Inchy: Fri 22 Sept 2023, Lymphorrhea Lesion Leslie leaks a lake! And some Old Odes Galore!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
But the new spectacles are not up to scratch – Mind you, I have already scratched the lens on them. Cognitive Impairment Iris, the water geyser on the right leg has had to be bandaged… by me, what a mess I made of it. Little Inchie is giving nearly as much pain as Back-Pain-Brenda is! Plus, Concentration Konrad is along with all of these, making it hard work! Can’t hear very well either. Humph!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Such a bad day for me. Worst in a long time. Confused, even more forgetful. Back-Pain-Brenda, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, Little Inchie bleeding, as were indeed poor Harold’s Haemorrhoids and the teeth. Then as I was about to get my head down in the early hours of this morning (Saturday), one of the right lymphatic leg leakage gysers burst open! Anyway, I must at least try to keep to at least an imitation of the events’ chronological order. (Which it is already tp late to do, innit?) But the chances of that are best minimal –  in fact, I can guarantee they and the grammar will leave you as confused as I am! Tons of things have been missed off this record. Due to my impressively effective habit of losing things – like the notepad I wrote all my notes on… the hearing aids, which I got out to show Kara two days ago, and have not got the foggiest where I put them! Oh, and the new reading glasses have absconded as well. I’m not sure whether to blame Dementia Doreen or Cognitive Impairment Iris. Maybe the constant pain I’m in is sending me a smidge more doolally than it normally does?

Great colour in the nocturnal catheter night bag.

Ten hours later, with little in the way of memory, and realising the notebook had done a runner. Liberty-Global Virgin Media had gone down at least…

Back-Pain-Brenda had forced me to take extra forbidden by the District Nurse, painkillers. Then, poor Little Inchie started bleeding as I bent down to retrieve biscuit barrel, and hit my head on the edge of the cabinet. The left Cataract eye, felt like it had glass in it, and assisted Confusion Conrad in making this a terrible day for me.

Off to the Porcelain Throne…
This procedure was repeated five or six times over the day. With the same result! Zilch!

The toes remain in a two-tone shade.

Sorted the evening bags out.

I do recall Carer Chis coming n the last call of the day.
He cheered me up a smidgeon. I took his photo as he was preparing to give me the Maxitrol Eye Drops. Note how he keeps the light bulb covered as he puts them in for me?
Feeling a little perked up now, I took his Bloof Pressure etc. and put it in the NHS thingamajig. After the lad had gone, I inputted it, with excellent results coming back. Insisted he takes a drinkie & nibbles in thanks for his kindness.

Got the Wednesday blog finished at long last, and posted it of just before midnight. Realising as I did, that the potatoes on the crockpot had been cooking now for about 18 hours!
I went to investigate the condition of them… Haha! They were fine! Just right, but they had been in a low-heat setting.
I put the cheese & onion pasty in the microwave and went to attempt a wet room evacuation on the ? Porcelain Throne…
No, nothing moved. I might have my stomach blow up if I don’t get a clearout before long.

Got the meal served up, and washed the pots & pans. Nothing exciting I know, but I enjoyed it all the same. So tired out now, still with pains and aches, especially so with Back-Pain-Brenda and Little Inchies sufferings. Flavour-Rating: 7.6/10!

As I was just putting the dish and cutlery in the bowl of water to wash them… slipped and I nearly went over, clouted my knuckles on the corner of the sink, and at the same time felt wet dripping on my right foot. My immediate thought was that the retaining clip on the catheter must have opened… Then it dawned on me, the was now on my left leg?
Oh, ‘ecky thump!.
One of the Lymphorrhea Leslie water geysers had burst open, and the fluid coming out was spreading from between my toes, all over the kitchenette floor. That’s why the stick slipped I think? No panic, though! Oh, no… just the most humungous pissed-off session of my life! Which turned into a self-pitying bout of depression at my rotten, ever-worsening state of health medically and mentally.
I was so looking forward to getting some sleep after being up for so long and suffering a horrendous day… well, much more than 24 hours. Now, I struggle to find the tapes, bandages and pads, which I have never applied on my own before. I found the equipment quickly, as the flow of Lymph fluid dwindled to just a slow seeping-out stage.

Let’s face it, there couldn’t be much left in my body to come out after the imitation Niagra Falls event! Hehehe!  It felt like I was wading through water as I got into the other room with the assorted medical stuff.
Uncertain about how to go with applying the coverings, I pressed on and hoped for the best. (Hoped for the best? Me? Hehehe!) I seem to recall several worries at this stage. This is not unusual as Tom Jones sang. I’ve to clean the mess up in the kitchen yet. What if I can’t stop the flow?
I recognised now what the bits of white on the kitchen floor were; I think they were skin.
Dizzy Dennis & Back-Pain-Brenda visited me, due to my breaking my strict instructions for the Falls Lady Sarah. As KI had no choice but to bend down to reach the lesion. It felt okay, and I was sure the flow had stopped within minutes of putting on my Heath Robinson medications.
Then noticed a new bruise on my other leg. Due mayhap, to my banging it on the cabinet as I stopped myself tumbling?

The agony never stops for muggings here. By the time I’d cleaned up the kitchen floor and mess, I found myself apologising to Back-Pain-Brenda… as if that was going to stop her hurting? Tsk!.
Inchy’s Ode to Getting Old

A picture I’d taken and forgot to put on earlier,
Today has been worthy of a two-finger gesture!

The hurt, confusion, and mental conjecture,
I miss nattering, a good blathering or clishmaclaver,
Old age brings ills, lurgies and conjecture…
Fears, and worries, one can’t disencumber.
I used to ruminate, contemplate, consider,
My brain’s now an expert at ecdemomania,
I was considered a flibbertigibbeter,
I often wonder over life, whysoever?
Philosophy is hard when one’s not clever,
Although, I used to be a willing forgiver…
Oh, forgive me, I’m starting to yatter…
Although, does this really matter?
I’m also known as a prognosticator,
An empath, clairvoyant, or prophesier,
Closer to the grave, I’m more of a toeier,
Now the brains getting slower, foggier…
Just to think, I was a half-decent squash player,
Ageing, deciding, opting? No, I’m now a procrastinator…
With physical and mental pains… it’s a bugger!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



INCHIE: Saturday 29th July 2023 – Sleep Deprivation

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The eyes are worse than ever today! Photographicalising brought about many being too bad to use. Yet they looked alright to me on the Kodak screen when I checked them?
The first effort after waking proves the point.
No idea what it was of, or even if I meant to take it?
I took it whilst forcing myself awake in the aged, grotty-looking c1966 made, charity-shop-bought, horribly beige-coloured, £300, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, acne-giving, virus-breeding, rickety, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner.
Not a good colour this morning.

Again, I’m not sure of the reason for taking this one.

Ah, I remember this one. Yesterday Carer Chris brought the laundry back up for me, but it was almost wet still. He kindly took it down again and brought it back today – all good! I arranged it over the falling-to-pieces computer chair, and this helped to ease the sitting pains donated by poor old . Getting low on the Germoloid cream now. It was earlier in the year selling for £5.99, yesterday it was on sale at £6.99… and at a Special price!

The newly rebatteried wristwatch was still going strong.

Afternoon clouds…
A Pareidolia’s Delight. Ghost creatures, animals’ claws and heads, a flying bat?
Not sure if the one above is, with the eyes being so bad, but it looked to me like a creature being born?
A ghost attack?
So many things in this one!

At long last, I got a nosh made.
A giant potato cooked in the oven. sliced open, and
A dollop of the non-butter butter melted into the flesh.
With some liquid sea salt.
Flavour Rating: 9/10!

Evening Sunset
A close-up.

Here are the used before old Odes, which I thought you might like to see again. Of course, some will not fall into that category. Hehe!


Inchies WP Daily Prompt 2001 Reply

①: Waking up in the morning.
I also lose what day it is, who I am, and sometimes the Month and Year. Where I am at times.


③: Falling asleep at the Doctor’s, clinic or hospital.

④: When I have a monster depression.

⑤: Making love to any of my hareem of 26
gorgeous nubile young wives…



If you don’t mind, I’ll mention two that I can remember that I suffered this year.
Coming out of the Diabetes Course meeting, near Bulwell.
I remember thinking I’m well early to catch the Easy-Lift back to the prison… I mean flats and decided to go into Bulwell and feed the ducks & pigeons on the River Leen… Mind-Blank!
I came around and found myself in the Poundland Shop, wondering how the hell I got there. It’s a good ten-minute walk from the Health Centre? I had a bag of birdseed on the trolley; Somehow, I’d walked all that way, crossed a busy road, and got into the shop. It was like suddenly waking up. I mention this to the Dementia Nurse later. She listened to me telling her intently and changed the subject?

The other one I can recall went like this. I got on a bus to go up to Mapperley Top. I came out of the blank as I was getting off the bus about three miles beyond the stop I needed?
I mentioned both incidents the next time I saw Doctor Vindla at her surgery. No response at all… other than am Huhuh! Then she asked if I was doing better with the new catheter?
These did happen! I’m certain of it. But it seemed that the medics may have put it down to Doreen’s Dementia and/or Cognitive Impairment Iris. I’ve had a few since then, but don’t think I should mention them again, due to the uninterested negative responses I got then.

TTFNski, Each!

INCHIE: Thursday 22nd June 2023 – Things looking up, I’m worried!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Well, where do I start again?
New problems, Whoopsiedangleplops, Cock-ups or Accifauxpas every single day! And 90% of the current batch, has not been sorted or rectified yet! Int life good? I’ll not mention the Acci-Whoopsie yet, but I’ve just taken a photo of the resultant injuries, which I’ll display here further down. Cause knowing my luck, there will be more to follow yet… Hehehe!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I stirred into imitation life again. And, me thinking it was early yet, for some reason I had it in my mind after looking at the wall clock… well, what used to be a wall clock, it fell off and I can’t reach to put it back on the wall, so it rests next to the Margaret Thatcher squeaky toy above the electric fire… that I cannot or dare not put on with the prices of electricity… Where was I? Oh, yes…
night bag was removed from the Catheter contraption. Not a lot, but a decent colour. Naturally, the bending and pulling immediately inspired to offer forth her usual doses of pain-giving.
Thinking it was only about 05:00hrs, I decided to get the ablutions done, but no showering; the noise would disturb the neighbours. So a stand-up at the sink, the one with the cold water tap (Faucet) not working, would suffice this morning.
I soon discovered I’d now had neck pains from yesterday’s tumble.
I cleaned the few teeth I have left, and during doing this, it dawned on me that yesterday I could not find the toothbrush – it was straight in front of me on the cold-waterless sink!
A body wash ensued. But not the feet, I can’t get at them, so will put them in a bowl of soapy water later.
I started to shave… and the ? Hello, I thought, who’s this so early? It was Carer Richard’s voice I heard. I had to finish u;p early cause I didn’t want to keep him waiting; he’s going home after his long shift when I’m sorted. I ran the razors over the top of my head, retrieving them from the back neck area…
THE BLOOD FLOWED… down onto my cheeks, face, into the earholes and then the protruding mould of my belly onto the floor!.
I wiped the cuts with some paper towels, fumbled about getting the PPs on, and finally, a dressing gown. I left the mess to sort out later, I’ve got to go back to do the medicationalisationing yet. Dolloped much Brut aftershave to stop the bleeding nicks.
I apologised to Richard for keeping him waiting; he was putting the first eye drops in seconds. Then did the medication during the five-minute wait, before giving me the second Optha eye drops. I did the three-minute finger poke in the eye near the nose, and off the tired-looking lad went. Thanked
Back to the wet room. Olive oiled the ears, and Germolened the head; the bleeding had stopped. Germolened the grossly wobbly belly. Then I Phorpained the
knees. Cleaned the blood up from the varying surfaces. Then took an extra single painkiller, as and the neck were both a little severe, pain-wise.
Then I went back into the wet room again, for my activities. A smidgeon concerned about how this would go, with my not passing anything yesterday
In two words… ‘GOOEY – MESSY!’ Oh, and with an orange tint to the torpedoes! Incidentally, Richard arrived at, I think it was 07:40hrs. So my chronolgicalness was well out of sync. again.
I made a brew of Glengettie tea with the regulation four little cookies. I think the taste buds are coming back online… not like Liberty-Global’s Virgin Media when I tried to open it..

Olibarchally inept Virgin Media owners, financial-gain at any cost merchants of money, Liberty-Global Struck again!
So, I went onto CorelDraw and Excel to make some graphs.

Got back on the net, and Carer Kara arrived. She did the deeds, had a laugh, and checked on the wounds on my head; bless her. ♥ She doctored the wounds on my head from the bloody shaving . Thanks Kara!

I got back to the internet… I don’t think that Liberty-Global’s horrible $26 million-a-year salaried Oligarch, Mr Fries, is even aware of how pathetic Virgin has become! I’ll put it another way; He’s obviously not bothered in the slightest! He’ll be blithely unconcerned about customers, or the incompetency of any of the dozens of other internet companies that Liberty-Global have either bought out or got a share it, part-ownership. If anyone does leave Virgin, and many would love to, myself included – but the only other options, SS, Vodaphone, ‘3’, BT, GiffGaff etc., to go to, are controlled or partly so by dodgy data analytics manipulators Liberty-Global! Jealous? Me? Yep! Hehehe!

Oberstgrüppenfuhreress, Warden and Primo Ballerina, Deana, and
Oberstürmbannfuhreress, Desk Top Dance Julie cameth in.
To tell me they had rung the NCH maintenance to inform them of my problems of having no water in the wet room tap, or water tank. They anticipate I may get a call from maintenance about a call date. Bless ’em both! ♥ The photo above is from some years ago, but they look just the same today!

Yet again!
Can you believe it?!
This typically says a lot, but never they do it, or the damage they inflict on old men… coffin waiters, in the UK, particularly in Sherwood, Nottingham, en route to the greedy, profit-at-any-cost, smoke & mirrors, oligarchical cha

I caught my nut on the side of the kitchenette sink while washing the tea mug.
Knocked on the blood papules and paid the price. Had to use a lot of the Brut aftershave to stop it bleeding. I just laughed the incident off, as I always do…

This wonderful cloud formation soon gave way to misty high clouds – and you know what that tells you! Well, I hope you do and can tell me, please. Haha!

The mudslide was considerably less today.
Aha, The landline telephone ringeth and flashes. I’ll answer it then.

Twas ILC (Independent Living Coordinator), Oberstgrüppenfuhreress, Warden and Primo Ballerina Deana. To inform me that a Nottingham City Homes Maintenance plumber will be calling tomorrow… to look at problems with the WC.

The eyesight is getting worse again. It does that in the late afternoons, getting worse as the night arrives.
I shall go forth and make summat to eat. I may, possibly, mayhap I’ll be back!

I’m back, tomorrow morning, well, afternoon. (It was a busy, busy morning). I took a photo of the end car park; the mudslide well reduced now, even though the rain was falling.
I’m not sure if I intended to take this photograph, or if it was another accidental exposure. I’m known for my accidental exposures, you know. Hehehe!

I got the meal served up. Roasted mini potato chunks, tomatoes, pretend bacon, and the rather misleading – but then again, I am misled easier nowadays as I prepare for the man with the scythe.
Damned expensive for what sparse bread it contained. But they were, after cooling, rather nice! In fact, the entire meal was for once.
Yesterday when eating, I thought the taste buds were getting more responsive.
Tonight, they were back to form.
A delicious mini-feast.
Taste rating: 8.6/10.

Late Carer Chris arrived, the moment I drifted off into slumberland. Thoughtfully left me in the aged, grotty-looking c1966 made, charity-shop-bought, horribly beige-coloured, £300, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, acne-giving, virus-breeding, rickety, easy-to-fall-out-of recline, while he performed the two eye drops and medications for me. Night pouch was attached to .

Before he left, he saw me looking at the Sunsetting and cursing that I could not get up to take photos of it. He kindly grabbed the camera and took these shots for me and the blog. I thanked home, and off he went.

But could I get back to sleep? Nope! No thought storms, though; it was a cracking headache from the head wounds, and that was the reason. Humph!


Inchie: Wednesday 14th June 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Not the worst of days, by a long chalk,
Although the stubbed made me squark,
Stuttering Stephanie, it was hard to talk,
I couldn’t get out for a walk…
Food delivery, but no borscht!
Had sausage late, vegan, not pork,
Got nothing done, and a cold I caught…
More groceries I very nearly bought…
Carer Kara stopped me; she’s a good sort,
As is Carer Richard, I have to report…
He returned my laundry; nothing short!

05:25hrs: The awakening: As I waited for the brain to kick-start, I fumbled about painfully; bending does me no good nowadays, attempting to get the night pouch off of . It took a while. Then it was off to the . Why I can’t understand but the water tank, after the ultra-messy evacuation, did nothing when ~I pressed the handle. It was empty? So, I used the buckets of water I’d left handy, filled it, and flushed it. Then I had to fetch buckets of water to refill it, and then even more in readiness for the next visit. was not happy about this. I must remember to thank Nottingham City Homes maintenance for the 15 weeks of agony I’ve waited for it to be repaired and the physical agony I’ve gone through. Oh, and of course, oligarch Fries and Liberty-Global Virgin Media for the mental agony it serves up every single day with outages. I’m fed up with recording them, but I assure you today I’ve had 14 of them, albeit short ones, but enough for me to lose work that could not be saved and have to repeat them. No wonder it is now 23:55hrs, and I am only just starting on this blog.
I’d like to ask them if they can help me… Haha!

I made the one mug of tea now allowed, and a text message came in. It was from Asda, and my delivery is on its way; We’ve had to make changes… one day; if I live long enough, and the country doesn’t go bankrupt, or a revolution takes place, I hope to get a delivery with nothing missing from Asda. Or Iceland, or Morrisons even.

I washed the containers and refilled them with biscuits and marshmallows.
Then realised I’d let the tea go cold. Not that I could have got it, cause the food arrived.
As I was about to put the things away, the Carer arrived; it was Kara. She listened to me telling her about the new eye drops and, got the medications served up, attached a new day pouch onto . Then put the eye drops in for me. She was in a rush but took the waste bag with her, bless her. Oh, she told me the Doctor had called her, and I am to continue taking the Finasteride tablets. She looks after me, & keeps me informed. ♥ But she still won’t adopt me as a grandfather. Hehehe!
I got on with storing the foodstuffs away. The chocolate biscuits with Galaxy chocolate on them were on offer again; they had gone up to £2.25 but were on sale at £1.59. This is half my first week’s wages when I started work in 1806, Hehe! 1960 it was, I think.
Opened a can of peas, and had to take the welt growths off of the small potatoes, and put them in the slow cooker. This was 13hrs ago, and they are still in there. It’s Busy here!
Domestic Denise arrived and moved some stuff into boxes into the spare room. Moped the wetroom, and then had a go at the kitchenette
I sneaked a photo of her moping the floor, but it didn’t come out well now the sunshine was blasting in through the window.

I dished the cold mug of tea and made another one. Very nice too. I don’t know how I’ve been so resilient in resisting drinking more… Ah, I might! It could be the bladder problem and having to drink three litres as a minimum of water every day. I had a few biscuits dunked and eaten.
By the belated time that I got onto the computer for the blog, within an hour oligarch Herr Fries, Liberty-Global Virgin Media had been down four times!
A record even for them. Mr Fries strikes again!

The urine began to flow proliferously. The fullest that this bag has ever been, and the best, healthiest-bladder rating too on the NHS grading card! Well pleased with this!
The landline flashed and came to life. It was the EENT department from the Queens Medical Centre. The lady explained that the agreed decision taken yesterday to post the new eye drops to me had been cancelled. The Doctor thought the need to use them urgently, and they are sending them by NHS transport to the flat. That’s kind!
They should be delivered tomorrow morning sometime. I thanked her, and as I stood to put the handset down, I gave myself the aforementioned . Getting down to stop the bleeding from the nail, three of my loveable ailments kicked off, , , and
. Then when I started sneezing and wheezing, the darned ankle ulcers and legs started jetting water out! For a few moments, the right ankle ulcer was bleeding, but that turned to water.
To say how much blood then, water escaped. They both stopped and dried up within a couple of minutes. What the heck was that for and about?

I did think the right ulcer was going to set off again half an hour later. I grabbed a tissue, and just this drop of liquid came out and no more?
Such are the mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the ghosts, wraiths, spectres, cacodaemons, apparitions, and other grotesqueries that haunt the hallways and lobbies, searching for Inchie to curse with bad luck, create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare, worry and confuse me! problems, . also. Nicolas Neurotransmitters, , and are ever-present too. There are others, of course! etc.

Took this shot from the kitchenette window when the evening Carer called. Medications and eye drops were issued. Had a little chin-wag of sorts. I forgot to mention the night bag.
Blow me, 10 minutes later Carer Richard arrived. He’s bought the laundry up for me as well.
He offered to put the night pouch on, IK thanked him but said that I’d put it on. As I am likely to be on the computer until the early hours of the morning, computering catching up on the blog that keeps going down, and the meal had been waiting for hours and hours will need serving up. Cooking while carrying a bag of urine on a long tube can be dangerous, I’ll see to it. 
Then I got back on the ever-going down internet.

At long last I go around to get myself a meal at around 02:40hrs.
I took this photo
As I was getting the meal ready. Gone 02:49 hours now!

Nipped back to find that was back online, and caught up as far as the item above. Saved things, then turned it all off.

Then back to serve up the nosh.
And very nice it was too!
Flavour rating; 8.6/10.

I’m about due a decent day…
That’s all I can say!


Inchie: Wednesday 24th May: Brain-Scan Results Today!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I stirred back into imitation life around 05:30hrs. I pondered for a moment to two, as to how and why I was hanging halfway out of the £300, bought eight years ago from the second-hand shop, Harold Haemorrhoid testing, repugnantly beige-coloured, crumb containing, virus-breeding, acne-giving, rickety, none-working recliner. I couldn’t work it out, though.
I rearranged the limbs back into a safe position, then detached the night bag from .

Not a lot (As Paul Daniels used to say), of urine in the there. And it was a bit too dark-coloured, compared to the usual morning shade. A lot of itching from the area where tube was inserted. I had to resist scratching things. Not easy, and I weakened to the urge, and things started bleeding a smidge. Not that it bothered me at all.

I titivated day bag. So it was not pulling so much on Little Inchie.
I assume I’d been dreaming and moving about, and that is what caused the bleeding?
Cleaned things, medicated them with plain cream, and the need of the developed, off to the wet room.

I think that both and must have been in the midst of a battle for superiority this morning?
The first effort took a good while and lot of effort – which was followed by a long dollop of Trotsky’s mush. Can’t recall having this happen before.
I put some of the new Terbinafine creamed under each red armpit. It stopped the irritation almost immediately!

To the kitchen to make the first brew of tea.
Took this shot of the end car park from the balcony.
But, I didn’t make the Glengettie tea.
For arrived as I was washing the pots from last night. I was a little disoriented for some reason. Likely the concern of visiting the and doing three things at the same time, then having to concentrate on the medications. pointed out that the day bag had to be changed today, and set about doing so. He did a good job, too; thanks, mate.
I took this photo after he’d gone. Nice work! He also graded the urine from the earlier photo as a 6-rating, for the record log. Now the day built-up is looking like a three.
Back to the blogging, but most of what happened after I stopped doing it last night, had gone off into the ether. As did several of the photos I took, the meal, a  view and ingrowing toenail were all pictured… I’m sure they were, but not on the SD card again! It has to be doing something wrong.

Pressed on and got the shorter-than-planned blog off to WordPress. Made a start on this one.

brought the laundry back for me. Then I got as far as I could with this and got the started. Going to be a hard job this morning, with having to get dressed. Getting the PPs, and trousers on, is painful & dangerous work. Hehe!
Must get it done early, to give myself time to sort the paperwork and make sure I am aware of the details, timings etc.
Off to the wet room at 11:00hrs. See how long it takes this time…

12:55hrs. Under the regulation of two hours… by five minutes. This was when I was in the shower, arrived, a stiff knocking on the wet room door informed me. Hehe!
So, I had to cut it short and rush through the various ‘delicate’ areas of medicationalisationing. gave me the Peptac, and checked the catheter bag. Saying that had done a good job of it…

Got things ready for the lift. And got down with the thee-wheeled-walker to the main lobby. The driver was just arriving, bless him. I could have taken some photos with Kodak en route… but forgot all about having it in my pocket till I got home… (Spit!) I paid up my debts first thing.
The driver walked me to the entrance, making sure I was inside.
I registered and sat waiting to be called. I wish I’d offered him a drink now, but didn’t think. (Stock in the trolley taken with me)
The nurse woke me up, and for some unknown reason to me, en route, I walked into an office, thinking that was where we were going?

Then as we continued down the passage, there was an almighty burst from my rear end!.
As I was apologising, the bottom strap on , fell down on my ankle… and: acci-whoop: It pulled on the inserted tube, resulting in Inchies .
The nurse took me to a toilet and stood guard as I cleaned things up and emptied the pouch. I tried again to evacuate the rear end: But, no! wasn’t having it, despite the hurricane blast of wind, involuntarily released! Humph! I was feeling embarrassed now.

A student was in the room when we finally got there. I said no bother when the nurse asked if that was okay.
She gave me the results of the brain test. I thought the other lady said there will be three evenly-spaced brain tests so they could see any changes? I got that wrong again as well.

They think it is now M.C.I. I looked it up later as I can’t read the printing of the booklet given to me:

What is the MCI stage of dementia? (Mild cognitive impairment [MCI] and it is not mild in my mind at all!) the stage between the expected decline in memory and thinking that happens with age and the more serious decline of dementia. MCI may include problems with memory, language or judgement. People with MCI may be aware that their memory or mental function has “slipped.” Monitoring is essential. And help is available.

M.S.I. or not, she’ll always be Doreen Dementia to me! Hehe!
Back to the tale…

After the rather pointless appointment, the very kind lady led me back to the toilet again… Why? The had suddenly filled up – she stood guard again for me.
Then into the waiting room. I had about an hour to wait for the lift to arrive, and no ability to kill time with the crosswords.
The driver woke me up, with an “Oy! I’m ready!” Don’t think he said more than a few words all the way back to the flats. I offered him a choice of cans, and he cheered up as he left me.

New INR dosages received. The same as last time. (I think I forgot to mention this earlier.

Got in the flat’s lobby, rang Josie’s bell to see how she was, and gave her a can of G&T… no, it wasn’t; it was a Mojito, I think.

Got in the flat, and the trousers off as soon as I could – Oh, the relief!

Moved the pouch back up to the knee.
Onto the to try once again to have an evacuation. No joy!
The computer on, and progressed with this update.

arrived. Put some Phorpain Gel on my back for me, and medications were given. Little natter and laugh.

Stopped to get the nosh done. Having the herb potatoes tonight.
Back in the morning (2030hrs now). Hope to stay awake to watch the Clint Eastwood movie, Sudden Impact. But no! As I was finishing the meal (No photo, cause in the morning I accidentally deleted it from the Kodak-Arrgh!).


A damned busy morning: Didn’t get around to this update until nearly ten o’clock!
By the time the Carer had sorted me out with medications and got the night pouch on, the meal was cold. Threw most of it away. Unfortunately, with the hospital visit, it took me a while to get the nosh prepared. Can’t be helped, and I never thought about it, nor did Oh, No! Nor did… a possible I.D. for the new gal… any suggestions would be appreciated… M.C.I. – Miranda Charlotte Irene? No, too long… Ah, what about MIChaela? or Mind-Mugging-Micheala-?

The day had been confusing, busy (for me), frustrating, humiliating and cringe-making. Just thought I’d mention it.

May Merriments Mix with your Machinations!

Inchie: Monday 1st May 2023

– – – – Or is that 1.84bn? – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -.

Another ‘in and out of it’ day.
However, far fewer ‘Out-of-its’ than ‘Almost with it’ moments.
Genuine ‘With-It’ events you can count on one hand.
I still managed to get so far behind with everything.
Make multiple errors & mistakes.
Not a bad day, really, for me!
No, that might be stretching the point!
Sorry about the delightful moments of my Pareidoliaing.
I found a feast of figures in the clouds at various
times during the day & night. ..
A weakness of mine, as you know!

Up at 04:30hrs; Throne and ablutions were tended to.

Care Richard arrived. Nice to see him. He got the prescription medications issued and evaluated. Managed a mini-natter.

Healthier-looking pins today?

Only three visits to the challenging today.
was not so bothersome, but… the
were back again. Humph!

No work was done on my unknown neighbour’s house today.
Fair enough; it is Bank Holiday!

Got some fresh veg cooking, and am going to add them to a can of cheap vegetable soup. My designs were to have this at around 13:00hrs. But as per, they didn’t work out. I got the meal at 22.45hrs.
Better late than never!

A few Pareidoliaing moments were enjoyed, as the sky with its fast-moving clouds turned a smidgen blur… Two eyes, or marbles at the bottom of the first effort, above.
Higher in the sky shot. An explosion taking place?
A Pareidoliaing success here. (Above)
It looked to me as if a keyhole had been cut through the clouds as if they were made of snow? I can see a head in there, as well.

The fresh and canned vegetables were merged in the saucepan and flavoured a little… Then got forgotten about for a good few hours!

Later on, the skies began to lose their blue tinge a little.
I can see two whales kissing each other?
And a swan taking to flight?

Ten minutes later, the sun started to descend.
Looks like a Red-Dwarf craft in there?.

Would you believe it – , , , barely believable…

Late afternoon.
Down comes the sun.
Pareidoliaing: I see an animal’s head
with its jaws open in the clouds? Mayhap
chasing the small clouds on the right?.
A mane on the animal’s head?.

Back onto the computer…
Would you believe it – , , , barely believable…

The handsome-looking mirrors & Smoke boss Man Fries, paid with Liberty-Global’s $ 24 billion to buy Virgin Media, doesn’t seem to be interested in this constant failure? Yet manages to afford flashy untrue, advertisements on the TV, of how great, and reliable… (Sorry, I had to stop for a laugh there!) Virgin Media is.
Mind you, my experiences with BT a few years ago, were almost as bad as Liberty-Global-Virgin Media.


I was taking out the potatoes from the oven to add to the soup.
I thought about other people with neurotic problems, and wondered how they coped when the shakes, shudders or topples happen?
At least with my having this as one of my ailments, there are times, like this incident, when can be a semi-blessing. As I tore the finger from the oven door, there was no pain whatsoever. Of course, as ‘s habit, when the nerve ends finally get the message to the brain to tell it that It’s in pain… it could be seconds or hours later, the belated agony can catch you out.
Come think of it, it did today. I was washing out a spring water bottle, when the message got through to my brain, and dropped the flipping thing. Hey-Ho!

The sunset, such as it was, was not photographed very well…

A wide shot first.
Couldn’t get it right, as it looked to me.
A close-up shot.
Couldn’t get it right, as it looked to me..
After the sun had descended.
I got it betterer, as it looked to me.

The Meal Was Served

Not a very pretty-looking meal at all!
But, it went down nicely!
I’m going to try another like this tomorrow.
The Carer called as I was scoffing at it.
I soon finished it off. Taste-Rating: 8.3/10!
Medications taken. A little chin-wag was enjoyed
The gal is off to Skeggie with her boyfriend tomorrow.
Hope she enjoys it.

Then, although so late, I decided to make a start on this blog.
Else it’s going to take too long in the morning if I don’t make a start.
This was the case; when I opened the Internet…

Would you believe it – , , , barely believable…

Their Trustpilot Rating is no surprise!
This made me check on BT…
Blimey, an alternative load of crap!

Things could be worse I may have caught pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis!

Inchie Saturday 6th May 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
06:15hrs: I leapt from the £300, second-hand shop bought nine years ago, c1966, discomfiting, alarmingly beige-coloured, crumb-containing, TV remote hiding, not working recliner. Threw off the catheter night bag and did 100-press-ups. Then 300 toe touches while I yodelled loudly.
A bit of shadowboxing and some torso turning. A couple of minutes of weightlifting… Then woke up for real
and prevented me from moving for a while. I grabbed the Pain Gel tube, and somehow managed to get up on my feet without tripping over the tubing, and lathered on where I could reach o the back, then took an extra Codeine Phosphate painkiller. It didn’t do much good.
Removed the night pouch, and I sat down again.
Boy was EQ right with his warning of ‘Pain to Come’ last afternoon.
The agony was too weak a word to describe it.

Struggled to get the thick slippers on.

Emptied the night bag, wrapped it and binned it in the appropriate bag.

Made a brew and waste bags up to the door.
Did the BP test while waiting for the kettle.
Then got the computer on.
After five minutes…

More followed! Tsk!

While the Internet was down, I tried to read the letter from Nuthall Hospital. But it was hard work with the spyglass. I asked a Carer to assist to make sure I got the time & date right. Put it on the calendar.

The Internet was back on again. Got on with updating yesterday’s not even started yet, blog. But…

While waiting for the Liberty-Global owned, Virgin Media to start again, I realised that it must be the demand on the system my Royalists wanted to see the Coronation? Or would that be right? Would it affect things?
I titivated the Carers stable a bit – and sod-it, & were joined by all increased their agonies inflicted on me. I know full well that I should not take Ipobrufen, but the Paracetamols are not doing anything to ease the pain at all, so I took one. 

I must call and ask the Doctor if anything else is available. The sheer consistency of the three of them is grinding me down today. They are detritioning my resistance. I bet that EQ is reading this smugly after yesterday’s warning from him?

The Landline Flashed!
It was someone from DHL.
DHLHe informed me that they had been given the wrong area code, which is why the parcel was not delivered yesterday. I confirmed it with him. It will be arriving later today. After ringing off, I wondered how the food had been stored, cause there are some fresh foods ordered? Later a driver called me, couldn’t understand much of what he was saying, but gathered he needed instructions to the flats, Did my best.

Carer Rhamat, or was it? I think that was her name. To think, a year ago, I was almost proud of my memory of names. Not anymore!
While she was here, the DHL man arrived. Rahmat took the box from him and put it in the hallway for me. I said my farewells and forgot all about the box… the box I nearly tripped over and still didn’t empty it!

A vastness of a Memory-Blank came over me. A few hours later, I remembered the box in the hallway!
Set about sorting it out.
Got it opened and the things sorted…
This should see me through without an order next week.
Goulash etc., fit for a king!
But not Charles 3rd, me! Hehehe!.
There had been ice packs in the box. But with them coming a day late, they were now just bags of water. Got some meat for Sister Jane as a treat.

Back onto blogging…

Carer Jo-Anne arrived, and I showed her whatever material it was that was in the box. We laughed as I said I could use it as a head scarf, and wrapped it around my head. She did laugh raucously (is that the right word?), and she took some photos of me. Hahaha!
This one she took with my camera.
We couldn’t work out what cloth it was. Used presumably to protect the food? The thing self-destructed, disintegrated later, and just fell apart – making a right mess of my dressing gown & carpet?

I shall have a bit of the vegetable bread loaf and potatoes for tonight’s meal, methinks.

Another Memory Blank, and the girl-ailments, after easing off a little, were back on full-throttle pain-wise.

I took this off of the TV earlier. I managed to watch about ten minutes of the performance. But found it a little sad in a way.
Diane, No-Sweat-Prince with a bad memory. The wonderful way in which Her Majesty visited the tenants of the Grenfell Tower Disaster!

Carer Chloe came (I’m pretty sure that name is right – but…).
I told her I’d taken a painkiller extra, so none for me tonight.
I do believe that the ailments are easing again? Or am I?

Fodder Making Time!

Just swede & carrot, with sea salt and a splash of vinegar.
Potatoes, vegetable loaf and the swede & carrots.
Two out-of-date cheap bread rolls.
And a pot of dessert.
All eaten up – and followed by…
Vegan ice-cream.
Overall Taste Rating: 7.8/10.

I put the computer back on, when I found some photos from this morning, that I swear were not on the SD card then, but they are now?
Such are the mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the ghosts, wraiths, spectres, cacodaemons, apparitions, and other grotesqueries that haunt the hallways and lobbies, searching for Inchie to curse with bad luck, create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare. worry and confuse me! Cataract Kathie, Neuropathy Pete and Doreen Dementia are the main culprits. There are others, of course!

The Missing Photos…
Just after midday, I think!
Front car park.
Pareidoliaist-time here. Can you see anything?

I took a final photo from the kitchenette window.

Nightie-Night All!

Inchie: Friday 28th April 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – The Short Low-Down – – – – – – – – – –
Out of the blue, unbeknown and unexpectedly, two young lassies, District Nurses, arrived. Their mission was to change the catheter, clean up Little Inchie and check the bum for me! This soon got an added duty and became: to change the catheter, clean up Little Inchie and check the bum for me – and try not to laugh or smirk when they saw Little Inchie for the first time! (They were not very successful at that!) Out of the blue, unbeknown and unexpectedly, two young lassies, District Nurses, arrived. Their mission was to change the catheter, clean up Little Inchie and check the bum for me! This soon got an added duty and became: to change the catheter, clean up Little Inchie and check the bum for me – and try not to laugh or smirk when they saw Little Inchie for the first time!
(They were not very successful at that!)
Then a Social Worker arrived as the nurses were leaving. An
in-depth Q-A session on my needs, this took another hour. I wish I could remember more of what took place, but Dementia Doreen was in full flow today
Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet went down three times today, thus delaying me even more in my own mission of getting the blog done!
It was Saturday morning late on when I finally got around to starting this blog from scratch – and up to this time of writing..,
Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet’s gone down three times alrSody!
I have to get a move on to get this one done, and the chances of my statodaydare’s, is somewhat remote… like the chances of Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet ever working without going down, really!

I did manage some incrediblewesome sunsets; all the same, I think I might deserve a medal or ar least going into a Smug-Mode?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Feet are still bloated.

Morning view.
Close-up of home extensionings. Coming on well?
The bottomfield, is getting greener!

The dreaded water carriers!

Ablutionings done!

Spuds in the crock-pot.

First catheter pouch emptying after the nurses had left.
I think I can see some spots of whatever in the wee?
Oh, dearie me!

The second shot of the home extensionings was taken because I’d forgot I took the first one. Looks like some more work has been done?

Went dark in the afternoon.
Pareidoliaist Joy! And it got
much better over the next

I see so many things in these later clouds!
Wider shot.
My favourite, found fish (some flying) and a face or two?
A wider shot reveals so much!
Later, looks like are waves approaching?
Sun gets through as she gets lower.
Took a zoomed-in shot…
All gone!

The last caller arrived and put the night catheter bag on for me.
A quick natter, and off she trotted.

It was very late by the time I got the meal served up.
It was only potatoes, nowt else but salt…
Well, the butter that wasn’t butter…
Yet it tasted even better than butter!
On offer at the moment at Asda! (Walmart).

Jolly Good Morning!