Inchcock Today Thursday 19th October 2017: Winwood Residents Social Hour Today: Missing bus kept me indoors! Dentist – Warfarin complication Farce continues…Grumph!

Thursday 19th October 2017

Armenian: Ուրբաթ 19 Հոկտեմբեր 2017

0150hrs: Woke feeling a lot better than last night. Even the brain engaged within seconds, I told myself to get the laundry room duties done first thing.

The Porcelain Throne beckoned me at that time, and off I stumbled, out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, a wibbly-wobbly walk that annoyed Hilda Hips a bit and off to the wet room. I spent a while digesting the writings of the Leningrad book, while the painful evacuation session decided if it was to be a success or a mid-way blockage! The raw pain accompanying the movement made me think that perhaps a submarine torpedo was on its way out! Cor Blimey, what a gut-wrenching, excruciating haemorrhoid tearing session that was! Surprisingly, there was minimal bleeding, though.

I put the empty sauce bottles on top of the washing bag and went to set off down to the Laundry Room.

The INR DVT results had been delivered, must have arrived yesterday while I was incapacitated with depression and the Dennis Dizzies. Too late for me to have got to the dentist to beg an appointment, but it was also low a result anyway. The Sherrington Medical Practise have failed again to Email me with the results and readings. So, too late now to get in I think, so I’ll go to the City Hospital Haematology for the test next week. I’m getting fed-up to the back teeth (Pun intended) with trying to get my toothache seen to. It must be five or six weeks now. I might have stood a chance if the reading was correct within range and the receptionists at the surgery had informed me in time… and the dentist could fit me in. No one seems interested at the doctors nowadays.  I had to stop myself thinking of this problem, it’s doing my health no benefit at all.

0245hrs: In the lift number one, and noticed that the new Wachelino Alien Blob had spread out a bit.

I think this one might have come from a different planet than the first one, cause she is definitely developing differently to the first one. Hehe!

Got the washing into the machine and nipped outside in the misty morning darkness.

The leviathan-sized advertising boards were showing what the new build will eventually look like shone out in the light from the foyer doors. Enough to allow me to take a decentish photograph of it on my way to the recycling bin. I noticed that someone had already added some graffiti to it. Huh!

I added my two empty sauce bottles to the Scottish Whisky, Irish Whiskey, London Gin, Brandy, Champagne, Wine, Tequila, Vodka, even an Absynthe one and other various alcoholic concoctions the residents had put there earlier.

0305hrs: Back up to the mini-apartment. Did the Health Checks and took the medications. I think the low Sys and Dia is a good thing? Sys 138 Dia 73 Pulse 76 Temp 33.7c.

Sorted out the photographs and made a start on this diary.

0349hrs: Down and moved the gear from the washer to dryer. I wondered if whoever left the bedhead in the lift area are aware of the Nottingham City Homes letters of warning we have all received?

Sadly, another of us old folk have gone again. A lady tenant from Winchester Court. I did not recognise the name but bet I knew her to speak to. This lowered my spirits just a bit for a few moments. I know it can’t be avoided or helped.

Saw the list for the nosh in Arnold that Jenny arranges for us. With the dentist/Warfarin level farce, I daren’t add my name until I know the teeth have been sorted. Then again, the way that things are going, I’ll never get the teeth done. Hehe!

Back up the lift and made another brew of tea.

Opened the window and took this photo of the characteristical winter weather. The eerie light mists. There seemed a deceptive warmth in the atmosphere. (Is that the right word?)

Updated this diary again.

0344hrs: Down to collect the washing and clean up the laundry room. Wiped the surfaces, cleaned the filters and folded the clothes and into the bag.

I did wonder who’d left the lollipop there, on the window ledge?

0415hrs: Up to the flat a last time from the washing room. Got the clothes stored away and refilled the washing bottles for next session.

Worked on this post up to here, then set about finalising yesterday’s diary.

Caught up with the Emails (None from the surgery, of course, Humph!)

Did some WordPress reading.

I thought it a good idea to soak some of the foul, bitter Lidl tomatoes in some fish sauce to marinate for later.

Now, I have two tips for anyone doing this:

  1.  Do not use White Wine Sauce in mistake for Fish Sauce.
  2. If you must cut your finger, try not to do it down the edge of your fingernail.

Nuff said! Tsk!

After the Tenants Social Hour, I intend to go to Arnold and get some milk, fish and if possible some more Ski Lemon Mousse. Then go to the Doctors Surgery to express my displeasure at being let-down by them again for their not getting the INR reading and next appointment sent to me, not just not in time for me to inform the dentist and try to get a booking with them, but not supplying either to me at all. Swines!

Ablutions tended to with a good long shower and scrub up, close-shave and medicationalisationing of the required areas of the overweight blobby body and Phorpained the joints. I was still feeling so much better than last night.

Set off to the Windwood Social Hour.

I managed to catch up and overtake the two gals in this picture on the left, Dooren and Mabel, and opened the door and held it that position for them to enter. Bill (William on Sundays) just entering the hut in the distance.

BJ had not attended, he was poorly. I’ll ring him later see if he’s alright.

I gave the new tomatoes to Jenny to use. Had a chinwag with her.

Handed out the nibbles on each table and managed to get some little nattering sessions in, that cheered me up a little. Bought two raffle ticket strips and gave one away to each table.

Had a peep out at the bus stop and the rain was pouring down.

I sat with Bill (William on Sunday’s), Snotty Nose and we were joined by 93-year-old Polish Eddy when he arrived, he was looking in good form today.

I said my farewells and left early in plenty of time to catch the L9 bus into Bestwood at the stop outside of the shed.

Ten or so other tenants joined me, and the City bound bus arrived. It departed just leaving two of us to catch the outward bound one, that was due at the same time of 1030hrs. We waited and waited and a chap from the Winchester Flats, the gambling addict, nice chap, joined us. At 1045hrs, still no bus, they both started to walk down the hill leaving me all alone under my umbrella fruitlessly waiting for the bus that never arrived.

Despondent now, and with wet trouser legs, I hobbled back to the apartment, getting wetter by the minute. Humph and Gumph!

So, downhearted, downcast, depressed, unhappy, miserable, sorrowful, dejected, dispirited, discouraged, despondent, dismayed and crestfallen. Chagrined, disenchanted, disillusioned, pissed-off, displeased. Discontented, dissatisfied, frustrated, shirty, disgruntled, miffed. Luckless, suicidal tendencies lingering, hapless, ill-starred, ill-fated, irritated, gutted, narked, as sick as a parrot, vexed, close to nocent, frustrated and cold and wet, there will be no doctors visitation for me today – again, through no fault of my own! Grrr! So, a marathon walk to the City Hospital for my blood test next Tuesday, or, two buses either way to the QMC. And I have the Nottingham City Homes man, Ryan calling to see me in the afternoon about the strobe alarm. Tsk!

Got back to the flat and got the umbrella drying, took the wet trousers off and a wee-wee that I thought would never end?

Got the computer on. A weather warning for Nottingham on the BBC site. 0700hrs to 2200hrs, fog and rain!

Made a small brew of tea and got updating this diary.

Got the chips in the oven and added the beef patsies after 12 minutes, in the hope that they would both be ready at the same time. Set the timer for another 20 minutes and carried on with the updating, to here.

Checked   Facebook.

The innards have begun to rumble and grumble again now, I’ve been free of this ailment for weeks gone. But it’s back. Tsk!

Got the meal sorted.

Got the chips done a lot softer today, so they were not so painful for the poor teeth to masticate.

Fell asleep for an hour or so, that was nice.

Went to do the Health Checks, take the medications and get the pots in the bowl to 04Thur21soak.

My, how the weather had altered in such a short time, back to the rain now, the fog departing, just a bit of mist in the distance left, now.

I settled to read the Lenigrad book, resuming on page 67. I can’t recall getting any further, still open at the same page when I woke up.

Evening all.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 18th October 2017

Wednesday 18th October 2017

Shona: Chitatu 18 October 2017

0120hrs: Woke with a jump, start and rude awakening. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and onto the computer to do up a graphic and added it to yesterday’s diary.

Things in the ailments department were so good this morning. I had no bother with the new wrist pains, Hernia Harry, Duodenal Donald, Arthur Itis, Haemorrhoid Harold, Hippy Hilda, Dizzy Dennis and Reflux Valve Roger were all kind to me. Only Anne Gyna and Toothache Timothy were giving me a bit of hassle, pain-wise.

Off to the Porcelain Throne, a decent session this time, and minimal bleeding from Harold, even the rear-end stinging was far less than of recent.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Things looked okay, apart from the weight I’m afraid.

That seems determined to go up daily lately, Tsk!

The pulse has gone down this week up to now. If that is good or bad, I’m not sure, okay I think? I’ll check on the web later.

After I’d taken the medications, I realised how early it was in the day. Humph!

I got the Tuesday dairy done and posted, then went onto WordPress Reading and Email checking.

Oh, just noticed the reminder note on the TV screen.

Morrison delivery this morning, 0730>0830hrs. Also, the pink note that Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana had kindly supplied me with, to prompt me about the man (Ryan) from the Nottingham City Homes calling next Tuesday afternoon to talk to me about getting a fire-alarm Strobe fitted in the flat. Bless her cotton socks!

I halved some of the bitter-tasting Lidl tomatoes and put them in a dish to marinade in Balsamic Vinegar, in the hope that this will make them eatable by the time I get around to serving them with the smoked fish later on.

Got around to updating this post to here.

I opened the kitchen window to take this photograph.

There was a lot of traffic about considering that it is only 0535hrs.

No signs of any rain, the winds were not too high yet.

But it was very cold out there…

That’s that then, I’ve got the tune in my head now. I’ll be humming and singing it for the day, at least!

I put away all of the paperwork that had gathered and accrued again. All looking neat now in my folders.

Did you notice that my savings account balance at the bank has now gone up to £2.89? Tsk!

Did some more work on preparing top graphics for the coming day’s diaries.

Caught up with Emails again.

Well, I was going to, but the intercom rang out as the Morrison delivery man arrived.

He dolloped the six bags inside the door, collected the used carrier bags and was off like a shot. Well, the lad was running to a tight schedule and only just made it to me on time. Wished him good luck and got on with sorting the groceries out.

Put the cupboard stuff on the counter, the frige and freezer stuff on the window ledge and set about getting them all away.

There was not so much stuff delivered today.

But they till filled the fridge and as for the freezer, I’d definitley overdone it again.

Ended up having to take some stuff out of their boxes and put them inside loose to get them to fit into the drawers. Tsk!

The fresh smoked haddock was smaller, less weight (Unlike me, hehehe!) than last weeks, but still cost the same.

The frozen fish was on offer, this I assume iswhy I bought it when I didn’t really need it, if you see what I mean, like?

Back to the Emails and responded to some comments on WordPress.

Made a mug of tea and updated this diary. The tea went cold and I went to make another one – I was so glad I did, I’d made a Whoopsiedangleplop and left the fridge door open.

I bent down to check on the food in the drawers and…

I had a Dennis Dizzy just as I went down, toppled over and banged Hilda Hippy against the radiator! This has done me no good or favours.

Heck of job getting back up again.

To make things worse, when I got back to the computer, the Virgin Internet Connection was sticking! Turned every thing off and rebooted.

I was now in such pain, Odd Knob upstairs started banging and drilling away again.

Got the meal ready, it looked super but in fact, it was not good at all.

I’d cooked the chips too hard for me to eat without agony from the teeth.

The tomatoes were so bad that after trying the first one I didn’t eat any more of them. The fish tasteless, only the fish sauce encouraged me to eat it.

The garden peas were nice, though.

Health Checks medications taken.

The head spinning a bit still, and Hippy Hilda was active in her stabbing at me. Hehe!

A sad figure, I washed up and got down to watch some TV. Nowt on, so I watched a DVD I’d been meaning to get to viewing for ages now.

Most dissapointed, it was not like I remembered it to be. And, I did not fall asleep once watching it!

Put the TV on and even stayed awake watching the rubbish. The teeth and Hilda Hips were niggling at me for hours and hours.

I gave up any thoughts of even napping. Got up at 0145hrs, took an extra painkiller and did the laundry.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 17th October 2017: Warfarin INR test – Warden Deana Help and Visit, Oddlymost dream

Tuesday 17th October 2017

Slovak: Utorok 17. Októbra 2017

0105hrs: Gave up trying to get to sleep. The high winds in the flats were just too noisy. A bit nerve-racking too. With the windows rattling, gales blowing in through every crevis and what the poor tree copse will look like when I get out, I don’t know.

The electric-like pains in the right wrist have now been joined with by the same in the left wrist. Tsk!

I did the Health Checks and medications taken. Made a mug of tea.

Before I could drink the tea, I needed to attend the Porcelain Throne. A decent evacuation session this one, little bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids, and no struggling to evacuate, not compared to the last two days anyway. Haha!

The winds were still powerful as I took this photo from the kitchen window. But they did calm down hours later.

0115hrs: I made a start on the computer and eventually got yesterdays chronicle of woe finished and sent off.

0400hrs: Made a start on this one. As I did so, I realised I could not hear the winds howling? I returned to open the window and have a look down outside.

It looked like the residents had parked up all nice and neatly, no blocked in vehicles either!

The winds seemed to be abating, although they did blow over the kitchen towels when I opened the window frame, so still strongish.

I’d forgotten this needed doing, so I checked the paperwork from the Audio Clinic.

Added appointment dates to both diaries.

Had a look at the instruction leaflet given to me by the attractive, cuddly, desirable and highly appealing young twinkling-eyed, thick thighed, loin-girding Lady Audiologist yesterday. Where’re my tablets?

It seems there are a few options that are not available. But I could have applied for them to be added and paid for them.

I did some WordPress Reading next.

Checked the Email, then I went on Facebook to get things sorted, so I am not late in getting ready for the blood test.

We can’t say we haven’t been warned about the wind, can we?

The ablutions done, gathered the nibbles for the nurses and set off.

Got as far as in the lift, and realised I had not got the hearing aids on. Back to collect them. This time out, it was painful to hear the noise of the wind blasting through the lift shafts, the cladding, vents and every possible opening or cracks within the structure of the building!

In the lift, the Alien Blob had transformed itself; I thought I could see something moving in the gel as it spread out?

Perhaps not.

Got out of the elevator and round through the doorway into the lobby.

It was clear that the wind overnight had been blowing in the Autumnal leaves at a fair rate. More hassle for the caretaker to sort out.

Plodded onto the end of Chestnut Walk and right down Winchester Street.

Once I got down the hill a bit on the walk to the surgery, the wind was far less bothersome.

The wind seemed to be getting less severe as I hobbled along. Although, signs of tree damage and other sorts of wind caused mayhem was noticed en route to the Sherringham Park Surgery in Carrington.

Some poor devil had thrown away his or her ‘turned inside-out’ umbrella, or it had blown away from them and landed on this lamp post in the picture.

Poor devil.

Up to the top of the hill, and a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came by me a little close for my liking.

Over the crest and down into Carrington.

Where the traffic had built up, and the faces of the drivers indicated there frustrations and annoyance.

Down into the surgery.

Logged me in with the Obergefrieteress receptionist and got the crossword book out and had a go at it.

Oberfurheress Nurse Anne came out and ordered me to the treatment room. So I went into the treatment room. So sad that I didn’t get to talk to Nurse Nichole.

Blood was taken, I gave her the nibbles and departed. Hoping that they would let me have the IRN level reading result and an appointment for when needed by the DVT clinic. I should have reminded them, but my spirits were low.

I walked down into Carrington and called into the newspaper shop and got a TV magazine. Heaven knows why, because I never fail to fall asleep when I put the  TV on anyway. Tsk!

I went into the Aldi no, Lidl Store. Came out with a packet of soft biscuits, a tin of garden peas, Battered Haddock, milk and some Cherry Vine tomatoes.

Caught the bus to Sherwood and went into the Wilko store. I inquired of the lady on the checkout whether they will ever stock the Dettol Lavender Antiseptic Disinfectant again. “No” was the reply.  I got some first-aid bits in to replace the ones I cannot find in the flat. (I expect I will see them now!) Lint, plasters, Magnesium, Bandage and crepe bandages and wash-proof tape. Oh, and some Citrus air-spray.

Then up to the bus stop. Welsh Bill was there waiting. His operation is on the 23rd October, and the lad is longing for it to get done, and he can get off of the Morphine, bless him.

When I got in the apartment, the feet were aching, Anne Gyna was playing up, an I’d had a Nottingham City Homes two-sided letter delivered.

As I was cleaning the kitchen carpet thanks to my having dropped a bottle of Wine Vinegar on it (I know, what a clot!), Obergruppenhureress Warden Deana rang the bell. I welcomed her in, and she told me she had arranged for someone from Nottingham City Homes (Ryan) to call and see me on the afternoon of Tuesday 24th October about my needing a strobe alarm linked to the fire alarm. That was kind of her.  Shows her benevolent approachable nature at its loveable best.

I got the computer back on to update this rubbish.

Got the oven warming to cook the fish later. The potatoes in the crock pot were ready to be mixed with some cheese, so I did so prepared to go in with the fish then. I tried one of the tomatoes I’d bought from Lidl. Foul, and bitter it was. So, I cut some up and marinated them with dark Soy sauce. Added some fish sauce to the garden peas. The potatoes had already been cooked in Wine Vinegar. I hope all this comes out right, Hehe!

The horrid tomatoes. I’d soaked them in balsamic vinegar for hours, and this made them just about bearable to eat.

Why I didn’t hcook and eat the smoked Basi fish fillets is a bit of a mystery to me, I know I meant to have them, cause they have only two days sell-by-date left on them?

It was getting late now and as usual my strength and concentration had weakened and complete enervation had taken a hold over me.

Washed the pots, managed to stay awake long enough to get the medications taken, Health Checks done and wash the pots up.

I turned on the TV and settled down to try and watch something or othere, drifted off almost immediately into a dream filled sleep.

I was back in the underground tunnels again. Even in the nightmare, I thought how lucky I was to recall a dream after such a long time? And, what an odd dream it was, even for me.

Ghostly looking women ketp appearing before me and beckoned me unto them, as I willingly approached each one in turn, they would dissapear and reappear further in the distance down the tunnel?

I had the sense that my eyes were a camera, and occasionally saw my own feet come into view as I made my way along the shaft in pursuit of the ladies, feeling a need to talk to them, but failed to get near enough?

Around 0100hrs I woke with a start, scribbled notes to use here later and drew a rough sketch of the tunnel in the nightmare.

0120hrs: I decided to get up and update this diary straight away while it was fresh in my muddled brain. A need for the porcelain Throne diverted me to the wet room.


Inchcock Today – Monday 16th October 2017

Monday 16th October 2017

Macedonian: Недела 15 октомври 2017 година

Woke with a start at 0210hrs. Some mild pandiculation and the brain eventually engaged with the body. The innards were beginning to bubble and brew, signs of later happenings in the wet-room indicated.

As I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner the reminder note on the mini-pad, I’d written last night, fell to the floor.

I’m glad it did, else I may well have forgotten about the Audio Clinic Appointment at 1130hrs this morning.

I opened the curtains and waved at myself in the reflection. This too was good – now I know I am alive. Hehehe! Wandered into the kitchen and did the Health Checks, made a mug of tea and took the medications. Then, a rarity for me, I felt a little hungry. Had a Pot-Noodle.

Opened the window and had a look down at the residents parking spaces. I hope the red car on the left doesn’t need to get out first today?

The wind had died down, and it didn’t appear too cold.  I noticed later on the web that rain and showers were expected for Nottingham.

Bet I get a soaking when I get out and about in a while. Huh!

Got yesterdays diary done, then got another two graphicalisations done for the TFZer site, on CorelDraw.

The top one is for Mary, and the lower one is for Joyce.

I slipped myself into the Mary one, and Meritt, Thomas and me in the other one for Joyce.

Then the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived a little urgently as I was making another brew of tea.

I read a few pages of the Lenigrad book as I painfully waited for the evacuation to begin. The blood flowed freely from Harold’s internal Haemorrhoids. This got me thinking about the dentist. On Tuesday I have to go for the INR Warfarin Blood Test, wait for the results and if they are in range, then go to the dentist and beg for another appointment to get the teeth sorted out. The problems with this are: 1) If the field is too low or high I’ll have to start the whole procedure over again, if in range. 2) Will the Dentist be able to fit me in? Because they will not do any work on me later than 48 hours after the last Deep Vein Thrombosis test! 3) I’m fed-up and depressed. Six weeks now I’ve been trying to get the teeth done. They are getting more and more painful the longer it goes on. No wonder I get confused so easily is it? Poor old thing. Hehe!

Looked at the Chronological needs for the morning, as on the note I wrote. Ablutions 0920hrs, catch bus 1030hrs to town, the appointment at clinic 1130hrs.

So, I did the weeks total for the Health Checks.

Then started on some more work on the next TFZer graphic.

A different one this time. It was for TFZ’s beloved Head-Honcho Sandie, with Clint Eastwood joining her for a picnic with an old American Car advert and plenty of nibbles added for them to have too. Oh, and me sweeping up the Autumn leaves Hehe!

No rain as I had expected, just mist and the winds getting ever, so l sightly up a bit.

Carried out the ablutions and made sure the paperwork, record book etc. for the Audio Centre were all in the bag.

Set off to the bus stop. Plenty of folks to talk to there, but only one interested. The lady from the High-Care Home at the end of the road. She was worried about her weight going down, and she may lose her free holiday to Greece and Africa if she has no gained sufficient to please her medical assessors. Did my best to listen and respond in a fashion to try and give her encouragement, bless her. The others seemed a little reluctant to get into any a laughs or chinwags this morning. They each have their own worries, it is essential for me to remember this, and keep on doing my bit of cheering them up.

I got on the bus and got the crossword book out. When we got onto Carlton Road en route to town, it dawned on me that the seat next to me was free, unoccupied, and yet people were still standing? Did my confidence no favours, you know. I wondered if the Citrus Body Spray I use, wasn’t making it? Hehe!

Arrived in town. The sunshine that had come up was not fooling the Nottinghamian Shoplifters… sorry! Citizens, at all. Most had their winter woollies and coats on. Good idea, sage move too!

I legged it down into the City Centre Slab Square.

Where a multitude of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists was belting about between the pedestrians, but on this occasion, they did not threaten me and kept their distances from yours-truly. Thankfully.

I took the shortest route with the least steep hills to walk up to the Audio Centre. Hippy Hilda, Anne Gyna (Bad now) and twinging stabbing Arthur Itis, ensured that the trip was a painful one.

I hobbled slowly so as not to get Anne Gyna upset any more than she was.

Arriving near the Centre at the top of the steepest bit of hill, I had to stop and put the bag down for a few moments to regain my composure before going into the grand old building. My hands and fingers were well blotched-up?

As I entered and took my place in the queue at the receptions desk, I spotted the time on the wall clock. I had arrived in good time and had about 25 minutes to spare. The very kind lady at the desk patiently took my details and asked, yes asked me to take a seat. Got the crossword book out and was shortly summoned by a luscious plump young lady audiologist, and led through a maze of corridors to her treatment room. Her thick-thighs in her short tight dress deflected my attention from her words for a while, as she sat there next to me, explaining the procedure and asking questions.

If I had been younger by 50 years or so, things would undoubtedly have throbbed. Gorgeous Audiologist!

She took me through the set-up on the machine in front of me. She nipped out during the testing and setting up to get something, and I sneaked out the camera to take this shot of the whatever it is a machine I had to sit in front of and not move.

Her IT system stopped her doing some part of the test, and she said I’d have to make an appointment for another visit so this part of the test could be completed later. The cards on the back wall in the photo gave prices for the replacement of anything lost or damaged. I’m afraid I didn’t pick-up on everything explained to me because she kept moving her luscious thighs in her tight skirt and pulling it down. Ahem!

She was very patient with me, though. She set-up the pieces so they could both have volume control, which would work by on both ears from using either control-button. Then she set-up the Loop system.

She got me to sign a form Accepting that the hearing aids are the property of Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust, and I accept that in the event of my damaging or losing the same, I’d pay £2000 for each replacement needed.

I explained about my memory and losing things problems and asked if I could hang onto the old hearing aids, just in case I misplaced the new ones. Initially a blank “No, that can’t be done!” answer was received. After a little more begging, creeping and pestering, the gal conceded and said: “Oh, I shouldn’t, but, alright then!” This cheered me up more than she could have known. Bless and thank her.

She even came with me back to the reception area and asked the lady to set up an appointment for the amendments needed. Monday 20th November 2017 @ 1130hrs.

Off out of the building, still no rain arrived and the promised high winds again absent. (I’m not complaining, though).

I hobbled down the hill, Anne Gyna now calmed again, although Hippy Hilda was not in a good mood.

I took this photographicalisation of the top of Angel Row.

It amazes me how these posh restaurants make it pay. Every time I pass by, the Al-Fresco seats are empty of customers, whatever the weather is like at the time.

Along Upper Parliament Street, more closed-down businesses to be seen.

So sad, and even worrying somewhat, for the future of Nottingham City Centre.

I was fortunate in the timing when I arrived at the bus stop on Queen Street. Ten minutes before the bus was due. It came twenty minutes later.

On the route back, in Mapperley Tops area, I took this effort from the inside the bus. Not a good picture at all, I know. But it looked a little different, so I put it in the diary.

By the short time, it took to get to the flats and off of the bus, it had gone ominously dark.

Entering the apartment, it looked a little eerie in the hallway. Well, I call it a hall, as you can see, it is somewhat higgledy-piggledy and small, but it’s home. Hehe!

Into the kitchen, put the kettle on.

Did the Health Checks, took the medications and made a mug of Thompson’s tasty tea.

Took it into the main room.

The darkness so early in the day, convinced me that rain must have been on the way.

But, none arrived?

Puzzled by this I was. Then again, a lot of things baffle me. Haha!

I sat down and got the paperwork looked at that I’d  brought home with me.

I placed them near the computer to be sorted and added to the Google Diary and written one in the morning.then

I felt complete and utterly drained and weary now.

I looked out of the window and noticed how fast the clouds were going across the horizon and took a photo. Minutes later, I made another one. In those few minutes, the smaller clouds had gone altogether, and the hew had changed entirely.

I opened the window to take another picture down below, and boy did the wind shoot in! My Patti Beckert paintings blew off of the fridge, kitchen towels flew across the room, the foil trays scattered around… I hastily shut the window. Boy, was it blowing! And yet all the time I was out and about the winds were light today?

I retrieved Patti’s paintings first. They were the most valuable of all the things blown over to me. Luckily, they were unharmed.

Got the meal cooking, not that it needed much in the way of preparation today.

Because I’d had the Pot-Noodle of brekkies, I consciously made less to eat tonight.

Very tasty all the same. That tiny bit of smoked haddock was nibbled in small pieces to make it last longer and seem more substantial. Haha!

Scrawled a sign to remind me of the INR Warfarin Blood Test in the morning and put it on the computer screen, then I got the TV turned on.

The noise from the winds was getting more and more persistent and louder all the night.

I have to admit to getting a little concerned about it.

Looked out of the window and the old trees were swaying about something awful.

Watching the TV became impossible again, as usual, cause the nodding-offs and waking sequence started again.

The winds stopped me getting to sleep at all, so loud they are!

I gave up trying at 0105hrs and got up.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 15th October 2017: I don’t like Sundays. Still, I got some decent graphicalisationing done.

Sunday 15th October 2017

Afrikaans: Sondag 15 Oktober 2017

0225hrs: I woke up in an odd position on the £300 second-hand recliner. The right leg over the arm of the chair, apparently having knocked off the medical supplies from the Ottoman onto the carpet. And yet the book I had been reading remained on my over-ample bulbous stomach, I still had the reading glasses on, and as I took in this scenario, I could clearly see the kitchen light had been left on? I remained there a while, musing, wondering and derestrict thinking, serving only to confuse myself further.

Retrieving the leg back to its usual location was a little painful, and I asked myself how I got it over the arm in the first place… and why? Hilda Hip was most displeased with me.

No visit from Dizzy Dennis as I got up and went to investigate the light from the kitchen. Tsk! I’d left the oven on again! Back in the front room and got the medications picked up.

Then to the wet room and the Porcelain Throne session. Amazes me, it really does, no problems at all today? How it can vary all the time from splurting loose and messy, to agony to pass and like bullets, I don’t understand.

Back to the canteen and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Made a brew of tea and got the computer on to update yesterday’s post, and sent it off.

Forgot to take the tea with me, so back into the kitchen and opened the window and took this picture of the skyline – got wet rain dripping down from the frame onto the back of my neck as I did so. Hehe! Tsk!

Back to the computer and guess what?

Luckily this time, unlike last weekend’s Richard Branson episode that lasted hours, this one was short lived.

Then as I started this diary going, the flipping whatever it is with the right wrist started again!

The boney area to the right top is giving me the hassle.

Checked the Emails. Then went on the WordPress Reader.

Moved onto Facebooking, fingers crossed it does not freeze on me again… here goes:

It froze.

Turned everything off and on again. Very slow, but it worked stutteringly.

Three hours later, I got most of it done on Facebooking.

Then set to work on the TFZer graphicalising again.

I think I got 19 TFZers into the graphicalisation. Took me five hours on and off to get it something like I wanted. A little surreal, but I was reasonably satisfied with it, I just hope the clan of TFZers like it and get a smile from it.

I was so dissapointed with myself later, when I realised that I had put two graphics of the same TFZer lady on this picture. Felt a right fool!

Wholly exhausted now, an early meal was called for.

Sweetly cured mackerel strips, surimi sticks – both with the new fish sauce (Anchovy) pored on them. Baked beans with balsamic vinegar and softly cooked frits with distilled vinegar. A banana and a lemon Fool Dessert.

I’m afraid both of the incisors suffered as I ate it, I could not masticate without pain from one or other of both of the teggies. Humph! Despite this, it tasted okay.

Nodded of and woke repeatedly, missed most of my Rio Bravo film including the end ten minutes. Grumph!

Made a note on the scribble-pad to remind me of the Audio Clinic at 1130hrs in the morning.

I dropped a remote control and had to dismount the recliner on my way to do the health checks and take the medications. Amazingly, despite my having supposedly hoovered this bit of carpet several times since, I found some bits of toenails that had shot-off when Footlady Sue did my feet over a week ago! And… wait for it; A rock-hard dried up garden pea! I found that when I trod on it. Hehehe!

Took the medications with an extra Codeine to counter the wrist and teeth discomfort. Health Checks looked okayish.

Settled again to resume the nodding-off and waking with a start routine, that lasted for hours.


Inchcock Today – Saturday 14th October 2017:

Saturday 14th October 2017

Kyrgyz: Ишемби, 14 October 2017

Woke up with painful pandiculations and convinced it was late morning, around 0600hrs and thought to myself, ‘Well I needed that rest’.

The limbs ached a bit as I unhitched my body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner and went to take the medications, rub Phorpain Gel into the joints and make a cup of tea.

As I looked out of the window, it dawned on me 6Sat03there were more lights from traffic, especially blue emergency flashing lights all along Mansfield Road than usual. Saw the clock and it was only 0012hrs!

Early-bird this morning wasn’t I? Tsk!

Took the photos above and nipped to the Porcelain Throne. No movement, 0nly wind again.

Back to the computer and finished off yesterday’s chronicle of Woe. Began this one.

Did some WordPressing.

Checked the Emails.

Did some Facebooking.

6Sat04Made a start on the graphics for the upcoming Diaries, on CorelDraw. Cost me a good few hours this did. But nice to get in front for a change.

Took a break and made a mug of tea. Taking this photograph out of the window. The winds were still a bit high.

Had a wee-wee.

6Sat05Got the potatoes in the Crock-Pot seasoned with the Polish herbs and added some White Wine Vinegar.

Back to graphicalisationing.

The TFZer one took a few more hours, but I got it nearly just about right now. I’ll post it off and then get the ablutions done ready for my trip out to get some smoked fish.

Ablutions were done, and down in lift number one, checked out the Wachilino Alien Blob and down to the bus stop.

Dropped the sweet & sour meal off on the foyer table en route.

I was first one at the bus stop and sat down on the bench, a rarity for me, but Arthur Itis was playing up already. A large ganglet of residents joined me, and when the bus arrived, by the time I’d got myself up, they had all got onto the bus before me. Hehe! Had a go at the old crossword book en route.

Dropped off the bus early and walked up Glasshouse Street to the Aldi Store on Huntingdon Street.

Bought garden peas, wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar and some smoked Basa fillets.

While at the checkout, a sudden vicious pain shot through the right wrist. IT felt bone related as opposed to muscle. Nasty!

Hobble into Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall) and perused the HMV DVD store. Plenty in I fancied but did not weaken and spend anything.

Then out of there and into the Tesco Store. Got vine tomatoes, milk and distilled vinegar.

 Out of the centre and poddled along Milton Street towards the infamous and always busy Clinton Street.

As I walked, it seemed that everyone was in a better mood than of late.

Approached by alcoholic beggars, Muslim converters, Big Issue sellers and Jehova Witnesses, calling themselves something different nowadays.

Arriving at Milton Street, I was surprised by the lack of people using it?

I put the now hefty bag down to take a break, and another of the mystery wrist-electric-shock-like pain in the right wrist arrived. I really must see the doctor about this. It is incapacitating and dangerous if I have something in my hand at the time. Ah-well!

I hobbled down into the slab square, and there were many folks showing interest at the overpriced food and novelty stores there.

Exchange Walk on my way down to the M&S Foodhall, was a risky route to take for anyone with walking difficulties, so many shoplifters… I mean citizens packed together. At the bottom of the hill was a chap doing a puppet come muppet show, with packed crowds all around him to watch and listen to the chronically loud thumping music he was using. Too risky for me to wade in through that mob to get a photo, though.

I arrived at the store and bought some Frittes, all Butter Raspberry Cream Biscuits (Expensive but they looked so delicious) and Potato Rostis.

Paid up and out into a crowded street. Where I was again approached, this time by canvassers or poll takers. I declined their offers of going into an office and filling in some form or other about my shopping today, that will only take 10-15 minutes, and they would give me £3 for my efforts. Mind you, they had plenty of willing Nottinghamians to pick from.

Back up Exchange Walk, through the Slab Square and up Queen Street to catch the L9 bus.

When I took this photograohicalisation o the right here, the chap in the waistcoat didn’t half try his best to nip out of the shot giving me look of distrust and a clear indication that he had taken umbrage at my actions.

When I got to the bus stop and released the bag from my grip, it took a while for the blood to return to the fingers and a tingling sensation of moving blood was clearing sensed.

En route back to the flats, three other tenants got on the bus, and all three ignored my greetings as they passed by to get to a seat.

I got in put the things I’d bought away.

A word of warning about the M&S biscuits by the way – I tried one when I put the others in the tub; There are only six biscuits in the box, and they taste horrible to me. Eurgh! Sickly sweet with a pong that reminded me of the clothes freshener crystals! If you have a sugar addiction, they’ll be fine for you, though.

Health Checks done and medications taken.

Super nosh tonight.

Small beef pie, potatoes, garden peas with plenty of caramelised gravy to soften them up so I could masticate them without too much bother to the teeth.

Read the book for a while, but tiredness beat me.


Inchcock Today – Friday 13th October 2017: Laundry – Dentist – New Alien Blob discovered in lift

Friday 13th October 2017

Irish: Dé hAoine 13 Deireadh Fómhair 2017

0140hrs: I stirred differently this morning, slowly. The reluctant to open eye-lids tentatively fluttered into an open position. I waited a few moments for the brain to catch up and assume a status of readiness for activity. It took a few minutes longer, but it got there. The thoughts bouncing about in my mind were depressing, tristiloquy-like ridden. Luckily, they were forgotten about and abandoned when the overwhelming demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived.

I fought the pain from Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis, disentangling my aching limbs and body from the £300 second-hand recliner, and into the wet room. Only to find there were no evacuation materials to rid me of, just splurting winds.

I had a wee-wee.

I spotted the note I’d left to remind me of the Dentist Appointment at 0945hrs this morning.

I’d added about doing the laundry onto it.

0158hrs: I gathered the washing bag and accoutrements and made my way down to the laundry room.

Only the one lift was working, number one that holds the Wachlino – The Alien Blob. That has been in there resisting all attempts to kill and clean it up, for four weeks now. I’d got the camera with me and decided to do an updated photograph of the little creature. When I got inside the elevator, I took a photo to use later in making a graphicalisation.

I hoped that the other two new marks on the floor were not further alien amoeba about to give birth?

Got the washer going and back up to the flat.

Made a start on finalising yesterdays post for half an hour or so, and it was time to go down to move the stuff into the dryer.

I must say, I was pleased with how the oven thingy, mitt or whatever it is called, came out nice and clean despite its thickness.

Turned the dryer on and then back up in the lift.

Well, then I noticed something of further interest on the floor near the corner in the shadows under the fold-up seat!

Yes indeed – A new Alien Omeaba? A lot fresher looking than the old one now. Another Watchelino Mark2!

Got back up and set about making a graphic for a bit of fun.

Got this done, then finalised the Thursday chronicle and started this one off for an hour or so.

Then back down to clean the machines and collect the laundry.

Folded the stuff and got it into the bag. Then wiped the machines and cleaned the filters. Had a spray around with the freshener. Pleased to report that I had no Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas down there this morning.

Proceeded with updating today’s log.

Checked Email got a message from Jenny, thanking me for the flowers. She used the Facebook thing, but my computer freezes when I use it so I could not reply.

Time to get the ablutions done, and readied for the dentist visit. Oh, I do hope they can sort it today.

Sorted the waste bags and took them to the rubbish chute.

Got ready for the dentist and set off. Both lifts were operating now, but I got in number one and took the opportunity to get some better shots of the ‘New Alien Blob’. I forced the flash on the camera to work, and the results were better this time. Made this graphic later when I got back home.

Out the foyer doors and up the gravel hill into the park, left down to Mansfield Road.

I had nasty Dizzy Dennis attack as I neared the gates. Had to stop near a bench and hold onto it. Not all bad though, cause it gave me the chance to watch dogs playing with their owner and I spotted this insect, whatever it is on the top back of the seat.

Dizzy only bothered me for about five minutes, and then I set off slowly hobbling to the dentist place.

Fingers crossed and hoping for the best, I entered and bravely bothered the Obergefrieteress receptionists. Took a seat and got the crossword book out. A young assistant came to fetch me half an hour so later and carried the bag for me as I tackled the steep stairs to the treatment room. The Dentist needed to see the actual INR blood level figure from the Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic, which I didn’t have of course. Not that it would have helped me get my teeth done, because the level was only 1.5 on it, and the dentist would not do any work until it was 2.5 to 3,5 anyway,  as she explained. So, now I have to wait until next Tuesday to have a blood test. Then wait until the DVT record comes to me. Then it has to be in range. Then I have to go to the surgery within 24hrs and try to get an appointment within the next 24 hours of visiting them and informing them. But they cannot guarantee me one. The dentist came down with me to speak to the receptionists about the situation. But even she got dirty looks from the Commandantess receptionist; I just got ignored.

So, what chance have I got of ever getting the teeth done? I thanked them and left with a despondent, dejected air about me.

Outside, just about coped with the two steep steps down to the sidewalk and things took a turn for the worse for me as a blooming Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came to close to me for comfort as he sped by.


Limped down to the Wilko store and got some duck food, bleach and fabric softener.

Back up the hill, still feeling depressed. Roy and Doris were at the bus stop, and we had a little chinwag and laughed as we waited. Not an easy thing to do when all three of us are hard of hearing! Hahaha!

Got in and prepped th things for a meal of the day.

Smoked Basi fish fillets, garden peas, orange flavoured beetroot and three small potatoes boiled. I’m goingto try some of the Fish Sauce with it, see if I like it.

Onto the computer to update this diary.

Quick check on the Emails.

Jenny rang me thanked me for her flowers and we had a nice chinwag. She told me to ring her when I needed ny help with moving things when the upgrade started. So kind of her.

Nosh eaten, but I took a photo of it without a cars in th e camera, and don’t know how to get it off the camera?

Porcelain Throne session; Meat Balls come to mind. Haha!

Flaked out so early after doing Health Checks and taking medications.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 12th October 2017: Tenant goes very pale, Tenant Detail Updating Interview, Tenants Social Hour, Tenant sealed inside flat, Space Saucer photographed… Blimey, a better headline than the Sun! Hehehe!

Thursday 12th October 2017

Filipino: Huwebes Oktubre 12, 2017

0125hrs: Sprang awake, expergefacient with a jump, shudder and confusion, knowing that something in a dream had made me do this. By the time I had reached for the pencil and pad, the memories had departed my brain-box. I hate that!

I think the nocturnal nibbling had returned overnight. An empty Stilton cheese biscuit bag and a suspicious looking couple of sweets were resting precariously in the folds of my overweight bulbous wobbly belly! Oh, and a banana skin on the Ottoman. Guilty?

I removed them and fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner and gingerly made my way to the Porcelain Throne. Where the evacuation went very well. Haemorrhoid Harold was hardly bleeding at all, Little Inchy tender, but no bleeding either, and I noticed en route to the wet room, that Hilda Hips was not playing up! Good signs here, I decided I could now leave off the protection pants when I change after the ablutions later.

Even the burn on the hand was not giving any pain or soreness. With all these positives this morning, I began to think that maybe I was still asleep and dreaming? Hehe!

But I was impuissant to stop Anne Gyna as she tried to make up for all the other ailments that were giving me a break. But, I’m not complaining.

Into the kitchen and took the medications, did the Health Checks and looked out of the window, the early morning sky to the right, had some fantastic colours in the darkness. I made my way to get the camera and into the front room to go out on the balcony to get a photo of the colours… Boing! I’d forgot about the lock being removed from the balcony door yesterday.

So, I went back and hung myself… Wait for it! Out of the window to take this photo on the left. Not a good quality one, but the content context (Is that the right word?) I found very pleasing.

Got the computer going and finished the diary for yesterday and got it posted off.

Then, to the wet room to titivate up shave, teggies (Not easy cleaning around the painful ones) etc. Taking care not to make any noise this early in the day, didn’t want to bother the neighbours.

I’ve had an odd feeling all morning, and suddenly realised what it might be: Apart from the lack of so many ailments hassling me, I thought I might be dead. Hehehe! See picture. Mind you; the light is very bright in the wet room.

When I went in to do the ablutions and was my skin pale again or what? Still, being as I felt alright it didn’t matter to me much.

All done, I dressed and got the nibble-box and raffle prizes ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour into the bag ready.

I’ve ordered some flowers for Jenny in the Morrison order. She does a lot of work helping others and many of the tenants I hear, only want to moan and take the wee? So this will show Jenny that I appreciate her work for us.

Started this diary going.

Making another small mug of tea, I noticed as the light came out in the sky, that there were many contrails across the vista. Thought I’d take a picture of them, set the camera to ‘Through Glass’ setting.

Look how it came out here on the left. Hehe!
The what seemed like a Flying Saucer had appeared and looked so real and lifelike. It was in reality, a reflection of the light fitting on the kitchen wall. I’ll try to think of something humorous to put on it when I post it to the TFZer site. Ah, I’ve thought of something. If I can get an updated photo of the Alien Blob in lift one and use it along with this one? Hehehe!

Had a go at Facebooking, keeping my fingers crossed that it does not start freezing and blocking comments on me again. After a while, it slowed to stop. Phwert!

The Morrison lady arrived with the groceries. Nice gal.

Moved the carrier bags into the kitchen, and there were plenty of them today. I got the stuff put away. I took a picture of the flowers, Roses and Carnations in their box that I’d got for Jenny. Hope she likes them.

I now have plenty of bleach, washing-up liquids and mineral water in stock. I got extra in, just in case the GUM or Hilda Hippy treatments came up earlier than planned. Save hassle if I don’t feel up to scratch after them, like,

I put the box near the door, so I did not forget to take it with me.

Obergruppenfurheress Deana arrived about 0915hrs, to do the updating of the details of my records. Before we started, I asked her if would take the flowers to Jenny for me, and she readily agreed, bless her.

We got on with the Q & A session, managing a few chinwags and incoming phone calls to her in between.

All done and sorted, we departed together, Deana got side-tracked and I carried on to the Tenants Social Hour meeting Although there were only 38 minutes of it was left by now).

I met Ernie en route and gave him the pickled herrings, he was very pleased and this, in turn, cheered me up.

Within minutes of my arrival, Deana caught up with us and quietly handed Jenny the box. Bj was there, and about 15 others in total. Jenny asked me if I wanted a small cup of tea with only a little milk (She remembered!) and I thanked her and sat down next to BJ and Bill (William on Sundays). We had a decent natter come chinwag. Handed out the nibbles.

The general ambience seemed a little low-key and subdued as I read it. Not miserable or gloomy, mind. I hope this comes over luculently.

As I hobbled around, it seemed a little strained despite the laughter?

There was no acuity present as I pondered and debated with myself whether I should go up to Aldi on the 1130hrs bus or not? Said my goodbyes to the few left in the meeting and meandered back to the flat. I decided not to go to Aldi’s store, as fatigue was already seeping into my psyche, and Hippy Hilda started to ache and twinge a bit more.

I got lift one up to the twelfth floor and took the opportunity to photographicalise and update of the ‘Watchileno’ Blob on the floor of the elevator.

I later created this graphic for use on the TFZ site, but I will doctor it with something funny first I think.

Well, a bit of fun might cheer us all up a little bit. Or not of course.

The ‘Herbert’ upstairs started knock-knocking and tapping away.

Started to update this diary.

Stopped to sort the meal out. Had some potatoes already cooking in the crock-pot. Put some peas, franks and light soy sauce in a pan and decided to risk some chips today. So I got the oven warming then back to the computer and did next weeks Morrison order. I delayed this when the DVT result arrived through the letterbox.

The surgery, who I had to ask for the current level, had informed me my status was level was 4.6 was – the DVT record card showed it as 1.5!!!

I’m thinking of trying to change doctors now. That will not be easy trying to convince a new doctor to take on all my ailments. Oh, dear!

Back to the Morrison order.

I got the chips into the oven.

After much shuffling and indecision, I settled for some franks, lemon flavoured cooked beetroot, two potatoes halved and dabbed with Vegemite, garden peas with light soy sauce, halved mini tomatoes with White Wine Vinegar and soft-cooked thin fries. Although I had some trouble with catching the teeth, this meal went down very tastily.

While masticating away carefully, I remembered about the dentist tomorrow, 0945hrs. I scribbled a reminder and stuck it on the mini waste bin near the recliner.

Washed the pots up.

Health Checks completed and medications taken.

So tired and weary now. Got goggle-box on and perused the screening schedule on the TV magazine… now here’s a thing; Why do I bother? It is an inevitable fact that I’m only going to fall asleep with the TV on, headphones my head so I can’t hear any telephones, alarms, doorbell tunes or whatever! I even had a look at tomorrow’s page. Hehe!

I lay with the minds and stomach rumbling away, then got a feeling that I’d left the tap running. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to investigate. I’d not got any taps running, but I had left the oven on. Lovely and warm in the kitchen now. While up I checked the wet room to see if I’d taps on, heater on etc. All was safe.

Back to the recliner and it was refusing to work again. I climbed onto it and knocked off the rube of pain-gal I keep there in case of need. Clambered out again and stood on the flipping tube! Still, I can rest easy now, knowing that the carpet will not be in any pain for a bit! Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 11th October 2017: Stuck indoors all day

Wednesday 11th October 2017

0130hrs: I awoke with an appetency to sort out exactly what needed doing and arrange things into some sort of logical understanding. I was confused about events with so much happening at the same time. Felt I needed an agenda or timetable of some sort. But so many of the missions, appointments etc. I relied on the outcome of other decisions and issues. I’m losing myself here.

I think that today, Morrison delivery due twixt 0700 > 0800hrs.  The builders are calling to do the balcony secure and lock removal, between 0900 > 1100hrs. I have to call the doctors to get the INR level result, being as after promising to let me have them and only sending the new Warfarin doses, I’ll need the figure so I can go to the dentist and let them know if I will be attending the Friday appointment or not. So, I must get what I can do on the diaries and Facebooking before 0600hrs when I will need to get the ablutions done, no showering though, because of the noise this early. Oh, must check on the supply of protection pants as well. At this stage the brain sort of went on strike.

I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and waited for the brain to catch me up. Got the Health Checks done and the medications taken.

Had a wee-wee then got the computer going to take a look at the diaries and collate them with each other and pondered on today’s tasks.

I can’t remember if I ordered any spuds on the Morrison order, so might have to try to get out later for some. I’m stuck indoors until the lady and or workmen come to seal the balcony door. One good thing about it, I won’t have to clean the windows outside will I? Haha!

Started on Facebooking. But had to keep turning it off and on cause it kept freezing. Phwert!

Emails and WordPress reading were done next.

0330hrs: Thought I could hear the fire alarm, so I opened the door after testing the handle with the back of my hand for any heat on it, and there was none. I popped into elevator number one to check on the condition of ‘Watchileno’ the Alien Blob on the floor of the lift. Came back in and made this graphic about it. Hehehe!

Finished the Diary for yesterday, and started on this one.

0600hrs: Tended to the stand-up ablutionalisationing session. Can’t use the shower this early, so stood in a bowl of warm water with antiseptic disinfectant and washing-up liquid to soak the feet while I had a shave and did my teeth (carefully) at the sink. There were no signs yet of any Porcelain Throne usage requirements?

0700hrs: All ready for the Morrison, delivery man. Made a mug of tea, and the milk had gone sour. Still two days life according to the label? Good job I have some coming with the fodder order. I think?

0740hrs: Started preparing graphics for the next few days diary headers.

What a plonker I am… found it is Thursday, not today when the Morrison order is due! I do feel a fool!

No one arrived about the balcony yet?

Back to the CorelDraw. Managed to get some made up ready.

Hours later, I got the fodder prepared early than usual. Smoked Haddock, surimi sticks, garden peas and tomatoes halves with balsamic vinegar.

Listening to the radio on the headphones and I’d just finished eating this feast and enjoying it so much – and a two-bodies appeared through the doorway. Scared me half-to-death!

It was Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana and the Builders representative lady. They had rung the bell and called out, found the door open and entered when they got no reply due to using the headphones.

The blood pressure lowered itself. I threw away the remainder of the meal and washed the dishes, while they explained they had come to sort out the balcony door securing and lock removal. I mentioned that they told me yesterday, that this was to be done between 0900hrs and 1100hrs, and it was now well into the afternoon. They laughed. The lovely Build Lady took me into the bedroom and explained all the things I needed to do in preparation for the windows in there to be done. A lot of moving stuff and covering of others. The ladyess could see I was incapable of carrying out the required arrangements and said she would try to get me some help, via Jenny. Between the three of us, I managed to get myself all confused. Hehe!

A bloke arrived while we were talking and had ‘done’ the lock in the balcony door in a few minutes and was off.

No more photographicalisationing from me on the balcony anymore. Sob!

Deana did a battery-check on the wrist alarm while he was here. A few laughs were generated.

I actually felt a bit sorry when they had to leave. Oh, I got rid of the expensive American instant potatoes that I am not keen on, gave them away.

They were both impressed with Koala Katie who I had placed over a bottle of Balsamic vinegar to show her off.

Thanks again Marie from Aussieland.

I was really drained by now. Did the medications and Health Checks and as Dizzy Dennis gave me a visit, I settled to watch the TV.

Bit of a blur as I kept nodding and waking as is the norm.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 10th October 2017

Tuesday 10th October 2017

0145hrs: I woke in the £300 second-hand recliner with my pyjama top off (folded neatly on the chair next to the recliner?) and horripilation over both cold arms and hands. The untaken evening medication pot on the Ottoman. A few seconds spent wondering what, how and why this has happened. The pondering abruptly ended when demand from the innards arrived for my urgent attention and utilisation of the Porcelain Throne.

The recliner refused to operate when the button was pressed. Near panic broke out as I excogitated on the easiest, safest and quickest way to manipulate my way out of the recliner. I think I gained some bruises as I did so, but it didn’t take too long.

Got on the Throne and battled against the now reluctant evacuation. No cleaning up needed after this session. Luckily the Lenigrad book was to hand for a read during the exodus. During which I recalled a bit of the dreaming I’d done earlier, not much, though. I think I was trapped in a deep oubliette with torture equipment around, thumb screws, pit and pendulum and one of those coffin-like boxes with spikes sticking inside, which is where I was, bleeding and yet trying to do a crossword using my finger dipped in blood, to fill in the answers. I even remember it was the Daily Sketch (As was).

I got a shirt on sharpishly afterwards and made my way back to the recliner. Tried the button on the control, and it worked?

Was I suffering from madness, dementia, derangement, lunacy, insanity? Do I now qualify as a crackpot, crank or eccentric? The reason for taking off my jacket? Why did the recliner controls not work earlier? Why is my Throne Session changing to opposite extremes almost daily? Why is my toothache so much worse this morning? Why is my skin looking so pale? On and on the self-questioning trundled into my already confused grey-cells. This was too much for my head to handle, and my brain gave up looking for logicality and explanations, explication, illumination or interpretation, and decided a mug of tea would help better?

Health Checks and medications were seen to.

Got on with finishing the Monday diary and got it posted.

0440hrs: Finally got this journal started off. Until 0600hrs, when I got the ablutionalisationing duties done. Taking no chances, I donned a pair of the protection pants after medicationalising specific areas.

On the way out I took the rubbish bags to the chute, and empty balsamic vinegar bottle to the still overflowing recycling bin.

0700hrs: Started the walk to the surgery along Chestnut Walk. Took this photograph of the Winchester Flats, car park and the works for the new-build block of 44 flats. It was not cold at all out there. Mind you, I was well wrapped up and had the ‘Hot Pants’ on under the trousers. Hehe!

Turned right at the end of the road, down Winchester Street Hill. All quiet on the Eastern Front.

Along and up Mansfield Road and near the Sherwood Arms pub, this lass of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist appeared riding towards me.

She missed me by inches and seemed to be unaware of how close, in her own little woolgathering world.

Up and over the brow of the hill. Only to be faced by another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist coming at me.

This one knew alright, for he giveth me a look that should have killed me on the spot really, so vile was it as he passed me by. I do not think he liked being photographicalised?

Further down the hill and the traffic began to increase.

The car turning left clipped the van coming out of the sideroad.

Or it might have been the other way around of course.

Walking passed and leaving the altercation behind me, and would you believe it, another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist approached me, from behind this time! I had the camera in my hand still, but so fast was his speed, he was just tiny in the photo, and I zoomed in too! Tsk!

Into the surgery. One receptionist told me to take a seat the moment she saw me, so I sat down. The other receptionist called me back, saying me she had something for me from last week. She bent down and produced the crossword book I thought I’d left on a bus, for me. I thanked her. Sat down and got out the new crossword book, and seconds late Nurse Nichole came out to collect me. She was not in a good mood or spirits for some reason. She was still gorgeous with a kind nature, but I could tell something was amiss with her life. My EQ is never wrong by much. This concerned me, as she is usually a little more spritely, effervescent than she was this morning. But seeing her again, still lifted my demeanour. Gave her the bag of nibbles and thanked her.

On leaving, the receptionist said they would call me with the results when they get them back, so I would know next weeks dosages and could make arrangements with the dentist either way for Friday.

Today’s appointment is so early, after I got a TV magazine from the newspaper shop, that the Lidl store had not opened. So I had a walk around Carrington for a while reminiscing, unhappily. I came across this Nottingham Street Art near the lamppost as I approached the Lidl Store.

I wandered around in no big rush, as I didn’t fancy the foot-slog back into Sherwood, but was stubbornly telling myself not to pay the £2 bus fare, as it was still way too early for me to use the free bus-pass. Humph!
Ended-up buying lemon fools, Orange & Lime fresh juice, milk, bananas and some Haddock-in-batter. Had to use the self-serve counters, because there was no one on the tills. Again I struggled, and someone came over and made it look easy, but he did not tell me what I was doing wrong.

Began the march back into Sherwood, with all the foot-slogging yesterday, the feet were painful and stinging now.

I turned back near the brow of the highest hill and took a photographicalisation of the none-moving traffic.

Down the hill into Sherwood, and on the opposite side of the road, yet another one of the notorious Nottingham Pavement Cyclists was belting down the slope.

I got the camera out, and was surprised later to find he was a blur on the picture!

Onward and up the next hill. I was not doing too bad with the hobbling indeed under the circumstances.

I called ar the Wilko store and got some washing freshener granules, Fragrance Boost or whatever they call them. Then I decided to treat Wardens Deana and Julie to some fresh cream cakes and called in the Birds shop and got some.

Near the top of the crest of the hill, yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist took my attention. He’d shot across the Pedestrian Pelican Lights at such speed, he nearly hit the lamppost outside the abandoned, soon to be a new Gym property. But he corrected his Wayward-Whoopsiedangleplop well.

Up over the top and down to the Woodthorpe Grange Park gates.

Where the fatigue of the long walk caught up with me.

I had to stop a while to recover. Soon felt much better and set off on the walk to the top of the park and right down to the flats.

1130hrs: Into the apartment without seeing anyone and unpacked the bag and put the things away. Put the cakes in the fridge to take down for the gals later.

A wee-wee and set about updating this diary.

1258hrs: I nipped down to the hut with the cakes for the wardens. Obergefreiteress Julie was in. We had a friendly natter while she worked on her computer, and I put the cream-cakes in their fridge and set off back to the flat. I met Obergruppenfurher Warden Deana and the gal from the building company, and we had a conversation. They would be calling in the morning twixt 0900 > 1100 to do the balcony sealing off.

Once more up to the apartment and a wee-wee,  washed, then got the tomatoes halved and marinating in White Wine Vinegar, the baked beans with added balsamic vinegar into the saucepan, and got the instant spuds and cheese ready, also heated the oven-ready for use later. Then took the midday medications. By gum, that sounds as if I am almost organised. Haha!

Had a go at catching up on Facebook. Fingers crossed it will work a little better this time, without the freezing and going slow. No, just as bad if not worse now. Grr!

The tap-tapping gain from upstairs.

Got the fish fodder sorted.

Health Checks and medications taken.

Cleaned the pots and thought it a good idea to try and clean the oven up as best I could manage.

Accifauxpa: Stopped trying to do this after I burnt the back of the hand on the oven sides. Antiseptic cream applied.

Settled into the recliner waiting for a call from the surgery with my INR reading results as promised by the Doctors surgery receptionist. It did not arrive.

Checked the Emails.

They had sent the weeks doses, and next appointment for the blood test, but failed to inform me of the INR Level Results.

I had especially asked them to do this morning. To try and sort out the dentist farce and get my teeth tended to!

Oh, dear, most disappointing. Sent a request back to the surgery for the badly grammared Email received, begging for the INR level again!

Went for a wee-wee, and was most startled to find the silly protection pants with blood in them. At first, I was a little concerned that Little Inchy’s fungal-lesion had started bleeding again.

Are these ailments all sempiternal, will any relief be possible?

Luckily, it was not Little inchy, but Haemorrhoid Harold who had supplied the blood that filled the pants. Phew!

So glad I was wearing the protection pants today! Even if they are a devil to manipulate when I need a wee-wee. You’ve got to laugh!