Inchcock Today – Saturday 21st April 2018: Nocturnal Nightmare

Saturday 21st April 2018

Catalan: Dissabte 21 d’abril de 2018

0435hrs: I woke and lay there in the £300 second-hand recliner for a while, awaiting the brain joining the body. When it did, it was as if I was enigmatographist, the world’s and local problems fleeted through my mind, with me attempting to find solutions and work out the reasons why these problems appeared in the first place. I soon gave up and returned to my usual state of, fears, jealousies, uncertainty and nervousness.

Slowly it dawned on me that it was 0450hrs! What a night of sleep I’d had. I reckon a good seven hours. Had to rise out of the recliner to go for a wee-wee, and a marathon session it was, too.

6Sat001I went into the spare room as I exited the wet room, and took this photo of the outside and the eerie surroundings.

I’m not sure, but I thought I might have seen some of the pipistrelle bats out there, three or four it seemed. Very small. If it was them, they could have been out on their chiropterophilous activities with the new growth of plants? But, whatever they were, they were too fast for me to get a good look at the little mites.

Off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and gobble the medications.


6Sat02The readings looked a little more close to normal this morning.

Whoosie3W001 Putting the needle in the ‘Sharps-Bin’, I stabbed myself in the wrist with it. No problem methinks, though, after all, I’ve just shot 100mg into my humongous-wobbly stomach anyway. Familiarity can cause one to lose awareness. (That sounded clever, did I say that? Hehe!)

I made a start on finalising the Friday Diary. I got it finished around 0700hrs or so.

Posted it off and then made a start on today’s Inchcock.

Hours later got the Health Checks done.

I viewed and responded to some comments on WordPress, next. Then onto the WordPress Reader, tons of good stuff on it today from the WordPressOnians.

Went on Facebook, with fingers crossed.

6Sat06The blotches had lessened again as the day turned into evening.

I got the meal cooking.

Cumberland Pie with extra cheese and sliced tomatoes on top, potato cakes, beef, sliced apple, seaweed and a lemon yoghourt.

6Sat08Very tasty.

Had a wee-wee.

Tried to sleep, but the heat would not let me.

So I decided to get the laundry done.

Down and got the washer started. Back to the flat and sorted the black bags, took them to the rubbish chute.

Restarted the computer to update this blog.

Down to move the washing into the dryer. Nipped outside to take these photographs of Woodthorpe Court.


6Sat11 (2)Into the laundry room and got the washing moved. Some poor soul had left their quilt in the machine.

It could have been me. Tsk!

Getting older flashes on, as the memory flashes off out of your reach!

I had to clean the filter in the dryer before using it. Then cleaned the washer.

6Sat12a1927hrs: To the lift. I spotted the forecast on the electronic information sign, it informed me that thundery-showers were about.

Up to the apartment, set the timer-alarm for 40 minutes and continued updating this post.

Visited the WordPress Reader.

Time to go down and collect the washing.

6Sat16I nipped out again to take this photograph. There were no signs of any thundery-showers yet.

Whoosie3W001 When I tried to get back into the foyer, the new swipe-pad would not let me in! I spent about ten-minutes swiping away and beginning to panic a bit. I tried cleaning the fob, swiping from different angles. I thought, well that’s it then – I’ll have to ring the control centre. Tried just one more swipe, and it worked and let me in? I think this place is cursed, haunted or been taken over by aliens.

6Sat17Got the things out of the dryer and folded ready to go into the bag. No odd socks to report Hehe!

Cleaned out the filter and drum.

Whoosie3W001 Head inside to reach the back of the dryer to clean it, and banged the back of my bonce coming out! It’s late, and I’m so tired.

Up to the apartment, put the clobber away and updated this post to here.

Went on Facebook. Spent a pleasurable few hours on there, and did some page-top graphics. Only got three done, and they took me ages to get something like right. But, late as it was now, I enjoyed creating them.

6Sat08Suddenly the day had gone?

I got the fodder prepared. A Cumberland pie with extra cheese on it, and sliced some tomatoes on top of it, adding a pinch of onion salt as I put them in the oven. The two potato scones were a day out of date, but they smelt and looked okay to me. The beef chunks were not so tasty this time. A sliced apple and some seaweed rounded of the khana. A jar of the expensive lemon yoghourt from Aldi followed.

Tried to get to sleep. Nope!

Tried the TV. No luck there either. So I went to YouTube to watch some videos. That didn’t send me off either. I was running out of ideas to get myself to sleep.

6Sat24Next, I tried the trusted reading a book in an attempt to scam my ‘Don’t-go-to-sleep’ genes. My choosing Spike Milligan’s ‘Where have all the bullets gone’ proved to be a wrong choice, cause I couldn’t put it down for hours! Humph!

My body continued to advise me that it needed rest and sleep. But the mind was not interested!

I tried the TV again, in vain hopes I could drop-off into the land of Nod. But, no!

Well gone midnight, I turned everything off, and just lay there… another bad mistake. For the confused brain began to contemplate, deliberate, ponder over, examine, procrastinate, consider, ruminate, woolgather, mull-over, brood over, chew the cud, cogitate, prepend and chew the cud, about everything it could think of that if feared!

Finally, I drifted off to sleep, but I can’t remember when. Maybe I dreamt of going to sleep in my semi-cognisant, semi-conscious,  half-aware, languorous, insensible mental state? I’m losing it now!

Any Neurologist, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, Mental health counsellor or Psychiatrist in need of a real challenge out there? And think they can assist me to regain some form of normality, and self-fame if you succeed of course. Most importantly, you are willing to help me for very little payment (And I mean infinitesimally insignificant amounts)? You will gain experience not many Health Professionals have ever encountered before. And, for the unbelievability of my emotional-well-being problems, really. Come see me, please. I thank you.


Inchcock Today – Friday 20th April 2018: Busy Whoopsiedangleplop Day!

Friday 20th April 2018

Lao: ວັນສຸກທີ່ 20 ເມສາ 2018

0335hrs: I woke up, initially full of apanthropinisation, a reversal of the brain’s general confusion, worrying and fearing everything whatever came into it. As a rule, I’d lay there fretting about whatever and searching for something to puzzle over, speculate about, weigh up or be scared of. Often resulting in dysania. But not this morning. At least not for long, the inner panic and sense of failure would soon return. Not yet though, for I unceremoniously arose, with the stomach grumbling away and Duodenal Donald giving me gip and found myself in the kitchen doing the Health Checks with no memory of my getting there.

5Fri001WDP001A As I was putting the kettle on, I caught my frightful reflection in the window. The face had the Spotty-Muldoon blotches again, like yesterday morning, although not so aggressively this time?

I wondered if it might be the tiny insects nibbling at me, as they flood into the flat through the holes and cracks in the walls that had not been plastered yet? Or was it something to do with nerves? Either way, the panicky, fearful-of-life mode returned, and anything to fret over came into my poor tortured brain again. The visitation from the apanthropinisation had ended. I enjoyed those few minutes of freedom from concerns.

5Fri001bBack to my regular ‘Getting worked up, get in a fluster, get overwrought, be on tenterhooks’ modus operandi and philosophyHumph!

Off for a wee-wee.

WDP001A Then, when I went to attach the sphygmomanometer, I found the Nurse Ann donated blood-taking scar on the arm, had turned into a right looking mess. Next time  I see her, this will be my fault of course. I made a brew and did the Health Checks.


5Fri002The sys was up a tad, the pulse gone down a bit, but the calefaction remains somewhat high, but physically I felt alright in myself. I’d best not mention the mental aspects of how I feel. Hehe!

Off for a wee-wee.

Got the computer going, it started alright today. Sorted the photographs to use. Started off this diary.

Then went to finalise the Thursday post. Got it sent off. Did some WordPress Reading, then a few comments to reply to and make.

Changed all the things from the heavy coat to the sleeveless multi-pocketed one. I expect to get sarcastic comments about still wearing such a lot of clothing mind.

5Fri005Got the ablutionalisationing and medicationalisationing tended to. Surprise, no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold at all, and only the tiniest bit from the lesion. Hurray and yippee!

Set off on my mission to get some Liquid Paraffin, for the plates-of-meat and picker-upper. Out through the maze and along Chestnut Walk to the cabin to await the bus.

I took this rather picturesque shot of the flats with the new build in the centre. Coming 5Fri005aon in leaps and bounds now, the Extra Care block is.

Warm out there. But I have to wear long sleeves and keep a hat on in the sunshine. Else the skin cancer gets worse, and it affects the Warfarin level a lot.

Got in the hut, and it was soon filled with tenants. I had a smile, laugh and chattering session or two, with the others.

5Fri006WDP001A I did, ask expected, receive a sarcastic, “Ain’t yo warm in all that bloody gear?” I calmly pointed out that the skin cancer affects me badly in this weather, I have to keep the sun off of myself – Why does this bother you then?” He wasn’t bothered and just said “Oh!” sneered at me giving the up & down stare and left. I departed to join the smoker-residents outside when the bus arrived. I had a go at the crossword book, and did reasonably well on it, en route.

I got off and poddled to the Wilko store and had a look around for some Liquid Paraffin (At least I think that is the name of it.) I came out worse off financially, but no paraffin available. It appears the yar going to stop selling their own label softener and granules. Shame! I love the scent of these products. However, I thought the sign said they had reduced them down £1 a pot, so I got three while I could. I also purchased a packet of sweet almonds, citrus aerosol sprays and some small Milky Bars for the nibble-box.

5Fri007Paid the lady on the till and went out to search for the paraffin and picker-upper.

The Nottinghamians were out in force today. Presumably to get the sunshine while it lasts.

The beggars, street musician, Big Issue sellers and even a few of the imitation Police Officers were spotted. With their hands in their pockets or chatting away with members of the opposite sex mostly! Hehe!

I noticed amongst the shopper, many of the old folk were dressed like I was.

5Fri009Then I called in the Poundland Store, to see if they had any of the things I was looking for. Of course, they had not, but I did come out having spent a bit there too. They had some large bottles of the Zoflora Citrus disinfectant at £2. Which is cheaper than those at Morrisons (£2.69) and Asda (£2.59). So I bought one. And another two citrus air sprays, 2 for a quid.

I made my way towards the slab square.

5Fri008Calling in three different shops in search of a new picker-upper to replace the broken one I fell on having my last nasty dizzy spell last week.

I had no luck at all. I’ll have to get to see Penny and ask her when she is going to Derby, I’d like to go with her. Then I can have the pleasure of her company and have a look in the disabled shop in the Eagle shopping mall for the picker-upper.

5Fri010I cut through Climber Street into the slab square.

The corner where a gang of mock-musicians usually locate themselves in a closed down shop doorway, a young man was playing the keyboard. (Well, I think that’s what it’s called anyway). As I approached, I spotted several mugs of takeaway coffee behind one of his speakers and thought, well, at least he can’t be doing too bad then. On my turning the corner, there were three other blokes. One with an upturned Industrial Cleaner tub. And two more toying with… well, I don’t know it was. But they had more speakers, and I think what a bass-booster, attached to the instruments. They were sharing what to me, looked like a suspiciously long and thick roll-up. Haha!

Eventually, I got to the City Centre Square. And, I took a few photographs of the Nottingham students, unemployed, shop-lifters, alcoholics, potential muggers, two-imitation police officers, takeaway food delivery pavement cyclists, the stink from the eight coffee shops in sight, TWOC convicted metal thieves, addicts. Going bankrupt shop staff having a fag and selling products from the shop to the students (Cheaply, mind), and pick-pockets enjoying the sunshine. (Hehe, only joking… I think!)


Up Queen Street to the bus stop. Some more Nottingham Street Art on the bench.

The L9 arrived, and I got on along with one other bloke. At the first stop along, where regularly, I would expect several of the flats tenants to get on the bus, there was only one gal, Norma I think.

We couldn’t have a gossip, cause she at far away on the side-saddle seats with her deadly four-wheeled shopping trolley. Hehe.

We got off at the flats and had a jolly-good chinwag and laugh as we made our way back to the beautiful uncladded, filthy windowed, draughty, holes-in-the-walls, noisy, messy, in-a-right-state, full of agitated people, Woodthorpe Court apartments.

Norma got out of the lift on the 4th floor, said our farewells, and I got to my little assaulted by Willmott-Dixon attackers, dwelling.

WDP001A When I got in the flat, took a wee-wee, got the kettle on and realised I’d forgotten to put the crock-pot on when I left. So, the potatoes will not be ready for hours!  Huh!

WDP001A Then I checked the receipt for the things I’d bought. The Wilko one showed £15.80 spent! The fragrance granules were £2.50 each, not £1 as I had thought. What a Shlimazel! And, the bottom item showed up as being for: Wilko Functional Food 30p – not the foggiest idea what that was?

The banging, then drilling, then back to grinding and banging noises welcomed me home. But thankfully not for too long. No idea where they were emanating from, except they were coming from somewhere above. The hot weather for the Willmott-Dixon lads must be about as welcome as it is to me. The poor souls will out in the blazing sunshine sweating pints when they have to work outside up on the hoists. They must be busier than ever with the new build as well.

Got updating this diary. Took me four hours to get up to here. I’m getting tired again, the concentration was not high now.

I went to do the Health Checks and checked on the potatoes. The spuds were done, so I put some grated cheese on the potato cakes and got them in the oven.

Set the timer and went back to turn off the computer. The view with the bird poo on the glass, is not bothering me as much tonight?

The alarm reminded me, and off I went to get the meal sorted. These victuals went down nicely indeed. A worthy 8.4/10 rating. The bland taste of the Morrisons Extra Mature cheddar was a disappointment, though.

I got the pots washed and had a wee-wee. Did a bit of medicating here and there.

Last Health checks were belatedly done. Medications were taken.

5Fri014Got another mug of fresh orange juice and took this photo of the skyline through the kitchen window. I don’t understand why, but the Clint Eastwood film, ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ came to mind.

Off for yet another wee-wee. I must remember to mention this to the quack, Dr Vindla.

It seemed to be getting warmer in the flat, and I rolled up the jammie bottoms and got down settled to watch some TV.

5Fri016 I noticed that the legs had started to go wonky again. One bigger (More retained water) than the other.

WDP001A After taking this shot of my limbs, as I was returning the camera to the Ottoman, it slipped, and I had to grab it quickly to prevent it falling and getting damaged. In doing so, I knocked over the mug of orange juice, the tray with the pen and notepad and the tube of Phorpain gel… and the camera still fell to the floor along with the other things! Fool! I got things cleaned and sorted-out, it took me a long while to get done. Mainly, because of the struggle to get back up from the floor each time that I bent down! Hehe!

After what seems a day or two, I finished the pottering and got down again to watch the ‘Hustle’ episode on the TV. Just in time to see the closing credits rolling. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 19th April 2018: Better day today!

Thursday 19th April 2018

Welsh: Dydd Iau, 19 Ebrill 2018

0235hrs: No need for any pandiculating this morning. I’d been laying here trying to get to sleep for hours, and decided I might just as well get up. Humph!

The first signs of mo3Wed12avement seemed to encourage the need for a wee-wee.

So, out of £300 second-hand recliner and off to the wet room.

Again, like earlier in the night, it was a wee-wee blast of enormous strength, but only last a few seconds?

WDP01a I also noticed that the vein area on the ‘Nurse Ann’ attacked blood-giving right arm was bruised and clotted.

Nurse Anns revenge? Hahaha!

Tended to the Health Checks next.

The pulse had shot up to 101, the temperature to 32.3, I wonder if this is linked to the jetting out wee-wee bursts?

I set on to updating the Wednesday Diary and got it posted at 0400hrs.

Checked the emails. One from the surgery had arrived with the blood-test results. The anticoagulation doses; Mon 2 Tues 2 Wed 2 .5 Thurs 2 Fri 2 Sat 2 Sun 2. The INR Warfarin level was 2.1, so I must take care not to slash my wrists today, cause with the blood so thin, it will be too late to change my mind. Haha!


Started updating this post up to here, and remembered the Morrison delivery is coming twixt 0630 > 0730hrs. So, I got the ablutions tended to early, to be ready for its arrival.


WDP01a Off to the wet room. Did the teggies, then when shaving I noticed the blotches all over the face? Looks like black-heads on the nose, too? Not keen on this development.

An excellent in-depth stand-up scrub-up, medicationalisationing and got dressed.

Made a brew. And guess what…


Turned everything off and restarted. Eventually, it returned. It’s times like this that any Virgin Customers willingly and gratefully paying the third increase in fees, tend to feel compassion for the multi-billionaire who bought Virgin Media off of Richard Branson.

Further added to this diary, then went to the WordPress reader.

Read and replied to comments. Had a wee-wee, things seem to be getting back to normal in this department (Apart from the frequency).

The Morrison Delivery arrived.

Got them put away. The sourdough bread for the Wardens arrived, and the toasties for Jenny were delivered. Topped up the bag for the Social Hour.

Sorted the black waste bags and took them to the chute. All ready and prepared, and out to the Social Hour.

Got to the shed on Chestnut Walk, and turned to take this picture of the flats with the new build for new tenants with Extra Care needs. Looking good to me. Now up to the roof, I think. Shame it will block the view for the current old resident on the lower floors, but this can’t be helped.

Entered the hut, it was early yet, so not many folks around. Cyndy and Margaret and four other ladies, with four gents.

I dropped the sourdough loaf off in the Obergruppenfurheress’s office. My EQ told me of a sense, an aura, of dubiety, incertitude and mistrustfulness hung in the air. This was an uncomfortable feeling for me. Of course, I may be wrong, but my EQ is usually right.

Went in the big room and had a chat with Jenny. She was in her usual good form this morning. Gave her toasties for the Saturday crowd and she thanked me. No need, indeed, bless her, after all the things she’s done to help me.

4Thu07I had a chat with Cyndy and the others. Then handed round the nibble box and had a laugh or two doing so.

In this photo, is Bill on the left, Cyndy in white and Margaret with her back to me in the checked dress. I asked the girls if my face was red an blotchy, but they said not?

I sat down with Bill (William on Sundays) and John. They helped me with the crosswords today. Then I handed out my raffle tickets to two different tenants this week.

4Thu08I departed early, to catch the 1030hrs bus. Offering my farewells as I left the happy crew.

I caught the Bestwood bound bus, along with many other residents.

Who nearly all got off in Sherwood, leaving me all on my own on the bus to go to Arnold. Hehe!

Anne got off last on Edwards Lane.

A lot of other passengers got on, some (I am well-pleased to say) I am on greeting terms with now.

The weather was so warm today. Made me realise that soon the fresh pod-peas will be available and the Tree Copse would bloom for me to walk through and admire.

I got off at the Sainsburys store. Someone had told that this shop sells the ‘Pick-up-Sticks’. However when I inquired of a member of staff, she said they used to, but don’t any 4Thu15longer. Shame!

I went to seek some of the flavoured bottles of tomato sauce so I can use them with eating my Polish Pork in beans.

I was most pleased to find that they were on offer at £1 a jar. Morrisons who I nearly ordered some off of, charge £2 a jar, same size. Is my luck changing? I bought four bottles of different flavoured ones. Plus a small pot of onion-salt.

4Thu09Out and caught an L9 bus back to the flats.

WDP01a I took a photograph at the Mansfield Road junction, I aimed to get a shot of the Daybrook Church in it. But failed miserably by taking the photo too late.

Still, I got one of the refurbished Cooper-Brook Hotel and restaurant. This would be handy for me to enjoy a get-away couple of days sometime, 4Thu10perhaps. Because with the L9 bus passing it should be easy for me get to and back from?

It is years, too many for my liking since I had a break.

I took another shot, as the bus turned into the estate it travels through in Daybrook. This one is to give an idea, for my American, Canadian and Australian TFZer pals of a Nottingham Housing Estate.

4Thu11 WDP01a As we passed by the Nottingham City Hospital, I took another failed effort of a picture. Shmendrik! I tried to make a snapshot of the vast staff flat car park and the hundreds of vehicles, but, as you can see, I took it too late, we were too far down the hill for me to capture them. Tsk!

WDP01a I got some acute-tingling sensations in my fingers after taking this effort. New to me these are, but I had difficulty sensing anything with them for a few minutes. Now, what could cause this to happen?

4Thu12When we arrived in Sherwood, I could see many of my fellow tenants waiting at the bus stop.

I was so determined to get a decent photograph this time. I did my bestest with the hands tingling away again.

WDP01a But no. I only caught one of the five or six residents in the shot. Shmeggege!

Back at the flats, I waited until all the others had got off, then joined them.

WDP01a On the hobble to Woodthorpe Courts, I heard the sound of emergency vehicle sirens, I thought they were coming my way, so I whipped out my camera.


A fire tender came along the road and stopped at my block of flats. Then another. Then yet another one. Followed by Fire Service car.

By the time I had limped and caught up with the others waiting outside, the officers gave us permission to go in. In the lift, some of the others said they heard the officers talking about a smell of gas in the caretaker’s room? As far as we all know, the flats have been all electric powered from when they were built in 1964?

The others got off on their floors, and I got into my noisy, Willmott-Dixon bashed-about apartment.

WDP01a The banging from upstairs was very loud, the worst I have ever been in for. It started at 1250hrs and went on until 1320 hrs. I assumed it was the workers doing something up there, despite it being their lunch-break time. No doubt a coincidence that the noises were all metallic sounding.

4Thu14I put the small potatoes on in the crock-pot and put the few things I’d bought away.

Had a wee-wee, made a brew, and did the Health Checks.

Then, I stuck the camera out through the kitchen window and snapped the fire tenders still there below on Chestnut Drive.

4Thu16 I viewed my beloved Tree Copse, slowly getting filled out now. I could still see through the trees yet. But, with the weather being so beautiful out there, it shouldn’t be long until it is walkable through, for me. It is a lot warmer outside than it is in the apartment!

As I closed the window, I mused on if I could stay awake long enough, I could take a walk through it later…

1Mon13WDP01a I trapped my finger in the frame as I got the camera back in.

I’ve used an old photograph to show what happened, cause the one I took now, has done another disappearing into the ether trick on me! Humph!

Well beyond my head-down time, but the potatoes are nowhere near cooked yet. Only tiny ones too?

I did next weeks Morrison order.

I popped to the OBergruppenfurheresses’ Hut, to ask Warden Deana what flat number Cyndy and Eric lived at, cause I’d forgotten. Then nipped up and asked them if they would like the tray of chicken thighs I’d overordered from Morrisons. Luckily they accepted, so that saved the food going to waste. Back to the flat.

I had a bash at Facebooking. Fingers crossed it will let me. It was okay with me tonight, but I’ve got to get me nosh and head down, now. I’ll be back (Did you note that Arnyism there, Hehe!) in the morning to finish this diary off. TTFN.

Friday morning now folks. I’ll update this twaddle now.

4Thu17Got the fodder sorted.

A 7/10 for this one. The potatoes spoilt it with their being bitter tasting.

Notwithstanding how tired I felt, sleep would not come as it usually does. I did have the odd moments of nodding off, but they lasted only seconds at a time. Which was annoying, but I did get to watch two episodes of the Hustle series for a change.

When sleep did come, it was sudden, I just flaked out light a light.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 18th April 2018

Wednesday 18th April 2018

Danish: Onsdag den 18. april 2018

I woke up around 2200hrs last night, got up, had a wee-wee and made a start updating the Tuesday post. In between many wee-wee’s, I got the task finished at 0130hrs.

Did the comments section. WordPress restarted the reader readings. (Try saying that when you’ve had a few. Hehe!)

Got the Health Checks done. The flipping sphygmomanometer needed starting five times before it recorded?



I’m not feeling precisely scrumdifferous, but I’m far less down than of late. My wandering thoughts seem less truculent. Unfortunately, my concentration remains impuissant.

Made a brew using the M&S Breakfast tea bags. They are passable, expensive mind, but very tasty. Not as good as the Twinings ones, but the M&S are £2.20 compared to Twining’s £4 odd.

Duodenal Donald was very little bothered about attacking me this morning, matched against the last few days, anyway.

The plates-of-meat were very bad, though. Under the toes, balls and soles are particularly painful.

Off for yet another wee-wee. If I get a chance at the blood test, I’ll mention my increase in urinary frequency to the nurse – depending on which nurse it is, of course.

3Wed03Looking forward to the coterie at the doctor’s surgery. I must remember that the Blood Test is at 0945hrs.

Made another brew and took this zoomed-in photo of Winchester Street hill.

Went on Facebook to catch up.

Lots of comments done and photos put on, and the Facebook even allowed me to do it without sticking or jumping. Hurrah!

Off for yet one more wee-wee. Tsk!

Some interesting discussions to be found on this carousel of ugly buildings on the comments.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I made another brew of tea and watched a few car crash clips on YouTube.

WDP03a Sorted the black waste bags, then got the ablutions tended to. Haemorrhoid Harold was not bleeding much, but he was in a pain-donating mood. Haha! But, Little Inchies Lesion had and was leaking. Got the medicationalisationing done.

WDP03a Took the black bags to the chute on my way to the lift, but had to call back at the flat to collect the hearing aids.

WDP03a Returned to the lift, and blow-me-down-with-a-feather-duster! I’d forgotten the INR-DVT card. Back and collected it, and managed to get into the elevator this time. Shlemiel!

3Wed04The workmen all seemed busy this morning as I made my way along Chestnut Walk.

Passing the Wardens cabin, I noticed they were in their office. I called in to hand Obergefreiteress Juliethem some nibbles to Obergefreiteress Warden Julie and Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana.

I set off dow3Wed05n the Winchester Street hill.

An odd morning weatherwise. Not cold, but the biting wind kept getting up and dropping regularly, similar to yesterday.

Down to Mansfield Road and turned left through Sherwood up the incline towards Carrington.

I managed to catch a picture of a Fire Tender as 3Wed06it made it’s way up the hill in the opposite direction.

I continued up the hill, no hassle from Anne Gyna whatsoever, over the crest and down into Carrington.

I got into the surgery car park. Despite the best efforts of a reversing driveress’s attempts at knocking me over.

3Wed10aI booked in with the receptionist and sat down with the intentions of getting the Crossword book out to tackle.

WDP03a Huh, I’d left it in the flat! Shnook!

I took this fifth Whoopsiedangleplop well, I thought. So decided to fill in the INR-DVT slip that I thought I’d returned to the flat to retrieve on my way out…

WDP03a Somehow or other, unbeknown to me, I’d put my small writing pad in my pocket instead of the form! Twit that I am!

I selected a magazine from the table to read.

3Wed12Nurse Ann approached and greeted me with her very-own distinctive daunting stare disguised as a semi-smile. (That could, if it was able to be bottled, prove to be Britains own Nerve Gas; Not only that, but we could sell it to Donald Trump and save all financial concerns over Brexit? Just a thought I had. Hehehe!)

She activated her famously formidable ‘Nod in the direction of her treatment room’, and this was enough for me to go willingly through the pain-barrier (The piles were terrible now) in getting up rapidly so as not keep her waiting, and hasten to the room.

She spoke to the receptionist a while and then joined me. She handled my admission and begging to be forgiven, well. Even engaged in a little banter. She’s smart you see. She was aware that this would confuse and puzzle me! After she had taken the blood, I gave her, her nibbles and departed.

3Wed07Left the Receptionists their nibble bag, and out into the sunshine and wind, off to the bus stop in Carrington. Sister Jane rang me on the way. I forget now what I’d done wrong.. oh yes, gorrit now. I’m overeating. They are going shopping in a bit. Hehe! Nice to hear from her, bless her caring cotton socks.

I joined the extraordinarily long queue and waited for a bus back to Sherwood.

Once again, there was only one side-saddle seat for me to use. But today, with no hassle from Arthur Itis or Dizzy Dennis, this was no 3Wed08problem.

I limped over the crossing and up to the top bus stop to await the L9 buses arrival.

Behold, I enjoyed the changing leaves and crisp warm breezes of Autumn.

Roy was at the shelter, and we had a smile and laugh or two on the bus up the hill to the apartments.

I took two photographs of the flats on Chestnut Walk. One by accident, but it came out better the other one did. Haha!


As I limped along, Penny caught me up. She explained that she did not get to Derby today, as her son had called her for help cleaning up. We chattered away, and she dropped off on the 11th floor.

I got in and did the Health Checks.

Many knocking and tapping noises coming from somewhere above me. I could not locate where from or if it was workmen or not. I did my best not to stew on things.

WDP03a Made a brew, had a wee-wee and got on the computer to update this diary. Amazingly and so surprisingly, the Virgin Internet kept going so slow it was hardly worth it being there. So I gave up the ghost!

3Wed12Got the meal sorted out.

The Vintage Hard Cheddar that I got from Aldi was very tasty. At last, a decently strong cheese! The triple-cooked chips from M&S excellent! The Spanish tomatoes let it down, took the edge off of the enjoyment. The Dutch yellow ones were okay, though. Overall, a rating of 9.2/10 was granted. Hehe!

I was feeling totally drained. I put down the tray on the Ottoman. Had a nibble at some yoghourt coated peanuts and a club bar and drifted off to kip.

Woke later in a bit of a panic to get to the toilet in time for a wee-wee of unnatural urgency. The nocturnal nibbling crumbs fell-off of my chest and stomach as I struggled to get up quickly enough.

WDP03a Stubbed my toe and caught the ankle bone on the edge of the wet room door en route. I found:

  • That as the wee-wee came out, it reminded me of a fireman’s hose, but only for a few seconds?
  • Little Inchies lesion was bleeding away to its heart content.
  • Attention required: PPs needed changing, the lesion cleaning and medicating.
  • On the plus-side, Haemorrhoid Harold was not bleeding at all! Yee-Haa!
  • The bruising on the vein was a little worse than usual.

Cleaned me and the porcelain. Back to the £300 second-hand recliner, and picked up what crumbs I could get at. Didn’t want to use the vacuum at this time of night and disturb the neighbours.

The following hours were spent hoping and praying for me to get back to sleep. But it was not to be. The farce in the wet room must have got me going so much, and confused my sleep-mode. Hehehe!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 17th April 2018: Incorporating pictures of the most elegant buildings in Nottingham. (I think)


Tuesday 17th April 2018

Scottish Gaelic: Dimàirt 17mh Giblean 2018

0235hrs: Woke up, pandiculated gently, awaited the brain to join the physical body puhtceared a while (Plenty of worries fears and hassles to reflect on). Duodenal Donald reminded me of his presence.

Whoosie3W01 The need for a wee-wee encouraged me to disentangle my overweight bulbous body from the £300 second-hand recliner and make my way to the wet-room. En route, I could feel the dried blood from the Fungal Lesion cracking and a sensation of fresh liquid running down my leg – Oh, Heck! Much cleaning and medicating needed following the completion of the painful wee-wee.

All sorted now, I went to do the Health Checks first.


I got on with sorting the Monday Diary out then. A big job with me having taken so many photos on my little trip out, and not having done any work on it when I got home either. It took me until around 0700hrs to complete the job and get it posted.

Made a brew of tea and took two pictures of outside from the kitchen window. One straight ahead and one upwards to the right. I must get out for a hobble through the beloved Tree Copse. Decent looking morning, mind.


Cloudy, but much warmer forecast for today. Which is good news with the cladding installing being a long way off yet?

Had a look at the comments. Didn’t take long, only two on today. More will follow, I’m sure.

Then, onto the WordPress Reader. Plenty on there today to enjoy.

Have to stop now, time for the ablutionalisationing session. Turned off the computer.

Whoosie3W01 Oh, Cruds, The Dreaded Blue Screen came on!


Not the foggiest what it means.

Got the ablutions sorted and took the bags to the rubbish chute – put the cleaned empty jars in the carrier to drop off at the recycling bin on the way out.

Off to the Obergruppenführeress Wardens Hut, via the glass bin.

Welsh William, Roy and two ladies in there when I arrived. Soon to be joined by Cyndy, Penny, Ruth and others. We all seemed to have a good gossip and laugh. On the bus, I sat behind Cyndy, Margaret and Penny, and the nattering continued with the lady bus driver, but I could not join in, I couldn’t hear what was going on. Hehehe!

2Tue03I got off in town and made my way to the Aldi store to get some more of the red coloured Bun Thins.

The old Palais De Danse ballroom looked in a sad state.

I got to the store and found that they had not got any of the red thins in stock, so I bought a packet of white ones to try out. Went a bit 2Tue04bonkers with the buying of fodder again, also bought strong crunchy cheddar, mini-potatoes, caramel nibbles for the nibble-box, Viennese rolls for raffle prizes, Light-fry butter spray, tomatoes, frikadellens and free-range chicken thighs, lemon yoghourt and sugar snap peas.

A step nearer bankruptcy now, I exited the Aldi shop to go to Tesco.

2Tue05The Nottingham City Victoria Centre flats loomed over the horizon.

I got to Tesco and ended up buying nothing, they had no scones or Pork Knuckles in stock.

So I wandered out of the store, to be followed by two security men.

As I stopped and looked back at them, they just stared at me? Then shadowed me to the doors. Most peculiar!

I hobbled along to and down Clumber Street. I’ve never seen so few people on it.


I meandered down High Street, onto South Parade, the Poultry and Pecks Lane, St Peter’s Gate and Albert Street. Slipped the Big Issue seller some dosh and into the M&S store down to the food hall. Where I spent madly again. Chunky chips, triple-coated chips and french fries, Breakfast tea bags and butter biscuits.

2Tue11I used their self-serve till, and a slightly desirous sturdily built young lady did the job for me.

I went up the escalator and out into the fresh air, and it was starting to blow a bit now.

As I was stood on the steps, right old Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit. So I stood there a few minutes to regain my balance. I think I must again, have looked white as two ladies asked 2Tue12ame if I was feeling alright and did I need an ambulance calling.

I thanked them and said I was okay. Which by then I was. The equilibrium returned, and I set off to the Poundland store, on Wheeler Gate. I’m not sure, but it seemed to me that these two officers did not move at all for ages, as if they were statues? I felt more clearer-headed as I hobbled along, though. I got diverted into the Sainsbury local store, to see if they had any of the seaweed sheets in stock. I came out with Quavers, Marmite rice cakes and seaweed added to the weight of the bags.

To the Poundland shop, and had a wander around there. Ending up with Choc biscuits, Pork Farm pies and nibbles for the social in the bag. I was so glad to see some of the Pork Farm pies on sale, they have not had any for months now. I got an extra one for Penny. I remembered talking to her about these last week, and her saying she loved them too.

2Tue14I wondered to the Slab Square and Little John up in his dome on top of the Council House, indicated I had 25 minutes before the L9 bus was due to arrive.

I strolled, albeit limpingly around the slab square for a while.

The wind was kept blowing with strong gusts and then dying down again?

The Nottinghamians wandering around with their mobile phones and pots of coffee, all 2Tue15aseemed a little morose to me.

I took a photo of some of the Fothergill Watson designed buildings on Long Row.

So much of his best work has already been demolished all around Nottingham now.

Without a doubt, the most sadly missed will be his Black Boy Hotel, on Long Row.


Those still remaining, are worth viewing, just for their elegance and handsome designs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue16As I arrived at the bus stop on Queen Street, the sun disappeared momentarily, giving me the chance to take a ‘moody’ shot of the Council House dome. With the tops of more Fothergill Watson buildings on the left.

I again, as the only person to get on the bus when it arrived late.

I was overjoyed when a crowd got on at the first stop, and Penny was amongst the passengers that got on. Bless her, she sat next to me too. This gave me the opportunity to hand her the Pork Pie treat. Over the moon when she thanked me and said she would love it.

Along with the lady on the seat in front, we had a jolly good chinwag en route.

Off the bus, we walked to the flats and up in the lift. Said our farewells as Penny got out, and I returned to the apartment. She said she was going to Derby tomorrow and would have a look at the disabled shop in the market, to see what ‘Pick-up sticks they had in stock for me. Bless her!

Did the health checks first, in case I forgot later. (I’m learning, Hehe!).

2Tue17Then I unloaded the bags and sorted and I stored-away the purchases.

Had a wee-wee. Took the medications. Back for another wee-wee (Hello?)

Too drained to do any work on the computer. But with the dreaded blue screen coming on when I closed down earlier, I did start it to see that it worked, and it did start up.

2Tue18Got the meal prepared.

My eyes were too big for the head, again!

But, what I ate of it, went down well.

Rated this one as a 9/10.

I soon fell asleep after I’d washed the pots settled down. Quickly as a matter of fact. Very early.

I woke up around 2200hrs, got up, had a wee-wee and made a start on this diary.



Inchcock Today – Monday 16th April 2018: Got outside at last!


Monday 16th April 2018

Filipino: Lunes Abril 16, 2018

0545hrs: As my reluctant expergefaction began, the uhtceare ridden brain joined it in feeling depressed. The aching body tormented by Duodenal Donald and amalgamated to greet the morning in a cowed, fretfull, apprehensive mode. I seemed to be worrying about everything.

The need for a wee-wee forced me into extracting my weary, tired body from the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the wet room. A good job I changed the PPs last night, they coped well with the copious amount of blood from Little Inchies Lesion. This reminded me to visit the surgery today and get a date for the GUM clinic from the doctors, or better still, go there on Tuesday to see them first.

I did the health checks and made a brew to take the medications with. Sys down yet again, the pulse continues to do its ‘Up, down, flying around’ thing. Hehe!


I took an extra Omeprazole capsule and a good few swigs of the impotent antacid medicine. I’m sure the worry and hassle over the noise from the flat above every weekend and sometimes during the week, and my being forced to complain about it, has caused the ulcer to flay up like it is doing. I hate conflict, and it worries me.

With my not getting to sleep for hours and hours, and waking up feeling so tired, it was now nearly 0700hrs, soon I must get the ablutions done. How I will find time to do the WordPressing and blogging might prove difficult today.

I had a quick go on the WordPress Reader. Then got some draft diaries done in advance. Made a list of things to do today, and put it in my pocket.

Time for the ablutions now. I enjoyed this session, barely any medicating needed apart from the Germaloiding. Hehe! Duodenal Donald kept on at me, so much so, I took an extra few swigs of the impotent, weak antacid medicine and a Ramipril capsule.

Got the black bags sorted and taken to the rubbish chute.

Off out to the shed, where I met Obergruppenfurher Julie, who was aware it seemed, of my complaining about the Saturday noise above. She asked me why I don’t just go up and see him. This was not what I expected to hear. I informed her I had visited the flat before but got no answer. Perhaps he is a popular tenant with them? I proudly showed off my list of things to do!

Cyndy and some other of my favourite tenant gals arrived, and we had a great chinwag about this, that and a lot more. I wish I could remember the names of more people. The place filled up, Welsh William, Frank and others. William was looking and sounding so much better now he is getting over his Morphine addiction. When the bus arrived, I sat behind Cyndy and Doris (I think that’s her name, a lovely woman).

I got off the bus and began what turned out to be a delightful mini-hobble around town.


1Mon01aCalled in Tesco in the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall), and was lucky enough to find some cooked Pork Knuckles on sale, and bought three of them.

Whoosie3W001 However, I could not find the list of things to do anywhere. I emptied all the pockets and searched the bag, without any luck? What a Putz!

Then out and across to the Aldi Store for an amble around. I got some caramel nibbles that the ladies at the Social Hour have taken a fancy to. Some crispy bacon, lemon yoghourts and some flatbreads I have never seen before. They are called Flat buns. (There is a photo further below of them) Almost orange in colour, I had to try these, especially as I now had the Pork Knuckle and tomatoes to make some sandwiches for tonight’s nosh. Oh, and some potato cakes.

1Mon01bThe bag a bit heavier now, but I was feeling okay, and wanted to make my way to the Nottingham Arboretum Duck Pond.

Out of the Aldi store, through Vic Centre and out facing Shakespeare Street, where I hobbled to the end of, passing the hundreds of young, fit students, very few without a phone or a coffee in their hands and up Goldsmith Street to the Arboretum.

1Mon05The mixture of ancient and brand new building was not pleasing to my eyes.

I hobbled up and in through the Arboretum gates, well, I say gates, there was only one narrow small gate open.

If a wheelchaired person needed access, I don’t think they would have gotten through it.

1Mon07I had a reminiscing moment or two when I got inside.

Back came the girls, the bandstand, the ice-cream sellers, my youth. I had to stop my wandering mind. Hehehe!

Along to the duck pond. The surprising thing was, there were very few ducks, just a handful of Mallards mixed in with the pigeon army. Here are the photographs I took at the pond.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1Mon07aOn my way out of the place, these beautiful little flowers caught my eye. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any like these before, beautiful!

Whoosie3W001 On my way up Goldsmith Street, a group of four or five students, on their phones yet still giggling and laughing with each other, coming in the opposite direction, forced into the road as they 1Mon08carried not. Possibly not even aware of what they had done. Hey-ho! No harm was done!

The grotesque new college building was now open and functioning. What an eyesore!

I wonder how much the demented architect got for designing this monstrosity?


Near the top of the street, I came across some Nottingham Street Art inside the wall of the closed down office block. It seems that the local pizza place is not as popular as it might be? Haha!

1Mon09Crossing Upper Parliament street near the Royal Centre and Theatre Royal, I crossed over and went down Market Street, with its many abandoned retail businesses and the odd few new specialist high-class shops, all customerless when I hobbled by them.

Down to the Slab Square, the sun was out, no 1Mon10signs of wind or rain, the sky looking a picture and a decent count of generally depressed looking Nottinghamians milling around.

Passing the Starbuck and Costa coffee houses, with their clients all on computers or telephones inside. The coffee cups with the stagnating coffee and the froth, running down the sides of the plastic pots onto the tables and tops and congealing. At the Starbucks anyway, I had a good look in there. Hehe!

I called in the Poundland store on Wheeler Gate and had a wander around. I bought some yoghourt covered peanuts and a packet of Sunflower Hearts to restock the now empty duck-food pot to use next visit.

1Mon11Paid and went on the slab square.

On the South Parade side, I got close up to some plants and took a photographicalisation through them across to Long Row opposite. Now here, the buildings displayed some of the most elegant architecture ever designed anywhere. Done so by my favourite designer of all time, of course, Fothergill Watson.

1Mon13I was pleased with how this effort came out.

A quick look at the Little John clock revealed it was time for me to get to the bus stop to catch an L9 back to the apartments.

So, off up Queen Street to the shelter.

The bus was a little late, but this has become the norm for the 1205hrs one. The driver is coming from the depot to relieve the regular one so she or he can get a dinner-break.

The bus arrived, I was the only person to get on.

1Mon14I took a snap of the newly decorated facia of the Frankie and Bennie’s Diner as we passed by. I hope they do better at night for clients because I rarely see anyone in it when I pass by. Possibly another future victim of the Nottingham Business Failures League?

I’d have thought that their breakfast offer of ‘Bacon & Eggs’, consisting of two rashers of bacon, two eggs and toast on offer at only £5.95, would have had folks rushing in. Hehehe! £6!

The lovely Doris (?), got on at the first stop, and we had a jolly good laugh and nattering session all the way back home. I enjoyed that.

1Mon15We parted in the lift, and back in the apartment, I got the purchases stored away. The new to me Flat buns are on the left.

The sudden exhaustion overcame me, and I had to leave the updating of this post until the morning. I was fatigued in the extreme.

All I could do was get the Health Checks and medications sorted, and sit down with the worries, fretting and fears combining to stop an sleep coming for ages.

1Mon16The new Flat-Cobs were delightful. I buttered them and sliced some pork knuckle and tomatoes. Added a side of a sliced apple, pickled egg and seaweed sheets. A jar of the superb lemon yoghourt to follow.

I might have nearly nodded off eating this meal, but it was a smashing change for a meal. Rated this as a 9.3/10 effort.

I lay there waiting for sleep to overtake me, but it wasn’t interested, despite my thinking I was tired and drained?

Eventually, I managed to nod-off.

Suddenly temporarily rejuvenate, I shot awake ten minutes later. With the sensation that something was wrong, or I had forgotten something? Horrible when this1Mon17 happens isn’t it?

I had to get up have a look around to check if anything had woke me up. I checked that no alarms were activating, nothing had fallen over, cooker okay, taps off, etc.

I noticed the bird poo on the balcony window looked well set on the glass now.

It took me ages to get back to kip. But this time I stayed asleep, straight for five hours! Ahh!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 15th April 2018

Sunday 15th April 2018

Dutch: Zondag 15 April 2018

1435hrs: I’d been waking and nodding off all night. Feeling unwell and uptight with the noise from that ‘Swine’ in the flat above. I hope he drops dead today! No, sorry about that, I meant I hope he drops dead painfully and slowly today. This would be some recompense for the anguish and physical pain the ‘Git’ has put me through with his clattering and banging about up there! Huh, feeling guilty again for saying that, already now. That bit of venom and resilience didn’t last long.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to do the Health Checks and take the medications.


7Sun05The Sys dipped again, but the Pulse went up from 79 to 95! I blame that noisy palooka Herbert upstairs, and the care staff for not stopping his noises every weekend, and sometimes in the week, for this situation.

I went to check on my Enoxaparin and noticed three bits of mail had been posted through the letterbox. Not opened them yet.

I got the photographs ready to go in the updating of the Saturday post and tweaked them on CorelDraw.

WDP03 0340hrs: Off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dearie me! I had a right job removing the PPs. Blood on both front and back, some dried bits were reluctant to come free without lubrication. I’ll have an exciting time sorting things out when I get the ablutions and medicating done later. Ah-well!

7Sun07Washed and went to the kitchen to make another brew of tea, to replace the one that went cold.

The slightly misty sky had a blue hue to it this morning. So I got the camera to take a picture of it. A little eerie I thought.

Then I went to the spare room to see if the giant-crane lads had packed up, or would they 7Sun06cbe returning once more today. The fears of the man upstairs starting his banging about again, ever-present in my mind.

It looked like they had all gone, no signs of any vehicles or tackle were spotted.

I wonder how much the taking down of the Orange communication mast had cost them?

I got the Saturday (And a horrendously noisy and illness invoking Saturday it was!) post finalised and posted off.

Then I made a start on this post.

Then went on CorelDraw to try again to get some head-top graphics made up. I got this one done for the TFZers.


BDThe TFZer gal I couldn’t get to fit in it, the incredible Patricia. She is dancing away again I see, with Thomas this time.

Me? I’m sweeping up at the back. Hehe!

I got back to concentrating on the Diary Page Headers again, on CorelDraw. Got two done before the fatigue set in yet, my attention waned. The interest attenuated.

I heard noises on and off, but they were acceptable, and I was not entirely sure where they were coming from either, this time.

7Sun33I commenced making a very early-for-me meal.

Set the timer for the oven chips and returned to the £300 second-hand recliner.

Had a quick bash on Facebooking. Jenny had asked me if I wanted to report the noise from BBJ up above officially. I thanked her and said yes. Mainly, not to cause any bother, instead avoid going through another nightmare Saturday like the last one. I can usually cope with his banging and clanging about, but when I feel under the weather like this weekend, it was too much to contend with. Thanks, Jenny.

Turned off the computer.

The bird-poo on the balcony window didn’t seem any worse than yesterday.

7Sun33aI did the Health Checks, then got the nosh served up.

The taste was alright. Gave it a 7.5/10 rating.

Washed the pots and settled down. Surprisingly I drifted off quickly for an hour or so. Then shot awake with the mind fretting away over my having to report BBJ, and Duodenal Donald giving me stick.

Sitting there I started to drift off again, and shadows broke the sunshine coming through the dirty inside balcony windows. I had the camera nearby on the Ottoman and took these romantic pictures. Hehe!


Nodded on and off for another hour or so, but the worrying was too much, and I got up again and did the ablutions. Good shower etc. There was minimal bleeding from the lesion or Hemorrhoid Harold.

At least the noise problem was nowhere near as evil today.

Made a brew and got the computer back on to update this diary.

Went on to the WordPress Reader.

Then got to the comment reading and replying.

Eyes drooping. But I did some Facebooking, as I had the feeling that sleep was not going to come quickly.

It didn’t either.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 14th April 2018: Regretfully, a bad day.


Saturday 14th April 2018

Polish: Sobota 14 Kwietnia 2018

0149hrs: I gently gleaned and gelled with my surroundings. The brain engaged, albeit in a muddled apathetic fashion. There was no fretting and worrying this morning (Not yet anyway), but an indifferent and a rare apatheticness lingered.

It seemed my exit from the £300 second-hand recliner and trip to the kitchen was done in automaton mode. I found myself getting out the sphygmomanometer and doing the Health Checks, still in part-robot-style. No recollection of getting there to do this? The inconcinnity endured, and it took a while for my usual concerns, fears and worries to return to their usual place – at the forefront of the mind. I enjoyed these few minutes of freedom from hassling thoughts and matters – it may have confused me, (It scared me too) yet I was disappointed when this lack of haranguing ideas started to wear off. (I wonder if a psychologist could help me with this? Hehe!)

As I was doing the health checks and taking the medications, all the mind-troubling hassle and worries came back and off went the grey cells, on their mission of illogicality, stewing together of my fretting, concerns, fears and the nervous chagrining had reinstalled themselves in the Inchcock brain.

6Sat001Made a brew and finished the Health Checking procedure.

Took the medications and made my way to the computer. Sys was still low compared to the usual readings, and the oscillation was down even further. I’ll have to look it up, but I think it is within range?

Started off the finalisationing of the Friday diary on WordPress. Getting it sorted and posted around 0400hrs!

Not feeling too well now. Queezy and lack of concentration, stomach started rumbling. Splitting headache came on, even a bit of a dizzy spell. Bit concerned about this.

I went to the windows to take shots of the different views.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Read and replied to the two comments on WP. Then had a perusal of the WordPress Reader section.

5Fri17 0800hrs: The noisy neighbour upstairs has started banging about.

On to CorelDraw, creating some page top graphics for future use.

5Fri17 0930hrs: The noisy neighbour upstairs is still, banging about. I might have just to move, at least then I’ll be free of the upgrading hassle. But then again, this will not guarantee me any peace on the weekends, for I know not what any new neighbours will be like, do I?

I like the people, apart from that noisy Herbert up above. I’ll take a walk to the Guinness Home tomorrow and have a chat with them I think. Oh, no, Sunday tomorrow. Very disappointed in response to my the last complaint made making no difference. In fact, he is worse today than he has ever been! Possibly my feeling unwell makes it seem worse.

I did some more Graphic work, but concentration was hard with Herbert’s noises.

I put the oven on to warm up ready to use later, to do the cheesy potato.

5Fri17 Christ! It sounds like he’s dragging something metallic and heavy around the room above now. Driving me potty. None stop noise at the moment! And, I can hear them without my hearing aids in!

I’m afraid I just shouted out at the top of my voice for him to go forth and multiply, using two words! I feel ashamed of myself now.

5Fri17 1230hrs: The noise continues, and I am getting depressed with it, now. I can’t concentrate at all, turned off the computer. I’ll continue to monitor the noises on my notepad to add here later.

6Sat08The day brightened up a bit.

I got the Health Checks done and the meal prepared. Pork Knuckle, cheesy mash, tomatoes, bread, seaweed and sliced apple.

Very nice, despite the damned noise continuing from up above.

I was concerned that I could have made an error, and the noise was from the giant crane outside that was removing the Orange Mobile Communications mast from the top of the roof. I might have enjoyed looking at the works if it were not for the noise coming from above and my feeling uptight, and now, Duodenal Donald is giving some stick. I did take some photographs though, I’ve put them all here for you peruse.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6Sat09I managed to trap my hand in the narrow gap in the windows when I was getting the camera back inside.

The ulcer was getting worse, so I did the Health Checks, and a took a few swigs of the ineffective Antacid medicine. Took an extra Omeprazole capsule too.

5Fri17 I knew things were not so good when I got down in the £300 second-hand recliner, and there were no signs of sleep whatsoever. I was all twisted-up inside with the noise coming from above. Duodenal Donald was terrible, and Dizzy Dennis visited me a few times. This is not good. I’m dreading tomorrow and more noise from the Git upstairs. Feeling so drained and weak. I can’t handle another noisy day like today. I pray that it will not be as bad on Sunday.

5Fri17 The noises continued on and off until around 1700hrs or so. Although, they may not have, for I had the headphones on while waiting for sleep and listened to the TV, but had the volume loud which meant I could not understand most of what was being said, and this might have drowned out any noises? Of course, there was no chance of me hearing any alarms that might have gone off. I’m in a right mixed-up depressed state at the moment.

Not sure when I managed to get to sleep, but it was hours latr than normal.

Sorry the day was dismal. If odd-knob upstairs is not noisy tomorrow, I’ll cheer up again.


Inchcock Today – Friday 13th April 2018: Day of the Dizzies!

Friday 13th April 2018

Maori: Rāmere 13 Paengawhāwhā 2018

1230hrs: I woke with an unnatural for me, firm determination and purpose, to rise and get the laundry done! I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner with no bother from Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna or Duodenal Donald. (I know, it surprised me as well!).

5Fri001The seemingly aeviternal damp wetness from the bleeding lesion was still with me, though.

By 1237hrs, I was on my way down in the lift to the laundry room.

Number two elevator was working, but the one that was noisy yesterday was not. I think when I was chatting to Cyndy at the social hour yesterday, I joked about the noise being like Heavy Metal Music; She said she had reported this. She got some action, bless her.

New notices, one in the lift, the other on the notice board.


5Fri002The electronic information sign indicated 0045hrs: 5°c outside and drizzle. Drizzle, well fancy that. Hehe!

Into the laundry room, and noticed that someone had apparently left their washing in the machine. It had been dumped by someone on the draining board. I think a lot of us old uns have done this, forgetting about the laundry. But thought whoever moved it out to get theirs in, might have folded the clothes instead of just bundling them on the drainer.

5Fri003Got the washer going, and back up in the elevator.

I got the photographs prepped for using in yesterdays diary updating.

Got the Health checks done.

Had a wee-wee.


5Fri005Went for a wee-wee. Had to cleanse around the lower regions and cream applied after cleaning off the dried and fresh blood.

Back down again, to move the clobber from washer to the dryer.

The filter had not been appropriately cleaned, bits of grit and fluff had spilt into the drum. So I cleaned that up and around the door area.

Before going back up, I popped outside to take a photo to the left then right of the foyer doors.


1Mon001In the flat, I got the computer on and began to update the Thursday diary.

What a performance! It took me ages to get the stuff done on the graphics. But it did improve later.

5Fri007Got the diary finished and posted off, then made a start on this one, but within a couple of minutes it was time to go down to retrieve the laundry.

I hadn’t noticed this sign on the foyer outer-doors before. A bit late to put up now after eight months? Maybe something had taken place that is being kept from us again?

5Fri006I emptied the dryer and got the clothing folded, cleaned the filter and casing. Got the things in the bag.

Then, cleaned the drum and door.

No odd socks! Haha!

Made my way up to the twelfth floor, and noticed that the new windows in the recess 5Fri008areas where they had replaced the wooden slats, had now been covered by a board?

Into the apartment and got the washing stored away.

WDP01 Made a brew. It was terrible, bitter, sour. I checked the milk after throwing the drink away. That seemed okay. Another of the many mysteries of the chiropterophilous, cold-uncladded Woodthorpe Court!

I pressed on with this diary up to here. Then visited the WordPress Reader.

April18Made a TFZer Graphic and posted it off.

Got ablutions tended to.

Doing the medicationalisationing after the shave, teggies and shower, I tried out the new ‘Care’ haemorrhoid cream. It had a slightly more gellish texture than the other creams. But not so effective at all. Still, I’ve bought the two tubes now, so I’m not going to let them go to waste. The piles were less bothersome than they have been this morning. So I think this ‘Care’ brand will be okay but will have to use the Germoloid one when things are more painful. Not that much relief, mind, but better than nothing.

5Fri010Sorted the three black bags and tied them up, and took them to the waste chute.

I opened the blinds, to reveal a bird covered window glass on the new balcony entrance windows! Grumph! If it keeps getting poo’d on like this, with the new balcony not being fitted for three weeks yet! And then I might be one of the last ones to be done and able to open the doors to clean it up, it might take a pneumatic drill to get all the droppings off of it! Hehe!

I’ll mention it to Cathy when I talk to her.

The view will soon be obliterated!

I set off for the lift to go down. It took a long 5Fri011while because as I mentioned earlier, there is only the one lift in action today.

The weather was a little bleak, but no cold with it.

Every workman or official of Willmot-Dixon I saw on the way to the hut, had a look of gloom and unhappiness on their faces. I’m not surprised really. What with the bats delaying things and pushing their timetable all-to-cock.

Set off to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens HQ and social shed. I remembered to take the Hyacinth Bucket DVDs to loan Cathy, who was not in the hut. Warden Deana and Julie were the only occupants. Had a chinwag with them.

5Fri012I sat in the room and was soon joined my two gals I often have a natter with but don’t know their names, Margaret, Welsh William, Mary and Roy. The bus arrived, and I had a ride three bus stops down Winchester Street.

I was feeling somewhat okay physically, apart from pains from the soles of my feet?

I wandered to the Continental Shop and got a loaf of bread and some tinned cooked pork. (The last thing I needed – Bonkers I am!)

Hobbled up to the greengrocers. Got a leek, large potato and leek. Called in the Co-op and bought a TV magazine for next week.

WDP01 I was walking up the hill to catch a bus into town and was thinking how silly I was to buy the food, just to carry it with me! The most horrible Dennis Dizzy Spell came over me. I took three paces towards the wall and used this as a support. Although it only lasted a couple of minutes and then it abated, it shook me up badly. I was sure I was going to go over.

5Fri013A lady asked me if I was alright, so I must have looked poorly? I thanked her and said I was fine now. Which I was, just weary of it happening again.

I decided to make my way back to the flats. Walked up Winchester Street Hill. Anne Gyna as I expected, gave me some bother on the road.

I thought about catching the bus up a few stops, but as you can see, I just missed it. Tsk!

5Fri014I considered taking the shortcut through the backs of the houses, but the state of the pathway put me off.

About a third of the way up the hill, where the wooden fences line the pavement, I stopped to admire the growth of the plants and weeds.

They had forced their way through the fencing and somehow sprouted sticky limbs to cling to the wood!

I took three photos and tried to line them up to show how they had shown such determination to cling to life.

Nature at its finest!

5Fri015It was if the funny turn had not happened, I was back to my self again.

5Fri016Got up onto Chestnut Walk. The instant I got on the level ground, Anne Gyna eased off.

Called into the shed, and Cathy was there. So I could hand her the DVDs. We had a chinwag I mentioned the dirty windows. She took my flat number, she’ll see if they can be cleaned from outside. Apparently, many other residents have the same problem.

I thanked the gal, Cathy, and made my way back to the apartment, put the fodder away.

Got the kettle on and did the Health Checks. Sys had shot up, but the pulse had dropped? Took the midday medications along with an extra Methyclothiazide tablet and a Beta-blocker 30g.

Started to update this diary.

The landline burst forth with its ringing tone. It was my old mate Michael. He was on his way to see me. I went down to meet him, and he had brought me some medical stuff, PPs loads of them. This was a fantastic gesture, and I appreciated it so much. He could not stay long but had a mini-natter, and off he had to go. Saying he will try to get to visit next week and stay longer. I thanked the lad and off he went. A true pal. Each time I see him, he raised my spirits, Bless Him.

5Fri017Got the meal prepared. I’m no gastrosopher, but I demolished this little lot off, and so enjoyed it. The battered onion rings and Morrison Pork Pie with some gelatine inside were both worthy of a mention in despatches tastewise. The peas were terrible, as was the egg. The beetroot was okay and the apples tasty for once. The highlight was the fresh continental sliced loaf and Anchor butter. I’ve not had any bread for a while, and this went down so well. Rated at a 9.2/10 overall.

I did the washing up and checked on the TV magazine to see what was on. This was when I realised that I had bought two TV magazines for the same week. My having forgotten that  I purchased the first one. (What a Shlub!) Still, I can leave it on the table in the reception, and someone might take it.

As for watching any TV, yet again, once more I fell to sleep at the first set of advertisements came on. Tsk!

Could I please make a request for each of my favourite TV Freeview channels to show the following to finish before 1700hrs each day. Hustle, New Tricks, Open All Hous. Last of the Summer Wine, Hetty Wainthroppe Investigates, Red Dwarf, Dads Army, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, The Blue Planet, All animal documentaries, Pie in the sky, The Good Life, The A-Team, Star Trek original, Keeping up appearances, Jonathan Creek, Frost, Heartbeat, and any Steven Seagal, Clint Eastwood, Denzil Washington, Bruce Willis, and Norman Wisdom films, please.

Also, can you put sub-titles on them as well if you don’t mind? Thank You.


Inchcock Today – Thursday 12th April 2018

Thursday 12th April 2018

Tamil: வியாழன் 12 ஏப்ரல் 2018

0245hrs: I woke in the chiropterophilous Woodthorpe Court flats, and fought to get back to sleep, but lost the battle as soon as the mind kicked-into-gear and started to wander off on its own accord, again! I disentangled my lumberous body from the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the kitchen. Where I did the Health Checks.


Turned on the computer, and a demand to utilise the Porcelain Throne arrived.

04Thur02 En route to the wet room, I sensed the blood running freely from Little Inchies lesion. Then felt the Protection Pad dropping down my leg under the jammies! I was not wearing the full Protection Pants, just the new pad that goes under the undies. I don’t want to explain any more on here. Suffice to say, it took me ages to get cleaned up and remediate the situation. More togs for the laundry bag. I think I’ll not use these pads again. Ah well, at least the evacuation went well!

Changed into clean jammies, when what I should have done was to have shifted back into the day clothes. Feeling a little uncomfortable and anxious now.

Back to the kitchen to make a brew. Took some photographs of the foggy morning outside.


Then I decided to have a full stand-up wash and shave etc. (Too early to have a shower, cause of the noise it makes). Quite enjoyed it. Used the Dettol soap, refreshing scent to it. Donned the day clothing.

0500hrs: Back to updating yesterday’s Diary. Got it sent-off. Then began this one off, up to here.

The Morrison delivery is due 0730 > 0830hrs. The Winwood Social Hours at 1000hrs.

I made a start on a funny post. A rewritten to the tune of “It’s a long way to Tipperary”, titled Poetical Advice on the Ageing Process.

4Thu04The Morrison delivery arrived.

Didn’t seem so much this week, but it cost the same as last weeks.

I ate one of the mini-pork and pickle pies for brekkers. Dry and a bit stale tasting, and only had two days life on it. Shame!

No sourdough bread for the Warden Obergruppenfurheresses! Tsk! And, the two chocolate bars with hazelnuts I thought I’d ordered, turned-out-to-be 2×6 Pots of chocolate desserts. Eurgh! I can give them away at the social hour. One for the Wardens and one for Jenny to show thanks for all the work she does for us all. Kept them in the fridge until I was ready to leave later.

Did some updating work on this diary, then got myself ready for setting off to the social hour. Filled the nibble box, put the raffle prizes in the bag with a full box set of Hyacinth Bucket episodes in the bag, to loan to Cathy.

Some Windows Updates arrived. So I chose the update and close-down option.

Then the phone chirped into life. It was the surgery with the blood test results and new weeks dosages. I wrote them down on the pad. The result was down to 2.2. (No wonder I had all the bleeding earlier this morning!) Then I asked for the next appointment day and time. She got me in for next Wednesday 18th at 0945hrs.

4Thu05This phone call made me a little late leaving, but never mind, it can’t be helped.

I was soon down and out of the foyer maze and into the cold wind and drizzle.

The wind was far nipper than I thought it would be this morning. Others I saw and spoke to en route, said the same to me.

4Thu06I took this photograph of the flats with the new build coming on well. I’m still not convinced whether they have built an extra floor on it. Hehe!

I got to the social shed, and Untergefrieter Warden Julie was in her office. Seeing they now had a fridge in there, I gave her the chocolate dessert tubs and explained why there was no Sourdough bread for them this week.

Into the main room and put the raffle prizes on the trolley. Handed Jenny her tubs of dessert. I sat down with John and Bill -William on Sundays, but not Cathy was here.

04Thur02 I went into the bag to get the nibble-box out to distribute, and another clanker identified. I’m left the nibble-box in the flat when the call came in from the surgery! What a Palooka!

 So, out and back up to the apartment to fetch the box. Got it in the bag, and left the ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ box-set in the flat, being as Cathy was not there at the meeting, to lessen the chances of damaging them.

4Thu07As I left to go back to the Social, I took a photograph through the new windows at the back of the flats that had replaced the open vents.

Don’t get a chance of taking photos of the Woodthorpe Grange Park very often from this angle.

Back to the meeting, and handed out the nibbles and had a few little gossips and laughs, with Jenny, Cyndy, Margaret, May, Gladys and Bill, Frank and Eric.

04Thur02 Well, blow me down with a feather duster! Cathy arrived! Humph! Just when I’d left her DVDs in the flat!

I got some raffle tickets and handed them out to Cyndy and Margaret this week.

4Thu08I enjoyed a good chinwag with Cathy. Then it was time to return to the dwelling in the sky.

I took another photographicalisation of the new build on the way back to Woodthorpe Court.

The sad block of uncladded, part-updated sad-coldness that awaited me, and all other chilly residents.

4Thu10I set about cleaning, skinning and cutting up the parsnip, onions and sugar-peas and getting them in the Crock-pot.

I added some beef gravy and balsamic vinegar to the mix. But not sure if I’d done right to put the seasoning in first or should I have waited until it was cooked?

Any advice would be most welcome for next time; I thank you in advance.

Had a wee-wee and did the Health Checks and medication taking.

4Thu09The mist was still lingering, but the drizzle had stopped.

04Thur02 I got the computer back on, and the screen was white with the working icon turning away. Oh, dear! The Windows Update? Had something gone wrong? I was thrown into Instant-Panic-Mode! The stomach churned, and I do believe I used a few naughty words silently to myself!

I waited a while but nothing started, no messages came up. No opportunity to use the proper Close-Down option, because it wasn’t there! I gulped and turned everything off at the power source. Waited a minute or so, then rebooted. All looks to be working. Grumph!

Did about two hours working on this post. Stirred the vegetables and put the oven on ready to cook the Cumberland pie later. I’m not putting any extra cheese on the meal this time, due to my using gravy with the vegetables in the slow-cooker? Not feeling too confident that this will come out right. Fingers crossed!

A lot of banging noises coming from Big Bad Herbert’s flat above?

Went on Facebook to see if it was playing up or not.

Started in grand-style, then dipped a bit.

4Thu11Got the nosh prepared. Possibly the oddest of meals I’ve accidentally created, ever.

The carrot and leek pie with parsnip potatoes that I thought was a Cumberland beef pie. This was because I’d took the outer box off earlier to read the instructions and threw it away after putting the contents back in the fridge. Had not cooked through, and I selected the hottest bits from it to eat, the potatoes and a bit of the veg. Took the tomatoes off of the tip and ate them. Added the crock-pot cooked onions and parsnips in beef gravy, strained them and added them to the plate. Sliced apple and some more fresh tomatoes added along with some chicken BBQ sticks. A rather pathetic looking meal. I put some crisps in a plastic pot as well. Absolutely astounding, it tasted smashing! 9.27/10 scored.

7Sun3304Thur02 Cleaned the pots up. Ahem!

Did the last Health Checks etc. during which I found the ‘lost’ tube of the ‘Care’ haemorrhoid cream. I didn’t use it, because I have two tubes on the go now.

 I now have the not very useful Anusol, the Germoloid (the best one by far for relief), and 4Thu12the untried as yet, Care label one to choose from using.

Got down to settle and watch the TV. Five episodes of Law & Order were showing, on three channels at the same time, some the same one as the others. It took me a while to sort out which ones I wanted to watch – not that this mattered in the slightest, cause I drifted off on the first one I started watching when the first set of adverts came on!