Inchcock Today Tuesday 14th August 2018: Ironclad black biting beetles on the rampage! Tsk!


Tuesday 14th August 2018

Polish: Wtorek 14 Sierpnia 2018

1Mon2303:30hrs: When I woke up, I lay there still tasting the seasoned baked beans and American Style sausages I had for nosh last night. Might the seasonings have been a little over the top after all? Hehe!

Despite Duodenal Donald still lingering in the innards after 15 hours of hassling me, I felt a glow from within, of fullness. I don’t know what this means, but it is how I feel.

I remained in the crumpled up position precariously on top of the £300 second-hand recliner, and the thoughts, fears, and intentions started to come into the brain. Luckily as fast as they came, and the next one followed, I’d forgotten the previous one. Bonkers innit?

WDP001c A wee-wee was called for, so I disentangled my ever increasingly heavier-each-day body mass from the recliner, and off to the wet room. Picking up the camera on the way, sure that the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles would be waiting for me. The few that were showing themselves scattered so quickly, I could not get any photographs of them. Tsk!

I got the Health Checks done first. Results looked fair-enough to me, apart from the weight of course.


2Tue05I want to get to see Sister Jane, take her some things she wants. But things are busy at the moment again.

Got to wait in today for the Iceland delivery, if it comes. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for the Critter Kill thingies, to hopefully temper the Ironclad beetle infestation. I bet it arrives when I’m at the blood test on Wednesday!

Oh, and Friday, I’ve got the CHD test at the surgery as well. Must remember not to eat or drink after 2200hrs on Thursday.

Saturday, the trip to Skegness. Reminds of Pete treating me to a day there when I got out of the hospital after the heart op.

I think I have a Morrison order coming on Thursday as well, I’ll check now.


Ah, the CHD test is a CDH test, and it is on Monday next.

Things seem to be coming together at the same time.

Back on the computer. Got yesterdays post finished and posted off. Then started on this one.

2Tue02fWDP001c A tummy rumble, out of the computer chair and into the wet room, speedily on the Porcelain Throne – yet again, just in time! All over in seconds, apart from the cleaning up that was needed. Talk about loose!

There were a few of the fearless Ironclad black biting mini-beetles over the floor this time. Too small to photograph clearly. It must be the kid beetles play time. Hehe! Not a single large one in sight?

Duodenal Donald seemed to be relenting a little, but now a cracking headache behind the right ear hole came on. I’m getting fed up with all these ailments. But come to think of it, I’m still alive to have them… yes, I feel better about them now. Hahaha!

2Tue07WDP001c Wiping out a bin I’d just removed the bag from, and a larger sized  Ironclad black biting mini-beetle was inside under the bag. Huh!

Put some photos on my Pinterest site.

Then went onto the WordPress Reader site. Once more, there was a lot of good readable post on it.


I got the next week’s dosage pots made up. And, without dropping a single tablet or packet of medications! Smugness Mode Adopted!

Time to get the ablutions tended to and had another hunt for the Ironclad beetles.

A few baby Ironclad beetles that appeared had to be flushed down the shower drain, and while I was showering and prettifying my 2Tue07bmagnificently sculpted torso. Or right, forget that bit, I fibbed!

I set out with a shopping list in the bag with the nibbles, umbrella and odds and ends of detritus.

Chestnut Walk was a right traffic jam once again, now that the Willmott-Dixon lads are working once more.

2Tue08The Nottingham City Home van had to reverse a few hundred yards to allow the incoming white car to get to find a parking space. That being the only one available after the NCH van had just vacated it.

Good job that the Willmott-Dixon builders had supplied a yard marshall to keep things flowing, in a fashion.

2Tue08aI took a picture of the centre new build extra-care block being built, and the Winchester Court block, with a lovely sky background.

When I arrived in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin, I spoke with OBergefrieteress Warden Julie. Ah, I nearly forgot, I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning anything taking place between Nottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself on my blog. Suffice to say, we spoke.

Only about six tenants were in the place, but we had a good natter and the odd laugh anyway. Others joined us, and we amalgamated with the smoker tenants who were already at the bus stop.

WDP001c We shared greetings as I got on the L9 bus with, Josie, Pete, and John. I was so deep in chinwagging, I had to be reminded to press the bell, or I would have missed the stop! What a Yutz!

I enjoyed the talk and laughs.

2Tue09I set off along Woodborough Road to the Aldi shop, only a short walk to get there.

You can see the Aldi sign in this photographicalisation.

I noticed a Chinese Takeaway in the first row of shops. I pondered on treating myself one night. But do they deliver? I could see no sign mentioning this.

2Tue12aI was soon in the Aldi store in my element, looking at and buying fodder! Hehehe!

I came out with two bags of shopping and £15.51 lighter in my pocket. Klutz!

The sun was out, and a nice breeze was blowing as I left and walked further along Woodborough Road, to Sherwood Rise.

2Tue10As I turned to go down the road, I stopped to put the bags down for a moment or two. The plates-of-meat were giving me agony!

I noticed the beautiful sky, which did not collate with the abandoned, rubbish-strewn, rat-infested tatty old car showrooms below. While I was standing there, a giant brown rat actually came to the fencing to have a sniff around. Ha!

2Tue11With a degree of guilt, I looked down at the bags of shopping on the floor between my legs. But they’re not a single thing bought that I would consider an impulse or luxury buy!

Apart from the belly pork, the luxury pork pie and the cooked Polish and German cooked meats.

Did I make a mess of explaining that? I did, didn’t I? Hehe!

Limping along down the hill, the feet now causing me even more hassle, I once again put down the bags to take a photo of the skyline. When I got home, I trimmed this failed panoramic shot to look like this. Slightly a decent shot methinks.


Down to Chestnut Walk.

2Tue12Not exactly a welcoming site is it?

No pavements are available on the right-hand side. Risk life and limb to cross over to the left side, where there is a pavement, for a couple of hundred yards. Then no sidewalk or footpath any further.

I met tenant gal from Winchester court, enjoying a strong cider with the also lads on the bench near the cabin. I stopped and greeted them. Gave the girl a choice of nibbles from the bag, and a most delightful entertaining nattering session ensued. Walked with Doreen back to the flats and had another chinwag. She is not very well, chesty coughing, and wanting to stop smoking. It’s not easy, I know. Tried to cheer her up.

When we got into the foyer of the flats, May and two other tenants were sat there. I was well-spoilt today, one more nattering session. Handed the nibbles out. We were all concerned about how Roy was going on, I’ll nip up and call to see him later on, hope he is coping alright. I can ask them if they need anything from the shops at least.

2Tue12bGot in the flat and put the food away.

I decided on belly pork, mushrooms and potatoes for nosh tonight. I split the muffins and wholemeal bread thins in half (2) into two bags and got them in the freezer.

So, with the potatoes in the crock pot still from earlier, I got the mushrooms in the saucepan on low and warmed up the oven for the belly pork later.

Aug 14bI set about getting the photographs ready to use updating this post.

Hours later, the doorbell chimed up. Yahoo! 

It was the postman with the Critter Kill Cards. Now I prayed they will work.

WDP001c I tore off a strip as instructed on the paper. After manipulating, Aug 14dbending and sticking as advised, I’m afraid it did not look like the picture on the graph?

Excitedly I took the box and camera into the wet room. 

Where I found a group of about six young looking Ironclad black biting mini-beetles on the shower floor and took a picture.

Aug 14eI noticed a beetle on the sink. I got a tissue and crushed it, then I dropped it back on the sink, and it was still alive!

Had a sort-sharp-painful wee-wee and flushed this beetle down the toilet. My attention returned to the Critter Kill box.

Guess what?

Aug 14ddThe dang Ironclad black biting mini-beetles had vanished. I was hoping perhaps to find some stuck in the Critter-Kill box, but no, it was bare of beetles inside!

So I left the one box in position, washed my hands and went to check on the mushrooms and potatoes.

I went up to see how Roy was doing. I’ll take him a bottle of Lucozade like we used to with neighbours who were poorly many years ago.

WDP001c No one in or answering and the door was locked. Shame, I hope Roy is okay.

Back on the computer now. I made a start on putting pictures on Facebook.

2Tue12dGot the pork in the oven. Laid out the plate with tomatoes, gherkins, beetroot, sugar-snap peas and red onions. Mushrooms potatoes and belly pork to add yet, I’m making myself hungry. Haha!

Got the fodder served up.

A mega taste-rating of 9.55/10 granted to this culinary effort.

Aug 14gPut the dishes in the washing-up bowl in the sink, and did the Health Checks.

Went for a wee-wee, not the usual short-sharp painful type this time, it was a long-sharp painful one. Tsk!

Just the one ironclad beetle in the wet room on the floor. The trap had not attracted any of the beetles to suicide yet!

I returned to the kitchen to find Ironclads all over the place. I cleaned around the edges of the base units, getting down and back up was another pain-producing job, and Duodenal Donald kicked off. When I cleaned the cloth, the bowl of bleach and washing-up liquid water was inundated with swimming and a few dead Ironclad black biting mini-beetles! A photographic record of the mess I had to contend with:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If anyone tells you retirement into a part-time aided complex is going to be relaxed, restful and peaceful, your showing dubiety, dubiousness, incertitude, scepticism, and suspicion would be a wise reaction.

For anyone telling you that if you dwell in Winwood Heights Village, that peace of mind and restfulness will follow; will be fibbing to you. Humph! Hehe!

Last Health Checks and medication taking completed. 

Tired, drained, aching and with Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna and now Arthur Itis all giving me grief, I got into the £300 second-hand rickety and on its last legs recliner, and turned on the TV.

2Tue15aThere was an old 1958 film on channel 81. The Trollenberg Terror. I had not seen it before. But it must have been the height of skillful filmmaking at the time. I watched it with great nostalgia, and despite the ailments, I was enjoying it.

Then Arthur Itis and Crampy Craig both had a go at the fingers on the left hand. Nothing unusual in this, it occurs every night lately; but this time it stayed for ages, and I almost cried out in response to the pain! Hope this doesn’t happen again, I’ve got enough ailments to cope with already, thank you very much!

At this rate, I’m going to be shattered by the time the Saturday day out in Skegness gets here. Tsk!

Tomorrow it’s the surgery for the blood test, 1000hrs appointment.

I tried to watch another film later, but I had to give up, just could not stay awake.

Then began a night of dreams I could have done without.

TTFN each. Have a good and enjoyment filled day.

Inchcock Today Monday 13th August 2018: Under-Cover Photographicalisationing in the City Centre, today. Hehe!


Monday 13th August 2018

Punjabi: ਸੋਮਵਾਰ 13 ਅਗਸਤ 2018

03:35hrs: Once again a different person wakes up in the rickety shuddering £300 second-hand recliner. Gone, were Anne Gyna and Reflux Rogers incursions, but Duodenal Donald was still having a go at me. Shame. Because apart from the plates-of-meat, no other ailments were of concern at all. After I had the above thoughts – the innards suddenly started to rumbled and grumbled and I had to escape the recliner and get to the Porcelain Throne as soon as was humanly possible.

During this visit to the Throne, I did not see any of the Ironclad black biting Mini-beetles anywhere. I was discombobulated and engaged my How-why-is-this-real Mode. My EQ told me not to get too excited about this, though!

Another messy affair. Requiring plenty of cleaning and aeration after the event. Hehe!

I got the Health Checks done. Took my medications and


1Mon001The sphygmomanometer took a few tries before it worked.

Might be like me, ageing and getting tired? Haha!

Notwithstanding Duodenal Donald’s harassment, I felt in the mood for satisfying my obsession with the written word. Which even surprises me, considering my lack of education. I spent my schooldays avoiding being beaten up! Leaving school at fourteen years of age, but I used to write poetry from an early age, just a shame I didn’t know more words then. I’m waffling again, sorry.

I had an idea for a funny post about this week’s thoughts and problems. So, I got straight on with the ‘Inchcock’s Thoughts’ post and got it done relatively quickly for me, Smug Mode Adopted!, sent it off.

I turned my temporary new found enthusiasm to good use and got on to finalising the double-post of the weekend completed.

 A little satisfied with my efforts, off I turned everything off and went to do the ablutions.

WCplaster No longer confused, but somewhat gobsmacked when I got in the wet room! Argh! Ironclad black biting Mini-beetles were everywhere I looked on the floor, in the sink, on the WC lid, around the floor cupboards.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’d have run out of battery on the camera if I photographed them all.

WCplaster Had a bit of bad luck when trying to get me back upright after collecting a few that would let me, up in some tissue. Now the flipping left knee has started to play up as much as the right patella. And, as well as, and besides, the beetle killing pads have not arrived yet! Grr!

I resolved to go out today, to buy a spray bottle to use, so I can make up a mixture of the Zoflora Citrus with some caustic soda in it, and give them a blast with that later. Got my paddy-up now, they have! I’ll throw a tantrum anytime soon! Hehehe!

Aug 13Got the washing and brushing up over with. And after the shower, I had to get rid of some more of the damned Ironclad black biting Mini-beetles down the drain. I suppose with their resilience, they’ll just climb back up when I’m gone. Tsk!

WCplaster Got changed and ready to go out. Went into the kitchen to check things, and shiver-me-timbers, another beetle in between the cellophane and outside glass was spotted!

1Mon06I took the black bags to the waste chute and returned to the flat to get the bag and brolly, taking the recycling bag down with me.

In the few moments it took me to drop off the bag, and walk a few yards to take this photograph of Woodthorpe Court and part of the new Extra Care Build, the sun had been in and out several times.

1Mon07I noticed Roy in front of me with his four-wheeled ankle and chin destroying trolley.

He did not look very good from a distance, bless him. A bit wobbly on his pins.

The traffic was in a bit of a jam near the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus porta-cabin.

As the black car went through and when the van in the background got through – he hit the wing mirror of the transit in the foreground and knocked his own off!

It must be a nightmare trying to drive on Chestnut Walk, with the manoeuvring room being so limited.

A bit of a gangle of residents going into the shed, I see. I passed by the alcoholics on the bench with there extra strong lager and offered them a good morning, and they replied with one for me, bless ’em!

I got in and chatted with wardens Obegruppenfürheress Deana and Standartenführeress Julie. Then had a wander around the fellow tenants, trying to cheer them up and offered them some nibbles I had in my bag. Roy needed gentle handling, poor chap did not look very well at all. His better-half was a bit concerned about him. I pray he can soon get feeling better. I told him I knew he was poorly, cause he had not insulted me and I’d been in the room for ten minutes. It raised a bit of a smile with him. I hope things go well.

Welsh Bill made up with the insults, though. We did have a laugh between us.

Out to catch the bus, and a few jokes were shared. Got on the bus and took the crossword book out. Did a few clues en route. (Smug Mode Adopted again).

1Mon07bGot off, like most of the others did, on Upper Parliament Street.

The nippier than me passengers who got off (all of them, hehe!) shot off ahead if me.

You can see in this picture, the L9 bus that we all had just alighted from, off on his way to town.

I noted the new road marking lines that had been done, while the new tarmacking took place on Saturday.

I called into the Wilko Store. Came out with sealing bag clips and two Citrus body-sprays. I could not find any sprayer bottles, though.

So, I called in the nearby Poundland shop. I came out of there with a fair amount of stuff: Mini-pork Pies, American Hot Dogs, Chocolate brazils, Sunflower hearts, and some spray bottles, and a pressure sprayer bottle. All bought for £11.

As I hobbled on towards Clumber Street West, I followed an NCT street cleaner vehicle. Pedestrians scattered as the driver kept a steady slow speed. But, he got the job done, bless him.


1Mon07cAS I passed the end of Clumber Street, I took this picture.

A police car coming my way seemed to almost shock the Nottinghamian pedestrians.

Well, let’s face it, there are not many about nowadays!

1Mon09As is usual, this street was well used.

On the corner of King Streer, which I went down to get the Slab Square for a photographicalisationing session, the new white lines were more prominently showing up.

The sky kept changing from bright sunshine to 1Mon10clouding over regularly.

Still earlyish, so not many people were on the beach or amusements.

I smiled at this giant deck-chair with Mum sat in it, on her mobile phone of course. Obedient looking Dad nearby, and the ankle snapper enjoying himself.

1Mon11The second picture of the beach was surprising to me. So many folks and only two on their mobile phones. Far left and far right)

Like to see the nipperoonies having a good time.

I had a hobble around the square, noticing a few smiling Nottinghamian faces on the way around the perimeter.

1Mon13Not many, mind!

Walked down to the church and back up towards the Council House up Exchange Walk.

WCplaster Limping up the walk, I suddenly felt a little apprehensive for some reason, and could not understand why. But it was a genuinely sad moment or two for me, it felt like I had been isolated from everyone else. Peculiar sensation, I can tell you. But it had vanished into the ether by the time I got to the top of the hill.

1Mon14As I crossed over South Parade, I spotted some Nottingham Street Art on the steps up to the Council House entrance.

I realised that all those £75 on-the-spot fines that could have been handed out, if only they had not cut back so on the Community Officers numbers?

Ah, well!

1Mon17As I cross over the front of the Council House steps, I could hardly believe what I saw!

WCplaster This van and trailer just drove through the pedestrians without slowing down although he was not going fast at all) and once again the Nottinghamians had to move out of the way. If any of them had been hard of hearing, I doubt they would have heard 1Mon07dhim coming from behind them! Grrr!

I poddled up Queen Street to the bus stop.

Getting a tad dark now, but still, no precipitation falling yet.

Met a lady at the bus stop and we had a chinwag. Bus on time, and we were soon back at the Winwood Heights mayhem. 

I fell asleep on the bus, but miraculously I woke up as it was stopping on Chestnut Walk. Phew! Hehe! Lucky me!

Had a wee-wee. Then got the sprayer filled with Zoflora Citrus, Lavender antiseptic, and Caustic Soda. And set about Ironclad black biting Mini-beetle hunting in the wet room!

1Mon18WCplaster What a mistaker-to-maker!

I bent down close to a few of the many beetles, and fired the spray gun at them, full of determination!

The bottle leaked and the contents spilt all over my fingers and hand. Instantly turning the pale skin to a deep blue, and it stung a bit.

Worst of all, the damned beetles weren’t bothered in the slightest!

I caught a couple of the scallywags in a kitchen towel. Struggled to get back up and clouted my elbow on the edge of the door in doing so. Dipped the hand in the sink of water, where luckily I’d left the face cloths soaking earlier. Put some cream on the digits, swore, cursed and had another wee-wee. What an old Eizel I am!

Cleaned up, and got on with updating this diary.

1Mon16 Took a break from computing, and got the Health Checks done.

The simple nosh was then prepared, seasoned baked beans, American Hot Dog sausages in the saucepan.

Took the evening medications.

While I thought of it, I did the monthly battery check with the Nottingham City Homes control room, via the panic-alarm panel. All okay.

Went for a wee-wee, and the flaming Ironclad black biting Mini-beetles were out again in the wet room. Only about ten or so, but they still annoyed me.

Back on the computer, I looked for and found a message from Amazon about the delivery of the insect traps.


The workmen’s hoists are busy up and down at the moment, and the sunshine has come out and stayed out currently.

1Mon15I checked on the seasoned baked beans and sausages. I hope I get it right this time.

Back to updating this blog again.

Got this far, then went on the WordPress reader section.

Some brilliant post on there today.

Popped on the TFZ Facebook page.

Got carried away with there. It is now beyond my head-down time, and I have to sort out and eat the meal yet.

1Mon23Well, the flavourings in the sausages and beans came out alright. Here’s what I put in the haricots, just in case you fancy trying it… better not though, I might have forgotten some of what went in or got a seasoning wrong. I think it was:

BBQ cooking sauce – mustard, demerara sugar, distilled vinegar and tomato passata. Very slowly simmered for three hours. I did it for three hours because I forgot it was on the stove while I was getting into the computerisationing, Tsk!

I slowly savoured the bowl of beans and American style hot dog sausages. It took me an age to get through it, and I left a lot of it. So my plan to eat really slowly (I read it somewhere or other) did make me eat less! Getting the saucepan, cutlery and bowl washed afterwards took me even longer. Boy does this stuff stick to the pan and plates. Hehe!

2Tue04 Did the Health Checks, had a short-sharp wee-wee and gobbled the medications. Had a rinse and settled down, fully aware that it is so late, to watch the first episode of the newly arrived from Amazon, Hetty Wainthropp DVD.

The starting page was in Dutch. But, the same format and layout as other DVDs, it was easy enough to follow.

I was over the moon to see that it had as advertised, sub-titles (The reason I bought the thing!) and pressed to look at the options… Which were; Dutch or no subtitles!

My enthusiasm and short-lived seconds-long contentment were shattered! Destroyed, crushed and replaced with a self-pitying, loathing and frustration.

I viewed the first episode, which I have watched many times, and a lot of little bits had been cut out of the original. Most aggravating!

Nodded of as it moved onto the second episode.

I wonder if I should sell my later year’s life story: ‘A Nottingham Pensioners life story of exhilaration, excitement, pleasure, delight and joy?

Maybe not. Hahaha!

Inchcock’s Thoughts of the Week in Rhyme




The ironclad-min-biting beetles, I’ve had to avoid,

They’re quick, and refuse to be destroyed,

Nowhere left that I’d not disinfected and scoured,

They move faster than flipping Concord!


Failed efforts to conker them, left me losing my sanfroid,

Fly spray, bleach and boiling water utilised and deployed,

The result? Next day, an even bigger-beetle hoard!

I ordered from Amazon, beetle-killing pads, effective I was assured,

When the van arrived it had none on board!


Soon I was hindered, and very annoyed,

Liberty Virgin Global, left my life in a void,

The internet connection was again destroyed.


Curses and oaths emanated from my thyroid,

So often, I was frustratingly forced to be internet underemployed!

I wished I had in my prescriptions, something made from Opioid!


Inchcock Today – Weekend 11th/12th August 2018: Ups & Downs, yer know!


Saturday 11th August 2018

Scots Gaelic: Disathairne 11 Lùnastal 2018

04:55hrs: I must have been dreaming about the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles, for I had an idea about a funny story and graphic design to create about them to post to WordPress.

6Sat02Almost without thoughts of anything else, I was up and out of the £300 second-hand rickety a treat recliner, had a wee-wee, made a brew and did the morning Health Checks and took the medications.

My mind on the idea for the comments for the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles post bubbling away in my head. I used the graphic later as the header for this page.


Off to the Porcelain Throne. Another short, sudden but messy evacuation. Washed-up and got the computer on. Made the graphic for the Beetle post on CorelDraw.

Started this diary off to here, and then began to make the Ironclad WordPress post, this took me a long time. Got it finished and went to update the Friday Diary. Time is fast moving this morning, I didn’t get the post sent off, WordPress reader perused, and comment answered until 100:00hrs!

6Sat06I popped into the kitchen to get small potatoes in the crock-pot on a low setting with some onion salt in them.

Then I put the mushrooms in the saucepan of water, seasoned with some origami.

I don’t know if it goes well with mushrooms, but I’ll find out later. Hehe!


As I was putting the knife and spoons in the bowl to soak, Huh!

Another dang Ironclad black biting not so little this time beetle, was on the cloth that was in the sink soaking from earlier, in bleach and washing up liquid!?!? Was he having a bath?

When I got him on some kitchen towel, I squashed him, had a look, and he started to run away. Amazing! Their shells, whatever you call it, really are tough!

Spent a decent time on the TFZer Facebook page. Then started working on the second graphic (slow work!) for the next series.

A lovely lady on WordPress advised me on some beetle killer to trial. So I ordered some from Amazon straight away. Thank you very much, Tracey!

Back to CorelDraw to try and get another TFZer graphic made up. It was so late by the time I got this finished, but I posted it off.


6Sat27I got the meal served up.

Lamb Moussaka. I added some extra cheese and tomatoes, mushrooms and the mini-sized potatoes; done in the crock-pot, then into the oven sprayed with butter oil.

Mmm! Tasty! But I was concerned about my eating the Aubergine (Eggplant [Solanum melongena] as the Cardiac Recovery Team tell me that I should not eat it because of the high level of Vitamin K in it.

WDPBL02b I do love the flavour of the eggplants though, and felt there would not be much of the Aubergine in the tray. I was wrong, there was tons of it! I did have a feast though, not a scrap of food left on the plate by the time I’d had my fill. Talk about a treat! Double-Mmm! My EQ told me as was devouring it, I may have to pay for this silly decision. (Huh, was it right, see below on Sunday’s sufferings. Hehe!).

No sooner had I put down the tray, feeling warm and well-fed – Off to the Porcelain Throne. All good though, no bleeding but the contents of the evacuation were a little loose still. A couple of the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles kept me company.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got down in the recliner to settle and watch some TV. Which I did for about three hours, in five minutes awake – five minutes nodded off session. Humph!




Sunday 12th August 2018

Welsh: Sul 12 Awst 2018

WDP02C I laid awake for hours, tossing and turning. The brain was devilishly giving me no peace whatsoever. For what seemed an eternity, I moved not a physical muscle, but the mind was hyperactive, and this did me no good in the calmness department – but can I remember any detail of what teased and tormented my grey-cells? No! It jumped from one topic to another like one of Stalin’s Organs firing away. I seem to forget the issue I was currently musing and fretting over before the next one came into the frame to puzzle and burden me.

0425hrs: The brain activity soon changed to one of not wanting to know? Or, at least, not desiring to be bothered any longer. Most disturbing!

WDP02C When I moved to start the process of disentangling my blubbery body from the £300 second-hand recliner, the ailments kicked off like never before. Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun and Duodenal Donald gave some bother. All were coming on at the same time, too.

I knew it was going to be bad today health and mental wise, I didn’t need the EQ to tell me, but it still did.

Once I was up and about, Duodenal Donald was in a right bad mood with me, Dizzy Dennis persisted, and Shaking Shaun offered me only intermittent periods.

Got the Health Checks done.


The hemadynamometer worked first time this morning. About the only thing on the positive side. Tsk! Duodenal Donald was really enjoying his painful-manoeuvres up and down, then deep inside the rib-cage. Humph!

WDP02C I put the kettle on, and a rumble from the innards convinced me to visit the Porcelain Throne. I didn’t read the book on this occasion, cause several of the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles were hovering around on the floor. So I was watching them, in case they should decide to mount up on my bare feet and have a nibble at me. Shame I left the camera in the kitchen, Huh!

A messy evacuation again, with some of the chewed aubergine from last nights nosh, evident. Possibly a reason for my feeling unwell, vague and dizzy? Duodenal Donald too, perhaps?

7Sun4I washed and returned to the kitchen to make a medium sized mug of Assam tea.

I used the last tea bag in the screw-top pot. 

So I nipped into the spare room to get a new box of the very good Twining’s Strong Assam Tea bags.

Cleaned then filled the screw-top storage pot with a new supply of tea bags.

IroncladBWDP02C Went to put the now empty teabag box in the recycling bag, and saw the two Ironclad black biting mini-beetles were in the box!

Got ’em!

The sad thing is they are now residing in the Hallway, Wet-room, and kitchen. Will they be moving into the only other room soon?

7Sun05Took the medications at last, then got the computer on.

WDP02C Liberty-Virgin Media Internet went down once more! Weekend again, Tsk! Grrr!

I’m getting wee’d-off with this situation every Saturday and or Sunday. Luckily it seems to be going down regularly, but up until now, only for a few minutes at a time duration.


I spotted this article below when I was looking up for details of the problem.


Not that this mornings lack of concentration took too much in, but ‘The first truly converged pan-European champion of competition’ is spin and or gobbledygook, surely?

I tackled the starting of this days diary on Inchcock Today. Got this far, and went for a break to ease the confusion and weariness I was feeling, and make a large mug of English Breakfast Tea.

Duodenal Donald still upset with me, and Dizzy Dennis was showing up occasionally. Shaking Shaun had eased off a lot, only the odd attack now and getting longer between them. But, Anne Gyna has joined the medical melee now. I knew this was coming. Huh!

I decided, after viewing the balcony and kitchen window ledge, I’d take some photographs, trying to use the panorama mode on the Lumix. One okay the other failed but did come out wider though. Here they are, the panoramic one of the outside kitchen ledge. A month ago it was shiny, new and bright white.


The balcony base, after being prepared for the new balcony-pod to be installed.


Not pretty sights are they.

An inspiration came to me. I’ll get the laundry room duties done straight away. Partly to get some exercise, but mainly to take my mind off of Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna’s niggling hurts. Got the laundry bag (it was all prepared with everything in it), and put the camera in the jacket pocket. I almost forgot to put some trousers on, Hehe! Damn it, another dizzy spell as I was taking the black bag to the chute. But, by the time I got back to collect the laundry stuff, all was okay again. Worra day!

7Sun11In the lift, I noticed that someone had been out and about this morning.

My Sherlock Holmes leanings you know, seeing the raindrops on the elevator floor. I’m good yer know. Haha!

Later, when I put this photo on this blog, I spotted something a bit concerning in it. Can you see anything or is it just me? Maybe it is 7Sun13not what I thought it was.

The Nottingham City Homes electronic display I found minutes later was spot on with the rain showers.

After cleaning off the smears of something grey that had run down the front of the washer, I got the washing machine going, and nipped outside, with the specific intention of taking a photo of the flats kitchen windows to see how many had not had the cellophane removed yet. Half-way over the road, I chickened out and got myself back inside out of the rain.

7Sun10Back up to the apartment.

Cheering up a bit now, Anne Gyna easing off a lot.

The infamous Liberty-Virgin Media Internet box now all of its lights on. (I wish I had all of mine on! Hehehe!)

Updated this blog.

Ang01gThe half-an-hour (I’d put the wash on economy mode) soon passed and off I went down again.

I got down to the lobby and moved the washing to the dryer and set it going.

I went outside to photograph the windows, as the rain had lessened considerably. Although sufficient enough to dampen my attire. Hehe!

It looks like just eight kitchen windows not done yet.


A cat made a right noise, making me jump a bit, as he shot put from the bin area, with something in its mouth that looked like a white plastic bag with a tennis ball in it?

Once again up to the flat to continue updating this post.

No Shaking Shaun just now, fingers crossed!

7Sun17I did notice a sign from Jenny on the board near to the elevators. Looking after us all, again.

I set onto updating this post again.

The intercom rang – Hello I thought, Sunday and someone calling to see me? I could understand only one word the bloke said to me on the phone – ‘parcel’. So, I pressed him in on the buttons, and thought, blimey that must be the Beetle-Bait thingy that I ordered from Amazon yesterday, perhaps. That was quick!

The driver came up, with two parcels for me, decent chap. I knew I had only ordered a Hetty Wainthrope DVD and the beetle killer.


WDP02C They had sent the DVD, along with a Lemon Manner Wafers. Which I did not think I’d ordered. I remember looking at them, yes, but thought they were far too expensive. I suppose I’d made a cock-up again. Klutz!

7Sun18Did a bit more on this post, and it was time to go down yet once more in the elevator to the laundry room.

WDP02C Another odd-sock situation! Shmeggege!

Cleaned the filter and drum of the dryer.

Up to the flat and had a wee-wee, a short-sharp-painful one again. The Dizzy Dennis had a go at me as I went to put the clothes away and restock the bag with pods, freshener and paper towels.

Suddenly I’m feeling a bit not well again. Not poorly, just out of focus, concentration and will-power. Tsk! I knew it was going to be a distressed day.

Went on Facebook to catch up with the TFZ site, and…


I decided to make a fresh mug of tea and tried again.

Got on and put some photographs in the albums and put a couple of comments on the TFZ site…



Prepared the fodder to go in the oven, and tried again on Facebook. (Thank You Virgin on the ridiculous Multimedia Jokers!

Did the Health Checks and medication taking.

7Sun38Canned pork knuckle, savoury sliced potatoes, silverskin onions, tomatoes, pickled gherkins and brown-bottom-bottom-oven baked, muffins.

Not very nice tasting, the muffins. But the rest of the meal was decent.

A Flavour-Rating of 8/10 overall.

No sooner had I got down to settle than Duodenal Donald started his inexorable, unmollifiable, unswerving offerings of pain stabbing, that got to me more than it usually does.

Not been a good weekend at all.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts… Oh, Sod-it!


Inchcock Today – Friday 10th August 2018: Thunderstorm at last, but it didn’t last long, just long enough to soak me through – Whoopsiedangleplops and tough little ironclad black biting mini-beetles in attendance. Humph!


Friday 10th August 2018

Ukrainian: П’ятниця 10 Cерпня 2018 р

03:40hrs: I stirred into imitation life. The body, homologous, as is the norm, but the mind was in a sequacious mode, uninterested in facing or tackling any problems, faults or challenges. Not equal to the task of working out, understanding or wanting to allow me to use it. Disinterested, as if it was seeking only rest and peace and had taken enough of my fretting and worrying. And yet, it appeared to be wallowing in a pacific, amicable and indifferent mood too?

No grey-cells were running off wherever they liked, on any subject they want to, this morning. This left me more confused than when the brain does its usual panicking, fearing and self-recrimination routine.

This worrying train of thoughts soon perished, replaced with the sudden need for the Porcelain Throne to be visited, post-haste! I fumbled and struggled out of the geriatric £300 second-hand recliner, spotting signs of nighttime nibblings as I did so (Tsk, again!).

1Mon001 WCplasterA Talk about just in time! I reckon the whole performance took about three seconds. As I stooped to settled on the seat: Splurt, splash and that was that! Apart from having to clean up afterwards. Humph!

No need to kill any time reading my ‘Catastrophy’ book while waiting for some activity to start, like yesterday. Chalk and Cheese? I’ll add a Dia-Limit capsule to the morning medications. No, maybe two!


The sphygmomanometer was about the same as the brain was earlier, not inspired to doing anything constructive or productive.

It took me four attempts to get it to operate. (Being the intelligent uneducated young moron I am, I didn’t think about changing the batteries at the time – Sad Innit!)

The results, apart from the weight, all seemed acceptable?


5Fri002I took the medications with a small mug of tea today.

WDPBL02b I noticed some well-dried specks of blood on my fingers and nails. After a lengthy search around by ever increasing in size body, with the help of the shaving mirror, I found a spot on the chest where I must have been scratching at something or other in the night. Not the foggiest idea what the tiny lesion was or how or why it has appeared?

5Fri005aI cleared up the nocturnal nibbling crumbs and emptied cheesy curl packets. (Plural, you note – Tsk, Shlemiel!)

The temperature had gone down a lot, but well within the green zone. The humidity was now below the acceptable green area. I looked up low humidity level on Google and got: ‘Low humidity causes static electricity, dry skin, lips and hair, irritated, scratchy throats and noses, and itching and chapping. This dries out the mucous membrane lining the respiratory tract. As a result, the risk of cold, flu and other infections is substantially increased.

On the SensorPush site, it said: The indoor air humidity affects the human organism and in particular the eyes, mucous membranes, and skin. Notably in the range of specific low humidity physiological disturbances occur, which could cause specific pathogenic symptoms primarily in the case of respective predispositions. The focus of this work is put on studies with subjects under controlled clinical trial conditions. Field trials, which are based only on a statistical analysis of subjective survey results, are less significant. Based on a literature review and the medical expertise of the co-authors on the current state of science and research from the medical specialities of ophthalmology, dermatology, and otolaryngology, the physiological effects of low indoor air humidity are gathered, analysed and evaluated. A significant adverse impact on the quality and stability of the tear film of the eye was shown to be a consistent result of independent studies. More differentiated effects and remaining need for research exist regarding the upper and lower respiratory tract and the mucous membranes. A significant finding is that the impairment of mucociliary clearance in low indoor air humidity increases with the age of the subjects. Regarding the effects on the skin, predispositions also play a significant role.

I didn’t go into it much. Because I haven’t got the time to spend so long consulting my dictionaries to find out what the words mean. I don’t think I have that much time left, to be honest. Hahaha!

I got the computer on and started this blog off. Then took a break to make another cuppa, and get the potatoes in the crock-pot on a low setting, Flavoured with onion-salt. Then the mushrooms in the saucepan, seasoned with balsamic vinegar and sea salt, to flavour them, to warm up later.


5Fri006aI’d put on a long sleeve t-shirt because it felt rather nippy this morning.

So I had a peep through the unwanted, light-limiting, view-blocking, filth and bird-poo encrusted new balcony windows to see what the day was like.

The sun was forcing its way through at last (0640hrs).

5Fri006bWCplasterA I felt the little scab on the chest itching, and had a scratch on it, and opened it up again. I wonder what it is?

After taking the photographicalisation with the new Sony camera, I realised how much like an exclamation mark the new growth looks, with the new mole or spot growing beneath the itching whatever it is. Haha!

I then went on to the big job of finalising yesterdays diary, with all the pictures to sort and post on it.

It took me until 10:15hrs to get it finished. Then I posted it off.

5Fri007WCplasterA I got a message come up on the computer screen that meant nothing to me. I don’t think a Russian, Outer Peruvian or Double Dutchman could have understood what it betokened. I grabbed the camera, and as I was snapping the photo, it disappeared? Phutt!

Went for a wee-wee, and only a couple of the tough little ironclad black biting min-beetles were spotted. But they were all too quick for me to catch them.

11:00hrs already now.

I got an e-mail from Iceland, telling me there would be many items missing from my order for Tuesday, apologising and offering a voucher for £5 on my next order over £40.

5Fri009Bit of a letdown, but still, I don’t suppose they would do this without they have genuine problems.

Off to get the ablutions done and get myself dressed for a walk into Sherwood.

Sure enough, when I got down to the ground floor lift lobby, the electronic notice sign indicated it was torrential rain outside.

5Fri010I dropped the bottle in the recycling bin and put the bag near the caretaker’s door.

Umbrella up, I nipped across the road to the bottom of the gravel pathway up into Woodthorpe Grange Park.

By the time I’d got there under the trees, I was already well soaked through with the rain.

5Fri011It felt a tad eerie walking down the footpath on to Mansfield Road.

The dogs had wisely not taken their owners for a game of ball and a walk in this weather.

No lightning, but a few rumbles of thunder racked the atmosphere for a while.

Then, as approached the top of the hill, on my 5Fri011away to the Sherwood shops to get some bleach. (Well this might kill the tough little ironclad black biting mini-beetles, maybe), the rain torrented down.

The bag started to fill up, and the rain-soaked all the way down my back; despite the umbrella being used. Tsk!

The shoes squelched with every step taken.

The brolly I was using was roomthily challenged, but it dealt well with the high winds at least.

I decided to check with the bus timetable on the indicator sign, to assess whether I have time to get to the Wilko store to buy the bleach in time to get out in time to hobble back up the hill.

I got over the brow of the hill and down to where near the bus stop is located, on the corner of Hall Street. I thought I had plenty of time. So continued bravely hobbled on in the hateful weather.

5Fri014I waded across Hall Street and noticed a tenant of Winwood Heights coming out of the booze shop with several bags of plonk. I think he must have driven down in his car and park up near the Gym. How he carried so much weight, I don’t know. But I made a point of not upsetting the bloke if I meet up with him. Haha!

I trotted to Wilko and got a bottle of bleach.

On my way to pay for it, I noticed (Well, I thought I did), some lemon scented washing pods. Great, I thought, my being so fond of and enamoured by the taste and smell of citrus, and it was on offer at only £2.50 for 50 pods, or was that 30 capsules?

I paid and made my way to the bus stop at the top of the hill. Two lady tenants were joined by another, and the four of us had a cheery chinwagging section, then we caught the bus up to Chestnut Grove.

I called in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin.

WCplasterA I had a chinwag with Obergruppenfurhress Deana and Oberscharführeress Julie. As I was about to show them the lemon scented pods… it dawned on me that I’d bought Dishwasher Pods! I’m having a right farshtinkiner time getting things wrong so often lately. Humph!

5Fri012Feeling a right fool, I left and made my way in the still falling, but lighter now rain back to the flat. Taking care not to repeat the treading on any of the loose slabs in the floor and getting the get any wetter when they go down and spray up the stagnant rainwater over and into my shoes! Got something right for once. Smug Mode Adopted, Hehehe!

Got in the flat and had a look around in the wet to see if any of the sturdy little ironclad black biting mini-beetles room.


WCplasterAOh, yes, they were out in force. I’m not sure, but they looked to be a little larger than of yesterday?

I resprayed the fly spray, to no effect. Put some bleach down, but the beetles seemed to be unbothered by this. I got down with some kitchen towel on all fours and managed to grab a few of them, but not many, again they were too quick for me.

WCplasterA Getting back up again into a perpendicularish position was as hard a task that I’ve tackled for ages. All I can say is a thank you to the plumber who fitted me a handrail, which I used to aid myself in getting up again.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. Made a brew and got on with updating this blog.

10Aug01cWCplasterA I rinsed the mushrooms to get rid of the bits into the sink, intending to re-simmer them and found this sturdy little ironclad black biting mini-beetle in the bowl.

I poured some hot water on him, but he was not interested or upset, and suddenly he took off, he moved that quickly, up the inside of the sink and ran off of the counter down towards the floor – never to be seen again despite my searching for him, or her.

I went on to the TFZ Facebook site and posted some photographs and answered comments.

5Fri35The nosh: Tomatoes, pickled gherkins, boiled small spuds, mushrooms done in balsamic vinegar, red onion slices potato waffle balls and surimi fish sticks.

Oh dear, the lemon yoghourt had gone mouldy, yet had a use-by date of 12th August on it?

The rest of the meal I gave  Taste Rating of 8.2/10.

5Fri34 Washed the pots and went to turn off the computer and bin the detritus from my marathon session on the computer and…

WCplasterA An Ironclad black biting mini-beetle was on the paperwork! I’ve never seen them in this location before. Usually, it is the kitchen and or wet room that they dwell in. Oh, Heck!

Nibbled some cheese curls as I watched the TV and kept dropping-off to kip for a few minutes, waking and repeating this pattern. Tsk!


Ironclad Lightning Fast Black Mini-Biting Beetles attack Nottingham Pensioners Flat: Defence Commander Inchcock’s Report

The Attack of the Ironclad black biting mini-beetles!




His battles to try and rid his beloved Nottingham City Homes flat of the infraction invaders have all proved to be abject disasters. Causing the man’s aboulomania to increase. Resulting in non-success, defeat and frustration. Thereby increasing the old chaps kakorrhaphobia.

The few times he has had a little success (And I mean few times) in ridding himself of a few of the Ironclads, a sort of abiogenesis takes place, and there are always more of them to tackle within hours!


He’s tried talking to them of course. Hypnotising them, squashing them (but by the time he gets his old limbs and joints to permit him to get down on the floor to them, they have been long gone, they are like lightning at running!), getting back up from the floor is not easy for bald tubby short chap. He’s tried bleach, fungal mould killer, fly-spray, his mallet and prayer – no luck yet!

Saturday 11th August 2018: Report:


Maybe the mini-ironclads are shutterbugs?

Ah, well!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 9th August 2018: Winwood Heights Social Hour


Thursday 9th August 2018

Slovak: Štvrtok 9. Augusta 2018

0340hrs: Woke up realising my brain was already in Active-Mode – whatever it was I’d been dreaming of must have been of traboccant senticous content. For the standard fretting, worrying and fearing this matutinal Thursday, was absent, and this caused me some satisfaction, at least for a few minutes it did.

I alighted from the £300 second-hand recliner without any pains worth mentioning, and in a semi-automaton fashion, I found myself in the kitchen setting-up the sphygmomanometer to do the Health Checks. Unsure of how I got in there, and oddly, I didn’t remember picking up the fodder dish and tray and taking it in with me and putting it in the washing-up bowl to soak. Now, there is something that some whipper-snappers will never have heard of, the washing-up bowl. Not many of them still in use, or at least not named as such a thing nowadays. Hehe!

Got the Health Checks sorted.


The increase in weight was a bit alarming. Especially after having had a long hobble yesterday, too? I took the medications, and as I was doing so, an urgent need for the use of the Porcelain Throne arrived without much warning.

Arrived in plenty of time, but the evacuation was one of a messy, sludgy content. The taking of a Dia-Limit capsule became essential. Tsk!

9 Aug 18bAfter a good cleaning up of the bowl and myself, it dawned on me that I had about eight or ten of my immigrant Ironclad Black biting-mini-beetles, in various places of the wet room floor. I think they may have some form of telecommunication abilities. As I chose one that was moving a little slower than the others were, to photographicalise, the rest scattered like lightning in all directions. But this time I did notice any going down the shower drain, have they found another hiding-hole? Haha!

I returned to the kitchen and had a look around to see if any of the Ironclads could be spotted in there. A few dead ones were found on the window ledge, and in one of the waste bins, many live ones, which I summary executed by tipping them into the sink and running hot water on those few of them that did not scatter away at fantastic speed before the water got to them. Perhaps two of them were dealt with. Tsk!

I updated the Health Check log and then started this blog off, up to here. Then finalised the Wednesday diary and got it sent off.

Facebooked some photographs for the TFZ site.

Got the nibble box refilled for the Social hour and got the raffle prizes in the bag.

Got the shower and ablutions tended to. Had a good long session.

4Thu01Took the black waste bag to the chute on the way out to the Social Hour.

I spotted that all the windows on my floor in Woodthorpe Court, had had their cellophane removed from their kitchen windows?

A lot cooler this morning as I hobble along Chestnut Grove to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Oberstgruppenführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed.

I was little earlier than usual arriving today, so not so many of us pensioner tenants were in yet. But the others soon followed, and we had a packed room of fun seeking folks.

4Thu07Dropped the raffle prizes on the trolly, Big John joined us, got raffle tickets and handed them out with the nibble box. It was funny how 90% of the raffle prizes were won by residents on the left tables in the room. We did laugh… well, not those on the right side table. Hehehe!

Cindy and Margaret, our resident singing gals of the old songs were in good vocal form. Of course, to us, they were not old songs.

4Thu06Last week when I took the top picture of Jenny because I loved her dress, Margaret said she would wear her similar one next week (Today). Margaret was witty enough to hide her face like Jenny did the previous session. Hehehe!

Bless her, she did too. Another, to me, pretty sari or dress, or whatever they are called. I just like this sort of ladies wear.

After a great time, I departed to catch the bus into Arnold. Where I spent a fortune.

I called at Chambers’ cooked meat and butchers, to see if they had any of their home-made roast belly pork slices on sale. They did, but it was far too fatty for my liking. Shame.

4Thu02Further along, I called into the Boyes store and came out with six medicinal purchases.

Some more diahorrea caplets. Olive oil ear drops. Pain sprays. Neutradol spray, and a bottle of Surgical Spirits. I was particularly pleased with finding the spirit for sale. I see that it is excellent for rubbing in to make the required areas of the plates-of-meat to harden and thus, not hurt so much on my marathon hobbles. Great!

Then I paid and went into the Saver Store next door. Where luck was with me again, as I came out of there with nine products, some of which I was once more over the moon to find at bargain prices. Black extra-strong refuse sacks at £1.79 for a roll of 50. Extra tickled to see they had some of the Erasmus brand shaving foam with Alo Vera on sale, they only had three left, so I bought them all, mainly as they were just £1 a can. And two Care brand haemorrhoid cream, not at £2.89 that Wilko charge, or the chemist costing £3.29 – but 99p a tube!

4Thu03I ambled casually along Front Street and called in the Fulton Foods store to have a decker to see if they had any of the lamb hocks in gravy, blackcurrant ice-lollies or pork-ribs cook in the bag type on sale.

Not so fortunate here, they had none of those foods, aforementioned in stock. Hey-ho, mustn’t complain really, I’d done so well up to now in getting what I needed or wanted.

Came out of the shop and crossed over the road and into the Asda (Walmart) Store. Where I had an excellent time wandering around, as I had an hour before the L9 bus was due. Here I spent a small fortune, but should not need any more fodder for days now. I got: BBQ and Hoisin sauce and marinade. My favourite biscuits, Scottish Shorties. Small 4Thu08new potatoes. Savoury sliced potatoes. Bread thins. Brown oven-bottom muffins. Tomatoes. Cheese Curl snacks (Nocturnal nibbling in mind? Haha!). Onions, mushrooms and a turnip.

Paid the gentleman on the checkout the £19 demanded and moved away with the now ultra-heavy bags to sort them out balance wise for carrying.

4Thu05I spotted a youngster using the photo-print machine and thought well he handled that quickly and efficiently enough. (Klutz).

So I decided to have a go on it. I got the card out of the camera, into the machine. I thought I’d coped well with it… But no, of course not. I ended up with three copies of each photo and a rather nasty bill to pay. Oy Vey!

4Thu09What started off to be a great day, had sunken down to a normal Whoopsiedangleplop ridden one for this old Yoshish. Tsk!

Hobbled to the bus stop on High Road and got on the L9.

I assume by the young yobboes running amok on their bicycles in the middle of the road, that the school holidays are still on?

4Thu10As the journey progressed, the clouds became thicker, and darkness temporarily dawned on us. But still no rain, despite the threat.

I had a go at the crossword book, didn’t do too bad either. Got a few done that I’d been struggling with for months now.

Always surprises me how after such a long time and repeated failed efforts, suddenly you can pick up the book and get an answer straight away, wondering how you didn’t get it before?

4Thu11In Sherwood, two fellow tenants boarded the bus.

We were soon up at the flats and alighting the bus.

I decided to go into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room shed. To see if anyone could take the photographs off of me I’d printed for Margaret and Lynne.

Aug 10 2018cAs it turned out, Lynne was in the room.

I handed her the photographs and offered her a nibble.

Then I popped in to see Dean and  Julie and asked them to take the photograph of Margaret to give her when they meet the gal.

Then I said my farewells and departed, off to the flat.

4Thu13When I got in, I noticed the plastic sheeting still on the kitchen windows.

Unloaded the fodder that should last me until next Monday or longer.

A fair bit of it. Hehe!

Got the seasoned potatoes dotted with Hoisin sauce marinade and put them in the oven 4Thu13aato start cooking.

Hope they taste alright, I think I might have put on a little too much of the sauce-marinade?

Which proved to be right when I got the meal served up and tasted one of the pieces of potato.

Although, the rest of the ingredients were 4Thu15passable.

A Taste-Rating of 7.8/10 was still given to this effort. Which probably did not deserve such a high classification after all…

No, I’ll lower it to 6.8/10 after-all. If a rating is to be given, I might as well make it an honest one. Hehe!

The old balcony base is looking worse than it ever has. I noticed the builder chappies had concrete or cemented the hole in Big John’s base on the floor above. This might be why they have not removed the cellophane on kitchen windows yet? In case owt falls off?


I was disappointed in falling asleep right at the end of the Hetty Wainthrop episode and missed the last two minutes or so. Grumph!

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 8th August 2018: Hobble to the blood test, visited HMP Prison Nottingham and took some photographicalisations!


Wednesday 8th August 2018

 Yiddish: מיטוואך 8 אויגוסט  2018

0345hrs: I woke and noticed the reminder note hanging on the TV screen (About the trip to the hospital for the INR Warfarin blood test this morning). I was prompted to free my bulbous body and limbs from the £300 second-hand recliner.

As I did so, I saw signs of nocturnal-nibbling having been partaken in. Empty cheese curl packets, and a few Scottish Shorties biscuit crumbs on the belly. Guilt-Mode Adopted. Hehe!

Took a short-sharp wee-wee.

Got the bag of nibbles made up for the nurses, then did the Health Checks.


Back for another painful short-sharp wee-wee.

Got the medications taken.

WDP001B Turned on the computer. All I got was a black screen with a message saying ‘Out of Range’ with a series of mystery numbers. What bit of equanimity that was lingering in my mind, was replaced with lugubriousness and deep saturninity. My heart sank, gloom enveloped my life, and I was irritated and baffled too. Tsk!

I turned off at the plug, then tried again, fingers crossed and praying out loud. This time everything started and opened as usual. I did not allow myself to get too happy over this, for fear and expectancy of things going to to go wrong again next time I launch windows.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Messy job again, and none of those Ironclad black mini-biting-beetles was spotted.

Got on with updating the Monday Diary and posting it off to WordPress.

Then made a start on this blog.

3Wed02Off to get the ablutionalisations tended to. A stand up wash today, as it is a little early to use the shower, cause of the noise it makes disturbing my beloved neighbours.

The left toes looked most Picasso-like. Hehehe! Where I’d dropped the lemongrass pot on the middle toe, the bruises had turned to different colours now. Reds, yellows and browns?

Some sort of fungus-like growth under the big toenail had been joined by some technical-type drawing signs, or Braille, in black under the hallux of the big-phalanx.? I’m going to pot yer know!

3Wed03All refreshed and cleaned up, I made up a black bag of rubbish to go in the rubbish chute as I leave for the hospital. But, luckily, I realised it was too early to use the chute. So I took it down with me and dropped it near to the caretaker’s door later on.

The sign on the electronic information board outside the lifts on the ground floor had got the temperatures back showing again, showing 3Wed04athat it was currently Sunny and 27°c – 80.6°f.

It didn’t feel that hot when I crossed over Chestnut Walk and up the grave incline.

Anne Gyna kicked off before I was a third of the way up the hill.

But, again, as soon as the ground levelled at the top, she eased off, bless her cotton socks.

The plates-of-meat and toes soon began to ache and sting. But this was expected with the Whoopsiedangleplops I’d had with them lately. Even I had to smile thinking about my toe stubbing, dropping of pots on the toes and my walking into the kitchen door. A Shmendrik I am!

3Wed05Limped through the park, up Mansfield Road and down Edwards Lane, and decided to take a different route to the blood test. I went down Perry Road so I could make some photos of the HMP Nottingham gaol (Prison) there.

As I got nearer to the HMP some blackberries hanging over a garden wall, looked to be in perfect condition. But they were too high for this old short-legged chap to reach them. Hehe!


According to the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB): This establishment is going through difficult times at the moment. One-in-three drug tests (On prisoners I assume?) prove to be positive. It has an appalling suicide rate (Two attempts every week). And a killing too. Justice Secretary David Gauke said he will look at “the issues faced by the prison” and publish an action plan. Mmm?

3Wed06When I got to the end of Perry Road, a pile of rubbish seemed to have been artistically laid out in the corner. I don’t think this area is near where the detainees are located, though.

Right and down Hucknall Road, having to walk through the many holes in the ground where they are mending a gas leak I would guess. For there were many large No Smoking signs on display.

3Wed07It was a grand morning, and a gentle breeze was occasionally blowing.

I had to avoid a few Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists as I made my way to the GUM clinic first. They were all too quick for me to get the camera out, though. Huh! I got into the reception window thingy. The regular chap must have been on holiday, but his replacement had all the required skills to make him a most worthy replacement. The curled lip, the sneer. And the excellently done exhaling of breath as he pointed to the chair where one has to sit and wait. Perfect bloke for the job! I got summoned back to the reception, along with two other chaps. We were all told that the doctor had not arrived, and we are to call for another appointment tomorrow morning.

3Wed08As I left and started to walk to the Haematology Department, these clouds in the sky stopped me in my tracks.

In the centre of this picture, it looked at first glance that an atomic bomb was going off? And the cloud to the right seemed to have been painted on the sky as an after-thought? Yes? No? Ah well, it’s probably just my new glasses. Haha!

I got to the waiting area and took a ticket from the machine. Not many folks there yet, I had tab 127, and the device called ticket holder 115 next. So, not long to wait this morning. I did some crossword efforts all the same.

The nurse was not in a good mood when I was called into cubicle three. Seemed a bit 3Wed09vague and non-responsive. But she cheered up after doing me when I gave her a bag of nibbles to share around with the staff.

With it being still so early, I thanked them and left, getting to the ring road island and pondered on which way to go home.

Too early by an hour to use my much appreciated and loved pensioners free bus 3Wed10pass.

I decided to walk back using the usual old route, along the ring road.

The traffic on the dual carriageway was extremely light, I thought.

As long as took my time and enjoyed a steady amble, I might get to the Sherwood bus stop in time for the number 40 bus and get a lift back up the Winchester Street hill.

The poddle along the road to the next traffic island was Nottinghamian PAvemnt Cyclists infested. Hehe! I got a photo of three of them and missed the other two.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3Wed12aaI eventually got to the bus stop in Sherwood, without having to push myself, and I felt good, apart from the poor feet. I caught a bus within ten-minutes and made my way up from the bus stop on Winchester Street, back to Winwood Heights.

Plenty of Willmott-Dixon workers about, busy at the job. The WoodthorpeGrane Park bound dogs were taking their owners to play ball.

3Wed12bI could see in the distance, on my block of flats, the hoist was going up and down.

I manoeuvred my way towards the flat and noticed the Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Patch Manager parking her pap-pap.

We had a chinwag. During which she asked if the cellophane had been removed from the kitchen window yet. I looked up, to see the workers hoist on my level outside the apartments. All windows in view had had there plastic removed. I assumed they were doing mine and others on the floor at this moment.

I felt the warm wet indication that Little inchy was bleeding, and had to cut short an enjoyable natter.

I got up to the flat and into the wet room and cleaned and medicated things. Tsk!

3Wed14I washed up and went to the kitchen to take the medications and do the midday Health Checks.

The specially created for me picturesque artwork on the cellophane outside of the window is still there. 

The hoist was on the floor above. I moved later, kindly leaving my Picasso inspired and designed filthy plastic sheets.

3Wed15I took the padding off of the arm where the blood was taken. The bit of leaked blood seemed a different colour than normal. I know I am colour blind on reds, they found that out years ago when I had a medical for a job as Goods Guard with British Railways. Can it get worse, I wondered?

The Health Checks were completed, and the medications were then taken.

The readings were fine.


Got the computer on, it started alright. Phew! I made up a route map of the way I had taken my hobble. Then updated this diary.


I got a phone call from an Asian sounding voiced man. I rang off straight away. Ten-minute late I got a call on my mobile – gingerly I answered. It was from the Doctor’s surgery, with the results of my blood test. Amazing, when I go to the hospital for my INR test, I get the results like this, in four and a half hours. Go to the surgery for extraction, and it is three days before I get the new dosages! Stop moaning Inchie!

INR level 1.5 (Very low, in High Risk). Next weeks dosages: Wed (tonight) 2.5 tablets, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon and Tue 2. Easy to remember anyway. I made an appointment with the surgery for the next blood test. (Well, I’m missing Nurse Nicole) Wednesday 15th at 100hrs. I put this on the calendar straight away.

Then I emailed a photo of the black biting mini-beetle to Angela.

Went on the Facebooking on TFZers site, put the photos from today on.

Went on to the WordPress reader next.

Late now, time running out, along with the energy and concentration.

Health Checks were done and medications were taken.

3Wed29aMust get the fodder cooking.

Lamb hotpot (Ready made meal version). Had some potato fritters Mash in batter, that I had bought from the Farmfood Store with the lamb and sliced potatoes.

I don’t know if it was because I’d had a long hobble or not, but by-gum I enjoyed this meal so much. The 9.45/10 Taste-Rating was deserved.

I put the tray with the well-emptied dish on the other chair and got the TV on to watch a Heartbeat episode, which I stayed awake for all the way through. Then nodded off to have a dream that was so odd, in the morning I made up a graphic of the singular impression I could remember.

 Here it is:


This one image is all I can recall about the nocturnal sweven. How, why and what remains a mystery to me. Can any kind dream analysist help me here? Hehe!

This got to me a bit, and in the morning I looked up dreaming about wasps. I’ll print what the site said about this, it in the morning’s dairy.

I woke with a start, convinced that some noise had waken my up. But all was silent.

I lay a moment, and the pleasure of my old pipe with some Erinmore mixture burning away, and me sat on the lake or riverside fishing and enjoying the smoke. Ah, sweet memories!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 7th August 2018: Photos of Bulwell, Nottingham Slab Square, Beach and Winwood Heights’ dangerous Chestnut Walk!


Tuesday 7th August 2018

Welsh: Dydd Mawrth 7 Awst 2018

0355hrs: I woke, wanting a wee-wee. Stupidly, I hung on for a while, as the brain rampaged through its now becoming regular routine, of fretting, worrying and self-criticism infested matutinal meanderings and then settled into its acceptance and expectancy of failure, and loser mode.

I struggled to get out of the rickety £300 second-hand recliner this morning. The bruise on the left arm and the poor left middle toe (also bruised) continued giving me some bother as I did so. But, hey-ho, no Anne Gyna, Duodenal Donald or Reflux Roger bother. The rumbling innards I could feel and sense as they started to brew-up grumbling and rumbling away.

I logged an item to do; Email Jane to find out when she might be in and not out galavanting on coastal visits, going to the Theatre so I can visit her.

Over the first ten-minutes of uprightness, I suffered two short-sharp painful wee-wees. I must see the quack about these.

Into the kitchen and did the Health Checks.


3Wed01After three decent looking Sys readings yesterday, it had gone down again. Took the medications with spring water. The stomach is getting a little more volatile.

Cooler again, like it was on Monday A.M.

I got the computer on and made a start on this blog. Concentration seemed to be a having some little dispersal and vagueness interfering moments this morning.

I checked the delivery time for the Iceland fodder coming, twixt 08:00 > 10:00hrs.

As soon as the tummy offered forth an almost earthquake-like rumble, I made for the Porcelain Throne and sat there reading the book, awaiting the explosion-like evacuation that all the indications told me was on the way. Oh, dearie me!

2Tue04I couldn’t understand why it took so long for the evacuation to get started.

Mainly, as when it did arrive, things were messy and soft?

Just glad I keep the book in there to have a perusal of. Hehehe!

I made a brew of 2Tue05Assam tea and returned to the computer.

This seemed to help calm down the brains wanderlust.

Got as far as here, and then I finalised the Monday post and got it posted off to WordPress.

Carried on updating this blog.

2Tue06The sky looked a bit dodgy through the abominably dirty main room windows.

I got the ablutions done and dressed ready to leave.

I took a recycling bag and washed empty gherkin jar down with me on the way out.

2Tue07Threw the bag down the waste chute.

Then I went down in lift number two. More lights had conked-out this morning.

It was a bit of an eerie ride down. Haha!

2Tue07aThe Willmott-Dixon crew were very busy again as I poddled to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers secondary breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen 2Tue07bfrom, and residents room.

The alcoholic lads were out with their extra-strong cans of lager.

The builders plant and delivering vehicles were everywhere. Somehow they cleverly timed it for the road to be free near the bus stop, just in time for the first bus to arrive. Smart stuff, I thought!

2Tue08Had some great natterings with some other tenants, and Warden’s Deana and Julie, we said…

Ah, I forgot, I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning anything taking place between Nottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself. I’ll cross it off.

Gave them a nibble. Cyndy and three more tenants were in the shed. Penny was there, she had been on holiday to America. 

I must try to find a way and time to listen to her activities. Glad she sounded over the moon about going there. Lovely gals in there, this morning. Cyndy, Penny and the gal who’s name evades me, from Winchester Court.

We moved out to the bus stop.

2Tue08aOnly three of us old uns got on the City bound vehicle.

The sky kept going a little dark and then the sun would return.

I had no one to talk to, so I had a go at the crossword book on the journey into town.

When I got off in town, the space on the 2Tue09pavement near the church was occupied by a different Nottinghamian Street Sleeper today. But there were too many folk about for me to take his photograph.

As I got onto Milton Street and to catch a number 17 bus into Bulwell, I spotted a different druggie looking man, laying up against the closed down Pound World shop. A young spotty-faced girl joined him.

I had a little hobble around Bulwell.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I went straight to the Farmfoods Store. Came out with some more black bags (Smaller ones), McCains gastro chips, potato fritters and Scottish Highland Shorties. (My current favourites!)

Walked through the market-place and over the road, crossing over the river Leen, and fed my beloved mallards and a few pigeons. These birds are not like the ones at Nottingham Arboretum, here sadly, they do not get on well with each other.

I caught a tram into town. What a ride it was too. Kids were screaming, not crying correctly, just creating a loud did that very loosely sounded like they are crying, the Nottinghamian passengers all looked depressed and ready for a fight, to me! B.O. and bad language, one bloke, spitting! Big young lad, I said nowt! Chicken!

Whoosie3W01 And when I was gladly getting off the tram, a student getting on, knocked into me, right on the bruise on my left arm. Humph!

I got in town to find the Nottingham Beach much better attended today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Lister Gate near the Sweet Stall, I turned to go up the road… and;

Whoosie3W01 I walked into a stand full of popcorn tubs, and knocked it over! Oh no, it wasn’t, sorry. It was tubs of Candy Floss. Hehehe! I did feel a fool putting the barrels back on the sticks. Not that the female who was running it noticed anything, mind. A bloke took a photo of me (Possible fame in the offing? Haha!), and a lady saw me struggling to bend down to retrieve the pots and gave me a hand, bless her Cotton Socks!

2Tue12fI ambled a different route up to Upper Parliament Street, to try to avoid the embarrassment factor. Tsk!

Unfortunately, this diversion caused me to just miss the L9 bus. Klutz!

I decided to walk further down Queen Street to the number 40 bus stop.

2Tue12gAfter taking this photograph of Nottingham City Buses on the Upper Parliament Street junction.

I think that some of the TFZers might like to see so many different types together. Now I must remember to post it on their Facebook as well, later. I’m sure that I’ll remember, a man of my calibre and memory retention.

2Tue14When I got down to the bus stop, I observed some Nottingham Stree Art on the pavement, right next to a waste bin with a container for cigarettes too.

It looked like the nub-ends had been welded together?

Beats me! Haha!

2Tue15I got off the bus and carefully manoeuvered my way over the dangerous road and down Winchester Street to the top of Mapperley Rise.

The line of parked vehicles had reached right up to the top of the road now.

Believe or not, that the buses have to turn into and out of this junction, too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue15hTook this snap of the Willmott-Dixon chaps grafting away on Winchester Court.

They are fast catching up with Woodthorpe Courts status, which the started first.

I didn’t see a soul to talk to, as I made my way up to the apartment.

Some chaps were working in the lift lobby of my floor. Wonder what they were doing? No mess, so they would not be plasterers of electricians.

Stripped off, well, down to the PPs and socks, to keep cool.

I noticed that they had removed the cellophane from the new unwanted bedroom window?

Did the Health Checks and medications.

I had a wee-wee, they were still coming in short-sharp-painful fashion. Humph!

Started to update this blog again.

Put the oven to warm up for doing the triple fried chips later on.

Made the first TFZ graphic in the next series. I’ll keep them in a file so I can post them all at the same time.

2Tue26Checked the Freeview programmes on tonight

Got the nosh served up.

The Boczeck was terrific, the chestnuts were too. The mini sausages, chips, and tomatoes not so good at all. The newly opened jar of gherkins… Eugh!

Best I could give for a Taste-Rating was 6/10. Hey-ho!

As for watching the TV, I managed about ten minutes before I drifted off into slumber. (And, very nice it was too. Hehe!)

Woke an hour or so later, the tummy rumbling and in need of at least a wee-wee. Forced my lumbering spherical body out of the £300 second-hand recliner, suffered a short-sharp-pain ridden wee-wee.

Whoosie3W01 I was a little tired and confused, but I think I saw many of the Fast moving, Iron-clad mini-biting-beetles milling around near the shower drain. By the time I had located the fly-spray and returned with it, I could not find any of the coleopteran invaders anywhere. Humph!

I got the pots washed, and returned to the recliner. Tried to drill it into my head to remember I have to go to the City Hospital in the morning for the Warfarin INR blood test. Having little confidence in my memorisational ability, I removed my body mass yet again from the chair, and wrote a note and left it hanging over the TV screen, to remind myself in the morning.

Whoosie3W01 I stubbed my left toes on the Ottoman, bent down to move it out of the way and caught the bruise on the left arm against the recliner corner.

In pain now, (What a Nayfish!).

As the mind was preparing to go off on its own accord, to delve into my failings, inadequacies, and fears… I nodded off!

Inchcock Today – Monday 6th August 2018


Monday 6th August 2018

Bulgarian: Понеделник, 6 август 2018 г.

03:50hrs: I awoke and was out of the £300 wobbly second-hand recliner within minutes. No mind wanderings this morning – it was concentrated on getting my body to the Porcelain Throne ASAP.

Some bleeding and plenty of soreness from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. A longish evacuation, indeed no call for any Dia-Limit capsules this morning. A page or two of the book was read.

No signs of any Armour-Plated mini black-biting-beetles in the wet room as yet. Cleaned up and off to the kitchen to carry out the Health Checks and take the medications.

I took a photograph of the light and view preventing filthy new windows. The first one without the flash, the second one with it used. Just for a bit of interest, you know.


1Mon01WPA02a Unfortunately, I stubbed my toes, including the one that I bruised, as I dropped the pot of lemongrass on it yesterday. Tsk!

I got today’s Health Checks done.

The Sys had shot up dramatically, but the weight was amazingly back down at 15.05 st.


1Mon01aIt certainly felt a lot cooler in the apartment this morning.

While I was checking the monitor thingy, the temperature was well down, to around 28°c – 82f. The humidity was well into the green zone. Not that I understand what this means.

I thought I must get a photo of myself done in the same pose as this photograph and post the two next to each other, sometime soon. Hehehe!

I got the computer on and started this blog off, up to here. Then updated yesterday’s diary.

Went onto CorelDraw to make a start on the next TFZer funny graphic-series.

Went to the wet room to use the Porcelain Throne. Another messy affair.

I decided to get the ablutionalisationing done while I was in there.

1Mon03I don’t know from whence they came, but a dozen or more of the Ironclad-Armour-Plated mini black-biting-beetles were over the shower floor.

After applying my bestest stalking procedures, to try and corale the little devils. I felt a little disappointed. This is the only one of them I got. Hehe!

Got all ready and took the black bags to the chute, then back to the flat.

WPA02a To find I’d left the hot water tap running and now it had gone cold. I’d have to wait until tonight now before it heats up. Tsk!

1Mon05Out and down onto a very busy and dangerous to pedestrians looking, Chestnut Walk.

Roy was ahead of me, well he overtook me with his four-wheeled ankle-mangler trolley. Haha!

I pressed on to call at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin. So I could leave some of the ice-cream cones I’d taken in their freezer. But no. Luck was against me in this mission. I found many tenants sat and stood outside the shed. It had not been opened, no one had arrived yet?

Then a bit of good luck. The pulchritudinous and wise Cyndy joined Ethel, Welsh William and myself. After telling her of my problem, she suggested giving them to the Willmott-Dixon lads to have on their tea-break. Good idea, I said. And off she kindly nipped with 1Mon06the cones to the workers. Minutes later she returned, they had taken them gladly and just at the right time too, they were about to make a cuppa! Thank you, Cyndy! X.

A lorry that was tipping its load of sand was photographed as we waited for the arrival of a warden or the L9 bus.

The bus arrived first.

1Mon07Had a somewhat successful go at the crossword book en route to UpperParliament Street, where we all dropped off of the bus.

The first thing I noticed as I hobbled to the Wilko Store, was this poor Nottinghamian Rough Street Sleeper.

I went into the shop and spent a bit of cash, getting myself some large kitchen towels, liquid soapflakes, a bottle of bleach and some cans of shaving foam.

I paid for them at the checkout and walked through to come out half-way along Clinton 1Mon07bStreet West. Being a little early for Nottinghamians, 10:00hrs, the street was the least busy I have ever seen it.

This naughty Nottingham Pavement cyclist came close to hitting me.

I took the first photo to the left, towards the town centre and the second to the right toward Milton Street. Throughout the time I was in town today, I didn’t see any police personages or ambulances with blue and twos on, shoplifting or any youths fighting.


1Mon08I walked down and onto South Parade, on my way to have a look at the Nottingham Beach and amusements, and get some pictures taken.

One thing caught my eye – the large Starbucks cafe had closed. I couldn’t see any signs to indicate why, or if it was being modernised or something. But there was some scaffolding around, and signage removed from the shutdown premises. I looked it up on the web when I got back to the dim, stifling windowed flat. (Well!) I could not see any news about this coffee shop on the internet?

1Mon09You can see a photo, third down on the left, of the closed Starbucks with the thriving Costa one on the next corner.

This selection of pictures I took in or around the Nottingham beach & rides in the Slab Square.

The sun was beginning to show itself on and off, a little more now.

I enjoyed watching the youngster and ankle-biters having such a great time. Not a lot of them I have to say, but those in attendance seemed well happy with their day at the beach. 

Bless their cotton-socks!

The young girl in the safety harness, on the bouncy ring, was a precious memory. She was really giving it some wallop, and her expression kept changing from casual, almost bored look; And then she would blossom into an utterly endearing smile, before going back to her unentertained look. Hehehe!

I got set to take a picture of two people high up in the twisting and rolling cage, so-called amusement ride. But a passing tram blocked my view. By the time it had passed by, the trip up over and down had stopped. Boo!

I nipped back to the beach to take a shot from a different angle. Luckily, I caught this little chap as he ran from one end of the beach to the other, then fell on his face in the sand. He got up, laughed and ran back to his Mam. Cheered me up to see this!

1Mon17In fact, I haven’t seen so many happy looking and cheerful Nottinghamians for a long time.

WPA02a I visited the Wheeler Gate branch of the Poundland. Where made a bit of a Whoopsie, and bought some more pens. I forgot I’d bought some on Friday last.

That is about twenty pens of differing sorts I’ve got now. Schemeil!

1Mon13Still, give me time, I’ll almost assuredly soon have them broken or lost. Hehe!

The sun came out again.

I got myself back to the slab square, to take one last photographicalisation of the entertainments on offer.

I put down the bag and set about trying to get a 1Mon14good shot taken.

It took a while for me to get one without any trams or vehicles in it. When I did, it turned out a little of a letdown. Not one of my best efforts at photography.

I shot it with too much, er, what’s the word I’m looking for? From too much distance. Klutz!

1Mon14aI made my way to the L9 bus stop on Queen Street.

Another naughty Nottingham Pavement cyclist was causing danger to the pedestrians as he belted down the hill.

The lady walking up Queen Street remonstrated with the chap, but he did not acknowledge or answer her as he continued freewheeling on.

1Mon15The L9 arrived spot on time.

The heavy traffic caused the poor driver to fall behind on his schedule even more.

It got worse when we arrive back at the complex at Chestnut Walk drop-off point.

We and several other vehicles were delayed as the busy Willmott-Dixon lads were retrieving some cable-covering from the kerbside to move it to wherever they were cutting and laying it underground.

When I got off of the bus, I was greeted by Bill (William on Sundays) who was waiting in the queue with a quote of; “Oh, it’s you holding us up is it, I might have guessed!” Haha!

1Mon16The three of us pedestrian tenants made our way to Woodthorpe Court.

I kept my concentration on the way, as there were so many cars, lorries and plant machinery about, further on, no pavements to use as we had to walk in the road, no other choice.

I would not like to be responsible for a Health & Safety on this site. It’s a big job with the upgrading and building of the new centre block with the Extra Car flats and Wardens new offices etc.

There just isn’t the room available, to avoid risk to the residents or for traffic to flow freely. I have to say, I think they are doing a good job, under the circumstances.

We three residents had a chinwag and laughed in the lift on our way up.

I got in the flat and had a wee-wee. Did the Health Checks, had another short-sharp-painful wee-wee. The hot water was still cold, it won’t start to heat-up until 17:00 or 18:00hrs.

I put away the purchases and stripped off down to the PP’s. But, it was not as warm as of later, so I put on a long sleeved t-shirt afterwards. Brr!

1Mon04Of course. As soon as I did the stripping, the chaps on the hists were up and at the window. Tsk!

I got on with updating this diary. It took a long while, with all the photographs I’d taken needing to go in.

Had a bash on TFZer Facebooking.

1Mon23Then got the fodder served up.

I noticed the hot water was heating up now.

A decent meal, I gave it a Taste-Rating of 8.5/10.

Washed the pots, had another short-sharp painful wee-wee, then I carried out the Health checks.

I meant to mention it earlier. Welsh William and Brenda told me earlier, that the had now got their outside balcony pods in place. I’ll try to get a photo of them in the morning. If they are anything like those in the printed bumf, they will block out so much light and view, (As the kitchen and bedroom windows do now) I do not think I will take to them.

Got the TV on, and spent many an hour nodding off and waking again. Hehe!