Inchcock Today – Sunday 18th March 2018

Sunday 18th March 2018

Icelandic: Sunnudagur 18 Mars 2018

0300hrs: No need for me to waken and wait for the brain to join the body this morning. I didn’t have any sleep last night at all. Depressingly, my night’s activities were: Watching the platitudinous, banal TV, listening to Herbert in the flat above banging about and getting up now and then to take a photograph of the snow. Sad, or what?

Off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

-3°c outside, and it felt the same inside. And, I can hear you asking how is that then. This is because this old fart left the window open when he took his last picture hours ago! Humph!

I took these two photographs of the conditions outside. It looked a bit bleak. Another day of hibernating and vegetating indoors methinks. There are no buses anyway on a Sunday. Mind you, if there were, I don’t think they would get up or down the Winchester Street Hill anyway. My mind seemed to be concentrating on the negative side of things and life this cold morning.

I made a brew in the small mug, and I had some extra milk in it than usual, because Duodenal Donald was giving me some terrible stick.

The fears and worries in my confused brain were natatorial, flashing and annoying me. Because I was not in a frame of mind, to concentrate very well. I expect this was due to the total lack of sleep.

I started on finishing off yesterday’s diary. Got it completed and posted off, then the sudden grumbling and rumbling in the innards forced me to the Porcelain Throne; and what a session it was. So much blood from Harold’s Haemorrhoids and Little inchies Lesion, it startled even me for a while. Deep red and lots of it. Medication and cleansed thing up. Duodenal Donald continued with such enthusiasm, I began to feel a bit atrabilious, and the stomach started to feel… what’s the word for it? Delicate, with a new to me, aching just below the belly button. It felt tight, yet wobbly. No that isn’t the words. Tsk!

I wonder if Noisy Herbert above will start with his banging and knocking about again today? Silly question, of course, he will, it’s the weekend!

Off to the kitchen to make a brew. Knocking things like the tray, bottles of vinegar and sauce and the crock-pot off of the counter as went in. Purely luck, that they fell into the rubbish bins, thus saving any noise to upset my neighbours. No question about my worrying about Herbert above, sometimes I wish I could make return noises that just affect him. But not this morning, I have no energy left to waste on hatred or revenge.

No question about it, I’m feeling snarky, ratty, and crotchety with myself. I’m a grumpy lad indeed.

Had a wee-wee. Made another brew.

I got this post started off.

Returned to the kitchen, with a feeling of dread that I might have left the tap (faucet) running in the sink. Thankfully all was okay and no calamities.

I took a picture o this rather picturesque scene of one of the roads opposite.

It looked like no one had been walking on the snow in this road. Ramsdale Crescent I think it is named. If anyone has to go out from there, they may have troubles. Mind you, it might thaw out quickly yet?

I did notice down below, somebody had had the pleasure of being the first person to walk along Chestnut Walk.

I went to Facebooking next. Praying that it will not freeze on me again.

Virgin Media Internet Down Again! As Tim Price, cleverly put it in an email to me: “Virgin should just give you an Internet voodoo kit with pigeon feathers, monkey blood, sparrow bones, an eye of newt and bat guano to use for incantations, hocus pocus and giving your router a magical stink eye. It’s more fun than simply unplugging, waiting five minutes and all that stuff.”

Turned everything off and rebooted to see if that would help me get back on the internet supplied and increased in charge five times by Virgin Media!

Tried resetting without any luck, still two blue lights not lit on the box.

Unplugged the unreliable, unconcerned cause they still take the money each month Virgin box. Left it a few minutes and replugged it and turned on again. Nothing. Well, fancy that. Hehehe, I like it!

A wee-wee and I stewed wondering how I could get my own back at the Cable Cowboys Liberty Global who lassoed Virgin Media with a huge £15bn deal. They also have bought Formula 1 racing business, All3Media (50% ownership with Discovery Communications) ITV plc (United Kingdom) (9.9% shareholding). Deep breath: Lionsgate (12% ownership with Discovery Communications), Telenet (Belgium) (58% ownership), Viceland Belgium (a joint venture with Vice Media), UPC Broadband, UPC Austria, UPC Czech Republic, UPC Magyarország (Hungary). UPC Polska (Poland), UPC Romania, UPC Slovakia, UPC Switzerland, e-fon (49% ownership), UPC DTH, UPC Direct (Hungary), Freesat (the Czech Republic and Slovakia), Focus Sat (Romania), Unitymedia (Germany). Virgin Mobile UK (United Kingdom), Virgin Media Ireland (Republic of Ireland), TV3 Group, Virgin Mobile (Ireland), VodafoneZiggo (50% ownership). Vodafone Netherlands, Viceland Netherlands (a joint venture with Vice Media), Ziggo, Ziggo Sport, Ziggo Sport, Totaal Markets. Liberty Puerto Rico, a provider of pay TV, Internet, and telephone services, CWC’s operations in Seychelles, named Cable and Wireless Seychelles. All3Media (50% ownership with Discovery Communications). ITV plc (United Kingdom) (9.9% shareholding), Lionsgate (12% ownership with Discovery Communications), Telenet (Belgium) (58% ownership), Viceland Belgium (a joint venture with Vice Media). UPC Broadband, UPC Austria, UPC Czech Republic, UPC Magyarország (Hungary), UPC Polska (Poland), UPC Romania, UPC Slovakia. UPC Switzerland, e-fon (49% ownership), UPC DTH, UPC Direct (Hungary). Freesat (the Czech Republic and Slovakia), Focus Sat (Romania), Unitymedia (Germany). Virgin Mobile UK (United Kingdom). Virgin Media Ireland (Republic of Ireland), TV3 Group, Virgin Mobile (Ireland), VodafoneZiggo (50% ownership), Vodafone Netherlands, Viceland Netherlands (a joint venture with Vice Media). Ziggo, Ziggo Sport, Ziggo Sport, Totaal Markets, Liberty Puerto Rico, a provider of pay TV, Internet, and telephone services and CWC’s operations in the Seychelles named Cable and Wireless Seychelles.

Or rather, billion-billionaire top Chairman, Michael T Fries, who earns $111.9million a year. And that is only from one of his companies. Naturally, he must get expenses as well and besides.

I wonder if he is even aware of the pathetic performance and demoralised staff and customers since his take-over? Potato cakes with cheese and tomatoes baked, sliced apple, beetroot, BBQ nibbles, red onion, pork pie with crust removed (The weight you know? Haha!), roast courgettes, parsnip and peppers. Lemon Mousse to finish off with. Mmm! Wish I could have made one for my TFZers to dine with me. Humph! I’ve read on Trust Pilot about people trying to cancel contracts with this esurient gentleman’s company.

Anyway, after deciding I can’t get my revenge on him, and typing this little monologue above about his crap service, I felt a tad better. Not as good as if could have found him and eliminated him, mind, but a little cheerier, just at the thought. Then, it came back on! Hurrah! Back to semi-sanity.

Back to finish off on Facebook. Problems in importing photos now! Had to give up on it. Tsk!

Hello! Noisy Herbert in the flat above is at it again. Scraping noises, banging too.

To WordPress Reader next. Then the comments.

Had another go on Facebooking. Stuttery and slow, but got a lot done, it just took me hours to get done. Humph!

Duodenal Donald was terribly bothersome again. Settled to watch some TV. Watched the Wigan v  Southampton Cup match. Well, when I had not nodded off that is. Great game.

Did the Health Checks.

Did the ablutions and medicalisationing without too much bother.

Got the nosh prepared.

Fresh pork knuckle, chips, tomatoes, red onion, sugar snap peas, apple slices and a Lemon Mousse. (It may appear that I’m consuming lemon desserts a lot lately? That’s cause it is still on offer price). The orange juice was not touched for some reason.

Ah, I remember now, I fell asleep! Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 17th March 2018

Saturday 17th March 2018

0155hrs: I’d been having horrible dreams, all night long it felt. But could I find any scribbled notes on the pad, or recall any details? No! Most annoying making when this happens! I had an idea that I was watching the dream through a clithridiate window or screen? I laid a while trying to remember anything about them, but could only perceive there was nothing redolent about them.

When the sudden need for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised arrived. A bit of a slapstick-burlesque followed in my extracting myself from the £300 second-hand recliner. Lowered the chair, tripped on one of the slippers, kept my balance and avoided going over by putting my hand on top of the Ottoman – the lid slid, and I did: ending up on my side with the arm over the Ottoman. I got up rather quickly, due to the need for the Throne, and limped to the wet-room.

Oh, boy, I could write a few paragraphs on this session. But suffice to say in short; Massive, the shape of the Hindenburg, solid-heavy-mass, struggle and hassle, slow movement, kerplunk, water splashing, blood bleeding and blessed relief! It seems that Trotsky Terence has withdrawn from the scene. Hehehe!

Cleaned-up and off to the kitchen to make a brew.

Looking outside I thought it was wet, so opened the window to take this photographicalisation. You can see the giant raindrops falling from the bottom of the frame in the top of the picture. So I made one downwards of the car park on Chestnut Walk.

This when it became apparent that it was snowing such thin flakes, snow-showers I think they call this type of weather. It seemed to be melting as soon as it landed on the ground.

The only part of the picture where any snow can be seen in close to the street light.

When I got back in and closed the window, the camera and my dressing gown sleeves were slightly wet.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

The weight was still the highest ever for me. Despite my having less to eat for my meal last night. At least it hadn’t gone up again, so that was something I suppose. (Says him clutching-at-straws!)

I felt some brewing and churning from the innards. I envisaged another Porcelain Throne session preparing itself in readiness for evacuation procedures to be implemented again shortly.

Got the computer on and started this post off up to here. Then started to finalise yesterday’s diary. This task took me hours and hours to get done. Posted off.

Checked the Emails, and found some terribly lousy news from Sister Jane. She told me: “Heard from our Sis-in-law Frances, that our lovely nephew David Bratton got stabbed in the lungs today while confronting some yobs who were slashing his car tyres – luckily he seems to be improving, but still in Intensive Care.
It was on BBC local news to18 year-old student Mariam Moustafa, dying aft being assaulted by several teenage girls in Nottingham, outside the Victoria Centre on February 20th around 2000hrs.night on TV. Got three youths in custody thank goodness.”

This above, and a few others reported this week:

  • A teenage boy told a jury that he was twice stabbed in the back when three youths came up behind him in a Basford park. He immediately recognised the boy with the knife and identified the other two after being released from the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham Crown Court heard.
  • Mum-of-six kicked a female police officer after a row over son’s drug use.
  • 18-year-old student Mariam Moustafa died after being assaulted by several teenage girls in Nottingham, around 2000hrs, outside the Victoria Centre on February 20th,
  • Police officer and dog injured with a knife following Top Valley aggravated burglary.
  • Stabbing in Nottingham becomes a murder investigation after 17-year-old dies. Police have now launched a murder investigation and are issuing a renewed appeal for information. Detective Chief Inspector Hayley Williams, of East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) Major Crime, who is leading the investigation said:“We believe he left home sometime around six pm and at some point, he was chased and attacked before being left very seriously injured in Stock Well. We are appealing for more people to come forward to help us piece together the exact circumstances of the incident”.
  • A new top cop is to be appointed to look after policing the city, the Police and Crime Commissioner has confirmed. Paddy Tipping said the new superintendent would be in place from April 1 and their role will be to run the police force in the city on a day to day basis.

Inchcock’s Comment:

Bearing in mind that Nottingham has lost more than 380 police officers in the last five years, this appointment of a new top cop seems an empty and futile decision. If the Top Cop has not got the sufficient number of officers, which he or she will probably not have, thanks to the Conservative Governments enforced cut-backs, what’s the point? The only option I see, is by moving some of the preciously few Officers to the City, thus allowing the druggies, car criminals, muggers, knife, machete and gun-wielding gangs and burglars etc., free rein to use the estates for their illegal practices?

While I was reading about the appointment of the Top Cop, I found it interesting that on the same page, were these links.

0720hrs, already. I got carried away.

A little snow shower had left the pretty picture opportunity for me.

So, took this picture, no snow at the moment falling.

Made another brew and then I visited the WordPress Reader. Again, some great stuff on there.

I took this zoomed-in photograph of the car park below. The snow was so subtle and delicate and blowing upwards again now. With very little of it was settling.

But with freezing and below temperatures forecast, I think it might get worse later on out there.

I decided to get the vegetable tray made up ready to go into the oven late. Much later. Why I did this so early in the day, is still a puzzle to my befuddled brain.

I covered it and went to get it put back into the fridge.

What a shame. In my concerted efforts to get the tray back in the refrigerator, I decided I’d have to move some of the other fodder around to make room for it. I managed to knock the milk over, squash a carton of lemon mousse and somehow or other, I spilt some grated cheese over the two lower shelves, the floor and me! What a Plonka!

I sorted the comments and decided to have a rinse and change the PPs again. No further Porcelain  Throne demands yet. But the rumbling innards continue, getting noisier as time goes on?

Onto Facebooking, hoping it would not play me up again. Started to go slow, but I got a lot done first.

I went back on CorelDraw to do some prep work on graphics for later use.

Herbert banging about a bit again, you can tell it’s the weekend!

Health Checks and medications were seen to.

I was feeling all out-of-sorts for some reason, but I at most of it.

Fell asleep for ten minutes, and woke with Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald both giving me some grief.

Herbert from the flat above was so much noisier than he has ever been. No chance of nodding off again.

I put the DVD on, didn’t nod-off. Tried the TV, that should surely send me to sleep. But no. Not a chance. I spend hours watching the banal rubbish on the TV, and occasionally getting up to take a photograph of the weather. I collated the photos taken timewise:

A lousy Day!

Inchcock Today – Friday 16th March 2018

Friday 16th March 2018

Catalan: Divendres 16 de març de 2018

0200hrs: Woke and regained a modicum of logicality and concentration. As I lay there getting up enough steam to tackle the sorting out of what needed doing, it dawned on me that the laundry had not been done yet. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner with ease, almost. Gathered the prepared bag of clothes and accoutrements and off down to the laundry room. No tea making, wee-wees or stubbing of toes – I surprised myself with my determination. Noegenesis seeking, I pressed on.

Into the lift # two.

A search and inspection revealed no beetles lurking anywhere within the confines of the cage.

The lift rattled a bit, as it descended down to the ground floor.

The automatic notice board sign was out of action when I got out.

I perused the notice boards, but could not see any new signs for us.

For a moment a bit of a panic set-in when I nipped out to take a photo of the foyer area. I thought I had left the door-fob up in the flat. The stomach went cold as I searched not expecting to find the item, but it it was in my pocket after all. Phew!

It felt warm outside this morning, I could hear the birds chirping and singing away to their heart’s content.

A little early in the day I thought?

Off to the laundry room and cleaned the washer drum, then got the wash-cycle started.

Surprised me some of the things I see in the laundry room waste bin sometimes.

This morning it had sections of polystyrene strips, take-away food remnants with plastic cutlery and nub-ends.

The input trays had to be cleaned up and old soap powder removed. Wiped around the casings.

Off back up to the apartment in lift number one this time. Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis on the way up. Only a short one, though.

The automatic-information sign near the elevator doors was now working again.

Up and in the flat. Had a wee-wee.

Started to finish off the Thursday diary.

Down again to move the things from the washer to dryer.

 I had to clean out the filter, cause whoever used it last forgot to do it.

As I did so, it moved and trapped my finger in the gap as the plastic sprang back into position. Tsk!

I think I might have said at the time, ‘Well fancy that!’


Don’t know why I’m laughing.

Got the clothes out and folded them up – but:  The magic missing sock syndrome returned!

Oh, I was annoyed with myself. I checked the drums on the washer and dryer in case I’d missed it earlier. No odd sock found! I pressed on and got the folded clobber into the big blue bag.

Cleaned the filter and casings and as I turned to leave, there was the offending sock right in the corner behind the door! A real mystery to me, how it got there. But I was so pleased to have found it.

To the lift.

All done and finished by 0405hrs.

I thought I’d done well, then I realised I’d not taken the jammies, dressing gown or towels down with the other things to launder!

Up to number 72 and got the Thursday diary finished and posted off. Sorted the pictures ready for using later.

Checked the emails next, and I’d had one from the surgery re the blood test. They had booked it for Wednesday 21st at 0905hrs, with Nurse Ann.

(I shivered).

Got on with starting this diary of next, got as far as here. Then went to the WordPress reader, then comments.

Had a wee-wee.

Went into the kitchen, and was startled when I saw the fog and it was raining so heavy as well. When I got back to the computer, I had a look at the weather forecast for this weekend – Amber warning for snow and flooding!

Seems that today rain that might be followed with some snowfalls.

Sunday the most significant threat with snow showers forecast.

Makes it worse with the freezing temperatures overnight. Oh, ‘Ecky-thump!

Went onto Facebook to see if things would allow me this time. Slowed down often, but I got most things done.

Off to do the ablutions now. A good session, apart from the medicationalisationing procedures.

 Got things ready, and left the flat. Got the door locked and took the black bags to the rubbish chute, to the lift and realised I had not got my hearing aids in. Returned to get them.

Departed again, locked the door, and well well, fancy that. I had not got my hat on! Back in again and collected it.

The best of this series of Whoopsiedangleplops this one: Out once more, and realised I had my slippers on! Back in and changed into the shoes.

Got to the lift, and remembered I had forgotten to take the Chips, to give to anyone who liked them. This being part of my running down of naughty-foods, in my effort to lose weight. I still have all those ready meals in the fridge, but am not going to throw or give them away. Back to pick the box up. Tsk!

Outside on Chestnut Walk, the place was busy with workers again.

Got to the Temporary Wardens hut, and both Deana and Julie were in their office. I popped in to explain about my not getting anything information wise from the Fire meeting yesterday.

Seems that many other tenants were the same. She didn’t seem bothered by this, that assuaged my guilt.

Mary, Cindie and Welsh Bill were all in the big room. They all looked and sounded in good form. We had a decent nattering session.

The buses arrived, and we went out to join the mass of residents waiting. On the City bound one, and got the crossword book activated.

Dropped off the bus and I went to Tesco. With the aim of seeing what vegetables they had on offer, and get some potato cakes. The choice of veg was dismal, tatty, with some out of date. I wandered to the bread section, and things were the same. Out of date loaves, and their potato cakes had doubled in price and only had one day’s shelf life left on them. I put back the basket and went.

Walking through Trinity Square, and Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit. He stayed a while, and that was not appreciated. Eventually, he cleared off. I decided to have a walk around town, to kill time and get some fresh air until the next bus home could be caught. Not feeling very good, and Anne Gyna kicked off.

Hobbling down Market Street, I noticed a Nottingham Cyclist going on the wrong side of the road going down the hill.

Seconds after taking this photo, he veered onto the footway. How he missed hitting the sign on the footway, I don’t know.

But it was a testimony to his cycling skills, all done at speed as well. Good job there were no pedestrians around. In fact, the place looked like a ghost town.

It brought to my mind, a picture of the few Nottinghamian residents, having survived a cataclysm and apocalypse, were wandering around, not knowing what to do. Their mobiles and iPads don’t work, no one around worth mugging, nowt on the TV! (Deep that, won’t it, even surprised me!)

Down to the Slab Square.

Bleak, depressing, dark, dank, sad and dismal were the words that came to mind.


I think I might use this photo to make a funny as a page top for later.

I walked along passing the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a drunken beggar, the street-sleeper on Long Row, the newspaper vendor, the youths sat on the wall drinking cans of lager, the Nottingham Pavement Cyclists, two delivering Pizzas according to the box on their backs.

There were no Big Issue sellers to be seen this morning in the centre.

I took a final picture of the Little John clock and tower and made my way up past the man with his guitar singing the Praises of the Lord, at the junction of Queen and King Street.

The depressive atmosphere prevailed even at the bus stop. People around in numbers, but no one talking? Got onto the bus when it arrived.

Entered the flat, up the lift and ran into my neighbour and Obergruppenfureress Warden Deana as they were getting into the elevator. Words of greeting were exchanged.

At the flat, I was somewhat perplexed to find the door unlocked. Had I failed to do this earlier when I had to keep returning to collect things I’d forgotten to take with me? I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten to lock this door before? Had someone been in, somebody who had called to see me and found the door open! Mmm?

Thee thoughts soon left my brain, as I had to go to the wet-room to clean things up and change PPs. A little bleeding had taken place while I was out and about.

Went to the kitchen and did the Health Checks. I notice Deana walking at rapid speed along Chestnut Walk.

Got the camera and zoomed in to take a shot of the busy gal.

My mind turned to the attention of the comestibles. It is not easy to comether myself not to eat my usual foodstuffs. I still have three ready-made meals in the fridge that I do not want to throw out and love the taste of them. I must eat them, but with far less other foods… This is not easy.

I decided in the end, to have sliced potatoes with grated cheese sprinkled on then, and tomatoes sliced on top. But, I let me get carried away with the side-stuff again. Felt somewhat guilty after I’d eaten it. But, I did so enjoy it. Tsk!

At least I have ordered some vegetarian Cumberland Pie on next weeks food order. Tsk, again!

Got the ablutions done. Afterwards, as I was putting the new PPs on, I tripped and cracked my forehead against the side of the sink. It was a cracking-good belt it was too, cause when I put my hand out to soften the blow, it got entangled in the PPs I was struggling to get on. So I was too late to lessen the blow. The truly amazing thing was that pain subsided within minutes, and I cannot see any bruising whatsoever on the head. Nothing at all, not even a bit of red colouring?

I was determined to watch some ‘Hustle’ on the box tonight and got down earlier than my usual. Hoping to nod-off, thus making it possible for me to watch some of the programme when I woke again. But no, I nodded off and stayed that way. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 15th March 2018: Depressing day

Thursday 15th March 2018

Russian: Четверг, 15 марта 2018 года

0000hrs: Woke up with a medley of confused thoughts about what needed doing today. Morrisons, Social, Dentist… no, that’s been moved to next week I think. Fire meeting, Upgrading meeting, GUM Clinic and I need the Porcelain Throne!

The farcical folderol of getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner was even more of a travail than yesterday, thanks to Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda. Once perpendicular but tottering a tad, I went off to the wet room.

The Dia-limit tablets had appeared to do the job of steadying down Trotsky Terence somewhat. But the fat torpedo that evacuated seemed to have torn off the tops of most of the haemorrhoids en route, and the blood flowed. Leaving me with some beautiful red splatter patterns to clean up. Hehe!

To the kitchen to do the Health Checks.

Took the meds with water, a brew of tea and to the computer.

Computer started, and I checked the diary and calendar for things needing attention today. I thought of Jenny and hoped she had got her internet back on. I regret not being able to help her with this last night.

Made a start on this post up to here, then saved it and started to finalise yesterdays diary. Got it sorted and done by 0220hrs.

Went on to the WordPress Reader. Some great stuff on today.

Pondered on the tasks ahead. Morrison Delivery 0630>0730hrs, Social Hour 1000hrs, Fire Meeting 12.30hrs, the GUM Clinic… oh no, that’s been cancelled now, to be rearranged again.

0300hrs: Tried Facebooking.

On CorelDrawing. There are the results:

Bit more prep work on CorelDraw.

Did the ablutions earlier than usual.

Made a brew and took the photographs below from the kitchen window to the left then the right. Sprinkling with rain at the time.

0630hrs: Expecting the Morrison delivery within the next hour. Did some more CorelDrawing while I was waiting.

The Morrison man arrived, nice chap he was, carried the stuff through to the kitchen for me. I seem to have a lot of things again? Tsk! The fridge and freezer were soon full up, cram-packed again.

Gawd, the noise seemed to be coming from everywhere with the windows being done so close by to me.

Got it put away and made another brew, had a wee-wee and made the order up for Morrisons for next week. Collected up the raffle prizes and nibble box and set off out to the Obergruppenfuress Warden Hut for the Social Hour.

Had a job to get a lift, with the workmen and deliverymen moving furniture and stuff into Norman’s old flat, for the new tenants. Whoever they are.

They took their things out, and I got into the lift.

Much mess on the floor again, gonna be a headache for the poor old caretaker.

I noticed that a beetle was back for a visit, no signs of its mate, though.

Jenny’s Frank was in the foyer on his way out. We left together, but he then speeded up like Superman, leaving me in his wake, as he almost jogged to the cabin.

A few spots of rain fell.

Not too many folks in there today. But sounded boisterous and happy.

I gave Wardens Deana and Julie their usual Polish sourdough loaf, then made a bee-line for Jenny, to ask how her internet connection was. She told me that the workmen doing the outside of the building had cut the cable wire! But they (Virgin Media) had been out and got it going again now. That pleased me. The being reconnected I mean, not the workers severing the wire! Blimey, these works are causing some hassle for us old people!

Jenny handed me the nibble box I’d forgotten to collect. BJ was in attendance, Bill (William on Sundays), John and me sat at the same table. I handed round the newly stocked from my carrier bag of nibbles.

Bought some raffle tickets and handed them out to a couple of the girls.

Ended up doing the crossword book, until it was time to depart. I checked with Jenny to make sure this Fire Session at the shed, started at 1230hrs. (I’d be lost without Jenny’s help!)

I left, and Frank was going my way, this time he left me in his wake again, going in the opposite direction. Hehe!

The rain was now persistent, but very fine.

I got a feeling via my EQ that the rest of the day held some not good things for me. I’m rarely wrong with these senses and emotions, you know. The plates-of-meat and Arthur Itis were a tad bothersome.

Got in the flat and had a wee-wee.

1125hrs: Just over an hour to go before I have to go out again to the meeting. I got in the lift and up to the apartment. Getting out of the elevator, I could see the moving folks were still hard at it getting the furniture into Norman’s old flat. RIP Norman.

Had a wee-wee. Made a brew and did the Health Checks.

  I got the computer on to update this diary.

Spent the rest of the available time on CorelDrawing updates.

A bloke from Nottingham City Homes called from the Fire Regulation and Procedure questionnaire.

I see that Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana did forget to advise them on the possibility that I a will not be available. See, I knew this would happen, the old EQ told me. A good man. I joked that this is the second time that Warden Deana had forgotten about me and let me down! Said with a stern look on my face. Then I broke into a smile and added; Fortunately, the 250 other times she has helped me was okay! That broke the ice with him straight away. Did the survey and he asked about my wooden Jamaica plaque on top of the heater. I told him it was from a mate years ago who I worked with, he bought it for me on his way back from a holiday back in Kingston. He pointed out where his Mam and Dad are now and used to live. But he didn’t have time for a proper chinwag. Bade him farewell and got ready to go to the meeting.

I walked up to the cabin in the drizzle.

All hectic with the builders and lorries delivering stuff to them.

I pressed on and got to the hut, to find it jam-packed with residents, Fire Brigade Officers and NCH staff.

So many voices all going on at the same time, I got myself in a pickle trying to hear and understand what folks were saying. Jenny asked if I wanted a drink, thanked her and declined. I linked up with a group of people that Cindy was with, one lady offered me her seat, bless her. Later we all went over to Winchester Court to look at an empty flat that had got the Sprinkler system already installed, on the third floor.

But it was hopeless with so many voices again rattling away. I explained to Cindy that I was leaving and going back to the flat, and why. The hearing aids do not work in these conditions, and if I took them out, things would not be any better. Hopefully, she will explain to the others for me.

I departed, no one missed me. When I got in the foyer, the two Wardens were talking to people, and I did want to butt in, so I walked passed them. I don’t think they noticed me. They must be mega-busy with all the task on at the moment.

I felt a little despondent.

The noise from the builders above me inside somewhere was driving me potty, but it is necessary. The drilling din from outside was not as bad now, they were working on the floor below.

I got the oven warming up and prepared the Cumberland Pie. Added some of the Red Leicester red cheese on top of the pie and sliced some mini tomatoes onto it as well. I might add the last two potato cakes to have with it.

Got the computer on to update this diary again. Did this, then turned off the computer and got the pie with trimmings into the oven.

Checked the TV programmes. I don’t know why, for as sure as MPs fiddle their expenses, I’ll only fall asleep, and have little if any chance of staying wake up to 19100hrs to watch the Hustle episodes. This and the feeling that I am an odd one out with the hearing problems, and having to leave the others and miss the help day, depressed me an iota. Well, a fair bit, really.

Cause of the weight problem, I had less on the plate tonight. Cumberland pie, cheese and tomatoes added, two potato cakes and some sliced red onion, I did have two slices of bread with it.

Tasty! I tried to eat it slowly, to masticate correctly and feel full fed.

Got the TV on. Farcical! Fell asleep shortly afterwards.

Kept waking-up, during which during one, I saw the red light on the landline phone flashing. Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, thinking it might be the surgery with the next appointment for the blood test. It was Brother-in-law Pete. For some reason, I had not sent a link to the Inchcock Today to either him or Jane and he was concerned if I was alright. Kind, that.

Washed the pots, then. Head down once more, and had horrendous dreams, of which I can recall no details. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 14th March 2018: Warfarin INR Blood Test – Nurse Nichole on Duty, Nice!

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Greek: Τετάρτη 14 Μαρτίου 2018

0005hrs: I stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner and waited for the grey-cells to join me

Saw the blood test reminder note on the computer screen. Forced my ever increasing body-mass from the chair, and off for a Porcelain Throne session. A Trotsky affected evacuation again. Messy and needed a lot of cleaning up afterwards

Took the medications and did the Health Checks. The Sys and Weight are both too high methinks?

Got the computer on, there was a lot of work needed on the Tuesday post to do to finish it off. Mainly due to the fact of my missing the L9 bus back from Arnold yesterday, and being so tired, I did no work on it when I got home. Huh!

0400hrs by the time I got it completed and posted off. Then I started on this one up to here.

Two comments to reply to on WordPress, which I did. Then visited the WordPress Reader to catch-up on any I’ve missed.

I moved sharpishly onto Facebooking. The computer and internet were both going okay today. I hope this lasts.

Watched a forty-minute video of the Titanic and the fire down burning below when it set sail.

Another Nottingham City Homes letter from Angela Gould, our Housing Patch Manager this time. About the importance of a Fire Inspection/Procedure visit for Thursday twixt 11am and 1300hrs.

Not good this!

As I already have four appointments for Thursday on the calendar! Morrisons, Community Hour assemblage, Fire Instruction Meeting and GUM clinic Assessment.

Sorted and took the black bins to the waste chute.

Ablutions sorted out, new PPs on, the extra Germoloid cream applied. Got dressed up nice and warm. Collected the nibbles for the Sherrington Park Surgery staff. And set out on my hobble to Carrington and the Doctors surgery.

As I poddled along Chestnut Walk, I met with Obergruppenfurhress Warden Deans as she was arriving for work. Exchanged good mornings and I explained to her about the Fire Procedure meeting with Angela. Deana said not to worry, she would sort it out for me. I don’t know how these Obergruppenfurheresses manage.

She is very bust today, she has to go another complex to look after the residents somewhere, as cover for their absent staff. I thanked her muchly, and continued on my somewhat painful (due to Arthur Itis), walk to Carrington. Plodded down Winchester Street to the bottom and turned left onto Mansfield Road.

Up to the top of the hill and down into Carrington.

The junction of Devon Drive and Mansfield Road at this time of day, with the traffic being heavy, often offers an accident or near collision for me to see. No crashes as it happens this morning.

But I reckon, judging by the squeal of brakes and papping of horns, that the white van man came close as he pulled out through standing traffic.

I took another photo of the bush in the posh house’s garden. To show someone who might be able to identify for me later.

I got to the surgery with plenty of time to spare. Registered with the receptionists and got seated and doing the crossword book for about ten minutes or so, before the nurse called me in; and guess what… It was Nurse Nichole on duty!

She managed to make time for gossip and a few laughs while she did the blood taking. She even told me that the bush flowers I was trying to identify, were Peonys. It was grand having someone who seemed to care to look after me this morning. I gave her some nibbles with my farewells and handed the receptionist some as I left the building, whistling and content!

I was feeling so chirpy, I decided to walk back to Sherwood as well.

The traffic had cleared after the rush hour, and I took my time ambling along Mansfield Road. I called into the Boots Chemist to get some more Germoloid cream, as the one I got from Arnold was getting low. This one cost much more than the other one but was twice the size. I met the Geordie-lass from the flats in the shop.

Lovely woman. We had a natter and laugh. I was going to walk back up Winchester Street, because my timing was well out, and the next L9 was not due for 50 minutes yet.

She suggested I walk up the catch the 90 bus. Which for some reason I had not thought of doing, bless her Cotton Socks.

So I did that. Only had ten minutes to wait for it once I’d got to the bus shelter. No signs of any other tenants in the vicinity, surprisingly enough.

Dropped off three stops later high up of Winchester Street, and walked up onto Chestnut Walk.

When I approached my Woodthorpe Court block of flats, I could see that the hoist was on my floor, the twelfth, with some busy looking workers grafting away.

Af I entered the flats, my neighbour Doris (I think) was there doing her laundry. She warned me to expect a lot of noise when I get in, the workers were putting in her windows. And, do you know, she was spot-on right! Hehe!

We had a chinwag session, and I made my way up in the lift.

When I got in, I felt all lost and confused for a moment or two.

I put this down to my going out and not coming back, having bought no comestibles that were unneeded or wanted. A rarity. Haha!

The drilling and knocking were terribly loud, grating and persistent. But expected. The longer it went on, the less I noticed it.

I took these shot from the kitchen window. On the hoist was some windows were taken out and others waiting to go in, at Joyce’s flat. Ah, that’s it. Joyce, not Doris!

I Surprised myself there.

At least there was no raining today for the workers.

I got the oven on to warm it ready for later. I planned to have the lamb Mousaka with extra cheese, and some tomatoes added on top of it. Potato cakes, and a handful of chips. Sliced apple too, methinks.

I did the Health Checks and took the medications. Got the fodder in the oven.

Got the computer on to update this diary. It took a few hours, as I’d made a few photos that needed prepping first.

Did the last Health checks early, as I was feeling mentally exhausted a lot earlier than I usually do.

The moussaka had a lot of aubergines in it, and I do love them, but they are on the restricted foods list because they are so high in Vitamin K. (I think that is the reason the cardiac team put this on the list). Bt with the Warfarin INR level going down sharply, I guess I should get away with my indulging myself this once. (I hope). The ready-made meal was warming plentiful and tasty. The potato cakes were excellent. The rest, average.

I watched a Jonathan Creek episode on DVD, then turned to the television. Then fell asleep. The phone rang and amazingly woke me up, how I heard it without my hearing aids in surprised me. IT was Jenny from the 14th floor. She had lost her internet connections. I was half-asleep, but I think I made the banal question of “Have you done the turning-off, unplugging, wait five minutes and reconnecting the router box?” OG course she had done so without any luck. I wished her the best of luck. She is unfortunately on Liberty Global-Virgin Media as I am. I wished I was more awake, I should have asked her if she had rung 150 on her Virgin landline.

I got back in the £300 second-hand recliner. The TV still on from when I fell asleep, and ‘Hustle’ just about to start. But I drifted off again before it started.

I woke later, turned off the TV and was in the process of removing my cumbersome, ungainly, wobbly body-mass from the recliner, to go for a wee-wee, when the phone rang again. It was the DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Anticoagulation clinic with the INR test results. It was hard to hear what she was saying, but I think she gave me the dosages for the next seven days, like this: Wed, Thur and Friday 2 tablets, the rest of the days 1.5 tablets. The INR level has come down to 2.5 from last weeks 4.4, so that’s good. Well, this is what I found scribbled on my phone notepad in the morning.

I had the wee-wee, washed my hands and placed the pots to soak in the sink.

Just as I was returning to the £300 second-hand recliner, the phone light flashed again. By gum, I was popular tonight. It was from someone wanting to deliver a pizza, He told me he’s outside the house now but could not get an answer to his knocking on the door! I inquired as to where he was. He said in Calverton (6.1 miles away) outside my house. I bluntly told him he’d got the wrong number and asked him to remove it from his phone.

Got my head down again, but the night was filled with waking so often. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 13th March 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops: Bus missed. Hehe!

Tuesday 13th March 2018

 Chinese Simplified: 2018年3月13日星期二

0110hrs: I stirred into a pseudonymous form of life, I felt instantly annoyed over my not being able to recall any details of what I had been dreaming about seconds earlier.

I had a bit of a kerfuffle with Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna, in extracting my ever-more-bulbous frame from the £300 second-hand recliner. Signs of nocturnal nibbling were spotted as I did this. Tsk!

Off to the Porcelain Throne, for once a less messy evacuation session.

Got the Health Checks done.

Got the kettle on the boil, took a photograph out of the window; It had been raining again in the night! Fancy that. Hehe!

The resident’s vehicles all looked exceptionally well and tidily parked up.

It didn’t feel too cold at all.

Made a brew, then took the morning medications. No creams potions or lotions used yet, they will be tended to during my ablution session later. Got the computer on and started this post from scratch, up to here. Then began the mammoth task of finalising yesterdays rainy diary. A lot of photos and notes to reference.

Started to do some page headers on CorelDraw, and made up the draughts. Time for the ablutions to be tended to by the time I’d got them done.

Left a note on the computer screen to remind me of tomorrow mornings INR blood Test.

The noise from the building work was terrible, for they were drilling on the walls and balconies nearby and in Thom’s flat across from mine. He is having his windows installed. I decided to get out a bit today, to avoid the worst of this cacophonic, grinding headache giving racket.

The fungal lesion bled, Harold’s Haemorrhoids bled, I even managed to cut myself shaving, and it bled! Hehe! Still, no raining at the moment.

Got the black bags to the waste-chute, and off out to the Social and Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Hut. Taking this picture of the centre build en route along Chestnut Walk.

Got to the hut, and Welsh William and the alcoholic chap, already in there.

I’m glad to report that William is looking and sounding even better this morning, after his Morphine Poisoning session. His tongue was quick, sarcastic, but not cruel, but his was a good thing to me. It showed he is getting back to his usual state, and feeling much better. Others joined us, and few laughs and gossips were enjoyed, before going out to catch the bus.

I had a little nattering with Cindie and Carol, who got off the bus in Sherwood. I stayed on into Arnold. Where I went straight to the Asda Walmart store. Consulted my shopping list as I rushed as best I could to gather the items and get out in time to catch the L9 bus back to the flats. Spent a bit more than planned on the list, though. Again, Tsk! Sugar snap peas, potato cakes, TV magazine, curried baked beans, a tray of Mediterranean style vegetables to oven cook, cheesy curls, pork pie and some lightly battered potato slices. Oh, and a ready-made Lasagne meal.

Got to the checkout and was delayed as a lady in front of the queue was buying for more than one person, bless her cotton socks. I got served and hobbled out ASAP as best I could manage and to the bus stop.

Alas, the bus had gone. So I wandered back down into Front Street.

Sadly noticing even more retailers had gone out of business leaving the sad sight of abandoned shops. I went into the Fulton Foods shop but didn’t buy anything. Then to the Saver Shop, convinced they would have some Haemorrhoid cream on sale, but no.

To Boyds Store to get some. But they had none either. But I did get some shaving foam and Zoflora Citrus from there.

Suddenly I realised I needed to get to back along Front Street and up to High Street sharpishly, to avoid missing another bus.

I was walking along fairly-well, and arriving on High Street when my left foot caught in a pot-hole, and I twisted the ankle, and Hippy Hilda kicked off at the same time. This Whoopsiedangleplop pulled me up, and I waited for a second or two, but everything apart from Hilda, seemed to be okay. A lady who’d seen my incident generously came over to me and asked if I was alright. I thanked her warmly and assured her all was well.

Then I had the job of catching up to get to the request stop in time. Hippy Hilda had eased off as I limped along, and by the time I arrived at the bus shelter, she was hardly any bother at all.

I was pondering on whether or not I had missed the bus, and should I go down to catch a City bus and an L9 back from town. The L9 bus was so late in arriving, either that or it had gone early. I was glad to see it come when it did so, late or not! Hehe!

As the bus went through to Mansfield Road, in Daybrook, the weather suddenly went all dark and threatening. But this lasted only a minute or so. I took a photo through the bus window of this, and moments later the sunshine was out, and all the dark clouds seemed to disappear, and the bright blue skies returned?

When we got back to Chestnut Walk, I thanked the driver and slipped her a bar of Tunnocks chocolate caramel. Greeted some of the tenants who were getting on the bus. And as I hobbled along, I appreciated how lucky I had been with the twisted ankle, for it was no bother at all now?

Got in and had a wee-wee. Got the sliced potatoes cooking in the oven and did the Health Checks.

I got the fodder served up. A nice different one this time.

The lightly battered potato slices, baked beans with mustard, curry powder, sultanas and mini tomatoes halves, and a small pork pie. Orange juice and a lemon mousse to finish it all off with.

The noise coming from work taking place was so loud now.

But, it had to be done and did not bother me too much then.

I think they were working on the floor above, cause the hoists kept going up and down in view.

Some mail was received. One from Nottingham City Homes about the Fire Information Session and advice on the new Fire Sprinklers.

Seems, that this Thursday 15th March, between 1230 > 1730 hours, there will be: A Q&A session on the new Tannoys, sprinkler system and intercoms they will fit in the flats later. Showing us how they work, Telling us when the fitting/installation will start and what this will involve. Testing all fire alarms in all blocks.

Plus Annual Tenancy visits will take place.

They included a ‘Fire Safety Event Refreshment Voucher’?

It is going to be a busy Thursday this week.

Did the last Health Checks and took the medications.

I felt the general collapse of inspiration, will-power, and so tired and drained suddenly.

Went to make a brew and do the washing up – but there was no water available from the taps (Faucets).

Then, of course, I remembered the signs up in the lift.

All that warning they gave me, and still, I go and forget about it. Tsk!

But, with all the things that are going on, I’m not surprised: Meetings to attend from Nottingham City Homes, the heater installation not working correctly and costing twice as much to run than the old ones, Sprinkler installation, Tannoy installations, the Fire Strobe not working correctly yet. New intercoms are to be fitted soon, and all of these to be learnt how to use. The upset and noise of the upgrade working, (Can’t be avoided of course, but it is still there). The upcoming fitting of three windows and the new balcony with the accompanying mess to sort out afterwards. Meetings to learn new procedures. The flat fires last week that no one told officially told us of. Dentist appointments. INR blood Tests. GUM Clinic appointments. Whoopsiedangleplops and Memory Blanks. Noise from Herbert above.

And the ailments: Duodenal Donald, Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis, Dizzy Dennis, Reflux Roger, Hernia Harry, Diarhorrea Duncan, Shaking Shaun, Haemorrhoid Harold’s and Little Inchies fungal lesion. Anne Gyna, Trotsky Terence,  the hearing aids not working correctly: no wonder I’m struggling with life. Still, not to complain eh? Hehehe!

Settled to watch some DVD episodes of ‘Jonathan Creek’, falling asleep regularly throughout and rewinding often. Put the gogglebox on to watch ‘Hustle’, but nodded off, before it even started.

Inchcock Today – Monday 12th March 2018

Monday 12th March 2018

Kannada: ಸೋಮವಾರ 12 ಮಾರ್ಚ್ 2018

0035hrs: Woke up while dreaming of running a corner shop that had no customers, bare shelves, was battered and looked and felt like it had suffered bomb damage. I was crying my sorrows to a stuffed cuddly model terrier dog, and trying to feed it Marmite Crisps?

The nosh tray lay on the other chair, the empty plate, a knife, fork and spoon the only contents. There were no signs of any other nocturnal nibbling around this morning. Although, the remote control for the DVD and a battery charger lay across the room on the carpet near the mini-vacuum cleaner? I had a sense that I was in the exact same location and position as the one I drifted off to sleep in.

The top of the back, chest top and shoulders were aching and itching. Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald were fighting for precedence in the ailment stakes. I could feel the dried blood in the PPs. Attention is needed, I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner almost with ease, and off to the wet room and Porcelain Throne. The evacuation was far less messy this time, almost a pleasure.

Funny how one thinks at times. I pondered on whether I should warn my fellow Pile-Sufferers, not to use the quilted toilet paper. It gets shredded on the pustules and or dried blood, and it becomes a nightmare to remove, starting them off bleeding again. Just a thought, sorry. Anyone out there wanting any quilted toilet rolls can call to collect them. Hehe!

Little Inchies lesion was washed, dried and medicated, Harold’s Haemorrhoids the same. I thought as I was doing these unpleasant tasks before going to do the Health Checks and take the medications’ If someone had told me how things were going to get sixty-years ago, I don’t think I would have believed them. For once, not feeling sorry for myself about things, just curious as to how well I think I’ve been coping. Then stopping these thoughts abruptly when I recognised the foolishness of over-confidence. Hehe! Had a clean-up and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks.

Took the medications, made a mug of tea and got the camera, opened the kitchen window, leant out, and got wet in the light-soak-you-through rain.


Turned to the left and got a half-decent shot of Chestnut Walk and the parked cars, the cranes and the street lights that give-off a Christmas-like scene to me, anyway.

Straight down for the next picture. The puddles of rain I could see with the naked eye, did not show in the frame for some reason?

Then I got the computer on to start this post.

Then I set about finishing of yesterdays diary. Got it posted off.

The need for diary page headers needed attention as I have none left in advance. So, onto CorelDraw to do a few up.

After an hour or so… Oh, dear, attention needed to the Fungal Lesion! So I got the ablutions done while I was in the wet room. By the time I’d got this done, there was none left to do any more graphicalising work, and I got myself ready for the trip to Nottingham City Centre.

Remembered to take the best umbrella, the costly Storm-Proof one I bought from Coopers. This will be the first time I’ve used this in heavy rain, glad I bought it now.

Took the black bags and dropped them down the waste chute on the way down.

Out onto Chestnut Walk in front of the apartments, brolly up, and ambled along to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Hut. The rain wasn’t too hard, but it looked set in.

Walking by the parked cars and I could smell something acrid, but it did not smell like petrol to me. It appeared that one of the vehicles had or was leaking something and it was draining into the sewers.

I pressed on and to shelter in the Wardens shed.

I hope Jenny is alright, I’ve not seen her for a while. Both the Wardens were out doing their rounds. The room slowly filled with folk joining me in waiting for the bus out of the rain. Had an enjoyable chinwagging session and laugh with them all. Welsh William was in good form, his insults and insinuendos were thick fast and witty. Some of my most favourite ladies were there. Two of the girl tenants told me of a fire in a flat for the last two Sundays or Saturdays, both apartments having had fires already earlier this year. They informed me that both tenants were alcoholics and were to be moved where they can have more supervision and an eye kept on them. I thought about pretending to be an alcoholic myself and getting a new flat application in? Haha!

Out to get on the bus, it was lovely being able to hear bits of what the clan were saying for once. The hearing aids seemed more efficient today, very puzzling

In town, I dropped off along with some other tenants, on Upper Parliament Street.

I got the best umbrella out of the bag, the costly Storm-Proof one I bought from Cooper’s, and it broke when I put it up! A white cord appeared, all chewed up, from the top centre of the pole bit! Damgloberations!

I popped into the Poundworld Store to get a cheap one from there and changed my mind when I remembered seeing some larger ones at the Sports Direct Shop last week. This proved a somewhat costly mistake for me.

As I left the shop to walk to Clumber Street, to have a look at the umbrellas they had on sale, I saw these poor pigeons. They were in a right state, neither could seem to stand or walk properly and were sodden wet through.

Felt a bit sorry for them.

The shop had cunningly placed a large display of umbrellas, right near the doors at the front of the entrance. They offered some at 2 for £6, they were not the collapsible type. I thought, they will have a larger area for cover, and they were a fair price too. I made my way to the pay counter. Foolish move! I ended up buying two crew sweaters, the umbrellas and just what I didn’t need more socks! £33 lighter, I left the shop and out into the rain. But, of course, I now had three umbrellas to carry, the broken one I put in a waste-bin further down Clumber Street. The two long ones, I struggled with much. They were too long to go in the bag, and I had to use one at the same time.

They were coloured deep red and felt very delicate, and I just knew they would not last long. Taking this photograph on Clumber Street, I had to put the bag down, hold the umbrella, stop the other one from falling over from in the carrier, and manipulate the camera.

What a picklement I got into taking today’s shots!

I hobbled along while the bag got filled up with rainwater and the shoes letting precipitation in now as well!

And forever having to adjust the brolly in the bag or pick it up when it fell over. Uncomfortable would be the word… messy and wet!

Through the Slab Square.

Down to Wheeler Gate and into the Marks & Sparks Food Hall in the basement. Where I bought two small pork pies and two boxes of triple-fried fresh oven chips.

I took this photo as I departed from the store. I walked back up towards the City Centre.

I slipped a Big Issue seller near St Peter’s Church a couple of quid. He looked wet and in need enough to me!

Up Exchange Walk and I crossed South Parade into the front of the Council House.

Where I took these pictures. The damp, dank atmosphere and pessimistic, depressed looking Nottinghamians did nothing to lift my spirits. Then as I made this one of the Slab Square: a wet warm sensation from the Fungal Lesion area. This was turning into a struggle of a trip out for me now

I took this last photograph of the back of the right Lion in front of the Council House building, facing Queen and King Street. And made my way up there to the L9 bus stop, one was due in three minutes.

I had a most pleasant discussion with a lady on the bus en route. Amazed at how we both shared the same views on how the world is going to pot and missing beef dripping sold from basins with thick jelly on the bottom! ♥

Offered my fond farewells as she got off the bus two stops before the flats.

Back at Chestnut Walk, the roadway was partially flooded. I think it was just due to the excessive rainfall and the drains struggling to clear in.

As I neared Woodthorpe Court, I could see that the workmen were still hard at it, even in these conditions.

Sooner them than me up there. Hehe!

As I moved off on my way to the apartment, I felt the rainwater squelching in the right shoe, and the blood flowing from down below and the lesion.

So I knew the first things that needed attention when I got indoors.

Got in, put down the wet bags and brollies, into the wet room. Cleaned up the fungal lesion, Daktarin cream applied, had a wee-wee, new PPs adorned, changed the socks after drying the right foot, then I threw the shoes in the rubbish bin. I got into the night attire.

Hung up the wet clothes to dry. Got the used new brolly opened to let it dry-off in the spare room, put the other one in the hallway. Then emptied the carrier, drained the rainwater from it and threw that away in the now full bin.

At this point, it dawned on me that I had a sore throat coming on, and was coughing a little. Hope it doesn’t get any worse.

Got the Cumberland pie, added a lot of extra grated cheese on top of it, and the triple-cooked chips into the oven cooking. Did the Health Checks and took the meds.

Got the mini sausages, sliced apple, halved min tomatoes with onion salt and lemon mousse on the tray ready.

I gave the pie and chips a little longer in the oven, so they browned up a bit more. Absolutely fabulous meal! 9.58/10 rated this time!

So tired now, but I’d dried out well. Haha!

Got watching some Jonathan Creek episodes on the DVD player. Viewed through two full ones too, before nodding off into the land of dreams.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 11th March 2018


Sunday 11th March 2018

Javanese: Minggu 11 Maret 2018

0115hrs: Stirred into an ersatz form of life. The brain once again off of its wanderings, but trying to regain some equilibrium, at least I think it was. The conversion to a state of semi-normality came suddenly, and for some unknown reason, I felt the urge, no, the need, to make a mug of tea and do the Health Checks. As if death or worse would arrive if I failed to do so. A bizarre sensation!

The overall mood was one of loneliness, isolation and self-loathing and pity. I knew nothing had changed to cause these pathetic characteristics. This made me feel worse in a way.

Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner was almost a piece of cake. No Arthur Itis, Crampy Craigs, Anne Gyna, Dizzy Dennis or Stubbing of toes. The back-end pustules were stinging and the Fungal Lesion I could sense without checking, needed attention to softening things, clean-up and medications.

To add fuel to the flames of my dysthymia, I noticed that Noisy Herbert in the flat above had got his front room light on. I took a photograph through the window and was pleased with how it came out. It represented how I felt at that moment I think. Darkness with a bit of light and reflections, yet confused and hard to make things out?

By the time I’d got to the kitchen, vacillations over conscience, qualms, falterings, fortitude, morality, misgivings and self-mistrust and a total lack of confidence in everything reigned. It felt terrible, and guilt joined in too. Unexpected and unwanted lugubriousness I suppose.

Off for a wee-wee. Things down below would definitely need attention later.

Back to do the Health Checks in the kitchen.

Even the picturesque early morning scenery did not cheer me up any.

Got the kettle on and stood to look around at things that needed doing to clean up in the room. No intention of doing anything though, just a feeling of guilt.

Got the Health Checks sorted and took the medications. Sys sneaking up again.

I think from Herbert above. His front room light went out, so I assumed he was off to bed. I hate weekends, especially Sundays here in the flats. No buses, don’t see anyone, noise from Herbert above.

I got the computer on, to get this post going.

Back to the wet room for a Porcelain Throne session. Messy! Took an extra Dia-Limit capsule.

Went to the Saturday post to get it finished and posted off.

Did some comment-replying. Then I perused the WordPress Reader.

I had to pop into the wet room to check on the sudden sodding wet warm feeling in the Protection Pants. What I found and had to tend to, was too infandous and sensitive to describe here. Suffice to say, I had a lot of medicating and cleaning up to do.

Off to the kitchen to make a brew, and take an extra pain-killer. The stomach had started rumbling assiduously, so I took a few more swigs of the syrupy, viscous antacid-medicine as well.

The view from the window was looking a lot foggier than it was earlier.

It put me in mind of the old films and long gone better times. It was a little colder when I hung out of the window that is was on the last photographicalisation I did.

Faced down to see and photograph the cars parked up outside on Chestnut Way, and felt a few drops of rain in the mist.

Made the tea, and pondered on what I might have for the meal later on. I’d had two meals of the wonderfully tasty Cumberland Pie based efforts. I still had one to eat yet.

But thought I’d give the Lamb Moussaka a try.

I read the instructions on the back of the box.

Never having tried this meal before, I perused the ingredients printed on it.

Blimey, what isn’t in it? Many of these ingredients I’d never heard of before. I spotted it had grilled aubergines in it, and they are on the list of banned foods from the hospital. Oh dear!

After studying the list again, I think that the 7.1% aubergines are part of the… no, I got mixed up, I’ve no idea if I should eat this or not. If there is only a tiny bit in it, maybe I’ll be alright to scoff it? I used to like them before the heart-op. Confusion reigned! With the INR level so high at the moment, I decided not to risk it today. I’ll have some pork pie and chips with tomatoes methinks.

The weather had changed again, and the mist lingered.

I tentatively went on Facebooking, with fingers crossed to see if it would work this time.

Started on TFZers first.

In case the computer slowed down like it did yesterday.

Fantastic, all worked okay. Had a good hour or so this time.

I sampled a tin of the Pork Knuckle, it was delicious. So I went to the Morrison order for next week and added some more cans to it. I can use the one I opened now with the meal later.

Then I got next weeks medication pots, all filled to use later.

Had a wee-wee.

I took a look outside at the beloved Copse. I could see some darkened tree trunks that I thought had fallen for some reason.

The fog and misty had eased off, but, as I found out when I opened the kitchen window to take this picture; Very light thin rain was falling.

This decided me not to go out for a walk yet. Indeed, to maybe hibernate instead of hobbling at all.

I started on doing some graphics prep for later work on CorelDraw.

But the concentration was gone. So I got the Health Checks then ablutions done instead. It took a long, painful time getting Harold’s haemorrhoids and the Fungal Lesion sorted. Teggies, teeth, Porcelain Throne session, shaved and under the shower.

I put the oven on to heat-up while I was out.

Collated the black bags and recycling bags and got them taken to the chute. Placed the two rinsed-out empty antacid bottles and put them in the bag, to bring them to the recycling bin on the way out for my visit to the Tree Copse.

Wrapped me up well, and down and out to the green bin to deposit the bottle.

Most annoyed to see that someone had dumped what looked like electric cable coverings in the Glass Recycling bin!

This defeats the whole practice of recycling because the binmen are not going to accept it with ‘Foreign’ stuff in it. They will not have the time to sort and remove it, and it will end up on a rubbish dump landfill site! I’ll have a go at trying to remove it in the morning when I go out.

I walked over Chestnut Walk and up the gravel footpath up the hill and crossed over to the bottom field towards my beloved Tree Copse.

The grass was still wet, and the danger of slipping-over made me very cautious as I picked my footings with care.

My heart warmed as I approached the thicket.

I found myself stopping and talking to the trees, I think I was about to apologise to them for not visiting lately; when I pulled myself up and looked around to see if anyone was watching me. Hehehe!

I swear I could smell some sort of Bdellium emitting from the mini-wood, along with the dog-poo.

I reached the pathway of sorts at the back, and, I slipped on the wet mud and almost went over.

Hippy Hilda was displeased with this, as was Hernia Harry. I decided sadly, to abandon my hobble there and then, for the path further up looked in an even more risky, mired condition. I felt a little disappointed in this decision, but with Hilda and Harry playing up, I thought I had no other option but to return to the flats.

I turned and picked my way back down, trying to avoid the dodgier parts of mud.

Took this shot of all three blocks of flats, the now chiropterophilous-free Woodthorpe Court on the left, the new lower level one being built in the centre, and Winchester Court on the right of this to me, surprisingly decent photo from the bottom field. This shot had a tableau vivant about it to me, but I couldn’t identify it if you know what I mean.

As I crossed back to the gravel footpath, a lady appeared walking her tiny Yorkshire Terrier dog. I was half-way across the field, and the little mite caught my eye, and he ran over to me and got some fuss, I can tell you! The most beautiful big brown eyes almost spoke to me. The lady said: “He never goes to anyone, well he never did until now, I’m amazed!” I felt honoured. This cheered me up tremendously.

The drizzling started once again, just as I was taking this snap of the front of the apartments.

I avoided the wet-weather with perfect timing.

Hippy Hilda had calmed down.

As I got in the foyer, there was good and bad news waiting. I noticed someone had left some books to give away. I selected the Ronnie Barker book and put it in my bag, this will go in the Porcelain Throne room soon.

The bad news, Duodenal Donald started giving me some bother. More than he has for a long time. When I arrived on the twelfth floor and got out of the lift, things were very uncomfortable. First actions on entering the apartment, I got the bottle of antacid and had a few good swigs and took an extra painkiller. Had a wee-wee, then sorted the fodder. Got some chips in the preheated oven.

The ulcer had calmed down very quickly. A good thing, but this did confuse me a bit, as this had never happened before.

Another great-tasting nosh tonight. The canned pork knuckle needed a bit of fat removing here and there, but the flavour was delightful!

After consuming all of the food on the plate, I placed it on the side chair and nipped off for a wee-wee. I stubbed my right hallux with a degree of venom on the small Ottoman en route. I think I said something like “Flipping heck”, or “Fancy that!” Lie-mode adopted here!

I got back and put the foot up on the Ottoman and watched some ‘Jonathan Creek’ episodes on the DVD. Well, bits of them. After waking up and rewinding several times, I gave up and turned off the TV and DVD.

I was off into the land of Nod within seconds I think.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 10th March 2018

Saturday 10th March 2018

Japanese: 2018年3月10日土曜日

0205hrs: I had laid a while pondering and allowing the mind to do its usual wanderings, perusing, fearing, worrying and attempting to join the body in some form under my controllability. As the reality that it was the weekend again dawned, and expecting the noises from Herbert above to start any time now, the innards began grumbling to notify me of the brewing up in preparation of a Porcelain Throne visit.

By now with a confused, befuddled brain, I rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner. Not such an easy task this morning, as Hippy Hilda and Duodenal Donald both started in a bad mood.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Extremely messy evacuation, Harolds Haemorrhoids had been bleeding a lot, left me with a sanguineous situation to sort out. And poor old Little Inchy’s Fungal Lesion needed a lot of attention and cleaning up as well.

Glad I had the medications needed.

My being a bit of an eccedentesiast, I found I was singing to me as I made my way to the kitchen, to get the Health Checks done.

Made the tastiest brew of the Olde English Breakfast Tea.

The Sys is coming down a bit. The calefaction of the temperature seems to be steadier recently.

Got the computer on and started this post off.

Then started to finalise the Thursday post. Went to make another mug of tea. I cleaned up some medicine bottles that had been used up. Washed the tablet containers that were empty.

Took this photograph (above left), from the kitchen window, of the rainy scene below on Chestnut Walk.

Somehow, I took this extra one unknowingly until I found it on the SD card. I’m not even sure what it was I photographed.

I assume I clicked it going in or out of the window? Good news is, I took it facing upwards, it shows the noisy Herbert above was not up, no light showing from his flat. I thought it was quiet.

Got the Thursday post finished and posted off.

Had a wee-wee, then made another small mug of tea. The Assam blend this time.

Sorted some rubbish and recycling bags out and out them with the medicine bottles, to go in the glass bin later.

Back to the computer and did some WordPress comment reading and replies. I seem to be jumping between tasks this morning?

Back to the kitchen to replace the tea that had gone cold.

I settled the camera on the window ledge to take this shot, as Shaking Shaun was making his presence felt now.

Back to the computer.

Visited the WordPress reader to take a look at some other bloggers work. Some good stuff on there this morning. Made a few comments and liked some of them.

I tried on Facebooking. Slowly it let me post to the photo albums. Went on TFZer site, and it crawled to a halt! But only on Facebook? Grrr!

Off for another wee-wee.

Health Checks and tablets were taken.

I saw an advertisement for the 1962 film, ‘The Wrong Arm of the Law’ to be shown on Channel 81 on Freeview later today.

Tickled-pink at seeing this. One of my all-time favourite comedy films. With super actors: Peter Sellers, Bernard Cribbins and Lionel Jeffries. A trio of genius’s to me!

I thought I’d get some sleep in early so I can perhaps stay awake long enough to watch it. It’s those flipping commercials that send me off to kip so easily.

I decided to get the meal early too.

The same as yesterday was planned, well almost the identical.

Potato cakes with sliced tomatoes with onion salt.

Sliced apple, halved small red and yellow tomatoes, and another of the Cumberland Pies that I enjoyed so much in the fodder, yesterday. Added some mini BBQ meat skewers A lemon mousse, too and besides.

Spot on tastewise again.

 I drifted off into the land of Nod. Waking to the sound of Noisy Herbert banging about in the flat above. But I appreciated this, as it reminded me that the super-film was to start shortly. So I got the last Health Checks done early, the ablutions and made a brew, in time to settle down to enjoy the film.

I got through three-quarters of the film I think, before I dropped off to sleep, missing the ending of the film entirely. Most aggravating and annoying!

This brought a day of nothingness to an even sadder end.

I sat there, pondering on the things that needed doing. Not that it mattered, cause I fell asleep again and stayed like this for about five more hours!?!

Inchcock Today – Friday 9th March 2018

Friday 9th March 2018

Italian: Venerdì 9 Marzo 2018

0230hrs: Stirred into life, mind and body seemed to be in some sort of cohesion for a change. I reckon I managed five-hours sleep; although dream-filled. Not that I can recall anything about them, but I know they made me wake-up feeling nervous about something or other. Tsk! The laundry room duties came to mind, and I decided to get this done first thing.

0240hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, almost with ease. ( Okay, I thought, what’s going on with all the ailments? Reflux Roger, Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Donald, Harry Hernia, Shaking Shaun, even Dizzy Dennis were notable for their absence?) Only Inchies Fungal Lesion, Trotsky Terence and Haemorrhoid Harold were giving any bother. Very rare and worrying! Hehe! Had a wee-wee.

Down the lift to the laundry room. Nipped out of the foyer doors to take this photographicalisation of the morning view. It was not cold at all out their. And in the laundry room, it was positively warm, and no machines were running either. Got the washer filled and back to the flat.

The electronic information board informed me that it was 02:58hrs, 5°c with Heavy Rain.

Up to the apartment, had a wee-wee.

Into the kitchen with the intentions of getting the Health Checks done.

But had to nip back for another wee-wee. (Hello, the third leak of the morning. What’s going on here?)

I’m not sure how or why I did this, but I took two readings on the Sphygmomanometer. One after the other? Seem to be losing-it early today.

Time to go down to move the laundry to the drier. I noticed the poster still in the lift, and reminded myself that I was going to look up the word (On the blue logo) Secondelement the other day and forgot to. What odds of me remembering later.

Back up to the apartment. Took a selfie, (Not a pretty sight, I know) Took a photo of the poster in this lift. More to get confused over?

Inside 72 and had a wee-wee. (Oh dearie me!) Went to make a fresh brew. It was incredibly warm in there. Temperature reading at 60°f. IT has not been this warm in there for ages. Well, I fib there, don’t I? When I left the oven on for the whole of the other night, it was slightly warm. Tsk! Getting older with dignity is impossible! Haha!

To the Porcelain Throne. The oddest session indeed. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding drying and bleeding again. But this seems to be the pattern recently. I hope the appointment with the chap at the GUM clinic arrives soon. The evacuation was worrying, Trotsky Terence was still in attendance, and Harolds Haemorrhoids were very tender, bleeding and messy.

Then got the computer on to start this diary off. Ten minutes later, I was back on the Throne! Repeat performance, but it took me a long while to stop the lesion bleeding. So long that by the time I’d finished and cleaned up again, it was collection time for the laundry. Down once again.

I opened the drawer to choose one of the six or so toothbrushes we keep there for cleaning the filter out, and there was only the one? Enough to do the job I know. But what happened to the others?

Clothes out and folded, filter, drum and casing cleaned.

Then back up and had a wee-wee.

Got the togs stored away and refilled the washing pots ready for the next laundry room visit.

Then, I took a photograph from the kitchen window to the left, just because I liked the view. For once, the colouring came out exactly like it looked.

As I was taking it, I spotted the lights of a plane passing on its way presumably to the East Midlands Airport.

I zoomed in to take it.

It didn’t come out anything like the eye view. But it did remind me of the claims from the UFO 50s and 60s claimants.

Being the amateur artigrapher that I am, I got back to updating this diary and got a far as here, by 0635hrs. Long job! Then went to finalise the Thursday post.

0740hrs: Got the Thursday Diary finished and posted off.

Looked at the Emails to see if I’d had anything about the blood test or next appointment from the Doctors surgery yet. Nothing!

Checked and replied to comments on WordPress. It didn’t take long.

On to the WordPress Reader page, next.

Herbert above is very continuously noisy this morning. The first time I’ve let it bother me. Then again, maybe he has the workers in doing something?

All the heaters bar the one in the kitchen stopped working, and it got a bit colder in the flat. An hour or so later, they came back on. Very puzzling?

The door chimes rang out, and two ambulance ladies let themselves in. Looking for a tenant ladies whose name I didn’t know. We had a little chinwag, and I sent them to the Obergruppenfurheresses Hut to ask there.

I rechecked the Emails and found one from the Sherrington Park Medical Centre.

They had moved me to a Wednesday, which was much appreciated.

I went to book it on the calendar and found it clashed with the Dentist appointment! Humph!

Found the DVT results had been delivered. The reading very high at 4.9 now.

Less possibility of a heart Attack or Blood Clot, but I have to take care, cause any bleeding might be excessive. Fantastic news that, what with the Haemorrhoids and Inchies Fungal Lesion both bleeding all the time. Hey-ho! More protection pants needed! Tsk!

I got the ablutions done, Health Checks and set off to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Shed, to see if either of them was in, and to ask them if they could call the Dentist for me to move my appointment for me.

When I got outside, I took this photo from below Woodthorpe Court.

I could hear the workers drilling and knocking-away high above.

The sky looked beautiful, and it was not too cold either.

But then, I did have the new extra warm coat on and my hat and gloves. A little further down Chestnut Walk, I took a picture of the progress on the new build flats. The site seemed so busy this morning. Crews were working on all three buildings and looked so busy. A bit of light drizzle coming down on and off.

I arrived at the shed and entered. Kath was busy at a table on her computer. Three tenants were sat around. I offered them all a cheery ‘Good Morning’. Asking Kath, if any of the Wardens were about. She said no, they had just gone out on their morning visiting rounds.

I explained about the clash with the dentist and the INR blood test. She kindly offered to ring them for me, to change the appointment. Bless her cotton-socks! She’d soon got it arranged for me, and wrote it in my paper diary for me. We had a chinwag, and as other residents arrived, the gossiping-circle was widened and enjoyed by me.

Farewells offered, and I left to return to the flats.

Approached the foyer of Woodthorpe Court, I snapped this builders machine as it backed out of the end compound.

I got a right-rum look from the driver.

Up and to the apartment, and took a wee-wee.

I updated the Google calendar with the written diaries new info.

Got the oven on, warming up ready for the ready-made Cumberland pie with its extra cheese, and the potato-cakes with their sliced tomatoes to be put in later.

Made a good mug of Assam tea, Put the comestibles in the oven and set about updating this post.

Crampy Craig kicked-off, and I stopped, turned off the computer and went for a wee-wee.

Got the potato cakes and Cumberland pie from the oven, onto the tray and added a lemon mousse and a sliced apple.

At last, a tasty meal I ate all of and really did enjoy! These Morrisons Cumberland Pies, I can recommend to anyone who likes lamb. I’dd added extra cheese on top, mind.

Gobbled it all up slowly, savouring each forkful. The feeling was slightly spoilt by the noises from the flat above. The drilling and banging from outside had stopped, as the workmen and ladies had packed up for the week now.

Once again, the TV programmes on offer had plenty that I would have liked to watch. Of course, I kept nodding off. The Hustle episodes were on too late for me to stand the slightest chance of my staying awake. Tsk, always moaning me! Hehe!