Inchcock Today – Tuesday 17th July 2018: Embarrassing Whoopsidenagleplop


Tuesday 17th July 2018

Hebrew: יום שלישי 17 ביולי 2018

0450hrs: Woke up thinking of the Morrison delivery due today, instead of Thursday this week. Belinda’s Blotches were itching badly, but not over-painful, unless I scratched at them.

The mind seemed almost sangfroid. The ailments felt mostly calm, too.

I disentangled my overweight over-cuddly torso and limbs from the £300 second-hand recliner with ridiculous ease and went to do the Health Checks.


All the results, apart from the weight, were in an acceptable-to-me range.

2Tue02fOff to get the ablutions done early, a stand-up job, of course, this early in the day.

Don’t want to disturb the neighbours with the noise from the shower running.

Belinda’s blotches seemed to be metamorphosing. Belinda’s new pattern reminded me of North America and Iceland? Hehe!

Got dressed, well, I don’t want to shock the Morrison Delivery driver Haha!

Got the computer on and started this page going, up to here. Then got on with finalising the Monday post, a big one, that took me ages. Got it finished eventually and sent off into the ether.

Got the comments responded to on WordPress.

2Tue04The Morrison chap arrived with the groceries.

Got the bags into the kitchen ready to sort out.

WDP02C: I went to put the frozen stuff away, and found that I’d left the freezer door ajar! Argh!

Had to throw some stuff away in a black bag, and cried a little. Hehehe! I just hope I can save some of the fodder I left in.

2Tue06The fridge, (with me putting in the bottles of water to keep cold) was cram-packed again!

Shouldn’t need to buy anything else for a while. Well, that may depend on if the freezer freezes quick enough to save the stuff in there. Fingers crossed, but I expect more losses to come yet.

A meeting is taking place later today, at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed. I think this is why I bought the bag of pears, perhaps?

2Tue03I shelled some fresh garden peas.

Got them in the saucepan with some demerara sugar. And some potatoes into the crock-pot and on a low setting.

Then I made up two black bags of rubbish and took them to be disposed of down the waste chute. Small as I made the bags, it still took a little effort and elbow grease to get them to go into the tiny narrow opening.

I already have a bag of recycling to be carried down and out to the caretaker’s room. By the time I’d got everything away, I had made up another. Why do you ask? (Or not, Hehe!) I had to take some cooked stuff out of the packaging to get the contents into the fridge and take up less room. I cut out the cooking instructions and saved them in the drawer, the rest of the cardboard went into the new recycling bag.

Isn’t life awkward? Haha!

Went on to the WordPress Reader section, for a perusal of other bloggers posts.

I went onto Facebooking.

0900hrs: I decided to turn off the computer, have a rinse and take a walk around the flats complex and get some photographs of it.

Got ready, camera in the pocket; checked I’d not left anything on or off that should or shouldn’t be in the flat, and took the recycling bags with me to drop off at the caretaker’s door.

WDP02C: Popped back to the flat to get the hearing aids in. Schlemiel!

Down the lift this time, and met Mo in the foyer. We had a chinwag.

WDP02C: Then I realised I had gone out without any money to donate to the Willmott-Dixon Charity for Prostate Cancer. So, I dropped the bags off at the wasteroom door, and nipped back up and collected the £20 note I’d been saving for this get-together.

2Tue07Back out once more, and made my way around to the back of the complex onto the Woodthorpe Grange Park.

I chap walking his dog stopped, and we had a chinwag about the upgrading of the complex.

When he pointed out how it will all be fantastic when it is completed; I explained about how long it has been to get this far, the noise, the heat with the windows sealed, my carpets being ruined by the plasterer, the views destroyed by the new windows with all the extra panes and frames blocking out the light. The new balconies when they are in will also block out the sun and fresh air we used to enjoy. Then we have to cope with the installation of the fire-sprinklers and the guaranteed mess to be left by the electricians, as they plough their way through every room leaving bits of wire, plastic. and plaster behind them. The constant noise and hassle. When that is all done, we have to buy new curtains and rails, carpets, light fittings and redecorate after the estimated eighteen-month onslaught!

2Tue08I think my outburst caught him at a loss for words.

It certainly caught me off guard a bit!

I meandered round to the front of the buildings and took this photograph of Woodthorpe Court, on Chestnut Walk.

The runways sticking into the photo on the right is part of the new build for the extra-care block.

As I perused the windows where the tenants had torn off the plastic coverings, I felt movement down below from Little Inchies fungal lesion

2Tue09I took a closer shot of the windows.

I can understand some of the residents on the lower floors being a little miffed at losing the morning light, view and sunshine now the new block is up to the roof now.

In the middle of all this mayhem, damage and upset, Willmott-Dixon come to ask us to give to a charity! I’ll certainly go, but again, I can relate 2Tue11to how some of the tenants feel.

WDP02C: I went into some trees and had a feel about with a tissue and there had been some bleeding, but not a lot, I thought. So I continued.

Taking the next photograph, of the new build and Winchester Court on Chestnut Walk.

It felt a little milder today, the sun coming out now and then.

2Tue10The clouds again covered the sunshine as I took this last photographicalisation.

I could not see many workers about this morning, other than on the new building in the middle.

Then I slowly made my way to the Charity Raising event at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, porta-cabin.

Jenny and four or five other tenants were there. I handed out the pears and cakes. Started to chinwag with some others and the Willmott-Dixon crew arrived, along with a few more residents.

I dropped my donation into the collection pot. I returned to the table with Mo and Bill – William on Sunday.

WDP02C: Oh, dearie me. I felt the blood coming down and immediately told a lady I had to go, I’m having problems, and apologised and walked out. I felt so embarrassed, should the blood be showing any signs of its presence.

Back to the apartment with all available speed. Into the wet room and cleaned and medicated things in need. Thankfully the PPs had done a great job of containment. Then had a shower.

Got the computer out of Sleep Mode and got on with updating this blog.

On to CorelDraw and Paint and made some more Inchcock Diary page top graphics. Always aware that the lesion was not fully-stopped from leaking, I occasionally popped into the wet room to check things out, okay up to now, but I dare not go out again. A flipping Good Job that it didn’t happen when I was out in Derby yesterday! Phew!

Plenty of knocking, tapping and banging about from upstairs at the moment.

2Tue26Got the nosh prepared.

Not too bad an effort, but the pork was not very good, well maybe fair, or passable… No, the meat was Crap!

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Another one of those just cannot get to sleep evenings.

Tried watching a DVD. Then read the book. After that I put the TV on, and after ages, I eventually nodded off.

Woke with a massive jump – no idea why, but that was the end of any notion of sleeping.

The brain went off on one if its fretting fearing and fundamentally frustrating wanders.

I gave up, got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and collated the washing, down to the laundry room.


Inchcock Today – Monday 16th July 2018: Belinda’s Blotches Return, I escape to Derby!


Monday 16th July 2018

German: Montag, 16. Juli 2018

0515hrs: Woke with a start at the bright light that filtered through the grotty plastic sealing, bird-poo, trapping dead insects in the flat, plaster, mud, bits of sealant and air-limiting windows.

Got the glasses on and checked the clock. A late time for my expergefaction. This probably due to me not being able to get to sleep for my ullagone at France winning the World Cup. I just knew they would from the start, all the luck they had with the crooked obviously bribed or incapable Argentinian so-called referee’s help. Croatia for me was the better team, but with the non-penalty being given against them, and… I’d better stop, it’s doing my health no good thinking of the crooked, bent FIFA. I shouldn’t ultracrepidate, I know.

1Mon041Mon01b I spotted that Belinda’s Blotches around my midriff front and back, had returned; reddened, itching, new spots and stinging the moment I moved my bulbous body.

Also, as well and besides that, the ankles had acquired some new and fresh blotches. Along with several scratch-marks and growths.

1Mon001How I made the scratch marks, I don’t know. Surely I would have remembered making them?

This situation is concerning.

Indeed, I would have been left with pains from getting down from Arthur Itis, and I had no such twinges?

Still, never mind. I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner with ease, and off for a wee-wee.

Got the Health Checks done.


1Mon01Then I was summoned to the wet room and the loose-lidded mini-sized, beetle ridden Porcelain Throne.

The session was a bit easier this time, so no extra medications of encouragement were needed. Hehe!

Collected a few dead beetle bodies under the sink, around the WC bowl and the shower area. The live ones were too quick for me; the bending down started Arthur Itis off. Humph! Had a rinse and made up some black rubbish bags to take to the chute when I go out later on in search of a 16″ fan. 1Mon03

Back to the front room, the temperature still 31°c – 88°f.

Seeing the old photograph of oneself, got me thinking back. I’ve hardly changed have I? Hahaha!

Got the computer going. Started this post up to here, and it was time to get the ablutions tended to if I am going to go to Derby’s Eagle Market to get myself a fan to keep coolish and fresh within the flat. Ah, bless the Nottingham City Council Free Bus Pass! Oh, I might be better going to Mansfield instead? Making decisions with my ambivalence is not easy, you know. Haha! I’d better go to Derby, after all, there are two stalls on the Eagle Market where I have seen bigger models of fans on sale, for me to investigate.

Got the stand-up ablutions done, got dressed, added three ice-cream cones to the bag for the gals at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, NCH management telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to being stolen from, and Social Hut. I took the bags to the cute on the way.

Down, out and along to the shed. Luckily, Wardens Deana and Julie were in so I could treat them, and Cathy arrived a minute or so later, so she got the last one.

Bless them all! 

1Mon06Three or four residents in there to have a chinwag with, I liked that. 

I left the hut and noticed how the cloud formations were low and particularly impressive this morning, so I took this photo of Winchester Court in the moody-weather.

Down to the bus stop, and caught the City-bound L9 bus, gossiped with Pete en route.

1Mon07Got into town and made my way down Queen Street, over the Slab Square and along to Friar Lane and waited for a Y7 bus to Derby.

I got on the Maroon and was the only passenger. I could see Little Johns dome on the Council House, the flag still up to celebrate how well England did in the World Cup, and the many Nottinghamian students and shoplifters milling about.

 I had planned to take some pictures of the villages as we drove through them, but I soon fell asleep. Waking half an hour or so later with the Mercedes bus cram packed and a large lady sat next to me, also preventing me from falling off the seat. Hehe!

I got off the vehicle before the terminus and crossed over the road to have a little wander before making my way to the Eagle Centre, in search of a 16″ rotating fan. Not that I am educated in this department, it’s because Sandie of the TFZ site has explained the best ones to get. Fanking you Sandie! X

1Mon07bAn ambulance I passed had something that we Nottinghamians have come to accept as a rarity and worth mentioning, next to it; Yes, a policeman!

I turned right and took a photo of the dilapidated shops. Unfortunately, this one did a disappearing trick into the ether. Humph!

I approached an entrance to the Eagle Centre 1Mon07cfrom the South this time, and blow-me-down, another Ambulance.

Up the low hill and inside and made my way to the J Sainsbury store. Where I invested in a packet of Oven-Bottom-Muffins, Cheese Curls, Fresh pod peas, lemon and lime still water, mini potatoes and some Ruby Jewel tomatoes.

1Mon01b I got to the checkout and found I had not got my card with me! Luckily, I had enough money to pay the lady in cash, (But to the annoyance of the family waiting behind me in the queue. Oh Dear!).

1Mon01b As I made my way to the Market Place, I would not have any means of paying for a fan even if I found one suitable. Dejection overcame me. I got to where the two stalls were next to each other to see they had both shut-down, anyway.

As I meandered along to the pet stall and bought some mealworms to feed the ducks on the river Derwent with, I noticed a fan for sale in a shoe repair stall. Yes, it caught me off-guard and confused too! Hehe! He wanted £22 for it, second-hand, but I could not get it, of course, no money or card. Then the panic set-in, if the card is not where it should be in a pocket, where was it?

1Mon07dI ambled over to the river Derwent, via the Derby Council Offices gardens.

There were students and youths smoking cannabis, one was toying with a knife while laying on the gone yellow lawn. A few were locked in passionate embraces, and three intoxicated pupils near the bridge were having a scrap.

Just like Nottingham, I thought.

1Mon08The barrier close to the bridge had been occupied by Canada Geese, white geese and a few brave mallards that were continually being bitten into moving on. Hehe!

I picked a spot where some kids and their parent were watching the wildlife and got out the large packet of mealworms. I waited until some schoolkids got nearer, and then started throwing the fodder to the geese, and the pigeons who got there first as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I do love feeding the birds here in on the river Derwent. The Derby Council do not have a ban on doing so, and no signs warning of £120 on-the-spot fines like Nottingham do. I think not having had the chance to go for a long time, made it an even more of a fun visit for me.

I made my way carefully through the arguing between themselves students, into the bus station.

Luckily, a Y7 bus was in and just started loading up his passengers.

1Mon13We were off in a few minutes. It must have been one of the older vehicles.

Although clean and tidy inside and out, the suspension left a lot to be desired and caused me some grief from the Blotches. Tsk!

Within minutes, we were out in the countryside, and I got the camera out to record some views through the window as we went through the villages.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1Mon17I would have taken more, but despite being thrown about by the stiff and bone-shaking bus suspension, I nodded-off again. Woke, and had to concentrate on not going off to kip still and miss the bus stop in Nottingham. Poor Old Putz!

I had plenty of time to get to the bus stop for an L9 bus.

1Mon18So I had an amble around the City Centre outskirts.

I went up an alley and took a photograph of some young female students rolling suspiciously fat and long twisted en cigarettes. Hehe!

But again, the picture mysteriously disappeared from the SDH card, as did a few 1Mon19more.

What am I doing wrong, I thought later?

I walked down Market Street into the Slab Square and along and up Queen Street.

The sky was again looking so different from usual, pretty yet daunting at the same time, If you know what I mean?

1Mon20At the bus stop, I realised I still had a long wait for the L9 bus to arrive. So, I walked down to catch a number 40 bus instead.

A piece of Nottingham Street Art on the seating metal photographed.

I pondered, is it BBQ sauce, or Chilli or Peri-peri. Surely not an escaped bodily… well, never mind.

1Mon21In the seat in front of me, sat the lady (Ethel I think, but I could be wrong) from the fourth floor of Woodthorpe Court. The bus was soon jam-packed with people having to stand.

I took this picture from the bus window of Clinton Street West. I liked the black dress. Hahaha!

By the time we approached the stop we needed, the crush had lessened a little, so it was easier for us both to get up and to the door.

We alighted and the traffic on the hill with the blind bends, Ethel just wandered into the middle of the road, and a car stopped to let her go over. I took a little longer. Me being on the nervous side, like. Haha! Ethel walked really slow so I could catch her up. That was kind of her. We had a jolly good chinwag en route. I enjoyed that too!

We parted when she got out of the lift, bade our farewells and I got to the flat ASAP. Stripped off, put on a new pair of the PPs, and got some cream on the Belinda Blotches affected areas. I don’t think they are any worse than earlier on, now. Put the bits I’d bought away. Deciding on two Pork Knuckle oven-bottom-muffins with tomatoes for nosh later on.

Got the computer on and started to sort out the photos from the camera, wonder why some pictures had done a disappearing act, titivated a few for posting and had a wee-wee.

Updated the blog up to hear, here Tsk! (1700hrs now!)

Late as it was, and tired as I felt, I went on TFZer Facebook to catch up and post the photos. Got it done, and decided after all to just have two oven-bottom-muffins with sliced tomatoes for the nosh. I said that before didn’t I? What a Shnook!

1Mon23Late as it as, and me feeling so weary and drained; hence the no cooking meal, I dug-in and savoured all of the fodder on the plate.

Washed the plate and fork up, and turned on the TV, assured that I woud soon be in the land of Nod.

1Mon01b But, no!

Nodding off was no problem, I seemed to do it every five minutes – the problem was I kept on waking up! Tsk! This process went on for hours. So long long I feared that I would be late getting up for the delivery in the morning.

I recall watching some of a Police interceptors programme that started at 2200hrs.

Been a long day, and now a long night? Hehehe!

Inchcock Today: Sunday 15th July 2018


Sunday 15th July 2018

Czech: Neděle 15. července 2018

0535hrs: I woke up, and was soon battling with the brain in an effort gain a rapprochement, or at the least an understanding of the need for it to stop wandering off of its own accord, fretting, fearing and being apprehensive about everything that came into its grey-cells this morning. Amazingly, within a couple of minutes, the degeneration of the thoughts had rectified themselves, and a mock-semi-logical frame of thinking had returned. A rare and strange to me, feelings of almost contentment took over (Albeit only temporarily).

7Sun02I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner with a bit of a struggle, due to Hippy Hilda being a bit bothersome, and checked the temperatures in the two room.

Got the kettle on first.

The front recliner-bedroom had the 7Sun01temperature of 31°c – 87.8°f indicated.

In the kitchen, the window ledge thermometer was showing 26°c – 80°f.

So, a little cooler this Sunday morning at least, in fact, it felt cold.

Got the Health Checks done next.


Results looked alright to me.

7Sun06cOff to the Porcelain Throne. A little more natural evacuation this morning.

Whoopsie2 I noticed when cleaning up, that he chest had somehow acquired new decorations. In the form of spots, pimples and scratches, of a variety of different colours? Even the body hair is now in different shades! However, Belinda’s Blotches had improved well, far less itching and no pain.

These new spots, reminded me of Peter Cooks 1965 rendition of “Spotty Muldoon” I love the ending of this comedy song. Highly suitable for me at the moment! Haha!

To the computer and finalised the Saturday diary and got it posted off into the ether.

7Sun4Whoopsie2 Then I noted that I had not taken the morning medications. So I swallowed them. Hehe!

Just finished another week’s medication pots, so I now have four doses (Two weeks supply) to make-up, I must not forget to do this.

I could just make out that it was sun shining outside now.

Although the Woodthorpe Court, Nottingham City Homes designer wrinkly plastic film covering over the terrible light stopping new windows, prevented one appreciation of the view.

When I got down in the computer chair again, I had the dressing gown on the back of the chair, I felt I had sat on something hard, that was in the gown pocket.

Well, blow-me-down! It was the missing food timer! I knew I’d find it after I bought the new one!

7Sun05I’m glad I did discover its hidden location, though.

For it is far easier to use than the new one, although the fresh one on the left, has a louder chime, the old one uses buttons that are a breeze for anyone to use and understand, who have Arthur Itis and or Crampy Craig affected fingers.

7Sun07I decided to sort out the medication pods and pots before I forget again.

There were some odd, tap-tapping followed by rustling or water running like sounds repeated over and over again for a short while. No idea from whence they came? I could only hear them (without the hearing aids on) in the kitchen and hallway?

I then got on with creating this Sunday diary.

Went on WordPress Reader, some brilliant entertainment reading, and photography on there today.

I started to make up some Inchock Page headers on CorelDraw, to get in front again with them.

Went to pod the peas and get the potatoes into the crock-pot – making sure that I turned on the slow-cooker and stove hob this time – not like yesterdays cock-up. Tsk!

Went on Facebooking on the TFZer site.

Checked the fodder. Potatoes need a lot longer yet, but doing them in the crock-pot I think keeps the flavour of the balsamic vinegar in better than using a saucepan. But, I may be wrong about that.

I’m hoping to watch the World Cup final, although the thought of France winning is cringe-making. I fear they will.

7Sun38Got the nosh ready and served up.

At last, after several days of terrible meals, I got this one right.

A worthy 9/10 for Taste-Rating.

I settled to watch the World Cup Final, with the feeling that France would win, which the swine did!

France is World Cup champion for a second time in its history after a 4-2 win over Croatia. But with two goals scored in very controversial fashion in a two-goal win, Croatia feel rightly aggrieved by the result; Which was helped along by a dishonest Argentinian, probably back-handed, referee, and the VAR cheats and or imbeciles who gave a penalty for a handball, that wasn’t!

If Croatia declare war on France for this unjust treatment, fair enough. I’ll send them my knuckle-duster and truncheon! Hehe!

Sleep was impossible after the game. The injustice and overall pathetic decisions made by the MAFIA, no sorry, FIFA controlled crooks, liars and World Football Argentocracy, are deserving of any right-wing political Fascist Government throughout history. Well, maybe not Stalin.

I even stayed up late to watch a film, The Equaliser, with Denzil Washington. A thriller starring Denzel Washington as a one-man army who hands out justice to criminals operating above the law. I wondered if he’d like to sort out FIFA and France? Haha! I stayed awake all through the film and commercials too!

I love when the good guys win!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 14th July 2018: A great trip out despite Accifauxpa – Humph!


Saturday 14th July 2018

Croatian: Nedjelja, 15. Srpnja 2018

0340hrs: WDPBL02a I woke with stinging, stabbing pains around the right external auditory meatus (Ear Hole). A touch of the Collywobbles (I blame the horrible meal I made, and half-ate last night for this). But Belinda’s Blotches were itching less and not so inflamed.

6Sat02As the body slowly joined the brain in imitation semi-activity, I noticed signs of noctambulous noshing activity having taken place.

The waste bin laying at the side of the £300 second-hand recliner revealed this, in the form of a Cheesy Curl nibbling session. Naughty Me!

The rumbling and grumbling innards continued.

Out of the recliner with ease this morning, and off to do the health Checks and take the medications.


As I made up the log of readings, I spotted that the sys had been coming down regularly lately. 152 – 145 – 144 -146 – 144 – 145, this time 128. I think that is a good thing, though? Although the pulse had shot up a tad. Probably the shock to the system from putting that horrendous beef into the stomach last night. Haha!

6Sat03The temperature in the room was currently at 31°c – 87.8°c, which was a little lower and welcome.

I’d just put the kettle on the boil, and the grey-cells activated a panic-alarm for me – and I hastily stopped everything I was doing and shot off to the Porcelain throne with all haste available to me! En-route I was sure that the innards last few days reluctances to allow the evacuations was over and a messy, runny session was due. So, I was wrong, again!

WDPBL02a I got on the Porcelain Throne, and I anticipated immediate movement. But oh, no. Nothing but pain as the exciting material came half-way and got stuck. Boy, the agony! I thought things would start to split, so long did it take, all the painful forcing, I could feel the piles bleeding… A Frightful Session. Still, I read a few pages of the book, quite a few pages… Haha!

WDPBL02a After I’d cleaned and medicated things, my rear-end felt so sore. Tsk!

I went to the kitchen to take a Senna tablet and an extra Codeine. I was not sure if I should have been taking the Senna or not, but after going through that evacuation, I thought I better had.

So, Constipation Conrad had returned. Earache Eric and Colly-wobbles attack now, too! On the bright side, Bartholomew Bladder, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, Duodenal Duncan, Hernia Henry, Reflux Roger, Belinda Blotches, Shaking Shaun and Dizzy Dennis, were all being kind to me this morning. Haemorrhoid Harry and Little Inchies lesions were both bleeding and bothersome, mind. Overall, things could be worse. It’s been a long-standing fear that all of the ailments one day, will come on at the same time, as the metal ticker. Ooh! Haha!

6Sat06Writing the above paragraph, I realised I had not put the Wrist Health Panic Alarm back on, after cleaning myself up. Without hesitation, I fetched it from the wet room and adorned my wrist with it. Schlemiel!

The view from the new windows with the outer plastic covering, seemed to have lost a lot of the mud splatters, but gained a few insects?

If I don’t live long enough to see the results of the upgrading, I shall return and haunt Herbert, and certain other people. Don’t know why I said that, I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits. Hehe!

6Sat07I got side-tracked when I was about to take the Senna tablet, and started to get the meal prepped.

I put the small potatoes in the crock-pot with water, onions salt and some balsamic and distilled vinegar as seasoning. And shelled the garden peas into a saucepan and added some brown demerara sugar. Both now ready to be heated up later, and possibly to be eaten with some Frikadellens… maybe, conceivably, possibly, perhaps, maybe, percase.

Back to the computer and got on with updating yesterday’s post and got it sent off.

I had a look at what the weather forecast was for the coming week.


It looks like it will get a little cooler and a chance of some rain at the following weekend. Funny how one misses the rain when it is missing, and curse it when it pours down and one get soaked to the skin by buses driving through the water and showering you wet rainwater. Hehe!

0500hrs: Began to collate this page.

08.50hrs: Got this far, and then went on the WordPress Reader section.

Went onto the TFZers Facebook.

1140hrs: Got a phone call from Big John, I’d forgotten about the Papplewick Pumping Station visit! Argh! Had to shut everything down sharpishly to get the ablutions done in time for when the lads pick me up – Oh dearie me! Back in a bit.

1600hrs: I’m back. I’ll do catch-up from when I got the ablutions done.

6Sat08Got dressed and some nibbles and a small bottle of spring water in the bag, and set out in plenty of time to wait downstairs for BJ and Dave to arrive.

I ambled around the back of the flats and took this picture. It shows Woodthorpe Court in the front, the new build Extra Care block and then Winchester Courts in the distance. All three, 6Sat09when built, will be known as Winwood. Confusing innit? Hehe!

WDPBL02a .Then, after I slipped down the incline into the fencing and swearing a bit, Schlump! I went along the front on Chestnut Walk and took this photograph of the progress on the new build area.

I could see that both the doors were open in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisational Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room hut. So I made my way to it. Jenny and a few others were in there. I was in the middle of having a good chinwag with Jenny, and my mobile rang. It was BJ, who told me to go back to the flats and wait there as he was with David now, and was picking up another David, a tenant as well. So I did.

BJ arrived shortly with Big Young David in the car and lifted Tenant Dave and me up.

We were soon parking up in the car park opposite the Papplewick Pumping station gates.

 BJ had words with the volunteer car park assistant, about his not being able to park in the disabled badge holder space. He asked Dave, the other Dave, and me to get out before he had to reverse in.

WDPBL02 Big Young David accidentally caught my back as I was manoeuvring out of the door. This made me move quicker, and I stretched my legs more than I had planned, landing a little awkwardly, Hippy Hilda didn’t like this, and Little Inchies Lesion started bleeding at the same time, then as I caught my balance, Arthur Itis started the right knee off. I was not in a very good condition for a moment or two. But I was determined to enjoy the trip out and pressed on.

Honda Gullwing three-wheelerAs I waited, I spotted a Honda GullWing three-wheeler motorbike. As luck would have it, the owner, an entertainer at the Steaming Day, returned to the bike to collect something or other.

So I got a good picture of the bike with its ‘boot open’. A cleverly designed bike I thought.

I was still a tad disorientated and am not sure what occurred on the way in, but recall everything after limping down the step as I left the entrance house.


A different person now, there was no stopping me going on an admittedly painful walk around the periphery of the site and look for photography opportunities.

The first one I took was after I had limped around the lake, and arrived near the mini-steam train tracks. I cut through some trees, to try and get a ‘moody shot’.


After a wander through the old orchard area, I went to look at the amusement area and selling stalls.

There were a couple of trad-jazz bands and lady singers I stopped here and there to listen to.

Plenty of people on old period clothing, and enjoying themselves I’m glad to report.

The selling stalls, I tried to make a panoramic shot. Not very successfully. Hehe!

Papplewick Pumping in steam


I spotted the vintage Alvis Sportscar parked up. 

It looked to be in very good knick and cared-for.

This is the first time I’ve looked at carefully at one of these vehicles in real life.

You might be able to see in the top close-up picture, how close to each other the handbrake and gear-level are. 

The car’s layout reminded me of the arrangement of the same equipment on the original Mechanical Horse three-wheeler British Railway articulated lorries made by Scammell.

Many people were in vintage clothing and had taken great care with their appearance.

WDPBL02a At this time, I just had to get to the WC, for Little Inchies Fungal Lesion was bleeding again. Fortunately, I had a disinfected black bag, spare PP’s, Daktacort cream, midday medications and Codeines in my pocket ready yesterday. Great fortune at the new WC facilities laid on. No one around when I got there. So, I did the necessary medicationalisationing.

Dressed up folks

Feeling a little fatigued and down in the mouth, I searched for somewhere to get a sit-down.

As I made my way to a spot under some trees that I could usually find a bench free, I was further amazed at appearance some folks who had indeed worked at looking the part in their period attire and accoutrements, hats sticks for the men, and boob displays of the some of the


Buxom ladies. I got the bottle of mineral water and took a codeine tablet. Hehehe!

BJ found me and asked how I was. I must have looked a bit rough; I was a touch pale I thought when I caught my reflection in the toilet mirror earlier.

WDPBL02a Hippy Hilda was not easing off at all, but Arthur Itis had, bless him. But all


The hobbling around had made the plates-of-meat sting something awful! I am fated to suffer today.

Near the Steam House, this lady looked perfect in her clothing set-up. Shame, about the mobile phone. Haha!

No seats at the top end, so I hobbled across to the lake in search of somewhere to rest my bottom. I didn’t find any free sitting places, but I was glad I did search there now because a chap was just launching an electrically controlled floating Dalek!

It even shot out a strong jet of water when he wanted it to! I did laugh at this home-made novelty! Haha!



The only seats I could find were benches made of aged and incredibly unforgiving hard, sturdy wood. But at that moment, Hippy Hilda and the feet were the biggest of my pain-giving areas. Tsk!

I settled gently down and got the crossword book out. I’d been there for what seemed like ages, when BJ walked by, then returned, telling me I looked “Bloody awful mate!” We chatted a couple of minutes, and I decided to stand up and get to the top of the grass verge hill, to have a look for a more comfortable seat to change to.

WDPBL02a Well, although in pain from Hilda and the plates-of-meat, with Haemorrhoid Harold now complaining about my stay on the hardwood bench, BJ and I both had to laugh as neither of us could get back up the grass verge. Hehe! We had to walk around to find a little leveller bit to clamber up. He got up before me and had gone over to the shaded area and asked a lady sat there if it was alright if I joined her on the bench at the other end before I caught up with him. Bless BJ: he was looking after me! He said he knew from my appearance how bad I must have been.

I felt such a lot better within around ten minutes.

WDPBL02a I took the evening medications… well, almost. I was using the last of the spring water to have them with, and the final tablet slipped out of my hand onto the floor,


as the almost empty PET bottle collapsed as I drank from it. The lady kindly retrieved the Vimstatin tablet for me. I thanked her politely, and this started us off having a little natter. We spoke of the old days, the price of bread nowadays and she told me her Mothers sayings in her younger years. My health and outlook brightened considerably.

BJ arrived later after the lady had gone off with her family who came to collect her too, hehe!

Our party of four made our way out of the gates and out over to BJ’s car. Where I fell asleep without any problem or intent to. Klutz!

BJ soon had Resident Dave and me back at the flats. I thanked him, bade my farewells to BJ and Young David, and Resident David and I, made our way up in the lift. The resident Dave, who I had met before (I think?) was a man who spoke proper English and had no sense of humour but was not dull, and I got on well with him. He lives on the first floor.

Oh, Boy, was I glad to get indoors! Well past my head-down time already. I stripped down to the PP’s, disposed of the ones I’d changed at Papplewick in another disinfectant bag. Rubbed some cream on the feet – not a lot though, cause I could not get down to do it properly with Hippy Hilda still playing up on me. Had a wash and a wee-wee. Got the potatoes and peas cooking. Took an extra Trental tablet, already having imbibed the evening ones while out. See, I can remember stuff sometimes. Hahaha!

Then I got the computer on and made up a post with the photographs I’d taken at Papplewick.

I had a most enjoyable four hours out, despite the ailment playing up. And I appreciated BJ making it possible. The pains would have been around if I had not gone out, so I made the right decision in going I think.

Then, somehow, I stayed awake to update this blog to here and then sorted the meal out, too tired to do anything other.

What an absolute Eizel!

WDPBL02a I’d not put the heat on under the potatoes!

So, threw them away and got some chips in the oven to replace them.

Set the new timer and went on Facebook to catch up.

The alarm ringeth.

WDPBL02a Went to take the chips out and add them to the plate that has been laid out with the other ingredients for an hour now, getting all dry!

Argh! I’d not switched the oven on! – A nahr bleibt a nahr!

Turned the oven on, set the timer again and updated this blog a bit more.

If I muck about any more, it’ll be time to get up, never mind get my head down! Will I ever get anything right? – Klotz kasheh, Sorry!

All the excitement of the trip out, Hippy Hilda, Haemorrhoid Harold and the Funny Turn might be to blame… but most likely my inability to survive in life is at fault. Tsk!

6Sat25Got the nosh done at last!

T’was a right disappointment of a meal, again. I suppose having it so late in the night for me, and feeling so drained didn’t help the tast rating of 4.2/10 that I gave it.

The only things on the plate enjoyable, was the garden peas.

I did the Health Checks and got the washing up done.

Settled in the £300 second-hand recliner and put the TV on while I ate an iced sucker.

Can’t recall anything after this, but I must have nodded-off, cause I woke up in the morning. Hehe!



Papplewick Pumping Steam Day Visit Photographicalisations – Thanks, to BJ

A shame I had a funny turn and ailment hassle today.

Still got some decent photographs taken, hope you like them, folks.

Despite everything, I made sure I enjoyed the day!

Honda Gullwing three-wheeler

Arriving at the Station, parked-up and caught this chap with his bike

Min Steam Train

The Mini-Steam Train


Entertainers, dressed for the occasion

Papplewick Pumping in steam

The Stalls Fun day


Alvis car on show

Dressed up folks

Serious Visitors & Entertainers


Serious Visitors & Entertainers


They even had electric powered Daleks that floated on the water!


This dressed in the period style – shame about the mobile phone


These lads admiring the Alvis Sports Car


I loved this one I took through the trees

Inchcock Today – Friday 13th July 2018: A most interesting day! Belinda’s Blotches much better, Pleasure in the Park, Optician Fun, Nottingham Masses watch a Mallard, Bought too much food again… Tsk!


Friday 13th July 2018

Corsican: Venerdì 13 Ghjugnu 2018

0325hrs: I woke, at least I thought I had, with my world seemingly in half-reality and fantasy, in a pool of sweat that was most uncomfortable and disconcerting. Eventually, the brain gleaned that I was not drowning in my own diaphoresis. It took me a while to get the grey-cells to accept this and realise that I was not in a cavern of fire with dragons squirting hot water at me, with arrows being shot at me. Allowing me to concentrate on the sudden demand for the Porcelain Throne usage that had arrived.

5Fri006Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner was more difficult and painful than usual. Detaching the sweaty body from the wet cover and chair, Arthur Itis and Crampy Craig both in a bad mood, but I did get fumblingly to the wet room. Where again, like yesterday morning, I was glad that I kept a book in there. This reading allowed a partial distraction from the agony of the arduous, testing, and reluctant evacuation process. At least Belinda Blotches was not so itchy, the inflammation had died down, and stinging far less than yesterday.

This long forced expulsion left me feeling a tad fearful, as afterwards much blood flowed from Harold’s haemorrhoids again, like yesterday morning. Although unfortunate, it was no worse really than Thursday mornings session, I suppose. It did leave me feeling uncomfortable, but mitigated by the welcome improvement in Belinda’s Blotches.

Cleaned up and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks.


5Fri001The sphygmomanometer readings looked fair enough. And the weight had gone down a bit too. Sweated out, I expect. Tsk!

Whoosie3W01 When I was getting out the medication pod trays, I realised that I had missed last nights dosages. Lummox!

Whoosie3W01 I  just took the night doses of Warfarin, magnesium and codeine, along with the morning pills. I put the 5Fri005arest in the Return to Chemist box. Well, I did, but after a grubble around and search to find it, that cost me about fifteen minutes. Schlump!

The view out of the beautiful new kitchen window was taken. The part open window, I placed my hand through when I took the picture, to give an idea of the fantastic view and size of the filth marks.

I got the computer on and updated yesterdays diary, and got it posted off. Checked the emails in case I had got any notification of the results of the Warfarin INR blood test. None in there, though.

Made a start on this blog next. Then went on the WordPress Reader. Some great posts were on there today.

Ablutions tended to. Medicationalisationing followed. Belinda’s Blotches treated with Savlon antiseptic cream, the Fred’s Fungal Lesion with Daktarin… No, Daktacort, then Harold’s Haemorrhoids with Germoloid Cream.

Readied and took the black bags to the chute, then back to the apartment and faffled around getting ready to go on my mission to the optician and get the Hoisen pork ribs and fresh Garden Peas.

Down in the lift and saw these signs on the resident’s notice board as I got out.


5Fri006bThe illuminated Community Information board suggested there were light rain showers. But we didn’t get any rain.

I noticed it was Friday 13th. I thought I inform those not in the know that the fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia. Don’t think I came across this word accidentally, I’ve always none of its existence. Lie Mode Adopted, Hehe!

A quick related Fun Quiz:

Q) In Paris, a man with a job known as a quatorzieme sits in his place of work for the evening. Sometimes he is called on to do something, but most evenings he is not. What does he do?

A) He is a professional guest. His job is to be the 14th person at a function or dinner whereas he would join if the total number of guests totalled 13, which is considered by some people to be unlucky.

Through the lobby and out over the road and up the gravel hill path and along the Woodthorpe Grange Park footpath, to Mansfield Road. Many dogs were taking their owners for a walk this morning, I love watching them. One big friendly dog sought me out. I think he wanted a sniff inside my bag to see anything edible was available. Hehe! Bless his cotton socks; he let me fuss him.

As I passed my favourite part of the pathway, I attempted to do a panoramic shot from underneath the trees.


For some reason, it came put far brighter than it actually was. I also noticed that when I took this shot, no dogs were in sight?

I pressed on and got to the optician shop in Sherwood.


I made inquiries of how much a pair of normal and one of reading glasses would cost. The explanation baffled me, such was the politician-like verbal qualities and attributes of the lady. 

Getting an appointment was fun. I could go in later today at 1600hrs and have a test done. I explained about my being an early morning person who fades rather fast late in the day. They could do me on Tuesday at 1530hrs. Too late! Wednesday at 1545hrs. Too late. Thursday next at 0945hrs… her face showed hope here; until I explained to her about the only socialising, I get being an hour a week, at 1000hrs each Thursday. I got the impression they wish I had not called at all. Hehe!

They booked me in for Friday 20th July at 1000hrs. She said they would send me a reminder. I offered my thanks.

Next into Wilko’s and bought liquid soapflakes (Its great to wash with, and comes in handy to soak the facecloths in between use), A digital timer To replace the one that has gone missing and cannot be found after two days trying, What a Shnook I am! Toilet block and a bottle of disinfectant.

Thanked them and made my way to the bus stop. Caught one to town and dropped off on Mansfield Road near the Victoria Centre.

As I walked down the road, I could see several people looking upwards near the Irish Pub. I could see nothing of interest, and wondered if Candid Camera had made a come-back. Eventually, a chap came up to me and asked what was going on, I told him I didn’t know either! Haha!


Eventually, I heard someone telling someone else what the altercation was about. A mallard was on the flat roof of the building. To me, it looked like the bird was looking down at us and thinking; Why are all these Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis stood around looking up at me?

Whoosie3W01 As I left to walk through the Victoria Mall to the Aldi store, the crowd that had gathered was about twenty-strong. In the store, they had just the one packet of the Hoisin pork Ribs left, and that was in a bin of Clearance Specials… Yes, they were not getting any more in stock again. Somehow, I stopped the tears from flowing. Haha! I came out of the store with two heavy bags of purchases all the same. The last and damaged pack Hoisin ribs, Two bottles of Am5Fri011erican Style Root Beer, apples, Oven Bottom Muffins, Ice cream Cones strawberry, Mature cheese, Glowhite cleaner, Dettol lemon spray, boneless beef ribs, and a pack of BBQ spare ribs on Special Offer.

As I left, I saw the Victoria Centre Flats high in the skyline. I remembered reading that they cost from £440 a month to rent, good value.

5Fri011aThe plates-of-meat were stinging something rotten now with the weight of the bags.

I made my way to Clumber Street and went into the Sports Direct Store to have a look see if they had any of the long sleeved thick tea shirts in stock.

After an awfully long time searching, I came across some, and they were on special offer too.

5Fri012Unfortunately, the shirts were located about ten foot up on the wall, with other clothing on display. Another hunt to find a member of staff so they could get them down for me took a good while as well. But the gal was pleasant enough to get two for me, using her long pole. And she offered a not unpleasant grunt in my general direction when I thanked her.

Paid my dues and out onto Clumber Street 5Fri009again.

I noticed a lot Chines or Japanese in the crowds today.

I assumed they were on holiday. Not surprising to me, as we have a student level of 34% Chinese students in our colleges in Nottinghamshire.

The most impressive thing about this, was their wondrous smiles as they plodded merrily around the City Centre. Sadly, I noticed that they were getting some bitter stares from some of the Nottinghamians.

5Fri013Not very sunny at times today, but it feels cooler, that’s nice.

In the Slab Square where they are erecting amusement rides, I spotted them checking out this new ride, without any people on it yet.

The whatever it is that if holding the cage, tightened as frightening speed, and then drops at the same rate if not faster, then it jerks back 5Fri014up again. While doing this the occupants in the two chairs in a metal ball, can enjoy it spinning around at the same time! I must let Sister Jane and Pete know about this, bet they’d love a go on it!

Some of the food stalls were already open on the periphery of the site.

They were not cheap, and not being shown any interest in by any Nottinghamian shoplifters yet, either.

I made my way to the bus stop, but found I had just missed the L9 bus, either had another hour to wait or to catch the 40 bus, that drops us off further away from the flats, on Mapperley Rise, and there is the job of getting across the road on the sharp and steep bends. I caught the number 40 bus.

Pete, from the flats, got on further along and we had a farcical chinwag as we are both hearing-challenged. We alighted and, I was shocked to see Pete cross the road on the bend, but he got over alright. I walked up a bit and used the central refuge. I actually 5Fri015caught up with Pete on Chestnut Way, but he got a second wind and somehow shot off again.

As I gave up the chase and watched him – it all came together when he belted into the white Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Area, Telling Inchcock off 5Fri016Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and ‘Residents WC”! Hahaha!

I observed that the builders had moved the covered copper piping to behind some temporary fencing where they have closed the footpath while laying cables underground.

How more of the old folk have not been killed or injured is a testimony to the Willmott Dixon safety campaign.

The heat was showing on the thermometer when I got inside, 93°f.

I stripped down to my PPs. And sorted out the purchases.


I decided on having the beef ribs with seasoned baked bean and vegetarian mini sausages. Got the beans and sausage in the pan and beef in the oven.

Opened a bottle of the Root Beer to guzzle while I was on the computer updating this page. First time I’ve tried this drink. Not too bad.

Made up a Morrison order for next week and remembered to put the optician’s appointment on the Google Calendar.

5Fri35Whoosie3W01 The nosh was prepared, and what a lousy job I made of cooking and seasoning it!

The taste came out as a sort of hybrid where the flavour of each ingredient challenged the others for the title of the most horrible tasting!

Cosmotellurian, in as far as the beans tasted terrific, everything else was either lousy flavoured or uneatable, like the sour tasting so-called beef! Klutz!

Herbert was having a busy day up above. Clang, Tap, knocking and banging away, off and on. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking getting another telling-off and sneered at from the Nottingham City Homes Mangement for my quoting the truth about the noises from above. As the Obergruppenfurheress Management, told me; “He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making, and I’ll have to put up with it!” I don’t want to lose my home, because some else is noisy. Oh heck, I forgot there that I was told not to put any conversations I have with any Nottingham City Homes Management, employees, representative or agent on my blog. Sorry about that, I’ll cross it out.

Sleep, once again, did not want to come. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 12th July 2018: Social Half-Hour attended.


Thursday 12th July 2018

Bulgarian: Четвъртък, 12 юли 2018 г.

0420hrs: I stirred into life, somewhat reluctantly for some unknown reason or other. Within seconds of pondering over this fact, the innards informed me, it would be best if I made my way like the clappers to the Porcelain Throne, or risk an Accifauxpa of embarrassing consequences.

WDPBL02 Which turned out to be a malicious false alarm. When I arrived, scratching at Belinda’s Blotches and Rashes en route, and sat down; the evacuation started as if it was going to be another loose, messy one… then something abruptly and effectively plugged the movement solid. I found myself painfully forcing the proceedings over the next five minutes or so. Much blood needed clearing and cleaning up after the motion had eventually been completed. Oh, Gadzooks, yes! Embarrassingly, the bowl, lid, my legs and rear-end, and splashes on the floor, all required attention with the antisepticalisational clean-up!

WDPBL02 Getting my cumbrous but cuddly body back into an upright perpendicular position was not easy. Comedic, yes, painful yes. But a hell of a challenging task. Hehe!

4Thu04While in the wet room, I tended to the ablutions earlier than usual, to be ready for the Morrison delivery when it arrives.

A stand-up wash, teggies, and teeth were done.

Medicationalising Brenda’s Blotches and Rashes I did next.

Although still itching, the blotches were a lot less painful and were far less vivid than yesterday. I decided against using that horrible messy ointment this time, and dried up after washing and applied some Savlon cream all over, that seemed to ease things almost straight away. But with how things have been going with this ailment, I’ve found that things can change very quickly.

4Thu05I felt much more comfortable after the treatment.

I had to put some clothes on of course before the Morrison man comes with the groceries I’ve ordered.

I just hope that they do not irritate things and start off the swelling and colouring up, itching and pain again.

4Thu02Went to the kitchen to make a brew of the Assam tea and get the Health Checks completed.

WDPBL02 Just look at the horrible outcome of my mashing a brew on the right!

Whatever I did when I made the small mug of tea, I hope never to do again.

4Thu001I dished it and made another one a little while later.

WDPBL02The sphygmomanometer took a few attempts to get it to work, this time. But the results all looked pretty good to me.

I turned off the machine before I took a photo or recorded the results. Stored it back in the cupboard. Took it out and did another test with it. Tsk!


4Thu03In the front room, the Nottingham City Homes provided machine indicated I had a humidity of 51 (Whatever that means, but it was in the green area).

The temperature was well into the red at 31°c – 87.8°f. It felt sweaty and intrusively hot in the flat.

No sunshine yet this morning.

4Thu060638hrs, I began the updating of yesterdays post, and the Morrison Man arrived.

WDPBL02 I seem to recall when I made up this order, should I get the Morrison own label cheese curls that I do like a lot, or should I try the Smiths Cheese Quavers that were on offer at 3 for 3×6 packs (Yellow packs in the photograph). I think I made a faux-pas and ordered both. I’ve now got 3×6 packs of Quavers and 2×6 packs of Cheese Curls. Should last me a while anyway. Tsk!

The bread for the Wardens and the beetroot wraps for Jenny’s Saturday nibbles came as well.

They had some missing items, Morrison own label: 2x cooked beef slices and Lemon & Lime Spring Water. At least they did not send substitutes in place this time. If they had, I’d have probably got raw chicken legs and Champagne. Hehehe!

Sorted out the Social nibbles. Raffle prizes and giveaways, got them in the bag ready for later to take with me. To the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationing Area, telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, for the Social Hour.

Then finished off and got the Wednesday post sent off.

Started on this diary, got the photographs prepared, etc.

4Thu07I made up the recycling bag and black bags. I took them all to the chute so I could photograph how small the new slide-in top actually is for you.

The supplied orange recycling bag I placed on the edge of the chute. No intention of trying to squash it in, of course, merely to show the difference in size. These bags used to go down the old chute – see what I mean about the new 4Thu08much smaller one?

You can see the actual size of the new chutes, as I placed my arthritic, cramp-ridden left hand against the tiny black bag of rubbish before I tipped it down.

I had time to make up the next Morrison order… no, come to think of it, I don’t have time. Got ready and off to the Social Hour.

4Thu09Out of the flat and to the elevator, taking the orange bag of recyclable trash.

WDPBL02 Ten, back to the dwelling to fetch the hearing-aids I realised I’d forgot to take with me. What a Shmendrik!

Placed the bag in the big bin outside the caretaker’s door.

Photographicalised the top half of Woodthorpe Court. Looks like they are starting to apply some paint now. Well, undercoat I think.

The new extra care unit being built is coming on leaps and bounds.

As I made my way down Chesnut Walk, I could see some of the residents at the bus stop.

Came up to the cabling near the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Oberstgruppenführer Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationing Area, telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, for the Social Hour.

(Bottom Photo) At first, I thought they had supplied a blow-up padding pool for us. Hahaha! Best if they don’t leave it where it is long, it’ll get knicked for sure!

Got in and greeted everyone, not that there were many residents in today. Had a chinwag with Jenny. Put the prize on the trolley, brought two raffle tickets and gave them away. Walked around to hand out the nibbles that Jenny had saved for me from the last visit, getting a few words and laughs in. Sat with Lynne, Pete, Bill Willian on Sundays and BJ arrived to join us.

BJ will ring me on Saturday just before he calls to collect me and take me to the Papplewick Pumping Station In-Steam Day. Should be a good chance for some photographicalisationing.

After more enjoyable nattering, I said cheerio to all, and caught the bus up to Mapperley Tops, to get some of Pork Ribs in Hoisin sauce. But they had none in, and a member of staff told me they had definitely stopped stocking them now. I nearly cried!

I paid the lad on the till for the stuff that I’d purchased, which was: 2 bottles of flavoured water. Some Chinese flavoured Pork Shoulder slices (For tonight’s nosh). A pack of American Style Streaky Bacon with Maple syrup, (Produce of Poland). Three little-tiny bags of small potatoes. Frikadellens. Ice cream in wafers. Piccolo tomatoes, and two fresh cream jam doughnuts for my dessert tonight.

4Thu10A fair bit of weight in the bags, that I had packed hurriedly so as not to keep others waiting at the check-out; I stopped to redistribute the burden to carry.

This was when I noticed the sign for the building next door. I wondered if they, could help me? Haha!

The plates-of-meat were soon stinging as I made my with some urgency (Wee-wee needed!), and at speed, I didn’t think I was capable of anymore.

Along Plains Road and right down Mapperley Rise, onto Winchester Street and to Chestnut Walk. The Willmott Dixon lads seemed very busy.

WDPBL02 As I changed course towards the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationing Area, telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, for the Social Hour shed and took a photograph of the entry door. Which when I got around to downloading to the computer later – had done a disappearing trick, off into the ether! Oy Vey!

I called in the hut for a wee-wee, and hand the Wardens some ice-cream wafers. But, the cupboard was bare, unembellished by humankind. (Well, there was me, but my qualifying for being called human, might be questionable! Haha!)

I pressed on, met Ray near the flats, and we had a little chinwag and laugh.

4Thu13Up to the apartment, greeted by the intense blast of pure heat when I opened the door.

I reckon it was showing around 104°f on the thermometer!

I stripped off, and then got the fodder stored away

Started on updating this blog. Sister Jane rang me, she was making chilli-burgers for her and Pete’s middle-meal. Sounded nice the way she told me what was going into it. I lost, or she lost the signal.

4Thu12I tried to ring back, and the mobile informed me the battery was Critically Low. I’d only charged it up on Friday, and hadn’t used it until today?

The talk of food prompted me to get the oven ready warming up for the pork, and the potatoes and peas in the saucepan, seasoned with oregano and basil with sea salt.

Pressed on doing the diary up to here.

Went on Facebook to get caught up on the TFZer site.

4Thu21Getting tired now, time to get the nosh sorted.

WDPBL02 Of all of the ingredients on this plate of fodder, only the potatoes were enjoyed. The pork slices seemed like shoe leather with bits of fat in it! Although the seasoning was tasty.

All in all, overall and all together – Crap! Hehe!
I begrudgingly rated this nosh a taste score of 4.5/10, sad innit? Tsk!

WDPBL02 You may have noticed there were four pieces of pork in the pan in the top food picture? There are only two made it to the plate. I dropped the tray taking it out of the oven, (Thank you Craig Cramps). Two slices of pork escaped the tray, onto the kitchen floor, the two on the plate did not. Klutz!

Did the washing up. Then the Health Checks. Medicated areas in need of treating. 

I flopped down in the chair and turned on the TV, Noisy Herbert above was giving it some clanging, banging and knocking.

Mind you, it was more entertaining than the programmes on the TV! Hehe! (But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking Nottingham City Homes upset for me saying about their favourite, superior, influential tenant making a noise. As 2016-06-14 11.27.05the Management, told me; “He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making.” “You’ll have to put up with it!” (I don’t want to lose my home, primarily by doing nothing wrong.)

Despite Herbert’s tinkering away on and off… I got off to sleep earlier than of late, thankfully.

TTFN each.


Inchcock Today – Wednesday 11th July 2018: Stubbed Toe, My left arm goes blue, England Lose and the mind wanders off on it own course… Tsk!


Wednesday 11th July 2018

Catalan: Dimecres 11 de Juliol de 2018

0445hrs: I jumped awake, without knowing the reason. I had a feeling it was far later that it was, and a bit of the panic frenzied into my mind – Was I too late to get the DVT clinic for the blood tests.

Whoopsie O1AA Saw the scrawled note I’d left for myself on the computer screen. Disentangled my torso and limbs from the £300 second-hand recliner, got up knocking the TV remote, mobile phone and an empty cheese curl packet onto the carpet, stood up and crushed a cheese curl, scratched at the itching blotches on the arm – drawing blood, stubbed my toe on the Ottoman, and retrieved the note from the computer.

I placed the note along with the Anticoagulation Sheet in the jacket pocket so as not to forget them later. Then got the Health Checks done and medications were taken.


3Wed02Got the blotches ointmentated, and what a mess it was again.

Lethal that ointment is, I wonder if it is even biodegradable!

It just seems to stay there on the surface of the blemishes and skin and not absorb into the flesh at all?

3Wed01One or two of the really dark red spots had returned on the chest.

The arms seemed to be the same as yesterday.

The only lousy itching was coming from the arms and throat area at this time. Having just written this down. The shoulders are now prickling away and in need of a good scratching too! Tsk!

I got on the computer and began to finish off yesterday’s post. With the time being limited, and the need for ablutionalisationing ready for the hobble to the hospital needed soon, I rushed it a bit. I hope I haven’t made any errors in it.

Got it done and made a small mug of tea3Wed03.

Crickey, to say that there is no sunshine at all, it was really close and warm in the kitchen now.

32°c – 91°f.

I had a look in the gap between the outside cellophane sheeting and the windows, to see if I could spot any of the alien ironclad mini 3Wed04beetles lurking about. I couldn’t see any there, but a few dead ones were on the ledge.

I then made a start on this diary up to here.

Then had to go to get the ablutions tended to. I did not want to arrive too late for the blood test at the City Hospital.

With the weight suddenly increasing I should really have a strenuous hard hobble today. I’ll have a stiff walk to the hospital.

Got the ablutions tended to and medicated the areas in need. (Harold’s Haemorrhoids, Belinda’s Blotches,, and Little Inchies Lesion).

3Wed05I took out what would have been before they reduced the size of the waste-intake tray, two black bags of rubbish, but now needed five smaller sack bags, and three recycle bags, that would have taken one before.

Into the elevator to find half of the lights were out of order. Not that this bothered me at all, the cage shuddering did though. Tsk!

3Wed06Across the road and looked back to take this sunless photo of all three of the buildings from the bottom of the gravel hill path.

Got up it the incline with no bother, even Anne Gyna hardly let me know she was there at all.

Got a good pace going (For me) and kept it up all the way up and through Woodthorpe Grange Park pathway.

The mind wandered off with its usual fretting about varied things and problems. So much so, that 45 minutes later as I got to the turn for the hospital, I realised I had not taken the camera out once.

Got into the waiting area and collected my numbered turn-ticket and sat down. One heck of a long wait this morning. My fault for leaving later than I’d planned, through my spending so long on the computerisationing. But, I got a good session in on the crossword book.

Eventually, 149 rang out, and in I went. Got a trainee today. He dug in a bit deeper than usual, but no problems or Whoopsiedangleplops ensued.

Thanked him and handed the bag of nibbles over. Another nurse said in reply to my saying “Some nibbles for your tea-break”; “They’ll last about 20 seconds” and laughed.

I departed and went to catch a bus into the City Centre.

When we dropped off the bus on Milton Street, a single decker bus was parked half-way around the corner of the Shakespeare Street traffic light. Several men in hi-vis jackets were directing the traffic, no idea what had occurred, but as usual in Nottingham, there were no Police Officers in sight. In fact, I didn’t see one anywhere today!

3Wed07I poddled to Tesco and consulted my shopping list. I got the milk and some oven-bottom-rolls and a TV paper for next week. But they didn’t have any fresh peas, spring water or ice-cream cones.

A bit of a shopping trip flop, indeed.

Out of the shopping centre (mall) and walked up through Trinity Square.

3Wed08The Newly opened Curious Manor eatery, in the brand new part of the food court, did not exactly seem to be making a roaring trade. Sad innit?

I limped down Kings Walk onto Upper Parliament Street.

The impression and looks on the Nottinghamian’s face offered a depressed and 3Wed10unbothered or uninterested feel to the place.

Maybe they were more concerned with whether the shops will have enough stock in for them to shoplift and where and who to fight with tonight after the match with Croatia?

I had a walk around the Slab Square.

Some entertainments were being erected there 3Wed09again.

The sky was so beautiful.

Not that the mobile using populous seemed interested.

Many looks of complete boredom and disinterest mingled amongst the odd drunk and loud sozzled students.

This young Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist was doing wheelies on the corner of King Street and Queen street. A V bend that is very dangerous, with many buses and delivery lorries coming around at all times. He got away with it and was not hit and crushed under the wheels of any vehicle. Just as well, cause there were no policemen or even imitation ones anywhere to be seen to help.


3Wed11aAs I got to the L9 bus stop at the top of Queen Street, I took this photographicalisation of the Little John clock tower on top of the Nottingham Council House.

As is usual, this 5 minutes past the hour L9 was very late arriving.

By the time one lady and I got on the vehicle, I was feeling well drained. I kept nodding off on the bus en route. I was fortunate to wake up in time to get off at the right stop. Hehe!.

Walked along Chestnut Walk back to the apartments, taking these pictures.


3Wed12aWhoopsie O1AA I got to the flats, and Mo was there in the foyer. We had a natter and laugh. She spotted the state of my left hand, something which apart from it itching, I had not seen.

In the lift, I had a closer look at it. The whole arm had swollen and gone a sort of blue-red in colour. Hello, I thought, this doesn’t bode well for old codger? Hehe!

3Wed12aaGot in the apartment, and the heat again hit me as I entered through the door.

Got the bits I’d bought put away.

Got some mushrooms on the boil. 

I stripped off to keep cool and to check out the blotches/blemishes elsewhere on the body.


Apart from where I had apparently been scratching, they were no worse than they were earlier. And, the left wrist and hand had gone down and back to more normal colouration, pale and anaemic looking.

I did the applying of some of the Clobetasone Ointment and then had a read of the leaflet that came in the box.

3Wed16An interesting side-effects list:

  • An increased skin infection. Gorrit!
  • An allergic reaction. Gorrit!
  • A feeling of burning, irritation or itching when the ointment is applied, Gorrit!
  • Rash, itchy bumpy skin or redness of the skin. Gorrit!

I just love this next one…

  • Increase in hair growth, appetite and changes in colour. Got some! Hehe!
  • Thinning of your skin that might damage more easily. Gorrit!
  • Weight Gain and high blood pressure. Gorrit!
  • Bone can become thin weak and break easily. Oh, heck!
  • Non-translucent lenses in your eyes. ?

Made a start on updating this blog. It took me three hours to get up to here, Shaking Shaun’s visit didn’t help me progress as quickly as I would have liked.

I noticed on the web, these sub-title headlines on the Nottingham News page:

  • Girl, 13, stole two bottles of champagne from John Lewis.
  • Teenager appears in court in connection with stabbing in Intu Centre.
  • Student released on Curfew for stabbing 27-year old and possessing cannabis.
  • Man, 72, arrested for stabbing the 27-year-old in Lower Parliament Street.
  • Four arrests after a gang fight in Sneinton.
  • Police address mamba use and rough sleeping in the town centre.
  • Ten years for man who abused two girls ten years apart.
  • A man has been arrested and charged with criminal damage,
    after a window at Nottingham’s Tourist Information Centre was smashed. Dembo Sillah, 21, of Beauvale Road, Nottingham, is set to appear at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on 24 July 2018.
  • Football related disorder will not be tolerated in Nottingham. Hehe!
  • Man charged and remanded to court after two police officers were attacked.
  • Appeal after stabbing in St Ann’s.
  • Man arrested following an assault in Radford.
  • Grandad, 70, in court after growing cannabis to ease arthritis.
  • Inmate threw urine over prison wardens to pay off spice and mamba debt.
  • Masked teen locked up after stabbing boy, 16, on his way to sit an exam.
  • Man held hunting knife to woman’s throat in Long Eaton.
  • Nottingham is the most crime-ridden university city outside London.

Depressive innit? Humph!

The upcoming football situation with England, proves my irresolute, in two minds, undecided, unresolved, ever in a dilemma frame of mind. I’d love it if England could beat Croatia and then France to win the World Cup. But I fear so that France is having so much luck in this competition, and are so hard to beat. I find myself accepting  England will go farther, and am so proud of them for getting this far.

Got the Health checks done.

3Wed30First things first, I’ll get the nosh sorted in time for me to watch the match later.

Again, I didn’t manage to eat anywhere near all of it but did enjoy what I did have.

I got settled into the £300 second-hand recliner and settled to watch the match and listen to Herberts banging away upstairs.

I wasn’t surprised at the result. But, as I said earlier, I was impressed with England getting this far in the competition. I do not think that Croatia can beat France, but I pray that they do!

The blotches and blemishes were still itching, but the blue colouration and tingling were far less than yesterday. I think they might be receding at last. Which is good news, cause then I can go to the PPS Steaming day on Saturday with BJ. 

I was concerned about how and why the left lower arm and wrist went all blue and hurting earlier. But no bother since. Isn’t life confusing? Hehe!

I fell asleep later again. The old brain had gone off on one it’s self-regulated panic and fretting about anything and everything mode once more.

Windows Update Again: Life is complicated enough, without this! Argh!

I just got a message up when I started the computer…

After the last lot, when Grammarly went bonkers, I couldn’t find the passwords that had disappeared, CorelDraw had to be reinstalled, the computer started saving photos to a file of its own choice, and could not delete from DropBox without a file being deleted from everywhere… It made me poorly!

Just thought I’d mention it, like.

Now. wherever are my tablets?


Argh! More Windows Updates. Suicide becomes a little more appealing! Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 10th July 2018: Contagious Blotches kept me indoors, again. Tsk!


Tuesday 10th July 2018

Russian: Вторник, 10 июля 2018 года

0345hrs: I woke up, and immediately found my brain active and operational in a positive, analogical, cognitive and conceptual thinking mode. So many thoughts were arriving for my consideration; but this time, important ones. Brexit negotiations, death and would a France v England World Cup final bring about Brexit battles, being the most interesting of the considerations needing tackling.

Then, suddenly I needed to visit the Porcelain Throne, and these interesting for once thoughts, faded, never to return.

The evacuation session was another messy one. I got cleaned up and checked out the condition of the blotches.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Clobavate 0.05% w/w Ointment was applied. What a mess it made too. It just didn’t seem to soak into the skin at all. I can feel it on my hands and fingers, even after trying to clean it off with bleach and disinfectant. It seems to spread to anything else I touch. Mind you; I have gleaming, shiny keyboard buttons now! Hehe!  Preventing the tea mug from slipping from my fingers ain’t easy, either. Tsk!

I then got the Health Checks sorted.


2Tue04The hemadynamometer worked the first time.

The readings so far this week have been showing as pretty regular and close to each other.

I took the usual morning medications with an added Dia-Stop capsule.

There’s still no appointment for this weeks blood test come through. So, if it fails to arrive, I will go to the City Hospital DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) clinic for the blood check. The surgery will no doubt tell me off for not going to them as they say I should. If this happens, I intend to tell them calmly; “If you do not send me the test results and new medication dosages for the week, and no appointment for next weeks examination (Which they have not done yet) – what am I expected to do please?” Smug and possibly going to get in trouble again mode adopted! Haha!

2Tue06Whoopsie2 I feel obliged to offer some advice, to fellow Klutzes at this stage. 

If you have trouble opening and extracting the bubble-packed Anti-Diahorrea capsules, it is best if you use a metal gauntlet glove or kitchen towelling to protect your digits, before getting all het-up and tearing at the foil. Just a thought. Huh!

2Tue07I got the last of the fresh garden peas podded. The Polish mushrooms cleaned and cut up, and both into the pan on a low light.

Seasoned them a little balsamic vinegar, onion salt and a bit of mint.

No idea how they will come out tasting, but I’m definitely getting more adventurous with the flavours nowadays.

Whoopsie2 As I got the computer in to start this post off, The Liberty Virgin Internet went down. Thankfully it came back on minutes later after resetting, but a little slow still.

I got caught up to here and then finished off and posted yesterday’s blog.

Made a graphic of the new Government Cabinet and added, a ghost-like William Gladstone, Churchill and Thatcher to it, for a bit of fun.


Checked the comments on WordPress, then went to the Reader page.

Odd noises from above, of a nature that I’ve never heard before.

But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking getting another telling-off and sneered at from the Nottingham City Homes Mangement for my quoting the truth about the noises. As the Obergruppenfurheress Management, told me; He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making, and I’ll have to put up with it. I don’t want to lose my home. Oh heck, I forgot there that I was told not to put any conversations I have with any Nottingham City Homes Management, employees, representative or agent on my blog. Sorry about that, I’ll cross it off.

Getting late in the morning now. Went on to Facebooking next.

Whoopsie2 Virgin Internet went down again – Tsk!

All quiet on the upper front! (Herbert BBJ). Getting tired now. (And fed-up with the internet going down?!)

2Tue08Went in the get the oven on for the frikadellens. The plan is for the frik’s, cheesy mash, peas and mushrooms for the nosh. Might have some gherkins and tomatoes as well with it.

Made some notes scrawled on a sheet of the pad, to place on the computer screen so I should see it in the morning, and not forget anything. (We’ll see, Hehe!) I realised when I’m done it, that the making up of the bag of nibbles was missed off. So, I got them done and in the bag straight away.

Whoopsie2 Damn it! The blotches on the ribs have started to sting without them being touched, and not very pleasantly. I’m in just the PPs, so I hope when I put on a shirt, things don’t get worse. Sod-it! I thought things were going to be alright with this problem, too. Stupe!

Did the Health Checks and tool the medications. Applied the Clobavate 0.05% w/w ointment. I hope I don’t slip or fall over if I do, I slide to the other end of the flat! Talk about greasy. I used the paper towel to try an get it off of my hands, but the stuff seems intent on staying where it is and running elsewhere when it melts in the heat and runs down onto the PPs and body parts below? Grumph!

Whoopsie2 Got the meal prepared eventually. It took me ages! Nearly letting things slip out of the greasy ointmentated hands occasionally. In fact, I later dropped a mug, but luckily it did not break.

Now, after the ointment is applied, the stinging continues and the itching is getting worse. Pee’d-off with this!

2Tue09Got the meal served up. I made the cheesy potatoes with a little too much cheese, and it came out almost liquid. So I drank it as opposed to eating it. Hehe!

Heck of a job cleaning things afterwards with the slippery digits and limbs from the ointment. I wonder if that Novichok nerve agent has the same formulae? Hehehe!

2Tue10I noticed that in the dirt stuck in between plastic sheets and the window, several of the mini-armour-plated beetles had taken up residence. Can’t get to them without tearing the plastic, and I don’t want to do that.

Did the Health Checks etc. to the tune of some entertaining Tippy-Tappy, bang, knock-knocking and clunks from Sir snotty can do no wrong Herbert above.

But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking getting another telling-off and being sneered at by the Nottingham City Homes Mangement for my quoting the truth about the noises. As the Obergruppenfurheress Management, told me; He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making, and I’ll have to put up with it. I don’t want to lose my home. Oh heck, I forgot there that I was told not to put any conversations I have with any Nottingham City Homes Management, employees, representative or agent on my blog. Sorry about that, I’ll cross it off.

Whoopsie2 Settled down to eat the lemon yoghourt and sudden itching from the blotches needed scratching, and I shot to get my hand to the side of the rib-cage for a good rub, and a finger went into the dessert pot. Great, now I have the just applied ointment, and yogourt mix making the skin clammier than ever!

Extracted the body from the £300 second-hand recliner, and back to the kitchen for a clean-up. Noticing en route how hot it was, despite there being no sun out at the moment?


33°f in the front room and 38°f in the kitchen.

I just knew (EQ informed me) that France would beat Belgium in the World Cup semi-final. So decided not to watch the game. But of course changing channels on the TV, I came across the match and stayed watching it.

So, England has to beat Croatia to get in the final v France. And then, if they do that, a miracle will be needed for them to beat France. I can hope, of course, that’s all.

I noticed the legs and ankles were now itching as well.


Aha, looks like the blotches have now started to spread down to the ankles now?

Blissfully, I nodded off fairly quickly after this.

The flashing light from the phone woke me up. I was in a confused state when I answered it. T’was Big John Wayne (Pete), ringing to ask if I want to go to the PPS (Papplewock Pumping Station) in-steam on Saturday. I really did want to go, but just hoped that the contagious blotches would have cleared up by then. I explained to John. The other thing to think of was he could pick me up at 1230hrs, which will mean a late arrival home. So I will have to take all the paraphernalia to cope with bladder, bleeding, medications and medicating stuff with me, and hope that staying out so long will not set other ailments going. I’m concerned about these possible problems, as I am about the Skegness trip, too. It’s horrible when one cannot just go where one would like without all the fears and complications in going out for a day. I thanked him for the offer and promised I would let him know about going or not on Friday.

I lay there after the call, stewing in self-pity, fretting and depressed.

Sleep would not return for hours. The shakes, itching and brain ensured this. Not felt so down for a long time, but why?