Inchcock Today – Tuesday 30th May 2017


Tuesday 30th May 2017

Scots Gaelic: Dimàirt 30 Cèitean 2017

0415hrs: Stirred with a sensation from the innards that ‘Thomas Trots’ were brewing within again. Aware of the fact that I had been dreaming but once again, no recollections of any details. Most annoying this. Huh!

Dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold, but the ‘texture’ was a bit loose and reminiscent of the ‘Trots’ returning and was nervous making. Humph!

Kettle on and took the medications. Did the Health Checks with the following results:

Sys 153 – Dia 75 – Pulse 91 – Temperature 35.8 – Weight (Wait for it…Hehe!) Up to 14.85! One day of my being stuck indoors again and up it shoots!

Made a brew of good strong tea and got the computer going to start this diary off. Then back to the Porcelain Throne once more… oh dear, definitely more splatter in nature this time. Not good this. Afterwards, the stomach started rumbling, grumbling and annoyingly with stabbing pains.

Updated to here, then finished off yesterday’s chronical and got it posted off.

Did some WordPress reading.

Worked through the Emails.

Onto CorelDraw to start a TFZer graphicalisation. While doing them, the surgery emailed me with the next INR test for Tuesday 6th June at 10.05am.

1125hrs: Tired with all the concentration on doing the graphics.

Going to get the ablutions done and get out on the bus into Arnold and call at the Open Market to try and get some fresh pod pea, methinks.

Back in a while, I hope.

Good clean up completed, I set out to the bus stop. Nice chinwag with some of the residents.

The L9 to Bestwood arrived and I was only one of us to get on it.

2Tue02As the bus took a slightly deviant route down into Sherwood, I took the opportunity to take a photographicalisation through the window, of a different view of Sherwood and Basford.

The sky, like all day, kept threatening rain or worse as it would darken suddenly then slowly lighten again?

Into Arnold and I dropped off the vehicle near the Wilko store.

Popped in, but did not buy anything.

Along to the Open Arnold Market and to the fruit and veg stall. They did not have any fresh pod peas on sale, though.

2Tue03Plodded along Front Street, not many folks out and about today.

Had a bit of a Dizzy Dennis on the walk to the Fulton Food Store. Managed to get two bottles of the tasty Sterilised milk, with with a long ‘Use by’ date on them. Some Lemon flavoured ice cones for only a quid, that were titled on the box of six as “Rios Waffel Hornchen’s” German perhaps? 400g cans of Garden Peas at 3 for only a quid! And two packs of strong cheddar for only £2! Got some bargains there did I not?

Of course, I didn’t need any of what I bought, apart from the sterilised milk. Tsk!

Then, foolishly, I wandered across the road into the Asda (Walmart) store. Where I first got a TV magazine for next week, then looked for some pod peas but they had none in. Then, totally incomprehensively, I bought two packs of grated strong cheddar that were on offer. Talk about the short term memory going when you get on a bit – How I could have forgotten I’d bought the two packs from Fulton’s ten minutes earlier, I don’t know! Sad really!

It got worse. They were offering Minced Lamb and Potato Hot Pots, at two for £3, Lemon and Lemon Curd yoghourts on offer, a pack of some cheese filled potatoes for baking 2Tue04reduced from £2 to £1.59, a pack of 6 English tomatoes at 69p, biscuits, Pork and Mushroom Pate, bread thins, Surimi sticks, chocolate Shortcake biscuits and Potato Farls.

Paid the lady at the checkout and struggled to carry the two bags to the bus stop when I departed the store.

Got to the bus stop and waited for the L9 bus to get me back to the flat and the Porcelain Throne.

The innards and the Trots were threatening an Accifauxpa as the 2Tue05rumbled away suddenly.

A most uncomfortable and nervous bus ride home.

I photographed the sky as we passed some houses, it was looking threatening again.

Tried to do some crosswords then, anything to try and take my mind off of the imminent possibility of utter embarrassment and shame of loosing control of the innards bubbling away. Oh, dearie me!

I had what might have proven to be a calamity when I got back to the flats. Several other tenants got off at the same time, and as they made their way rapidly to the foyer, I realised there were too many of us to all get into the lift… as I was the slowest moving it followed that I would have to wait for them to go up and lift to come back down… further risking an Accifauxpa from the rear end!

By the time I got there they were all on their way up, and the wait for the lift to return back down seemed like a painful month of Sundays to me! I can laugh about it now, but not at the time! Hehe!

Sweating somewhat by the time I got in the lift, praying control could be maintained and Timothy Trots would not cause me shame.

Getting out of the lift and to the flat door is a haze more than a memory. Bags dropped in the doorway floor, clothes discarded and into the wetroom, tore the flipping trousers and underpants panicking to get them off ASAP… And…relax! Made it without any real Whoopsidenagleplop, but with not a second to spare!

Haemorrhoid Harold was flowing blood freely and Duodenal Donald started giving me some stick. Had to do a mammoth cleaning up session of the Throne, wetroom and myself. Wiped contact surfaces with the lemon antibacterial wipes. Got the Protection Pants on, threw away the trousers after emptying the pockets into another pair. I felt so drained then. But pleased at having avoided a totally ignominious outcome.


Got the purchases out and stored them on their proper places.

Then remembered the Morrison order arriving tomorrow!

With no room in the freezer and very little in the fridge, things might get difficult in the morning?


Got the fodder on the cook, Lamb hotpot in the oven added the potato farls and balls later.

2Tue07Served it up, unsure if I was eating the right thing here for the innards situation?

Decided I was not, so only ate a bit of it, to be on the safe side. Tempting as it was, as it did taste marvellous.

Shame that!

I did have one of the Waffel Hornchen’s afterwards, the cone was really soft, but the lemon ice-cream was great.

I think the Quorn vegetable lasagne in the fridge might be alright to try for tomorrow’s meal?

The rumbling and grumbling remained, but no worse, and there were not too many trips to the Throne afterwards either. Although I did feel well drained and a little confused for some reason?

Checked the TV paper and chose some things to watch. Fell asleep of course, when I woke there was a different programme on than what was indicated in the TV magazine. I rechecked and discerned belatedly that I had read tomorrow’s page in error. Huh, clot!

Soon nodded off again. Waking up what seemed seconds later, but with dream memories in my head? Wrote down notes to record later. I was in the garden of the old house, creosoting the fencing… Tony Blair joined me, with Michael Foot with him… I pointed out that Michael was welcome in my garden. You (Blair) the philargyrist and empleomania sufferer, was not! How the heck did I remember those words? Blair used his mobile phone and (Perhaps the SAS?) armed men arrived and kicked down my fencing and covered my face with shaving foam, Blair warned me about something, I kept asking repeatedly what he meant but did not get an answer from the non-stop nattering and gesturing Blair… Then I was on a MedPMrooftop…?

There was another line of text, but it was undecipherable.

Not having eaten much, I felt a bit hungry, and wondered what to have that would not aggravate the innards or ‘Trots’.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications – including one of the Morrison Diarrhoea capsule that I found pretty effective on my last attack of the ‘Trots’.

Then thought I’d have some biscuits to nibble, thinking they will not cause any aggravation to the situation. Hehe!

Which I don’t think they did – But, the hitting of my head on the cabinet door above when I went for the biscuit box did! Whoopsidangleplop!

Got the head down again, and was soon off in the land of nod… ten minutes later, up out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into the Porcelain Throne room.

This became the pattern for the night really. Humph!


Inchcock Today: Monday Bank Holiday 29th May 2017 Stuck in, no buses and the Trots return. Humph!


Monday Bank Holiday 29 May 2017

Romanian: Sâmbătă, 29 Mai 2017

0420hrs: Woke with a start, TV still on, undrunk orange juice in the mug near the £300 second-hand recliner, remote control resting in the folds of my stomach. Hehe!

Amazing innit? Last night I fell asleep, had a dream (Albeit an odd one) and found notes about it so clear and lucidly defined, and in pencil handwriting that I must have written, but was nothing like my usual scrawl. Also, I was able to copy it with ease when I updated yesterday’s Diary. Now, this morning knowing I’d had a hell of a dream and conscious of it being a real enjoyable sweven… but cannot remember anything else about it and I did not make any notes of it this time? Humph!

To the porcelain throne – a little loose and disconcerting this morning. Prayed that the ‘Trots’ were not coming back again! Pondered on whether to take a diarrhoea capsule or not.

Into the kitchen. The view outside was so gorgeous again with the pretty fresh greens. I took a photograph at the top of this page. Made a mug of Yorkshire tea, opened the computer and doctored the photo.

Then set about finalising and updating yesterday’s diary and doing a WordPress page on Sunday’s fantastic Papplewick Pumping Station visit and got them both posted off.

5Fri12fPassed the wind and shot ASAP back to the Porcelain Throne! This decided me to imbibe the medications next, and take a diarrhoea capsule with them after all!

Made another brew and took them.

Got this diary started off, accompanied I’m afraid with the familiar rumbling, grumbling bubbling innards having now started. Humph!

1Mon02For some reason, WordPress is not allowing me to Share with Facebook now?

And Grammarly is playing up and not working now and then. I tried the button many times without any luck. I can’t win can I?

Damned technology!

Fancy that? Grumph

The tea had gone cold again. Went to get a drink of milk, and Accifauxpa number one arrived. As I pulled back the inner foil lid on the carton, I managed to spill the milk over the inside of the fridge door, me, and the floor!

Made another mug of tea after cleaning up, then I did some WordPress reading.

Onto Facebook.

1Mon03Jillie from TFZ posted about kitchens.

I took this photographicalisation and posted it. Told them it is Crowded, cramped, not much storage space and minuscule – But I love it! Hehe!

Spent hours catching up with Facebook, enjoyed it, well, all apart from the freezing it did again.

Got the oven warming up ready for the beef pie to go in later. Put a heat under the potatoes on low. I’ve boiled them in BBQ flavouring today. Hope they taste alright.

Realised I’d not turned on the cooker, Tsk!

I did an order for Morrisons for fodder on Tuesday while t1Mon04he oven warmed up. Made some stuffing that should cook at the same time as the pie. Hopefully.

Reread the Emotions chapter to try to digest the meanings within.

Got the meal served in a bowl so as to seek to avoid crumbs from the rather well-done beef pie and crispy sage & onion stuffing. That I’d added some far too thick a gravy mix.

But I ate every scrap of it and the lemon curd yoghourt.

Felt tired again, so washed and settled in the £300 second-hand recliners. Perused the TV magazine. Many programmes worth watching were on at the same time again. I actually managed to watch over two hours of programmes, before the urge to use the Porcelain Throne arrived. After which I declared myself as ‘A Trot Sufferer’ again! Huh!

Most uncomfortable now, innards grinding away and Duodenal Donald joined in later.

The bug got to me, you know, the one where I  am suddenly aware that I have forgotten something, summat needed to be done? Horrible sensation and I could not remember anything, yet the feeling remained that I had forgotten something?

I spent ages nodding off to be woken by Duodenal Daniel or the requirement to visit the Throne, nodding off again, up again… All night it seemed. In fact, I think I did manage to nod off about midnight without any further Throne visitations until I woke around 0425hrs, and hastily, just in time got to the Porcelain!

The Trot’s Return? Oh, flipping ‘eck!

TTFN all, fanks for reading.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 28th May 2017


Sunday 28th May 2017

Punjabi: ਐਤਵਾਰ 28 ਮਈ 2017

0420hrs: Dreams a bit distant again. Within half an hour of disentangling myself from the £300 second-hand recliner, I’d taken five wee-wees! Oh, dear, and the trip out to Papplewick Pumping Station coming up later as well?

Did the health checks and made a mug of strong tea, took the medications and made sure some nibbles were in the bag ready for the others on the trip out to the First WW display.

Feeling so tired for some reason this morning.

Got the computer on and tried to work out why the Grammarly was not working. No idea at all so I pressed on with the completion of yesterday’s diary, only took me an hour or so. Tsk! Checking best I could for any written mistakes. Firefox was working okay.

I tried to find to how to enlarge the screen to 110% like I used to have Chrome on. A little more complicated way of doing it on Firefox, but after using the help pages I found and changed it.

This started me worrying about the Grammarly add-on and I went on their help page, Firefox’s and searched the web for advice. This confused me somewhat and I could not remember the many things I did and was taken to do, but at the end, Grammarly is now operational again! I hope it never goes off again because I’m blown if I can recall what I did to get it back this time. Another hour and a half lost, but this time with a bit of success, I hope.

Another wee-wee and I carried on with the diary I thought I had checked manually earlier for errors. Grammarly was now informing me of nine critical and five non-critical errors! Got them sorted and posted the thing off to WordPress.

So glad it is going again.

Did some WordPress reading and checked the Emails. Almost a pleasure to do now Chrome has been replaced in my computer.

Took the black bins to the refuse chute.

Had a bash at Facebook then got the ablutions done and prepared for BJ to collect me for the trip out. No rush really, because BJ has never ever been on time, bless him.

BJ rang while I was sorting out TV programmes to watch tonight. Told me he’d be late and would arrive around 1230hrs, to meet him outside.

Got down to the foyer and waited for BJ.out

He arrived and picked me up and we were off to Papplewick.out

Here are some of the photographicalisation I took.

(Monday, I made a post with all of them one it.) Papplewick Pumping Station Photographicalisations


Had a good day out, just one Dennis Dizzy visit, but it was short lived.

When BJ dropped me off at the flats and I had thanked him and got up to the apartment, an urgent wee-wee was attended to, but on sitting on the porcelain throne required? Odd that was?

I felt so weary again suddenly.

7Sun01aTook the medications and did the health checks.

Got some cold fodder ready as planned earlier.

Pork & Mushroom pate in wholemeal thins, tomatoes, extra strong stilton cheese, pickled egg, beetroot and marmite crisps. With a lemon frazzle to follow.

Updated the health check listings for the week.


I think it looked alright this week. Pulse up a bit on average, but the weight had gone down.

TV turned on, fell asleep within minutes, don’t think I even got to the first set of commercials this time.

Woke two hours or so later, I’d been dreaming. An incongruent with life, experience or expectancy one this was. All jumbled and confused, people real and imaginary giving me advice, chastising me and I could not understand or hear what they were saying much. What bits I caught were cruel and bitchy put-downs. Then all changed, I was totally alone in a void of clouds. The music then slowly started playing, the Blue Danube. All was well, apart from the being alone… I started typing on an old typewriter and it fell to bits then disappeared… I picked up a pencil and it burst into flames… Then I was in a small wooden boat with no oars on a canal I think, the water was frothing and green-grey… the music continued… I’ve no idea how I recalled all this, but it was written down on the notepad in a much more detailed and readable handwriting as if it was not my own usual scribble in the morning?

Papplewick Pumping Station Visit – Photographicalisations and Story of

Sunday 28th May 2017


First a wonderful hobble through the woods


Down to the back of the site and down along the marvellous mini-train track. Got a lovely wave back from the gals on the train.


Down through the steam shed and out by the back of the boiler room.


Through the centre Harbour near the displays


Wonderful to see so many people remembering what had to be done back then.


And to teach the young ones how folk had to suffer at the front.


Had an attack from Dizzy Dennis and went to sit under the trees for a while. Where I took this shot, that turned out to be poignant to me and had me thinking of how so many men had to be sacrificed for nothing but the whims of the rulers.


Visited the boiler room. Two of the boilers were in steam on the day.



Walke up the steps and through to the Pump House and spent ages jut being amazed, as I still am after many visits, at the artistry effort and detail that went into building this incredible place, so long ago.


Feeling a bit weary now, I went to the Cooling Pond at the front of the premises to sit, rest, have a nibble, take the medications and watch the model boat enthusiasts.


One of them got his boat stuck, in the surface weed in the middle of the pond. He just jumped in and waded out and retrieved it. A fantastic site!

I stayed there for a good while. Got a mobile phone call from sister Jane while there, that cheered me up a bit. A bash at the crossword book, and then back to the stalls and shows.

BJ called me and arranged to meet at the Pump House. I hobbled all around it but could not find him anywhere, so assumed I’d misheard what he said about where to meet. Called him, and he said where he was, that was about 20 yards from where I was at that time. Still, I couldn’t find him. He was hidden behind some pillars gossiping with the engineers. A few feet away from where I stood using the phone. It was a laugh!

As we left the Pumping House, I spotted two ladies dressed up as nannies with a genuine, 1912 babies pram and a model baby in it that looked so real. I’d tried earlier to get a photograph of them, but there was always someone nearby in view with modern clothing on. Many visitors had stopped them and asked if they could take photo’s of them, so I joined the queue. I waited while others took their shots then asked if I could take one with both ladies and the pram showing the baby. They were stood near a new electricity box was behind them, and I asked if they wouldn’t mind moving a few feet to one side. Those who had taken photographicalisations before me heard this and realised what they had done and asked if they could take their shots again as well.

So I waited all over again while they did so. I noticed BJ with his hand in the pram and snapped him doing so. I’ll have to think up a funny caption for this one:


The Ladies kindly posed for me, and I got tow what I think are great pictures.



Next day, I noticed the visitors on the left background on the photo above.

So I cut out a PNG tree, and made it into a bitmap, and positioned it above them to try and make the photo to look a more genuine article. Not a very good result, but it did hide them.


I just had to take a close-up of the baby in the pram. So genuine looking it was.

The lady said it cost over £300 to buy and kindly shown me the detail in it.


A nice trip out for me. Thanks to BJ.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 27th May 2017: Chrome, Gmail, Facebook going unresponsive worse than ever! Firefox to the rescue! (I hope)


Saturday 27th May 2017

Mongolian: Бямба 27 сарын 2017

0430hrs: Woke up with memories of the dreams so clear in my mind, by the time I got the pencil and pad to record them, they had all dissipated into the ether! Not the foggiest idea what they were about now. It does annoy me so when this happens. Tsk!

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. Little Inchy swollen and red but no bleeding and Haemorrhoid Harold was bloodless too! Even Duodenal Donald was giving me a rest. Had a read of the Emotions book and thought hello, no visitations from Dizzy Dennis today either. So glad about that after yesterday’s sessions.

Did the morning Health Checks. Weight down again! (Smug smile creeps over my pot-marked face… Haha!)


The computer on and updated the diaries without any hassle. Then: Damnations! Soon as I opened Gmail it happened again, and again and again! Can’t get into Facebook or Gmail without this happening! Grrr! I need help. Mind you I’ve had a lot from cyber friends, tried their suggestions and still the problem is here with Chrome! Double Damnations!

I cannot respond to any emails at the moment without freezing the programme. Pee’d off, well pee’d off! Sent a complaint to Google. Seems a lot of others are having similar problems judging be the letters of the question page.

Tried again to download Firefox. Told me an account was already open for this Email address when I attempted to download it and fill in the new form? Could not remember any password when I tried to open Firefox, so instead pressed the Forgotten Password button and they sent me an email so I could reset it. Helluva job on Chrome trying to get the bloody thing to let me read it! Several unresponsive and resetting reloading and I got there.

Set about sorting the favourites and layout for the site. This took hours to get right and something how I wanted it. But with the Chrome freezes and unresponsiveness, it was a pleasure to do. I still can’t understand why it didn’t let me download it last week, though. Sandie suggested I try it, and I did, but it might have been Google blocking me? Made Firefox the default browser.

So pleased when I tried it, and it worked (Crossed fingers still!) and updating this diary is an absolute delight!

Now going to try and open Gmail…

Tried doing some responses and WordPress reading… No response problem there. Tried going on Facebook – the second big test. Very slow but working!

5Fri12LGot the slow cooker going with vegetable stock seasoned water with mushrooms, turnips and podded peas bubbling away for later.

Hope to have some fish and surimi with it… or maybe another beef pie and gravy?

Got caught up with the Emails and Facebook eventually. 

Feeling a bit drained and tired mentally now.

Took ages to get Firefox how I wanted it.

WordPress did not work on Firefox, too tired to try and sort that now, and the Cup Final was due to start in an hour or two.

6Sat18Got the fodder served up, quite a plateful today. Maybe it was because I was over the moon with getting Firefox onto the computer and working (all bar WordPress), but I enjoyed this so much. The tomatoes were fine, beetroot was excellent, fresh pod peas, mushrooms and turnips wonderfully tasty, the egg okay, the mackerel delightful and oily, the surimi great – even the oven chips came out right!

Decided to get a shave shower and freshen up in time for the match to start on the goggle-box.

Settled in plenty of time for the commencement of the final: No nodding off here. I enjoyed the game and the team (Arsenal) I wanted to win the match, won. The only thing that bothered me was the ‘dive’ a Chelsea player took in an effort to get a penalty. He ought to be charged with bringing the game into disrepute I thought. Then I remembered all the things that teams, managers and agents have got away with over the years, and decided not to charge him (Hehehe!) after all.

I tried to watch a film after the match but drifted into and out of slumber for hours before giving up.

Had a dream about a long lost love I think. Woke up and realised, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Roger Reflux were all being kind to me. Only Duodenal Donald was any bother at that time. Thus it was a while before I could get back to sleep. Huh!

Inchcock Today: Friday 26th May 2017


Friday 26th May 2017

Maori: Rāmere 26 Haratua 2017

Woke around 0400hrs: Dream about my being on a horse, in a medieval village that had traffic signs, and spaceships in the sky lingered for a few moments, then faded.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. Good job I put on the protection pants last night – Haemorrhoid Harold had been leaking badly. Saved a lot of washing they did. Tended to a clean-up session then into the kitchen to take the medications and do the Health Checks. Pulse up to 91 and the weight down to 14.66 so not all bad.

Other ailments seemed kind this morning, well, apart from Duodenal Donald that is.

I cleaned up some pots I’d missed last night and got the computer on – full of hope and anticipation… fingers crossed! First turn-on, it did not load at all, just the working ring going around on the black screen? Left it for a few minutes but no change occurred, so turned off at the plugs and tried again.

A bit of success here: CorelDraw 2017 had come back online! Supposedly, my changing the payment details had worked? Just hope next time I start the thing, CorelDraw will continue to work for me! Not only that, but I’ve been online now for over an hour without any freezing or becoming unresponsive. But this had happened before, so I’m not getting too excited yet.

WordPress worked now too! So I got the diaries caught up with, making one for two days, Wednesday & Thursday, posting it off.

Started this one off.

0815 hrs: Took these pictures from the kitchen window by hanging out of it to avoid the glass reflection.


The first one I chose Sunset mode, the second Scenery mode? Thought the shadows from behind looked beautiful. The colouring was a lot different. The beloved Copse, the gravel pathway up the hill into the park look so different in each photograph, and the colouring of the houses too, I thought.

0827hrs: Decided to get the ablutions tended to. I crossed my fingers that Chrome and WordPress and CorelDraw come on working when I start the computer again later.

No, it’s no good, I’ll reboot now to find out.

All okay and working, but we’ll see later eh? Maybe my removing the translation programme helped? Dare not try Facebook yet, it might ruin the rest of the things currently working for the first time in ages?

See yers later, going to do the ablutions and go to Arnold to see the ducks and get some fodder in. TTFN.

When I got to the lift to go down, I noticed a 2½ inch long beetle on the carpet.  Had to take several photos of it to get this one below. Tomorrow morning I got on the web and looked up details about the creature. Seems it is a Cockchafer Beetle. Never seen one before.


Lovely chinwag at the bus stop with some other tenants.

5Fri04Got into Arnold and dropped off at the Sainsbury store.

Came out with a beef pie another packet of Surimi and some lemon curd yoghourts. Spent £7.50 in all.

I had a right nasty attack from Dizzy Dennis on the walk to Front Street and the market place then the Fulton Food Store.

A little worrying this one was, left me feeling a bit wobbly although I don’t think I was actually wobbling if you know what I mean?

5Fri05Called at the open market and found a greengrocery stall selling fresh garden peas at less (£1.50 a lb) than at the Victoria Centre (£1.98 a lb) who tried to con me the day before and sell me old stock. The chap thankfully took the stock from what were on show, and they looked gorgeously fresh to me. (Why I got these at the cost of £3, I’m not sure because I already had some in the fridge at the flat?)

It was a beautiful day with so few pavement cyclists around too.

Had another dizzy on the way to the Fulton Food Store, only a minor one this time, all over in seconds. Nothing of interest to me in Fulton’s, they, like their Bulwell Store yesterday, had not got any blackcurrant ice cream lollies, sterilised milk or tinned chestnuts in stock, so I departed without any purchases and limped over to Asda (Walmart) for a look around. That was a mistake! I spent £14.74 here, and none of the products I bought was really needed! Fool!

As I came out intent on visiting the mallard ducks in the park, another dizzy convinced me not to, and get the L9 bus back to the flat sharpish. Luckily one was due in 15 minutes. Met a lady tenant at the bus-stop and had a gossiping session.

Back at the flats, yet another Dizzy Dennis episode. My next flat neighbour held the door open for the rest of us to enter the foyer. Thanked her profusely. I hung back from getting on the lift with the other tenants to regain some composure. Got the lift up and I arrived on floor twelve, before the other lift. Because there were so many folks dropping off of it to other levels. The lady was surprised to see me holding the door open to the flats for her, telling her one good favour deserves another. Hehe!

Got into the apartment and yet another little Dizzy Dennis visitation. I took the medications with an extra Omeprazole and got the fodder stored away. Visited the porcelain throne and had to change and clean things because of Haemorrhoid Harold had been ‘leaking’ somewhat.

Tiredness came suddenly, and I felt so weary. Not poorly or ill or anything, just weary. I got the meal ready earlier than usual, in case I did feel worse later. I enjoyed the beef pie 5Fri09so much yesterday, I had a similar meal to that one, but simpler.

The pie with caramelised gravy and tonnes of the fresh pod peas, two little potato waffles, some tasty tomatoes and a lemon drizzle dessert.

I ate the lot of it and swiftly fell asleep. Luckily, after I had placed the used tray with the dirty dish and cutlery on the next chair.

Woke an hour os so later, and off to the Porcelain Throne again, so tired?

But no more Dizzy Dennis bother at all. Reflux Roger replaced Dennis then. Hehe!

Did the Health Checks while I was up and about, washed the dishes and settled to watch some TV.

Nodded off at the first set of advertisements that came on and slept all the way through to 0430hrs in the morning!

Wed 24th/Thur 25th May 2017: CorelDraw, Computer and Duodenal Donald giving me hassle – Laundry done, Horrible Nosh! Hehe!


Wednesday 24th May 2017

Malayalam: ബുധൻ 24 മെയ് 2017

Stirred 0445hrs: Bits of the dreams in the brain soon dissipated. Still felt so weary. Duodenal Donald still giving bother. Tried to get back to sleep without any luck, the mind was fermenting and losing its battle to gain any logicality or calmness. The thoughts were almost aphotic and melancholic in nature.

No disarray around the chair area this morning.

I dislodged myself from the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. No problems in there today. Although, the skin looked almost aeneous in the mirror? Innards were gently rumbling away.

3Wed01Out and got the kettle on and did the Health Checks.Took the medications.

Took the drugs. I had an extra Omeprazole and Codeine Phosphate to help me to counter Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna’s persistent pestering pains this morning. Along with some large gulps of the antacid liquid imbibed.

The view from the kitchen 3Wed03window was quite beautiful with the sun spreading over from behind and the clear skies.

It was a tad windy with it mind, so I closed the windows in there and the main room.

The mind still seemed a little confused to me – as if when I come out of the Donald Dizzy spell. But I had not had one of these? Peculiar I thought.

Got the computer on, hard to concentrate, but I persisted, and things became a lot clearer after an hour or so. Still taking me ages to get anything down the screen, due to my chronically bad typing, grammar, and spelling. It was almost as if Arthur Itis is when he visits the hands and fingers, but he was not visiting?

Singularly odd the feeling as if I’d just come out of a dizzy, and the fingers were freezing but weren’t really?

0558hrs: Google Chrome Started Going Unresponsive again! Clicked Wait button and made another mug of tea. Did some WordPressing when it came back on while I could.

6Sat07Checked the emails amid several more ‘Unresponsive’ attacks.As Sandie and Sam suggested, I disabled some more of the Extensions and updated this then rebooted with fingers crossed.

As Sandie and Sam suggested, I disabled some more of the Extensions, and I updated this then restarted with fingers crossed. Here goes…

Finished the yesterday diary and got it posted off. There were no Unresponsive occurrences yet. Fingers crossed!

Got a sudden sharp pain in the fight rear neck and head area? Took another extra Codeine 30g. Only lasted maybe ten minutes or so, then it returned half an hour or so later?

Made another mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold and tried out Facebooking: If the ‘Unresponsiveness’ from Chrome are going to carry on, they will affect me on Facebook as they have been doing for ages.

95 Notifications to reply to. It’s looking good, been back on the web on Chrome for about an hour since rebooting without any hassle – Oh I hope and pray I don’t regret saying that!

I regret saying that!

Back to the regular freezing again. I disabled the WOT extension, thought this might help the situation, but no! Freezing again!

Sent information Email to Tech Sam.

Obergrupenfurgeress Warden Deana called to test the wrist alarm. She is very busy.

Mentioned Olive.

Feeling so depressed again.

Turned everything off and did the ablutions.

Got the washing and took it down to the laundry room and got it in the machine on a short cycle.

30 minutes late, down to move the clothes into the dryer. Someone had left a quilt in the dryer, so I cleaned the top of the dryer and folded the quilt and placed it on top.

Back up to the flat, having a chinwag with some resident who had arrived on the bus after their shopping expeditions.

P1170752Restarted the computer to see if the sticking freezing and going unresponsive on Google might have improved – no, still there. Humph!

50 minute later, down again to collect the hopefully now dried attire.P1170755

The morning was misty and yet bright with it.

Got the clothing out and folded then into the big bag.

Cleaned the filter and machine out.

P1170754Up to the apartment and got the togs stored away. Sorted the nibble box and raffle prizes ready for tomorrow’s Tenants Social Hour.

Tried once more to get Chrome to work correctly. No luck.

Then disaster… CorelDraw was not working. Spent hours and hours trying to sort it and find out what has gone wrong. In the end, I realised that I had changed the bank account and not informed Corel!

Sent an email to Tech Sam, asking for help in restoring it. Corel did let me change the details though. Waiting now to see if it will come back or I’ll have to order from scratch again?

Abandoned the computer altogether, really depressed now!

P1170756Got the fodder done.

Morrison’s very costly ‘Best’ smoked salmon fishcake, potato farl, apple, mushrooms, beetroot, surimi sticks, extra sharp Stilton cheese and few Jersy potatoes.

It was awful! Tasteless fishcakes, farls soggy, potatoes sour… Eurgh!

Really down in the mouth now.

Tried again to work on the computer, but no CorelDraw and Chrome were playing up brought me to a new depth of despondency.

TV on (How desperate was that?)


Thursday 25th May 2017

Maltese: Il-Ħamis Mejju 25, 2017

This update was finally done on Friday after thankfully the CorelDraw 2017 returned to action!

Up around 0630hrs: Recalled bits of dreaming about being in a giant sewer with biped yellow-haired rats chasing me?

Off to the Porcelain room, Little Inchy well swollen sore and tender for some reason, but thank heavens no bleeding – so things still on for the surgery I hope. Haemorrhoid Harold had been bleeding copiously but not at the moment.

Did the health checks, made a mug of tea and verified that all the things were in the bag for the Tenant’s Social Hour Meeting.

Really depressed about the CorelDraw and Chrome situation. No replies from Tech Sam yet.

Had a go at changing the payment details for the CorelDraw account. Took me hours to find out how to get in to update them, in the hope that the new bank account might be belatedly accepted. (Account Suspended – Non-payment. Due to my forgetting to change the details) Fingers crossed this works, I’m lost without my CorelDraw, and with the Chrome problems, I’ve become a sad figure of self-pity and morbidity.

Decided to get the ablutions tended to. Do you recall when I hit my head on the corner tray in the shower last week? I’d lowered it right down after the Whoopsiedangleplop thinking how cunning I was? I now have a lesion on my leg where I caught against the sharp edges of the wires and scratched the skin. Just thought I’d mention it like. Hehe! I moved the tray back up, at least if I only hit my head there will be less damage.

Tried to get the old laptop going to see if I could fare better with that. No, got in a right pickle of confusion and gave up.

Technology and me, Not compatible you see.

Set off with the empty jars for the recycling bin, raffle prizes, and nibbles and to the Winwood Hut via the bins.

A lot more folk than usual there today. BJ arrived, and there were many relatives of the tenants too.

The worry over the computer problems prevented me waffling on, although I did mention them a bit. BJ confirmed Sunday around 1200hrs for the trip to Papplewick Pumping Station after asking if I really still wanted to go.

Bill (William on Sundays), Jack and his five family members visiting, and Eddy all seemed to have a good time, glad to report.

I left a bit earlier than I would normally, to get ready to catch the L9 into Nottingham, to try and get some fresh pod peas.

Got some potatoes in the saucepan ready for the meat pie meal later. Changed and off with my valued Free Pensioners Bus pass to get the bus. Nice chinwag at the shelter.

4Thur02Dropped off on Upper Parliament Street and crossed over into the Victoria Centre (Mall) and up to the fruit & veg market.

The many Nottinghamians about, all looking very summery today.

I got to the stall and was overjoyed to see some Fresh Garden Peas on display. They looked so good and fresh, too.

I asked the lady for a pound and a half. But she did not go anywhere near the peas on display but got some that were behind the counter out of view. 

I asked her, “Are those the same as these English ones on display?” She muttered “Yer, they’re all the same” and continued to put them in a bag and weigh them. Handed them to me and I gave her a £10 note: “Ain’t yer got owt less?” she inquired. I said not, and she added: “Hang on them, I’ll ‘ave to get some change” and grumpily disappeared. Which was good… Cause that gave me time to investigate the peas in the bag. They were horrible Italian one’s not English, different size pods, some mouldy, some wet, terrible! When she returned I’d selected a few of the going rotten pods from the bag and showed them to her, saying: “Have you seen these? They are not the same produce…” I was going to add that I don’t want them, but she stopped me as she said “They are all the same, grabbed the bag off of me and served me with some of the fresh ones from the display, with a sneer on her face that really ought to have reduced me to jelly! Oh, dearie me.

I left with a bitter taste in my mouth and went down to the Tesco store. Where I had a walk around getting only a loaf of Sourdough Bread and some English tomatoes.

Out and over the road on the way into town, As I passed the Little Waitrose store, popped in to see if they had and Surimi in stock, and they had. So I got a couple of packets after foraging to the back of them to find some with a longer life date on them.

4Thur03Poddled to the bus stop.

The two photographicalisations I took in town, I had the selector set on the wrong choice, so they came out somewhat greenish?


To Queen Street and waited for the L9 bus. There was another passenger chap waiting, and we both got a little concerned when the bus was ten minutes overdue? 

Had a go at the Crossword book en route. 

Back at the flat, after a visit to the Porcelain Throne and a clean up in Haemorrhoid Harold’s area of the flobby-body, I got the meal going properly like. 

Put the goggle-box on to watch while I waited for the stuff to cook.

4Thur04Served it up in a partition plate.

Quorn sausages very nice, tomatoes okay, potatoes nice, apple good, mushrooms very good, fresh pod peas excellent and the beef pie with extra caramelised gravy Great!

Feeling a lot depressed and had no interest in trying to sort out the computer problems at all, I fell asleep watching the Law & Order episode on the TV.

Woke thinking it was morning, got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne, Duodenal Donald bleeding again. Sorted out the mess and cleaned me up, got some protection pants on and took the morning medications. Then realised it was not morning, but afternoon! What a Plonker! So I then took the evening medications. Tsk!

Did the health checks, pulse very high. And back to the watching the TV… fell asleep…


Inchcock – Tuesday 23rd May 2017: Chrome problems persisting – Got out for a hobble to get the Prescriptions from Carrington Pharmacy


Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Macedonian: Вторникот 23 мај 2017 година

Woke around 0545hrs, entangled half in and half out of the £300 second-hand recliner.

Tissues, pen, notepad, torch, medicine bottle, pain gel tube, headphones, remote controls, mobile phone and biscuit crumbs were artistically scattered over the chair, carpet, the other chair and over me! As I tried to clear my jargogled brain in an effort to recall how and why I had no legerity to tackle this problem… memories of a dream I’d had filtered into my mind memory. A rarity this. So I scribbled down some notes, although this time, actual memories remained as well!

I was acting in the film (Or thought I was really there) Rio Bravo, Dean Martin – the Dude, Sheriff Chance – John Wayne, Rick Nelson – The Colorado Kid, Ward Bond -Pat Wheeler the prisoner and me as Stumpy! This dream bore no relationship to the actual film other than this, and the background scenery of the gulch and barns. We were shooting Star Trek type Phasers at each other? This seemed all perfectly natural to me. After running around trying to get a better position with a handful of dynamite from somewhere, I realised they were all firing at me! No idea how, but I avoided all the phasing blasts and a Messerschmidt bf 109 dived out of the sky and strafed me.

Next thing I’m in a coffin being lowered into a grave in the ravine, and peeping out through the holes between the bare wooden planks on top of it… Still calm and collected, Dean Martin slurred “Who the hell was he?” John Wayne turned spat on the floor and replied: “Damned if I know!”

Then I was in a long queue of folks waiting to go in the old Imperial C2Tue04inema on Wilford Road in Nottingham, around 1950 and looking down at myself as an ankle-snapper in the line of bodies and remember thinking as  stared at my younger self: “I don’t know who it is either!” Hehehe! There were many more things that took place, but I cannot recall them.

This is the only photograph I could find on the web of the Imperials as was. It was I assume taken around 1960, long after the place had closed down and was being used as a Plumbers Merchant base?

Throughout all of this dream, I was so relaxed and content?

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding profusely, did my duty, cleaned things up and put a pair of protection pants on, it was that bad.

The stomach was grinding away still.

Did the Health Checks and took the morning medications and put the kettle on. The reading were all okay I think. Sys 147, Dia 77, Pulse 86, Temp 34.8, Weight 14.71 Down a bit after going up yesterday. And I had two meals as well?

Got the Google Chrome opened, email became Unresponsive within seconds. Updated yesterday’s diary and started this one off. Tried to open the instructions from Tech Man Sam and it froze for the fifth time since opening it! Humph!

Duodenal Donald was giving me some pain again. I must get out today to the chemist’s to see if the prescriptions are ready yet.

I decided to get the ablutions done now and get out to do this while I thought of it.

Had a good shower, shave (lost a bit more blood with this activity, Huh!) and other things and got the nibbles for the chemist staff into the bag. I’ll call in at the doctors first to find out if the prescriptions will be ready or not.

2Tue05Set off down Chestnut Walk towards the turn off for Winchester Street Hill.

Plenty of vehicles around, but on people at the time was passing.

The Chestnut Tree’s flowers drew me towards them with their beauty.

I got underneath the tree and took a 2Tue06photographicalisation of them from below.

Best I could get was the one on the left. Absolutely stunning flowers I thought.

With a bit of a lift in my limp now, I pressed on and down the hill into Sherwood.

Left up the Mansfield Road hill and by the Funeral Parlour (Where my funeral is all paid for) and the flower shop. They had some giant single sunflowers on sale and took what I thought was a decent picture of them. When it came to downloading it to the computer – it was not there? I’ve this before and still can’t work out what I’ve done wrong? Humph!

Over the hill and down into Carrington and into the Sheringham Park Surgery. Explained about my getting short of the Omeprazole capsules and asked if the next load of prescriptions was ready yet. She consulted her computer and said no, but if I come back in tomorrow they could be collected and taken to the chemist. I said thank you with what must have been a terribly dejected and sorry expression, cause she called me back and told me to take a seat and she’d see if the Doctor would validate the process. A few minutes later, she came out and gave me the prescription to take to the chemist. Kind of her saving me another hobble tomorrow.

Off to the pharmacy and was told there would be a long wait, or I could come back tomorrow to collect them. I told him I was going to do some shopping at Lidl and would return afterwards (Assuming I remembered to. Hehe!)

As I left to limped to the shop, I noticed BJ was in the launderette next door. He didn’t look too happy when I sneaked in and behind and threw him a cheery “Good Morning!” I hope he is not poorly. Aske me if I still wanted to got the War Memorial on Sunday, thanked him and said yes. Got the feeling, that was not the answer he was looking for?

2Tue09To the shop and spent over £12 on food? Mature Stilton, Jersey potatoes, tomatoes, tins of stuffed peppers, Lemon yoghourts, bread rolls with cheese, Smoked Haddock filled fishcakes and risotto mushroom rice.

Paid up and back to the chemist to collect the Prescriptions.

So much fodder along with the prescriptions 2Tue09ameant I had to break the stuff into two bags.

Rather heavy, and I struggled to carry them to the bus stop, where the Pensioners Free Bus Pass was greatly appreciated I can inform you all.

Met tenant Frank there, little natter.

No one else at the shelter, but by the time a bus arrived there were several other passengers – who between them forced their way onto the bus before I could, and I ended up sitting on the only seat available, one of the side-saddle ones. Arthur Itis was not happy with this, and soon let me know.

Off Sherwood

Met and accompanied tenant Frank’s better half at the bus stop. Nice chat and laugh on the way back to the flats.

2Tue10Put away shopping and medications and took the midday doses.

Got the Computer on – Unresponsive again a few times, well too many times, so much so I gave up with Google and got the dinner on the cook.

Maple Belly Pork slices into the oven, potatoes in a saucepan (Added some extra Maple Syrup). When they were cooking I got the tomatoes, beetroot, sliced an apple, mini pork and cheese pie and the cheesy cob onto the tray ready.

Tried to updated this diary, but Chrome problems decided me to do this in the morning, turned off the computer.

Got the no2Tue11sh served up with a small pot of lemon yoghourt.

An excellent tasty meal this one! Rated this at 9.45/10, despite nearly losing a tooth as I struggled with the tough skin o the belly pork. Lovely!

Did the last Health Checks took the evening medications and perused the TV magazine. Some good stuff on tonight that I fancied watching, but I was fully aware that I wasn’t going to see much of them and fall asleep. Hehehe!

Which I did swiftly. The mobile phone rang out, of course, I knew it was close cause I could hear it as I disentangled myself from the £00 second-hand recliner, but could I locate where it was? No! It stopped ringing. I was at a loss as to where it must be, went into the hallway to check the jacket pocket, and the landline telephone rang. It was Sister Jane. Back into the front room and spotted the mobile on the floor near the chair as I got to the landline. We had a chinwag for a while and I lost the signal. Jane rang back on the mobile, she was in her garden in the sunshine. I knew she was alright, cause she ordered me to eat pasta in my diet and told me off for buying tinned meat filled peppers in tomato sauce, also gave me a lecture on slimming and losing weight. Hahaha! (Only joking!)

Accifauxpa! Did the washing up, opting today, to stab my left-hand finger with the little steak knife, right down the nail again. Not deep, though.

There were three episodes of Law & Order on consecutively on channel 21. Full of hope of watching at least one of them before nodding off, I settled with a bottle of spring water, a chocolate bar (Topic) and Duodenal Donald twinging away. Every time an advert came on I nodded off, then it got worse, I kept slipping off while watching the programme. Not the foggiest idea now of what I was looking at. Just had a stubborn determination to keep on trying to watch it. Tsk! Eventually, I drifted off and into the land of nod properly.

Woke much later, around 0200hrs in desperate need of Porcelain Throne activity! Duodenal Donald was rampant and very annoying with his persistence and degree of botherationalisationing! Due to this, getting back to sleep was not easy.

Hey-ho! TTFN

Inchcock Today – Monday 22nd May 2017: Nice hobble to the hospital blood test

Monday 22nd May 2017

Latin: 22 Lunae Maii MMXVII

0530hrs: Woke, felt sorry for myself for getting no response to me begging for help with the Chrome problem. Out of the £300 second-hand wobbly recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. I reread some bits of the ‘Emotions’ book while there.

No bleeding anywhere, an easier session and decided to do the ablutions while I was in there.

Only two cuts this morning (The new Bic razors you know?), shaving, had a visit from Dizzy Dennis.

Out and got the nibble bag ready for the nurses at the Blood Clinic and put the Anticoagulation Record Card in the jacket pocket so as not to forget it later.

A bit nippy this morning.

Got the computer on and made sure that Chrome would load and did some WordPress reading.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. The only thing about the results that bothered me was the 14.82 Weight. Sys:155 Dia:85 Pul:84 Temp:34.9. With staying in, in case the Tech Man called for two days (He didn’t) thus not getting any hobbles in may have contributed to the increase in mass weight? I must remember to email Sam, the Tech Man when Chrome allows me to and inform him of the No Change situation with Google Chrome going unresponsive, even after all the work he’s done on it, and ask him to have a look again when he gets the time.

Made a mug of tea and started this dairy off. Then I finished off yesterday’s post.

Oh dear, the tummy rumbling is back again now, suddenly came on? And I have a long hobble coming up to get to the City Hospital Anticoagulation INR blood test session.

Had to stop doing this at this moment, or I will be late if I don’t get a move on now… Hope things (Google Chrome) will let me back on later.

1Mon01Been no bother yet today?

Would you believe it, after typing the above, guess what happened?

Not feeling too good with the innards, hope I can get to the hospital without any hassle. Hehe! Thank heavens for the free Pensioners Bus pass.


I’m back.

I’d set off and up through the park passing and talking to the tree Copse as I went. (I know, sad innit?)

Up over the hill and right down towards Valley Road Dual Carriageway.

Not too cold at all this morning, and no signs of any rain imminent either.

1Mon02On the hill hobbling down to the main road, I came across these giant daisies in a driveway of one of the houses.

I cannot remember seeing any of this giant variety of this species of daisy, the Asteraceae family ever before in England. I recall seeing some on a fishing holiday in Ireland at Athlone, though. Bootiful!

1Mon03As I approached the dual carriageway to turn left down to the turn at the next traffic island for the hospital, the fifth Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came at me.

I had the camera out from taking the flowers shot.

Along the footpath near the turn-off for the blood tests, I saw through the railings, one lone 1Mon04Ladybird, or Lady Bug as the Americans call them.

Did the best I could to get a clear shot of it, but ended up with the one here on the left as the best I could manage.

Onward through the ground passing the GUM Clinic and right into the Anticoagulation Section.

Took a ticket and went to get the Crossword Book out of the bag. But I’d left it in the flat. So I took the ticket from the machine and ventured to a mini-shop and bought another one. I must have about six of them now. Tsk!

Got seated and waited for the number to come up. The book I had bought had odd shaped crosswords grids where there were fewer answers crossing each other so made it a little hard to get some of the answers. That’s my excuse anyway. Hehe!

Half an hour or so later my number came up, and I hobbled into the clinic. Once again no bother with the extraction, but a right job to stop it bleeding afterwards.

Out and over the road to the bus stop with the bus pass in hand ready. I would have liked to have had a crash helmet and knee pads on too. Boy, was it busy on that bus! Haha!

1Mon09Got into Bulwell and walked to the cheapo shop where I found nothing I wanted. Limped to the Fulton Food Store to get the Sterilised milk – but they had none in stock. Not doing very well with the shopping today. They had none of the Bread Thins in either. I did get some battered fishcakes and fish fingers, though.

At £1 each on offers, so not all a waste of time, eh?

1Mon05Out of the shop through the Market Place.

Not many folks around today.

Although I could hear many emergency vehicles sirens and horn somewhere nearby? Mind you, this not uncommon in Bulwell I have to say.

To the River Lean Bridge to have a talk to the 1Mon07Mallard Ducks.

Gave them some of the fodder I’d mixed for them that I know they like.

Birdseed, Cornmeal pellets, Sunflower seeds and Mealworm Pellets.

Oh, I do look after them, and in return, it gives me so much pleasure to see them gobble them up.

1Mon06One white duck, a little larger than the others, did not join in the feast.

He or she was far more interested in something on the bottom of the river – and that is all I could in the photographicalisations I took of the bird – The Bottom!


I didn’t find out what was so tantalising the Duck in the river, though.

Went to catch a tram back to Nottingham, and a more perilous journey this one was. The tram was almost full when it arrived in Bulwell Station and dozens of ankle-snappers with mothers in toe with fags hanging out of their mouths and a varied vocabulary coming up from their oesophagus regions, shoplifters and yobboes competed with me for a seat… I lost!

Dropped off at the Theatre Royal stop and checked the time on the display. Twenty minutes until the next L9 bus. Not long enough to go to get some bread and milk, so I wobbled further down Queen Street and caught a 40 bus back. Another full bus!

A kerfuffle of sorts, but not an ill-tempered one at all. When it came to my getting off on Winchester Street Hill, Three ladies and a chap were getting off as well. But a lady who got on later in the journey had a for wheeled shopping trolley with her, and what a picklement as he had to move the trolley to make room the three trolleys the getting off ladies had. Still, they all managed it with a laugh, that was nice. The bus driver wasn’t too happy it took ages and a line of cars behind the bus up to the top of the hill by the time they’d sorted themselves and got off. Hehehe!

I waited as the bus departed to cross over where there is a central pedestrian island, waited further for the queue of traffic to clear and crossed over. To my surprise, the ladies had crossed with the chap and about fifty yards on down the hill already!

1Mon08Down and onto Chestnut Walk and took this photo from under the tree.

I wondered if this one will survive the chopper when they start the alterations at the compound?

Met Penny’s husband Frank in the foyer of the flats. We had a chinwag and a laugh.

Up to flat number 72 and to the porcelain for a wee-wee.

Put the fish away, keeping some out to use for the meal.

1Mon17aFelt somewhat peckish, so I got the meal cooking, took the medications and set the timer to remind me when the fish and fish cakes were ready.

Ate the lot of it and still felt a bit peckish afterwards.

Did the health checks.

1Mon18Drifted off into the land of nod in no time.

Woke a couple of hours later and put the kettle on to have a brew.

The sky looked nice, what is it they say? ‘Red Sky at Night – Shepherds Delight?

A small Whoopsiedangleplop with the washing up. Left the hot water tap running again. Blooming good job the plug was not in the sink!

Had a look at the TV magazine and found endless programmes I thought I’d like, took a while to choose which ones to watch… not that it mattered, I fell asleep again! Tsk!

Not a good one, off for a few minutes, waking up, nodding off again…

Eventually, I sprang awake with the need to make use of the Porcelain Throne, this woke me properly like when I stubbed the toe again en route. Hunger pangs returned, and I had a look what was available in the freezer for a second meal. Not had two meals in a day for years before.

1Mon17Cooked some potato cakes, petit poi and had the last three tiny potatoes left from the first meal of the day. The cooked smoked crispy bacon was a day out of date, but smelt and looked alright to me, so I had them cold.

Even had a pot of lemon yoghourt with it.

Within minutes of consuming and enjoying this extra feast, the innards started rumbling and stabbing away at me. Huh!

Put the empty plate and tray to one side, thought about taking an extra Omeprazole as Duodenal Donald was starting to kick off too… still managed to fall asleep right through until 0545hrs!

Inchcock – Sunday 21st May 2017: Stuck indoors again!


Sunday 21st May 2017

Lao: ວັນອາທິດ 21 ພຶດສະພາ 2017

Woke with a start around 0240hrs. Got the pencil and scribbled notes about the dream I had been having. Had a bad headache Rare for me, and Duodenal Donald was giving me much grief, very bad. Worrying over the computer the cause, perhaps?

Got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and took a Codeine Phosphate and an Omeprazole capsule then had a wee-wee. Noticed I was getting low on stocks of medications and thought it must be time to fetch the next prescriptions?

Back in the rickety recliner and read the notes about the dreams. Similar to one the night before. Nighttime, on a train with other people I knew, but could not put a name to? We were making plans to carry out something involving secrecy… finance and shredding tiddlywinks? We kept getting visitors to the carriage and interviewing them for some reason… The train crashed and none of us in the carriage were hurt… We ended up searching the bodies and wounded for tiddlywink markers, and giving the wounded an Extra Strong Mint each? Lots more took place I felt, but I couldn’t recall any more details.

Settled back and amazingly I dropped off to sleep again, until 0630hrs. Up and to the Porcelain Throne, Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding badly, but Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Reflux Roger were okay and no signs of any bother from Diahorrea Derek. Looking good, but I could not fully appreciate this as I was still fretting over the Goggle Chrome problems.

7Sun01aLooked nice outside when I went to make a mug of tea.

Did the Health checks, the weight had gone back down a bit from yesterday.

Got the internet on and tried out the email to see if any ongoing problems still.

After half an hour, Google Chrome had not gone unresponsive – but it took a while to start yesterday and never stopped all day, so I’m not getting any hopes up yet.

Finished off the Saturday Diary, back to the Porcelain Throne, not problems. Notice some mail had been delivered. Two letters. One from The Pensions Service, who had put the wrong Postcode on the address when I moved here in July 2016, and I had to contact them three times over two months to get them to change the Postcode so I could use the form for my ID with the bank. Telling me that I had ‘A Change in my Account Details’. No rush!

7Sun01The other from the Cancer Screening Programme telling me no further action required.

Sorted next weeks medication pots out.

The stomach keeps on rumbling and stinging a bit again. Might just be Duodenal Donald offering me a variety in his attack? Hehe!

6Sat12aHello… the damned going unresponsive Google Chrome has started again!

Selected Wait option, a few minutes later it came back on.

We’ll see.

Well, would you believe it?

7Sun02aI think you might. Bloody Virgin Media Internet has gone down now!!!

Sunday again, it always goes down on a Sunday!

Luckily by the time I’d done the graphic on the left, it was back on.

Getting the picture onto WordPress, and guess what happened this time?

Yes, Google Chrome went into Unresponsive 6Sat12aMode yet again, when I opened Gmail!

How Microsoft, Google and Virgin can get away with not showing any help, shame, ignominy, or self-denunciation with their obvious con-job of pretending their services work correctly, is enough to shame Tony Blair and Stalin!

They are all first-rate con-merchants, crooks, swindlers, bilkers, cheaters, deceivers, fleecers, 2017-05-21 08.04.19flimflammers, fraudsters, sharks, philargyrists, ingordigious, acquisitive, venal, money-grubbing, rapacious, and quomodocunquising!

They ruin people’s lives financially, emotionally and cruelly with offering hopes within their lies of perfection, and charge the earth for a service of the greatest uncaring, unconcerned nature!

2017-05-21 07.53.17Hitler and Stalin would have closed them down and Tony Blair would have bought them out!

Now, I just may sound a little bit pee’d off with Google Chrome, Microsoft, PC World, not being able to get on Facebook’s TFZ page and my own failure to get the computer sorted out?

This is because I am pee’d off with Google Chrome, Microsoft, PC World, not being able to 1Mon001get on Facebook’s TFZ page and my own failure to get the computer sorted out? It had to be said! Grumph!

Plan to have mixed mushrooms with a lamb hotpot for fodder today, with some potato farls, before they go out of date too far, and because I have no bread in stock, due to having to stay in just in case the Computer Tech Man Sam calls.

7Sun02bDecided to turn off and read the Emotions book for while.

After I’d taken a peep at the TV magazine and chosen some good programmes to watch later.

Fed-up with struggling on the computer.

And Arthur Itis, although being kind to my knees and ankles, decided to have ago at the hands and fingers. At least he moves around a bit. Hehe!

6Sat14Got the meal prepared and consumed. Lamb hotpot with some extra gravy. Nice!

Soon fell sleep and woke a few hours later.

Tried to watch the Gogglebox with some success this time, managed a good two hours before nodding off.

Woke around 0020hrs, stomach rumbling badly, but nothing on the Throne but the wind?

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner, took an extra painkiller and got off without much bother again.