Inchcock Today – Monday 30th April 2018

Monday 30th April 2018

 Punjabi:  ਸੋਮਵਾਰ 30 ਅਪ੍ਰੈਲ 2018

0215hrs: I decided to give up trying to get any sleep. Then nodded off!?!?

0415hrs: Woke with a start, bits of memories of a dream milling about in the grey-cells, made some notes of them.

Had to extract my old overweight body from the £300 second-hand recliner, and go for a wee-wee. Being up, I did the Health Checks first. Quite a change this time again, but in the right direction methinks. Made up last weeks record to take to the surgery on Wednesday.


7Sun34bMade a brew in the small mug. Took a picture of the sphygmomanometer with the results for this morning, showing. I used the old little Nokia camera, and it shows in the quality of the photograph. I wasn’t having any Shaking Shaun moments either, I just made a right blurry mess of it. Tsk!

1Mon05 I got the computer on and consulted the scribbled notes about the dream. Surprisingly, I could remember other bits of the morningmare while reading what I’d written on the notepad earlier: I was working on an old British Railways Central passenger train, kept losing passengers and throwing others out of the carriages. Annoyed by their unruly behaviour. Next second, I was in an open market buying a fruit and veg stall to find all the stock was mouldy and trying to sort out with suppliers to get replacements, but they would not sell to me? Then, back on the train; trouble with the gas lamps in the first-class? Searching for matches – then back to the market stall and found a train line ran through the middle of the stalls… all very confusing and a goulash of anger, frustration and passion came into it then. There, serving at another booth, was the most beautiful woman (I did know her in real life, many years ago) and I could not get to her. Every time I walked around the alleyways I ended up back on the train and could see her out of the window, but the train pulled away… arguments with travellers… I got back to the market hours later to search for her, every time I got near I needed a wee-wee and could not find a urinal for ages… and the whole rigmarole started over again! Hey-ho!

I made a start on updating the Sunday Inchcock Today when I got summoned to the Porcelain Throne. I couldn’t remember passing anything at all yesterday, so I prepared myself for a haemorrhoid tearing session. Needlessly, as it happened. The evacuation went surprisingly well.

Got the Sunday post finished and posted off. Then began writing this one.

1Mon05 I realised I’d made an error in one of the page headers, and set about getting it put right again in CorelDraw.

Off to perform the ablutions. Again, things were not as bad as they have been. Haemorrhoid Harold had only the tiniest amount of bleeding, and he was not too painful or stinging. Cleaning and medicating the lesion, once more, was far less bothersome pain-wise. It always worries me when things seem to be; not-as-bad or even improving for me: the EQ and history told me not to get too excited!

1Mon05 A good shower and shave, the shave revealing that the blotches had now returned to the face and chin this time. Humph! I wonder what’s causing it? Put some cream on and rubbed it in the skin.


1Mon030825hrs: A quick Hoover over the carpets. Herbert upstairs started clattering a bit at the same time. I hope he doesn’t think I was retaliating. Took the bags to the waste chute.

Then set off to the temporary Oberstrurmfurherssess HQ and Social cabin. The Willmott Dixon lads were out and about and busied this morning.

Got to the hut, and said my good mornings to the Wardens Julie and Deana. Received a reprimand for not doing my monthly wrist-alerts battery checks with Nottingham City Homes control. I begged forgiveness and promised to do it when I got back from shopping. Hehehe! We did larf!

Many tenants in the hut and few good gossiping sessions ensued. Some of the gals mentioned the blemishes that were lingering on my mush. Penny was as twinkling-eyed as ever. Roy did not look too good today. I hope he’ll be alright. Welsh Bill was in top form, shooting the quips and sarcasm’s out at will. Poor Will, Hehe! I am a fool!

The general consensus was that skin ailment is a new allergy of some sort. If the blemishes are still appearing on Wednesday, I’ll show (Not that I could hide them, Hehe!) to the nurse.

Out to the bus stop. Plenty of residents were waiting out there, and moaning about the cold weather. For it indeed was chilly this morning, with a biting wind to boot!

I caught the Bestwood bus to Arnold. By the time we got through Sherwood, I was the sole tenant on the bus.

I dropped off opposite the Wilko store. Crossed the road and went in, to get some more of the liquid soapflakes, while I was out, and save me having to go out get some more when they are needed. I ended up getting carried away with the shopping again, and filled the 1Mon04little carrier bag, with the flakes, Air Wick citrus fresh-air spray on off at £1.50. Yoghourt covered peanuts, a bag of walnuts and some jelly babies and nibbles for the social and raffle on Thursday.

I wondered up Worrall Avenue to Chambers the butcher to have a look to see if they had any of their home cooked belly pork slices on sale. They did, but they were really fatty, so I didn’t 1Mon05get any.

I weakened and visited the Boyes store.

I bought a bottle of the Zoflora Citrus disinfectant at £2.69, a fair price I thought. Some Magnesium tablets to fight the night cramps, a packet of six Milky Ways to use in the nibble box at the social hour.

I called in the Savers shop next door for a nosey around. Blow it! This shop had the Zoflora Citrus on show selling for less than Boyes, at £2.50 a bottle. Hey-ho!

1Mon06I walked on to Front Street and made my way to the Asda (Walmart) shop. And did get carried away again, and ended up with the big carrier full of some heavy gear that I purchased. Huh!

A bag of large potatoes. Two trays of sliced potatoes in seasoning,  brown onion and a bag of sliced red onions. A parsnip and turnip. A pack of sugar-snap peas, some English tomatoes. Three x six bags of the cheese snaps. And two tins of curried beans. Another £12.72 spent in total there. Asda was surprisingly busy for a Monday.

1Mon07As I was leaving the store, an alarm sounded somewhere, and a security guard appeared. No idea what it was about or had happened. But he nearly walked into me in his haste.

None of the pickpockets or shoplifters showed any signs of interest in the alarm.

I left and made my way up to Hight Street to catch the L9 bus home.

1Mon07aFor a couple of minutes, Reflux Roger had a go at me, I had to put the bags down until the hard to breathe attack finished. Which only lasted two minutes at most, and Roger Reflux didn’t bother me again?.

I’m having a right confusing and baffling day with the ailments, but not complaining.

When I arrived at the bus shelter, I had ten minutes to go before the L9 was due.

1Mon07bLuckily for me, I was concentrating reasonably well at this time. Else, I might have missed the bus. For it arrived at a high rate of knots, five minutes early!

We’ve not seen many of the regular drivers on the L9 route for a week now. This young chap, who sped along, kept having to stop three or four times on the way to try and keep to the timetable because he was driving so fast?

In Sherwood, five of the other tenants got on. Welsh William and Gladys amongst them.

1Mon07cWhen we arrived at Chestnut Walk at the apartments. Welsh Bill shot off into the cabin, I assumed he was in the same mode as I was; in desperate need of a wee-wee. Haha!

The construction lads were energetic and were getting on with the new Extra Care building in between the two old blocks. It looks like they are working on roof erections now.

Got in and had a marathon-length painfull wee-wee.

Then sorted the purchases and out away those not needed to today’s nosh.


1Mon07ePrepared the meat and vegetables.

Cut up the pork shoulders into small pieces and got the veg chopped and all into the crock-pot. Added the following seasonings: Balsamic vinegar, pork gravy in the water, oregano, onion-salt, a splash of Maggi flavouring and got the lot cooking on high for half an hour, then turned it down to the low setting.

1Mon08I got on with updating this diary.

It was so cold now, in the flat. These storage heaters do not hold enough heat if you want extra quickly.

I checked on the crock-pot, all looked to be coming along fine. Off for another wee-wee and washed me and returned to the kitchen to make a brew.

1Mon09I got the dressing gown on to counter the flipping cold.

The blotches were still there, but maybe a little less prominent now.

Back to the computer for three hours, with the odd wee-wee or two taken. Tsk!

I could smell the crock-pots, and it was an inviting one.

I went in to check on it and put the sliced potatoes in the oven.

1Mon05  then 1Mon05 again!

I’d overfilled the pot, and it had spilt out over the counter! Had to clean the mess up, and… 1Mon05 burnt the back of my hand while doing this!

1Mon05 Then, I realised I’d not turned the oven on! I may burst into ululating in a bit!

Worked on this diary until the oven heated enough.

Got the sliced spuds in and had a taste of the stew… 1Mon05 Red hot – too spicy for me. So I had to take more liquid out and replace it with boiling water.

I am feeling clapped-out, weary, frustrated, woebegone and a right schlemiel!

I’m now waiting for the final recumbentibus, its bound to come! And then I’ll start crying pathetically I think. Hehe!

1Mon10Got the meal prepared.

The pork and veg stew that I had all the hassle and Whoopsiedangleplops making, turned out to be a coincidental unplanned recherché surprise; a rare accidental mélange that I enjoyed very much indeed. I gave this one an enjoyment rating of 9.46/10!

As I was placing the fully cleared of food bowl and tray on the armchair, I thought I heard a knocking. So I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and had a look around.

1Mon11I found a Nottingham City Homes – Willmott Dixon leaflet had been put through the door, with the message:

Please will you let me know if you still require a visit from the joiner to:

1: Install base threshold to sliding doors

2: Install plastic strips to sliding doors

3: Require attention to skirting boards

And the scariest, most frightening bit: “Let me know if you still require the Plasterer to visit.” Hehehe! Obviously, I do need a visit, but the nightmare of the last work done has left me concerned and scared to death at the thought of another attack… I mean, visit.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can’t muster up the heart to do much cleaning nowadays, knowing there is so much more work to be done yet. I’m dreading the electricians coming to sort the new alarms, communication system and the dreaded sprinkler system.

When I had the bathroom converted to a wet room, the man who came to do it all on his own was here for about eight days in total. He did a magnificent job, and could not have made less mess, his efforts were much appreciated. A hero!

The electricians came to fit the power box, and the two of them were here for about half-an-hour and left more mess and damage than the fitter did in doing the wet room in eight days!

The very thought of them grafting away in the flat and doing all that working all over the place, pipes as well, etc. leaves me anxious and apprehensive already. Nervous too, after all the mayhem I’ve suffered at their hands!

I washed the pots and had a wee-wee and back down in the recliner. Dozed-off and woke withthe feeling that I might have left the hot tap running for a third night, and had to disentangle my limbs from the £300 second-hand recliner and to the kitchento check. Ah, got it right tonight, the tap was not running! Haha!

Inchcock Today – Friday 6th April 2018: Worra horrible day!

Friday 6th April 2018

Turkish: 6 Nisan 2018 Cuma

0245hrs: I stirred into a Spike Milliganish form of life brain-wise. Battling back the harrowing wayward thoughts, and confusion milling about in the grey-cells. A thirst raged inside, and this forced me into physical activity, and I removed my short-plump chubby-wobbly body from the £300 second-hand recliner, almost with ease. Hippy Hilda was still asleep I think, so I moved with considerable attention so as not to disturb her.

5Fri001bI got the kettle on and made a brew. Using the small China mug, I used the English Breakfast tea and the Arla milk.

Took the cup and medications back to the computer, and got it turned on – the computer that is, not the cup and tablets. Hehe!

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 2.2/10: I started to do the updating of the diaries and tried to load the photographs to WordPress, but they would not go on (Download). I opened the old version of WordPress and, blow me down with a feather duster, it accepted them. Then, because the old one does not allow full alignment, I had to go back to the new version. Life, is so complicated, involved and complicated, don’t you find? Mine seems full of inconcinnity nowadays. Grumph!

Then I realised I had not done the Health Checks. So I did them.


5Fri002While in the kitchen, I took a photographicalisation of an apparent Alien Spaceship on the horizon. Or, was it an Angel coming down for me? Maybe it was a North Korean missile? Most likely a reflection on the glass of something in the kitchen.

Either way, it seemed to be coming down over Top Valley. So it could be a Parachute dropping their supplies of knives, guns, drugs, iPads, mobile phones and condoms?

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 2.8/10: Just as I got back to the computer, an urgent and sudden need for the utilisation of the Porcelain Throne was needed. So, off to the wet room. En route, it dawned on me that Duodenal Donald had eased-off on me this morning as well as Hippy Hilda. The relief caused me some concern, as it was unnatural.

The actual evacuation caught me by surprise, no sooner was I sat down on the loose-fitting toilet seat, out it came. Slowly, messy. Had a heck of a job cleaning up after the movement. On the bright side (I tickled myself there, writing ‘On The Bright Side’, this does not happen to me very often – Hehehe!), there was only the tiniest amount of blood.

Back to the computer and made this post up to here. Then finally, I got onto finishing the Thursday post. A long job indeed, having to keep changing from on WP to the other to get it ended, but I managed and posted it off.

I tried to get into the account for the bank again, but I still did not know my ID. Spent far too long failing to get into it back.

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 2.9/10: Back to updating this one. I didn’t get very far, when another demand for a return to the Porcelain Throne arrived, Oh dearie me! I should best use the words ‘Gooey, with a distinctively putrescent, olid, aroma’ in describing this evacuation. I had a thorough cleansing session afterwards. I was left with the stomach feeling a tad queasy after the visit, where I would have thought it should have been before? An unpropitious indication for my future health here, I guess.

 Got on to the WordPress Reader, next.


5Fri003Back to the computer.

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 3/10: I tried to get into the account for the bank again, but I still did not know my ID. Spent far too long failing to get into it back.

Time has shot by again, it is gone 0700hrs already.

Ablutions time soon. A quick look at the emails, then off to the wet room. Got the ablutions completed, remembered to take bank folder with the paperwork with me, and set-out.

5Fri006Again my reliable but unwanted EQ warning me that agitation is to follow!

I walked down to the end of Chestnut Walk, waving at the two uninterested Wardens as I passed their window.

Stopped at the end of the road to take this picture of the depressing place called home, as I turned down Winchester Street Hill on my way to the Bank to ask for help. (An enigma, my saying this).

5Fri007Not many folks about again.

Whoopsie O1 I got into the bank and only one other person in there, and he was being tended to. Just as well, only the one teller on duty.

I showed her the letter I’d received telling me how important it is to that I activate my internet account, and explained my difficulties.

The lady said that usually there would be someone who could help me, but not today. I was astounded and irate about this. The lady suggested she gets me a temporary Password. I was much cheerier at this news. She had it sent to me mobile, and I opened the message. I told her could I do this logging in etc. tomorrow, cause I have to go to the clinic and chemists yet today. But No! It expires in 6 hours, so it has to be done now. I was in there for ages and felt guilty keeping other customers waiting. In the end, I thanked her for making me miss my clinic appointment, and left, with stares from those now more aged people in the queue, burning into me. Oh, dear! Irritability Level; Now 4/10:

5Fri008Really aggravated now, again, after walking all the way down the hill, now I have to walk back up it to log-on and change things.

When I left, sulking and feeling hard-done-to again, all these closed shops in a row were next to the bank. I’m not surprised.

I struggled back up the hill, in a rotten mood.

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 4/10: Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald both came on at the same time.

Irritability Level; Still at 4/10 I called in at the Social Shed to see if I could get some comfort from the Wardenesses, who were both in their office. I began to tell Obrguppenfurher Deana about my woes with the bank. Her face turned stern, and she said: Don’t tell me, all the banks are useless in helping anyone. The gal had plainly suffered at the bank’s hands too! Poor thing. She got a phone call, so I lost her attention altogether. Unterofficier Julie was told of my plastering and carpet woes and then the bank farce. I might have well of been talking to the lamppost outside for all the response I got. But, I do appreciate how rushed they are with all the demolition… I mean, improvement, works going on. And precious little extra help for them.

5Fri009Back to the flat, where I met the chappie who did the carpet cleaning and had a little chinwag. Deana passed by hurrying to an appointment. (She’s always up to her neck with work to do.)

The mini-aliens had revisited the lifts. Hehe! No idea what was they bombed the carpeting with. (Might have been Black Kryptonite? Haha!)

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 4.18/10: The knocking and banging coming from the next flat were naggingly persistent. I assume Doris is having her plastering done today.

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 5/10: I had the embarrassment of calling the Clinic and apologising to them for my not showing up for the appointment. The last three days have been right disasters and frustrations for me. Today seems to be carrying on, if not getting worse, now! I’ve indeed shown myself up as a milquetoast, with the bank and Nottingham City Home and Willmott-Brown all showing little interest in my problems and my spunkless reactions to this.

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 5.2/10: I tried to get onto the bank site on the computer. A right farce it was, getting to put in the new code. Had to work several times before it let me in – Then I had to change the temporary PW with one of my own. You know; You must use upper and lower case letters numbers and give your barefoot height and favourite member of the Beatles, using 9 > 21 digits, on a Wednesday afternoon… Hehe! I’d taken too long picking a code, and it threw me out, telling me I must start the whole procedure again! Irritability Level; Now 4.9/10

Set out to catch the bus down the hill and walk to the chemist in Carrington. Met Cyndy on the way down, she always cheers me up. Irritability Level; Now down to 5/10.

Had a chinwag with a gal at the bus stop. We both got off in Sherwood and walked for a way along together, she was going to her local Doctors and then to do some shopping.

I pressed on along Mansfield Road towards Carrington.

A Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on the other pathway across the road was moving along at a fair rate of knots, but not in a straight line, or anything like one. I think the two full, heavy-looking shopping bag on his handlebars and his backpack were affecting his balance. So, it is just as well he was on the pavement I thought. A little further on he stopped, to take a swig of lager, I think it was, then carried on his circuitous wobbling ride.

I plodded on down the hill to the Carrington Pharmacy. Feeling stupidly confident the prescriptions would be ready to collect. After all, I called in there on my last blood test visit, just to ask them when the medicines would be available. They told me Friday 6th, and I irrationally and insanely believed them, went home and wrote this down on the written diary and Google calendar.

Whoopsie O1 Irritability Level; Now 7.9/10: Of course I should have listened to my EQ and not bothered going. They were not ready. I could fetch them in the morning. I wanted to tell them of all the hassle they have caused me, and tell them I do not wish them to do my prescriptions anymore! But, being the faint-heart that I am, I said nothing. I just gave them my authentic disappointed, chapfallen, down-in-mouth look, and walked out without saying anything. Revue of Irritability Level; Now: 8.9/10

5Fri012Despite my frustrations, I spotted these flowers, growing through the gap between the bricks on a wall. Bootiful! Spring is coming.

I walked along Mansfield Road to the Lidl Store and bought food I didn’t need to. My depression was getting real now. I bought a TV guide (the last thing I need, I can’t stay awake to watch anything), Cheese Twists, Cobs, Wiener mini sausages, tomatoes, potato slices and a Melton pork pie.

Whoopsie O1 When I arrived at the self-serve counter and put the things through, I forgot how to get the total up, I pressed the Finish & Pay button, but the total cost did not appear. I was on the card-only till, and had to ask the helpful 6’4″ assistant who looked as interested in my problem as Jeremy Corbyn would be in remembering Margaret Thatchers birthday. He just barged me out of the way with his elbow, he never spoke,  pressed some buttons and then I could swipe my card, and walked away, treading on my toe as he did so! Irritability Level; Now: 9.2/10

I was more sad and pessimistic than ever now. I left and out to the bus shelter.

Whoopsie O1 The bus arrived, and I had to sit on one of the side-saddle seats. This did not please Hippy Hilda at all. I only travelled for a few stops, but when it came to getting up to get off… I kept everyone waiting as I struggled to get up without risk of the zona orbicularis causing too much pain. (See, I do listen to the doctors, Hehehe!) The silence from the driver and other passengers spoke volumes. Before the bus pulled up and waited for me to get up and off, there was a hum of gossiping, this all stopped, while I made my way off, keeping those passengers waiting to alight the bus waiting too!

I did feel a fool! Irritability Level; Now 9.5/10

I walked up and into the Boots shop. They did have some straight Magnesium in stock. But they wanted £6.85 for a pot of 30! Hippy Hilda soon eased-off after I got walking again.

I left Boots and hobbled further up to the top of the hill and went into the Holland & Barrett store to look for some Magnesium tablets. They were charging £9.17 for a tub of 300. So I bought one. (Yes, I’d forgotten that I’d ordered some from Morrisons) What a foolish Chaim Yanke I am!

5Fri011Spotted a little more Nottingham Street art on Mansfield Road.

I called in the greengrocers and bought some more tomatoes and three of the seedless oranges. Why I don’t know. I didn’t like the last ones I bought a few days ago? But the lady did smile at me as she took the money off of me, and said: “I’ll see you again, later”.

Caught the bus up to the flats. Feeling tired and weary in the extreme now.

Got back to Chestnut Walk and made my way home to the flat.

Put the fodder away. No wee-weeing needed.  Made a brew and got on with the updating of this loquacious diary.

I took a break and knocked on neighbour Doris’s door. She was in. I asked her if she might like one of the oranges and a cheese twist. She liked the idea of the twist and said she would warm it up tonight. No orange for her though, she cannot eat them.

After several hours, and two hours beyond my regular head-down time, I got the nosh sorted.

A cheese twist, sugar-snap peas, potatoes and that was enough. For I felt so tired and worn out, my appetite was minimal. But I fancied the cheese twist.

Whoopsie O1 Serving up the nosh, I dropped the cheese twist, and it fell straight 5Fri016into the waste bin without touching the sides. It landed on top of the used medical swabs, so no way was I going to even think about retrieving it. Humph!

Irritability Level; Now 10.5/10 – I’ve lost all heart and faith in life here now! Hehe!

The meal minus the cheese twist, of course, was appetising enough.

Whoopsie O1 But yet another Whoopsiedangleplop had to be contended with. While in the recliner eating the meal form the tray on my knees, the orange slipped off of the dish. I continued to enjoy the meal, finished it and then got up to wash the pots, and had a look for the orange. I could not see it, so went into the kitchen and cleaned the accoutrements.

Came back to have a ‘proper’ search for the orange. Despite feeling so tired, frustrated and irritable at this day’s disasters and failures, I spent ages, looking in incredibly unlikely places for this piece of citrus – it’s still AWOL.

I got down in the recliner and began to analyse the events of the worst day of the year for Whoopsiedangleplops… Drifted off in seconds I reckon. Kept waking up with the wrist itching like mad – repeatedly?

Should my EQ ever warn me of another day like any of the last five days is imminent, I don’t care what the ‘agony and torment’ bringing Nottingham City Homes, or Willmott-Brown tell me about not opening the windows – I throw myself out of one!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 22nd March 2018

Thursday 22nd March 2018

Cebuano: Huwebes Marso 22, 2018

0300hrs: I instantly stirred into imitation life of sorts. The brain caught up, and I mused over the day required actions. Get up and crack on with finishing the two-part Wednesday blog. Morrison delivery is due twixt 0630>0730hrs. Dentist appointment at 0930hrs. This was enough to fully engage the available grey-cells for the moment. Looking around at the mess from the upgrade work, prevented me from welcoming the day.

An ethereality lingered and tormented me. A feeling of certainty of the absence of any afflatus’ or creative impulses or ideas, ensured my characteristics and attitude would start off as one of diffidence and floccinaucinihilipilification. (I knew one day this word would fit the bill to use one of my blogs, Hehe!).

I unwillingly coerced and disencumbered my aged-body from the £300 second-hand recliner, and to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications. Quite how the dust from the window upgrading had gotten into the tablet compartments with closed lids and placed in a drawer, will have to remain a conundrum for now.

Huh! Now I have to dust the tablets, capsules and pills before I can take them!

I managed to get the camera out of the crack in the window to take a shot down below. But the new ledge outside is far too broad and long for me to be able to get a clear shot.

04Thur04Off to the Porcelain Throne. A little less bleeding this morning from the front end, but the usual for the last two days. Then the flood from the rear end from Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

Got the computer on. It’s Lynda Lores Birthday today, I must make time to do a Happy Birthday graphic and hope the Facebook lets me work, for the lass.

Made a start on the first part of the Wednesday double post. Got it finished and then did the second part. Posted them both off.

Did the second Health Checks

The Morrison delivery arrived. No substitutions. Showed the driver the state of the flat. Got some sympathy from him, bless his cotton socks.

04Thur050810hrs: All readied, and I set off for the Dentists.

Over the road, and up the gravel hill, passing the tree copse on the way.

A lot of dogs taking their owners for a walk. One of them allowed me to fuss their terrier when it came to me. I have to say I enjoyed doing this and seeing her little tail wagging.

04Thur07Down the park path onto Mansfield Road, up over the crest and down to the dentists.

A confusion, come maze of plastic fencing greeted me. Some roadworks were in operation.

Luckily they had left just enough room for me to follow the fencing to the dentist front door.

I only got up the steps and two paces further, and I found myself at the end of the queue of patients in line, waiting to record their presence with the receptionists. As this column slowly got shorter, a nurse came down the stair and called out a ladies name, to go up with her to one of the surgeries. A woman behind me answered: “I’m here, still waiting to sign in!” Hehe! It doesn’t seem to matter where I go, mayhem is there!

After a while, I got to the desk and discovered that these receptionist are nearly in the same class as the Lidl and Audio Centre staff. Not as down-putting as the Lidl ones are, and they do not have similar quality sneers as the Audio ones, pretty snotty and they have a decent “Don’t bother me ‘unspoken’ stare” that is pretty intimidating. Also, their Smirks and Sideways Glances were excellent. After she told me I was too early and gave me some forms to fill-in, feeling penitential and ashamed of myself, I sat down and got on with doing a crossword.

A threatening looking dentist assistant with tattoos on both arms approached me and instructed me to follow her. When she saw I was struggling a bit with my efforts to stand and walk, she offered to carry my bag upstairs for me.

In the surgery, the male dentist Dr Vitesh Patel greeted me with all the false-enthusiasm of Jeremy Clarkson when not being fed! He quickly got me on the chair and leaning backwards and checked the teggies. As last time six months earlier, he carried out his fetish on the same tooth with the same words, as he did his best to break through with one of his metal probes. On about his fifth stab at it: “There is a tiny hole in this tooth, it might need a filling” I replied: “I’m not surprised, if you don’t stop sticking that thing into it, it’ll be a big hole!” He was not impressed and lost interest. Just like the last visit, he took some X-rays of the same teeth as on that visit. He looked at the gap in the missing tooth at the front and said. Does this bother you? No, I replied. “Okay I’ll leave it then” he responded. Telling me things are okay and assisted me out of the chair.

After ten minutes, if that, I was back downstairs paying the Oberleutnantess receptionist £20.60 for the pleasure. I asked if they could make the appointment for 12 months instead of six. “Not without the Dentists instructions and permission I can’t” Backed-up with a look of incredulousness mingled with a hint of scepticalness. I lied outright and said he did say so! Eventually, after much pondering, she made it for nine months.

I said my farewells and made my way limpingly out into the daylight. Yesterday’s marathon was beginning to make the plates-of-meat really tender and painful now. I dawdled slowly along back the way I came. To the park, and up the footpath. Another dog approached me for some fuss. A long-haired black terrier of some sort. He got plenty from me, and the lady owner said thank you to me as I moved on? Truly amazing, that’s three unknown to me dogs in a few days that have sought me out for some fuss?

04Thur08Up to the top of the hill, and near the tree copse, I stopped on the bottom of the gravel path to take this photograph of the hoist and workers on my floor of the apartments.

The feet were even worse now, really stinging.

But it’s my own fault for walking so far yesterday, innit? Hehe!

I got to the flat, and picked up the raffle prizes and box of nibbles, and back out to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Shed, for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour. Jenny was looking particularly pretty this morning. Cindy was in good form. Cath was too. Everyone there, apart from Big John, seemed in better spirits than of late. I had a chinwag with each of them in turn. (Well, not Big John!). Handed the raffle prize in, and took the nibble-box around, having a laugh here and there as I did so. Got some raffle tickets and handed them out to others. Stayed beyond the hour this time. Enjoyed it.

Back to the flat, had a wee-wee, did the Health Checks.


Got the food in the oven tray ready to cook later, turned the oven on to warm up. A ready-made vegetarian moussaka. I added tons of extra grated cheese and some sliced tomatoes on top of it. Some battered onions ready to add later. Got a few red onion slices on the plate.

P1270930Started to do this blog. After a few hours the door chime rang-out. It was young bloke from Willmot-Brown. Came to measure the gap left at the bottom of the balcony door.

I let him in and started telling him about the curtain not being replaced and how I could not manage it on the steps. This made no impression, other than he asked which team did the window. I didn’t know, did I.

He finished measuring and said he would be back tomorrow to fill in the holes in the floor and apply the plastic board on top.

I updated the calendar and diary with the dates for the next dentist visit, Wednesdays INR blood test and the Morrison delivery.

Did the Health Checks etc.

Back to updating this diary.

Went to the WordPress reader page. Then did some commenting.

Facebook no letting me import to photo albums. Going too slow and sticking. Grr! Poor Lynda Lore! Well, I can wish her love and happiness for her Special Day, with a cyber cuddle and gentle non-intrusive massage too! XXX ♥♥♥

Got the oven on.

Nosh – Nice but far too many courgettes and aubergines, especially with the INR Warfarin level being so low.

I picked a lot of them out of the meal, to be on the safe side.

I bought these, cause they were on offer at 3 for £6. I’ll have to give the other two away if we have any vegetarians in the block.

Utterly shattered and tired out, I fell asleep after eating the meal. Woke and got up around 0200hrs!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 18th February 2018:

Sunday 18th February 2018

Moari: Rātapu 18 Huitanguru 2018

0130hrs: Another personality woke up this morning. He had no fears, worries or lack of control over his brain’s thoughts. I recognised this condition immediately, but Inchcock’s own mode returned within seconds of this. I suffered dysania as well. I lay, pondering and musing on anything and everything that seemed to have no connection to reality; but soon came out of it, and forced myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner. Off to collate the laundry room needs, then down with the clothing.

Down in the elevator and got the washing into the machine.

Then nipped outside and took a picture of the front of the building looking up.

It didn’t come out very well, I’m afraid. Just a bit nippy out there today.

Back up to the flat and got the Health Checks done.

Took the medications with a mug of water.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dear! Not good in any department this morning. The lesion had been bleeding, and the evacuation was, so Trotsky affected, I took a Dia capsule afterwards.

Time to go down and move the gear from washer to dryer.

Back again to the flat and took this picture from the kitchen window. I could see aeroplane lights high in the sky as they flew past. But they did not appear in the photograph for some reason.

Too small I expect.

Got on with the diaries. Started this one off up to here, then updated the Saturday post and got it sent off.

Got carried away again, and forgot about retrieving the washing from the dryer! Tsk!

I hurried down to get the washing, taking this photograph of the display board near the elevator doors on the ground floor.

I was a tad confused when I saw the current weather given as Sunny? It was pitch black outside, as the earlier photograph indicates.

At this point, I decided I’d try to get out later today into Woodthorpe Grange Park, to visit the Tropical Gardens and get some photos and a little exercise.

Into the laundry room, I went and emptied the drum of the clothing, folded them and then got them into the bag.

Another Mystery-Odd-Sock scenario! Looked in the drums of both machines and underneath all of them, but no sock.

Back up to the flat and my hopes wervanquished. I carried out an inefficacious search for the absconded grey sock. Humph!

0500hrs: Went on Facebooking, adding to albums and then the TFZers site. Started on the TFZer graphic.

1020hrs: Got it finished at last! Gosh and golly, that took some time to get something like right.

On Facebook again and posted it. I pray they like it.

Sister Jane rang me and, we had a little natter.

Off to get the ablutions done, and then get out to the Tropical Garden. (If it is open today, of course.) The ailment treatments took a bit longer than I thought they would. The lesion had to be negotiated carefully. Took the midday medications and did the Health Checks, then set off out.

This is the route out and back that I took. Not far at all.

As I got around the back of the building into the park. (See the squiggly lines? That’s where it was very muddy, I tried a slightly different route on the way back to void the slipperiest bits.) I had to do a bit of mud-skating to get through the wet sludge so I could take this picture of the back of the new build erection progress. I could see on the camera screen what a mess I’d made of shooting it. No idea what went wrong, but I tried again, and it looked much better – but the photo did not store? Turned off the camera, took the SD card and reinserted it.

Crossed my fingers the other ones will come out alright.

I went up the hill, and within a few yards, Hippy Hilda started kicking-off, nastily too. Of course, with the route there being all uphill, I could not complain, could I? Hehe!

I turned part-way up and tried another effort at the new build block.

Ah, that was a lot better! I hobbled on through the trees, taking in the wonder of nature and the smell of dog poo! Masses of broken-off branches everywhere – but some of the dogs liked them to take home.

There were many people about in the park today, at first I was surprised at how the kids were being so quiet and the dogs not barking much. Then I realised I’d not got the hearing aid in. But the weather was just grand. Not too old at all, no winds to speak of, or rain either.

The crocuses, or croci, using the Latin form, never cease to amaze me every year.

Here we are in February (I’m quick yer know, note I didn’t need to consult the calendar then. Hehe!) and these purple beauties are forcing their way through the soil, broken branches and dog droppings already.

I think they are purple anyway. Being colour shade blind and all that.

Painfully with Anne Gyna now joining Hippy Hilda in giving me some jip, I pressed on, occasionally stopping to give Hilda and Anne a rest.

I wandered slowly through the unkept part of the gardens, arriving at the compound where the Plant shop is located.

Not that I am au fait with gardening in any conceivable way, but I thought their composed and things were a decent price, and they had apparently just had a delivery of the manure and stuff.

Cause it always gets all dirty after it’s been there a while.

When I got through the doors to the Tropical Gardens, I was greeted by the now mended metal Gorilla.

The spectacles misted up in seconds. I’d forgotten how hot it was in here. There was nothing new from last year as far I could tell, but some stuff had been moved around.

Whatever these plants were I don’t know, because they did not have a sign on them as many others had. But, beautiful they were.

They had a smell that reminded me of Camp Coffee when I used to the unscrew the lid? Are they related to coffee in some way?

I watched the Koi Carp for a long time, but could not get a decent photograph of them, no matter how many times I tried.

It dawned on me then that Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna had both relented and departed from my ailment list activations. Hehe, Hurrah!

And they stayed off, all the way back to the flats. Downhill you see!

Had a few minutes more meandering around and then left.

I really did enjoy the almost pain-free walk back down the hill. And the lack of noise from the ankle-snappers, dogs and radios, thanks to my forgetting to take the hearing aids with me. Tsk!

I took another snap of the flat building.

Taking a different way through the woods to get back on to Chestnut Grove.

The feet were beginning to sting a bit as I entered the lobby doors.

Sat there, waiting for a taxi to arrive, were Jenny, Doris and Frank. We had a little natter that I really did enjoy for a minute or two.

Health Checks and medications were done.

Updated this diary. By now it was late for me, so I got the meal sorted.

Pork Knuckle, tomatoes, snap peas, baked beans and the potato Fritters, rated this one at 8.9/10.

All good. Put the tray on the next chair while I cleaned my spectacles. fell asleep.

Woke a couple of hours later, got the pots washed and settled again to watch some TV. Nodded off.

Stirred again around an hour later, thought it was time to get up. Struggled out of the recliner and off for a wee-wee. Bit of bleeding, so I cleansed the lesion and applied the cream. Then I realised the time was 2130hrs!

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner but could not sleep again. So I put on the TV. Drifted off at the first set of commercials.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 24th January 2018: Confused mind, Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas, Soaked in the rain, Wind moved fence and hit me on the head, Fire Alarm problems… lots of photos!

Wednesday 24th January 2018

 Hungarian: 2018. Január 24., Szerda

0100hrs: I woke and awaited the brain to join me. The ramblings, musings and confused thoughts arrived with a smattering of common sense mixed in there somewhere; hidden in with the bewilderingly chaotic fusion of almost psychedelic-like ideas, ranging from the poignant and epigrammatical to the intimidating and formidable uncontrollable irrational worries. I think there was a hint of lyssophobia in there somewhere too. These insights and anxieties seemed to melt into the ether quite quickly, and were replaced with just this one – I must get to the Porcelain Throne post- haste! Tsk! Which I did.

Oh, what a performance. Extracting my lumbering-body out of the £300 second-hand recliner was relatively pain-free, and completely accifauxpa free. Getting to the wet room was swiftly achieved without any toe stubbing or Dizzy Dennis’s. Whipping down the Protection Pants in haste to get seated and the evacuation process going. I pulled the pad from where Little Inchies lesion had bled in the night and then dried hard. This caused the blood to flow and splatter over my legs, the floor, the WC bowl and the accoutrements on the floor cabinet (Kitchen towels, toilet rolls, medical creams etc.) and sprayed over the opened pack of Protection Pants! This was not a good start, I thought to myself.

I got seated, and the Trotsky Terence affected evacuation followed. More mess to clean up! By the time I’d got things freshened sorted and cleaned up, it was 0130hrs!

Off to the kitchen to get the sphygmomanometer, thermometer, Enoxaparin hypodermic, creams, lotions and medications out to do the Health Checks and take the tablets.

Made a brew using an Olde English Extra Strong tea bag.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. The pulse seems to be getting a little higher this week. I don’t think that is a bad thing, it proves that the battery in the aorta valve is still working at least. Hehe!

0155hrs: I set about updating yesterday’s diary.

0420hrs: Got the Tuesday post finished and posted off, at last. By gum, that tool along time to get done.

Got this one started and got up to here on it at 0520hrs!

Sorted the nibble bags out for hopefully, Nurse Nichole and the staff for when I have the blood test later today.

Went to make another brew. The winds were howling a little outside. I opened the window to have a peep out and take a photograph.

            A mistake that!

The flipping high winds blew it as I began to open the window and flung stuff all over the kitchen!

Thank heavens, the ‘Healing Time’ paintings that Patti from Orlando did for me when I was in the hospital getting the new mechanical ticker had only blown down onto the counter and not into the sink that was full of hot water and soap suds at the time! Kitchen towels, foil trays and instruction leaflets also got spread around too. Humph, what a clot I am!

0545hrs: The winds were really howling loud. I bet there are not many residents still asleep now.

I mustn’t forget to tend to the ablutions, no later than 0700hrs, or there will not be time to sort things out and get to the doctors on time for the blood test. I allow myself an hour for the walk there but usually manage it with a few minutes to spare. But this mornings wind and rain may delay me a bit. So an earlier start will be needed methinks.

An hour or so now, before showering time. I used it on Facebooking catch-up.

0640hrs: Had to leave Facebook and get the ablutions sorted. It’ll take longer today with having to tend to the you-know-what bleeding.

All went well with the purifications and decontaminationing. Hehe! Got the bag and paperwork sorted, and set off with the brolly, well wrapped up and the fur-lined hat that I bought last month that has ear covers. Of course, I won’t be able to hear anything, but it should be warm and keep the terrible wind out.

Rubbish bags to the chute on the way out. I was surprised at how well the hearing aids worked with the hat on. And although not waterproof, the thing is lovely and warm, also does keep out the wind I found. Got it from Primark for £4.99 if anyone is interested.

Set off out on the hobble to the Doctors surgery.

By gum, the wind was cruel! Some patches of the road and pavement still have bits of frost on it, despite it not being cold other than the wind. There’s a reason for this I know, but I don’t see it. Hehehe!

The rain started to belt down even fiercer now. I got to the end of Chestnut Walk and turned right down Winchester Street Hill. And it was heartbreaking when I noticed two small birds, one either side of the netting on the roadside. They were chirping loudly and trying to get to each other I think. They must have been blown out of the trees with their nest. Poor little darlings. They could or at least did not fly when I approached them, but they ran away very quickly into the grass and bushes. This put me on a downer.

Further down the hill, I crossed the road while there was a gap in the traffic.

As I crossed Hood Street on the left on the way to cut through Mansfield Street and onto Mansfield Road; As I looked left for any traffic approaching, this sight greeted me. For some reason it made me laugh? Haha!

Some thin white material, obviously blown by the high winds, had got itself entangled in a tree. I took three shots of it to give a better depiction. I wondered what the clothing was and where it had been carried from.

I kept limping along and got onto Mansfield Road and turned left to walk over the hill and down into Carrington.

Just beyond the railings on the left, I got my first dowsing from a bus that went through a puddle as it was level with me. The rain grew even more powerful.

I’d just over the crest of the hill and thought the view would make a half-decent moody-photo, perhaps. If I had taken it a few seconds later, I would have caught the estate type car hitting the back of the mini! Dang, just missed it. Never mind though.

When I got into Carrington proper, I saw this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist coming my way, and the traffic slowed down. I tried for another moody-photo effort. Which I’m sorry I did now.

For I got a massive drenching from a bus, that filled my bag with rainwater and soaked the trousers, shoes and socks! Tsk, Huh and Botherations!

I have to mention at this point, that Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis and Duodenal Donald were all being sympathetic, benevolent and kind to me. I was doing well medically speaking. Only the plates-of-meat were really giving me any real bother. My EQ told me, this would not last for long.

Just a few hundred yards further on, the panel fencing on the old cricket ground was loose and blowing about in the wind. I saw this and was aware of it. But my just passing a massive puddle in the gutter, I turned and looked back to make sure that no buses were coming along… and panel blew out and hit me on the side of the head! I can now inform you, that the silly Primark hat with the ear-flaps offers pretty good protection again wayward planks of wood, too! Haha!

Got to the surgery and logged in with a new receptionist, who greeted me with a smile and asked my name. Gerald Chambers, I replied. She said; “Shingles? To see the specialist nurse? Your appointment isn’t until 1500hrs this afternoon Mr Charnley!” Int life confusing?  After I confirmed my name all was sorted, and I sat down and got the crossword book out – the now very wet crossword book, thanks to the puddles and buses en route to the medical practice. I put it back in the bag with hopes of drying it out later.

Seconds later, a new to me nurse came to collect me to take my blood. Where was Nurse Nichole? She was a cute little thing, and very helpful. She told me she’ll see me early as I’d arrived now, then I can go on my way and get home quicker. A lovely thought, but it would not work because I can’t use my bus pass until 0930hrs, but still, it was kind of her. She took the blood and afterwards there was no leaking at all. She kindly warned me that the rain was like a storm now, as I left.

I gave the bag of nibbles to the receptionist and went to leave the premises.

Well, the nurse was right, it was belting it down, and the winds continued without any lessening. I got the soaking brolly out of the rainwater filled bag, and bravely ventured out and hobbled to the Lidl shop.

The Fool!

As soon as I turned left on Mansfield Road, it happened again!

The bus you see in the distance had just given me another soaking.

I was beginning to get depressed. Hehehe!

I went to the store and intentionally took my time perusing around, in the hope that when I finished, the bus-pass would be valid to use. This proved expensive. Me, wandering around a food store is always likely to be a money-spending event. Tsk! I came out having spent £11.98 on things unwanted, unneeded and a wet bag to carry them home in. Twit! A tin of BBW mackerel to join the several tina already in the cupboard. Chocolate nibbles, more yoghourts. Potatoes. Anchovies. Bacon and air-spray.

On top of all this, I was still too early for me to use the bus-pass!

Having forgotten to take my mobile phone with me, and not owning a watch made things awkward. I stood under the brolly keeping an eye on the time of the electric bus sign.

Still a good while to wait. As I did so two fire tenders, an ambulance went by, and the police helicopter hovered above.

Eventually, 0930hrs arrived, and I moved to the bus shelter.

A bus came along, I stuck out my arm, and it passed me by. Not having a perfect day today, you know. I suppose the coach might have been full, though.

The next one stopped and climbed onboard to find only the raised seats free. Comical this, cause with me just going a few stops, by the time I got myself up and seated, it was time to get out of the seat to get off.

The timing meant I’d just missed an L9 bus.

to get back up to the flats. Curse! So, I started to walk over the hill and up through the Woodthorpe Park route home.

En route, I met Jenny with two ladies who were related to dear old Eddie. I assumed they had come over for Eddie’s funeral and to sort things out. So kind and typical of Jenny to assist and help out. She told me she had arranged for someone to come and look at my Strobe and Pillow fire alarms when she was at a Council meeting, for me. When it went off all those times, the Alert Centre had received no activation signals. I thanked her, and the three ladies shot off ahead of me to avoid getting any wetter, bless them.

Eventually, I got to the flats. Got in and put the utterly superfluous fodder I’d bought away, and got the large potato cleaned and in the oven baking.

I pondered on why I did not ask about Nurse Nichole. Fool I am! I hope she is not poorly. Ah, but it is not a Tuesday is it? (See how quick I was there? Hehe!)

I made a super-strong large mug of tea, using a Yorkshire and /extra /string English Breakfast tea bags. Took the mediations and did the Health Checks. All okay.

Then I got on with refreshing this post as far as here. The updating, took about three hours to get done.

Then I went to the WordPress Reader. Did the Comment reading and replying, then remembered the baking spud – went to check it out.

Overcooked a bit, but this made the mixing in the bowl, less hassle. I used tomato puree, just a bit, salt even less and cheddar cheese, no butter, to bash up with the removed potato flesh. Then back into the husks and replaced in the oven to brown it off for half-an-hour. Going to have tomatoes and mini pork & pickle pie with them I reckon.

Can’t believe the mess I made mixing them. Still, all cleaned up now. Had a bash on Facebook updating while waiting with baited breath for them to cooked and browned off.

The cheesy-baked potatoes were ready, as I went to get them out of the oven, the intercom phone chirped into life. It was the chap who initially installed the Fire Alarm strobe and Pillow.

Fantastic help, care and work from Jenny! Who as I said earlier, had arranged this support for me.

After asking some relevant questions, he spent some time analysing things on his laptop, contacted the Alarm Response centre. Set it off a couple of times and dealt with control when he set it off. The chap pointed out that when an alarm strobe or otherwise goes off, it should go through to Control who should contact me about it via the central alarm console, but all the times it has activated in the flat, this did not happen.

He pressed on with his investigating things and told me that he thought someone in the block was using a system on the same frequency. So he’d changed it. In the event of any alarms in the future that are not responded to by control, I am to contact him immediately and inform him or them.

I thanked him and off he went. Afterwards, as I was getting out the now-gone-cold cheesy potatoes from the oven, I realised I did not have his telephone number. Tsk!

Got the nosh sorted.

I looked delicious. It smelled marvellous.

I’ve not the foggiest what I did wrong or what was a matter with me, but apart from the cheesy baked potatoes, I did not enjoy anything else?


Cold coming on from getting another soaking in the rain?

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 23rd January 2018: Lost control of my actions, decisions and limbs, today. Tsk!

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Hmong: Tuesday 23 Lub Ib Hlis Ntuj Tim 20, 2018

0100hrs: I woke, and it took a while for the dream that I’d had to clear away. I was in the most comfortable and well-equipped coffin and had been going through the act of vivisepulture; in this sarcophagus in the middle of a field of cauliflowers; with those in attendance singing “Come, all ye faithful!” up above. A Royal Blue coloured telephone was stuck on the lid of the coffin. I was thinking, marvellous! Now I don’t need my sleep, nobody rings, then I heard a knocking outside of the casing? I can only recall up to here of the dream but feel sure it developed much further.

0110hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, with unexpectedly remarkable efficiency and minimal nocive effects. I’m sure it is a different person wakes up in this recliner every morning. Hehe!

Fully extricated from the chair, and off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dearie me! This session was Trotsky affected, kerplunk-push-gush-cling like glue, affair. Messy in the extreme and left a sanguinary splattered Inchcock and wet room. Haemorrhoid Harold and the fungal lesion all bleeding. The cleaning up and medicationalising treatments took me fifteen minutes. Adopted a new pair of Protection pants. These episodes changed my previously perky-outlook on things.

Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis as I made my way to the kitchen, and got the Health Checks sorted. All the readings looked fair to me.

Made a brew and took the medications.

On the computer and started this load of hogwash going.

The innards started to rumble and grumbled, then hurt, followed with another visit to the Porcelain Throne.

Same as the previous session. Fewer evacuations though, and far less bleeding, thankfully, so the cleaning up was much easier to do.

Back to the computer and checked the calendar for today’s reminders. Morrison delivery due 0630 > 0730hrs. And twixt 1400 > 1600hrs Robin Hood (Nottingham City Council) Electricity supply change application for suitability meeting. Must email Mate Mike.

Went to make another brew for the other that I let go cold.

A foreboding looking sky outside as I waited for the kettle to boil.

0315hrs: Then I moved on to finishing yesterdays post. This took a long while.

0700hrs: Got it finished.

The Morrison man arrived, grand chap.

Got the stuff into the kitchen and eventually sorted and stored away.

The fridge now loaded a bit more.

I had the struggle to get the fresh fodder into the fridge.

It didn’t seem such a load this time.

That was because the bulk cost was the new saucepans.

Which came with instructions that could have easily baffled and bemused Albert Einstein!

Hand Wash Thoroughly. – Precondition the non-stick surfaces, wipe on the cookware with vegetable oil, heat gently, cool thoroughly and wipe clean.

A List of where not to use them, avoid scorching and hot heating? Conditions to use them in. Do not scratch surfaces. The cooker hobs may be damaged? Many more instructions on using them. Then a monologue of how to clean them. Storage methods. A list of Cautions etc…

Sorry I bought them now!

By the time I’d got them out, being too scared to use them, it was time for the ablutions so I can to the meeting in time. I’m fed-up already now!

Had a good scrub-up. Medicationalised the areas needed to be done. Took the black bags to the chute on the way out.

Lifted the saucepans empty box and filled it with recyclable stuff and took it down with me as I left to go to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Shed, to find out the time of the Robin Hood electrical suppliers meeting.

I dropped off the box near the recycling bin.

I noticed this wood pigeon on the opposite side of Chestnut Grove on the back verge and took this photo of the little beauty.


As I made me along the road, taking care not to have an Accifauxpa on the wet leaves, I also avoided the deep puddled.

So much traffic and so little space for it.

I got to the hut, and Obergerfreiteress Julie and two other Nottingham City Homes employees were having a cuppa and nibble. One of them was the caretaker, I didn’t know the other bloke, but he didn’t smile or answer my cheery greetings.

Two tenants joined me as the three agreed that they will have to go and get something done. Hehehe! We had a laugh and nattering session.

I left, out to the bus stop where a few other residents were waiting. I was only going a few stops up the hill. Barry’s better half, such a friendly gal sat next to me and had a few words and a smile. I dropped off three stops later at the top of the road and made my way to the Aldi store. Where two more bags of shopping and £20 lighter in the pocket. I’d paid the lady and was on the way back to the bus stop.

I waited and waited.

Ten minutes after the bus arrival time, I walked down the hill two bus stops. Still no appearance of the vehicle.

I could see the flats in the distance, and decided to walk it anyway. Slowly.

It doesn’t show clearly in this photo, but at the bottom of the road, as I neared the right turn onto Chestnut Walk, the pavement was sheer wet, compacted leaves. I had a choice of walking on the street and getting knocked over or hobbling on the leaves and slipping over. I must have looked aright old dodderer gingerly making my way on the dodgy pavement.

The sun came out when I got close to the flats. It lasted a good two minutes, then withdrew; its days work finished. Haha!

I got the fodder away, and then suddenly decided to go to Asda instead of the electricity meeting. I’ve no idea why I made this choice. I think the brain kept it a secret from me.

Did the midday checks and medical thingamabobs.

Caught the bus to Arnold, the 15th-floor lady was also on her way out again, here she is in a deep-pink coat. A few tenants on the bus and we were somewhat raucous with our jokes and insults to each other, much laughter until they all got off the bus in Sherwood. Apart from me, who stayed on into Arnold; wondering why the heck I was making this long trip, just to get some Potato nibbles and Sourdough Bread? Especially at this late time of day? Had I finally lost it?

I alighted the bus, and straight into the Asda store, directly to the nibble shelves and got some Beefy Potato Sticks and Cheesy Curls and paid for them and was out and standing at the bus stop all within fifteen minutes.

I got the Dennis Dizzies while waiting for in the bus-shelter. Fool!

Back at the complex, tired and well weary now. I noticed some of the make tenants stood in the drizzle and looking almost what appeared to be longingly at the workers in the centre compound. I wondered if they were having withdrawal symptoms from their working days?

I see this often. No expressions on their faces, it seems they had accessed their memories and were replaying them. Were they perhaps builders of some kind in their younger days or what? Both of these two appeared to be in a trance as they stared at the workers?

I pressed on down to the Woodthorpe Court apartments and went up to the flat, in an almost completely-fatigued mode.

To the Porcelain Throne, where only wind and stomach pains resulted from my best evacuational efforts. The better side of this visit was that Little Inchy had bled just the tiniest bit. Haemorrhoid Harold had made much use of the Protection Pants, though. Haha!

Change togs and carried out the Health Checks, took the medications and got the nosh sorted. The gadding about must have increased my appetite. I ate all of this food tonight. Took me a while to get through it, but Herbert upstairs accompanied me with a little tapping and knocking, bless him. Everything on the plate seemed to taste fantastic, even the Sourdough bread went down so well. Why I had three pots of desserts, I can’t understand. But they were a delight to consume.

I managed to get the pots in the bowl to soak and back to the £300 second-hand recliner, got a DVD on and was in the land-of-Nod in seconds!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 21st January 2018: What a horrible sleepless night again. Grumph!

Sunday 21st January 2018

Hebrew: יום ראשון 21 ינואר 2018

0230hrs: I’d been lying there awake for a good while, and was forced to detach my whale-like body from the £300 second-hand recliner to go for a wee-wee. Did a lot better last night in getting some sleep in at last. Little Inchies lesion had been bleeding, but not severely, and I did wear the Protection Pants, so little cleaning up to do.

Got the computer on and made a mug of tea. Which soon went cold at the side of the machine. Another wee-wee!

Back into the kitchen to make another. Got the kettle on the boil and felt a nippy breeze coming in through the holes in the wall, ill-fitting window frame and the air vents.

Took this photo out of the window, but regretted it. There’s not much wind, but it was so cold. The vehicles had all got frosted windscreens.

Thought I’d do the Health Checks next while I was in the room. I didn’t do any medicating or creaming until I get my ablutions done.

I managed to stop myself using the Enoxaparin hypodermic in time. Fool!

Made a fresh smaller mug of tea and took the medications. The Sys has gone back up, at last, the temperature up, and the pulse and down. But I think it all looks fine.

Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna are calm. Arthur Itis was okay. Crampy Craig is a nuisance on my hands and fingers both this morning. The weight had gone down too. Yet another wee-wee was called for. Oh dear, a third since getting up?

I got yesterday’s diary finished off and posted.

0445hrs: As I started to do this post, an almost instant rumbling and grumbling from the innards forced a requisite for the necessary immediate use of the Porcelain Throne; during which the tea went cold again. Tsk!

0513hrs: Got back from the Throne duties. Yes, 27 minutes of the mess, cacophony, chaos and annoyance, suffered. The Troskies had returned! Discomfort, cringe-worthy and ignominy, would be the best words to describe this session on the Porcelain Throne. Oh, and with sloppy acervuline evacuations. I’m so glad I bought the bottle of liquid soap from Wilko’s last week. It’s so much easier to use and makes less mess with no powder for me to spill. Which I would have if I’d used some detergent. For Shaking Shaun had joined up with Dizzy Dennis to annoy me now. Hard work typing, so many corrections needed.

Cleaning up afterwards took me ages. And, I stubbed my toe going to the kitchen! Hehe! Where I made yet another brew of tea. This time in the tiny mug, bearing in mind all of this morning’s wee-wee activity.

Mind you, thinking about it, I haven’t drunk much tea, in reality, most of it ended up going cold and getting thrown down the sink. Huh! Carried on with updating this twollop.

0530hrs: Went on to WordPress Reading. Then the comments.

0630hrs: The tea had gone cold again, but I did have a few sips of it first this time. Made another one, and went on Facebooking.

Unexpectedly and quickly I began feeling a bit under the weather. So I got the potatoes into the crock-pot and got settled down in the chair. I had hoped to get out in the park later, but the weather and feeling a bit faint put me off completely. Tsk!

Put on the TV in the hopes that I would fall asleep and get some rest. Herbert upstairs was making a little banging about noises, but they were not bothering me too much at all.

Got the nosh sorted out. I’d been nibbling while sat in the chair and didn’t need much of a meal to fill me up.

Alright, this one was. Rated at 8/10.

Blissfully, I drifted off into the land of Nod.

The landline phone tinkled away, I woke, looked at the light flashing and ignored it.

Took a while then, to get back to sleep.

Woke-up with a start, not sure if it was the dream about me in a canoe being chased through blood-veins, or if some noise had woken me. So, I had to get up and have a look around for any signs of disturbances and stubbed my toe doing so. Getting fed-up with the recent anti-sleep campaign being waged against me by well, everything and everyone it seems! Tsk!

While I was awake, I remembered I’d not taken the medications or done the Health Checks, so I did. Gawd blimey this was proving to be a long sleepless night again!

Nodded off again eventually, but woke needing the Porcelain Thrones usage. Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding a bit, so I lost more rest time cleaning things up and medicationalisationing. Humph!

Sod Me!. Then the strobe and pillow shaker alarms activated! Out of the £300 second-hand recliner for the; how many times since I got settled? Did the safety checks, nothing untoward found?

Now disorientated, irritable with myself and having dark thoughts – I tried once more to get to sleep.

I admitted defeat with depressing ease, yet reluctance. At 0015hrs and got up.

Inchcock Today – Monday 8th January 2018: Heaters being replaced, so I abscond for the day, while they do it! The Marathonist of Marathons I’ve ever made, ensued!

Monday 8th January 2018

Armenian: Երկուշաբթի 8 Հունվար 2018 թ

0245hrs: I woke up and immediately the belief that an upcoming recumbentibus would arrive today: The day I have to get everything done early so I can relinquish my occupation of the flat for the day – while the crew remove and install the new radiators. Nothing could exclude this fear, and my grey-cells mused, fretted and the apprehensiveness had started Duodenal Donald off. Coping with change and stress is no longer my strong-point.

Imbibed the medications and did the Health Checks. The computer on and straight to getting yesterdays diary finished and posted off.

This is not going to be a good day. The rumbling innards have started already, Duodenal Donald and Hippy Hilda are both in fourth-gear, I am anxious about events about to take place and have to evacuate the apartment for the day. Worried? Me? Yes! No doubt about this. But can still feel the appreciation of the help Jenny has been.

I might get some photographs taken later when I go out on the enforced abdication of the flat?

A slight panic overtook me as I was adding now received an appointment for the INR test to the calendars; thus followed, atypical of me, “Panic at will period” Tsk!

I went to check the dentist appointment day, all I knew was it was in January sometime and feared I might have missed it. To my horror, it was not in the written or online calendars! I flapped about getting the files out of the case for the medical section and after a while found the letter – The date was for the 14th, so I wrote this and put it in the Google calendar – then I realised it was for 14th March, not January! So I had to change it all again. All this with Duodenal Donald in the most unhappy of moods with me!

Made a mug of tea, no calls to the Porcelain Throne yet, that caused a mini-worry; if I don’t pass and have to go out for the day, I could find myself in difficulties?

I made a start on this blog up to here. Gawd, the innards are growling away today.

I got the mobile and camera in the coat pocket while I thought of it.

Hello; off to the Throne I go.

No movement, only wind, wind and more wind! I found I’d left the flipping fan-heater on all night. Snug as a bug I was there, reading the Lenigrad book. Only 60 pages left to peruse. But it was damned cold when I came out, especially with no radiators working.

Had a go on WordPress Reader then Facebook, cause I felt confident I would be far too drained and tired tonight to do anything but sleep.

Made a brew and did a TFZer graphic, A Mystery Photograph Quiz. Asking the TFZers if anyone can tell me what was going on here? Haha!

When I went to do the ablutions, it was virtual agony from Hippy Hilda as I painfully put on the socks and trousers. No wonder this post sounds like it is written by a pilgarlic pensioner who is on the verge of losing it altogether – I am that man! Hehe!

The workmen arrived, and I greeted them, had a laugh and then set-off out, the start of the marathon all-day-hobble!

A quick look out of the window before departing revealed a frostiness of immense magnitude.

Off I went, down the lift and out through the lobby doors. Which was not responding to the release button being pressed? But I managed to heave the doors open on the end and escape. Handy this, if there was to be a fire that needed the building evacuating? Tsk! Just a thought.

I called in the Obergruppenfurheresses Den on the way out. Wardens Julie and Deana were busy.

Had a chinwag and a few laughs (Not many) with some other tenants.

Here on the left, is the map I made up of the route I took after leaving the warmth of the hut on my marathon hobble:

Flatulence accompanied me for much of the course.

However, Hippy Hilda started to like the exercise the further I went? Duodenal Donald, Haemorrhoid Harold, Anne Gyna and Hernia Harry and the poorly painful plates, were not so keen.

The frozen-solid leaves on Chestnut Walk gave off a warning for me to take care in the limp down the hill into Sherwood.

This tale of the hobble, may get little out of sync time and happenings wise, I’m afraid to say. This is because usually after I go out for any length of time. The first thing I will do on getting back to the cold, lonely flat (Hehe, couldn’t resist putting this in, in search of sympathy!), would be to make a list of reminders on the notepad to use in the following morning. Then, when I update the blog, I can consult it. Although the order that the photographs stored on the SDH card helps. But tonight, I got home to the mayhem of four young, fit, good-looking, healthy, robust, well-paid men (Makes me sick! Hehehe!) in my abode, working merrily away finishing the installation of the dreaded new Storage Heaters for me. (I’ve done a separate post of this part of the day, funny and in rhyme of sorts). The hecticness meant I did not do the note scribbling reminders last night, you see?

Down onto Mansfield Road, up the hill an down through Carrington.

Down the incline and passing the Lidl store, where I half-expected the staff to run out into the road and give me glares and sneers like they do when I go in the shop, but they didn’t. Hehehe!

Along and passing the Clarendon College, as was when I attended night classes for the Elementary and Associate Member of the Grocers Institute. It’s amalgamated with other places of learning and is now called Nottingham College. I had no education at school and left at 14 years-of-age. I learnt how to survive bullies and when to duck, that was about all. I got sidetracked there, sorry.

Up to the pelican lights and crossed over the road. Much to the displeasure of a Yuppy type looking fellow in a BMW, who was not in the least bit pleased at having to stop his dark blue car at all, to let me over the road.

I could not hear or read his lip, so I don’t know what it was he was saying to me, but his accompanying single finger sticking up, indicated he was not a happy chappie.

I pressed on up the hill.

Thinking to myself, why had he been so upset at me crossing the lights? As I was doing this, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly hit me as he sped by from behind of me, on his bike. He did the same thing further up the pavement as he passed another pedestrian. I’m glad to report that this chap shouted after him and waved his fist at him! The whole world of manners has changed along with the PC brigade gaining more power. Good job an altercation didn’t ensue, cause that pedestrian walker ahead, would not have stood a chance when it came to court. All the cyclist needed to do was tell the Judge or Magistrates, he was a sex-change Muslim Lesbian ex-offender, a Member of Parliament and was saving the world by not using fossil fuels! Haha!

To the top of the hill and right around the Rock Cemetry gates.

More memories were triggered at this spot.

In there, is the grave of Watson Fothergill. The most elegant architect whose work I have ever come across.

Down Forest Road East and Coalville Street to the Guinness Trust cleverly name Coalville Court, Home for the elderly.

I popped in to discuss the availability of any flats and the costs etc. It turns out there is 24hour cover 7/7 here. A cafe where you can order your breakfast, tea or evening meal. I was shown around two single flats. Very nice, and they decorate it for you when you move in with your selection of colours. One is free now, but they have to get things sorted before they can allow anyone to occupy it. The buses are not far away, and every three minutes into town weekdays. Regular Saturday and Sunday services. I can catch one to Mansfield, Derby, Hucknall, Bulwell, Arnold, Carlton etc. I was beginning to get excited about this. Then the rent was mentioned. Oh dearie me!

Mind you, if like Welsh Bill the electricity charges double with the new radiators, and Herbert keeps on with his noises above but, knowing my luck there will be none-available then.

I filed these thoughts tenuously in my grey-cells and departed. Hobbled along to the Arboretum via the side entrance for a change. This brought me out, or preferably in, much closer to the Bell and Cannons that Britain nicked from the Chinese. The Chinese bell tower (pagoda) was designed in 1857 by Marriott Ogle Tarbotton as a war memorial and built in 1862. The bell was looted by British troops from a temple in Canton during the Anglo-Chinese war (Opium War) of 1857-61. Two of the cannon were captured at Sebastopol.

Down the centre path on my way to the pond, where I had planned to feed the Mallard Ducks with the earthworm pellets and pigeons with some seed.

The pond water was frozen solid, with food thrown onto it and laying there in the ice, untouched.

The only birds in the place were the captive ones! These parakeets were lovely; they reminded me so much of my Australian cyber-love, Marie, she has one as a pet.

Chagrined at failing to see and talk to my beloved mallards. I left and decided, being as there was a lot of time to kill before having to get back to the flat, I’d walk up the hill and down passed the Forest and had a perusal around the Asda (Walmart) store on Hyson Green.

Mistake that!

By the time a got to the place, the feet were giving me some stick. Then I had to stray around inside, killing time by pretending to look at the clothing section. But when I got to the foodstuffs, in my element here, I realised this was going to cost me. An hour or so later, I’d virtually filled both bags at the self-serve checkouts. They had curried baked beans on offer at 50p a can! But only had six left on the shelves, so naturally, I took all six. A bright idea, with how the feet were, that. Adding milk, crisps, garden peas and lentil snacks to the basket. Dimwit came to mind later.

No chance of my walking to town now. I waited for and got on a Tram. I dislike using these nowadays. You have to remember to swipe your Pensioners Free Bus-Pass before getting on and will get put off if any checkers get on to find you have forgotten to swipe the card. They are filthy inside: food dropped on the floor, clients giving abuse to each other, loud music: drugs being smoked (I think judging by the smell the roll-up was giving off?). 90% of the passengers on their mobile phones, almost shouting at whoever is on the other end. And, there were no seats free! Peoples Boeotian nature comes out when there is no conductor on the trams. Add all this to my having the weight of the worm pellets and birdseed to carry with me. I am a right Shmendrik!

Got off the tram at the Theatre Royal, had to step over what looked like a freshly regurgitated pizza to me, near the tram seats. Still, more time to kill, I wandered through Trinity Square, my rate of knots had declined with each hurtful step now. I called in the Wilko Store, having plans for only a walkabout. Came out having purchased Ginko, Fragrance booster, St Peters Worts, Eyelid spray and a wooden spatula. Why? I think I was so tired and might have been having a funny-spell?

Made my way to the Poundland shop on Fletchergate. To see if they had Chocolate almonds, misshapes of chocolate brazils or Pork Pies on sale. They hadn’t.

So I left being accosted by three people collecting and trying to get people to sign up for monthly donations for the PDSA. I was polite enough not to ignore them. And explained that I support the Nottingham Hospice and the salvation army and regularly give to Big Issue sellers. I am being hounded by appeals for water in the third world and other daily requests on TV and through the Royal Mail and will not sign up for anything else; but, I gave a donation now cause you made an effort. And gave him a few quid. I might not have bothered talking. The obviously parrot-learnt schpeel came out, with an upturned lip sneer and a look of incredulousness, when I walked away.

I went to the M & S store, and down to the food hall. Struggled on my wandering about the store, but determined to find some short-dated fodder. I found a box of chips and some Dinky Melton Pork Pies. These still cost twice as much as their Morrison counterparts!

A little earlier than planned, I made my way to the bus stop. No more photographicalisationing now, the bags were taking all my concentrations to carry, and the pain from the plates-of-meat was torture. Got on the bus and arrived back at the flats, but oddly, no memory of the journey – maybe I fell asleep?

Dropped off the bus and to the hut. I indeed fell asleep in the Obergruppenfurheress’s Social Shed!

After starting to talk to the lady there, who was also having her heaters installed today, I drifted off a few times, waking occasionally but no recollections of who was there or said what. I have a feeling, I might have spoken to Warden Deana.

Woke again later, and Deana was gone. I made my way back to the flat.

T’was mayhem I say!

An hour or so later they were cleaning up after finishing the job. A chap showed me the radiators, not how to changed or adjust them mind. Hehe! A little chat and they were off.

I did a quick look around to see what needed sorting.

Oh dear, this will have to wait until I get over the marathon hobble.

Got the short-dated dinner going.

Only the disappointing chips needed any heating up.

I need not have bothered. The chips were bland and tasteless. I might have well heated some cardboard up to eat. The beetroots were bitter. The mini-pork pies were just about okay. Had to add some Soy sauce to spice it all up a bit. Rated this effort at 4/10!

The tomatoes were not too bad. Left most of the chips and all of the beetroot.

The flat was feeling nice and warm.

Did the pots and settled to watch Law & Order on the TV. Fell asleep during the first set of commercials.

Woke up in the early hours, feeling so cold! Got up and got a thick quilt and threw it over me. I put this phenomenon down to the heaters settling in.

Drifted off into the land of Nod again.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 16th December 2017

Saturday 16th December 2017

0117hrs: I woke and activated, amazingly at the same time as my brain this morning. The thoughts were belting around a little tolutiloquently to start with but soon settled into some semblance of logicality. I knew I had had some dreams, but could recall nothing about them at all. This is so annoying because some days I can remember bits to record, others, blanks like today.

liberated my flabby body and aching limbs from the clutches of the oh, so comfortable and warm £300 second-hand recliner, and off to the Porcelain Throne. Where, nothing but wind escaped, despite my being patient and sorting out the problems with Brexit and pondered on the future for Britain in my mind, as I sat there in my failed missions of passing something other than wind and sorting out Brexit. Haha!

I accepted defeat in the evacuation stakes and left the wet room.

Going into the front room, I noticed that the parcel of the winter boots delivered yesterday had fallen onto the floor.

How did I see this, I hear you ask? I tripped over the blooming thing!

The landing with the right hand outstretched and bending the hand inwards started Arthur Itis off, and I believe I said something like, “Well fancy that!” I thought of Doug in America after doing this, we seem to both share the Whoopsiedangleplopitis. Hehehe!

I opened the parcel to take a look at the boots. The paperwork gumpf in the bag with it weighed as much as the footwear did! The cardboard stuck in the boot s to stop them collapsing was thicker than the boot linings!

I put some of the Phorpain Gel on the wrist and hand, as I took the medications and did the Health Checks.

Got the computer on, and updated the Friday post, sent it off. Then, Windows informed me of updates coming in giving the option of restarting now or later. Being as the innards were requesting I make another visit to the Porcelain Throne, I pressed reset now and limped to the wet room. This time, the Lenigrad book got a couple of chapters read as I failed to pass anything substantial, just more wind. Then Reflux Roger started giving me some grief.

I got back to the computer and found the Windows updating had finished, I clicked to see what was in the updates and got this:

Plainly, I had gotten confused somewhere along the line and pressed something wrong, for there were no updates for today on the list? I’m not a confident person, and things like this, or unnecessary criticism don’t do my spirits a lot of good. Humph!

I emptied the computer Recycle Bin. That made a bit of room.

Made a start on this post. During which I consulted my scribbled scrawl on the dedicated notepad. I bet you all wondered how this old fart remembered what to write? So, my secrets out now. Haha!

The thing is, I could not make out what I wrote here in the circle? Whatever it was, I did this next. Sad innit?

Went to make another mug of tea and took this photographicalisation from the kitchen window. To the North (My right) this time, the light on the right coming from my other room in this leaking windows luxurious flat. (Touch of sarcasm sneaked in there I see.)

Then, stabbing pains in the stomach and a third summoning to the Porcelain Throne. Sure, this time of success, I hobbled to the wet room and deposited my increasingly obese bulk on the strained plastic seat and waited… Nothing happened until I was into the second chapter of the book, then; Spurt plop. One tiny bit, no bleeding. I washed up and decided to risk taking another Senna tablet.

Made yet another mug of tea, took the Senna and went on to the WordPress Reader.

Did some prep-work on the next graphic. Blimey, I finished it all! Took about four hours, but as funny graphics go, I was reasonably pleased with the result. (Swank Mode Adopted) Hehehe!

Ablutions all done. I decided to have long hobble into Arnold to Asda get some curried baked beans (5), Stilton Mini-Cheese biscuits (3) (They had none in again), Piccolo tomatoes.

I took this photo just before evacuating the flat. ? Because I thought it looked beautiful.

As an after-thought, I washed out the Bates Motel hand towel and hung it up in the shower room to dry a bit.

I made sure I’d got the card, glasses, umbrella, hearing aids in and started my walk to the lift. Where I turned around and went back to the apartment to collect the camera and mobile phone. (I know, sad!)

Set off again. Down the shuddering noisy elevator, out over the road and up the gravel hill to the top, and stopped to take a photograph of the sparse, leafless trees in the copse, getting the flats in the picture looking back at them.

Plenty of dogs taking their owners for walks and refusing to fetch the balls. (Hehe!) The lovely lady with the old greyhound was coming the other way on the downward on the path to Mansfield Road. She was kind enough to have a chinwag with me and allow me to make a heck of a fuss over her dog, a retired Greyhound she had taken on and was now living with her and her own greyhound. She only takes them for walks individually. I was in no rush, I’d cunningly timed it to allow myself an hour and a half to walk to Arnold and the Asda store, which should leave me time to call in the Arnot Hill Park to feed the mallards with time to spare.

Said my farewells to the lady and dog, and got some (For me), some severe forced hobbling in to make the time up.

By gum was cold this morning, so glad I had the hat, extra jumper and gloves on.

I all but did a Whoopsiedangleplop on the ice near the lights.

Further along, I came to the United Carpet shop, I used when I first moved into the Woodthorpe Court flats a few years ago.

Approaching Daybrook, my mind reflected on the Carpet Right store there, and I stopped opposite and stewed for a moment or two before taking these photographs.

The bitterness still lingered after all this time, at the way I was treated so shabbily.

The sign that fooled me into thinking that the Fitting was Free was still there –  with the minuscule lettering at the bottom: “When you buy the equivalent of Airstrip or Treadmore underlay – Stair surcharge applies”. Swines! I also had to pay the carpet fitters in cash – and they broke my Virgin box connection off of the wall and denied it! The van they came in was rusty, no tax disc and the two youths had rings in their noses and ears, not that I could see them clearly with all the tattoos, and they frit me to death almost, and I was scared into not complaining overly firmly. (Coward!)

Just a word or two of warning there, for any other sucker looking to buy and have carpet fitted by this company and their franchisees, like.

I hypothetically spat out memories and moved on. (Well I think I did, once I work out what hypothetically means, like, Hehe!)

Arrived at the Arno Hill Park and made my way to the pond and fed the birds.

It was frozen over. Many birds in the trees suffered attacks from the seagulls while I was there. They even swooped at a little Yorkie dog as I was going out of the gate at the other end.

I got the fodder as mentioned earlier, from Asda, by now it was questionable if I could make it in time for the L9 bus. I used the self-serve tills as the others had long queues at them. All went well this time, and I left and went to the bus stop. Being a Saturday, if I missed this one, it would mean a two-hour wait for the next and last one.

I got to the bus stop with six minutes to spare and hoped that it had not gone early. Twenty minutes later it had not arrived. I took a photograph of the new Asda filling station that used to be a  police station across from the bus stop.

Then the girl (About 40 actually) from the Briarwood 24 hour care home on Chestnut Walk up from the flats, arrived. Just as the L9 bus came. Good timing gal! We had a chinwag or two all the way back to the apartments. She told me last week that it was her birthday early January and I got her a box of chocolates. I told her this, and when we got back to Sherwood, she waited while I nipped up to the flat and returned with them for her.

Back up afterwards, the feet stinging, and very cold, but other ailments all being fair to me. Inside the apartment, I swear it was as cold as outside, despite the heat coming from the radiators. I ended up leaving the jumper on and putting the dressing gown on as well. Brrr!

Got the fodder out ready and put the new bits away. I flavoured the beans with some Vegemite and Maple Syrup. Blown if I can find the mustard?

Updated this blog. A bit concerned about the lack of Porcelain Throne success today.

Made a map of the hobble route. But missed off the last bit. Tsk!

The git upstairs is making noise again.

Every weekend the same. Hey-ho!

Getting very tired now after the early start again.

I went for a wee-wee, and guess what happened? Go on, guess. Hehe!

I got a face full of wet towel, I’d forgot about washing and hanging up the Bates Motel towel earlier. You’ve got to laugh! Hahaha! Clot!

Then, as I was getting it down, the hook came detached from the hanger. Fancy that happening to me.

Got the beans warming up slowly and kept nipping in to stir them.

Then I heard the letterbox snap. Or at least I thought I did. Went to the door and nowt was sticking in the box or laying on the floor?

Could the Aliens or Goblins have returned?

Went to check and stir the beans later. And it became apparent what the noise had been caused by the brush falling off of the pans handle. A lot of mysterious things happening today. The shoes falling off of the Ottoman as well earlier?

Turned off the computer and got the nosh served up.

The noise from the bloke upstairs was terrible again.

Still no signs of any need for the Porcelain Throne.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications, leaving off the extra Senna just in case.

So tired now, but not feeling any effects from the mini-marathon hobble, apart from a little ache in the thighs.

Put the TV on, Police Interceptors was on, but I didn’t get to the first commercial break before I was off and gone. Only to be woken by the ‘Herbert’ upstairs making noise again.

Inchcock Today – Friday 15th December 2017

Friday 15th December 2017

Bengali: শুক্রবার 15 ডিসেম্বর 2017

2315hrs: Woke with the innards really rumbling and painful with it. But the other ailments not bad at all, even Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna in a good mood! I glanced at the big clock and saw it was five to three, wondered why I was still feeling so tired after such a good sleep?

Dislodged my wobbly body-mass from the £300 second-hand recliner without any contretemps, and off for a much-needed wee-wee. Which turned into a Heavy Duty session; an excruciating one at that. Rock hard and unwilling to evacuate the rear end! Tsk! Trotsky Terence has been beaten into defeat by Constipation Conrad! No reading of the book this time; hard to concentrate when you think your bottom is about to burst open. Haha!

The tummy was still playing up afterwards. Needs time to settle after getting rid of the brown/black mini-concrete lumps, I suppose. Medicationalisationing and cream followed the cleansing session.

A Senna and extra painkiller might be a good idea, now.

Believe it or not, but when I came out of the wet room, I went back in seconds later to check that I had not left the taps on. Departed and had to go back again to see if I’d left the heater on, that I didn’t know if I had put on anyway, on?

To the kitchen, made a brew and did the Health checks. The Sys & Dia had gone down at last.

I then realised I had not taken last nights medications, so sorted out the duplicates and swallowed the rest with the morning ones.

I looked out of the window, it was drizzling just a bit, I could hear the emergency services alarms and klaxons in the distance.

It didn’t seem too cold this morning. Which reminded me that someone is calling from the builders today some time, and I am supposed to stay in… I think. I wanted to go and meet Pete in town, I rarely get a chance to meet anyone. Phissed about this!

Got on the computer and sent an email to the surgery for an appointment fo the nest blood test.

Made a WordPress post with the TFZer TRansport graphics and added some older ones to it.

Then updated the WordPress anecdota. On to the Reader. Then Facebooking.

Then did two more TFZer Transport graphics and paste them off.

Off to the Porcelain Throne again. Another struggle.

Had another brew. Did a funny ode about the dream. Posted it off.

My Beautiful Phantasmogorian Dragon

Off to get the ablutions done.

Enjoyed that. All refreshed, I made a brew and on the computer again, preparing items for future us on CorelDraw.

Jane rang, Pete had rung, her to ring me to ask if I could make it to meeting him. I explained no and why.

Found a tape Utube about the dangers of System built high rise flats, well… These below, one on the left in Leeds, collapsed. My block on the right. The Leeds one took a 26 weeks before it started to crumble, and it was built twenty years later than ours was!

The video (1987) goes on about how and the reasons these disasters took place, and warned of a catastrophe, like Grenfell. Pins, belts and hinges not fitted when built, because the men were on piecework and the holes were not the right size or shape. So over 40% of them, were not put in place!

The video is watchable at this link

Of to the Throne again,  things softening now.

There have been no calls from the builders yet. Looks like they are going to come late in the day, and that is not good for me, cause I’ll be wary and wearied again when they do call late.

Did some further WordPress Reading.

Got the kitchen floor mopped and counters cleaned.

Got the titfer and coat on and went to see if I could find anyone to ask about whether or not they will be calling on me. I met Cathy on the way to the shed, and she explained I was going bonkers… Not really, only joking. (Although she may av thought that, Hehehe! I’m in trouble now) She kindly came to the flat with me and checked the paperwork and filled in the diary for me – it was for January? I think I am going bonkers! She had a quick look at the Dragon Rhyme and said she liked it.

Updated this page, and got the Health Checks and medications done, then sorted the nosh out.

A plate of unfancy fodder. Sliced tomatoes with balsamic & beetroot vinegarette, four tiny oven-reheated cobs, sliced apple and pork knuckle. A pot of lemon dessert. But this was an excellent feast. 9.25/10 rating.

The salt pot I thought I might use for the first time in months on the tomatoes, but I use balsamic for fish vinegar nowadays.  The salt in the table-pot had got damp and sticky, so I did not use it, threw it away. Washed the pots.

The £300 second-hand recliner called me to it. Settled to watch another of the Seagal movies, this one had only Spanish subtitles. Not that it mattered, cause I got fed-up with falling asleep and having to rewind to find where I was on the DVD earlier, then dropping off again. So I gave up, lay there pondering on how the world has changed over the years and fell asleep.