Inchcockum – Monday 12th October 2020: A hectic day, ending in a widdendream!

TFZer Gals at the Cool-It-Cabin

Monday 12th October 2020

Swahili: Jumatatu 13 Oktoba 2020

01:30hrs: I woke to find myself wriggling about, and in need of both a wee-wee and the Porcelain Throne. Getting there in time was going to be a challenge! I extracted my oleaginous, ponderosity, of an over-flabby-stomached body, wrenched it from the c1968 recliner, and with a high degree of gaucheness, stumbled and blustered my way, knocking my right shoulder on the door frame en route to the WC room.

No hesitating this morning, I plonked the body-mass down on the Throne… the tinkling wee-wee burst forth and was one of the longest I’ve had in years. The wee-wee, with both PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribble), AMD (After-Micturition-Dribble), was eventually finished.

But no movement from the rear-end, I’m afraid. Which was a great disappointment, I thought things were steadily improving in this department with the Dioctyl stool-softeners I’ve been taking since Friday, but no! Back to Constipation Konrad’s control again. Rock-Hard, and back to the agonalistcalisationing also! Argh! And waiting for the movement to start, well at least it let me have time to have a go at the crosswords.

I had a think-back, ‘Did I take last night’s capsules?’ I wasn’t 100% sure but thought I had. I’m dithering again! An incompetent memory can be an annoying bind at times! Pickleglobknobs!

Washed and disinfected, and got to the kitchenette. And decided before any kettle putting on, Health Checks or medicationalisationing, I’d have another go at taking a decent picture, of the morning view. Si, I did. Not too bad, I suppose.

The Boot’s BP sphygmomanometer results showed that the SYS had shot back up again. Humph! I can’t understand this; maybe the different medications are affecting these figures? Hey-Ho! At least the DIA and Pulse levels were okay.

I got the stick thermometer, remembering it played up yesterday morning, I took care as I monitored the level underneath the armpit this time. The outcome was a reading of either 33.1° or 33.7°c. Too low by far, but it’s been lower this last week.

I tried a blind shot, down from the kitchen window onto Chestnut Walk, not too bad.

I took the medications, and got on the computer, and did a Thought Graphic and PAge top one first, then made up the template. As I was doing this…

Mr Fries pathetic, useless, ever-increasing the prices Liberty-Global internet, went down several times throughout the day, but only for short periods, varying twixt a few seconds and two minutes or so. Bramflacklemshittums! to the philargyristic, sod-the-service-indoctrinated Liberty-Global! Grrr!

I came across a chart and details of the World-Wide ‘Hum’ sufferers. Got this graph, just for a little extra interest, I don’t like to bore my readers, you, either of them. Hehehe! Did you notice that Nottingham has got more than anywhere else? Humph!

I got started on updating the diary for Sunday, not a lot left to do, so it didn’t take very long this time. Mostly, thanks to Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters, Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna, Saccades Sandra, and even SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley), all being so kind to me. Temporary-Smug-Mode Engaged!

I sent off the blog, emailed the link and did some Facebooking catch-up.

Then made a brew of Thompsons Punjana, and took the next Dioctyl capsule, then I made up a sachet of Macrogol with spring water, and gulped it down. I  don’t want to risk another rock-hard session on the Throne. I can feel that Harold’s Haemorrhoids are still bleeding as I’m typing this, thank heavens I invested in the PPs! I then replied to some comments and went on the WordPress reader. Off to the wetroom, to clean and medicate things in need, and change into some new PPs.

I’m so glad I ordered the Hubbard’s Chilli-Con-Carne, now I’ve tried it, albeit a little contaminated with the garden peas and potatoes. Fantastic taste, not too strong for me, I’d hoped it would help in passing on the Throne, but it didn’t do any good today. Then again, as I mentioned the meal was weakened by my adding the peas, so next time, I’ll have it neat, so’s to speak. Fish and Surami sticks, potatoes, tomatoes and a pickled egg for tonight for me… well, that’s the plan.

I’m concerned about fetching the Antibiotics from the chemist with how I’m feeling, the dizzies and a touch of a cold methinks, but it has to be done, I suppose. Time to get the ablutions done now, so off to the wet room (Well it makes sense, that’s where the shower is, Hahaha!)

Well, well, well, and my, oh my, oh my; that was without question, one of the best ablution session ever! (Since coming home from the stroke unit!) A toothache-free cleaning the teggies! Wait for this one… No cuts or nicks shaving! Not one! (Head sways cockily, and Smug-Mode-Grade-One-adopted!) Fair enough, the regular dropsies were a few more than usual, though, that’s due to Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters.

The showering produced only one clout against the grab bar. The drying off, nothing was scattered or knocked off of anything! The other pleasant surprise, was the ankle ulcer looked like it was easing off a tad! This is all foreign to me, good luck. It worries me!

Here are a few photographs of the Escape to the Pharmacist, I’m going to make a stand-alone photographicalisational post about it, if I can get it done tonight, I’ll post it early. 

When I collected the MacroBid® 100mg from the chemists, I called in the Lidl store to get some bread thins, to go in the freezer, so I don’t run out as easily this month; when Sainsbury’s and Iceland fail to deliver any. Naturally, I bought no-end of stuff. Shower gels (2), bin liners (2), Seafood sticks, Disposable razors, Mini Weiners, San Marzano tomatoes, and Brown and white bread thins (3). I also got a Sourdough Boule, that was for Jenny, by way of a thank you for her caring.

I paid and departed to the bus stop, and promptly got on the wrong bus! Got off, and caught the right bus. Then realised it was not the wrong bus and would have taken me to Sherwood as well, anyway.

I descended in Sherwood, just in time to miss the 40 bus back up to the flats! Gringleglops! So had a long wait in the bus shelter to contend with.

Arriving back at the flats, I nearly fell off of the bus, it was a close call, but no harm done apart from embarrassment of course. Well, I hit my elbow, Tsk! Hobbled along to Woodthorpe Court, and took this picture of the block front, had a dizzy turn with looking upwards. There’s no winning is there!  

On the walk come wobble to the chemist earlier, you’ll see in the ‘Inchcock’s Escape No6, to the Pharmacy’ blog, I had to go on the roadway to get by vehicles, with the trolley, several times. And was not pleased to see this van parked on the pavement, leaving me with the thick wet grass, or the road to use to get by to the foyer. The lads apologised for the blockage, and that was alright, but parking is as you read, a problem at Winwood Heights for everyone. The team had a lot of furniture to load up, and the men had no choice of where to park up.

I got inside, and called at Jenny’s, to drop off the sourdough boule. Jenny appeared as I was closing the flat lobby door, but I couldn’t hear what the gal said, so told her I’d seen them taking the loaf out of the oven, and knowing she loved sourdough, couldn’t resist getting it for her. I’m not sure if she heard me or not. Old age, eh? Hahaha!

Getting the elevator up, took me a while. When I got in the flat, I was greeted by some almost musical loud ♫Clunks, thuds, and much tap-tapping♫ for a while from dead-above. Fancy that!

I got the purchases stored away, and then it dawned on me… I’ve got an Iceland order coming in the morning! Just what’s the matter with my terrible memory lately, confuses me. Probably a side-effect of ageing, or I’m going bonkers?

This thought carried over, to when I got the new capsules out, and I had a read of the instructions. Well, that should be easy enough to remember. They are Nitrofurantoin (the active substance in MacroBID) is an antibiotic. It is used to prevent and treat infections of the bladder, kidney and other parts of the urinary tract.

With the docusate sodium (Stool-Softener), is four a day on the prescription form. These are to be taken with ‘lots’ of water. The Macrobid is to be taken only with, or immediately after eating food. All very confusionalistic to me. (Then again, this comes easily to me nowadays!) Humph!

I took a docusate sodium capsule and got the dosages made up for tonight all, ready, in case I should fall asleep. With having some medications in the pill-pods and some loose, and the medicine (Peptac, so nowt to worry about there, cause it’s so weak and ineffective!) It’s to be expected that Duodenal Donald is always feasting on giving me pain, with this nugatory, Peptac being the only thing to counter him! Mind you, come to think of it, I reckon one of the other tablets is supposed to work on him, erm… Ramipril? No, that’s for the blood pressure. (I’m looking these up as I go along, Tsk!) Codeine Phosphate, no, just a pain killer. Bisoprolol that might be it… Oh, no, that’s a beta-blocker. Atorvastatin, nope that’s used to lower cholesterol. It’s got to be this one then, Lansoprazole: Ah; This is it, it’s for Reflux Roger and Gastroesophageal-reflux-disease (GORD). Lansoprazole is also taken to prevent and treat stomach ulcers. It makes me feel and sound so smart when I use Google, Hahaha!

And, I have to remember the Phorpain gel (Arthur Itis, and Colin Cramps) three-times a day, the Corticosteroid for the ankle ulcer and Clotrimazole, for Little Inchies Fungal Lesion. And the ever-changing dosages of Warfarin, it’s no wonder I get confused. Oh, and the Emollient cream, all over after showering. And of course, the precious Germoloid cream and ointment for Harold’s Haemorrhoids. I can get Anusol cream from the doctor on prescription, but it is not very useful, compared to the Germoloid.

It gets even worse, when every month, the podded medications from Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, who’s Pharmacist does the packaging leaving static electricity in them every time, and many tablets jump into other pods. Which is problematical, when in them are Codeine 60g and the Beta Blockers that are the same size, and I have no idea which is which. Or, as happened last Friday, you gently puncture the pod cover, and the tablets shoot out all over the place, many never to be seen again!

By gum, life is interesting when yer gerrin’ on a bit! It would help if the memory weren’t deteriorating so fast, and Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters weren’t dying off! Hey-ho! A little moan now and then does help, I think.

Where was I? Oh, yes! I got the SD card in and uploaded the photograph to CorelDraw, then resized them, and doctored the Macrobid one, with a couple of the capsules, I was quite pleased with that one. I got on with updating this blog.

The doorbells chimed out Dusty Springfield’s tune; ♫I only want to be with you!♫. It was Josie returning yesterday’s diner plate, tray and things. We had a chinwag and a bit of a laugh for once. I enjoyed that!

Then I turned my hand to creating the blog of the trip out, I intend to call it; ‘Inchcock’s Escape No6, to the Pharmacy’. Oh, I may have mentioned that a few times already, sorry. I’ll be back when it’s all done, TTFNski.

Got it done and posted off. Put some snaps on Pinterest, and emailed the link. Then went on Facebooking. I carried out a search for the latest Nottingham Coronavirus details; it was not good!

I came across this horrific item, below! Where did those Nottingham Police Officers come from? I’ve only seen one of them in town on my last six visits!

Is it any wonder, with so few police officers on the streets of Nottingham? And to think, I have passed this very spot, on all of my Escapes to Town, many times. With everyone being around the same time of this stabbing. I’ve even taken photographs of the exact entrance! I am less inclined to go to town anymore.

Extremely late now, hours past my usual head-down time, and I’ve got to prepare the meal yet, Tsk! But, for some reason, they were well in date, the Surami sticks had to be thrown away, they tasted so, off!  I ate the rest of the plate of fodder though; it was alright without the fish thingamabobs. Still got a 7/10 taste rating. The tomatoes and potato cakes were most enjoyable. I’m hoping the taste buds are not losing it, that’s a possible sign of Coronvirus I think.

Put the pots in soak, and I got down in the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly beige-coloured, unstable, broken-down, uncomfortable, dusty, rusty, decaying, rickety, rachitic, recliner.

Then I had to suffer a Thought-Storm that lasted for yonks, made no sense to me, and wore me out mentally. Tsk! Nonesensical hogwash, gibberish, balderdash, drivel and bilge filled my head. I was havig my own verbal psychological pandemic.

I had to get up to have a wee-wee, and when I got doen again, could I remember anything specific from the tormenting hogwash of fears, thoughts and concerns that had been niggling away at me, minutes earlier? No!

Inchcock Today: Sun 12 Apr 2020: Sister Jane, called me a poindexter today. I’ll look it up later. Hehe!

April 12

I don’t read newspapers, or watch the news so often nowadays!

2020 ttttApr12

Sunday 12th April 2020

Basque: 2020ko Apirilaren 12a, Igandea

000 April 12

GM 128.0.10005:25hrs: It took me that long to get to sleep, I slept through to 0525hrs, I can’t recall any dreaming though. But waking up didn’t seem like a reasonable idea at the time.

I’ll tell you why. As I manipulated my overly sized body mass, to jiggle a bit, to work out which ailments were active this morning;

WDP 1LdWD 150.0.100 First thing as I hedged my bulk to the right. The Pillow-Shaker Fire Alarm activated. Naturally, this diverted my disease, injuries, and bodily-scars, seeking plans, as I fumbled to get my hearing aids in, grabbed the walking stick, and with ears peeled, I went to investigate the reason. A sort of delayed realisation came to me, and a semi-panic took a hold.

  • WD 150.0.100 My apartment fire alarm was not going off, so I assumed it was the main one, which I have to open the front door so I can hear it. I did the usual touching the door handle with the back of my hand to see if it was hot. (I was pretty pleased with myself for remembering to use the left hand, in case Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters that fail on the right side of my body were on strike, [I became Smug-and-Satisfied temporarily]) Had the nerve-ends gone into failed-mode, they would nit informed the brain, and I just might have opened the door to be greeted by a wall of flame or black smoke in the mush. But no sounds heard, so I went to check out of the kitchen window to see if the fire brigade were on site.
  • WD 150.0.100 Not an easy job, with these new thick-framed, view-blocking, rain letting-in windows. The wide window ledges that stick out far too long, mean I have to stand on the stepladder to see the view below! (I bet this isn’t mentioned in the Nottingham City Homes advertising or commercial bumf anywhere!)
  • wd 150.0.100A WD 150.0.100 I had to go through to get the stepladders from the junk room and managed, with no difficulty gave myself a cracking, whinge-making toe-stubbing against the ladders as I tried to carry them and the stick back to the kitchen!
  • wd 150.0.100A I opened the dangerous unwanted, unliked, fear-giving window, and as I climbed up to take a look outside, I hit my Arthur Itis-ridden knee against the corner of the ladder platform. (I think I might have said something like ‘Oh bother!’ at the time) It took me several injuries, and a lot of time, before I found out, there are no fire engines anywhere.
  • WD 150.0.100 I gingerly alighted the stepladder. Ad sense, logicality and obviousness came over me (A rarity indeed!) I asked myself, “Why the %☺@$ hell didn’t you just go on the balcony to look? I had many answers to this self-imposed question, but none of them was realistic, believable, or sensible! My confidence, never high at the best of times, sank a little more.

I took the stepladder back. It’s hard work carrying that with the stick, a bruised toe, and a very-most painful patella; I can tell yer! As I went, I maundered on at myself and realised things were not going get any better, my EQ told me. I was mentally preparing for some type of zemblanity, disaster, or general disappointment.

Having aboulomania, pathological-indecisiveness, a lack of confidence, and inability to do anything about this makes life difficult at times. The bad memory, insomnolence, and Stuttering Stephanie don’t help much. Hello, I’m wavering toward self-pity again! Come on Inchie, buck yourself up, take it like a man… well, imitation man, at least!

I got the area around the £300 second-hand, c1968, sickeningly beige-coloured, not working recliner cleared up! I could not see any signs of nocturnal nibbling, but things were not in their usual places or positions, and slow but sure, the various ailments started kicking off as I tided up a bit. Fluid-Retention Robert had filled the legs a bit more. Blotchy Belinda has visited the groin area. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding, and the blood had dried (I’m not looking forward to the medicating at all!). Clopidogrel Clive had removed no end of his spots and odd marks overnight? Reflux Roger and Hard-Breathing Boris were giving me some gip! Toothache Terence was back. And now, Colin cramps has just started on the hands and fingers.

7Sun01I tried to get a delivery slot from Iceland. It appears the yare fully booked until next Friday. Shame!

WD 150.0.100 Computing, template, the updating for hours. By the time I stopped, I had a hatred of Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters, and they’re forever failing and returning, failing and… Never mind! I checked on the Amazon situation regarding the deliveries.


Looking good. The Mini-cheddars ‘Pickle flavoured’, should be here today. I must resist tearing the box open to get at a bag. Hehe! The wristband alerts for Warfarin will be arriving, of course, how long it will be until these ones split and break is anyone’s guess. They are from a different supplier, and a lot dearer than the others were. So, I hope that means they will last longer.

The ablutions were started much later than planned, with all the cockups and tribulations this morning. I have to make Josie’s nosh afterwards.

Back later.

I’m back.

WD 150.0.100 Ablutionisationing Report: Only the one cut shaving. A new bruise, but feeling more content.  The bruise I got when picking up the dropped bar of carbolic soap in the shower. (I can’t see myself getting any more carbolic ever again. It was hard enough to find even before the lock-down! – Sob!) I banged my knee on the grab rail while showering, I’ve a little swelling to remind me of it. I did drop the showerhead again, but grabbed at it, caught it in time, (Godsmacking innit!) and pulled it to my body, hitting a certain delicate, but redundant nowadays, part on my anatomy. (Ouch!)

7Sun04WD 150.0.100 After drying off and cleaning the shower and sink. I had a look at the ever-morphing pins. Bit for meat on them I thought, then realised it was Fluid Retention Fred’s doing! Another oddity, (my life is not short of them!), was the new bruising the knee, was showing up as white? Well, I’ll be blown! Clopidogrel Clive was attempting a comeback as well. Belinda Blotches was visiting the legs as well. And, the usual for me paleness and anaemic, whiteness, had gone a, well, I don’t really know what colour it is, deep cream or a gungy spotted pale brown?

WD 150.0.100 As I was getting dressed, Colin Cramps had a go at my hands and fingers again, causing me to drop the body spray can. I couldn’t help but the funny side. My dropping things are usually controlled by Nicodemus, Shaking Shaun Dizzy Dennis and occasionally a perhaps a Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance from the right leg. What if they don’t like this imposter Colin Cramps doing their job? I’m losing it here!

7Sun06I got the bit of handwashing done, not a lot, as Paul Daniels used to say. The bath towel, and the thin dressing gown. No socks, the damned sock-glide isn’t going have me today! I got the towel done wrung and hung, then did the gown, and hung that in the wet room.

7Sun07Now, this makes me sound demented and a bit odd, (Fair enough I am!), but can you not see an expression of the sock-glide on the shower chair?

He looks awfully pee’d off to me. My having avoided any conflict or battles with him for two days now (I’ve not worn any socks, Hehehe! That got him!). Is he angry or sad? Perhaps he’s missing the little lumps of my finger-ends his deadly spring clip usually provides for him? Is he annoyed the Nicodemus has not made me drop or fall over it lately? The ailments rarely all come on together, but they may be planning an uprising! I’ve gone again, lost it!

7Sun03Time to get Josie’s meal prepared. I didn’t take to long to get it ready. The cheesy potatoes, (the highlight of the meal my customers tell me), had to be made with Sainsbury’s substituted for Leicester grated cheese, a mixed bag. I got it served up for the gal.

The mixed grated cheese had Mozarella in it, 7Sun04anot the tastiest of cheeses, and when warmed up got very stringy. But, beggars can’t be choosers! Without Jenny’s help, I wouldn’t have had any cheese to use. Stuck like glue to the utensils! I left the cutlery soaking in a bowl of washing up liquid and bleach for a few hours.

Not only did it get me in a mess that needed extra cleaning, but it was tasteless! But for my share, when I get it, I’ve some caramelised red onion chutney to spice it up. Hahaha!

I got carried away in making some small Good Morning photos, and side shots for the blogs, it was soon nearly 16:00hrs.

WD 150.0.100 7Sun11I went to visit the Porcelain Throne, and midway through the evacuation, the intercom chimed out! It was the Amazon man, with the highlight of the day, the pickle flavoured min cheddars, the wristlet alert bands and some pots to use to separate the seasoning.

7Sun05WD 150.0.100 I left the box until I had done the chipping off of the Mozzarella cheese from the cutlery in the bowl.

It came off okay, with a little, no, much effort and elbow grease!

7Sun12All three items were there. I got them sorted, and could almost taste the Branston Pickle flavoured mini cheddars as I did so. The pots had what I wanted in then the screw on lids, as opposed to the snap-on ones I have at the moment. There are times when Nicodemus’s 7Sun12anerve-end die on me, and it’s difficult to sense if the lids are on or not.

Not haven eaten due to my getting too involved with the CorelDrawing, I realised it would be a while before I can get my nosh. So I took a bag of the mini-cheddars from the box; and what a pleasant, serendipitous, wonderful discovery! They were 50gr packets, not as I  had expected, 30gr. I made a brew and gobbled a full pack, by gum, they were great!

WD 150.0.100 Well, the fatigue dawned, but did I stop CorelDrawing, did I ‘eck as. I was on a roll, almost as if I was on a drug-trip! I had to concede defeat to the fatigue in the end. I was struggling to get the computer to close down. my heart sank. If I lose this outlet to life, it will be life-changing.

WD 150.0.100 Then, as it does to me so often, I realised I had totally forgotten about the cheesy potatoes in the oven! Spittling-Splurging-Sparrowhawks! I scuttered to the kitchen to check, almost tripping over the walking stick in my haste.

WD 150.0.100 Ah! All was well, which momentarily confused me. How could the mash be in the oven for over three hours and not get burnt? My question was soon solved when I realised I had not turned the oven on! Well, I couldn’t remember turning it off from doing Josie’s potatoes?

I’m getting worried about my mind and memory of late.


My much-missed mug. RIP!

Anyroad, I put two of the Iceland beefburgers in with the cheesy spuds and turned on the oven. Draycup! I made a brew of tea, and for some unknown reason. I began to mourn the loss of my old pottery mug. It was genuine remorse, but why?

I reckon the mind is on its last legs. Tsk!

WD 150.0.100 I went to turn off the computer and was not sure if I’d hit sleep or turn-off. I fancied I’d put it on sleep, but then I’d turned off the power. I turned the juice back on, and completely forgot to press the mini hidden button, and panicked a bit! Thinking my pressing sleep, and turning off the plugs, had damaged something. It really is scary, when you forget how to turn your computer on! I was in two minds whether to mention this at all. But, in keeping with my reveal-all policy on blogging, I did. Well, you know that cause it’s written here. I’m going off-line-logically a bit here!

WD 150.0.100 I spent so long sorting out what I had and hadn’t done with the computer, and got it going alright again (Sigh of relief the size of Asia!), by the time I got back to the pots and burgers, they really had got burnt! But not too much for me, luckily I like them well-done, like this!

7Sun39I got the plate filled. Took the med’s with me, along with the fodder, Clementine drink, and the light lemon yoghourt.

The potatoes were really not good at all, the crispy bits, when applying the caramelised red onion chutney, were okay. The cheese, well, I might as well have not used it, so weak and tasteless it was. The tomatoes were not too bad. Surprisingly, the burgers were great! I wish I’d got more in now, Humph! 

1Mon06aWD 150.0.100 This made me try again to get a delivery slot from Iceland. Nope! The nosh was granted a rating of 5/10, passable, just, thanks to the beefburgers; that I cannot get any more of, the lemon yoghourt and clementine drink. The medications tasted the same as usual, 10/10, Hahaha! 

I got the pots washed, and tried purposelessly and unsuccessfully to get some sleep. Morpheous wasn’t having it again! Even the little two-minute nod-offs were absent without leave! Grobbledigrooks! 

After hours of trying to nod-off, I perused the TV channel guide, and to my pleasure, unpremeditated serendipitously found that a Red Dwarf extended film was just about to start on the box. Aha, great, one of my favourites and I hadn’t seen this one before! Oh, joy abounded! 

7Sun40I rang Sister Jane to advise her of Red Dwarf about to start on the gogglebox, thinking that xyrophobia-suffering, left a fortune in a will of someone he didn’t know, pools and lottery winner, who retired at 50 years of age and has women chasing him, tall, good looking, well-built, Brother-in-Law Lucky-Pete liked Red Dwarf.  It was not an easy conversation, Jane was on the Bollinger Brut Special Cuvée again. Hehehe! I’ll get in trouble for telling of that!

About an hour into the 2-hour Red Dwarf programme, and enjoying it immensely, that damned Morpheous came on, and I missed the rest of the film! Waking up with a start, as the closing credits were scrolling down the screen!

WDP 12bThen, could I get back to sleep again? Nope! I lay there for another couple of hours, Thought-Storms brewing, self-hatred, fears, worries, they all pestered me, before getting to sleep. For three hours!

Life is not a bed of roses!

Inchcock – Monday 12th June 2017: Hospital DVT test, Doctors INR Blood Test, Warfarin Panic… Now I have to do it all again… Tsk! You’ve got to laugh!


Monday 12th June 2017

 מאנטאג יוני 12, 2 Yiddish

0415hrs: I woke up in a confused state, a cracking headache. Rubbish, crumbs, wrappers, pen & pad, mobile phone, remote controls, the empty biscuit box, a woolly hat, TV magazine, the Clarkson On Cars book and last night untaken evening medication pot around the floor (Humph!), the £300 second-hand recliner and me! Felt confused, tired and listless. The eyelids felt so heavy as well.

The notepad I keep handy to forget to take notes of any dreams on had some scribble on it, but it might have been hieroglyphics because I could decipher nothing of it. Tsk!

Pondered on what the day boded. Must remember the INR blood test at 1007hrs (What an odd time to give me?). I’d like to get a good walk into town done, take some photographs perhaps.

Off to the Porcelain Throne, only the slightest amount of bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold, feeling light-headed? Dizzy Dennis and Roger Reflux both started off at the same time. At least Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were being gentle with me.

Made a brew and it tasted horrible – now I know something is wrong with me. Haha!

Did the Health Checks. Then printed off last weeks to take to the nurse later.


Took the morning medications and back in the wetroom for a wee-wee again.

Computer started and finished off and posted the Sunday diary and started this one off.

Put the nibbles in the bag for the nurses and the Anticoagulation Record Card too.

Checked the Emails and did some WordPressing for a few hours.

Got the ablutions done. An extra long session this morning. Cleaning the teggies and caused a bit of bleeding, but pleased with how quickly it stopped considering.

Got three bin bags filled and tied, one of recyclable stuff and took them to the refuse chute. Put four jars and one bottle in the bag to drop off at the recycling bin on Chestnut Walk.

Back to the flat and checked I had everything needed in the bag. Corroborated that the lights, heaters, cooker, taps and windows were okay and that I had the bus-pass, camera and mobile phone. Set off to the surgery.

Not a soul in sight on the way down to and in the foyer. Some workmen were hard at it outside as I walked straight passed the recycling bins (Tsk!) to the end of Chestnut Walk.

Spotted these beautiful bush flowers on the side of the road. This, cheered me up a lot, with the getting out for a hobble as well.


1Mon11Down Winchester Street Hill in the sunshine and got the camera out of the bag and into my pocket so I could take photographs of the abandoned retail units from Winchester Street to the library.

Not a long distance as you can see from the map here!

So sad, all those folks gone bankrupt, broke or forced to sell-up.

Here are the actual photographicalisations that I took of the rather sad looking so-called retail shopping area of Sherwood, over a five-minute hobble along Mansfield Road.


Oh, dear, I’ve made a Whoopsiedangleplop here, sorry. The bottom left one I took from the bus on the way back from Arnold. Fancy me, making a mistake… Ahem!

Pressed on up the hill and down to the surgery in Carrington. Arriving with 30 minutes to spare the lady told me as I logged in with the receptionist. Sat down, about to get the crossword book out and got called in to see the nurse! No messing about this morning!

She got the blood taken straight away and reminded me about the DVT appointment I had for two hours later. Kind of her, that was. Chinwagged while she did me. Gave her some nibbles, thanked her and departed and limped down to the chemists to ask for advice on my medications, feeling rather proud of remembering to do this. He was not in. Humph!

So, out, down the road and waited for City Hospital bus. I said earlier, no messing about today, didn’t I? Well, it proved this point again when I arrived at the DVT department. As I was there an hour earlier than the appointment time, and they had me in the treatment room within five minutes of my signing in!

Not the foggiest idea what they did. As the Nurse who spoke to me, had an accent and quiet voice and I could not read her lips. Two people came into the cubicle, one smiled and stuck a needle in my throat and arm. That was it I was gone in seconds into a semi-sleepy state. No hassle no pain, just felt them bringing me round later and putting me on a trolly for a few minute and giving me a cup of tea. All done! The chest and throat area was only a bit sore, and that cleared up with ten minutes.

The doctor arrived and told me the test looked visually alright to him, things were no different or worse than last time, and they would contact me after the analysis was complete. I felt great and asked a nurse if I could go now. “If you’re sure you feel up to it, why not Mr Chambers” In a lovely rich Irish accent. So off I wented! Hehe!

Out and up the hill, across the road to the bus stop, the bus arrived in seconds, and within half-an-hour, I was catching a 58 bus in town and on my way to Arnold.

I’ve said it before, but; ‘No Messing About Today!’

Dropped off near the Asda store and popped in get some Irish Batch bread, and came out with the aforesaid loaf… plus: New potatoes, fresh pod peas, mini pickle pork pies, flatbread, Walkers Marmite crisps (three packs of six little packets for £3 – Tsk!), Raffle prizes for the tenants hour, lemon and orange yoghourts, Irish potato farls, butter and £17 quid lighter! Plonker! Then hobbled, (the feet were bad now) in to visit the clothing department to see if they had any of the loose fitting undies in stock. Could not find any and asked an assistant, who informed me they no longer sell them. Marvellous, I thought!

1Mon06On my way out, I noticed they had ladies bras on sale for two whole aisles!

Even a choice of over fifty different types of, what they labelled ‘T-Shirt Bras” with about 100 of them on the shelves!

Not fair that!

Sexism it is! Hehehe!

Had a hobble over the road to the Fulton Food Store to see if they had any of those lemon curd cones in again. But no. I did get some citrus lollies, though.


Paid the Oberfruppenfurher on the till and out and made my way to the bus stop on High Street behind the no long longer stocking men’s undies – but selling hundred of ladies bras and panties – Asda (Walmart) Hyperstore. Hahaha!

At the bus stop, I spotted this amazing little wildflower forcing its way through the tarmac somehow into life? How do they do this?

Got the bus back eventually, taking the photo mentioned earlier en route.

1Mon08As we went through Sherwood on Mansfield Road, I took a picture of possibly the best smelling of all the shops.

Back at the flats and had a wee-wee. Put the kettle on and took the midday medications and did the Health Checks.

All right methinks.

1Mon10Put the purchases on the counter and then stored them away.

After pondering on what to have for fodder later, it will have to be a late one, because I had to sort out the pictures from the camera and update this diary first.

I decided on the last two small portions minced lamb stew with some of the Irish batch bread! Podded a few peas and got them on the boil, well, simmering.

Tried to catch up with the Facebooking while the lamb hotpot cooked. Didn’t get much done, Huh!

1Mon12The din-din time now.


Washed the pots.

Feeling a bit drained now, so settled down to watch some Law & Order on the Gogglebox, feet up.


Really into the TV and the landline chirped into life.

Stubbed my toe getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner as quickly as I could to get to the phone.

It was the DVT Centre from the 4th floor at the QMC.


It appears that my Warfarin INR blood level is now below 1.4 – What? So that is Monday 6.1 Wednesday 4.2 Friday 4.1 and now Monday 1.4?

I have to go into the QMC Hospital in the morning for Two Enoxaparin injections and another blood test, and have to arrange for another DVT Test as today’s earlier checks would be unreliable due the INR level being so high. (Apparently, the district nurse visits to homes to give injections has been cut back as part of the cost saving exercises).

I have to take 4 Warfarin tonight. So, at least there is far less chance of me bleeding to death, but a real possibility of a blood clot or Heart Attack. I can’t win can I? Hehe!

So I took the evening medications making sure I had the four tablets. Did the Health Checks.


Got the Computer on to update this and put things into the calendar. Printed a reminder and left it on the TV screen for the morning.

Got my head down ag1Mon18ain, and watched some TV proggies, without any nodding off for ages?

No dizzies tonight.

Up to visit the Porcelain Throne, all good. Even Haemorrhoid Harold wasn’t bleeding at all, in the slightest, whatsoever.

The first time for weeks!

Long time getting off again.

TTFN each.

Inchcock – Saturday 20th May 2017


Saturday 20th May 2017

Javanese: Tanggal 20 Mei 2017

0345hrs: Woke remembering just one singular bit of a dream sequence I’d had clearlyish. (Not a real word this, but I like it. Hehe!) There I was floating in the air looking down above the MP’s in the Commons, as I glided above, and by each one, I made a note of their crimes and dishonest actions that floated up to me from each individual brain, by talking into an old mechanical calculator that I assume I thought was a recorder? No other memories whatsoever, though?

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. Amazed, that Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald were both absent this morning. Not complaining at all, though!).

Got the mug of tea made, and got the computer on, full of hope and prayers that the Google Chrome issues had been sorted. Opened Google and things looked good, no freezing or becoming unresponsive at all yet?

0415hrs: WordPress dairy updating was done for yesterday, then I started on this one.

0615hrs: Remembered to take the morning medications and did the Health Checks.

Sys: 148 Dia: 82 Pulse: 77 Temp: 36.1 Weight: 14.82. The weight had shot up steeply from yesterday morning. I imagine this was because I couldn’t get out for a hobble combined with the bigger than of late meal yesterday, are the reasons?

Got the Diary for Friday posted on WordPress and emailed to a few friends.

Excited at the thought of being hassle free with Chrome, I went to the email to send things and… “Google Chrome has become Unresponsive”!!! Boy, am I annoyed! Clicked on Wait for Programme to respond option. Five minutes later, it came back and worked.


I tried going on Facebook. Oh, dear! Time after time it froze, no way I can concentrate like this.

I’ll just get the photo’s on Facebook and tell folk about the hassle and wait for Sam to come again and try to sort me out. Double Humph!


6Sat05So very depressed now. Gave up on the computer, made and ate a massive meal and fell asleep.

Dreampt of me being with someone on an old train as passengers, no idea who it was. We were trying to find out where we were, outside night, foggy dark, kept jumping off the train and back on… that’s all I can recall.

Woke five hours later, made a cuppa, took the med’s and tried Chrome again.

Within a minute of opening Gmail, it became unresponsive again! Waited until it came back on and emailed Sam again to let him know if it suits him, I’ll be in all day tomorrow.

6Sat06 So then tried WordPress and this went funny too and stopped me using it until I closed it, lost the updated script and restarted it again to write this.

Perpetually (If that’s the right word?) suffering from Unresponsive sites and frustrations.

The innards started rumbling, and stabbing pains started. Fretting and worrying I suppose?

6Sat07Bother was coming from all sides now, not just Facebook and Email sites.

Tried to use the Outlook email, but it wanted so many details to let join it, and they demanded my phone number so as to send me a number to use to gain access.

Sent it to me through a text on the mobile.

6Sat09Which I’d never used before, and got into a pickle and a half trying to sort it.

Naturally, I couldn’t!

Demanded more code numbers, but I’m afraid I could not cope with the tiny press button things and got into rather a panic and thought, Sod It!

Gave up trying.

6Sat08Concentration destroyed by all this worry and failure to solve the issues.

The stomach is getting bad now, and I feel Duodenal Donald getting ready to make life hell for me, I know the signs.

Got a message from a very witty clever satirical artistic chap, someone I follow on the WordPress. Saying they too have similar problems with 6Sat07aGoogle Chrome sometimes.


He suggested that I clear the history out, private cache and Cookies, taking care not to clear passwords, etc.

I tried this. Brave ain’t I Hehe! 

Got the History cleared okay, but did not know what a Private cache was, or where the cookies were being stored or held.

6Sat10Now I’ll see if this changes anything freezing wise?

Within seconds of opening Gmail, it came up Not Responding, yet again.

Clicked the ‘Wait’ option and it came on working again in a few minutes.

Actually very trying and testing having to go through all of this when just wanting to… Oh, never mind.

Buffalo suggested some more actions and told me how to get to the cache. Bravely I tried, but it made no difference to the freezing problem. Humph!

Getting cheesed off with failure.

Did the third and last of the health checks for today. I wasn’t surprised in the least to see things getting worse as the day went on.


Tried to watch some TV, but could not keep awake for long despite Duodenal Donald’s efforts to stop with.


Inchcock – Tuesday 2nd May 2017: Marathon hobble, and tram rides today! Late attack of the Runs!


Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Czech: Úterý 02.05.2017

Woke and up 0330hrs, the dreams I’d think I was having lingered for a moment before drifting off into the ether Tsk! No notes found on the pad either.

2Tue001aNoticed the scribbled note I’d left on the computer scene to remind me of the INR Blood Test with the Surgery nurse later today.

Alighting the £300 second-hand recliner Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit, getting to my feet I found a collection of items on the floor… torch, remote control, pencil, notepad, a squashed tube of Betamethasone cream and a spoon scattered about?

I wondered what I must have been dreaming about that might have caused this mess… Hehehe!

Had a pot of the high protein Porridge for the first time. Very filling, but no better taste than the usual cheapo ones.

Had a search for the INR record card and bus pass without any luck. Humph! Then did the Health Checks.  2Tue04 The body temperature had gone up again.

Found the bus-pass.

2Tue03It was cold this morning, a bit of mist lingering in the air.

Another thing, the twisting outwards of the right ankle was far less pronounced?

What’s going on today?

Arthur Itis in a good mood, Duodenal Donald far easier, Anne Gyna being kind to me, Water retention had gone, Roger Reflux was calm, and when I visited the throne, there was no bleeding again from Haemorrhoid Harold. I’m worried! May they be planning for an Accifauxpa or Whoopsiedangleplop attack? Haha!

I put on the alarm for 0850hrs to remind me to get ready, ablutions, etc. to go to the INR blood test in Carrington in time.

Took the medications and weighed me – it was down again!

2Tue05Found a scrawled note on a used envelope near the recliner.

Wondered what the heck I was trying to write? Got the dairies updated.

2Tue001aThen did some WordPress reading for an hour or two, then went onto Facebook for a while before having to close down and get ready for the surgery visit, and weather permitting, a nice steady long hobble into town to catch the tram into Hucknall.

Felt I needed the exercise.

Into the wetroom to do the ablutions, and observed that not only were the legs seemingly even whiter than yesterday, the right one was far thinner than the left one?

The brain seemed to be racing away on its own for a while, palpitations for a second or two and then whatever it was I was thinking of, fearing or considering, vanished from the brain altogether.

Dressed took the bin bags to the refuse chute and set off on the walk to the surgery.

2Tue06Going down Winchester Street hill, those with flower things that seem so intricate and beautiful were still radiant.

Down and left into Hood Street, right down Marshall Street, then left onto Mansfield Road and up the gradient in the direction of Carrington and the GP surgery.

Not much traffic around, but there was the 2Tue07usual Nottingham Pavement Cyclists of course.

This Herbert on the left, I turned around to take his photograph – he very nearly had over.

But, I don’t think he was aware of it as I saw he had earphone thingies on his head as he passed by so closely at a high rate of knots. Bless him.

Up over the hill and down to the surgery. Logged in, sat down and got the crossword book out.

The nurse fetched me in and got the INR blood test done. When I told her of my going to Hucknall, she pointed out a cheapo shop for me to try, near Tesco. I was soon out and hobbling through Carrington on my way into town.


2Tue08Near the Lidl store on the opposite side of the road, I turned and took a photographicalisation of the lack of traffic and people this morning.

Hehe! I might have guessed it was the EQ that told me to seize this photograph, as seconds later another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist overtook me from behind, not leaving much of a gap twixt I and him.

2Tue09aOnward, the weather just right for walking, not hot, not cold and a gentle breeze. Feeling good (For a while?).

Near the college bus-stop, I just missed making it three Pavement Cyclist in a row, and the one I wanted to photograph turned left into some flats before I could take the shot. However, I realised I’d caught a nice one of Nottingham Street Art?

2Tue10The man-hole covers protected by the plastic erections were Gas Repairs. I thought as I passed, in the old days when I was alive, any works like this from the then, British Gas Works would have stunk something awful!


Passed the traffic island junction and up the hill by the Rock Cemetery, over the lights and down 2Tue11on the last leg of the hobble into town.

Still so few people and traffic.

As I passed a pub, it brought back memories of when as a teenager I was in digs that were ar the back of this pub at the time.

It was so long ago, but the landlady and one of her daughters, Audry I think, came back to 2Tue12mind and I nearly walked into this dustbin!

I wondered if something catastrophic had happened?

Pressed on down the hill, still a bit confused as to where everyone was? I knew I had the time right. Otherwise, the surgery would not have been open?

2Tue14In the City, Milton Street, still not much happening people-wise. Did I wonder if the Bank Holiday Monday had tempted folks to take some sickies? Or where they hungover?

You never know?

To the end and crossed over Upper Parliament Street, nearing what is traditionally Nottingham’s busiest pedestrian street, Clinton 2Tue15Street, I found a good few Nottinghomians there.

Limped through them and made my way to the tram stop.

Wish I had knowledge of how to use the video on the camera now. For I could have possibly done one for YouTube and this young lady in a what was obviously by her speed, must have 2Tue16been an 8 mph version, possibly one of the imported 12 mph disabled scooter was scattering the crowd with a determined sort of Jame Hunt ‘out-of-my-way’ sneer on her face!

Must remember to keep an eye out for a red and yellow scooter in town in future. Hehe!

Caught the tram on South Parade near the Council House and it was easy to find a seat too.

2Tue17At the Hucknall terminus we all dismounted and I walked to the shopping parade the nurse had told me about and had a wander around.

The store she suggested was called ‘Home Bargains’, a big one. I just paid a visit to the food part of it and got some sunflower hearts and black sunflower seeds for when I get to visit the Mallards again.

2Tue20Walked over to the Tesco store and went upstairs to see if they had any brown shoes that use a velcro fastener, or soft brown shoes. They had neither in stock, so I came down again and into the food section.

Spent a bit here: Fish Sticks, fresh pod peas, belly pork, Lemon cheesecake, lemon curd yoghourts and sourdough bread.

I enquired of the young lady on the checkout if I could use contactless payment with my card, because I can’t remember my new number, as soon as she had stopped talking to another member of staff. “Swipe there at the top” she listlessly instructed me. So I did, and nothing happened. The machine would not accept the swipe for the contactless payment. “That happens sometimes.” she said adding “Just put your number in then!” I pointed out that I’d already told her about my not remembering the code, this is why I’m trying to use the contactless payment… “Pay in cash then” was her response.

A good job they were not busy (I wonder why?) as I knew I’d had not enough money left after spending at the other shop, so searched all through my bag and pockets in the hope of remembering the number or if I had written it in the code somewhere. As the gal sat there lifting her eyes to the ceiling occasionally and non-verbally issuing non-covert “Silly old fart” signs to the other staff, and my not finding it, I had one go at putting it in, fearing I might lose the use if I got it wrong… Blimey! It took it!

I shall not be visiting here again in a hurry.

2Tue18Back to the tram terminus and I was soon on my way back into Nottingham. Got the crossword book out and had a bash.

By the time we got to Bulwell, the tram had filled up. The seats on the tram were so small. I put away the book and started nibbling at the fresh pod peas. By the time I neared the Nottingham stop, over half of them had been eaten!

At Hyson Green the tram actually filled up, a chap had to squash in, and I did my best to make room for him. When it came to getting up for the stop, the knees and ankles had stiffened so much, this chap helped me to get out of the seat – I did feel a fool!

Hobbled limpingly to the L9 bus stop and met fellow tenant and Social Hour friend Bill (William on Sundays) and he seemed confused. He said he’d been to the Post Office and didn’t know about the take a ticket routine and was now late for the doctor’s appointment. Poor old Bill. He went down the road and caught a number 40 bus that was going out, but there is a fair walk from the bus stop it drops off at, and crossing the road is very dangerous there on the bends. The L9 was due in five minutes as well… then I realised if he were going to his doctors from town, the 40 route would be better for him.

I was fighting falling asleep on the bus. But as luck would have it, some lady tenants got on en route, and they made sure I did wake up in time. Hehehe!

2Tue19Back in the flat, to the wetroom for a wee-wee, got the kettle on, took the medications, did the health checks and got the meal prepared. 

Decided to have potatoes curried beans, Wieska three small slices of sourdough bread and two mini pork pies.

A Greek-style plain yoghourt with Maple Syrup mixed into it, followed.

I think I left 75% of it. Eyes too big for the thingy again, and I got the seasoning wrong for the beans too? And of course eating the porridge earlier might have had an effect?


After my failed attempt to at the fodder, I washed the pots then settled to watch a Frost DVD.

Fell asleep almost immediately, woke up and rewound, then repeated the nodding off again.

Woke, gave up and put the TV on to watch Top Gear and went to fetch a drink of orange juice from the fridge…


I’d left the hot water tap running again! Stone cold now.

I didn’t fair any better with my TV viewing either, so gave up, turned everything off and drifted off quickly.

Then I awoke with the stomach rumbling and many trips to the Porcelain Throne followed throughout the night… Oh dear!


Inchcock – Tuesday 11th April 2017: Dizzies, Whoopsiedangleplops, bleeding and Accifaupas galore. Humph!

Tuesday 11th April 2017

Lithuanian: Antradienis 11-asis balandžio 2017

0404hrs: Woke, annoyed I could not recall the dreams, only that they were not nice.

Out of the nervous making rattling shuddering unstable £300 second-hand recliner. Kettle on. To the porcelain throne, painful and bloody passing again.

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications.

Glad to see that I had left a note on the TV to remind me of the camera lesson at the  Jessops store today.

Carried out the Health Checks, looking fine this time: Sys 145 – Dia 75 – Pulse 79 -Temperature 36.6 – Weight 14.8.

The computer activated and finalised yesterday’s diary and posted it.

Made a start on this one.

Did some Facebooking.

Got the ablutionisationing done and took the rubbish bags to the chute, and had time to update this a bit and do a little WordPressing before I had to go down to get the bus into town.

Jolly good chinwag with some of the other tenants in the lobby before we all tripped off to the bus stop.

I was the only one going on the town bus. Got the crossword book out, the Daily Sun one, which should have been easier for me to do, but the print is so small, thought I might have a look in the cheap book shop later to see if they any in bigger print in stock.

Got off the bus and walked over the road and went into Boot’s to see if they had any ear wax remover. This, because one hearing aid tube had perished. I was struggling to hear things and knew I had excessive wax, which I usually use the Olive oil to treat, but had foolishly missed doing so for a couple of days, and thought Boot’s remover would do the job quicker. Anway I thought, I’m going up to the Audio Centre after the camera lesson and can get new tubes and batteries. Then: Thud, it hit me! Another Whoopisedangleplop! I’d forgotten to take the Authorising Book with me – Gnaperplnkdam! So I could not get the things today!

Anyway, I investigated the supply and costs of the Eye Spray, thinking this might help with the difficulties I’m having reading the subtitles and programme details on the TV. The cheapest one was £18.99 for a 10ml spray. Too much! I did get an ear-wax remover though at £3.89.

Out of the Boot’s store and into Victoria Shopping (Mall) Centre and in the Market for a wander around, cause I2Tue001a had a plenty of time before the tutoring session.

Noted that they were erecting a nibbling for the juniors area.

Bet this is going to be mayhem later?


2Tue03Up the escalator and took this photo of the hanging in the air mannequins.

The market was not very busy again, but I espied some fresh pod peas on sale! Hurrah!

I asked the lady for a pound, and she asked if I was sure? Yes, I replied.

I realised what she meant when she asked me for £2.50! That’s, USD $3.20 – Aus $ 4.15 – Can $ 4.18 a pound! Blimus, worra price!


Limped out of the mall over the walkway above Upper Parliament Street taking this photographicalisation en route.

Down and into the Pound Shop and had a wander around.

Got some nibbles for the Social Hour on Thursday and some Dettol Orange scented spray.

The feet were getting painful, but I knew not why?

Meandered to the Jessop Camera Shop and eventually, an assistant asked what I wanted. Told her about the lesson and she said the man would be with me shortly, which he was. The bad news? The room was up three flights of stairs! The tootsies suffered, and Anne Gyna introduced herself into the equation. Tsk!

I must have looked poorly, because after five minutes the young chap asked if I was alright, and I wasn’t. He kindly offered to change the lesson to another day at no extra cost. Which was very welcome being as I apparently looked very pale he said, offering to call an ambulance. I thanked him and took him up on a new date when I should have the hearing aids sorted, and that would make things easier for me.

Within minutes of hobbling out of the store, I felt a lot better2Tue09a in myself. I wandered into a Sports Direct Shop, didn’t realise until I got in that it was for the younger generation, however, I did see they had some what they called, Everlast Crew Sweat thingamabobs on sale at 2 for £10.

They looked warm and comfortable, and they had them in XL too, so I invested in a couple.

It took that long at the pay-point I missed the bus back to the

So I took a painful hobble around the City Centre, to kill time until the next bus was due in.


On to Long Row, listened to some Street Artist banging out rubbish music and took the time to appreciate Nottingham’s most famous architect, Watson Fothergill.

I popped into the store in his building and bought a TV magazine for next week.

2Tue07 Fifteen minutes to go until the bus was due, I went into The Works bookshop and had a look around for some bigger print crossword books.

Managed to find some as well, and they were a good price… mind you the one’s I bought three months ago from there were too…

But can I find them? No!

2Tue11Up Queen Street and to the bus stop. A bit of a kerfuffle here today. The bus stop is shared between three routes, and it is finely tuned to handle them all, so if anyone is late, they are all late because those behind cannot pull up to pick passengers and have to go around the block again. Although some drivers go passed them, not picking them up. Hehe! The L9 did today though he was well late by the time he pulled off. I am amazed at how they cope with it all.

Caught the bus, had to go out into the middle of the road along with other passengers, but we got it. Had a go at the old small print crosswords en route.

Back at the flats, an urgent, mark one, Defcon two wee-wee was tended to. Hahaha!

Got the potatoes boiling in the saucepan. Put the shirts and other things away and found the written note the Jessop’s lad had done for me with the date and time of the 2Tue09rearranged lesson on it… eventually. I thought it was in the bag, but no.

Finally, I found it in the coat pocket.

Recorded it in the Google Calendar.

Got this diary updated, made a mug of tea and took the evening medications, passed the wind and just made it to the porcelain throne in time… Phew! But far much worse was found… Little Inchy had been bleeding away, and the lesion was torn open as bad as it ever has been! I think this might put an end to the operation plans now? The cleansing and Betamethasone cream was applied, but I had to do it all again a few minutes later.  

More extra washing to do now! Must get the mass of laundry done in the morning.

2Tue14Carried on Chronicalisationing, then got the meal prepared.

Despite the aches and pains, bleeding Little Inchy and a dizzy spell or two, I enjoyed the meal.

So tired and drained, I only stayed awake for the first part of Heartbeat, going off into the dream-world at the first commercial break!

What a day, Humph!

Inchcock: Tuesday 4th April 2017

Tuesday 4th April 2017

Tamil: செவ்வாய்க்கிழமை 4th ஏப்ரல் 2017

0255hrs: Woke with a start as usual lately. Slight memories of dreaming, none of them good I’m afraid. I was being harangued by different people about my bad memory? Ha, but I remembered this! Hehe!

As I tried to dismount the £300 second-hand recliner, it dawned on me that I had got a lot of water retention in the legs and feet, far more than normal. Perhaps this is the cause of the weight increasing every day for over a week? And believe me, the weight has been enlarging daily for nearly a week.

I did the Health Checks when I got into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea and take the medications.

The red figure is the average for that week.

No wonder I’ve been struggling on my hobbles. Huh!

This mornings weight was even higher!


To the porcelain throne and had a hell of a long and painful evacuationalising session! No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold though, and this, surprise me?

Washed the pots from last night and opened all the windows, as it felt incredibly warm in the flat this morning. Despite the thermometer telling me it was only 61°F (16°C) in the kitchen.

2Tue03I think the retention increased during the night too, ’cause the new jammie bottoms felt awfully tight around the top of the legs this morning, in comparison to last night?

Got the computer going and finalised the diary for yesterday and got it posted off into the internet ether, then began this one.

Did some Facebooking.

Then did some graphicationalisationing for the TFZer site.


EasterThen some I made into sepia after graphicalising them, of the TFZer gals celebrating Easter of old.


Here’s one of them.

Posted them to the TFZer site, put them in my Facebook Photo album and sent some out to the gals sites.

2Tue05A mixture of overcast and sunny up to now today since it’s got light.

Tended to the ablutions, shower, shave, deordorisationing.

Cleaned the glasses and got attired, took the black bags to the chute and set off down to catch the bus into town so as to visit the Nottingham Arboretum and hopefully get some photographs of the wildlife and fauna there.

Being as I missed the L9 bus, I decided as the next one is not for an hour, to walk up the gravel path and through Woodthorpe Grange Park up and over the hill and catch a bus on Mansfield Road.

2Tue06I was soon stopped in my hobbling tracks as I found three baby squirrels playing on the grass near the trees about ten foot or so in front of me.

I liked the photo on the left best – after taking many photographicalisations of them that did not come out splendid at all.



Up the path, left down the footpath through the park and right, up the hill and down to the bus stop.Didn’t have to wait long. The bus was full, and I had to sit on one of those side saddle seats, and this started the legs aching, and they haven’t stopped yet!

2Tue08One of Sherwood’s Pavement Cyclist nearly hit me as he rode off the pavement over the pedestrian crossing, the opposite way up a junction road (Photographe left) and onto the pavement opposite.

I took a while to get the camera out, but got him!

Didn’t have to wait long for the bus; it was full, and I had to sit on one of those side saddle seats, and this started the legs aching, and they haven’t stopped yet! Grumph!

Must have looked a rather sad sight as I limped across Mansfield Road and through to the Arboretum Gates. I’m putting this down to the water retention? I don’t like it! But still, the other ailments were being kind to me, apart from Duodenal Daniel that is.


2Tue09aThrough the entrance and approached the short Muggers Passage as it is known locally.

Out the other side and it was nice to see so much greenery compacted together.

Up to the left, I could see the Chinese Bell cannon balls and cannons.

Quick History:

The structure called “The Chinese Bell”, calls for a word of explanation, for it is a curious conglomeration of ideas and objects.

(1.) Richard Birkin, Esq, had efficiently served his fourth year of office as Mayor, and it was desired to record the event with approval.

(2.) ‘The Notts Regiment of Foot’ had deserved well of their town and county, which had sent it so many good soldiers that it ought to be recorded.

(3.) In the Crimean War of 1854-6, some cannon guns were taken at Sebastopol, and two of them were sent to Nottingham and mounted, and a heap of balls added.

(4.) During the war with China (1857) a bell, believed to consist of steel and silver, was “taken from a large and handsome Temple near to the east gate at Canton when that city was captured. This bell, which stood in the principal part of the Temple and was struck during religious ceremonies to call the attention of the Joss or God, or to announce his presence, was removed by the army and brought to Nottingham, and here it was mounted, and a canopy placed over it. The result being that guns partly Russian are mounted as firing from a Chinese Temple into the four quarters of the earth; while the bell has never been used”.



The fresh flowers and bushes were heartwarming, and for a few minutes, after I limped down to the pond, while feeding birds and ducks, I forgot about the bank fiasco, the ailments and the imminent operation totally.

That was nice.

2Tue14Out the bottom entrance and walked up into the City Centre.

Got into Trinity Square and took a photograph in the Jewellery store window of these glass thingamabobs.

They made me think of the TFZer gals for some reason. The larger ones were £2-3 thousand pound plus!

2Tue12At this window, I looked back (The right one) where I’d just walked, and there are eighteen eateries in this view some of them enormous. Not many customers about I thought? The left second picture taken to the right is of the three new dineries, each with two floors of customer settings! And only four or five people nearby, and they are all outside of the mega-restaurants?

2Tue15At the end of this Foreman Street on the right corner, is an entertainment thingy, Cinemas, games rooms, shops, restaurants, Casino, etc. (Not my photo, took this one off of the web)

I think there are three or four eateries in there, and two next door!

So, if any of you were thinking of relocating your food business to Nottingham, don’t bother! Hehe!

The sunshine got less and less as the day went on, but it was not cold or windy with it at all.

2Tue12aWalked down into the slab square.

Not even many folks there either.

Those who were looked decidedly morose, grumpy and miserable.

The Big Issue Sellers were absent from their usual haunts of Primark, Clumber Street and Exchange Walk?

A few of the rough sleepers were there, though, one on Upper Parliament Street, one on Queen Street and one on Long Row.

Had something happened that no one had told me about? Hehehe!

I bought a TV magazine for next week while I thought of it.

Caught the bus back to the flats, I think Nigel Mansell was driving it. After hitting a good selection of roadside kerbs, I got back to the flats safely.

Got in and rubbed some pain gel on the legs, unsure if it would help, though. It didn’t!

Got the already sprouting potatoes on the boil, after removing the sprouts of course.

2Tue16The computer utilised and updated this diary to here.

Got the meal of the day prepared quickly tonight. Crispy bacon (Ready cooked) Krakowska, soft cheese, cheddar, uneatable tomatoes, apple, beetroots, mushrooms and the old small potatoes.

 9/10 rating.

Took the medications and did the last health-check.


Please note the weight reduction, decrease and decline!

So, the very painful long hobble might have been worth it? Hehe! Noticed the temperatures were a bit higher this week?

The legs were even worse than then I was using them now. Although I think the swelling has gone down a bit. I don’t like these new pains you know. One gets used to the daily inclinations of Haemorrhoid Harold, Roger Reflux, Duodenal Daniel, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Donald’s Dizzies, Colin’s Cramps, Inchies Lesion, etc. Now I have come up with a name for the water retention. Not easy this one, all the other names I came up with in an instant. What about:

  • Walters Water Retention: A bit long to be typing that one?
  • Willy’s Wet Water Well: No, not good that one: A bit long to be typing that one too?
  • Fred’s Fluid Retention: Mmm: A bit long to be typing that one too?
  • Ralph’s Retention Reservoir: A bit long to be typing that one too?
  • Walter’s Water Well: Mmm?
  • Henry H20 storage: Mmm again?

No, I don’t like any of them. Need help with these options folks?

Settled to fall asleep to the TV’s accompaniment.

Woke around 0050hrs and recalled a rather disturbing dream I was having, wrote it down. Then decided to get up put the computer on and update this diary with the dream memories: (What a Plonka!):

Dream: I was laying asleep in a tree, with animals all around me, squirrels, birds, mice, Koala bears, puppies amongst them. My legs had turned to stone, but pretty coloured stone?  I was totally unconcerned about this, and the animals were doing noughts & crossed on the surface of the legs and arguing about which colour to use. There was one puppy that kept bringing me a flask of tea, he had a brace around his neck and always licked my face after he brought me one?

After putting this on here, I wondered what the hell I was doing and if I’d dreamt doing it?

But sure enough, in the morning here it was?

In the event that Inchcock should disappear from the internet, this will probably be due to the lack of computerisationalistical equipment at the prison, asylum or psychiatric hospital.

Hehe! TTFN.

Inchcock Today: Tuesday 21st March 2017- Whoopsiedangleplop Ridden!


Tuesday 21st March 2017

Finnish: Tiistai 21 maaliskuu 2017

During the night, I thought I had woken and written down some notes about the dream I’d been having… When I woke and stirred at 0325hrs, I could find no note – perhaps I’d imagined I’d dreamed of making the record?

So I got out of the £300 second-hand shaking and shuddering recliner chair (Like myself, I 2Tue001adon’t think it has long left, Hehe) took off the wonderfully warm cover and the cushions and searched all over for it, in the certainty that I actually did write it. Guess what I found? Think food…

Yes, another of the escaped and hidden garden peas from when I dropped the dinner plate last week.

Rock hard it was. I had to smile to myself! The cleaning ladies, if cleaning is the right word to use here, had taken everything off of the chair as I asked them to in cleaning it for the first time since they had been coming, stripped it they did, and they didn’t find it. As I didn’t when I looked under the chairs with a torch after the Whoopsiedangleplop occurred? People were talking about ants taking over the world, but what about the garden pea danger? Orbb 80, a wonderfully caring and humourous blogger on WordPress knows about the danger, she warned me in a comment. Honestly!

I made a brew and got the computer on.

Feeling a tad more content this morning, up to now like. Worried about Olive, though, I’ll call her at a reasonable time, just to see if she is okay and if there is anything I can do to help. She is going out with her daughter today so I might not catch her in.

I changed the Morrisons order I’ve got in with them. Took two items off and added six. The banking fiasco going on, I’m surprised they are still accepting the card, that’s why I added some things, just in case the card fails later.

1Mon08I was summoned to the porcelain for a heavy duty session. Splendid, no bleeding from either front or rear! Arthur Itis was hardly noticeable, Duodenal Daniel was not bad at all, Reflux Roger was active, but this was not due to the valve sticking and not painful in the slightest; This wind was due to last nights nosh I’m sure. Hehe! Hernia Harry was all calm too. Only Anne Gyne with her new pain on the left chest and up under the left arm was giving me any real grief, and that was far less than last night.

So, things medically were far easier today.

Worries me a bit that, mind. Haha!

2Tue04The only concern was my so regular visitations to the WC, where’s it all coming from, I’ve only had half a small mug of tea?

Bravely I made another cup of tea.

Then I took a photographicalisation from the kitchen window. All looked so calm, no rain belting down, no high winds howling yet either.

Not a soul in sight, no moving vehicles, lovely and peaceful.

Got on with finishing yesterday’s diary and started this one off.

Did some blogging and commenting on WordPress. Took a while catching up.

Then onto Facebooking.

Graphic creation next, I made a start on the next TFZ series, but only got two completed and it was time for me to do the ablutions if I am to go out for a wander and window shop.

Wrapped up well and set off down to the bus stop (Oh, I do appreciate my free pensioner’s bus pass).

Another bit of a Whoopsiegangleplop here (I know, sad);

The bus was in, and I jumped on it (Well when I say jumped… hehe) it moved off immediately, and got out the crossword book and realised later, it was the City Centre Bus and not the Arnold bus I was travelling on.

“Nae bother!” I said to myself, hearing my old neighbour and best mate Jock Kirkpatric’s voice saying the same thing, and I revelled in the memories that flooded back to me of those days of life, love and laughter and fishing holidays, now long gone.

No morose memories and they did not get me feeling sorry for myself or unhappy, just so appreciative that I met and palled up with this older man from Stromness in the Orkneys, who became a gunner on the bombers in the second world war, and ended up as a part of my life as a next door neighbour and an example and guide to me, bringing so much to admire and respect.

I waffled a bit there, but that is how I felt at that time, proud to have known him. I anticipate when I go, he will have got a job at St Peter’s gate and will make sure I get through to join him if he can. Hehehe!

It dawned on me then as I looked around that I was on the wrong bus… Again! Stayed on and went to the City Centre and had an aimless wander around for a while, taking some photographs as I did.

2Tue08Not too many folks around today. Plenty of street artists, beggars, Big Issue Sellers and pavement cyclists, though.

I did a circular walk around the Slab Square, feeling amazingly calm in myself?

Making my way back to the start point, I called in the book shop and had a perusal, but they had nothing that drew my interest.

2Tue07Then had a nosey in Marks & Spencers food hall – and came out buying nothing!

Felt a bit chuffed with my new found resilience to spending.

Came down Long Row and foolishly strayed into the Primark store. Where an incident took place that took me back to the Security working days. (Full of memory prompting today was?) I went into the ladies section to get some 2Tue05photographs to use on the TFZer site graphic series. That was when I saw a family of Mum, Dad and four kids, Mam was shoving things into the pram of the youngest child and covering them up. This was in the fashion clothing section. For some stupid reason, I followed them.

As the Dad decided to join in and was putting an imitation fur something or other behind the kid, Mother spotted me watching… said something to Dad, they both gave me a stare for a few seconds, and I got out my mobile phone and pretended to use it as an RT.

After a few words, they got all the stuff hidden in the pram behind the child out and just dropped them on the floor in the aisle, then partly kicked them under some display racking.

They then calmly made their exit from the store, seemingly laughing with each other as they went through the doors?

Naughty people!

I went up to the Gents department to have a look to see if they had any of the ‘loose fitting’ cotton underpants on sale. They did, and I got two packs of three, to replace the ones I could not find in the flat. I was so sure I’d bought a bag of this type of undies from Asda a while ago, but don’t seem able to locate them. Nothing new there, mind, Tsk!

Back to the bus stop and didn’t have long to wait for the L9 bus, which whisked me back to the flat. Bill (William on Sundays) from the flats whom I sit with at the Tenants Social Hour got on. Later I moved and sat next to him for a gossip. He looked exhausted.

2Tue09Back at the flats, the wind was howling, the sun disappeared, and the rain just starting, missed it nicely, by the time I’d got in and up the lift and into the flat, it was belting down!

Got the oven on warming ready for me to cook the crisscrossed smokey bacon and vegetarian sausages to have with the flavoured tomatoes for my meal of the day.

As I was throwing away the empty can, I caught the finger end on the edge of the cut metal edge and got a cut down between the finger and nail. Don’t half bleed those types of cuts, Hehe!

For my next Whoopsiedangleplop: I put a Boon DVD into the slot on the TV, and it refused to play? It went to the opening screen with the option to play, but no response when I pressed the button to play, would move between options on the screen either? Unsure of the problem, I changed the batteries in the remote thingy. Still no joy. Turned off the set and rebooted, tried again, same frozen screen. Tried another DVD, same thing. I reckon I can safely say, the DVD drive thing is now Kaputt! Humph! 

Went onto the TV mode and the things worked as normal. But could I nod off as normal? No! Which is a good job, ’cause I smelt the bacon burning!

2Tue10I rescued the bacon and sausages and dished them up with some mushrooms in the new deep dish.

I thought this fodder looked like it was going to be great tasting.

It wasn’t!

The bacon was burnt on the outside and undercooked on the inside, the flavoured tomatoes tasted terrible (No idea what I put in wrong?). The bread had gotten dried and hard around the edges. The sausages were very nice, as was the Lemon Curd yoghourt.

In slightly lower mood now, I went to wash up the pots as they say. A farcical Whoopsiedangleplopped event if ever I’d had one!

  • Dropped and broke the blue mug…
  • Opened the cut in the finger when I caught it on the knife in the washing up bowl…
  • Banged my knee against the door handle on the cupboard under the sink and started Arthur Itis off, and he’s enjoying himself even now the following morning…
  • Finally the last in this series of Whoopsiedangleplops: Bent down to put the washing up liquid back in the under sink storage and hit my head on the sink!

2Tue09aThen, I spotted the bag with the underpants still inside.

So I thought I’d put the in the hanging fabric space saver thingy on the clothes rack.

This was when I found the Asda Loose Fitting cotton underpants I figured I’d lost before… What a Plonka!

I did notice, that the Asda ones were £10 for three and the Primark £4.50 for three?

Both claim to be Cotton Rich loose fit Boxers, but the Asda one being Jersey Cotton Rich loose fit Boxers?

At least, I should have enough Cotton Rich loose fit Boxers to see me out now!

Unless I lose them again? Hehe!

On and off, more off than on, I struggled to watch some TV programmes, five minutes here, ten minutes there.

Soon nodded off proper for a few hours…

Inchcock Today -Tuesday 7th March 2017



Tuesday 7th March 2017

Lithuanian: Antradienis kovas 7, 2017

I stirred in the second-hand £300 recliner chair around 0245hrs and thought of the dreams I’d been having, all I recalled was something about an interview in an office and my not knowing any of the answers to the questions demanding the same.This reminded me that I must search for the bank folder with the details and advice in it that I could not find last night. But first things first. 0300hrs: Out of the working shudderingly chair and to the porcelain room.

As I sat on the throne I had a period of febriculose. Although sore, Little Inchy had not been bleeding. Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding just a little, but nowt to worry about. Duodenal Daniel and Anne Gyna both felt a little less severe than yesterday, so things were not looking bad at all.

I decided to get the laundry done first this morning. Down to the laundry room and got the stuff in the washer. Back up and had a search for the bank package… not luck, and panic was setting in. Had I left it at Olive’s? Had I thrown it in the bin for some reason? Oh Heck!

2Tue001aSoon time to go down and move the washing into the dryer.Up to the flat and got the computer on, made a mug of tea and had breakfast.

Up to the flat and got the computer on, made a nice strong (Thompson’s tea bags) mug of tea and had breakfast.

Got started on the blog and the time soon shot by, so down to retrieve the clothes from the 2Tue03Laundry room. All done by 0505hrs. Into the bag. cleaned the filters and wiped surfaces.

Up and put the clothes away, and I had a deep search for the bank wallet thingy. Amazingly. I found it in the first place I looked! It was between the other wallets in a stack 2Tue04that I did not look in between. Huh, worra clot! But a bit happier clot now. Hehe!

I did the kitchen floor, swept and mopped it. For some reason or other, I used the old mop that was a bit bedraggled? No idea why.

Back on the computer, updated the Morrison Order.

Last night I tried one of the Polish Fasolka jars of bean, bacon and sausage stew in tomatoes. I added some balsamic vinegar, and it was very nice indeed, so I added some to the Morrison’s order for Wednesday delivery.


I’ve got a free 4-pack of Greek strawberry yoghourt coming as well? My first thought was that I could hand this in as a raffle prize at the Winwood Social Hour on Thursday. Then pondered on whether something else would stop me attending this week again? Will the bank manager ever call me like he said he was going to? Will the clinic change any appointments again?

2Tue08At least tomorrow, I only have three things arranged yet, according to my Google Calendar anyway.

I must not forget the dentist.

Finished off yesterday’s diary and got it posted off into the ether.

Started this one off.

Wonder if the bank manager will call me today? I got an email from their head office or whatever this morning, no, yesterday it was – Welcoming me to the bank? Yet still, I have no solution to the Proof of ID problem?

W3Did some WordPress reading.

Then onto Facebooking.

Then Graphicalisationing.

Got this one finished for the TFZers site.

Then set about starting the daily feast.

Today I opted for something a little unconventional.

2Tue09Mushroom Rissoto, a sliced apple, a small can of vegetarian sausage and baked beans to be followed with a pot of Lemon Curd yoghourt.

This decision was prompted partly by the lack of choice in the fridge, of fodder to choose from – induced by my having to stay in so as not to miss the call from the new prospective Bank Manager for two days, that still has not arrived.

However, it was delicious. I added a drop of soy sauce to the rissoto. Very tasty! Things will improve option-wise shortly in the food options area, I’ve got the Morrison delivery coming tomorrow morning, I hope, between 0630 > 0730hrs.

Must remember the 0900hr dentist visit, as well as the Clinic… oh and call at the bank too on Wednesday (Tomorrow). Luckily no cleaners, nurses (Enoxaparin injections), Susan Chiropodist or INR blood tests arranged on this day. 

Got changed and settled to watch some of the Dr Who DVD, then onto the TV… I don’t know why I bother mind, I’d kept drifting off and missed more that I watched. Nothing new there then. Hehe!

Early dreams that I made notes of that I found as I kept waking, but could not remember the dream or scribbling the notes? Not much of a clue. I’d written: Old dreams – Co-op, housing estate, delivery bike, ordering. That’s all. I assume with the word dream there, and that they were, actually notes about the dream, and not some sort of reminder of things for me to do? Sad innit?

Think I drifted off around midnight.

Inchcock Today: Monday 6th March 2017


Monday 5th March 2017

Mongolian: Даваа 5-р сарын 2017

0300hrs or there about’s, I woke and lay pondering on the odd even for me, dreams I’d just had. A mixture of jobs I’ve had over the years all mixed up together. The mine clearance in Wales accident, chasing after the girls at Tesco, getting lost in the warehouse, being shot on security assignment, Rempston College nightmares, being made redundant and when I fell into a grave when on duty at Carlton Cemetary.

I’m sure there was much more but these I could recognise and remembered. Then it felt like I had snuffed it and in a queue in an underground railway station with thousands of other people all fighting to be the ones to jump on the line when a train passed by? I even thought in the dream; “Why am doing this when I’ve already crocked-out?” I gave up trying to win and went into a public toilet that changed into a casino when I went through the door. Surprising, ’cause I do not gamble or even like gambling, but the bank manager, Olive and cyber buddy Lynton Cox were all there of the roulette table and they got me making sandwiches and cups of tea and coffee for them… unsure what took place for a while then. But I found myself back on a wooden boat on the canal with it leaking and the fast flowing water, bubbling again… really oddly, I felt comforted and at home here having dreamt so often of similar scenarios over the years? Hey-ho!

Not until after I had made some notes on my pad to use to write this later, did I start to fret and worry about the bank situation, Duodenal Daniel and Anne Gyna were giving me the odd, uncomfortable moment again this morning.

Around 0400hrs, the £300 second-hand recliner worked perfectly to allow me out and to the wetroom to tend to the porcelain duties and have a good shave and shower. Little Inchy was not bleeding. But was damned sore for some reason. Haemorrhoid Harold leaked a little.

1mon03I had a great scrub up in the shower.

Did the first health checks, all looked okay to me?

Then made a nice strong mug of tea and had my breakfast.

Got WordPress going, and realised that I had lost the Premium Service. Contacted their helpline. Felt a right fool again, it was the


Grammarly, not WordPress. Is it time I was serviced and MOT’d? Or refurbished, or just put out to stud? Hehe!

Sent an email pleading for help with the Stones & Pounds format in the Health Checks page in Excel, to Tim Price. I’m not sure if I’m getting accurate readings for the weight averages using the form I am doing with only one decimal place?


I wonder which imbroglio I’ll get jargogled with next? Humph! It’s a good job I don’t suffer from Kakorrhaphiophobia innit.

drmaybeThen I did some diary work on these WordPress journals? Onto Facebook afterwards, still trying to keep busy and not have time to dwell on the problems.

Finalised the latest TFZer graphicalisation. Quite proud of this effort, I must say.

Waited from 0700hrs to 1315hrs for the call from the Bank Manager, no luck yet?

Did some more word finding storing them on Word in the Drop-Box. f

Going to call on Olive in a while, to ask her for some advice, because I have received an email from the TSB, welcoming me to the bank?f

Yet they told Olive Friday that they would phone me today in respect of the ID problem with the Council Tax?


This is what they said.

I’m really frustrated, more confused and depressed again now, Grumph!

Then I looked for the Introductory Pack I got from the bank last week and couldn’t find it!

Morose, I got the meal and settled down to stew away in deep pointless, lugubrious and pessimistic ponderings on life. Will I ever get my eunoia and or confidence back?