Inchcock Today – Saturday 27th May 2017: Chrome, Gmail, Facebook going unresponsive worse than ever! Firefox to the rescue! (I hope)


Saturday 27th May 2017

Mongolian: Бямба 27 сарын 2017

0430hrs: Woke up with memories of the dreams so clear in my mind, by the time I got the pencil and pad to record them, they had all dissipated into the ether! Not the foggiest idea what they were about now. It does annoy me so when this happens. Tsk!

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. Little Inchy swollen and red but no bleeding and Haemorrhoid Harold was bloodless too! Even Duodenal Donald was giving me a rest. Had a read of the Emotions book and thought hello, no visitations from Dizzy Dennis today either. So glad about that after yesterday’s sessions.

Did the morning Health Checks. Weight down again! (Smug smile creeps over my pot-marked face… Haha!)


The computer on and updated the diaries without any hassle. Then: Damnations! Soon as I opened Gmail it happened again, and again and again! Can’t get into Facebook or Gmail without this happening! Grrr! I need help. Mind you I’ve had a lot from cyber friends, tried their suggestions and still the problem is here with Chrome! Double Damnations!

I cannot respond to any emails at the moment without freezing the programme. Pee’d off, well pee’d off! Sent a complaint to Google. Seems a lot of others are having similar problems judging be the letters of the question page.

Tried again to download Firefox. Told me an account was already open for this Email address when I attempted to download it and fill in the new form? Could not remember any password when I tried to open Firefox, so instead pressed the Forgotten Password button and they sent me an email so I could reset it. Helluva job on Chrome trying to get the bloody thing to let me read it! Several unresponsive and resetting reloading and I got there.

Set about sorting the favourites and layout for the site. This took hours to get right and something how I wanted it. But with the Chrome freezes and unresponsiveness, it was a pleasure to do. I still can’t understand why it didn’t let me download it last week, though. Sandie suggested I try it, and I did, but it might have been Google blocking me? Made Firefox the default browser.

So pleased when I tried it, and it worked (Crossed fingers still!) and updating this diary is an absolute delight!

Now going to try and open Gmail…

Tried doing some responses and WordPress reading… No response problem there. Tried going on Facebook – the second big test. Very slow but working!

5Fri12LGot the slow cooker going with vegetable stock seasoned water with mushrooms, turnips and podded peas bubbling away for later.

Hope to have some fish and surimi with it… or maybe another beef pie and gravy?

Got caught up with the Emails and Facebook eventually. 

Feeling a bit drained and tired mentally now.

Took ages to get Firefox how I wanted it.

WordPress did not work on Firefox, too tired to try and sort that now, and the Cup Final was due to start in an hour or two.

6Sat18Got the fodder served up, quite a plateful today. Maybe it was because I was over the moon with getting Firefox onto the computer and working (all bar WordPress), but I enjoyed this so much. The tomatoes were fine, beetroot was excellent, fresh pod peas, mushrooms and turnips wonderfully tasty, the egg okay, the mackerel delightful and oily, the surimi great – even the oven chips came out right!

Decided to get a shave shower and freshen up in time for the match to start on the goggle-box.

Settled in plenty of time for the commencement of the final: No nodding off here. I enjoyed the game and the team (Arsenal) I wanted to win the match, won. The only thing that bothered me was the ‘dive’ a Chelsea player took in an effort to get a penalty. He ought to be charged with bringing the game into disrepute I thought. Then I remembered all the things that teams, managers and agents have got away with over the years, and decided not to charge him (Hehehe!) after all.

I tried to watch a film after the match but drifted into and out of slumber for hours before giving up.

Had a dream about a long lost love I think. Woke up and realised, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Roger Reflux were all being kind to me. Only Duodenal Donald was any bother at that time. Thus it was a while before I could get back to sleep. Huh!

14 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 27th May 2017: Chrome, Gmail, Facebook going unresponsive worse than ever! Firefox to the rescue! (I hope)

  1. I think you got on the wrong side of the Goggle gods somehow and they are making you pay. You might have to give them a burnt offering of a fox consumed by fire from your success in getting Firefox installed and working on your computer. It shouldn’t be so much trouble, but whatever demons or peeved gods you have controlling your computer, you certainly don’t seem to be appeasing them in any ether-way, cyber-shape or virtual-form. As you may know, I am no fan of Facebook, and I would have not problem suggesting you simply up and chuck it, but I understand that people keep up with people on FB. Looks like conquering Firefox gave you an appetite — great looking dinner.

    • Dang Google Gods! Facebook could go now if it wasn’t for the lovely Senior folks on the TFZ site.
      Oh yes, the hunger returned Tim. Ate the lot of it too.
      Flipping cold here again this morning, rain forecast later as well, so I may get wet on my outing to the WW1 display. Tsk!
      Firefox and Grammarly working well. Fingers still crossed though.

  2. Not sure why Firefox was requiring an account or a password, every time I have downloaded it it’s just a matter of installing & opening it (even when I have run Windows), the whole thing seems quite odd. Hmmm, I am not sure why FF is giving you trouble with wordpress, I tested to see if I could log in from FF & it is working fine for me, not sure if our OS variance is making any difference.

    • Ah, you see gal muggings here wrote WordPress in mistake for Grammarly. With Grammarly not picking up my errors, I missed this Whoopsiedangleplop I made. I misled you a bit there, sorry my flower. But the good news, is I have got it going now. Took me hours of asking for advice all over the web and I have no idea how I did it in the end, but all is well now.
      I realised that the problem with Firefox starting up was because I already had it from 2003 on the Google system. But could not get into Chrome to find the password. Emailed them via Firefox Google mail and they sent me a put it right and change of PW to me.
      So, the answer to your questions is: It was Gerry’s inability, confusion, lack of education and confidence that caused the problems.
      Sorry if this got you confused petal.

    • If you don’t mind, such terminology and language is crude and offensive. Fancy using the word Gates on the comment?
      Anyway, turning around once is enough to get Dizzy Dennis going.
      Luckily, things seem to be going alright… He say’s foolishly!
      Arsenal done well.

      • Sorry about that mucker.
        I’ll not Hammer that point home to you.
        However… and notwithstanding… I predict a much better season next year for your lads. Always had a soft spot for them yer know.
        Keep the Faith, and pray fer Spurs to combust! I am. TTFN

  3. Yes, it seems all is well that, well, ends. I’ve often ended up getting something to happen on my laptop of PC without knowing how it happened. I still believe Ye Gods of the Ether demand occasional sheep gut sacrifices…just in case. I find updates tedious because they invariably result in hard-won preferences being lost somewhere forever or until I accidentally rediscover them in some obscure corner of the OS. Whew!

    • I can understand what you say, Sir. And concur with it all.
      Just to think, all that fortune Gates etc. has accrued through selling something that doesn’t work right too?
      Hehe! TTFN

      • Perhaps that’s why he and the missus started the Gates Foundation: to do penance by giving it all away so they can get into Heaven and avoid the alternative, the Ether, where all our peace of mind and personal preferences go when Microsoft gives us updates to our OS’s, i.e. “Hell”…! Just saying Inchey! We can hope!

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