Inchie: Sunday 9th July 2023 – Libert-Global Failures Again!

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Most paragraphs are from scribbled notes. The latter parts I can actually remember. The odd chronological guesswork included.

Going done so often caused me many problems and ultra-frustration. I have used more swear, curses, and words of hatred today than ever.
That is saying something I can tell yers! (Spit, spit, spit!)

According to the scribble on the notepad, I was woken up at 06:45hrs by the Carer calling. Eye drops were in, the overspill was wiped off, and medications were given. Per instructions, the eye drops were inserted five minutes later, and the overspill was wiped off. The regulation 3 minutes of holding the index finger in the nose side started as the Carer departed. I guessed at the timing.
I took off the night bag. Got it emptied and safe-wrapped for disposal.

None of the were leaking this morning. But it looked like the right leg infection was creeping up the chin area.

I sorted out the waste bags and then went into the kitchen again to check on the food situation and if anything needed ordering today for next week. (Forgetting at that time, I’d already done an order from Asda) Took a photographicalisation of the morning’s view...
And a close-up nosey at the house being done up.

Made a mug of Glengettie tea to dunk the morning’s breakfast of four Maryland cookies into it.
Started the notes of the day.
Then got the computer on…
Within five minutes, the above.
So, I visited the … And boy, I was forced to by the oligarchs of .
Because I avoided a right .
As I opened the wet room door, I felt the flow from the rear end coming of its own accord! It was also lucky that I only had the thin dressing gown on; I yanked it off, downed the pants in a rush, and plopped my elephantine body down on the seat. The flow began before I’d made contact with the plastic raised seat!
Splish, splash, slosh & all done! What a stink!
Had a mess to clean up. Then got the gown back on. Tried the computer, and the internet was back on. I got the photo transfer session done with crossed fingers.

Doing so, I realised that the tea had gone cold, and I hadn’t had my breakfast of four cookies yet. Tsk!
So, made another brew, Thompson Punjana, this time.

Started to get the blog updating tackled…
Fancy that!
This time it lasted for half an hour offline.
But returned…
Only for about 5 minutes offline this time.
I actually got some CorelDraw work started.

While waiting for the internet to return…
I started to write down the order for the food I didn’t need, but at that time I didn’t realise I didn’t need it, cause I’d forgotten about ordering the Asda order that I’d done a day or so ago for the next week… I think!

The monetary-gain pecuniary, merchants, sham, bogus, false interest in offering a workable internet, money-mongers, without a care in the world about any of their internet customers; Continue at their usual rate of failure.
Mind you, had I been getting a $26 million a year salary with guaranteed bonuses and an open expense account – fair enough, I would not need to give a shit about myself either…
I may have got a smidgen carried away there?
My hatred for the man & company is tempered only by the fact that Fries is so damned good-looking! Hehehe!

I felt the right leg stinging in its usual waves, seemingly coming from within the leg.
Took this snap of the agony-giving legs. Rather colourful now?

The owners of returned once more, ten minutes or so later.
I pressed on with the updating, and actually got the blog finalised! Final checks and began to post it off...

During this , I lost a lot of work done and foolishly not saves on CorelDraw.

Oligarchical, capricious, undependable.

During a Carers call, the internet returned!
For three minutes, then…

The day had flashed by already, and little was done.
When, a few minutes later, the internet came back,
I posted the Saturday blog off! But…
About 15 minutes later, yet again…

So, I stretched my legs and went to get another bottle of soda water. Boy, the skies were magnificent!
A Pareidolia’s Delight!
I spotted a giant creature apparently coming into this snap from the right-hand side, with a head, nose, mouth, and fins. Can anyone else see it, or is it just me?
Far left; the jaws of a creature. Another creature’s head and also the shape of an airliner cabin? The cloud formations were beautiful as the darkness began to arrive.

Back again… for one minute!
As Victor Meldrew would say…

More Pareidolia’s Delights!
A long mouse lower centre?
Fantastic! A Michelin Man – Bigfoot in the clouds, with a Dolphin jumping out of the clouds to the right! See it?
The left creature swimming in the clouds?

Fries and his money-number-fact-crunching Mafia Mob have beaten me! Computer off, and messages sent out through the ether to any and everyone; spewing my hatred for the Oligarchical Smoke & Mirrors money men!
A smidgeon of jealousy included.

I went to check on the meal cooking…

The pan with the vegetable soup with Borchst added was now a blob of nothingness! I threw away the pan contents, triple-wrapped them into the bin, and washed the saucepan. But, It’s led a charmed life, this saucepan has. The number of times I’ve burnt food in it) Hehehe! Tsk!
I got another can of thick-cut vegetable soup in the saucepan and added a smidgeon of Borchst to it. Got half of the tear & share bread, and put it in the oven with the potato cubes, hoping both will be cooked simultaneously. Then I got sidetracked, as per usual. I and my  against the server trolley wheel and leg.
The soup was okay when I’d recovered and ointmentated the now stinging lesion, but the tear & share bread was a little overcooked. The potatoes too, but I like them that way.
A great nosh despite all the hassle.
Taste Rating: 8.2/10.
It went down a treat, as I ate it while watching an episode of ‘Heartbeat’; as per usual, I nodded off and missed the last few minutes of the programme. I hate it when I do that… but it happens so often nowadays, Humph! I tended to getting the pots and pans washed up! At this point, I can inform you all that the steak knife has lost none of its sharpness.

Late Carer arrived, Richard. He was not feeling very well, methinks. He got the night pouch on and carried out the medicationing and two eye drops, as required. Said my farewells and thanked the lad. After that, I repeatedly sat down to watch the goggle box, waking up and taking a photo of the night.

Here they are:

Bootiful! I could see a stretched face in there?

A close-up, taken by accident. Well, she is
to blame, really. Haha!
A wide shot…
A close-up of the orange rift; Is that the word?

TTFNski, Each.

What are your daily habits? – My Daily Habits are…

Stir back into imitation life. Remove the night catheter bag from the day one.

Check on the state of the bloated legs. They tend to change daily; one day, the left is gigantic, and the next, it can often be the left one that hogs all the stored fluid.

Work out what time and day it is. (This information is usually gone off into the ether within minutes.

To the wet room for the medicationalisationing: Check the fungal lesion, and check for bleeding – Put olive oil in the earholes – eye drops in the cataracted right eye, eyedrops in the same eye, then some in left eye. Next, check that needs any ointment to be applied. Then check on the ever-changing Warfarin dosages.

Remove the ankle ulcer pad, and clean up any seepages; if so, put a new pad on.

Then to tackle the painful task of using the .

Then the high-risk, due to the s habit of bringing on an involuntary . Which has had me over on many occasions. Shaving the next job. Which I’m afraid that often causes the odd nick or two.

Decoking the hearing aids and checking the batteries have to be done. It’s easier when I remember to put the olive oil in beforehand… which is not very often.

Check with , to make sure that in the event of my remembering, I’ve got another hospital or clinic appointment; and have booked a lift there and back.

Consult the medical log to make sure I’m got them right. I should do this first, but always seem to forget all about it until after.  This fault is helped along by

Go around not forgetting either or checking the boll-weevil traps, in case any need emptying and replacing. I’ve got an interesting intriguing infestation.

By now, it’s generally time for my late breakfast. Occasionally, I have the one mug of Glengettie tea allowed me per day, by the kind doctors at the , and some biscuits with them. Not with the doctors, the mug of tea.

The carer makes their third call of the day… which I greatly appreciate, although the dwindling bank account and manager do not agree with me.

Notwithstanding any trips, falls or tumbles, that’s me up until around noon, daily.

By then I’m on the wain and am unsure what happens then.

Loosely, this is true, but, I’m beginning to resign myself to it now. Hehehe!

Anyone wishing to adopt a 77-year-old mind-wandering chap, I’m here as long as you are a female! Hahaha!

Owt for laugh, even the truth!


INCHIE: Wednesday 28th June 2023

I love this one; just look at the dates. Hehe! 

I burst into life with a jolt, inane muttering coming from my mouth; I must have been in the middle of a dream? I detached the night bag from .
Decent-coloured urine this morning.
The need to use the arose, and so did I from the c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner, caught my balance, grabbed , and off to the wet room. The evacuation session was completely different this time. in complete charge. Messy!

A stand-up job. Bleeding aplenty from various departments during the washing-up, of my magnificent, muscular, firm, women-attracting body. Where from? I’ll tell yers: Teeth and gums, nose, chin, neck, head and of course the regulars, , and poor old . Oh, naturally from the inserted tube.
The took me half as long again as the flipping wash & brush-up did.
Ten minutes on the computer, and…
And, these oligarchs, heroic internet blockers who claim this: “Liberty Global is a world leader in converged broadband, video and mobile communications and an active investor in cutting-edge infrastructure, content and technology ventures” – Financially they may be, but the service is crap!

Within five hours it had been down nine times! (And more followed!) By the end of the day, the smoke & mirrors money fanatics had failed me no less than 22 times!  I really must say, My hatred for them grows!

I tried for ages to get a hold of neighbour Josie, to give her some coffees and a pink G&T. I sensed she was in, but it took me six tries… which was something to do each time that $26 million salaried boss Herr Fries led and owned companies internet failed, again and again!

Domestic Denise called. Shocked at the state of my leg. I think she mentioned it to Carer Kara, who called in quickly to check on my leg wound. Creamed it for me. I’m worried about going in the taxi tomorrow to the Bank meeting, it is painful, and my wearing trousers are bound to hurt more. Poor thing, Hehe!

Laundry returned.

Something else to do while the Liberty-Global internet is down.
I made a brew and had two cookies… oh, three!

While a carer was here, ILC (Independent Living Coordinator) Generaloberstess, Ice skating champion, florist and Warden Julie came in. I’m not certain what took place but think it was about ordering a lift with for 21 July for the EENT Hospital. Kara spoke but, I didn’t catch it all; bad timing with my old ear wax crackling again.

Back on the computer…

Ad an early meal, just a small one.
Sarnies, tomatoes and beetroot. Nice!

Not sure why or when I took this one.
From the computer desk through the balcony.

Carer Chris did the last two calls. Asked him not to put the night bag on, I’ll do it, cause going into the kitchen to make a meal with tube and bag to carry along with a walking stick, is too risky in my state. Mind you, there is always the chance of , , or maybe even a kicking off when I bend, so there is no winning either way. Hehe!

Well, fancy that, I’ve not had two meals in a day for a year or so. I good sign, mayhap; or not?

Then, washed the pots and…
took a shot of the end car park as it was beginning to darken a little. We can’t have had much rain lately; the mudslide from Woodthorpe Grange Park was noticeable by its absence!

Waking up to the flashing light from the TV screen, which did the cataract no good.
I went to check the kitchen and wet room for anything left on or off that shouldn’t be.
The amazing blue hue of the night.

Good Night!

Inchie Saturday 6th May 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
06:15hrs: I leapt from the £300, second-hand shop bought nine years ago, c1966, discomfiting, alarmingly beige-coloured, crumb-containing, TV remote hiding, not working recliner. Threw off the catheter night bag and did 100-press-ups. Then 300 toe touches while I yodelled loudly.
A bit of shadowboxing and some torso turning. A couple of minutes of weightlifting… Then woke up for real
and prevented me from moving for a while. I grabbed the Pain Gel tube, and somehow managed to get up on my feet without tripping over the tubing, and lathered on where I could reach o the back, then took an extra Codeine Phosphate painkiller. It didn’t do much good.
Removed the night pouch, and I sat down again.
Boy was EQ right with his warning of ‘Pain to Come’ last afternoon.
The agony was too weak a word to describe it.

Struggled to get the thick slippers on.

Emptied the night bag, wrapped it and binned it in the appropriate bag.

Made a brew and waste bags up to the door.
Did the BP test while waiting for the kettle.
Then got the computer on.
After five minutes…

More followed! Tsk!

While the Internet was down, I tried to read the letter from Nuthall Hospital. But it was hard work with the spyglass. I asked a Carer to assist to make sure I got the time & date right. Put it on the calendar.

The Internet was back on again. Got on with updating yesterday’s not even started yet, blog. But…

While waiting for the Liberty-Global owned, Virgin Media to start again, I realised that it must be the demand on the system my Royalists wanted to see the Coronation? Or would that be right? Would it affect things?
I titivated the Carers stable a bit – and sod-it, & were joined by all increased their agonies inflicted on me. I know full well that I should not take Ipobrufen, but the Paracetamols are not doing anything to ease the pain at all, so I took one. 

I must call and ask the Doctor if anything else is available. The sheer consistency of the three of them is grinding me down today. They are detritioning my resistance. I bet that EQ is reading this smugly after yesterday’s warning from him?

The Landline Flashed!
It was someone from DHL.
DHLHe informed me that they had been given the wrong area code, which is why the parcel was not delivered yesterday. I confirmed it with him. It will be arriving later today. After ringing off, I wondered how the food had been stored, cause there are some fresh foods ordered? Later a driver called me, couldn’t understand much of what he was saying, but gathered he needed instructions to the flats, Did my best.

Carer Rhamat, or was it? I think that was her name. To think, a year ago, I was almost proud of my memory of names. Not anymore!
While she was here, the DHL man arrived. Rahmat took the box from him and put it in the hallway for me. I said my farewells and forgot all about the box… the box I nearly tripped over and still didn’t empty it!

A vastness of a Memory-Blank came over me. A few hours later, I remembered the box in the hallway!
Set about sorting it out.
Got it opened and the things sorted…
This should see me through without an order next week.
Goulash etc., fit for a king!
But not Charles 3rd, me! Hehehe!.
There had been ice packs in the box. But with them coming a day late, they were now just bags of water. Got some meat for Sister Jane as a treat.

Back onto blogging…

Carer Jo-Anne arrived, and I showed her whatever material it was that was in the box. We laughed as I said I could use it as a head scarf, and wrapped it around my head. She did laugh raucously (is that the right word?), and she took some photos of me. Hahaha!
This one she took with my camera.
We couldn’t work out what cloth it was. Used presumably to protect the food? The thing self-destructed, disintegrated later, and just fell apart – making a right mess of my dressing gown & carpet?

I shall have a bit of the vegetable bread loaf and potatoes for tonight’s meal, methinks.

Another Memory Blank, and the girl-ailments, after easing off a little, were back on full-throttle pain-wise.

I took this off of the TV earlier. I managed to watch about ten minutes of the performance. But found it a little sad in a way.
Diane, No-Sweat-Prince with a bad memory. The wonderful way in which Her Majesty visited the tenants of the Grenfell Tower Disaster!

Carer Chloe came (I’m pretty sure that name is right – but…).
I told her I’d taken a painkiller extra, so none for me tonight.
I do believe that the ailments are easing again? Or am I?

Fodder Making Time!

Just swede & carrot, with sea salt and a splash of vinegar.
Potatoes, vegetable loaf and the swede & carrots.
Two out-of-date cheap bread rolls.
And a pot of dessert.
All eaten up – and followed by…
Vegan ice-cream.
Overall Taste Rating: 7.8/10.

I put the computer back on, when I found some photos from this morning, that I swear were not on the SD card then, but they are now?
Such are the mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the ghosts, wraiths, spectres, cacodaemons, apparitions, and other grotesqueries that haunt the hallways and lobbies, searching for Inchie to curse with bad luck, create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare. worry and confuse me! Cataract Kathie, Neuropathy Pete and Doreen Dementia are the main culprits. There are others, of course!

The Missing Photos…
Just after midday, I think!
Front car park.
Pareidoliaist-time here. Can you see anything?

I took a final photo from the kitchenette window.

Nightie-Night All!

INCHIE: Monday 3rd April 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
My window-frame head-butting session from yesterday
that I thought might affect my brain…
Hahaha! The things I come out with!
Affect my brain? A little late to do any serious harm to it.
The brain has had milling

about inside for a year or so now. As it turned out, no
damage was detected. In fact, I was a little disappointed
with the bruise quality, as it’s almost gone this morning!

Still, it didn’t affect my distinguished looks. Hehehe!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A decent kip compared to the last few week’s efforts. Unbothered by
, or by the double-glazed head-butting wound on my forehead. However… conversely, , then combined to ruin the nocturnal sleeping session on their own.
They both eased off at the same time, around 06:00hrs.
At about 07:30hrs, Carer Richard arrived. I was so pleased to see him at last. But I was so tired I could not communicate properly. He told me to ring Matron about the leaking papules. Can’t recall much more; I think I kept nodding off while he was talking. Not being rude; just worn out through lack of sleep. I think he said as he left he’ll see me next Monday? A look at the roster later backed this up. Shame, only once a week.

I ran Matron. Later a Nurse came; she was a little miffed with me ringing in. I explained although was trying Otto stop me from talking, doing a reasonable job too: That the Carer, who was just out of the hospital with a similar problem, advised me to. I didn’t impress her!
If looks could have killed through the ether, I’d not be writing this now!
Even though not my fault – I humbly apologised as she swooshed out of the door, but missed whatever it was she said back to me. (Probably a good thing?) Don’t think that she scared me… but she did! Hahaha!

The wee-weeing started slowly, then suddenly got a move on. Once again, an excellent colour – but a horrible pong when I emptied the bag!


After the third visit to the , each one was messy.

I belatedly made the first brew of the day.
The dark clouds seemed to be moving quickly.
Ether that or and/or
, was assisting
to make my eyesight even worse than yesterday.
Mid-afternoon, I had to stop using the computer as
my vision worsened, and I got tired again. This happens
 if you don’t get much sleep; I’ve noticed this!

Minutes after taking this shot, the sun came through the clouds.

The skies quickly turned blue. But the sun was not shining on the car park below; it was shaded by the trees. I’ll try again later is I remember to…
There I go again! Dreaming!.

I’ll have to pack up soon; the eyes are making things to complicated for me on WordPress. I’ll try to get some suitable Cartoons sorted out in a bit.

I did take this shot up high in the sky…
A  few lonely little clouds…
But still highly pareidoliable!
Be nice to know if either of the blog
readers can see in the above what I can?
Natural, I may be at an advantage with eye problems.

According to what I’ve looked up
on the web, is the culprit that
makes things appear to be moving when they are not.
A beastie with jaws, I see?

Going to get an early meal, but a ready-made one. Lamb Moussaka! Make some gravy, and bake some cut-up spuds in the oven. A sourdough roll or two to dunk in the fodder… best-laid plans, and all that… I’m off…

Tuesday morning late (At last, I got some sleep) was Far too much, although I must have needed it, I suppose.

CATCH-UP: The supper went as planned…

Flavour Rating: 802/10!

I washed the pots and got my head down really early.

Carer Jodie arrived, waking me up, and medicated me, checked the.
wristlet alarm, taps and cooker, and we had a little natter.
Despite the uncomfortableness of the c1966, £300 pound,
second-hand charity-shop bought, crumb-containing,
odour-retaining, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, nauseatingly
beige-coloured, non-working, virus-breeding recliner, within
seconds of bidding her farewell, I was back in the land of nod!..

Carer Jodie woke me again. But I still like her! Checked if I
needed painkillers or Peptac, and mentioned that the.
Warfarin tablets are getting low. She reminded me to lock the
door. How I managed to do it, I don’t know; I was deep
in sleep mode. And on and off, must have slept for about
13 hours or so. At last, but wish it could have been
asleep all the way through without any interruptions.
But it was needed!

AnyoneOh, there was one other break in my sleep I’d forgotten about. I jouncingly, joltingly, and jarringly woke up, positive that someone had come into the flat. Not sure if it was a noise or part of a dream I’d been having, but I was certain someone was in the hallway…
Dang dang dang, DANG!
I grabbed Metal-Micky, not to use as a weapon, of course, just a hobbling aid; although if the yobbos were back inside the flat again, it may come in handy for that.
By the time I’d struggled to free my excessively large, flabby, hanging and drooping stomached body from the c1966, £300 pound, second-hand charity-shop-bought, crumb-containing, odour-retaining, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, nauseatingly beige coloured, non-working, uncomfortable recliner… if there had been anyone coming in, they would have been about ten-minutes older by the time I got to the hallway.
There were no signs of any intruders, of course. I checked that the door was still locked, had a peep out through the spyhole, and it was all clear.
I got back in the £300, second-hand shop bought nine years ago, c1966, discomfiting, alarmingly beige-coloured, crumb-containing, TV remote hiding, not working recliner.
I seem to remember saying to myself, “After all that kip, will I be able to get back to… Zzz!


Inchie Today – Thursday 12th January 2023

Deaf with Dementia?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Jolly Good Morning. Although it didn’t last long… about an hour)
I felt the freedom of having the catheter was just a memory. And began to potter about the moment I woke up[ belatedly at 07:00hrs.
I merrily poddled to the Porcelain Throne and enjoyed the pleasure and simplicity of getting my pants down without all the rigmarole of struggling to get by the tubing, ties, straps and pouches attached to my right leg.
But the joy was soon dented.
For the smelly was in full command of the evacuation again.
Worra, gooey mess! Cleaning up took me ages!

Took some photos of the high-in-the-sky moon.

Then tried for a close-up.

Went to get a drink of water from the bottle in the front room.
Took this snap of the lovely family thought up, made and sent to me by HRH Lisa-Petal, in Cincinnati!
Thanks, Lisa, my precious one! ♥

Into the kitchen!

The window shelf had all the things moved to the left by my mate to make room for him to get around to setting up my new air fryer and showing me how it works. I’ve waited eight weeks, so, no rush. Hehehe!

I got the computer on, and ! Just when the Money-Manipulator Fries had managed to keep the LIBERTY-GLOBAL Virgin Media Internet to work without it conking out… for two whole days (Well done, Fries by the way), this happened yet again!

After another elongated visit to the Throne – swiftly followed by visit number three (All messy!) Money Manipulating Genius Fries’ LIBERTY-GLOBAL Virgin Media Internet came back on. Were you wondering why I wrote LIBERTY-GLOBAL in capitals? Well, that is because he has told all the UK call-centre staff never to mention LIBERTY-GLOBAL to any customers, in fact not to say the name at all. Now, this may be because he realises he does not know how to run an Internet-providing service?
LIBERTY-GLOBAL Bought Virgin Media LIBERTY-GLOBAL Bought Virgin Media!
But why? When Fries obviously has plans to destroy the company, with his insistence on not providing a workable service, overcharging, and telling porkie-pies on his ridiculous fancy adverts full of hogwash?

LIBERTY-GLOBAL Bought Virgin Media LIBERTY-GLOBAL Bought Virgin Media!
It could be I’m jealous of his phenomenal salary, guaranteed bonuses, and limitless expense account.
But I’d love to find out what his ulterior motive is for spending billion on purchasing Virgin Media and letting it rot? Plainly, just read TrustPilot reviews. 80% of complainers still think and blame Richard Branson fr the miserable service. Saying he is making money for his space trip etc. (Last year).Which, of course, Fries does nothing to counter.
It must have something to do fiscally-wise, this mystery activity with its smoke & mirrors managed antics from Fries. Possibly trying to give the impression (It’s mostly about impressions at Liberty-Global), compared to reality, I think.
A way of increasing Liberty-Global’s share in the Stock Markets in some way?
He’s a handsome, cunning, devious, scheming character, full of mystery and seld-preservation at the top end, financially.
I’m beginning to like him; the longer he gets away with conning his bosses at Liberty-Global, you know.
LIBERTY-GLOBAL Bought Virgin Media LIBERTY-GLOBAL Bought Virgin Media!
So I thought I’d mention that Liberty-Global does own Virgin Media a few times.

Did I get carried away there? Hehehe!.

Kept guzzling water in hopes that the catheter would not be put back on.

Email from Morrison offering £15 off a £60 order yesterday. I thought I’d ordered it for next Thursday… it’s coming today.

Asda and then a Morrison order the next day.
I think I may have done this the other week?

Boxed them for me.

Cupboard bag

Fresh stuff

Full fridge, do you think?.

Tried to ring for me to find out about the account, but she was unable to get through to them.

To give a bladder scan to assess the problem

I fear it was a bit farcical. I got a smidge confused with two people talking, then arrived, and now I was in utter confusion. Tsk!
The nurses did a bladder scan, and the look on their faces told me that the catheter was going to have to be put back on.
They gave me every chance. Sent me to the WC with a pot and told me to wee-wee in it. Then did another bladder scan…
But it was not good; they told me how much urine was left in the bladder after I’d passed the urine, and it was dangerously half-full.
Then the painful but amusing fitting of the equipment began.
They could not believe I didn’t have a bed or settee to lay on while they fitted the tubing into the Little Inchie. This caused some consternation, and one of them phoned the Urology doctor for advice.
But they were pleasant enough throughout, and I had them laughing away at times. I got in the recliner, and they said tilt it back, please. When I told them it did not work, all three of the ladies looked amazed, but they tried to get it going… but it wouldn’t have it.
Then the inserting of the tube into Little Inchie was about to begin: I cracked mayhap my best joke of the visit…
Nurse: “Drop your pants down, please..”
Inchie: “Have you been trained in micro-surgery then?”

Nurse: “It’s not micro-surgery, Gerry…”

Inchie: “Yes, it is; you’ve not seen what you’re putting the tube into yet!”
Laughter rang around the room!

They had problems getting the thick tube into the miniature Little Inchie. But it went in, on the third try, using lots of the gel stuff.
Of course, I smiled pleasantly as the tube started its travels. Being the sturdy, strong young man that I am, I gritted my teeth like a man!
I laughed as the tube went in and through Little Inchy, the urethra, the prostrate and then into the urine-filled bladder. I was nattering away to help them keep calm! They looked rather nervous and kept asking me if I was alright and if it was hurting? Bless ’em.
The young Nurse got the catheter on but struggled and missed off many of the loopholes with the top and bottom holding straps. Thus, I now have a bend in the longer tubing; that requires concentration when sitting down. Argh!
The bag was different to the others I’ve had; it was much smaller?
I must remember to check it more often!

Check the Pouch – Check the Pouch – Check the Pouch – Check the Pouch!
I bet I forget and get caught out! What are the odds?

Went to make a brew of Glengettie tea.

I found I’d left the hot tap running again!

Well, time to get some nosh done. Bacon lardons and tomatoes with some bread and a dessert, methinks?

I burnt the pan of tomatoes, cleaned it up and put another can in the pan.
Enjoyed it. Flavour Rating 8/10.


Arrived, a know-all, snottily superior attituded lad. Self-Self, Self. He asks, “What have you got to tell me, then?” Goes on his mobile and doesn’t listen. And didn’t take the bags with him to the chute on any of his three visits today. He took a drink on each visit as he left without any being offered to him. (He could have asked, and I’d have said yes anyway) I could see him taking them in the reflection from the computer screen. I don’t want him coming again.

He’s down for a visit tomorrow, likely a few on Sat & Sunday.
I’m uncomfortable with him, nervous. Dare I ask Meridian for him not to call again after this weekend? I hate conflict. But… getting a pushy egotistic, ostentatious Carer is not what I envisaged when paying for them.

The sleep was again full of waking ups and drifting back off into never-never land so often all night long. With all the other medical worries, Carer Ty’s pushiness, the Catheter and bladder, vision, and my hearing problems, this lack of sleep was the last thing I needed.
It’s bad enough getting through all these medical appointments.
Dementia Doreen, Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, and the Mystery Moving Rib Pains (At the back now), Repeated failure in getting the Urology problem solved, Catheter in and out more often than I have hot dinners, I’m struggling to keep it together. Nothing unusual here, though. Hehehe!

Fare Thee Well!

Inchcock: Sunday 20th November 2022

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Been up all night again! Now I’ve got the computer going again, Josie’s meals need prepping, and I feel I can sleep – ! I was feeling so slow-witted and tired suddenly. Everything is normal then!
At least I knew it was the morning this morning. humph!

Light-headed. heavy eye-lidded, and with a new (to me) style of viewpoint, I shall call it ‘Soddumall Sunday’, I pressed on with getting the Health Checks sorted… No wee-wee! No call to the Porcelain Throne, no Dizzy Dennis when I stood up from the computer; I’d been on for about six hours, none-stop… and; I genuinely felt I just wasn’t going to get all hot and bothered about anything!
And this was surprising, as I was in some discomfort from the trapping of the already burnt finger. It now has a bruise as well… well, two!
I waffled a little there, and I lost the plot; sorry about that.
The figures had come down.

I poddled out into the balcony and was greeted by the wind and rain. So, I took these photographicalisations through the window.
“I’m no fool!”. Well, I am really…

A few spaces in the Chestnut walk and end car parks this morning, I thought. Slowly it dawned on me that it is still only 01:30hrs.

The Red Van Man just will not give up that illegal parking space he seems to be making his own? Not that it matters, but there were a lot of white vehicles out there today.

I made a brew of Glengettie, and I got on the computer, and a text message came in at about 02:20hrs.
By 03:00hrs, I finally found my superlative new mobile phone. Well, my 1970 bought one. I heard the beeping noise when the text came in, but I just could not locate where it was. It had to be close for me to have heard it. I checked all my pockets and got down with the torch to look underneath the Hopewells 1966 broken, with doors hanging off dangerously cabinet, but it had not fallen underneath that.
I believe it was and that was the cause of this. As the day progressed, I saw more and more areas of the carpet mainly, that looked like they had water running along them. Looked in the wet room, junk room and kitchen without any success. So I gave up. 

Into the kitchen to make another brew of tea, Thompson’s Punjana, this time.
Checked the potatoes on the oven to go in Josie’s nosh and took a look out of the window now the rain had stopped.
I looked at the balcony and saw the mobile phone lying on the duckboards!.

Got the spuds sliced and put them into the oven

Back to the computer. leaving it every few minutes to make sure the meal is going on alright. I’m going to have to get my head down when … Hello…
Cutting this short now. Just got to get some sleep; not feeling well at all.
Carer Jozeph arrived.

Split the chillie into two bowls and added potatoes to one of them, and a bit of basil. Can’t see well at all now; what’s going on?
The potatoes looked and tasted okay.

Missing stuff off, sorry.

Caught the burnt and bruised finger on the saucepan lid ring.
May have swore.
Then cleaning the first saucepan, I tore the scab off of the finger. put a plaster on.

Saved some spuds and ate a few

Wee-weeing is back in fashion… not half!

Made up Josie’s meals tray, though it looked okay. Been a grind getting it done today, but felt a smidge smug about my struggles and efforts.
Had to be careful taking it out and to Josie’s front door cause I was having a visit from Shaking Shaun and feared dropping the whole caboodle on the floor. Haha!
GC why Proudly rang the bell… Five minutes later, I rang it again. No reply. Now I was in a pickle. Worried about if she was poorly. Stayed ringing the bell a few more times in case she was in the shower. Half an hour later, I gave up.

Now how can I sleep now? Fretting over the gal. Has she gone out with her Sister again and not told me?

Now WordPress, Windows CorelDraw or something keeps telling me messages about my being out of space on the computer??? I was pissed off and ridden!

At last, sleep, peace, escape from the fretting and mental nitpicking and panicking… Great!

Kiya, I think, woke me up… it was a foggy memory in the morning; nothing scribbled on the notepad, and no recollectionings either?

I must have drifted off again when Kiya left… So did get some much-needed sleep… I assume!

Inchcock: Friday 28th August 2022

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I resettled in the £300, bought eight years ago from the second-hand shop, Harold Haemorrhoid testing, repugnantly beige-coloured, crumb containing, virus-breeding, acne-giving, rickety, itch-producing, none-working recliner.

I woke up nearly five hours later, much refreshed at 01:40hrs. The smell from the abandoned meal I left in the kitchen permeated sickeningly throughout the flat. This forced me from the recliner to bag it up several times and into a final waste bag. A twinge of guilt at the state of the surrounding kitchen encouraged me clean things a little. (Not a lot, mind you!)

After my almost ten-minute marathon cleaning-up session, I took these photos of the early-morning view.
While taking them, just once, I saw the planet Jupiter. But the clouds covered it before I got the Lumix out.

I made a brew of Thompson’s Signature tea. Then took it with me back to the computer and got her booted up. Got the photos from yesterday loaded and doctored on CorelDraw to try and make them clearer… at which I failed. (I know it must be hard for you to believe that I failed at anything) Hehehe!
Well, I thought that the Blood Pressure figures would be enough to put me down towards the amber zone.

But, No! The NHS Analyser put me in the Hypertension +1 Red yet again.

Still. come thinking about it: The SIA at 155 was, I thought to be, pretty decent compared to the previous few day’s numbers.

The DIA at 92 let me down with being so high, I suppose.

The Pulse was a little higher and more close to the target.

As for the Body Temperature, that was even closer to the target figure of 35°f than it’s been for weeks. Good, I think. Not sure what this indicates, though.
Got the Thursday blog finished and posted off to WordPress.

Off to the wet room. Trotsky Terence fought back a bit this morning. Constipation Conrad has been mastering things for the last week or so.
The foul odour that accompanied the evacuated product was a cut above normal. The Karki-coloured plum-sized turds disintegrated on contact with the water? The main things were; There was no pain, only a smidge of bleeding, and as mentioned, one Helluva-putrid-pong!

I’d put the kettle on, and I was washing the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket) after taking several PSSU (Persistent, Short, Sharp, Uncomfortable) mode wee-wees. And cause I was in the kitchen, I did not hear the tune that rang, and I got a jump when she came into the kitchen and greeted me. Hahaha!
I asked if Jodie would be kind enough to help me get my socks and fasten the Velcro on the shoes, as I am out this morning at the Riverside Diabetic clinic in Bulwell. She consented. She was yawning away like a good un! Bless her! Jodie did the medications, and we chatted… well, I did; it helped keep her awake as she was on her last legs, methinks.
Medications sorted, she kindly got the socks on my feet for me.

Then it dawned on me she could not do the Velcro, as I was still in my jammie bottoms! So, I nipped to the wet room and got new PPs on, then changed into my trews and back to the recliner, where Jodie fastened the Velcro on the shoes.
I joked about my being more trouble than the ten-year-old. But in the back of my mind, there was embarrassment lurking! Thanked her in the usual fashion, and she was off, back to her bed and, hopefully, some much-needed sleep.

The new DVT Anticoagulant Therapy Record was found by accident. It had fallen underneath the Carers table.

Got some updating done on the computer on this blog, then the getting together all the things needed for today’s trip.
The took a grip as I was readied to go. So many checks and rechecks were carried out, keeping an eye on the time. I did not want to miss the EasyLink minibus again.
This photo on the left, I took earlier and forgot to put it on the blog. It is of the Carer’s table.
I was so glad to avoid a painfully vicious and bruised bloody battle with .
All thanks to helping me with the socks, as well as the Velcro manipulating.

I’ll have to tell you now; to get the embarrassing bit out of the way. I’d made a memory list last night of the things needed for the Riverside visit. Got the things prepared and in pockets or the trolley (I thought).

❶ The driver would not take a tenner and give me £2 change; the money had to be spot-on. So he took all my change again, all the eight-pound coins I had to pay for the lift. This did get to me! All that hassled and Esther getting change for me, and it’s gone in one go! (Fed-Up Grade A style!)

❷ When I got to Bulwell, I found that there was no session today. So, it seems that had to got me again! I was wee’d of with myself, but not as much as usual. (Fed-Up Grade B style!) I decided to just go into Bulwell for a hobble around, feed the duck=ks and birds and inevitably, do some shopping. So, I did!

❸ I lightened up a little when I saw the Mallards were nearby. Got the bird food from the trolley and launched some feed towards the ducks… then went to get the camera from my pocket… which was not in the pocket! Searched the other pockets and in the trolley… No! I’d left it in the flat! Self-hatred and disgust flowed!

❹ Now I could be in bigger trouble. The reminder for the cash card number was in the camera! I wanted to get some treats for the nurses and carers and have a shop in Wilko. The last time when I used my card in Bulwell, the bank would not accept the pinless transactions, and if this happens again, I’m in a pickle cause I can’t remember the number. Fingers crossed!

I fed the birds. I’d have loved to try photographing them, they were all around my feet, and I would have had a good chance of taking some great shots; had I not forgotten to take the Lumix with me! Grrr!
No doubt about it, is giving me bother today!

Visited the Wilko store. I did get some stuff today for a change. Two bottles of the Y-Lang fabric freshener, a roll of sellotape (Needed to stick up reminder notes and medication changes). A bottle of Y-Lang-scented laundry wash.
Having never used this Wilko store before, I just went to the first set of check-outs and lined the queue. I didn’t realise it was a Card-Only and Self-Service setup! I did feel like a demented fool waiting for someone to serve me! Then I realised that I am demented!
A kind lady assistant came to me cause I imagine I may have looked like a lost old soul, and explained things to me. Things got worse, me-in-muddle-wise!
She helped me put them through, and she went back to her post. When I was putting the things in the bag, I realised I had not paid for the sellotape! She must have been watching me and come to my rescue again! I had to swipe the tape through and pay with the card, which I didn’t think it would allow, not for… I can’t remember the exact price, but it was around 50p, I think. Tsk!
Out I went and visited the Vegan store to see if they had any of the imitation belly pork slices I got last week, and I liked the taste. They had two kinds today. Last week I bought four, for just over £2. I asked for two of each this time… expecting a similar charge… £8.20!!! I realised after I’d left that this took all of my remaining money to pay for it. Good job I paid for both ways on the EasyLink bus, or I would have had t walk the four-miles home!
I dropped into the Pound Land shop on the way back to the collection point for the bus. Saw they had some Walnuts and almonds in small packets, so got some of them, also a small bag of seeds to feed the birds en route to the Riverside Complex. I really wish I had paid more attention to the price stickers when I selected these nuts. For when I got to the checkout, the girl said, “That’ll be eight pounds ninety-six, please!” WHAT? I dared not use the card, and the people behind in the queue were getting agitated with waiting! The girl called someone to keep an eye on me, fearing I may do a runner? And pointed to a cash machine where I could get some money. Could I remember my card pin, though?
I went to the machine; I’d never seen such a small one like it before. I asked the lady when she’d finished using it, apologising first for bothering her, which way the card goes in. She stayed with me, bless her, and went through it with me. When it came to putting in the number… believe it or not, a four-digit number came into my mind from somewhere in the ether. A flash prayer, and I put it in, and it worked! The mini-machine only allowed £40 to be withdrawn. I thanked the lady customer so much for helping me and whatever entity it was that gave me the number needed! Can I remember it now? Nope!
I hobbled half the length of the store to join the check-out queue again, so I could pay for the overpriced nuts!

Arrived at the checkout, paid up belatedly and out to feed the ducks again. While chatting with the mallards and pigeons fighting for their share of the seeds, I thought I would be able to have a go at the crossword puzzle book while waiting for the list in the Riverside… I hadn’t taken a pen with me! I had a search around all my pockets and the trolley, nope, no pen!
I hobbled back to Bulwell Market and bought a pack of pens. Returned to the car park entrance at Riverside, got sat down, and enjoyed a long session on the crosswording. (Not that I was not very successful, mind you!)
The minibus arrived spot on time. We took a convoluted route (Roadworks) back to the flats, but at least it didn’t cost any extra this time.
Back at the flats, I asked the driver if he could ask his office to ring Deana about arranging payment by a debit system for me, telling him of the difficulties in getting the right money every time I use the . I didn’t hear his answer. Gave him a choice of drinkies from the trolley bag, in thanks, and struggled up with three bags hanging onto the three-wheeled walker trolley, to the flat.

Hunger being a new desire, I got whatever they were supposed to be vegan slices in the oven. Then wondered if I’d locked the door instead of leaving it open for the carer coming. I went to check…
And found a letter marked ‘Private’ and ‘Urgent’. I’ll open it after having the meal. Which has to be given tags, and this they are: &!
The chops looked like real meat, and smelt it cooking?
I got some BBQ beans heating up.

I got the meal served up on the tray, added a large bap and pot of the short-dated orange yoghourt that Carer Richard found in the fridge and went through the routine; it took a while.
It tasted alright, indeed nice. However, as I was tucking into it, something hard crunched against the already damaged and broken back double molar, and it joined the beans in my mouth! With horrible crude black segments inside of the tooth. It left jagged bits still in the upper gum, sharp and nasty tasting when the tongue ran over it. Next time I go to Bulwell, I shall inform the sellers! The orange yoghourt tasted a little sour to me, but it was on its last sell-by day. So, I’ll throw the other ones away.

I spat out the chomped-chop and checked on the contents before continuing to eat; there was something hard that broke the tooth. But not as I assumed, a bone, more like a chunk of plastic, I thought? When I find it… if I find it, I’ll take it with me to the store. When I was examining it, looking at it with the spy-glass, the at just the wrongs time, it shot out of hand. I think I heard it ping as hit something or other and disappeared into the ether? Carer Richard is good at finding things; if I don’t come across it, I’ll ask Richard to have s look for it for me on Monday. I’ll likely find it by treading on it with my bare feet as I walk around.

The chops were tasty enough, just potentially lethal. Hehehe! Very carefully, I ate the nearly cold remainder with the beans. Not counting the bloodied mouth, loss of the tooth, and pain it caused, I still gave this meal a flavour rating of 7.2/10! On taste only. Not the taste of the rotting tooth, you understand? Hehehe! That was terrible!

I got the pots washed, and the tooth saved. Had a quick search for the plastic that was in the food (If it was plastic), and then bravely opened the ‘Private letter’. No luck, of course. The letter was from the QMC (Queens Medical Centre) regarding my Cataract operation… with a confirmation of an appointment to have it done! The date is on Wednesday, 9th November 2022, at 09:30hrs!
On my first reading of the letter, I fear that between my , , Arithmophobia, , , , , with the help of Glaucoma Gladys, brought on stabbing pains from , thus, severe mode, was automatical engaged. – Not a lot is more disturbing than going into a Panic-Mode. You can’t do anything about it, can’t get to grips with sorting it out, and fear and frustration flourish! With Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna both giving you discomfort, it was a waste of time trying to make sense of the eight pages of instructions that lay in front of me. But of course, I tried. I had to, but knew I should have left it until later when help was available!
These things never fail to arrive at the weekend. When there are no ILCs on site. I have to stew, fret and panic until Monday. Then sometimes, I can’t get in touch with Deana. Fair enough, she is up to the neck and so busy looking after us all.

I loved it when I could do things for myself without bothering them at all. But Vascular Dementia Doreen’s arrival has put an end to that.
I wonder if it’s worth it, carrying on. It’ll only get worse. This thought then sank me down, and I loathe getting into a .

rang out. came in. He looked so tired; bless him. It must have been about 19:20hrs; it must have been his last call. He gave me the medications and listened to my sad pathetic tales of the day. That was good of him. The poor carers are the only people I can tell. I insisted he take his choice of plonk in thanks for his tired time. Reluctantly he took one. Such a nice lad is Jozeph. He took the waste bags with him on his way out.

and my depression combined to ensure that sleep was not an option for many hours, gone 02:00hrs. I got three hours in, though. Before bursting jumpingly awake at 05:00hrs, with a desperate need of the Porcelain Throne… but, did I make it in time? Dang, dang dang, danggg!

Inchcock: Sunday 23rd October 2022

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I couldn’t get to sleep until around 01:30hrs. Then the horrible dream wake-up, and repeat sessions started. At 07:30hrs, I did the usual jolting awake wet again, this time realising what the time was, and had to get up, in case a Morning Carer arrived… Or had they already been and could not get in cause the door had not been unlocked? Not that it would have mattered for many of them, just the ones who refused to press the doorbell and walked in; would they have gone away saying they could not get in? This was my worry; with it being the weekend, I often get outside carers, who may not know about it?
I rose wearily and reluctantly. It’s been bad nights for sleeping for a few days since the Covid-Booster jab. But, at least I got in some broken bits of kip this time. Another thing, how come I can so rarely remember my dreams nowadays? Maybe Doreen Dementia? Although a few days ago, I had terrible repeated dreams that had different outcomes but were based on the same problem scenario. I did recall bits of them. I Made a start on prepping Josie’s Sunday meals.

Got the ingredients in the saucepan, chillie, beef, and vegetables.
Added some flavourings and got the potatoes in a boil. To be sliced into small cubes so that Josie can cope with eating them in the chilli-stew.
I managed to burn my left hand yet again.
I’d not done for a couple of days. Hehe!
Left the pans on low heat settings and made a start on updating the Saturday blog.
A pity, but I got myself into another state of confusion with the folders I was using. Gawd knows how I did it, but it took me over an hour to find where I’d put them!
I was amazed when at 08:40hrs, the Carer arrived. I was in the kitchen, titivating Josie’s cooking. I’d forgotten all about him coming, that or thought he’s been. came in, and we had a natter and laugh after he’d done the medications. I had to tell him about the changes; Omeprazole got to take two a day, mornings, and the Peptac four by 15ml a day, which I’d missed taking cause the lad came so late. Not his fault. No problem, we sorted it… well, he did. Hehe!
The lad left, taking the waste bag with him. Thanked him in the usual fashion. Then I spent I don’t know how long working and making many time-costly errors on this blog.

I got the meal nibbles and cans of plonk on the tray for Josie.
We had a bit of a downpour outside. I was tempted to open the window and shout up at the weather, “Haha! You missed me this time!” I am a right fool but harmless… Except for myself!

Got the dirties pots and things to soak in the sink, and I decorated Josie’s tray.
Cheese, tomatoes, nibbles and the regulation two cans of plonk, and took them to Josie’s door, and I rang the bell.
I answered the inquisitional questions about what the meal was. I acknowledged her mentioning that I was on time this week. (Last week, after nearly three years of cheffing every  Sunday for her, I was late by five minutes for the first time… She may never forget or forgive me! Hahaha!

The rain was easing off when I got back in the flat, and I had the mammoth task of cleaning the trays, saucepans, mixer bowls, cutlery, slow cooker, oven and stovetop.
All that to get told off! Hehehe! Only in fun, mind you… I think!
After scrubbing things up, I got on the computer again. And checked the WordPress comments. I was a smidge worried about my American Family, Lisa-Petal and Billum. Bill was having a trial, I think via his new Doctor, on Methotrexate.

He said he would check the side effects first. I looked it up on Google and was so pleased he is checking things out.
Serious and life-threatening side effects! Oh, dear,  Billum, I’m all with you on making sure before going ahead, mate!

When I got back into the main (other) room, I spotted the belt that died yesterday.
I picked it up and hung it across some kitchen towels to take a photo of it.

Such a young age to die! Hehe!

As I got back on the computer, I thought I heard a noise from behind me. But didn’t notice at that time what had happened. A couple of hours of failed blogging later, I got up to make my first mug of tea, Glengettie. That was when I discovered what the noise was.
The ‘Genuine Imitation Leather’ belt that Amazon sold me three months ago had fallen into the part-used Wee-Wee-Bucket! What an ignominious short life that poor belt has had! Its own buckle almost exploded, snapping the ‘Genuine Imitation Leather’ belt in half, allowing my trousers to fall down. I tried to console it. Hung it up today, took its picture as a sort of memorial, and then the poor thing goes and drowns in a wee-wee bucket!
I think that Amazon ‘Genuine Imitation Leather’ belt and I share a lot of things in its short 3-month life. I shall remember the date and celebrate the Amazon ‘Genuine Imitation Leather’ belt’s short life. That is, of course, if I don’t croak put myself first, but that’s only common sense, innit?
Daft as a brush, ain’t I? Hahaha!

I took a shot of the sunset from the kitchenette window while I was drying the drained pots and pans and putting them in their places.

Very pretty; it all seemed calm and peaceful now the rain had stopped!

I set about utilising the Health Checking tools.

Not a bad result overall?
Very much down on yesterday’s returns and nearly in the Amber Zone on the NHS analyser.

.Even the body temperature was the best since last Tuesday.

The 7-Day HC Graph, copied from the Excel file, was looking promising.

The end results on these graphs from the NHS still leave me a smidgeon confused about how they work out all figures to arrive at their ratings. But I’m not complaining about today. I’m pretty chuffed

Hello, it’s suddenly started to go dark quickly; I’ll take a look.

Oh, it looked reet-grand out there now.
The darkening high sky gave the whole scene a contrast.
The middle bar, sunlit from behind clouds, looked magnificent!

Well, the Evening Carer could call anytime now; I’d better get the Rostis in the oven. I think it might be Carer Carol-Ann coming.

I got the Rostis, Frikadellens and beans served up. I took a photo to show off this culinary effort – But it somehow ended up in the Cara memory, which I can’t access, and not on the SD card? Anyway, it was delightful!

As I was getting the meal served up, Arrived as I was serving up the meal. And kindly helped me tidy up the kitchen mess I’d made dropping stuff, bless her. Got the medications sorted, had a little chinwag, and thanked with the usual offer of a choice of nibbles. Carolynne took the waste bags with her on departing, and I locked the door after her.

I ate & enjoyed the meal, flavour rating given 7.8/10.

Now, the challenge of getting to sleep had to be tackled. After an hour and a half, I put the TV on… Glad I did; for showing was two episodes of Red Dwarf. No nodding off with that program showing, I do so love it, and still, I laugh or smile even when I know what is coming! A tribute to the scriptwriters and actors.

The show finished, and I continued watching some rubbish or other, and yet, still didn’t nod off. This was strange! So I turned off the TV, and if on cue, as I resettled in the darkness- of kicked the damned .
I don’t know how long they kept on for, but it felt like a day or two.
Once they eased off, I fell into a sleep that was unbroken for once. Reckon it lasted for a good four hours, which was welcome. The waking up was not!

Inchcock Today: Saturday 22nd October 2022

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I actually got some sleep last night. I admit, not a lot, but the sleep lasted more than for the last three nights put together – 5-hours!
I woke around 05:30hrs, and after pondering over what day it was and what needed to be tended to… out of the blue grew! I was sure that something favourite suspected, , was my most regularly committed one, of leaving a hot water tap running.

If anyone was taking a video or filming in the flat for the next ten minutes or so. They would have captured enough comedy material to sell a series of comedy sketches to a TV channel! Of course, it’s all just everyday life to me! Here’s how I remember it going:

❶ Flapped about to get free of the recliner, and instead of getting up on my feet, my bum hit the chair, then the carpet. Bump Bumped! But this only delayed me for a minute. Somehow I got up on my pins within seconds? (Or, did I) I soon regained a modicum of control in my mission to check every room.
❷ Even though I could feel and sense the blood coming from Harold’s Haemorrhoids, I had to do these checks; whatever happened!
❸ Into the kitchenette, all the usual checks, windows, oven, stove, microwave, slow cooker and the taps (faucets). All clear there…
❹ Checked the front door, which was locked as it should be. I did unlock it then, as with getting up late, there is a possibility of the Carer arriving early.
❺ Into the wet room – I gave the door frame a shoulder charge as I went in – Luckily though, and for the first time ever, I hit my left shoulder on the door – thus, I avoided waking up or disturbing or damaging the right Covid booster arm, by clouting the right shoulder. Having semi-satisfied , you can never guarantee this fully; I returned to the front room to get my clothes on and get the brain running.
Brian Ricks, Charlie Chaplin and Del Boy to have performed what happened as I got the trousers on, any better than I did. Of course, for them to do it, needed a script, but my performance and facial expression needed no acting. Again though, to be fair, I couldn’t see my face; bewilderment, I imagine, is one word anyone seeing it might happen to use. Here’s the rundown as best as I can explain it:
❼ I got the trews on and knew I would get the ablutions done next and medicate the poor . I quickly pulled the belt to close the buckle – (bearing in mind these belts were only bought 3 or 4 weeks ago from Amazon). The buckle shot off, hitting the computer screen at the other end of the room, and the perfect trouser drop (Comedy-wise) was performed! I later found the buckle pin, three rivets and an unidentified metal ring on the floor.
❽ The belt itself fell limply to the floor, hitting a !

This ended any of my enjoyment of or seeing the funny side of the occasion. And not a soul, other than me, to see the happening. It just doesn’t seem fair to me! I could have had a belated career as a comedy writer! Humph! Mind you, with my blog followers list being so high, I should be content. They both occasionally email me.
To the wet room next. , Teggies, teeth, and then shaving. Kept down to just two mini-ones. Then under the shower. After today’s start with the trousers, somehow, I enjoyed the unrushed showering session greatly. Oh, and the showering, I kid you not, was free!

I fear something of a mind-blank happened here!
When the memory returned, complete with the ‘brain-freeze’ results. I was in the right predicament because I did not know what I was doing on the computer in the slightest. I’d got the Blog open, CorelDraw, the Ode Writer on Word, the calendar and WordHippo all open! Something I never do; is open so many programmes, but there you are… as lost as I am, presumably.
On the memory pad on the side of the computer, it said, “Took photos”

Which I show here on the left. Apart from the fact that they obviously made bad efforts at photography, I can tell you nothing.

Ah, the next line, which may or not be helpful, says, ‘ Inspired?

It also appears that Carer Sam had been, and we had a chat and a laugh. And the Pentac bottle dose-pot, I found wet on the kitchen draining board. So I knew she’s been, I looked up, on the Meridian record folder. I can’t remember washing it, so I assume Sam did it for me? A vague memory of walking her to the front door and wishing well as she took the waste bag with her?
Aha, I vaguely remember doing this line. Took a photo of the flats in town, then zoomed in to take a close-up of the block. No reason why I did this on the pad.

I assume something witty, clever or interesting must have come into my mind? (They do that sometimes, you know – the last time was about 1966).

Found a note written on the wrong pad, and I realised it was for today, but only when I read it: Four visits to the Porcelain Throne in three hours! I bet I bored Carer Sam with that bit of news? Hahaha! Maybe not. Sorry the mind-blank to the memory away, now.

And after doing the checks again, I set about sorting out what it was I was up to with the computer. It must have taken me hours to get sorted… Well, partly understood. Then I got the Friday blog finished and posted off. By then, it was about 14:00hrs!

Pretty confused and not totally content with the mind-blanks increasing. Glad I’ve got the face-to-face with Dr Vindla coming up on Tuesday morning. I shall try to be a bit pushier when telling her the facts of what I’m going through. It will be interesting to see what she says, and I might learn if she is ignoring was worries, as it seems to be to me. But of course, as I am nowadays, I just don’t know.

The was Kylie who arrived, and she got the medications sorted. She was in a hurry, but she kindly read the first part of this blog about the trousers and said it read hilariously and that I should show it to the other Carers. Hehehe! That cheered me up magnificently! She took the bin bag with her as she left, and I clearly remember locking the door.

Oh, better do them, belatedly…

I finally got on with creating this blog – sounds so easy, doesn’t it? But, no! 
. What did I do? I’ll tell yers! I’d made a base template for Sunday, and I started this blog on that one! I even got confused when copying and pasting to the right post – and had to start afresh again! However annoying as this was, I handled it with more aplomb than the earlier cock-ups; because I’d cheered up since Chloe’s visit. I hope I’ve not got the Carers’ names mixed up? Worrying about this is all part of the attention from . The never existed until after Doreen started calling. The Memory-Blanks, either. If, and I’m not saying I expect, the Doctor ignores the signs again, I shall have to swap Doctors. Although, there is nothing to indicate a different quack will be any more interested in listening than Dr Vindla, either. Rambling on again there, sorry!

Well, with all the farcical events today, it is already four hours beyond my usual Shut-Eye time! And I’ve not had anything to eat yet. I shall have to get something quick and get my head down.

Oh, blimey, I’ve just remembered the mushrooms that I put in the slow cooker – around 15 hours ago!

I took the top photo just after putting them in the bowl. I’ll go to photograph what they look like now… back in a bit…
I hope.

The bottom two I’ve just taken.

Shrunk a bit, haven’t they? Hehehe!

I had a job prising the mushrooms out of the porcelain bowl of the slow cooker. The scalded finger will heal. I had to manually pull most of them out, but it wasn’t worth the pain and effort. Still, if I need something leather-like to mend any holes in my shoes, I’m already set up?
So, no mushrooms with the rice tonight, fair enough. I get the meal made mushroomless, of course, and catch up in the morning in the event that I wake up, of course.
Sunday AM, late, very late, updated this blog.
Found this email from Amazon. Checked on the tracker, and it’s not yet dispatched.
Made the most belated meal; BBQ rice (microwaveable), with 7-Mediterranian roasted vegetable sauce heated in the saucepan. A lemon yoghourt. and got settled. No mushrooms, of course!

I was going to have the last two microwave sausages; I even put them on top of the microwave to remind myself. As far as I know, they are still there.

Yet again, Sweet Morpheus was reluctant to permit to nod off. Even putting the TV on didn’t help. It must have been four hours before sleep came – then it was another load of weird dreams with it. Humph!

The Stigma of Dementia stinks!