Inchcock: Friday 31st March 2017


Friday 31st March 2017

Chichewa (Malawi): Lachisanu 31 March 2017

0400hrs: Woke once again trying to recall the dreams I knew I’d had all night long, waking often throughout the night. For some reason, I did not make any notes despite my desire to remember them, as they were all scary I know that, but not a single event remembered again! Damnations!

As I dismounted the shuddering scarily £300 second-hand recliner, one again Arthur Itis, Roger Reflux and Duodenal Daniel were in a good mood and not bothering me. Anne Gyna soon started kicking off, but still not complaining. Even the gum I stabbed was easier… mind you, I hadn’t eaten or drank owt yet? Hehe!

Off to the porcelain throne, and Haemorrhoid Harold had only been bleeding the tiniest bit. It was looking good, but give it time. Hehe! Doing a lot of laughing this morning, worrying that!

5Fri02aTitivated myself and creamed the areas requiring it. Into the kitchen and made a cuppa and took the medications with a nice strong cup of tea.

How I didn’t howl out with agony when the hot tea went into the gash in the gum, I don’t know! Looks like I’m going to suffer when eating and drinking for a while.

Wonder if I’ve got any straws anywhere? Then I might be able to bypass the lesion when drinking?

Washed the pot’s I’d missed doing last night and got the computer on to finalise Thursday’s post and start this one off.

Did a bit of WordPressing, then onto Facebooking.

Spent hours on it, but still, I enjoyed it.

5Fri12dLinda Novak mentioned her local area statistics on a Facebook comment and her post and this got me searching for mine.

No idea what period the little screen grab covers, though.

Then onto doing a graphic for the TFZers site.

This is  Linda, at her imaginary Leisure Lounge window, with a suitable colection of lads inside with her. Hahaha!

LoungeI hope she likes it.

I took a photograph as the clouds darkened on the horizon. I took one with each camera.


The new Nikon camera seems to have caught more detail? Not that the Lumix one was bad mind?

Found I’d left the hot water tap running – Humph! No shave yet then, not sure when it comes back on, this night mode thingy. 1330hrs, and not warming up yet.

 5Fri12fMade a brew and took the afternoon medications.

Found the miniature worded booklet for the new camera in readiness to have a self-lesson in the finer intricacies of the thing.

I’ve spotted a diopter control wheel, whatever one of those are.

I may invest in a one-to-one lesson at Jessops methinks. Wonder how much they cost?

5Fri12gThe clouds were getting much lighter now.

Photographed it using the new Nikon camera.

What the white spot on it is, I just don’t know. Hang on, I’ll nip into the kitchen to see if I can see it int sky. – Nope!


The high-definition 921k-dot, 0.2-in LCD (with diopter adjustment) electronic viewfinder gives 100% of frame coverage, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re shooting. Switch shooting styles seamlessly from screen to viewfinder, as the eye sensor automatically switches from monitor shooting when your eye gets close to the sensor. Viewfinder shooting is useful for cramped conditions and also ensures stable posture, minimising camera shake. I’m afraid this means little to me.

I’ve been on Jessops site and found out the Level One Course is £190, but might be worth it to get the best from the camera, so Saturday, I might nip to town and the Jessop store to book one. Too late today with me running out of hot water.

Checked the tap, and it’s just getting warm.

Tom CaviarTomCafeDid some more graphicalisationing.

5Fri12iTook a final photographicalisation of the sky.

I’ve taken to this camera now.

Got the meal cooking.

Made some Bisto lamb gravy and added it to the lamb stew, arrange the sliced potatoes on top as per the instructions. 20 minutes later I added a vegetarian and one battered sausage and some of the little tomatoes to the tray in 5Fri12hthe oven.

Very nice, I really enjoyed this one. A lemon fool and a banana to follow.

Got the TV on… well, I needed something to fall asleep to.


Gave up watching the TV and nodding off and read the book for a while.

Then nodded off!

10 thoughts on “Inchcock: Friday 31st March 2017

  1. Great graphicalizationing! The bistro lamb looks tasty after all. Not too sure about vegetarian sausage.

    • Thank you Sir. That lamb is delicious. The vegetarian sausage is to me, every bit as good as pork sausage, a tad less sweet, mind you, if you have too many the Porcelain Throne is in for some use, I’ve found that out. Hehehe!

    • Beats me gal. I didn’t have the flash on? Could perhaps be reflection from the light inside the kitchen?
      Going out today to try and book a base level training session for the camera at the shop. Fingers crossed. TTFN. X

      • Hope the training goes well & you learn a lot about the many cool features of your neat camera 😀 it’s definitely possible that it’s a light reflection from inside, but who knows, weird things happen in pics all the time, lol

      • Thanks pet.
        I do wish they could have fitted me in earlier, though. I’ve put the appointment on my diary, but knowing me, if the bank farce gets any worse, I might let myself forget about the lesson… oh dearie me. Hehehe!
        Doing some belly pork in Soy sauce today in the slow-cooker to try. Fingers crossed.
        Hope you have a good day. Cheers. X

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