Inchcock Today – Thursday 26th April 2018: A long one folks; Incorporating photos of Nottingham Street Art, City Centre and Graphicsalisationings

Thursday 26th April 2018

Welsh: Dydd Iau 26 Ebrill 2018

4Thu010445hrs: Woke in the now usual state of mind-confusion of self-questions. Why have I woken up so late? What day is it? Naughty Duodenal Donald Ulcer was giving me a lot of bother again. Morrisons, Social Hour…

I eventually extracted my wobbly body-mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, without much hassle, too! Only Duodenal Donald was bothering me this morning.

Health Checks were done, and medications are taken.


4Thu001Sys and pulsation up a bit, at last.

The computer on and got the Wednesday post completed.

The Morrison delivery is due soon, so I got the ablutions sorted.

A stand-up wash of course, far to early to bother the neighbours with the noise of the shower.

All refreshed, I got the medicationalisationing tended to. I was pleased with the lack of bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been leaking, though, painful now, I’ve applied the Daktacort cream.

Got the nibble box, raffle prizes and pressies in the bag ready for the Social Hour.

Then made a brew and back on the computer. Posted the Wednesday’s blog on WordPress. Made a start on this one, up to here.

Went to the WordPress Reader.

4Thu06Did some comments and the Morrison delivery arrived.

There seems a lot of bags again, but the cost was £8 less than the week before. Had I forgotten to order something?

Well, the bleach and spring water came to mind. Tsk!

4Thu05Also, some of the things did not have much shelf-life left on them! Grumph! The chestnut mushrooms only had until tomorrow. The Scottish Bread just two days, and Polish Sourdough bread the same.

I got the mushrooms in the crock-pot with some water and Balsamic Vinegar in them for seasoning. Now, I must remember to turn it on later, when I leave. What odds offered? Hehe!

Went on Facebook, but it was a little slow. On CorelDraw and did two graphics for the TFZer. Joyce and Lyzzi with pets in the rain. Hope they like em.


Ran out of time. Couldn’t get to do messages or comments, had to close down and get the things ready for the social hour and shopping for the bits I forgot to order from Morrisons. What a Shnook!

With a fully loaded bag, I set off to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary shack for the Social Hour. I left early because I wanted to go to town on the 1030hrs bus. So needed time to get the chinwagging and nibbles all done.

Greeted on my arrival by Jenny. BJ was there, but had to leave early, illness in the family, got a few words with him though. I’m terrible with names, so forgive me if I get any wrong. Also in attendance were Oberleutnantess Housing Patch Manager/Catwalk Model Angela Gould, Resident Helper/Gymnast Sue, Jenny Precious, Cyndy, Margaret, Bill (William on Sundays), Frank, John, Doris, May and many others arrived.

I handed the nibbles out, I love doing this, and the natters between other tenants. Cyndy’s and Margaret’s table gave forth with a few old songs out of the blue. I think its great when they do this.

I got bought my raffle tickets and handed them to two gals. Had a good time today. Jenny took the nibble box for me to keep in there for me to collect on the way home, bless her.

The bus was due, I had to reluctantly leave and went to the bus stop. A gang of residents mingled outside, and I had a couple of natters. Then caught the City bound bus.

As we passed the old flats near Carlton Road, I took a photograph of them, and then further on, another of the Bentinck Court modernised ones on Sneinton Dale from the bus windows.


4Thu08I got off on Upper Parliament Street as yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist used the pedestrian crossing.

I went into the Wilko store and got carried away spending again. I bought some nuts, body spray deodorant, a bottle brush, liquid soap, toothpaste, BIC razors some batteries to keep in the bag so I can use them if needed in the little Nikon camera, and bleach. Saving on the toothpaste and batteries on offer price. I could only just about lift the bag as I left the shop. Tsk! The back twinged, but Hippy Hilda was no bother.

4Thu09I had an unpremeditated hobble around the City Centre, ambling down the surprisingly unpopulated Clumber Street, as the shower started to come down. These short, sharp showers came on and off for hours, some of them only lasted for a minute or less.

I called in the Primark Store to have a nosey around in the gents clothing section. Waste of time, nothing in there for us older folks. Hehe!

4Thu10I did notice they were selling ready-slashed jeans? This confused me.

Surely the kids would be capable of slashing their own regular jeans, that cost less to buy? And they would be able to practice with their Stanley knives to their heart’s content, thus producing a more unique design, and be less tempted or feel the need to slash bus seats etc.?

4Thu11I left the shop and hobbled across the Slab Square and down Exchange Walk, calling in the stationery retailer to purchase some ringed notepads to replace the ones I spilt my tea over the other day. Tsk!

After an unsuccessful search, I asked a lady assistant where they were. She was apparently an old hand at dealing with old farts like me. A backwards nod-of-the-head, followed with the sideways thrust that indicated I was to go with her, and she pointed at the shelves where the pads resided, then she wandered off, throwing, what I have to admit, was a Lidl-Class 4Thu12semi-sneer and grunt at me. I paid up and made my way back to the Slab Square.

Where I espied three imitation police officers huddled together at the bottom of King Street.

How I wish I had taken this photograph a few seconds earlier!

Seconds after taking it, the Nottingham Pedestrian using his mobile phone, walked into another Nottingham Pedestrian using His mobile phone coming from the other direction. I thought it was hilarious! Perked me up no-end, this did! Hehehe!

4Thu13As I got to King Street, to go up to Queen Street and the priceless-to-me L9 bus stop, it became apparent why the three imitation police officers were there. In case whatever emergency the two fire tenders in this picture were attending needed people moving out of the way?

Within a minute of my starting to move up the hill, the fire-tenders withdrew. I wondered if a fire had taken place in one of the many food eateries and takeaways nearby. Of which are no shortages, and plenty to choose from.


4Thu14Up to the top of Queen Street and to the bus shelter.

No other residents there and none got on the bus en route.

I hope TFZer Sandie gets to see this particular photograph. I know she is interested in English buses. This has the added bonus of a decent shot of Little John’s dome.

4Thu15Again I missed getting wet in the heavy precipitation.

It came down in torrents on the way home on the bus, but only lasted about 30-seconds?

No residents of Woodthorpe Court got on the bus en route.

4Thu16Apart from Duodenal Donald, it seemed that all the ailments were giving me a holiday now.

A little further on, the showers came and went twice more.

We arrived back on Chestnut Walk, I was the only passenger to alight. There were three or four residents who got on the bus, but none that I knew to speak to other than giving them a ‘Good afternoon’.

I called in the Obergruppenfhureresses shed, to collect the nibble box. Picked it up and spoke with Warden Deana.

4Thu17Got in the foyer and to the flats at 12.44hrs, as indicated on the electronic information board.

Notice the ‘Going Down’ arrow on lift two? It came down to 3, back up to 14, down to 13, up to 14, down to 13, then made its way down to the ground floor. Lift one didn’t move from level 6. I think Cyndy told me a while ago of something similar happening to her. Hehe!

4Thu18I got up and in the flat and got the Health Checks done. Took the meds.

The shower stopped, and the skies turned blue, the distant layered cloud formations returned. I had to take a shot of this view, lovely.

Stored away the things bought.

Had a long drawn out ‘Will-it-ever-stop’ wee-wee.

4Thu21Got the nosh prepared, not that this one took much effort.

Sliced apple, pork pie, slice tomatoes, chestnut mushrooms in balsamic vinegar, red onion, seaweed sheets and a few chips. I didn’t have too many, cause I was having two slices of the Scottish bread with the meal. A lemon flavoured mousse and a small mug of Clementine juice rounded it off.

After consuming this feast, I placed the tray of eating accoutrements on the chair next to the recliner and put the TV on.

I wanted so much to get to sleep, but the ‘Do-what-you-want-I’m not stopping’ brain would not let me.

Not sure when I did nod-off, but it was very late. Humph!

Inchcock – Thursday 4th May 2017: Voted in the elections today, visited the Mallards and food shopped


Thursday 4th May 2017

Galician: Xoves 4 de maio de 2017

Woke around 0300hrs, tried and failed to remember the dreams, then actually managed to nod off again.

0500hrs: Up and to the porcelain throne – things easing I think in the ‘Trots’ department, but you never can tell. Duodenal Donald was easier, but Anne Gyna bad, very little 4Thur02bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold.

Made a brew and took the morning medications, then carried out the Health Checks, the pulse beating away merrily again.

Oh dear, the milk had gone off!

Weight the same as yesterday.

Another summons to the Porcelain Throne received… not so comfortable this one.

Ablutions completed.

Nipped down and voted.

Visited the Porcelain Throne.

Computer started and diaries caught up with.

Did some WordPress reading.

Did a Morrison order for Saturday delivery. Searched for a Shoe Zone store in Nottingham so I could get some brown velcro closing shoes later. One found situated in Arnold, so I set off to catch the L9 bus into Arnold. Visited the Porcelain Throne to be on the safe side.

Jolly nice natter with the other tenants at the bus-stop, and caught the bus into Daybrook, dropping off at Sainsbury’s store. Wandered around, and spotted they had some vegetarian food on offer. Ended up getting Quorn Peppered Steaks and Cocktail Sausages, some fresh pod peas and English Vine tomatoes.

4Thur03Paid up and took a walk down to the Arno Hill Park, to feed the Mallard ducks. Only took about ten minutes to limp there.

As I entered the grounds, these bushes caught me attention.

I thought they were beautiful looking.

Hobbled to the pond come lake and had to 4Thur04smile at this toddler as he got down on his knees and tried to stroke some of the ducks and pigeons, giggling away merrily as he did so.

Bless him!

I kept feeding them so he could have his fun. I think I was enjoying myself as much as the little tyke himself was? Hehe!



All my worries and fretting, lack of self-confidence and even Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald left me for a moment or tow was I spoke with the birds and took their photographs, to replaced by temporary contentment in the sunshine covered park.

Stress is the child of the frenetic pace and antisocialism of the modern world?

Eventually, I forced myself to walk out of the greenery and up back into Arnold. So much hobbling recently to blame I assume, for the feet burning and stinging away after such a short hike with the bag?

Arrived in Arnold about 15 minutes later and window shopped as I made my way to the Shoe Zone place, calling into the Fulton Foods shop to get a bottle of sterilised milk.

Once in the store, I soon found just what I was looking for. A pair of brown shoes with Velcro fasteners, @ £15.00, and a pair of insoles for a quid. Even tried the contactless payment there, and it worked! Paid and thanked the young lady and crossed over the road to the Asda (Walmart) store for a look round, as I had plenty of time before the bus was due.

Got some fish-sticks and Marmite Crisps.

4Thur07To the bus stop and had 12 minutes to wait.

19 minutes later it had still not arrived. I was beginning to think of how and where to catch another bus into town and drop off in Sherwood and walk up the hill back to the flats.

A couple of minutes later the bus turned up – thankfully saving me an extra uphill hobble. Hehe!

4Thur08 Glad it came, so glad.

At the next stop, a lady from the 14th floor of the flats got on and we chatted – at the next stop after that one, her husband got on, and we stopped chatting.

45 minutes later we were back at the flats and going up the lift. I said my farewells and made my way to the apartment and utilised the Porcelain Throne facility (Again!)

4Thur09Put the food bought away. Took the new shoes to the spare room.

Got a few baby potatoes on the boil.

Made a good strong mug of tea and took the belated midday medications and did the Health Checks.

The pulse was a bit higher.

Started the computer and updated this diary. Did some WordPress catch-up. Then got to Facebooking catch-up at last.

4Thur11Got the fodder ready.


No bread, cause I had some potatoes.

The fish sticks both cheap and the expensive were delicious… well it all was really.

And none of the peas escaped either. Hehe!

Evening tests and medication taken.

For some reason, sleep was impossible. Oh yes, I could nod off for a few minutes but each time I sprang awake, I either needed a wee-wee, passed a massive blast of wind or scratched at the itch under my left arm. Hehe! It was tiring and frustrating.

I was still awake at 0300hrs as I recall.


Inchcock Today. A busy one, Social Hour, and I got out into the cold for a bit. Thursday 10th November 2016

Thursday 10th November 2016

In Russian: Четверг 10 ноября 2016

Shot awake at 0129hrs: Unable to recall much of the dreams again, other than I was at one stage, in a submarine with Les Dawson?

4thr01Dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner chair and took a photograph of above the electric fire that doesn’t work on my way to visit the porcelain for a WRHD session.

Why I took a photograph escapes me now. But it might come back to me?

Sad innit?

The session was not too bad, apart from some bleeding again from the rear.

4thr03Then afterwards, going into the kitchen carrying the camera, I somehow unintentionally took this photograph.

I didn’t delete it, cause I thought I might think of a suitable caption for it later?

Or, maybe not.

Took the medications and made a mug of tea.

When I started the computer, a black screen with the message “H/9485.455UW26 Out of range” came up? I turned it off and on again, and things seemed alright? Oh dear!

Got on with finishing yesterday’s diary off and posted it.

Several WRWW’s followed of course.

Made a start on this one, then went to make another cuppa. I prepared the vegetables for later, mushrooms and parsnips only, in the Crock-pot. I can add a tin of peas later perhaps.

I thought I’d like to get out today, despite the unwelcoming, cold weather and rain. Had a look out through the window although it was still dark of course, no frost, nowhere near as cold as yesterday morning, just a few spots of rain on the cars below.

Got the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag ready for the Winwood Social Hour at the community Shed at 1000hrs.

0315hrs: Back to the computer. I felt a warm sensation from the rear end, so visited the wetroom to investigate. Bleeding from Harry Haemorrhoid. Not to fret, I’ve had worse.

4thr02As I was washing after medicating my rear-end, I realised my sight was not good. Looked in the mirror and found that there was bruising internally underneath my eye and odd marks above on the eyelid.

Thought this might be bits of dirt from somewhere, so carbolicalised the area, but it was not dirt. Started to be painful a bit afterwards, and the sight has been affected since. Good job I’ve got the large screen on the new computer.

I’ve got an INR blood test this coming Monday, so I’ll ask the nurse to have a look at this if it hasn’t cleared up by then.

4thr03aStarted the coughing again as I came out of the warm wetroom and into the unheated front room. I must remember to ask Deana if she is at the meeting if she has informed the works department of my storage heater conking out.

Looking at the radiator, it’s not surprising that it has problems, cause all around you can see where they have taken off covers, etc. and they have not gone back on correctly. The outer casing has chips, scratches and is bent out of shape. I hope, if they do ever come, they can mend it, cause it ain’t doing my health any good. I understand they will not replace it with a new one because soon they will start the modernisationing of the flats anyway.

Back again on the computer.

The ablutions carried out and off to the Social Hour, calling in on Olive on the way. She was a little better; she even told me off for getting the wrong phone (Obviously, the cleaners had told her), and when Olive heard that the NCH could not tend to the broken storage heater, she asked me to go and buy a portable heater today! A cuddle and I departed to the Community Shed.

Where I was summoned into the office by Gruppenfurher Deana and Obergefreiter Julie. I must not take photographs of tenants anymore as they had received complaints. Dean suggested I asked if it was alright in future, each time I take a photo. But it is easier for me just to stop photoing them. Sad, but easier.

She had forgotten about the radiator not working and failed to ring the works department. So she did. They said it would be November 30th before they can visit to repair it. Too much time in these freezing nights, she told them. So they are going to arrange for an old mobile radiator on loan to be delivered, but don’t know when.

The meeting went okay, BJ came, and we managed a few sarcastic laughs and digs at each other. I gave a donation for the collection for Kath and Ian, to Frank for him to hand it on to Jenny.

Back to number 72 for a freshen up and WRWW. Down to the bus stop, Deana was passing and informed that the On Call Emergency had gone down, and gave me a number to ring if needed.

Bus to town and caught a tram to Asda-Walmart on Hyson Green in search of some Nordic Bacon. They didn’t have any, though. I got some bread cobs, sliced mushrooms, potato cakes and swede. Oh, and a deepish bowl so I might make less mess eating my gravy. Hehe!

4thr04Tram back into town.

Took this shot on the tram after the students had got off and made a bit of room.

It looks like the passengers are all posing and staring at me?

Got off at the Theatre Royal and made my way to the bus terminus just in time as well! The rain started pouring down just as the bus arrived.

4thr05As we passed Clinton Street, I took this one through the bus window.

Not a good one, but it shows the state of the weather.

The fellow tenants got on the bus further along, and we had a decent chinwag.

By the time we were half way to the apartments, the rain had stopped, and a rainbow came out. I got an excellent photograph of it. Showed it to the chap, and deleted it in error! Oh, a fool I am! An incompetent, uneducated algophilic nit-wit!

4thr09Back at the flat, I found a note telling me that the Personal alarms and some others had gone down, but was being worked on to be corrected.

That’s nice to know.

Bearing in mind that the Nottingham City Homes must have  thousands of old fogies with alarms, this is the first time the system has failed in the year and a bit I’ve been here.

WRHD session, medications taken and I got the din-dins cooking.

Crock-Pot mushrooms, parsnips with an added tin o4thr08f garden peas, pork sausages, potato cakes and ciabatta cobs. A lemon curd yoghourt to follow and a packet of vinegar flavoured Peasnaps afterwards.

4thr11A call came through on the mobile phone that stopped before I could get to it. 01767319860, I’ll put in on Google Chrome to see who it was.

I wonder if it was PC World?

R & R Services?

The view from the kitchen window was amazing tonight!

4thr06Feeling tired and a bit down now. No alarms, no heating in the front room, no photographicalisationing permitted at the Social Hour, and not knowing when the loan radiator was due. I bet it’ll come while I’m at the clinic, hospital, shopping or surgery?

I’m considering getting the sleeping bag out and kipping on the kitchen floor using pillows and cushions to prevent me going on my back. At least there is some heat in there.

Got wrapped up well again, cause I know it’s going to be another cold night without the radiator working. Wolly hat on, underpants on, thick jammy bottoms, bedsocks, fingerless gloves and a dressing gown, and covered my widening girth with a throw.


Inchcock Today Thursday 13th October 2016: Tenants Hour today


Thursday 13th October 2016

4thu02Woke with a start at 0240hrs. Wide awake! The dreams that were so fresh in my mind had evaporated within seconds. Tsk!

Disentangled my body from the £300 second-hand recliner and to the porcelain for a WRHD session. No bleeding again, so that was good.

A look out of the kitchen window. The decision to do the laundry while I was feeling so good, was made. So, I added the jeans and towel to the other stuff in the bag already and popped down to the laundry room with them and the 4thu03coins needed.

I’d noticed a workman yesterday in there, re-drilling the window bars. Now I know what he was doing. He’d opened the window at the top and removed the key, so it now stays permanently open. Condensation problems I thought perhaps? I didn’t appreciate this at all, and the thermometer read 6°c – 42.7°f… not exactly warm this morning. But then again, it is October.

Got the washing going and checked the time on the foyer wall clock 0305hrs, so it should be done by 0335hrs, as I did them on the Quick setting (30 minutes). Up to the flat and started to update the diaries.

0335hrs: Back down with the cleaners and timed it nicely, just finishing as I got it the room. Moved the clothes into the dryer and checked the filter had been cleaned, started it at 0340hrs, so this should be done in an hour.

Up again to the laptop, via a quick WRWW session (Hehe!).

0445hrs: Back down again. Got the gear sorted and folded into the bag. Cleaned the filter out, wiped the machines, bin and sink area and returned to make a cup of tea upstairs.

Did a lot of graphicalisationing on CorelDraw X8 in readiness to use later, then started off today’s diary. A few WRWW’s followed, Tsk!

0635hrs: Took the medications, and cleaned the saucepans that I’d removed the potatoes from.

I was going to get the Crock-Pot going but realised I had not got any vegetables other than onions to use. Decided it would be the last two chicken thighs for fodder today. I can use a tin of the garden peas, already got the potatoes to eat cold, with it, beetroot in the jar ready too. And the bread rolls I bought yesterday. I might have a forage around in the cupboards later to see if I have owt else to garnish it with. But, then again, I have the fish sticks and prawn tails? Decisive is not a word to describe me at all. Tut!

Spent some hours on Facebooking. BJ rang me to get him some raffle tickets at the Tenants Social as he will be late arriving.

Spent a couple more hours WordPressing and on CorelDraw X8. Then off to the Tenants Meeting. There was a decent crowd today, but I forgot (I thought at the time) the camera! Humph!  BJ arrived. No Toni today, hope she’s alright. The ulcer started to play up.

After the raffle, of which on our table, Eddy won three, Grumpy Bill two, BJ two, Nice Bill four and me none! Nothing unusual there then. I had a good gabfest, though. Hehe!

I left early to get some Aludrox substitute down me back at the flat. Had a good guzzle and noticed the rain had eased off a lot. So I foraged about and got things ready to go to the Aldi store on Woodborough Road.

5fri01aCaught the L8 bus. The rain had stopped again, and the trees looked so wonderful.

Up to Mapperley Top and wobbled along to the Aldi store. As I dropped off, the rain came down. Spent ages wondering around the shop and ended up getting some cheese topped rolls, baby beetroot (Very nice as it turned out), Frikadellens, roasting veg and a very naughty Steak and gravy pie with puff pastry. 4thu04Missed the bus back, so limped along Woodborough Road and down Woodthorpe Road. Towards the end of the road, a youth on a four-wheeled mini-bike was belting up and down the road, doing wheelies and circle.

5fri02How such a tiny machine could make so much noise, I don’t know. The lad was having a whale of a time. A bit of jealousy crept into my thoughts. Haha!

5fri04Turned right down Sherwood Vale hill. I could see the flats in the distance, not my Woodthorpe block, but the Winchester building, mine was to the right, just out of view.

The rain stopped again.

As I hobbled down the road, the L8 bus came up the hill, and the lady 5fri03driver gave me a wave and smile.

That was fun!

To the right, the view was astounding to me. Had to take a photograph of it for us.

At the bottom of the hill, just before I turned right into the woods to go down the path that leads to the 5fri05apartments, there is a path where the greenery that has always caught my attention every time I walk by it. Nothing unusual I know, but years ago the railway line was going along here, and the way the trees and bushes had reclaimed the land had me in admiration of nature once again.

Being a City boy, I’m learning all the time.

Limped down the path and through to the flats and a WRWW.

5fri06Put the things away and got the meal going, early today.

I nibbled a beetroot from the new jar when I opened it, and the taste was perfect. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t put the lid back on correctly, and the result was another fine mess for me to clean up. Hey-ho!

The ulcer was still stinging a bit, but I’ve had it far worse. It was Anne Gyna joining in that gave me more hassle and pain, again! Huh!

Horrible night.

Inchcock Today Thursday 22nd September 2016: Whoopsiedangleplop!


Hectic life, innit?

Thursday 22nd September 2016

Donnerstag 22. September 2016

0445hrs: After waking and sitting in the £300 second-hand recliner trying to recall the dreams for a while, without any luck, I had to attend to a WRHD session. Not an easy one again, a bit like dropping a lb Grand Slam bomb into a canal, talk about relief and pain a the same time! At least there were only a few smudges of blood.

Took the morning medications, along with a Senna tablet. Might it be an idea for me to take these at night in the future?

Laptop on to work on the diaries and clear off some graphics to make more room on the hard drive.

Posted the diary and tried Facebooking to see if it would play me up again.

Ablutions carried out, readied the things for the Tenants Social Hour, then nipped to see if Olive was in on the way out. She was, and she phoned to cancel the Feet First chiropodist appointments for me. We had a good chinwag, and I took some jars from her to go with mine to go to the bottle bank. Kiss and a Cuddle, and bad news, she will be busy Friday, off I poddled to the Tenants Social hour dropping our clear glass jars in the bank on the way.

A few more folks there this morning. I put the raffle prizes on the trolley and got settled next to Eddy. BJ and grumpy Bill arrived shortly. Nice to see BJ, he’s had a great holiday break. Took the nibble box around, getting a gossip with so many as I did so. Pleasant Bill arrived, and we were all concerned that Toni was not here, someone said she was at a hospital appointment. 

4thu001Taking BJ’s photo and chinwagging to him, I was telling him about me having my first ever quiche, and it dawned on me then… I’d forgotten all about the Morrisons delivery that must have arrived while I was talking with Olive.

Hobbled back up to the flat to see if they had left any note through the door. Nothing there, so I wrote the details of the order and nipped back to the Community Hut to beg BJ to call them for me.

4thu01Which he did when the noise died down, and the other tenants had left, bless him.

This photographicalisation is the only one I managed to take this week.

They told him they could deliver it twixt 1800 > 2100 hrs tonight, and would confirm with me later, possibly in ten minutes or so.

Thus, I had to get back to the flat sharpishly so as not to miss the call. I thanked BJ and made my way to the apartment.

4thu02The Morrison man called as soon as I got in. They could not deliver again today after all. Made arrangements to have it tomorrow at the same time as I should have been here to receive it today, twixt 0900 > 1000 hrs. The man apologised for not being able to sort it sooner. I told him it was my fault anyway and thanked him.

Made a big note and put it on the DVD shelf, hoping I’d see it in the morning when I wake up? Oh dear! 11b Me!

4thu03Feeling depressed and was well and truly pissed off with me now.

Made a brew and noticed the sky was beautiful again today.

The airliner plane concerned me when I saw it. We have airports to the left and right of this view, this one was coming toward the hill we live on? Moments later it veered to the right, though. Phew!

bilyzzi biparkrofMade a large mug of tea and got on with updating this tosh. Then did some graphicalisationing for at least five hours.

p1110890Took the medications and got the fodder ready.

Cheese cubes, BBQ chicken legs, oven chips, beetroot, gherkins, roast onions, crispy, smoked streaky bacon and the last of the Anya potatoes.

Followed by an apple and a naughty lemon cheesecake.

I should have enjoyed it greatly, but the shame of forgetting the Morrison delivery and feeling a right clot remained, and took precedence in my thoughts.

I can’t get any help from the Doctor over these many memory lapses that are becoming more frequent, and I’m genuinely worried about them.

Must call Brother-in-law Pete tomorrow, to arrange to get down to see him and Jane.


Inchcock Today Friday 2nd September 2016: Odd dream to start the day


Friday 2nd September 2016

0355hrs: Awoke, trying my best to recall a dream I think I was in the middle of. Or perhaps I dreamt dreaming. (I don’t think that makes sense, but the words flowed out so easily I’ll leave them in if you don’t mind?). In a train with people from my past and present, they were all people I’ve never actually met in life, but I knew of and had communicated with, this was printed on the train ticket, the size of a shopping trolley and made of cake and icing? Note at the bottom of each ‘ticket?’: “£5 penalty will be imposed in the event of any passengers eating this ticket” Signed “British Railways”. Each of the folks, all at the same time, started to eat their own tickets… Uniformed men got on the train carrying stomach pumps… They all pointed to me and told them I was the culprit and was an escaped miscreant on the run?… much more took place that I cannot recall, I do remember when they kicked me off at a station they gave me a ticket ordering me to get a haircut, and I must present my Bus-Pass to the Doctors Surgery of my choice within seven days?

Can anyone else remember dreams occasionally in this way with so much minute details of bits of it and big blanks in between? I think I drove off from the station operating a giant motorised pram?

0405hrs: The £300 second-hand recliner chair refused to work at all this morning – I managed with difficulty and trying not to break anything on the seat or me, to get out and scurry shufflingly for a sudden WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) session. Things went well for once. No bleeding from Little Inchy at all, only the tiniest bit from Haem Aroids and didn’t stub my toe on anything at all! Looking good I foolishly thought!

0001As I was getting the medications out to take, I recalled a bit more of the dreams, no idea how or why.

I was asleep on the luggage rack above the seats in the train, corridor style, couldn’t get down.

That’s all, apart from details of the type of carriage it was.

1930s period, I think? Something like this picture.


Leeks, carrots, parsnip, tomato, red capsicum and podded fresh garden peas prepared for going into the Crock-Pot this morning.

Seasoned the concoction with vegetable stock, mint, basil and a touch of salt and black pepper.

 Got on with doing this diary to here, then made a new header with all the medications on it for a bit of fun.

cropped-nccwalk04.jpgSet it on rotating header mode, so it comes up at random with the other headers I’ve done before. The nurse on it is the actual nurse from the surgery. An excellent sport and beautiful gal too!

This took me a few hours to get done. Then I went on Facebook with crossed fingers to see if it would let me. It was okay for a while; then I had to come out and restart to get it going again.

Took the midday medications.

Checked the emails. Had a good shower, shave and freshen up.

Off to see Olive. She was radiant and had a twinkle in her eyes today. Had to force me to leave after a chatting and cuddling session.

Caught the L8 circular bus to Mapperley. Nice gossip en route with other passengers. 

Meandered down the hill to the Aldi store. Got some more fresh garden peas, cheese curls and a TV paper. I like this branch of Aldi, that’s twice I’ve been here, and the lady on the checkout was pleasant and didn’t rush me through BGtoo quickly – a big difference compared to Lidl, where I think the staff are trained to scowl, sneer and overcharge me.

As I left the store and walked onto Woodborough Road, two Nottingham Pedestrian Cyclists came belting towards me – I fumbled to get the camera out, but by the time i did, they were long gone at the speed they were travelling. Still, I got this van parked on double-yellow lines at the junction.

BR02MC01Walking back down Woodthorpe Road, left into Sherwood Vale, right into Mapperley Rise and on through Chestnut Walk to the flats, I noticed this bush or whatever it is, next to some blackberries in scrubland coming through the fencing. Wondered what they were, if I remember, I’ll show this photograph to Olive when I get to see her next, I think she might know what they are called.

Back at number 72, performed a much needed WRWW (Wet Room Wee Wee). Got the bits put away, and checked the Crock-Pot veg, the put the lamb hotpot in the oven. Feeling hungry early today.

Popped on the scales, popped off of them depressed and not wanting to talk about it. Sob!

Got a phone call as I stood next to the phone. I think it might have been from British Gas, I couldn’t understand much of what the bloke was saying, but the  accent sounded like the last caller that I found out was from British Gas.

I was annoyed with myself again. When I was hobbling down the hill from the shop, I’m sure I had a good idea for a funny post for WordPress, but could I remember owt about them now? No! Humph!

I put the Warden, Deana Walker’s arranged meeting for me to have with Lynda Morton, the ‘Fuel Poverty Advisor’ from Winchester Court onto my notepad – the meeting is for 1400hrs today at the Winwood Hut during a Coffee Session? Must remember to take the British Gas paperwork folder with me, in fact, I’ll put it in me bag now… Done it!

Planned some TV viewing for the night – and watched every programme chosen without any nodding-offs at all! In fact, I turned the TV off to try to get to sleep and ended up putting it back on because I couldn’t get off to kip. Huh! No idea when I did eventually join the land of bliss…

Inchcock Today Thursday 1st September August 2016: Tenants Social Hour today


Thursday 1st September August 2016

Horrible night of the WRWWs. 0310hrs: Gave up on sleeping and got out of the £300 second-hand recliner for yet another WRWW, and decided to get the washing done while it was early enough to ensure a machine should be free to use in the laundry room.

Took the medications while I thought of it, with some orange juice. Then got some clothes on.

0335hrs: Got the clothes ready and went down to get them in a machine.

0335hrs: Laundry room, washing into the washing machine, on the short cycle.

0345hrs: Back up on the lift to the flat.

0415hrs: Back down in the lift and swapped the things into the dryer, in cotton-dry mode.

0420hrs: Back up on the lift to the flat. Laptop on worked on the diaries.

0520hrs: Back down in the lift and collected the cleaned and dried stuff and back up to number 72.

0529hrs: Back down in the lift and fetched the soap and freshener I’d left on the draining board in the laundry room. 

0536hrs: Back up on the lift to the apartment.

Shattered now. Hehehe!

Clothes away, WRWW, kettle on, laptop back on, graphicalising and diary work commenced once more.

Got the nibbles and pressies in the bag ready for the Winwood Social Hour.

Tried doing some Facebooking see if it would let me this time… No problems today, spent too much time catching up, though, had to rush to do me ablutions and get ready for the Social Hour, Tsk!

Called in to see Olive on the way, she was in good form. Kiss and a Cuddle and off I trotted to the Tenant Meeting.

Not many there to start with, and not many turned up. But a good session was had. Frank who’s won a medal, posed for a couple of shots.


11aBJ arrived, and Bill was there with us. No Eddie today nor Toni, at the start. We knew Eddie had an appointment and would not be here, and Toni bless her got here a few minutes before the end of the session, but the organisers gladly made her a cuppa, I gave her some nibbles and we had a chat.

She was not looking too well today but didn’t complain at all, bless her.

09Thin on the ground today, but those who could manage to get to the meeting seemed to enjoy it.

BJ was in fine form too, gave me right going over verbally! Hehe!

BJ and I stayed a bit longer to try and cheer Toni up a bit.

I had to depart to catch the L9 bus into Arnold; I wanted to get the photographs printed.

Called in Asda (Walmart) and got them in the machine, paid for them then got the shopping done. I got some more pod peas, cheese twists, Germolene antiseptic cream (for the boil), Instant mash and some Irish Batch bread. Collected the photos and nipped over to the Fulton’s Food store and got some of their excellent pickled beetroots, and a pack of two Lamb shanks in a mint sauce at £3.99, brilliant value.

BGTo the bus stop and the vandalised bench.

Noticing a person sat on the next bench further along.

Wondered rather ungraciously, if she had been the cause of the damage to the other bench.

Felt so guilty at having the thoughts about the generously sized lady.

Being the only person waiting at the bus shelter, I was soon joined by three girls, two fellows, then a man and a woman, then two more chaps arrived. When the bus came, it was like a scrum to get on first. Tsk! 

The large tattooed lady won, with a cunningly adept and chunky elbow poked into my ribs. But I managed to get on second. Because I think, the others felt sorry for me.

Back at the flat again I called to see Olive, but she was out.

I had a WRWW and got one of the lamb shanks boiling in the bag in the saucepan.

Put the food away and sorted the photographicalisations, and took Franks down to his flat where he dwells with Jenny. No thanks for them either, Humph!

Back to 72 and checked the pan and started the Crock-Pot vegetables warming up.

On the laptop to download the photos and update this tosh.

10bThe meal and medications were taken, with some Tomato Juice, a banana and a naughty Strawberry Sundae.

The minted lamb shank was alright, the vegetables marvellous tasting. The Tangy Tomato Juice was very sweet.

Hope I can remember how and what I seasoned them with for next time I make them, tomorrow I think.

Watched Death Wish. No, I didn’t! I watched DieHard4 on DVD. Managed about an hour before I nodded off, waking up as the time for the New Tricks on TV was due to start, so turned over to watch that at 2100hrs. Got to the first commercial break and drifted off. Woke again, needing a WRWW at 2250hrs and got out of the £300 second-hand recliner without any hiatus and tended to the call of nature – stubbing my toe en route. Huh!

Sat down again and was soon in the land of nod proper-like.


Inchcock Today Mon 22nd Aug 16: Busy day, Olive struggling, Deana struggling with British Gas, Norman in good form, I’m depressed! Lovely emails of support!


Monday 22nd August 2016

0300hrs: Woke up, worried about seeing Deana about the British Gas problems this morning, then I fell asleep again.

0620hrs: Stirred once more, this time, the missing overnight demands for a WRWW and WRHD were demanding. The rickety £300 second-hand recliner shuddered to let me out of it and to the Wetroom, for a painfully difficult WRHD, but, no bleeding.

Although in patches, I reckon I’d had at least 10 hours kip last night, double the usual.

To the kitchen, made a cuppa and took the medications. Laptop on and finished off the Sunday Diary.

Some graphicationalisationing then started this one off.

Got the paperwork for British Gas together in the folder, ready to take to see Warden, Deana Walker at 0830hrs, must remember to ask her to make up the permission thing for them, so she can officially become my sole representative for British Gas. That is, of course, if she is in today, I’d hate it if she is not and I have more time to fret over the problem.

Did my ablutionisationing session and got things and me ready to go to see Deana.

Got to the Winwood Shed, Dean was in dealing with another residents problems. I poddled around and returned.

01gDeana called British Gas and asked if she could be put through to the complaints department, this time, she was told they didn’t have a complaints department?

She explained the situation yet again and I had to confirm my authorising her to speak for me.

She was put on hold for fifteen minutes: She was put-on-hold again and eventually ran out of time and had to ring off after 20 minutes! She will try again later and let me know what occurs.

0915hrs: Returned to the foyer, chinwagging with some other residents also waiting to go out and catch a bus.

Another nice causerie at the bus stop. Then caught the L9 into town – having a Stirling Moss imitator come fan in control at the helm, we were soon there too!

01hArrived in town, a little overcast weather and a fair wind blowing. Walked over and through the tunnel into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Then I went to the nut stall on the market to see if they had found a bag of nuts I might have left there yesterday. Jade, who served me yesterday said none were found, so I bought another 200gm if the honeyed almonds.

09 10Hobbled along and down to the first floor on my way to Tesco. 

I spotted these bits of glitz in a jewellery shop window and took a photo of them for the TFZ gals. They like the blue ones, but i ain’t sure what the ornaments are made of, Onyx I think? 

Waddled into the City Centre to see if the Nottingham Beach was any more 01ipopular this lunchtime.

The first photo I took, should have shown to kids having fun in the paddling pool, but this Herbert walked in front of them as I took it. Haha!

The second one I got was very fortunate that it didn’t come out blurred.oneChinwag on bus

T’was on the beach and this young girl ran into the scene and jumped into a sand hole she had been excavating, just as I took it!

Very pleased with how this one came out.

I wandered along and up King Street to 01jthe bus-stop.

Took this rather moody picture of the Council House showing Little John and the clock.

Still overcast, but not cold and the wind seemed to drop off.

Cunningly slipped some seeds to a rather bedrabbled few pigeons en route.

The bus came and left early, so I was glad I arrived early too.Chinwag on bus

At the first bus stop, several other tenants of the apartments got on, and a good Chinwag ensued on the bus. These causeries, do much to foster a sense of community for me.

Back home, and I went straight to see Olive at her flat. Tomorrow her blood is being done, and it usually takes a good few days for her to feel the benefit. She was obviously suffering but managed to talk about things. Told me off for getting her a cream horn cake. I explained that she was doing me  a favour as they only come in packs of two, so splitting them helped me eat only one. Hehe! A kiss and cuddle, and off back to the flat.

WRWW satisfied and eased my innards.

I got  some potatoes, and seasoned some baked beans, going to have these with the beef slice I forgot to have last night. Podded the fresh  peas got them in the slow cooker for later, put a bay leaf, bit of salt and demerara sugar in with the peas.

Put the nuts way and found the ones I thought I’d left at the stall – Twit!

Laptop on and spent a few hours WordPressing, I was going to do some Facebooking, but the laptop didn’t let me? Freezing again – Tsk!




Inchcock Today, Thursday 18th and Friday 19th August 2016


Thursday 18th August 2016

01gUp around 0520hrs, Having dreamt of Pete. The Brother-in-Law, being on top of the Council House in Nottingham, laying pink bricks and the police and firefighters were trying to get up the ladder to stop or arrest him, but failing as he poured engine oil down on the steps of the ladder?

Foggy view on the left from the kitchen window.

I did feel a bit nervous this morning, without knowing why? No confidence at all. Fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair as it groaned whined and shuddered, and to the wetroom for a WRWW and WRHD. Both being a bit painful today. Mucho bleeding from the rear end again? Tsk!

Had a long job doing the Wednesday diary with the help of some notes I made while the internet was down. Checked the emails, got one from the surgery telling me, they could not fit me in for the INR Warfarin blood test on the day given by the hospital again. But they put in for next Thursday at 1100hrs, that being the only free spot. Huh! Again they ruin my Thursday Social Hour! Humph!

I had no sense of acuity this morning, and it bothers me a touch, as to why? Felt, almost capernointed?

Did some graphicalisationing, then did my ablutions, using the lemon soap and citrus spray. I think I might have been trying to liven myself up? It failed!

Things got much worse after I nipped to see Olive. The poor gal was not well at all, and I got depressed then. I’ll call and see her later if she is awake.

Off to the Winwood Social Hour at the community hut. Took some raffle prizes and nibbles with me… I wish I could have taken some Oomph with me. Ah-well!

The meeting well as well as it could have. Eddie and Mike were in good form, and BJ visited and kept out spirits up a tad bless him.


Better turn-out than last week but still many empty chairs. I knew that Toni had a medical appointment.

I managed to see Deana and tell her of the British Gas phone call.

The call for the utilisation and activation of another WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) arrived, and I departed after saying my cheerios to the others, and back up to the wetroom. Still bleeding from the rear end, a bit. Might put on the protective nappy-like pants on just in case. Yes a good idea, so I did.

Started the Crock-Pot vegetables going. Potatoes cubed, leeks, garden peas, red onions and seasoned the with Bisto vegetable stock, mint and a leaf of Basil. Crossed fingers on how this will taste. Going to have them well cooked and drained with the fancy pork bloc with herbs and some beetroot.

Made a small cuppa, Laptop on and checked the emails again.

Not up to going out today now. Had the occasional mild dizzies and a jargogled vagueness that lingered on and on.

01aDid the fodder, the only highlight of the day.

Felt like I was disintegrating mentally and physically.

Did nothing of any value, worth or interest.



Friday 19th August 2016


0600hrs: Stirred painfully to life, back pains and dizzies immediately apparent. Felt as bad as last night. Tsk!

WRHDS (Wet Room Heavy Duty Session) that was bloody again, but far less severe than of late. Into the kitchen, cuppa and took the medications and photo from the window, of the Nottingham City Hospital in the distance.

Blooming cold this morning!

Then started the laptop, but could not get access to WordPress? Closed and restarted, still the same, other programmes were slow, but worked? Shut down properly and tried to restart, but it was not having it. Off again, tried once more, and eventually Windows started. The internet was so slow, but it let me get into WordPress after a few failed attempts, and that was mega-slow!

I’d lost the Grammarly Add-on. Did a McAfee scan, nowt detected. Turned off and restarted again. Still the same, maybe even slower now. Humph!

I didn’t need this hassle along with my not feeling too bright as well. I just hope it doesn’t play-up or pack-up next time I try to open it? (Add a wrd that rhymes with it to get the true feelings I had at this point)

Feeling so tired now, why? I’d just had six hours kip at least? The INR level is very low, which means the blood is thicker. I thought feeling so weak and tired would have been caused if the blood was thin?

Got on with adding this (Friday’s) post to Thursdays, just in case I lose the laptop or internet again later. Tried to save this, and the site became unavailable! Grrr!

I’m going to try and save and publish this to here, if it works I’ll add the rest to the next post. Crossed fingers, here I go…


Inchcock Today Thurs 4 Aug 2016. Good start: Help from M and C, British Gas hassle joined by Duo Denal, Anne Gyna and Dizzies in making it a horrible day!


Thursday 4th August 2016

Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and to the wetroom for a WRHD job. The senna tablets seem to be working then? I’m glad I did now, the sky from the kitchen window was astounding. Took the photo at the top of this page.

Back into the now not working £300 second-hand recliner chair. Around 0300hrs, I sprang awake and lay there pondering about the dream I’d had, an odd one even for me as I recall. Underground tunnels, mining equipment and blokes bringing what looked like natural rocks to me to be cleaned with a jet power thingy… I then shaped each one into a ball and bowled it along a tunnel, and a bloke appeared each time out of a hole in the roof and displayed a score card? Beats me!

10dWRWW and a sudden decision that as I’d woke up so early, I’d get caught up with the laundry.

By 0315hrs, I’d got the laundry going in the washing machine and was on my way back up to the flat and started this post going.

0350hrs: Back down and moved the laundry to the dryer. Back to the apartment again and updated this and finished yesterday’s Diary of Woe off.

0450hrs: Back down, a lady arrived and put her washing in the machine, and I got the dried clobber folder so that they need to come out so as to fit in the airing cupboard, into my bag. Cleaned the filter and wiped the machine. Another well-tanned tall lady I’d not seen before arrived, and she wanted to dry only, she started to put her things in the dryer I’d cleaned and vacated. I had to point out nicely to her, that the other lady’s washing would be done in 22 minutes, and she would need the dryer. She was not very happy about it, but I was glad I was there to stop her. Otherwise, the first woman would come down to use the dryer after using the washer, and she’d have to wait 50 minutes. Folk who use both machines have to take priority over those tenants with a washer who only want to use the dryer?

Quite busy early this morning in the laundry room. The other dryer now has a notice on it informing us that a new machine is on order, the sign was dated June 26!

I put away the attire and after a WRWW made a cup of tea and back on the laptop.

Spent three hours on the latest TFZer series, in between WRWW visits. Huh! Then got the nibbles and photographs ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour. BJ is coming today he said on the phone last night.

Did the ablutions. Took the rubbish to the chute. Set off to the Winwood Tenants Social Hour at the Community Shed.


Very few people there today, the least ever since I’ve been going there. And yet, it was one of the most enjoyable. BJ came and entertained us, William and Eddie were in fine form. I left a little earlier than usual for me, so I got back to the flat promptly for the cleaning ladies, just as well too.

t0002Cheryl & Maggie, owners of the M&C Home Cleaning Ltd arrived, they set to sorting the bedroom out, incredible speed and commitment.

Later I updated the poster card I made, I’d got the names on the wrong ladies. (Left)

Gj2They even fitted the curtains for me! Then cleaned the windows for me in the front room. They even said they’d see if they could get the shortened for me!

10k6I was so thankful and over the moon! Real Angels these two ladies!

GCk1Just before they finished, they informed me I’d had a letter delivered… guess who from… British Gas with another Red Demand for payment to the meter they told Warden Dean Walker a few days ago (For the third time!) had been Cancelled!

The ladies must have seen how this affected me, and they ran Deana and asked her to call and see me once again Sort out this horrendous situation.

This time, French-owned British Gas threatened me that they would get a legal entry warrant and replace the non-existent meter with a payment meter, I’d lose my Credit Rating, and they will pass on my details to Credit Collection Agency!

The girls departed leaving my flat much neater and organised for me. Bless them!

Warden Deana arrived a bit later, and took the paperwork, saying she is going to contact them by email this time, so she has a record, and off she went, too.

Heard nothing back from her yet.

Worried, anxious bothered and uptight again now. Got some chips in the oven to have with some Bochek pork loin, beetroot, tomatoes, orange peppers, gherkins and bread. I always seem to want to eat when I’m under pressure. Tsk!

Did a bit of hoovering then I updated this diary of woe once again. Then updated today’s events to the British Gas TrustPilot comment.

The ulcer joined Anne Gyna in making it a lousy night for me.

Had the nosh, and sat fretting about the British Gas situation – even if I have to pay this bill for the mystery second meter – Why has no one been in touch about it?

09Well fed-up, in pain and depressed now!

The fodder looked inviting and tasty, but my spirits didn’t allow me to enjoy it as I should have.

One hell of a sedulous, busy worrying day.

And the weight-scales were playing up again… up, being the optimum word! Hehe!

Dizzies came on, and I felt awfully confused.

Oh, and I didn’t have time to do any Facebooking – must try to catch up tomorrow if I can.

What a day!