Inchcock Today – Friday 7th August 2020: A sedentary type of day.

Thomas checking his loco at the TFZers Cool-It-Shed?

Friday 7th August 2020

Scots Gaelic: Dihaoine 7 Lùnastal 2020

05:15hrs: Oh, what a good start to the day! The right arm and Harold’s Haemorrhoids were giving me a fair bit of gip from last night’s Accifauxpas. I woke and moved my lumberingly bellied-body to the edge of the seat in a hasty response to my needing a wee-wee. Slipped and lost my grip on the arm of the c1968 recliner, and thudded down into the solidly built seat, the hurting began, I felt the blood flow from the rear end, but no time to feel sorry for myself, I had to get smartly to the GPEB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket), for I apperceived that the diabetes-inspired insipidus, namely the PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribble), was showing a determined interest in leaking! Botherations!

The drip-dripping from Little Inchy was not-stoppable. The wee-wee was of the most annoying ones, a WSSULL (Weak-Squirty-Spraying-Uncontrollable-Long-Lasting) style. I had to wait then for the PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribble) after-dribble, to have it play. Gruffungrobblings! Then took the bucket to the wet room, got the GPEB cleaned and sanitised, and the Haemorrhoids treated and medicated.  I could get dysbulia, you know!

Silver Lining Search Results: At least I didn’t walk into anything!

I gingerly made my way to the kitchenette. As I did so, I got a message from my EQ, ‘You ain’t seen anything yet, youth!’ Oh, dear!

I got the Health Checks done and took the medications.

I opened the life-threatening, thick-framed, rain letting in, unable to get at to clean, window, and took a couple of photographs of the morning view. I realised how lat it was from the lightness compared to how dark it usually when I get up.

I got the photographs downloaded to the computer. Then did some comment answering, and checked the emails, and answered some. Did a graphic or two for tomorrow’s template.

Then went to get the stand-up ablutions done. All went pretty well this morning! A few dropsies, of course, a tiny nick shaving. A fair session! Although each movement I made, and pain would come from an ailment, bruise or strain. Hahaha!

I made up five small black bags of rubbish and fastened the recycling bag. Ready for me to take them down later on after the nurse’s visit and the trousers are delivered. I was feeling a smidge industrious? Hehehe!

I came across a letter I must have dropped yesterday. It was about the Electoral Procedure. Which reminded me that I had not called Deana yet, to ask her if she’d be kind enough to call the Doctors for me, too early yet, though, I must remember to do it later, now there’s a well-used Inchcock phrase! I wonder what the chances and odds are of that happening? No, I do feel confident, I’ll remember!

I got the Thursday post finalising started, and the intercom rang. It was the Iceland order, nice and early this Friday. The chap put the bags inside the door for me.

I thanked him, wished the lad well for the day ahead. And moved the bags into the kitchen to unload them,

I got the bags opened a sorted. Taking a photo of the fresh-food carrier contents. And somehow managed to cram them in the fridge and freezer. I’d got a treat of the Vienna suckers to give to the Wardens, but they wouldn’t go in the freezer!

So, I got on the mobile phone, the new one, that has no internet on it, and called the Winwood Heights, Desktop Dancer and Obergruppenführeress Warden, Deana. I begged her to help me by phoning the surgery for me to arrange an appointment booking for my Flu jab session and told her of the treats I can’t keep frozen for them. She said she’d pop up when she got a chance.

As Deana arrived, Sister Jane rang, concerned that she had not received the blog link yet. I explained quickly of the hassle was having. I’ll ring her back later. Deana, bless her cotton socks, told me she’d ring them, but can’t before gone eleven, as instructed in the letter. She’ll ring me later with the appointment time.

I took a couple of photos of the shadow cast view, and a zoomed-in shot, from the lethal, windows on the balcony, of the City Hospital.

It doesn’t look very big in this picture, but you ought to try getting lost in it, like wot I did. Haha!

Then I took another one, facing towards Nottingham.

Oh, did I mention yesterday, that the window cleaner told of a lady in Winchester Court, who opened one of the windows on her balcony, and it fell in on her, causing injuries that needed hospital attention?  They kept that quiet!

The good delivered, by the way, included a few kitchen towels as well! Why you ask? Well, I’ll tell yers of the reasons!

  • They are on a Special Price.
  • I do not have faith that the Corona Virus will not come back! Be prepared!
  • They are perfect for cleaning your glasses, nice and soft, but stronger than the others.
  • And the optimum size to let you have a good nose-blowing. Haha!

Deana phoned me back, the appointment was made for Saturday 11th October, at 09:57hrs, for the flu-jab. A bit precise that? I pondered on it, means getting a taxi methinks. A bit dodgy walking there in an hour, and the toilets being off-limits when we get there. Thanked her and put it onto the Google Calendar.

Jenny phoned me, and we had a jolly good natter, which I enjoyed.

I realised that it’s gone midday now, and for various reasons, I had not even made a start on this blog, yet! It’s going to be a long day!

As I got ready to begin the updating, the door chimes rang out. It was Robert, the caretaker. He’s found the trousers and bleach from Amazon, had been left in the foyer of the flats, on the ground floor! Nice, that! Thank you, Amazon!

Robert had brought them up for me, bless him. He opened the box of bleach, with nine bottles in it, for me. The trousers stated they were brown? Ah-well, when will I learn! Rob even took the waste bags down with him for me. Thanked him, slipped him a can of drinkies, and off he went, bless him.

I got the bleach and trousers stored, and went out on the balcony, to snap the wonderful clouds. I could see a figure in them, and still can for once, of an animal’s head. My nephelococcygia was rampant! Hahaha!

Took a few more snaps from the balcony windows. The above red pap-paps are for anyone who likes red pap-paps. Hehehe! For Billumski, somewhere in Kentucky, really, I think.

Got caught up belatedly, neglectfully, on the Facebooking.

The fodder was prepared and served up. Far too much, but that was because I’d got the Chinese belly pork in the oven, forgot about it, and got roast belly pork slices on the plate, then remembered the belly pork! 7.2/10.

Did the pots. Down in the c1968 recliner, and was within ten minutes, off into the land of nod.

Spent the night waking and going back to slumber, repeatedly. Shame!

5 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 7th August 2020: A sedentary type of day.

  1. You did well on getting lots of stuff. You are set for a few wet room sessions with the toilet paper delivery. You can sanitize the wet room a few times, also. Good looking dinner.

  2. Ayup, Sir, Hope all going well?
    All stocked up now, Tim.
    Spit and polishing and sanitising, ready to go!
    The ‘Hum’ is bad now, and we have an internal noise not long started, sounds like a fan running none stop? Most aggravating.
    Just had a phone call from the diabetes educator (well, I think it was her), couldn’t make out half she said, she got annoyed with me not hearing her. In the end, I apologised and rang off. Tsk!
    I waffled again there, didn’t I?
    Keep safe, Cheers, Mon Ami.

  3. Nephelococcygia is a great sport, I see both a head and a body on one of the clouds located at the bottom of that group of clouds — the creature seems to be making due haste, is HEADing to the right. One of the other clouds might have coughed perhaps? Now that I think about that, a cloud is comprised of aerosol droplets, innit? Might I coin the word NepheloCOUGHgia? I just might 🙂
    I have a conjecture and an opine about those red cars. The red vans in photo 1 and photo 3 have backed into their respective parking slots — are they anticipating the need for a speedy exit? The sporty car, is it social-distancing?
    🙂 🙂
    Reporting on behalf of The Red-Car League,

    • Arternoon, Billumski,
      I think your nephelognosy skills are similar to my ownski. I found the broken ghostly one too, in my nephogram.
      NepheloCOUGHgia? Fine with me, Sir! Hehe!
      I can’t recall never backing into a one entrance parking space, Billumski. It just seemed to make sense to me, and easier and safer when leaving. Naughty none-reversers! Haha!
      I think the sporty job, might also be avoiding the notoriously bad, fender benders and scrapers drivers about?

      May the RCL, flourish.


      • Courtesy on the roadway has nearly disappeared. A turn signal is interpreted as an affront, as throwing down the gauntlet, lane-theft if you will.

        May the RCL flourish! Indeed.


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