What are your daily habits? – My Daily Habits are…

Stir back into imitation life. Remove the night catheter bag from the day one.

Check on the state of the bloated legs. They tend to change daily; one day, the left is gigantic, and the next, it can often be the left one that hogs all the stored fluid.

Work out what time and day it is. (This information is usually gone off into the ether within minutes.

To the wet room for the medicationalisationing: Check the fungal lesion, and check for bleeding – Put olive oil in the earholes – eye drops in the cataracted right eye, eyedrops in the same eye, then some in left eye. Next, check that needs any ointment to be applied. Then check on the ever-changing Warfarin dosages.

Remove the ankle ulcer pad, and clean up any seepages; if so, put a new pad on.

Then to tackle the painful task of using the .

Then the high-risk, due to the s habit of bringing on an involuntary . Which has had me over on many occasions. Shaving the next job. Which I’m afraid that often causes the odd nick or two.

Decoking the hearing aids and checking the batteries have to be done. It’s easier when I remember to put the olive oil in beforehand… which is not very often.

Check with , to make sure that in the event of my remembering, I’ve got another hospital or clinic appointment; and have booked a lift there and back.

Consult the medical log to make sure I’m got them right. I should do this first, but always seem to forget all about it until after.ย  This fault is helped along by

Go around not forgetting either or checking the boll-weevil traps, in case any need emptying and replacing. I’ve got an interesting intriguing infestation.

By now, it’s generally time for my late breakfast. Occasionally, I have the one mug of Glengettie tea allowed me per day, by the kind doctors at the , and some biscuits with them. Not with the doctors, the mug of tea.

The carer makes their third call of the day… which I greatly appreciate, although the dwindling bank account and manager do not agree with me.

Notwithstanding any trips, falls or tumbles, that’s me up until around noon, daily.

By then I’m on the wain and am unsure what happens then.

Loosely, this is true, but, I’m beginning to resign myself to it now. Hehehe!

Anyone wishing to adopt a 77-year-old mind-wandering chap, I’m here as long as you are a female! Hahaha!

Owt for laugh, even the truth!


26 thoughts on “What are your daily habits? – My Daily Habits are…

  1. My routine is like this. I wake up around 5:00 am. Extricate myself from cats. Go wee. Brush my teeth and get clean up with Isopropyl alcohol, body wipes and dry shampoo. I only take a shower once a week to save water since we don’t have much water out here. I go out to the kitchen and feed the cats, start water boiling, and grind coffee beans to make coffee for Laurie. I put together her power bars for the morning and take them to the counter in the bathroom for her to eat when she gets up. I uncover the birds, feed and water them, finish making Laurie’s coffee, pour it into a thermos and take it to the counter in the bathroom. I send her a text of what flavor the coffee is. I go back to the kitchen and make myself coffee yogurt, take the few drugs I take, make my fiber and vinegar concoction, ear my yogurt, drink my fiber and vinegar, answer blog comments, and get ready to go to work. I go to work, work all day, then come home and clean kitty litter, get other things straightened up,give Sasha her medicine, drink my fiber and vinegar again, and put a blog together. After posting a blog I practice my guitar, and surf the web, and go to bed around 10:00 pm. In between all those things, I take photographs and grab bites to eat. Not a terribly interesting routine, me thinks.

    • I forgot to add that one of the things I do through the day is fart. I’m a font of flatulence. Call it irritable bowls or what have you, but I’m a tootin’. . Pull my finger, hear me roar!

    • I reckon it’s a smashing routine, Tim. Wish I still had Cyril & Lady to paw over me – Gawd, I miss them so much!
      I try to visit Josie, I forgot about putting that one on. Hehehe!

  2. Health is the worst handicap at the starting gate, makes the race of life harder. One octogenarian that I visited regularly said, “getting older is damnable” I’m inclined to agree. Plus – when the great leap into aged care became a thing, society ceased to pay attention to aging and the ‘village-family’ networks were lost. Aging is a silencing in some ways as health neuters capacity. In the least there is medical support, there is that.

    • A lot of logicality in this comment, Sir.
      I’d just finished my morning Porcelain Throne visit and ablutionalisationing, Paul.
      Got the computer on, and read your comment.
      It virtually mirrored my thoughts I had in the wet room. Really!
      The motioning, shaving, showering, medicationalisationing, then getting dressed, took me 2ยผhrs! Then dropped the ear oil, with the cap unscrewed, Argh!
      I found that depressing, and so time consuming, mate. Then the ankle injury/ulcer, looked even worse this morning, underskin blood all around the right ankle, and todauu the toes as well -which had gone all bent and a light brown colour.
      On the bright side (I had to look hard for them, Hehe!), the fungal lesion was not bleeding, nor the teeth.
      As a CA (Coffin -Anticipator), life is so frustrating and difficult.
      Butthere are the odd highlights here and there, like getting a ‘like’ and comment on the blog. But help to take a carer to hospital visits are costing me more money that is coming in. The’ve closed all but one branch in Nottingham, so no good thinking of doing a bank job. Hehehe! I’d have to bool a taxit both ways if I did… No that won’t work. Haha!
      Reading some of your inspirational poems, and seeing Tims brilliant photography keep me going… Then of course, the internet keeps going down…
      Methinks I cannot win!
      Keep safe, Mon Ami! Thanks.

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