Inchcock Today – Sunday 19th November 2017:

Sunday 19th November 2017

Javanese: Minggu 19 November 2017

0120hrs: Woke and awaited while the brain regained its autexousiousness, when it received a message for my need of utilisationing the Porcelain Throne, it let me know. Hehe! Off to the wet room. Bit of a false alarm as it turned out. Splurting winds and nothing else.

Although an extremely long wee-wee had me grabbing for the crossword book.

Got a few clues answered, well one of them. Then to the kitchen to do the Health Checks, injecting, creaming and medications were taken.

Blimey, I was doing an awful lot of sneezing this morning.

It felt really nippy, as well, so I had a peep at the thermometer in the kitchen. 14°c 47°f, no wonder I felt chilly!

And the heater was pumping out and working?

But, the windows might have been loosened by all the work going on outside, there is definitely wind blowing in both the kitchen and front room frames. Brr!

0230hrs: I got wrapped up warmly and collated the washing bag, and down to the laundry room.

Got the machine going and returned to the apartment and got the computer on to update yesterday’s post on the WordPress site. Problems when I opened the send to Email button, the machine began Google Chrome while I was in Firefox? Closed it down, and was in a pickle as to why? Found that the right-click menu that had a ‘send to email’ on it, that had disappeared yesterday, had come back on again this morning? Naturally, I was suffering an imbroglio moment, once more, and must have misunderstood something or other, or got it wrong all both, knowing me.

I can feel draughts blowing around my neck and had to put the hoodie on the dressing gown up over my head, to protect myself from them.

Down to the ground floor. Plenty of activities being planned on the main board. Of which fodder-wise, I can’t partake in, sadly. Waiting as I am, in possibly vain hopes of getting the teeth done, the Hilda Hip and Lesion operations being expected for that I am on short notice lists in case of cancellations puts me out of the picture, I have to say.

Moved the togs into the dryer. Someone had been down to do their drying in the other machine. I checked the filter, in case it was a new tenant, but no bother, it was clear.

Up again to the flat, the draughty-cold-flat!

I got the Saturday post finished and posted off. I tried the send-it-to-email, and it worked okay this time. I get easily confused yer know, Hehe!

Time to go down to collect the laundry from the dryer.

Removed and folded the attire, got it into the bag, cleaned the filter, drum and casing. Swept up around where someone had spilt soap powder with the brush and dustpan provided and was soon on my way back up to chilly cold apartment!

As the lift door opened on my twelfth floor, two things hit me.

One, the lack of any welcoming signs of prettiness or warmth. The other was the cold wind belting into the cage!

0445hrs: I wasn’t sure if it was me or the actual temperature, but I thought it was even colder now than earlier.

I’d got indoors, put the clothing in the airing cupboard. Then got the dressing gown back on, warm slippers, woolly hat on, the heaters all on and was still sneezing, sniffling and so cold! I rechecked the thermometer again in the kitchen. It was 14°c-47°f earlier, now it showed 12°c-42°f? Everything I touched seemed so cold, door handles, keypad, cutlery, cupboard knobs… oh dear, I hope it’s not just me?

Started on today’s dairy.

Very uncomfortable in here like this.

No idea why, but I took a photo of the mug of tea, it came out red. I made another, seconds later and okay? Wonder what I did wrong?

I’d been drinking tea regularly, but it was getting so cold so quickly. Even when I tried the new narrow tall mug, it lost heat rapidly? I was throwing away far more than I was drinking? Tsk!

Still sniffling and sneezing too. Humph!

I checked on the web for the temperature in Nottingham now. Freezing I think. 0°c. Brrr! Yet looking outside, I can see no signs of frost, then again, I looked without opening the window, there is enough freezing wind coming in through the air-vents and cracks in the window frame as it is.

Carried on with updating this post to here. Then went to WordPress Reading, in between sneezes and shudders!

0800hrs: Facebooking next.

1010hrs: CorelDraw graphicationalisationing next.

1225hrs: Got it finished. Phew, a hard one this was. I just hope they like it, this Australian themed on of Jillie and Marie at their Deli Counter.

Tired now, I had to stop on the computerisationalising.

Got the dinner cooking, potatoes in the oven. Hope I don’t fall asleep. The plan is to cook them for an hour and then add the steak pie with them in the tray. Maybe best to give them an hour and a half I think, cause they are big ones? Ambivalent, equivocal, uncertain, unsure, doubtful, indecisive Mode Adopted again it seems! Tsk!

Did a bit of cleaning up in the kitchen while watching the meal, well, the potatoes in the oven.

Got them baked well and halved them and bashed up the flesh in a bowl adding a touch of sea salt, and butter to the mix. Loaded the husks and back in the oven to brown off.

For the first time ever with cheesy potatoes, I didn’t eat them all!

Two of them found their way into the bin.

Two reasons; I made them a little too hard, and the teeth were suffering, and my concerns about the weight increasing encouraged me to resist.

Did the Health Checks and medications and got down in the chair and perused the TV magazine to see what programmes were on offer.

None, as it turned out. Both yesterday and tonight there has been nothing on that I fancied watching. I dislike weekends as it is without the TV schedule is such crap! So I started to watch some Jonathan Creek DVD. Not much though, I soon nodded off.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 18th November 2017

Tuesday 14th November 2017

Catalan: Dimarts 14 de Novembre de 2017

2350hrs: Pandiculated gently, awaited for the grey-cells to activate, then rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner, without much difficulty, and went to make a mug of tea and take the medications. Immediately after consuming the tablets as mentioned above, medicines and capsules, a painful visit to the Porcelain Throne had to be made.

Offering an adumbration of this process, I had to think about. I did not want to sound crude, but I did want to explain the tortuousness of the proceedings and aftermath. I decided to tell it how it was; Painfull. A heavy firm torpedo shaped projectile, of haemorrhoid crushing proportions slowly and bloodily evacuated; after I had read a chapter and a half of the Lenigrad book in agony waiting for its appearance, after fifteen-minutes of Oohs, Arghs and Eeks, it was over. Then the process of cleansing things and I followed. I came out of the wet-room and took a Senna tablet. Nuff said, sorry.

0040hrs: Made a mug of tea and got the computer on and made a start on this diary. Then updated and finished yesterdays.

I took a few photographs out of the window, in search of a ‘Moody’ one.

0135hrs: No emails come in?

Made another mug of tea, and had an idea on how to improve the latest TFZer graphic I’m creating, so went on CorelDraw to try it out.

0310hrs: Got it finished at last. I think I have included 16 TFZer gals in this graphic of them at their ‘Getaway Ranch’. Posted it off with high hopes that they like it, to the site.

On to Facebooking. Then WordPress Reader. Then onto creating a graphic that I got carried away with, and am very disappointed with as well. I’ll use it for Mondays Diary top, so I shan’t publish it yet. Took me five hours to do as well.

Ablutions tended to and set off to catch the bus into town. A good nattering session with others as we waited.

I dropped off on Upper Parliament Street and went into the Wilko store to search for any screw-lid containers. I found just one that had fallen under the shelves and bought it. I needed eight of them to arrange things in the cupboard. Humph!

I walked out and into Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

No chocolate nougats or screw-top containers found anywhere in there either. I did obtain some Carbolic Soap though, in the Market.

Rang Sister Jane to let her know about it, she likes it too.

As I went down to the ground floor and along to try the sweet shop for any chocolate nougats, I actually thought I saw Sister Jane above, crossing the top of the elevators. I got the camera out, but she’s gone by the time I’d taken it. Then two security guards approached me, pointing out that I cannot make any photographs in there without permission of the owners? Then asked me; Exactly what I was taking a picture of. I explained, and they gave me a look that said “Poor old fart!” and I wandered off to the sweet shop. No chocolate nougats there either.

Out and tried at the Pound World shop; No chocolate nougats there either. Into the mini-Tesco on Upper Parliament Street: No chocolate nougats there either.

Down through the Slab Square, that was very busy today, the Christmas Fayre had started, and armed police were lurking. I suppose if someone was to drive a vehicle at the crowds is why they were there?

Visited the Poundland shop, again in search of some screw-lid containers and or chocolate nougats: No chocolate nougats or screw-lid containers there either!

Back into the Slab Square and over the road passing the rubbish bins and had to stop for a good while, until Hippy Hilda, who came on painfully sharply and suddenly without warning, eased off enough for me to carry on hobbling. Within a few minutes, the twinges and pains had dissipated altogether? Very strange that, but I wasn’t complaining of course.

Walked through the rides and food stalls, the smells were not very appealing to me anyway. The ice rink was not yet working.

At this point, I think I worked out why there were so many more rides leaving so much less manoeuvring and walking space free. Even the narrow parts had stalls in the middle of them this year; I think it might have been designed in such a way as to perhaps, deter or make harder, any attacks from extremist vehicles?

A bonus, being that the Council can collect more rent and back-handers, perhaps? Hehe!

I got through the crowds okay, and up Queen Street, bought a TV magazine and to the bus stop. Being a Saturday, there were only three buses every two hours, so I decided to catch a number 40 from the lower stop. Which was near the ‘Reds BBQ’ restaurant.

I’m not one for eating out at all as a rule. But this place, or rather the food on offer does tempt me somewhat. With the teeth in their current condition, this is not a possibility, though.

I took this photograph of the massive cafe with the signs showing, I’ll post this for my friends on the TFZer site later.

Caught the 40 and had to sit on a side-saddle seat again. The advantage of this for me was I had to hang on and get buffeted about and cling on for grim life, for fear of falling out or off of the seat. But it made sure I didn’t fall asleep! Hahaha!

I dropped off on Winchester Street Hill. Crossing the road here is a bit life-threatening on the steep double bend usually. But, road work traffic control lights were working. And they helped me plan my dash across the road. Well, I say dash’ more of a steady hobble, once I’d worked out the light’s pattern.

Over the road, I got safely and down onto Chestnut Way. When I got down to the where the parked cars yesterday had caused me problems getting by them, the police had out some cones out.

All the length of the road to the end and the flats, not a soul was seen.

Eerie that was.

As I got to the foyer door, Joyce opened it for me, bless her. We had a little natter, and I gave her some nibbles.

Her lift arrived, we said our farewells, and I was off up to the apartment.

Food occupied my mind. I decided to try out an idea given me by my Cyber-mate Tim, in America. I opened a tin of Anchovie fillets for the first time.

Put the battered fish fingers in the oven to cook.

Got a slice of the Scottish bread, anchovies, stilton cheese and tomatoes placed on this slice. Poured a drop of fish sauce on it, and a drop of balsamic vinaigrette on each tomato slice. Added some smoked mackerel, surimi sticks added the cooked fingers and cut up a soft apple. By Jiminee, it went down well! Thanks, Tim.

Checked the TV listings, nothing on I fancied watching. 200+ channels, and nowt to watch? Hehe! I put a Jonathan Creek DVD on. I did not get through the first episode before I’d nodded off.

Inchcock Today – Friday 17th November 2017: Nottingham City Centre Christmas Fayre preparations Photographicalisations!

Friday 17th November 2017

Swedish: Fredag 17 November 2017

0200hrs: Awoke partially confused. When the expergefaction was complete, I began to assess how things were. As I disentangled my inertia ridden mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, it became apparent that things were a lot better than of the last two days healthwise. The back pain was a lot less, Theodor Thighs slightly better, Anne Gyna really was calm, Arthur Itis not too bad at all, Craig Cramp no bother, Reflux Roger okay, Hernia Harry negative pain and only Duodenal Donald and the Incisors were giving me any hassle. Was today going to be a better day? I almost felt confident that it would be, and that any nocive Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas at a minimum for me! No logic to this feeling, mind!

Out of the recliner, and hobbled to the wet room for a Porcelain Throne session. Things had changed in this department. A rock solid and painful movement. I read a chapter and a bit of the ‘Lenigrad’ book as I sat there in agony. Hehe! Of course, this solidity had opened up Harold’s Haemorrhoids. The blood was a far lighter colour than usual. I’ve no idea what this indicates, though? Cleaned up and medicated.

Off to the kitchen and got the Health Checks done and medications were taken.

Made a large mug of tea, and got the computer on.

Finished off and posted yesterday’s diary and made a start on today’s.

Back in the kitchen to make a mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold.

I hung out of the window to get this shot of part of the workers nearest compound down below.

The hoist can be seen plainly across the bottom.

Had to zoom in to get this, but was pleasantly surprised at how well it came out afterwards.

Then I zoomed again straight out of the window to try and get a ‘Moody’ one of the streets. The blue lights at the top off of centre, are on Mansfield Road.

Moved on to WordPress Reader, next.

Checked the Emails.

Facebooking next. Then TFZing. Then CorelDrawingsetting up (Or to be more precise, making a bigger mess of) Tsk! Then made some graphics to use later on CorelDraw and saved them to Corelpaint for use later in the next TFZer effort.

Ablutions to attend to next. As I stripped off, a workman came silently up into view through the window. He kindly laughed, then whistled looking nonchalantly up in the air as the cage went up beyond my floor!

During which I knocked the soap and dish off onto the floor, and retrieved them. After the cleansing and medicationalisationing, I started to get things ready for my departure. But could I find my wrist alarm? No! I got down with the torch and grabber-stick right behind the WC and into the corner. No luck.

Into the spare room searching through the laundry bag in case I had left it on when I took off the jumper and dragged it with it into the bag. Not there!

Front room and checked all around and under the recliner. No! Cabinets, desk, ottomans, drawers, cupboards, corner unit and bookshelf. No!

To the kitchen. No!

Back in the wet-room. No!

Kitchen again, checked the waste bin, back into the front room to check that one. No!

Concernment, disquiet and nervosity taking control of my grey-cells now! The thought of embarrassment of having to report the loss to the Obergruppenfurhress Wardens and the cost of the replacement put me on a downer and started Duodenal Donald off.

Back into the spare room. There I found it, Halleluja!, laying on a rung of the step ladders. Why? How? When? Sad innit?

Good job I’d got the ablutions done earlier than usual, or I would have missed the bus!

Being as there was no rush, I double checked taps, lights, plugs etc. Taking this photo from the kitchen window. What a cracker, although I say it myself!

The mist in the distance, the ice and frost, melted now where the sun had got through between the blocks of flats. And my beloved Copse of course.

I must remember to ask Jenny who to send it to at Nottingham City Homes. I thought it would be a good one for them to use perhaps? In search of self-encomium of course. Hehe!

Then, I made my way down and out along to the bus stop. Lots of folks there, and the lady from the top home. She told me she had got her weight up and was going on the free holiday to the Mediterranean after all. I was so happy for her.

I got on the bus, and the chap who is a little minacious sat next to me.

But all was well, apart from I could not hear all he was telling me. But he was in a good mood, bless him.

I took this picture through the bus window en route. Rather ‘Moody’ I thought?

Arrived in town and walked along Upper Parliament Street and up Standard Hill. With surprisingly little bother from Ann Gyna. But, Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda were not so happy with me. The lady at the reception must have been new, because she didn’t sneer at me at all, and handed me the batteries without any hassle, and signed my record book for me. Bless her cotton socks. Hehe!

Popped into the Pound World shop to see if they had got any of the nougat or screw-lid storage tubs in again. They hadn’t, but me being me, I came out with a bottle of MAple Flavour Syrup, Chocolate covered Peanut and Hazelnuts, Fruit & Nut Nougat Honey flavoured yoghourts and packet caramelised biscuits.

I hobbled down into the Slab Square and Council House. Where some of the stall and rides were up and selling, others had not yet got their booths finished? It looked like the Ice Rink was almost ready to use.

I hobbled around and back towards Queen Street to go up to the bus stop, and these two imitation Police Officers (CPOs) passed me on my left as I was taking the photo.

They got ahead a bit, stopped and turned back in a slightly minacious manner towards me. At first, I thought I’d done something wrong. But, they walked by me. Phew! Big gals, too. Oh, I am a milquetoast bloke!

Caught the bus back to the flats and the same bloke who I arrived with on the bus, accompanied me back again. Nice gossip.

We walked from the bus back to the flats, and he got out of the lift on the eight floor. Said our farewells.

Into my apartment on the twelfth storey. Had a wee-wee and got the bits stored away.

Got on with updating this diary, and put a potato in the oven to bake while I did.

Carried on updating until the potato was ready for mixing with some cheese.

Cut it half and blended the cheese in and replaced the mix in the husks and returned them in the oven to brown off. The plate looked decent enough.

The only snag was gnawing at the very tasty chicken legs. I more or less sucked the meat off of the bone and there was a lot of it could not get to without too much pain from the teggies. Even the tomatoes were hard, but the cheesy potatoes were grand!

Washed the pots and settled to watch the TV, knowing full-well it would be a fruitless exercise.

I didn’t get through much of the ‘Pie in the sky’ episode before I’d drifted off.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 16th November 2017: Winwood Tenants Social Hour – Whoopsiedangleplops, Theodore Thighs, Colin Cramps amd lots of noise

Thursday 16th November 2017

Frisian: Tongersdei 16 Novimber 2017

0145hrs: Stirred, Theodore Thighs (Just Christened), Barbara Backache and Hips Hilda, all kindly giving me endeavouring to offer me pain. Bless ’em! As I massaged the thighs, I found they had gone all thin and hard compared to their usual condition? So, I assumed this may help keep the weight down; so I dislodged my body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner and made my way to the scales… Huh! I was the heaviest I’d ever weighed! Dang! Doesn’t weigh up, to me. Hehe!

I got the raffle prizes and nibbles for the tenants meeting into the bag while I was in there with the scary-scales.

Took the morning medications. No signs of any Porcelain Throne demands from Trotsky Terence yet, so no ADRC capsule this morning.

Onto the computer to find that I still had the old Firefox on the system, as well as the new one. So used that one and found it to be quicker than the new one, and I could locate things, and I am more comfortable with this one. Got on with starting this diary up to here, then updated, finished and posted the Wednesday version off.

Started this dairy going up to here. Did some WordPress reading.

Decided to get the stand-up ablutions done early, as the Morrison order is coming twixt 0700 > 0800hrs. And the noise will start soon again from the worker lads. Mind you, the sounds from whatever it is that’s been clanging about outside all night, is another mystery. That’ll cheer the gang up and give them summat else to moan about, what with the lift and all that. Or lack of available elevators at the Social Hour! Hehehe!

Back in a bit.

A proper cleansing and medicationalisicalisationalistical session carried out. Haha! Gave the thighs, knees and hands, a really good buffing with the Phorpain Gel. Which I think helped me out of my acedia ridden state.

0630hrs: Took this photograph from the window.

Seems like a gathering of blue lights on Mansfield Road?

Made a mug of the extra-strong tea, and got on with updating this blog.

Finished the TFZer graphic. A new film from Sandy.

The Morrison’s delivery man arrived and a jolly good chap too.

I put away the many items.

I’d managed to get some of the Scottish Bread at last. But was disappointed at it only having one days life left on it! Naughty Morrisons!

Stocked up on the tea bags while they were on offer price.

I made sure I had everything needed in the bag (I hope) and got myself readied for the Social Hour Meeting. Put the bread in the bag for the Obergruppenfurheresses and Jenny.

Sorted out the black bags and dropped them down the rubbish chute on the way.

Set off down in the lift for the Social Hour Meeting.

I took this picture of the foyer area as I hobbled through and out.

Walked down with three of the tenant gals.

The builder-men were on the other side of the block as well, this morning. I took this photograph and got a visit from Dizzy Dennis as I looked up to photograph it. Tsk!

The Social went well, plenty of folks in attendance.

BJ arrived almost on time, he’s getting better. Haha!

They enjoyed the nibbles, especially the jam tarts. Left the Sourdough bread and insisted that Jenny has one, as I think she deserves a bit of appreciation for all she does for us.

The thighs and knees were terrible again today. If things stay like this, I shall make an appointment with the doctor methinks on Monday when I have the DVT INR Warfarin blood level checks next.

I made my way to the bus stop, a bit of a crowd there. Managed a laugh or two before the L9 arrived. Dropped off at Mapperley Top and limped down to the Aldi Store. Where I believe some real bargains were attained.

I got some vine tomatoes – a bottle of thick bleach for 45p (50p at Morrisons if you buy two) – Two Jam and Cream Doughnuts for 85p (99p at Tesco) – Best chopped tomatoes for 34p (50p at Morrisons) – Garden Peas 21p (39p at Morrisons). And amazingly, tins of Anchovy Fillets for the excellent value price of 59p Lidl 99p! And furthermore and notwithstanding this Aldi one had 57% fish, the Lidl one had only 40% fish! Both were the same contents and weight?

So, that’s four cans of Anchovies I have now, and still, don’t know how or what to eat them with. Haha, wot a plonka!

Also the added bonus of being served and not having to fiddle about with any self-service tills!

I also got a large jar of tomato pasta sauce for 65p, Brown Sandwich Thins for only 59p. One and a bit up to Aldi this time – and a thumbs down for Lidl!

The lady on the till did not sneer at me either, like the lady in Lidl who patrols the horrible Lidl-imposed self-serve till area use, by not having anyone on a proper till.

The only downturn when I departed, was the weight of the bag. Haha!

I wandered along Woodborough Road and turned right down the Winchester Street Hill.

Not many people or cars about, I noticed.

Had to take extra care as I plodded down the incline though. I was coping with the thighs, feet and knee problems bu going very slowly.

Down and around the bend and turned right into Chestnut Way.

Where some people had, possibly with no options, parked right on the kerb come pavement. My choices were to go into the road to pass, or through the close gap and over the leaves. I opted for the tight-gap route.

I now have a small tear in my trouser legs where I caught the thorns on the bushes and a cut on the right side of the knee-cap! Humph!

I faltered wearily along to the flats and was pleased to see that the lifts were available. I’m not sure if I could have walked up those concrete stair again, given how the knees and thighs were. Also, Hippy Hilda was just beginning to get a little bothersome too. The shopping bags seemed so heavy. My own fault.

Got in the apartment and had a wee-wee. Washed and applied some more of the Pkorpain Gel. I don’t think it’s cutting it with this these ailments. So I took another extra Codeine with the medications and did the Health Checks.

Got the fodder put away. The workmen on the hoists, all disappeared as the rain fell. But the endless grinding and drilling noised coming from flats inside was still perpetual.

I knew it was getting on, but I wanted to get the other TFZer graphic started while the idea for it was in the grey-cell box.

I stupidly thought I could change the toolbars with the options and customisation choices, around so I could get the most used ones on display always. Two hours after first attempting this task, I gave up and made do with the mess I’d made of it.

Although, I now have toolbars aplenty with icons duplicated or lost altogether. Still, it might not look very organised (that’s because it is not very coordinated, Hehe!) but, I  think I can manage with it like this. Until I find something, I’ve made a Boo-boo of later. I am thick!

At least I had got rid of it showing off every item I open or import on a toolbar, the ‘Standard Tool Bar it was. I could not get rid of those high length titled graphics, so I took this taskbar off and imported the other individual items I need into other bars. A messy look to it I know.

The outside hoist appeared at the window, and I thought the workers had returned, but it was one of the bosses taking photographs of the work that had been done. I caught his eye: it wasn’t hard he was only about 8ft away from me, I gave him a smile and friendly wave – all I got in reply was an expertly curled lip, and I was ignored. Hehe!

Plans were formulated for the nosh later. A tin of the Aldi tomatoes was put in the saucepan, and some balsamic vinegar added. Then I put some of the contents of the jar of tomato and chunky vegetable pasta sauce I got today, in with the mix and stirred away to let it marinate until I get it cooking. The last of the smoked bacon will go in the oven later. And I have that Scottish Bread to soak it up with and make soft bacon butties with it? I hope this bread tastes like the one used to get years ago. Too salty by far, but so tasty!

That reminds me, being as Morrison’s have only given me one-days shelf life on the loaf, I’ll just have to eat more of it so as not to waste it? What do you think? Haha!

I got updating this diary, then went on Facebook.

The sky looked so beautiful as I got the meal sorted and served up in cracked and aged bowl.

The bacon had come out as I had hoped, cooked through but soft enough for the poorly teeth to gnaw on.

The Scottish bread was delicious! Precisely as I remembered it used to taste.

A large mug of Clementine Juice and the naughty-but-nice cream doughnut to follow, I enjoyed this one.

As I put the pots in the bowl to soak, I took another picture of the sky and surrounding area. On the left is one of the scaffold erections that supports the hoist that the workers use.

I settled in the £300 second-hand recliner. Put the TV on, without checking what was on, for I was sure I would not be awake for long enough to watch much.

I was right. I watched about ten minutes of a ‘Frost’ episode on channel 24 and drifted off.

I woke in confusion, the TV still on and Colin Cramps having taken hold of the left hand and was toying with it painfully. Fingers all over the place, doing almost a dance movement and freezing for a few seconds, freezing, then off again. I emitted a few naughty words several times as it had a grip on me for a few minutes.

I had the camera on the side ottoman, and struggled with the right had to take this photographicalisation in the dark. Then apply the Phorpain Gel on the fingers and hand.

When things calmed down and eased off, I thought as I ejected my well-proportioned but flaccid body from the recliner to go for a wee-wee, ‘Blimus!’ Theodore Thighs is not hurting so much now when I move. A smugness and satisfactory mode overcame me.

Did my water-removal exercise and washing hand afterwards, I saw dried blood on some two the fingertips of the left side? I checked out Little Inchy, the cut knee and the rear end, but found no signs of bleeding? Then as I looked in the mirror, it became clear, the incisor teeth had been the culprits. Tsk!

All well again, no stubbing of the toes either on the way back to the chair. And, Arthur Itis seemed calm.

Just about to nod-off and the ‘Worry-Bug’ got me – Did I turn off the taps in the wetroom? I had to dismount the seat and go back to check. The faucets were not left on, but I had, left the light on.

Settled yet again, and I reckon I was off into dreamland within seconds.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 15th November 2017: Had to install new Firefox – Had to reset all of the defaults on CorelDraw – due to cock-ups from that Nottingham Pensioner Twit!

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Ukranian: Середа, 15 листопада 2017

0100hrs: Gave up trying to sleep anymore. A good job I’m an algophilist (Not really), cause the nocive condition of various parts of this obese-body I have to lumber around with me was giving me grief last night, and this morning.

The thighs (No idea what’s causing this) seemed tight muscled and stiffened in seconds of no activity. The regular attendees Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis, are a bit frisky too. Still, on the plus side, no Dizzy Dennis’s or Hernia Harold bother.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, the toes hurt the moment I stood up. Only to be expected with the toe-stubbing I gave them last night.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Harold’s Haemorrhoids were not bleeding anywhere near as bad as Tuesday, and the back pain has eased off well. Made a cuppa, took the medications, with another ADRC capsule, for things were still a bit messy. Haha!

Much rubbing in of the pain gel took place.

Did the health checks:

0200hrs: Sorted the photos from yesterday and started to update Tuesday’s post. During which, I needed to work on a graphic to use.  Opened CorelDraw and found that for some reason or other, all the fills I did were coming out as 50% transparent? I had to take off transparency manually each time. I got onto the Corel Help page on the web. After following as best, I could, all the instructions this did not solve the issue. But I did come across advice on how to revert to Default settings for Transparencies. Close-down and open up again holding F8 down. So I tried it. Oh, ‘eck!

It put everything back to Default settings! I had to start from scratch going through setting it all up as I wanted it. I’ve still not got everything done, and it is annoying cause the things I’ve set again in preferences are in different places, and of course, there are many that I have not used yet and will find I’ve got to do many more changes I’m sure.

Got this job done at: wait for it… 0755hrs. Yes, nearly eight hours lost. I bet things like this happen to everyone. But I haven’t heard of anyone doing it. Hehehe! Wot a Plonka!

Got on with updating of the diaries again, and the lads outside started their hoist going, with the accompanying clattering and noise from the blow-torches or whatever they call them.

Minutes later the massive clump and rattle were heard as the hoist come platform stopped right outside of the window.

The noise was awful as they had all that metal to cut off and holes to fill-in.

At the same time, the drilling started from the flat to my right, and the one above as the engineers were fitting, I assume, the radiators in those apartments.

All necessary work mind, if we are to get modernised. A cacophony of essentiality! I like that I might use it somewhere later. Hehehe!

Got yesterday’s diary done and posted, and went on Facebooking.

Blimey, it’s 1030hrs already, Danged CorelDraw Whoopsiedangleplop!

Did some more WordPress reading.

I checked the Emails.

1100hrs: Made another small mug of extra-strong tea and was about to start on some graphicalisationing.

Guess what happened?

I got a message telling me about the latest Firefox. How it was 3-times faster than Chrome and had added features.

Like a fool, I downloaded it and then installed it.

It is slower than the one I was using, and of course, finding things will take extra time now they moved and altered stuff about.

The constant grinding from outside, and drilling an banging inside has produced a mother of a headache for me. It must be worse for some of the younger tenants and those who cannot take their hearing-aids out.

The place is vibrating now. Hehe!

Ah, the lads have broken for their lunch – I hope they have a long one.

Back to the CorelDraw Graphics, with hopes that I can find my way around it alright.

Gawd blimey, the thighs and knees are terrible when I get to stand up and walk. A bit fretfull about this, or rather, what is causing it.

1305hrs: Clang, bang, drill, shake, shudder… the lads are back off of there lunch hour. Tsk! Bless em!

Made another cuppa and took a pain-killer.

Letters arrived through the post box. Exciting selection; This one on the left for Tree Services and Maintenance. A good idea that was, delivering up here – I’m sure they’ll get a lot of trade from us. Haha! The other one was from the Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic with the INR Warfarin blood test results.

I got one Diary top photo done and then went onto creating one for the TFZer site.

Looking a bit glum now, and it isn’t late either.

I hope that the workers outside are going to pack up soon, as it is definitely getting too dark to work safely, methinks.

Good ‘heavens, the workmen are busy right above me now. Thudding, drilling, banging, clunking, drilling. Ah-well!

1625hrs: Got the TFZer graphic completed. It took longer than expected due to the new set-up confusing me. Hehe!

Got the oven on to cook the bacon in later. Bacon, seasoned tomatoes and home baked (Well heated up part-cooked ones, Hehe!) cobs (I hope if I get them right).

Did the Health Checks, pain-gelling and took the Medications.

Posted the picture off to the TFZer site and closed down and got the nosh served up.

Canned tomatoes seasoned with balsamic vinegar and basil. Smoked bacon was done in the oven, and I made sure it was not too crisp.

I had to be cunning with the part-cooked cobs though, to get them a little less hard. I warmed them through and sprinkled some olive oil on them and returned them to the oven for a couple of minutes. It didn’t work, but at least I tried. Hehehe!

The noises from outside, the clanging of metal on metal started after the workmen had ceased working.

Then, after washing up the pots and settling in the chair, the damned phone started ringing. I was sure it would be that Pizza guy again, so put the headphones on loud listening to the TV, and watched the ringing-light on the phone. He rang at least eight times. Tsk!

I think, after the hectic day of Whoopsiedangleplops, noise and stress, I must have been exhausted, for I nodded off within minutes.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 14th November 2017: Accifauxpas and Whoopsiedangleplops flowed today… poor old chap!

Tuesday 14th November 2017

Latin: November 14th Martis MMXVII

0150hrs: Woke with a new ailment, backache. Humph! I gave this one the name of Backache Bill (Not very imaginative I know, but something else might come to mind later – suggestions welcome, folks). It feels to me like it might be lung related, cause when I pass wind the lower centre of the back really hurts. I expect it is due to a cold inside if that’s the right word.

Had to extricate my lumbering mass from the £300 second-hand recliner and make my way to the Porcelain Throne. A very messy session that required some cleaning up afterwards again.

Washed and into the kitchen to take the medications and do the Health Checks. Took both an extra ADRC capsule and Codeine.

The HC readings had changed a lot since yesterdays AM check?

I got the computer on and went into the Emails to see if the surgery had sent the results and new INR level reading to me. I foolishly thought that after going in and explaining the problems I’m having with not getting these in time, and often not getting them at all to the receptionist, that they would be there. She did promise to sort this out for me – But no! Nowt found in the inbox.

This situation and let-down certainly put me in a state of dysphoria. Saturnine in the extreme. If the medical professionals are not interested, it’s worrying.

So I will have to pull the tooth myself? Or see if I can get some Nepenthe from somewhere? Oh, no, that was a fictional medicine for sorrow, literally an anti-depressant – a “drug of forgetfulness in Homer’s Odyssey. Shame I can’t get some. Hehehe!

Checked all the Emails. Settled and did some WordPress reading.

Went on to Facebooking. Computer froze so gave up and restarted again. Huh!

CorelDraw next.

Took a few hours, but I got this TFZer Group graphicalisation finished.

As a sort of Welcome to new member  K.

To hopefully make him feel at home, I included a Hooch-Still for him and the gals in his yard, and with plenty of the gorgeous TFZer ladies lurking with him. Got it posted off. (I think I did, I must check later).

Ablutions enjoyed, and as I was getting the togs on, I heard the whining and grating of the platform outside going down. The workmen had started. I rushed to get the camera in the hopes of catching their faces but was too late. Got the kitchen one then hobbled into the front room and grabbed these as it disappeared.

They had started cutting off the metal railings on the balconies.

Odd, taking this photograph and seeing the bannisters gone.

Got the bin bags sorted and took all three with me, dropping them down the waste chute as I set off. I’d remembered to take the bag of Iceland veg chips with me, intending to put it in the freezer at the Obergruppenfurheresses temporary shed.

As I left the building, I looked up and noticed that the platform was back on my 12th floor again.

Very smart, how they work out how to use the scaffolding to enable them to get up and down to do their tasks. One job, I don’t think would appeal to me much. Hehe!

Down to the bus stop and a right gang of pensioners, there was accumulated, nattering, moaning, laughing and picking fault. The main moans this morning I heard, were about the noise when the builders do the torchwork in getting rid of the bars, and an overnight clanging racket lots of folks are putting up with 24/7 since their job has been done?

Got the bus and dropped off the bus in town.

A sad view on Upper Parliament Street of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist passing the long-abandoned retail unit.

It was a bit of a shock to have this chap overtake me as I plodded along on my way to the Pound World, to see if they had any chocolate nougat in.

It was a bit of a shock to have this chap overtake me as I plodded along.

I guess the bad back, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna are winning the battle with me for controlling my rate-of-knots? Hehe!

When I got to the Poundland store, a street-sleeper was packing his things up, and I was surprised to see that he was putting three mobile phones into one of his bags?

It makes me wonder if giving them money is a good idea? Although handing cash to the Big Issue Sellers is something I still do, rightly or wrongly.

I made my way to the Audio place in search of some wax-filters and took the route through the shopping arcade underneath the Council House. These retail units have access and ingress doors inside this hallway and outside on the roads, cleverly designed. But, as you can see, they are not very popular. Several shops were empty. The smallest one, I looked up on the web in the morning when I was updating this post:

Cor blimey and flippin’ ‘eck! Rent £100.000! Then they will have staff costs, heating and power, Poll-tax, Equipment, technology, business rates, tax, utilities, VAT, National Insurance, property insurance… on and on the costs must be horrific! Poor sods, no wonder, so many had closed-down and given up.

I walked through to the other end of Exchange Arcade and out onto South Parade and along down passing the Slab Square.

The feet were beginning to give me some grief now.

The entertainment and foreign food stalls were making progress in being constructed. I approached a little closer to take some photographs close-up, and this Herbert of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist decided as there the pavement was full of bothersome pedestrians, he’d ride along the tram tracks in the wrong direction! Tsk!

I walked straight passed the Audio place and called in the other Poundland Store. I never did remember about the filters until I was on the bus going home – Whatta Plonka!

This shop didn’t have any of the chocolate nougats in either. But I did spend a bit of dosh here. Four tins of Nougat with nuts and fruit (Raffle Prizes for the Tenants Hour), Chocolate Coins (To hand out and get a laugh with), tinned mushy peas, Typhoo Extra Strong Tea Bags (£2) x2, Chocolate Almonds, tinned Steak & Kidney, soups and bottle of sauce. By golly, the bag was heavy! Hehe!

I departed, again oblivious of any thoughts of why I had gone into town to get the hearing aid filters and made my way to the bus stop on Queen Street.

I had to stop for a break at the bottom of the road. Between the bag handle halting the blood flow, and Arthur Itis. I was not in excellent condition. A couple of minutes and I was recharged and carried on up the hill.

The Nottingham Street Art, as I limped up towards the L9 stop, apparently had not been cleaned for a while, Tsk!

The sign on the shelter advertising Smokey Bacon Quesadilla (I must look this word up) for sale at Taco-Bell was actually appealed to me.

I’d put my bag down as you can see in the photograph, while I took this picture. When I made it, for a split second ‘Panic Stations!’ I bent to pick up the bag, and of course, it wasn’t there, I thought I’d lost it! Getting old is no picnic. Hahaha!

The bus arrived, and I got on, sat down and pondered on how I really felt. No doubt the feet needed the foot lady’s visit, the legs and knees not so kind, Anne Gyna bothersome when I hobbled uphill, the tooth is getting more and more hassling and frustrating too. At least Dizzy Dennis had given me a miss today, and that is a positive to me. Overall, things were not too bad really, and I cheered a little as the bus moved off.

We picked up at least six other tenants at various bus stops on the way, not one of them responded to my greetings as they passed my seat? Odd that I thought had I done something wrong? I fell asleep somewhere along the route and was woken up at the flats bus stop, by a stranger sat behind me. I thanked her and fumbled my way off the bus.

I was the last to alight, behind all the other tenants who had already got off without seeing or waking me up and had walked off up Chestnut Way.

Then I got moaned at by the tenants for keeping them waiting to get on the bus! Hehehe!

When I got into the flats, and to the lift lobby, I found a multitude of unmerry tenants, grumbling like the experts they are, desperately waiting for a lift to arrive.

Apparently, the workmen were again taking up and bringing down the radiators they were fitting. I assumed!

I could sense the wet and warm sensation from the read end, supplied no doubt by Haemorrhoid Harold, so I knew I was bleeding. This decided me not to wait. Because even if a lift did come, it would take several trips to transport those already waiting to their floors, and the workmen would still be moving stuff up and down. Before my turn would arrive, I might have been in trouble with the bleeding?

I decided to walk up the stairs for 12 storeys, although I knew this would be hard work and painful, the rear-end needed attention urgently.

Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis joined forces in a protest at my doing this. (Hehe!) Many stops made for recovery sessions en route. On the 11th floor, I could see through the door to the floor’s lobby, many heaters stuck half-way into the lift.

The relief at getting in and onto the Porcelain Throne was significant and welcome. Although assuaged by the amount blood lost through Haemorrhoid Harold. The limbs (Thighs, knees and back mainly) were painful, more than for a long time, then again having just climbed up all those stairs, I expected this.

A long, tiresome and embarrassing cleaning up and medicating session followed.

Extra Had to change clothes, so I got into the nightwear then. Freshened the room and me up, and out of the wet room and reached the front door closed and locked it. In my rush to get to stem the flow of blood, I’d left it open. I’ve never lost so much in one go before and at first, this alarmed me a little. After I’d recognised that obviously, the reason for this was the foolish but essential at the time endeavour, to climb up so many steps that had caused it, I settled more easily.

Feeling well shattered, but knowing it could have been worse, I turned my limited-attentions to the fodder.

Eventually got it all served up, it looked edible enough to me.

So I got the tray out of the oven and into the washing-up bowl in the sink to soak while I masticated this appealing looking plate of food.

At this stage, I feel I must hand out a warning to you all.

“Here it is…”

When removing hot potato farls covered in sharp cheddar cheese from the oven, it is advisable not to stick your finger in the melted cheese.

Just thought I’d mention it, like. Tsk!

The cheese and farls gave the teeth some bother, but it was all tasty!

Got settled after doing the pots without any further Whoopsedangleplops. And was glad when I nodded off quickly… Only to get awoken by the same idiot of a Pizza delivery bloke, again telling me he was outside with me Pizza? I said to him yet again that I am not the person who ordered a Pizza, and am getting pissed off with repeatedly being woken up! Can you please delete this number from your mobile, because its the wrong #*>?ing one!

Ten minutes later the phone chirped into life again. I ignored it.

Five minutes later it rang once more! I ignored it.

Five minutes after that it chirruped de novo.

This time, I’d got my paddy-up. I fought valiantly and painfully to get my blubber-ridden body out of the £300 second-hand recliner to answer the call… stubbed my toe on the Ottoman en route and he’d rang off as I lifted the handpiece! This activity had caused Harold’s Haemorrhoids to bleed, thus joining in with Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna and the stubbed toe in making it a damned miserable night, cause I could not get back to sleep after cleaning and medicating. And the thighs and feet were now hurting when I was just laying doing nothing… well, apart from irritating Duodenal Donald with my inner frustrations getting him giving me more stick than he has for months!

And also, as well as that, my EQ was telling me of something else was coming my way that would be so annoying.

Oh dear…

Inchcock Today – Monday 13th November 2017: Hectic day!

Monday 13th November 2017

Basque: Astelehena, Azaroaren 13a 2017

0035hrs: Almost reluctantly, my body then brain stirred into life. The grey-cells full of ambiguousness, pondering on so many things at the same time. Ambivalent conclusions, fears and worries floated around at will. Not my intention, of course. Depression, Dizzy Dennis, this world full of hate, violence, INR Blood Test to remember, putting on weight, memory lapses, the starving children, toothache… on and on the thoughts mingled together for a while. I seemed to be listening to a radio programme rather than myself. But this doesn’t make any sense?

For once, I welcomed the call to the Porcelain Throne. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner without too much effort and no toe-stubbing on the way to the wet room. Trotsky Terence was back. Splurt, splatter followed by cleaning things up. A messy session! There was no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold. Anne Gyna was in a good mood too.

Took the medications with an ADRC capsule.

Made a mug of the Twinings Extra Strong English Breakfast tea. A tasty blend of African and Indian tea this, I like it a lot. Expensive though.

Did the health checks for the day.

On the computer and updated the week’s readings in Excel. I must remember to take a print of it with me to the surgery later when I go for the INR Wafarinblood test with the nurse. Hopefully, Nurse Nichole this week.

Had a wee-wee, then I got the nibbles readied in the bag to take with me to the doctors.

0250hrs: Got the Sunday post finished and started this one off.

Did a graphic for page tops later, and thought I’d better get the laundry done while I have the time.

0320hrs: Down to get the washing going.

Very cold down there in the lift, foyer and laundry room. Brr!

I spotted two extra notes on the board as I passed on my way back up after getting the washer going.

The first one about bad apples confused me somewhat.

The second about noisy tenants was obvious enough now, and someone had written a further message on it.

Apparently, someone has been using the flat washing machines late at night. The git guilty of hammering Sunday morning is probably the bloke above my flat.

Back up and made a cuppa and updated this tosh. I’ll try to remember to take a look at the notice behind the handwritten one (Top one), to see if I can glean some understanding of it when I go down again.

Had a wee-wee. Pleased to report the overactive mind was getting back to its usual blank filled state. Haha!

I’ll try to get a photograph of the flats outside the foyer door too. Hope it comes out a ‘moody’ one. But it is quite clear weather out there.

0337hrs: Back to the ground floor to move the things into the dryer.

Cleaned the washing machine. But, oh dear! Some naughty pensioner had not cleaned the filter on the drying box!

Got the clothes going and went outside to take the photographs of the frontage of the flats. ‘Moody’ ones attained today, I think.

Bit of an obstacle course again, but at least a changed layout for us. Hehe!

It looked like they had got it all ready for the removal come renovation of the balconies. They have warned us of the noise and dust to expect.

I think they will start this week with the actual work on them.

A bit nippy out there, I’ll make sure I wrap up well when I go out. A warm hat, gloves, thick jumper etc.

I nipped back in to peruse the Notice Board. I now understand the meaning of the Letters, Letters “Why?” handwritten notice. I think?

This is why, when they had a vote on stopping the coin machines and making an overall charge, I voted not to change. This and the fact that anyone here on Tax Credits or under 65 and unemployed get the service free. Jealousy? Hehe!

I also spotted that some mobile phones were being offered for sale. Not that it interested me in any way. Caught up with sorting the pictures and updated this.

0440hrs: Off to collect the laundry.

As I cleaned the other machines, I found a pair of ladies long-johns and an odd sock in one of the drums. Bless them. I folded the knickers and put them with the hose on the draining board. Hope she will realise.

Back up in the lift and got the clobber stored in the airing cupboard. Made a Yorkshire Tea brew and updated this diary.

WordPress comment responses and then to the Reader section.

Facebooking next. Fingers crossed it does not freeze on me again.  It did.

Some time spent on the TFZer site, then had to get the ablutions sorted so I would not be late for the blood test. The appointment, being for 0930hrs meant I would not be able to use the shower this early. Well, not in fairness to the neighbours. So, it was off into the shower room, and ‘Ablutionisationing Plan Number 3’ was adopted successfully, which is:

  • Fill the washing up bowl with warm water, washing up liquid and Dettol antiseptic disinfectant and stand in the mixture wriggling the toes and treading water, while I did the teeth, and cleaned out the nostrils.
  • Wipe and remove the bowl.
  • Have a shave.
  • Apply after-shave to stop the cuts bleeding.
  • Scrub torso, arms and legs, then dry the same.
  • Bang elbow against the sink doing the above.
  • Apply pain gel to the joints and medicate Haemorrhoid Harold’s area.
  • Oil the ear canals.
  • Apply more pain gel to the stubbed toes; I got on the mop bucket.
  • Take extra Codeine Phosphate.

Life can difficult when you get a touch senile and old. Hehehe!

Got dressed warmly and took the sorted black bags to the rubbish chute and deposited them down it. Then pressed the call button for a lift, and waited, and waited, then waited some more. At first, I didn’t panic, because I could hear the noises (As promised in the letter from the building company) coming from above, below and outside. It was apparent the lads were up to the neck in it. But after ten-minutes waiting, I had a walk the twelve floors down the stairs.

As I got out of the doors, it became evident that the men were bringing in the radiators for fitting, and of course, they have to take the old ones away, and elevators being the only way to do this. I understood why I could not get a ride down this morning. I did hope that there would not be a fire while this was going on, though.

Outside and poddled along Chestnut Walk.

By gum, it was bitter cold out there!

All of the vehicles parked up had iced-up windscreens, headlights and mirrors as well.

At the end of the compound, I espied that the crew were getting on with building the new block in the centre. A busy time for the Obergruppenfurheress and Obergefrieteress Wardens, and Jenny I imagine.

On I plodded down the hill into Sherwood, up Mansfield Road over the crest and down into Carrington and the Sherrington Park Medical Centre.

Where to my delight, Nurse Nichole was on duty.

A real pleasure to have this beautiful, understanding, lovely and magnificent nurse take my blood.

Handed her the nibbles and took my leave. Out and down to the pharmacist to collect the Codeine Phosphates. I gave a bag of chocolate coins to owner Deepak and told him this would help the staff with their busfares – He did laugh!

Said my farewells and off down the road to the Lidl store. A good wander around, but could not find any chocolate nougats. I ended up getting a tin of mushy peas, walnuts, pecan nuts, small francs and two tiny tins of anchovies in olive oil. I’ve never tried these before. When I do get around to using them, I can use the fish sauce on them?

I used the self-serve tills without any problems for once.

Out to the bus stop and soon caught a 58 back into Sherwood. Over the road and into the Wilko store. As was my intention, two their Fabric Softeners and Fragrance Boosters in the scent that I like so. Ylan and Fressia. A bottle of bleach. A packet of Bic disposable razors.

And I tried some Surf liquid soap powder, something else I’d not tried before. The label on it claims this little bottle will do 26 washes? Measured with container cap and poured straight into the drum with the washing?

We’ll see.

Coming out of the shop after paying the £12.40 I owed, I met two gals from the flats. We had good chinwag at the bus shelter. Handed out the nibbles. I annoy myself when I can’t remember names.

We caught the L9 back up to the flats, and I gave the driveress a nibble bar. Handed out the last of the chocolate coins to folk on the bus. I love it when I can make people laugh and smile.

Off the bus and hobbled (For the feet were terrible now) down to the building. Where the workman who I saw earlier, was still transporting the large heaters into the complex.

A struggle for him and his mate. He told me later that the weight of them, and the small space in the lifts, meant two large or one large and two small was the maximum that could be taken in one go.

This is why the lifts were not available to me earlier on. They have to get them in and out, and this is not a quick job, especially if they are delivering where those that had been removed had to be taken out as well. The worker, looking a little frustrated, allowed Irene (I think) and me to go up first. She dropped on her eighth floor, and I carried on to the twelfth and sent the cage back down for the lad.

Got in had a wee-wee.

Put the gear away.

Made a brew and got the computer going to update this page.

No hassle from Anne Gyna today, excellent.

I was getting reasonably well-sorting things out, when, it suddenly went dark and heard a deep whining noise. Hehe! It was the flat cage outside passing the window on its way down. Ah, the men’s dinner break time?

I hastened, fumbling to get the camera to take a photo before they descended out of view. But I’d got the camera card in the computer in use – so before I got it sorted out, the platform was a few storeys below me. I hung out of the window and took these shots.

I got the nosh on the go. Frankfurters in the pan on low. I’ll add the part-cooked cobs later in the oven after I’ve got and had the multi-coloured-chips cooking. Sounds interesting, does it? Hehe, all will be revealed soon.

Got on with updating this blog again.

Then updated the Facebook page.

Got the carrot, parsnip and beetroot fries in the oven, added the cobs later.

Regrettably, and as good as the meal looked on the plastic plate, this was one of the worst noshes I’d had for a long time.

Iceland’s triple chips of beetroot, parsnips and carrots came out all tasting the same – crap! After trying a couple of each, they were assigned to the waste bin. The pork pies were so greasy, one bite and they joined the chips. The Scotch Eggs tasted like cardboard. The Kipling’s ‘Nation’s Favourite Bramley Apple Pie’ seemed like all lard and sugar. The franks, cobs and mousse saved the meal from complete disaster. Tsk!

There were some great old time programmes to watch, though. Londons Burning, Pie in the Sky, Hetty Wainthrope Investigates, then an old Steven Seagal film.

I started to watch Londons Burning and woke to the Hetty Wainthrope closing credits and tune. The film started, and at the first commercial break I nodded off until 0150hrs when I had to struggle out of the recliner to utilise the Porcelain Throne… Ah-well!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 12th November 2017

Sunday 12th November 2017

Scots Gaelic: Didòmhnaich 12 Samhain 2017

0115 hrs: Woke up with soft lights flashing and the sounds of a crackling fire! Momentarily flabbergasted and a little fritted, I dismounted, not without some difficulty, the £300 second-hand recliner and went to investigate. No fire alarms, no strobe activation. Into the kitchen and ah… all became clear! Were some twits using up their fireworks left over from Bonfire Night?

I think it might have been an organised pyrotechnic display. The fireworks were coming from the City Centre or close to it, and some amazingly large shows.

These four on the right, were the best of those I could manage to get.

While I was up, I made a small mug of the extra sharp tea, watched the display a little longer, then returned to the recliner and settled down again.

I soon returned to sleep mode, without any difficulties.

0300hrs: Stirred again, and wobbled off to the Porcelain Throne.

No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold yet, and I think that Trotsky Terence is weakening now, too.

Took the medications. Injected the Enoxaparin, put some vaseline on the burns and did the ear oiling.

Pain-gelled the knees wrists and hands.

Had a guzzle of the Duodenal Donald medicine.

The Health Check readings seem to be up and down a bit this week?

Still, I might be feeling a bit low again spiritually, but healthwise things seem good?

I hobbled back into the front room and opened the windows.

I got the camera and took this view of the scaffolding and stuff, that caught me out again when I saw it there on the balcony. Hehe!

Thought I’d do a Good Morning photo to you all. Now, this you’d think would be a piece of cake? Just giving a thumbs-up sign? Believe me or not, but Arthur Itis and Cramp Colin decided that the thumb would stay in this upraised position for over an hour, before releasing it. It didn’t half make typing hard! Hehehe!

I’m looking forward to going to the Remembrance Service in Daybrook later. Just so I can show my appreciation of what they had to go through, and those that still are.

I got the Saturday Diary concluded and sent off. Then made a start on this one, up to here.

Onto the WordPress Reader. Then comment responses.

Facebook catch-up again. Hope it doesn’t go low on me again, here goes… It froze. Turned everything off and back on, it worked for a while then started sticking. Huh!

Onto CorelDraw and made a graphic to use as an Inchcock Today top photograph. Hopefully a comical one about a dungeon prisoner (Me) and a buxom wench? I shan’t put it on until I use it, cause it might spoil the humour later.

I checked the Emails next.

Sister Jane rang me to remind me of the Service. That was very good of her.

Health Checks, then I did the ablutions, got dressed and set out up into the Park and down onto Mansfield road. Along to the Church in Daybrook.

Why, do you ask have I not supplied any photographs? That is because I left the camera, mobile phone and hearing aids in the flat. Grumph and Cobbleturds!

I could hear none of the Fathers words. The Church was full. There were no free seats nearer the front. Still, it wasn’t the Christian aspect I went for I have to admit. It was my conscience only that I go to appease, to offer my thanks for their contribution to the wars past and present.

I did bump into (literally) a chap called Eric Hopkins (I’m almost certain), who I knew years ago as Sergeant Hopkins. His voice could be heard from the far end of the parade ground and had lost no volume over the years. I respected him then. Listening to him,  it sounded as if he had lost none of his principles. He started telling me what he had been up to over the years in between. But was summoned by his family to fetch the car to lift them home. But that ten minutes or so, made me feel a part of society and wanted, somehow. As I left to walk back, I saw that his wife with the family was a girl called Margaret, who I had desires for as a youth! Strange feelings.

The walk back was full of memories. As I went through Woodthorpe Park, it was full of dogs taking their owner for walks, and I felt a clot for not remembering the camera.

As I got inside the flat, Dizzy Dennis, and Duodenal Donald both visited me. A summons to the Porcelain Throne proved the Trotsky Terence had fooled me earlier; The Trosky was back again!

I opened a tin of chopped tomatoes, seasoned them with basil and a sprinkling of regular table salt. Got them in the pan ready for warming. Made sure the streaky smoked bacon was handy and got the oven warming up prepared.

Had a perusal of the TV magazine to see if owt worth bothering watching was on the gogglebox.

I got the nosh served up. Very early in the day for me. I was feeling so tired. The aching feet, the memories invoked by meeting Eric. (For some reason I cannot recall his nickname?) My having seen Margaret. I felt suddenly so tired and drained.

Cunningly (I thought) I cooked the bacon crispy in the oven, then added it to the seasoned tomatoes in the saucepan for ten minutes on simmer. Thus the bacon flavoured the fruit and became limp and less bother to incisor tooth, Suzie when masticationalising it.

I enjoyed the meal and went to the kitchen to wash the pots.

Although I knew that is was so nippy outside, the view from the window was beautiful.

I put the TV on, and started falling asleep and nodding off. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 11th November 2017

Saturday 11th November 2017

Italian: Sabato 11 Novembre 2017

I woke with much perturbation of the mind this morning. Unsure as to why, by I was fretting over various unrelated things within seconds of gaining some imitation grasp on what was about… then the memories of some of the dreams came to mind, and I think they may have been the cause for my solicitude of the grey-cells? I was back working at Carters pop factory, but everything had changed, I didn’t know how to operate any of the machines, find my way around or recognise anyone in the place. I just seemed to poddle about being ignored. I came to the decision that I was dead and a ghost. This settled the situation down, and I flew around looking down on everything around all of the sections and warehouses. I seemed very content for a while, then I found myself on a canal in a wooden boat and sinking, this time I was not a ghost.

I’m sure so much more occurred in the nightmare, but can’t recall much.

As I placed my feet on the carpet as I extracted my bulbous body from the recliner, the top of all the toes on the left foot, were in agony. Had I been sleepwalking? I checked around, and there were no signs of this or any nocturnal-nibbling.

Had a decent cleanup, teggies (Oooh! Hehe!) shave.

Now there is, or must be the reason why I took this photographicalisation of the wet room sink with the flannels being put in to soak after the ablution session had taken place.

What that reason is, I have no idea.

Sad innit?

The Porcelain Throne session was much better this time. Did the Health Checks and took the medications. Sys 159 Dia 76 Pulse75 Temp 32.1.

No attention’s from Dizzy Dennis or Pleurodynia Portia, Anne Gyna or Hernia Henry, a  good start I thought.

I cracked on with creating a photographic ode, come rhyme.

It took me six hours to get it completed, and I was not happy with it at all.

I took a break and updated Friday’s Inchcock Today and got them posted.

Forever making cups of tea all the time?

The Iceland delivery arrived, and I got it put away.

Back on to the poem come ode creating.

The graphics were not too bad.

The wording was not proper, but I was just too tired to carry on editing it.

I got this blog started off.

I pondered on what to have for dinner. Simple stuff today, tinned tomatoes seasoned with herbs, frankfurters and bacon bits to be cooked and put in the bowl with the vegetables. Some sliced wholemeal cobs arrived with the order, so they’ll do nicely.

Finally around twelve hours after waking up, I got around to doing the WordPress Reader session.

Got the bacon bits in the oven and low light under the saucepan of tomatoes?

Took the second photo of the day hanging out of the window. A good view of the comparison between AM and PM?

Did the Health Checks and medications were taken.

A quick bash on Facebooking,  going slow again. Took ages and I still didn’t get all I wanted to do finished. Tsk! Had to stop and close down to get the nosh ready

The nosh was great tastewise.

With contented innards, I settled to watch a film on the gogglebox, about the Gallipoli Campaign.

The first set of advertisements and I nodded off into a mix of weird dreams that made no sense to me at all.

Around eleven o’clock, I had to rise and get to the Porcelain Throne. Which proved somewhat costly in the pain stakes! The left arm slipped down between the two chairs as I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner, starting the two little oven burns bleeding as I withdrew the arm. Stubbed my toe en route and hit my elbow on the sharp corner section of the cabinet as I sat quickly upon the seat.

At least there was no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold, Haha!

Fell asleep on the Throne. Stirred around 0100hrs and got back into the recliner after washing the pots.