Inchcock Today: Saturday 25th March 2017


Saturday 25th March 2017

Estonian: Laupäev 25 märts, 2017

Stirred around 0245hrs, the dirty dinner plate on the next chair, notes about a dream on the arm of it and desperate for a heavy duty session on the porcelain.

Untangled my ever increasing body mass from the delicate and rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair and off to the porcelain throne. Once again, no bleeding from the front or rear… I’m beginning to worry about Haemorrhoid Harold, Hehe!

6Sat03Got the dirty pots washed up, made a brew and took the medications, then trimmed the carrots and got them into the slow cooker with Mushroom Soy Sauce.

Performed the Health Checks. All looking good here too!

Perused the scribbled notepaper, and found I’d been dreaming apparently, about an underground fight with gigantic earthworms… or was it that I was shrunken? Whichever, after the conflict I found myself in a room being interviewed by, well some secret service type people I reckon, they were not messing about, and I was bloodied and battered during the conversation about my not renewing my TV licence? The words Linctus and Doormat (I think that is what I’d written) on the paper meant nothing to me?

Got on and spent the next two and a half hours or more, sorting yesterday’s mammoth diary and got it posted off. A long busy day, leaving me with photographicalisation to sort and post as well as recall all that had happened… mind you, seeing the photos helped me.


The view out of the window was almost pretty, with the sun coming up and creating shadows over the houses.When I took the photo, I thought I could see an aeroplane on the right, but it seems to have disappeared?

When I took the picture, I thought I could see an aircraft on the right, but it appears to have gone?

Guess what? I’ll tell yers… I went into the other 6Sat01room to do the weighing of my fat frame, and I found the missing camera! Perfectly naturally and to be expected, it was in the laundry bag! Huh?

Oh heck! Back up again by more than it went down yesterday! Humph!

But all the other reading seemed about right and no surprises.

6Sat04Even the pulse had gone down nicely. Add the fact that Haemorrhoid Harold and Little Inchy had not been bleeding and Arthur Itis was so kind this morning, even after yesterday’s struggle in town. And Duodenal Donald had eased too, things were looking good I thought – That was before I tested the carrots again and managed without any bother to stab myself between the fingernail and finger with the sharp end knife!

Someone (Well a lot of folks) have said I am too much of a pessimist. Here is proof, or one of the root causes that I am one. Every time I start to get that dreaded feel-good factor in my life… Mr Thatservesyouright visits me. Humph, Hehe!

It’s a good job I’m used to it, or I could get discouraged you know!

Started this diary off, then did some WordPressing.

Did some Facebooking then.

Got the ablutions tended to, in time I hope, to catch the first bus at 1030hrs into Sherwood. Missed the bus, so walked down to Sherwood.

Limping along Chestnut Walk passing the vehicles and on the right, I fell in love with a single Daisy. All on her own she was. I had a chat with her. Hopefully, no one realised this.


Onto Winchester Street Hill. Halfway down I took this photograph below left, and near the bottom the second photograph.


These represent the beauteousness weather and the wonder of nature.

Also, that Arthur Itis was still kind to my knees and ankles as I poddled along slowly but fairly comfortable this afternoon down to the shops.

Arrived at the Continental Food Store and invested in some of my favourite Roast Belly Pork with herbs and garlic, and two slices of another belly pork that looked good, without herbs. A small sliced Continental loaf and a jar of garden peas and carrots with flavouring.

Arthur was beginning to affect the fingers for some reason.

I lazily strolled very slowly up the hill on Mansfield Road and called into the Wilko store to get some disposable razors. I left with the blades, a Citrus body deodorant for men (Of course, Hehe!) some disposable oven trays, Vitamin B complex tablets, and electrical extension lead with four sockets with on/off controls on each and one more of the Pure Citrus fresh air without water sprays at half-price, £1.50!

As I was taking the change from the helpful lady serving me, the damned fingers froze. I had to walk further up the road to the bus stop with the receipt, and a fiver stuck firmly in my grasp! Tried to prise them out and the receipt got torn in half, but the five-pound note was okay as the fingers relented and loosened their grip of steel.

Roy was at the bus-stop and had a right laugh over my fingers declaring independence, as he said. But it was a hard conversation as we had both not got out hearing aids in. What a pair we are!

Chinwag with Roy and back to the flat. Wee-wee, put the things away and made a cuppa and onto the computer to update this diary and do some work on graphicalisationing.

And there I remained for seven hours. The result (below):


Very late by the time I’d got it finished, and I was so tired, but semi-pleased with the resulting graphicalisation.

6Sat08Got the nosh ready. The red carrots cooked in the crock-pot with mushroom soy sauce were appetising, the belly pork divine with the beetroot cheeses and pickled eggs.

Lemon Fool to follow with a banana.

I devoured it with relish and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner with a mug of tea and digested the evening medications, rather later than usual with the good strong Yorkshire 6Sat07atea brew.

The finger I had stabbed down the nail with the paring knife in the picture on the left seemed to smile at me with a metallic glint that said threateningly; “I’ll get you again Inchcock…Hehehe!”

I knew then that I was either overtired or going bonkers… perhaps both?

7Sun03I repeatedly drifted off for a few minutes, woke, realised the programme had finished, drifted off again, realised the prog… you get the picture. The mind was seemingly over-active, and I have no idea when I eventually nodded off proper-like, but it was well after midnight.

I must remember tomorrow to add some of the Polish half-rye-half wheat Sourdough bread to my order for next Wednesday.

I did wake momentarily during a dream. I lay trying to remember it, but nothing there in the memory of any details.

Inchcock: Friday 24th March 2017


Friday 24th March 2017

Luxembourgish: Freideg 24. Mäerz 2017

Woke around 0400hrs, the mind in a twisted contorted demented condition. Mixed sentiments, ranging twixt utter fear, contentment, panic, admiration and confusion. I lay back on the £300 second-hand recliner for a good while trying to rearrange, organise these rambling thoughts into logicality, make sense of them and fight some of them off. I felt the nerves were winning the battle.

Around 0440hrs, I dismounted the recliner, seeing some notes I must have made from the dreams, placed it near the computer to look at later, there were no memories of any dream, just the scribbled 5Fri05notes

Into the kitchen, via a wee-wee in the WC, made
a mug of strong tea and took the medications.

Did the health checks, the pulse was well and truly high, I didn’t do the weighing of my aged flobby-body. Decided I could not face another disappointment at this moment.

Decided I could not face another disappointment at this time. Hehe!

Took a photograph from the kitchen window.

Finished yesterday’s diary off and got it posted to WordPress.

5Fri04Checked the email, and one from Sister Jane brought me some more sad news. She is taking Arthur the cat, to the veterinary today, in anticipation that he will recommend him being put down. All thin, but Jane says he is eating well?

She sent this last photo of him in their garden. I hope she doesn’t mind me putting on here, but a picture can say so much more than words sometimes?

I bet poor Jane is in turmoil about which route to take. So much love and joy shared between them.

I cried to myself for Jane and Arthur. Done a bit of that recently, crying. The atrocity in London, Olive’s suffering… The memories cannot be taken away. The Vet might decide Arthur can carry on a while longer, best to take his advice. Poor Jane.

I went into the kitchen to make another drink, again via the WC for another wee-wee (?).

Noticed the sharp change in the view from earlier, so decided to post them both together below.


Did some graphic preparation and then saw the scribble about the dream on the pad about the dream, so took a look at it: Many of my words were undecipherable I’m afraid. Mighty gale – died. Alone, pitifull. Hate. Orange beast, electricity and woeful were the only things I could read?

Carried out the second health checks:


5Fri11The Pulse seems a bit high still, but I was well pleased with the weight!

I could not find the camera anywhere?

So had to resurrect an old little one, search for batteries and find a card to use.

Had a search all over for the newer camera, for an hour almost, without any luck.

An absolute mystery to me? Very annoyed with myself again! Humph! I’ll need an afflatus to solve this one!

Facebooked for a while.

Then did some blogging.

5Fri12aGot the ablutions tended to, wrapped up and set off to catch the L9 bus into town to look into buying a camera to replace the lost Lumix one. Missed the bus.

Walked up by the Copse and down through Woodthorpe Grange Park, then up and over and down the hill into Sherwood and caught a bus into town.

The weather was grand, proper summer like.

5Fri12bSherwood was busy but with vehicles not many shoppers or pedestrians about today again.

The bus was full, and the passengers seemed to be in a talkative mood between themselves… or maybe the hearing aids had started working better?Dropped off the bus and walked

It’s odd that, how sometimes I can’t hear any gossip and another, like today, I could actually pick up bits of the people’s conversations.

5Fri12cDropped off the bus on Upper Parliament Street and walked down Queen Street.

Took what turned out to be a reasonable photo of the Council House with its flag at half-mast.

Walked across the Slab Square, having to dodge between a street guitarist, a Muslim preacher, a Christian preacher, a Big Issue Seller (slipped him a quid) a penny whistle-blowing chap in a wheelchair and a large group of students 5Fri12eprotesting about something or other. And noticed that the closed-down clothes shop was now a 24-hour

Noticed that the closed-down clothes shop was now a 24-hour Burger King eatery.

Just what Nottingham needs that.

Three independent cafes, two… no, three coffee shops, two McDonalds, Cosmo Authentic World


Down Exchange Walk

Kitchen, a Hungry Pumpkin, Loch Fyne Fish Restuarant, Bills, Wimpy, Hart’s, several pizza places, eleven Coffee Shops, Two Fish & Chip shops, Bennies, three Indian Restaurants, two Chinese, two Turkish.

Plus two Maryland Chicken, an Amigos, Patisserie Valerie, two French restaurants, Chinese, Slug & Lettuce, two Italian, Greek. Five Subways… all within a minute’s walk (Well, three minutes for me, Hehe!) not to mention the 15 or so pubs that sell food and the many others I can’t remember – just what Nottingham needs another eatery! 

Oh, I forgot there are the mobile eateries scattered all over the place too.

Hobbled down Exchange Walk and through a lot of folk lecturing and preaching outside the church and Marks and Sparks (No one was listening to them mind).

Went into that store and had a wonder around the Menswear department – a mistake that, or at least rather damaging to the bank balance as it turned out. I spotted in a partly hidden corner, some racks of attire that were either To Clear or Reduced in Price.

5Fri12nHobbled around and came out with three pairs of trousers and a thick shirt for winter. Carrying the carrier bags with me as well, I wondered over to look at the things on the proper price shelving and racks. A few minutes later I was struggling as the clobber being carried over my arm stopped the blood flow, and the left arm froze and ached a bit.

I asked a lady assistant in the ladies clothing 5Fri12oside if she would mind me taking a photo or two of the ladies dressing gowns, as I was hoping to treat Olive when she comes out of the hospital after her operation to one.I thought it best if I show her photographs first to see if she

I thought it best if I show her pictures first to see if she liked any of them first. She allowed me and even held a floral version of the white one while I took the picture. Was kind of her that.

This one was thin but warm.

Back to the gents attire, “Are You Being Served?”

Bought and paid for Lycra Cord Trousers, Honeycomb Trousers?, Borg Shakett trousers all on Sale Price, Value Linen Trousers, Linen Trouser, Value Chino Trousers. They should see out. Took the names from the receipt.

Made my way out, well I meant to. Couldn’t find the down escalator, went the wrong way and I found myself back in the Mens Attire section again – this proved to be an expensive Whoopsiedangleplop. Because I spotted, they had some Loose Fitting Cotton Boxer undies and some nice thick socks with strengthened toes and heel parts. Joined the queue at the pay desk again. This receipt said I’d bought: Tile Print, Tonal Ombre Pack and a 7PP Htooth Sole?

5Fri12fThe total spent on this days visit, first load £131.00, second £48.00. Oh, dear me! Tsk! Both receipts informed me that I have only until 24/04/2017 to return any of the On Sale goods for exchange.

It only took me around ten minutes or so to find the way out, then walked down towards the Broad Marsh shopping Centre. After noticing the new eatery earlier, as I hobbled along Albert Street/Lister Gate to the centre, I counted the 5Fri12gfooderies on that street.

I was surprised to see only four and the mobile Hot Potato van, although many of the shops had eateries inside of course.And Broad Marsh had a good few to pick from too.

And Broad Marsh had a good few to pick from too.

At first, I thought there were two of the Costa 5Fri12pcoffee places within yards of each other. Closer inspection revealed that the distant one was closed down. I think in a desperate move by the Council, they are offering rate reductions to anyone moving into retail property there – so Costa may have moved to get the tax free perks?

5Fri12hI wandered in the Shopping Centre (Mall), and it was so depressing with the closed down shops (Although the eateries seemed plentiful).

 I came out and made my way back up to the City Centre Slab Square.

The afternoon sun provided me with an opportunity to take some shadow photographs.

The weather remained summerish.

I hobbled around the square amidst the most 5Fri12iappalling gathering of foul-mouthed yobboes I’ve come across in ages on Lister Gate.

Obviously, I did not take any images of these foreign speaking gentlemen with their cans of XXX lager and threatening defiant attitudes.

The nearby imitation police officers did not seem interested. I can understand this to some degree.

If they did approach them, they would 5Fri12jclaim to know no English, and if the police took any details, they would have difficulty in spelling Celestyn Wiśniewski, have to get an interpreter on their mobiles and actually do something other than fine people for dropping a nub end or parking on a double yellow line for 20 seconds. Can’t have that, can we?

The street musician on the end of Queen Street had a lot of admirers as he twanged his, to me, horrible sounding guitar. He was trying to play classic style music, but it came out far too clangy if that’s the word. Mind you, I am tone deaf so he could have been playing good or got his friends to film him for Facebook. No one donated any money while I was there, though.

A while before the bus was due, I popped into Debenham’s to compare their prices with the ones I’d bought at Marks & Sparks. I got down into the menswear in their basement and spotted a rack, just one, with To Clear goods on it. They had sets of jammies there, reduced to only £49! What, £49 and on offer to explain! I eventually found the way out and limped up to the last L9 bus stop.

Had a chinwag with a lady there. She lives on Winchester Street, used Yorkshire tea bags and was intent on having a brew as soon as she gets in, she was weary. We discussed getting old and how we can’t do what we used to. Lovely lady. 

Said cheerio to her as I got off the bus, waved to her when I made my way to flats. Where a heavy duty session on the porcelain revealed no bleeding from either back or front. Pleased with that.

I decided I’d have Meg-Super sandwiches for tonight, got carried away and added some other bits. The sandwiches in production and the nosh prepared!


Carrot and Parsnip puffs, Marmite crisps, vinegar pea-rice, a banana and a Lemon Curd yoghourt. 9.64/10, super delicious it was! Ate it all as well, no wonder the weight had gone on Saturday morning. The pig motiff on the paper towel was most apt! Tsk!

Remembered I’d forgotten to look at the cameras today. Huh!

Got the TV on and fell asleep.

TTFN all.

Inchcock: Thursday 23rd March 2017


Thursday 23rd March 2017

Tamil: வியாழக்கிழமை 3 வது மார்ச் 2017

Got out of the wobbly shaking unbalanced £300 second-hand recliner and off to the porcelain room. Very little sleep again last night.

I pondered on the dream, Olive’s condition and the banking fiasco, I felt more down than I have done for a good while. The thought of the Thursday Tenants Social Hour did not cheer me up.

Still, no bleeding again this morning. I got the nibbles and prizes for the Social Hout raffle ready.

Made a brew, took the medications and did the first Health Check.

Finished off and posted Wednesday’s Inchcock Today, did some graphicalisationing and started this one off.

Sneezing a bit this morning.

Worked on the graphics some more for hours.

Viewed the news about the cowardly killer in London. Words cannot help coming from me this time, or next time. Sadness is in my heart. I will try my best not to refer to this again in my blogs, it hurts so. Sorry.

Did my ablutions and readied the things, the raffle prizes and nibbles, for the Social Hour and set off, taking the glass jars to the recycling bin on the way. Everyone there seemed determined to have a good time this morning. Defiance I think? No one mentioned anything other than normal.

I gave 94-year-old Eddy a loaf of Polish bread, and he seemed happy to get it, bless him. Gave my raffle tickets to 86-year-old Bill (William on Sundays) and felt tickled pink when he won five prizes. I’ll give them (the raffle tickets) to some else next week. I enjoyed a few decent nattering sessions on the day.

Back to the flat and got the things in the bag to go to see the new Bank Manager in Sherwood. I’d got a new ID letter from the Council, but felt very confused as to what I was doing. I could do with some help really. I knew I had to try out the old replacement card from the old bank to make sure it worked. And I wanted to get clarification about what further ID was required. The new statement from the State Pension people had not yet, arrived.

4Thur05I met some new tenants on my way out. Two of them spoke and talked, the other was a bit aloof. Maybe through his being new?

To the end of the road, taking a lovely photo of the dock leaves and nettles coming into bloom.

Despite everything going on, I do appreciate the new growth that the coming of Spring brings with it.

4Thur06Just up the road a bit, I saw such beauty again in one of the tree’s roots and gave myself a moment or two admiring nature as I had not done before I moved into this flat and the amazing scenery and greenery that surrounds it.

I thought my struggle with the ailments, the bank and the depression are nothing compared to nature’s beauty in it’s fight each and every year.

4Thur07I turned the corner and down Winchester Street toward Sherwood, and took yet another photographicalisation that I found remarkable.

Pressed on hobbling down and over Mansfield Road and into the bank.

Joined the queue and tried to sort my brain out with what I had to ask. When my turn came, I approached the lady and asked if it was possible for me to have a word with the manager. I was informed he was away on holiday this week but would be back next week on Tuesday. I could have cried after all that effort sorting the paperwork and getting my head around things!

I departed after having a little none-insulting moan, to the lady.

Out and tried the card in the ATM, it accepted the old code, so at least I know I can get to the money now. I had feared the card might have gotten swallowed up by the machine. All were working.

Crossed over and down the hill and went into the Polish shop and got a small continental loaf and some roast belly pork with herbs.

Then up the hill and went into Wilko and bought Dettol, Lavender Antiseptic Disinfectant (Excellent value at £2 a bottle), Citrus Men’s Deodorant Even better value at 50p a small spray), Spectacle cleaner Not cheap, but very good, and a pot of Cod liver oil capsules Good value at 85p.

4Thur08Out and up the hill, over the top and down to the entrance to Woodthorpe Grange Park and through the gates, up the path.

The day was windy but not cold, and the sunshine, hazy at times was very pleasant.

Very few pets or people about as I entered.

The coming lush greenery was a pleasure to behold.

4Thur10A few hundred yards up the footpath and lady overtook me., then a Footpath Cyclist appeared

Then a Footpath Cyclist appeared at the top of the hill coming in my way direction.By the time I’d got my camera out.

By the time I’d got my camera out, he almost level with me.

This chap was definitely a candidate for the next Olympics. Give him credit, he did move to the other side of the path in time as he flashed by.2Tue09

The top of the hill as I turned right to go down by the Copse and the gravel footpath where I met 94-year-old Eddy feeding the birds the other day, the ground was mud covered and soggy?

I suppose there will be a logical, rational reason for this quagmire? But I can’t see why it was so at that moment?

I got into the flat and made use of the porcelain. Still no bleeding from either Little Inchy nor Haemorrhoid Harold. I was doing so well again healthwise. Only Anne Gyna was giving me much stick, even Duodenal Donald had eased off. So, no grievance in this department today.

I called Olive, gave it plenty of time ringing in case she was not moving very well, but no answer. I hope she is okay.

Updated this diary for an hour or two. Then tried ringing Olive again. Same situation, I am fretting, a bit now.

Did some FacebooFilmMarch17king.

Finished off the latest TFZer Film Production graphic, from Sandie Lentz Films.

Tried to make it a little surreal with putting things from different time periods on it.

Reasonably happy with it.

Rang Olive and got an answer. She was having family call and stay with her, so didn’t want me to visit her until Monday at the earliest. I felt so pleased she was getting help, especially from her loving family, but a little weakly sorry for myself that I could not call to see her, but I did understand, and she managed to tell me off a bit, and that’s a good sign.

05Thu12With mixed emotions, but gladness that she is home and sounding a bit better, I got the meal prepared.

Mushroom pate, beetroot, belly pork with herbs, soft and cheddar cheese, vegetable stuffing slices, pickled egg, soy mushrooms and some Marmite crisps. And bread and real butter. Followed by a luxury lemon curd yoghourt and a banana.

I couldn’t eat it all. But enjoyed what I did eat.

Suddenly feeling drained, I got the TV on (DVD still not working again, humph!) and promptly fell asleep.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Wednesday 22nd March 2017 – Oddest dream ever… I think?


Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Ukrainian:  Середа 22 березня 2017

0325hrs: Up, out of the £300 second-hand recliner and onto the porcelain thrown by 0332hrs, it was urgent! Hehe! Once again things were doing alright bleeding-wise in the front and rear of this ever growing more-flobby-body. Although Little Inchy was red, inflamed and sore, there was no bleeding at all again.

Carried out the health checks, the weight was up again, though.


Everything else looked okay mind.

Made a brew, looked for the blue mug a while before remembering I’d dropped and broken it yesterday. Humph!

Computer started and WordPressing commenced; Finished off yesterday’s and got it posted. Had a WordPress viewing session. During which I came across this one posted by mate Duncan MadHatters – Toddlers nighttime activities Worth a look cause it’ll make you smile without a doubt.

Unfortunately, when I watched it and saw there was a sound to it, I had to put the headphones on to listen and it was just Benny Hill background music, it only goes for a couple of minutes, but during this time, the poor old Morrison delivery driver rang the intercom to be let into the flats – and I didn’t hear him of course. He had to ring the landline and tell me. Still, he alright about it when he got here and I showed him the video clip, he had to laugh and smile.

I had a wash and clean-up early, in case the palaeontologist arrives early.. hang on… palaeontologist? that’s not right, is it? Can’t remember the new title they have now, but I meant Susan the Chiropodist.

Left the socks off in readiness, but that was not a good idea, I started sneezing regularly.

Put the goods away then started this blog off.

Then onto Facebook, made some graphics to use first.


To the porcelain for a heavy duty session… again? Still no bleeding, good!

The foot lady Susan arrived. I got more pain from her than I did the dentist when I had a filling last week. Hehe! But she is beautiful and charming. We had a gossip and laugh as she applied the agony. She then toyed with the TV DVD buttons and got the thing working again! So glad and grateful I was at the time.

After she departed, I found I still can’t pause, fast forward or backwards, or change the sound on the DVD? 

When she’d gone, I had a search for and collection of the shot-away nail clippings – amazing how far they go. I half expected to find another rock-hard escapee garden pea. Hehe!

Tried watching the Boon DVD, but with being unable to adjust the volume, or stop and go back to listen again to something I was not sure of, I gave up, no pleasure in watching it like that. Shame.

I called Olive, but bad news there. She didn’t want any visitors as she was so unwell. The heart sank. She said she was going into hospital in the morning for investigations into her new ailment. She’d be back after around 1400hrs and I could ring again then to see if she was up to letting me call on her. A prayer was said, something I rarely do, but just felt it might help. My spirits sank.

3Wed06I got the fodder going and ended up with a super successful meal, but could not enjoy it.

The cheesy potatoes came out almost perfect, but I was not in the mood to appreciate this.

A put some antiseptic cream on the burnt finger. Tsk!

After eating and doing the washing up, I updated the Health Checklist and settled to watch some TV – now that will let me use the remote and change options, but not the DVD?

3Wed07When I went to the porcelain room, I was sure I could hear a rumbling noise. No bleeding again, that was nice.When I came out the reason for the noise became apparent, it was thunder.

When I came out the reason for the noise became apparent, it was thunder.

The sky was dark, but no rain whatsoever, and the thunder lasted for a while? I got up and onto the computer and made a representation of the 3Wed08adream.

I think I was arguing over something with the hand coming through the gap in the clouds and up popped, I assumed, Jesus who promptly started telling me why I would not make it into heaven?

Details of the banking farce came into the lecture, my falling into the canal as a nipper and I think he told me off for not taking a good enough picture of his sky?


Inchcock Today: Tuesday 21st March 2017- Whoopsiedangleplop Ridden!


Tuesday 21st March 2017

Finnish: Tiistai 21 maaliskuu 2017

During the night, I thought I had woken and written down some notes about the dream I’d been having… When I woke and stirred at 0325hrs, I could find no note – perhaps I’d imagined I’d dreamed of making the record?

So I got out of the £300 second-hand shaking and shuddering recliner chair (Like myself, I 2Tue001adon’t think it has long left, Hehe) took off the wonderfully warm cover and the cushions and searched all over for it, in the certainty that I actually did write it. Guess what I found? Think food…

Yes, another of the escaped and hidden garden peas from when I dropped the dinner plate last week.

Rock hard it was. I had to smile to myself! The cleaning ladies, if cleaning is the right word to use here, had taken everything off of the chair as I asked them to in cleaning it for the first time since they had been coming, stripped it they did, and they didn’t find it. As I didn’t when I looked under the chairs with a torch after the Whoopsiedangleplop occurred? People were talking about ants taking over the world, but what about the garden pea danger? Orbb 80, a wonderfully caring and humourous blogger on WordPress knows about the danger, she warned me in a comment. Honestly!

I made a brew and got the computer on.

Feeling a tad more content this morning, up to now like. Worried about Olive, though, I’ll call her at a reasonable time, just to see if she is okay and if there is anything I can do to help. She is going out with her daughter today so I might not catch her in.

I changed the Morrisons order I’ve got in with them. Took two items off and added six. The banking fiasco going on, I’m surprised they are still accepting the card, that’s why I added some things, just in case the card fails later.

1Mon08I was summoned to the porcelain for a heavy duty session. Splendid, no bleeding from either front or rear! Arthur Itis was hardly noticeable, Duodenal Daniel was not bad at all, Reflux Roger was active, but this was not due to the valve sticking and not painful in the slightest; This wind was due to last nights nosh I’m sure. Hehe! Hernia Harry was all calm too. Only Anne Gyne with her new pain on the left chest and up under the left arm was giving me any real grief, and that was far less than last night.

So, things medically were far easier today.

Worries me a bit that, mind. Haha!

2Tue04The only concern was my so regular visitations to the WC, where’s it all coming from, I’ve only had half a small mug of tea?

Bravely I made another cup of tea.

Then I took a photographicalisation from the kitchen window. All looked so calm, no rain belting down, no high winds howling yet either.

Not a soul in sight, no moving vehicles, lovely and peaceful.

Got on with finishing yesterday’s diary and started this one off.

Did some blogging and commenting on WordPress. Took a while catching up.

Then onto Facebooking.

Graphic creation next, I made a start on the next TFZ series, but only got two completed and it was time for me to do the ablutions if I am to go out for a wander and window shop.

Wrapped up well and set off down to the bus stop (Oh, I do appreciate my free pensioner’s bus pass).

Another bit of a Whoopsiegangleplop here (I know, sad);

The bus was in, and I jumped on it (Well when I say jumped… hehe) it moved off immediately, and got out the crossword book and realised later, it was the City Centre Bus and not the Arnold bus I was travelling on.

“Nae bother!” I said to myself, hearing my old neighbour and best mate Jock Kirkpatric’s voice saying the same thing, and I revelled in the memories that flooded back to me of those days of life, love and laughter and fishing holidays, now long gone.

No morose memories and they did not get me feeling sorry for myself or unhappy, just so appreciative that I met and palled up with this older man from Stromness in the Orkneys, who became a gunner on the bombers in the second world war, and ended up as a part of my life as a next door neighbour and an example and guide to me, bringing so much to admire and respect.

I waffled a bit there, but that is how I felt at that time, proud to have known him. I anticipate when I go, he will have got a job at St Peter’s gate and will make sure I get through to join him if he can. Hehehe!

It dawned on me then as I looked around that I was on the wrong bus… Again! Stayed on and went to the City Centre and had an aimless wander around for a while, taking some photographs as I did.

2Tue08Not too many folks around today. Plenty of street artists, beggars, Big Issue Sellers and pavement cyclists, though.

I did a circular walk around the Slab Square, feeling amazingly calm in myself?

Making my way back to the start point, I called in the book shop and had a perusal, but they had nothing that drew my interest.

2Tue07Then had a nosey in Marks & Spencers food hall – and came out buying nothing!

Felt a bit chuffed with my new found resilience to spending.

Came down Long Row and foolishly strayed into the Primark store. Where an incident took place that took me back to the Security working days. (Full of memory prompting today was?) I went into the ladies section to get some 2Tue05photographs to use on the TFZer site graphic series. That was when I saw a family of Mum, Dad and four kids, Mam was shoving things into the pram of the youngest child and covering them up. This was in the fashion clothing section. For some stupid reason, I followed them.

As the Dad decided to join in and was putting an imitation fur something or other behind the kid, Mother spotted me watching… said something to Dad, they both gave me a stare for a few seconds, and I got out my mobile phone and pretended to use it as an RT.

After a few words, they got all the stuff hidden in the pram behind the child out and just dropped them on the floor in the aisle, then partly kicked them under some display racking.

They then calmly made their exit from the store, seemingly laughing with each other as they went through the doors?

Naughty people!

I went up to the Gents department to have a look to see if they had any of the ‘loose fitting’ cotton underpants on sale. They did, and I got two packs of three, to replace the ones I could not find in the flat. I was so sure I’d bought a bag of this type of undies from Asda a while ago, but don’t seem able to locate them. Nothing new there, mind, Tsk!

Back to the bus stop and didn’t have long to wait for the L9 bus, which whisked me back to the flat. Bill (William on Sundays) from the flats whom I sit with at the Tenants Social Hour got on. Later I moved and sat next to him for a gossip. He looked exhausted.

2Tue09Back at the flats, the wind was howling, the sun disappeared, and the rain just starting, missed it nicely, by the time I’d got in and up the lift and into the flat, it was belting down!

Got the oven on warming ready for me to cook the crisscrossed smokey bacon and vegetarian sausages to have with the flavoured tomatoes for my meal of the day.

As I was throwing away the empty can, I caught the finger end on the edge of the cut metal edge and got a cut down between the finger and nail. Don’t half bleed those types of cuts, Hehe!

For my next Whoopsiedangleplop: I put a Boon DVD into the slot on the TV, and it refused to play? It went to the opening screen with the option to play, but no response when I pressed the button to play, would move between options on the screen either? Unsure of the problem, I changed the batteries in the remote thingy. Still no joy. Turned off the set and rebooted, tried again, same frozen screen. Tried another DVD, same thing. I reckon I can safely say, the DVD drive thing is now Kaputt! Humph! 

Went onto the TV mode and the things worked as normal. But could I nod off as normal? No! Which is a good job, ’cause I smelt the bacon burning!

2Tue10I rescued the bacon and sausages and dished them up with some mushrooms in the new deep dish.

I thought this fodder looked like it was going to be great tasting.

It wasn’t!

The bacon was burnt on the outside and undercooked on the inside, the flavoured tomatoes tasted terrible (No idea what I put in wrong?). The bread had gotten dried and hard around the edges. The sausages were very nice, as was the Lemon Curd yoghourt.

In slightly lower mood now, I went to wash up the pots as they say. A farcical Whoopsiedangleplopped event if ever I’d had one!

  • Dropped and broke the blue mug…
  • Opened the cut in the finger when I caught it on the knife in the washing up bowl…
  • Banged my knee against the door handle on the cupboard under the sink and started Arthur Itis off, and he’s enjoying himself even now the following morning…
  • Finally the last in this series of Whoopsiedangleplops: Bent down to put the washing up liquid back in the under sink storage and hit my head on the sink!

2Tue09aThen, I spotted the bag with the underpants still inside.

So I thought I’d put the in the hanging fabric space saver thingy on the clothes rack.

This was when I found the Asda Loose Fitting cotton underpants I figured I’d lost before… What a Plonka!

I did notice, that the Asda ones were £10 for three and the Primark £4.50 for three?

Both claim to be Cotton Rich loose fit Boxers, but the Asda one being Jersey Cotton Rich loose fit Boxers?

At least, I should have enough Cotton Rich loose fit Boxers to see me out now!

Unless I lose them again? Hehe!

On and off, more off than on, I struggled to watch some TV programmes, five minutes here, ten minutes there.

Soon nodded off proper for a few hours…

Inchcock Today: Monday 20th March 2017


Monday 20th March 2017

Persian: 20 دوشنبه مارس 2017

0325hrs: Stirred in the £300 second-hand worryingly wobbly recliner, in need of using the porcelain rather urgently. Got there in time and found it was a reasonable session, Little Inchy although sore, was not bleeding and Haemorrhoid Harold was much better than of late, bleeding-wise.

Got the washing garments and accoutrements sorted, and down to the laundry room and got washer going then back up. Computer turned on and started to do the diary.

Half an hour later, down again to move the things to the dryer. A lady tenant from the 8th floor was getting her washing into a machine, and she asked me which dryer I was going to use, I told her whichever she liked, she wanted the end one, so I got my stuff into the next one. Had a chinwag. Then back up to the flat and got on with the diary work.

7Sun05Don’t know how I managed the following, but here’s the story:

I wanted to rub some pain gel in the knees, opened the drawer where I keep it and couldn’t see any. Went into the wetroom and got the one out of there and used it. When I did the health checks next, there in the drawer as plain as your face was the pain gel next to the BP machine I didn’t see last time I looked for it?

Worrying innit?

1Mon03Back down to the washing room and retrieved the clothes. Cleaned the filter, washed the inside of the machine. As I exited, the wonderfully coloured sky outside caught me attention, so having the camera in my pocket, I nipped out and took a photo of it. Took several actually, but this is the only one that came out anywhere near as to what it really looked like out there.

The drizzle was still with us. The trees on the left are the Copse I like so much, gradually thickening out as Spring dawns.

Up to the flat and put the clothes away, made a brew, took the medications and finished the Sunday diary and started this one off.

Had a go on Facebook. I lost the graphic I did for Marie and Mary mid-way through the session?

WallaStarted a graphic for the TFZ site, not much time available to get it finished, cause I’ve got the INR blood test, and Doctor’s appointment to go to later this morning. However, I did finish the one for TFZ’s Sandie

Did the ablutions, shaving, teggies, then a damned good energetic (For me) showering using the lemon scented soap from Morrison’s. Dried off well and applied the creams lotions and potions to the required areas and limbs, and used the citrus deodorant. I must have smelt like an orange or lemon, Hehe!

Dressed, took the pound-shop brolly with me, and went down to the foyer. Had a nice chinwag and laugh with some of the tenants who had gathered to catch the bus, and decided to get the L8 with some of them down into Sherwood to avoid some of the now heavy winds and rain.

1Mon09Dropped off near Mansfield Road, walked down and left up through Sherwood and up the gradually inclining, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna annoying hill and down the other side into Carrington and the surgery.

The brolly blew inside out, and I retrieved it and deposited it in a roadside bin, cursing a bit as got wetterer and wetterer on my way to see the nurse. Humph!

I arrived with plenty of time to spare and took off the coat, sat and started on the crossword book. A chap pointed out that the zip on my flies was wide open… Oh dear, the Whoopsiedangleplops have begun!

The surgery nurse called me in, and she did the blood test for me. I gave her some nibbles for her and some for the others. The rain seemed to be coming down even harder as I left, after waiting a while in the forlorn hope that the rain might ease.

I wadded down through to the Carrington shops and into the Lidl store. Spent a good bit toady, bacon, cheese, two potatoes, unicorn carrots, roasted almonds, furniture polish, lemon curd yoghourts, a fruit fool and two fresh cream jam doughnuts.

By the time I exited the nasty staffed shop, the rain had reduced to a bit of drizzle, thankfully. I caught a bus back into Sherwood and called into Holland & Barratt and got a pot of Vitamin B Complex and some Cod liver oil capsules to replace the ones I was running short of.

Out and across the road, with ten minutes to go before the L8 bus was due. Penny, Frank and the nasty woman with the vicious intimidating son (I just acted as if she was not there) were waiting in the shelter. Norman was passing by, and he stopped for a chinwag with us.

Up back to the flats, got in, used the WC, fried myself off best I could then I put the slippers on, put the fodder away, made a cuppa and got the computer on to update this page.

1Mon11The rain started to come heavily again, as I made another mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold.


I rang Olive to see when or if I could call to see her.

She told me to call around 1400hrs.

I got CorelDraw going and started the next graphic off.


Finally got it finished. Not sure what to name or comment on it, though, yet?

5fri04a1400hrs: Over to visit Olive. Her daughter called for a paramedic yesterday, and she was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The poor thing has now caught an infection that has left her legs with blotches that are painful when touched against. She cannot wear anything on her lower legs. They have put her on antibiotics. These may affect her Chrones and may delay her planned hospital procedure. So damned annoying, just when she is getting so close to her hip operation date. I felt so bad for her.

She made out she was coping with the disappointment, but I knew. Differently, she didn’t tell me off once! So I knew she was well under the weather. I stayed as long as she would allow, we chatted, and she told me some of her younger life, and we managed a smile or two between us. Gave he a smacker, wished her all the best and arranged to visit her on Wednesday with her permission. I left a little despondent and annoyed that life should do this to the girl. Bless her.

Got back to the flat and checked out my bleeding areas, to find both of them were okay and blood free! Did the last Health Check and the weight had increased a tad yet again! Huh!

1Mon12Did some work on the graphics.

The evening sky looked so, er, what’s the word?

Dynamic? Tumultuous? The different effects on the skyline varied from black to bright white and all combinations in between… I didn’t explain that very well, did I?

Good job I took a photographicalisation of it. Hehehe!

1Mon11Got the meal prepared, an easy job today, a salad of sorts, without any bread. (The weight increasing you know!)

Pork & Mushroom pate. A portion of soft cheese and strong cheddar, two potato waffles, mushrooms, beetroot, pickled silverskin onions and some sage and onion slices… oh, and the cheesy twist light puff-pastry thing.

Settled in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some of the Boon DVD, which I stayed awake for without any bother (No commercial breaks you see?). Turned over to the TV to watch some Law & Order and, off I went, into a dream filled sleep…

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 19th March 2017


Sunday 19th March 2017

Japanese: 2017年3月19日日曜日

Getting to sleep so unbelievably late, meant I didn’t wake up until 0445hrs, very late for me usually.

Sat pondering on the dreams I’d had, not much detail recalled, only that they were about my past life I think. Anne Gyna was letting know she was there.

Out of the £300 second-hand shaking and shuddering badly as it lowered me down to get out of it recliner and off to the porcelain room. Little Inchy and Haemorrhoid Harold, thankfully, were both a lot better bleeding-wise this morning.

Carried out the Health Checks.


The only concern was the weight increasing almost daily. I suppose my not getting out so much will have something to do with this? I must try to get out for a walk again later today.

Made a brew and took the medications and applied the creams and lotions, then got the computer on and updated yesterday’s diary and got it finished and posted.

Started this one off, had an emission of wind, and had to hasten to the porcelain. Tsk! All okay.

Made a mug of tea to replace the one that had gotten cold. Decided while in the kitchen, I’d get the mushrooms in the crock-pot on low. Added some mushroom soy sauce to them, shouldn’t need any salt or black pepper with this sauce in?

Back to the computer and found and used at the top, cause it made me smile.

Did some WordPressing. Then spent hours on Facebooking.7Sun03

Getting the chance to extol the virtues and flavour of the Polish Bakery half-wheat, half-rye natural sourdough bread.

Appetizing, hardly any crumbs and not too expensive to buy.

You can get it online at Morrison’s for 89p, I think it was… or 79p for a sliced 400g loaf.

I wonder, whether maybe or if Morrison’s will slip me a back-hander for the free advertising?


Set-to doing Marie’s and Marys graphicalisation of there sorting out the competition lady lurking in their Park. Took a few hours, but I think it’s come out alright.


 Tired now from concentrating, certainly not through owt physical cause I ain’t done no exercising.

Been drizzling down with rain now for hours, not that this affects me, just hope that it stops by the morning when I have to hobble into Sherwood then Carrington, to get to the surgery for the INR blood test.

7Sun03Got the din-dins sorted in no time. roast potatoes,

Garden peas, soy flavoured mushrooms, roast potatoes, crispy smoked streaky bacon, two boiled eggs, roast belly pork, silverskin pickled onions and cheddar and soft cheese. No tomatoes of any worth available at the moment, all bitter. The last two slices of the half-wheat-half rye sourdough bread. A banana and lemon curd yoghourt (Very nice!) followed.

Settled down to watch some of the Boon DVD… drifted off and dreamt of my being chased in underground tunnels by all sorts of people and things. Some I recognised and could name, strangers and small, weird creature of all types and shapes, everyone one being coloured orange? I was really nervous, and out of breath running on the gravel and kept falling over, each time I did, my pursuers stopped chasing me until I got up and started running again?

I woke up with a jump, thinking it was early morning, lay there thinking and making notes of the dream to use late in this diary, then realised I’d only been sleeping for a matter of minutes? Odd that!

The racing mind did not let me get back to sleep for yonks, think I dropped off around midnight.

Inchcock Today: Saturday 18th March 2017 – Early Whoopsidangleplops today.


Saturday 18th March 2017

Afrikaans: Saterdag 18 Maart 2017

Awoken with a start around 0230hrs. Sweating shivering and in low spirits. Tried my best to recall the dreams, but other than a vague belief that they were about my schooldays, nothing concrete.

The mind was riddled with concerns over the banking problems and my failure to sort things out This I think, decided me to try and keep busy to avoid them. I chose to get the laundry room duties done straight away. No washing or cleaning just got the glasses, pants and shoes on, picked up the bag of laundry with the everything needed for the task, in it and went down to the ground floor and got them in the machine and going.

6Sat10To the apartment and got the medication pots for the week done and sorted.

Started on Facebooking for a while before it was time to go down and move the washing out of the washer and into the dryer. Note how well I worked out what needed doing this time?


0325hrs: Down to the laundry taking the camera with me. Moved the togs and cleaned the washer.

6Sat07I popped out of the front doors to take a photo of the view across the road, hoping it might come out as a ‘Moody’ type one.

It was warm and wet, and I could hear some of the bird calls, and make out they were different ones, even without my hearing aids in.

Luckily, I’d got the key fob in my jumper pocket to let myself back in with. Phew!

Shot back up to my tiny dwelling called home, and got the computer on, finished the Facebooking session, and got some graphicalisationing started. Must keep the brain from wandering back to the problems!

0425hrs: Back down to collect the things.


6Sat11Timed it well for once, the Finish sign flashed up as I got in the room. Took a photo for no particular reason, and noticed how oddly shaded it came out? Very nice, but unplanned?

I think I’d moved the selection dial to this icon in mistake, but having no idea what it means didn’t help me solve the mystery. I changed it back to auto and took a photo of the clothing. Okay.

As I unloaded the clothes and folded them ready to go into the bag – I realised how few items there really were there? How, I inquired of my stunted confused brain, did I go five days since the last wash, and only have two pairs of socks, and three underpants in a pile? No towels either, in fact only four jumper-shirt thingamabobs? I was puzzled yet again?

Cleaned the dryer and fluff filter, wiped around and returned back up to the flat. The first task was to respond to the late call to the porcelain for a heavy duty session. Oh dearie me… Haemorrhoid Harry was still bleeding, after a check of things I decided to have a strip wash and put the clothes into the laundry bag after soaking them. Did the teggies and had a shave while they were soaking. Didn’t want to have a shower in case of disturbing the neighbours so early.

Then back onto the porcelain for another session! Blimey! Harry’s internal’s was still leaking.

However, I put some padded protection pants on… Like a giant nappy they are! Hehehe!

I put away the washed items and returned the bag to the other room… and spotted another bag with laundry waiting to be done in it! I did feel a fool (Nothing new there, mind!). I must have started two bags of laundry? Ah well, I’ll see if I can get this lot done in the morning. Tsk!

Computerisationing again. Worked on the diaries off, foolishly starting this one off first, thinking so much has happened already and I’d gone photographing mad too, better get it down now while I remember. This will make remembering the yesterday ending even harder! I’ve confused myself more and more today already, and it’s 0nly 0700hrs!

6Sat12I could hear the wind getting up outside (Mind you, the wind was starting inside. Hehe!).

I nipped bravely out onto the balcony to take a shot from a different angle. Facing North (To the right of the flat).

The wind and rain had soaked me within seconds. It was that dead thin and small drops rain that catches you out innit?

6Sat12aI then went into the kitchen to take a picture while hanging out of the window, of the view below. Catching my head against the frame and knocking the hearing aid at the same time. The tubing came out and I tried to catch it – fumbling and trying not to drop the camera, I dropped the tubing…

Went down the lift and outside, but could not see it anywhere, despite my determination and getting blown about by the wind and soaked in the rain, again! Made it worse cause I went down like a clot, wearing the slippers! It probably got blew away in the wind. So, if anyone in France, Germany, Holland, Russia or America see a plastic hearing aid tube landing anywhere nearby, it’ll probably be mine. Hope some bird doesn’t mistake it for a worm?

Back up to 72 and into the wetroom to dry myself off, swap slippers and have a change of clothes. Tsk!

I’m fed-up with today already! Still, it’s bound to improve innit?…. Innit?

Pressed on with the diaries again. Then answered some nice comments on WordPress, and got ready to walk down to the shops for some bread and fruit… not any cream cakes of course, though, oh no… Ahem!

Dressed, a spray of deodorant, long distance glasses on, hearing aid inserted, normal underwear on, hat on, bag ready and off I set.


6Sat17Down Winchester Street hill first and to the continental shop for a loaf of their delicious bread – but they had some of the belly pork with herbs and peppers on display, and I weakened. Shame number One!

Up the hill to the greengrocery shop and bought just one potato – I say one potato… look how big it was when I got it into my full sized oven cooking later. Ginormous! It’ll probably take two days to bake and last me a week!

Then the simple task of walking passed the cake shop and not looking in the window display… which I failed (Shame number Two!). Two Fresh Cream Buns with strawberry jam inside and vanilla icing on top. Of course, 6Sat20 I would never have been tempted or interested in buying such unhealthy foodstuffs normally. It’s just that I thought Olive would like one.

Carried on up and over the hill and right up through Woodthorpe Grange Park.

A few yards up the path, and I espied a rather beautiful lone wood pigeon on the grass. I got out the camera, convinced with my luck he’she would have flown away by the time I


got it out, but was lucky and took several pictures before it did fly away. It seemed to me, a bit like a search for twigs for the nest was taking place? Bootiful!

6Sat15Up to the top of the path to turn tight down the gravel path passing the copse, when I realised how kind Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were being to me. When I got to the Copse, I took a photograph showing the flats and the edge of the trees. I wondered if this one would do for Maries Nature Challenge Photo on her Facebook page.

Down the rest of the path, and met 93-yeat-old tenant Eddy coming up the path, and a lot faster than I can get up it! He was feeding the crows.

6Sat18Up into the flat, and I got the giant potato into the oven and took a piccy of the other stuff for you slaver over. Hehe! The belly pork looked and smelt so irresistibly tempting. I’ll have it for nosh tonight with some cheesy mashed then baked potatoes.

That is if the mega-spud ever cooks. Haha!

I’d like to have some garden peas with them, but fear another battle with the exasperating little vegetables. Hehe!

Made a mug of tea, and for some reason thought I’d hand-washed two shrunken kippah style 6Sat16caps. I must remember to keep turning them over.

Did them in warm water and used washing-up liquid. So I did.

Also washed out the cleaning cloths afterwards.

Rang them out best I could, and put them on the towel warmer in the hallway. It will take ages for the thick caps to dry ready for use again, but I have some others in the airing cupboard.

Going to see Olive in a bit, I’ve to call first to see if it is okay, mind. Hope she wants the cake, I know she likes these ones, ’cause last when I took her one and told her it was a cream iced scone (Thinking that was what they were called), and she told me off for getting the wrong ones. Luckily her grandson was due to visit and I left it in her fridge for him. She had a look later and realised it was the one she loves so much and ate it up. So now I know they are called Iced Cream Buns!

Got the computer going and did some diary updating, then awhile on Facebook.

6Sat21Oh, nearly forgot I took this one in Sherwood near the top of the hill.

Very sad place Sherwood for shopping.Three

Three stores have closed down this month. One of them a large supermarket, Budgens.

Of the other two, one I think was a ladies hairdresser the other a sadly failed florist.

Looking at this photo: It is Saturday and around 1130hrs, not many folks about is there? Too many shops, not enough people. However, the regular Big Issue Seller was in attendance and there were some stalls forming a Farmers Market, I felt sorry for them, no customers there while I was in the vicinity. Sad.

Went to see Olive, remembering to take the Cream Iced Strawberry bun.

She looked and sounded to be in good form. Even told me off, just the once mind. We had a jolly chinwag and laugh. She is still waiting for the date for her operation and has organised the after-op help she’ll need. Assistance for dressing and bathing lady all sorted. She’s even filled her freezer with ready meals to save hassle and walking/standing afterwards too. She’s been shopping for these this morning with her grandson, Malcolm. An amazing woman, no wonder I admire and love her so.

Best moment of my day when she smiled when she saw the cream cake.

7Sat24Back to the flat and got the giant potato out of the oven and halved it ready to scrape out the flesh into the bowl and mix it with cheese…

This is not a photo of the actual potato, but one I found on the web that resembled it the closest. Oh, gnashfumbleandammit! A large area of pure white, what looked and felt like soft plastic was around the dark area.

I removed the infected flesh and used the rest of it. A good bashing and mixing with some extra strong cheddar cheese, and out it in the oven with the potato spread wide and thin, which made it look like a lot more than it was. Turned the oven up high and did some Facebooking with the TFZers. Added the sausages later.

So, it turned out fortunate that the lady gave me such a whopping potato, didn’t it? Hehe!

7Sat23The weather turned a bit nasty, high winds and rain.

Popped in to use the WC, and found that Little Inchy had been bleeding again.Got the ablutions done and the meal prepared.

Getting fed up with this leaking blood lark. I’ll have to get some more of the extra large PCP’s, (Protective Comfort Pants) and they are not cheap.

Ah, just realised why I had so few underpants to wash now – I’d been wearing the throw-away PCPs! If it isn’t Little Inchy its Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding lately. Tsk!

7Sat22Served up the meal. Pleased with how the potatoes had browned off, the thin chipolatas were tasty, as was the beetroot, pickled mushrooms, siverskin onions, and best of all the garden peas – I put some demerara sugar in the saucepan with them when I warmed them up. 

The naughty cream cake was a pleasurable indulgence again, but I managed to drop the banana, got out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner to retrieve it… and trod on it! I thought I’d cleaned it all up… more, later.

Put the washing in the sink to soak, checked the bobble hats on the towel dryer; they were still wet? then got the Boon DVD on to watch. Which went well staying awake-wise. Turned to the TV to watch the football on channel five. 

To the Porcelain room, and checked Little Inchy and Haemorrhoid Harold, both of which seemed to have steadied up and indeed neither was bleeding at the time. Got the PCPs off and returned to settle down and watch the end of the football, this is when I realised I had not got all of the banana up off of the carpet. Clouted my elbow as I tumble slipping on the tiniest blob of squashed banana.

If this diary was to made into a book (Comedy of course), folks reading it would think something like; Rubbish!, No one can have such bad luck! or maybe, Utter Tosh, don’t believe it!

Anne Gyna stopped me getting any sleep much, or rather getting off to sleep for hours, the latest I’ve been in getting the head down for months.

And yet, I don’t remember being concerned in the slightest about this?

Friday 17th March 2017: Did Graphicalisationing – but nowt else much


Friday 17th March 2017

Myanmar (Burmese) သောကြာနေ့ 17 မတ်လ 2017

Arose 0350hrs, after one hour’s proper sleep. Feeling well dejected, melancholy and dispirited – and Anny Gyna along with Duodenal Daniel giving me a hammering pain wise.

This is not going to be a good day, I thought. The sepulchral demoralisation combined with physical pains will, I reckon ensure this today will be a struggle.

I’ll not waffle today, I’m finding it hard to lift myself out of the depths of depression this morning, feel horrible.

I moped in the chair for ages before finally forcing myself to get up out of the chair and to the porcelain. Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding badly, rich dark red and had to have a wash-up and cream things. I was not in the least bothered about this as I sat listlessly on the thrown afterwards, complete acceptance that everything I do is, painful, confusing, frustrating and bound to happen?

Did the ablutions and set about finishing off the TFZer graphicalisations, using CorelDraw and CorelPaint.

Six hours later, and I had got them finished. Hoping I have not missed anyone off.

Here are some of them, just to show off a bit like, cause nowt else happened much today.


Apart from me moping around and feeling sorry for missen, and fighting to keep things out of my mind by doing anything else like.

6Sat03Had a meal with a difference. The choices will get less as the days go on and I still can’t access my money. Tsk!

Good job Morrison’s are still taking the old card in payment?

The half-wheat Rye, half-Wheat Sourdough bread has all gone now. Liked that I did.

Settled to watch some DVD, then the TV – nodded off for hours, woke up, tried to watch the TV that was still on, fell asleep…

TTFN folks.