Inchcock Today – Sunday 21st January 2018: What a horrible sleepless night again. Grumph!

Sunday 21st January 2018

Hebrew: יום ראשון 21 ינואר 2018

0230hrs: I’d been lying there awake for a good while, and was forced to detach my whale-like body from the £300 second-hand recliner to go for a wee-wee. Did a lot better last night in getting some sleep in at last. Little Inchies lesion had been bleeding, but not severely, and I did wear the Protection Pants, so little cleaning up to do.

Got the computer on and made a mug of tea. Which soon went cold at the side of the machine. Another wee-wee!

Back into the kitchen to make another. Got the kettle on the boil and felt a nippy breeze coming in through the holes in the wall, ill-fitting window frame and the air vents.

Took this photo out of the window, but regretted it. There’s not much wind, but it was so cold. The vehicles had all got frosted windscreens.

Thought I’d do the Health Checks next while I was in the room. I didn’t do any medicating or creaming until I get my ablutions done.

I managed to stop myself using the Enoxaparin hypodermic in time. Fool!

Made a fresh smaller mug of tea and took the medications. The Sys has gone back up, at last, the temperature up, and the pulse and down. But I think it all looks fine.

Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna are calm. Arthur Itis was okay. Crampy Craig is a nuisance on my hands and fingers both this morning. The weight had gone down too. Yet another wee-wee was called for. Oh dear, a third since getting up?

I got yesterday’s diary finished off and posted.

0445hrs: As I started to do this post, an almost instant rumbling and grumbling from the innards forced a requisite for the necessary immediate use of the Porcelain Throne; during which the tea went cold again. Tsk!

0513hrs: Got back from the Throne duties. Yes, 27 minutes of the mess, cacophony, chaos and annoyance, suffered. The Troskies had returned! Discomfort, cringe-worthy and ignominy, would be the best words to describe this session on the Porcelain Throne. Oh, and with sloppy acervuline evacuations. I’m so glad I bought the bottle of liquid soap from Wilko’s last week. It’s so much easier to use and makes less mess with no powder for me to spill. Which I would have if I’d used some detergent. For Shaking Shaun had joined up with Dizzy Dennis to annoy me now. Hard work typing, so many corrections needed.

Cleaning up afterwards took me ages. And, I stubbed my toe going to the kitchen! Hehe! Where I made yet another brew of tea. This time in the tiny mug, bearing in mind all of this morning’s wee-wee activity.

Mind you, thinking about it, I haven’t drunk much tea, in reality, most of it ended up going cold and getting thrown down the sink. Huh! Carried on with updating this twollop.

0530hrs: Went on to WordPress Reading. Then the comments.

0630hrs: The tea had gone cold again, but I did have a few sips of it first this time. Made another one, and went on Facebooking.

Unexpectedly and quickly I began feeling a bit under the weather. So I got the potatoes into the crock-pot and got settled down in the chair. I had hoped to get out in the park later, but the weather and feeling a bit faint put me off completely. Tsk!

Put on the TV in the hopes that I would fall asleep and get some rest. Herbert upstairs was making a little banging about noises, but they were not bothering me too much at all.

Got the nosh sorted out. I’d been nibbling while sat in the chair and didn’t need much of a meal to fill me up.

Alright, this one was. Rated at 8/10.

Blissfully, I drifted off into the land of Nod.

The landline phone tinkled away, I woke, looked at the light flashing and ignored it.

Took a while then, to get back to sleep.

Woke-up with a start, not sure if it was the dream about me in a canoe being chased through blood-veins, or if some noise had woken me. So, I had to get up and have a look around for any signs of disturbances and stubbed my toe doing so. Getting fed-up with the recent anti-sleep campaign being waged against me by well, everything and everyone it seems! Tsk!

While I was awake, I remembered I’d not taken the medications or done the Health Checks, so I did. Gawd blimey this was proving to be a long sleepless night again!

Nodded off again eventually, but woke needing the Porcelain Thrones usage. Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding a bit, so I lost more rest time cleaning things up and medicationalisationing. Humph!

Sod Me!. Then the strobe and pillow shaker alarms activated! Out of the £300 second-hand recliner for the; how many times since I got settled? Did the safety checks, nothing untoward found?

Now disorientated, irritable with myself and having dark thoughts – I tried once more to get to sleep.

I admitted defeat with depressing ease, yet reluctance. At 0015hrs and got up.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 20th January 2018: Didn’t see a soul all day

Saturday 20th January 2018

Russian: Суббота 20 Воскресенье 2018 года

0230hrs: Stirred into semi-consciousness and awaited the brain to catch up for a few moments. As I eventually moved to extract the bulbous wobbling body from the £300 second-hand recliner, I became aware of the lack of wet and warmth coming from the lower region. Off to the porcelain throne expecting things in the fungal lesion department to be non-bleeding and improved.

Only to find the damned thing had been bleeding earlier in the night and had dried hard to the inside of the protection pants! Oh, ooh… argh! That was five minutes of pain and ten-minutes of cleaning up I could have well done without. Sorted things though, I think.

Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna were all being incredibly kind to me. I expect they knew about all the blood loss and agony I’d gone through and gave me a little respite. Hehe!

Got Health Checks and medications imbibed.

0315hrs: Set-to creating the on CorelDraw for the Funny Ode and graphic post about Nottingham Street Art. Got it posted.

0350hrs: Got the Saturday post updated.

Made a small mug of Extra Strong Old English Breakfast tea.

To the Porcelain Throne and the session went well. In fact, it was completely painless and bloodless.

Took a break from computerisationing and made up the dosage pots ready for next week.

No Fauxpas… well, I hope not anyway. You’ve got laugh ain’t yer!

I took a shot out of the kitchen window, then got back to the Funny Ode and graphic post about Nottingham Street Art creating.

0800hrs: Got the job finished! That one took some time to get done. Posted it off.

Then made up a Morrison food order for delivery next Tuesday. I know I have my INR Warfarin level blood test usually on a Tuesday, but the surgery could not fit me in, so its Wednesday this week. This means I might miss seeing Nurse Nichole. Humph!

1050hrs: Visited the WordPress reader. Then checked the comments.

1115hrs: Next, I started making the templates for the next weeks Inchcock Today drafts. I think I’ll make another mug of tea first, going to be along job this is.

1415hrs: Very tired now, but I’ve got the templates all done. Getting the nosh done now. Oh, no I’m not. I’ll have a go on Facebook then. Tsk!

Going to try and get my head down and some sleep now. Hope I wake up if I go to sleep that is before the potatoes are burnt. Hahaha!

No sleep, so I got up and made the meal.

A good one, despite almost falling asleep eating it. 9.3/10 rating.

Washed the pots and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got done in the £300 second-hand recliner again and put a New Tricks DVD on.

That did not help me to get any kip it. So I turned on the TV – brilliant idea! I nodded off at the first set of commercials and slept for about four hours! Woke in need of a wee-wee, but could not nod-off again. So I put the TV back on to watch the football. Fell asleep and had a weird dream. Cannot remember much about it, but I was being chased again and ended up underground in a massive cave, conducting an orchestra of all Albert Einsteins in it?

Inchcock Today Friday 19th January 2018: Whoopsedangleplop Ridden Day. Humph!

Friday 19th January 2018

Norwegian: Fredag 19 Januar 2018

0025hrs: I gave up again, on getting any sleep. And with little bother from the ailments, dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner, into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the Medications.

0120hrs: Despite feeling so drained and tired, I soon got on the computer and started to update the Thursday post.

0230hrs: Got it all done and sent off to WordPress.

The stomach gurgled.

0238: Went to make another mug of tea, and that fearful wet warm sensation was felt again in the lower regions. So, off to the Porcelain room, I poddled. Oh, dearie me. The Little Inchy lesion had been pouring blood again. Heck of a job stopping the flow. Time-consuming, painful uncomfortable and messy task. But, thanks to my adorning the Protection Pants, a lot of hassle afterwards was saved. Thanks to Michael, by the way.

Feeling reasonably pleased with how things had gone, I got another pair of PPs on and started to get the pyjama bottoms back on. Lost my balance and over I went, landing on top of the clothes warmer. Which, is now a custom-designed garment-warmer. With more bends in it that it came with initially, and a new bruise on the right wrist and Hippy Hilda unhappy with me. Tsk!

All refreshed, I went back to the kitchen to make the mug of tea.

A bit of drizzle outside, but no high winds like yesterday morning, thankfully.

A taxi was lurking on Chestnut Walk. Either he had dropped one of our alcoholic tenants off, or was waiting to pick up one who worked odd hours. But he was right in between the two blocks?

I got the pain gel out to put some on the chest and wrist, and again Dizzy Dennis visited, and I went forward. Put my hand out stopping myself hitting the counter. Unfortunately, the gel tube of was in that limb! Comforting to know, that the cooker top, counter surface and crock-pot will be protected from pain for a bit. Hehehe, it shot out all over the place.

Back to the computer, and did some WordPress reading. Then the comments.

0355hrs: Next, the big job. Creating the page top graphics on CorelDraw and Paint. Back in a bit. Hehe!

0358: Sidetracked, off to the porcelain Throne in response to the gurgling and rumbling innards. Excellent session. No bleeding. Back on with the page top graphic making.

0740hrs: Got a few done. Then got the ablutions tended to early, as I anticipate medicationalisationing activities will be required. They were.

Got the bag ready and took the waste bags to the chute on the way out.

Blimey, it was cold out there.

Tip-towed through the ice and on into the Winwood Social Hut to wait until the bus arrived.

A few other tenants doing the same. Much chinwagging between them.

Caught the bus into town. A crow of us got off, an all the others sped away from me? Well, I’d had a shave and shower and used deodorant afterwards and put clean clothes on? Mmm?

I wondered if there was some Sale-On in town. No stopping the gals if that was the case. Hehe!

I crossed over and went to Tesco to the Victoria Centre (Mall). Bought some lemon curd yoghourts, sugar snap peas, pork knuckle a pork pie some Boczek meat and a TV paper.

Along Upper Parliament Street and crossed over the road near the Theatre Royal and down Queen Street to the bus stop.

Hilda Hip gave me a blast of twinges as I stepped onto the crossing.

Thankfully, it was not a really bad one, but it seemed to last longer than usual. But, there you go. No complaints today, I was doing well ailment-wise. Just the lack of sleep did me.

A bus driver was in a nook on the Post Office building smoking his vaping thingamajig. It didn’t-half pour out some sweet smelling smoke, through which I saw a pile of nub-ends thrown into a corner on the pavement, and thought it must be better for him than tobacco? The Vap thing, I mean.

One thing tickled me on the bus stop wast bin. A poster saying Thank You for keeping Nottingham clean! And underneath it dozens of fag-ends! Hehe!

Caught the bus that was late by ten minutes. I was glad I had not gone down the hill to find number 40 bus, though. The driver said the traffic was chronic!

He soon got me and other who got on later, back to the flats. One lady said the ride was like on a waltzer at the fair!

I poddled to the apartment and put the stuff away and got on with preparing the meal. So tired now, I did nowt but eat the fooder; and very good it was too! Did the checks and medication taken.

I rang Sister Jane to see how she was, a little better I think she sounded, her hubby Pete was coughing in the background. Hope they will be alright.

I did the pots and just settled, having put on the TV to make sure I fell asleep. Which I did in minutes. Then the workmen’s crane in the centre of the buildings started to creak and clang and it woketh me up. Tsk! Eventually, it stopped, and I turned off the TV, confident my lassitude and fatigue would soon have me in the land of Nod, which it did – until the hoist platform things started going up and down. Woke again and gave up for a bit and got reading the book. Not long after that, the hoists stopped moving, and I settled back.

Into sleep mode at last… for ten minutes, then the damned strobe and pillow fire alarms went off! I dare not ignore it of course. So the old rigmarole performance had to be done again. I think this must be the twentieth time it has given a false alarm since being installed a couple of weeks ago! Out of the recliner, to the door and tested it with the back of my hand for any heat, none there, opened it to listen-out for any alarms going off, none heard. Then, to the kitchen window and looked down to see if any fire appliances had arrived, there were none. Back to the recliner, now in desperate need of sleep!

Sod-me! An hour or so later, the door chime rang out! Humph! I have to admit it took me a while to dismount the recliner and get there to answer it. Nobody was about at all?

Back in the recliner, then the landline phone rang and flashed. Being on the stand-by list for the haemorrhoid strangulation operation, I dare not ignore the call. A chap with an Asian sounding voice, who waffled on, I had not the slightest idea what the man was saying. Put down the receiver, and felt like crying such was my need for sleep!

Worra night!

Some Street Art Found by Inchcock on his hobbles around Nottingham

Some Nottingham Street Art

Found by Inchcock on his hobbles around Nottingham

A sign on a Queen Street bin, thanking Nottinghamians, but that depends,

If the smokers are able to understand and apprehends,

That dropping rubbish often offends,

How can they miss the bin with their nub-ends?

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Nowhere is safe from rubbish, it’s found in every nook and cranny,

Dropped by old, young, Mother, Father and Granny,

They should be fined heavily, by a dewanny,

To encourage them to stop this villany!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

This above, in Sherwood the photograph was took.

I put this one on Facebook,

Cause, and I might have been mistook,

Someone might be in shtook,

The clothes are newer than mine, new they did look!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

The bus driver, using his Vape some more,

To me, it smelt like mandarin and camphor,

But it didn’t hide the nub-ends beyond, that’s for sure,

More mini street art, what an eyesore!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Winchester Street, 0700hrs, early in the day,

A takeaway that had gotten thrown away,

Chinese or Indian, I cannot say,

Smelt nice, but I resisted and walked away!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

On the way to the hospital, to receive some medication,

Noticed someone had vandalised this installation,

Whatever caused their aberration?

Undoubtedly a most dangerous adaptation,

I quickly moved on away without further cogitation!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Walking through the toddlers play park,

Seeing this, put me in a mood that was dark,

More spewed up takeaway, it looked like curry and quark,

More drunken louts perhaps, what a lark.

Seems to be becoming Nottingham’s trademark!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊


Along with these heart-rendering young folk,

Two mobile phones on the top left bloke,

Sorting the genuine ones out is no joke!

The City’s unused door & alleyways are getting chockablock,

One cheating one went up before the beak,

He was making more in a day, than my pension for the week,

Puts one off helping, so suffer the genuinely poor and weak,

So many of them have a Machiavellian streak!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Again, on the City Centre’s Queen Street,

More discarded food, possibly chips and kebab meat,

For this fodder, even the pigeons did not compete,

And a rubbish bin nearby, only ten-feet!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

These unclean rubbish deposits on the street, risking poliomyelitis,

Getting bitten by the rats, colitis and conjunctivitis,

Diahorrea, hepatitis, gastritis and chorioamnionitis,

Not to mention laryngotracheobronchitis,

Or getting mugged and hit over the head and getting tinnitus!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Nearly as sad perhaps, is the artwork in the wood,

At night, a scary part of my neighbourhood,

Young itinerants lurking, all claiming to misunderstood,

I never go there at night, I never would!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Please do not feel that Nottingham has little else to offer you wonderful money bringing tourists on your visit to our Great City!

Nottingham Castle, expert muggers, very crafty pickpockets of varying ages, Shoplifters of such skills, 90% of them are never caught, drunken students, gun-wielding ten-year-olds, antisocial elements can be enjoyed 24 hours a day, Pavement Cyclist to knock into you so you can sue them for their Social Security or Dole money, Robin Hoods, Multicultural criminal Fraternities abound, giving you a chance to chinwag with your mugger, robber, assaultist, beggar, pickpocket or knife wielding youth in your own language. Very few policemen left to catch you being naughty and various social disease clinics!

Yes, Nottingham has all these entertainments and more, awaiting your Vist!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Inchcock Today – Thursday 18th January 2018

Thursday 18th January 2018

Amharic: ሐሙስ 18 ጃንዋሪ 2018

0150hrs: I gave up on getting any sleep, Again! The moaning noisy howling winds being the cause of this last night, they are still blasting away at the apartments now.

How the poor tenants with decent hearing are managing to cope with this awful scary wet weather, I don’t know. I bet I hear some tales at the Social Hour later. This along with the hassle of the radiator installation horrors and the mess cannot be doing us old fogies any good health or temperament-wise. I bet Jenny will have some words of wisdom for us at the Social. She can often use a couple of words that make such commonsense it stuns me, and makes me realise what a plonka really I am.

Now its started to rain with the gales. Tsk!

Off into the kitchen to put the kettle on and take the photo above. Then the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Oh, dear! Haemorrhoid Harold and Little inchy both bleeding somewhat profusely. At first, I was concerned at how long it took Little Inchy’s lesion to stop bleeding, but when I remembered the INR Warfarin level being so high, all concerns evanesced. I started to read the last chapter of the Lenigrad book. I wish every warmonger and their families would peruse this, horrifying true tale of human endeavour.

Cleaned up and back to the kitchen. I made a brew in the last remaining China mug I have left. (After breaking the best one last night, Humph!) Took the medications and did the Health Checks. The readings seemed okay to me.

To the computer with my tasty drink of Extra-strong English Breakfast tea and studied the scribbled reminder notes I’d recorded during last nights farcical Accifauxpas and Whoopsiedangleplops. And updated Wednesday’s diary.

This took me about two hours or so.

The winds not yielding at all. I’m getting fed-up of their noise after suffering them for over ten-hours now.

I closed the kitchen door. To keep the winds that are blowing in through the cracks in the wall, the air vents and the cracked window frame, from making the rest of the flat so cold. Still, we have all been instructed to keep that door closed as part of the fire regulation instructions. I kept it blocked open though, naughty me. I feared I would not be able to hear or smell anything burning on the stove from the other room with the door closed. That is my only claim in my defence, your Honour. Hehe! Shutting it did lessen the noise slightly, though.

Got the post finished and posted off. Started on this one up to here… and realised that the wind was no longer howling? Just blowing strongly.

I checked the WordPress comments and replied.

I nipped (Well, hobbled) into the kitchen to make another brew, and the room was like a walk-in ice-box! The winds I’d thought had decreased had not. It’s just that they were not getting through while the door was closed too. As I was making the tea, the winds whipping in from outside swung the kitchen door shut with an almighty bang!

0455hrs: Boy, am I going to be popular with the neighbours now!

Created the High Winds header for this post.

Then went on WordPress Reader. Next, I checked the Emails. None from the Prime Minister or Jeremy Corbyn, but Asda and Iceland sent me one. Hehe!

Went to make another brew, and the wind had definitely dropped now – but it was freezing in there. I turned up the radiator and put the oven on.

0635hrs: Back to the computer and perused the local news. Here are some of the headlines. Not very encouraging. Tsk!

I spent the next two-and-a-half hours getting graphics suitable to use in creating page-top headers. Worth the effort, but now I have to find time to get them done.

Took a photographicalisation from the main room window of the picturesque skyline.

Ablutions tended to, much less bleeding now.

Rubbish bags were taken to the chute, and off to the Winwood Tenants Social Hour Meeting.

Not so many made it today. I presume the poor things like most of us, got no sleep again with the howling winds.

Jenny was the Oberleutnantess for the meeting, very busy gal. The shed soon filled-up with more residents. It was another highly vocal session. Much laughter, singing and, as Jenny put in so well, much loud raucous noise. That the two new chap tenants were surprised at, I think. Hehe! I love to hear them laughing, shouting, insulting each other and singing. So full of life!

BJ was in much better health this week and chirpier. Helped me with the crosswords. Clever chap BJ is. I asked Jenny if she would keep my nibble-box there ready for next week and she kindly obliged. Then out to the bus stop and a chinwag with some smoker tenants out waiting for the bus.

The winds had dropped altogether by the time I arrived in Arnold and exited the bus into Sainsbury’s. Where I took a leisurely limp around, ending up buying: Apache Potatoes, Jersey milk, Marmite Cheese portions, Surimi sticks, Marmite Crisps, Melton pork pie, Anchor butter, flatbread and nibbles.

Out of the tore and had a hobble to the Asda store on Front Street, and got some potato chips and Curly Cheese nibbles.

I got the shakes at the check-out, which was a bit embarrassing. But I managed with the one steady hand. By now, I had two bags full of fodder to carry, but this helped keep the left-hand still. By the time I’d got to the bus stop, all was well again with the shakes.

Had a friendly natter with a chap while waiting. Who lives on the 6th floor, never met the bloke before, but he’s been living in Woodthorpe Court for six years he said. His brother lives on the 14th floor. I knew him, he was the man who was a sniper in Korea.

When we dropped off on Chestnut Walk, a crowd of other tenants go on the bus. and this time, I got a response or two, to my cheery “Hello, hello, are you all alright today!” Like from Roy: “What’s it got to do with you?”, and Lillie: “Gerrout of the way!” Hehehe!

Having gone two nights of sleeplessness, I felt well drained when I got back in the flat. I had some of the Apache potatoes, curly fries, potato chips, Marmite and Stilton cheese, pork pie, beetroot, tomatoes and sliced apple, followed by a lemon mousse.

Rate this plateful as a 9.1/10.

I felt beyond doing anything but try to get some sleep. To ensure this, I put the TV on, this usually does the trick, and it did. When the first set of commercials that came on, off I went. But not for long. Anne Gyna started giving me some uncomfortableness and the stabbing pains that woke me up. After this, it took me a long time to get off again, as the brain started its wanderings and diagnosing everything, questioning things, analysing, jumping from one topic to another.

Then the mobile phone rang on the Ottoman. As usual, by the time I’d gained enough nouse and found it, the ringing stopped. As I was fumbling to see who had called, the landline chirped up. I battled the £300 second-hand recliner and escaped its clutches and got to the landline in time. T’was Sister Jane. She did not sound very well, a nasty cold at least. I must send her an Email in the morning, as I was not entirely compos-mentis at the time. I did scribble down on the pad, ‘Pat, Cyril Road, Pam flat 80. Know each other.’

Back in the recliner, I managed to nod-off and woke up minutes later with a warm wet sensation from the lower regions. Off to the throne room, Little Inchy had and was, bleeding again. Luckily I had on the protection pants; this saved an awful lot of time cleaning up afterwards and avoided my having to throw away another pair of my knickers. Hahaha! Cleaned-up the room and me, packed the pants sealed them in a plastic bag, and used a separate disposal bag for them. Stopped the bleeding eventually. I will be so glad when I get the new cream from the clinic. This Daktacort is not so useful at all when the lesion bleeds heavily. Messy job.

Now there was no chance of any sleep. Laying there fretting, and feeling sorry for myself was no good. So I got up.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 17th January 2018: Late Outbreak of Accifauxpa-itis!

Wednesday 17th January 2018

Armenian: Չորեքշաբթի 17 Հունվար 2018 թ

0230hrs: After another sleep-wake, sleep-wake horrible night in which I somehow found the time to have some nightmares, I gave up trying to rest and rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner and made my way to the Porcelain Throne. Gawd it felt so cold this morning! As I slowly engaged with the reluctant brain, I felt the pain in my right index finger. It had swollen and was very tender. No idea what had happened, though.

The session confirmed that Trotsky Terence had returned for an extended stay I think. Messy and uncomfortable.

Off to the kitchen and did the Health Checks. When it came to taking the medications, a significant cock-up, come Whoopsiedangleplop was discovered. Last night, I’d imbibed the Midday medications in mistake for the evening ones. Got a little confused over this.


I could barely believe what the kitchen thermometer was indicating. It was on freezing? And I felt it too! Brr!

I recalled last nights phone call from the lovely sounding lady from the QMC Haematology & Anticoagulation Department. Shame it came when I had just nodded off. I hope I got the message clear enough. No Warfarin tonight, then back to two a night.

I tried to use the new system given me yesterday by Nurse Nichole to book the next appointment. After getting lost and in a muddle a few times I got registered on the network. But it said this would take a long time to be activated. This is not good, for I am as sure as Tony Blair has plutomania additions, I would forget to do it later. So I used the standard email route, which they told me not to use, once registered on the new system. But I’m not logged-in yet cause I have to await confirmation, and I am all confused now, and apologise for confusing you. Tsk!

Typing is exceptionally bothersome this morning, with the mystery swelling and pain in the index finger. On the bright side, only Duodenal Donald and Dizzy Dennis are joining in the ailments daily ‘Let’s have a go at Inchcock’ sessions. Hehe!

0310hrs: Stopped doing this blog and went back to yesterday’s to complete that one. Doing this gave me an idea for a humorous ode. So I set about doing a graphic and then the poem.

0615hrs: All finished and posted now. The kitchen has warmed up a bit as I made yet another mug of tea. I realise now that I forgot to tell Nurse Nichole yesterday, about the thirst I have on me. Huh!

Went to WordPress comments. Time to get the ablutions done, to get ready for when my pal Mick… no, he prefers Mike arrives.

Has a nose-bleed, Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding, the tongue the same now and then. All I expect, due to the high Warfarin level.

Mick arrived, bearing gifts. A fantastic chinwagging session took place. I learned more about his escapes. A couple of hours spent that I appreciated and enjoyed. Cheers, Mick… Mick!

I was feeling a bit tired after my mate departed, and not of much use in the practical stakes.

I got the nosh ready.

Three small Pork knuckle sandwiches, sliced apple, potato chips, pork pie with the crust removed, tomatoes and beetroots. 9.1/10 rated.

As soon as I had gobbled it up, I fell asleep and had a dream.Again, I was being chased all over an abandoned or bombed out office block, through corridors, offices, stairwells, I was wearing yellow wellingtons and wanted to stop to take them off so I could run faster, but could not find anywhere to hide to do this? It felt at the time to have lasted for days, in reality, a few seconds. For the door chimes rang out and woke me up, seconds after I’d nodded off.

I still had the food tray on my knee, no spillages from the food-tray whatsoever, the yoghourt, which had the lid removed but not eaten earlier, was fortunate, it had turned green!

I made my way to the door. It was a chap came to see the kitchen radiator, and it’s being fitted too close to the cupboard and drawer. After he wondered why I could not make do with. By lifting the drawer and dragging it on the top of the radiator and taking the paint off of it with the metal runners underneath the drawer to open it. He said he would return in a couple of weeks and move the radiator, which will involve leaving holes in the floor tiles. I was still half asleep at this time, so I hope that the facts as mentioned earlier are right. A nice chap.

I got back down in the recliner, but could not get back to sleep. As I lay there, the grey-cells wondered off on their own independent course, until the Fire Alarm Strobe and pillow shaker activated. Humph! This meant I had no option but to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner again and to investigate. By doing all the usual checks; Find and put in the hearing aids. Go to the front door, touch the handle with the back of my hand to test for any heat, unlock it and listen for any alarm activations. Go to the kitchen and stick my head out and look down to see if any emergency vehicles had arrived, then wipe the counters and ledge and take off the now rain-soaked dressing gown (Tsk) – Rearrange and retrieve items blown over by the near gale-force winds that carried the rain into the flat. I found nothing untoward. Swore a bit, and return to the recliner.

This time I did nod-off quickly. Then the noise of the howling winds woke me up. Horrendous winds, made worse by the frames, scaffolding and holes in the wall outside I expect. So, I decided to make a mug of tea, fought my way out of the recliner again and to the kitchen.

Made a brew in the medium-sized China mug, and turned to carry it to the Ottoman, and Hippy Hilda gave-way painfully. I no longer have a medium sized China mug. Well, I do, but it is in hundreds of little pieces and has been deposited in the waste bin. Bending down to clean the kitchen floor started off Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna, and I cut my knee bending down, on a bit of broken porcelain. Beautiful that, just what I needed!

The winds had got a lot worse, too much for me to get back to any sleeping. I felt so sorry for the other tenants up here, who had good hearing, it must be terrible for them. I sat there thinking of all sorts of things for a while and decided I might as well get up and on the computer to update this diary. As I was getting up, I felt the spectacles breaking under my hand I was using as support… I wanted to cry. Hehehe!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 16th January 2018:

Tuesday 16th January 2018

0200hrs: Woke in a terribly confused state of mind. Had dream involving my old cats, Lady and Cyril, so felt a tad low. However, things settled to their usual semi-confused condition as I lay there thinking ‘Blimey, it’s cold this morning’, Brrr! Got to go out to the surgery for the INR Warfarin Blood Test as well.

At least the brain had lost its earlier Boeotian wanderings. The innards were already bubbling and rumbling. The thirst remains with me.

The morning battle to extract my ashamedly plump torso from the £300 second-hand recliner was relatively easy for once. No toe stubbing either. Shunted into to the kitchen.

Made the brew. As the gurgling from within developed, I took the medications and did the Health Checks. All over the place again this morning, up and down, like yesterdays. I must mention this to the nurse later, hopefully, Nurse Nichole.

Off to the Porcelain Throne: a short wait of a few seconds – Spurt – splatter – pebble-dashing of porcelain and rear-quarters, then a painful stomach rumble and a long extended mess leaving kerplunk!  Had a good clean up of me and the wet room, wiped contact points and back into the kitchen.

The tea had gone cold, so I made another.

I thought about opening the window to take a picture but decided against it when I saw the low reading on the thermometer on the window ledge.

Checked the diary for the blood test appointment time, 0920hrs.

Started this post off up to here, then finalised the Monday one, and went on Facebook to add photos to albums. Going a bit slow again today is Facebook. Comments when clicked on are not coming up? Turned off and restarted and it came back on. Made another mug of tea.

A bash on WordPress Reader, next. Then read the comments and responded.

It doesn’t seem to be getting any warmer, and the rain looks like it is settling in for the day again.

Made a page top graphic to use in a later post.

Seems to be getting a bit warmer now. I wonder if the flats are on fire? Took the midday medications and did the Health Checks early as I got up so soon, like.

Had an excellent ablutionalisationing session. Apart from the Little Inchy fungal lesion was bleeding, so I applied some Dakacort cream. Getting low on this again now. Must try to remember to ask for some more on a prescription request form.

I sorted a black bag of rubbish, got the three jars to go to the recycling bin ad tool them out with me. Dropped the bag down the chute, cause it was now 0800hrs, and tool the bottles down with me and deposited them in the bin outside the foyer door. The rain was barely noticeable as I began my hobble along Chestnut Walk.

The sun came out as I got further along the road. And, a few times throughout the day. But it was like politicians promises, no warmth and did nothing to warm up the voters! Hehe!

To the end and right down the Winchester Street Hill. When the wind blew, it had a chill-factor of Warp Nine!

Haha! Brrr!

A piece of Nottingham Street Art at the bottom of the hill. Art Deco style perhaps? Plenty of rice, but I didn’t know if it was of Chinese or Indian origin. Whichever it was, it proved unpopular with the most-likely drunk Nottinghamian purchaser.

Right along Mansfield Road and up the slow incline. I noticed the Continental Shop was open and I decided to walk back from the surgery after the blood test and call in to have a nosey around, Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna permitting of course.

I pressed on.

0840hrs: The traffic going towards town started to back up.

The rain was very slight still, so the umbrella stayed in the bag with the other flotsam and mystery contents. Along with Nurse Nicoles and the receptionist’s nibbles.

As I neared the top of the hill, one of Nottingham’s infamous Pavement Cyclists shot by me from behind, between me and another pedestrian as she overtook me. Most annoying being made to jump like that, I can tell yer!

He was doing well up the hill, though.  He’d got a good head of steam going too.

Once more I carried on up then down Mansfield Road into Carrington and to the Doctors Surgery. The traffic still queuing and not moving very much. It’s times like this I am glad I had to hand back my driving licence after the ticker operation.

Logged in with the receptionist and got sat down and the crossword book utilised while I waited. The only ailments giving me any bothers were Anne Gyna and the poor feet. But both have been far worse. Doing well up to now.

Nurse Nichole came out to fetch me 20-minutes later. A chinwag and laugh while she took the blood. I told her about the radiator and the cupboard and drawer not opening. Nichole did laugh! She gave me a letter with details of a new system where I must book appointments through an operation on the internet. After I have registered. I gave her the bags of nibbles and departed.

Out and had a hobble back the way I came, made my way to the Continental shop in Sherwood.

Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came too close to me to my liking. Tsk!

Down the hill and into the store. Where I spent far more than I wanted to or needed to. (Again!) I came out over £8 lighter in the pocket, with a bacon joint £2.83, a big potato 35p, some sliced belly pork £1.49, a packet of biscuits 69p and a small sliced loaf at the ridiculous price of £1.49!

The wind had got up a lot outside when I departed, struggling with the heavy bag.

Up the hill and into the Wilko store. More finances spent. £8.40 this time.

I got some Liquid Soap Flakes, Wilko Fragrance Booster and a bottle of bleach. Paid the lady and off up the hill to the bus stop.

Where more Nottingham Street Art greeted me on the wire seats in the shelter. I must say that it all looked really fresh? A lady there humorously stated; “Maybe they got blew away in the wind while eating” Hehe!

Ray from the flats joined us as the woman was saying how she can’t stand this strong cold wind. I said: “Gerrin’ the corner love, and we’ll shelter you with our bodies”. And she did too! Her bus arrived a few minutes later, and she thanked me, that was nice.

I caught the L9 bus later and had a chinwag with a lady on there. Got off at the apartments and called in the Obergruppenfureresses Hut. I showed Warden Dean a photo of the radiator in the kitchen stopping the drawer and cupboard door opening. She got on the phone and rand builders on site woman. Who said: “He should have been warned that this might happen, I’m sure he was!” They should have been warned to get the job right in the first place, surely!

I told Deana if I had been told I would have removed the stuff from the drawer before they fitted the radiator; and, if you remember, I was not in that day because I had a blood test, and you said you would let them in, and forgot about it! I did not like the building representative woman’s attitude and response at all! I’ll have a word with Mick and Jenny tomorrow, see what they think.

Now in a not so good mood, I returned to the flat. Got the fodder and things put away. Did the midday Health Checks and did the medication imbibing. Made a brew and got on with updating this blog.

This little monkey was spotted outside on noisy Herbert’s balcony. “Who are you looking at, mush” was the verbal message I received. Haha!

The door chime came to life. Two Nottingham City Homes blokes arrived to test the fire alarm. This reminded me that I  had again forgotten to tell Warden Deana about the strobe alarm they kindly fitted for me, was going off when the other warnings were not, always at night when I was asleep. I had to get up and check things to be safe. Open the door to see if I could hear any alarms, look out of the window to check in any fire appliances were on site, etc. repeatedly since it had been installed. I informed the two engineers about this. They took a look at things, and set alarms off a few times and dealt with the NCH control. Eventually, they worked out that Smoke Alarm in the hallway was causing this strobe alarm to activate. I told them I could not hear the beeping noise from the smoke alarm anyway. I was not getting much in the way of sleep between these activations and the noisy Herbert upstairs and could I safely unplug the strobe and pillow shaker alarm without damaging anything? They could not give any advice under instructions (Understandably) and told me to tell the warden.

I’m sorry I mention it now!

Had a go at Facebooking for a while.

Irritable and tired, I got the nosh prepared. Not that it took much effort, nothing hot in it tonight. Polish belly pork and fresh bread sarnies, potato chips, tomatoes, beetroots, sliced apple, chestnuts, and Chinese mushrooms out of a jar. Fresh orange juice and a lemon curd yoghourt to follow. Have to give this one a 9.45/10 rating.

Consumed this with glee, washed the pots and succumbed to the need for slumber as soon as putting on the TV to watch the Law & Order episodes. I missed the programmes entirely as I nodded off into a much-needed sleep.

I bit my tongue in the sleep and woke up with a start. Dabbing the blood with a tissue, wondering what it was I had on the TV screen, and I saw the light flashing on the landline phone. Struggled to get out of the recliner, stubbed my toes on the way to answer the telephone and knocked over the waste bin and scattered Stilton Cheese biscuit crumbs all over the carpet. It was a pleasant lady from the QMC Haematology & Anticoagulation Clinic. The first thing she said was to offer an apology for the late call, they were working with short staff due to absenteeism through illnesses. Or something like that, anyway. The IRN Warfarin level was well over the target at 5-point something. I am not to take any Warfarin tonight. Then 2 a night until the next appointment, at the doctor’s surgery, which I must make ASAP or go to the City Hospital if the doctors cannot fit me in, for next Tuesday. I explained that I had already taken tonights doses. So she said for me to eat none Wednesday night then, and to use great care not to cut myself. (Great, I  thought, and here’s me just bit my tongue and wondering why it was taking some stopping, Hehehe!) Thanked the lady, scribbled notes about this call on the pad; then went and took the Warfarin Tablets out of tomorrow nights pill-pot.

The old brain was active again now and kept meandering about various topics, all purposeless, banal, haphazard, incongruous or trifling.

Proper sleep did not return. All I could manage was a few minutes at a go, and then wake up, a battle for control of the mind, lose the battle and nod-off again, repeatedly! Sad innit? Tsk!

I expect that I have been ostracised by what remains of my sanity. Oh, I should use that on somewhere that takes new quotes or whatever you call them? I might do an ode post about this tomorrow?

I Expect I Have Been Ostracised By What Ashes Remain of My Sanity

Nightmares visit, every single night,

Often lurking on throughout the day, it’s a saneness-losing fight,

Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas; a terrible sight,

The ailments leave me in a painful plight,

Everything attacks me, neighbours, strangers even the dust mite,

Worse, the loss of control of the brain, as the grey-cells take flight,

 Often for the whole day, and overnight,

Can’t remember what’s happened, and I have no foresight,

Life is deteriorating, the future does not look bright,

Time for the Grim Reaper to come, well he might!

Free me from the anguish; that will be alright,

I’m ready now, depressed, lost, but I’ve run out of spite,

I accept this feeling, and am not being trite,

Death, being my only Birthright,

Departing the pain and hassle would be a delight,

I’ll do it now, plenty of medicines with, to ensure I get it right,

No, hang on… not yet, ’cause to my delight…

They’re showing Red Dwarf on the box tonight!


Inchcock Today – Monday 15th January 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas aplenty… Tsk!

Monday 15th January 2018

Sesthoso: Mantaha 15 January 2018

0255hrs: After another night of very little sleep, and all of it seemingly in repeated five to ten-minute spells, I felt so tired. Forced my short-plump wobbly body mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner, to be met with Dizzy Dennis as I finally got up into a semi-perpendicular position. The brain joined the body shortly afterwards.

I decided that this morning, I will get down to the laundry room first-thing and do the washing.

Collated the clothes into the bag with the already prepared accoutrements and down in the ‘making a grating noise’ elevator.

Got the machine going and nipped outside the foyer doors to take this dreary photographicalisation of the view and weather. Wet again!

I got back up to the flat sharpishly and to the Porcelain Throne. I was sure that things would be messy, but no. Just wind. Nothing else. Despite the strangely different. Louder than usual rumbling and grumblings from the innards.

Down to move the stuff to the dryer. This was when I noticed the state of the machine. Whatever it was spilt or dropped onto the top of the dryer, it took some moving. Luckily I’d bought some cleaner and towels down with me.

Bits of similar marks were removed from the sink. It had dried hard.

The filter, I’d never seen so clogged and dirty. I think that maybe some new tenants might not have been aware of the need to clean them? But, there are notices on the wall asking us to clean the filters?

Back up to the dwelling and back in the wet room in another attempt at evacuation. All wind and aroma!

Set the timer to remind me about the washing. Got the computer on and downloaded and edited the photographs to use in this and yesterday’s diary. Started this blog off.

Made a brew and took a photo from the kitchen window.

Got the Health Checks done and took the medications. Made up last weeks record card.

430hrs: Alarm chirped into life, and off down to collect the clothing.

I saw that Jenny had some different posters up on the lift lobby notice board. Well, I say new, I haven’t been out for two fun-filled days.

Got the clothing out of the dryer, folded and into the bag.

Up again to the apartment and got the clobber put away.

To the Porcelain Throne yet again. Still all wind and aroma!

Did an Emergency Wrist Alarm Battery Check. Told it was okay. Thanked the chap, and had to adopt an ‘Urgent Ooh’er Mode’ and get to the Throne ASAP! – I needn’t have rushed. I got through two chapters of the Clarkson book waiting for something to happen. When it did, oh the pain. Rock solid – which confused me having all the rumbling innards earlier? How many other people toss-up a Senna and Dia-limit capsule in the air, and whichever one they catch first, they take that morning? One extreme to another nearly all the time. Humph!

Things developed a little contrarily. Little Inchy was now bleeding, Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding. I was uncomfortable in the extreme, and I stubbed my toe on the floor cabinet while applying the Betamethasone cream. Then dropped the lid off of the Daktacort tube and clouted my elbow as I bent down to retrieve it and Hippy Hilda started playing up! I was turning into a wreck! Hehehe!

Pressed on updating this post up to here, and then went to the WordPress Reader. Next to the comments, not many, so I visited Facebook.

Made another mug of tea. (The thirst is still lingering?)

Tended to the ablutions. Took all five black bags to the waste chute, and readied everything, remembering to take the Audio-Clinic book with me to get some more batteries.

Off down and out into the rainy morning, but it was not cold with it.

The workmen were busy, deliveries coming in regularly.

Had to be careful on the wet leaves in the puddles and pavements.

I stopped half-way to the Obergruppenfureresses Wardens Shed and took this photographicalisation of the progress in the new four-storey apartment block being built.

The new higher crane had had its concrete blocks fitted.

Went into the shed and found Obergruppenfurheress Deana and Obergefreiteress Julie busy and just leaving on their duties. Quick greetings and off they poddled. Jenny and about six other tenants were in there, keeping dry and warm while waiting for the bus. A welcome and chinwagging session ensued.

Jenny asked if the radiator blocking the kitchen cupboard and drawer had been moved yet. I said no. I think it was only Thursday when I noticed this, and Jenny mentioned it to Deana, so I should hear something from them soon. So kind of Jenny to look after me.

Out to the bus stop and another natter with Roy and Gladys.

I snapped this drab picture of the two blocks with the cranes showing. The one on the left was blowing about a bit in the wind. I also caught Roy, bless his cotton socks as he adjusted his lethal four-wheeled shopping trolly. Great chap Roy and his better half. I’m lucky in some ways here. Jenny, the Newcastle gal, Margaret, Deana, Julie, Roy and many other folks I consider as ‘Special’, and all might pull my leg, but they seem to give me time, and I love them all for that. Without them and my Cyber-Buddies, life would not be so good.

Caught the bus, had a bash at the crossword book en route. Dropped off in town and went into the Poundland Shop in search of some Payne’s Chocolate Brazil nuts and any Pork Farm Pork Pies if they had any. I came out with two Pork Pies and four screw-lid containers, well pleased with that. I can use the lidded boxes to keep the potato chips now and have a fresh nibble at leisure. Haha!

The rain got a little heavier as I made my way down into the soggy slab-square.

Crossed through the square and up Friar Lane, then right and along to the end of Maid Marion Way then left up Standard Hill to the Audio Centre. I have to mention that Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were all gentle with me, and I got up the hill almost with ease! Great stuff!

As I arrived, I thought we were going to be in for a right storm. Darkness fell, and the rain turned into a drizzle, but by the time I’d crossed over to the clinic, it had brightened up a bit, and the rain stopped altogether? Weird that. Being as it was not open, I did not go in. Hehehe! But, not to worry, I can get some from batteries from SpecSavers. Which entailed me walking back the way I came from, Tsk! At least it was downhill this time.

Down to get the batteries, and called into the Poundland shop on Fletcher Gate en route. Maybe they will have some Payne’s brazils at this branch?

Nope! I came out lugging a full shopping bag now. With, a pack of sliced wholemeal rolls, Zoflora disinfectant, Bliss Lemon Yoghourts and some bars of chocolate called ‘Twin Peaks’. Should come in handy as Raffle Prizes at the Tenants Social Hour on Thursday, because they are different? Methinks anyway.

I forgot all about getting the flipping hearing aid batteries, due to my excitement at getting something interesting for the raffle and the screw-lid containers. Sad, innit?

I hobbled to and over the slab square and up Queen Street to the bus stop. Only the plates-of-meat (Feet) was hurting now. But they were making an excellent job of it. Haha!

The Newcastle Lady and a bloke tenant were waiting alongside me. I Wished I were better at remembering names. She is a right character and lovely woman. We had a chat, and all got on the bus. We were soon back at the apartment. We both walked from the bus stop, having another chinwag. She got off at the floor below mine, we said our farewells and wished each other well, and I got in and id the Health Checks and visited the Porcelain Throne, and sat and waited for yonks! Blow me, back to all wind again this time?

Washed up well, and wiped the contact surfaces with antiseptic disinfectant. Best be safe I thought, with the ever-changing evacuations modes, and the non-stop thirst, something might be brewing-up, a cold perhaps. Getting wet again won’t help.

I took the cellophane off of one of the lidded containers, and found it had a second slightly smaller one inside! So I washed them an filled both up with potato chips. One with beef flavour, the other with plain salted and added some BBQ flavour powder to it. I’ll have some of these on tonight’s meal later on.

Got onto sorting the photos and updating this post.

I stored the other bits I’d bought away and got the Health Checks and medications tended to.

Readings a bit up & down today. Hey-Ho!

Must get these trousers off and into the jammies, the legs and feet feel terribly cold now. All done! That’s a bit warmer now.

Got the nosh sorted.

Not as enjoyable or good as the last one, but I still enjoyed this one. The Pork Pie was delicious. (Note I removed the fatty crust this time, due to the increase in my weight of late!)

Gave it a rating of 8/10.

After washing the pots and settling to watch a DVD, dear old Herbert above was clanking and banging away again. But it didn’t last for long this time.

I got the DVD on, fell asleep and woke with the phone tinkling away. Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner and over to answer the ringing, I stubbed my toe on the Ottoman. It was my old mate, Mike. Saying he would visit me in the morning. I explained about the blood test I had in the morning, and he kindly thought about it and said he would call Wednesday morning if I was free, which I was, and informed and thanked him. I think, being half-asleep at the time. Great of Mick to call again.

It took a hell of a while to get back to sleep after the grey-cells had been activated again. They went off on their own thought patterns again, determined that I should solve the problems of the world. Haha!

Settled and seconds later I had to go off to the wet room for a wee-wee. Bit of a Dizzy Dennis as I got out of the recliner, and banged my shoulder against the door frame en route. I believe I might have uttered words to the tune of “Oh, blow!”, or something similar.

Eventually, I got off to sleep a much-needed sleep, thankfully.