Inchy – Thurs 30th July 2020: Horrendous, gruesome, busy, insufferable, and at times, hellacious day!

TFZer, Model Lona

Thursday 30th July 2020

Scots Gaelic: Diardaoin 30 Luchar 2020

03:40hrs: I almost fluttered into life this morning, mainly due to Saccades Sandra taking a while to let me focus visually, enough to risk getting up to move about. My attempts at getting some seeable vision by blinking and stretching the eyes with the forehead reminded me of butterflies and old black & white films. Eventually, things settled a lot, and I began to hunch my overly-weighted, bouncing-bellied body from the c1968, none-working, rickety, rusty, recliner.

As I had just got up on the pins and caught my balance, the need for the Porcelain Throne arrived. The innards enforced the urgency of the situation, by adding to its typical signs of stabbing pains, a gurgling sound, and mini-escapages of wind, that left a putridness, that seemed to follow me around for ages! Stick in hand, and being wary of the creases in the ever-moving carpeting, I moved as quickly as I could, to the wet room!

I just made it in time! The motion began entirely of its own accord. It was once again of the Diarhorrea Duncan mode, like yesterday, the only difference was it seemed to stop short, and I had to painfully force the last bits out. Argh!

I was foolishly, somewhat over-rigorously antisepticising a certain area, and Little Inchies fungal lesion started bleeding. I cleaned things up and applied the Corticosteroid cream generously, in hopes of stemming the flow of Warfarin and Morphine contaminated Haemoglobin. To my satisfaction, it did the job!

Manly, I merely winced, then threw back my head, and mockingly laughed at the pain! Eurgh-Ouch!

Thus,  Harold’s Haemorrhoids bled profusely, and much cleaning-up and medicationalisationing were needed. Oh, by the way, I’d like to sing the praises of Andrex Toilet Tissue here. So much less painful, and it allowed the first flush to remove everything! Shame, I’ve only got the one roll left, Tsk! I’ve got plenty more rolls though, that I’ve Christened ‘Ten-Flushes-Rolls’, left. Hehehe!

After cleaning and creaming certain areas in need, I departed off to the Kitchenette. Noticing how flipping cold it was this morning, in the flat anyway. The first thing I checked was if I had left a window open, but no.

Got the kettle on, and the Health Checks things out ready, and risked opening the thick-framed, light & view-blocking new windows, and attempted to take a shot of the morning view. As you can see on the right here, it didn’t come out very well, crap actually! Humph! It’s that bad, the Tate Gallery might be interested in showing it, perhaps?

Did the Health Checks, and was pleased with the results, the temperature showed as just ‘Low’, it might be stuck on this and not working? Tsk!

Made the brew of Assam Extra-Strong tea, went to the computer and got her going, and had to return to the wet room for a wee-wee. I’ve not had a leak like this for ages, of the VSWAOTP (Viciously-Spraying-Wildy-All-Over-The-Place) fashion. So, more cleaning and disinfecting had to be done. It’s a good job that I don’t have any friends to visit. I’d be cleaning their toilets, the wall, floor, and porcelain out of habit! Hahaha!

I found two photos from last night, one of the meats prepared for cooking, and then what turned out to be delicious Chinese belly pork nosh!

Crock-pot cooked potatoes, with just sea salt added. The fresh pod peas, boiled with a bit of castor sugar, Piccolo tomatoes, a disc of Marmite Cheese, and the Chinese Hoisin seasoned belly pork. I recall enjoying this one very much. A flavour rating of 8/10!

I pressed on and got a template made for tomorrow, then started this blog going. After about an hour or so, of relatively ailment-free botherations, I went to make another mug of tea, Glengettie this time. 

After another fireman’s hosepipe-like wee-weeing, and cleaning up session, I went to get the vegetables prepped and in the crock-pot. I used the large one today, for the first time in ages.

Shelled the peas and cut the leeks. Then sliced some red onions, and added them all to the potatoes in the large crock-pot. Added some sea salt and Oxo vegetable stock. Put it on the low-setting, then got the things washed up I’d dirtied prepping the vegetables.

Only a few peas were dropped and lost. Not cuts with the knife! No burnt fingers either! Mind you, I did hit my head bending down to retrieve a lost pea. Hahaha!

Back to Computer Cameron, and did a search for any local Corona Virus updates.

Then got things ready to get the ablutions done. And off to the wet room, and looking forward to getting a shower, and talking to the Sock-Glide, in a sneering manner, as it sits there, sulking contemptuously, almost scathingly. Desperate to get back to cutting me, bruising me, tripping me over, stubbing my toes, and mostly donating blood blisters, and welts on my fingers! (Sorry, I’m losing it here!)

After checking that the Amazon delivery tracker, I(They have not reached the delivery base yet!) to make sure the slippers would not arrive early, I trundled off to the wet room.

Well, a surprisingly few Whoopsies suffered (Some, of course!) session!

The teeth cleaning went well, the shaving had only two dropsies (both razors). The showering, well. a few here, the showerhead dropped (2), and the shower gel bottle.

Drying off, the sock glide sat there, staring at me all the time. I’m, not sure it didn’t even scoff at me at one time! Hahaha!

Bit of a set-back on the medicalisationing tasks, though. Little Inchies fungal lesion started to bleed again, but only a bit. I double-winced as I applied the cream. I clouted my right elbow against the sink, then.

Probably the most entertaining new, a first-time-ever Accifauxpas! As I was holding the towel in each hand, going to and fro drying my back, Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters failed me! My right hand shot off, and I gave myself a hell of a thump, right on my nose! Cribblebogangonies!

A drop of blood flowed, I went dizzy, Saccades Sandra kicked off, the nose went red, and I felt a right fool! After cleaning up the tiny spots of blood, I just had to take a selfie of the red nose. But, by the time I’d got around to taking the photo, it had all but gone. Hehehe!

Well, Tate Gallery, are you interested? Or am I to think of something along the lines of the American minimalist sculptor, Carl Andre, and do something like his brick display? I can think of a few words to describe what I thought, and still do, think of it.

Pitiable, pathetic, lamentable, dismal, ludicrous, feeble, phoney, laughable, hair-brained, asinine, and glaikit, come immediately to mind.

Carl Andre, an artist? Pull the other one! Humph and Fiddlesticks! Art, my Arse!

I came out from the wet room, feeling in a half-decent mood. And decided to get the blue Mayanmar (Formerly Burma) made, Primark zip-up 100% Polyester, £9.99, top washed.

You can see how well I live can’t you, pure class!

I really didn’t think it would be quiet as dirty as it was! Cor Blimus, I rinsed it that often until the water came clear, it must have taken me an hour before I got it done, wrung and hung above the sink to drip-dry! Dirty Inchcock! It should be dry by about September.

I make a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea. And took a shot of the City Hospital. Where my Xyrophobia suffering, over amour propred Brother-in-law Pete, pools winner and three-time Lottery winner (Not counting his up-to-now 278 scratch-card wins – counts them every week you know!), went in for his Big C treatment, and I got good vibes back while I was taking it. Fingers crossed, for the lucky, handsome, hair on head, clever-with-his-hands, electrical genius! 

I rang out the hanging shirt come jacket, as I have been doing regularly since having washed it. Then returned to the updating on this blog, I’m getting a little weary now, and reckon the Amazon slippers will arrive late today. And still haven’t caught up on the WordPress Reader and Facebook yet!

An hour or so later, I went for a mug of Glengettie tea. Amnd noticed I’m not-half doing some sneezing?

I returned and took this photo on the right, from the computer chair, of the view out of the balcony, on my left.

I then went on the WordPress Reader section. Then onto Facebooking, to try and catch-up. A bit slow going on the computer again. Humph!

I thought as you do, I’ll enlist with Sainsbury’s, and make an order. What could go wrong? Hah!

The hands were bad, Nicodemus again. But I signed on with them and started doing an order. When it came to the checkout, well, what performance. All the numbers and details they wanted, and I must have made so many mistakes, cause I to repeat things sop often, I ren out of time and I got blocked by them!

Then I found I was supposed to have signed up with Nectar, that was of great confusion for me, the numbers and passwords was a nightmare, after filling in the pages, it kept coming back that the details were wrong! I had to repeatedly reset at least four passwords and I got myself into a bad panic (My numbers phobia again), in a right muddle.

Then I got blocked for a second time for not completing in the given 30/40-minute (Security) window!

Then Nectar sent me another password reset, and I just didn’t know what I was doing! The only time I wished I lived with someone for years, no help, no time to get any. everything was being tightly timed, and Shuddering-
Shoulder-Shirley kicked-off, Oh dear! 

Eventually, Gawd knows how, but I got back on the Sainsbury page, and they had kept the order I was doing on the page. Then I had to put in all the bank details again. More passwords needed! Then I had reset one a second time!

The scribble on my notepad was barely readable! But, I found a doggedness, and eventually, signed in again with Sainsbury’s (3rd time), and had yet again, to put in the card details, with time running out for the third time!

I got the order sent off eventually, but I had to confirm various details again first, and I kept getting emails… Crap!

Then, when they accepted payment, sent me details, I found they had charged me £7 for delivery!

Believe it or not, I’m feeling proper poorly now. I can’t cope on my own anymore.

I’ll just have to take that offer up to marry me from Michelle Pfeiffer, then.

And the slippers have yet to come, the vegetables for the stew have been overcooked methinks! 

Then the INR test result record was delivered. From Monday’s blood giving. Took them a while this week, and I realised that no one from the surgery or Anticoagulation and Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic, had called with me new dosages.

Pathetically, I felt a little sorry for myself, after such a reasonable day as well. Then realised I’d been up for fourteen hours, Nicodemus and Shirley were both pestering me, what a state to get into.

Then I realised, in getting signed on with Sainsbury’s and Nectar, had cost me three hours of my life! And left me drained, and wee’d off. I’m guessing the numbers and figures going all wrong, has started this depression off, but I’m only guessing. 

No one to talk to, fall out with, and even Herbert is not knocking and banging about today! Ah, well, Que sera, sera!

I’m not even feeling hungry yet, what’s going on? Hahaha! Knick-knockers!

I’ll see if the slippers are anywhere near, on the Amazon tracker.

My stupidity continues! It knows no bounds! The Universe is its Oyster! I looked at the tracker and it was showing the map. I saw the red circle, and assumed the van was outside the flats! So, I went and stood near the intercom waiting for it to go off. I stood there for ages, too scared to move in case I didn’t hear the pathetic, weak tone of the intercom box when it went off. It can’t be much longer I said to myself. But it was!

Forty minutes later, I nipped back quickly to check on the tracker again, below on the original tracker when I looked, I widened the picture and realised the red circle was the flats, a green one was the lorry, that didn’t show up on the first screen, thus, this old fart was confused! What a pillock!

I was just glad when the driver did eventually get up to the flat, it was about an hour later. He was in a terrible rush, dropped the bag on the floor and shot off! I don’t think he heard my thank you, especially as it was being interfered with by Stuttering Stephanie!

I put the well-squashed bag down, dropping the four-pronged metal stick as I did so, and of course, naturally, as is to be expected, it goes without saying, came down and hit my toes! Grubblesoddit!

I tore open the bag, to reveal the semi-flattened brown slippers, with outside-soles! Tsk!

I tried to reshape them, had a modicum of success too.

I got the vegetables out of the slow-cooker and into the pan of canned stewed steak, seasoned with some gravy salts. Came back to this computer, and within minutes I could smell burning! I limped ASAP into the kitchen, to find the pan of stew bubbling merrily away! I’d turned the heat up, instead of off!

Is there any hope or future for me? Grobbleknangles! I wonder if there’s a Senior Citizens adoption society or Grandpappy Replacement Union? No, that wouldn’t be fair on anyone.

Shattered as I felt, I had to make up a template for tomorrow. So through closing eyes, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, and the Stinging Harold Haemorrhoids, I did just that. Smug-Mode-Engaged!

Went on the comments to catch up, I’ve had a wickedly busy day again.

I grafted away at this blog until fatigue defeated me! Managed to make a template for tomorrow, then I went on email to sort out all the harassing from Sainsbury’s and Nectar, but mainly, cause I’m feeling guilty for not answering Lisa until so late, so I’ll do that first.

I may be back… Hahaha!

I’ve replied to Lisa, at last, and had a bash on the WordPress reader.

Went to make a brew of Glengettie tea, and despite it being so late, the Sun was high and blasting.

A lovely evening, weatherwise!

Shattered, I am! I’m going to post this off now, then get summat to eat, the stew, if it tastes alright overcooked.

TTFNski, each!.


Inchcock – Wednesday 29th July 2020: Warning: This contains an X-Rated Ablutionalisationing Report!

TFZer Keith, Modelling

Wednesday 29th July 2020

Welsh: Dydd Mercher 29ain Gorffennaf 2020

I’m writing from 2030hrs last night. At last, after much harassment and many botherations, thanks to Jenny, I eventually got some nosh made (See right – A delight). 

And what a nosh it was. Despite my being knackerated, in state of body and mind, I gladly ate it all up! Chinese belly pork, baked beans flavoured with BBQ seasoning and tomato puree, and mushrooms, some milk roll bread, made a fruit salad of sorts, and raspberry ripple mousse. Taste Rating: 8/10.

Left pots to soak in the sink, and dived down into the recliner in search of Sweet Morpheous. But I think I must have been over-tired or something, cause it was ages before I got off. Tsk!

03:20hrs: I woke with a start, talk about confused, the mind was indeed not working very well. Maybe I’d had an odd dream, though I cannot recall having one. No matter what day is it, for a moment I had to concentrate on who I was! It was a cringe-worthy few moments before the brain engaged properly. (Well, I say properly, hehehe!)

Just as things were mentally settling, the dreaded ‘Inner-Gurgling’ started, and I had to make my way to the wet room ASAP, stumbling along with the stick, en route I blamed last night’s meal. I’ve never had Diahorrea-Duncan so bad in my life! After thunderingly flopping on the seat, the evacuation began immediately, almost liquid, and it felt so uncomfortable. Eugh! The tummy ache got worse after the session had finished! I’m getting a little wee’d-off with the ever-changing motions of late. And, all the cleaning up and medicating after the event. Even after waiting so long for completions, it was like a dripping tap, the wee-weeing continued with the PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribble). I dread to think how long I was in there for. But hope lies ahead, faith will not be lost, my mission will continue, and progress will be made! I’ve not got the foggiest idea what I’m talking about, here?

Off to the kitchen! Washed last night’s pots, then the kettle on and tried again to take a decent shot of the morning view, but I’m not doing well recently with these shots. Still, it was no worse than yesterday’s early morning efforts, or was it? Hehe!

As I was getting the Health-Check stuff out of the drawer, a combination of Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters failing, and an untimely short spell of Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley arrived. The thermometer and tablet-pods ended up on the floor! The stick thermometer would not work, I’m hoping it needs a new battery, as opposed to my having broken it all together. No longer works! Groggleknockers!

The HP readings were fine enough. I used the new thermometer to take the temperature, but it wasn’t having of it at all? The screen flashed, and a few indefinable odd dots flashed. Methinks I’ve now broken both of the thermometers? Globblegripes!

Made a brew of Extra strong Assam tea, and started the updating of this post. Oh, I got an email from Iceland!

And a long job it turned out to be, Nicodemus and Shirley seemed to have allied themselves, to ensure I have plenty of hassle, mistake-making, ever-correcting, and a frustrating time doing the blog! Grrr!

Off to get the ablutions done, with Iceland coming with my hastily placed order. (Morrisons I know had just delivered yesterday, but Morrisons did not have any egg mayonnaise, so I ordered some from Iceland), and the Amazon ‘bamboo diabetic socks’ are coming, I had to get the washing up done early. But it was too early to use the shower, the noise might disturb my neighbours. Off to the wet room poddled!

AblutionalisationingFor over Eighteens only X-rated Report

  • One tiny cut shaving, but a devil of a job to stop bleeding! Tsk!
  • A disappointing session this one was. It started with me hitting my left shoulder against the door frame as I entered the room! The left, not the right? A Great Start! 
  • Broke the blue toothbrush! That did Toothache Thomas a lot of good!
  • I’ve no idea how long it took me to find the pack of four I knew I had somewhere, but when I did find it, after going into two rooms in search, it was on the trolley on my left, on the shelf below the toothpaste! No idea how I missed it for so long! Grumbleconfusement!

By now, I’d spent such a long time in there, I was so late, I could use the shower now. So not all bad!

  • I was doing well, so nicely,  until I was cleaning my rear-quarters, and set off Harold’s Haemorrhoids bleeding! It reminded me that old American Noir film with blood in the shower, but I can’t remember the name of it, stabbed in the shower, oh, I’ll look it up later
  • I turned up the power on the shower, to wash away the blood away, but it kept coming. Oh, dearie me! 
  • So, I just kept spraying it down the drain at regular intervals. Bad, this! 
  • The good news is that I went through the whole long episode without dropping the shower-head once!
  • Did well in the freshening-up and medicating departments. The new Clobetasone cream was really useful in stopping the bleeding. It stung a bit, like! 
  • Getting dried without any problems, then getting dressed, as I was battling to get the PP’s on, over I went. All the fault of Shaking Shaun, and his inexpediently timed visit! Argh! 
  • I stayed down for a minute, to assess any damage I might have done to my Herculean-like, trim, muscled, young firm body.  (Ahem!)
  • Everything that had taken place during this mammoth ablution session paled into the ether. For after a look, sensing and a feel around, the only damage I could find was Arthur Itis’s left knee had been put out, and that snapped back as I rose from the floor, using the shower chair’s assistance. I was Mega-Superduper-Lucky there! A ginormous Smug-Mode grew!

Obviously, I was limping badly for a few minutes, but my spirits had grown, for some reason. Most likely by yours truly, having such good fortune? I was tickled-pink! And the legs and plates were looking so good! Well, apart from Arthur’s left patella.

Now, I was singing to myself as I went to the kitchen, and got the kettle on!

Got on the computer, and not long later, the intercom buzzed, it was the Iceland chap arriving. Naturally, when I pressed the top button, saw who it was, and pressed the bottom open-door button, the screen went black! Always some problem with this hard to hear, unreliable system! Tsk!

I told the chap about the intercom, not being awkward to use, unable to hear it, and it kept going blank when I try to let someone in. The chap said no-end of folks tell him the same. He obligingly left the bags in the doorway for me.

I took them through to the kitchenette, for sorting and checking, and found some errors had been made. Not the 18 medium eggs in place of six eggs, but in my rushing to get an order in so I could get the mayonnaise eggs, I’d got a few things misconstrued!

You see on the right, is a white bottle, which I to have ordered, and it was meant to be the same size as the pink, nearly empty one? I tried to work out why I should buy a £10 120 wash bottle of the Ylang 4.20 L Surf? The one I have is a 47 wash 1645ml one costing me £4.50, and that’s lasted me for months! Where do you start working out which the better value? Litres and Miliitres, too confusing for my arithmophobia and dyscalculia! I was grand with £.s.d, pints, fluid ounces and inches! Of course, since the stroke, there have been extra problems like this.

I got the flour for Jenny in a bag, and split the substitutes big box of eggs with her, and put a bag of white cobs in it. Then got the waste bags made up, and filled the three-wheeler with them. So much easier walking with the trolley, (but not on the buses too many moans about being in the way, Tsk!)

I phoned Jen to let her know I was going down with the flour. And set off to the rubbish chute with the bags. I couldn’t carry the food bag as well, so after depositing the waste in the chute, I nipped back to collect it. Then to the lift lobby.

The wait was not too long to get a lift, but while I was waiting, the Constructors only lift arrived, and a woman got out? Down the Jenny’s, had a little natter, Jen gave me monies for the flour, swapped cheerios, and back to the lifts.

And another lady got out of the constructors-only cage? These Covid-19 safety rulings are not being adhered to at all by some!

I wonder if the Coronavirus is for real, has sank-in yet? Ah, well, who am I? That’s a good question, I’ll try to find an answer later. Hehehe!

I got back inside the flat, and checked on the potatoes on the slow-cooker, and began to shell some peas. There I was, happy and contented a lark, the sunshine coming through the lethal new windows, and I basked in it for a few minutes, while I shelled the garden peas, dinking the mug of tasty Thompsons Punjabi tea, and dreaming of the betterer days, now gone.

I must have something about shelling peas, a distant memory of happier times perhaps? I certainly didn’t need to through all the painful experience of doing the fresh peas. Not with my supply of canned garden peas! Haha! My fearfully short moment of joy and contentment ended.

When I added some of the sugar, I’d bought from Morrisons into the saucepan. And realised I had not bought demerara, but caster sugar? Well, fancy that! Me, getting summat wrong! I bothered Jenny by ringing her up, and asked her if it was alright to use this different sugar? She explained that Castor, or Caster sugar, is standard sugar ground up more finely. I thanked her.

Then I asked myself a serious question; “How come you managed shops for Tesco and the Co-op for all those years, all that stocktaking, cash handling, and balancing the millions of trading stamps every Saturday night, and have actually forgotten what Caster sugar was?

My earlier elation dissipated a little further, as I knew the answer. I am losing it. Becoming affected or infected, with presenile dementia? The stroke didn’t help. Fast cometh to me, the old-timers disease, Alzheimer’s maybe? Nobody seems bothered, and I must be going potty because I’m not bothered either! Well, not at this moment I’m not.

What can one do? It’s obvious, put the kettle on again for a brew, back to Glengettie Gold this time. I spent a couple of minutes worth of nephelococcygia, and I spotted a helmeted face in the clouds. Tetched the camera to take a snap… Could I find the face again? Nope!

I set about emailing the link for yesterdays blog. (Better late than never. But I’ve had a busy day losing the plot!)

I got a Nottingham News Email, this was in it: Across Nottinghamshire and the city, the data shows varied rates across the seven local councils and Nottingham – with some regions registering increases and others seeing a drop in cases. The most notable area, is Bassetlaw, with the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people more than doubling from 6.0 to 14.5 in the last seven days.

I got the oven on, it’s getting past my usual head-down time already!.

Aha, the intercom sounded off! It was the Amazon diabetic winter socks arriving.

Well, they look warm enough. The fight with the sock-glide could be a painful one, I didn’t expect them to be so thick?

Being the coward I am, and having managed without wearing socks for three months or more, I shall continue to abstain.

At least until it gets too cold for me, and I’ll have to recommence my daily, fearful, dangerous, shocking, hemerine struggle with the innocent-looking Sock Glide again!

Ah! The memories I have of my risky, injury ensuring, lethal morning tussles wit the glide!

The black-spotted fingers, the scraped knuckles, the blood flowing. The cursing, stubbing my toe on it, toppling over when using it, tearing the socks, and dropping the danged thing.

But it seems impervious to getting damaged. 

It just silently lays there on the shower chair, seemingly staring at me, not for want of company or feeling sad at not being used, oh, no!

It just can’t wait to get back to its meaning in life – To injure me as much as possible! Luckily, I have a good supply of pain-gel, a few Codien 60g, and liquid Morphine hidden in the medical cupboard, along with a tube of bruise-easer ointment, bandages and plasters at the ready, for when the Morning Altercations are forced to restart again!

Going bonkers, me? Mmm?

I am about to get the nosh sorted out now, five-hours later than planned originally. (I may give-up on making plans, they never come to fruition or work out right anyway! Tsk!)

I’ll carry on updating from this point, in the morning post.

Take care out there! May your foibles ferment with festivity, fun and financial gain!

Inchcocksi – Tuesday 28th July 2020:

TFZer Keeping at a Social Distance


Tuesday 28th July 2020

Maori: Rātū 28 Hōngongoi 2020

03:00hrs: Within minutes of waking up, I’d ignored the nagging worry of something, whatever it was, I knew I had to remember this morning (Tsk!), had clambered out of £300, second-hand, c1968, none-operational, rusty, rickety, uncomfortable recliner, caught my balance, and with the aid of the four-pronged walking stick, I found myself in the kitchen. with the window open, with camera in hand, taking photographs out of the window of the morning views!

Nowt outstanding in this, I know. But I had to guess the getting up procedure I’d just done, due to a memory-blank. I really could not recall doing anything up to this point. The ailments are starting early this morning?

I went to get the kettle on, but it already was on. (Oh dearie me! – Hey-ho!) Then I got the sphygmomanometer and took the blood pressure and pulse. All the figures looked good enough for me. I used the stick thermometer, and it showed a figure today, of 84.4°, which I also think is good. The inner body seems to be doing okay, now if I can control the mind as well, there still may be hope for me. Hehehe!

As I began to download the photos from the SDCH card, the belated demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived from the innards. No messing about, I hobbled-hastily to the wet-room. But the solidity of evacuation prevented any movement, despite my having a go at the crossword while waiting and hoping for some activity.

So, off I limped to the kitchenette and partook in a mug of Macrogol in warm water. Then back to the computer, and started to download the pictures of my trip-around-Nottingham, to the computer. There were a few of them to sort out and remember about.

And, guess what? Yes! Down went the Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet site! I did a Google search for any current problems and found this. Not the sarky first graphic, I made that up myself, Humph!

If Virgin, along with British Gas, would allow me to leave them, I would! But they get away with lying and giving wrong or dead links to use for this! The Swine! 

A beautiful morning, though!

I left the computer alone, as I got another call to the throne, so I went off to the wet-room zone, alone! (The poetry comes free, folks, Hehehe!)

By Jiminy, that Macrogol works quickly!

The legs looked fine this morning!

A bigger than a normal dollop of an evacuation started, along with the agony, bleeding and a little cursing on my behalf! A few words invented as well, like… ‘Eeerogleardamn’ and ‘Ooo, oo, argh!’ An awful lot of cleaning up and medicationalisationing was needed. Glunglegnatsworth!

 I got back to updating again when the internet returned. Then went on Facebooking.

Guess what? My viewing figures on WordPress, have dwindled suddenly? From 120, down to 58, and now 7? I’m worried if I’ve done summat wrong?

I finished and posted off the Monday blog (7 views only? I’m losing heart here!) Then went on the WP Reader section.

Humph! Then. the net disappeared again! 

This time for only a few minutes, though. Thank you, Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet!

Disheartened, I went to check on the mushrooms in the crock-pot. As you can see in the blurred photograph, I had to jump back as the steam came flying out!

That’ll teach me to be more careful! Haha!

My Brother-inLaw, Pete, who had his first treatment for the Big-C, yesterday, sent me a photo of the gear he got sent home with! Cor, Blimus! I replied, making him a belated Honourary Member of the ‘Official Medicationalisticalised Pill-popping Person’s  Association’. Well, it made him larf he said! Hehe!

My beloved Nurse Hristina arrived as I was cleaning the electric fire-front. She was obviously in a bit of a rush, but found time to give me a few minutes nattering session, which I appreciated no-end! I told her of the Podiatrist farce, but not complainingly. She offered to move the crunched-up carpet for me when she noticed I got a bit entangled in it with the stick, but I thanked her and declined. And sadly had to let her go, cause I could that she needed to, a busy gal! ♥

When I got back on the computer, Tsk!

I decided to do a Google check on the other internet suppliers as well.

I was suspicious when I saw a similar pattern to each one? It seems to me, to be one of the biggest cons since decimalisation! I assume the red dotted line, indicates the average speed, or complaints, for the given time? Liberty-Global, being the lowest?

I took a shot of the end car park on Chestnut Walk, from the balcony. I wouldn’t risk injury by trying to open the lethal metal spring clip, that needs pressing and pulling at the same time to use. (A fitter actually trapped his finger on in last March! Honest!) So I hung out of one of the front windows as far as I dare. Mainly to get the photo of four read vehicles for my cyber-mate Billum Ziegler, in Ohio, I think. Hehe!

I made up some waste bags to go to the chute, and made a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea… and had to shoot back off to the Porcelain Throne, in a panicky rush!

How embarrassing, I didn’t get there in time! I felt so ashamed, guilty, and angry with myself! I blamed myself as well, I shouldn’t have taken the Macrogol so hastily. Still, it proves that it works. After a lengthy cleaning up session and medicationalisationing, I was a different person when I got back to the computer. The enthusiasm had gone. Whatever I’d done wrong to get so few views, and now this Porcelain Throne stigma and disaster had got to me. 

Then I heard what sounded like a car horn being pressed angrily, it sounds like it was right in the room, to my left? Was it the alert alarm box, the light on it had gone off? Someone outside on the road, I looked outside from the balcony, but could see nothing untoward? Checked that the landline was still working, that was fine? on it. The Virgin box still had lights lit on it?… Then I heard what sounded like someone breathing out and it was loud? It came from the area where the alarm, Virgin box and telephone were situated? Gawd, I’m all confused again!

I got back to the waste-bag sorting and loaded the three-wheeler up, it couldn’t take any more bags. Hehe!

The wind was getting up as I waited patiently for a lift to arrive. Then I realised I’d left the camera in the hallway. So I nipped back into the flat to collect it from the radiator where I’d left it.

When I got back out to the lift lobby, I’d missed the elevator. So waited patiently for the tenants lift to arrive. The constructor-only lift came three times, and I had to send it back up, to get the tenants one to come to me. Ah, well, at least I got down, eventually.

I hobbled out of the lobby, to the waste bin. And as the recycling bags were smaller than normal, I coped with getting them in the small opening. I went into Smug-Mode! But not for long, when I realised I had not dropped the two black down the waste chute, so I’ll take them back up with me, on the way back and deposit them down the chute.

I waddled along Chestnut Walk, taking some photos, and popped into the new Winwood Extra Care Court.

Where the Wardens Holding Cells, Interrogation room, and office are located. To see Laptop Model, Warden Deana. There was no one in the office.

Not that it mattered.  I’d forgotten why I was calling in the first place. Thundeclumphead, that’s me!

I also suffer, with Ethonomia you know! Hahaha!

Another picture was taken on the way back. I did notice that the string wind seemed to be only around my Woodthorpe Court area?

I went in through the Caretakers door, and unfortunately, bothered Caretaker Robert, who was having his nosh! But he was alright about it. He took the black bags from, bless him. We had a mini-natter, and I told him about the NHS only treating people, well the NHS Podiatrists, with bad circulation in their feet. I said my farewells and went out to the ground floor lift lobby.

Another long wait. Several folks were in front of me in the queue. The tenant’s lift was moving twixt the 9th and thirteenth floors for ages! Then I spotted a note on the board, about a window cleaner who was calling on at Woodthorpe Court, on Thursday 6th August. We had to put out names and flat numbers on the form if we wanted him to call on us.

I nipped back and pestered Robert again, to loan, or should or borrow a pen so I could sign up? Signed, and took the pen back to the caretaker.

By the time I made it back to the elevators, two new tenants were there. The tenant and a construction worker got in the same residents lift together. Then it was my turn for the next free lift.

You wouldn’t believe how long I had to wait. The tenants lift again started going twixt the 9th and 14th floor, repeatedly. While I waited, the Constructor only cage came down to the ground floor about three times. Very confusing? Still, it was interesting!

I got inside the flat, stored the three-wheeler in the hallway, and got the kettle on (first things first!), made a brew of Glengettie. While I was in the kitchen, I eventually heard the landline ringing, I got to it as fast as I could, but missed it. Back to making the brew, and it happened again, and I was too late getting to it again!

I rang to see if it was Jenny, but no. She remembered the 1471 number, I thanked her, and tried it. The number ringing was 07786……. I tried to find who it was on Google. All I got as ‘Do not ring back: this is possible a scam or con! So I didn’t!

I had a moment or two of ponderisationing. The Morrison order is coming late today, 17:00 > 18:00hrs. And as I unslept the computer, an email came in from Morrisons, they do not have any egg mayonnaise! I let Jenny know that the flour would be here and roughly when. She asked me to phone her when it arrives, and she will nip up to collect it.

Well, no egg mayonnaise! Tsk! I’ll do an Iceland order methinks, and get some, also add eggs so when Jenny explains to me how to, I can make my own.

Done it!

I noticed the sky was so beautiful, I risked life and limb by taking a shot of it from outside the balcony window. But realised when it came to putting it on here, it was not so good as I thought it would be. Red-eye and I caught the window edge on it! Oh, well!

The egg-Mayonnaiseless Morrison order could be arriving anytime now.

I’m getting tired and have a feeling, I’ve forgotten something? Mmm!

When the food order comes, I’ve got to call Jenny, hello, she’s just sent me an email! I’ll investigate it. Haha!

Must stay awake, not nod-off, but the eyelids are getting heavy.

To tired to concentrate now, I might turn off Computer Cameron for a bit, or longer.

Oh, I’ve got some diabetic socks coming tomorrow, the longer ones. Of course, it’s been that long since I’ve worn any, it might be amusing using and injuring myself with the sock-glide again. Oh, yes!

Aha, the latest Coronavirus updates just come through. A little concerning,

Today: Additional cases on Tuesday 28 July 2020: 581.
The total number of COVID-19 associated UK deaths 45,878.
Deaths of people who have had a positive test result: 119 Additional deaths on Tuesday 28 July 2020.
Fighting off the fatigue, and I’ve got the nosh to do yet. Poor old thing! Hahaha! Can’t be long now, it’s ten minutes to the end of the hour for the delivery?
Then it dawned on me, as the hour of the delivery passed with nothing arrived yet. The call might have been from the driver to say he’d be late for some reason? But the magic red-letter warning from the Google inquiry, prevented me being brave enough to try ringing it. Oh, dearie me! 
Then I thought, oh, dearie me, (I do that a lot, you’ve noticed, I bet?) and wondered if he’s left the stuff outside the door? I went to check. Nope!
Gone 18:30hrs now! I phoned Jenny to let her know and explained the possible cock-up!
After I’d taken these shots across the sky, from left to right, from the kitchen window, and the glom got me down even more. I sat down to put then on here, and the late sun burst through?
I was battling against falling asleep still, and it was a right struggle-and-a-half, I feel the need to tell you!
The sun, shone through the balcony windows, and when I picked up the Nikon to put the SDH card back in it, it was so hot, I nearly dropped the camera! I had to close the blinds.
An hour and a half later, the Morrison delivery arrived. It was the driver who was ringing me earlier. Jenny and Frank, bless ”em came to help me sort the stuff out, I handed the flour over while they were up in the flat. ♥♥♥
I am now going to get meal cooked and will take the tale up again on the Wednesday post, cause I’m shattered
Food and sleep, seem my greatest needs, at the moment! Hehehe!.

Inchcockski – Monday 27th July 2020: Toenails cut, but bad news followed! Nottingham City photos taken. Ah, well!

TFZer Model ♥

Monday 27th July 2020

Hungarian: 2020 Július 27, Hétfő

20:45hrs: Not the odd time here on the left? That’s because I did the Sunday post early, and continue with it into this blog. To save time today. Cunning eh? I think that’s what I mean? 

18:30hrs: I got out of the £300, second-hand, rusty, decrepit, c1968 rickety recliner, and got the computer back on, to finish the Sunday blog, and got it sent off. Emailed the links, then on Facebooking catching-up.

Had a bash at doing some graphics up, on CorelDraw. Did a couple and sat down in the rickety, c1968 recliner, to have a mug of Extra Strong Assam tea, and some Branston Pickle flavoured cheddars… Fatal! But oh, so pleasurable! I nodded off into the land of Sweet Morpheus, and a few hours (it felt like), off constant dreaming. All memories of my past, younger days.

0455hrs, I woke up, almost in a panic! ‘Oh, what time is it ?’ – ‘I’ve not sorted the things out yet for podiatrist trip!’ –  ‘What needs doing fist?’ But the need for a wee-wee arrived; breaking my train of thought.

The urgency of the sudden liquid-evacuation meant I made a right Whoopsie, and got up, caught my balance and wandered over to the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket) without taking the walking stick. I arrived at the bucket, okay but as I began to relieve myself of the RSP (Reluctant-Sprinkly-Painful) wee-wee, Shuddering -Shoulder-Shirley kicked-off! How I managed to keep hold of the grey bucket, was nothing short of a miracle! As soon as things stopped flowing, I put the bucket down, and without spilling anything (Very-Temporary-Smug-Mode-Adopted). 

Just to guarantee me a terrible start to this already worrying day, Peripheral Neuropathy Paul launched one of his involuntary, no-control-over, right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dances, and over I went. Backwards – but this was a good thing, for I fell onto the £300, second-hand recliner. Not only that, but I missed hitting both of chair-arms on my way down! I wish I’d got the camera in reach, as I lay there, watching the last few dying twitches and flutters of the leg. Within a minute, it had calmed down altogether (which is not rare).

But, the incident had triggered thoughts of insecurity within me. I began to fear and imagine terrible consequences ahead for me. Will I manage going out after so long? Will Paul give me any bother at the Podiatry Clinic? I’m already doubtful that they will cut my toenails for me? Will the trolley-walker fit in the taxi? Will the cab arrive on time? Will I be able to get my shoes on? On, and on, the worries flowed…

Fortunately, the need of the Porcelain Throne arrived then, with the usual request from the innards, stabbing pains and a little inner-rumblings. Without delay, I got the camera and four-pronged walking stick, and hobbled to the wet room, with a degree of alacrity.

Oh, dearie me! What a session it was! Good and bad luck involved. I only just got there in time, (but thankfully did!) before things started to painfully and slowly evacuated of there own accord, I had no control over this whatsoever. Masses of pongy, sticky, messy product. Bleeding as well. I shan’t go too far into this (although I may have already done so, sorry). The cleaning things up was a long job, and the washing and medicating stung a bit. Hehehe!

I took a shot of the painful uncut toenails, and wondered if they will be cut when I get back from the Health Centre? I hoped this would be the last photo of my Howard Hughes feet.

Another thing I noticed was how flipping pale I looked, really anaemic! This may be the thing that will prevent them from treating my feet and cutting the nails. I have a horrible feeling about this, today’s hassle to get out, is going to be a waste of time! Surely they cannot make me wait until November at the Sherwood Health Centre? If so, it will be over a week since, so I’ll have to book again, and obviously, the available date will probably be in December or January!

I got to the kitchenette and took a shot of the blue-tinged (or should that be blue-hued?) sky. Got the kettle on, and the Health Check gear out of the medical drawer.

The dang thermometer was playing up again, all I could get on the readout, was ‘Low’, no figures.

But the sphygmomanometer readings were perhaps the best for months. Which doesn’t fit with my skin and body mass being so pale and ghostly looking?

Computer Cameron on, and updated this blog.

Turned off everything, and checked the face mask, money for the taxi, bus pass to get home, socks and shoes (hopefully) to put on (for the first time in months) after the treatment, in the trolley. But I was not confident I’d checked everything. It’s been that long now since I’ve been out anywhere, I felt nervous at the thought now? Silly old sausage!

Then I got the ablutions sorted out, early, thus allowing myself extra-time to have another check after the ablutionalisationing, for things I’m sure I’d not remembered. A touch of anamesia there?

Off to the wet room. (Which still had the Porcelain Throne activities aroma lingering – Cor!) I had a stand-up, teggies, shave, and wash. I did the feet stood in the bowl. A couple of nicks shaving, and only three dropsies all together! I need some more razors, I’ll see if I can get some after the Clinic if it goes well.

I prepped four waste bags and took them to the waste-chute. It was a bit awkward getting through to the chute room, as the decorators were starting work on my floor.

The lobby is looking better already!

I returned to collect the big bag of recycling waste and departed again to take the stuff down to the caretaker’s room. As I was on the way down in the lift, the cage stopped on the 9th floor, and a contractor bloke nearly got on, until he saw me in there. Naughty! Using the tenant’s elevator when we can’t use their dedicated one? But, to be fair, I’ve seen no-end of tenants using the wrong lift! So, fairs, fair! Hahaha!

The weather was little wet this morning, and seemed to be getting worse? I dropped the bag off at the bin, and the caretakers said something to me, but I didn’t catch what it was. They weren’t scowling or glaring at me, so I assumed I’d done nothing wrong. Hehe! Gave them a smile, and returned to the lobby and back up the elevator.

As the lift door opened, I struggled to get through back to the flat. Took my time and carefully worked my way through, without any hassle. Into the flat, and checked on things, taps, lights, stove etcetera, in readiness for my departure.

I looked out of the balcony window, as I pondered on whether to risk brewing myself a mug of tea or not. In the end, I decided against having a drink. Better safe than sorry, especially with the current PMPD & PMAD dribbling problems, and my going out, as well!

The precipitation was getting more substantial, and things went suddenly very dark?

I reappraised my arrangements and what I’d got done in advance, worried that I may have missed something. Checked the jacket pockets for the bus pass, keys, taxi money, note from Jenny etc., and timed it to get down for the taxi with fifteen minutes to spare. As usual, being the fussbudget, worrier and doomster that I am, I rechecked the flat for the umpteenth time, before my leaving, but still in an uncertain frame of mind. I knew something ‘botheration-wise’ was going to take place, no doubt about that! I’m not a soothsayer, necromancer or Augur, it’s just my EQ (Not IQ), was telling me of foreboding news in the offing today, and he has never-ever wrong!

I got down to the ground floor and spotted that there had been a change of some sort in the Fire-Riser. But what is was, I couldn’t decipher. I’m losing it here, methinks?

I got to the front lobby and waited for the arrival of the DG cab. A black Hackney cab arrived five minutes before the DG on due, and I assumed it was for someone else. The driver came to me and asked if I was Gerry. He was for me. He was a lovely chap and helped me into the cab, and we soon at the Health Centre. He drove carefully en route. He dropped me off as close as it was possible to the entrance doors, bless him.

I paid him, thanked him and made my way into the clinic, as the rain started to come down heavier again.

I entered and followed the written advice on the advice on display, to use the hand sanitiser on entry. I made my way to the reception counter, and the young lady greeted me before I could speak with, ” Are you, Gerald Chambers?” – “Yes”, I said – ” Sit over there!” She said – “Thank you, I said. And sat over there. Hehehe!

Well early, of the appointment time, so I got the crossword book out. Moments later, a young lady came towards me, “Are you, Gerald Chambers?” “Yes!” “Follow me!” So, I did.

I could tell there was bad news coming. She went through a question and answer routine, and took the feets blood circulation test, with four blobs of jelly, two each foot. The disappointing news was given to me while she was cutting the toenails. There are new rules, and I don’t qualify for NHS nail-cutting, anymore, as my circulation in the feet is okay. I’ll have to use a private chiropodist in future.

I explained, that with the Coronavirus, maybe, I’ve had three podiatrists refuse to cut my toenails, last week. I told her how the Warden of the complex had rung them for me. This made no difference, the new rules have to be adhered to. (I expected something like this!) The lady gave me a place to ring or go to on the internet. Obviously, there are many other senile-sufferers in my position and agony with their feet.

Still, it’s not the ladies fault. She woman (in face mask and shield helmet, by the way, hiding a most appealing pretty face) did say I’d brought up a valid point, and she would mention this to her ‘boss’, but I was not to expect too much in the way of success. Haha!

I thanked her muchly and hobbled out into the rain. But I was not overly-disappointed at all. For I knew something was going to go wrong today, my good old EQ knew too!

I decided to have a walk into town in the drizzle. Apart from passing some characters that I knew were of a threatening nature, and made me weary, the hobble to the City Centre was enjoyed greatly. It’s been so long since I did this, it seemed a pleasure, especially as the toenails had been trimmed, and walking was so much less hassle now.

The going did get a little rough by the time I got to the end of St Ann’s Well Road, as the left side brakes of the three-wheeled-walker-guide, had now packed up altogether. Hey-ho!

Within half-an-hour I was on Upper Parliament Street. Crossing George Street, a git of a pavement cyclist almost got me! He plodded on uncaring up George Street, which like everywhere else, seemed most baron of tellurians, understandably.

I bought a packet of red and green seedless grapes from a stallholder. I’ll split this with Josie later. Then I can make sure she doesn’t wake me up to bring back the dinner tray and things again. I hope!

I passed the Wilko store, as a security guard was stopping folks going in without a face-mask on (Naughty!) I made my way into my beloved Poundland shop, and had a good look around, and selecting things I fancied.

When I got to the self-serve tills, I had a few dropsies and felt a right fool – which was guaranteed by Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley’s antics! I’d bought; A Pork Farms pork pie, Zoflora and a cheaper variety of disinfectants (3), lemon bleach (2), Bic razors, Individual milk pots, Lemon & cucumber scented air freshener (2), and a packet of 6 BBQ flavoured mini-cheddars. A lot of which got in the bag via a trip to the floor! (Thanks to Shirley! Huh!) I’ve never seen so few customers in the place!

I paid with cash, and the change also had a trip to the floor. Suddenly I had help arrive! But not all of the change monies were rescued. Humph!

Getting out and controlling the trolley was not an easy task, and my stopping to take photographs caused a few near-accifauxpas, as the brakes were so unreliable.

I made my way stutteringly to Milton Street and the Bargain Buys, previously known as the PoundStrechers. As I arrived, the heavens opened up! Just in time eh! Hahaha!

I consulted my shopping list I’d made for this shop. Pakistani Potato Cakes, 6 x small cans Garden Peas, Egg Mayonaisse, Woolite liquid soap, vegetable Oxo cubes, a lemon and a lime cooking juice, Zoflora lemon, and 3 chocolate almond. I realised I was going to have a heck of job carrying all of these, with the two baf=gs I had on the handlebars already. Oh, dearie me! As it happened I had no problems at all? They only had the Woolite and one pack of chocolate almonds on sale. Tsk!

This bothered me more than the podiatrist let-down! I paid the lady at the checkout and somewhat miserably made my way through Trinity Square.

Still, the rain almost stopped, and I had a great photographicalistical few moments, snapping all around where I stood in Trinity Square. Again, a lack of people! I limped down to Parliament Street and snapped the Frankie & Benny food store on the corner of King Street. Only three customers as I could see in there.

Then walked down towards the City centre, and back up Queen Street to find the times of the buses back home. This was the first time I’d had a choice of buses to make. The L9 was due in five minutes later, the 40 bus was fifteen minutes from arrival time. So, I trudged up the hill to the L9 stop. One other lady was waiting. The bus arrived, the driver got out for a fag, we waited, and then the uncommunicative pauciloquent driver, got on, managing to issue two words to the lady and me; one of them was Huh! Bless him! Probably in line for Driver of the Year?

I struggled to stay awake on the trip back, only one person boarded en route, making a total of three passengers!

I dismounted and ambled through the warm rain along Chestnut Walk, back to the flats. I thought of poping in the office and asking Riechsfuhreress and Catwalk Model Warden Deana if she would ring about the podiatrists for me. But I realised she would be on her nosh, so didn’t bother her, I’ll try again later on.

I got in the block of flats, spotting the updated list of working areas. Then had a bit of a wait to get the tenant’s elevator to get to me.

DeanaThen I noticed the time on the electronic display board. It was earlier than I thought it was, only 11:34 hrs.

I got up to the flats. Put the purchases away, and called at Josie’s with the grapes, and she gave me the tray back. Maybe this week, I can get to sleep and stay asleep! Fingers crossed, that Herbert is quieter.

Back to the flat, and planned some cooked beef cobs with extras (tomatoes, egg mayonnaise etc.) for the meal later.

Then got on with updating this post. In between satisfying unusual urges for mugs of tea?

The Vampire Nurse Hristina called, (lovely to hear a friendly voice) and told me she would be calling to do the blood test tomorrow, twixt 08:00 > 10:00hrs. Marvellous! I pressed on updating, despite Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters playing up and costing me a lot of time.

Great balls of fire! I’ve been at this blogging for over five-hours now! How time flies!

I like missing the toenail pains! Haha!

Better pack up and get the nosh sorted out. I did some part-baked cobs, buttered them and added sliced tomatoes and a slice of cooked beef to each one. On the disposable plate, sliced apple, some grapes, egg mayonnaise, and chicken thighs (Which were not eaten, eurgh!) Flavour rating 7/10.

Went to wash the pots, as the clouds turned threateningly dark suddenly.

After the long day, an enjoyable bit of exercise, the let-down over the podiatrist, and how worn out I felt, I hoped I would get to sleep easier tonight.

Not so! Humph!

Inchcocksi – Sunday 26th July 2020:

TFZer Model Joycie ♥

Not really, but I thought it funny. Sorry!

Sunday 26th July 2020

Mongolian: 2020 оны 7-р сарын 26-ны Ням гараг

03:40hrs: Once again, I woke in auto-mode. Not very much enthusiasm was within me, and I was up getting the stick and on the way to the kitchen, without much difficulty, thoughts, or desire.

But I came back to mind-activity mode, as I veered to my right (as usual), and clouted my shoulder against the kitchenette door. I silently swore! I knocked kitchen walking stick and picker-upperer from the top pelmet and bent to retrieve them, and had a visit from Dizzy Dennis! I sore some more! Now reality dawned!

I rehung the stick and picker and took a few moments to steady myself. Then got the kettle turned on, and opened the light & view-blocking window, to take two snaps of the morning sky view. They were not very good. There was little wind when I opened the window, though, and ‘The Hum’ wasn’t so loud as it usually is?

As I got the Health Check things out of the medical cupboard, I might have known, or at least have guessed, with my clumsily knocking into the door, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley kicked off. It was a miracle that I didn’t have the sphygmomanometer in my hand at the time, but I still dropped the thermometer and armband. Thankfully the temporal artery thermometer even worked! Phew! Mind you, I got a bit dizzy picking them up again, and the picker upperer as only five feet away that I should have used! Dunk-headed-Nebbish!

Not surprisingly, the SYS was higher now, up to 63. Had I took it before, or if I hadn’t made such a clumsy job of getting into the kitchen, it would have been lower, I’m sure. Tsk! Note the blurry photograph?

I carried out the diurnally need, to sort out the three similar-looking tablets, to remove the Furesomide, hoping I took the right one out, and not a beta-blocker or Codeine 60g! Thank you, Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, for letting me down again!

I determined that I would calm down and concentrate on the next job in hand. Updating the Saturday blog and making a new template. I was seriously annoyed with, and blamed myself for the earlier cock-ups!

 But my plans soon had to be changed, after I’d made the brew of Glengettie tea, I had to hobble-off precariously, to the wet room and make use of the Porcelain Throne. I limped to the Throne, and I monopolised it for ages!

A sad case of a Start-stop and wait in some degree of pain, for further progress situation. The innards were back in complete control of evacuation progress. I tarried for ages. Despite the near agony, I managed to concentrate on the crossword puzzle, and did very well at it, got at least six clues done! Smug-Mode-Assumed & Ratified!

I washed the dandies and returned to the kitchen. I found that with all the time the Porcelain Throne duties had taken me, the tea had gone cold. So I made another mug, and took two Senna tablets! A lovely blue tinge to the morning view, now as it gets a little lighter.

I pressed on at long last, with the updating of the sadly taciturn, talkless Saturday post. It was a long haul job. Not because of Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, Nicodemus’s neurotransmitter failures or Sccades-Sandra, but sheer lack of concentration on my behalf. My distrait distractedness was taking over, my frets, concerns, worries etc. were coming to my mind repeatedly. Thus the progress on the blogging front was pathetically slow!

Eventually, I did get the update finished and posted off to WordPress. But it was hard headwork for me this morning. Went to make a brew of Gengettie Gold, and managed to appreciate the beauty of the late morning view, still tinted with blue! Hehe!

Back to what should have been a pleasure, but was today a grind, blogging. Emailed the links. Then on the WordPress reader, some great photos on their today. Then on Facebooking catch-up. Got than done. Time is passing very quickly.

The poor tootsies and toes were in a bit of a state.

Better get the ablutions done. They went really well today! Only the one cut shaving, and fair enough a few dropsies. But no dizzies, knocking into anything or toe stubbings!

Doing well, drying off, and took the towel to the airer-heater, and heard the mobile ringing. It had to be Pete or Jane, their timing is atrocious, but don’t let them know I said this. Hehehe!  It was Jane, bless her cotton socks. I took the mobile back with me into the wetroom to continue with getting dressed and do the medicationing and freshening up. But it was impossible with only one hand, so I asked her to ring back later, which she agreed on.

I was then in a rush, to get out before she rang back on the landline. And I missed some medicationing off, so must get it done later, but with Josie’s meal to do, in between talking to Jane, it was not looking good.

I prepped some more of the food cooking and got to the computer near the landline.

Jane called, and we had a jolly good natter, although a difficult one, I had to keep asking Jane to repeat herself, crackly line, breaking up. She told be Pete was due in the hospital ion the morning, Haematology Dep’t and it would be a long session for the lad. She mentioned other stuff of interest, and we had a laugh or two. I wished Pete all the best, and we agreed that the odds for me getting the feet done tomorrow at the St Anns clinic, were not good. Hehe! I wished her and Pete, all the best.

I stayed on the line too long and then had to nip-smartishly to get the meal done for Josie. All delivered dead on time, again. Josie looked happy with it.

I cleaned up from Josie’s cooking, then got my nosh sorted out. PHOTO.

After eating the meal, I did my set of washing up, and used a small plastic disposable plate, to save a bit on the next load of washing-up. Hehehe!

Then while clearing away, I noticed the Prawn tales use by date! And I misread the numbers – Panic! I thought they were out of date!

I am a fool!

I plan to get my head down a while and then sort out the clobber for tomorrows Podiatrist visit at the Health Centre. Cash for the taxi, keys, bus pass to get home etc. I fear wearing socks is out of the question, shoes might even be too painful, so might go in the slippers and take shoes with me to change into – if, they will do the toes for me!

I got the fodder cooked and served up. Surimi mock pretend prawns. Crispy chips. Tomatoes, cheesy mash, battered fish, and canned garden peas. Followed by an apple pie, Vienna cake and mousses. I ate up the whole lot of it!

Got the pots washed for the third time today. Then got settled in search of sleep, slumber, or at least a little nod-off!

But, no, Herbert was banging about above. He might be making a life-size elephant or chipping away at a giant boulder to create a life-size model of a Mammoth. Hehehe!

  So, still so early for everyone else, but beyond my head-down time. So I can’t complain. I had to get up and on the computer again. Which might prove to be a good idea. I’ll finish this post and make a start on Mondays. This will save me time in the morning, cause I’m going to be busy early sorting things out for the Health Centre, and will have little time for my beloved blogging.

Hello, Herberts off again. He might have chiselled to hard, and the Mammoth’s tail dropped off? Haha!

See you later, folks.


Inchcocksi – Saturday 25th July 2020: Chinwagless! Humph!

TFZer Beauty Marie, (with Inchcock showing interest!) Haha!

Saturday 25th July 2020

Dutch: Zaterdag 25 Juli 2020

01:30hrs: I stirred gently and slowly into imitation-life. Rather surprisingly, not needing a wee-wee?

The brain wasn’t all that interested in operational duties for a while. I disentangled my over-stomached body from the second-hand, c1968 rickety recliner. That my xyrophobia suffering, over amour propred Brother-in-law Pete broke, when he was searching the flat while I was in the hospital with the Stroke, and taking my valuables, he took a rest. Fatal! He could not resist the electrics, and Pete played with them. Now the recliner no longer works! 

I caught my balance (it wasn’t too good this morning for some unbeknown reason). And wobbled off to the kitchenette, almost on auto-pilot. I got the kettle on and did the health checks. The BP SYS as a little high again. Sorted the small tablets out and identified the Furesomide and removed it (At least I hope I got it right). Took the medications and was drinking the mug of Glengettie tea and wondering if it was worth trying to take an early morning photo if the dark, dank view outside.

  Then, with surprising suddenness, I had to hobble-hastily to the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket). A bit of a blaster-mode this wee-wee was! And a long one too! There was none of the PMPD (Post-Micturition Pre-Dribble). Still, a plentiful supply of embarrassing PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribbling), so much of it, I nearly started counting the cracks on the ceiling, while I whistled! Unfortunately, it caught me out, a few drops of late-dibbling took place. In-Depth-Ignominy-Mode-Engaged!

Then, the innards gave me a poke, which told me I needed to get to the Porcelain Throne, which I did, without any delay. The most painful for weeks affair! But it was not a long job, no bleeding, and aroma didn’t make me feel hazy this time. Hahaha!

The toes and feet for worse than yesterday morning, of course, the nails were longer. And the fungal nail infection on the right foot was more evident. More painful too!

I silently prayed that the St Anns podiatrist will see to me on Monday and not refuse to do-me, because of my ailments (Issues, they call them), like they did, last August! I’m not confident about this in the least.

I took the opportunity to change the PP’s. Knowing that I will need to replace them again when I do the ablutions, I put on one of the smaller ones I had to hand, for the time being. I hope I don’t get any Diabetes Insipidus leaks, or Little Inchies fungal lesion bleeds in between!

The brain was working again, as well as it ever will methinks, and a determination to get the updating done rose forth! Three wee-wees (each of the LPT (Long-Persistent-Type), two cups of Thompsons Punjana tea, and hours later, I finished the updating. Phew!

It was looking a little bleak out there. But no rain yet awhile.

I posted the Friday blog to WordPress, Emailed the links, and went on Facebooking catch-up, and that took me over two hours! Then onto the WordPress Reader section. Pinteresting. Time to get the ablutions done, back in a while.

I’m back!

The ablution session was sorrowfully a painful one,  but entertaining! Hehe!

  • The teeth cleaning went well, no bleeding, Toothache Thomas was only mildly bothersome!
  • Putting the tube and brush back on the side-trolley. The exact moment my right hand steadied the trolley for me to reach over to return the stuff to the tray with my good left hand, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley gave me a good rattling, and the trolley wet over! Isn’t it amazing how much stuff you can squeeze into and onto a bathroom tray? It took me yonks to retrieve it all! Cragnangles!
  • The shaving consisted of far too many dropsies. Razors repeatedly, after-shave (used as a bleeding-stopper) and the foam can twice.
  • And on another occasion, I was shaking the can of foam, and off it flew via the North wall, back down, off of the sink and onto the sock-glide, hit the shower tiles, landed and rolled gently back to my feet and stopped, like a trained little dog! This was the entertaining part. I had to smile at it! Haha!
  • As I got into the shower, I tripped on the mat I had only myself to blame, I’d not left it in the usual position I do when showering. Pillock!
  •  The showering itself was almost perfect! No dizzies, no banging into the grab-bars, no dropping the showerhead, and the curtains didn’t get stuck on closing them! T’was good! I felt good at the time!
  • Furthermore, no toe-stubbings, throughout the whole showering operation!
  • Drying off my baby rhinoceros jelly-like flabby-bellied body was incident and escapade-free!
  • I’ll not go into detail on this one, to embarrassing; I had severe bother when I used Little Inchies fungal lesion cream, on Harold’s Haemorrhoids! Suffice to say, Blubber-Argh! Grigglecocks! I have now moved the Phimosis Plato, and Paraphimosis Patrick’s clobetasone butyrate corticosteroid cream out of the way! I must remember where to, so I’ll mention where it was placed here – Inchcock: It’s on the bottom tray on wetroom trolley! Try not to forget, mush!
  • The old legs didn’t look too bad.

The dreaded ‘Hum’ was getting so loud again, as I started on doing this blog. I persistently persisted, and got as far as here, and had to go on CorelDraw again to get some graphics done in advance.

Oh, no, I’d better do the template first. I must get caught up for Monday, which I anticipate being a busy day, full of frustrations at the Health Centre, and no time to get much computerisationing done! Done it, back to CorelDrawing!

By Jimminy, the rain cometh down now!

I had some tap-tapping and knock-knocking noises from above to keep me company.

The familiar post meridian weariness and drainage of enthusiasm, frolicsomeness, and will-to-bother came over me, and I decided to get a meal made up then get in the recliner, in search of Sweet Morpheus.

Well, the nosh was a super-tasty one! Beef pasty, potatoes, egg mayonnaise, beetroot & carrot,  tomatoes, and a mini-pork & pickle pie. An individual lemon mousse and apple pie to follow. I lip-smackingly enjoyed this effort!

Washed the pots, and settled into the £300, second-hand, c1968, not-working, uncomfortable, rickety recliner. I felt so tired, there was no need for me to put the TV on to send me off to kip. My tiredness alone will soon see me off in the land of Nod! I thought!

An hour of Thought-Storms, they were mostly of the guilt, self-hatred, and shame mode. Then I moved on to worrying about Monday’s trip out to the podiatrist at St Ann’s Health Centre. I put the TV on, for sleep was not attainable.

I was getting nowhere with my designs for sleep, and I decided to remove my magnificently honed and toned, super-fit, woman-desired, muscular body from the none-working recliner, and replenish the spring water bottle. 

I stubbed my toes en route to the kitchen! I whimpered a bit, and returned to the recliner immediately, took a pain killer, and tried to get some pain gel on the toes.

This proved to a farcical effort, I’ll tell you why; I got some gel on a paper towel, grabbed it with the picker-upperer, and tried to apply it to the two toes affected. This didn’t go well! Thanks to Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley’s most untimely attack, I gelled part of the foot, shin, carpet, hands, and the recliner, I’m not sure if any gel actually got onto the stubbed toes! Cragknackles!

I didn’t bother with getting any of the spring water! But sleep now seemed an impossibility. So I put the TV back on (desperate now!) in the hopes that the commercials would send me off.

Which they did in the end, but I had to a few more hours.

Worra life!

Inchcocksi – Friday 24th July 2020: Incomprehensibly, a Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas shortage today. Most disconcerting!

TFZer Actress & Ballerina Eve

Friday 24th July 2020

Croatian: Petak, 24 Srpnja 2020. Godine

03:30hrs: I woke up requiring a widdle, and de-wedged my overly sized stomach-burdened body from the c1968 rickety recliner. With some haste, there was a chance of some Post-Micturition Pre-Dribbling, I could sense it, so hurriedly, I moved to the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket)…

Too late, I’m afraid! Starting a day like this with an Accifauxpas three minutes of waking up, was not a good start!

Off to the wet room for a good clean-up, and a change of PP’s. Then to the kitchenette and got the kettle on. Taking a photo that did not come out anything like what the eyes saw, of the kitchen windows. Will anything go right today? Pickletorment!

The sphygmomanometer readings were very close to the ones that were for last Friday! Not too bad. The temperature, taken on the old stick thermometer (the new one has packed up on me, Tsk!), showed a ‘Low’ again.

I took the morning medications and made a brew of Morrisons Extra-Strong Assam tea. I had a bit of good-luck then! (Oh, yes!) As I limped to the cupboard to put back the BP machine, I trod on a piece of broken pottery from last night’s dropping of the milk jug! And did not cut my foot, no bleeding at all. Swank-Mode-Assumed!

I got the computer on and checked the diary for today. The only thing on it was the Iceland Food Delivery, twixt 08:00 > 10:00hrs. Only two items unavailable this time. I was feeling guilty about getting the cake anyway. Haha! So, I must get a stand-up ablutions session before 07:00hrs to make sure I’m available just in case they arrive earlyish.

I made a start on updating yesterday’s diary. After an hour or so, during which the ‘Hum’ outside had grown so loud, I could hear it easily without any hearing aids in, I made another mug of tea, Thompsons Punjabi. Took this snap of Chestnut Walk, it came out decent enough. Then sent the post off to WordPress, Emailed the links. Made up a template for this blog, then got on with writing it, and it was almost a pleasure!

But where and why Nicodemus’ neurotransmitters, Shaking Shaun, Saccades Sandra, and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley had gone, I couldn’t understand? No doubt they’ll be back again, they always are. But I made the best of this medical-marvel, and typed away better than I have for ages! I really enjoyed these two-hours of freedom from some of the ailments. I believe, for a short time, I was almost happy! Oh, Yes!

As I started on the WordPress Reader, things got back to normal, I’m afraid. Shirley and Nicodemus both reactivated. Tsk! Off to the wet room now, to get the ablutions tackled! Back in a bit.

I’m back! The poor-old plates and toes are looking doughier, more livid, and anaemic than ever. A bit much to contend with. Even wearing the slippers a is painful and uncomfortable. Wearing the shoes and mask on Monday for the trip to the Health Centre podiatrist, is going to be a challenge, let alone getting the boots on! Expuslivications!

Anyway, the ablution session was a mixed one, good and bad involved.

  • The teeth cleaning as going well, until, towards the end, I caught one of the rear molars, as Nicodemus’ neurotransmitters lost sense of touch, and I pressed too hard.
  • The amazing thing is that I had no pain for several minutes, then the nerves sent the message to the brain. By that time, I had finished doing the teeth and was putting on the shaving foam.
  • The agony shot from the tooth, and I dropped the foam can, and it landed on my toes! Argh!
  • The shaving went well, only one little nick on the neck!
  • No toe-stubbings!
  • No Dizzy Dennis visits!.
  • Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley made me drop the towel and knock a few bits off of the floor cabinet in trying to catch it before it hit the deck.
  • As I was leaving the wet room, I lunged a bit to the right as I lost balance, and somehow or other, did not make any contact with the door frame edge or wall?

One of my better ablutionalisations. Overall, an interesting session, I’ve had many worserer ones! Hoity-Toity tendencies triggered!

I got dressed and was ready in case the Iceland delivery arrives. I started to get some waste bags done up, with additional cardboard box ones, to go to the rubbish chute. Stacked them ready for after the food arrives. I don’t want to risk taking them yet and missing the delivery on the intercom.

Carried on with the updating of this blog. Half-an-hour later, the intercom buzzed, and I let in the Iceland man. He was up in a jiffy, and he put the bags in the doorway for me. I took them through to the kitchen. There didn’t seem to be many bags this time? I checked the list and sorted it through checking the goods. Did the few freezer items first, all three there, and then spent about fifteen-minutes trying to make room to get them in the freezer! Haha!

Got the apple pies in the cupboard with the tinned potatoes and instant mash.

The fridge carrier, well, there were two of them, was sorted then. Steak slices, vine tomatoes, Pork & Pickle pork pies, mushrooms, cooked roast beef slices, satays, dessert pots, beetroot salad, potato salad, egg & mayonnaise salad, and to my surprise, some cooked chicken thighs.

I can’t really recall ordering them. But then, I can’t remember where the flat keys are, what I had for dinner yesterday, or what I was about to do as I left the kitchen? Sad, innit?

I got the rubbish bags, not the big recycling one, just the six little ones that will go down the chute, and out to take them there. A lady decorator was in the lift lobby, and she kindly took them off of me, saying she’ll take them for me because some steps and barriers were near the chute-room door. I thanked her muchly! Then hobbled back to the apartment. Kind of her!

Made myself a brew of Glengettie Gold tea. And the milk had gone orf! Humph! Made another and used the new pots of milk. Then back on the computer, to update it as far as here. Then went on Facebooking. Got the latest Coronavirus figures.

Not so good, is it?

I was feeling a bit peckish, as you do, like. And wondered about having soft brown Thins with Marmite for nosh later? But, what do I have with ’em? After some faffing about trying to make my mind vacant up, I thought some sausages and baked beans? But I left, making my mind up until later. What a ditherer I am! It took a while, but being as I have peas left in the pan from yesterday, I’ll have them, tomatoes, and Marmite sarnies! I think?

Then, onto CorelDraw to do a couple more TFZer header graphics. Slow going again, but I got two done.

The doorbells chimed out merrily with the tune of Dusty Springfield’s ♫ I Only Want to Be with You ♫.  I struggled to get some clothes on.

I shot like a bolt-of-lighting to answer the door. Well, alright,  I hobbled less slowly than usual, anyway, Hehe! An envelope was through the letter-box, I opened the door, no one in sight.

Jenny, bless her ♥, had made and printed up a clear note for me to take with me on Monday, to show to the podiatrist, in case Stuttering Stephany took a grip on me. (At this point, I thought I must ask Jenny if she has any idea how much the taxi fare will be, so I can make sure I have enough with me). I got on the telephone to thank her and ask Jenny if she had an idea what taxi fare might be. But of course, I forgot to ask about the cab, I was too intent on thanking her for her kindness. I am a klutz!

Weary William fell on me so quickly, I set about making the evening’s (to me, any normal person it would be afternoon tea! Hahaha) meal.

Two mini-pork & pickle pork pies, (say that when you’ve had a few, Haha!). Piccolo tomatoes, canned garden peas, egg mayonnaise, beetroot & carrot salad, and four brown bread thins with lashings of gorgeous Marmite.

The red grapes and apples I intended to have, turned out just apples. (The red grapes had all gone gooey and had to be discarded, Tsk!) So I had a mousse and little apple pie instead. Two individual milk pots, to take the tablets with. A flavour rating of 8.2/10!

I ate all of this odd feast slowly as I watched the TV, feet up on the swivel chair. The eye-lids drooping, trying to stay awake another fifteen-minutes to view the Kitchen Nightmare program.

I nodded-off, and woke up as the programme was just ending! Tsk! I forced myself up to get the pots washed and have a wee-wee and crawled back into the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly-sickening beige-coloured, broken-down, uncomfortable, dusty, rusty, decaying, rickety recliner.

After a couple of hours Thought-Storming, with the odd minute-long nod-off, I’m glad to report… Zzzz, Sweet Morpheus arrived! And most appreciated he was!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 23rd June 2020: A good job I don’t suffer from atychiphobia!

TFZers at the Ball?

Thursday 23rd June 2020

French: Jeudi 23 Juin 2020

03:20hrs: On stirring back into ersatz-life, the urgent need for a wee-wee, forced me out of the c1968 recliner, up onto my pins, lunged for the walking stick, and to try to avoid any urge incontinence, as quickly as I could manage it, hobbled over to the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket). The mode of wee-wee had changed back to an OSUAD (Orangey-Sprinkly-Unpainful-After-Dribble) type for once. Which was welcome. The PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribble), was less.

I went to put the kettle on and tried taking decent snaps of the dark morning view.

Then the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived with the usual stagging tummy pains. This time it was followed this some nervous-making escapages of wind. So, another nippy-limp was required, to the wet room. This photo of my arm is a mystery to me! I found it on the SD later. Why I took it, or if it was another mistaken-taken one, well? It on the SD card, between the morning sky shot and the hemadynamometer picture, so I must have taken it in the kitchenette?

The Throne Session went better than it has done for weeks. Painful, yes, but they always are since the stroke. Not too pungent or pervasive, only specs of blood, and it was all over so quickly. Yee-Ha! I washed my dandies and contact areas and back to the kitchen.

I made a mug of Extra Strong Assam tea and left it to brew stronger. Then got the Health Checks done. Starting with the BP sphygmomanometer. All the readings looked good!

The new thermometer would not work, I changed the batteries, and this made no difference whatsoever. Kroinkles! I used the old stick one that just showed as ‘Low’. I’m not sure it’s ever showed anything else since I bought it. Hehehe!

I also found this photo on the SD later. Why I took it, or if it was another mistaken-taken one, well?

It was taken before the BP one? Ah, the mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court: The energumen Ghosts, Hobgoblins, Boll-Weevils, Aliens, Gremlins, Karakia-cursing-entities, Fire alarms I cannot hear, hallucinations. Materialisations, poltergeist, lemures, wairuas, kehuas, manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum. To cause havoc, fear and frustration, as they dislodge time itself, in their aspirations and skulduggery, to complete their given by Satan, ‘Let’s annoy and scare the hell out of Inchcock mission?

I was worried a bit, in case I’d been having memory-blanks again. The way my mind is this morning, it’s a good job I’m writing everything down, recording notes to use on here.

For some reason, this brought thoughts of St Anns Health Centre visit for the podiatrist, next Monday. Specifically, when I came out of the Nursing Home after the Stroke, and couldn’t get my toenails cut then, a nurse phoned them at this place and booked me in. I had to get an early bus to get there.

I arrived with the walker, it took what seemed ages and a long way around the route to get into the place (See photo above). Steps I couldn’t climb didn’t help! Then, they refused to do my toenails, I had too many ‘issues’!

What chance do I stand now? I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, axonotmesis neurotmesis neuropraxia. Also, the neurotransmitter nerves dying all down my right side. Saccades since my last failed visit? And am having troubles with the INR blood level! So what chances do I have of them cutting my nails this time? The Sherwood Health Centre, who usually do me, but cannot book me in until November 28th, with the queue of people in the same boat as I am, told Deana to try St Anns. My spirits sank at the thought.

Looking at the plates of meat, I felt even less confident. They look so anaemic and bloodless, and the toenails, surely they will see the agony they are causing me, and help me out with a little clipping? Mmm!

This may sound like an old, pathetic, sad, not-coping very well geezer’s desperate plea for help. That’s because it is! Gragnangles!

I made a brew of Thompsons Punjabi tea, the last one went cold. Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley made me spill the milk. Flagtoggles!

I took several photographs of the view outside, the lighting with the sun slowly coming up from behind, and some grey clouds, I thought, gave them a differentness? The last one was taken from the pod (balcony). The white spot on this one, is a reflection of the light bulb – I think?

When I got on the computer, it became glaringly evident that Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters were starting to play up again. Ever-correcting and making mistakes. So frustrating and time-consuming. But I got on with the job, finally, hours and three wee-wees later, I got it finished and posted it off to WordPress.

Off to make another brew, Glengettie Gold this time (one of my few pleasures in life – are you crying at my patheticness yet? Hahaha!)

I went on Amazon to do some bought product revues. The so-called lemon disinfectant, I gave Two Stars. The Hoisin sauce, I gave five (top).

It was late enough now, for to bother Jenny, and ring her for help with arranging the taxi for Monday. Stuttering Stephanie visited me, Tsk! Jenny said ‘No Problem’, and she would get back to me when sorted. Bless her!

I went to get a rinse, and minutes later, Jen rang back. She had made the pick-up for 08:45hrs, to be on the safe side for me get there in good time for the 09:10hrs appointment. Knowing of my lack of confidence in getting the toes cut at that place before, she reminded me to tell them that the Sherwood Health Centre informed Lap-top dancer and Warden Deana, to ring St Anns when they could not fit me in. Which I will do, thanks, Ma’m.

I forgot to mention to Jenny that I had ordered some Self-Raising flour for her on Morrisons order for next Tuesday, and also forgot to ask her if she’d be kind enough to make a note for me like she did last time, in case Stuttering Stephanie kicks off when I’m in the taxi. So, I rang Jenny back, told her about the flour, and forgot all about asking about the note. Puggleclump-dimwit! 

I went on the long-overdo Facebooking catch-up. Then on the WordPress Reader section.

But, necessitation, necessitated the need of new graphicalisationing needing to be done. Or the IAABW (Inchcock Alamalgated Association of Blog-Waffling) will come to an end! So, onto CorelDraw, to make some up. Hehe!

Getting the meal prepared, and with his usual perfect timing, my Xyrophobia suffering, over amour-propred Brother-in-law Pete, rang, to update me on his treatment process.  He’s going back in the City Hospital on Monday for eight-hours of being micro-waved! It’s a big thing for the lad, but he sounded pretty-much ready for it. He may go home ‘Glowing!’, and aliens might try to contact him through the ether!  Hehe!  So this soon put me in my place, Monday, the same day as I’m going hopefully anyway, to get the toenails and feet treated, Pete’s going into the hospital to get fried, irradiated, and chat up the nurses for eight hours. Hahaha!

Best of luck, Pete, don’t fret, but I know you will. I remember when you fell asleep and fell off of the settee arm, and broke your neck! (The things you’ve done to get all of your sick-pay allowances! Hahaha!) Jane will be waiting, so you must get back safe, mate!

I got the nosh prepared and served up.

Two beefburgers, canned potatoes, tinned garden peas, tomatoes, two part-baked rolls. Apple and red grapes, followed by a fruit mousse.

I got the pots washed and had an attack from Dizzy Dennis while doing so! I am now back to one milk jug, the pretty tall one, bit-the-dust, as it hit the floor and shattered! Picking the mess up was not a pleasant task, pain-wise! Crigglebonkitis!

Got settled, and once again, Sweet Morpheus was unwilling to enfold me.

Inchcockski – Wednesday 22nd July 2020: All confusionalisticalisms today!

TFZer Angel, Shirley

Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Welsh: Dydd Mercher 22ain Gorffennaf 2020

03:00hrs: I regained semi-consciousness, and stayed there, half-in and hanging half-out of, the £300 second-hand, c1968 recliner, pondering over the need-to-do things that had instantly started to invade my mind. But they were soon abandoned, by the need, desperate as well, for the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket).

I removed my cumbersomely oversized sagging-stomached body from the recliner, and such was the need for a wee-wee, I hobbled over to the bucket, without using the stick! The leak was of the WTP (Weak-Trickling-Painful) mode. The PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribble) took longer to stop than the entire wee-weeing did. Putting Little-Inchy away, my balance failed.

Luckily for me, the four-pronged walking stick was nearby. Which told me why the bucket was so full, I must have had a fair-few nocturnal visits for a wee-wee earlier, although I can’t remember doing so. (Oh, dear, dear, dear)

I somehow managed to get the fullish bucket, and still use the stick to get Whoopsiedangleplop-free, to the kitchenette. Signs of a Smug-Mode developing! 

Where I got the kettle on then washed and sanitised the EOGPB. Washed my hands, and opened the light and view-blocking, letting in rain, new window, the terrible ‘Hum’ was so loud again.

I took a couple of snaps of the morning view with the Nokia camera. No, the Nikon camera!  I used the Aperture Priority setting, they didn’t come out too badly, I thought. The street lights on Winchester Street going down into Sherwood, especially on the bottom one, giving it an eerie appearance.

Made the brew of Glengettie Gold tea, and did and got the medications out. The Health Checks on the sphygmomanometer showed the SYS had come down a bit! Good!

The chemist forgetting (Again!) to take out the Furesomide tablets from the pods gave me the problem of sorting out which pill was which! I only take the Furesomide (Anti-water-retention) as and when needed, and they are not, in fact, the legs have gone all skinny? Grumph!

Hope I got it right. Still, I mustn’t complain about Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, it’s not forced to be their fault. And, the poor things have all the Corona Virus problems to live with, so I can’t really blame them for trying to kill off the odd old fart who’s become a right nuisance. Glunglegnatsworths!

I was about to start on the updating of the Tuesday blog, and the innards demanded my attention to be directed to the Porcelain Throne, with an imperativeness. I got up, grabbed the four-pronged stick, and waddled my way to the wet-room.

The colon-controlled evacuation started and completed quickly, and more painfully than for a long time. Argh! Hehe! Not messy at all, and, for once the excessively large torpedo clunked into the bowl with a thud! No mess, only the tiniest bit of blood. The after-aroma was not as debilitating as usual. Haha! The incredible thing was that the flush cleared everything away on the first pull! This hasn’t happened for months?

The poor old toes and feet were so painful, I could well have done with not stubbing the toes on the metal leg of the raised seat as I got up and turned around! I think my taking this picture of the plates too close-up, somehow made them paler than they really were, and the black spot on the hallux, came out blue, and the mat came out darker than it really was? I’m confused as to what I really did wrong with this snap. I’ll try again when I do the ablutions.

Not one of my bestest photographs. No problems with it depicting the Howard Hughes toenails, though. Hey-Ho! As Tim Price wittily said in a comment: “Maybe you could use the electric can opener to cut you toenails. Hmm, Chuck that idea, you might open a toe or two in the process“, Hahaha! I do like Tim’s wit and humour; it keeps me going and gives me a laugh!

I cleaned up and got back to the computer. A ‘Determinate-Mode was engaged, and I pressed sedulously on with the updating of Wednesday’s diary. I got things finished at long last. Sent off the links, and checked the emails.

A Convid-19 update had been sent to me. We are not controlling this virus yet. I wonder if an effective vaccine will come through in time, if at all.

I got the urge for a cuppa and made a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea. Then got carried away with sorting and readying a couple of black bags of waste, and getting some recyclables into the big white bag. A little bit extra each day, and by the time I’m a 110, I anticipate I should have caught up with 50% the junk needing to be cleared. Demoralising, innit?

I went to wash the tea mug and unthinkingly used the right hand to hold the cup, as I emptied the bowl with the left hand. It took me a while to clean the floor, and dry by belly and legs. Klumperski! 

I started this blog off, finally! After a few hours, I had to stop. Time for the ablutions to be done, as Amazon says that the lens cleaners are arriving today. So, off to the wet room, I trotted. Well, limped!

I took a picture of the pins before taking a shower, the one afterwards. These were both similar to the colour my eyes sore… I mean, saw. Hehehe!

During the ablutioning, I had to take no less than five wee-wees! And they were powerful, no control of them, and actually hurt! Then I remembered! Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store’s cock-up with the tablets was the cause! More worryingly, I now know I took a Furesomide tablet, but have no idea if it was the Codeine or the much-needed Beta-Blocker that I missed! Thank you Carrington Chemist!

The veins were coming up a little, showing through more. Thrombophlebitis and spider veins, mainly. The Clopidogrel-allergy patterning might be coming back, too. I hope it does come back. It’ll make for some artistic arty photographs for me to show-off! Haha!

Where was I? I got lost a bit there, sorry. Ah, the ablutions! Well, they went without too many dropsies, Toothache Thomas was less painful, and no toe-stubbings! (Head sways with pride and swank) I got certain areas medicated, it took me a long time to stop Little Inchies fungal lesion bleeding, but no other hassle, and dressed. Smug-Mode was now coming on!

Then I got shelling the pod peas for later. I reckon there must have been about twenty peas shot off into the depths of any and all hiding places in the kitchen. There was also about nine peas that I just couldn’t find to retrieve. Ah-well! 

I made a brew of Thompsons Punjana (Excellent tasty tea!) and back to the computer. I thought (I do that sometimes, you know!) I’ll check on Morrisons to see when the next delivery slot is available. I got an order in, but late in the day for me, Tsk! For Tuesday 28th July, between 10:00> 1800hrs. Which falls on Tisha B’Av, and the 25-hour fast. Oh, dearie me! Oh, no, that is on the following Thursday. Phew!

They had some stuff they have not had in stock for a while. Of course, whether they still will when the order comes, must be open to question! Still, I ordered some self-raising flour for Jenny, two bags. They had some lemon bleach, fresh-made sweet-potato fritters, Seafood Surami sticks, and raspberry ripple mousse, so I ordered some of them, too! We’ll see what arrives Tuesday, and perhaps have a laugh at the substitutions they make. Humph!

Halfway through doing the fooder order, the intercom sounded. Which I found surprising that I hear, what with ‘Hum’ blazing away, and the drilling from above at the time. A young lady from Amazon was admitted, and I made my way to the door. I found a little parcel and the INR test result letter was sticking in the letterbox.

I took them out, and the young lady arrived and put the parcel with the lens cleaning kit on the floor for me. She kept her distance well, bless her. I thanked her from a distance, not sure if she heard me, she was like grease-lightning. Hehehe!

I took the things through to the front hovel, erm, room, and put them on the towel airer, to take photographs of them.

I had the first proper dizzy of the day. Knocking over the airer as I lunged to grab onto the £300, c1968, second-hand recliner to stop myself going over!

The flat airer has now only got two plastic grippers left for it to use as support! I broke another one! I may have to stop using it, cause it’s a bit dangerous with so little support holding it in position. I may have to see what Amazon is offering price-wise. Tsk!

I opened the two parcels first. The individual lens cleaner pen on the right of the picture is the same make and model as the one I’ve been using. It is an excellent, sturdy, easy to use, tool. The multi-kit one, was cheaper than the single one, so I don’t expect much from it, but it’s a handy stand-bye. The blood test results was a low one again, but fortunately, not low enough to have to go back on the injections. I wouldn’t have minded really; it would have given me an opportunity for more camera practise. Hehe!

It then dawned on, the appointment for the next test, falls on the day as the St Anns Podiatry appointment, to get the toenails cut at the clinic! Oh, dear! So I’ll ring Warden Deans after her lunch break is over, and ask her to ring the Phlebotomy unit and try to get them to do it on Tuesday instead, if possible. Grumblecronkackers! In fact, I might try to myself, I think the lady last time I rang, had a voice that carries, just like Deana’s does. I’ll do it now! Now, where did I write the number down when Nurse Hristina gave it to me (the number!) Ah, gorrit!

I called them, in a queue, got through, what a to-do! I really struggled to hear the lady, very poor line. I think the blood test has been changed to Tuesday. T’was a proper struggle to understand. I felt all uncertain afterwards, oh, dear! I shall ask for help in future, I think the lady was not impressed when Stuttering Stephanie came into the conversation. Feel a right fool now!

I was a bit uptight, and as I was replacing the handset, I had a bit of a wobble… and put my hand out, to stop my going over, and I pressed the Alert-Alarm button! The controller was okay about it when I explained my error. But, I feel uncomfortable about things and uncertain.

I should have asked Jenny to call for me, but I don’t like to bother folks. I’m going to ask her to call a taxi for me though, she said if I need one again to let her know. Not know, she’ll be eating. I must remember to later on! 

I feel, all incongruous, self-conscious, insecure and irritable with myself now.

I need page top graphics, so I went on CorelDraw to make some up. And keep my mind working, away from my embarrassments. I got just one done, and the weariness and dropping eye-lids started! I managed to get a template done for tomorrows diary, though.

All shot to pieces mentally now, and still so irritable with myself. For the forgetfulness, setting the alarm off, being daft enough to think I could make the phone call to the Phlebotomy and expecting to understand all she said to me!

I’ve had enough, so I’ll get the meal prepared, and feast on it!

True to my inabilities to get owt right, I made far too much fodder on the plate! Obviously, I could not eat it all. But what I did eat, tasted marvellous! 8.5/10!

I got the pots washed up, had about my thirtieth wee-wee of the day (Nearly all of them of the VSWAO [Viciously-Spraying-Wildy-All-Over]) variety. This told me that the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, had achieved there Inchcock-Hating aim to try and kill me off, and I must have taken a Furesomide tablet, and not the Beta-blocker.

If it is possible that I can come back and do a bit of haunting after snuffing it, I hope this chemist is still in business, I’d love to get my own back on them. Just a thought! 

I settled in the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly beige-coloured, broken-down, uncomfortable, rusty, rusty, rickety recliner. I put the TV on as an aid to my falling asleep, but it didn’t work.

It was still early, and I lay there, pondering and fretting over my failures of the day, and a message came through on my Nokia mobile. I opened messages and selected the incoming box, and got this message: ‘EEMSS – This message cannot be displayed’.

If anyone can explain to me what or who, is EEMSS, I would appreciate it.

I did a Google search in the morning, but nothing was found relating to mobile phones? I realise my c1980 model mobile may not be able to do much other than receive and make calls, but that suits me. It avoids me getting confused. (I can get into this state, dead-easily you know!) Haha! And with the Peripheral Neuropathy making using the small buttons, more than difficult at times.

With Sweet Morpheus denying me, I got up out of the c1968 recliner, got the stick and took a wee-wee, then woggled my lumpishly shaped torso to the kitchen, to make a brew of Glengettie tea. The sun was going down, the clouds were beautiful, and I decided to fetch the camera to take some shots.

I walked straight into the door frame again with the right shoulder! This started Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley off, I knocked some stuff off of the corner cabinet, it hurt, and I swore! If I had not got up to go to the kitchen, this would have been the first day in months, that I hadn’t walked into anything. A possible record lost, now! Tsk!

I replaced the dislodged items, got the camera, and had to wait a few minutes for things to settle down, as Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters were making it difficult for me with loss of touch-senses on my right-hand side. But I was determined to get some pictures of the amazing sky, I don’t know why? I made a sigh! (Poetry now? Hahaha!)

By the time I’d guzzled the mug of tea, the nerve-ends had returned to a working condition, and the sky had not changed, still a wonderful sight.

I returned to the uncomfortable, rickety recliner, and turned off the TV, put the quilt over my eyes and waited for sleep to arrive. It was a long wait!


Inchcockumski: Tuesday 21st July 2020 – An oddlymost day, but a slightly betterer one!

TFZer Model, Janet ♥

Tuesday 21st July 2020

Filipino: Martes Ika-21 ng Hulyo 2020

03:30hrs: I stirred from my preciously short slumber, and lay there, worrying, fearing, considering the events of yesterday – one of my worst 24-hours for months that was! Of course, the mind-meandering got nothing sorted, arranged or even understood. But there was a twinkling, albeit it only a shimmering, of newly arrived determination in my heart, almost like a degree of mock-willpower! But I knew it was there, dreamt of, self-created, by my disgust at how I handled yesterdays farcicalisations and disappointments. Or rather, didn’t handle them, not well, at all! I let everything that went wrong, (and there was plenty of failures, let-downs and disillusionments), all get to me. I’m not proud of that!

My very thoughts were even confusing me. Then luckily, the need for a wee-wee arrived, and this got me moving physically. I huffed and puffed and struggled to get my volumingargantuan wobbly-stomach with the skinny limbs attached, free of the £300, second-hand, c1968, rickety recliner, and wearily got up onto my painfully long uncut toenailed feet! I’d missed the pain from them while I was sleeping. Hahaha! 

I grabbed the four-pronged walking stick and hobbled precariously to the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket), and took a CLD (Cloudy-Long-Dribbling) wee-wee. It surprised me at how little after-dribble there was. (Something else for me to fret over? Humph!) I took the bucket with me and got it cleaned and sanitised. Then to the kitchenette.

As I was filling the kettle, the morning view from the light & view-blocking windows was spotted. And I had to try and get a decent shot of it for once. I’m not a good photographer, in fact, even worse since the stroke and all the agitational ailments have developed. It came out a smidge better. But not as good as I would have liked.

I put the kettle on, rubbed the Phorpain gel lotion into the bruised toenail. Then did the Health Checks. The SYS was still a bit high. The body temperature, according to the ear-hole thermometer, was 69° Fahrenheit I assume and hope! I took the medications, having a problem sorting out the three small tablets that had not been sent in the box, as they promised they would at Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, again! I’m still not sure if I took the Codeine 60g, and Beta-blocker as I should have, or a Furesomide in mistake for one of them? Which is which?

This chemist has also left me without medications with a late delivery, the longest being for six days! I can recommend them; if anyone else is on medications a lot in Nottingham, and just happen to want to commit suicide, but can’t make their minds up, just get them to do your prescriptions! They’ll do it for you, the suicide-assist I mean. As professionals, they can leave you without tablets, tell you they can’t deliver this month and you will have to come and fetch them (which is their cunning way of helping with your disabilities and giving you exercise on the one-mile walk to their shop, and the one-mile uphill walk back to the flats), And mix up the tablets so you don’t know which is which, thanks to the dedicated customer-hating, one or the other of these failings is bound to help you make up your mind… like it or not! They also have a superior snottiness if you complain, and turn things around to blame you! Just thought I’d mention it. I got carried away there, didn’t I? Sorry!

Made a brew of Extra Strong Assam tea, and went to the computer. I came across this photo, which according to the date on the camera, I took yesterday? But I can’t remember taking it, or why. You do things like this when on so many medications, getting old, and are fed-up! Still, on the bright side, I’ve got enough tea-bags to see me out in the cupboard. Hehehe!

I got on with, and concentrated on getting the updating dome, or even done! I have to say, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, and Anne Gyna were both being kind to me up to now! And Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters went down far less often than they usually do? I got the updating finished, sent the blog to WordPress, emailed the link and visited the WordPress Reader. Now it was time to get the ablutions done. No signs yet of the Porcelain Throne being needed. A bit worrying that, it’s a possible sign of rock-solid constipational activity building up!

I got in the wet room, and stripped off the PPs, revealing my ectomorphic, muscle-rippling, young, awe-inspiring body.

I nearly toppled forward when the stomach wobbled free as the gut-retaining pants were removed! Hehehe! Toothache Thomas was very-little bother when I cleaned the teggies. A total of one, just one nick shaving!

However, when I dropped the soap, I managed to crack my right shoulder on the edge of the sink. This set off Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley! Cringleblastitt!

Dizzy Dennis visited while I was showering. But no to badly. The drying off, and the medicating went almost perfectly! Them the getting dressed, always a hot spot for tumbles was also good and pain-free!

Mind you, the feet had gone all white on me, even after showering. The toes and nails were actually hurting when I was just stood there taking the photo?

I’m getting nervous now. It’s not natural for me to go so long without some form of failure, injury, falling over, or walking into something. But I did! Something is bound to the edge off my virtual contentment and pride. Oh, dearie me, yes!

As I came out of the wet room to put the towel on the dryer, I noticed all the boxes that had been waiting a long time, to get sorted, and guilt dawned. With all the recent Amazon deliveries, I had let the boxes build up in the spare room. So, with me currently feeling uncommonly fit (for me), I decided it was time for a bit of graft and a bit of clearing out. I know I can’t manage too much, but I seemed to have found a rare resolution from within… You see, no wonder I’m more confused than ever, this determination was real, and I acted upon it! I think I overdid it, and almost creased myself. Haha!

I made up two black bags of general rubbish to go in down the waste chute. Then assembled the cardboard boxes, and tore or cut them up, and got them into two of the bigger boxes. I had to make two trips with the three-wheeler walker-guide. The first one with the by now, four bags of rubbish. Which was easy enough, I wasn’t rushing, and got back to the flat with the trolly, without suffering any injuries or accifauxpas!

A definite, but a dangerous state of affairs… I began to go into Smug-Mode, and a foolish semi-confidence came out. And, I didn’t take a breather, and got on with stacking the boxes and hung the small and large white recycling bags on the handlebars of the guide.

This was all foreign to me. I felt quite perky now and set off to go down to the caretaker’s area. Balancing the boxes on top of the trolley, and watching that the bag handles didn’t slip off, took all my concentration.

With the one lift, it was ages before I got the residents elevator to go down. Again, the contractors one arrived several times before the resident one did. But I will not get in that one, as we have been instructed. It’s not fair on the workers, and surely risks their catching something, if not Coronavirus from us oldies?

I got the lift eventually and on the way down, the cage stopped, around the eighth floor, and a chap tried to get in. I calmly pointed out the sign that only one person at a time was allowed in the lift. The gentleman exited the cage, without moaning.

Down to the ground floor, no one was about, I didn’t see a soul on the ground floor. I got the trolley, with the bags and boxes out of the lobby, and to the bin’s area. I could not physically get the recycling into the bin, so left it all by the side. I came back inside and to the lift lobby, pressing the call button. The contractor’s cage kept coming down repeatedly. A bloke came in and just got in it without a care, and went up in it! Naughty boy! Haha!

I got in a lift eventually and returned to the apartment (That’s my three-roomed flat, by the way, Hahaha!) I got the trolley stored in the corner behind the door. And, without any toe stubbings or hitting into anything? How long can this last? There was stopping my inner-cockiness though, I’ve never gone so long without a tumble, Accifauxpa or injury! This actually worried me!

I noticed as I got into the front room, that the sun was trying to break through, so I took the Nikon camera into the pod (balcony) and took photographicalisations. Starting with the wonderful cloud formations, and did a bit of nephelococcygia, at the time I found what I thought was a face in this picture, But by the time I got to place the shot in, I’d lost it!

I tried a distance shot, zoomed in on the other end of the car park, but wasn’t too pleased with the resulting snap.

I spotted a man and women with clipboards wandering around Chestnut Walk.

I tried a few times to get a decent view of them. But ended up with this one being the bestest I could manage. Tsk! 

I attempted another zoomed-in shot, of some houses up the hill to the South-east of the flats. Again not a brilliant outcome, but passable for me, I suppose. I took several shots of this house too, but Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters were playing up a bit at the time.

So, I’m alright with this one.

I opened the North facing side window to take this of the dead-end car park. The sun had gone back in by now, but the clouds still looked amazing.

So I snapped the now duller Northern skies.

Ah, it had to happen! When I was trying to close this window, it has one of the perfect-for-old-people metal clips, that one has to either pull and push to open, or push and pull to close the window.  The finger end will heal in time.

I did some updating on this post, then remembered I’d got the Iceland order to do. So I did it. What substitutions and unavailable’s there will be, I’ll find out on Friday.

Back to the updating for a couple of hours or so. And then went to make a brew of Glegettie Gold tea. While in the kitchen, I pondered on what to have for my nosh. I opted for the last of the cooked beef end-bits, baked beans and bread to soak up the juices. Hahaha!

Then I made a Whoopsie! I went to add some Hickory in the beans. The bottle cap fell off and about half of the bottle contents went in before I stop it! I swore silently, then tried tasting some beans – uneatable, the liquid smoke flavour was just too much. I pondered, is there a way to salvage this? I added another tine of beans, thinking it might weaken the taste. It didn’t! Then, I thought if I drain the beans when I serve them, maybe… oh I don’t know! Crogglesodit!

I had a look to see if any Emails of interest had come in.  I went on the WordPress comments, then the reader section.

Then as I was doing this; Double-Tsk!

Aha! Things are getting back to normal now! Hello, it’s come back on! I got on with the comments quickly.

I tackled the job of saving what I could of the beans to eat the meal. Apart from the oh, so-strong flavoured beans, everything else was fine tasting. The red seedless grapes were from Spain, not perfect, a few had already begun to turn mouldy! I was careful in picking out only the good ones. Flavour rating, 7/10.

Washed the pots, and left a strainer full of the over-hickoried beans in a basin, to strain out the liquid, so I could throw them away without sending a wet bag down the chute.

The vagueness came as I settled to watch a football match on the box. Not very comfortable-making, but more agreeable than having the Memory Blanks, methinks? 

Sleep was slow in coming again, and I couldn’t help, after three-nights of being woken up, waiting for the door chime or telephone to ring, but they didn’t. Yee-Ha!