Inchcock Today – Wednesday 23rd May 2018: It was a Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day. Full of exasperating, grousing, annoying, nit-picking, fault-finding, bothersome, incident-ridden botherations!

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Scots Gaelic: Diciadain 23 Cèitean 2018

0425hrs: Woke up and seeing no signs of any nocturnal nibbling,  I was pleased. I waited for the brain to merge with the body, then saw a lot of scribbling on the notepad, but no memories of any dream details. The handwriting was undecipherable, so no help at all.

I deracinated my body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner and limped off for a wee-wee. Most relieved to see that Little Inchies Fungal Lesion had only bled a little.

3Wed02I took this photographicalisation of, I presumed a lady or chap was going off to work early morning.

I felt no guilt that it was not me. Hehe!

Porcelain Throne duties carried out. During which the brain quodlibetificated with itself, in an effort to sort out the needs of the day. To the Doctors for the blood test, hopefully, with Nurse Nichole. But the uncaring staff have given me another late appointment, 12:40hrs! Which means I have to go even later to the GUM Clinic for the testing to see which procedure they will recommend; Stapled or Strangulation Haemorrhoidectomy. During which, due to the lateness of the day for me, I fully anticipate I will be falling asleep during the examination. Globdangerations!

Got the Health Checks done. The hemadynamometer took the readings on only the second attempt.

The resulting figures all seemed acceptable to
3Wed01 me.

WDP02B I didn’t pull put the connecting tube correctly, and as I walked to fetch the milk from the refrigerator, I yanked the flipping sphygmomanometer off of the counter! What a nebech! Chipped a bit of the casing and scratched parts of it.

The worst part was the getting back up after bending down to retrieve the machine form the floor. And the pleurodynia started giving me some stick afterwards. Nebbish!

3Wed04Then, another WDP02B! I dropped the mug while getting the bottle from the fridge, and I had another fine-mess to sort out, with more painful bending. Grumph!

However, the cup did not break, and it was the tiny porcelain one as well? So I made another mug of Breakfast Tea. And carefully, very much so, I took it to the computer desk.

Where I did the commenting and WordPress Reading first. Then began to update the Tuesday Diary. Not a very successful day yesterday overall – but then, today has not precisely started off too merrily either.

An Email from the clinic arrived, the appointment for the assessment has been cancelled. Well, fancy that!

I collated the nibbles for the nurse and put the paperwork and letters for surgery and clinic in the jacket pocket safely.

Had a wee-wee and started on this blog.

0920hrs: The Willmott-Dixon lads are back at the drilling outside just above my balcony.

Got the ablutions and medicationalisationing sorted out.

Grubbled about trying to make sure I had everything needed in the bag, then a check to see if the lights, taps, and power, etc. were not left wrongly, and set off out.

I’d taken a lot longer than envisaged with the medicating, so decided I’d walk to the bottom of Winchester Street and catch a bus to the surgery. If I walked all the way to the blood test, I might be late arriving.

3Wed06WDP02B Out and limped to the end of Chestnut Walk and down the hill. I crossed over before the bend in the road, it is safer just here. Around the curve, the Gas company had dug up the pavement and blocked the footpath off. So, I had to cross back over the road, at considerable risk, the traffic was heavy. The cross back again further down the hill. Tsk!

I limped on down the Mansfield Road and left to the bus stop.

3Wed05WDP02B Where a young Nottingham Pavement Cyclist shot by very close to hitting me! 

He then nearly hit a lady with a shopping trolley. And continued to weave between the other pedestrians at a high rate of knots.

An uncaring antisocial animal with no manners, empathy with others; who really does need to come off of the bike and break a limb, poke his eye out and crack his skull open. Better still, fallen off of his bicycle and ended up underneath a heavy vehicle. Then get imprisoned. Just a wishful, justice-seeking whimsical thought I had at the time.
Fair enough, if the traffic is dangerous for any cyclist, I agree they should be allowed to use the footpaths when the risk is high for them to go on the road. But negligent idiots like this young man, who scare oldies like me, the lady with the trolley, and upset blokes like the one in this photo above, who’s giving the scum-bag the eye, should not be allowed to drive so dangerously to others. If Nottingham had not got rid of over 280 policemen since the Tory Government got in power, and I could have found one, I might have complained about the young sadistic, inhuman, cruel, punishment deserving douche of a git bike-rider! But he didn’t bother me of course. Lie Mode Adopted!

I caught a but for the three stops to the surgery.

WDP02B What a farce of a short bus ride it was too! The bus was packed with passengers. At both, the of the two stops before the one I wanted; People got up to get off, and I had to move down the passageway to allow them room – then back to the other end of the bus to let those getting on in to get a seat, twice! Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda were not pleased. Haha!

3Wed12I alighted from the vehicle and limped to the surgery.

Logged in and sat doing the crosswords.

The amazingly kind and appealing Nurse Nichole came out to collect me.

She took the blood and gave me time for a little moaning and gossiping, bless her Cotton Socks. Handed her some nibbles and thanked her.

On the way out, I gave the receptionist their nibbles. And had a little plaint about the late appointment. They did not like this in the least bit, and I think I went down in their estimation.

But my dropping the sphygmomanometer on the floor. The mug of tea slipping out of my hand. The gas workers were blocking the pavement and making me take my life into my own hands. The beastly Nottingham Pavement Cyclist infuriated me so much. The horrendous short bus trips annoyances. And the receptionists giving me such a late appointment time had all together manoeuvered me into a niggly and braver than usual mood! I thanked them and left, out into the sunshine, and walked into Carrington and the chemist.

I enquired when the next prescriptions would be available. The lady patiently found out and informed me. Friday the 1st June. I then remembered last month when I was told the Ist of May, called in to collect them and they were not ready and had to go again two days later. So, I shall put this date as on Monday 4th June on the calendar when I get home.

3Wed08Called into the Lidl store. Bought two cobs, some iced cones, tomatoes mini-capsicums and Mini Weiners. Paid on the self-serve checkouts without any hassle.

To the bus stop and got a lift into Sherwood. Again the bus was filled to capacity with Nottinghamian phone users, students with their headphones on, kids crying and gossiping ladies. There was no bother, though.

3Wed07I got off and walked over the road using the pelican crossing and to the Wilko store.

Got some bleach, washing-up liquid, disposable razors and a body spray.

Up to the bus stop and caught the L9 up to the flats.

Welsh William and Gladys were on the bus. We had a laugh and chinwag.3Wed09

As I got off of the vehicle, I dropped my bus-pass, much to the amusement of those tenants waiting to get on the bus. Hehe!

WDP02B A bit of job getting back up again after retrieving it from the grass verge.

I caught up with Gladys and William, because poor Glad, was having to stop now and again, she was not feeling too well.

Got in had a wee-wee and washed. Then started the mushrooms and peas on the boil in a saucepan.

Got on the computer to update this waffle.

The Willmott Dixon lads were working right outside the balcony. It didn’t take long for a headache to join in with Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda in hassling me. Ah, well.

3Wed11A couple of hours later, I removed the dressing Nurse Nichole had kindly put on my arm. To reveal a right mess and mishmash of odd marks and bruises.

Got the potato cakes in the oven.

The phone rang out its chimes.

But, by the time I got to the phone, they rang off. Had a look, it was the Surgery with the results and weeks dosages. The level was 4.1, so I’m in the at risk stage in the bleeding stakes. They gave me an appointment and it was for 0852hrs next Wednesday. They had squeezed me in early! Yahoo!

I started to do the Morrison order… WDP02B The damned Virgin Internet went down! Played about resetting, then on and offing and it came back on, slowly, very slowly!

Finished the Morrison order.

3Wed29So tired now and feeling unwell for some reason again.

The meal was prepared and served-up. It looked fine. smelt good, but was not truly enjoyed as I kept nearly nodding off while eating it! Humph!

A mixture of feeling so tired and a brain that was so active it frightened me; prevented my actually nodding off.

3Wed30I’m not keen on these light nights of Spring and Autumn.

At last the building lads have finished for the day.

WDP02B But Herbert upstairs, did his best to replace their drilling symphony with his own knock-knock-tap-tap mini version for a while.

WDP02B Washed the pots and went for a wee-wee. Little Inchies fungal lesion needed more attention and Hippy Hilda suddenly stopped bothering me altogether?

It’s been a Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day. Full of exasperating, grousing, annoying, nit-picking, fault-finding, bothersome, incident-ridden botherations, this Wednesday.

With all the hassles, vexations and piques, I feel like a different person and have lost my humour to Mr Annoyed. This is the latest hour I’ve got my head down in months now.

I thought putting the TV on would soon send me off into the land of Nod. Thankfully, it did, despite the racing self-pitying melange of thoughts rampantly tossing and turning in the brain.

Inchcock Today Tuesday 22nd May 2018: Not one of my more intelligently managed days!

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Irish: Dé Máirt 22 Bealtaine 2018

0300hrs: Woke and lay uhtcearing for a while; mostly about the coming visit today of someone to touch-up or finish off the holes and gaps left in the plastering around the balcony door and kitchen window. Why I suppose, is the mess left on the three previous visits in which the carpets were left in a right state, furniture splashed with plaster, etc..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I even felt a tad annoyed, with the Doctors appointment being made for so late in the day for tomorrow. Bearing in mind, they know about my habit of fading fast at lunchtime each day. I don’t like feeling curmudgeonly like this, but, my confidence is low.

There were no signs anywhere of sleep-walking or nocturnal nibbling around. I took the decision (Most unlike me… Hehe!), to get the laundry done straight away.

Everything was already sorted and in the bag. I got dressed in a fashion, camera and key fob in my pockets and trotted down to the laundry room.

As I got out of the elevator, I thought I’d take a shot of the electronic noticeboard on the wall. I got the shakes as I did so, and snapped two photos, one after the other. Tsk!


0315hrs and partly cloudy outside, 10°c. The big picture on display kindly changed in the part-second between my taking the pictures. Amazing!

I got in the room, and the washer started, then back up in the lift to the 12th floor.

Set the timer to remind me of the washing downstairs.

A wee-wee was taken. Then the Health Checks were done.



The Blood-pressure machine worked second try.

This morning’s readings were very similar to yesterday’s first ones.

Another wee-wee, then a small mug of the Yorkshire breakfast tea brewed up.

Down again and moved the laundry from the washer to the dryer. The room was a lot cleaner than last time. Apart from someone had left the filter in the spinner filled with fluff.

Back up to the flat.

Then I conscientiously made a start and got to finish off the updating of the Monday bl2Tue02adog, just as the alarm went off to remind about collecting the washing.

Then, as I was getting up to go down to collect the dried washing, an internal alarm warned me to divert instead, and visit the Porcelain Throne.

WDP001B Oh, ‘ecky-thump. What a messy evacuation and long drawn out cleaning up session had to be done! Humph!

I did notice that Little inchies Lesion had seemingly just started to bleed a bit.

But I decided not to do any medicationalisationing yet, as I did not want to keep anyone waiting in case they needed to use the dryer machine.

So I got cleaned up and went down to retrieve the clothes.

I noticed two notices, notably on the noticeboard, (Hehehe!) from Jenny.

One about the Tenant’s & Residents Annual General Meeting, and the Sprinkler System demonstration.

The other about the favourite Breakfast Out that Jenny organisers for us residents.

2Tue03Got the washing out and folded, then into the bag.

Cleaned the filter, drum, and casing.

All seemed to be going smoothly this morning, but my EQ kept niggling at me with thoughts of bothers, inconveniences, aggravations, disputes, threap, annoyances, or perhaps, any combination of these were in the offing!

2Tue04I popped out of the foyer door, I was going to take a photograph of the complex’s buildings, but it was far colder than it looked out there. So I pictured the scaffolding instead. Oh, I am getting nesh nowadays! What I also noticed it is now getting lighter sooner in the mornings. Which happens every year at this time, but for some reason, I seem to be surprised by it? Klutz!

Collected the bag of laundry and back to the apartment.

Noisy Herbert above was at it early today (0710hrs). Tapping and banging occasionally. This was the trend for several hours. Not that I’m complaining, just mentioned it. I will not divert from or forget the commands from the Nottingham City Homes Management; and will ‘Have to put up with it, because he is doing no wrong, just following his hobby!’ I don’t want to get removed from the place.

Ah, 0825hrs, now the Willmott-Dixon lads have started on the outside wall with their drilling and a-banging. Bless em.

WDP001B 2Tue02fAs I was changing back from shoes to slippers again, I took this picture and observed there were droplets of blood between my feet.

Yes, Inchies Little Fungal Lesion was pouring haemoglobin. To make things worse, it meant the trousers and socks had to be abandoned, PPs changed, destickyfying and medicating of the fungal lesion and a shower was needed, so I did the whole ablutions at the same time.

WDP001B T’was a long, painful, messy session. Still, it couldn’t be helped.

Had a good shave, shower and did my teggies. Citrus body sprayed me, applied the Germoloid Cream. Aftershaved the razor cuts. Applied the Daktacort cream to the lesion, and rubbed some Phorpain Gel on Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis’s knees and wrist. Did the second Health Checks earlier than I would usually. Then set off to the Temporary Obersturmbannführeress Wardens Archididascalian HQ, Willmot-Dixon workers breakfast and break-rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, Training Room, Confessional box and Telling Inchcock-Off shed. Haha!

I met fellow residents Pete and Norah on the way there. Shared some nibbles and we chatted as we hobbled along Chestnut Walk.

2Tue05aI took this photographicalisation of the complex on the way to the shed. Deliberately trying to get all three units in the frame.

No signs of any of the Willmott-Brown lads on the hoists, now. The may be on a break?

I made my way into the White Temporary Obersturmbannführeress Wardens Archididascalian HQ, Willmot-Dixon workers breakfast and break-rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, Training Room, Confessional box and Telling Inchcock-Off Porta-Kabin.

WDP001B I could feel the flowing of something warm and wet within the PPs. Tsk!

Had a talk with OBergruppenfurheress Warden Julie and Deana.1Mon07b

2Tue07Then waited to have a natter with Cathy, who was busy on her mobile.

She listened and sorted out my problem caused by my losing the Willmott-Dixon note about the visit today to make good the work around the sliding doors in the front room.

She took no time in getting me confirmation that they will be coming on Tuesday 5th June, now. Bless her cotton socks.

I thanked the gal and made my confused way back to the flats.

WDP001B I wrote the date for the joiners visit in the diary. Then, I found the leaflet about the repairs that I had been searching and grubbling for so long, earlier in the day! What a Shmendrik! It was on Tuesday 5th June, and I had Whoopsiedangleplopped and put it in the diary for today! Humph!

Back into the wet-room to clean and medicate the fungal lesion, yet again!

Updating this blog, and things went suddenly bad for me. Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald forced me to close down and sit down.

2Tue09I got the nosh sorted early, while I still felt up to it.

Out-of-the-blue, I was feeling so drained and tired.

The bean and veg meal was not appreciated, due to Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald both having a go at me, with a few Dizzy Dennises thrown in for good measure.

I flavoured the lemon dessert with sweet orange and bitter lemon flavourings. Nice!

2Tue08Did the Health Checks, had a wee-wee and got the pots washed.

I noticed a total lack of dogs walking their owners outside. (Well, I don’t suppose they would be doing it inside? Hehe!)
The trees and bushes were getting blown about something awful.

Again, despite feeling drained and not too well, the sleep would not come. I stayed awake through endless claptrap on the TV. With no indications of any nod-offs!

I did drop-off eventually very late. Then woke, and lay analysing a dream I’d had. I found notes on this in the morning when I updated this blog. But yet again, the scribble was arcane and indecipherable. Any memories of the dream were non-existent. I think Sister Jane was in it, but don’t know why I believe this.

Inchcock Today – Monday 21st May 2018

Monday 21st May 2018

Polish: Poniedziałek 21 Maja 2018

0215hrs: Woke with a sudden jump, thinking I was in an Olde World village marketplace, at the end of a massive queue of given-up-all hope bedraggled looking peasants. All were waiting to be beheaded. Around me were people in Charles Dickens type clothing? I presume this would be part of a dream I’d been having? But, this is all I can recall.

As the brain and body slowly began to merge into a mock semi-operational unit, I realised that somnambulant nibbling and possibly some noctambulistic activity had been performed overnight.

All the signs and indications were here around me. The half-drank mug of orange juice, the two part-melted chocolate peanuts precariously attached to my chest hairs, the TV remote control, camera, pen and the notepad with indecipherable scrawling covering a page and a half! I’d have more chance of working-out Egyptian hieroglyphics without my glasses on than to read this cacography.

WDPBL Climbing out of the rubbish-strewn recliner to go for a wee-wee, I stood on a bag of cheese-curls that I was unaware of. ‘Bang’ the bag popped open and sprayed crumbs all over the carpet! Being so early in the morning (0300hrs) and not wanting to be like that Noisy Herbert who lives above me and disturb others, I did not use the hoover to clean the mess up. The old brush and dustpan were put into action.

Off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks.

1Mon001The haemadynamometer worked second try this morning.

The readings were most satisfactory, and the mug of Yorkshire tea went cold; As I had to visit the Porcelain Throne as soon as the Health Checking was completed.

The evacuation turned out far less bothersome than those of late. Now, I was beginning to worry. The Whoopsidangleplops are acceptable and expected nowadays for me, but these bits of good luck are concerning me. The sphygmomanometer working at only the second attempt, the Porcelain Throne evacuation going so well… Mmm! My EQ indicates that I will pay for these good moments, later! Yes, I probably am going pottier than usual.

Computer started, and I got the Sunday post finalised, and sent off to WordPress. Which, incidentally is still swapping my set option for UK English to US English, every time I come out of the programme to use Word, Excel or CorelDraw, or update the page (F5). Tsk!

1Mon01aUpdated this blog to here, and then went to make another brew.

I took a photo of the residents parking lot below the window.

I hope that the dark car on the double-yellow lines leaves before the vehicle parked on the grass verge needs to be moved. I actually feel glad I am no longer allowed to drive, I bet there must be some arguments and altercations going on now, with all the months of building work, and many more months to come, causing mayhem with folks trying to get somewhere to park-up.

I went on to the WordPress Reader next.

Ablutions and medicationalisationing completed.

Got ready for the trip to town to get some pod peas if possible and a bottle of liquid soapflakes from Wilko.

Dropped of the black bags down the waste chute on the way down.

1Mon01bI ambled along Chestnut Walk alongside the hedges behind the car parking slots.

I noticed several of these butterflies on the greenery.

WDPBL Sorry that I didn’t take the best Lumix camera now, this little Nikon model, would not let me zoom in any further.

1Mon02Half-way to town, I took this shot from the bus window, but it was not of the area I intended to shoot.  What a schmuck!

I’d forgotten to take the crossword book with me once again. Tsk!

Got into town, and made my way to the Wilko store and got a bottle of their own label liquid soapflakes (£3).

Paid-up and out over Upper Parliament Street into Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Went to the Market and found some garden peas for sale on a store. Same price as those I got last week at the Mapperley Fruit Shop, £2.98 a pound. (Well, I am addicted to them. Haha!)

1Mon03Had a walk around the few stalls that were not closed down. 

At the snotty ladies delicatessen stall, I got a small sliced wholemeal Continental bread.

Walked down to the ground floor and into the bedraggled, untidy, stuff on sale out of date Tesco.

I got some mushrooms, local muffins, flap-jacks for the nibble-box. Also, a box of two fresh cream doughnuts, on offer at only 84p. I’ll see if any of the other tenants would like one of them later. They did not have any French Cream Horns in stock – Tsk! Hehe!

1Mon06Made my way to the Slab Square.

The weather was very good.

The Nottingham Food Delivery Pavement Cyclists were out and about risking peoples lives as usual.

I popped into a shop and bought another crossword book to keep in the bag this time.

1Mon05Took this snapshot of the Council House Little John clock and dome.

Realised I had better get up Queen Street sharpish, to catch the L9 bus. So I did.

The bus was already there at the bus stop shelter. We had a new driver on it this time. I wondered why it wasn’t late arriving.

1Mon07Nora (I hope I haven’t got her name wrong) was sat reading her newspaper, and I sat behind her. The driver stalled the electric powered bus as he moved off. I think he might need to master the brake applying too. Talk about getting knocked about each time he had to stop. Nice chap though, friendly nature.

He got us through the narrow estate roads alright.

1Mon04After doing and failing with the new crossword book, I noticed my hands had gone multi-shades of reds?

They looked like they had been pebble-dashed on the inside?

A bit of gossiping with Nora and a couple of other tenants en route.

We arrived back at Chestnut Walk with a jerk and shake, courtesy of the driver.

I popped into the Sturmbannführeress Wardens HQ/Office, Social Hut, Training room, Escape from the noise of the building room, and Willmott-Dixon Workers breakfast and break room. I spoke with Warden Julie. However, but, and as it happens, I have been told that. 1Mon07b

I bade Julie my farewells and left the hut to go to the flats.

Outside were my Obergruppenfurheress/Catwalk Model Patch Manager and Nora chinwagging. I earwigged for a while, then left them and poddled to Woodthorpe Court. 1Mon07b

I got in and had a much-needed wee-wee.

Put the things away, and I decided on Polish Continental bread sandwiches later, for today’s meal. With beetroot, onion, tomatoes and maybe a few chips?

Got on the computer to update this blog. I could hear the worker lads getting closer all the time with the drilling outside. No bother, though, it’s got to be done.

Did the Health Checks tended to.

1Mon07cGot the sandwiches made up and chips, tomatoes added.

Oh, and the naughty but nice cream cake, and some podded peas.

The Willmott-Dixon lads were busy working away outside.

I did what bit of washing up needed and settled to watch the Hustle episodes on the Goggle-Box. And stayed awake through the first one, but the second one was interrupted several times with little nodding-offs.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 20th May 2018: Got lost in the thicket. Tsk!


Sunday 20th May 2018

Welsh: Dydd Sul 20 Mai 2018

0505hrs: I stirred and laid there, the mind playing for once; not on worries, fretting, concerns and fears. Just on the dream that I’d been having… and what a mixed up medley of, well, worries, fretting, concerns and fears the dream was, I suppose! (I’m losing it early today!)

For once, I had a severe and disorientating case of dysania this morning. Not like me at all.

I sleepily went through the motions of doing the Health Checks.


7Sun02Made a brew of Breakfast tea, and imbibed the medications.

A sense of catatonia and dolefulness hung over me heavily. I assumed this was due to it being the weekend and after Noisy Herbert’s audio accompaniments yesterday, the certainty that they will be worse today, and knowing that the Nottingham City Homes Oberscharführeress told me he is doing nothing wrong…

Whoopsie O1A  Oh, I nearly forgot about the ban on my mentioning anything communication-wise between NCH personnel and me on my blog! Sorry, Tsk!

I got the computer on and had to divert to the Porcelain Throne. Oh heck, not a good evacuation at all. More blood than ever before from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. This would be due to my having spent so long yesterday sat down at the computer desk. Klutz! A lot of effort, discomfort and time spent cleaning and medicating after the movement.

The first thing I did when back at the computer, was to create a graphic of the weird dream I had. Well, as best I could recall.


7Sun01I went to make another mug of tea, still feeling a bit pensive and anxious without knowing why.

Whoopsie O1A Even the new windows lowered my spirits as I bemoaned them blocking out the light, and now giving me six panes to clean instead of the old windows, four. And getting to them is more awkward too. Boy, am I on a downer this matins!

I got on with updating the Saturday blog and posted it off!

0725hrs: As I made a start on this one, Noisy Herbert from above did a bit of banging and clanging about. Just the two, then all went quiet. Nice!

I visited the WordPress comments, it didn’t take long. Only one there. Hehe!

Then onto the WP Reader section.

Had a go on Facebook again, hoping it will let me post, this time. It did too! Got no end done before it all went too slow.

Went to get the ablutions and medicationalisationing done. Long, but not unpleasant event.

7Sun4bSorted the refuse bags and took them out with me as I left.

Outside the three-flats lobby door, I was gobsmacked to see a right mess on the floor near the new window/air vents. No idea what it was though. Maybe from the.., oh I don’t know, the shredded bits from the insulation being fitted?

Dropped the bags down the chute and made my way down to the lobby of the apartment. Where I met with Julie, no, Josie and Mavis. We had a nattering session for ten minutes or so. Mavis used to live a few hundred yards from where Mam and Dad used to fight each other every day, on Brookfield Place. She lived on Mayfield Grove.

Then, I bade my cheerios, and went out and dropped the empty recyclable glass containers in the appropriated bin. Into which someone had placed bags of household rubbish in carrier bags.

I removed it and placed it on the floor in the corner.


7Sun05I crossed over Chestnut Walk and turned to take this photographicalisation of the flat blocks.

Not many Nottinghamians about this morning. A few dogs were taking their owners for a walk. But far fewer than usually would be on a Sunday.

Ah, bet they are tired put by watching the 7Sun06cwedding and Cup Final?

As I began to walk up the hill towards the tree copse, the beauty of these little flowers, Buttercups I think they are named, caught my eye.

Out now, I was beginning to feel better within myself. Found another footway through my beloved Copse, and took it. A bit tight for room and dodgy underfoot, but it was so beautiful in there.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After getting through and coming out near the gnarled tree at the top of the gravel footpath hill, I crossed over down through a clump of trees to the bottom of the park.

7Sun12In the thickets I got myself disorientated; All right, lost! Had to double back to get to find the train. It had been built and placed on the British Railway’s actual train line that used to run through the park years ago.

A man and woman were sunbathing with their toddler and had left the pram in where the line was. 

7Sun13I wanted to make some witty comment about it, but they both looked like they were smoking weed. So, I thought that they may not see the funny side, and said nothing to them.

I again strolled off, aimlessly into the thicket and got lost still! What a Shlemiel. In my defence, I was looking for the steps that I knew were around here somewhere, will that do? Hehe! I went back down to the bottom, and back up another 7Sun14way, and there they were.

I kept stopping and just enjoying the peace and quiet.

Naturally, I thought of Noisy Herbert back at the flats, some nasty thoughts mingled in their, I’m afraid to say. Looking around for any signs of wildlife I may be able to photograph.

7Sun15I pondered over the memories of years gone by and recalled some of the things I had got up to in each area as I came to it.

In the bushes with Chrissie and Grizelda (1964 and 1970ish). The football games I attended and never got picked to play. (No blame attached of ill feelings, I was a crap player and knew it, Haha!) The pitch and putt games I played… then realised I’d strayed onto the course during 7Sun16my recollections.

I turned back and went up the big clump to the thicket area.

Still, musing and fantasising without any definitive intentions whatsoever. Ambling, limping and daydreaming of what will never be, shouldn’t have been and never will be.

As I got to the top and realised there was no way out there and would either have to walk back down to find an opening, or carry on up the hill and climb through the fencing to get out. Klutz! Then I spotted a squirrel and followed it with great patience to get some pictures of the little beauty.


Whoopsie O1A By the time I’d stalked him and took the photographs, I was at the top of the thicket. So decided I could get underneath the fence without any bother. Not to fret, it didn’t bleed much. Huh!

7Sun18A man and wife helped me get back up on my feet, and their dog gave me a good licking. Which I did find amusing, cherished and appreciated.

A park attendant came over to check if I was alright and pointed out to me that I should not have been coming out under the fence, but should have walked down to the proper exit at the bottom. Told off again! Fool!.

7Sun19Sheepishly, flustered and embarrassed, I thanked the man and made my way to the footpath at the top of the park and turned left down past the Tree Copse and back to Woodthorpe Court.

Got in did the Health Checks and on the computer to do the updating of this diary.

Two hours later, got the nosh on.

Noisy Herbert: Bang, clang.

7Sun34bThe beans I tried flavouring a little differently this time.

Curry, mustard, balsamic vinegar and tomato puree. This turned out to have a nice and enjoyable tang to it.

The lemon bliss dessert had some orange flavour essence and bitter lemon juice added, and I also enjoyed that one.

7Sun34aAs I was washing up the pots, I noticed the cumulonimbus like clouds had returned to the skies.

Got the Health Checks done, had a wee-wee, settled down into the £300 second-and recliner and got the TV on.

Fell asleep within minutes.

Woke up an hour or so later, (Noisy Herbert: Bang, clang). It was still light outside, at first I thought I might have slept right through until late morning.

I think I was just at my hypnagogic state, and a sudden sneeze just about shook me out of the recliner! This started Reflux Roger off, and I lay there watching the chest as it swelled. Bloated and frit me for a bit. But it was alright, Roger went down and started working again within a minute or so. Phew!

I soon nodded off again.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 19th May 2018

Saturday 19th May 2018

Estonian: Laupäev, 19. Mai 2018

0355hrs: In my expergefacient state, I was immediately aware of my inability to cope sometimes. I felt full of impuissance, powerlessness, unassertiveness, impotence, and ineptness in life generally. I was in a deep EQ self-questioning mode. This is not a nice place to be!

I accepted that I am a natural target in life. Of my pathetic toleration and sufferance being unacceptable. Recognising my sad condition, and wondered if there is a name for it within the world mind disorders?

I’d got myself feeling right low and full of self-loathing before I even attempted to get free of the £300 second-hand recliner. Off to the kitchen, in a moribund state of mind.

Whoopsie2 Had a bit of luck while making the mug of tea. I spilt some boiling water on my wrist. This made me jump and took me out of my depressive-mode tout de suite! Not only that, but I managed to avoid getting the wrist alarm wet as well. Life’s little victories are so rare for me, but most welcome and cherished!

In pain, but feeling so much cheerier now, I got the Health Checks done.


6Sat04I even caught the reflection of my face and camera in this snap of the sphygmomanometer. (Fair enough, I didn’t mean to, Hehe!)

The readings seemed alright.

As I was putting away the medications, a call to the Porcelain Throne had to answered post haste. In the past, there have been some very embarrassing times when I have failed to get there in time. This mornings race to the throne was the closest I’ve ever come to a Whoopsiedangleplop, without any accident. Talk about a close call, narrow escape, and close-shave! The evacuation was loose spurting and messy, though. But of very short duration. Needing cleaning, medicalisationing, and anticepticalisationing activities to be performed after the four-second event. Hehe!

6Sat02By the time I’d finished the cleansing and got back to the kitchen, the brew had gone cold. So I carefully and warily made another mug of tea.

The noctilucence of last nights clouds had gone, but the matutinal blue hue, like the previous few mornings, were bright and sharp.

As I took this snap from the window, it then dawned on me; How the ailments were again being so kind to me. It really still surprises me how I can wake up to find such vast changes in how I feel, physically. Mentally my deterioration remains on a downward spiral, mind. But, apart from plates-of-meat and Duodenal Donald, it seems that all the other ailments are in a good mood? Scary, but I like it!

I took a photo of down below outside. A blind spot, cause I could not see the screen when I took this photograph.

It came out all shaky and blurry. And, how did the dirty, scratched, bird poo’d on white window ledge come out showing as blue? One of the worst snaps I’ve ever taken!

I then got the vegetables prepared and in the 6Sat08crock-pot.

Tomatoes, parsnips, turnip, mushrooms, orange peppers, marrowfat peas and onions all went in with the Llyod Grossman tomato and basil sauce. (Got it on Special offer, Hehe!)

Made a start on this diary. By gum, it didn’t half take me some time.

6Sat07Had a wee-wee, then went to make another brew. And grand-tasting it was too!

Onto CorelDraw to create the diary header graphics.

Whoopsie2 It took me even more hours and frustrations with the computer and the internet connection playing up. But after persisting on, I got them done and filed away. The damned WordPress setting keeps changing to US English, and I have to go out of what I am doing into settings and resetting to UK English. Grrr!

I checked the vegetables in the slow-cooker, made a start on updating the Friday post.

Sister Jane called, and we had a nattering session. I realised I had not finished and posted the Friday diary, so I got on with it.

Back to updating this page, again.

6Sat05Another nip into the kitchen to inspect the progress of the cooking.

I spotted a largish insect on the outside of the glass in the window. Thinking I would take this chance to see if the new camera would do macro work, I fetched it and did my best to find out how it worked. A terribly sad effort this one turned out to be!

Whoopsie2 But failure was again doomed for me. I’ve not done any commenting or WordPress Reading yet, and it’s getting on, the body is in preparation for its fading-out stage. But I must remember to get on the web and investigate how to take close up photographs with the Nikon B700.

6Sat06Taking an ‘ordinary Auto photograph of my beloved Copse was easy enough, though. 

I tried changing the settings from Normal to Fine, and this is the resultant picture. Showing the steep gravel footpath up into the Woodthorpe Grange Park pathway.


6Sat09I noticed the caked on bird poo on the balcony door windows when I returned to the computer.

The Del Boy Double from Willmott Dixon certainly has a good idea about getting the windows done while the hoists are still available.

What was the name of the Trotters tower block where they lived in the series? Ah, got it. (I looked it up) ‘Nelson Mandela House,’ if that were used nowadays it would be banned, I imagine, by the PC Brigade?

Whoopsie2 I got carried away while looking up the name of the flats, by an email came in about Nottingham News.

1Mon001 A respected carer milked the bank accounts of two elderly pensioners – and even continued after one of them died, a court heard. “Callous and mean” businesswoman Dain Parsons was jailed for two years and ten months today (Wednesday, May 16) over her shocking spree of dishonesty.

1Mon001 Terrified residents had to be evacuated when an arsonist set fire to a Sports Direct bag outside their flats – causing £17,000 of damage. David Ogle started the blaze in Rose Close, St Ann’s, as residents were sleeping at around 5.20am on Thursday, August 24. He was jailed for four-and-a-half years over the blaze.

1Mon001 A burglar given a second chance by a judge has been back in trouble. Pole Kamil Kratus, of no fixed address, left the court in March with a suspended prison sentence. He bedded down in a Sneinton house because he ‘needed somewhere to live,’ the court had heard after the property was insecure. And he left cigarette butts in the bath and stubbed them out on a rug. But he also helped himself to televisions, jewellery, Pandora rings and bank cards. The bank cards were maxed out on contactless payments to the tune of £250. After he was dealt with, 30-year-old Kratus re-offended weeks later; stealing a £12 phone case from Tesco, in the Intu Victoria Centre, further shoplifting at eight other city centre stores, stealing from a pram on Goosegate, Riding on the trams without payment, and causing criminal damage while on bail. Today (Wednesday, May 16) he received a 12-month conditional discharge for theft and criminal damage. Twenty rehabilitation activity days were also handed out for breaching the suspended prison sentence? I bet that fritten him, Huh!

The noisy Herbert had started banging and clanging around. And, Arthur Itis is attacking my right wrist with a venom. I nearly cut myself earlier when he affected me while peeling and chopping the turnips. Methinks my current niggliness is here to stay for the rest of the day now, like the wrist problem and noisy Herbert’s tonal accompaniments

I caught up with this updating and went on to the WordPress Reader page. Lots of great stuff posted lately.

I checked the crock-pot vegetables again. Blimus! It’s had six hours on auto, but nowhere near ready yet. I wonder if it’s broken or summat?

6Sat15Did the Health Checks and some more prep work on CorelDraw for WordPress.

The meal was delightfully tasty tonight.

Regretfully, the lemon yoghourt had gone off. Eurgh!
Five days in use-by date too?

Got the pots washed and a tub of nibbles at 6Sat16hand on the Ottoman, and settled down on the £300 second-hand Recliner, to watch the Cup Final.

I stayed awake for the entire match that I thought was not one of the best finals ever by a long stretch.

Noisy Herbert above was doing a lot of clanking and banging again.

The match all finished, as was the nibbles, I went for a wee-wee and rinsed.

Getting to sleep proved more difficult than it has been for ages. Well gone midnight before I slipped off into the land of slumber, so very late for me.

Inchcock Today – Friday 18th May 2018: Includes details and photographs of the Nottingham Donkey Hill!

Friday 18th May 2018

Serbian: Петак 18. Мај 2018

0400hrs: I woke up with endless nugacious thoughts, fears and worries rattling around in the brain-box. As the pace of these insignificant meanderings faded, and reality, unpleasant as it can be, returned, I spotted the scribbled notes about a dream I’d had. I decided to do a graphic of the memory. This prompted me to rise out of the £300 second-hand recliner and go to get the Health Checks done.


5Fri001bThe Sys and Dia were a little perkier this morning.

The ailments were once again being so kind and gentle with me. Only Duodenal Donald was causing any real concern pain-wise.

But the Fungal Lesion felt like it had been bleeding, so this may prove the guiltiest of the ailments yet, and give me an uncomfortable cleansing and medicating session when I get the ablutions sorted later.

The summons to the Porcelain Throne finally arrived (It’s been a while, Tsk!). The evacuation went comfortably well, which caught me by pleasant surprise.

Got the computer on and created the dream graphic. Then updated the Thursday blog and got it posted-off.

5Fri0020555hrs: The morning had brightened and lightened a lot earlier than of late. A sign of summer approaching?

The skies looked rather grand, I thought.

Made a start on this diary up to here, then went to the WordPress Reader.

Waste bags sorted and took to the refuse chute.

Ablutions tended to, Grubblesure-checks (to see if I had forgotten or not done something needed) done.

5Fri003After much ingeminating, I got ready and went out into the once again, not-as-warm as it looked sunshine.

Ambled along Chestnut Walk to visit the ‘Temporary Obergruppenfurheress Wardens archididascalian HQ, Willmot-Dixon workers break-rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, Training Room, and Telling Inchcock-Off shed.’

A few more folks inside this morning, and another ganglet of smokers out at the bus stop.

5Fri004Willmott Dixon’s, Del-Boy impersonator, Jay was settled in an armchair, with his mug of coffee or tea.

His usual keen, alert, ‘can-I-help-you expression’ on his face… I think? Hehehe!

I listening best I could to the jolly good nattering session the clan was having when Del-Boy came up with a new remuneratively 5Fri013advantageous masterplan and quick money-making scheme! He is to investigate if it would be possible for him to do window cleaning on the weekends! Well, give the lad credit (although that might be risky,) Hahaha!, where it’s due.

There is a definite need for all the windows being in a right state at the moment. If the scheme gets the go-ahead, he’ll be inundated with requests! I’ll get my name down! This would provide a service that would be undoubtedly appreciated by us old fogies.

I moved outside the shed with and joined the now huge group of tenants at the bus stop.

Welsh Bill said he is going to Bulwell today, I told him I was too. His face dropped the smile it had on it. As it happens, I did not see him in Bulwell – maybe he saw me first? Hehe!

Caroline from the care-home at the end of the road arrived, and we chatted, but she wanted the other bus.

One way into the City Centre, I took this photo at the top of Donkey Hill. Its real name is St Bartholomew’s Road. But, has been known as Donkey Hill all my life and my Dads. Recognised in 1882 as Bartholomew Stile Footway…all fields and allotments then.


5Fri014Above left is the shot I took through the bus window this morning.

The right hand one above, I think would have been taken around 1964.

I love to look at age comparison photographicalisations.

The one on the right shows the yellow painted shop at the top, where the bus was turning into when I took the first shot.

Just a guess, but it may have been called Donkey Hill because of the donkeys going up and coming back down from the clayfields of Mapperley transporting bricks for the building work in Nottingham?

5Fri005aI was feeling well-tired by the time I got into Nottingham Slab Square. Why? I don’t know!

Caught the Hucknall tram, dropping off in Bulwell. What a journey, all scowls and depressed expressions from the few folks that were with me on the trip.

Perhaps the colder weather. Note that despite the sunshine, Nottinghamians had their big coats on! Well, most of them had...

Although not a lot of journiers got off at Bulwell Station, one managed to tread on my 5Fri006foot, and another gave me shoulder charge! Grumblebug!
Nearly had me over, but being as he was with a group of mouthly 20 year-olds, I thought discretion the better part of valour; and wanting to be knifed or mugged, I said nothing.

I walked towards the shops and stopped on the bridge over the Leen. Street-art, rubbish was scattered over the river and banks.5Fri007

Something made me think of the Royal Wedding and could not muster up the slightest interest. Bitter envy and jealousy lingered for a while.

I’m sorry I looked up what they are worth each now.

Kate Middleton comes from a family with a collective net worth of $50 million. But she has only had a net Net worth of $10.8 million.
Prince Philip a Net worth of, $39 million.
Prince William and Prince Harry received a large inheritance from the late Princess Diana. These spoon-in-the-mouthers have a Net worth of, $52 million each
Prince Charles, Duke of Cornwall, Net Worth $158 million.
HRH Queen Elizabeth, according to different sources is worth; $550 million – $804 million or $1.4 trillion.

Got carried away again there, sorry!

WH01A I hobbled, the feet are hurting and stinging again, to the Fulton Foods Store and had an amble around. I got bargains here! Don’t suppose that Harry and Meghan will ever know the pleasure or need of bargain hunting?

5Fri008Then went to the short-dated bargain shop. Got some tiny cans of marrowfat peas, at 10p each and other bits.

On the way to the tram station, I sauntered around what must be the worst market I’ve ever visited.

Avoiding the suspicious characters lurking about, and they were plenty of them I can tell you, the pavement cyclists and the pickpockets, I got to the tram station. Only a few minutes before a tram was due. I validated my free pass on the machine. Then spent the rest of the waiting time, trying to work out which of the already vying for the best position passenger, sizing each other up, throwing out threatening looks at each other. Edging nearer the platform edge… I didn’t feel comfortable at all. When the transport pulled up, I just stayed back and let the others get on and battle among themselves. Unhappily, this meant I could only get a side-saddle seat… a haemorrhoid battering bench seat! Tsk!

Luckily I am well practiced in nerterology. With the significant number of passengers getting on further down the line, I felt like a sardine in a can. Yet, no one spoke to anyone else much at all. Plenty of folks on mobile phones, though, and screaming kids with parents who really weren’t interested in the slightest. A horrible journey into town.

5Fri009Then suddenly so many commuters got off at the Forest site bus stop, the tram was left with only a handful of passengers?

Which encouraged this noisy little scallywag to put his feet up on the seat opposite.

He even rubbed the soles of his shoes on the edge of the cushioning, in an effort to clean off some leaves! Humph.

5Fri010Of course, this was of no concern to his mother sat next to him!

Got off in the Slab Square and had a walk around a little to kill time until the L9 was due in.

I limped around the council house. As I did so, I was surprised that no Big Issue Sellers, rough sleepers or beggars were seen anywhere.

5Fri011I walked back to the Slab Square and along to the fountains at the far end.

Being early afternoon, there were plenty of students about.

It made me feel old. Haha!

The feet were still nigglingly painful under the toes.

5Fri012These two young toddlers were enjoying themselves. Even the one in blue who got herself all soaked. Mother was on her mobile phone, so showed little interest.

Still, the kids were happy.

I made my way to Queen Street and to the bus terminus and waited for the 5 minutes past the hour L9 arrival.

WH01A And waited. I recognised a lady from Winchester Court waiting too. At quarter-past, I thought about whether I should go down the hill and catch a number 40 bus? Far more dangerous to grab this one, it is far quicker, but it drops me off on Mapperley Rise Hill, where crossing the road to get towards the flats, can be dodgy. There are sharp bends, it is the steepest part of the way as well. While pondering this, the belated L9 bus arrived. Much to the pleasure of the lady and me! Phew!

Four passengers got on, and the other three gave the driver ‘What-For’ for being late. He told us the bus he’d left on charging, was flat! So he had to swap for another vehicle. Which told me he was late getting to work. (EQ).

I chatted with the lady for a while, then some other passengers she knew got on. Immediately, I had trouble staying awake. I must have drifted off many times. It could have been worse, but thankfully the driver was rushing to catch up on his schedule. He was driving a little jerkily, jamming the brakes, etc. Which in turn, kept waking me up, which was good!

WH01A He even helped again, as he drew upon Chestnut Walk and again jammed his anchors of sharply and this woke me up again. The ladies laughed, saying they thought I’d need waking up to them. I thanked her.

I called in the ‘Temporary Obergruppenfurheress Wardens archididascalian HQ, Willmot-Dixon workers break-rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, Training Room, and Telling Inchcock-Off shed.’ Due to the official prohibition on my mentioning anything spoken of between any Nottingham City Homes representatives and myself, on my blog, I cannot repeat anything that took place. Sorry.

Out of the hut and back to the flat. Took a wee-wee, and got the Health Checks done.

Then got the mushrooms out of the crock-pot and into a pan with a can of the bargain baked beans. Flavoured with a drop of balsamic vinegar and tomato puree.

5Fri013Got the purchases out of the bag and stored away.

Got the computer on and started to update this blog.

Four and a half hours later (Tsk!) I got up to here with it.

I was  getting weary again.

I put some triple fried chips in the oven and set the timer that I cannot hear going.

Health Checks. medicationalisationing and medicines were taken and done.

5Fri38Fodder served up. And it was above average this one. Canned pork knuckle, tasty flavour! Triple fried naughty chips, superb! The bargain cheapo baked beans, highly acceptable!

Nibbles with a New Zealand Cox’s apple, two brown thins and a mug of Clementine Juice, it all went down well. The Ski lemon meringue dessert was a bit disappointing, overly sweet.

Washed the pots and got settled to watch the ‘Hustle’ episodes on channel 60.

I got through the first one with only around five nod-offs or so. The second one I fell asleep with seconds of the programme starting and woke up as the credits were rolling at the end. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 17th May 2018: Social Hour Whoopsiedangleplop

The TFZer Clan

Thursday 17th May 2018

Dutch: Donderdag 17 mei 2018

0300hrs: My expergefaction was short and sweet this morning. No sooner had the brain activated, an ideé fixe lodged itself in my mind, and I just knew I had to get the laundry done, and felt an urgency and essentiality about it!

4Thu001Had a wee-wee. Got the day clothes and shoes on. Collated and collected the bag of soiled clothing, camera in my pocket and down to the laundry room.

Filled and started the washing machine going.

Noticed the state of the room, being slightly messy. I’ll take a hoover down with me later, to try and clean it up a bit.

Up to the flat. Got the Health Checks done and took the medications.


4Thu01The Sys Dia and Pulse was up a little compared to yesterdays. I thought this was a good sign. Then I realised I’d done the HC’s later than usual and had exerted a little effort, and this is why the readings had raised a tad?

The body and ailments seemed to be doing well this morning. Duodenal Donald is not bothering me at all! Arthur Itis only a few twinges. Reflux Roger, again, just the littlest of enforced deep breaths. Hippy Hilda, well, it felt like I had no hassle whatsoever, but she did start lambasting me physically later in the day. (Can’t expect all the ailments to be tickety-boo all the time.) One must presume asynchronous changes in degree daily. Harry Hernia being kind too. Anne Gyna is only just beginning to offer her stabbing pains here, there and all over the chest and neck area; but this is nothing compared to how she can play me up some days.

Overall, I feel a little lucky with how things are. (Fingers crossed that I won’t regret saying this, Hehe!)

4Thu04Back down to move the laundry from washer to the dryer. I forgot to take the hoover down with me. Dumkopf!

Got the togs into the dryer and began to clean the other machine.

I came across a rusty screw when I wiped inside the rubber covering at the bottom of the drum. This is the third one of these I have found this year?

I wonder how long it will last before it collapses? Hahaha!

Back up to the flat and got on with updating the Wednesday Diary.

Still no Porcelain Throne visit? Unlike my innards this situation is. Regularly daily, within the first ten minutes of rising out of the £300 second-hand recliner, I find myself on the Throne. But not today.

Updating the diary again, the time seemed to flash by, and the alarm rang to remind me about the laundry. So, back down again – once more forgetting to take the hoover with me. Tsk!

4Thu05Got the clobber sorted, folded and into the bag.

When I looked at the socks, all turned in themselves, the lighter grey pair reminded me of someone who used a glove puppet that looked similar to the socks. He or she was on TV I think?

I just can’t remember the person, yet I can recall the glove-puppet, although neither name.

To try and clean up the laundry room, I utilised the spiffy, à la mode, semi-automatic, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment with the cobwebs hanging on them, behind the door.


4Thu11Done my best! Huh!

Back up with the clean clothing and got it stored away.

Refilled the accoutrements pots ready for the nest washing session.

Got on with updating the Wednesday post while awaiting the arrival of the Morrison 4Thu07Home Delivery.

The chap arrived around 0625hrs. It seems I had a lot more stuff than usual today, certainly more carrier bags than usual. Yet, I’d spent a little less?

I got the stuff stored away. Unfortunately, I had to throw some frozen stuff away to make room for the new fodder. Schlemiel!

The noises from the lads preparing the out wall ready to have the insulation fitted, before the cladding could be done; seemed to be getting closer and closer with some speed.

4Thu12 I got the veg stew cooking on the crock-pot. I used a bay leave today, fingers crossed it tastes okay.

Still, no Porcelain Throne demands were made of me, yet?

Got the nibble box filled, gifts and raffle prizes in the bag ready for the Social Hour.

Back on the computer and finished the Wednesday Inchcock and posted it off. Then made a start on this blog.

4Thu10There was a sudden dull thud-like noise emanated from the kitchen that made me jump, so I went to investigate.

There were blood and feathers, floating down from above the flat window.

At first, I thought a bird had flown into a wall or window, but the blood was still coming down?

4Thu08 I put the small camera out of the window and took a blind shot off above the frame.

I think that a bird of prey had been for his breakfast pidgeon.

I forgot about making a brew and returned to the computer and carried on with creating this page.

The Virgin Internet or the computer kept going very slow and stuttery.

This depressed and worried me much. So I turned everything off and back on again, giving it a few minutes before starting it all up again.

Seems to have rectified the problem. (He says with high hopes and blind faith!)

The chaps doing the prep work outside arrived at my floor. I think they were putting anchors of some kind in the walls.


Checked and stirred the crock-pot.

4Thu21WDP02A Ablutions tackled. Unfortunately,  I managed to cut the mole on my right cheek while shaving, and it took me yonks to get it to stop bleeding.

Not cataclysmic, I know. Lamentably, this glitch came at the most inopportune moment.

Ruefully, it meant I was very late for the Social Hour.

WDP02A Out to the Winwood Social Hour meeting. By the time I’d got down and to the ‘Temporary Obergruppenfurheress Wardens HQ, Building Workers Rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, and Telling Inchcock Off shed’; There were only about eight or nine residents left in there. I felt a right Alter Kocker!

Jenny, Frank, Cyndy, Mo and others. A chat with Jenny, and got the nibbles and cakes handed out. By then most were getting ready to leave. I did feel a fool! Said my goodbyes and departed feeling a little stupid.

4Thu20On the way back to the flat, there was a bit of a nip in the air out there. Although the sky looked beautiful.

No one about, I came all the way down Chestnut Walk, through the lobby and lift area, up to the 12th floor and into the apartment without seeing anyone. Oh, no I fib! I did pass the caretaker going the other way and shared greetings with him.

Still no signs of any need for the Porcelain Throne?

 Made a cuppa and got on with updating this bloke for an hour or so. Then went onto creating some diary-top graphics on CorelDraw and CorelPaint.

Three hours later, and feeling a little drained, I got some of the graphics done and saved.

Had a check to see if any comments had come in on WordPress. Got one.

Checked the casserole, stew whatever it should be called. Coming on nicely now. The contents are Tomatoes, swede, parsnips, garden peas, carrots, mushrooms and red onions. The flavourings: Caremalised gravy granules, balsamic vinegar, onion salt, a bay 4Thu19leaf, clear vinegar, BBQ powder and tomato puree.

How it will turn-out, I don’t know, but I’ve just had a spoonful of the liquid, it wasn’t great tasting but seemed okay, well, passable.

Got it served up and enjoyed it! Enjoyment-Flavour Rated as 8.8/10.

WDP02A The tray still on my overgrown wobbly stomach, I nodded off!

I seemed to launch into dreamland immediately, and what an odd dream it was. I was in a desert at night, and wanting for some reason, to sing. Each time I got a few words out, someone would shoot me? I tried and tried again, I have no idea what it was I attempting to sing. But a vulture, sat on a cactus, kept looking at me and winking in my direction? In the morning, I made this graphic, but it is nothing like in the dream, just an idea of what occurred in my not unpleasant, but a frustrating nocturnal nightmare, Hehe!)
I seemed to die and wake up alive in another dessert and still desperate to sing, it started all over again?


After waking up and scribbling notes about this land-of-Nod tale, I could not get back to sleep. Well, I did, but not until hours later. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 16th May 2018: Blood Test, Hospital Clinic peccadillo and Arthur Itis playing me up!


Wednesday 16th May 2018

Persian: 2018 چهارشنبه 16 مه

0350hrs: My expergefaction was insuisiant – for a few ecstatic moments I was totally untroubled, blissfully content, in heaven almost. Then the doubts, fears, concerns and self-loathing returned.

I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner, automatically; and went to do the Health Checks and make a brew.


2Tue01The pulse continues to fall each time this week, I wondered why?

With the doctor’s surgery mob, not informing me of any appointments for my blood test (Again!) this week, I’ll be going to the City Hospital Haematology Department for it.

WDPolive Oh, going out yesterday, I forgot to check the emails to see if they have belatedly informed me, I’ll take a look at Gmail to find out. No, nothing arrived, as if I expected any! Grumph!

2Tue02abI think the day out and the odd lunch yesterday, might have affected the innards. Because the Porcelain Throne evacuation was terribly messy, multi-coloured and loose.

Another blue-hue outside.

I got on with updating yesterday’s diary.

Then made a start on this one up to here, and got the ablutions tended to.

3Wed04Umbrella (just in case), paperwork-appointment cards, nibbles for the hospital staff, crossword book (if any waiting to be done), bus-pass to get home afterwards and I set off. A cheery chap was in the lift I caught, he is a disabled man who’s not long moved into Woodthorpe Court.

He said he is expecting to be moved into the Extra-Care Unit block when it is built.

3Wed05We crossed the road together and started off up the gravel footpath hill, with me in a failed pursuit. By gum he could move, when he’d almost reached the top, I was about half-way up the incline.

I got to the summit and turned left down the pedestrian path, and he was well down the road. The knees started giving me some bother, and I slowed down to my normal hobbling snail-with-a-broken leg pace. Hehehe!

WDPolive I put the Arthur Itis problems with the knees down to all the sitting in the hard bus seats yesterday. I should have taken my ring-cushion with me. Funny how all these good ideas come to light when it is too late, innit? Tut-tut!

3Wed06Got onto Mansfield Road, and down to the Ring Road.

The weather perfect for walking I thought. Not too warm or cold, with a gentle breeze.

WDPolive The pavement cyclists were frequently passing by so close to me, that I walked tight in the right-hand edge of the amusingly footpath, against the railings.

3Wed07WDPolive An exciting piece of Nottingham Pavement Art was on the footpath. Not exactly Art Deco. This abandoned fuel tank might have challenged that famous pile of bricks that the Tate had the inane stupidity to show a few years ago?

Just as I was despairing of the untidy Nottinghamiam’s, I got cheered up at the end of the road.

3Wed08These simple flowers, struggling to break through to the sun, and the new fencing, seeming to do so much better than their brethren up against the rusty bars?


I turned up Hucknall Road and into the Nottingham City compound. To the top of the road and right straight into the Phlebotomy 3Wed09waiting room. I was pleasantly surprised at how few people were seated there. Got my ticket, 139. The sign showed up a call for ticket 131, so I was not long at all waiting. Time to have a go at the crossword and get no answers to them though. Thicko, at his best!

The calls were all for bay-one, so obviously there was only one nurse on duty taking the blood. Good job there wasn’t too many patients then.

WDPolive At my turn, I went in and got sat down and sleep up and my arm all ready, then my mobile rang. I turned it off, I usually do when I go to a hospital or clinic, but I forgot to today. Klutz!

A nurse appeared from around the corner. Pretty little thing (Most of them are). She got the blood taken in seconds, but could she stop the bleeding? This indicated to me that the INR Warfarin level must be pretty high. Perhaps, maybe. She was very calm about this altercation she was having stopping the flow. Eventually, it ceased, and I gave her the bag of nibbles to share. She was very startled and asked me what it was for. I told her; ‘For the nurses to have on their break!’

I thanked her and departed. Out and down to the GUM Clinic. I rang Sister Jane back on the way there. She had seen I’d not sent her the link to the diary and was a concerned bless her. We had a chinwag, and I had to ring-off to go into the clinic.

3Wed10WDPolive, a five-star one on my behalf! The appointment was for next Wednesday, not today! What an Eizel! I’m concerned at these happenings.

With a red face and feeling foolish, I left the Clinic, to go to the request stop to catch a number 40 route bus home to the flats. I spotted a chap trimming the grass around the building, and killing so many wildflowers as 3Wed11he did so.

As I got towards the bus shelter, I spotted that he’d either missed or showed compassion for the clump of flowers. I’m not sure why I mentioned this?

I meandered up the hill to the shelter and waited for the 40, five young ladies joined the queue and were joined by two blokes later. 3Wed12Only had ten minutes to wait for it to arrive. When it did, the young girls forced their way on first.

Not that it mattered, because there were plenty of free seats, just annoying like.

I was soon being dropped off the bus, on Winchester Street, and hobbling up to the top junction and turning right onto the welcoming 3Wed12asight of Chestnut Walk and the apartments.

The Willmot-Dixon lads were making a start on Winchester Court’s balcony windows.

The workers all sounded and looked like they were busy again today.

Half-way along Chestnut, I stopped to picture a plant vehicle coming out of the new build 3Wed12bcompound onto the roadway.

WDPolive Arthur Itis’s right knee did a whoopsie on me. Didn’t-half hurt, as it felt like a grating pain with the sensation that the Infrapatellar bursitis was about to become detached from the patella. Boy did it sting! But not for long amazingly, it was back to normal within minutes? Well, by the time I’d got to the foyer doors.

3Wed15Where I spotted some more, more localised Nottingham Street Art, on display outside of the scaffolding. Tsk!

I thought at this time that I heard someone calling my name. Nobody nearby, so I went into the road to look up to see if someone was shouting through the window and might need assistance.

3Wed14Then it dawned on, that no tenants can get their heads out of the windows anyway, while all the locks are still on. So no one could have been calling my name? What a schlepper!

I took this photo showing the insulation progress on Woodthorpe Court block of flats. I think they are finishing the back part of it now, with just the front to do. Which will be interesting noise-wise, the back they are doing now is noisy enough, what it will be like when they start drilling it onto the outside of my flat, worries me. But, it has to be all done before they can get the cladding fitted.

AS I went in through the foyer, I spotted May in the laundry room. The poor gal looked very drained and poorly to me. I inquired about her health, to find she has terrible shoulder pains. This ailment sprang the pain-gel into my mind. I explained to her that it is alright to mix Iboprufen with the paracetamol she is on, I knew this because the doctor had got using them years ago. I asked if she would like some of the Phorpain gel to try. She was okay with this, so I nipped up to the flat and got a tube for her. Penny had joined her when I got down. Handed the tube to her, advising her to rub it in well. The three of us had a little nattering session, and I went back up to the apartment.

It had been an enjoyable little hobble-out today. No rain helped. Haha!


3Wed16I got in and did the Health Checks, took the midday medications and made a brew.

This is the second brew  I made, after finding the milk I put in the mug had curdled! And it still had another day left on its use-by-date! Grumph!

WDPolive I used a bottle of long-life milk I had in the cupboard. Which was fine. I then discovered the sell-by-date3Wed21. 31-3-18! Gobsmacking innit? The Morrison milk is terrible and off a day before its use-by-date, and the Asda is one, is still alright 2 months after its use-by-date!

I’d just started to update this diary, and a phone call came in. All polite, a fellows voice said: “I’m David from BT, I’m calling regarding your internet connection…” I stopped him there, answering; “No thank you!” And put the phone down.

3Wed19I pressed on with sorting things to do the updating. To the clang, bang sounds from Herbert up above. After which just the odd bangs, rattles or clangings persisted for many hours, but not regularly or often.

I removed the cover from the blood taking hole, the nurse had done well with stemming the flow, hardly any haemoglobin on the bit of cotton wool.

I got the vegetables trimmed ready to use later and got the oven warming up for these and the potato slices. Made another small mug of breakfast tea and back to the updating of this post. But could not concentrate very well, so it was taking me an inordinately long time for some reason.

With Arthur Itis and Haemorrhoid Harry both annoying me, I decided to take extra codeine. During which I spotted a fair bit of smoke across the Winchester Street. It looked clear smoke, so I assumed it was from garden cuttings burning. The one thing that stood out to me was the wind kept changing?


Eventually, I got up to here with the updating, and realised I had still not finalised or posted yesterday’s Inchcock! What a Schlimazel!

So I went to update and post the Tuesday post off.

A few more taps and knocks from Herbert while I did this task.

3Wed20Got it done and had an email from the surgery. No mention of there not making an appointment for me this week, but, they have done this time, for next week.

Now, I’ll explain about my going to the hospital for the blood test.

First thing, I get told off for going there and not the surgery.

They failed to give me an appointment for the surgery last time!

When I go to the surgery, it can take three or four days before I get the results.

Today, (Going to the hospital for the test) I got the results and doses within five hours!

But even so, the Doctors receptionists have given me a late appointment with all this advance warning time too!

I believe, that because they know I would like an early appointment, and I have been naughty in their eyes, they have given me another late appointment that they know will prevent me from getting to sleep at my usual time, thus making me poorly in the long run. Oh, they are thoughtless, and I believe they don’t like me at all! Probably hate and despise me!

But at least they have made this unwantedly late appointment for me with Nurse Nicole!

Then the door chime rang out.

It was the Obersturmbannführer from Willmott-Dixon, checking on what still needed doing plastering-wise. I showed him the gaps in the kitchen window framing. He said it would be sorted. Nice chap. Off he trotted, and I got back to the updating for a while, then got the potatoes and turnips in the oven.

3Wed30Accompanied by Noisy Herbert’s occasional clanging and banging noises, I ate the meal.

Not so good this one. I could only rate it as an offensive 5/10 rating. The pork pie meat was far too fatty, the apples too soft, and the turnips were too tough.

You can’t win ’em all!

I did the pots and settled to watch some TV, two Hustle episodes. Got through the first one with only about four nod-offs, the second one I managed a few minutes, but the eyelids were so heavy. So I gave up, turned the TV off and head-down.


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 15th May 2018: Trip to Melton Mowbray Market – Marvellous!

Tuesday 15th May 2018

Scottish Gaelic: Dimàirt 15 Cèitean 2018

0400hrs: I stirred into imitation life and waited for the brain to join me. First thing I observed was an extraordinarily detailed and mostly readable scribble on the notepad. It related to an odd dream I’d had last night. (Most of them are strange though, aren’t they?) I used this later on, in updating the Monday diary.

I had to move a bit sharpishly to get the Health Checks done and updating, as I did not want to be late for the bus for the Melton Mowbray Market visit with some other tenants. This will be a hopefully happy dépaysement for me.

No pleurodynia pains today. Got on with the Helth Checks.

The sphygmomanometer was taking many efforts to get it to work and coming up with EE (Error) messages on the screen.

2Tue01A call to the Porcelain Throne had to be responded to. A good session, no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold at all!

Back to the hemadynamometer, which operated first try this time.

The pulse is a bit low again. As for the tea, most enjoyable.


I got on with updating the Monday post. Made a graphic to use in the tale of the dream. Got it completed and posted off.

Began on this one up to here. Time to get the ablutions tended to.

All readied, I kerfuffled, grubbled and fumbled around with much ingemination, and eventually got, what I hoped would be everything needed for the little bus ride and the visit to Melton Mowbray Market.

Arriving in the lobby, to find nobody around. Then wondered, had I make a Whoopsiedangleplop over the timing?


I took an amble outside to take some photographs.


Back into the foyer and sat doing a crossword. Others arrived, led by Jenny. We all had a natter for awhile, and the mini-bus arrived. A new Ford Transit, about a 14-seater. We mounted, got out seat belts on and soon we were off travelling.

15May18 06Considering how annoyingly uncomfortable and hard the seats were, the draught coming through the open sunroof creating an annoyance, and enjoyable to listen to nattering from the other, I don’t know how many other residents from both Courts: I fell asleep in seconds.

I woke up as we drove by the Nottingham City Homes flats in Sneinton. By the time I’d got my camera out, we had gone by them. The seats, the seats with an inbuilt hatred for Haemorrhoid sufferers, ensured that no more nodding offs occurred for the rest of the journey.

Jenny was in good form, I love listening to her tales and always end up smiling to myself when I hear them. And, she asked if the sunroof could be closed when others asked her.

Luckily, I had taken some codeine with me and took two, which helped diminish the pain level from the rear end, a tad.

Jenny had it all in hand when we arrived in the coach park in Melton. She aided us all to get off the bus and reminded us that if we feel a little strained or drained, the bus will be here and open for any of us to call back to and have a nap. (I knew she was aware of my tendencies to nod-off and fade in the early afternoons, bless her.) I was well impressed with the gals and guys at the speed with which they all shot off. I followed in their wake so I could find out where the Market was. I caught up with them at the Pelican lights, and Jenny pointed out which way to go to the market.

Frank was over the moon at seeing there was a Wetherspoon pub located nearby, just over the road from the bus park. His wonderful smile lit up, and I had to smile too. Bless him.


We all split up, and I made my way to the market.


2Tue06I kept meeting up with Jenny and Frank as I hobbled around the market street. I think they might have thought I was haunting them. Hehe!

I did get a pair of dark trousers that were my odd-size. Short legs, wide stomach, Hehe!

I ambled around, going up alleyways and side streets, I was amazed I didn’t get lost.

I decided not to buy any Pork Pies until after I’d perused all the places selling them. I did have a look at the Dickinson & Morris shop to see what they were offering.

The only other ones on sale were at a Market Stall, but they had some pork pies without tops or lids and had squashed extra-strong blue Stilton cheese in place of the crust. £5 each.

I met again with Jenny and Frank, who were sat outside a Caffé Nero. Jenny invited me to sit with them for a while, and a lovely natter ensued. One of the tenantesses from Winchester Court joined us for a while.

15May18 09I had a limp around outside the market area and came across the River Eye. A shallow river near a Rest Home and the Memorial Gardens.

I did take a picture of the waterway, but it seems to have gone off into the ether, for I could not find it on the SD card in the morning when I started this update?

I decided to fetch the Pork Pies. Finding the Dickinson & Morris Ye Olde Pork Pie Shop to get a £4.95 pie, and then the market stall to purchase a £5 stilton topped pork pie was surprisingly easy for me.

Once I had these purchases in the bag, hunger pangs arrived. I called into the Iceland store and bought a bottle of fresh orange juice, mini pies, and some cheese-topped cobs.

This simple meal went down so well. I sat on a bench outside the shop and sat there for ages,  slowly enjoying this feast in the sunshine. Had to keep the hat on though, shame.

After the agony from Haemorrhoid Harold at getting back up after so long a sit, I meandered back towards the bus park and thought about going into the Mobility Shop there, to see if they had any picker-uppers for sale.


But was put-off when I saw a dirty-great big bloke in blue overalls coming out of the place. Slash scars on his face, tattoos everywhere, dark, sinister eyes, a twitch in his left eye, rings on his ears, nose, and lips… eurgh! Put me right off that did!

I noticed some activity near the bus at the other end of the park. It looked like they were a lot of us old folks ready to go home, (I was!).

I joined them and soon got seated and belted up ready. Haemorrhoid Harold was burning and stinging away at me! Hehe! The rest of our party were assisted by Jenny to get settled and soon we were off, back to the place we all call home.

15May18 10As the driver bloke reversed out of the parking space, I took this photographicalisation.

I was listening to the conversations that I could make out the others were having… I’m not sure how long it took, but it felt like seconds later, I fell asleep.

I woke to find the bus had pulled up and folks were alighting with the help of Jenny. Missed the trip back there, didn’t I?

The driver dropped the Winchester Court folk off first, then went down to Woodthorpe Court to release our clan.

2Tue08I realised as I stirred and got ready to get off the bus, that I had not taken any photographs as I had intended, of Jenny and Frank. Humph! Schlemiel!

The first one I thought was the bestest of all the three.

I pointed out after taking it that it looked like Frank was indicating something naughty. Hehe!

The clan were all eager to get back to their flats, no doubt all for different reasons. I imagine some would be requiring the use of the porcelain throne, a cup of tea or coffee?

Or like me, desperate to check if I had left the tap running again or not! I Hadn’t, Phew!

15May18 12I took the last shot of Jenny with the driver. Nice effort I thought, considering how tired I was.

Some words were shared, but the brain just cannot recall what was said, now. Klutz!

When I got in, Herbert above was clattering away on and off until 2006hrs! Which prevented me getting to sleep, despite how shattered I felt.

Still, no need to make owt to eat. Did the Health Checks. Had a wash, utilised the Porcelain Throne, had a rinse, changed into jammies and got down to watch the TV, thinking this would get me off to sleep.

I even had the headphones on when I heard another clatter from Herbert, it surprised me, just as I was drifting off again, too!

Inchcock Today – Monday 14th May 2018

Monday 14th May 2018

Danish: Mandag den 14. Maj 2018

0325hrs: I woke with an abjectness and lugubriosity, undoubtedly brought on by the usual weekend’s loneliness, self-pitying and depression. The moment the brain engaged with the body, and I moved to extract my body-mass from the £300 second-hand recliner; the head and shin bruising reminded me of yesterday’s Whoopsiedangleplop when I fell off of the step-ladder while trying to change the light bulb. A behind-the-eyes headache 1Mon01athat followed is still with me. Tsk!

The usual ailments all seemed to be kind to me at this moment. Well, apart from Duodenal Donald and Little Inchies lesion, anyway.

Off to the kitchen to take the medications, do the Health Checks and make a brew.

It was really pippy in the apartment again, this morning.

To the computer and made-up the record for last week on Excel.


1Mon01bOff to the Porcelain Throne. A much better, more comfortable and less messy evacuation this time. Good!

Back to the kitchen to make a second small mug of Breakfast Tea.

The wind was whistling in through where the plastering repairs were done last week.

Both the left and right-hand sides of the window frame was blowing in, around the room and right up my jammy bottoms! Hehe!

WDPBL Oh, dearie me. I no longer own a dinky, just the right size clear glass milk jug. Schlemiel!

Dropping and smashing it was bad enough in the first place, but getting back up off of the floor after retrieving the shards of glass, and wiping up the milk, proved far more pestiferous for me! Humph!

I started to feel a little more down-in-the-dumps, despondent, after this klutzy Whoopsiedangleplop.

We all have to endure and tolerate accidents, misadventures, calamities and setbacks; but I seem to get such vast amounts of these?

Think about it: Born into the world and Mother’s first words to the Midwife were “I don’t want it, throw it in the Trent!” I caught double-pneumonia at the age of three. Mam and Dad were fighting all the time. Born with the smallest appendage ever. Thrown in the canal at five-years-of-age. Sister goes to live with relatives. Older Brother goes in the army, ends up in Hong Kong and stays there. Mother kept running away when she got too much in debt, returning now and then for a few weeks after Dad had paid off the bills she’d accrued in between, and she’d be off again. Me and Dad now. Got shot then stabbed while being a security guard. A hernia and Duodenal ulcer came along. Prostate Cancer next. New Aorta Valve ticker next. Then the reflux valve played up. Arthur Itis started. Hearing aids fitted. Hippy Hilda kicked off. Been mugged three times. I had the house broken into five times. Lost driving licence after the ticker operation. I got a parking ticket charge from Manchester, where I have never driven! Haemorrhoids become rampant, still waiting for ops. Moved into independent living accommodation. The flats are being upgraded, carpets destroyed, holes in walls, can’t hear the fire alarm and got a noisy neighbour living above me.


Got a bit morbid, frustrated and self-hating again there. Sorry about that.

1Mon02Back to make another small mug of tea.

The usual morning blue-hue out through the kitchen window.

Got on with finalising the depressingly downbeat Sunday diary.

Posted it off to WordPress. Which once again started spell checking in American English. I had to go in settings yet again, but it was already on UK English? Back to the edit page and it was now correcting for UK English? All part of Whoopsiedangleplop ridden luck of this old chap.

1Mon03Another mug of tea went cold, so off to the kitchen to make yet another one.

I got some Black bean cook in sauce in the slow cooker, then got the vegetables (Shallot, red onions, orange peppers, tomatoes and turnips. although of course are a fruit, not a vegetable) chopped up and placed in with lemon grass, onion salt, tomato puree and BBQ seasoning. Added a little balsamic vinegar.

When I’d got in the crock-pot, I took a close-up photographicalisation. Of a spoonful of the concoction.

How I managed to get the red first shot, I don’t know? I tried again without changing any settings, and it came out alright? What did I do wrong?


0550hrs: Herbert was making a bit of banging noises? Only the two of them, then nothing followed? A bit early that!

I recalled that tomorrow was the trip out on a coach to Melton Mowbray Market. I must get to pay Jenny for the outing later, and ask her what time the bus leaves. I’ll try to remember on the way back from Arnold to call and ask her.

I made a start on this diary.

0755hrs: Off to get the ablutions tended to. Jolly-good shave, teggies were done and a showering session of depth and a reasonable duration.

Made up the waste bags from the bins, and took them to the refuse chute.

All readied, I grubbled about and did the double-checking, had I left anything on that should be off or visa-versa, taps lights etc. routine.

And, then I was off. As I arrived at the Oberscharführeress Warden’s temporary HQ & Social gathering shed, I met Obergruppenfurheress Deana as she was coming out to do her rounds. We spoke briefly. But being as I have been forbidden by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from revealing any words spoken twixt myself and the lovely Deana and Julie on my blog; I shall say no more!

1Mon06I turned back to facing the Woodthorpe Courts, and the new build extra care flats and Gefreiteress Wardens new HQ is being built. The rooftop recreational seating area will soon be finished at the rate these lads are going. I took this photographicalisation, in the not as warm as it looks, sunshine.

Got into the Obersturmbannführeress Catwalk Models and Warden’s temporary HQ & Residents Social gathering hut. To find There were about a dozen or so folks in there, and more joined us inside, and others added to the queue outside at the bus stop. Inside, I listened to their gossiping and discussions over which are the best types of bets to have on horse races and the optimum bookie to use for the best odds. Led by one of my neighbours, bless the little addict. Not that he is little!

1Mon07No one to talk to on the bus, all my fellow tenants bar one, got off in Sherwood, where a lady and I went on into Arnold.

I was surprised at how many shoplifters there were about on Front Street on a Monday, as I made my way to the Asda (Walmart) store.

Where I spent a fortune again! Tsk! I took my time and enjoyed having a good look around, checking for the most extended ‘use-by’ dates and anything on offer.

I bought some cooking sauces, turnips, a parsnip, potato cakes. Irish Batch bread, sliced seasoned potatoes, a pork pie, some mushrooms. More nibbles for the Social Hour box, Fresh cream horns,  tomatoes and some new to me Breakfast tea bags; One by Yorkshire Tea, 1Mon07aone Asda own label (Which I warn anyone wanting a strong or tasty drink of tea to avoid at all costs. Like catwaz it was!) Another £21.55 gone.

When I’d paid for the groceries and made my way out into the cold sunshine, I thought the bomb had been dropped or something. All the folk from earlier had seemed to have gone and left?

1Mon07bAs I stood outside waiting to make my move to the bus stop on High Street, I saw this jet high above, and boy, was it moving, with seconds it was out of view!

I waddled up the hill to the bus request stop and put down the bags to ease Hippy Hilda.

She had begun giving me bother now, and she was not happy with me at all.


The guilt when I looked down and saw the Fresh Cream Horn cakes there on above was authentic!

The girl from the Care Home on Chestnut Walk arrived at the shelter. I was pleased to see her and lend an ear to her. The poor gal is not very good at the moment, with her problems. We spoke, but most importantly, I listened as she related the difficulties she was battling with, all the way back on the bus. Bless her.

As we were getting off of the bus, and that very kind lady from the 4th floor asked if she could carry one of my bags for me to the flats. Then as I was biding my farewells to the girl from the home, Caroline and the kind lady both said I looked poorly, with Caroline adding ‘It’s his hip again!’ The tender lady, replying ‘Yes, he doesn’t look well at all!’

And here was I, thinking I was doing so well physically, as well. Hehehe!


I took these shots above, of the buildings as the generous warmly-kind lady walked along Chestnut Walk at my speed with me, and chatted away. She held the door open for me too! I felt so blessed to have someone showing such warmth to me.

I thanked her for caring as she got off the lift.

I travelled up to the 9th floor and alighted, calling at Jenny’s apartment. I asked about the timing of the bus in the morning. I paid the £6 costs of the outing, and we chatted a little. As I was going up in the elevator, I realised I still didn’t know what time the bus was due. So I got up to the flat and deposited the bags, then I went down and visited the Generalleutnantess Wardens temporary HQ shed and Tenants Social hut, and inquired of Warden Deana if she knew of the timing for the bus to Melton Mowbray, tomorrow. Obviously, due to the Official Prohibition on my mentioning anything spoken of between any Nottingham City Homes representatives and myself on my blog, I cannot repeat anything that took place. But I was told to go and see Jenny!

So, back to the flats and up to see Jenny again. Which is permitted as reportable on my blog. I discovered, well, Jenny found I’d already paid for the bus trip earlier. And the bus leaves at 1000hrs were are to meet or congregate in the lobby at 0930hrs. I was happy to learn this.

Thanked Jenny, and limped back to the flat, with Hippy Hilda suddenly in a much better mood.

I checked the crock-pot progress, stirred and after a quick taste of a spoonful, I decided it needed an hour or so longer before it would be cooked to my liking. I added some caramelised gravy granules to the pot, another good stir of it, passed wind and went for a wee-wee. Washed-up and did the Health Checks. I was surprised but well pleased with how Hippy Hilda had calmed down so quickly.

Got on with updating this diary. Checked the slow-cooker regularly and after getting carried away with this post updating, three hours later, I got the seasoned chips into the oven and added some potato scones then.

I nipped to neighbour Doris (I think that’s her name, a lovely lady) next door and asked her if she would accept one of the French Horn Cream Cakes. Luckily she liked them and helped me out, thus saved me wasting food.

1Mon17I misjudged the potato additions, and they came out burnt a tad. But still tasty, even though I had to soak them in the gravy to soften them enough to bite into them, especially the scones. Hahaha!

A delicious effort this time. I mentally gave the meal a rating of 9.55/10 and deservingly so, I thought. The cream horn cake finished off the feast perfectly.

I got the pots washed up, did the last Health Checks and settled in the £300 second-hand recliner, nodded off within seconds I think.

1Mon16WDPBL It felt like I was dreaming straight away, and what a terrible dream to have. 

Seated in a cell of some sort, with threatening looking women and blokes, with tattoos, nose, ear and lip rings and scars over their faces; They insisted I would not be allowed to converse with anyone on earth again. With verbal threats and promises of my physical mangulation and slow death, if I did talk ever again. They then left me alone with a bucket of water, a box of medications and a dictionary; telling me that I could use the book to learn words I can no longer use? They informed I would be given time alone to consider their ‘offer’ and give them a solemn promise not to speak again when they return after my ‘thinking’ time.

After they all departed after knocking me about a bit, they all said in unison, “We will return!” I pondered on this and realised I would find it difficult to talk to them to give a decision or promise, because that would mean my talking to someone, surely?

Confused, and no one returning, I died some years later and assumed a spiritual observation of the cell.

This is where the dream memories let me down. All the early stuff, I found written on the notepad on the Ottoman and used them to prompt real recollections to write here in the morning, but no mention of what took place after I commenced my watching of the cell? Shame!