Inchcock Today – Friday 22nd May 2020: Confusion and befuddlement mostly today


2020 ttttMay22

Friday 22nd May 2020

Luxembourgish: Freideg 22 Mee 2020

00 May 22 Sandie

TFZer: Tree House Sandie Lentz ♥

GM L 0.0.130bl02:35hrs: Once again, I awoke, with a vagueness, an opacity of thought. Yet within a few moments, lucubrations started forming, plans laid and made, ideas considered within my grey-cells. My clinomania encouraged me to remain laid there, on the recliner. Thinking, planning, but without any logicality or precision. Which didn’t last for very long though.

I felt the cold draft coming in from the balcony door I had left open. The brain reckoning stopped. The need to escape the warm clutches of the quilt, and get up to close the door took priority. I was being sensible and taking my time in getting up, but the cool breeze, made me throw caution to the wind. I was fortunate in getting up, grabbing the four-pronged walking stick, making my way to the door and shutting it to, then needing an urgent wee-wee! All, without any toe-stubbings, dizzies or knocking over anything from the Ottoman! Smug-Mode-Adopted!

WD 0.0.0 (1) To the wet room and had a totally different style of wee-wee this morning. A first, a new style! Oh, yes! A PAVCT (Painful-And-Various-Coloured-Trickling) wee-wee! Amazing, it started off orange, then cream, and the last few trickles 5Fri02were a cloudy-grey! Crunggleisations!

WD 0.0.0 (1) I did notice the right-knee seemed to have gone out of sync, deformed a bit? But, t’ was of little concern, as there was no pain from it, apart from the Arthur Itis usual. Then I thought, are NN’s (Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters) out of actions again, not passing the nerve-ends messages to the brain, and will I get electric-shock like pains if it does belated get the information across? Tsk! 

WD 0.0.0 (1) Perhaps, it could be a dirty-great giant alien worm lava, whose egg had been laid in my body, and was fighting his way out? Or a mutation of the Coronavirus? Maybe NN’s have died altogether, I have multiple broken bones, and don’t know it because the neurotransmitters are kaputt? Hahaha!

And to think, the Government is working to keep people busy so they don’t get bored being stuck at home, Hah! Never get time for a dull moment here!

Ah, my uneducated but fertile mind kicked into silly-gear: If there is a way to pass on Peripheral Neuropathy to folks, then let them have a stroke, and they will not be bothered about the virus then. They’ll have enough on their plate just getting through day-to-day? And, what am I ranting on about?

5Fri03Off to the kitchen, and got my breakfast. The BP Sys was down from yesterday, which was encouraging.

WDP 002WD 0.0.0 (1a) I was washing the mugs and mixing bowl in the sink, and got a visit from Shoulder Shuddering Shirley. Which moved my arm under the running hot water tap – the nerves were working then, cause it made me jump, and whip my arm away from the water; hitting the back of my hand on the corner of the bread bin. Broggleknockersworth!

To the computer, and made up a template. Then started to update the Thursday blog. Got the post sent off, emailed the link and went on Pinterest. Stopped to make a brew. Back to the computer, onto the comment section on WordPress. Tim Price informed me that he’s had a link talk to someone at WordPress, and they are going to force the new block editor on everyone. But there should be a way within the programme’s workings, of going back to the old editor. Ha! Me, learn how to do that?

Then I spent an inordinately long time on TFZer Facebooking, happily! Then set off to get the ablutions done.

5Fri04WD 0.0.0 (1) The need for the Porcelain Throne arrived. The evacuation was similar to the last two days ones. Start, blocked, do the crossword book, suffer the pain, appreciated it when things start again, and finish the session, with an exclamation of pain and relief!

5Fri05WD 0.0.0 (1) I did spot some new blood spots or papules on the left leg as I was crosswording. Ah, the mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court. The ghosts, hobgoblins, boll-weevils, aliens, gremlins, karakia-cursing entities. The materialisations, poltergeist, lemures, wairuas, kehuas, and manifestations. That permeate, pass through the pores and 5Fri06interstices of space, through the time-continuum. Usually, without rupture or displacement within the building. To cause havoc, fear and frustration, as they dislodge time itself, in their aspirations and skulduggery, to complete their given by Satan, ‘Let’s Piss-off Inchcock’ mission? 


5Fri007cHowever, not-withstanding and apart from that, the ablution session was one of the best for months! One knick shaving, only five dropsies, and three of them were the min-soap tablet. No stubbed toes, not knocking anything off of the floor cabinet… no sorry, I did knock off the Daktacort cream, sorry about that inaccuracy. Olive oiled the ear-drums, Germoloided the piles, and Saccades Sandra’s drops in the eyes. Washed the spectacles, and went through the unpleasurable, delicate, always painful job, of treating Little Inchies fungal lesion

I got myself smelling half-decent, medicated things and got some clothes on. I made up two small black waste-bags and hobbled to the chute room with them.

4Thu15Back to the apartment, suddenly remembering I had some of the San Benedetto Prima Spremtura Clementina (Clementine juice) arriving today, 24x 300ml cans. I have to say, I adore the taste. Not too fizzy, not too sweet, but I find them very refreshing.

I looked at the Amazon tracker (right), but it seems like it’s going to be a late delivery, this time. It hasn’t even reached the dispatch yet, let alone out for delivery!

I suppose this means another miserable night for Inchcock! Globberations! I’ll have to not watch telly, cause I have to use the headphones, and cannot hear the Intercom or door chimes when I have them on. So, it’ll mean me staying up and trying to stay awake long enough, and I do get grumpy with myself when I am prevented from sleeping. It’s hard enough to drop off as it is. But, you can be sure tonight, I’ll nod off after staying up so many extra hours waiting for the cans to arrive. Still, serves me right for ordering them. Hahaha! Grumblegollocks!

I’ve still got a few left in the fridge if anyone fancies popping over? Tsk! Oh, I forgot, I’m not allowed visitors, cause of my High-Risk status! Clapbogsworthyness!

Ah, well, I’d better get on with doing some more graphicationalisationing then.

5Fri08WD 0.0.0 (1) Gawd, it’s going so slowly, Shoulder Shuddering Sheila, and Dizzy Dennis are the main culprits. Only got three graphics done, and I’m about to give up.

I came across some disturbing news while searching for facts for the blog. Nottingham is bucking the trend on Coronavirus and has had an increase in infection and hospitalisations.

Oh, dear!

5Fri09So late now, but I dare not nod-off, or I may miss the deliveryman. I’ll have a look at the tracker, hang on a sec…

WD 0.0.0 (1) Blimus! It’s not moving at all, over three hours ago, the tracker reads the same! Not even reached the despatch warehouse. No way it’ll get here before 20:00hrs. Gits!

I wish they’d just tell me it’s not going to make it today! But no! Muggins here has to stay up, just in case it does. No chance to listen to the TV or radio. I’m bound to nod off and not know if it has been or not! But if the dispatch is in Leeds, how can they make it tonight? I do not want or need the stuff today. Initially, they told me it would arrive twixt 18th > 20th… I may have got myself in a muddle here, I’ll have a look at the calendar.

5Fri10WD 0.0.0 (1) Well, I made a right cock-up over the dates! Brambackleshittums! Cracklepackers and Blockstooum!

According to the last eta given me, they are due next Thursday, Friday or Saturday?

I’m so confused now, but it definitely says arriving today by 8 PM on the tracker!

I’ve got to stay awake somehow, but fear it will not happen. I wonder if Amazon has made an error somehow? Or, has the lorry broke-down? Or the driver been arrested? Perhaps Aliens have landed fancying a drink?

Just had another decker at the Tracker, still not moved at all. I could spit! Why me every time? I’m not a bad or naughty boy! Hehehe! Sodwrangles!

I just went to put the kettle on, and the trees in the bottom field and along Chestnut Walk, look in danger of being uprooted! So violent was the wind!

Amazon arrived? It was to Thompsons Punjabi tea, 6 boxes! Marvellous!


5Fri09But most confusing. According to the Amazon email, it was the Clementine drinks that should be coming?

I did another tracker check. Obviously, the San Benedetto was not going to arrive. A mistake had been made by someone other than me for once, Amazon!

WD 0.0.0 (1) As I was putting away the tea bags in junk-room-two, Dizzy Dennis caught me out as I was stretching to reach the drawers, and over I went. Luckily, there was not enough room between the boxes that had been waiting five years to get sorted out all over the room, which broke my fall!

WD 0.0.0 (1) As I struggled to get near something solid to support me in getting back up and haul my onerous body from the floor, I could not reach the stick from where I landed. So, crawling through the rubbish to retrieve the stick… I found what I had done several searches for last week, but couldn’t find – Two packets pf Thompsons Punjana tea bags! I did feel a fool! Well, I’m stocked up for life now on the best tea bags in the world (Well, my favourites), Glengettie (Nine packs x80), Glengettie Gold (Two packs x80), and these, the best of the three, Punjana! (Eight packs x80).

5Fri11A perfect overloaded stock, suitable for a sinensophile, come tea-sommelier as me. Hehehe! But the confusion caused by all the wrong indications and dates from Amazon’s emails will probably mean I won’t live long enough to drink them all. But, I’ll do me bestest!

Got some Hickory in the beans and franks in each saucepan. There had to be something wrong with the new Hickory, and I soon found out what it was. It states clearly that a good shaking of the bottle is needed before use every time.

WD 0.0.0 (1) Well, the seal and cap on the bottle leaked when I shook it! Shame, cause it is a great tasting flavouring. It didn’t half take some getting off of my hands though. It went on the jammie bottoms and stomach too. Tsk!

5Fri14Nosh at last. Baked beans and German Franks with Hickory, a few mini-tomatoes, three small slices of bread, a lemon mousse and the Clementine drink for afters.

Taste-Rating: 9.2/10 Highly acceptable!

I got the pots soaking afterwards and settled down to a disturbing evenings rest. I wasn’t sure if the San Benedetto would or should be arriving, so I tried to stay awake a little longer…


12 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 22nd May 2020: Confusion and befuddlement mostly today

  1. Beans and franks was a classic end of money/month dish when I was growing up. The hot dogs were packages two more to the pack than the buns, so there always was a leftover problem. My mother would cut them into small pieces, though, so everyone got some. Sher also did a cheese and franks deal where she’d slice the hot dog lengthwise, fill the cavity with catsup with a length of cheese slipped on top. This would be broiled in the oven till the cheese melted, then we’d eat them like hungry little piggies! (They were good, as was the beans and franks.) I don'[t recall ever eating the cheese and franks on a hot dog bun, but that would be a good way to do it. Of course, the best way of all to eat hot dogs is roasting them over an open fire, then eating them on a warm bun with relish and the condi-ments of choice. I personally go heavy on the condiments and relishes because I hate hotdogs for all the salt in them. Usually, though, I avoid eating them because one or two is all that sounds good, then I have the hassle of figuring out tolerable ways to eat the rest of the sausages in the package. Here, there usually are eight to a package unless you get the fatter ones at six to a package.

    • The ingenuity of some women, amazing!

      Same with us on the sausage pack sizes, Doug.

      Just off to medicate things that are bleeding, cheers.

  2. Once WP makes the Blockhead editor the default, you will be able to access the classic editor from your admin pages. You are getting a pretty good collection of bruises. At first glance I thought the Punjana tea was exotic tomatoes. Beany Weenies always a good meal.

    • Amornin’ to you, Sir.

      I just clicked on My Site to see if I can find the place I will need, My Admin, and lost all the writing I’d done on the reply. Ah, well, I know where it is now, thanks.

      Grand tea that Punjana, Tim. Really tasty!

      The Hickory was okay added to the beans. Shame about the leaking caps. I went to have a look at the comments from Amazon buyers on the product. Seems to me, about a third of them half had the same problem.

      Keep safe, and hello to the family for me please.

  3. Hello Mr. Inchcock

    Just a note to wish you well during this miserable pandemic. Sorry you are not able to go outside much.

    Glad to see you made such a highly rated meal! We used to make that for our kids and they always loved it.

    Please take care.

    • High, Chris, so nice to hear from you, Sir.

      Glad to know you and Barbie are coping.

      I do like beans and hot dog sausages, Chris. The Hickory in the beans is subtle but tasty.

      Look after yourselves, besest of luck and happiness!

  4. Sinensophilia and a copious supply of Glengettie make for a perfect match. Lisa is also a fan of the sparkling orange and prickly pear beverage from Sanpellegrino of Italy. Perhaps just marketed under different brand names.
    I think those space aliens are taking advantage of this pandemically plagued planet and are redirecting those Amazon orders to their cosmic vessels. Hopefully, they are presently reading this message and will return them promptly — or are now planning to abscond *our* packages as well. 🙂
    Wishing you a fine Sunday!

    • Does Lisa have thye Clementine one, Bill? Lovely and refreshing. Good tastes the gal has.
      Dang Aliens and Ghosts, driving me potty, Bill. Hehehe!
      Thanks and taketh care!

      • Indeed, Lisa enjoyeths the Clementine one with great favor. A grand beverage find ’twas.
        Aliens and Ghosts driving one to potty evokes quite an image, does it not?
        Taketh care on a Monday — a holiday hereabouts, kind of like VE Day in the UK methinks.
        I fank you. Taketh care thereabouts!

      • A lady of good choices, and excellent taste-buds, your Lisa! Well done, gal! ♥

        I have the reality of my ever-changing wee-weeing scenario to contend with, and a desire to inform others of it, it seems? Hahaha!

        Ban holiday means nothing this year mate. No change, same-same for me. No buses, imprisoned on the orders of HMG anyway. Natterless, lonely and depressing (Not depressive really, but it gives an effect of brave frustration coping? Har-har!) The ailments are making tyoing, thinnking and even wee-weeing take so much longer today, no time for rest and recouperationalisationing. Not even startedtodays blog off yet, and I’ve been up for five and a half hours!

        I’m in a funny mood, but I guess you guessed that already, Bill?

        The reception of perception, can give one indigestion. Or not.

        Bestest wishes to Lisa, your good self, and the keyboard walker!


      • Typing, thinking, and wee-weeing — a worthy response to the inquiry “What’s up, cocker?” I also imagine that there is an emoji out there to signify chin-wagging. I’m always engaging in that sport of “reception of perception” — with or without the indigestion 🙂
        Wishing you well either way!

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