cartilage Cathy joined forces to hamper my progress with the blog. Now it’s going to be (estimated) midnight before I can get it finished. Still, the beautiful ladies of the day perked me up.

Summary of the (better) Day Ode

Beautiful ladies arrived today, but no pas de deux!
Ailments generally were pretty good; no, it’s true!
But Cartilage Kathy chose to turn the pain-screw!
The dying computer’s terrible; I think its death is due…
Fair enough, you’d be right, saying this of me too!

Noisy Herbert above gave me less of a hullabaloo…
Consistently demanding were summons to the loo!
Four visits to the Porcelain Throne was an issue…
Great natters today, more than a few…
They help keep me from feeling too blue!

Caring Carers, cheerful window man Jo, who…
Along with nurse Hristina, they gave good social value!
Without them, I don’t know what I’d do…
Each one leaving left me sadder on their Depardieu…
A betterer day like today has been long overdue!

Evening all!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 4th June 2017

Another terrorist killing incident, in London


My heart breaks with the hatred. I was in two minds whether to bother with this insignificant diary. After a long time pondering, I shall do so, with apologies to the victims and their families and friends, and a prayer for an end to the atrocities.



Sunday 4th June 2017

Deutsche: Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017

Woke at 0320hrs: Must have slept well up till then, the tray with the dirty pots from last night’s meal was still on the chair next to the £300 second-hand recliner. Nice not to have to keep responding to the Trotsky’s for a change, hope I can pass something other than blood today, now the Trots have been speedily replaced with Constipation Konrad!

Got the things for the second laundry room visit of the w7Sun01aeek, and set off down and got the washer loaded and going.

Nice looking morning outside the foyer doors.

According to the forecast, this is likely to be the last decent day for a while – wind and rain are a-coming our way they say!

Back up to the flat and got the third load of clobber ready.

Did the health checks: Sys 159, Dia 76, Pulse 78, Temp’ 34.9 & Weight down to 14.8 – Looking all good. Felt I might be able to get some action from the innards, particularly since some wind was escaping, so I visited the Porcelain Throne – No luck.

Down with the other gear to the laundry room. Moved the first load from the washer to dryer, set it going and loaded the washing machine on short-mode.

Up to the flatlet and got the things ready for cleaning the windows in the living room later on.

To the Porcelain Throne again, all wind and no matter again – Hehehe!

Back down the lift and the washer had finished, and I had cunningly put the stuff that would dry quickly in with the second wash – then transferred it to the dryer already in use, that had half an hour or so left to run. Cunning stuff, I thought! Back up to the apartment and did the washing in the sink.

7Sun02aDown once more, and the dryer had worked a treat, all the stuff was ready before the cycle actually finished.

Washed the machines inside and out, cleaned the filter and folded the gear and into the bag, swept up the floor.

The dressing gown came out alright this time, and no odd socks again.

Up to the twelfth floor and put the things away, then got on with doing the windows, during which I got the message to try again on the Porcelain Throne, from the innards. Not so much hassle this time, only took about ten minutes, compared to yesterday’s half-an-hour, that was not too bad. But Haemorrhoid Harold was flowing with blood again… Not surprised really, that had just squashed by Harold’s cling on’s must have been the widest and longest ever known, perhaps the size of an H-bomb? Hehehe! Felt like it to me. Tended to the cleaning me up and swabbed all contact areas with the antibacterial wipes, and returned outside onto the balcony to carry on with the window cleaning duties.

7Sun02bGot the outside done in a fashion and started on the insides. I used the lemon and vinegar.

They didn’t look too bad on first viewing.

Made a brew and took the medications along with one additional  Senna tablet and one Codeine Phosphate for the pain from the bum. Sorry, hehe!

Got the computer on and as I sat here, and proudly glanced at the newly cleaned windows now the sunshine was coming in through them… Oh dear, the streaks! Tsk!

I went onto the BBC News Site, and read the news of the terrible atrocity in London. Made me feel sick.

Grammarly was not working properly on Firefox at all. Very frustrating.

Spent hours trying to delete the unwanted categories and tags, in the hope things might run better, but I think I’ve made it worse.m Humph!

Got this post started and updated and posted off yesterday’s diary.

Got the meal on the cook. Mini beef pie, making some gravy to go with it, potatoes and waffle balls, fresh pod peas, tomatoes… well that’s the plan anyway.

Emails, WordPressing and onto Facebooking – although the programme was playing up a bit again.

Spent hours doing a TFZer graphic and lost the lot of it when CorelDraw 2017 crashed again, it did this three times. Tsk!

Argh, The fodder!

1Mon04The well-burnt beef pie was rescued, made up the meal and mixed the gravy. Not one of my best efforts gravy-wise tonight, though, Tsk!

Nice, gave it an 8.9/10 rating. Generous that!

So tired now after the early start, and I think a little frustrated with having to stay in all day.

No more calls to the Throne, just that one today, although, I tried a few times voluntarily, but failed to move anything. Hehe!

Did a quick freshen-up to find Little Inchy’s Lesion had reddened and was very tender, but thankfully, not bleeding.2Tue001a

Took the belated evening medications, and took one Senna afterwards.

Settled to watch the TV. A messy session, nodding off so often, changing channels, drifting off again… I don’t know why I didn’t just turn everything off at the first nod-off. Sailed off again for a few hours this time, and woke in urgent need of a wee-wee. Then went through the stubbing the same toe en route to the WC, and then again on the way back to the £300 second-hand recliner.

1Mon05Little inchy was still very tender, so I cleansed thing up and put some of the Cetreben Cream over the lesion and took an extra Codeine Phosphate with a cup of milk, which I then dropped on the floor.

I must move that mop and bucket in the wetroom. The plastic on that foot press on it seems excessively hard to me! Haha!

TTFN folks.

Thu 10 Sept 15: Inchcock Today

Thursday 10th September 2015


Woke at 0515hrs – Feeling a bit perkier.

WC’s, cleaned and creamed me bleeding parts. Tsk!

Made a cuppa and took me medications. Laptop on.

MarieHoovDid some graphics in response to an email from Marie Young hoping she might use it.

Finished off yesterdays Diary and got it posted, then started this one-off.

The lump from me Whoopsiedangleplop yesterday has gone down a lot.

The Iceland delivery arrived and I put the stuff away… ish!

WC’d and got me things ready – The laundry and accoutrements, rubbish beg and recycling bags to put down the chute on me way down to the laundry room, bag with me crossword book in it, and set off to the chute, then lift… realised I’d not got me hearing aids in – nipped back to the flat and put em in like.

To the lifts again and down t’laundry room.

P1000045Only the first machine free so used that one.

It started, the indicator telling me I had 25 minutes until it finished.

Now the lady last week told me it took an hour?

Had I miss-heard her? Had I selected the wrong programme?

I nipped to the Community shed but no one was in again.

Returned and did me crosswording for about 15 minutes, then I nipped in to check the machine – and it now told me I had 45 minutes left???

Back to the crosswords.

Eventually it finished and then I had to take out someone’s drying from the drier as it had finished a good while earlier, to put mine in. I knew this machine took an hour after having used it before like. So I nipped up to the flat and got the donations for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop in a bag, and took a walk P1000046through the park into Sherwood

Half way up the hill into the park there is a bench near the gravel path until.

Here I noticed a new species pf plant growing next to it.

I think I’ll Christen them ‘Stella-Di-Alcoh. Hehe!

On into Sherwood and dropped the stuff off at the Hospice shop.

P1000047Luckily  a bus was due as I passed the stop, so I caught the bus back to the flats. Had a chin-wag en route with some other tenants who were on the bus.

I realised what the noise must have been that I heard earlier when I saw the contractors equipment opposite the flat. No sign of any workers now mind.

Back in the laundry room it wasn’t long before me togs were ready.

Up to the flat and just made the WC in time. Put me togs away and got a meal on – It was supposed to be a treat for missen – Beef and Veg in black bean sauce, potatoes and chips (Only a few mind!).

P1000048I got it in the oven and started to update this diary – later I smelt the burning…


Despite what it looked like, I added some beetroot and dried roast onions to it and ate the lot – it was right tasty too! In fact, I rated it 8.8/10.

Took me evening med’s.

Getting tired now and I have to stay up for a visitor coming between 9 and 10-pm. I deliberately didn’t tell you it was me Morrison’s delivery to keep you guessing… oh, sugar, too late now.

WC’d again and cleaned the oven and some surfaces.

Got an email from the doctors asking me to make an appointment for me next INR Warfarin blood level check. Got in for next Monday at 1030hrs. Put it in e Google diary.

Tomorrow I plan to attempt to open the kitchen window (I just couldn’t manage it today,  fingers you know) and get it cleaned. I just hope me fingers will let me hold the knob and Arthur Isis permits me reach up and pull it around and down. Then tackle the kitchen surfaces, then the kitchen floor mopped up. We’ll see eh?

If I manage it and have any energy left, I might clean the bathroom up then…

I didn’t nod off while I stayed up late waiting for the delivery. Rare that!

Tried putting on the TV and that did it – off I went. Luckily I’d set the alarm for just before the delivery came.

The Morrison man arrived and I stored away the stuff. I got some plastic trays again so should have enough to use in the 1967 G-Plan designed cabinet.

I thought about Patti Bekert and her art-show. When I get some more piccies of her art I’ll do another graphicalisation.

I wondered how Angie was doing with her move to another apartment. Bet she’s so busy, I hope she manages okay. Sent her a hug and best wishes through the ether.

TTFN all.

Sun 16 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today

Sunday 16th August 2015


0144hrs: Woke, with feelings of uncertainty and uneasiness?

Me back twinging away at me, the angina playing up, bleeding ‘Little inch’, bleeding haemorrhoids, coughing and sneezing, stomach rumbling and felt so cold! Still, the reflux valve and ticker seemed calm.

Put me dressing gown on and looked at all the mess around me that needs sorting… guilt-ridden at me lack of abilities, money and help to get owt done, being conned by United Carpets… then the self-pity came over me and I felt rotten!

I took me readings BP etc.

Sys 146 – Dia 73 – Pulse 70 – Temp 34.2 I’m none the wiser till, but it seems like me usual readings or there abouts. Me problem is I keep forgetting to do these every day and the nurse ain’t happy when I go in without the readings.

Put some Betamethasone cream on the Little Inch, Phorpain gel on me knees and back where I could reach anyway.

Depressed beyond understanding I hobbled into the kitchen (The arthritis in the knees bad as well this morning, but the hands seemed okay… but later events soon changed this!).

Made a cuppa and took photo of the opening screen when I started the laptop, and tried to make use of the WC but the innards wouldn’t let me?

After I went on WordPress and got yesterdays diary finished off and posted, I went on Facebook. This cheered me up a bit I’m glad to report – so many messages and comments from me Cyber-Friends. Despite Anne Gyna letting me know she was not happy.

0104aMade another cuppa and took me morning medications early but still.

So much to try and get sorted today. Tons more paperwork to sort and that takes ages, I don’t want to rush it and shred owt I’ll need.

Still too early to start making noise with the shredder.

Sun01Answered me emails and blog comments, then I did some preparatory graphicalisationing on Coreldraw and Corel Paint X7 for a while.

Guilt at getting nothing done rose its ugly head and I tried to get the overspill paint off one of the four doors that he’d left some on for me.

Failed miserably with me cleaner spray and marked the wood – don’t know what to try next?

Still feeling guilt ridden, I decided to try to use Sun03the mechanism on the kitchen window to to turn it 180° ready for me to clean them – not easy as I have to get me arthritic hand between the button thing and the wall and hold it open all the time while turning the great window with me other arthritic hand!

A real struggle that, now I have red bruises on me knuckles.

Bits of the decaying window frame fell off all over the place and floor when I got it turned – eventually.

Tried Asda window cleaner – not much good, then tried kitchen cleaner with bleach on it, a bit better but it took ages and was so painful stretching up. The framework was filthy and took extra effort and patience to get something like clean. Chips in the glass inside and out.

When I eventually got to closing it to clean the inside I still had to keep the button thingy pulled out all the time or it would not move at all again – well pee’d off and annoyed with that I was.

Then of course I could see marks I’d missed off on the outside – Huh! No way I was going through all that pain again, they could stay there until I can get someone to help me next time – which might be forever!

Cleaned the narrow static window at the bottom. Then had to clear and clean the ledge and floor of droppings when I had opened the window – sod this for a lark – but who can I ask for help? Yes… nobody.

Hard to type now ’cause of the pain in me knuckles – yer can’t win can yer? Tsk.

Sun02Took me first picture through the window at 0620hrs.

I could hear noises again that I could not recognise – this seems to happen every day here lately?

Couldn’t even tell where they were coming from?

WC’d with great difficulty for some reason – the haemorrhoids bled profusely avote02aagain as did ‘Little Inchy’. I really must mention this to the GP on me next visit, it’s getting a tad worrying, especially with the Warfarin INR level having just returned to something like normal last week.

Updated this diary, then returned to me graphicalisationing on Coreldraw.

Got a good bath and changed – ‘Little Inchy’ not bleeding so much now. Haemorrhoids still bad though. Tsk!

Set off on a walk into Woodthorpe Park, determined to find the Tropical House to have a viewing of and take some photographs of it.

IMG_0043I walked up the back and to the top of the hill at the back of the Park.

It took me while because there were no signs for it to be found.

When I did find it, it was closed!

Hey-ho, never mind, at least I know where it is now.

Tomorrow it’s closed all day – but I’ve got to go to the Queens Medical Centre anyway, for me Warfarin INR deep blood tests.

IMG_0044It was lovely walking back through the gardens part, they were unkempt but that didn’t stop me enjoying them and for a while at least, forget me other worries.

I walked down into the thickets of wood and came across a tree stump that had some amazing looking fungi-growth at the base of it.

IMG_0045The wonderful two different fungi is on the right bottom of this photograph.

There was an orange and white ticket nailed to the stump, wondered what it was for?

Anyone know please?

Hobbled on and down the field back to the flats in a bit of a rush – The WC porcelain was summoning me attentions like.

Got in just in time – soddit, ‘Little Inchy’ was bleeding again – I really must mention this to the nurses tomorrow.

I met me lady neighbour when I was taking out some rubbish to the chute – and asked her if she’s like the bottle of Clementine juice that was too sweet for me.01topa

I asked her in to show her the mess United Carpets had made of installing them – that’s UNITED CARPETS!

Just thought I ought to warn any other prospective mugs like, yer know.

Did even more prep work on Coreldraw.

IMG_0046Hunger pangs matured and I got me nosh on.

The coughing started to return and the odd sneeze emitted.

I must say I really enjoyed me nosh tonight.

Chips (Fries for me hoards of fans in America Hehe!), garden peas, roasted peppers, lettuce and cabbage and some bread thins. I’d tried these chips before and they were a bit tasteless – so cunningly coated them with a pot of herbs and spices, that did the trick. Rated it 8.3/10.

The usual sudden fatigue overcame me and I retired for the night.

TTFN all.