INCHIE: Monday 3rd April 2023

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My window-frame head-butting session from yesterday
that I thought might affect my brain…
Hahaha! The things I come out with!
Affect my brain? A little late to do any serious harm to it.
The brain has had milling

about inside for a year or so now. As it turned out, no
damage was detected. In fact, I was a little disappointed
with the bruise quality, as it’s almost gone this morning!

Still, it didn’t affect my distinguished looks. Hehehe!

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A decent kip compared to the last few week’s efforts. Unbothered by
, or by the double-glazed head-butting wound on my forehead. However… conversely, , then combined to ruin the nocturnal sleeping session on their own.
They both eased off at the same time, around 06:00hrs.
At about 07:30hrs, Carer Richard arrived. I was so pleased to see him at last. But I was so tired I could not communicate properly. He told me to ring Matron about the leaking papules. Can’t recall much more; I think I kept nodding off while he was talking. Not being rude; just worn out through lack of sleep. I think he said as he left he’ll see me next Monday? A look at the roster later backed this up. Shame, only once a week.

I ran Matron. Later a Nurse came; she was a little miffed with me ringing in. I explained although was trying Otto stop me from talking, doing a reasonable job too: That the Carer, who was just out of the hospital with a similar problem, advised me to. I didn’t impress her!
If looks could have killed through the ether, I’d not be writing this now!
Even though not my fault – I humbly apologised as she swooshed out of the door, but missed whatever it was she said back to me. (Probably a good thing?) Don’t think that she scared me… but she did! Hahaha!

The wee-weeing started slowly, then suddenly got a move on. Once again, an excellent colour – but a horrible pong when I emptied the bag!


After the third visit to the , each one was messy.

I belatedly made the first brew of the day.
The dark clouds seemed to be moving quickly.
Ether that or and/or
, was assisting
to make my eyesight even worse than yesterday.
Mid-afternoon, I had to stop using the computer as
my vision worsened, and I got tired again. This happens
 if you don’t get much sleep; I’ve noticed this!

Minutes after taking this shot, the sun came through the clouds.

The skies quickly turned blue. But the sun was not shining on the car park below; it was shaded by the trees. I’ll try again later is I remember to…
There I go again! Dreaming!.

I’ll have to pack up soon; the eyes are making things to complicated for me on WordPress. I’ll try to get some suitable Cartoons sorted out in a bit.

I did take this shot up high in the sky…
A  few lonely little clouds…
But still highly pareidoliable!
Be nice to know if either of the blog
readers can see in the above what I can?
Natural, I may be at an advantage with eye problems.

According to what I’ve looked up
on the web, is the culprit that
makes things appear to be moving when they are not.
A beastie with jaws, I see?

Going to get an early meal, but a ready-made one. Lamb Moussaka! Make some gravy, and bake some cut-up spuds in the oven. A sourdough roll or two to dunk in the fodder… best-laid plans, and all that… I’m off…

Tuesday morning late (At last, I got some sleep) was Far too much, although I must have needed it, I suppose.

CATCH-UP: The supper went as planned…

Flavour Rating: 802/10!

I washed the pots and got my head down really early.

Carer Jodie arrived, waking me up, and medicated me, checked the.
wristlet alarm, taps and cooker, and we had a little natter.
Despite the uncomfortableness of the c1966, £300 pound,
second-hand charity-shop bought, crumb-containing,
odour-retaining, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, nauseatingly
beige-coloured, non-working, virus-breeding recliner, within
seconds of bidding her farewell, I was back in the land of nod!..

Carer Jodie woke me again. But I still like her! Checked if I
needed painkillers or Peptac, and mentioned that the.
Warfarin tablets are getting low. She reminded me to lock the
door. How I managed to do it, I don’t know; I was deep
in sleep mode. And on and off, must have slept for about
13 hours or so. At last, but wish it could have been
asleep all the way through without any interruptions.
But it was needed!

AnyoneOh, there was one other break in my sleep I’d forgotten about. I jouncingly, joltingly, and jarringly woke up, positive that someone had come into the flat. Not sure if it was a noise or part of a dream I’d been having, but I was certain someone was in the hallway…
Dang dang dang, DANG!
I grabbed Metal-Micky, not to use as a weapon, of course, just a hobbling aid; although if the yobbos were back inside the flat again, it may come in handy for that.
By the time I’d struggled to free my excessively large, flabby, hanging and drooping stomached body from the c1966, £300 pound, second-hand charity-shop-bought, crumb-containing, odour-retaining, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, nauseatingly beige coloured, non-working, uncomfortable recliner… if there had been anyone coming in, they would have been about ten-minutes older by the time I got to the hallway.
There were no signs of any intruders, of course. I checked that the door was still locked, had a peep out through the spyhole, and it was all clear.
I got back in the £300, second-hand shop bought nine years ago, c1966, discomfiting, alarmingly beige-coloured, crumb-containing, TV remote hiding, not working recliner.
I seem to remember saying to myself, “After all that kip, will I be able to get back to… Zzz!


10 thoughts on “INCHIE: Monday 3rd April 2023

    • Well well, well, Tim; I tried without any real hope, to see if by some miracle, the computer thathas not had sound on it for many months, might have subtitles on it…
      WHAT A PLONKER! I realised then why it had not had sound on it for months – I’d left the headphone connected!!!
      I do feel a fool!
      But, could listen to the girls singing, They reminded me of the… oh, I’ve forgot their name now. Three gals in uniform singing during the war… oh dear, whaot do I search for to find their name? I’ll try wartime singers… back in a bit… Were they the Sweethearts?
      Company B rings a bell, I’ll try that…
      Found it! “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B”. The Andrew Sisters.
      But this one you selectged is perfect for the matter in hand, Tim. Hahaha!
      You’re right, the nosh went down well, too.

      • I’m happy you had a good incentive to figure out your head phones weren’t plugger in. The Andrew sisters were popular back in the day. Broken Peach are from Vigo in Northen Spain. The group are very talented. Now that you have sound, here’s the original song/music video by CeeLo Green:

  1. Hello to you and to all the family at 72. Petal is planning to resume here unique artisan-quality crouched animalia. Look forward to more on this venture in the coming days.
    Things do hop along in Flat 72, thank you for providing us this astonishing tome to all and each of us daily. Please know that yer make our lives jollier — every single day, kind Sir!

  2. Seriously, Gerry, this blog business is probably the best thing a person can do to retain mental acuity. I read them and marvel that you feel you are losing that because they always show strong personality, an exceptional command of English, good humor and creativity, plus a realistic awareness of your current circumstances, and a handle on the vicissitudes of age that would bring a lesser person down. You amaze me!

    • Golly, thanks for that Doug.
      Spent hoyurs this morning trying to get through to the bank – in hold music and messages only, And TSB have closed all their branches in Nottingham! Humph!
      The water spouting leg papules are healing up of their own accord… well, all but one stubborn one.
      I got the ablutions and medicationings done this morning (lunchtime), in only one-hour & thirty-minutes.
      Three highlights… is my luck changing?
      Wot a sill question!

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