My Beautiful Phantasmagorian Dragon

My Beautiful Phantasmagorian Dragon

There came in the night, a dragon to see me,
At first, it fritted me… made me want to pee,
It settled down, landing on my chest,
I smiled and wished it all the best,
It was puzzled by this, I could see.

I spoke gently to her, told her an anecdote,
As her claws tore away at my throat,
I gave her obvious beauty much praise,
Told her how she could change her violent ways,
She said earlier she had eaten a stoat?

She released her grip on my bloodied head,
When I gave her food, pork knuckle and Scottish bread,
Hoping she’d like it, and not get diahorrea,
She was the prettiest thing in my phantasmagoria,
Best of all I thought, as she drank my blood,
Someone to talk to, and that is good!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 14th Decmber 2017:

Thursday 14th December 2017

Turkish: Perşembe 14 2017

0130hrs: I stirred, pandiculated gently, added to the several pages of notes the pad, that, I assumed I had done overnight about the Whoopsiedangleplops yesterday, and the dream I’d had last night.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. All wind, no solids, not even any liquids evacuated. I did sit there a while pondering on the events of yesterday, doing my damndest to recollect something of the blank spots, without any luck. I got the shpilkes when I realised just how much I could not remember.

I recognised that getting the Wednesday the 13th Inchcock Today updated would entail a lot of difficulties. So I did the Health Checks and took the medications, made a brew and set about sorting it out.

The Sys and Dia are still a bit high. I assessed the physical attributes. Water retention in legs, bad ✘. Reflux Roger, A lot easier and gone down, not sticking at all ✔. Duodenal Donald, Playing up ✘. Hernia Harry, Good ✔.  Anne Gyna, Not too bad at all ✔. Hippy Hilda, bothersome ✘. Arthur Itis Knees, ✔, Hands ✔ Wrists ✘. Ankle Tendonitis, Okay ✔. A toothache, Not too bad ✔. Metal Ticker, No problems ✔. Haemorrhoid Harold, Bleeding ✘. Constipation Conrad, Okay ✔. Dizzy Dennis, Only one spell up to now ✔. Prostate Percy, leaking ✘. Boils, Still there but not painful? ✔, Trotsky Terence, Good ✔, and Crampy Craig, Okay  ✔ So, let’s add these up, (Where’s my abacus? Hehe!)

Goods ✔= 14 – Bads ✘= 7. I’m content, pleased-as-punch and tickled pink with that. Fank you!

I’ll have to think up a name for the Blank Spells when everything seems to go vague, and memories disappear, although thank heavens this is not very often, it has happened more this year than ever before. Blank Bob? Vague Vernon?  Maybe, Obscure Oscar? Suggestions welcome.

Many wee-wees throughout today.

On with sorting the diary out again, then another summoning from the innards to the Porcelain Throne! And what a session that was. Trotsky Terence seems to have been replaced with Constipation Conrad; Who minutes ago I gave an ‘Okay’ rating. Hehehe! Still, it gave me a chance to catch up on the Lenigrad book.

I don’t know that the pillock living above is up to, but he ain’t half banging away, sounds like he’s dragging and then slamming things?

Finally got the 13ths Inchcock Today completed and posted off.

MAde a start on this one. Good heavens, it’s 0800hrs already!

I wish I were confident about what is going on about the upgrade. I know I’ve to stay in until something happens today and all day tomorrow. If the builders come early enough in the morning, I can go see Brother-in-law Pete skating in the slab square.

Got up to make another brew and had a Dizzy Dennis. Whatever was wrong with me yesterday afternoon, has apparently not finished with me yet. I’ll best not go to the Social Hour today. That’s two weeks I’ve missed now. Humph!

Caught up to here on the blog, then did some WordPress reading and comments.

On to Facebook.

Did a bit of work on CorelDraw for the TFZer series. Then did the ablutions.

Finally, four hours later, I got the TFZer graphics done. I’m going to make a post with them all on. Here are a few of them.

Got the nosh prepared.

I’d overcooked the beef slices and potatoes. Used the balsamic glaze on them both. The beetroots were a little hard, the tomatoes were bitter, but the lemon mousse and clementine juice were okay.

I did the Health Checks and off to the Porcelain Throne – Constipation Conrad had now got a grip, and it was not easy. On the bright side, the Lenigrad book will soon be finished at this rate. Still unsure whether to risk taking Senna?

I felt weary again and got one of the Seagal films out of the box and into the DVD player. I was so pleased that it had subtitles… until I found out it was only Norwegian subtitles! Tsk!

Settled in the recliner, tray and dirty plate and cutlery on the chair next to it, I proceeded to fall-asleep and wake-up repeatedly for hours.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 13th December 2017: Started well, Whoopsiedangleplops, ended not good. Tsk!

Wednesday 13th December 2017

Italian: Mercoledì 13 Dicembre 2017

2350hrs: Awoke, rumbling innards. Tried to remember the dreams but nothing there in the grey-cells. Vey is mir, the dizzies attacked when I disentangled my fat obese body from the clutches of the warm comfy £300 second-hand recliner, to visit the Porcelain Throne.

No evacuation achieved, only wind. The stomach seemed to calm down, though. Whoopsiedangleplop, it’s off again. Tsk!

I made a brew and got the computer going. Finished off yesterday’s Inchock Today and posted it. Went onto Facebook to add the photographs to the albums from yesterday. But it was not to be – Facebook let me into photos, then albums; but when I selected the collection to open, just a blank screen appeared? When I tried opening the Notifications, 50% did send me to them, the others a blank screen again? I did a search for Facebook Problems Today, and found this:

So I gave up and started updating this post.

Then in an instant, the stomach started to actually hurt. I made my way with great haste to the Porcelain Throne, arriving only just in time. This was the first ‘Normal’ evacuation I’ve had for weeks. A few spots of blood, but experience told me this was only from Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

A rinse and wipe around, and to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

I made a small mug of the Assam tea, and let it cool before taking the medications after the Health Checks were done.

Blimey, the Sys and Dia had shot up a bit?

Took a look outside to check to see if any ice remained, but could not see any as I hung out of the window to take this shot. It felt bitterly cold out there, but it looked like it would be a safe hobble for me to the bus stop later on.

Back to WordPress and my anecdotalism.

Went on WordPress Reader.

Spent a couple of hours doing post headers for later in the week.

Then tried Facebook again to see if I could do the photo albums. Slow, but working now.

Got the ablutions tended to. Wrapped up warm. Checked the lights, taps etc. and got the nibbles and bread in the bag to drop off for my beautiful wardens, Obergrupenfurheress Deana and Obergefreiteress Julie and set off to the elevator on my way to the Social Hut. Pressed the call-button, and realised I’d not got the camera with me. Back to home and collected the camera, making sure it had a sim-card in it.

Of again, got as far as the lift and going down in it, Whoopsiedangleplop once more, I had not got the hearing aids in. Back to the apartment and got them in, and off again.

Down and out and hobbled to the Social Shed. I was feeling good physically, and this worried me a tad. Dropped in to see the busy gals, gave them their Polish Sourdough bread and nibbles. I asked if they knew how Jenny was, and Julie phoned her, but the line was engaged.

We had a laugh and little chinwag and then out and to the bus stop. A decent crowd of tenants there, all smokers who faced the cold rather than go into the shed to keep warm while waiting. I was listening to Mary telling me her goings on, and realised I had not got the Emergency Medical Card with me! Whoopsiedangleplop number three. (Hehe!) I wondered if I had time to go back yet again to collect the card. I went to look at the time on the mobile phone – Whoopsiedangleplop number Four! I’d not got the phone with me either! Had to excuse my self. Mary told me the time, and she thought I had enough of it to go and get the card and mobile in time to get back and catch the bus. Another walk back and trip up the elevator and retrieved card and phone. My EQ told me I was due to suffer something nasty! However, at that moment I felt good… not mentally mind, but bodily. Haha!

The girl (Linda, I think?) from the top home arrived, and a crowd of twenty or so had gathered waiting. Much more nattering. She was still online for her holiday in January to the Mediterranian cruise and Greece visit.

Sat with Mary on the bus into town, and heard all about her birds.

Dropped off on Lower Parliament Street and over and up Glasshouse Street. With its abandoned shops, empty offices and the Victoria Shopping (Mall) Centre, and the flats above and car park below.

I’d intended to go to the Aldi Store on Huntingdon Street, but the tweaks from Hippy Hilda were telling me not to, so I didn’t. I went into Tesco. Where I purchased a small Polish Pork Knuckle, potato chips, a massive chunk of Stilton cheese, lemon curd yoghourts and some bacon. Out of the centre onto Milton Street, passing the closed down eateries on my left and right.


I reckon there must be seating in the three new restaurants in Trinity Square, for three hundred or more customers. I wondered if the two Nottingham Shoplifters… sorry, shoppers in the picture might go in and get some overcharged food? Hehehe!

I did some window shopping as I hobbled down Kings Walk.

It seemed the only shops with any customers were the Pawnbrokers and the Money Shop as  I poddled along down towards Upper Parliament Street.

Across the road, was New York’s American & Italiano, Frankie & Benny’s eatery. Where the sign outside informed the Nottinghamians that they could get a breakfast: Eggs on Toast, for the bargain price of only £5.95 – Three eggs cooked just how you like them! Choose from poached, scrambled or fried. Served with button mushrooms, tomato and brown toast with butter.

There was no queue!

I wandered along the road towards Queen Street and the L9 bus stop, and the smells from the line of shops interested me.

The Eco-Vape shop was giving out every scent I could imagine. Chocolate, ginger, citrus etc. The New York Nails a pungent, tangy sweet one, as were the other two nail businesses in the same row of retailers. Hehehe! By the time I’d got to the end and crossed-over the road onto Queen Street to catch the bus, I think I was affected by the fumes!

While waiting for the late arrival of the bus, I took this semi-moody photographicalisation of the Little John Dome on the Council House.

Linda got on the bus at the next stop and sat next to me. She proceeded to tell me about her having booked her holiday for 2019 already. A tour of Kenya, Egypt and then Vietnam for two months. She informed me of all the tablets and injections she had to have beforehand. This cheered me up no end. Lovely lady. And, it is her Birthday next week, her relating of all the gifts she got from family and Sister, the meals planned for her, dining out and party arranged.

Whoopsiedangleplops numbers Five, Six & Seven: As we approached the flats, I had a nasty dizzy, Reflux Roger blew-up and Anne Gyna joined in. I had to make a hasty farewell to the gal and make my way to the flat, as the stomach had started to rumble as well. In seconds really, I’d gone from feeling oh, so good to a nervous wreck. Then, I got the cramps in the hand as I opened the flat door! Oh dearie me! Went into a little blank period, only for ten minutes or so, but I haven’t the foggiest idea what occurred during that time. Found myself having cut up the belly pork in the crock-pot after apparently having put the potatoes in the saucepan.

I was struggling to regain control of the brain-box as I stirred the mixture, and the door chimed rang out. It was Willmott-Dixon lady Cathy and a chap – I think they are doing something on Friday and I have to stay in all day? Changed a date for something to be done, I’m just not confident, as they had caught me in mid-panic-fretting stations, and in significant discomfort at the time. I must check when I can. I hope I didn’t make myself look a fool.

I know I felt even more confused after they had gone, a feeling I’d not grasped everything.

Whoopsiedangleplop number Eight: Had another Dizzy Dennis minute later, as I bent down to pick-up the DVT Blood Test Results that had been delivered earlier. Having difficulty in thinking things through.

Did The Health Checks and took the medications. Kept putting the timer on for 30 minutes and checking the slow-cooker as I settled to watch some TV.

I’d put the fodder bought away during the blank-spell. Checked the receipt.

The rain stopped, and the wind got up somewhat.

Then, the intercom phone rang. Delivery, from Amazon with some Seagal DVDs – that I could not remember ordering.

Whoopsiedangleplop number Nine.

I went into the kitchen to serve up the sadly dismal meal. Brother-in-Law Pete rang on the mobile. He was going to go skating on Friday at the Slab Square Rink and had kindly given me permission to go and see him. (Hehehe, only joking). I explained best I could about something happening on Friday, and I had to be in all day. If whatever they have to do is done early and doesn’t take too long, I can go meet him afterwards.

The nosh was stone-cold by the time I got it on the tray. But I had little interest in it by then. Yes, I was not in a bon viveur mode. Haha!

Yet, I think I enjoyed it anyway.

I kept the notepad handy and scribbled memories as they happened to use in the morning on this blog.

I was definitely feeling a lot better.

Off to the Porcelain Throne, but only wind and liquid again.

Took this shot of the snow in the lower field, that was refusing to melt. Perhaps it was the remnants of a Snowman the kids?

As I closed the window, the rain started again.

I nibbled a bag of Marmite crisps and a Picnic bar, with a mug of orange juice, well, Clementine juice.

Amazingly, after such a period of confusion and memory loss, I remembered to do a Wrist Panic Alarm battery check with NCHs? Confusion reigned.

(In the morning, it took me five hours to update this diary; thanks to the notepads being referred to.)

I watched a fair bit of TV without nodding off tonight for a change. This is I suppose, due to the brains reluctance to show any interest in the programmes, but wandering all over the place and various topics, without taking me with it! Hahaha!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 12th December 2017:

Tuesday 12th December 2017

Greece: Τρίτη 12 Δεκεμβρίου 2017

0030hrs: I woke up in what I believe is the exact same position as I fell asleep in last night. I remember thinking about changing the watched DVD in the player, I awoke with the remote control still in my hand?

This, is despite my having suffered a pseudohallucinational dream, in which I was solving problems and helping, advising all sorts of visitors to my outside toilet from 1949, and a cerebricity which seemed to amaze all of my inquirers? In the background, cheering and clapping could be heard every time I said anything? The dream seemed to last only a few seconds, and I think I tried to get it back. Me? Clever? Worra dream.

When I tried to move, Hippy Hilda and the water retaining legs complained and then I remembered what it was I forgot to tell the Doctor about yesterday. ‘Hippy Hilda and the water retaining legs!’ Tsk! Off to the Porcelain Throne. A better session, slight overtones of the Trotskies, but not much.

Got the medications taken with a mug of tea and did the Health Checks.

Gor dressed without any ablutions, to be ready for when the Morrison order arrives between 0630 > 0730 hrs.

Checked WordPress messages and comments, didn’t take long. Then went on WordPress Reader. Lots of good stuff on again.

Went on Facebooking.

The Morrison man cometh, not a very happy one, though. Through gritted teeth he muttered something in reply to my “Good morning, everything alright with the weather today?” No idea what it was he said.

I’d got some extra Scottish Plain Bread to freeze and keep over the holiday period.

I found I had to throw some bits away to make room for them in the freezer. Tsk!

I’ll have to sort through the use-by-dates to see what to have later for the nosh. Got plenty of stock now, cooked beef, fresh belly pork, the Pork Knuckles… I think I got carried away again.

Got the stuff stored and took three photographs from the kitchen window. Ont to the left, one right off centre and one of the right view.

Bootifull, but not very warm. I had to put the oil heater on in the main room.

On with graphics creating again. Hard work this morning, CorelDraw keeps freezing on me.

1500hrs: Feeling so tired now, but pressed on with doing another TFZer Vehicle Related funny graphic.

Fatigue, mental of course, forced me to stop and get the nosh prepared. I got the spuds in the oven. Then did some Facebooking while they cooked. Two hours later I took them out and removed and mashed the flesh, added cheese and tomatoes to them. Refilled the husks and back in the stove to brown them off.

Served the nosh-up and ate it all, every scrap and morsel.

I did not get to doing the washing up because I put the TV on and fell asleep almost immediately.

Woke a few hours later and the brain was full of memories about the dream I’d been having. I searched for the pencil and pad to record them.

But by the time I found both, any recollection had dissipated. Most annoying!

Spotted the untaken pot of medications on the Ottoman, and took them.

I thought about getting out of the recliner and doing the pots, and as I started to manipulate my body mass, I felt something hard under my bottom and the recliner’s cushion…

That damned remote control! Hehe!

I extracted it and fell asleep again.

Inchcock Today – Monday 11th December 2017:

Monday 11th December 2017

Korean: 2017 년 12 월 11 일 월요일

0100hrs: Woke and the first thoughts were of getting to the GP surgery for the Doctors visit and blood test with Nurse Nichole, and would I be able to get there with the weather?

I rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner, grabbed the camera and poddled into the kitchen, got the kettle on and investigated the snow conditions.

It was freezing outside, and I thought I could see the snow hardened and ice on the road below.

Assembled the laundry stuff, gathered the clothes and down to the launderette, to get the laundry started and have a look at the road conditions. Got the washing machine going, and nipped out into the cold to peruse Chestnut Walk.

Blimey, not good!

I hope the buses are running so I can at least get down Winchester Street Hill and a lift back up home afterwards. Mansfield Road might be a little easier to walk along than locally.

Set the timer to remind me about changing machines later. Took the medications and did the Health Checks, made another mug of tea to replace the one I brewed earlier and forgot about when the whimsey of doing the washing came into my befuddled brain.

Timer beeping, off down to move clothes from one machine to the dryer.

The no.2 lift was making slightly worrying noises on the way down this trip. Metallic scraping-like. When I got the clothes out of the washing machine, they were still wet? I got them in the dryer and turned it on hoping for the best, but I don’t think one cycle will be enough.

Washed the first units drum and doors, and set off to the lift foyer.

The Christmas Decorations had been put up I noticed. I think they may have overdone it, don’t you think? Haha!

Going back up, the lift was making the same noises but louder.

Got in and needed the Porcelain Throne. All good this time, hopefully, Trotsky Terence has left the building? There was no bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids, either. There was a lot of water retention in the legs, though.

I filled in the Deep Vein Thrombosis record card and put it into the coat pocket, while I remembered. Then took the medications. Did the mornings Health Checks:

And recorded the averages for last week, to take with me on the visit to see Nurse Nicole for the Warfarin DVT blood Test. And see Dr Vindla about the Trotsky’s. That is of course if I can get there.

Finished and posted the Inchcock Today for Sunday.

Hello, back to the Throne. Another good one without any bother – how does this happen? After three weeks of extremes either way, in the Porcelain Throne sessions, it comes right on the very day I manage to get to see the Doctor about it? Tsk!

The timer chirped into life, and I went down to investigate if the clothes had dried enough. No.2 lift was still noisy.

The clothes were dry enough, so I got them out and folded them, then into the bag.

Cleaned the filter and wiped surfaces.

Had a sweep up of the bits of soap powder and things dropped on the floor. Not by me, of course!

Back up, catching the no.1 lift this time, no noises in this one.

To the Porcelain Throne again first job. All okay.

Got the togs stored away and mad a small mug of tea. Back on the computer. Couldn’t find any cancellations of buses on the web, then again it is not 0400hrs yet. The weather site has added snow to today’s forecast for Nottingham. 2°c max, -5°c tonight.

Updated this blog. Then checked the emails. To WordPress Reader next. Facebooking next.

Off to get the ablutions sorted, and prepare for the bus ride (I hope) to Sherwood and walk to Carrington. A good showering that took a little longer than expected and left me little time to get to the bus stop, considering the lethal state of Chestnut Walk with the ice, on time. Hurried about preparing everything needed for the blood test and set off.

Apprehensively, I did my best to move swiftly on the ice and got to the stop as the bus arrived. Phew! The other coach (outbound) came seconds later, and the drivers swapped ice-problems with each other on the routes they had been on with each other.

Within minutes I was at the bottom of Winchester Street Hill getting off of the bus and thanking the driver. Looking at the pavements as I rode down, I was so grateful that the bus was running. At the bottom of the hill, it was a transformation as the roads cleared of snow and ice, another world, where I could walk so much more safely and contentedly.

As I began my walk up the slow incline on Mansfield Road, feeling a little cheerful now, I got out the camera to take a shot of the view up the road, and the cleared-of-ice pavements and this bloke almost hit me as he overtook me, made me jump for a second. Tsk!

I carried on up to the top and over the crest, down into Carrington and the surgery.

Booked me in with the receptionist and got seated and the crossword book out. Amazingly, I started one that I’d got just two answers in before and got all but one clue filled in. A possible victory I thought… but maybe not, I do not have the slightest idea what Garlic Mayonnaise is? A_O_I?

Then, Dr Vindla came out and called me into her surgery. It’s been a long time since I visited her, and she had lost none of her humour or straight talking, or her beauty for that matter. I still could not remember the other thing I was going to mention to her, so contented myself with explaining the problems I’m having with the Porcelain Throne activities. Many questions later, she got me on the… I don’t know what you call it, the bench I suppose, she whipped down my trousers and had a prod and stab about asking if this one or that one hurt. I did mention the increase in my weight, she said she’d be more concerned at this moment if I were losing weight? Afterwards, she added that I seem to have coped with it and if it does start again come and see her.

She was ‘Not happy’ with the B.P. readings and told me to drop off next weeks record at the reception for her to have another look at.

Off I went back to the waiting room and got seated. But not for long, seconds later Nurse Nichole fetched me, and we went to her room, and she took the DVT Warfarin sample. We chatted as she drew the blood, had a laugh and I gave her the nibbles for her and the others. I told her about my going to Tesco to search for the knuckles and she put some extra tape on the lesion on the arm, in case it started bleeding again. Nice! It always cheers me up seeing this pleasant pulchritudinous nurse, and today was no exception. Loins girded, I thanked her and went to catch a bus into town in the search for some Pork Knuckles.

Off the bus and into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall), where I forgot all about the security guards stopping me taking photos last month, Ahem!

Into the Tesco store and to the fridge section with Continental Foods… and, Joy of Joys, I nearly wet myself with excitement – they had some Solokow Polish Pork Knuckles, shortly they had three less. I also got a Polish Smoked Pork Loin to have at Christmas. Paid the lady on the till and departed. On my way to the other end of the mall, I called into the HMV shop to see if they had a copy of the Steven Seagal film ‘Fire Below’. I asked a bloke, and he looked it up on their system, none in, but they did have a box of seven of his films with this one on it. I was expertly conned into getting it.

Out into the bright but cold sunlight.

I avoided going down Clumber Street, too many shoplifters, beggars, Big Issue sellers and street performers for my liking. Hehe!

I crossed over the road and made my way down King Street into the Slab Square to take some photographicalisations.

Up Queen Street and I was the sole passenger to get on the L9 bus when it arrived.

The driver I thought coped very well with the still icy roads on the estates he had to manoeuvre through.  He had me back at the flats.

The short foot journey from the bus stop to the end of Chestnut Walk was not as hazardous as it was earlier, but much of the compacted snow and ice remained, and care had to be taken en route to the Woodthorpe Court flats and home.

At one point I did have a close-shave with an Accifauxpa but avoided going over when I slipped.

Hippy Hilda was not happy with this.

Not a soul about, and who can blame them? There were no signs of any workmen either.

Got in the flat and had a wee-wee. Got the purchases sorted. The fantastic Pork knuckles, only two of the three, were put in the fridge, the other one on a plate ready to become part of tonights, nosh.

I noticed that the receipt for the DVD had attached to it, a card informing me that I could win a £100 HMV gift card.

It gave a link to enter the code below and tell them about what I thought about my shopping experience today for a chance to win.

The code confused me. Does it mean Tracy who presumably served me or the number at the bottom?

Don’t think I’ll bother after all.

I did the Health Checks and medications. Then noticed the beloved Copse outside. It still looked beautiful, but sad at the same time, perhaps?

Set about getting the nosh sorted. A cold meal today… well, the part-baked oven cobs were still warmish. Hehe!

The Polish Pork Knuckle was great! In fact, I enjoyed everything and gobbled it up slowly in the hope that I might not eat it all and lose weight. No chance!

The only failure was the banana that had hard black streaks inside?

I removed the tape from the arm vein, and I did the pots and settled to watch some more ‘Boon’ DVD episodes.

I viewed the first three and enjoyed them, thought about getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner to change the disc, and fell asleep.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 10th December 2017

Sunday 10th December 2017

Amharic: እሁድ 10 ዲሴምበር 2017

0155hrs: Woke up with the mind still a little nebulous, vague and inchoate, from last nights funny turn. No, not the right word, perhaps troubling is a better term to use. I felt as if I had had no sleep much at all.

Demands had not arrived for the Porcelain Throne usage. Ailments seemed in a good mood, apart from Hippy Hilda when I dragged my body-mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner.

The wind escapers had regained their potency. I wondered if this would be an advantage to the Throne visits?

Got the computer started to download and sort the photographs and found these three. Presumably taken some time last night. Why they were, I have no idea and no memories of making them either?

Questioning my sanity seemed the sanest thing I have done for a while. Hehe!

The call to the Throne arrived, and I responded. Boy, was I right about the accompanying aroma returning! This time, for the first time in days, the session was the same as the previous one. There were no signs of Trotsky Terence, Solid with almost clear liquid accompanying the evacuation. Maybe things were settling down at last? (I can dream? Haha!)

Into the kitchen and put the kettle on, got the medication stuff ready, and took these photographs while hanging out of the window. The extended van is a hired one. Good job the workers are not on at the weekend. I hope the emergency services don’t have to be summoned while this is here.

Got the Health Checks, and medicating needs attended to.

Took the drugs with a good tasty mug of Co-op 99 tea. The readings on the Checks look very good this morning, the Sys and pulse were going down at last.

Pleased with these figures, I proceeded to get the next week medication pots sorted out and have another cup of tea.

Nice and warm in the kitchen, temperature indicated it being 59° c.

Far less rumbling from the innards as well now, but what does escape from the rear has a certain crude-hum to it.

I felt a lot better now and had a go on the WordPress Reader. Then comments.

Then on Facebook.

Made another mug of tea. Then on to CorelDraw prep work for the next TFZer series.

 I spent a couple of hours getting it started, and went to the kitchen to make myself a brew:

Boy am I glad I didn’t talk myself into going out this morning!

The first picture is from the living room.

Then I opened the kitchen window to take the other ones.

I felt a tad sorry for whoever had hired the van, cause they were just moving it to the foyer doors to load it up, or unload it, whichever is the case.

I tried to take some photographicalisations from different angles.

The snow is not heavy but is persistent in nature.

Only small flakes as yet.

I think this is going to prove bothersome for the workmen in the morning if it does not clear-away. I imagine the hoist cages will be in a right state of wetness. And the balconies they were working on are well covered in snow, and up here I think it will freeze harder and become another hassle for the men?

There was only, as far as I could see, one owner being taken for a walk by his two dogs. They seemed to be enjoying the weather, tails wagging fiercely! Hehehe!

I pondered on what to have for nosh today. Scottish Bread sarnies I think. The last of the cooked belly pork, sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette and some cheese sounds good to me.

Back to the graphicationalisationing.

The Strobe Fire-Alarm went off. I went on s seek and discover mission again. Looked outside, no signs of any emergency vehicles in attendance – Checked the door handle for any heat with the back of the hand, there was none. Opened the door, no sounds of any Fire-Alarms ringing. I assumed it was another false alarm. I really must remember to tell Obergruppenfurheress Warden Dean about these activations, but I keep forgetting to.

While at the window I took a few more shots of the snow.

Put the kettle on and noticed a family with their youngster with a plastic sledge having fun in the bottom field. I enjoyed watching them so much.

They would put the nipper on and push him or her down, and he or she would get right to the bottom end in one go. Then, they thought it would be fun for Mother to join the little un.


They started off alright and at a reasonable speed too.

Then they came to a cropper and fell off.

Nobody hurt, much laughter ensued.

I might be all on own, but it cheered up just looking at them having such fun. Especially as no one was injured and much merriment was attained as a result.

I made the tea I forgot about earlier, and had a quick look at the WordPress Reader again.

Then back to CorelDraw and the TFZer Vehicle funnies creating.

Getting tired now, poor old thing. Mind, the Porcelain Throne visits have not been many today, so, one good thing.

A quick bash on Facebook, and then got the nosh ready.

Did the washing up, medications and Health Checks and collapsed into the recliner and there I stayed. Nodding off and waking for hours before eventually drifting away into a blissful sleep.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 9th December 2017

Saturday 9th December 2017

Finnish: Lauantaina 9.12.2017

0130hrs: Stirred into semi-life with the brain battling to make some sense of the odd dream I and early last night. And wind continually escaping from the rear-quarters! Detaching my lumbering body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner was not easy this morning, painful in fact, as Hippy Hilda was in form and giving me some hassle.

More bother during the Porcelain Throne session, Trotsky Terence had returned, and much cleansing and cleaning were required afterwards, Tsk!

Made a brew, did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got me in a pickle with trying to remove some photographs from the WordPress Gallery. Wasted another hour sorting out my blunders.

Made a graphic of the nightmare early last night that I had.

Whatever this flying block of flats, car park or spaceship was, I was in it, being forced to go up the storeys and finding personal old embarrassments and mistakes from the past on each floor – being forced to watch these replays, as if I was actually there? Not nice, I can tell yers! There was another planet earth in the dream too. Humph!

I went on to the WordPress Comments and then the Reader.

Then I started sorting any non-required graphics, files etc. on the computer.

Ablutions were done next. Readied everything and set off out. Met Welsh Bill, who got on the lift on the 6th floor on my way down. We had a chinwag and laugh on the way out. The weather was showing -1°c showing on the lift panel.

We called into the open Social Hut to keep warm while waiting. Three ladies including Jenny, and a bloke and Bill and me in there. Outside in the cols at the bus stop, were four smoker tenants.

Got the bus which was packed with passengers, who all got off in Sherwood, apart from and the other bloke.

Dropped off in Arnold and went straight to the Chambers Meat shop. Got some of their Home-Cooked Belly pork that was a lot less fatty than what they had on off yesterday… no, on Thursday.

Very nippy today, I decided to have a quick search for the pork knuckles, and get the next bus home to the warmth. Mind you, as long as it stays below freezing, the snow should keep off.

Went to Fulton’s, no knuckles. Called in Asda, no pork knuckles. That leaves Tesco to try on Monday – snow permitting.

Made my way to the bus stop. As I did, I spotted this couple with their dog. He was about six foot, she was about 6’6″, the dog about 4 foot when he stood still. A magnificent creature, no idea what breed he was. He had thick legs and a big head? Appeared to be very calm.

Got the bus which was early, settled and got the crossword book out. Did fairly well, as well.

In Sherwood, Welsh Bill got on. Another chinwag session was enjoyed. At the flats, Welsh Bill and I got in the elevator and William pointed out the temperature was still the same now at -1°c.

When I got in the flat,  I had a massive Dizzy Dennis spell that took a lot of clearing, in fact, I had mild ones for the rest of the day on and off. Tsk!

No Porcelain Throne visit demands, that was a good sign, too.

I made a tasty mug of tea.

As I was about to take hearing aids out and get the trousers off and jammies and my dressing gown on, when I heard a lot of barking coming from outside.

I investigated. It was the lady who often takes different dogs to the bottom field for training. This brown one looked like she had had some lessons. I fascinate me watching them. The icy on the grass didn’t seem to bother either of them, I’m glad to say they both appeared content with their lot.

I hung myself out of the window to get this photographicalisation of the thick ice on the walk to or back to the flats, on Chestnut Way.

Had a wee-wee, changed the clothes, and had another wee-wee.

I hope there is no rain later. I imagine that getting to the Doctors will not be easy on Monday.

Went on Facebooking.

Got the nosh prepared.

Made a right mess of seasoning the baked beans. For the life of me, I can’t remember what I put in them, but  I got a sweetness and bitterness taste all at the same time? I did spot the Fish Sauce bottle had moved as well as the Balsamic vinegar full strength bottle? Luckily I enjoyed the flavour. I just hope there are no repercussions from the innards. Ate it all up, then nibbled some chocolate nuts and Sherbert sauces as well. Tsk!

Did the Health Checks, medications and did a failed search for the mobile phone.

Washed the pots up. Had a wee-wee and settled into the recliner, all snug and warm. The TV turned on, and a Boon DVD watched. Watched all three episodes and then fell asleep. I dreamt of when the wetroom was being installed for some reason?

The memories of the super helpful chap who did the work came back. It was he who recommended I get a Bridge camera. If by any chance he reads this; Thanks for your help, clean working and I did get a bridge camera. Cheers!

Nodded off and woke with the mind in a ubiquitous condition. Jumping between unrelated thoughts, fears, desires and jealousies, combined with self-pity, lost loves, mistakes and loneliness, a solitude… then it would start again, producing entirely different responses from my grey-cells. I thought I might be somnambulating as I found myself sat upon the Porcelain Throne without recall of getting there? Another change, back to the hard with clear fluids. The mind cleared and I wondered what had just happened – had I dreamt it all?

An unsettling few moments there.

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner and back sleeping in minutes.

Inchcock Today – Friday 8th December 2017

Friday 8th December 2017

Malagasy: Zoma 8 Desambra 2017

0400hrs: Stirred, pains from the chest, and fully aware that I had been having dreams, but not the foggiest idea what they were about, most annoying. A vague sense of triskaidekaphobia being involved lingered.

The innards still rumbling and within seconds, I was forced to relinquish the warmth and comfort of the £300 second-hand recliner, catch my balance, and hobble to the wet room and the Porcelain Throne. Yet again, a different session. I think that Trotsky Terence is getting a grip once more… Tsk!

To the kitchen and did the Health Checks.

Then, when I went to get the morning medications out,  I’d missed yesterdays morning dosages. I checked the evening ones, and I’d not taken them either!

The cramps in the fingers were playing-up, and I dropped the tablets as I took the morning’s out to take. Unsure of what would be best to do with the evening ones though. So I decided just one Warfarin blood thinner and one Trental vasoactive agent tablet. No doubt about it, the chest was a bit painful when I woke up.

I updated Thursday’s blog and got it posted off. Then went on Facebook for a while.

Then CorelDraw to finalise the TFZer Nursery Graphic.

Then started this post, up to here. Made some more top graphics for the coming days, this took a few hours. During which Jenny called me to see if Would be in around 0945hrs today, to have the builder’s assessment of the flat done, instead of the 13th, as the gal had a business meeting to go to on that day. I said I would be in, thanked her and got the ablutions done. Had to use Porcelain Throne half-way through. Back to solid with clear liquids now again?

Ablutions were done then dressed all clean and fresh, and the doorbell chimed out. Twas two people from the builders Willmott Dixon, and Jenny with them. Took a few minutes to assess and they were off. I thanked Jenny, she will get in touch before they arrive and assist me with what needs moving. ♥

Back to the CorelDraw and Inchcock Today page header humour graphics.

Jenny called back, she needed to move some stuff ready for when they come to do the heating. Handed her, her Christmas present, glad I remembered cause I might forget later. She thanked me and off she trotted, a busy gal.

Back to the updating. Got the graphics done and set up for four days IT’s. Took me three hours plus.

Got the nosh prepared. Cooked pork knuckle in jelly. I wish I could remember where I got this from, cause it was absolutely delicious. Sliced mini-tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette, and ready prepared Potato Gratin with masses of extra-mature cheese added. An apple and two slices of Irish Batch bread dabbled with Vegemite.

And very nice too!

Washed the pots and did the Helth Checks and took the medications.

The sun came out, and I opened the kitchen window to take a close-up view of the balcony, and the then, the ones below. All being readied for the installation of the new units. The man at the Heater Training Session told me that they will be installed from the outside.

The darkness soon descended, as did my tiredness. Got settled in the £300 second-hand Recliner and got the Boon DVD on. Watched all three episodes without any nodding off. Then put the TV on, and I was gone into dreamland in seconds.

I woke, having been dreaming the oddest nightmare. (In the morning I made up a graphic to help with the description, and added to the Saturday posting). I was in outer-space, in, I don’t if it was a planet or type of spacecraft, that resembled a giant car multi-storey carpark? I was being forced to walk between the levels, and on each one, was a Whoopsidangleplop or Embarrassing incident I’d suffered over the years, being replayed and I had to watch them? Most uncomfortable!

This dream, caused the grey-cells to become active, and I could not get back to sleep. So I turned the TV back on.

The weather forecast was on, warning me about this Sunday and the due snow, with Nottingham right in the middle of it!

Oh, dearie me.

I took a quick photo of the screen and made this up for a bit of fun before finishing the diary on Saturday.

I don’t know if it was the dream or this weather prediction, but suddenly I needed the Porcelain Throne.


Acute DjpegI added an ADRC capsule to the morning medication pots, so I didn’t forget to take it.

The Trotskies were taking over again, this time.

Got settled down again, and soon drifted off.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 7th December 2017: Got in a pickle today. Tsk!


Thursday 7th December 2017

Slovenian: Četrtek, 7. December 2017

0155hrs: I woke with a stomach ache, within seconds the need for the Porcelain Throne arose. Temerariously, I boldly exited the £300 second-hand recliner in one movement before it had lowered all the way and in a hurry. Over I went as I tripped over the small Ottoman. I got up with relative ease for me; due to no doubt, to the urgency of my requirement for the Porcelain Throne usage?; and proceeded to the wet room.

Things were different yet again this morning. Rock hard with accompanying clear liquid? No bleeding, though.

As I washed up afterwards, I found a decent bruise on the knee, and the right elbow had acquired a graze, both from the tumble I expect.

I collected together the second load of washing that I could not get in the machine yesterday, and went down and got them in the washer. Popped out of the foyer door to take this picture.

0220hrs: Up home, and got the updating of the Wednesday dairy.

Down to move the clobber from washer to dryer and back up again.

The stomach ache was getting worse as the morning progressed. I’ll be glad to get to see the Doctor about this. Might not make it to the Social Hour. Sorted the finishing off of yesterday’s dairy and started this one going.

To the laundry room to collect the things. Not a lot, just two dressing gowns, one shirt, one underpants and a pair of socks, oh, and the two towels.

But they took up all the room in the washer and the dryer.

Cleaned the filters and drums, packed the bag and off to the elevator.

The Caretakers are not a happy team at the moment with all the confusion over the upgrade, but when the poor devils see this on lift number one entrance on the ground floor… well!

I took this photograph to show off the Bates Motel towel than Sister Jane got me last year. When it came to putting it on here, it looked like some insects were in evacuation-mode near the left door? Hehe! If I go down later, I’ll have another look. It can’t be ants this time of year… or can it? Maybe the eggs or whatever they are were deposited by the well-known Woodthorpe Court Aliens? Just look at the pattern on those underpants! Haha!

I got the clothes stored away, and got the Health Checks done and medications were taken.

Off to the Porcelain Throne again. Wet and sludgy this time. No bleeding. Stomach still aching.

Did some WordPress Reading for an hour or so. Then, back to the toilet. Everything different again Tsk! Firmed up and bleeding. Stomach still giving me some bother, though.

Had a bash on Facebooking, then.

Started a TFZer graphic, well, the prep work for it.

To the Throne once again, and different still. Back to near normal – not that it usually is, very often. Only a tiny bit of bleeding.

Back to working on the TFZer ‘Nursery’ graphic. All the lads and some of the gals supervising?


Took a good while, but I hope they comment and like it, and, see the humour in it.

Got the ablutions done. Collated the raffle prizes and nibbles box and ready to set off.

I was going to the doctors, then to get some milk and bread. I needed to make sure the appointment with Doctor Vindla was still on, to get some help with the Trotsky-to-Diahorrea pattern I am suffering with. And stop the need for me wearing protection pants and getting caught out. So I missed the Tenants Hour, just called in and Jenny kindly took the gear off of me for distribution.

Met Roy in the queue and had a laugh and chinwag with him.

Then caught the bus into Arnold to get the shopping bits in.

I called into Chamber’s cooked foods shop to see if they had any of their homemade cooked belly pork slices. They had some in, but they were 80% fat, so I got some cooked pork instead, for tonight’s planned meal of sarnies with trimmings.

Called at Fulton Foods, and got some sterilised milk.

Then to Iceland, but came out without anything.

Up the road to Asda and spent a long time wandering around and buying little. They did have the small part-baked cobs, so I stocked up to last me over the holidays. An Irish Batch loaf, I’ll use this tonight, got it all panned now I’ve got some decent looking tomatoes. I’ll have three slices of buttered bread, sliced tomatoes on each, balsamic sauce, cheese slices and a slice of the cooked pork on each. Then fold them and have some extras added, red onion, pork and mushroom pate, frank, chestnuts and a lemon mousse?

Then I weakened as I passed by the fresh cream cake fridge.

As it happens, I was sorry I bothered. Never has a fresh cream cake before, ever tasted so cardboard and sugar-like! Eurgh!

Paid through the tills and out over the road back to the Shoe Zone. Plenty of time before the bus to Carrington was due, so I looked at the men’s slippers they had on offer. Spotted some that had velcro fasteners and searched for a size eight, without any luck. 6’s, 7’s, 9’s, 10’s, 11’s, yes. So I took a pair of size nines and paid the young lady.

To the bus stop. When I got on, I realised I had not been to the Doctors surgery! What a Plonka!

So, I stayed on the bus into Sherwood and caught one to Carrington.

All was okay with the appointments on Monday. No Doctors or nurses were on site for me to ask advice of. My own silly fault for getting confused and not going earlier.

Caught a bus back to Sherwood, fell asleep and woke-up in Arnold, miles beyond where I meant to alight. I did feel a fool!

Got off at Croft Street, and as luck would have it, an L9 bus back to the flats was due. So I caught that one, the same driver, who gave me a funny sideways glance. Hehehe!

In Sherwood, Roy got on the bus and more banters ensued. Up to the flats and we still were laughing about something as we arrived at the foyer.

When I got into the flat, the noise from the winds was horrendous, yet on the ground, I had not noticed any wind.

I was well shattered with my self-imposed marathon runaround. To the Porcelain Throne, back to the spurting mode.

Did the Health Checks and made a brew. Then got the nosh prepared, no bother cause there was no cooking involved. A lot of crumbs to be located, though.

Apart from the terrible French Horns, everything went down, yes, I ate the lot! And, just as I had planned ingredients wise too!

The mind was a little confused, no, vague might be a better word.

As the darkness fell, the rain came with it. The winds still howling up here.

The sounds of emergency vehicle horns and klaxons were heard for ten minutes or so. I haven’t found out why yet.

Got the Boon DVD on and stayed awake for three episodes.

Put the TV on, and I was off into the land of Nod at the first set of commercials that came on. Early too, even for me.

Woke around midnight and lay there with no chance of getting back to sleep for hours. Nodded off again around 0200hrs, and woke up at 0400hrs.