Inchcock: What Needs Attention Today – In repellent rhyme!

Woke up, in the recliner where I nightly sprawl,

Nae bother from the Trotsky’s, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, at all,

Duodenal Donald, Dizzy Dennis were all good too, I recall,

I’d been dreaming of having holidays, first in Nepal,

Then I met a gal, and we made love in Montreal,

Then we both went off to Senegal,

Had to rush off for a Porcelain Session, it was a close-call,

No bleeding or dizzies did I befall,

Didn’t even stub my toe on the shower stall.

Should I today, go do a bungee jump, or play baseball?

Do a marathon, climb a mountain or play volleyball?

Whatever made me even think of this, I don’t know at all,

I’b be lucky to find the energy to make a phone-call!

___  __________________________  ___

The Morrison man is delivering this morning,

The dentist appointment needs confirming!

The hearing aid batteries need changing,

The filters and tubes need cleaning,

A letter came regarding the operation and grafting,

The Clinic will need telephoning,

The chair needs a repair to it’s cushioning,

The anxiolytic medication needs taking,

Now the mind is doing its own thing,

Off on tangeants, uncontrollabley wandering,

My logicality and senses are now waning,

Maniacally meandering, leaving me wondering,

Why, where, when and how, I’m still pondering,

Shame, there’s no snow, I could go tobogganing,

See? The mind is off again, outgunning…

Destroying my logicality by it’s picarooning,

It may improve, perhaps the madness is just sojourning?


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Quomodocunquizer – Someone who will use any means foul or fair to make money

Tuesday 21st August 2017

Turkish: 21 Ağustos 2017 Salı

Sleep had become impossible as my jargogled mind seemed intent (and was successful) in my not getting any rest or respite.

0235hrs: After a while of my meditating on life and roast chestnuts, I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and noticed a note I’d left myself laid over the computer screen, to remember the INR Warfarin Blood Test this morning at 0905hrs. This cheered me up at the thought that I may see Nurse Nichole if she is on duty?

Cheered a little by this, I decided to get the laundry duties done straight away, well, after a visit to the Porcelain Throne, that went very well, Trotsky Terence was getting much easier to live with now.

0248hrs: The accoutrements and clothes gathered, I made my way down to the laundry room. I got the machine going after having to clean some pink gooey stuff off of the drum, left presumably from the last user.

Nipped out into the slightly foggy morning and took this photographicalisation of the block.

Going up in the other lift, one of the elevator’s lights were flashing, or rather, kept going dim occasionally?

Had a wee-wee, and went to make a brew and have a mug of Thompson’s super-tasty-strong tea and take the medications. Twas here that I realised that only Anne Gyna out of all the ailments, was giving me any grief. Oh, that’s not right, I forgot about Arthur Itis and Craig Cramps who are both currently having a go at the fingers. No complaining from me, though. The Rumbling Innards, Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Donald, Dizzy Dennis, Hernia Harry, Reflux Roger, and Shaking Shaun are all acting most kindly to me. The boils had disappeared. Even Trotsky Terence has eased off massively now.

Did the health checks and got a shock from the scales at the weight I’d increased to too! If Nurse Nichole is on duty this morning, I’ll tell her and ask her advice. I am sure I’m not overeating, and am trying to get in as much exercise as I can? Sys 159, Dia 77, Pulse 88, Temp 34.8 and  Weight 14.96 – Oh dear.

0300hrs: Time to go down and move the gear from the washer to dryer.

I spotted a new notice on the wall board from Obergefrieteress Jenny.

I’m not sure about not many people turning up to the meetings, but the cabin was jam-packed on the one I went to. Mind you, most of us were guessing at what was being said, No Subtitles in real life, you see. Haha! And at least two of us old ones I noticed had nodded-off! Haha!

I know that Jenny thinks using all caps on the notices helps those with poor eyesight, but it does not read quickly or easily, to me, typed like this. Not moaning, just mentioning.

0329hrs: Moved the washing and went back up and got onto the computer. Finalised the Monday Diary and got it posted. Did a graphic for the page top.

0435hrs: Back down to the Laundry Room to collect and collate the clothes. Got them sorted.

I was puzzled and wondered what the reason was for the new looking spoon on the top of the dryer?

In one of the two lifts, the number twelve button does not light up, in fact, it broke the day I moved in.

Anyway, I went up in the one that does light up, and it started flashing on and off?

Just thought I’d mention it.

Got the gear stored away and had a wee-wee, starting sneezing now?

Began this diary.

The weather was getting a lot less misty now. A definite blue hue, too. Hehe!

Time getting on now, so I got to checking the Emails and WordPress reading, so I had time before having to get the ablutions and medicationalising, so as not be late getting to the surgery and possibly, Nurse Nichole.

Ablutions tended to, medicationalisationing done and out with the bag of nibbles, ready to go to the surgery. Well, I got as far as the foyer doors, and a lady spoke to me, and I did not hear what she said, so I went back up and collected the hearing aids. Tsk! Down again and passing the bus stop, there must have been 18 tenants waiting in the queue.

Down Winchester Street Hill and hobbled through the side streets onto Mansfield Road.

Diversions were in progress around this area.

Left and up the hill, then over the crest and down into Carrington.

The plates were soon stinging.

As I went down the incline, my mind had another wandering off on its own course period.

I walked straight passed the Sherrington Park Surgery, as far as the Tavistock Court Flats before realising.

Hobbled back to it, felt a right fool again!

Logged in with the receptionist and sat down doing the crosswords.

The joy of Joy… Nurse Nichole came to fetch me in! She took the blood, and I was in a dream at seeing her again. I gave her a box of Terry’s Orange Chocolate,  and a bag of nibbles for the others and departed.

Walked down into Carrington with the aim of visit the pharmacy to find out when the next prescriptions are due to be collected and then Lidl to get some bread. (This did not happen)

The chemist informed me the 8th September was the date for the prescriptions to be fetched. I wrote this on the cover of the crossword book so as not to forget.

Limped down to Lidl, and found the property a shell, with everything gone from inside and workmen clearing things out?

I took this photograph with the lens up against the window to show how the far end of the building had had the wall removed.

Nobody told me this was going to happen? Hehe! Nor a lady who arrived and we had a laugh about it. We both decided to go back to Sherwood to do our shopping. Huh!

Wonder if they were upgrading or had they left the site?

Spotted some more Nottingham Street Art on the corner outside the store.Got a bus back into Sherwood and called in the Polish Food Shop. Spent a lot of dosh there, got some belly pork with herbs and garlic,

Got a bus back into Sherwood and called in the Polish Food Shop. Spent a lot of dosh there, got some belly pork with herbs and garlic, Continental sliced bread and Krakowsa. Walked up the road window shopping and into the Co-op. Got some towels, vinegar and tomatoes.

To the bus stop and a nattering with some other residents waiting alongside me.

When we got back, they showed me a clean pair of heels as we all walked to the flat from the bus stop.

But they were still waiting for an elevator when I arrived, and we went up together. The lady Betty, I think, said the other block of flats has had their lifts out of action all weekend!

In and had a wee-wee. Put the food away. Sandwiches tonight I think, or even earlier, I was getting food pangs again.

The computer on to update this diary.

Medications and Health Checks were done.

Got the super-sandwiches sorted. Continental bread, sliced English tomatoes dabbled with balsamic vinegar, and belly pork with herbs and garlic.

Got the potato nuggets in the oven, and did a bit of work starting off the next TFZer Graphicalisationalistical Series, I am calling, at the moment, “TFZers in Nottingham” for the album. Only got a bit of prepping done of the first one, and it was time to retrieve the nuggets from the oven.

Incredibly tasty meal. Rated 9.2/10, the only problem is where the potato nugget I dropped went to? Huh!

Nodded off, when I woke and extracted my body from the £300 second-hand recliner to go for a wee-wee, I discovered the escaped nugget must have fallen into the slipper I’d just put on. I had to smile to myself and query how the escapee had managed to travel so far as to enter the footwear? Hehe!

I think I can report that Trotsky Terence has all but given up annoying me – mind you if I remember rightly, this has happened in the past, and he has returned with 24hrs with even more venom? So I’d better not mention this. Too late now innit?

Evening medications were taken and I got settled to watch some TV, Amazingly staying awake for a whole one-hour programme of the Dog Rescuers! Then the brain started off with it’s everything needs pondering, fretting and evaluation mode. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Monday 21st August 2017: Bit of Nottingham History thrown in today, folks.

Monday 21st August 2017

German: Montag 21. August 2017

Woke around 0300hrs, the mind once again, seemed hyperactive, disorganised and out of control, all over the place and no chance of getting back to sleep.The wind escaping just has not stopped

The wind escaping just has not stopped, but this is good I think. It might indicate that Trotsky Terence is on the wain, and each blast, for ‘blast’ is the only word to describe the way they escaped, came without a need for the Porcelain Throne (For a while at least). No control over them at all.

I felt that some self-comminatory thoughts about me and my actions were deserved, and felt guilty and ready to accept the coming storm or punishment in a gobemouche state.

0420hrs: Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. With the wind, gurgling and rumbling from the innards, I anticipated the worst, but things were not so bad at all compared to yesterdays sessions. Phew! Haemorrhoid Harold was still very tender and sore, though.

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications. Health Checks carried out: Sys159-Dia71-Pulse89-Temp35.4 and the weight, I have to report – was the highest it has been ever! 14.91. Depression dawned!

Presumably, this was due to my not getting in a hobble yesterday? Must get a little one in today.

Made the weeks Health Checklist to take with me when I have my INR blood test done, hopefully by Nurse Nichole tomorrow.

Got Sunday’s diary finished off and posted.

Checked the Emails, WordPress readings, then started this journal off.  Did the top graphic, then went on Facebook to catch-up.

Ablutions enjoyed, no Porcelain Throne demands, and the wind decreased. There was no bleeding from the teggies or shaving. Haemorrhoid Harold bled a tiny bit. Looking good.

Readied things and out to the bus stop. A big right crowd there when I arrived. Bill from the 14th floor had a chinwag with me. His big operation is due on September 4th, at last. He’ll be on his crutches for a while afterwards. I offered him any help I could with shopping or whatever. I’ll remind him again next time I see him and give him my Email and telephone number.

We got on the bus, and Bill dropped off on Mapperley top,  to do his rounds of the charity shops for any Owl figurines he could find.

I alighted the bus on Lower Parliament Street and hobbled through to Goose Gate to visit the Chinese Shop to get some more chestnuts.

En route I came across this bit of Nottingham Street art. I think it was commissioned by some company before they went bankrupt?

But the Chinese place was not open yet, for over another hour. Humph! So, I wended my way up and took the scenic walk up to St Mary’s Church. Built in 1377 and right over the road from the Nottingham Goal, where they did the hanging and deportationing of the poor. Always the impecunious masses never hung a Lord, Earl or a Sir!

I hobbled down High Pavement (The top photograph above), and there was smoke coming from the roof of the Contemporary Art Gallery.

The pretend Police Officer and all other locals in the area were ignoring this, to me, a bit of a dangerous scenario.  No one was interested in the white smoke. So I assumed it was nothing out of the ordinary and hobbled by and turned right at the end, where the trams were operational.

No wonder they had a diversion sign near the church.

I saw the sign that one of the five traffic lanes had been closed. This, was due to the closure of Broad Marsh Bus Station and Car Park, losing Nottingham Shoplifters, sorry, shoppers 200 Car Parking Spaces bring closed, and the buses have had to be allotted new stopping places all over the City Centre. Thus the other buses can’t get through now.

Cars were left dangling out of the side of a multi-storey car park in Nottingham after one of the exterior walls collapsed. The collapse happened overnight when part of a wall came away from the building at the NCP Nottingham City car park in Cumberland Place, losing 400 plus spaces to add to the 1,150 lost at Broad Marsh – Boy I almost feel glad they took away my licence!

I limped along towards the City Centre, took this Nottingham Street Art photograph and noticed how I had got twinkles on it? Later, I found them on several other of this morning’s efforts?

Can anyone out there figure out what I got wrong, please?

I took this photograph further up on Wheeler Gate.

A narrow one-way street that has been used for donkey’s years as a two-way through route for traffic. These pictures were taken in 1920, & 1969 photographed from the other end.

Walked up into the Slab Square to take a picture of the Nottingham Beach, and caught these trams in the City Centre Station together.

The weather kept changing and threatening rain, but none yet.

This should please the few who have visited the Beach today. Not many of them, mind. Can’t blame them really, the costs are high for the rides. Not that this dampened the spirits of the little Nottinghamians in the slightest.


Noticed a lot of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists around today, but did not managed to get any to put in the Nottingham Pavement Cyclist Album… until now that is.

Took this of a right unthinking animal of an ignorant young git, as he weaved around and between the pedestrians, without any thought to their safety! With any luck he’ll get knocked off of it by someone one day, I’d love to be there when it happens. A trained First aider or not, if anyone else were injured they would get my first attention! The poor lady with the bag wobbled as he shot by so close to her.

But back to the compound and was the last one to the flats again. Poor old thing!

Had a chinwag with a lady from the 14th floor, got in and almost automatically went into the throne room, when I didn’t need to. Mind you, the wind from the rear was less often now.

Took the med’s and did the Health Checks. Wrote a note to remind me about the INR appointment in the morning.

Got some fish and tattie scones with cheese in the oven cooking.

Updated this diary.

Got the meal, soy sauce potatoes, tomatoes, cheese & onion scones, battered haddock fillet and a fish cake. Followed by the Lemon Mousse.

Didn’t affect the Trotskies as I thought it might, and went down very well. 8/10.

Got the Boon DVD on, and watched two whole episodes before the nodding-off started.

Had to get up for a wee-wee, and that seemed the end of sleeping for me. Tsk!

I don’t think I managed any period of over five minutes asleep without jumping awake and not having the slightest reason why?


Inchcock Today – Sunday 20th August 2017: Trotsky Terence Ruled Almost every thought, action and Whoopsiedangleplop. Tsk!

Also known as Trotsky Terence

Sunday 20th August 2017

د اګست 20 مه، 2017 Pashto

0310hrs: I blinked awake, not sure if I had actually been asleep. Immediately pains in the stomach from Diarrhorea Dickie, forced my cumbersome exit from the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne, just in time. As luck would have it, after yesterdays visit from Diarrohorea Dickie, I’d donned a pair of the ignominious Protection Pants. I spent a minute evacuating and ten minutes cleaning up myself and the room.

0335hrs: Did the Health Checks and started to sort the new set of medication dosage pots. Sys 148 Dia 77 P 82 Temp 35.6…

Back to the Porcelain Throne, where it is all coming from I don’t know.

Washed-up and back to the kitchen. Weight checked to finish off the Checklist and amazingly the weight had gone down a tiny bit for the first time for ages. Thinking about afterwards, I’ve got rid of so much gunk from the stomach, perhaps that has helped with the weight, down to 14.84?

No further pains or evacuations needed for a while. Had things got better so soon?

Made a mug of tea and took this mornings medications, keeping some Diah-Limit capsules to hand, and got on the computer to do the diary work.

At this point, I was sure I heard a noise from the kitchen and poddled into it to investigate. I found nothing untoward? While in there, I got some potatoes into the crock-pot, with soy sauce added to the water. I planned on having them with the belly pork with herbs and garlic and some tomatoes, pickled beetroot, garden peas and mushrooms later. Then I pondered, is this wise, with Trotsky Terence being rampant? I thought it would be, but thought I’d give the beetroot in vinegar a miss and weaken the water in the potatoes of soy sauce. Of course none of these things were done, Humph!

Back to the wet room again. Even a bigger dollop of splattering wetness this time! Took ages to clean up without missing any bits, and getting back up from cleaning the be-splattered bowl, was not easy! Tsk!

I had an idea come to mind, for a funny Ode about the current situation with Diarrohorea Dickie. Got carried away creating it, but I did enjoy doing it, although another trip to the Porcelain interrupted me. Hehe!

Link: Diarrhorea Dickie Strikes Again!

Back to updating yesterdays diary.

Oh, dearie me, just had an involuntary escape of the wind from the rear end. Two things came to my mind at the same time, one was the stink, and two, have I had a Whoopsidangleplop? I had to go to the wet room to find out.

I found I had to make use of the Throne again, and a horrendous experience it was. Haemorrhoid Harold was now giving me pain like never before.


Plenty of medicationalisationing took place.

I’m so glad I had a good stock of the Pants and medications in stock.

Sorry to add, that Hilda Hips has started playing up now. I’m getting a bit frustrated with things. Cleaned up yet again afterwards and got the kettle on the boil.

While waiting for it, I tried to take another vista shot of the parked cars below the window. Utter failure, I just could not get the camera to allow me to. It kept telling me to move pan quicker, or I didn’t keep it level.  Took a long shot and cut it down in the end, not good. Humph!

Finally, after what seemed several days to me, I had got the dairy completed and posted it off.

Checked the Emails and did some WordPress reading.

Hello, back to the Porcelain Throne again… Not so bad this one. But the piles are now so tender. Tsk!

Made a fresh brew and went onto Facebooking. Hour-and-half later, I got onto CorelDraw and the TFZer series graphicationalisationing.

After four hours, I’d got them finished and posted to WordPress and Facebook.

Then off to the Porcelain Throne again. This time, things were a lot easier.

Checked the fodder, should be ready soon, although I don’t feel particularly hungry at this moment.

Computer off, and did a bit of titivating in the kitchen, but not much, I felt so drained, and it was well past my head-down time, now.

By the time it came to sorting the food, my hunger had returned.

Foolishly I made far too much, and although it seemed to taste alright, I had to leave much of it on the plate, but I did enjoy it… Roger Reflux and Duodenal Donald showed me their displeasure. Not complaining though, for two reasons. It was my own fault, and a sign that Trotsky Terence was easing was welcome, for no rushing to the Porcelain ensued afterwards?

Tired, weary, but a heck of a job dropping off. The mind started to race away about everything and nothing. Tsk!

Something of a surprise to find that emissions of the wind from the rear started, and grew in strength, persistence and aroma? Yet only one visit to the Porcelain was needed? Things might be looking up?

Or, not! Hahaha!

Graphicalisations of TFZer ‘Skybound’ Series

TFZer Birthday Girl here, with a TFZer lad as an escort out of the plane!

Australian and Canadian TFZers landing in  the Cove

Airline owning TFZer gal here – She likes her instructors em young!

This TFZer gal insisted on emergency supplies going down with them?

This English TFZer gal has a TFZer escort, and her pet alongside? Hehe!

TFZers are having fun, and a jealous eagle spotted them?

TFZ gal has the idea, a BBQ, 2 fellas and a broken balloon. Very wise!

No messing with these two TFZers, Has NASA been informed do you know? Haha!

This TFZer gal aborted her flight, to look after and massage Mick? Nice one!

Clever, this TFZ gal, Alfresco meal, a barrel of wine and two TFZ gents.

An Australian nugget of TFZ gold this Angel. Pets, admirers all awaiting her descent?

Usually caravanning, camping and hiking this lady – but she’ll try anything, so they tell me? Hehe!

This Canadian gal went on advice twice! Still, TFZer Gerry ain’t complaining, lucky devil!

A real with it lass here. Fodder and wine all ready, and an admirer and tree climber too! Well done!

To TFZers, making sure they don’t get lost with this Navigator gal in charge!

Being a Scottish lass, this gal opted for an aeroplane to use, instead of balloon or parachute! And, two escorts. Very Wise!

Very quietly floating down and enjoying them selves here – just as it should be. Congratulations the pair of you!

Homing in on Texas, with a Canadian instructor, who may never find his home again? I bet he’s not too worried about that!

No doubt who the lucky one is… The fella!

She’s here again, and took her Canadian pets & her other half with her too! Jealous? Me?

She’s so bold and up for a laugh is this TFZer gal, And, took hubby along this time. Hope they have a ball!

Ex School M’am TFZer Lass, leads the way for the instructor and TFZer!

Just moved house this TFZer gal – She’s taken hubby up with her. No doubt to help him get over the hassle of the move?

A cake baking expert TFZer lass here. The TFZ bloke is looking casual and esorting her decline – lucky devil him! Hehehe!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 19th August 2017: By the end of the day, Porcelain Throne Activities were Rampant. Oh dear!


Saturday 19th August 2017

Belarusian: Суботу 19 жніўня 2017

0305hrs: Woke with the stomach rumbling, the head pounding and in need of the Porcelain Throne. I heaved my rhinocerotic body out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Throne. Dizzy Dennis and Hippy Hilda offering signs of their disapproval and displeasure en route.

Settled precariously on the loose fitting throne seat, and Reflux Roger joined in the ailment attacks, and stomach’s wamble grew worse. (This is not going to be a good-health day, I could tell. Humph!) The movement was messy, and Hippy Hilda did her best to prevent me from getting back up again afterwards. I was in a right pickle now. Still, Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna and Hernia Harry were letting me off lightly, bless them.

Once I was up, things improved with Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda. I had a wash and returned to the recliner to find multitudinous signs of naughty nocturnal nibbling activities. Oh dear! I set to removing the bowl, basin and spoon to the kitchen sink, and collected the crumbs from the chair and carpet.

Kettle on the boil I took the medications and did the Health Checks. Seemed alright, all but the weight, that was now the highest it has been in 70 years. At this point, bearing in mind the nibblGC (4a)ing at night signs found, guilt and shame overcame me.

I really cannot recall any nibbling at all, and this concerned me a bit.

Had a wee-wee and titivated the kitchen a bit, then onto the computer to update yesterday’s diary and start this one-off.

Back to the Porcelain Throne. Hippy Hilda and Craig Cramps were easing off nicely, the rumbling innards were not, though, and Dizzy Dennis seemed to set in, not bad, but present in the background, if you see what I mean?

Emails checked. Got one from the surgery confirming next blood test for Tuesday 22nd August at 0905hrs. Brother-in-Law Pete sent this one for me to show: Good innit?

Did some WordPress reading, then on Facebook for a while.

Feeling a lot better now, Dizzy Dennis has scarpered and the Rumbling Rupert too. But the EQ tells me that Diarrhorea Dickie is brewing up something for me?

Made a mini pot of porridge and added some Golden Syrup, then realised as I ate it, that it already had some syrup in it – Eurgh, talk about sweet! Foolishly I still ate it. Expecting toothache or hyperactivity now. Haha!

Ablutions tended to, during which, a Porcelain Throne session took place, that confirmed my EQ’s thoughts. It was not really bad but tended to be of the texture as liked so much by Diarrhorea Dick’s attacks. The stomach continued to rumble, and real pains started across my bulging midriff. Oh dearie me!

Still, I thought it was not so urgent yet, as to stop my plans for a trip into town this morning. Shaved, teggies done, showered, creams and lotions applied, and off I went to the bus stop.

An entirely uncommunicative female and male Tenant sat on the bench as I arrived. “I spouted out a “Good Morning each, how you this beautiful morning?” All I got back was a couple of looks that said; “Who are you?”. However, this did not bother me much, for I felt a little remuant in myself, and had they answered, I might not have got much out of any ensuing conversation.

I moved away from where they were and took this photograph on the grass verge behind the bench.

The bus soon arrived, and thankfully it was the lovely lady driver who always has a quick comment to make. So I handed her a caramel chocolate bar nibble as I got on. This only served to the other two residents to curl their lips and whisper something to each other, as they threw their heads back in disgust at me? Not a good start to my trip.

As the vehicle arrived in town on Lower Parliament Street, I took this shot of the skyline, showing the various blocks of flats that have been built recently.

Each one was dedicated to students at the many universities in Nottingham. While in the forefront was the closed down premises of a garage, Stationers, an amusement arcade and printers.

I dropped off and called in the big Wilko store to have a look at their Air-Fryers. They had four on display, but I could not decide if anyone of the two small enough for my worktop, would suit my needs. Had a wander around and bought nothing, left and walked up Clumber Street, somehow not getting bumped into. Hehe!

To the end and right down Long Row at the side of the Council House, then into the Slab Square with it’s Nottingham Beach and expensive amusement stalls and rides.

There was a few folk on the beach, despite the threatening sky and lack of bright sunshine.

Although it was not cold by any means, and the dim sun did keep popping out now and then. I noticed how kind it was in coming out each time I got the camera in use, too.

I walked to the other end of the square and saw this dog with its owner. The dog was very interested in the water of the fountain, but notwithstanding the man’s encouragement, would not venture under the spray.

I popped into the newspaper shop to get a TV magazine. Why I bother, I don’t know. Because it is as sure as Tony Blair is a philargyrist, I am going to fall asleep watching the TV or DVD every single time!

Still, I suppose it’s interesting to know at least which programme that I nodded-off-to watching? Hehehe!

I had a hobble down Goose Gate to the Chinese Store where I get the seaweed in jelly sheets from. The store at the bottom right of this photograph. More Student flats in the distance.

Got a bottle of Healthy Soy Sauce, Dark Soy Sauce, Roasted Seaweed x3 and some Chestnuts. I really wish I’d got more of the Chestnuts now.

Roasted in the shells, they were gorgeous. Smaller but so very much tastier than the French ones.

I walked or rather limped (The plates were stinging again now, Tsk!) up to the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Had a walk through and out at the other end and got a packet of pencils en route.

The traffic was very light, just as well, because the traffic lights were still out on Upper Parliament Street, temporary ones still in use while they complete the gas pipe works. Although, being a Saturday, they were not working on them.

Being Saturday, there were very few L9 buses running, and it was two hours until the last one would arrive in town. So, I caught a number 40 bus to get home on. It doesn’t stop at the flats but on Winchester Hill. Right on a steep bend. I’m always careful crossing over the road there.

The only other option is to walk back up the steep hill 500 yards to where one can see the vehicles coming, or 500 yards down the hill for the same, and walk across the road and back up to the flats. Does that make sense?

The sky lightened again as I got safely across the road and walked down towards Chestnut Walk and home… boy, I was ready for home too! The Porcelain Throne was needed, and it was a bit risky as to whether I’d make it in time… and there was no way I would have been able to prevent any leakage as I knew things were liquified if you understand me? Oh, heck!

I made it to the Throne in time. Had to have a clean-up after the evacuation. Tsk!

Seems I made it time for two reasons. The Porcelain needs and I just missed the rain starting too.

I got the belly-pork in the oven and curried beans in the saucepan. Then, back to the Porcelain Throne. Things were loosening as you might say, The pains in the guts returned, and I had to release things. The wet room and I needed cleaning afterwards. The feeling that things were going to get worse lingered. However, a few minutes after exiting the room and going into the kitchen, the pains abated, and I foolishly thought; “Hello, it’s not too bad at all now!” Huh!

Got the meal prepared and had some chestnuts with it.

It was delicious, the highest rated this year, so much did I enjoy it. 9.45/10!

Did the Health Checks, took the medications and was feeling so much better now. (I regret writing this).

Got the TV on and fell asleep in no time.

Woke up with the stomach pains and in need of Porcelain Throne usuage. So to say this, but I didn’t make it in time. (Shame and embarrassment persued).

After much cleaning up, I had to dig out a pair of the Protection Pants and get them on, I did not want another episode like this happening.

Over the next few hours I was getting fatigued. I would not let myself fall asleep for fear of a repeat performance. Eventually I did nod off.

Two hours or so later, and luckily too – the stabbing pains in the stomach woke me, they acted as a warning so I could get to the Porcelain Throne in time, this time.

Wearily I got back into the £300 second-hand recliner and settled.


Diarrhorea Dickie Attacks Again – Messy!

Diarrhorea Dickie Attacks Again – Messy!

I realised he’s back and felt quite sick,

Diarrhorea Dick attacked me so quick,

No use, medications, praying or the walking stick,

Codeine, hearing aids or an analgesic,

The rumbling Throne Sessions, messy, not thick,

The evacuated innards are certainly not, non-stick,

Had to wash so often, with bleach and carbolic.


What had caused this? The chicken drumstick?

Was it a problem that is colonic?

A bug, bad food or summat bacteriologic?

No idea what it is, but was it Deoxyribonucleic?

The flat now cannot be described as aromatic,

Rather, as putrid, gut-wrenching and chronic!

Took the Diah-Limit capsules very quick,

Their failure has proved rather catastrophic,

Nowt I try taking can do the trick,

So, I wrote this silly limerick!


Composed in the hopes of something or other, and in Support of the Outer Peruvian Three-legged Pregnant Kangaroo Appreciation Society.

Inchcock Today – Friday 18 August 2017

Friday 18 August 2017

Sethoso: Labohlano la 18 August 2017

Woke at 0305hrs: Feeling almost insensate as the demented mind toyed with itself seemingly considering many facets, thoughts and ideas at the same time. Mostly in a psittacistic manner, and these evaporated within seconds of their arrival in the brain-box. I put this down to my having a dream as I woke up and the subconscious clinging onto bits of them?

The knees were much easier as I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner. However, the plates were not. I’ll be glad when Sue the foot-lady comes. Limped into the wet room for a Porcelain Throne session. All good.

Into the kitchen and made a brew.Health Checks were done.

Health Checks were done, and medications were taken. Took an extra Codeine this morning, to help mitigate the stinging and burning pain from the tootsies.

Got the diary finished for yesterday and posted it off.

I went to make another brew to replace the one that had gone cold.

0415hrs: Took this picture from out of the window, did you spot the oddity? A free parking space! Haha!

Had a thought out of the blue – I have not had the INR blood test results yet? This in mind, I went to check the door to see if it had arrived, and as I put the light on in the hallway (Well, I thought I had), it did not light up. Oh, dear, thought I, another bulb blown! I felt my way along to the door and saw two bright patches on the floor that were two letters, one with the INR results and one from Pharmacy2U?

As I returned with the intention of getting another bulb, I spotted the light glowing under the convenient 1¾ inch gap at the bottom of the wet-room door.

I’d turned on the wrong switch and had lit up the Throne Room by error for the hallway. Tsk, Wotta Plonka!

The Pharmacy2U solicitous advert did not install any confidence or feelings of trustworthiness in me. They had initially posted it to the address I lived at years ago? If I did sign up, what would the chances of the prescriptions getting through to me? Tsk!

Got the computer back on and checked the Emails and sent off a request for an appointment for the next INR blood test for Tuesday next. With a happy heart, because I knew Nurse Nichola was back on duty and I stood a chance of her seeing to me this visit.

WordPress reading then started this diary off.

Did a Morrison’s fodder order for next week. It was getting much lighter now.

Carried out the ablutions without too many shaving cuts today, only two.

I chose not to abrogation my wishes of getting out for a bit of a hobble, down into Sherwood to get some bread and aluminium foil trays.

Knocked on neighbours door. Josie, to see if she was interested in taking the ready meal off my hands. But she does not eat chicken, so that was that. Set out into the sunshine with the second Chinese Chicken Curry in sauce meal with me.

It was a bit windy, but not cold at all with it. Called at the Obergruppenfurheresses Cabin and gave Obergefreitereress Julie the meal. She seemed to like it and told me I was a diamond?

Set off on the hobble down Winchester Street Hill and a  good few folks were at the bus stop, awaiting the arrival of the L9 bus.Had a chinwag with them then continued down near the allotments.

Had a chinwag with them, then continued down and passing the allotments and into Sherwood. Left and down to the Continental Food Store to see if they had any of the small sliced wholemeal bread. They did not, so I got a small white one instead. But, they did have some of the Krakowski Cooked belly pork with herbs and garlic. My will-power was immediately emaciated at seeing this meat, and I got some thick slices and felt thick afterwards for paying so much for it. Tsk!

Out and up the hill, calling in one or two charity shops window shopping for bargains. I didn’t find any. Popped into the Wilko Store and got some foil trays.

Hobbling nice and slowly now, no rush the bus back up the hill was not due for ten-minutes. I heard an emergency vehicle siren, and a police car sped by with what looked like four Officers, and I could see clearly, at least one of them had machine-gun type weapon in his arms! The police car was almost out of sight by the time I got the camera out and zoomed in, to take this shot of it going towards the City Centre, on Mansfield Road.

As the bus arrived, William only just got there in time. A chinwag en route and walk from the bus stop to the flats, I enjoyed listening to him talking, a nice chap he is. Still on the Morphine.

Back in my mini-flat, I had a wee-wee and checked out what I was going to have for fodder. I think belly pork sandwiches, tomatoes and maybe a few potatoes with the garden peas. Final determination to be made later.

Got the computer back on and updated this diary to here.

Email checks again.

Got the nosh served up, and it looked beautiful on the plate.

In reality, most of the food was a disaster, I have to report. Huh!

Rated this one a 4.4/10.

Health Checks and medications sorted.

The Boon, DVD watched for a while. Fell asleep doing do. Woke for the Wee-wee, and started nibbling.

Around 2300hrs, sprang awake and tried to recall the dream I’d been having, but danged if I could. Most annoying.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 17th August 2017: Tenants Social Hour Day

Thursday 17th August 2017

Filipino: Huwebes Agosto 17, 2017

Woke at 0300hrs: To the wet room for a rather hefty Porcelain Throne session. No bleeding anywhere, mind.

Collected the washing together to take down to the laundry room.

Went into the entrance lobby to make this photographicalisationalistical effort.

The rain looked set in for the day.

Back up in the lift, had a wee-wee and shelled the garden peas for later.

Time to go back down and move the stuff from the washer to the dryer.

Made a cuppa and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

The feet were still stinging from the all the walking I’ve been doing, so I took an extra pain-killer. Another wee-wee.

Got the computer going and started downloading photographs to use in the Wednesday Diary and updating it.

Down once more to collect the washing and clean up the filters sink and laundry room.

My plates (feet) and knees, were stinging and still so painful. Tsk!

To the flat and put the washing away. Had a wee-wee. As I went into the front room, I turned on the light, and nothing happened illumination-wise!

Yet another bulb had blown! Unbelievable! That must be eight bulbs in two years.

I changed the deceased bulb for one of those that Mary (Flat 38) had given me. Fetched the step ladder and wobbled up it to swap them. You can see how dimly feeble the new one is. I’m managing though, any close up work can be done in the kitchen. Hehe!

Hunger pangs began. Such a rarity for me. Then I realised yesterday with the Eat-Out-Nosh yesterday and me having only one meal a day, and this one was so early, I should have expected the pangs. (I think?)

So I put two of the Cheesy Potato Pockets in the oven, and when they were cooked, I woofed them down with a spot of Tomato Ketchup and flatbread. Crispy on the outside, soft and cheesy inside, I can recommend these.

Did the Emails, and WordPress reading.

Had a wee-wee. (Getting repetitive this, hehehe!)

Did the graphic to use for the top of this page. Then started today’s diary off.

Had a wee-wee and put the kettle on and rang Sister Jane. She rang back bless her cotton socks. I inquired if she knew if I was doing right, in putting the lids on foil side-up in the aluminium oven dishes I use to cook the black beans and intend to on the Chinese Curry and rice later today. It was not very successful, explaining over the phone what I meant. So I took a photograph of them and went to the computer with my mug of tea, intending to send the picture by Email to her, and… Whoopsiedangleplop! I dropped the cup! Whatta da Plonka!

Had to ring-off sharpishly. Reckon it took me six minutes to get it cleaned up. Four of those minutes were in trying to get back up off of the floor! Hehe!

Got carried away with updating the graphics on CorelDraw.

Rushed the ablutions, hence a few knicks here and there. Acquired myself a very artistically decorated face by the time I’d finished shaving. (Tsk!)

Got to the Tenants Social Hours as soon as I could. (Arrived half-an-hour late) Many residents had left when I got there. Tsk! BJ was still there with Bill (William on Sunday), and six of the lady tenants along with Obergruppenfurheress Jenny.

Handed out the nibbles, gave Obergruppenfurheress Jenny the raffle-prizes to use for next week. Had a chinwag or two, moving between people for a gossip; To keep the knees moving. Departed and returned to the flat, with two of my fellow tenant ladies.

I asked about the foil sided lid and which way up to use it. The consensus of opinion was the opposite of what Sister Jane thought – to use it foil-side down.Departed and returned to the flat.

Departed and returned to the apartment. Had a wee-wee.

I got some fresh garden peas and small potatoes in the saucepan, seasoned with beetroot and balsamic vinegar and Soy Sauce. I’d decided not to have the egg rice today. I’ll put the Chinese chicken curry sauce in the oven later, using the foil tray with the lid facing foil-side down.

The rain was easing off now, I think it will soon stop. The sun was trying to come out a bit later, as well.

On the computer and posted off yesterdays, and updated this one.

Rechecked the Emails, then went back to CorelDraw and continued the prep work on the TFZer series. Managed to get another one finished.

Had a wee-wee.Set about getting the meal ready

Set about getting the meal ready. Not a great success and I’ll be giving away the other Chinese Chicken Curry meal tomorrow.

The lemon yoghourt, tomatoes, garden peas and potatoes were all grand. The chicken curry was almost putrid! I will not be investing in any more of these!

The weariness dawned a lot earlier today.

Got me into the £300 second-hand recliner with the Boon DVD on, and fell asleep in no time.

Woke up for a visit to the Porcelain Throne and made a brew, then back in the chair.

Turned the set to TV mode and watched a documentary about the 1st World War for an hour and a half, without any nodding off.

Got up for a wee-wee.

Back down and started to watch more of Boon and drifted into a flitting sleep – a dream filled one. Obviously, viewing the documentary must have affected me, because they were all about war, fighting etc. I died in one of them, starved and frozen, in I assume to be Finland or Russia, as the snow was thick and it was well below freezing. Of the others, there seems to have so many, I was in Italy fighting in the Alps I reckon. What appeared to be the longest dream, I was in the trenches and had trench-foot. Lived through the war, got home minus a leg and the guilt of surviving was terrible. As were all of these mini-dreams.

Woke and had a wee-wee.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 16th August 2017: Social Meal Day

Titivated this humorous graphic. I might ask for Captions on this?

Wednesday 16th August 2017

Swahili: Jumatano Tarehe 16 Agosti 2017

Unfortunately, the night was disturbed on three occasions by calls to the Heavy Duty Porcelain Throne activities demands.

Woke and rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner around 0355hrs, and off for yet another Throne visit. Getting messy again, and today is the Tenants Reduced Price Meal Out day as well! Oh, dear. Still, mustn’t complain, the other ailments were treating me gently. Hehe!

Health Checks were done, and medications were taken.

Updated the diaries, then spent a long time creating some more TFZer graphics. Not sure what to call this series. I’ve tried to make each one about parachuting, sky diving, falling, jumping off of planes, etc. Not got half of them finished yet.

The computer on and started this one off, before finishing yesterday’s and getting it posted. WordPress, Emails checked. Facebook updated.

The Morrison man arrived with the fodder.

Got it all stored away. Once more the fridge and freezer are crammed full.

A wee-wee, and back on the graphicationalisationing.

Got the ablutions tended to, no cuts while shaving.

Readied things and as I was going out of the door, the telephone rang. It was one of the  Tenants reminding me not to forget to catch the 1130hrs bus to the meal. Bless her!

The purple fencing put up by the builders, was all being changed into yellowish fences?

Walked down to the bus stop and the motley mixed gaggle of Windwood Flat’s tenants queuing there.

The gossip was rife about the changing of the fences on site.

  • Some told me that the company doing the upgrade had been sacked and a new one was taking over.
  • One even said that the (NCT) Nottingham City Council, were unhappy with the colours representing the UKIP logo and had insisted in a change of tone.
  • George told me that the company had gone bankrupt.
  • Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana had told Lillie that it was just the company that had changed corporate colours.

We may never know. Hehe!

The bus arrived, and about seven of us oldies got on to go to Arnold and the Sprinters Restaurant. Many others were making their way in cars and taxis.

These new hearing aids are so good that I began to get a headache with hearing all the gossip going on in the bus. Hehe!

When we dropped off in Arnold, the others left me in their wake as they dashed to the Sprinters foodery. I caught up in the end. Haha!

Beef pie, gravy, peas and instant mash. Very nice. Although I did get a stonking headache then. I should have taken the hearing aids out, but I thought it would not be acceptable for others to see this happening at a meal table? The noise was horrendous, conversations limited to the person sat next to you. But most of the clan seemed to enjoy the meal, then rush off to get some alcohol to help it down. Bless em all!

I had to leave and get some quiet. The plan was to return later for a chinwag with the group. This did not happen.

I walked around a bit and popped into the Iceland store to see if they had any of the Cheesy Potato Pockets in stock.

They had, so I bought a packet. Very nice these are.

Checked the time, and it was close to the arrival of the L9 bus at 15 minutes past the hour. So I hastened as fast as the poor tortured feet would allow me to and was a few hundred yards away from the stop at 10 passed, and the flipping bus went by early… Tsk! This was not good and meant I had to either wait another hour for the next one or catch a bus going to Nottingham, drop off at Sherwood and either walk up the Winchester Hill or hobble the circuitous route through Woodthorpe Grange Park, back to the flats. Double Tsk!

There are several bus stops on Front Street, and I was unsure of which buses went where. None were there yet, so I had a wander into Asda and their clothing section.

Took this photograph to put on the TFZer site later on.

I mounted the first one to arrive with a City destination board, a number 87. It worked out well, I was soon in Sherwood, off the bus and walking over the hill down to the Park and up through it, back to the flat complex.

The limp home was most uncomfortable and painful on the old plates. I felt happy that Sue the foot lady will be calling on me next week.

But, it is my own fault for having that marathon hobble to town the other day. A fool I am!

I felt completely exhausted when I got in the flat, and still had a headache.

Did the Health Checks, medicationalisationing and took the drugs.

A visit to the Porcelain Throne produced a mammoth evacuation.

I was incapable of doing anything afterwards, so settled in the £300 second-hand recliner with the TV on and hoped, as I was feeling not too good, that sleep would come as usual. But no, oh no! Not even any nodding off for hours. I seemed to be content to watch the banal TV programmes with the odd visit for a wee-wee or Throne session breaking the boredom.

I do not know when I eventually nodded off, but woke up several times for a wee-wee before finally admitting defeat and getting up around 0300hrs.

A very unusual and uncomfortable day.