Inchy: Friday 29th September 2023 – Leg Leak & Toes Painful!

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The colourful night pouch was removed.

Waste bags sorted out.

Possibly, the Worst Moon Shots Ever Taken!
Ensured that the quality of the above moon shots came out crap. Tsk!
I really tried, but as you see, I failed!



Late afternoon sky – Beautiful!

Medical appointments for next Monday to Wednesday came in via text and email throughout the day. I don’t know how I’ll manage to get about with the ingrowing toenails, and I will need some help getting dressed for the first time ever – that’s really humiliating, hagriding and ignominiously cringeworthy!

was stinging away all night. I think I spent more time waking up than asleep.

At least the nosh was a good one… although resisting nodding off while eating was not easy. Hehehe!

Felt shattered in the morning.

Sorry not much in, disabled body & mind, & I had to get my leg up regularly.
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Inchy: Tue 19 Sept 2023 Wee-weeing was Agony. Catheter back on! Tsk!

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Carer Marie was with me when the nurse arrived to check with the scanner on my bladder. The nurse read the wee-weeing facts log…
She was not impressed
So, although the pain of having the whole contraption and shebang replaced, was (as I expected) bloody painful… I knew that the worse agony of passing water, would not have to be suffered, at least for a while again. But was disappointed in the failure of the Finasteride and catheter to solve anything after over a year of Little Inchie going through a beating & bleeding, the valve leaks soaking the slippers, the burst pouches, and the miserable struggle to get my protection pants and trousers on without pain & problems would continue unabated. I forgot to ask if I should continue with the four-week course of Finasteride, which turned out, to date, to be a six-month one. I must find out.
Loads of bits came out when I first started peeing again. I assume they were bits of the prostate that the Finasteride had mashed?
I had about 20 hours of peeing, and each of the 188 attempts, was more painful than a few years ago when I was told I had Interstitial Cystitis. I thought that was bad, not this was more agonising!
It wore me out, that and the lack of sleep.
A permanent Catheter seemed like the next option. But, no!
The nurse said they’d probably try the whole shebang again!
Feeling sorry for missen here, Sorry!.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Early morning view, 03:10hrs.

Sorted out the water bins and bags. A lot of stuff from the Catheter Contraption replacement.

Ablutions and Porcelain Throne activities.

During the course of the day, I had to change PPs eight times.
Little Inchie had taken a battering and leaking, (when the catheter was out), causing this most times. Also, problems getting them on, cost me two pairs as they tore on the picker-upperer; my balance was not good.
Still no word from anyone who can help me with ordering some Samaritan Olive Oil and slippers from Amazon. I can’t order them, cause the last three orders I have had from them were all left on the ground floor lobby. Fetching them up did me no good at all. I’d like to pay anyone who can order them to their home for me, and let me have them. Struggling here!

Carer Marie was with me when the District Nurse arrived for the bladder scanning. It showed a lot of urine still inside. So, after taking out the , I weed painfully to my heart’s content, and then the nurse did another scan. It showed even more content within!
That was that then – A new Catheter set-up was fitted into poor sore Little Inchie!
On the left leg this time. That’ll be fun at night, me going to the wrong leg to empty things. Hahaha!

I did a bit of tidying up, in the front room, but not much!
Went into the kitchen to do some… but no.
Carer Kara arrived and kicked off, and it was like pressing a switch; I was suddenly drained and feeling so wearily tired.
I decided to get an early meal, and just sit down, in hopes of getting some crucially needed sleep.
Potatoes, peas, onions, beetroot & no-fish-fish sticks.
I think I enjoyed it. Possibly an 8/10 rating.

Sweet Morpheus soon arrived, within a minute of my putting the tray on the carers table… Zzz! Great!

Two hours later, I was woken up by arriving. Not that I can recall much about the visit; I was still half-asleep. I do remember his taking the tray into the kitchen for me, bless him. Evening medications, eye drops I can’t recall, but they would have been done by Benjamin. Within seconds of his departure, I’d drifted off into slumber again!

A couple of more hours, and came for his last visit of the day. I was awake this time. And feeling a little perkier and more aware. I took his BP, fine again.

I asked Ben to run some Phorpain gel into my back for me.

Here are the updated Carer BP checks list;

Cleared the things left by the nurse, and bagged them up.

Got back on the computer, then went to get some more Soda Water to drink. Taking these night shots.
To the right…
To the left, a bit darker there.
The down at the end car park.
The mudslide was drying out quickly.

Got started work on this blog for a few hours. It was constantly mistake-ridden work. For some reason, I still felt so tired and was stinging awful

Do you know, I’ve only had one mug of tea for over a week now? I can’t understand why?

Ah, well, I’ll try to get my head down again then…


Inchy: Wed 13th Sept 2023 Lacking consecution today

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I found two different ones later. I think?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Up at 03:30hrs: Nocturnal Pouch is a smidge dark but has been much worse. But also betterer!

The feet and ankles looked calmer this morning.

Early morning shot of the kitchen’s window blue-view

Porcelain Throne visited.

Computer on…

Carer Richard arrived. Alarm tested. Eye drops and meds were issued. The lad was at the end of his shift; he looked so tired out. I forgot to ask him about his Diabetes visit last week. If he calls tomorrow I’ll ask him.

Got the waste bags sorted out.
Kitchen shot, when looking for some Paracetamol in the medical drawer. There were none in there again. I’ve added the limit allowed, one packet to my Asda order and amended it online. Humph! That means I’ll run out again.

A phone call from the District Nurses HQ.
They will be coming on Monday 18th Sept, to remove the . To give me a chance to pass urine on my own. If it works, I will be Catheter-FREE!
If not, which I and my EQ, and medical history expect will be the case; A permanent catheter will be fitted for me, in the Nottingham City Hospital Urology Campus. My last experiences with the bladder problem in that place left a sour taste in my mouth, I’m afraid. While having the catheter in and out again repeatedly after each failed attempt to correct the problem, or even to identify it, I was in a bed without any curtains, next to a chap having similar tests. And having an I  could have done without the obvious comparing from people walking by!
He, being hung like an elephant and me with Little Inchie, my embarrassment was colossal. You remember things like that! Still, you never know; my luck has to change sometime, I thought – almost hearing laughter from Alto-Ego & EQ!

Carer Victor arrived. Did his medicationings and eye drops, and I took his Blood Pressure. This is how the Carers BP returns look now;

Afternoon view.

My ankles & feet, definitely improving!
Although toe-ends were still white.

Delivery of Catheter Day bags.

The INR Letter with yet another change in Warfarin dosages.
The doctor’s surgery rang with the details. took the phone and amended the paperwork on the Meridian folder front for me. A much better INR figure of 2.8 now.
There will be no visit from my beloved nurse Hristina until Monday the 15th of September. Sob!

Time to get something to eat methinks. So I did!

A cheese & onion pastie, covered with a jar of bean and soy stew. I added some Worcester Sauce and sea salt. Many slices of Milk Roll bread dipped in it while eating. Excellent flavouring! Taste-Rating 9.4/10 Grrreat!

Turned the computer off, and served up the nosh. Settling into the 1966, £300 charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus-breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner to feast!

Did the last call, just as was drifting off into sleep. He did the eye drops and attached the night bag to .

I attempted to get to sleep again, unsuccessfully.
I got up, and into the balcony to have a look around, then to the kitchenette to take this photo.
Nocturnal puffer clouds around the sun as it dipped. beyond the horizon, so quickly it seemed to me. Lovely view!

Back to the £300, second-hand shop bought nine years ago, c1966, discomfiting, crap beige-coloured, crumb-containing, TV remote hiding, not working recliner.
But no interest was shown in letting me sleep from Sweet Morpheus. I can’t blame , ’cause he left me alone, not a single thought storm!.
I reckon I managed to get around 3.5hrs, all the same.
Which was a lot better than of late.


Inchy: Tuesday 12th Sept 2023 Insomnolence

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

From yesterday. When waiting for the internet to come back on, I turned in the TV, and this procedure was on…
A gigantic lymph thingy was growing on a chap’s back.
Bit by bit, they kept on tugging out the growths.
Then stitched up the hole.
The evacuated pile!
The man expressed his relief at getting rid of it. Now he can swim again on holiday! Good for him!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
My Legs transformed into close to, or as normal as they have been for ages. The ulcer is itching like mad on the right ankle, but no real pain. Apart from when I scratch at it. Haha!

I took this first outside shot, through the kitchenette window, in ‘Through Glass’ mode using the camera. To get the raindrops on the glass. The flash activated, and some reflection must have been caught. Of what, I know not.

Went onto the balcony, to see if the mudslide had begun with it raining. This was a decent shot. But, when I took a wide shot…
I seemed to take two at the same time, which is not possible, surely? Still, it looked sort of artistic.

This shot, (they were taken through the windows), caught how it looked to the eye.

Waste bags were assembled.
Taken to the Hallway door.

Sainsbury’s order arrived.
The driver put the stuff in carriers for me.
I thanked him, and unpacked the things.
Great! Got some Anusol for , and Savlon for the ankles and chaffs. Even got some olive oil for the ears at last! Bikkies & Marmite cashew nuts (These’ll test the teeth!). A Milk Roll loaf too.
Other goodies: Lemon mousse, dried roasted onions, and liquid sea salt. Oven cook chips, and canned veg soup.
I set about getting the meal prepared! By gum, it was a good one. Taste Rating: 8.2/10. The teeth hurt after eating up. Tsk!

Nurse Nicole rang while was here. She asked if I’d like them to arrange for a ‘Social Prescription’ for me. (Said Kara who was on the phone for me). She said it was for Social Contacting and would be arranged for someone to ring me. Confused!  I replied yes please, and Kara passed on the message.

Spent hours on blogging, but the lack of sleep… well, I’d not had any last night at all, forced me to stop, and just sit myself down again in the recliner, in anticipation of a good kip!

An hour later…
Carer Benjamin arrived. Evening medications, eye drops administered, Peptac, and he checked the taps and oven for me, before checking .
I soon nodded off again. But not for long; I sprang awake and could hear a clattering noise from the flat above. I believe that she/he may have dropped something. I pondered on getting dressed and calling at the flat to see if they were alright… But I heard other noises; one was plainly a walking stick falling and came from another area of the ceiling. I assume things were okay up there. They or he or she, is always making loud noises, late at night sometimes. But, with my tumbles and droppages bothering those in the flat below me, I take in my stride now.
Getting back to sleep was not an option, as I tried to, and unfortunately started on at me.
I was relieved, when blared from the door chime, and in came . Painkillers, eye drops and the night pouch attached, and off home he went. Haha!

I tried once again to get some sleep catch-up. It was not a successful effort. Constantly almost bursting awake so often, I gave up at 03:30hrs and started another day. Of which, I anticipate will be another one of frustration-ridden mishaps, and, as warned by my EQ: Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas, hurdles, harassments, hassles, hopelessness, hindrances, hitches, handicaps, headaches, and negative aspects to cope with.

It’s being so cheerful that keeps me going, you know!


INCHY: Saturday 9th September 2023 – Aboulomania!

Ahem! I found this in ten seconds! Fair enough, it was designed for infants to work out. But still – Hehe!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
It didn’t last long, though…
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
This day, I was more out of it than in again. The urine in the night bag was dark but grew darker as I refilled the day bag. Well into the evening, it turned an almost perfect near-white? The Porcelain Throne visits (4) were bloody and painful, with absolutely nothing getting through to the WC! I spent ages on the Throne, all to no avail. I’m now taking crystals to help me go, after months of taking anti-diarrhorea pills to stop me from going! In fact, I was on the Throne when Carer Chris came in and tapped on the door asking if I was alright. I’d not heard the chime. He said he could hear me oohing, r’ing and swearing! Guilty!

The memory, Dizzies, Confusion, and I could barely hear anyone I spoke with… I must try to sort out the problem with the Audio Centre, to get some help to ring them next week. No Kara next week. I think she’s on a deserved holiday. The financials are all on hold. Carer Atere said he was coming in her place. He knows the financial paperwork storage system, which will be a big help.

The usually Nocturnal Thought Storms Steve had a bash at trying diurnal Thought Storming! Huh!  Just what I needed, Not!
Concentration Konrad was noticeable by his complete absence
The number of times I just could not think of what I was after an interruption, was so often I lost count. I’m not kidding. And yet there was an air of acceptance with me today. I reckon I thought I deserved it… Well, according to Thought Storm Steve, who was constantly reminding me of the shameful things from my youth.
The day was spent on the computer. Apart from the emptying of the catheter pouch, the failed visits to the Porcelain Throne, and the Carers calling. The worst repeat interruptions were from the , .who amassed many brown-outs today. Which in their usual fashion lost me work that I’d done and could not save, because I had to turn everything off, and reset the box, then restart the computer. Even change Wi-Fi connection numbers each time it went down, and do the same work again!
What me, Cry? Blubber, Howl? Curse, Swear?
It was only my dyspathy towards the number-crunching oligarchs, the smoke & mirrors money & figure manipulating financial geniuses of Liberty-Global that kept me going, and not packing up on the blogging.

Still got a few photographicalisations done though!
Bejesus! What a colour!
Still dark hours later, when I belatedly emptied the day pouch.

Waste bags sorted out.

During one of the failed visits, I had to change into fresh PPs. I tried one of the cheaper XXL ones…
The first laugh of the entire day!
I struggled, as usual getting them on, but kept my balance; no fall or tumble, not even any banging on the wall, stubbed toe or door-head-butting
. Finally, I got both legs in the right holes… Don’t laugh; I have been known to get them the wrong way around… also trying to get two legs in the same hole. Go on then, laugh! Hehe!
I carefully got the pants up my legs, without catching the release valve lever… this was going so well. The laugh came to me when I got them fully pulled up… they were so big the waistband was only inches from my nipples! Hahaha!

Artist Impression done in CorelDraw by Inchy. Har-Har!

Aha, much lighter shade this afternoon!
My favourite puffer clouds to the north.
And, to the east!

Liberty-Global Internet went down a few more times.

I dropped a tablet and thought it fell in the waste bin.
Had a sort through the bin, but could not find it.
So I got the torch and looked underneath the second-hand bought ex-Hopewells  G-Plan c1960 sideboard with the computer on it. Not only couldn’t I find it, I stubbed my toe in the struggle to get back up on my feet again! It has to be in the bin…
So, another dig around in the waste bin.
And another failure to find the Codeine. Hey-Ho!

Then realised when I’d stubbed the toe, I’d caught the right ankle ulcer. It stung a bit, but I now had the Germolene to rub in to ease it. Of course, bending down to rub in the ointment, kicked off , so she got some Germolene rubbed in… at least the area I could reach. I wonder if any youngsters read this blog? They’ll, just like I did, and think it’ll not happen to be, getting dithery, dozy and daft as a brush. Haha!

Night Shots From the Kitchen Window
Peaceful looking?
Lights out time.
Sky again to the left.

Here are the results of the carers tested for their BP.
All looking good!

Well into the morning now, I’d better get some nosh done.
I shall report back with a sit-rep for you every one of my avid readers in the morning. Hope you both sleep well. Har-Har!

Vegetable Chilli-Con-Carne!
Breadsticks, a banana, and an iced lolly for afters.
Flavour-Rating: 9.2/10!

Got bedded down around 03:20hrs, and low & behold, was waiting ready to start again. But I did get off eventually and had nearly three hours of bliss. .
I would have stayed in the £300 second-hand shop purchased, c1966, welt-causing, uncomfortable, not-working, itch-inspirational, crumb-containing recliner for longer; Unfortunately Dementia Doreen’s compatriot, , convinced me on waking, that it was Monday! So I thought I had a delivery coming between 7 & 8, and it was already 07:15hrs; a semi-panic-mode was engaged and I got up in a bit of a rush; Dizzy Dennis visited, and I plumped down again, with a foggy head. Then realised it was Sunday.

Int life Good? Haha!

Inchy: Wednesday 23rd August 2023 – Gallimaufry Ridden Day

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Quick Ode Today
Got all behind again with the day being so messy & busy.
So, this will have to be a quickie,
I try to use my time economically,
Apart from my Carers, my days are solitary…
I get extra help on a Wednesday,
One Carer with things financially…
Another with things medically,
And a lady for things domestically…
The Falls Team lady… psychologically!
So getting the blog done, rather hopefully…
It usually ends up apocryphally!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Urine in the night bag was looking good!

Waste bags collated and put in the hallway

Started with a session on the .
With cream-coloured streaks?
Just thought I’d mention it…
The towel was put on the shower chair, and the wall convertor heater was turned on to warm it up for later. (I forgot to turn it off; I reckon it cost me about £16 in electricity costs, Tsk!)
again. And with . Being joined by , the floor of the wet room reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho film!
Using the chair in the shower safely will take me some planning. I could not reach the shower box or spray thingamabob to adjust the direction or flow of the water from the seat. The water was splashed all over the room, and even the cracked ceiling was dosed! Regarding cracks, UI found another danger of the shower chair – I had two , when I got up to adjust the spray direction and turned it off. I’ll have to give this some thought.
Olive-oiled the ear holes. Tended wincingly to apply the Little Inches ‘Makes Me Jump Fungal Lesion ointment. Daktacort!
Sparingly applied the rapidly running out-of-stock Germoloid Ointment to . Then, I MedPhorpainapplied some Gel to ease to then to
I struggled, although this is nothing new; I needn’t have mentioned this; it goes without saying: the new Asda Unisex large protection pants on. I really had a , when I saw how dark, deep red, almost brown, the urine in the tube coming from Little Inchy was passing! But realised that while trying to get the blasted Daktacort gel to reach the lesion for pain relief, the pipe must have been agitated and torn at the tissue again. I’ll check that later!
After spraying it with some antiseptic disinfectant, I put the bloodied towel in the laundry bag.
Finally, I got the room cleaned up and in a reasonable state of hygiene and realised how long the had actually taken me when I put the wristwatch back on.
A staggering two hours & twenty minutes!
At least the new Asda PPs were not so painful to wear. (Yet?)
The day was rapidly disappearing!

A made me one of my two-a-day permitted mugs of tea, Thompson’s Punjana, this time.
The moment it was mashed and milk added, the tune burst forth from the door chime. It was Carer Shaquille.
He put the fresh pouch on for me and issued the medications. There are still no Ramipril blood pressure tablets available. Benjamin said they were at the chemist’s awaiting pick-up yesterday. It’s the third day without them now, or four. It can’t be helped, though.

At long last, I got the computer on to make a much-belated start on this blog. Guess What!

So, I titivated my Ottoman, making up some drinkies.
I added some of the Soda water with the Raspberry juice. To avoid the boredom of drinking gallons of the same stuff to get the bladder going, as instructed. I have been guzzling them for 5 months plus! Nice though!

There was still no internet service from .
So, I popped into the wet room to search for the nail clippers to cut the fingernails…
This was when I found I’d left the wall heater on!

Hello... the internet is back on! Amazing!
I got some photographs from the SD card onto a computer file and considered doing this blog… but.

Carer Kara arrived to do the financials. But they were short-staffed with holidays, so I only got half an hour’s help this time.
But it was invaluable to me. A helpful gal is Kara. ♥
She asked me to sign something about Kara being my financial helper to make it legal. So I signed it.

Almost made a start on this blog… but no!
The DVT Clinic rang. I had to ask them so often to repeat things that I did not pick up with my delinquent ear-holes; it took ages to grasp what was being passed on to me.

Then, my precious DVT nurse, Hristina, called.
KristAShe would call to retake the blood on Monday ♥ Or, was it Tuesday? Erm...

Balcony shot, approx: 15:00hrs.
Balcony shot, approx: 16:15hrs.
Kitchen Window shot approx: 17:00hrs

Domestic Denise arrived to titivate things for me.
Carer Kara, Carer Benjamin. And, I still didn’t get this blog started until Tuesday morning. Oh, I moan well… Haha!

I Prepared the Meal!
Not that it took a lot of effort. Mini Pickle pies, Mini vegan sausages, & mini tomatoes – Easy-Peazy!

A small Banana and mini-pot of lemon curd cheesecake.
Even the pickle-seasoned chutney was mini-sized! Hehe!
But it’s big on flavour! Taste-Rating: 802/10!

Woke up and got the Blepharitis medication done on the eyes.
I’m anticipating another tooth loss at the front
any time now, with two sides, one upper and one lower.

Gathered the food things to get them washed and took these night views of the sky.
Sun Setting

Cheery Byes!

Inchy: Tuesday 22nd August 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

What a Start This Morning!
The Go-Wrongables went wrong again!

It all started the moment I woke up, with agony from the gonads area. Due to the movement of the long night pouch tube that was attached to much unwanted, I must have chaffed away at the gonads as ‘things’ moved for the first time in months! I’ll not go into too much detail, but the dreaming involved things of an amorous nature, with a bit of physical passion thrown in! As I began to launch myself from the depths of the aged, grotty-looking c1966 made, charity-shop-bought, horribly beige-coloured, £300, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, acne-giving, virus-breeding, rickety, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner, I believed a glance at the wall clock, that fell off of the wall and now resides next to the squeaky Margaret Thatcher toy, on top of the electric fire, that I can’t afford to use with the cost of electricity; and panicked a little when I saw (Wrongly as it happens) that the clock showed it to be about ten past seven. And the food delivery is coming twixt 07:00 > and 08:00! In my haste to get up, the tube caught on the new air cushion that was delivered for me yesterday. No messing about with jokes at this stage… It was horrendously painful, and I felt sure the blood flowed much more than usual this morning!
I fumblingly got the night pouch off ASAP and grabbed for my , and off to the wet room to check on the state of my inguen department in the lower regions. en route against the door frame. But did not stop, went in and peeled off the bloodied protection pants, and went into an investigative mode to assess the damage. Not much Germolene left; I used most of it on Little Inchies. Then realised I had even less left of the Germoloid ointment! But remembered my taking brave choice, to order a tube of each on today’s Morrison order, and dang, the cost! Taking the wristwatch off, I spotted the real-time! 03:30hrs. All that rushing and pain for nothing.
Tea GlengettieGot the computer on to update yesterday’s blog. The time flew, but I took a break for a brew of Glengettie and the two last biscuits from the jar. No, I didn’t cry! But it was a close call. Hehe! I’d ordered some on the Morrison order, which cheered me up.
Little did I know what wasn’t being delivered and substituted, or I may have cried then!
The driver was kind enough to put the products into carriers I had saved and took them into the hallway for me. Kind of him; many tip the food out of their trays onto the kitchen floor or in the doorway. Thanks, mate, I appreciated that. I set about emptying the carriers and photographing the various foods, thinking of little witty things to say on the blog
. I must have taken about eight decent photographs, starting with the line of carriers in the hallway. Freezer, fridge, and cupboard goods.
Then, as I was putting the things away… I realised how many had been substituted or were not available. Tsk!
No Germolene or Germoloid! ‘Sudcrem’ had been substituted. The two vegetable risotto meals had been swapped for, of all things, Vegetable Lasagne, Horrible stuff! But I didn’t notice it soon enough to send it back. Or I would have. Urrgh! Kara is a vegan; I’ll see if she will have them on her next call
. The two Morrisons Acute Diarrhoea Relief Caps (Cost £1.20 each) were substituted with one Morrisons Diarrhoea Relief Instant Tablets. £6! Then, Pukka Cheese Leek & Potato Slices, £1.20, were replaced with Ginsters Cheddar & Onion Slices @ £1.48! Suddenly I remembered why I’d stopped using Morrisons delivery service – too late now. Gits! Can all these things keep happening to me every day? Well, yes!

When Carer Kara arrived, the bleeding from the private quarters had stopped, but not the pains. Tsk! Still no Ramipril Tablets, hence the high Blood Pressure readings for today. Kara checked the day pouch, due to be replaced on Wednesday. She kindly said she’d ring the Doctors or chemist about the tablet situation for me. Fingers crossed! It seems that all medications are in short supply at the moment.

I got around to putting the pictures taken onto the computer, my lovingly, carefully, time-consumingly taken shots throughout the late morning. But not one was on the SD card!
The SD card I’d left in the computer reader slot – AGAIN!
, I swore, cursed and lambasted myself as I ground my teeth and wanted to hit myself in the face! What else is going to go wrong? Don’t answer that, please!

Carer Kara arrived. I forced her to take the unwanted Vegetable Lasagne ready meals. It’s that white sauce on the that I don’t like. And I adore the Vegetable Risotto, but the last two times, they have substituted lasagne. Grrr!

Well, there’s no time to make a meal now. I’ve got to get the ablutions tended to… I’ve not started the photos yet; I better get them done first. Then, as instructed, I had to use the chair in the shower, fair enough.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Please let my luck get betterer?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The night bag colour is looking good.
Plenty of it for once, 500 ml!

A rainy morning close to the glass shot.
A wider view…
But neither was very good. Tsk!

Rubbish bags sorted out.

Popped into the spare room; I did a bit of sorting, but not much.
More waste bags to go.

Titivated the nurses, carers, and helpers nibbles.


Computer issues bamboozled me.

Water Chestnuts Pickled!
After getting them into the jar, Kara told me they needed 4 days in the fridge. As instructed, I shook the seasoning in the tub.
Sorry, I did now. The lid wasn’t waterproof; vinegar went all over me and the floor to clean up. Fancy that!

The Morrison Farce Arrived.
All those lost photos, I took a few more, too late, of course.
Fridge close up. Leicester cheese to go in the potatoes later… well, that’s the plan, anyway.
Fridge full view.
Terribly bad freezer shot…
But the bananas came out alright.
I’ve eaten two during the day.

Balcony photo of the end car park.

Low puffer clouds, Bootiful!.
A Higher in the Sky view.

What were these two supposed to beat me?
Although this one could be my finger?
Better get on with the ablutions… Oh no…
It’s too late… no, I’ll get them done.
Back later.
He says, full of hope!

I’m back, but much later than planned. Tuesday morning.
I’d . Woke and went to check on the cooking and spotted the part moon high in the sky. I took these poor efforts for  photographicalisations
Got the wobbles, methinks?

Turned on the TV & .
The clouds had taken over the view.

I took these from the kitchenette window.
I forgot to check on the cooking. Tsk!

What a remarkable change to the scene!

Got the meal served up. Instant mash with Leicester cheese and sea salt added! Vegan sausages, chestnuts, red & yellow tomatoes, salted, and mushrooms were over-seasoned and overcooked! And a banana. Shame! Carer Benjamin arrived as I was serving up the meal. He kindly put it into the microwave to keep it warm for me.
But I ate most of it; I just had to leave some of the mushrooms.
Flavour-Rating: 8.1/10! Got the pots washed and…

Slept for a couple of hours before the usual jumping awake with a jolt. Which, unfortunately, tugged at the tube from deep within Little Inchie, causing to bleed a bit. (It also made me wince and curse a little, but no matter.) Off to the wet room, carrying & the , to clean and medicate things in the lower regions. Washed and got new PPs on. I forgot about the instructions to sit down to get dressed. I used Protection Pants for the first time to see how with them. They are much thinner than the others, and the actual pads seem smaller in ratio. But we were comfortable enough after the gruelling battle to get them on! Hehehe!

All medicated and cleaned up, I hobbled into the kitchenette to ensure no taps (faucets) or stove had been left on, and the fridge & freezer doors were shut!
Which was when I spotted the orange moon high in the dark sky. I decided to take a photograph of it… But it came out like this below… Artistic, methinks, even if it was not planned.
How the heck I managed to get three copies of The Moon in there is beyond me. I bet WordPress photographer, singer, songwriter, animal lover, novelist and jolly-good-fellow Tim Price in New Mexico would know!

TTFN, Each!

INCHY: Sunday 20th August 2023 – Worried, frustrated and took a tumble.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Woke up worried about the situation with the mystery of whether or not the cushion, bed, or both are arriving on Monday. Always on a damned Friday, I get confusing unclear communications from someone late on Fridays. No Meridian management to ring for advice; no Wardens at the weekends.
This means I can only advise them when the delivery is due! It makes it look like I’ve not told people in time, but what else can I do to get help moving the debris in the room to make what for the bed to go in? If it’s coming, it’s unclear what is arriving on the mobile phone text message left for me. It could be catheter bags, the bed, the cushion, or any permutation of?
So frustrated!
The Spain v England Football Final didn’t help my sanity! In the first half, when Spain got the only goal, they played better than England, who made midfield errors that led to the Spanish goal.
In the second half, the Ispancha back-handed feminine referee made damned sure that England lost the final, not that England needed her help. Losing the ball, bad passing, and lack of movement was not a good display. Spain could have won without the referee letting them dive to the floor if they looked like they would be tackled, commit foul after foul, etc. But they did deserve to win without a crooked referee in charge of the game. Fair enough! England used up all their good luck in beating Nigeria and Australia.
I keep worrying about how it will go tomorrow. Bet I get it in the neck and take the blame. I’ll have to try and move some stuff myself now the match is over.

12:00hrs: I’ll be back later to update this blog if I get time.
15:20hrs: I’m back. Bruised and bleeding as it happens. Thanks to as I was stretching to get a box of whatnots! I took a tumble, hitting the handle of the four-wheel walker trolley on my way down, and I stubbed my toe. . Right on the wrong digit…  Don’t think I swore or felt sorry for myself, but I had to abandon the tidying-up job. I casually wiped the blood away (not worth mentioning, but it might make me sound braver than I really am, Hehehe!) and Germoloiding the minuscule bruise. I’ll take a photo of it later to prove just how innocuous it was if it can be seen. Har-Har!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

05:30hrs: I woke and rose from the depths of the £300, second-hand, decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, sleep-deterring, nauseatingly beige-coloured, not-working recliner. In a state of some agitation over the short notice of the bed arriving and no one to ask about it, it was late Friday night, and no one in charge was here at the weekend. I determined I’d have a go at getting the room cleared on my own; I’ll see how I go with it.
Other matter filtered through making it into the brain. Like the final of the world cup for the ladies. EQ warned me not to expect a victory for England. I didn’t, and they didn’t win. Sister Jane phoned me at half-time; we were both doubtful of their gaining a victory. SADLY!

There was not much in the night pouch as I went to take it off the
A sudden gush and it looked fuller?
It looked like a good 3 rating. However, during the day, Carer Rhamat classed the second check as a ‘6’ on the card! On her 12:00 call. It was a ‘two’. I’ve just done another review, with the cards, and it’s a ‘three’?

The day is breaking through the balcony doors.

Kitchen sorted.
Ablutions and Porcelain Throne.
Urge! Haha!

Blepharitis Eye Gel and Spray were used.
I’m getting used to these reading glasses now!

First mugs of tea. Sainsbury’s Extra-String Brown Label

Started updating the photographs.
I got a message from Norton re-drivers that all need updating (18). So bought the package and waited while it updated. Got a text from the bank needing code to use.
Norton then needed my password. Then Norton said to restart the computer, telling me I can use my computer now.
Then, a bill receipt for £44 arrived that had gone through. However, another message came through from Norton; telling me that one of the drivers could not be updated.
Getting all confused now? So I clicked to update it… Another message: This cannot be updated at this time, but this will not affect anything or harm your computer. Then why make me buy the updater in the first place then?

Watched the Football match. Carer Rhamat, Sister Jane, who called at half-time, and me, all agreed things were looking bleak for the England team. I’d sooner not go into detail. Sob!

I decided to get as much done as possible in the spare bedroom, to make room in case the bed does arrive.
I spent a few hours grafting away, trying to clear the rubbish as I went. And there was a great deal to be bagged.
The first lot that Rhamat took for me.
Second dollop, Carer Benjamin, after the cleaning-up session ended so ignominiously. Why? I’ll tell yers…

Just as encouraged me to drop a box of cans & bottles I was struggling to move, an instant
erupted with a vengeance like never before!
Not a plain simple one, of course, Oh, No! Not me!
I was falling after knocking the leg on the four-wheeled walker, and , not just any toe, but the one that hurts without it getting bashed about, but the flipping! Then the trolley I’d grabbed hold of, brake gave way, and down onto my knees I went. That did not please either or , nor did the forehead that hit the corner of a box of bleach! I was a little dizzy by the time I’d got through on my hands and knees to the c1966, £300, second-hand charity shop bought in 2008, crumb-containing, odour-retaining, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, nauseatingly beige coloured, non-working, recliner.
That was enough for me. Not that it bothered me, of course.
Well, maybe a little. Somewhat… Aargh!
Got some cream Germoloid cream on the head scratch…
Then dolloped some Of the…
MedPhorpaingel on the knees and chin.
Hard graft!
Much mess still needs doing, though, in the room!

Carer Benjamin came for the evening call and saw the funny side of the bruised head. Hehehe!
I put the Blepha gel on the eyes, and
Sprayed on the water spray, while Benjamin was here.

Checked on the potatoes in the slow cooker.
Added some liquid smoke and.

Twinkly sun shot.

Then off to get the potatoes cut up and chop up some beetroot to add to the can of chunky veg soup. Fingers crossed.
We’ll see…
Not bad at all. Flavour-Rating 7.2/10

Got the washing up done and was in the process of trying to get a decent shot of the oddly-shaped moon, and Carer Benjamin arrived. He got the medicationings done and added the
to . I got my last health Check monitoring done and took Benjamin’s BP. It came out as “Ideal” at SYS 120 and DIA 66. Mine was slightly different at 148-59, “Hypertension High”. Fit lads, Benjamin and Christopher. Jealous? Me? Yes? Hehe!

Back to trying to get a shot of the high in the grey sky moon.
Made a mess of that!
Horizon shot.
Made an even bigger mess of this one trying to take the moon.
It’s the white bit bottom left. My camera skills are getting worse! Mind you, I was taking these and carrying the walking stick and catheter night bag at the same time  Best excuse I can think of, Hahaha!

I settled down in the £300 second-hand shop purchased, c1966, welt-causing, uncomfortable, not-working, itch-inspirational, crumb-containing recliner. Turned on the TV and swiftly drifted off into a deep, dream-filled sleep. Waking up in the same position five hours later, the TV still on, and… this is true, by the way… no crumbs found! I can’t recall anything about the dreaming; I just know I had them?

Keep Safe, & Have a Great Day!

Inchie: Friday 18th August 2023 – Constant Cognitive Impairment Iris Incidents

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

My Frustration & Hatred Is Growing!

Excellent 3 for the urine night pouch colouring!

Feet after the little wander around in town yesterday.

Laundry bag return awaited.

I’m not sure why…
I took two photos of the waste bags?

A blurry early morning shot of the car park.

Then two other bad shots of the view ahead.

Got up around 03:30hrs, and the use of the did not arrive until gone 07:00hrs. dominated. Took some cleaning up!

Looks like a ghostly seat! I hung the towel over the shower chair and turned on the heater to dry it off. Cunning!
I remembered doing this an hour or two later, and I went to turn off the wet room emersion heater.

The Meridian Domestic lady did not arrive. Hope she was on holiday and not poorly. So I hoovered the hallway. Unfortunately, I my toe on the trolley walker wheel, right against the . This may have had other lesser men cringing and wingeing, but not me. I just laughed it off!

Made an early fine feast of sliced baked potatoes, soy imitation sausages, beetroot & tomatoes, red & yellows. Naturally, no sooner had sat down to watch the TV with the meal tray on my knees, and my taste buds tingling!
14:35hrs: The opticians rang. Can I bring some old spectacle frames in to use in the varifocal spectacles? The one the Carer took for me is too old to get a lens made to fit it?
Back to the meal…
14:48: The Doctor rang to say the Blepha decision will be emailed to me later. Humph!
Back to the meal…
15:00hrs: DVT Anticoagulation rang; the DV vein draining has been cancelled. They will make me another appointment.
Back to the meal…
The potatoes were barely lukewarm by then. How does this happen to me so often? Whatever time I get around to eating, someone will call, or the phone will burst into life.
Still, the nosh deserved an 8.4/10 rating!

Took this slightly better shot of the Chestnut Way car park in front of the flats when I washed the pots up.

I decided to watch some TV again. Huh! Turned it on again, and some sad adverts greeted me.
Kids have to live using underground water.
I noticed my new glasses on top of the cabinet and realised how lucky I am really, compared to some. Then…

The TV went off. A message something about; check your external and internal ariels? It came back on later again.

Oh, getting dark?
Five minutes later…
Another five minutes.

Did the eye treatment. used, then when it had dried, the Gel.

After 18:00hr Carer Benjamin called, and we found we were missing some tablets. I was in a pickle about it, cause it was Atorvastatin, and I had a weirdly strange feeling that Richard mentioned something on Monday to me about it coming later when he kindly fetched the prescriptions for me… but of course with , I’m just not sure. So, none tonight. Benjamin said he would have a look around down in the office for me in case they were in there. Thanked him, and he said he was doing the late call; if the tablets are in the Meridian office, he’d bring them up with him.

I got back on the computer, to find that...

Late Carer Carer arrived. He brought up the missing tablets and issued them with the Peptac; no painkillers were needed. Then attached the night pouch to He also responded to my request for him to hang up the laundry, which was only dressing gowns; bless him.

Turned off this computer, and I got settled in the £300 second-hand shop bought, c1966, moth-eaten, cringingly-beige-coloured, grotty, bedraggled, dilapidated, crumb-containing from my nocturnal nibblings, bug-ridden itch-inspiring, not working recliner in search of sleep. I put the TV on, cause that usually helps me to nod off, when the commercial adverts come on… but only when there is something on I wanted to watch. Hehe!

Evening, All!

INCHY: Tuesday 15th August 2023 – Worran-Odd-Day!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Much to my pleasure and amazement…
No mental/physical pains or abusement!
I thought to depression I was impotent…
Much to my pleasure and amazement…
Realising this may change, just to be expedient,
It did! I suddenly felt enfeeblement!
Dizziness; too weak to feel incandescent,
For around an hour, I was impuissant,
Never before been so suddenly languescent!
Another annoying new pesterment!
I believe I was momentarily solivagant,

Luckily, this ailment was only transient!
Of to do the ablutions, they proved to be sanguinolent!.
Accifauxpas… not through my being totipotent…
Peripheral Pete’s Leg Dance, was persistent…
Shaking-Shoulder-Shirley was intent…
causing me many a razor-
shaving accident!
The shower-power-box was absonant…
After hitting my head on it, I applied urticant!
The day went from pleasant to recalcitrant!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

06:30hrs: removed

Waste bags sorted out.

Computer on…

Off to the .
I think I had one like this early last week?

Spotted what looked like a cat or dog, in the bottom field…
Could have been anything really?
Although terrible photos, I discerned that it was indeed a cat.

Carer Kara arrived.  I think she pointed out how well I was looking, perky. ♥ and we had a laugh and chin-wagging for a little. As she left the Asda order arrived… Food!
Five carrier bags fool!
The bleach in the barfs was leaking a bit or had leaked judging by the smell.
Ah, grand nosh to nibble! I’m unsure how or why I ordered three packets of ready-sliced and seasoned potatoes?
Got some replacements for the nurses, drivers and carers’ treats shelf in the front room.
Make a great brew of Glengettie tea!

Back on the computer…
So, I watched the start of the football match twixt Spain & Norway. 2-1 to Spain, in between using the computer when , returned.

Carer Kara came for the 2nd call, and a moment before the gal came in, I’d nodded off to sleep at the computer and didn’t feel very well at all. This time she said how unwell I looked! This was the sudden change in fortunes and health I mentioned above in the Prooemium intro. My balance was all over the place, and memory had gone on strike I think. No pains as such at all, just confusion and disorientation. 
I bade Kara farewell and decided that getting on with doing the might help me pull out of whatever it was that had a grip on me. So, I did!
The teeth bled profusely after cleaning those I had left.
The tiny nicks shaving also flowed more blood than usual.
But this blood-letting is half-expected, with the DVT Warfarin INR level so high recently.

The feet and legs were terribly pale and ashen, as mentioned by Kara. So I took a snap after getting out of the wet room.
Headed butting the shower power box didn’t go well. Hehe!

However, I did feel much better by the time I got back to the computer. However…

I’ll get some food cooking then… Tsk! 17:00hrs, and chimed from the doorbell, as in walked the Carer. I was late getting the meal, and he was a little early coming, but no bother, other than the meal was cold by the time he has done his bit and departed. Still, he was kind enough to photographicalise me, pretending to eat the meal. Hahaha!
Despite the lack of heat, I still enjoyed it.
Flavour-Rating: 7.5/10.

I nodded of easily enough, as is usual when I try to watch anything on the goggle-box. Humph!

I was woken up on the Carer’s last call. He put the night pouch onto the. He wrote his notes, during which I nodded off again! He checked the taps and the stove was not left on for me, and I insisted he take a can of whichever refreshment he fancied in thanks.

I jumped awake at 03:30 hours and got up immediately. Fool!