Inchcock (In Briefly) – Friday 23rd October 2020: As a defeated-fantasist, I’m losing all hope of anything ever going right again, here!

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Friday 23rd October 2020

Welsh: Dydd Gwener 23 Hydref 2020

02:35hrs: A rather abrupt diary today, folks. Medical issues have got be all behind, frustrated, irked and most irritable with life. But there you go!

 After a wee-wee, it was time to sort out the medicationalisticalisationing things to get the Health Checks, medications taken, and Enoxaparin injection is done.

I’d made a cock-up with counting the Sodium needles, so will need to talk to Warden Dean later, to see if she can ring the Doctors and Chemist for me. (to see if the prescriptions have gone out, and the chemist can deliver them for me)

Just getting the injections done, there were two this morning 2x40ml, was a mammoth job. I tried different ways to avoid any accidents in the event of Nicodemus, Shuddering Shoulder-Shirley, or Peripheral Pete’s right leg dancing kicked-off, while I was injecting. I’m sure I had an idea to try something last night, but it’s gone now. Tsk! It all went fine, though. I reckon that yesterday’s pain was cause I was doing it to straight and going in too far. Lesson learnt! The old Boot’s BP sphygmomanometer machine worked perfectly. But the results were far from good. Tsk!

I like the new thermometer. I set it about four-inched from the forehead, and the reading was okay, but yet again I forgot to get the camera ready and had to do it again when it turned of rather quickly and caught me out. A lot of things do that! Hehe!

I got the Nikon camera to take a photograph of the morning view from the finger-trapping, light and view-blocking, rain letting in, deadly for old folks to get at to clean, new kitchen windows.

Got on the computer and had an awful lot of photos to sort out first before I could use them. And between SSS and Nicodemus, along with the worst ever service from Fries Liberty-Global internet crap service, without going down, mind, it took me hours to get the job done.

I was getting all het-up, bothered and angry!

The time was flying by, and it was time for the Ablutions to be done. Everything was taking ages to get done, corrected, and one again. And no calls to the Throne either!

I got the Ablutions tended to, a painful, frustrating task, that left me with a stubbed toe, three shaving cuts, a multitude of dropsies done, and banging myself against the shower chair afterwards, meant Little Inchies fungal lesion started to bleed! Grrr! But at least the ankle ulcer looked such a lot betterer.

The medicating was messy and painful, and I then had to get dressed so I could go out to speak with Warden Deana and got a second stubbed toe as I lost my balance getting the shoes on. Greggleckle! 

I got the waste bags made up and into the trolley, and a coat and hat on, out to the waste-chute, then down on the lift to the caretaker bins. No one around at all to natter to, or even give a good-morning to. I dropped the recycling bag off, and put the empty jars in the Green Glass bin, and walked to the Wardens holding-cell office.

Deana was out working, so I explained the worries over the medications and prescriptions to Julie. It took a while, and the day was shooting by me. I left and took these photos from the foyer in Winwood Court as I got out, then started a hobble back top Woodthorpe Court; but I didn’t get far. I remembered that I’d not left the WC signs, asking people not to put anything down them, other than TP. (The signs were delivered damaged yesterday afternoon by the Post Office, eight days late!)

So, I went back to Winwood Court. And Deana was back from her visits. Lost more time explaining again, and DEan kindly rang the Doctors for me and confirmed the prescriptions had been sent electronically to Carrington Pharmacy. She rang them, but there was no answer. Shell try again later, and let me know the outcome, Bless her. As in the pictures, I didn’t see a soul all the way back home. I was getting more uptight as the day went on.

When I finally got back in the flat, I still hadn’t got yesterdays blog done or sent off. But got the meal going first. I was so far behind now; I got the pictures taken while outside, done first on CorelDraw and put the in the WordPress gallery ready for later.

I took the medications and was about to make a start on finishing the Thursday post. When xyrophobia suffering, over-amour-propred Brother-in-law Pete, who, when searching the flat while I was in the hospital with the Stroke, and taking my valuables, he took a rest. Fatal! He could not resist the electric and played with them. Now the recliner no longer works, rang. Bless him; he was concerned cause he’s not got the link via email for the blog.

We had a good natter, which cost me so much more time to get things done. But I really enjoyed the laughter. Bless, Pete as well!

Then the Porcelain Throne was needed, and it was more painful, nugget-mode, unbelievable the agony, and it was obvious, that Constipation Konrad was back in charge again. Kranklebudders!

Hours late, I got the blog finished off. Sent the link via email. Pinterested. Got the Facebook catch-up done. Started this blog. Too late to continue now, I was shattered mentally.

Went to check the meals progress and the sky suddenly became brighter, got the Nikon and took this photograph. A fascinating cornucopia of different types of clouds and colours combined to offer the opportunity to try and take a photographic gem. Bootiful! Can you see the head and face I spotted, in my tendency towards nephophilia, and apophenia? A fish, dog or a flying monster?

I got the evening tablets taken, and the meal served up. This chilli-con-carne came out a little hotter than the last one, so didn’t enjoy it as much as the te search of sleep.

Amazingly, I was off into the land of nod. But, within minutes… 

The danged Landline burst into life and woke me up! It might be the clinic about the Bowel Scan appointment? The DVT Warfarin about the Enoxaparin sodium injections, the Dentist.. no they wouldn’t ring this late. I’ll have to answer it, Thunderclaps! I’d hope they might ring off before I got to the line, but no. The PKCCP Proximal Knee-Cap-Cartilage-Pain in the right knee had never given me so much pain before, as I hobbled to answer the phone. All that unwanted effort and agony, and what happens? Whoever it was heard my voice and rang-off!

Worse still, could I get back to sleep again? No! Grobognangles! Grobbleknangles! Frangleklops! and Oy-yoy-yoy!

As for the knee’s cartilage pain… Argh!

Ah-well; here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow. (Not spoken as an optimist, more a defeatist fantasist!)

Inchcock – Tues 20 Oct 20: An incomprehensible, abstruse, recondite, discommoding day!

TFZers Going for a ride?

Tuesday 20th October 2020

Finnish: Tiistai 20 Lokakuuta 2020

00:00hrs: I awoke, with a medley of muffled and confusing thoughts hammering around the brain box. No wee-wee or Porcelain Throne needs to distract me this morning, meant a few minutes and headache gained by the time I pulled my concentration away from the malaise, of the muddled-melange of omnium-gatherum thoughts, fears, ambitions, and intentions, which did not stand a cat-in-hells chance of success, I’d nodded off again!

00:30hrs: The second-stirring: Suddenly wide awake, no Thought Storms either! I heaved, huffed and puffed, released my colossally-stomached with scrawny limbs attached, body and the bald-head, (No mean-feat at my weight, I can tell yer!), from the c1968 recliner. To find that Duodenal Donald was in a bad mood again, and giving me some stick. (It’s about time he gave me a break!) Still, there was no wee-wee wanted? Caught my balance easily enough this time, no falling back down on the recliner and bursting Harold’s Haemorrhoids… A tentative Smug-Mode was adopted! And I limped off to the kitchenette with Metal-Mickey. To get the Health Checks done.

I’ve got the hang of the new BP sphygmomanometer, but I must remember it takes three times as long to come to a result, as the old one did. If I remember, I’ll try the old one again in the morning, to see if it’s not the ‘New’ Duracell batteries that are the problem). The SYS was high again, Tsk!

The  No-Touch thermometer worked alright, but it turns itself off too quickly. I’ll try to make sure the camera is nearby in future; it read at first as 32.4°c – I retook it, and got 33.9°c? Another thing to remember, I must look it up on Mr Google, to find out how far away from the head to take the temperature from. I’m doing it about four inches? I hope any advice I get is in proper inches and not metric.

Took the medications and made a brew of Glengettie tea. Note in the picture, the Morrison skewer? These have a thick end and are easier for when I want a really strong cuppa, I can squash the bag against the cup. Difficult, nae, impossible when Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters are playing up.

I got a few potatoes in the crock-pot, plenty of Squid and distilled vinegar to flavour them. I added a bit of black pepper to them later on.  I’ll turn them on later. (Famous last words?)

I may not be a Chef de cuisine, but for a 44-year-old, failure, I keep trying. I’m getting betterer… Alright, alright, so I got the age a few months out! Hahaha!

I got onto the computer and answered some comments. Went on the WordPress Reader section. Then got on with updating the Monday blog, which seemed to take longer than ever. Mind you, a lot of photograph uploads, and doctoring was needed to the bad ones, so it looks like I took them right, the first time.

Nicodemus’ neurotransmitters were making it hard work, and Duodenal Donald was not helping my concentration at all. (Sodding useless Peptac!)

Aha, a sudden but non-urgent call to the Porcelain Throne arrived! So I saved all the work, turned of Computer Cameron, and decided to get the Ablutions done after the Throne Session. (Did yer see that? A cantlet of organisational-ability crept in, there! Oh, yes!)

Another stand-up job, too early to use the shower, with the Iceland delivery being expected early today.

Well, the Throne Session caught me out altogether. With being on the Dioctyl©, and taking the Macrogol, I anticipated a much easier session than the one I suffered! And with having eaten the Chilli-Con-Carne last night, I believed things would go a lot easier this time – But No! Constipaiton Konrad seems to be counter-attacking! After four days of lesseningly painful sessions, this one bounced back to Defcon Two standards! Agonyisticalisations! The Silver-Lining Search results: At least there was only a smidgeon of bleeding. I think the nurse is due to call me this week, to see how things are going with the wee-weeing, and pooping, she’s going to be happy with me, I don’t think!

However, looking through rose-coloured glasses, and being sanguine, the ablution session went not too bad at all… well, it could have been worse, maybe not one of my best ones, perhaps…

Alright, it was pandemonium Accifauxpa-wise! More dropsies than ever before. (Thank you, Nicodemus!) During the series of droppages, I broke the best razor, a bottle of aftershave slipped, and the spray-top cover burst open (Mind you, I smell nice now, Haha!) and I cannot get the cap off now! Cut my finger retrieving a plastic double-bladed replacement razor. Cracked my head against the sink when I dropped and bent down to get the body spray.

The Silver-Lining Search results: No toe-stubbing, no knocking anything off of anywhere, and only one incident of walking into the door frame, and that was a minor incident. And this cheered me up, the new haemorrhoid cream worked a treat! But then again, there was no bleeding when I used it. So it’ll need testing-out when applied as the blood is flowing. It could have been worse, really methinks!

As I came out of the wet-room, a series on unexpected, involuntary passings of wind shook me a bit, and the tummy began to ache instantly and has stayed that way for hours. I’m going downhill again. Tsk!

I did some more updating, and Duodenal Donald seemed to ease off considerably, but the innards were still aching badly. (Who can’t win? Humph!) I stopped computerisationing again, and put the kettle on, and popped out on the balcony to take a couple of photographicalisations.

The first one, to my right, was of the grave-hill path up into the park, from Chestnut Walk. Many months since I’ve been up[ there, and I remember struggling to get up it as well, Hey-Ho! Then, to my left and a slightly zoomed-in shot of Winchester Street. The building bottom left, shows the top-floor lights on, this is the National Laundry premises. Beneath them, are various rented garages, with a couple of Arthur Daley, “No problem you can have the MOT now…” type characters. Hehehe!

I got a message from Iceland informing me that I should be getting the delivery twixt 08:20 and 09:00hrs. Fair enough! I checked the email they mentioned. They have no frozen baked potatoes, so a refund had been arranged.

Shortly, the Intercom sounded, luckily Herbert was taking a break from his clattering and banging, so I heard it alright. I saw it was the Iceland deliveryman, pressed him in, and got a can of G&T for him. He came up and put the carriers inside the door for me in the hall, that was kind of him.

Slipped him the thank you can of plonk, and took the carrier bags through to the kitchen to sort out. As you can see, there was not a lot of stuff ordered today. Most of it was made up of plank for Christmas pressies, so I do not need to get any later. I’m all ready now, in case I’m kept in when the bowel op is done. See that as well? Forward-planning? Me? Oh, Yes!

This is all I had that was not for Christmas pressies. But I’m going to make up a Morrison order for next week. Here I go…

I got the Morrison order done, got confirmation, then realised I’d made it for this Thursday, not next Thursday. Doah!

But felt suddenly so bad, Duodenal Donald, Dizzy Dennis, and I’m swaying with hardly any control. I left it, got something to eat cooking. I rang Jenny to see if she had any details of the window cleaner arriving. All messy, truth we do not know if he is coming or not.

In the morning, the rest of today’s events are just a blur. No idea what I had to eat, no photo on the card, nothing recalled until I was stripped and in the c1968 recliner, and spent hours trying to get to sleep, it was as if I was drunk or something. It took me hours to nod off, then I sprang awake an hour later, at 23:00hrs, in need of a wee-wee… Tsk! 

Inchcock Today – Friday 16th October 2020: The body and mind seemed to crepitate. Thunderisations!


Friday 16th October 2020

Croatian: Petak, 16 Listopada 2020

04:30hrs: Getting my head down so late last night, caused a bit of good fortune – I slept, uninterrupted, dream-free (I think), for over five hours! Yee-Ha!

Of course, this meant instant panic and worry about my getting everything done today, with such a late start! A bi gezunt! No time to lay there, or uhtceare. Anyway, the need for a wee-wee encouraged me to free my body-mass from the c1968 recliner, and get my balance, and scuddle to the EOGPB (Essential-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket). I honestly think I only moved a few fluid ounces, and half of them sprayed all over me! Grumbleskins!

I got the bucket, and myself cleaned up and visited the kitchenette, to get a mug of Thompsons Punjana, take the medications and do the Health Checks, oh, and take some photos from the window, not necessarily in that order.

I collected the MacroBid and Dioctyl from the computer desk. I tried the new ear-thermometer this morning, pleased to see that it worked the first time and came up with a figure. 34.6°Cc. Which marries with the level shown on the stick thermometer. I’ll see on Google and convert it to Fahrenheit. It gave me 94.28°F, which is a fair-figure, methinks?

The BP sphygmomanometer results were also pleasing, SYS and DIA both down, as well as the Pulse, I’ll do a check on Google again… “normal rate 60 and 100 beats per minute (bpm), so, another good one. I wonder if this will last? Hahaha! I had a swig of the pathetically weak Pentac medicine, followed my gulps of the splendid tea, and Took the photographs, both in the Aperture Priority mode, with the Nikon camera.

These could be used if anyone was making a film-noir movie or commercial? Just a thought, here’s another, do you think that the Tate Gallery might be interested in buying them?

If they can “spent taxpayers’ money” for a load of bricks, in fact ‘they’ paid so-called artist Carl Andre, £2,297 for the pile of bricks, in 1976. Bear in mind that £2,300 in 1976 is worth £16,664.29 today. I’m imperseverant when it comes to an understanding such stupidity from the Tate, in accepting crap from someone so desperate for success, a Fame-Whore like Carl? They could have had both of my photos for a tenner!

But, of course, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Oy-oy, oy!

A most-urgent calling to the Porcelain Throne arrived!  I scuddled off to the wet room, arriving with seconds to spare. But the usual start then stopping occurred, and I reached for the crossword book.

But no time for puzzling, for the motion restarted much quick than of late, although still painful, it as over in seconds, leaving me with a mess to clean up. I had to use two flushes, refilling the tank by water, jugged from the sink, in between, then get myself sorted, cleaned and medicated. Poor old Harold’s Haemorrhoids had gone through a rough time. Not much bleeding, though.

I reckon that the Dioctyl capsules are getting a grip on the situation at last. Says he, in hopes! However, the MacroBid UTI infection antibiotics, are taking their time in changing the colour of the urine, I checked with the card, and the colour is now between 6 + 7 on the scale, which is classed as Very and Severely dehydrated. No improvement at all, in fact, it is darker orange than before I went on the medication last Thursday? I increased my intake of spring water, as they recommended.

As I got on the computer, dear old Herbert started working on his models. Clunk, tap-tapping. But not for long.

I made a start on creating a template, then started to update the Thursday blog. I was in a zwodder, mentally, and jumping all over doing things out of order, and getting myself all irritated in doing so, but somehow kept on meandering and forgetting where I was and what I was doing and supposed to be doing. Jenny would know a name for this; she’s a clever gal. Next time we chat, I’ll ask her, then I can use the word to show off. Hehehe! Cheerio, sanity! Then…

Things seem to get worse when I went to get the ablutions done;

  • I suffered more dropsies than ever before!
  • Had a cracking cross between the Twist and a Waltz when Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, launched one of his involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dances, and I ended up going over onto the floor!
  • Banged my right elbow on the corner of the floor cabinet, and knocked a few things off of it.
  • I couldn’t find the shaving foam, and I’m sure I had some, and another full one ready? No shave today, then!
  • I considered putting some socks on, as it was getting reet cold. But stood there looking at the scary, scowling Sock-Glide, and a moment of resistentialism came over me?
  • It seemed that Pareidolia had gripped me, as I started talking to the damned thing! But I chickened out of using it, not that I was scared or anything like that, of course. Cough, cough!
  • Getting some new PPs on, and they ripped as I pulled them up? Oh, heck!

I remembered a little late that it was time for the next Dioctyl capsule to be taken. Forced plenty of water down with it.

I got back on Computer Cameron, and carried on with the blog updating, but not for long! Good old Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet went off again. It’d been dead slow all day!

I think Herbert must have gone out. It’s tranquil around the place. Even the ‘Hum ‘ is not as bad as usual, mind you, I can hear the drone from the plant room on the roof.

It’s already gone my head-down time already. Still, I will give in to my tiredness and get something to eat. Then I’ll collapse in the recliner. The internet is so bad and slow now it’s back on, but I’ll have a look at the Coronavirus figures first, internet permitting. Well, it wasn’t!

I got the nosh made. Fell asleep eating it. I cleaned up the mess from the tray falling off of my knees. Had a wee-wee, for what it was worth, it was more like a quick spray of air freshener without the nice scent.

Settled in the recliner, and waited for sleep to come… and waited… and waited…

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 14th October 2020: My lockdownabilites are being tested! As for Liberty-Global Virgin Media internet – Clapbogelsworthyness!

The Lovely Smile of the TFZeress ♥

Wednesday 14th October 2020

Welsh: Dydd Mercher 14eg Hydref 2020

: 03:00hrs: Due to the wonderfully pathetic service from Liberty-Global, Virgin Media internet connection, constantly going down today, this will be a short, messy, and quick diary of the day’s disasters. And with CorelDraw playing up something rotten, I’m stumped for time to get things done. I’m very sorry about this. Not as in-depth and revealing as usual. Still, being the twerp I am, I ended up staying up late to get caught up with it.

If you know of any reasonably priced, reliable assassins, perhaps you’d like to arrange for Mr Fries, the Liberty-Global boss. To have a visit? New York-based global investment equity firm KKR announced Wednesday that it acquired Corel, taking ownership from Vector Capital. I can’t find the animal in charge there, but I hope he or she is in pain and catches the Virus.

Of course, I’m only joking.

Rose, and had to use the Porcelain Throne. Argh! Constipation Konrad still in charge. Agony! But the leg ulcer was looking so much calmer, now.

Got the Health Checks done. The BP results were scary. Took the medications.

The stick thermometer was also playing up and not giving a reading, other than low.

Onto the computer, will a determination to get a crack-on… Hahahaha! With Libert-Global and CorelDraw’s combined inabilities and constant cock-ups, there was no chance!

The internet was going down so very often! Frustration turned to anger later. Humph! It did sp, so often, I shall not mention it again, well, we’ll see!

Facebooking was a grind, not pleasure. Pinteresting was farcical! I was getting into some fine messes on the computer!

I kept knocking off, doing other jobs, I took a snap of Chestnut Walk.

Then stupidly thinking things would come back on proper. What a clot I am! Got the ablutions done, took my time and it was a fair session, no injuries, although the dropsies were more than plentiful.

  I tried ringing Warden Deana, to ask her to ring the Doctors for me, to order some Macrogol on the next prescriptions for me. But there was no reply. Either busy, or on holiday, or moved somewhere else?

Jenny rang. She is having the same struggle with Lacksadisical Liberty-Global. She suggested I send an email asking for prescriptions, which made me wonder why I wasn’t doing this. Hehe! I did enjoy the little natter and laugh. ♥Later I recalled getting the letter telling me they cannot take prescription requests via email, anymore. Tsk!

Sister Jane rang me to tell me she had not received the email link. I wasn’t surprised I’d forgotten to send it, with all the mayhem this morning. I apologised and said I’d do it as soon as, or if, I can get the Template made up. We had a longish chinwag, and that broke the depression, cheered me up. ♥

Then off to the Porcelain Throne again – another bad one, no improvement, despite the Macrogol and Dyoctyl, I’m on. But, no bleeding this time from Harold’s Haemorrhoids! And the legs were all calm. Bloodless looking mind you.

Uncomfortable in the extreme, I got some bags of rubbish made up and taken to the waste chute. Not the easiest of tasks this morning. I loaded the three-wheeler walker guide with the various sized bags and hobbled with them (Not dropping any en route, Smug-Mode-Engaged!) to the chute room.

Made a brew, and took the Docusate sodium and an extra Maccrogol sachet. I’ve not got a lot of confidence in them, but fair do’s, give them another day or so, and they might start working. Or not! Well, they didn’t, making me very late in getting my head down, to catch up. Brunglebogs!

I had a go ar making the graphics again. I spent more time correcting things than creating owt! Grrr!

And of course, the internet kept packing up in the middle of doing things!

THe wee-weeing was frequenter than ever, but only dribbles most of the time. I checked the colour against the chart, and it was still on No.6, very dehydrated.

On the other side of the NHS card, was a reminder to drink 2½ to 3½ litres of liquids a day, while I’m on the Dioctyl capsules for the week.

But, I have no decaffeinated tea in stock.

So I was taking spring water in between the Thompsons Punaja, Glengettie, Assam and Glengettie Gold, brews.

Then, I remembered that I forgot to send the blog links off, so got it tended to.

The ‘Hum’ was accompanied wit he few taps, knocks and clunks, from Herbert in the flat above. I wonder what model he’s making today? I rarely see anyone nowadays with this lockdown for a chinwag. Mind you, he’s a bit of a reticent, taciturn sort of superior acting bloke, so I’m not missing anything there, then.

Off I poddled to the wet room for what must be the twentieth wee-wee of the day, possibly more actually.

The leg ulcer seemed to be getting a smidge more inflamed? And the Clopdogrel lumps and papules looked like returning.

Time to take the evening medications now. Then get some fodder prepared.

As I got in the kitchen, I found that I’d left the hot water tap (faucet) running, and now had no hot water. Ah, well, at least I haven’t done this for at least three days. Humph!

I had a go again at getting the lid off of the balsamic vinegar and honeyed shallots. To my amazement, I got it off! Well pleased with this! I split the contents, half and half, with the original jar to be taken down for Jenny and Frank, the other half, having put some of the onions on my plate for later, went in an old lidded plastic container and into the fridge. I rang Jenny to tell her I’d be calling, but the gal was busy on the line. Got the Jenny-jar in a bag, ready to go down. 

Got the potato cakes in the oven, took this photo of the afternoon view, then gave Jenny another call on the phone. The gal was still busy, so I got the stick, and a jar of pickled shallots and went down to put them outside her door, rang the bell and then had fun getting the list back up. Hehe!

Got back at last, and worked on getting the dinner made up. Not much cooking involved at all. But I managed to burn the potato cakes a bit too much, even for me. Hoggleglumps! The new shallot onions and the Jenny supplied yellow tomatoes were the highlight of the meal. The Lidl potato thins, reminded me of chewing newspaper when I was a kid, and short of food – but the newspaper had more taste. Hehehe!

Put the pots in the bowl to soak, and I got down in the c1968 non-working recliner that my Xyrophobia suffering, over amour propred Brother-in-Law Pete broke, when he was clearing the flat of my monies and valuables after I had the stroke… Where was I? Oh, yes, head down with the only intention being to get some sleep. But no! Although I was spared any Thought-Storming tonight, Duodenal Donald made an excellent substitute ‘Keep-Awakener’.

I didn’t bother getting up, to take any of the nugatory Peptac medicine, and tried to carry one, ith little chance of, but getting to sleep!

But Duodenal Donald was on top form tonight, and out of desperation, I got up and gave myself a pretty reasonably nasty toe-stubbing en route to the kitchen, to have a large guzzle or two of the weak ineffective, inadequate, not up-to-the-job Peptac medicine. There were no spare Omeprazole capsules, now they come in the dosage-pods, but things were so painful and uncomfortable with Duodenal Donald, I took one of tomorrow mornings ones, which I may well regret in the morning, methinks! I swallowed the capsule and took the pathetic Peptac bottle to the recliner with me, and it was well used, but to no effect. Humph!

Fed-up? Me? Hahaha!


Inchcockski – Wednesday 23rd September 2020: It was mostly ackamarackus today!

Butlers Thoughts: What a cracker!

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Hawaiian: Pōʻakolu 23 Kepakemapa 2020

01:50hrs: I woke up, with very little interest in doing anything or getting up. Unknowingly, I drifted back into slumber.

02:20hrs: I bestirred once again, had a Thought-Storm, passed wind, and fell back to sleep!

02:30hrs: On regaining consciousness for the third time, I felt somewhat miffed at doing so.

The whole body and mind just wanted to nod-off again, indifferent, and not understanding the mind’s messages coming through, that advised me to get up? I was still determined to go back to sleep again! This ante meridiem tempted me not, regards to moving, let alone getting up! This reluctance was most usual for me, but it started yesterday, and was even more accentuated this morning?

I could have wept when the regular wee-wee wanting demands came. But at least it got me moving, albeit recalcitrantly. By the time I’d forced my body mass out of the £300, c1968 recliner, caught my balance. And had a pathetic attempt at a wee-wee in the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket), the summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. So, off I trudged to the wet-room.

Well, I got sat down, and the usual solidness refused to let me pass anything, so I gave up trying. As I was struggling to my feet, I immediately sensed some PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribble) coming, and I couldn’t have been in a better position, a foot away from the WC! Hahaha! This time the wee-wee was of the LHLB (Long-Hosepipe-Like-Blasting), torrential wee-wees (A rarity for me!)

Had a wash and rinse; no need to change the PP’s for once. And tried to gee-myself up a bit, off to the kitchen to open the window and try to make a decent early morning photo of the view, again. Although I thought I had taken this picture, it seems to have got lost in the ether somewhere, cause it was no on the card later? Could this be another of those frustrating days in the offing? Mmm!

Back to the front room to get some trousers on, it was a bit nippy with me opening the window.

I espied that I had left the tray with the plates and cutlery unwashed on the ottoman. Guilt-Mode nearly adopted!

I got them washed-up and some potatoes in the crock-pot for later then started to do the Health Checks.

The temperature was still looking good at dead on, 35°c. I did feel a bit proud of myself after Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters (Swine!) caused me to drop the thermometer on the floor. I was sensible-ish enough this time, to not even think of bending down this time to retrieve it. I went to fetch the long picker-upperer to use. A semi-smarmy-smug-mode was adopted! 

After I’d taken the BP, the need for the Porcelain Throne returned, and I felt the need to move with all haste, back to the wet-room. But it was a painful session, probably the most painful for months. Argh! The under-control of the innards motion was back to its old tricks, and allowed a little movement of the rock hard matter, and left me in agony waiting and praying for it to start again!

As I got the crossword book out, partly to take my mind of off the pain, another wee-wee started, a repeat of the LHLB (Long-Hosepipe-Like-Blasting), torrential wee-wee mode! Even that hurt as well, and I got myself all wet in the splashback, then the rear-end activity started again; Oh, so slowly, and lasted for a couple of minutes at least!  Messy, more cleaning up again, but there was no bleeding at all? I think that after all, I’ll be happy to get the bladder and bowel scan done, now. And find out what it is causing these problems. (I think, Hehe!)

Hello, Herbert’s on his drilling and knocking up his models again!

I decided to get the ablutionalisationing done. Believe me, they have never gone better for yonks! Fantastic!

Faire enough, the legs were paler than ever. But the varicose and spider veins seem to have receded for some pleasing if unknown reason and the Clopidogrel allergy lumps were not to be seen anywhere? Goody!

The teeth-cleaning was almost painless!

Only one tiny nick shaving!

The showering was so amazing! No dizziness at all! No dropsies, not one! And only one mini clunk against the grab rail – this session went ‘fantabulously!’

As for the knees, the Arthur Itis-free patellas, I might add, they’ve never looked so normal for years! I anticipate that I’ll suffer for this good fortune at a later date. Hehe!

Just peruse these near-normal looking plates-of-meat! Again so pale, I should be worried, but the lack of growths, blotches etc. is great, if unbelievable!

Hours and hours after getting up, I finally got around to updating the Tuesday blog. With a dogged determination, I got it finished and posted off! Hurrah! Made a brew of Glengettie Tea, had another wee-wee, and back to the computer, I did flee! (Well it rhymes, Haha!)

Pinterested some snaps, made up a template, emailed the link, did some Facebooking and WordPress Reader viewing, some good stuff on there this morning. Then went on comment answering.

The Nottingham Your Area email came in, so I had a look for owt interesting to share with you.

I fear the first thing that caught my eye, was the Coronavirus figures. Not good at all: Sunday 90 new cases, Monday 93 new cases,  Tuesday 107 new cases! Not Good at all! “Rate of infection drops, but coronavirus cases continue to be reported across Nottinghamshire.

Then the thorny problem of students cramming full a tram, many without masks on. A difficult problem to solve! Apparently, last time Nottingham had 107 cases in a day, we went to full lock-down? Mmm?

I made a much-belated start on this blog, it’s gone midday now. Ah, well!

I’d better get some graphics for the diary headers done, then. So, onto CorelDrawing.

I got a couple of page-top graphics done.

Time for the nosh-making to commence! First, I went to check if any mail had been delivered, and heard the fire alarm going off! (I can only hear it going-off when I’m outside the flat or near the door). But it might just be a test?

So I got the Nikon camera and nipped out onto the balcony, to see if any Fire-tenders responded, which they didn’t. But it turned into a photographicalisationing, and nit-picking session. The first one, it was a good job the brigade did not respond, cause they would not have got through to the flat, due to parked vehicles on Chestnut Walk!

Spotted a car pulling up on the bus turn around with the yellow lines, no idea who it was, he/she got out to get something from the tailgate.

The rain came heavier then, as I took this closer shot of the double-yellow lines and vehicles near the compound. I don’t see they have any choice, the working van that had to park there. I had to take the pictures from deep in the balcony now, to avoid the rain!

Took this shot of the end car parking spaces through the glass.

It looked like someone had parked in the disabled hatched area? But maybe not, I may have got it wrong again. No surprise there!

Then I took this shot with some balconies in view, of Chestnut Walk. Aha! the bus turning island parker had now gone! I think that the TV people should do one of their ‘Britains Parking Hell programmes at Winwood Heights.

I turned my attention’s back to the fodder. Bit of a plateful, eyes bigger than my belly again. Haha! Manu highlights taste-wise, the Jenny su[[lied yellow tomatoes, the Cox’s orange pippin and the Irish potato farls all deserved a mention in the Tasted-Good stakes! Oh, and the home-grown onions, were fantastic and had a bite and a half! Mmm! A Flavour-Rating of 7.5/10!

I got the pots washed up, and took a couple more photos, from the balcony.

It was getting a smidge dull and dark earlier tonight. But the rain was dying down, not that it bothers me (a pluviophile) much, especially here inside the flat. I took another snap straight ahead, to capture the puffer clouds on the horizon, they made the view look a little like a painting to me? As if they had been added as an afterthought, perhaps?

Had yet another wee-wee, then a wash, and took the evening medications, made up spring water and orange cordial bottle, and settled to watch some more of the Dr Who DVD. I stayed awake for at least an hour, no nod-offs at all. Mostly due to the Thought-Storms than made concentrating on watching the DVD impossible.

I had a hell of a sneeze, that left me feeling partly-dizzy… and the Thought Storms just disappeared. So I did get some enjoyment from the DVD at last. But the weariness did for that, and blissfully, I drifted into Sweet Morpheous land.

Inchcock – Tuesday 25th August 2020: Senectitude and imbecilities ruled today.

Cool TFZer, at her own Cool-It-Cabin ♥

Tuesday 25th August 2020

Tajik: Сешанбе 25 августи соли 2020 

03:20hrs: I came back into semi-life, feeling very peculiar-most! For there were no demands or needs for a wee-wee or the Porcelain Throne to be used! I’ve not never ever woken up in this odd condition for years!

As I heaved my blubbery-stomached body out of the £300, second-hand, uncomfortable, c1968, none-working recliner, the stinging from Harold’s Haemorrhoids caught me unprepared. Gawd, they were in a furious mood with me! I felt the trickling of the blood in the PPs! Botherations!

I hobbled with a new style of limp adopted, to try and ease the pain of the piles (Hehe!), off to the kitchenette. I found myself in an unexpectedly industrious mood this morning. No Thought-Storms, no Dizzy Dennis, and I hadn’t walked or banged into anything on my way to get the Health Checks done! Positive-Smug-Mode-Brewing!

I got the kettle on, took this photograph of the morning view from the new, light & view-blocking, thick-framed windows. I used the Nikon camera, choosing the Night Landscape option. I was a little disappointed with the resulting shot. Hey-ho!

I got the kettle on and decided to take my temperature first, with both of the thermometers. This is because what I am recording, seems to mean I am dead, according to cyber buddies, Tim and Doug. Haha! I photo’d the results. The stick thermometer indicated the readings were in centigrade 34.3°c. Which is 93.7° Fahrenheit, according to the converter I used on Google. Then I again looked up the average temperature for a 72-year-old male, I got this: In older adults, the average body temperature is lower than 98.6°F (36.2°C). Hmm! Might have a word with the nurse next week. If she’s due that is, no one has given me the dosages or levels of INR Warfarin, so I hope they contact me today with the details. Tim Price was spot on with the figures he gave me.

By the time I’d finished faffing about with the temperature, I had put the kettle on again and did the BP sphygmomanometer checks. They came out a smidge betterer today, the Sys was down on yesterday by nearly 10 points, that was good to see.

 I made the brew of Morrison’s Extra Strong Assam tea. And jolly tasty it was too! Then I took the medications. If the pile’s pain persists, I’ll risk taking another Codeine later.

However, when it came to uploading the photo of the mug, I found this picture on the right, instead. Ah, the mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court: The Ghosts, Hobgoblins, Boll-Weevils, Aliens, Gremlins, Karakia-cursing entities, hallucinations. Materialisations, poltergeist, lemures, wairuas, kehuas, manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum. Usually, without rupture or displacement within the building. To cause havoc, fear, and frustration, as they dislodge time itself, in their aspirations and skulduggery, to complete their given by Satan, ‘Let’s annoy and scare the energumenist Inchcock’ mission? I was not having any interference from Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun, or even Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, so why and what, how I managed to miss with this effort, I don’t know?

I got the mushrooms in the crock-pot, not cooking, just to put some fish sauce in the bowl to marinate them for a while. That sauce, come vinegar, is excellent! I’ve got some more coming later today, I hope, from Sainsbury’s. I’ve got another two orders arriving today. (Dumbo!) One from Iceland and another from Sainsbury’s. I’ll not starve then! Wot a plonker!

To Computer Cameron, I made a temp[late first. Then began to update Monday Inchcock Today post.

This took an inordinately long time, due to just one ailment that had decided to play me up; that was Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters failing, for the first time all morning, frustratingly, only when I started typing! Knackwrangling bad timing! Spit!

I persisted and plodded on, and got the updating finished, with more correcting and finding mistakes than for a long time! Posted the blog off on WordPress, and nerve-ends seem to start working again? Ah-well, such is my fate! Still, I was over the moon about this, and pressed on as quickly as I could, before the Neurotramsmitter’s conked-out again. Sent off the links, Pinterested some photos, and went on Facebooking for a while. Had a perusal of the WordPress Reader section. 

Then checked the emails. Iceland has no wholemeal rolls, and have substituted 125gr mushrooms with 300gr mushrooms. Sainsbury’s have substituted white for red onions, and have no Sourdough bread. I thought I’d be bound to get some bread, with ordering from both companies. Hey-Ho! Not to fret.

I made a start on this blog, but had to divert to do the ablutions early, as Iceland is due twixt 9>11:00hrs. Sainsbury’s are due between 15:00 > 16:00hrs. Still, I think I’ve got free delivery, no charge by having a late one? We shall see! Sainsbury’s also sent a message that from next week, all their deliveries will be loose-delivered, no carrier bags. Not sure what to do about this. By a shopping trolley? Haha!

No shower usage, of course, too early for that, the noise it makes might disturb my fellow Woodthorpe Courtonians.

Back in a bit…

Well, that was a fantastic ablution session. No toe-stubbing, no dizzies, no banging or walking into anything, or knocking owt over! The total dropsies were only about five!

When it came to the job of medicationalisationing, it was a different story, though. I got the new tube of the precious Germoloid from the medical cupboard, I found it had a plastic extender in the box.

Ah, with Harold’s Haemorrhoids being so tender this morning, I thought I’d try this out. A mistake! With not using this device before, and having to use the right hand just as Nicodemus neurotransmitters went on strike again, the inner-piles got roughed up a bit, and the blood flowed. I shall not try the tube thingy again. It was a heck of a job stemming things, and it took me ages. Still, all calm now!

I was confused to see the mark from yesterday’s toe-stubbing was visible again, and the ankle ulcer had started to transmogrify again? I got the trousers and slippers on and poddled to the kitchen. 

As I was taking this picture of the morning view, the rain started to get heavy later for a few hours.

I made a brew of Glengettie brew, but I did not drink it. The first sip and the toothache blasted away at me! Argh! I must ask someone to ring the Dentist for me. Fingers crossed!

The door chimes rang out their Dusty Springfields ♫ ‘I only want to be with you’ ♫ tune. It was the Iceland chap delivering. The poor soul was soaking wet, as were the bags of delivered products. We had a little natter, which is a rare thing. I thanked him and slipped him a can of G&T in appreciation of his efforts, and took the bags through to the kitchen. I’d bought a pile of kitchen towels, and had to open a couple to dry them out, I added them to the stack, near the radiator. I think the kitchen-towels might last me a few days. Hahaha!

I got the Skinny Whips in a container to keep them cool.I’ve got these to hand out as treats. I like them myself, but wit the teeth in the condition they are, I dare not eat any until the dentist has had his pleasure of filling and extracting few molars.

I made a brew of Glengettie again and purposely allowed it to cool down and took another Codeine. To counter the pain from Harold’s Haemorrhoids and the teeth. It didn’t do much good, but I dare not take any more of the painkillers.

I then made up a funny poem. Link: Coping With Old Age

Posted it off, and was amazed at how easily it flowed from my bumbling, tired old brain. I decided not to have a meal as such, as after the Sainsbury order comes and gets put away, I’ll be ready and capable, only of sleep-searching. And any cooking or knife usage in my current sudden fatigued state might be too risky. Funny how common sense often appears when I weary?

Then I realised I had the mushrooms in the crock-pot I’d forgotten all about. I turned them off hoping they would be alright for eating tomorrow. Fungleboggles!

I got on the £300, second-hand recliner, with a determination not to nod-off and miss the food delivery. As I was struggling to stay awake, I turned on the TV, yes, I was that desperate. Haha! And the landline flashed. It was a male voice, claiming to be from Virgin, and wanted access to do the repairs. Me: “What repairs?” – Him: “You have a problem with your TV ‘box’?” – Me: “No, I don’t have a TV box?” A long silence… Him: “Did you not report a fault?” – Me: “No” – another long silence… Him: “Oh?” and he rang off? Still, it helped me stay awake if nowt else!

The door chimes rang forth as I was getting back down on my bottom.

The Sainsbury’s fodder had arrived. He’d been let-in by someone, and was soon up and putting the bags in the hallway for me.

To the kitchen and got the items sorted out. There was no item list with them, so I don’t know if anything is missing or not. Humph! Started with the fresh stuff first. The surimi Royale and plain fish sticks totalled four packs? Mmm!

I’d got some iodised salt, and an expensive box of the Smoked Sea Salt Flakes, on impulse as usual. Potato cakes, X-strength Marmite, and a large pot of lemon yoghourt, amongst other items. And more tins of Heinz curried baked beans, Gannet! 

Took the evening medications, pondered on what the innards were up to, no Porcelain Throne visit today, and got settled for sleep searching.

After an hour or so of part-nodding, but not achieving any actual sleep, I got up to get a drink of milk, thinking it might help me relax.

The rain was pouring down again, and my spirits dipped a smidge as I toe-stubbed my left foot against the server tray wheels, dropped the four-pronged walking stick, bent to retrieve it, Back-Pain-Benda kicked-off, and I clouted my right knee on the edge of the stove!

I believe I muttered something like, ‘Oh, bother!’

It was a long time getting off to sleep, but at least the Thought-Storming gave me a break this time.

Inchcock – Monday 24th August 2020: Yee-ha, got a proper little chinwag in!

Cool TFZers, at the Cool-It-Cabin


Monday 24th August 2020:

Welsh: Dydd Llun 24 Awst 2020

02:30hrs: I woke up, struggled up out of the £300, second-hand, uncomfortable, grotty, sickeningly-beige-coloured, c1968, rickety recliner, with the innards in a state of turmoil, grinding away.

I think that the innards are far from settled yet, I got Metal Mickey and wobbled off to the wet room for a wee-wee. Although I might not have bothered, a minuscule spot of spraying droplets all over me and the wet-room furniture was a much as I could manage. And that took me some effort.

I did see that the, what I thought was a dying-off leg ulcer, seems more likely to in a transportation-mode! It definitely is moving up the leg and towards the centre of the shin, now? Spreading out, but not inflamed at all?

Got things cleaned up, and off to the kitchenette. The BP readings, Sys was down on yesterday, but still too high! The body temperature read as 84.4°f.

Somehow, during the photographing of the sphygmomanometer, I knocked some morning tablets and a capsule off of the counter. What a farce it was trying to find them! I managed to get two of the escapees, but the Pentoxifylline capsule was unfindable, but I may discover it later in the day; when I’m bound to drop something else and search for that? Hahaha! I took the medications, bar one, of course.

I thought I’d take shots of the same area, facing the kitchenette window. Both in Auto-mode. One with the flash off, the one with it switched on. 

Well, the flash certainly works on the Nikon! Hehehe!

I’m glad it did, I’ve been looking for the new grotty reseda-green trousers for a while now, I spotted them hanging with the airing laundry in the window. Why there? No idea! Still, I’m glad I found them.

I got the updating done of the Sunday post and made up a template. Made a brew of Glengettie tea. During the time of doing these actions. I had five more MSD (Minuscule-SPraying-Droplets wee-wees!)

Pinterested a few photos, sent off the link, went on Facebooking (I hate the new layout), then had a perusal of the WordPress Reader.

Made a start on this blog and had to visit the Porcelain Throne. I got the crossword book put.

Well, things have started to change in this department at last. I got down, splutter, splash, and all over in seconds! I thought this was a good sign; until I rose from the Throne. The evacuated product had disappeared from view altogether without any flushing (liquid?), the passing was so painful I felt sure solids had returned? And as for bleeding! Another load of washing and cleaning and sanitising needed! No point in medicationalisationing yet, I can do that with the ablutioning.

I spent an hour or so, updating this post, in between wee-weeing, of course. Then realised it was gone time to get the ablutions and medicalisationing done. I have to get a move on, just in case the Iceland delivery or Vampire Nurse arrives earlier than planned!

Back in a bit… Now I’ve found the trews, I decided to leave the black ones to soak in the bowl, while I tended to the ablutions.

I’m back! What an amazingly successful ablutioning session, mind you, the medicationalisationing didn’t go too well. Dropsies of only four, teeth-cleaning, shaving showering and drying off! Oh, yes! Medicationing, about ten! And a tumble.

Well, I suffered one of Peripheral Neuropathy Pete’s involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dances, and over I went, but it was in slow motion of sorts. How come? As I grabbed various things to stop the fall but failed each time, I tried something else to get a hold of, so it was a plunge in stages, so as to speak. Clearing most of the stuff off of the floor cabinet as I went. Tsk! Got a scratch above the left foot’s little toe in the process of the mock-dance that seemed to have elements of a soft-shoe-shuffle, the twist, and a waltz in it. Hahaha!

I sorted myself out, got the trousers and slippers on, and poddled to the kitchen, to get the black pants washed. I think, with it being the first wash, it took so many rinses to clear the soap and water.

They might be cheap but are thick materialed trews, so it will take a long time to dry. I got them done, wrung and hung to dry on one of the new coat hangers. Hopefully, doing it this way, the creases will part-fall-out with the water, or not! I expect them to be dry enough to wear, sometime around Christmas or New Year.

I took a photograph of the clouds and sky from the kitchenette window, with some of the City Centre high rise buildings highlighted in the morning sunshine as it came out from behind, to greet us good morning.

I got on with updating this post. Then I made a brew of Glengettie, and the agony from the back teeth when I sipped the brew… Argh! I’ll have to ask someone to phone the Dentist for me, to see if they can fill the three bothersome teeth for me.

I got an email from Ingeus, the quomodocunquizing, profit-seeking private company, who run the diabetes courses for the NHS. It oozes compassion, empathy and understanding, doesn’t it? Bearing in mind, I have spoken to four of their impatient representatives (well, one of them was alright, and was patient with my stuttering and lack of hearing!), and it was hard work.

Decided? Did I have any choice? I told them of my problem getting onto the Zoom sight they use for lessons. No advice was given, not that I could hear everything they were saying properly anyway.

And I eventually got on and was given an access number. Later, when the course was due to start, this number was not recognised! The frustration was making me ill. So I told the last caller, I would have NO OPTION but to wait until the face-to-face meetings started because it was physically impossible for me to get on-line! And if had, my saccades and lack of hearing would be such a hassle in any group discussion I could not partake in. And Stuttering Stephanie would surely have made the other participants really pissed-off!

I got, “Well, I’ll have to contact your GP and tell them…” The tone of voice, although masked, was quickly interpreted by my keen EQ. Annoyance!

I’ll ignore this email if I die then so be it. They, even the Doctor, seems to have no idea how difficult things are; when one can’t hear on phones, at times even speak (Stephanie), and am in some pain of one sort or another all day and every day, and dropping things or walking into things!

So what do they do after all that, tell me to phone them!

Niggleclumps! and Granglespithowlations! Gits!

No, I had a change of mind! I’ll try the number to see if it is a face-to-face or computer link. Bloody Marvellous! A rushed recorded message, of which I did catch a few random words. Ingeus… Diabetes… between 09:00hrs and… training purposes… longer than usual… I’m pissed-off again!

The door chime rang out, it was the Iceland delivery cometh. Not a lot today, some slightly naughty options had been ordered! Hehe!

I got the bags into the kitchen and put away the frozen first. Battered fish fillets, and a pack of the Chinese belly pork, but there was not enough room for this box, so I put them in the fridge to cook later one (cunning, eh?) Belly pork and baked beans, that sounded like a decent choice?

But, no bread sent from Iceland as a substitute for the not available wholemeal bread thins. Fear not, I took out a pack of Sourdough muffins from the freezer, to thaw them out. I got the fridge things stacked and crammed in. Hehehe!

I’d just about got everything away, and the intercom rang out. But it stopped in a few seconds. Obviously, the Vampire Nurse had been let in by a resident. Hristina arrived and let herself in, and soon took my blood, and we had a mini-natter into the bargain. Lovely! ♥

I added these details to the blog. Then got the black bags made up, and onto the three-wheeler. I got a bit of an insecure feeling, of whether I’d left the taps running in the kitchen, so diverted to have a check on things. All okay, and I spotted a rarity that deserved snapping. A space in the car park!

I returned to the hallway and finished off the loading of the three-wheeler walking trolley, with the bags. Definitely going to be a dodgy hobble with this load, to the waste-chute room. Haha!

But once done, I’d only have the one white recycling bag that needed taking down and out to the caretakers big green bin left to do, then. I took the smaller Canon camera with me, safe in the pocket of the jacket. It’s got a strong wristlet strap on it. I always try to make sure I use it, especially when taking shots from the window.

I got the depositing of the bags done easily enough, but I caught my already injured left little toe between the trolley and doorframe as I reversed out of the little room. Grobbledamitt!

To and down in the lift, and through the people-less foyer, out into the fresh air. It was a grand feeling, even if the agony from the toe bothered me. (A bit of sympathy seeking there, Sorry! Haha! Out and put the bag where the bin usually is but isn’t today. Crossed the road, and took this picture of my beloved Woodthorpe Court from the car park on Chestnut Walk. I took hobble along, taking photos en route.

These flowers, battling to produce new buds, were nearby the sloping tiles to the roadway, directly opposite the modern, extra care Winwood Court entrance. Bootiful!

I saw my first person to talk to as I was snapping the new building. Ray, or Roy… er maybe it was Frank, on his disability scooter said good morning, (I think that’s what he said, anyway, Hehehe!) as I moved into the bushes to allow him to pass by.

I went further up Chestnut Walk, enough to get to take this photograph, of the impressive looking Winchester Court. I’m somewhat taken to the colouring that Nottingham City Homes have given the building now.

I went back and over the Walk into the Windwood Court Extra Care building, and left to the ILC’s (Independent Living Coordinators) office. 

 Where, I’m delighted to tell you that I had a little gossip, with Riechsfuhreress and Desktop Dancer Warden Julie, and Catwalk Model, Oberscharfuhreress Warden, Deana.

The highlight of the day, being able to have a chinwag! I really hope I can get outside proper soon, it’s driving me crazy having to stay inside and suffering Herbert’s noises!

On my way back to Woodthorpe Court, I stopped to take a close picture from the base of the Court. Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis when I as leant back taking the snap. Tsk! If it’s not one ailment, it’s another! Feeling a bit of self-pity there, sorry, it won’t happen again.

I got my strong, burly, ripped-stomached, muscular, magnificently-honed body into the main foyer of the building. Alright, I got my wobbly, short, gigantically-bellied body inside the building! Nick-picking! Hahaha!

Got to the elevators, and sent the contractor’s lift, that was on the ground floor up, and pressed the call button again, to get the resident’s cage to come down. As I took this photograph of the electronic notice board in the lift lobby, the picture on it was changing.

I got inside the flat, put the walker in the corner, and got the kettle on. Took the computer out of sleep mode, and Herbert dropped something on his floor. Twice, then the tapping and knocking continued on and off, for many hours again. Not that I’m complaining, and won’t do, last time, and the only time I did, I got told off. ‘He’s a wonderful man doing models for charity’ I was told. Oh, I’m sorry about that! But surely they can’t throw me out for saying what is actually happening? Oh, maybe they can! I’d better keep my gob shut then?

I opened a can of curried beans, and put some of the Hoisin sauce to them to marinate until needed with the Chinese belly pork slices. And I pressed on with updating for this blog.

Hello, Herberts stopped making any noise, I do hope he’s not poorly

I went to make another mug of Glengettie tea. I stirred the beans in the saucepan, and nibbled one – Argh! Earlier, I’d put in the liquid smoke by mistake for the Hoisin sauce! It was an odd flavour! I put some Hoisin in, I’ve no idea what I’m doing at times!

Back to the computer, and made a Morrison order up online. I got it in for 12:00 > 1300hrs, on Tuesday 1st September, the very date triggered my EQ as I typed it, and is not well-starred for some reason. Oh, dearie me!

Got it accepted, then Josie rang the door chimes, she was returning the things from the Sunday lunch. She said the meal was fine, but I think she was being kind to me. Bless her! She returned the goodies carrier bag again.

Getting tired and the fatigue is returning now, along with Shaking Shaun and Shirley. Better get the pork in the oven, in case I nod-off or something. Got the pork, poured a drop of Hoisin on each of the little pieces, and got it in the oven.

Clunk thud! Ah, Herbert’s alright. He’s not been so bad today, no teeth-shaking drilling or bashing of the hammer. Much betterer!

Pressed on with this post for twenty-minutes, then went to check on the meat. 

I moved the drying on the coathanger black trousers, into the sunshine in the kitchen window, they seemed to be drying-off a lot quicker than I had anticipated.

I got the tray out to eat the meal off of, and discovered last nights medications! So, I missed them again. Dumbo!

But no one has called me about the INR results or new dosages for the week, neither the surgery, nor the Anticoagulation, & Deep Vein Thrombosis Warfarin Clinic?

Got the meal served up, and the cooking things in the sink to soak for cleaning later with the dish and other items.

The sourdough muffins, were the perfect thing for dipping in the beans sauce, Mmm!

An odd flavour in the beans, (accidentally putting in the liquid smoke, is the cause of this) but they had a certain palatableness. Gave this a flavour rating of 7/10.

I got the pots washed, took the evening medications from yesterday. Tsk! 

The marks from the morning toe-stubbing have already nearly cleared away. What an odd metabolism I have? Hahaha!

Sleep came a bit quicker tonight. So, there is a chance that if anyone had called me, I would not have heard or seen the flashing landline. After an hour or so of perfect bliss, the waking up and Thought Storms began. Hogwash!

Inchcock – Sunday 23rd August 2020: A busy day, in a way, I must say! Noisy Herbert’s noisiest ever day!

Cool TFZer, at the Cool-It-Cabin ♥

Saturday & Sunday 22nd/23rd August 2020

22:15hrs Saturday 22nd: After a day of seeing and talking to nobody, but myself, six liquidly productive visits to the Porcelain Throne, and my innards all bubbling, gurgling and aching; then being woke up twice by the chap up above me (he’s drilling away making a model methinks), and not daring to eat anything, I gave up my search for Sweet Morpheus, and rose to finished yesterdays blog early and got it posted off to WordPress.

Later I risked a pot noodle for a late supper. This could prove a mistake later, Hahaha! Finished the blog, did some Pinteresting, sent off the links, and went on the WordPress reader. Then found the desire for kip returning and got my head down.

Sunday 23rd August 2020

Samoan: Aso Sa 23rd Aukuso 2020 

06:00hrs: I’d slept all the way through for 6½hrs! More than I have for the last three nights combined! Smug Mode Anticipated – But it was not to be!

The lightness of the morning, the confused mind, and the need for a wee-wee were the original expergefactor’s cause. On the first movement of my onerously large-bellied body, the queasy, nerve-wracking, gut-wrenching, nauseating, gurgling, rumbling disturbances in the innards returned, going on an intestinal-rampage. Fear of a repeat of yesterday’s six liquidified Porcelain Throne visits bothered me! But no real indication of any immediate explosions imminent, just the stomach going through the building-up, preparatory motions! Oh, ‘eck!

I disentangled my grossly overgrown bellied body from the £300, second-hand, c1968, rickety recliner. Got Metal Mickey, and hobbled to the wet room for a wee-wee. The message from the bladder told me to be prepared for splash-backs, spraying, and forceful exiting. But no, it was an OSUADE (Orange-Sprinkly-Unpainful-After-Dribble-Ever-Coming) type. Had a wash and off to the kitchenette. I was hobbling around better than usual this morning?

I got the kettle on the boil, and I took a photographicalisation of the late morning sky. I even had a few moments of pareidolia pleasure with the clouds. I found a couple of hidden figures, too! Then as I looked down towards the Tree Copse on the bottom field, I spotted what looked like dumped rubbish?

So I zoomed in with the Nikon camera to investigate. This below is what I found. At first, I thought it was a lad or lady that had fallen asleep. But I should have known, it was someone on their Smartphone, all alone, possibly living in the Cupid Zone! Hahaha!

I made the brew of Glengettie tea and got the sphygmomanometer going for the BP reading.

Great balls of fire! The SYS was very high again? The ear-hole thermometer read, 74.4°. Fahrenheit or centigrade? It must be f°. The stick thermometer was not working again. I’ll try again later, cause I think that 74.4° might be a bit too low, I’ll check on Google.

The Google answer: ‘Really, anything between 98.2 and 99.9 degrees can be considered normal. A body temperature below 98.2 degrees Fahrenheit is considered abnormal, and anything below 95 degrees Fahrenheit is a major cause for concern, as it indicates a risk of hypothermia’. Well, that’s cheery news! Summat else to put on the list for when I see the Doctor. High SYS, low temperature, diahorrea or infection of the bowels, bladder refusing to expel… Never mind, too much to cope with. Hahaha!

On the bright side, the leg ulcer is looking like it’s fading fast.

The stomach gave me another rumbling, brewing load of gut turmoil, but no signs of any evacuation needed as yet. I think it’s fermenting and liquifying its contents in readiness for another sudden assault? Hehe!

My articular cartilage ailment in the fingers is just painful when it wants to be. Like now! No logic to when. A bit like Colin Cramps. I wonder if the Doctor has time to read my blogs? It would save me forgetting what to put on the notes I take with me to see her. Well, I used to, anyway.

Took the morning medications, and got on with updating this blog.

No summoning to the Porcelain Throne yet. But it’s on the way methinks, the rumbling and grumbling seem to be getting a tad more vociferous. 

Onto CorelDraw to make some graphics up. Did one, then made up an Iceland order, for delivery tomorrow, twixt 09:00 > 11:00hrs. My beloved Vampire Nurse Hristina will be due around the same time, I hope, as well. Did some comment answering, and set about prepping Josies’ Sunday meal. ( Accompanied by some knocking and tapping from Herbert, above).

Got the meal finished and delivered to Josie.

Accompanied by some louder clunks, tap-tapping, etc. fro Herbert, I went back on, which turned out to be a lengthy session of making graphics on CorelDraw and Paint. But, Herbert and his Tinny-Banging noise kept his musical rapping up, to keep me company.

I got the smaller-eat-less meal prepared. Not one of my bestest, but I still gave it a Taste-Rating of 7/10. Washed the pots up.

I began to fade, but I had to fight sleep intentionally because the expected Amazon Facemasks had not arrived yet, I didn’t want to miss them.

Herbert’s knocking and banging got more frequent, but for once, it helped me stay awake when I wanted to!

I settled into the incommodious, c1968 rickety recliner. I turned on the TV, on some channel that had subtitles on it, so as to avoid wearing the headphones and not hearing the door chimes when the Amazon man arrived.

As it happened, there was no chance of my falling asleep, thanks to Herberts banging from above, changed to hammering. The knocking came in bouts of 3 to 12 clunks of a hammer-like sound, that vibrated, it sounded like he was laying a carpet, but we have concrete floors or something of that ilk. Over the next three hours, having nothing better to do, I wrote down each burst of banging. First half-hour; 14. Second half-hour; 11, third half-hour; 38. Fourth half-hour: 18. I bet it will piss him off when he reads this and finds it didn’t annoy me for once!

Eventually, the noise, whatever modelling he was working on ceased, and it was back to just the odd, thud, clunk or occasional bang. This worried me a tad, as I still had to stay awake. Hehehe!

I was struggling to keep awake now, the odd clunk from Herbert helped, but finally, the intercom rang out. I fought to get some trousers on. The masks arrived. Thanked the driver, and as I was taking a quick snap of the box, the long-awaited call to the Porcelain Throne arrived! Off to the wet room, I hobbled.

Stubbing a toe en route against swivel chairs metal leg! Argh!

I got seated, and the motions began immediately. Then stuck part-way. The crossword book was utilised until things restarted moving of their own accord. A messy, very tacky, sticky, gooey mess! The cleaning up afterwards was a time-consuming effort. However, things came out far less liquidified, and in large meatball shapes. No bleeding whatsoever!

After cleaning and medicating, I realised that I’d left a different, more pungent whiff behind than ever before. The tummy’s innards started to ache, and I was passing wind involuntarily. An irony taste came in the mouth? A proper odd situation.

I checked the lights, stove, faucets, etc. and got down in the sickeningly beige-coloured recliner, now hoping that Herbert didn’t kick off again with his noise, I went in search of belated Sweet Morpheous.

But, and however, as I got settled in, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley and the Thought-Storms both began!

I’m fed-up!

Inchcock – Saturday 22nd August 2020: The Porcelain Throne visited Six times. Oooher!

Cool TFZer, at the Cool-It-Cabin

Saturday 22nd August 2020

Russian: Суббота, 22 августа 2020 г.

02:50hrs: I woke up, to wish that the urgent need for a wee-wee had not arrived and I could have stayed ensconced in the uncomfortable, second-hand, c1968, rickety, rusty, ready-for-the-scrap-heap, none-working recliner. (A slight case of clinomania, here?) But there you are! Up and off to the wet room, I trundled, nearly falling over Metal Mickey (Four-pronged walking stick) en route.

I think I might be in for some ‘passing problems’ today. The wee-wee was off of the WTWIWI (Weak-Trickling-Was-It-Worth-It) mode, and dysautonomia affected as well. At least there was very little liquid to make much mess, more of a fine spray, as Little Inchy splayed around out of my control, like a miniature hose-pipe. I washed up, and then got the overnight emergency bucket set up, I had a feeling things in the wee-weeing department were going to be little and often (I was right).

To the kitchen, and got the Health checks done. It was a lot colder in there this morning, I checked the windows, they were all closed?

The BP readings were still a smidge high. The thermometer gave a body temperature of 84.0°f.

I took the medications and made a brew of Glengettie tea for myself. And, appetisingly flavoursome, it was! I like the new milk in the sachets, just tight for a mug this size. Although I imagine it would not be enough for many folks.

I tried (and failed) again to take a morning view photograph that was as the eye saw it, using the aperture priority setting. Still, I’ve made so many worse efforts over the years, I’m afraid to say.

As I was taking the brew through to the computer area, suddenly sharp stabbing pains developed, so off I limped to the Porcelain Throne.

I got seated, and the feelings from the innards advised me to get the crossword book in use. Things were not keen on moving again! Pure pain had to be endured, pushing or forcing anything was out of the question, just too hurtful. I was doing well and got three or four clues answered when the pathetic evacuation started, and it was all over within seconds. But I knew I’d be back, experience told me. Washed up, and didn’t do any medicating, because I was sure I’d be back later, for the ‘Big-One!’

I had to make a fresh mug of tea to replace the gone-cold one. On the computer, and made up a template, then finalised yesterday’s diary, which amazingly didn’t take me so long as usual. Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters, Anne Gyna, and Shaking Shaun, all being kind to me! Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley gave me the odd shaking, but even she was not too profligate. Hang on, is that the word I was wanting? I’ll make do with bothersome instead. I got the post sent off and put some photos on Pinterest.

Porcelain-Throne – Two: Suddenly, the stabbing, stomach pains began again, so it was back to the Porcelain Throne. I got sat down, reached for the crossword book and pen, and Whoosh! The evacuation, and a massive painful but quick one it was, flowed!

After this great dollop of a release, I knew it would not be a waste of time if I got the cleaning up and medicating done. Boy, oh boy, Frank’s Furuncles, Harolds Haemorrhoids, and Devlin’s Decubitus combined to give me a right few moments of agony as I applied the creams, and I overdid the spread of the Chlorhexidine cream! Hehehe!

I did, however, notice how the right ankle ulcer, was no longer looking threatening. In fact, apart from a little itching, there was no pain at all, and the colourations and skin growths had all but disappeared! Great!

Back on the computer, and made an order for Amazon for some more face-masks. Then made a start on this post. After an hour or so, The stinging from the innards returned, followed by a nerve-making, worrying gurgling noise? I hastened to the wet-room!

Porcelain Throne – Three: Talk about in the nick-of-time! The second I deposited my stomach-burdened body on the plastic, the evacuation started, I had no control over it. 90% liquid, stunk awful, and a fair amount of it shot out! Now, I am getting a bit fretful about the situation! Of course, it’s a Saturday, so no one to ask for advice.

I reflected on the Porcelain Throne movements so far.

  • No.1 – One large sold mass, lump, which was a nightmare to get rid off. Much bleeding, a marathon session.
  • No.2 – Another big one, not so solid, no bleeding, but it took ages. Some control over the flow.
  • No.3 – Almost all liquid, shot out with a venom; it sprayed over me and the toilet. No bleeding again, but the aroma left, was much worse than the other two were. Cleaning up the wet room and myself, took aeons!

My Lucubrations are confused, apprehensive ready for the worst! I have a feeling as I type this, of another build-up brewing within! I believe I’m going to be in for hodiernal-hell!  Ungleflopbogglings! Hello, already I can feel the short stabbing pains building up again in the lower intestines.

If I have to go again, and things are no betterer, I’ll try ringing 111 for advice, methinks.

Another mug of tea gone cold, so I thought it best not to make another one until the innards have steadied down. I went on the WordPress Reader.

Then worked on CorelDraw, making a couple of blog top graphicalisations.

Yet another summoning to the Porcelain Throne – Four! Embarrassingly, I did not make it in time! A watery evacuation, thank heavens for the PP’s I was, and always wear! The stomach ached severely this time, after the completion. The cleaning and medicating is beginning to get me down today! I’ll have to get some more over the counter medications again soon. I certainly didn’t feel ill, but uncomfortable afterwards.

I decided against having anything to eat, and I cut the tea out. For a meal, I had some plain shortcake biscuits, and a drink of spring water, a lot of water, actually, a thirst had gripped me.

I had to stop computerisationing and got down in the recliner with a bottle of water, and some plain biscuits. And sleep soon came to me, off I drifted.

I was woken up by some drilling from Herbert above. I was still not feeling well, and the sudden noise, made me shout out loud a naughty word, and request for him to stop banging and drilling. Shame-Mode-Engaged! It lasted a few more minutes, and silence fell. I must be in a weary mood, because I drifted off again, ah, bliss!

Shagglesworth! Unbelievable! I was beckoned to the Porcelain Throne visit number Five! I got to the wet room in time this time. Phew!  Much less content evacuated, still, it was almost all liquid again. And the stomach aching began afterwards, as before. But it cleared pretty quickly on this occasion.

Back down in the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly-beige-coloured, uncomfortable, rickety recliner. And, yet again, sleep came swiftly.

I was woken up by some more drilling from Herbert above yet again, Gawd it was loud this time! I reckon he was doing his drilling right above me, and me with no hearing aids in, still thought it was loud! Louder than when the Fire Alarm that went off in the flat! I’d love to know what it is he’s making, though! 

I waited for Herbert to stop his noise, and had a long, hard time getting back to sleep, and seems that seconds after I did… Crapolaville!

Porcelain Throne – Six! Another rush of sorts to the wet room ensued! Aha, this evacuation produced only a few splatterings, some with blood spots in it, mind, and was all over in seconds! And there was no tummy-ache to follow.

So, even with it being so late on, I decided to get the ablutions done, with the appreciation that while doing them, I’d be handily placed for any Porcelain Throne demands. (But they seemed to have stopped, at last, no calls during the 40 minutes or so of the ablutionalisationing were needed! Yee-ha!

Ablutionisationing Incident Report Log:

  • The ankle ulcer has almost disappeared now!
  • Toothache Thomas kicked off when I cleaned the teggies. The often-filled maxillary is still hurting now, Tsk! No dropsies, though!
  • The shaving dropsies; shaving foam can, razor (4). Cuts five!
  • Showering; a short sharp Dizzy Dennis attack. But no clouting myself on any grab bars, or any toe-stubbing! Oh, Yes! Dropsies: flannel (3), soap (4), showerhead, and the spectacles as I was putting them back on.

All-in-all, a good session!

The medicationalisationing had its moments, but best if I don’t mention any details, other than perhaps, Argh! Hehe! I got the bleeding to stop in the end.

I risked making a brew of Glengettie Gold, but would not risk having anything to eat, yet. See how I feel later one.

Wonderful clouds tonight.

I did some CorelDrawing. Then decided to make an Inchcock Today template up.

There was a bit more rattling and thudding from Herbert above, but at least he’s not drilling at the moment.

Could I get to sleep again?


So I got up and posted this off.

Inchcock – Friday 21st Aug 2020: Plenty of Whoopsie and Accifauxpas, but a betterer day. Yee-Ha!

Cool TFZer, at the Cool-It-Cabin! ♥

Friday 21st Aug 2020

Welsh: Dydd Gwener 21ain Awst 2020

03:00hrs: Woke, wrestled out of the c1968 recliner, and I limped with Metal-Mickey (the four-pronged walking stick) to the wet room for a wee-wee. Which was of the WTOP (Weak-Trickling-Orange-Painful) variety. Still, these ‘Guess What It Will be Like’, ever-varying wee-wees give me something to look forward to in a morning. Hehehe!

The ankle ulcer was looking to me as if the vesication was on the verge of clearing up! All the matter had cleared, leaving just a few, on the surface itchy spots showing. Artistically designed mind. It can’t be a bad sign, this.

As I made my way into the kitchen, it dawned on me how easily I’d been getting around, and, not walked into or bumped into any doors or whatever! (A genuine first time in months event!) I’d even taken the wee-wee, without any signs of wobbling, balance-loss, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, or Dizzy Dennis bothering me.

My being a nebbech, worry-wart, fatalist, and pessimist (as is sure to be expected for an ill-fated, unlucky nincompoop like me), I cautiously refused to listen to the urge from within, to adopt a smug-mode. I knew better, and my EQ was at that very time, warning me of frustrations to come again today! Which was a little disheartening after the last four days of anguish, failure and nowt much, going right! Grobbleknangles! 

But I could be wrong, cause the Health checks went alright and the sphygmomanometerisationing BP results,  were not so bad.

Perhaps a smidge high on the SYS. The working-again Thermometer read 83.5°f, which seemed good enough to me. And, taking the medications, I didn’t drop a single tablet or capsule, and failed to spill or drop the Peptac bottle! Oh, yes! Still, I resisted going into a Smug-Mode!

I got on the computer, and for some unascertained reason, I found this clip I’d taken later when I got around to putting the photos in the diary? Why? No idea, now!

Then as I got on the computer, Shaking-Shoulder-Shirley, Anne Gyna and Nocodemus’s Neurotransmitters all attacked me at the same time! Yee God’s I was in a state! Confused, bewildered and not able to concentrate at all. I took some painkillers, cause Anne Gyna was really having a crack at me! The clanging from above didn’t help.

The wind was getting up high again, the trees were taking a bashing out there. I’ll see if I can take some photo’s later on, of the area around the flats. Hello, it’s getting brighter now, but the winds are still howling!

 There I was, thinking how well I was doing under the circumstances… and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley had my hand all over the place – and I ended up with the Catagories and Tags, disappeared from the editor, on WordPress! Oy, oy, oy! Sick to the teeth with ailments causing problems for me, every single day!

Yet again, I’ve no idea how, or what I did. But when the hands fly, the main concentration is on not knocking anything over and staying in the chair! I spent hours trying to get to find out how to get them back, but nope!

I used the setting button at the top of the editor, removed the selected he ticks, but failure, being my password and nickname, nothing happened. I did an email to Mr Price, asking for advice on the subject.

Oh, boy, what a picklement I’ve got myself into again! I’m more behind now than usual and feeling rather low in spirits, morose, depressed, and more tenebrific with things. Gragnackles! Grrr! I took a picture through the rain-letting in, balcony, the one with the finger trapping metal release clips,  and that need pushing and pulling at the same time to open or close the side windows. And the thick frames that rattle and spoil the view.

This is how the balcony looked when I first moved in, airy, easy, simple, bootiful! I do miss the old one so much!

But of course, I’m not bothered in the slightest! Off to the wet room, I poddled, taking my frustrations with me. A tap-tapping from Herbert above accompanied me.

Albutioning Session Report

  • The anticipation call to the Porcelain Throne did not arrive.
  • Cleaning the teeth, I dropped the battery toothbrush, somehow it still worked after being retrieved.
  •  The shaving was again bloody. Hehehe! Three tiny nicks, both earholes and under the chin.
  •  Ah, the showering, that did not go so well. Dropped the showerhead, flannel (3), carbolic soap (2), and the hand-rail was clobbered with my right elbow.
  •  Drying off, had a nasty Shaking Shaun and Dizzy Dennis session. I sat on the shower chair for a while, during which Saccades Sandra had a bash at me. Soon came round, and started the medicalisationing.
  •  Dropsies: The Germoliod and Daktacort cream tubes (3), I went up a class with next Whoopsie, and dropped the Germolene pink tube without realising it, trod on it looking for my spectacles. Well, at least the floor will be ready-medicated if it gets a cut! Haha! Cleaned up.
  • Getting the PP’s on, I lost my balance. (No ailments to blame as far as I could tell, I just went over, backwards). A spot of luck with this though, I was so close to the door, it broke my fall, I slid down and clumped on my backside with a thud! I’ll likely have a bruise on the coccyx.
  •   Had to redo the Haemhorroid Harolds, they were bleeding a bit, and needless to say, stinging. I do hope that the noise of my tumble didn’t annoy Herbert up above. It took a while to stop the flow of the red stuff, but I managed. Cleaned it up again, and got some more Germoloid on them. Costing me a fortune this is!

I had to work on the blog, and try not to get annoyed at the missing details. I remembered later, I need to do an order for next week, should it be with Morrisons or Sainsbury’s? A quick check on the Surimi stocks in the fridge, and recalling the crush oven dishes last time, and I decided it would be Sainsbury’s, cause Morrisons do not sell the better ones. I got it done in a reasonable time, 20 minutes or so, got a slot for Tuesday 25th August, but a little later in the day at 15:00 > 16:00hrs. I put this on the Google Calendar.

As I stood up to make a mug of tea, my forecast for getting a bruise on my coccyx proved right. It was like a dull ache as soon I tried to stand up. It made using Metal Micky a bit painful. The elbow was aching a bit too. Such a choice of pains, aches and stings, I’m blessed really!

I made the brew and got settled at the computer again. Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters failed again, and I ended up losing some writing I’d done, and had scrolled right down at the bottom of the WordPress editing page… which was good!

I found the tags and categories I’d lost! What a Shlemiel I am! I sent an email to Tim Price telling him and apologising for bothering him, again. The chap’s saved my bacon no-end of times with WordPress problems.

The wind was getting more and more bothersome now. I bet it gets some of the tenants a bit worried, as well as me. Haha! I had to get up for another wee-wee, and the pain in the rear-end seemed a little less bothersome and sore?

I put the kettle on to make a brew to replace the one that had gone cold. And opened the window to take some shots of the scenery, and nearly got myself blown backwards into the kitchen! Good Heavens! I’ve not got a shirt on either!  Hahaha!

But, with me being the brave, heroic, gallant, daring, intrepid, fearless, lionhearted, indomitable, stalwart, masculine, young man that  I am, I persevered with taking the Inchcock Today photographicalisationing. Ahem!

I had to laugh. I spotted some clothes on a washing line straight ahead of me. And zoomed in to get a shot of the shirts, I think they were, blowing every which way in the high winds, thinking it would be a great shot. Both of the shirts were whisked away by the gale, high in the sky, and had gone out of view within seconds! If I’d had a movie camera, it would have been impressive.

I took a photo of the end car park, for the Billumski Red Car Regulator, in Ohio, I’ll check that later if I remember. Hehe!

I got back to the computer, forgetting all about making a brew. And looked up the weather on the BBC site.

It also gave a forecast for Nottingham for a few days. Better prepare for probable, prolonged precipitation, perhaps. Puddles and all that? Hehehe!

Ah, well, good news finding the new location of the tags and categories, this has definitely given me a boost, dragged me from the dumps! I dare not, I think I’ve mentioned this already, try to move them back to where I’d like then again, I may lose them altogether.

Oh, yes, this bit of luck has perked me up, supercalifragilisticexpialidociously. But still cannot block out the weariness and fatigue that approached. I’ll get the nosh sorted out, just in case I nod-off unexpectedly. Haha! 

This is the result of my first ‘Eat-Less’ effort meal. Cunningly put on a big tray and spread out, so it looked more significant, no peas, no potatoes, no chips or fries, low-calorie dessert, thin milk roll bread, thinly… I say thinly spread with butter, fish meal! It went down well, a score for the flavour of 7/10!

I put the pots to soak in the bowl. I was soon in the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringeworthily-beige-coloured recliner. And, to my great satisfaction, I’d drifted off to sleep without the need of the boring TV to assist me, into the bliss of sleep!

Five minutes or so later, the landline flashed, it was Nurse Hristina, telling me she would be here on Monday, to take my blood, twixt 10:00 > 14:00hrs. The line was crackly, I was half-asleep, but I wrote the times down to add to the calendar in the morning.

I crawled back into the none-working recliner.

I had trouble getting back to sleep, though. No thought-storming, more a vacant space in my mind? Tried putting on the TV, but that didn’t work, turned it off, and thought I’d have a go at the crossword book. A mistake that was, I know now!

I’d got put of the rickety-recliner, got the stick, and made my way to the crossword book… The toe-stubbing I gave myself en route, almost made me cry out on agony! One of my more proficient efforts! Argh! The thoughts of the crosswording dissipated. I grabbed a codeine tablet I’d missed taking earlier from the Ottoman, and lay there for hours, waiting for the pain to subside so I could get back to Sweet Morpheusing!