Inchcock: Sunday 2nd April 2017


Sunday 2nd April 2017

Welsh (For Tim Price): Dydd Sul 2 Ebrill, 2017

I first woke around 0100hrs, with the intention of writing down notes of the amazing dream I’d been having, by the time I found the pen and pad, the memories had mostly dissipated! Humph!  I was in a collapsed building and doing a crossword. That’s all I remember.

7Sun01aWoke with a proper start at 0400hrs, desperate to get to the porcelain throne and tend to the warm wet sensation from the lower regions. Good start this I thought! Harry Haemorrhoid had been bleeding badly, my new jammies had to put in soak in a bowl of disinfectant. Antisepticated and cleaned myself up, creamed the rear end and I think I might have uttered a few naughty words to myself. (Well, yes, I did!)

A new pain in the chest and under the left arm started bothering me badly, but in seconds almost, it had gone to just a little ache?

cropped-7sun03a.jpgThe bad start to the day brought a renewed concern about the Pension ID and bank farce. Thus I sank into the dark mood. Sorted the week’s medication pots out and made a mug of tea and took the mornings doses.

7Sun02bStarted off the belly pork, adding Soy Sauce to the water in the Crock-Pot and put it on slow cook.

I came out of the depression a bit when I remembered I was going to see Olive later.

Got Saturday’s diary finished and posted, then started on this one.

Apprehended that I had not done the Health Checks, so got them done.


A bit up and down this week so far. This check was very low on the Sys, high on the pulse and of course, the weight is bothering me a bit, seemingly perpetual increase? If this carries on, I won’t be able to get through the door into the kitchen! Humph! Think I’ll start using the stairs now and then on a regular basis, instead of the lift?

7Sun03Did some WordPress blogging.

Made another cuppa and noticed the view from the kitchen window had the shadows from the flats over the sun covered houses.

Took this photographicalisation with the old camera.

Thought it looked nice.

A lot of wind emitting from my innards this morning?

Went on Facebooking for an hour or so. Well, three hours.

Then started a graphicalisationing session.

Called Olive and she agreed for me to visit her in half an hour.

Did the ablutions and got me smelling sweet, and out to see her. Had a jolly cuddle followed by a good chinwag. She seemed in better spirits. Not received a date yet for the hip operation.

Her grand-daughter arrived and I was asked to depart, so I did.

Back to the flat and made a list of things to do for tomorrow. Bank, prescriptions and clinic.

Suddenly feeling terribly fatigued.

7Sun04aGot the meal cooking. I put some vegetable sausages in the oven to heat up, curried beans in the saucepan – the belly pork in Soy sauce was soon ready in the crock-pot, and I got it all in the dish.

Washed the cooking utilities first, as I just knew I was going to flake-out soon.

Enjoyed the meal, gave it a 9/10 in my mind.


A quick photographicalisation of the evening sky.

I used the new Nikon camera for this one.

All coherent thought dissipated from my rambling brain – plenty of incoherent thoughts to muse on, mind. Huh!

Nodded for a few minutes then I’d wake up, repeatedly for hours.

I was not as depressed as I have been, but confusion and uncertainty galavanted around my academically challenged brain, without my understanding of the cause or effects?